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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 17, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carson tonight." during a roundtable with elected officials and law enforcement yesterday, president trump took a question about the gang ms-13c as he has before, the president expressed his thoughts on the subject bluntly. >> president trump: we are taking people out of the country, you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. they are animals. >> tucker: well, if anything, that's a mild description. dogs are animals, and a lot of them sleep on the bed. you wouldn't want to be anywhere near ms-13.s they traffic in drugs, weapons, and human beings, young girls. unlike animals, they kill for a fun, often with machetes. they terrorize the poor and the vulnerable. they have made el salvador
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the most dangerous country in the world. there is literally no defending them, and yet, the left is defending them. here's what "the new york times" described what the president d said, "trump lashed out at undocumented immigrants during a white house meeting calling those trying to breach the country's borders animals." over at jeff bezos' vanityg publication, "the washington post," there was this. "trump evokes an ugly history of dehumanization." so the president is a nazi for criticizing a violent street gang. newspapers haven't been this yellow since they started the spanish american war. for her part over at the house, minority leader nancy pelosi raced to the nearest microphone to defend the dignity of ms-13. watch this. >> we're all god's children. there is a spark of divinity in every person on earth. so when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants, "these aren't people, these are animals," you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark
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of divinity, the dignity of worth of every person?n? every day that you think you have seen it all, along comes another manifestation of why their policies are so inhumane. >> tucker: well, that's not just dishonest, though obviously it is. it's lunatic. why would the left to be defending the country's most violent street gang? trump has made them irrational. that's part of it, but the left also senses a threat to its basic worldview. mis-13 is a living reminder that the left's position on immigration is fundamentally a lie.ts the media tell you every day that every immigrant, legal or not, is a future brain surgeon or tech company founder, therefore immigration controls are unnecessary. if they admit that ms-13 is actually bad and must be stopped, they'd have to alsoeo admit that when some countries send their people here, and they aren't sending their best. a lot of immigrants are great, for sure. some of them are rapists, p though. and some join ms-13. that's just true.
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they're not all the same becaus. people aren't all the same. that's the point of our immigration law. they are not the same. we should sort the good from the bad. but that is too much for the left. it suggests this might be a real country whose actual citizens have interests worth protecting. yesterday on twitter, the governor of california, jerry brown, went after the president's views on immigration and ended his tweet this way: "we the citizens of the fifth largest economy in the world are not impressed." citizens of the economy. that says it all. to the modern left, you are not an american with a culture and a history and a collective identity. you are a citizen of the economy, a cog in the machine of global capitalism. to jerry brown and nancy pelosi and their many donors, america is just another private equityy, scheme. their pledge is different than yours. to the economy for which it stands, one economy indivisible with open borders and low wages for all. that's the future they promise. don't worry.
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it'll sound better in spanish. enrique acevedo is an anchor for univision, and he joins us now. enrique, you seem like a reasonable person. how did you wind up with the group in the media defending ms-13? did you ever think you'd be there? >> i don't think any human being is an animal, tucker. but i'm not here to defend criminals nor should anyone else. >> tucker: ooh, yes, you are. >> if you are for law and order, i don't think degrading anyone to less than human serves that purpose. you would expect the president of the united stateses to speak to our highest ideals and not just our worst instincts. >> tucker: just to put this in some context, here are a couple recent headlines about ms-13. ms-13 gangs stabbed a man 100 times, decapitated him and ripped out his heart, police say. ms-13 beat sex-traffic girlan with a bat 28 times. ms-13 members in satanic shrinei kidnapped, drugged, and raped a 14-year-old houston girl. i could go on. when you hear those people described as animals, you get offended. n why? why would people who do that
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need to be defended by you? what about what trump said got you going? >> i think we cannot pretend to look at this in a largerer context. we cannot pretend that this is not part of a larger trend that started way before donald trump became president, a trend of criminalizing and dehumanizing all immigrants, not just the bad hombres. the question was about gang members who were operating inside the u.s. president trump responded by calling those coming across the border animals. >> tucker: no, it was -- i mean, look. i'm not here to defend all of trump's views, but in this very specific case, he was asked about ms-13. he has been talking about this for more than a year, and he said, they are animals. you may not like the term, maybe it's imprecise or whatever, i find it so interesting that you rush to the defense of ms-13.d, is there no one else you can defend? there are not other worthy people being attacked that you need to defend a street gang that worships satan and beheads people? like, do you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, like, how did i get here? i'm a decent person. why am i defending ms-13?
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>> i'm not sure what i you mean when you say that i defended ms-13. i started this interview by saying i'm not here to defend any criminals -- >> tucker: and then you went on to defend them and say that they were dehumanized. >> no human being is an animal, that's what i'm saying. >> tucker: but he's not actually arguing -- hold on. okay. so we are all animals. just as a biological question. maybe the term is imprecise, maybe you don't like it, but you are rushing to the defense. and it's not just you. it's john harwood at "the new york times." it's the entire media establishment and the democratic party is unable to admit that there are immigrants who shouldn't be here. they're horrible. they kill people, especially the poor and the vulnerable, and ms-13 is the embodiment of >> i think we agree on that point. there are a lot of bad apples inside the immigrant community. that's why president trump and jeff sessions should work with the hispanic community to try to root those bad apples out of there. >> tucker: why the hispanic community? hold on. slow down. what do you mean, "hispanic h community"?ry >> not just threatening to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities so they won't
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report crimes and they'll be afraid to go to the police. >> tucker: the hispanic community doesn't have the monopoly on concerns of all americans of all colors, backgrounds and ethnicitiess about crimes. it has nothing to do with hispanic or black or white. it's americans don't want animals like this in the country. again, i just ask you, why did it bother you when he said that? i just think that's a weird response. >> i think you have to put things in context and i will do that for you. the context here has to do with a larger trend, with president trump calling mexican immigrants rapists, and then calling some white nationalists very fine people. the context here has to do withg president trump pardoning arpaio and canceling daca. the context here has to do with a constant conflating of immigration and criminality. when have you heard someone in the trump administration say something positive about immigrants? >> tucker: well, i don't know. hold on. okay, first of all, they have -- whatever. they are not required by the constitution to compliment immigrants. sorry.
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second, you may not agree withhe all of his policies, but in this specific case, he is criticizing people who are evil and are killing, once again, the poor and the defenseless. and you have been driven so crazy by trump that you can't even accept that as true. if i attack charles manson as an animal, does that bother you? >> of course not. and you know what? and i agree with president trump -- >> tucker: why, because he's not an immigrant or hispanic? >> but guess what, last year, t arrests, i.c.e. arrests were up by 30% and the larger percentage of that increase had to do with non-criminal immigrants. so if they want to get rid of the bad hombres instead of separating families, they should focus on that and not deport a number of people who have no criminal records. >> tucker: people who are here illegally should be deported. that's what the law says. if you don't like the law, change it in the congress. >> you just should they should focus on dangerous criminals.or i agree with that. so let's focus resources and time and energy on those people
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and the bad hombres instead of separating families. >> tucker: i'm sick of being bullied by foreigners about who we can deport and who we can't. our law says if you are here illegally, we get to deport you. i'm sure a lot of good people would be deported if we did that. i would feel sad about that,t, but that's our law. >> the law also says you are entitled to request asylum and we were also criticizing that last week when the caravan came to the border. >> that's our law and foreigners have no right to weigh in on our asylum laws because they are not voters or citizens. we get to decide. final question. why does it not bother you when i call charles manson an animal, but it does bother you when trump calls ms-13 animals? >> it bothers me when any criminal commits such horrific acts. i see how people can be deeply affected but i don't think degrading someone to less than human serves a purpose of law and order. president trump seems to understand very well what speaks to the trump base, but he is not the president of the fox news audience. w he's also the president of the univision audience and he's not speaking to anxieties and concerns of hispanics.
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>> tucker: really?as do you speak for all hispanics? are you the appointed leader of hispanics now? how did you get that job? s were you elected to it? >> no, i'm not speaking for all hispanics. i'm saying the president should speak to all hispanics. >> tucker: very quickly, let me ask you. who do you think the victims of ms-13 violence are overwhelmingly? are they fox news viewers? no, they are actually poor salvadorans and hondurans. >> refugees who are fleeing that violence and trying to come into this country, but you are calling them people who are trying to take advantage of ourm legal system. the vast majority of the ms-13co victims are people in honduras and el salvador. >> tucker: and here. let me just say, last thing i gotta go. please convince the democrats to run in defense of ms-13. i think it's a fantastic campaign plank.uc >> i think it would be a major mistake to defend any criminal. >> tucker: [laughs] but you do anyway. thank you. great to see you tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: well, even when the media admitted that president trump was in fact talking about ms-13, they couldn't stop themselves from defending ms-13.
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cnbc's john harwood weighed in on twitter, as he often does, "however repugnant their actions, ms-13 gang members are human beings in my humble opinion". cnn's ana navarro anna ana navt further. >> he does things like call immigrants animals. >> the defense is that he was following up by a statement by the sheriff saying it was ms-13. he was just talking about ms-13. >> no, not good enough, and it's a slippery slope when you start dehumanizing people this way. it's what the nazis did, it's what slave owners did. it's not what americans do.. >> tucker: america's moral voice, ana navarro, speaking from cnn. larry o'connor is associate editor of "the washington times" and he joins us tonight. that's not what americans do, larry, says ana navarro at cnn! that's what the nazis did! >> i don't expect much from ana navarro. you know what i found most telling about that clip? chris cuomo, calling what donald trump said, you know, he says --
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his defense is he was talking about ms-13. that's not his defense. it's the fact. it's the truth. he was defending himself. that's the truth that the media didn't report. but for chris cuomo to act like, how could this be? that's like saying i can't m discern from the gambino crime family and chris cuomo, or any other italian-american. it's outrageous. and this is my biggest problem., as you said, you see nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and all these other people who are condemning remarks based on you would think you would see some retractions andse corrections. the best they have is, even ms-13 deserves to not be dehumanized. if you can't call ms-13 gang members animals, if you can't call them out on their repugnant, repulsive behavior, you've surrendered your ability to make any moral judgments in our society. >> tucker: the first draft, and i don't do too many media segments because obviously they are just dumb, but the first
9:13 pm
draft of their story said trump had attacked undocumented immigrants. >> migrants, or many who cross the border. >> tucker: so that was a democratic party talking point. >> it was an absolute, totaloc lie. and it was cnn, "new york times," "washington post," abc news, nbc news, c-span. even c-span, who pretends to be completely down the middle, and i think usually they are, they did the same thing. >> tucker: so why shouldn't these be reporters' in-kind contributions to the democratic national committee? >> great question. maybe they should -- the associated press by the way is the only one that i have seen who fully retracted it and deleted their tweets. but why aren't they called up on any kind of ethics questions?th >> tucker: but jeff bezos' paper didn't retract it? >> no, i haven't seen any retraction from them. they said, further context, suggesting it was out of context but it wasn't out of context that they took the president. they lied about what the president said. complete misrepresentation. >> tucker: larry o'connor, always great to see you.on >> thank you. >> tucker: our northern neighbor canada is having its own immigration debate. open immigration policies are causing problems across the
9:14 pm
nation. trudeau spoke today about canada struggles with policing its southern border. watch this. >> canadians remain incredibly positive about immigration. there is a large number of irregular arrivals who are crossing the border into canada right now. >> from the u.s.? >> from the u.s. but we are processing them in a responsible, rigorous way that is reassuring to canadians. one of the precious things about canada is that canadians are positively inclined towards immigration and refugees. not letting it fall into the politics of fear or division or identity is really important. >> tucker: don't worry, the irregular arrivals are being processed. how long before irregular arrivals will be a term that's official here? probably not long. steve ladreaux, thanks for
9:15 pm
coming on, i appreciate it. >> good to see you, tucker. >> tucker: so it turns out that canadian tolerance for immigration is not infinite, it looks like. >> it's not infinite, but there is a problem with the process. the prime minister is talking about the politics of division and the politics of identity, that stuff is passe. canadians generally do support immigration, we have an empty country up here. we shouldn't have immigrants coming to this country going through some back alley in the united states and going to quebec, getting picked off and taken somewhere else forou processing. that's no way to arrive in any country. ellis island wasn't like that for the united states. trudeau was wrong when he said, business as usual, we are processing them. we have to do something about this. no one's talking about building a wall, but what is happening is even though canadians, yes, we should take a lot more immigrants. >> tucker: yes, and process them. but isn't it racist to tell people they can't come to your country whenever they want, and go on welfare?>>
9:16 pm
>> i don't think it's racist at all. most people are coming to canada, and many of them are already in the united states. they come to the canada because they like canada more than the united states. the united states is no longer such a welcoming beacon for the smartest and the brightest, and they are coming to canada.te so that's great for canada. but as far as coming across some back alley, and there is some lady in vermont that sends them across the path, that is degrading. >> tucker: degrading to whom? degrading to canadians were degrading to immigrants? >> to both. to an immigrant, walking through a snow drift across canada and getting arrested and picked off, that's it degrading. we shall have borders, we are a country. but, tucker, as i saidom the people in the united states want to come and live in canada for whatever reason.
9:17 pm
we are talking about people who just want a better place to live. >> tucker: so you are saying that canada ought to be able to determine who comes in and who should you be able to let impressive people in and nonimpressive people, like gang members and rapists, are youou allowed to keep them out? >> there is a whole lot of room between impressive people who are brain surgeons and gang members. there are peoples who want to come and have a better life for themselves and for their children. so you have to look at, there is a certain number of, if you will, skilled immigrants that you want to attract. there are also a certain number of refugees that, for, if you will, the good of the world.d. >> tucker: you can determine the mix as you like but canada gets to make that decision. you decide who comes in and who doesn't come in. >> absolutely. whether they are skilled laborers, skilled technicians od like i said, refugees looking for a safe place without bullets
9:18 pm
flying around their head. but make no mistake. even though trudeau is talking about being welcoming for immigrants, he was right on that point.mi no one is saying we are bringing in all the gang members that the united states doesn't kick out. that doesn't happen in canada. >> tucker: we are not kicking out many gang members but it may surprise you to learn that canadian immigration policy, the consensus is much more restrictive, conservative, we would say, then it is in the united states. it that a surprising element? >> we are being more particular about it then we were in the past. we are still allowing a huge number of refugees here, but the city mayor, the mayor of toronto gave a speech saying, if you are busing all these people from quebec to toronto, you better give us some money to help settle them, put their kids in school and help them come along. canada is becoming a beacon. in the last century, tucker, and
9:19 pm
you well know as a student of history, they came from around the world. now they are coming to canada. i think, in fact, tucker, that there should be a movement to give us a statue of liberty and move it to toronto?ou >> tucker: well maybe we will! but the statue of liberty is in our constitution, as you may have heard. good to talk to you. democrats are embracing full-blown extremism, and defending ms-13, you think republicans would run on that, but no. a lot are are embracing amnesty. one of them joins us, next. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you're better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual
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will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> tucker: democratic party's position on borders immigration grows more extreme by the day. most americans disagree with that, and immigration could be a winning issue that you think is a republican party but it doesn't seem to be. somehow republicans are pushing to pass immigration billse. that would give amnesty to millions of people here illegally without securing the borders first. congressman representing nevada. thanks a lot for coming on. democrats came out in defense of ms-13. their position on immigration has become so radical that you would think republicans would run for borders in this midterm. but they are not. you guys are trying to push amnesty bills, why? >> i think it's a mischaracterization of amnesty bills because that is a procedural move to get a vote on the floor. it doesn't say you are going to vote for no borders, it doesn't say you will support amnesty, it
9:24 pm
says, we really want to vote. and i expect the normal republican process to play out on that vote. if it goes to the floor, it goes to the rules committee and the speaker can have a bill. the nickname for the rules committee is the speakers committee. and it is still firmly in control. >> tucker: i'm a little bit confused as a matter of priorities. i don't think the people who would get amnesty under some of these bills are the worst people in the world. i understand they they are plight, and i feel for them but i don't think he would give amnesty to anyone before a permanent fix to the border problem. but they are. >> in fairness, tucker, someone should define amnesty on both sides of the issue.he when you look at the four bills, one of them is paul ryan's, one of them is bob goodlatte's. on is the democrat dreamers act.
9:25 pm
but like the senate did, if none of them get to 18, none of them go through. >> tucker: the last election was about the border wall.f you can argue about whether it works or not but voters worked for that. it's a democracy. they should get it. they are not close to getting it. republicans are pushing to legalize people here illegally. seems like an inversion of the priorities of voters. >> there is more facts out ther there. first of all, the administration asked for a 75 miles of wall in the last omni that ends on september 30, they got 90. the administration got a 10% increase in dhs funding, soat that's not, we don't care about borders.s. i think you will be surprised to find out, what if we ever get a chance to vote on something,e because the house, tucker, never has. even the senate has voted on this. i've been critical about what they don't do. if we never get a chance to vote on immigration and border security together, i think you would be surprised to know how many people support border security.
9:26 pm
>> tucker: clearly i don't believe that for a second because republicans control everything. if they wanted to build a wall, there would be a wall in place. but they clearly don't because there's not.te >> i don't say a i wouldn't believe it for a second. quite frankly, the folks who have the whole house to run was when harry and the folks had 60 in the senate. but notwithstanding that, how much money can you spend before september 30th? you guys rightfully do shows that talk about, what are you doing with the money, and how come you are doing nothing?? this procedural process is this. we would like to get a chance to vote to let people like tucker carlson, laura ingraham, everyone else who judges me by how i vote, there was a deadline. the president said i want immigration taken care of. we blew by that. it's like, can we please? you know, i'm not a constitutional guy, but there is a line in the constitution that says it is really our job. the final point is this. does anyone think the status quo is good?. sanctuary city, sanctuary
9:27 pm
states. border problems, we need to do our job and vote on it. that is our work product. >> tucker: last very quick question. if it turns out that people here legally get set on a path to citizenship before we build a wall, do we see that as a victory or loss? >> i don't think that will happen. >> tucker: what if it did? >> if it did, that's a problem. >> tucker: congressman, thank you very much. today marks the one-year anniversary of the mueller investigation. what have we learned 365 days in?
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>> tucker: like prisoners putting checks on a concrete wall, we like to mark the passage of time on the show. as of today, robert mueller's investigation into russia has been running for an entire year. what have we learned? joe digenova joins us with a recap. joe, what do we know? >> we know that hillary clinton was illegally exonerated,va we knew that one year ago. we know there was a substantial effort to frame the current president of the united states with crimes by infiltrating his campaign, and then his administration with spies that the fbi had set upon them. we learned that the crimes were committed by the fbi,pi senior members of the department of
9:32 pm
justice, john brennan mr. clapper, mr. comey, and others associated with the democratic party. donald trump and his associates committed no crimes. >> tucker: that's quite a litany. so to the spying question, the president tweeted that morning, i will never forget it, they spied on us from trump tower. i don't think there was a single person that didn't think, that's a heavy duty charge, can you prove it? t he was derided immediately as insane. proved. >> absolutely. the fbi prove that in all guidelines and i believe they committed crimes in doing so, purposely sent people into the trump campaign to plant false information, then force that information to be forwarded back to cia and funneled to the fbi to be used as false information in fisa applications. everyone involved in that process who knowingly participated committed a crime.
9:33 pm
>> tucker: so why are they not being held to account? >> as of today i believe that a referral for prosecution has been made to mr. horowitz to mr. huber who is investigating the leaks, and everything that we describe tonight. criminal referrals have already been made and i suggest that mr. brennan, who loves to make comment about the process get himself a good lawyer, not a good writer. >> tucker: wait, john brennan, the nbc news paid consultant? >> yes, the former director of the centralal intelligence agency, the most partisan hack who needs a very, very good lawyer. >> tucker: a criminal lawyer. >> yes. he doesn't need a slip and fall lawyer, although he may slip and fall. he will be in front of a grand jury shortly. >> tucker: well, that's news. >> yes, and it's good news. >> tucker: there's not a
9:34 pm
single time that you have come on that i don't feel better at the end. >> the country feels better. >> tucker: i hope that happens. thank you. maxine waters is at it again. a hero to the left. mark steyn joins us to break down her latest remarks, stay tuned. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability
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>> tucker: well, so far america has proved powerless at stopping the spread of the creepy porn lawyer, and flight is your only option. for the nation, the only solution may be a quarantine. thankfully cnn and msnbc may soon step up to the plate. they are reportedly pitching both channels on tv.
9:39 pm
on a show starring the creepy porn lawyer and anthony scaramucci. for the sake of public safety and to keep it contained, it may be ain good thing that it's comi anyway. democratic congresswoman maxine waters of california is back. not that she went anywhere. she recently got into a fight on the floor of the house with republican mike kelly. she said that car dealers are racist. here's part of it. >> i can't believe that in 2018, we are on the floor of congress seeing the denial of some of my colleagues about discrimination in the auto-lending business. >> to impugn the integrity of automobile lending people is beyond reproach. if you run out of facts, i guess the next thing you have to go to is discrimination. >> i am more offended as an african-american woman than you will ever be. and this business about making america great again, it is yourf president that is dividing this country. >> tucker: i am more offended than you will ever be, therefore i win! in the "who's offended" olympics, maxine waters is
9:40 pm
always a gold medalist. [laughs] mark steyn, author and columnist and all-purpose genius joins us tonight, and longtime connoisseur of maxine waters. so to me, what's fascinating is not that maxine waters exists and maybe you want people like maxine waters around because it's kind of hilarious. but that she has suddenly become elevated to the status of hero in the democratic party. what does that tell us? >> yeah, it's interesting to me that she is not, within the democratic party, as self-evidently ridiculous as the creepy porn lawyer you were talking about. i think he's going to be walking meghan down the aisle at windsor castle on saturday. meghan doesn't know it, but he has just decided to swing by and do it. he figures it'll work for him. the interesting thing about maxine waters is that this is someone who, for example, she is close friends with louis farrakhan, whom we've talked about before who believes he has taken up in a spacecraft to commute with the ghost of elijah
9:41 pm
mohammed and other islam space agents once a month. i don't know whether he takes maxine up there with him once a month. which by the way, i would be in favor of that. if the space aliens encounter maxine waters and think she is a typical earthling, they would have no plans to come near this planet. so they would be performing a useful service if they did that. it's actually extraordinary to me, this. for example, she recently called the trump hotel in washingtonid a criminal looking hotel. this is a woman who lives in a 4 million-dollar house, and in that sense, sums up what kanye west was talking about, the whole, what have you guys done for me lately? what has mortgaging the entire future of one demographic group to the likes of maxinee waters actually done for them?
9:42 pm
that is the question that ip think more and more are asking. >> tucker: but for garden-variety liberals who in a normal time would have a problem with maxine waters' ethics and her rhetoric -- she's a democrat so they're not going to criticize her in public but ugh, maxine waters. she just goes too far. they have woken up in the last year and decided that they really like maxine waters. and she speaks for them. is there no one on the left that says, wait a second, she's too crazy. she discredits us. where are the reasonable voices? >> mark: the thing is, she made "time" magazine. for anyone who wasn't aware, "time" magazine is still out there and publishing every week. she made the "time" magazine list of the 100 most influential people in the world which is patently absurd. "time" magazine at some point used to pretend to be international. so they put the deputy fisheries minister of the south sandwich islands on the list because he's really making a name for himself
9:43 pm
as a player in law of the seaep negotiations. o that's how "time" used to be. instead, they put maxine waters on there, who is totally uninfluential except outside a very tiny coterie of hard-core activists who chant along with her when she says, "impeach 45" as she did recently at a memorial service. you know when they have these organ donor cards saying, if i get killed in a fatal road accident, give all my body parts to someone who needs them? i'm going to carry a maxine waters card in my wallet saying, if i get killed, i don't wantne her chanting "impeach 45" at my memorial service.wa this has no appeal other than beyond a very hard-core coterie. but that coterie is well established in the media which is why "time" magazine made themselves look fools by putting her on this most influential 100 people in the world list. >> tucker: trump has driven them
9:44 pm
insane.k it's unbelievable. let historians mark this moment. mark steyn, great to see you, as always. time for "final exam" next. can you beat our news experts at remembering what happened this week? and so much did. that's next. happened this week? (vo) i was born during the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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>> tucker: time now for "final exam," our cutthroat weekly competition in which when we decide which news personality has been paying closer attention to the events they cover.. this week's defending champion is fox correspondent griff jenkins, temporarily crippled in a mishap on the "fox and friends" weekend set. he's being challenged by fellow correspondent kristen fisher. kristen fisher, it's great to see you. i >> great to see you. >> tucker: you are taking on,
9:49 pm
on a buzzer show, a one armed man. >> and i want you to know that i didn't want my victory to be marked with an asterisk, so i brought my own little sling here. >> she knows my secret. all of a sudden, i'm very intimidated. >> tucker: all you have to say is je suis griff jenkins. >> je suis griff jenkins. and here we go. >> yes. >> see? >> tucker: it's incredible. okay, normally i would say -- hand on buzzers. >> made the best sling win. >> tucker: may the best sling win. unbelievable. you know the rules but i'm going to say it anyway. i ask the questions. first one to buzz in gets to answer the question, and you must wait until i finish completing the question in order to answer. each correct answer is worth a point. if you get one wrong, you lose a point. best to five wins. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> tucker: american airlines expanding its crackdown on emotional support animals, ferrets and hedgehogs unfortunately are no longer welcome on board american flights. which kind of animal has also been banned? parrots, goats or miniaturena ponies?
9:50 pm
[buzzer] griff jenkins. >> goats. >> tucker: not miniature ponies? >> i just like goats.mi >> tucker: okay, is at goats? >> starting in july, american airlines will ban ferrets, hedgehogs, and goats from their planes. [goats bleating] >> you always have to go with the goat. >> tucker: i can't believe you're wearing a sling, kristin. >> i want you to know i did buzz and i knew the answer on that one. >> tucker: that is compassion. >> i was distracted a little bit. admiring this sling. >> tucker: question number two. there's a royal wedding this weekend. this is multiple choice as well. the american bride has learned all about tea etiquette. to avoid embarrassment, tea in great britain must be stirred in a specific direction. is it clockwise, counterclockwise, or 12-6, 12-6? kristin fisher.
9:51 pm
>> counterclockwise. >> tucker: counterclockwise. let's roll the tape. >> when we stir, we want to never stir clockwise or counterclockwise. it's actually just 12-6, 12-6. >> this i did not know. >> meghan had to learn this and she even had afternoon tea with the queen and had all thehe corgis sitting at her feet. can you imagine the pressure? >> does your pinky play a part? >> tucker: i don't know. in the decline of empire? yes, it does. kristin fisher. question three. a t-shirt being sold by the gap is being recalled and destroyed because it apparently shows an erroneous map of which asian country? >> taiwan. china. it leaves off taiwan. >> tucker: roll tape. >> the gap has created a bit of an international uproar. the company issued an apology and pulled a t-shirt featuring an incorrect map of china. now i would like the gap to apologize to me for what they consider a men's medium.
9:52 pm
>> tucker: what's the gap?e so china, taiwan. our judges says that is correct, you are back to par. question four, paranormal activity underway in michigan. a man there says his motion sensor security camera captured the image of a celestial being hovering above his truck. what was floating above the man's vehicle? griff jenkins. >> an angel. >> tucker: an angel. an angel over the pickup truck. is that true? roll tape. >> take a good look. many, including their pastor, said they believe this image captured by a security camera shows an angel hovering over the family's truck last week. so, could it be? >> wow, that is an angel. >> the photos are exactly how they were taken. i choose to believe it. >> but what was it really? >> tucker: that's the deeper question. we don't address that. we are sticking with metaphysics here.
9:53 pm
final question. arguably the story of the week. a short audio clip has divided this nation, as you know. the audio has people scratching their heads. they can't tell whether the voice in the clip is saying the word yanny or the word laurel. today, it has been settled. what is the actual word uttered on the clip? griff jenkins. >> laurel. >> tucker: laurel. roll tape. >> that's what i heard. >> laurel. >> yanny. >> laurel. >> yanny. >> that's a recording of the word laurel from a website called the brain interprets what it's hearing and then if it's background noise that got in there that distorted it that caused some people to interpret a frequency and hear yanny. >> tucker: correct. griff jenkins. kristin, it's no insult to griff when i say that i believe our audience was rooting for you. griff jenkins, congratulations. you are rolling through here and again, the erik wemple mug is your prize. >> thank you. >> tucker: congratulations to you both.ll great to see you, kristin. come back. >> don't i get a loser mug?
9:54 pm
>> tucker: no, you don't. but you get the gratitude of our audience. that's it for this week's "final exam." follow the news each week. tune in every thursday to see if you can beat the news professionals at their own game each week. a special announcement at the w end of the show, stay tuned. for all the eyes that get itchy and watery near pollen. there's flonase sensimist. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. ♪ >> tucker: well, there is so >> tucker: there's been so much going on in the news over the past year and a half, and some of the most basic questions haven't been asked, let alone answered. we'll start with the most obvious question off all. did voters elect donald trump? it wasn't because they didn't know what they were getting, they knew it wasn't because vladimir putin, told them. drum got elected because people in charge of the country were doing a terrible job,
9:59 pm
politicians, big business, the media, all on the same side. they all got rage in america moved backwards. s the election was a referendum on them, a ruling class. the result was a throbbing middle finger waking in their face. they don't understand that yet and i don't care to learn. so to help, i wrote a book about how badly they mess it up. it's called "ship of fools, how a selfish ruling classes bringing america a to the brinkf revolution." the book is out this fall, available for preorder now. we'll be talking about its themes until then because that is what this show is about anyway, and has always been about. we hope you enjoy the book. we hope you continue to enjoy the show. think about that. book aside, just for one moment. an election happened that company predicted, and nobody bothers to think through why it happened. that's a country we are living in, and that is a referendum on the wisdom of the people in charge.
10:00 pm
they are not wise. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. it's an abundance right now. good night from washington. sean hannity, secure in new york city, awaits your viewing! >> sean: tucker, lying, prosody, smugness, groupthink. goty it. good show. welcome to "hannity." this is yet another insane breaking news night, buckle up. it is now tonight day 365 of the mueller witch hunt.t. president trump and his legal team, they are fighting back in a huge way against this corrupt special counsel investigation. we have a massive development from the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, telling "the washington times" that mueller isil now agreeing to narrow the scope of those questions that he wants to ask theag president, the former new york city mayor will join us right here on this program, but the great one, mark levin, he was correct from the get-go. the


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