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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 18, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it is friday, may 18th and this is "fox and friends first". at 4:00 am on the east coast, fox news alert. >> stabbed in the throat. emergency room. rob: kim jong un election notice turned into another brutal attack on the badge. >> military action could be on the table, a very good job boxing north koreans in. heather: donald trump plans will
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proceed for the singapore summit, the offer he is putting on the table for kim jong un to give up his nukes. prince harry and megan markel are almost ready to say i do but who will walk america's princess down the aisle? "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ the faraway stone ♪ war is declared ♪ facts will come down ♪ some are calling beyond the world ♪ heather: thanks for joining us. there is a live shot of windsor castle in england. it seems there is a big event going on this weekend, a couple people getting married. we have a live shot from their
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in a couple minutes but let's talk about our lead story and that takes us to north korea. north korea could be decimated if they do not cooperate with the us, strong warning from donald trump as he offers strong protections for the rogue regime as long as they denuclearize. griff jenkins joins us with those developments ahead of a high-stakes summit. you know what is going on in london? >> reporter: no, i don't but looks lovely. look what is happening in the oval office? the pres. met with gen. stoltenberg offering reassurance but also sending a stern warning, despite threats to pull out of the summit it is in kim jong un's interest to make a deal or suffer the same fate as libya leader qaddafi. >> we decimated that country. this would be with kim jong un something where he would be in
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his country running his country, his country would be very rich, his people are tremendously industrious. that model would take place if we don't make a deal most likely. >> reporter: the secretary-general offering his support on denuclearization on the korean peninsula. >> we support the initiative, the work for having a summit. we think it is important that we still have pressure on north korea and north korea has seized this opportunity. rob: the pres. said we will see what happens with planning continues for the june meeting in singapore and the pentagon says a joint military operation between the us and south korea continues despite north korean objections and naysayers like sen. jeff flake weighing in. >> i have been skeptical anything would be produced by a summit. to be hard-pressed to have north
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koreans give up the nuclear program. >> when it comes to a key sticking point, reducing the size of the troop presence the president wasn't talking. shannon: thank you, have a great weekend. critics are skeptical about whether the summit will happen on june 12th but a speechwriter for the united states pres. george w. bush and secretary of defense donald rumsfeld says it will happen because donald trump has rob: where he wants them. >> if we don't have a deal it is not the status quo. military action is on the table. it won't be good for you. he does a good job boxing the north koreans in, accepted the agreement to the surprise of probably kim jong un, putting us on track for negotiations, since bolton out, it will be real
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denuclearization and mike pompeo said something interesting, if north korea does this, achieving prosperity, if he shows up at a summit and turned that down, he can't blame the west for lack of prosperity in this country. >> the country backing the pres.'s strategy. a new gallup poll, satisfaction with direction of the country at its highest point since 2005. these images, hawaii's kilauea volcano blows stop sending a plume of ash 6 miles into the sky. more violent eruptions could happen at any minute. residents on the big island warned to take shelter is toxic air level spiked. the explosions could go on for
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weeks. the eruptions shown in this time lapse video could take months to clean up. to another point, police officer fighting for her life after being stabbed in the neck while entering a call. >> an officer stabbed in the throat to be escorted. >> the officer trying to handcuff this woman being evicted after refusing to leave and attacked the officer with a knife, they are pulling her off and saving the unidentified officer's life, she is hospitalized in critical condition, her attacker charged with in attempted murder. an investigator inspecting why a school was collided with a dump truck leaving two people did. a student on board says the bus went airborne before crashing and leaving the fifth grade
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students hanging from their seatbelt. and unidentified student and social studies teacher did not survive. 43 people hurt in new jersey. the bus may have made an illegal u-turn. the dump truck company has had 7 crashes in the last two years. no word on charges. the president is expected to announce massive cuts to planned parenthood and other abortion providers dealing with titles and which provides $260 million annually to family planning. federal funds cannot go towards abortions already but groups like planned parenthood accept money for checkups under the new proposal. they cannot be performed in the same place as abortions or they won't get taxpayer money. the us thanking guatemala for being the first to follow in america's footsteps opening an
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embassy in jerusalem, saying we thank our western hemisphere partner for joining us in recognizing israel's capital and encourage additional moves. guatemala became the second country to move its embassy wednesday two days after the us inaugurated a new facility. paraguay is the third to open up on monday, uruguay and paraguay as well. gina haspel making history as the first woman to lead the cia with the backing of 6 democrats, the senate confirmed donald trump confirm 54-45. that vote on the heels of lawmakers grilling haspel over enhanced interrogation. a career cia officer joining the agency in 1985. the pres. will be happy to talk if he gets a fair hearing.
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rudy giuliani saying he is encouraged now the special counsel responded to information requests. >> our job is to make sure he gets a fair hearing from mueller. we are not convinced he will but we had the first hopeful communication last night. it was a good faith attempt to narrow the focus dramatically. mary mack mueller has been investigating alleged russian collusion for the past year. giuliani has warned an in person interview could be a perjury trap for the president. we are one day away from the royal wedding as prince harry and megan markel prepare, the biggest question is who will walk america's princess down the aisle. the final preparations gets underway. >> welcome today 2, fox news coverage of the royal wedding, it is a glorious friday.
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we are just outside windsor castle, the queen is munching on breakfast and tomorrow, the wedding. and the fox news team launched prince harry and megan markel roll up their reversal, and others. megan's mother had flown in from la wednesday, everybody except the queen, today coming here and meeting the queen. due to alleged health reasons and other reasons, it is a no-show. who walks her down the aisle, betting is on her mother but we will find out this afternoon. and the process in which will be happening after the wedding which will involve harry and megan on the day, that was for
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security going through the town, and to shoot to kill. super fans have descended on the town, 100,000 are going, here's what one had to say. >> i want them to come through the gates and look at me and wave and smile and make it all worthwhile. >> bride and groom entourages staying gets when hotels in the region tonight, ceremony on local time 7:00 am. mary mack how does the weather look? >> fantastic, warmer today. >> the bride and her dress, the time is 11 minutes after the top of the are, liberal california lawmakers trying to protect
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illegal immigrants. >> we need to deal with the immigration issue. we are still not dealing with the immigration issue. shannon: jerry brown made it harder for ice to do his job and the american hero who took down a terrorist is running for office. alex joins us live with why he wants to follow in donald trump's footsteps. and is this costar canine the bruce willis of dogs, he can rebel from a helicopter while rocking to sunglasses. wait until you see this. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit >> the stakes are high as the us goes to the bargaining table toward a trade war with china.
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this morning it seems they may be ready to offer a massive cut in the trade deficit. jackie ibanez is here with breaking details. >> reporter: donald trump taking aim at beijing as a second round of trade talks kicked off in washington, the pres. saying the chinese can and should cut billions from their trade surplus with the us. >> site has become spoiled because they got 100% of what they wanted from the united states. we have been rep off by china, and evacuation of wealth like no country has ever seen before. >> reporter: it appears china could be heeding the message. there are reports the country will offer a package aimed at us trade deficit with china by $200 billion a year. under the deal china would buy more american goods and in return would ask the us to set aside tariffs different against
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chinese companies including lifting sanctions. china's foreign ministry denying reports of that offer but showing a sign of potential trade stocks, china dropping its antidumping protein to imports, and as the negotiations heat up the administration is refuting reports that trade advisor peter navarro is being excluded by steve mnuchin. >> i don't know where this business got out that he was not going to be in the meeting. he is doing his job, doing his best. we will have serious talks dealing with a difficult trade situation. >> reporter: trade talks with china, china's delegation will resume this morning for a final day in washington. jillian: the pentagon may soon be able to tell who you are by how you hold your phone or walk down the street.
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the defense department funding a project that will put sensors in smart phones to verify that people are who they say they are and identify hand pressure and wrist tension when a person groups their phone and how they walk. the new system could replace outdated access cards. check out this coast guard dog as he repels from a helicopter in style. this canine wearing cool goggles as he rides up and down while tucked between handler's legs which is working with california highway patrol training with the coast guard to airdrop officers and canines onto boats to check for bombs. very talented dog. 18 minutes after the top of the our. do you want to weed out leaguers? the white house should see how silicon valley does it. kurt the cyber guys here with high-tech secrets next. millennials feeling the heat in the kitchen for taking aim at
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chick-fil-a, bashing the restaurant chain, sparking online outrage. ♪ on friday night ♪ just right ♪ and a radio ♪ i see some ♪ supplier that went belly up. so while he's proud to have helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get the most out of your money, whether you're using quickbooks smart invoicing to get paid twice as fast or automatically tracking your mileage. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you.
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oh hi sweetie, i just want to show you something. xfinity mobile: find my phone. [ phone rings ]
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look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. shannon: the trump administration ramping up efforts to plug a nonstop flow of leaks in crackdown ignited by an off-color comment about john mccain that made its way to the press. is there a solution for the white house? kurt the cyber guys that silicon valley may have one. he joins us to explain. good morning, how are you doing? the white house needs to bring you win because you can tell us what they need to do to find these leakers.
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>> the answer to the leak that the white house might be in this direction, 2000 miles to the west. silicon valley is one of the best kept secrets for their employees. they really know how to keep secrets. very rarely do you see a leak out of silicon valley. there are leaks but it is rare. mark zuckerberg at facebook, 16,000 employees, nearly every friday he talks about company secrets from strategy to new products that haven't been announced yet and they never get out. rarely do they get out. in 2015, one employee was caught within a week and shamed in front of everyone having leaked a secret to the media. the fact is that person was fired right away. part of the motivation and silicon valley is you remove stock options you gave to employees. it is the incentive to do well
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at work. you pledge secrecy and you are out, they forced everyone for a nondisclosure agreement and there's something like that at the white house, and what was tapped into the network. >> let's talk about tools spies, and into the white house. that is a cell phone site that mimics a cell phone site. that is where the cell phone signal connects and passes it on to a real cell phone signal tower and at that point you are able to see who is connected to it and what they are connecting with and what data is passing through that.
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it is complete eavesdropping, and it is legal for your boss to monitor your phone, your work email, coming and going at work, cameras all over the place, a lot of companies tell their workers in advance they are doing this. that is something the white house could be doing but what seems to be working best is a culture where you get people enrolled in the idea that a leaker would be bad for the organization and so you help someone's to grab without them being able to link in the first place. shannon: the media needs to take these leaks, and what about that? >> this is a real great way leakers come out of businesses.
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you can hide a complete book of material inside an email or document simply by reducing its font size, on the other hand, you can bust somebody for doing this by using tools like this site called the zip checker and what it does is you hidden texts that might be there. jillian: we will call the white house and have them have you over today. >> i am ready, have a wonderful weekend. jillian: thank you. >> see you at the wedding. jillian: 26 minutes after the are, donald trump versus jerry brown, california liberal trying to protect illegal immigrants once again. >> i can't avoid a summons.
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you are more than welcome to do that. jillian: the school board member caught on camera berating a police officer apologizing but is it too too late? the online reaction is pouring in, good morning. ♪
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> welcome back, california intensifying its fight to protect century city laws making it harder for ice to do its job as house republicans, a vote on immigration they could have a major effect on a massive farm bill. todd pyro breaks it down. >> reporter: another shot fired in the battle with the think story state as california governor jerry brown signed a bill to prevent ice agents from nabbing illegals a courthouses, it would keep judges and
1:31 am
attorneys from disclosing immigration status of alleged crime victims and witnesses in open court unless the information is ruled relevant to the case. ice focuses on courthouses in part because of its inability to obtain illegals in local jails thanks to law enforcement agencies that refuse to comply with detainer requests. all this is the immigration debate takes center stage on capitol hill. the bill is up for a vote in a few hours but the house freedom caucus says it is a no go unless daca is addressed. they want to bring forward a different bill where illegals protected by daca would have their protections renewed for 3 years here, but would not have a pathway to citizenship. here is jim jordan on what is in the bill. >> build a border security wall, end chain migration, deal with think story cities, down the list.
1:32 am
and dealing with the daca situation. >> this is republicans and democrats supporting food stamps. the bill tightens work and job training requirement for food stamps which has driven democrats away. jillian: protesters hitting the streets at the iranian regime, internet and phones cut off as security forces violently clash as protesters in southern iranian city. demonstrators angry over the regime's decision to split the city and two townships, so far two people have been killed. a decision is expected whether the author of the trump dossier can be questioned on the document, former british spy christopher steele fighting to protect sources in uk court as birdseed looks at that report. the website published the unverified dossier in january
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last year but now being sued by a russian businessman whose companies were mentioned in the unverified dossier. are you late for a flight? no problem. run onto the tarmac and try to rip open the planes or. that is what this man did in australia, storming past security to the jet star flight even using his foot as leverage to try to pry open the door. clearly that is not working. he was punching, scratching as the staff tried to restrain him. the man obviously facing several charges and band from any future jet star flight. new jersey school board member apologizing after be rating a police officer. >> the ticket is already written. i can't avoid a summons. you are more than welcome to do that. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has reaction
1:34 am
online. >> reporter: she was pulled over for speeding but now faces the call to resign over how she treated the police officer in that viral dash cam footage. stephanie mohammed, new jersey born education ever can be seen calling the police chief a skinhead and saying she doesn't like police officers and is scared of them because they hurt black people. facing back lash in her community, she has apologized saying i allowed my emotions to overwhelm me that morning and i fell short of the standards to which i hold myself. i personally apologized to chief kyle. some people are willing to accept the apology, others are not. one twitter user said. he tolerate that behavior from a teacher in the school district or consider an apology sufficient? another twitter user rights so say what you want and then just say i'm sorry, great lesson to teach our kids. it is always better to keep your
1:35 am
cool. she did apologize. jillian: millennials don't like chick-fil-a. >> reporter: i think i am in the millennial category and never met a fried chicken i don't like it. people go wild over chick-fil-a. a group of millennials were asked to try chick-fil-a and less then impressed. watch this polarizing footage. >> surprising. >> that is it. >> very skimpy. >> very sad chicken sandwich. >> chick-fil-a fans with everyone is entitled to an opinion, just not that opinion, logan says this is insulting to me and chick-fil-a. no chick-fil-a sauce on the sandwich or fries, i am so upset. another said that must have been upset it didn't have avocado on them. a millennial avocado burn.
1:36 am
>> reporter: i will take the chick-fil-a sandwich. >> any day. >> and peach milkshakes. >> only certain times of the year. we talked about this marine veteran who wanted everyone to send him cards. we have another great story about a marine raising thousands of dollars, an incredible story of a servicemember giving back to someone who came before him. a marine veteran was leaving the va when he noticed a world war ii veteran, they got to talking and found out he is having trouble paying his medical bills so he immediately set up ago fund the page to help out and that go fund me pages raised $13,000 in just one day alone. the next challenge is to find a world war ii veteran because the two met, total strangers, but he has $13,000 coming to pay the cost of his medical expenses.
1:37 am
how incredible is that? jillian: two great stories, a good way to use social media. >> send those cards. jillian: final preparations are underway for the royal wedding. the world will watch prince harry mary american actress megan markel in addition to the 600 guests invited to witness the nuptial at st. george chapel at windsor castle. joining me with the latest from the excitement from the ground his royal commentator and journalist james brooks. thank you for joining us. >> welcome to sunny windsor. jillian: the first question everyone wants to know, who is going to walk her down the aisle? >> no official comment, they are keeping stone for the moment but looks increasingly likely it
1:38 am
will be doria who takes her down the aisle. she is on her way to windsor when megan makes her way there. it makes sense logistically to carry on. it will be a very poignant moment if she does that absolutely. jillian: there is controversy surrounding her dad and health issues. here's what she had to say. sadly my father will not be attending the wedding. i always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health. in terms of the other preparations going on right now, what is the mood? >> reporter: it gets very busy here. in the last few hours we have seen plenty of people arriving to find that spot on the tarmac. the media pens are packed full because this is a huge interest over here in the uk as well but also across the world, the media
1:39 am
is descending on windsor and it is a small town compared to london where we saw kate and will get married. final preparations, people making sure their sleeping bags are ready for the nights ahead and hopefully the weather stays nice and we are in for a treat tomorrow. jillian: we talked about $40 million. is that what the taxpayers have to pay as well? how much do the people there have to pay for the wedding? >> reporter: it is hard to say definitively yet. we understand the royal family is paying for the majority of the service. the security costs as william and kate's what it was 61/2 million pounds and it looks to be similar. we will find out in the coming weeks once the wedding is over
1:40 am
and all those requests going to the council, how much did it cost? windsor being smaller, the media attention just as big and the streets keeping clear. jillian: any secrets you can tell us? >> it is a hard one. we do know the wedding cake has gone into the ovens, 500 eggs have been used, 200 lemons and the baked eclair said if it goes wrong we are in a bit of trouble but the hope is it will be a break of tradition from the traditional fruitcake. jillian: very cool, hopefully they won't drop it. appreciate it.
1:41 am
have fun. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the our. barack obama's plan to build a museum and library in his honor one step closer to becoming a reality. >> pres. obama should be ashamed of himself, okay? for using the clout and his ties to rom to push this through. jillian: to the former president change the rules just to get what he wants? he is one of 3 american heroes to stop a terror attack on a paris bound train. alex is ready to go from protector to politician. he will talk about his run for office. ♪ he could be a hero ♪
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>> in 2015 three american heroes bravely stood up to stop a terrorist, stopping what would have been ability rampage on board a paris bound train. they have been honored for their
1:45 am
hero x, one of those heroes is hoping to go from protector to politician. he announced his candidacy for douglas county, oregon and joins us with more. we are honored to have you with us this morning, thank you very much. >> think for having me, appreciate it. jillian: why have you gone from protector to politician? what do you hope to accomplish? >> politics is something i have been interested in since i was a little kid. and due to recent events in my life it made it more a possibility. i'm trying to give my community a voice because i feel we have been overlooked recently. we have a lot of natural resources and our community is suffering because of this and
1:46 am
politicians and our community -- we just need to bring jobs into this community again. jillian: you mentioned natural revenues. what specifically will you focus on? >> timber especially. we were one of the richest counties in the 80s and after clinton shut down the timber industry, we have been in a mess of trouble. trees are literally dying from natural causes quicker than we can cut them down. fires are burning up so much timber, such a colossal waste of our natural resources. shannon: the unique way the logging industry with the coal industry and what donald trump is doing? >> that is the deck i was going to make. he helped turn around the coal industry in pennsylvania, west virginia and things like that but not getting near the
1:47 am
attention they got because we are less, people are ignoring the issue. i don't understand it. my community is suffering because of it and i'm trying to bring light to that. jillian: hopefully donald trump is watching and that will get his attention. the fact you're running for office has got a lot of attention in light of your past. you have spoken to him. what did he say about you running? >> i didn't speak to him about me running at all. we watched the movie with him but he was fantastic. i hope he is watching this. jillian: i have not had a chance to see your movie yet but it is on my list was i wanted to see it. you have a great story and just to get into a little bit of that i know why that is not your here today but a message you may have for people related to everything that went down on the paris train. >> in any situation, a terrorist
1:48 am
attack, school shooting, somebody having a heart attack or car accident, just to do something positive and contribute in any way you can, you don't have to tackle a gunman to help. call 911, first-aid or whatever, just do something. we need more people doing positive things. jillian: you are an incredibly brave person, you were knighted legion of honor, u.s. army soldiers metal, so thank you very much, we appreciate your service. very brave on that train and very brave to go into politics. >> thank you for having me. jillian: good luck. coming up, royal business headline, how well do you know print harry and megan markel? you may not want to know. the royal quiz that could get you hacked. you think the royal wedding cake sounds good, look at this cheesy
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make it simple. make it ship sticks.
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jillian: that 10 minutes before the top of the hour. sitting or laying down on sidewalks is now illegal in one city, the city council in colorado will find people $200 if they are found lounging on sidewalks, curbs or other public areas. the rule from 7:00 until 2:30 in the morning. city officials say it is meant to improve the safety and that was the downtown area. critics say it unfairly punishes the homeless. the obama presidential center is a step closer to breaking ground. the chicago plan commission approving the project after 7
1:53 am
hours of debate. >> i think pres. obama should be ashamed of himself. members of the community that reached great heights that are coming back to reinvest in the community. jillian: critics are concerned about the economic impact it will have on low income areas. the lawsuit this week argues it is not a true presidential library since it will only have a digital archive of obama's presidential papers. celebrate the royal wedding, and this giant cheesy cake but first, have you taken a royal wedding is on facebook? you could be at risk of being hacked apparently. tracy carrasco keeping with royal business headlines. >> reporter: you may have seen this quiz on facebook asking you
1:54 am
to put in information and it will give you your royal wedding guest's name, you put lady or lord in front of the name and it will ask you for one of your grandparents first names, the names of your first pet and the name of the street you lived on. you would be lady james fido of river. those are not my details. it may be fun to put that information out there on facebook but you could be putting yourself at risk because those are usually answers to security questions. think twice if you are going to take this quiz. those security questions will ask what is the name of one of your grandparents or the street you first lived on. be careful. don't take these quizes. jillian: major brands cashing in on the royal wedding, you told us about kfc. >> we saw that cake. megan markel was in a tostitos commercial in 2009. they have come up with a cake made of 72 jars of various
1:55 am
tuesday does dips in 42 layers decorated with chips, and a bride and groom topper made of queso. burger king, dunkin' donuts and things like that. heather: thank you very much, have a great weekend, enjoy the wedding. with some tostitos. it is 5 minutes until the top of the hour and self-cleaning seats and chairs that give you a massage. your airplane dreams could become a reality. ♪
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the 20 the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, your airline seat could disinfect itself and give you a massage. they are working on antibacterial coding for business class seats was the company looking to include temperature adjustment and a massage setting. the bad, bear decided to join the young hunter in history stand. the 14-year-old keeping his cool in canada as the bear cub climbed the tree and kept school. it to climb back down. a georgia shaft apartment offering advice if you are going to bill your friend out of jail, don't bring your illegal stuff. the department issuing a pro tip on facebook after busting 20 men
2:00 am
with guns, pots, math and stolen cash when coming to the rescue of their friend. we hope you have a great weekend. if you plan on watching the royal wedding do it on fox news. we are live starting at 5:00 am. "fox and friends first" starts now, goodbye. rob: it is friday, may 18th. hawaii's kilauea volcano has erupted. smoke and ash shooting 30,000 feet into the air. no end inside, a new warning for the big island. jillian: the best thing kim jong un could do is make a deal with the us, the offer on the table if the rogue regime gives up their nukes. rob: the


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