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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 18, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: can you imagine going to your car and you are like whoa. >> that's a good size alligator and is he not happy either. jillian: thanks for watching. enjoy the royal wedding. rob: if you are going to get up that early, watch it here on fox. we'll see you later. >> president trump says the best thing kim jong un could do is make a deal with the u.s. >> if we make a deal, i think kim jong un will be very, very happy. >> gina haspel has been approved by the senate to be the next director of the cia and first woman to head that agency. >> today the president is massive cuts to planned parenthood and other abortion providers it deals with title 10. >> ms-13 gang member. >> i cannot tell ice about that. >> these are not people. these are animals. >> you have to wonder does he not belief in the spark of divinity every person, calling people animals is not a good thing. >> when the ms-13 comes. in when the other gang
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members come into our country i refer to them as animals, guess what? i always will. >> it's clearly yanny. >> definitely yanny. >> oh, man, that's laurel. >> yanny. >> who is yanny. >> i hear co-fee fee . steve: thank you for joining us we have ainsley in windsor and abby is here and he had. ed: you are the man. steve: we are the news. and we are starting with a
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fox news alert down in florida. listen to this. a guy yelling about president trump holding american flag opening fire overnight of president trump's golf club the temperature real club near miami. miami.ains. abby: todd piro. >> police responding to calls of shots fired before 2:00 in the morning at the trump temperature real national resort. they found a man in the lobby shooting and yelling about the president. he was shot and wounded by police after getting into altercation with officers. right now, still unclear, what he was actually saying about president trump. >> we're not saying this is terrorism. we're not saying any of that we are not discounting any of that at this point. officers did not hesitate one second to engage this individual that was actively shooting in the lobby of the hotel. they risked their lives
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knowing that they had to get in there to save lives in that hotel. >> police do not believe the man was a guest at the resort. one officer was hurt. but is expected to be okay. that suspect transferred to a local hospital. fbi and secret service are expected to take over the investigation. police making it clear though, there are no other victims at this time, and no further threat in the area. the trump national temperature real golf club is a resort just outside of miami and also the former host club on the pga tour. guys, back to you. steve: scary stuff. abby: stay on it thank you, todd. steve: let's talk about this. over the last 72 hours north korea last sent out puzzling signals. do they want that summit or not? well, yesterday, the president said for the most part it sounds like we, the united states, are proceeding as in nothing is going on because,he said, north korea is talking times and details. so it sounds like it's a go.
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ed: kim jong un is upset though. abby: you heard from john bolton the head of the nsa. it would be like the libya situation. steve: that didn't end well for qaddafi. abby: that's how north korea. they are through their media outlet. they are not talking to each other. ed: john bolton there was denuclearization for qaddafi in libya. but the idea being as steve points out a few years later qaddafi goes down. so kim jong un is reading that and suggesting okay, so you are going to play nice with me in the short-term but ultimately the u.s. is going to try to regime change here and the president is saying hang on a second. you know, part one might be about libya but things are going to work out well for you if you come to the table, watch. >> nothing has changed on north korea that we know of. we have not been told anything. and, if it does, that's fine. if it doesn't, i think we will probably have a very successful meeting. if you look at that model
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with qaddafi, that was a total decimation. we went in there to beat him. now, that model would take place if we don't make a deal, most likely. but, if we make a deal, i think kim jong un is going to be very, very happy. we're willing to do a lot. he is willing to, i think, do a lot, also. i think we will actually have a good relationship, assuming we have the meeting and assuming something comes of it. and he will get protections that will be very strong. steve: okay. so maybe john bolton shucket have mentioned libya because for a lot of people oh how did that end? yeah, qaddafi was dragged through the street. abby: that's the one thing you remember about that operation. steve: if he had a do-over. the president trying to put that to rest. meanwhile, it was a couple days ago there in the white house the president invited in some folks from southern california talking about. abby: mayors of the town. steve: suing the state for the sanctuary law us. famously, one of the
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sheriffs has been talking about ms-13 and then the president responded and then in his answer he used the word animals to describe ms-13. we all know that now. but, at the time the media in such hurry to bad mouth the president. look at some of these headlines. abby: politicians as well, this comes from the "new york times." trump calls some immigrants animals. huffington post trump refers to immigrants as animals. these aren't people, these are animals. he goes on and on and on. come to find out that he was, as you said, steve, referring to the ms-13 gang members and other gang members that come into this country. we have interviewed some of the parents who have lost a loved one and glild an ms-13 gang member. they are animals. the president said i'm going to keep call them that. ed: all the media had to do was do their homework. listen to what the president had to say and listen to the question he got.
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he was he tood up by a sheriff who said bottom line is we are dealing with ms-13. they are ripping out the hearts of young people, literally. they are torturing 13 and 14-year-olds and killing them. leaving them in the street. stabbing them with multiple weapons. and the president said these are animals. that's exactly what they are. abby: wasn't just the media. it was lawmakers it fit into their narrative. nancy pelosi was one of them. here is how she responded. >> we believe -- some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service -- that we're all god's children. so when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants, these aren't people, these are animals. you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person, calling people animals is not a good thing. steve: hold the phone, did
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she just defend the dignity of ms-13. ed: gang members and said we are all god's children. including gang members killing 13 and 14-year-olds. abby: problem with that she only read the headlines that got it wrong. this is why that's so dangerous. ed: he tweeted out my grandparents came over to america. were they animals? that's not what the president was referring to. abby: ed, have you followed politics so long and worked in the white house. have you ever seen media so quick to jump especially on a narrative like this so wrong? ed: sometimes like rabid dogs you could see people salivating at the idea we have the president on something. he called immigrants animals. he called gang members animals. steve: here's the reason. it wasn't jewels one outlet. it was a whole bunch. it was politicians and made the cycle on cable news. here's why they ran with it even though they didn't completely listen to context and listen to the question before it is because it fits the narrative. look, this sounds like something donald trump has said a million times. so, it must be true.
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you see it a lot on twitter. you don't see it in the big papers. nonetheless, the president of the united states yesterday put this to rest and made very clear, ms-13, they are animals. >> i'm referring and you know i'm referring to the ms-13 gangs coming. in we have the weakest laws in the entire world. we have laws that are laughed at on immigration. so, when the ms-13 comes in, when the other gang members come into our country, i refer to them as animals. and guess what, i always will. steve: ultimately what happens with a chapter like this is every time the president talk bus fake news, just look at that. abby: i keep wanting to say, ed, this should be a remind to journalists their job is to get the facts right. you don't need to jump on a narrative you agree with you about report on what happened. ed: i see some organizations this morning if they clarify, he says he was talking about ms-13. literally those are. so headlines, "new york times" and others. no, look at the transcript.
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it was about ms-13. that's the point. so to your point, stick to the facts. abby: don't just delete a tweet. a.p. delete. come out and say you were wrong. steve: clarify, correct. abby: hows watt royal doughnut? jillian: it was good. steve: that was about 20 minutes ago. jillian: we do have serious news including a fox news alert right now. a terror attack foiled in france. two brothers are under arrest accused of plotting an attack with explosives or refinery poison. france's internal minister says the egyptian men had been communicating on the egyptian app. telegram. after isis extremist killed one person and injured four others in vicious stabbing attack in the heart of paris. veteran police officer fighting for her life after being stand in the neck while answering a call.
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jillian: the officer trying to hand cuff this woman being evicted from an apartment building in connecticut. she refused to leave and attacked the officer with a knife. two nearby hero officers pulling her off and saving the officer's life. she is now pront hospitalized in critical condition. her attacker charged with attempted murder. today the president is expected to announce massive cuts to planned parenthood and other abortion providers. it deals with title 10 which provides $260 million annually to family planning. federal funds can't technically go towards abortions but groupings like planned parenthood still accept the money for things like checkups. under the new proposal those services can't be performed in the same place as abortions or they won't get the taxpayer money. gina haspel is making history as the first woman to lead the cia u but the backing of six democrats. the senate confirmed president trump's pick 54-45 to lead the spy agency. she had faced criticism over her role in the cia when it
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use the enhanced interrogation practice. haspel a career cia officer now joins nine other women in the trump administration. big day. big news for her. abby: first woman to ever take that role. huge, jillian. steve: coming up, rudy giuliani told us this about robert mueller's russia probably. >> i asked him specifically, if they realized or acknowledged they didn't have the power to indict. both under the justifiable department memo, which gives them their power in essence. steve: does bob mueller have the power to indict? how about the subpoena? we're going to take a closer look with somebody who knows next. abby: plus, ains solid live in england for the royal wedding. how are you? ainsley: hey, abby, ed, steve, let me know what you want when it comes to memorabilia. coming up, we will show you some of the things people are big here on the streets. they are selling all kinds of royal wedding gear. so carol freeman is stefanie freeman's mom. stefanie is our senior
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>> i asked them specifically if they realized or acknowledged they didn't have the power to indict? both under the justice department memo, which gives them their power, in essence. confines their power, and under the constitution. and he said well, he wouldn't answered. they clarified it for jay sekulow who was at the meeting that they didn't have the power to indict. steve: well, that was rudy giuliani, the president's attorney with us yesterday with the news that robert mueller's team cannot indict the president based on past department of justice memos. is that right? well, here to weigh in is attorney victoria toensing a former chief council for the
3:18 am
senate intel committee former deputy assistant attorney general under president reagan. victoria, good morning to you. >> good morning. i'm here to do a tutorial for you. steve: rudy says you cannot indict a sitting president based on these two memos. the first one was from 1973, right? >> actually, they are very important. and they both say unambiguously that the president is constitutionally immune from being indicted. and the olc. this is very important. the olc. the office of legal counsel is housed in the justice department, but it's really the lawyer for the whole executive branch. so when it opines on the law, everyone in the executive branch has to obey it and bob mueller is a creation of the executive branch. so he has to comply with these opinions. i will be glad to -- if you want me to tell you about
3:19 am
them. steve: briefly, please. >> they go back to 1838 a supreme court case that says the president is beyond the reach of any other department of government. and so that means that he is -- they can't bring him in to answer to any other branch. and it's patrol car continuing call reasopractical . washington walks in and they will be convicted. also, just to be indicted, the opinion says, look, one prosecutor and a majority of a grand jury can put the president out of business, force him to resign and undo a national election. that would be a horrible thing to do. only the congress can do that because they represent the nation. and it says it's a great term, it says the thought of an indicted president running the boggles the imagination. then we can go to 2000 if we have time. that was the nixon era and
3:20 am
the nixon tapes case had been decided since the 1973 decision. and the olc looked at that and says this really doesn't have any bearing on whether the president can be indicted because in the nixon tapes case, there was a criminal trial pending and all it was was a subpoena to the white house to provide evidence for an ongoing criminal trial and mixon himself was not called to do anything against himself or to testify. it was providing evidence from the white house. steve: look at that, all have you got to do is go back in history and look at those two doj opinions and a sitting president cannot be indicted. >> a sitting president cannot be indicted. next week a tutorial on why that means that the president cannot be subpoenaed by bob mueller. steve: all right is there homework for us? just curious. >> yes, there is. steve: all right. you can read -- she has a great op-ed on fox news right now. victoria toensing. thank you for joining us live. >> sure. steve: straight ahead on this friday, california cities are revolting against
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jerry brown's sanctuary laws. this morning he took another step to protect illegals. plus, this little girl is on an awesome mission, hug a police officer in every state. her next stop, this show. ♪
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3:25 am
deportation cases with long standing ties to the u.s. and no criminal background. it was used to reduce immigration court backlogs. we will discuss both of these dorsey with dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen at 7:30 eastern. you don't want to miss that ed, over to you. ed: told national police week with the heart warming story of 8-year-old girl from louisiana who is making a big difference by going from state to state with a very simple mission. hug a police officer this week thee visited the great lakes states including ohio where she visited cincinnati. and today she hits her 30th state with officers from hammond, indiana. so joining us live is 8-year-old police hugger rosiland baldwin joined my ham monday police chief. good morning, all. >> good morning. >> good morning. good morning. ed: roselyn, what a wonderful thing to do. what made you say you wanted to hug a police officer in every state. >> god.
3:26 am
i just wanted to do something about it, and god told me of this vision. ed: what did god say to you. >> he told me to hug all these officers. millions of them. and most of them didn't make it. ed: that's great. we can hear you. and, chief, i wonder, what does that mean to you when you think about how some people elsewhere in the country treat police officers? >> well, we are always looking outward as you know and this is a very bright light for us. this is a very somber month and especially a very somber week, our memorial is actually today. we're mourning the death of two officers in indiana. when someone like roselyn comes out on her own and it means a great deal to us. it's a very humbling experience. ed: lieutenant, steve kellogg, what can you say about that? >> well, i agree with the
3:27 am
with the national police week especially. i think just in general, too. as a person and a human being, something like this, someone just reaching tout us and saying hey, you know, we appreciate what you do. it's nit grate in any line of work we appreciate what you do and rose rosaline's mission is to bring. ed: there are people recognizing your hard work and generosity including former president jimmy carter. what was that like to meet a former president? >> good. ed: what did he say to you? >> he was really nice. he didn't really is a that much but really nice to meet him. ed: that's great. and you have a go fund me
3:28 am
page. can you visit her there. visit roselyn for more information about that go fund me page. before did you go, do you want to hug the officers right there? >> yeah. [laughter] >> thank you, roselyn. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> you're welcome. >> feel better already. >> you're welcome. >> thank you for all you do every single day. thank you. ed: that's really awesome. really inspiring this morning. forget your second amendment meanwhile if you want to own a gun, sign up to serving. >> go join the army if you want to have fun shooting off the weapon and serving your [bleep] country. do you agree? >> plus the white house is weighing in on the internet's hottest debate is it yanny or lawler? president trump says it's neither. we'll give u. the answer of what he says it is in a minute. ainsley, she is live in
3:29 am
england for the royal wedding. good morning or good afternoon, almost. >> good morning. that's right. we went shopping. we bought some memorabilia that you can buy out on the streets here in windsor. we are going to show you what types of things they are selling right after the break ♪ i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys. zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job.
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fever; or weakness, as this may keep these problems from becoming more serious. these are not all the possible side effect of opdivo. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. because who wouldn't want...that? ask your doctor about opdivo. thank you to all involved in opdivo clinical trials. abby: it is all about the royal wedding asprins harry gets ready to marry meghan markle. >> laurel. definitely laurel. >> it's laurel. >> i could to yanny if you need me too. >> it's clearly yanny. >> definitely yanny. >> yanny is the winner. laurel is the loser.
3:33 am
>> sarah, it's been reported that you hear laurel. how do you respond. >> clearly you are getting your information from cnn. that's fake news. awful i hear is yanny. >> oh, man, that's laurel. >> that's laurel. >> it's laurel, america. definitely #laurel. >> yanny. >> who is yanny? >> i hear covfefe. abby: you heard it there the white house had fun behind closed doors of all the players that we know and we have on the show oftentimes. showed them in a more fun, light-hearted setting. steve: here is the thing about listening to the play back in listening from them play from the little phone the name to and by the way the name was laurel according to the person who actually did it originally. i heard yanny. ed: kellyanne said earlier it's laurel. can i deflect either way. i can say yanny.
3:34 am
abby: so well-played. vice president pence said who is yanny? ed: i heard laurel. steve: me too. abby: we all do. steve: we have beer from windsor. that's what ainsley is in anticipation of the big wedding tomorrow. ainsley: that's exactly right. abby: do you hear laurel or yanny? >> yesterday, i heard laurel. today i hear yanny. the president is telling us how to actually pronounce covfefe the word that's not really a word. we learned a lot in that. yes, steve, you are right. we are toasting to the big wedding. this is called win sore knot. you have a beer we have a flag here with prince hear and meghan markle. you can be them for the day. you can also be the queen. interesting. and then we have. this this is country light.
3:35 am
this is a big thick magazine. the royal wedding, collector's issue. this cute little bear. and then we have the beer as we said. we have the solar queen. she actually waves in the sun. we have the coffee mug. we have the replica of meghan's ring and diana's stones would be these on the side. and the real ring. he used diana's diamond. here is the tea set and teaspoon that has diana's face on it can we see that. steve: yes, we can see it. ainsley: then we have the tray. tea, business cuts. glass dish here. all kinds of things we can buy. all these stores are selling all of this. abby: breaking news out this morning. it was thought that meghan markle's mom is going to be walking her down the aisle and now it's prince charles. ainsley: that's right. it was announced this morning kensington palace released a statement saying
3:36 am
it is going to be prince charles walking her down the aisle which is a sign unity. i thought that was very. we have her dad was originally expected to walk her down the aisle. he was interviewed by tmz and embarrassed by leaking or staging those photos. he obviously had the heart condition and had surgery. so his doctor said you can't fly. her mom we thought might be walking her down the aisle which would have been sweet. she will be in the procession, in the carriage we're being told with her daughter at some point during the ceremony. probably bringing her through windsor before the wedding, before she is given away. and this american becomes royal tomorrow. steve: how great is that. abby: i didn't realize she it to take a test to become a british citizen. steve: immigration test. abby: you have to answer questions but that's pretty simple. steve: that's fair. you have to study for it anxiously, thank you very much for the beer. the beer says on it you don't serve on it cold it says serve cool.
3:37 am
abby: how do you serve it cool? ainsley: any time you get a drink here, if you ask them for ice, they bring you two or three pieces. i like a lot of ice in my drinks. but, yeah. they like things not as cold as we do here -- there in america. steve: they like it cellar temperatures. abby: two or three ice cubes versus 10. >> steve: thank you for the live report from windsor. all going to kick off 24 hours from right now. a special five hour telecast. ed: we will kick it off tomorrow morning we will be here at 5:00 a.m. abby: you me, and pete. 5:00 a.m. in the morning. steve: jillian has news about a terrible accident in new jersey. jillian: this accident yesterday was just horrific. get you caught up on this. a bus driver may have actually made an illegal u-turn moments before a deadly collision with a dump truck. just look at this video. witnesses say they saw the packed school bus turn before it crashed on to its side in new jersey. the bus went airborne
3:38 am
leaving the fifth grade students screaming and hanging from their seat belts. a student and social studies teacher killed. 43 others hurt. the students were on their way to a field trip. panel on gun reform turns into a vulgar rant. parkland shooting survive emma gonzalez getting heated at education seminar in los angeles. >> you don't need an ar-15 to have fun at a shooting range. go join the army if you want to have fun shooting off a weapon and serve your [bleep] country excuse my language. >> she says they don't need an ar-15. she has become a gun control activists since 17 people were shot at her florida high school in february. an update to a story we brought you yesterday. a new jersey school board member is now apologizing for a very bizarre and racist rant against police while trying to get out of a speeding ticket. >> doing 37 in a 25. [laughter] and i'm scared of cops.
3:39 am
jillian: she is saying i had irrational response for being stopped traffic. i lawson-muhammad said she apologized to the police chief and he accepted. on another note. this could be the best thing you could see all day. crushes home run in special needs game. celebration was even bigger hit. [cheers] let's go. >> look at those moves. that is billy right there. and he plays in new york long island league. the league's founder called it the best home run ever. that is amazing. abby: he has some moves on him. jillian: i know. abby: i love how they are all running with him, too.
3:40 am
abby: way more moves than i do. abby: janice, can you move like that? steve: please don't. janice: it's a friday dance party. steve: that's what i'm talking about. jillian: love it. steve: like i said. janice: okay, i know. more of that later on. windsor england is it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow for a royal wedding. i see you brought the beer and we brought the weather. 71 degrees spectacular. not a great forecast across the east coast. 65 in new york. i'm out of breath just doing that one move. steve: i told you don't do it. this always happens. 50 in minneapolis. -- 60 in minneapolis. see all that moisture pulling up from florida and the gulf and we have the potential for heavy rain across the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast. of course, we have the preakness tomorrow in baltimore. will justify take it? i think there is a good possibility it's going to be a very wet day so the track is going to be muddy. there is your severe threat on saturday.
3:41 am
large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and there is your forecast, thank you so much. the windsor knot. have we tried this yet? steve: i think you need one. janice: i'm an easy date. [laughter] steve: always happens when she does that. janice: friday dance party. abby: kirsten gillibrand says she is a champion for women in power. >> that's why the empowerment of women is so important leadership in offices. we don't value women in society. abby: actions speak louder than words. she just voted against cia gina haspel and been against many of the trump female members. is this all just empty rhetoric? steve: plus kirstjen nielsen. we have geraldo on the show. home depot founder and judge jeanine. it's a busy friday. thanks for joining us. we'll be right back. i got scar tissue there.
3:42 am
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steve: time now for quick headlines for this friday. forget the terror watch list as assault on tsa agents spike. there is a new list the agency is keeping. it's called the 95 list. it tracks unruly passengers. it doesn't mean you can't fly. it just means the tsa is going to keep an eye on you when you travel. and this guy would be on it a man who is late for his flight blows past security in melbourne, australia and attempts to rip open an airplane door to get on board. the staff eventually thankfully stopped him. that is a little crazy. all right, abby. abby: yikes, thank you, steve. gina haspel became the first female cia director yesterday. many democrats voted against her including new york senator kirsten gillibrand. she has voted against many
3:46 am
women trump nominated. she is all for female empowerment. here she is talking about women and the 2008 financial crisis. take a listen. >> that's why the empowerment of women is so important throughout the economy and through leadership through these offices because we don't value women in society. and that's just a fact. you know, if it wasn't lehman brothers but lehman sisters we might have had the financial collapse. abby: here to react we have wendy osefo also a contributor for the hill and keisha is an attorney. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> kish sharks i will start with you. oftentimes we say actions speak louder than words. in this case it seems like words are speaking a lot louder than the actions. >> i agree. the senator's comment was very, in my opinion, a very ignorant statement. and it contradicts her actions as you stated. she has voted against numerous women who tried for leadership roles and it's just contradictory and doesn't make sense to say that one gender is better
3:47 am
than another gender. abby: wendy, when she is talking about the 2008 financial crisis and should have been if it were the lehman sisters maybe we wouldn't have had a financial crisis do. we want to have a conversation about what gender is better than the other one? >> no. i don't think that's what she is doing here. she is not saying one gender is better than the other one. what she is saying is we have a lot of diversity and inclusion when it comes to corporate places. we know that 6.4% of fortune 500 companies are run by women. that is a big disparity. so what we need to know here is that the brings up a good point. one gender ♪ better than another. and people should be employed based on their merit. that does not mean that we cannot, you know, sit here and speak objectively about the issues that face women in this society today. abby: wenty, she can say that but it seems like politics gets in the way. when it comes to conservative women or women that trump has appointed to serve in leadership role. he has 10 in leadership positions. she is not supportive of that. >> that's exactly what she is saying, right? because, at the end of the day, feminism is about
3:48 am
pushing forth women's rights. it's not about employing women. what she is saying here i do not believe the people going um for these positions, even though they are women, are qualified to hold that position. and that's a fair argument. >> i disagree with wendy. because one of the statements thought senator made which she stole from someone else is that it should have been lehman sisters instead of lehman brothers. that's saying that women should be in those positions leading those companies and not men. it's a very broad statement that should not be made pause one gender is almost like saying one race is better than another race. it's very inappropriate and not true. i'm all for diversity. but to state that women should be in those positions or they will make better leaders than men is just ridiculous in my opinion. abby: i think that's a good point. we can end it right there. keisha, wenty, thank you for being on with us this morning. it's a good debate. >> thank you. abby: the media slamming president trump for calling ms-13 members animals. the president is not backing down on this. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen was in the room when the president said that she joins us to react and tell
3:49 am
us what really happened in that meeting. the president also promising to catch white house leakers. kurt the cyberguy says he can learn some secrets from silicon valley. really? he is going to explain that. that's up next. ♪ fill their eyes ♪ with that double vision ♪ how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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ed: president trump this week calling out white house leakers again. in order to catch them the next guess the president should actually steal some secrets from silicon valley. let's bring in kurt the cyberguy to explain. good morning, kurt. >> ed hen refresh his recollection good to see you. ed: the bottom line is i have seen these lockers that they have in the west wing of the white house. and every morning the white house staffers, at every
3:53 am
level are supposed to go to these little lockers and put their personal cell phones in there and lock them up. they can check them during lunch or whatever. they are only allowed to carry the official white house phone they have. so it can be monitored, basically. how has silicon valley done. have they done steps like that? >> they are actually a lot more strict than silicon valley. ed, we're talking about google, facebook, apple. you go into apple, if you are in the development part of the company, for example, if you go to one of their sizers, they will put a lock over the cam wrath your phone as you are visiting. when it comes to silicon valley in general. these are ruthless companies when when it comes to keeping their secrets. they may look warm and fuzzy on the way of working for them. the free food and everything is hunky doory. the fact of the matter is, the one moment you leak information from one of these companies. ed: yeah. >> boy, the rats of the -- rathe
3:54 am
culture comes down on you. those stock options you might have earned goes out the door. ed: have all these folks on the left attack the president. root out leakers this is totalitarian. a lot of these tech folks out in california and elsewhere have been a lot more ruthless. facebook and apple as i understand. they have been ruthless about leaks. >> you know, they are incredibly ruthless because the fact of the matter is inside of the culture they share an extraordinary amount of information with each other. for whatever reach it doesn't get out there. that's because you really get in a lot of trouble and that whole saying that they have in hollywood is even worse in silicon valley, which is you will never work in this town again. boy, you take out a secret or you leak anything of technology at a silicon valley and can you kit your job there goodbye. ed: what's the prime example? >> you know what? 16,000 employees tune in to him every friday.
3:55 am
and he does this town hall and at one of the town halls in july of 2015, he announced that they had a leak. he had mentioned something about their messenger application coming out and that got leaked out. he got very upset about it and said that he was going to terminate whoever that was when they find them. a week later, he announced they found the person and they were out the door. and it was met with applause. so, i mean, they have done a really good job of empowering their employees to believe that leaks are bad. and try to enforce tools to get people to turn in leakers. ed: sure. let's talk about hire super smart people. >> let's talk about what we could actually do at the white house. so you've heard that, you know, spies come into our country and they use equipment that's not necessarily lehman. legal. those cell phone interceptors, they catch
3:56 am
your cell phone signal and transfer it to the real cell phone signal tower and what it does is it captures your voice, your data and they can record everything. well, you can actually install that at the white house and learn a lot about who has got a berner phone, what people are saying. et cetera. a lot of people send information out by email and on documents they use a technique where they hide it inside of that it's called zero width technology. that's just simply where you bring the font down to almost flog and then you can use this site that's a tool callediff checker. you cut and paste whatever they are sending out into this. and then it will expose the hidden text that's inside. ed: kurt, we appreciate it kurt the cyberguy. >> always good to see you, ed. ed: good to see you, pal. >> i will see you at the wedding. ed: yeah. meanwhile, the gunfire inside trump resort overnight. the suspect yelling about the president. we have the breaking details at the top of the hour.
3:57 am
plus, senator cory gardner. is he going to be here with the home land security secretary kirstjen nielsen, geraldo and judge jeanine as well as ken langone. is he here live. this is bill's yard. and bill has a "no-weeds, not in my yard" policy. but with scotts turf builder weed & feed, bill has nothing to worry about. it kills weeds and greens grass, guaranteed. this is a scotts yard.
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is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at >> really scary moments here police responding to calls of shots fired at the trump resort. >> we are not saying it's terrorism but we are not discounting anything at this point. >> gina haspel making history with the backing of six democrats. she joins nine other women in the trump administration. >> doj ig report on the corrupt handling of the clinton email investigation could, in fact, lead to the recommendation of criminal charges. >> rudy says you cannot indict a sitting president. is that right? >> the office of legal counsel say that the president is constitutionally immune from being indicted. >> these are not people. they are animals. >> calling people animals is
4:01 am
not a good thing. >> when the ms-13 comes in, i refer to them as animals and, guess what? i always will. >> the 8-year-old girl from louisiana, is he simple very sie mission hug a police officer. >> rosalyn brings the community together with the police. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: tom petty opens hour two from the mezzanine level studio f as in tgif thank goodness it's fox. abby: welcome to friday. we all need a roselyn in our life that cute little girl you spoke to to tell you everything is okay. ed: 32 states today. heading to new england next. all 50 states and hug police officers. national police week. abby: her voice when she
4:02 am
spoke bass the most gentle. ed: she said god spoke to her and said it's time to hug some police officers. that's pretty cool. steve: we start with an update and bulletin. abby: a fox news alert. a man yelling about president trump holding an american flag opening fire overnight inside the lobby of trump temperature real doralb near miami. >> good morning steve, abby, and ed, police responding to the call before 2:00 in the morning at the trump doral golf resort. the man inside the lobby shooting. >> he was yelling and spewing some information about president trump and that's what we know so far. he had an american flag that he did drape over the counter. that all was, you know, part of the investigation. we're going to take it from there and see what his real motives are. todd: that still unidentified suspect was shot and wounded by police. right now, still unclear what he was actually saying about president trump.
4:03 am
>> we're not saying that this is terrorism. we're not saying any of that but we're not discounting anything at this point. these officers did not hesitate one second to engage this individual that was actively shooting in the lobby of the hotel. they risk their lives knowing that they had to get in there to save lives in that hotel. >> police do not believe the man was a guest at the resort. one officer was hurt but expected to be okay. the suspect was transferred to a local hospital. fox news has just confirmed the secret service has just arrived there at doral. meantime moments ago the president's son eric trump tweeting his thanks to first responders. guys, back to you. abby: thank you, todd. ed: secret service just putt out a quick statement we're aware of the shooting that took place at trump doral international golf club. special agents are on the scene working with law enforcement partners. they stress though there were no protects as in the president or any family
4:04 am
members there at the club that's why the secret service was not on the scene. they're not at every trump property but they have from the miami field office gone there to work with the fbi. abby: important to note. thanks, ed. steve: meanwhile over the last 48 hours or so, there have been all these stories about what exactly did the president of the united states say at that round table with the people from southern california, sheriffs and mayors and whatnot talking about how. ed: we actually knew what he said. abby: there is a written transcript. steve: the headlines were all that trump called -- president trump called these immigrants animals. it started actually with a sheriff from southern california talking about ms-13. he responding, referring to ms-13 as animals. just in the last five minutes. the president has sent out a brand new tweet about this. abby: here is what he says. fake news media had we calling immigrants or illegal immigrants animals. wrong, they were
4:05 am
begrudgingly forced to withdraw their stories. i referred to ms-13 gang members animals a big difference so true. fike news gofake news got it wr. go back and read the full conversation. ed: he just says fake news if he doesn't agree with the story. actually, in this case look at some of the headlines, "new york times" trump calls some unauthorized immigrants animals in rant. by the way rant in there not so objective. huffington post, trump refers to immigrants as animals, again. "u.s.a. today" trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants. quote, these aren't people. these are animals and then "the washington post." in reference to animals, trump evokes an ugly history of dehumanization. folks, he was talking about ms-13 gang members. these are not just, you know, random gangs stealing fruit from produce stand. these are people literally ripping the heart and gets out of children. 13 and 14-year-olds, stabbing them.
4:06 am
abby: if you can't call them animals i don't know what you call them. they are horrible people. steve: wasn't just the mainstream media that piled on the president. so did nancy pelosi. >> we believe some of us attracted to the political arena, public service that we are all god's children. so when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants these aren't people. these are animals, you have to wonder, does not believe in the spark of dignity? the dignity and worth of every person? calling people animals is not a good thing. abby: media has the duty to get right. so does indianapolis. ed: she is a leader not just a lawmaker. she is the top democrat. steve: she was defending the dignity of ms-13. we were talking about this an hour ago and ultimately were they in a rush, the
4:07 am
mainstream media to get that story out? yes. did they not check it thoroughly? apparently not. but why was that? because it kind of, to them, it seems like stuff the president has said in the past. so it fits the narrative. look, he says stuff like this even though that's not what he said. abby: that's not the role of being a journalist. steve: "new york times" headline called it a rant. did that seem like -- i heard the sound bite. ed: editorialize on top of it. >> it's not just irresponsible it's dangerous. it's factually incorrect. president trump should be tweeted like every other president before him. the media has got to focus on the facts. provide context around that most of all, get it right. the american people is reading these things and they're trying to suggest what's going on. ed: democratic leader in the odd position of defending ms-13 gang members, basically. steve: she will have to walk that back. abby: we will see. steve: she better there is a story out of "the washington post."
4:08 am
essentially a draft report of the inspector general michael horowitz at the department of justice is done. and now they are circulating it throughout the department of justice. so that people who are involved can essentially lobby for any change. ed: give their side of the story. steve: right there. was a tweet that electrified the news media last night from paul sperry who used to be the brew chie bureau chief. >> breaking i breaking ig it says: he u.s. attorney brought in by jeff sessions rather than a second special counsel bring in a seasoned prosecutor from outside the swamp. look at the facts. he is going to be looking at those facts and there may be people facing criminal charges. we don't even -- let's just
4:09 am
say people who used to be at this top of the fbi. people who used to be in senior positions at the justice department. maybe somebody on a book tour. who knows. steve: to suggest a criminal referral is being made is extraordinary. we know that andrew mccabe lied to the fbi. ed: right, that's one of the names. it's documented he lied multiple times. steve: last night joe digenova was on with laura he said quote brennan and clapper will find themselves in front of grand jury soon. i doubt that he has any special information but, nonetheless, probably just looked at all the things, trying to fit those puzzle pieces together. abby: this is a government problem when people talk about the swamp when president trump was campaigning about coming to washington. this is exactly what he was referring. to say people stepping outside their bounds not doing exactly what their jobs entail. ed: when you connected the dots a couple days ago what joe digenova is referring in part you had john brennan cooperating, telling his version to the "new york
4:10 am
times" about why there may have been spying on the trump campaign as the hillary investigation was playing out. trying to sort of spin that ahead of this justice department inspector general report. they are worried. they are on defense now. abby: a part of that "new york times" piece. they talk about the clinton investigation and the russia investigation going on around the same time. why was the clinton one public and trump is not? still a lot of questions. steve: here's the other thing. had hillary clinton won, this never would have been investigated. and whoever is about to get in trouble, they would be skating. abby: i think some people aren't skating well right now. steve: almost 7:11 in new york city. jillian joins us with an update from hawaii. jillian: good friday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. hawaii's kilauea volcano blows its top blowing a plume of ash six miles into the sky. more violent eruptions could happen at any minute.
4:11 am
officials handing out 18,000 ash masks to residents as toxic air levels spike. the explosions could go on for weeks. the eruption shown in this time laps video and could take months to clean up all the lava. president trump send ago message to kim jong un, work with me and you won't end up like slain libyan dictator muammar qaddafi. >> that was a total decimation. we went in there to beat him. now, that model would take place if we don't make a deal most likely. if we make a deal, i think kim jong un is going to be very, very happy. jillian: the president warning the north korean leader if he doesn't agree to a nuclear deal. as final preparations get underway for their summit, is he also keeping a close eye on capitol hill today urging the house to support the farm bill which includes work requirements for food stamps. the president is expected to announce massive cuts to planned parenthood and other abortion providers it deals with title 10 which provides
4:12 am
$260 million annually to family planning. federal funds can't technically go towards abortions but groups like planned parenthood still accept the money for things like checkups. under the new proposal, those services can't be performed in the same place as abortions or they won't get the taxpayer money. well, as it turns out, the philadelphia eagles will be making a trip to the white house. maybe not all of them though. the team confirming the june 5th invitation to celebrate first super bowl win. adding they are working out the logistics. four players have said they do not plan to attend the event. the eagles say it's an opportunity to engage in productive dialogue with the nation's leaders. malcolm jenkins been very outspoken on the social justice issues says they are still talking about it but a couple of them do not plan to go. ed: did the eagles win the super bowl? jillian: yes. we will see what happens. steve: as we conclude national police week, our next guest just introduced a new bill to give our
4:13 am
officers better protection. senator cory gardner is going to tell us all about that. is he live. abby: good morning, senator. also, ainsley is -- there she is. she is already talking to us. she is in edge glangsd for the royal wedding. ainsley, what's coming up? ainsley: hey, guys, yes. so a few days ago nigel farage showed us around all the sites that you are supposed to see when you come to london where all the tourists go. yesterday we were on with steve hilton and he took us to all the places he used to hang out. his neck of the woods in london. he now lives in america and calls america home. buff now that he is here in london he took us on a tour. you will see that coming up. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
steve: protecting those who protect us. in honor of national police week, a new bill was introduced to equip every u.s. law enforcement officer with the body armor that can withstand a shot from a rifle. colorado senator cory gardner, who authored the bill, says most officers are
4:18 am
wearing less resistant vests, including officers killed in the line of duty. joining us right now is colorado senator cory gardner. good morning to you senator. >> good morning. steve: they have vests, just not the right kind. >> they have vests. most have vests but not the right kind. you are exactly right. talking about body armor maybe good for a handgun. maybe a little older and so over time we know the body armor weakens. this would equip our officers with type three body armor good for rifles. some of the things could have protected the fallen officers in colorado. steve: speaking of them. over on the big screen we have a graphic that shows 10 officers shot in the past six months and three officers killed nut last six months. that's terrible. >> that's the most in colorado we have had in such quick succession in 100 years it's outrageous. >> what's going on. >> conversations i have have had round tables we have h they talked about the fact that people prepare but maybe they are not prepared for the right kind of threat that they face.
4:19 am
if we had level three armor available, we could protect them. this is going to be expensive there is no doubt about it the fact is this country spends $1.7 billion to iran. i think we can find a billion dollars to back the blue. steve: without getting too technical a lot of the officers have level 2 protection but not level 3. what's the difference between 2 and 3. >> type of ballistic protection they have. some of the level 2 more composite fiber for a land gurengs less powerful gun. level 3 is more of a ceramic. it's a harden thed type of plate that you wear. many times you wear both of them to for the protection you need. steve: this seems like a no-brainer. >> rural areas, smaller departments. they have a hard time affording any armor. they have it for several years and pass it down to, you know, hand me downs police officers for body armor. i don't think we should have hand me downs protecting our police. steve: when will we know
4:20 am
whether or not they're is something dong is going to get behind. >> congress has done incredible job supporting police officers. nobody has supported them more than this president. congress, i hope, can get behind this bill. we just introduced it this week, national police week and got to make sure that we push this as hard as we can. look, they are protecting our communities. they are america's sheep dog protecting us from the wolves out there and that's what we have to do. steve: unique way to put it you are exactly right. corey, thank you for joining us. good luck to you. growing calls for a council woman to resign after her tweet comparing police to terrorists. what happened when she was confronted about it? you have got to see it to believe it plus, he is the son at a janitor and calf fear i can't worker. you know him as the co-founder of home lee poo. ken langone shares his secret to success. he is coming up next. ♪ fight for the right ♪ to live in freedom
4:21 am
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4:24 am
abby: about 25 minutes after the hour. time now for news by the numbers. first, 10.7 million. that is how many legal immigrants have crossed our borders since 2008. the white house says they are burdening american workers and taxpayers since many immigrant families use welfare programs. up next, two. that is how many months it took gunmaker remmington to emerge from bankruptcy. converted $775 million in debt into equity under reorganization plan. the company has filed for bankruptcy back in march. and finally, $100,000. that is how much president trump just donated to the v.a. handing over first quarter paycheck. he also met with veterans at walter reed the president there to visit the first lady after her kidney procedure. i love that ed, over to you. ed: thanks, abby. you might know him best as co-founder of home depot for his work with ross perot or
4:25 am
possibly for his donations to new york university medical center that bears his name. but before ken langone became ain a billionaire he knew with hard work and the help of those around him, he could live the american dream. here is ken langone author of the new book "i love capitalism" an american story. good morning, ken. >> thanks for having me. ed: you were digging ditches. you were collecting used cardboard. >> did i whatever i could to make a buck. i was a poor kid. came from a wonderful family. tight knit family. a family of a lot of unlimited love. and all through my life i have been blessed to have a lot of people starting with my parents, my wife, my in-laws. my friends always give me a shove along the way. and i say this not in an effort to be modest but because it's the truth. i am not a self-made man. ed: what did you learn along the way? what do you like to pass onto the next generation about the help you got and people who sort of pitched
4:26 am
in to make you what you are today? >> what goes around comes around. okay? to them, much is given, much is expected. my philanthropy is driven in good part by my belief that we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams and there is a lot of things out there that need to be fixed. a lot of things out there that need to be done. and we're going to try to do our share. ed: i'm struck by you just don't talk about america. you say i love capitalism, specifically. why do you love capitalism so much? >> it's the engine that made this country so great. the development of this country happened in good part because people had incentives to go out and create things to look bernie myself and pat ferrer, today they have 480,000 because we have part time 80,000 over the season. basically 400,000 people working. ed: so you have got bernie sanders former campaign manager jeff weaver is out with a book saying we won.
4:27 am
the socialist message in the last campaign actually won. they activated all these young people and if only bernie had been the democratic nominee he would have beaten donald trump. what's your message to bernie sanders and his supporters? >> if it ain't broke, don't fix it we have a lot of things in america that need to be fixed. we have income inequality. we have generational theft. we have got to deal with the entitlement problem. we can do a whole lot better in terms of bringing everybody to the party. i can go on and on and on. but i like to think about where i was and where i am. if you look at where we were as a nation 50 years ago and what's happened since then, we have come a long way. we brought a lot of people to the party. people like me, people like bernie, arthur,. >> bernie marcus, not sanders. >> only thing they share in common is the first name. ed: young people inspired by the idea socialism is better than capitalism? >> don't quit before you start. give it a shot. go open a little pizza
4:28 am
parlor. there is a lot of ways to be a capitalist. anything that allows you to express what you think you are good at that provides for your family. that provides for other people. a business that provides only for the people who own it is not a good business. ed: the president promised, donald trump that if he is elected, he is going to unleash capitalism. do you believe with the cutting of regulations and cutting of taxes he is doing that? >> absolutely. i believe, for example, take the banks. the small banks were being strangled by regulation. why? because they couldn't afford the infrastructure they needed to comply with those regulations. now, we need regulations and speeding laws. laws to make sure that drug companies don't bring out poisonous or dangerous drugs. we need laws for the cops. we need an army. we need all those things. those are things government should do and are very important. don't create regulations for the sake of having regulations. somebody is going to pay for those. in the end, it's typically the little person. ed: i know your catholic faith is a big part of your life. >> yes it is.
4:29 am
ed: giving back. are you optimistic about america. >> i wish i was 21 years old. i think the shots in this country are phenomenal. i think the -- look, we're living longer. we are living more healthy. there's an opportunity look at that market. the fastest growing segment of the population, ready? is 100 and older. okay? now, not that many to start with. he had thread is hope for you. >> 18 years. the point is we have to address that market. we have got to say what does that market need? what does that market want? how do i provide for that market in a way that i succeed and they get what they want? that's capitalism. ed: guess what "i love capitaliscapcapitalism" is the . langone is the author. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen was in the room when the president said it. she is here to respond live
4:30 am
next. plus, sorry, everyone. prom is cancelled this year. this school says it's simply not safe for students. what in the world is going on? ♪ ♪
4:31 am
with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪
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4:33 am
♪ >> i'm referring, and you know i'm referring to the ms-13 gangs that are coming in. we have the weakest laws in the entire world. we have laws that are laughed at on immigration. so when the ms-13 comes in, when the other gang members come into our country i refer to them as animals and, guess what? i always will. steve: so there have you got the president a couple days ago at the white house during that sanctuary city -- anti-sanctuary city meeting essentially a round table where the president clarified yesterday what was said a couple days ago.
4:34 am
kirstjen nielsen is the secretary of homeland security she was there at the table. madam secretary, thank you for joining us, first of all. >> my pleasure. steve: were you shocked to see the media reaction depicting the president said essentially the headlines in all the big papers was the president calls people who are in this country as immigrants animals. that was not accurate. he was responding to a comment from a sheriff talking about the gang problem with ms-13. >> yeah. you know, i have to be honest. i was a bit horrified. the president was very clear. if you listen to the paper or if you were in the room, it's clear he was talking about ms-13. this is a gang whose moto is rape, control and kill. the instances of brutality and violence they commit on communities is well documented everything from sex-trafficked women whose head was bashed in 28 times to a gentleman who was stabbed 100 times, deat that point at a timed and then his heart was taken out. so, if anyone wants to
4:35 am
quibble about whether or not we should call those people animals, perhaps the quibble should be whether we call them something worse. abby: so frustrating to be physically in these meetings and hearing what's actually said and hearing reporters that take it completely out of context. wasn't just members of the media but lawmakers, nancy pelosi who is the lead democrat in the house read those headlines and ran with it. here is what she said in response. >> we believe, some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service, that we're all god's children. and so when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants, these aren't people, these are animals, you have to wonder. does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person, calling people animals is not a good thing. >> how dangerous is this? >> personally, i think those
4:36 am
lawmakers owe the president an apology. they are miss stating facts in a very dangerous way. the president is trying to protect americans. is he making clear he will not stand for this violence in our communities. and here you have elected members of congress, pretending that he is talking about something entirely different. it's dangerous. it's inappropriate. and frankly, it's just unprofessional. ed: madam secretary, take us inside the administration where you feel the progress has been made and where you still need to make a lot of progress. as you know, there was a big story a week or so ago claiming that the president was frustrated with you at a cabinet meeting, wants to see more progress and that you drafted a resignation letter. is that true. >> no, it's not. what it is true is i'm here working hard for the american people. it's my honor to serve the brave men and women of dhs. and i think what we did see at that cabinet meeting is the president who is really frustrated. he has made it clear for many, many years that his first and foremost goal is to protect our communities and protect americans. americans should come first.
4:37 am
he has been trying to work with congress. in my opinion he has bent over backwards to make deals with them to take the time to work with them. to listen to their concerns. and, yet, you have a congress that just won't act. the need for action is clear. you know, border security is the very most basic and absolute requirement for sovereignty of a country. is he doing his duty. they need to do theirs. steve: i know that the department of justice is starting to crack down in a way we haven't seen in a while. and you made comments a couple of days ago about how the new policy is if parents with children come into the country, they will be separated. that's different. but you made a great point and that's well, that happens every day across this country with other parents who break the law. and are incarcerated. their children are then taken and placed in protective custody as well. >> yeah. i mean, you know, it has, of course, unfortunately it's
4:38 am
been distorted. unlike previous administrations we will no longer exempt classes of people from the law. you break the law, we are going to refer you and doj will prosecute you. it's that simple. so if you break the law and you happen to be a parent, you will be incarcerated. if you have children, you will be separated. that's no different than whether a we do in the united states every day. steve: don't bring your kids if you are going to break the law. >> you don't break the law. you don't have to cross across ports of entry. if you have a valid claim go between the law, work within the law. we are an nation of immigrants but we are a nation of laws. all you have to do is follow the law. abby: organizers are going to send another caravan this way just a response to all of that. steve: next year. >> i have to put caravan in quotes. because, what we see here is just groups approaching the border. we see them every day. we apprehended 50,000 last month. we will continue to apprehend all those that we possibly can, given all the tools that we have.
4:39 am
but, this is just a pr stunt. you know, the important part here is whether you are in a fake caravan or not doesn't give you any legal right to come into the united states. if you don't have a legal right to come into the united states. it doesn't matter if you come in a group or come by yourself. you are breaking the law. we are not going to let you in. abby: secretary kirstjen nielsen thanks for coming. >> in my pleasure. steve: we learned a lot. abby: also some reports, ed, by you that she is say actually this is what really happened. you have to do that today. steve: she said she was misquote you had. ed: jillian has more headlines. jillian: good friday morning. get you caught up on some of the stories we are following. starting here. calls intensifying for a council woman to resign after she compared police officers to terrorists. yuan namaa field who served in charlotte, north carolina, standing by a tweet suggesting cops terrorize minorities. >>ing when you do the research on how many black and brown men and women have lost their lives or been assaulted, then we can have
4:40 am
this conversation. >> mayfield's tweet was in response to the shooting of an unarmed black man in march. it's getting attention now during national police week. she previously came under fire for sharing a 9/11 conspiracy theory. heroic 911 dispatcher helps a panicked mother save her baby choking on a marble. the mom making a desperate 911 call in ohio as her daughter turned purple. >> my baby is choking on something. >> okay. turn the baby over on its stomach. hold in your hand and i want you to thrust on the back of her back. oh, gosh, she spit it out. she spit it out. >> can i hear her crying now. jillian: the baby is expected to be okay. a high school is scrapping prom. some students outraged after massachusetts principal decided prom is too expensive and unsafe because kids can sneak out. next year the school will be replacing the tradition with a semi formal boston harbor
4:41 am
cruise instead. followed by all night lock down at the school so students can't drive until the morning. a marine is ready to hand over a $13,000 check to a veteran he just met. he started randomly talking at a v.a. hospital in texas. that's when the world war ii vet told the marine about his medical debt. when he got home he decided to create a go fund me page for the stranger. the campaign raised thousands of dollars in just one day. the marine is now looking for the man in hopes of relieving the pain of his medical costs. so hopefully they can connect. abby: what a great story. ed: that's amazing. abby: that's wonderful. out to janice for some weather. janice: are you guys ready to be on tv? first of all, we have got to meet some people here. where are you from? >> we are from pakola, oklahoma. janice: brian is not here today. it's ed. >> i know. janice: ed is hot, too. what's your name? >> terry. >> celebrating cancer free? >> yes.
4:42 am
janice: you are here for janice and "fox & friends"? >> thank you. >> look at this, freddy the frog caster here. who are these four? >> for henry and maggie. janice: i will sign those. are you having fun so far? where are from you. >> illinois. janice: i love talking to you guys. we will talk all day long. here in the northeast we are expecting rain in the forecast. otherwise it will be a pleasant day across the northeast. we are expecting the potential for severe weather across the central u.s. this weekend. so just be prepared. we are going to see the rain across the east coast. okay, wave to everybody at home. what a crowd we have today for "fox & friends." we love you. steve: thank you janice and company. abby: that woman wanted brian here. steve: sorry, mr. ed. big news this morning from ford on america's best selling vehicle. we're live at the f-150 factory coming up next. abby: who better to show ainsley around town than our friend steve hilton. she is live in england for
4:43 am
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steve: quick friday morning headlines for you. first up, major victory for our nation's heroes right before memorial day. the house easily passed a $52 billion veteran's healthcare package. senate now expected to pass it next week. landing on the president's desk before memorial day. the bill would allow veterans to see doctors outside v.a. hospitals, reducing wait times and improving their medical care. that sounds terrific. and there's a new drug stopping m migraines before they start. injection treatment called aimovig first medicine of its kind preventing chronic
4:47 am
headaches without any side effects. expected to be available in a week. it would cost a little north of $6,000 a year. abby: wow, anyone who has had migraines though they are the pits. steve: small price to pay. abby: america's best selling car back on the assembly line. f-150 truck and it's today. ed: automaker hitting a road bump after a factory fire causes its supplier to run out of parts. steve: our friend jeff flock is live in deer born, michigan. jeff, the fire is out and they are trying to get the line back up and running. >> and i will tell you, you are the first to see it here on fox news this morning. they invented the production line at ford back in henry ford's day. and it's coming again after down time of about well between 8 and 10 days. take a look at the problem. i have a picture of the missing part. it's made out of magnesium and actually holds the radiator on it actually, if we come back live, hey, kyle, take a look over here, maybe even see it show them. that's the front end that
4:48 am
holds the radiator on. that part right there. in order to make that they had what is called a dye. basically a mold. it weighed 87,000 pounds. they had to move it from i got the product development vp. you had to move it from england. >> we moved it from ohio, michigan all to wait england in 30 hours. >> on a plane that only the russians make. >> on cargo plane because this thing weighed 87,000 pounds. only one in thone out of 27 in . we implemented backup contingency plan. >> can't express the importance of this vehicle watch the beds being made down there. the f-150 series sold 73,000 last month. that is about three times the second best selling ford vehicle. this mental a lot of money for ford. they hope they can make it up. guys. steve: jeff flock live in
4:49 am
deer born. that is good news. steve: all came to a halt because of fire. abby: showed her where to find perfect pie. they will join us live. this is bill's yard. and bill has a "no-weeds, not in my yard" policy. but with scotts turf builder weed & feed, bill has nothing to worry about. it kills weeds and greens grass, guaranteed. this is a scotts yard. and greens grass, guaranteed. show of hands. let's get started. who wants customizable options chains? ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand?
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ed: yes,the royal wedding is tomorrow in case you haven't been paying attention. abby: our own ainsley earhardt is in london getting the tour from a local. ed: let's check in. abby: used to be a local. good morning, ed, abby and steve. we are in windsor. they are getting married behind us tomorrow. 12:00 noon our time which is going to be 7:00 your time. yesterday we went into london which is about an hour away.
4:53 am
steve hilton who you know works for the fox news channel has his show on sunday night. he used to live in london when he worked for the prime minister davi david cameron and he showed us around some of his spots. >> great day yesterday going on all the famous sites. the thing is when you live in london you realize it's maids up of a bunch of different neighborhoods, so special. like where we're right now. that place that's kenwood. ainsley: kenwood. do you remember that from nothing hill. >> i do. that's right. julia roberts was down here. this is it. >> this is it. i come here all the time. close to where we used to live. such an amazing place. it's run by english heritage now. they make it free. anyone can come here. incredible art like rembrandt. beautiful location. every morning i lived just down there for quite a while. guy for a run. and it was so special to be able to do it. especially when you think about the view you get from here. i know you went on the
4:54 am
london eye. that's a nice view of london but nothing like that view. ainsley: wow. >> that is what you call a view. this is the only place where you can see the entire city laid out. ainsley: beautiful. i could run any this view. >> so great. all this talk of running is making me thirsty. ainsley: let's go get a drink. >> i think that's a good idea. so i just always loved hampton where we are. it's right at the heart of north london. all the time i lived in london, this is where i lived. all our friends were around here. it's just fantastic. and this pub that we're going to go to, i just think it's so special and i always loved just walking up here and you see it and fantastic, right? >> so great. yes. this was your life? >> this is where we used to hang out. ainsley: we are at the bar in one of your favorite pubs. your favorite pub in london, right? >> yeah. why is that? >> so many memories going back 20 or so years i lived in london.
4:55 am
we would come on the evenings or weekend became such special place. ainsley: a special tore that comes to mind. >> just before i moved to america and i remember just being here and rachel my wife calling. she told me that our second son, in fact, was a boy. we didn't know the sex of our child and said i got the news. it's a boy. so it's a very special memory. but so many from this place. ainsley: you come in here and got another pint. >> exactly. which is what you do. speaking of which, i think it's time we had a drink. ainsley: okay. so when we walked in here, you were giving me advice about this beer. >> when you come into a pub, anyone coming to london and order a pint of this delicious beer you cannot say a pint of london pride. you have to order a pint of pride. ainsley: pint of pride. >> spot on. ainsley: teach us how to pour this. >> 45 degrees just under the novel. otherwise you don't want it spilling out. do you one good firm pull.
4:56 am
ainsley: here we go. a little bit more. >> pretty good. ainsley: there we go. >> the pride. steve: now i'm thirsty. ainsley: right. for you guys back home can you do the english accent we are all practicing here. you need a pint of pride. abby: you need a pint of pride. steve: i'm not going to do that. abby: i can't do much. ainsley: come on, steve. you are sounding like mary poppins. i like that. ed: does he have a hangover cure? ainsley: who is that? oh, steve hilton? ainsley: no. that's the way it works, guys. there was another beer. they sent me a picture of it kazman bay. reminds me of blue moon. abby: i love blue moon.
4:57 am
ed: you are a total pro: ainsley: can we get this show on the road so we can go back to the pub? abby: we will see you soon. steve: we are going to step aside. geraldo is going to join us next. . . -here comes the rain.
4:58 am
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♪ >> a man yelling about president trump opening fire overnight inside thelobby of trump doral golf club. >> subject was neutralized and taken into custody without further incident. >> president trump sending a stern warning to north korea, make a deal or suffer the same fate as libyan leader moammar qaddafi. >> that model would take place if we don't make a deal most likely. >> gina haspel is the worse woman to head the cia with the back of the five democrats. >> the ig report on corrupt handling the clinton email investigation would lead to the recommendation of criminal
5:01 am
charges. >> that is not a good thing. >> i think the lawmakers owe the president an poll by. they're misstate facts dangerous way. steve: she is on awesome mission, hug a police officer in every state. >> she is bringing communities together with the police. ♪ steve: little rain any today but nonetheless here in new york city we'll have a nice day, doggone it. ed: police officer in indiana, nice day. 8-year-old rosalind deciding to hug a police officer in all 30 states. she has reached 30. abby: is she not cutest thing? we need rosalind in our life. ed: wrapping up police week. remember all the folks who do hard work for us every single
5:02 am
day. abby: happy friday. it might be raining but it is friday. steve: we'll have a nice day. abby: we have a lot of news to get to. ed: very first look at the man accused of opening fire yelling about the president. you see him right this inside the lobby of trump doral golf club in miami? steve: what was he doing and why? todd piro trying to figure it all out. he is joining us with updates. reporter: police responding to the call just before 2:00 in the morning. a man inside the lobby there shooting. >> he was yelling and spewing some information about president trump and that's what we know so far. and he had an american flag that he did drape over-the-counter. that all was part of the investigation. we'll take it from there and see what his real motives are. reporter: take a look at this. you're looking at brand new video of that unidentified suspect in a stretcher after being shot and wounded by police.
5:03 am
still unclear what he was actually saying about president trump. >> we're not saying that this is terrorism. we're not saying any of that but we're not discounting anything at this point. these officers did not hesitate one second to engage this individual actively shooting in the lobby of the hotel. they risked their lives knowing that they had to get in there to save lives in that hotel. reporter: police do not believe the man was a guest at the resort. one officer was hurt but is expected to be okay. fox news is confirming that the secret service is now at doral. they released the following statement. the u.s. secret service is aware of the shooting that took place early this morning at the trump national doral golf club in doral, florida. special agents from the miami field office are on the scene and working closely with our law enforcement partners. earlier the president's son eric trump tweeting quote, a huge thank you to the incredible men and women of the doral police department and miami-dade pd.
5:04 am
every day they keep our community safe. we are very grateful to you. steve, abby, ed, back to you. ed: scary scene. steve: we understand according to "the washington post" it was over in two minutes because of fast-acting police officers on the scene. abby: other headlines we're following this morning. jillian with an update. jillian: good morning. president trump sending a message to kim jong-un, work with me and you won't end up like slain libyan dictator muammar qaddafi. >> that was a total decimation. we went in there to beat him. that model would take place if we don't take a deal most likely. but if we make a deal, i think kim jong-un is going to be very, very happy. jillian: the president warning the north korean leader if he doesn't agree to a nuclear deal as final preparations get underway for the summit. he is keeping close eye on capitol hill urging the house to support the farm bill which includes work requirements for good stamps. 12 year veteran police
5:05 am
officer is fighting for her life after being stabbed in the neck while answering a call. >> officer stabbed in the throat all right? have them meet us at the emergency room asap. jillian: the officer trying to handcuff this woman you see here being evicted from an apartment building in connecticut. she refused to leave and attacked the officer with a knife. two hero maintenance workers pulling her off and saving unidentified officer's life. she is hospitalized in critical condition as her department asks for prayers. her attacker will be arraigned for attempted murder this morning. president trump pushing to shrink the prison population at white house summit. vice president pence will speak at the gathering in front of 100 activists and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. it will focus on improving prison conditions and reentering society. two names tearing us apart.
5:06 am
white house jumping in on the yanny versus laurel debate. >> it's laurel, but i could divert to yanny if you need me to. >> it is clearly yana. >> who yanny. >> i hear kofefi. jillian: president trump poking fun at his answer after tweeting kofefi. i thought it was so great they could have fun with it. abby: now we know it is kofefi. he cleared that up. we need more videos from the white house. steve: thank you, jillian. i saw on twitter, the whole debate is it yanny or is it laurel. you see the looks like yanny, make that first letter an l, says laurel and yanny. what the heck is that about?
5:07 am
ed: who is is make money on that. steve: i don't think he has return video but geraldo rivera is joining us live from fairport, new york. what are you doing on a boat. >> hi, everybody, hi, ed, hi steve. welcome to the historic village of fairport on the incredible eerie canal. i sailed around the world. i sailed 1400 miles up the amazon river, a big item on my bucket list has been to traverse the eerie canal, this public works, incredible infrastructure project in the country, this connected great likes through the niagra river to buffalo. hudson river near albany the state capital. down to new york city. it opened up the whole country, it united the country. it used to take 2 1/2 weeks to
5:08 am
bring produce from city of cleveland, ohio, by oxen or horse-drawn carriage. they cut travel time down a third, reduced costs more than a half. this made new york the empire state. this is what made new york city the capital of the world. to go through the erie canal, we left there, craig and i on monday afternoon, sailed up to the beginning of the erie canal. thanks to the canal authorities and the man in charge of navigation, my old boat, belle, 20 years old this year, craig and i traversed the erie canal. what is remarkable about the canal, it has to raise boats coming from east to west almost 600 feet because the lake erie is 600 feet above sea level, the locks were designed, we went through, there were schoolchildren cheering. some of the best scenery in the
5:09 am
united states, charmingville -- charming villages all throughout. abby: we love to get your thoughts on news of the day, story you're passion that about. media caught pushing a false narrative. about a roundtable that took place a couple days ago in the white house where the president had mayors and law enforcement from california talking about sanctuary cities and immigration laws. the transcript came out and jumped the gun, referred to illegal immigrants as animals, he was talking about ms-13 gang members. a very big difference. they jumped the gun. does that surprise you? >> you know, what happened, abby, let me just quickly tell you what i went through in my own mind. when i first, we're on the boat, we're not watching television news or anything, but i was looking at my twitter feed. i saw that president trump had called latino immigrants savages. i said what the hell? i've been defending the president, my friend the
5:10 am
president since 2015 against charges of racism and that really, really hurt my feelings. it really cut me to the quick when i heard that. then i saw some of the writing, some of the tweeting that don, jr. dids this was in context as you said of ms-13, these vicious gang bangers who decapitate people, carve them up. this was not about immigrants generally. and then i spoke to sean hannity about it, we really, real heart to heart. i read the full context of the remarks. there is no doubt, there is no doubt whatsoever that the president of the united states was specifically referring to one of the most ruthless and violent criminal organizations in the country, ms-13, this salvadoran-based gang that is a national criminal syndicate now. so although i still caution against using words like savages and animals, animals i should have said the president was saying and thugs, i think when these things have possible
5:11 am
racial connotation should probably stay away from hot button words. there is no doubt -- i'm sorry. just going to say no doubt the president was not talking about immigrants generally. he was talking about people who deserve that moniker. abby: i was going to say to your point, why not read the full transcript to make sure what you're report something accurate? why is the media so quick to jump. look at presidents in the past way they are covered, seems like a hot quicker to jump on president trump than they are on presidents before this? >> there is no doubt, this president, maybe with the possible exception of richard nixon or andrew johnson in 19th century, this president gets the worse press of any public official i have ever known. everything he says, this is classic example, abby, everything he said is construed in most evil way possible. even donald trump deserves fairness from you people. and, it is divisive for the
5:12 am
country it misconstrue his remarks intentionally because any, any person with half a brain reading the full paragraph rather than inflammatory sentence than everybody broadcast. see the message he was trying to convey. he was speaking specifically of people who have no right to be in this country. moreover, once they're here they are doing the worst possible things possible. they do not reflect, i maintain, and i will go to my grave saying they do not reflect the immigrant community generally. no doubt these are very bad actors. the president was right to call them out and to announce his priority to purge ms-13 from the united states. back to you guys. steve: that's right. we did a story a week or two ago about from the mrc. they have looked at the president's coverage in the last number of months. 91% of it has been negative, yet, geraldo, real quickly, his poll numbers are going up?
5:13 am
>> you know why, steve? it is because specifically you've been talking about. people are beginning to make their own judgments. they're going around the messenger to the actual news. they're going around the messenger to exactly what the president is accomplishing. if you divorce yourself from the rhetoric and shrill language, he is really having a successful presidency. i wanted to avoid these kinds of controversies. it is a distraction. ed: geraldo, bon voyage. abby: how long to get to cleveland? 2 1/2 weeks on the canal. steve: looks like fun. president trump is making major action against planned parenthood. we're live in washington what it means for your tax dollars and then coming up. abby: we showed you this heartwarming video yesterday.
5:14 am
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♪ steve: president trump wants to stop using federal tax dollars to fund abortion providers. abby: today the president is expected to announce massive cuts that will affect places like planned parenthood. ed: our man in washington, griff jenkins, live with the details. good morning. reporter: good morning, guys. activists on both sides of the abortion debate are gearing up for a big fight heading into the midterms t could lead to lawsuits. the president will direct hhs secretary alex azar to take aim at program known as title 10, which provides $260 million annually for family planning. to financially and physically separate federal fund from title 10 planning from abortion providers. title 10 can not go for' boringses. but planned parenthood still accepts money for things like checkups for those services. they can not be provided at same places abortion or they won't get the money. abortion groups liken to reagan
5:19 am
era that had similar effect this is not a gag rule as critics are talking it. it will not prohibit counseling for clients about abortion. planned parenthood's action arm is out on twitter ahead of the announcement deriding the administration decision, calling on lawmakers like senator elizabeth warren and others to rally against the proposed changes. but abortion opponents are applauding the efforts to separate abortion services from family planning. white house noting this doesn't fully defund planned parenthood as long as they're going to disentangle their funds from abortions. guys? steve: we will see what happens. griff, thank you. ed: meanwhile he is one of the three american heroes who stopped a terror attack on a train near paris. you remember this story. now he is running for office. alex skarlatos joins us live. that is coming up. steve: we show youd this heart-warming video. newborn twins won't stop crying, listen, unless they are cheek to cheek. the entire family cheek to cheek
5:20 am
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ed: good morning again, some quick headlines starting with a fox news alert. a terror attack foiled in france. two brothers are underarrest. they are accused of plotting a an attack with explosives or ricin poison. france's interior minister said they were communicates on encrypted messageing app telegram. sergey skirpol they were
5:24 am
found on a park bench. that led to the u.s. and european allies expelling russian diplomats. abby. abby: thank you, ed. newborn twins not ready did to leave each other's side moments after birth. they are crying as doctors try to separate them. watch what happens right after this. [crying] [inaudible] abby: the newborns westin and caleb, immediately stop crying when their cheeks touched each other. video posted by dad on social media. it now has over five million views. the family join us right now, with more on this. parents dane and lisa lyman. and baby boys caleb and westin. good morning. congratulations on two new editions to the family. >> good morning. abby: lisa, start with you, as a new mom, all you want for your babies to be comfortable and happy, stop crying. what was your reaction in that
5:25 am
moment when they touched cheeks and it all stopped? >> i actually didn't know what was going on. i was still being worked on by the doctors. when i saw the video i started crying, it was so sweet. abby: it is such a sweet moment. dane, you posted this video. so you were awake and aware what was going on. so what was your reaction? >> yeah. i was trying to get as much footage as i could. it was kind of a chaotic room. you can hear the crying. there is a lot going on with the medical team. when they touched each other, it was touching moment and silence in the room and everybody was moved by it. i think it was pretty cool. abby: it went viral. every one loved it so much, there is really still something, lisa, to the power of the human touch. it has the ability to calm us when things seem so complex and unsettling. do they still have moments where they're touching? >> yeah. in fact last night they were sleeping. one of them would be fidget at this, put the other one next to
5:26 am
him, woe calm down and able to sleep. there is still some of that. they don't stop crying necessarily when they touch each other. i think they find comfort in each other still. abby: you have two other girls, right? you have a 4-year-old and almost two-year-old girls. how are they accepting new boys in the family? >> they love them. maybe a little too much actually. they want to just somother them with kisses, hold them by themselves, which we always have to keep a close eye on them. yeah, the sisters they're great. they're great. >> they went a little wild for a little while. i think they're starting to calm down now. abby: what have they learned? i'm sure they have seen the video. what were the girls reaction to the video. what have they learned about the power of touch and how it can be so calming, lisa? >> i think they just kind of see it, oh, cute little brothers. they haven't really noticed much but they, they're always saying, oh, so cute.
5:27 am
so cute. abby: it is so cute. >> i think video kind of evokes that from them. abby: dana are you surprised with the reaction it had so many views? >> i have no idea this would happen. it is not surprising to me that it touches people and that people like it, but, yeah, i mean, on easter i was grateful. shared a post about my family. i had no idea it would get this much attention. abby: quickly before i let you go, how are the boys doing, caleb and weston. >> they're great. they're chill babieses most of the time. we're blessed that way. abby: now you know what to do if they're crying. >> for sure. abby: easy one. great video. so glad you posted it. good luck to you and the family and boys. good to have you on this morning. >> thank you very much. abby: coming up judge jeanine got back from israel where she
5:28 am
interviewed prime minister netanyahu. she is up next. when meghan met harry. it is the royal wedding we're all waiting for. so how did their romans begin? ainsley is live in england with a very special guest. she is coming up. ♪ patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. ♪ last night took an l, but tonight i bwhat's an l?♪ the rap singer took a loss, and now he's ok again. right. yeah, you can get a mortgage that avoids pmi, but there's no way to avoid mip... hey!
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5:31 am
♪ >> does things like call immigrants animals. >> the defense is that he was following up by a statement of a sheriff saying this is ms-13. he was just talking about ms-13. good enough? >> no. not good enough. it is a very slippery slope, when you start dehuman mizeing people this way. this is what nazis did. what slave owners did. not what americans do. >> i don't quite understand what she is talking about. the president, a couple days ago in a cabinet room at the
5:32 am
white house was talking to some people about immigration in the country. a sheriff from southern california made a comment about ms-13. he responded, referred to them as animals. then many major media outlets referred to it, and reported it as the president just called people in the country as immigrants, animals. >> are you surprised? when you think about it, i mean the whole point of the media is to make everything they can negative about president trump. look, ms-13 is the most violent gang in the world. they rape and kill in order to be initiated into the group. when you beat someone to death, hack them with machete, beat them with baseball bats, cut them up 100 times i call them an animal. when i was a judge i called them animals. i prosecuted them. that's what they are. but the media wants so much to destroy donald trump. what they're missing is the fact that america sees the good things that he is doing. you know what? they can focus on the negative while donald trump, the
5:33 am
president, just keeps coming in and doing what's right for america. ed: nancy pelosi said yesterday, no, they're all god as children, even apparently gang members. >> she should bring them to her house to let them live with her. ed: the media was all over him in recent weeks about moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. guatemala, other countries are going to follow america's lead because they believe it is the right thing to do. >> i was in israel for the opening of the embassy. it was such an historic day. amazing part, guys, when you go to israel, every sign on every street corner was trump make israel great. got bless donald trump. it was all trump and the saddest part is that we don't do that here. just like the other segment. let's say everything we can that is negative about donald trump. but they love him there, and i was there for the opening in fact interviewed, only interview -- abby: we have a clip of that interview judge. >> okay. >> i think president trump has made history.
5:34 am
this will be remembered the way we remember the proclamation of harry truman who recognized israel. the way we remember the cyrus declaration from 2500 years ago when he told the exiles of babylon you can go back and rebuild the temple in jerusalem. this is an historic moment and we will always remember it. steve: judge, it absolutely was historic. we carried it live. we also caried was going in gaza along the border. >> right. steve: in the days after that israel was vilified for enforcing their border. there were number of people from hamas who had bolt-cutters and wire cutters. they were trying to throw bombs at the israelis. 50 of them died. >> i was there and i spoke to generals and people in the israeli defense force. hamas was paying people, according to reports in israel, to go to the fence in that area, placing children there. the idea of rules of engagement
5:35 am
are severe. when they made the decision to kill, and they did, i spoke to some of then, it was based on their own safety and their own security. how do you have an 8-month-old, however old the baby was who died at that border which is all fire, molotov cocktails, people yelling and screaming. you know, you end up facing the reality that israel will defend itself? israel does what israel needs to do. and you can't blame them. they're surrounded by people who want to exterminate them and kill them. it was a great week last week too. the president pulled out of the iran deal. bibi came to congress, to warn us they would continue enrich and create what they need to. ed: we'll see video. you might have something to say about james comey saturday night. >> i will. you know what? i want you to see the show, the last question i asked netanyahu showed an extremely different side of him and it was very touching. of course we're going after james comey. abby: that is a tease. ed: i told you.
5:36 am
abby: see you tomorrow night. always good to have you with us. over to jillian for some headlines we're following. good morning, jillian. jillian: a doctor is accused of giving chemo to patients who didn't need it in order to fund his lavish lifestyle. he is charged in a 240 million-dollar health care fraud affecting as many as 10,000 patients in texas. federal agents had eyes on him for a while. the scam went on for 18 years. with his profits he bought things like a maserati, multiple homes and multimillion-dollar personal jet. update to a story we brought you yesterday. a new jersey school board member apologizing for a bizarre and racist rant against police while trying to get out of a speeding ticket. >> doing 37 in a 25. >> i'm scared of cops. skinhead cop. jillian: that is stephanie muhammad saying i had irrational response being stopped for a
5:37 am
traffic violation. i allowed my emotions to overwhelm. i she said she apologized to the police chief she referenced. she said he accepted. a boy playing in waste-deepwater survives a vicious shark attack. the 10-year-old splashing off the coast of hilton head south carolina when the shark sunk his teeth into his forearm. his mother says he is recovering well after surgery but won't be back in the observe shurn anytime soon. there arguably michael keaton's most famous words. >> what are you? >> i'm batman. jillian: he wants a new class of graduates from his alma mater to remember them. the actor closing out his commencement speech at kent state university with this. >> i'm going to leave you with these two words. and those two words are, i'm batman. [applause] jillian: keaton received hon ari
5:38 am
doctorate at the ceremony. back to you. abby: that is what commencement speeches should be. steve: clooney was batman. abby: he is a batman. not many people can say it. thanks, jillian. ed: it is whirlwind romans between prince harry and actress meghan markle. abby: how did it all begin? steve: we dispatched ainsley earhardt from the couch and looking over a castle. good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning to you, abby, steve, ed. we're here with luisa james. she is a fox news royal wedding contributor. a royal correspondent for good morning britain. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: this is beautiful. you know so much about the royal family. you predicted when harry brought meghan to invictus games. you said on air i predict they will be engaged soon. >> yes i predicted they would be engaged before christmas. we had minutes notice before they appeared together. we had no idea she would appear
5:39 am
publicly. she appeared at opening ceremony. they were sitting rose and rose apart. we were told something big will happen. train your cameras in this direction. we did. lo and behold she walked in with ripped jeans and boyfriend shirt. we all gasted. he is private person and normally so determined to rotech his loved ones from the spotlight. i thought this would be significant for him to put it out there. i said it would be before christmas. thankfully for me it was. ainsley: in recent interviews people said here they thought she was too open. very american. ripped jeans of the we think of the queen. watching all the shows back in america about, how formal is here. she is biracial, an american, divorcee. what do you think in england about her. >> she is a breath of fresh air. that was a shock.
5:40 am
the interview she gave, even more so looking back at princess diana, they were archetype royal brides, seen, not heard, very prime minister and proper, very guarded, meghan is combination of the fact she is actress an american. you guys tend to be a bit more open than we are, i think it took us all by surprise. i have to admit there were some suspicions. some people maybe who weren't sure whether it was a bit of an act. i personally think that is how she is in front of the camera. she is an actress. that is how it comes out. she is american. she said kensington palace famously, talking about engagement, i'm an american. i hug. so i think i'm going to do things my own way. i will not be prime minister and proper just because -- ainsley: i love that. prince charles walking her down the aisle. what do you think? >> i was shocked. i thought i was really shocked answer apes you thought it would be her mom? >> she was avowed feminist.
5:41 am
she has been since. she has in public since she was engaged to prince harry about the me too, times up movement and empowering women to have a voice. i thought it would be symbolic statement to have her mother or even herself. i was surprised. maybe kind of a sense two families coming together. given away by one family, given another. doing it at same time side by side. a lot of people were shocked. ainsley: thank you for being with us. it will be a fun day tomorrow. >> it is. ainsley: she says, we toss back to you guys, here in the uk, they throw back, they are throwing it back to you. steve: we'll catch. abby: she has much better british accent. ed: see you back home soon. abby: thank you, ainsley. steve: coverage tomorrow morning starting at 5:00 a.m. meanwhile he is one of three american heroes who stopped a terror attack on that train in paris. now he wants to run for political office.
5:42 am
alex skarlatos joins us live. he is next. ed: time to soak up some sun. skip bedell is here to show you how to build a sun room that will last for four whole seasons. steve: 5:00 somewhere! ♪ termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger.
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♪ ed: quick headlines. airline seat could disinfect itself and give you a massage. yes. aircraft seating working on anti-bacterial coating for business class seats. the company also looking to include temperature adjustments and a massage setting. the happiest place on earth just got even happier. disney's magic kingdom is serving alcohol at sit-down restaurants. steve is applauding the announcement, comes six years after the first magic kingdom to serve beer and wine. be our guest opened in 2012.
5:46 am
prior to that the park had a strict no alcohol policy since opening in 1971. wow, that is kind of cool. abby: that is good news. steve: sign of the times. back in 2015 three american friends on a trip through europe thwarted a terror attack on a plane heading to paris. they were honored internationally, remember this, they even starred in a clint eastwood movie about it earlier this year. abby: one of those heroes, former oregon national guardsmen alex skarlatos is hoping to go from protectter tore politician. he joins us right now. alex, great to have you on with us. you're going to do this thing. you wanted to go into public service and politics since you were a young kid. what changed? >> my standing in the community. recent events kind of put me in the news and i hope to take advantage of the media coverage
5:47 am
and shed light on some issues affecting my county and really kind of that is not treating people very well. steve: in particular up there in that part of the neck of the woods literally in oregon. you have a lot of timberland. you want the county commission to be on it to help regulate? >> yeah. our natural resources are not only going to waste but they're being horribly mismanaged. the federal government won't let us use any part of our timberlands, hardly at all. the best part, they let them build up, they catch fire because of all the i guess, mismanagement, not spinning forest at all, we have to pay for the forest fires they cause. abby: alex, your backstory is pretty incredible. not every one has that running fors. you spent your life helping people. most recently people know you for stepping up during the train incident in france and one. heroes to help save people. how do you think that will help
5:48 am
you when you're campaigning, connect to people, remind them at ultimate end of the day it is about being there for other people and helping them? >> yeah. you can help people in some different ways. even if it's just calling 911, even if you can't help in direct way. if you see a car accident, something like that. politics i think might be a stretch but, i just want to help my community in any way possible. i mean like i said, after educating myself and seeing how badly this county and our natural resources have been mismanaged by the federal government, it is really pretty sickening and i want to try to do something to help my county out. steve: we're looking at some of the images of you accepting rewards throughout europe. you met the president of the united states. when you were with the war leaders, were you thinking to yourself, you know what? maybe that politician thing is something i could do? >> honestly, not really. i was, i was probably thinking
5:49 am
anything else but that. but the whole, the whole politics thing just kind of, like, its has been creeping up in my mind a little bit but, what really motivated me was just seeing my own county panned just trying to get ahold of our budget issues and our natural resources that are going to waste. people in my county, like drug use isthe rise. is on the rise. so many problems come from unemployment. the government hands us welfare. which don't want it. we want to go back to work. they won't let us. it's sad. abby: all you've been through your life, life is fragile. you have to live it every single day. if you want to run for office. we wish all the luck in the world. >> absolutely. thank you very much. steve: good luck. abby: trying to soak up some sun? skip bedell is here to help us build a sun room that will last us all year long. steve: that's cool.
5:50 am
sandra smith is previewing what is going to happen. she is across the pond as we like to say. >> good afternoon, friends. one more day, can you believe it, until harry and meghan tie the knot, as new details continue to come in. this morning prince charles will walk the american bride down the aisle. the palace confirmed it this morning. we're live in windsor with all the pomp and ceremony leading up to the big day. plus the latest on the north korean summit and more big news back home. kellyanne conway, jim jordan, other biggest abouts coming up on "america's newsroom" in moments. cially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing.
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♪ steve: all week he has brought you ways to enhance your backyard. today skip bedell to talk about
5:54 am
how you can make a sun room all year-round. ed: the host of "to catch a contractor." >> this sun room is amazing. steve: get out of the way so people can see. >> this is great way to put addition on your home in less time and money. can have the atrium room attached your house. the glass is special formula. keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. abby: put up much faster. >> they come to do the design right at your home. so it's great. you guys got to see this. this is the light room. come see this. abby: wait, wait. >> this is modern technology. >> this is my hideout. >> the press after button, the screen room goes up, you have the screen down or screen up. it has a system inside, keeps you cool on a hot day.
5:55 am
you have heat to use it all year-round. this is life room. high-tech way to live outdoors. abby: does it come with the wine and cheese? >> it does. today is friday. it comes with wine and cheese. steve: this is not four seasons this you would do for the family in the summer. >> you can do it all year-round. it has heat and air-conditioning. it has lighting inside. amazing to add all year-round place. steve: look at her opening that up. >> check out the pergola. this is patio cover with full shade or partial shade. check out the blue oak furniture. come have a seat. four season pergola, a great way to have full cover over the patio. turn any sunny area into beautiful oasis. >> come on. >> what do you guys think of the blue oak furniture, right?
5:56 am
beautiful. it looks like wood, no maintenance. abby: for all the prices. >> check out four seasons sun rooms. they're amazing. steve: skip, you've been great. i know it is a hassle. >> thank you for having me the whole week. it has been great. [cheers and applause] ♪ the
5:57 am
♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪
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non-drowsy children's claritin allergy relief. the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. because to a kid a grassy hill is irresistible. children's claritin. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. >> well, this has been a lot of fun. thank you very much for bringing all this stuff this week. >> well done. >> you deserve a day off. >> we'll be here at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> don't miss the royal wedding. >> ainsley will be reporting
6:00 am
from windsor. >> look at this crowd back here. thank you guys for coming. >> have a great weekend, everybody. "america's newsroom" starts in four seconds. >> bill: feels like summer just about. good morning. friday, breaking news on the mueller matter. rudy giuliani saying in a brand-new interview that president trump will be rolling up his sleeves sometime this summer getting ready for the possibility of the interview with the special counsel. we've made it to friday. we're all royal across the line today. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. split broadcast today in windsor as well. sandra, you look great on day two. good morning. >> sandra: good morning, bill hemmer, good afternoon from here. ifm owe live in windsor with the royal wedding less than 24 hours away. and what a morning it has been. the palace announcing that the bride will be walk


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