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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 18, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> tune in tomorrow morning for our live coverage of the royal wedding. shepard smith and i will host coverage of the wedding at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. ainsley is on at 5:00 a.m. get your tea ready. enjoy. >> see you next week, bye-bye. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert following a breaking situation at a high school in texas. officials confirming a shooting at sante fe high outside houston early this morning. the gunman has been arrested and in custody and multiple injuries. one student describing what she saw as the chaos unfolded. >> my friend got shot. and as soon as the alarms went off everybody started running outside. the next thing you know you hear boom, boom, boom and i just ran outside.
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the nearest forest to hide. i called my mom. >> jon: it is no longer an active shooter incident but told it is a multiple casualty incident. students are being moved to a nearby school to be reunited with their parents. we're continuing to follow this breaking news and have updates as they come in. now this fox news alert. the president and his team making plans for a sit-down interview with special counsel robert mueller in case it happens. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. rudy giuliani saying the president's legal team is planning prep sessions and robert mueller has agreed to narrow the scope of questioning. but giuliani stressing the meeting will only happen if they are convinced the probe is really about a search for the truth. >> the president has a great desire to come forward and tell the truth if he gets a fair hearing. our job is to make sure he gets
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a fair hearing. we aren't convinced he will. we had the first hopeful communication with them last night which is a result of our saying we put in five letters to them. never got a response. we finally did. i don't want to dismiss it because i think it was a good faith attempt to really narrow the focus quite dramatically. >> julie: let's bring in the chief editor for the dow jones news wire. let's try to read between the lines. let's talk about what giuliani is saying. what does he mean by the fact that he is not convinced the president will get a fair meeting from mueller but then he says we had our first hopeful communication? i wonder what that communication and conversation was about. >> they've been trying for a while to negotiate the terms of engagement between the president and the mueller investigation. i think you see giuliani out there playing the classic role of the defense lawyer talking it up on television and trying to preemotion actively set the stage for if they get a negative outcome they don't like to have the public be
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ready for that. >> julie: they also want to focus the questioning. they want to go from five topics to two. focus on what exactly? >> i think what they are looking for here and what giuliani indicated is to keep the focus just squarely on russia not the associate found to have trouble through the mueller investigation and try to keep it very limited in scope. >> julie: so by narrowing the scope, the president wants to focus on russia, which is because he wants the truth to be heard. but that also means that mueller will not be asking about his personal attorney michael cohen, who is currently under investigation right now. so that topic won't come up? >> that's what they're trying to negotiate to keep it limited to these kinds of things the president would have direct knowledge of. not put the president in an awkward position of testifying against some of his colleagues. but also trying to -- they have to be careful around the issue of whether the president is being called upon as a witness or being called upon to testify
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about his own activities. >> julie: in the past mueller's team indicated it wanted to pursue the president's involvement in the drafting of that letter on board air force one regarding the donald trump junior meeting back in 2016, the trump tower meeting. now the 2,000 pages of documents of the interview, of the transcript that was done with donald trump, junior in september come out. much of the focus is how much the father knew and when about this meeting? do you think that is going to be off limits or do they talk about that? >> when you say we'll narrow the scope to russia it leaves the scope open. those are directly related to the russia involvement or lack there of. what will we find out? what you are getting is the big question. why do they need to speak to the president? perhaps the president is the only one who can answer that question. >> julie: a lot of his former legal minds have tried to back him away from wanting to talk to mueller. are you surprised this is actually in the works? giuliani is now on the
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president's side. the president said i'll do whatever my lawyers say but he would like to sit down if he gets a fair shot. do you think it's really going to happen? the robert mueller will finally tackle this russia probe after all so we can tuck it to bed and move on? >> the president and his team want the investigation to go away. perhaps the only way it will happen is if the president sits down and talks to mueller. >> julie: i would love to be a fly on the wall on that one. great to see you. >> jon: we have been told the school shooting at sante fe high school in houston, texas, is a multiple casualty incident. the shooting event is over. a suspect is under arrest. joining us now steve rogers former member of the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force, retired navy lieutenant commander as well. it's the kind of thing that these days just puts fear in the heart of every parent as well as every police officer.
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they seem to get this one over in a hurry, steve. i suppose that's because of the new protocols developed to respond to these school shootings. >> yes, that's right, jon. what will be happening nationwide is every school district is now going to have to reassess the layers of protections that are needed. they'll have to be more proactive. i don't know what the setup with regard were there metal detectors in the doorways of these schools, was there a police officer in the school? we don't know yet. but certainly metal detectors are something every school district will probably have to consider, as well as placing armed personnel in schools. there is a lot of controversy around that particular subject and the time has come to put armed police officers in schools. >> jon: there were armed personnel at parkland and they didn't exactly get the job done. >> you are absolutely right. it seems like it's the fault of the sheriff there. they should have gotten the job
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done but there are also armed personnel yesterday in another school district. there was a police officer who did stop what could have been a mass casualty. these are the things that are going to have to be looked at and these are the challenges our educational institutions now have. >> jon: so much of this seems to me to be copycats. some of these disaffected children see that somebody gets some publicity or maybe they get some twisted idea that the revenge that somebody has exacted has been worthwhile and then they come to school with their own gun and do it all over again. how do you prevent that cycle of violence from continuing? >> one of the things that needs to be done is when people see something we say say something, they said something. you find out from a lot of these investigations that some people would say i knew there was something wrong with that kid or he said or she said something on the internet.
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parents know, a lot of people know who the troubled students are. there may be a child truly bullied and it might be the child that authorities or the school district needs to focus in on. it is hard to prevent these things from happening other than looking at your investigations after they happen and then have some lessons learned. >> jon: just the fact that so many kids are awash in video games. they spend so much time in front of their television screens with some of these very violent and realistic video games. that has to be something that gets looked at but how do you police that kind of thing, steve? >> i tell you how you police it. interesting you mention that. my wife and i were out to dinner on mother's day, took my mother out and families are coming in and the kids are on their computers. mother's day dinner they are playing these violent games. the people -- the parents need
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to police that. we can't expect the police or government to continuously monitor everything that is going on. but i got to tell you, when i was brought out, you go out for mother's day mother you concentrate on mother and grandma not playing video games. parents need to step up and be part of the solution. >> jon: steve, we'll take our viewers to the hospital in houston, texas. where victims have been taken. >> nurses and doctors are working with them now. i know they have gunshot wounds but that is the extent of the knowledge that i have at this point. >> what is there position, critical, serious? >> one is in the operating room and that's pretty much all the information i have about their condition. >> the one in the operating room, a student, staff? >> i don't know. it is an adult. i do know that. >> adult male, right? >> i don't have that information but that is possible. >> do you know if you have any students here? >> we have one person under 18
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who i assume was a student. >> the other two are adults? >> yes. >> are you expecting more patients? >> we're always ready to take patients with life-threatening traumatic injuries and ready for more if they come. we haven't heard any are en route at this point. >> i heard you just did a mass casualty drill to prepare for this. what is it like right now in the emergency room? >> people are taking care of the patients and waiting for more. there are personnel -- additional personnel and additional trauma surgeons in and they're ready for more patients if they come. >> you say you have one in surgery. the other two are going to surgery or didn't need it? >> one is in the emergency department and one has already been admitted to the hospital. >> will they need surgery? >> i don't know that yet.
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they're still assessing their conditions. i'll let you know at 11:45 at the next update. >> if there are parents out there if they don't know where their child or loved one is at? >> we have an area set up with social workers in the emergency department if there are parents who show up we try to help them the best we can to find out what is going on with their children. the scene is chaotic from the reports we've gotten, there are resources there also. >> are people starting to show up? >> i don't have that information. we did have a couple family members accompany a patient but that's all i know. >> what is it like for you guys now to see it happening in your trauma center? >> heartbreaking. our hearts go out to sante fe, the students and residents. >> those people that aren't in surgery, is that a sign that they are okay, that this is -- >> i don't know their condition. they may require additional care but i don't know the
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extent of their injuries or what they need later on yet. >> do you have anything else to add as well? >> no. i think as dr. marshall said we are prepared and the patients are getting the excellent care and all under the best care of our physician and nursing and we don't want anything like this happening anywhere but we are always prepared. >> this is not the first time it happened in your trauma center. what is going through your mind right now? >> i think one of the reasons is we always think that it will never happen at your place. but we always prepare for it. you know, as you know, we always prepare for these drills. we are a hurricane zone so we always prepare for these disaster both manmade as well as natural. >> can you go over the injuries and the patients one more time for us? >> we've received three
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patients. two adults and one person under 18 years of age. i know one adult, you said it was a male, is in our operating room undergoing surgery at this time. one patient has been admitted to the hospital, the person under 18. the other person is in our emergency room being evaluated and treated. >> what's the message to these families and community now? >> we're here for you. we are are ready to serve anybody that needs our services. >> thank you, doctors, we'll let you get back to it. >> another update at 11:45. >> jon: again, doctors there at the university of texas medical branch in houston giving us the latest information about this shooting in sante fe high school which is in extreme southeast houston. almost down into galveston and texas city if you know the houston geography. a number of casualties there. we do not know how many exactly.
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police have not yet released that information. we do know as a result of that news conference that three patients have been transported to that university of texas medical branch, two of them apparently adults, one of them presumably a student under the age of 18 we're told. they have been admitted to the hospital but beyond that we do not know whether there are casualties that simply did not make it away from the high school. again, we don't have that information yet. this is a developing and very fluid situation. steve rogers back again with us, the former member of the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force. anything that you picked up on in that news conference from the hospital, steve, that strikes a cord with you? >> well, what strikes a cord is that the police and school district did an excellent job. a lot of lives are saved because we're reacting to these.
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more emphasis has to be placed on being pro-active. we may thing we're being as proactive as we could. i go back to my original point. were there metal detectors in the school? an armed police officer in the school? if not, why not, in view of the fact we have seen so many of these things beginning to take place. and the other thing is look, the police cannot -- neither can any school district be alone in trying to prevent these things. parents need to step up. be parents for goodness sakes. we have more parents trying to be friends than parents and monitor what your kids are watching and there is nothing wrong with saying you know what, johnny or susan, you won't be playing that video game today. >> jon: i have to interrupt you, steve, for the horrific news we're seeing on scene right now. according to fox affiliate in houston there were eight dead in the texas school shooting in sante fe high school on the
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southeast corner of houston. eight dead is the report from kriv. unfortunately sometimes as we've seen in the past those numbers can go up. there are three we know that are hospitalized at the university of texas medical branch. we got the update from the doctors there. eight dead is the early count from this school shooting. it is getting to be the end of the year. this should be the time when students are looking forward to getting out of school for the summer, steve. and just taking it easy. is there something about time of year that adds extra stress? is it finals? i don't know, what is it? >> well, it's just somebody wakes up and decides they want to commit these acts. happens at the end and beginning of the year but i'll tell you this, jon, i think as this investigation unfolds we'll find a common thread that maybe there was something on the social media platform that this person said or somebody
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saw or heard something. our prayers -- heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking. >> jon: it happens so often. so often you'll find even the night before the shooter was putting out warnings to friends and so forth saying don't show up at school tomorrow. not saying that happened in this case. but frequently it is the case. >> it certainly is. parents should begin hugging their kids and talking to them and i've always said this, there is a god above. we need to pray for this country and maybe we have to get back to some basics. >> jon: steve rogers, thanks very much. >> julie: we're now just confirming there are eight people dead that were killed in this morning massacre. the president just tweeting school shooting in texas, early reports not looking good. god bless all. local officials there obviously working very closely with the government, atf officials and sheriff's department working to try to figure out exactly how and what led to this deadly
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shooting. we understand one person is in custody. another person has been detained. we believe the custody -- the person in custody is a male but that's all we know. two adults in the hospital, one under 18. doctors working on them and reports a police officer was shot, which goes to show the heroic efforts made by local law enforcement to prevent more from being killed. eight people dead so far in this texas school shooting in sante fe. joining me on the phone ed davis fox news contributor. it is so sad to know that every sheriff, county, police department in this country has prepared for this because we are reporting on this much too often. what is the first call of action when a police department gets a 911 call that there has been a police shooting at another school? >> julie, the first responsibility is to get there
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quickly and the police officers who arrive on the scene are trained and instructed to go to the sound of gunfire. their responsibility is to neutralize the subject as quickly as possible and prevent further injury or death. so, you know, we've seen this happen over and over again in this country where an officer will be on routine patrol handling things that they handle every day and then they will get a phone call or radio call to go into this horrific situation where people are being killed and they are expected to be the point of the spear on these things and make sure that things stop. that's clearly the very first responsibility the police have. >> julie: i'm reading an unidentified law enforcement officer was shot. clipped, which means he was not seriously injured. just talk about the efforts for police officers to get something like this under control.
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if you take a look at the screen right now and just take a look at the size of this campus. this is a massive campus. it sits between houston and galveston. sante fe high school. we don't know the number of students there but it is a large campus. to be able to pinpoint an active shooter while the school is on lockdown. for police officers to move in and not put other students' lives at risk, how do you do that? when this person, we don't know if he was a student or an adult, but when he storms a classroom with a loaded weapon, how do the police even go about going in there and apprehending him when they know he has a gun and it is aimed at these minors and innocent children? >> right, certainly a lot of emotion involved in it. but the police officers have to work on the fact that they have a hand. the radio call will give them information and the dispatchers are trained to be as specific as possible as to where the
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threat is. unfortunately, the shooter can move around in a building this size and so when the police get there, they are talking to people as they come in to try to get the best information from witnesses. but at the same time they are using their senses to listen for gunfire. sometimes, you know, the smoke is visible in a building. you get that smell of the bullets being fired. and you can hear people crying out for help. and so all of your senses are involved. you go to the sound of the assault and so, you know, you bring up a very good point here about large buildings like this. it is extremely confusing and extremely difficult. it adds minutes to the response if we don't know exactly where the shooter is. that's one of the complexities
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we deal with. >> julie: one student is quoted as saying it's been happening everywhere. i wasn't surprised it happened here. students should not be afraid to go to school. students should not expect that this could potentially happen at their schools. something has to be done. the gun control argument, that comes up. but again, whether you take away the right to have a gun or not, people are still going to get these weapons. so that's not going to stop this. what does stop it? the armed guards, like jon pointed out earlier in parkland, florida, that didn't work. what does? as far as radar detectors, any kind of metal detectors, why are they not in place? they're in place in the nation's airport and they should be in place in every public community where you see a large traffic of people, especially innocent children. >> right. they have to be better security measures implemented at schools
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because of this threat. security follows the environment. they follow the threat matrix that is confronting them. so we do need to do more. the problem with metal detectors is you have to staff a metal detector. if someone comes in with a gun and go through a metal detector, all they have to do is pull out the gun and shoot the people staffing the metal detector and they're inside. it is some kind of -- there are things that are really -- give you false hope or false feeling of security that really, when you are dealing with someone intent on using a firearm to get in and kill people, it is a very difficult thing to deal with. the mental health issue here has to be looked at. every time we have one of these things you find that there was prior knowledge or prior contact with the suspect by the police or mental health officials. that we need to connect better.
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right now the privacy rules are feeding that conversation. we can't allow that anymore. we need to get police the information of who the threats are so that we can deal with them effectively. >> jon: it is not unlike, ed, the experience that you went through in boston where, you know, one of the great athletic and celebratory events that city has each year, one year somebody dropped a bunch of bombs at the finish line. just the kind of shock and revulsion that goes through your mind at the idea of somebody taking a gun into a school and opening fire on students, it's just absolutely sick. we talk about arming police officers and putting them in the schools. a large part of their job is to get to know the individuals students as well and sort of do community policing in the high schools, is it not? >> it is. and many times they are dealing
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with troubled students. the principal or teachers will say we're worried about this individual. and the officer will be involved in some type of preventive action. and really that's the key to this. we don't want to have to talk about what happens when the suspect shows up and starts shooting. ideally we're identifying the threat and stopping it before it gets to that point. i think that's forgotten a lot of times. we think about the police officer, the gun and shoot-out. but really the real value here is prevention. >> jon: we understand there is to be a reunion of parents with their students from sante fe high school at alamo school fairly nearby. there will be f.b.i. agents who are investigating along with some of the local agencies as well, of course, as the local authorities from the houston area. ed, thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate your expertise. >> thank you, jon and julie.
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>> julie: with the latest information coming in -- it is coming in slowly as investigators try to piece together what happened and how. as jon mentioned the parents now haven't a clue as to where their children are. if their children were among those shot, if they are among those evacuated. if they are in a hospital or an operating room. it is unimaginable to imagine what these parents are going through right now and the fact these children in our country are having to deal with such a horrific incident right before graduation and the end of the year, as you remember, in high school being a happiest month for these kids all year long knowing school is about to end and getting out for summer break. buck sexton is joining me now. thank you for talking to us and your reaction to this happening again. >> well, this is just unfortunately another one of
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these incidents where we will be asking questions about how can we stop this? we should. what can be done to prevent incidents like this in the future? there is no perfect solution, no panacea. i'm seeing the early reports. it is very hard, as you know, analyzing this in realtime because you are running on reports based on second and sometimes third information. the early reports saying the armed resource officer was shot in this engagement goes to show that we had a recent incident where an officer in illinois prevented a mass shooting from happening before there were casualties. even an armed resource officer wasn't enough to prevent it but might have stopped further casualties. we'll be looking at all of that and certainly drilling down more into the background of the suspect to see if there were red flags missed. as we know in recent cases like parkland, sometimes there are tremendous large and obvious red flags that don't get caught in the process. we'll look at all of that.
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>> julie: i'm so sick and tired of hearing after every school shooting people saying we need to come up with answers. how could this happen? it happens and it doesn't seem to be getting better, but worse. it is interesting you point out they did have an armed guard, somebody supposed to be watching over this kid. this person cannot be in every classroom at every minute of the day. even if you have one person there armed and ready to defend these defenseless kids, i'm told there are over 1400 kids in this high school. one person with a gun can't possibly defend that many kids. >> this is when i think conversation about people on campus trained personnel, adults who have conceal/carry permits come into play. >> julie: are you referring to teachers? >> teachers, could be a maintenance personnel, anyone with the proper training and skill set because one of the problems you have is if there
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is one armed resource officer and everyone knows who that person is, they want to know there is someone there. they want to feel safe. but if you have a bad actor, a would-be shooter. he knows to avoid that one person and this may have happened in this case, to target that one person. conceal/carry makes it a more difficult calculation from the perspective of the shooter. we're looking at eliminating as they would be shooters before they get to pull the trigger as possible by arresting them and taking action. some laws have been passed after what happened in florida that will make it, i think, a little easier to deal with the mental health component when someone is an imminent threat. when you are talking about counter terrorism, there is no perfect answer to these problems. we have a country over 300 million people. tens of millions of students. all you need is one bad one and access to firearms or not.
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just any kind of weapon and you could have an incident like this. >> julie: we don't know about the identity of the suspect. one person is in custody. one person has been detained. perhaps somebody in question being questioned by authorities. but as far as the mental health issue is concerned, that brings up a very great point. if you remember in parkland, florida, the shooter in fact had been flagged not once, not twice, multiple times. authorities had suggested that he be put in some sort of mental health facility and that recommendation was ignored. obviously somebody is dropping the ball and there are mentally unfit and very unhealthy and disturbed individuals out there walking the streets. yeah, of course it would be great if we could catch them before they get to this point but that's impossible just like it's impossible to guarantee we can prevent a terrorist attack. what do we do in defense? i never thought i would be talking about arming teachers but if you put a gun in every classroom, not to say it should
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be the solution, but it probably would have minimized the number of deaths today. >> it changes the calculation of the attacker. if you don't know -- schools are gun-free zones with the exception of armed resource school cops. but if you took that out of the equation, there is a lot of data that everyone can look at that supports this in everyday civilian sense across the country. when people don't know if there is somebody who is an armed citizen who can be present it changes their calculation what target they'll go after. the pulse nightclub shooter was initially thinking about going to a disney facility but realized there were more armed personnel there. that changed his calculation of that process. if you are trying to protect schools, at least elevating the perception of defense in the schools is helpful. not a cure, not going the stop all this but i think it
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certainly is worth having as a conversation. the mental health issue, there are specific areas that could be tightened. just like there are, i think, on some other aspects of the legality of when you can take firearms away from somebody and when that is actually going to be infringing on their second amendment rights. there are huge civil liberty concerns as well. the moment you can have somebody have rights taken away without committing a crime, you are on a slippery slope and everybody should be aware of that, too, in these very emotional, deeply troubling moments, days and weeks after an attack like this we need to remember that. it's understandable to have a knee jerk reaction to do everything and anything to stop the next attack. >> jon: buck sexton formerly with the c.i.a. stay with us a minute to reset the scene. it's 32 minutes past the hour and in the first period of school at sante fe high school
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in houston, texas, on the far southern reaches of houston, someone opened fire. i'm reading transcripts of interviews with people on the scene. they described him as a kid walking down the hall looking suspicious. so that the notion that this is some adult who came in from outside the school does not look likely. that doesn't necessarily mean he was a student at this school or still enrolled at the school but apparently a young person looking suspicious. we're told he pulled the fire alarm. everybody started running and then they heard shots. that's becoming a familiar pattern in many of these school shootings. we're told that eight people have been killed. there are at least three in the hospital. and there is -- the shooting suspect has been arrested and one other person has been detained. we don't know why. but again it's a familiar and sad situation just unfolding
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right now at sante fe high school in texas. buck sexton. thank you for being with us and thanks for sharing your expertise. >> julie: joining us now on the phone, a former nypd commander. just to bring to light, this is the third school shooting in the past seven days. the 22nd since the beginning of the year here in the united states. a suspect in this shooting at sante fe high school has been arrested. the assistant principal has been speaking with the press and giving this information. a second person has been detained. identities we don't know at this point. there was an officer at the school who was on guard. that person was shot but only clipped. minor injuries, three people in the hospital, one person under the age of 18 and eight people dead as this story develops. those numbers and facts will
8:35 am
change. the former nypd commander with the facts i've just gone through what is your initial take on this investigation? >> once again it seems to be somebody that has a familiarity with the school. if it's a student, which is not confirmed yet, once again pulling the fire alarm is becoming all too familiar with that. it goes back to in-house. if somebody saw this person before and knew this person had problems. that's where you have to identify it. the security at the school is another issue. we've spoken about this many, many times. and you have to really get down to the nitty-gritty with this and start securing the schools. for him to get in, pull the fire alarm and cause chaos and complete his task. he knew the school, he knew what was going on. as far as the second person they're detaining. maybe it is just somebody that came in with with him or knew
8:36 am
something and they're questioning him now. if it's a lone attacker, then it fits the mode of everything that has been going on. >> julie: i'm reading when an armed person walked into an art class at the school, he began firing what looked like a shotgun according to a witness. another witness telling local affiliates there that she saw a girl shot in the leg, patients from the school were taken to a hospital. we mentioned the fire alarm. that is truly scary because it shows intent and it shows the amount of damage that this person wanted to do. rather than just walk into one classroom and maybe take aim at some 20 kids you try to flood multiple classrooms into the hallways where people are cordoned and blocked. this comes from an angry place. what do investigators now do when they sit down and question is suspect who is currently in custody? >> the first thing they'll go to is the motive, why. why did he do something like
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this? it will come down to maybe something that we've heard so many times before. maybe he was bullied or had something against somebody in the classroom but he will make a statement. these people are becoming -- it's becoming too often we hear this about somebody who got bullied. the fact that they can come into a school armed, sometimes armed with multiple guns, you know, weapons, handguns, shotguns, it just is disturbing. people need to understand that you need to identify these people before this happens. you will start hearing once again that oh, i knew he did this before. you'll see social media, pictures, statements that he made. and then this happens and then they go back to gun control and back to everything else which isn't the issue here. this issue is identifying these people before it happens and trying to do something about it. on the other hand, we need to make the schools a lot safer. not just one person. if this is happening with fire
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alarms and this is happening with just disrupting the normal activities of a school day, people inside the schools have to be familiar with that as well. >> jon: dr. marc siegel of our fox medical a team is joining us as well. and again, it's just another awful day in houston, texas, where at least eight people have been killed in a school shooting at sante fe high school. three people at least are hospitalized. we don't know any more than that. we do know the shooter is in custody. the suspected shooter is in custody. one other person has been detained. was this a plot involving multiple team, we don't yet know. but we do know that eight people are dead. there is a reunion underway at the alamo school not too far away where parents are heading right now and finding out, in most cases, that their students, their children are safe. but there are a number of them
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who find that they will never again have a chance to greet and to hug their kids. so marc siegel is with us, professor of medicine at nyu medical center. fox news medical correspondent as well. dr. siegel, you know, i was struck at that news conference how calm the doctors are, especially when you are working at a trauma center. this is what you have to be ready to do on a daily basis. >> university of texas medical branch in galveston, 20, 25 miles away and reportedly received the victims. they're level one. extensive injuries, burns, they're highly regarded and on call 24/7 surgeon in house. we're dealing with shotgun wounds. the pellets can cause a lot of devastation inside the body with blood vessels and bone and nerve and the spray from a
8:40 am
shotgun is particularly problematic. we haven't been talking about shotguns if previous shootings recently and depending on how close somebody is to that shotgun, a lot of damage can be done. >> jon: shotguns at close range can be extremely devastating but i suppose at slightly longer distances you will see less of the horrific injuries that you might see with a rifle, for instance. >> very good point, jon. the aim on a shotgun isn't the same and the spray is larger. so if it is at a greater distance you'll see more superficial wounds. with a rifle that we've talked about the ar-15s higher speed bullets you see a deeper penetration. it all depends with a shotgun how close they were to it and how far in the pellets go. >> jon: especially in texas,
8:41 am
you know, it's not unusual for a 17 or 18-year-old kid to be given a shotgun to go dove hunting with his dad or grandpa. it is part of life. >> it's common but obviously it's a terribly different situation. they are common to be used but they are around and they are common but the problem is when it gets into the wrong hands and someone is not mentally fit or is thinking something maybe psychotic. we don't know what has gone on that has caused this but clearly these weapons are intended for hunting, not for anything like this. >> jon: dr. marc siegel. thank you very much. the president has tweeted about the florida school shooting, he and melania both have spoken out about the horrors that the people are listening are hearing. let's listen now at a prisoner
8:42 am
forum summit. >> president trump: sante fe high school in texas took place moments ago. we're closely monitoring the situation and federal authorities are coordinating with local officials. this has been going on too long in our country. too many years, too many decades now. we grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack to the students, families, teachers and personnel at sante fe high. we're with you in this tragic hour and we will be with you forever. my administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools and keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and
8:43 am
to others. everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe. may god heal the injured and may god comfort the wounded, and may god be with the victims and with the victims' families. a very sad day, very, very sad. on another note, a very positive note, i'm honored to be here today with so many leaders from across the nation who are committed to the crucial issue of prison reform. joining us today are several members of my cabinet who are working diligently on this issue. attorney general sessions,
8:44 am
secretary zinke, secretary acosta, secretary perry, secretary devos, and acting secretary wilke who has done an incredible job at the va and i'll be informing him in a little while that we'll be putting his name up. >> jon: we'll take you away from the white house as the president makes remarks on prison reform. >> additional information will be forthcoming. right now it is very limited. we're just one of the agencies that responded out here to offer support. that's what we have out here. multiple fatalities. between 8 to 10. the majority being students. one male is in custody and a second one again was a person of interest. both are believed to be students here at the school and that's what we have at this
8:45 am
moment. this happened a little before 8:00 this morning. >> about the type of weapon. >> we don't know that yet. all the details about specific injuries and firearms evidence will come later. i don't know the exact time. it's my understanding it happened right before school started. i guess it happened between 7:30 and 8:00 is my understanding. i don't have the exact time. he was a student at the high school. i would imagine in his teens. [speaking spanish] >> jon: a bit of news from the
8:46 am
harris county sheriff saying it is believed the shooter was a student at the school, sante fe high school where this shooting took place. he also indicated that there may be more victims, 8 to 10 is now the number according to the sheriff. clearly this is still a fluid situation and they don't entirely have a handle on it and we're told the other person was detained also might be a student at the school. >> julie: they are both minors, that person is a person of interest technically right now questioning him. he also mentioned when some of the reporters were asking what kind of weapon was used. earlier we head it was a shotgun. they haven't located that weapon. right now they are combing through the school trying to find the weapon. this shooter was intercepted by an armed officer on campus who prevented this from getting worse but as this officer himself was clipped in the process by the gunman, the gun, it seems, has not been found or
8:47 am
perhaps they have and they are holding that information to themselves because, of course, before an investigation is over they like to keep as much information close to the vest before they get all the answers. >> jon: there is word at least one police officer from sante fe was injured, the sante fe school district, we believe a sante fe school district officer was injured with shotgun pellets, they spread after the blast leaves the muzzle and a number of people will be grazed and receive relatively minor injuries. unfortunately if you're close to that shotgun, depending on the load that's being used, the injuries can be catastrophic. but it appears this one police officer just was grazed by a shotgun pellet and certainly ought to be able to enjoy a full recovery. >> julie: we are joined by the former nypd commander on the phone. i want to praise the police department for getting this suspect in custody alive.
8:48 am
>> you know, it's tough sometimes they're on a suicide mission and they'll do everything to have the police take them out. suicide by police. in this instance very good they have him in custody to get the motive. the fact that he got into the school is disturbing, as it is in all the other cases, with a shotgun. it is big, long, not a handgun that can be concealed that easy. once again, you know, they are going to go and do the background on him and do extensive background checks to find out if there has been any domestics at his house, any problems at his residence. what his school background is. has he been a problem in school? does he have psychiatric problems they have could have identified? it will be a monday morning quarterback job from everybody who is going to second guess what's going on. in the meantime they need to process it as they see it now. they have him in custody. let him work on it and see if there is another person
8:49 am
involved. i do believe they have the gun they are holding back on that right now. it is scary if they don't have that gun. >> julie: i would assume they did. if this shooter was shot by the officer when he drops, the gun was in his hand so the gun had to drop somewhere nearby. we were talking about the impact of what a shotgun could do. a shotgun is something that's not that abnormal for a 17 or 18-year-old to carry. so then what do you do, i suppose, to prevent this? we talk about what you can do in the event of an active shooting but to prevent it mental health aside, you can't prevent kids from getting guns. they go hunting. it is going to happen. >> no, but as a parent. >> julie: what do we need to do better to protect these kids? >> as a parent, once again, your child is leaving for school, know where the weapons are in the house. there are a lot of states that have -- for hunting and
8:50 am
everything else, fine. where -- how is he taking this gun to school? are the parents aware of this or snuck it out, hid it in the bushes and took it that morning. you don't know. with a shotgun it's scary. different rounds can go in it. the slug, the bird shot or the oo. the bird shot being the least of it all. the spread pattern on them. if you get up close you are doing damage with any one of them. mostly with the slugs will do the most damage but with a bird shot you are that close you can do a lot of damage. how many rounds are in there? he got -- he wounded a lot. they have the capacity to carry that many -- you could take out many victims with one round. >> julie: if you're a parent and kid owns a gun i would hope you know where it is at all times. it should be locked up unless it's being used for recreational purposes. joe, thank you for talking to us, former nypd commander.
8:51 am
>> jon: i would point our viewers to the governor of kentucky who gave an -- an answer to a constituent asking why do these things happen and what can government do to stop them? it's on youtube. it is quite interesting and quite compelling response from kentucky governor matt bevin. joining us now vince hill, the former nashville police officer. also host of the podcast "beyond the badge." vincent, this is the worst-case scenario for every police officer. you get the call on the radio that says shots fired at sante fe high school. what is going through your mind when you are rolling up to the scene? >> preservation of life is going through your mind. you have to get their quickly and eliminate the threat. luckily in this case the threat was eliminated by arrest. it doesn't always end that way.
8:52 am
so first response, first thought is to eliminate the threat and get everyone to safety. and also look to see if there is any other active shooters or devices that may have been left behind. you don't know what's going on in the situation until you get there and can control it. >> jon: again, when you get there, the thinking has changed since the days of the columbine shooting. it used to be that authorities would set up a perimeter. now the idea is to go in charging and try to stop the shooter wherever you can find him. >> that's right. you have at least three officers on the scene. you don't want to wait for swat or further backup because time goes by and you get more victims and more casualties. so you want to go in as quickly as possible and start going through that school meticulously to find where that shooter is and to get everyone to safety. >> jon: in the case of the parkland shooter, he got away.
8:53 am
he just dropped his gun, blended in with the other students, walked out of the classroom and went to get himself a soda. >> yeah. it could have very well easily happened that way today. i understand this was possibly a student that goes to the school. he knows the school, he knows the exits of the school. he is going to blend in. luckily that didn't happen. i'm glad you brought up parkland. we understand the fire alarm went off. i think as school administrators we need to start rethinking how we do fire alarm drills. maybe have the sro sweep the hallway first when the initial drill goes off, the initial alarm to make sure there isn't an active shooter. our students are trained to immediately run out of the classroom and outside. we may need to relook at that procedure. >> jon: that's a good point. apparently what the now more frequent school shooters are trying to do is turn the
8:54 am
hallways into, you know, a shooting gallery where they are absolutely packed with people and nobody can escape. >> absolutely. when you have multiple people there, it is already chaos. so it's just easy pickings to find an unsuspecting target because basically have no crowd control so you just have a bunch of people running, which makes themselves easy targets. >> jon: that is one of the best suggestions we've heard yet today, vincent hill, former nashville police officer and host of the podcast "beyond the badge." thank you for your expertise. once again the sheriff, ed gonzalez of harris county is saying 8 to 10 people are dead. we've been using the number of eight so far. the sheriff upped that by two. there could be two more casualties. two more victims in this sante
8:55 am
fe, texas high school shooting. a student -- it is believed a student walked in and opened fire during first period at 8:00 a.m. this morning. one other person also believed to be a student has been detained but we do not know anything more about the suspects. we do not know names and we certainly do not yet know motive. >> julie: two people believed to be students detained, one arrested. we'll continue to get more information on this. the sheriff's office trying to get answers. on the phone now we have the chair of anti-terrorism task force and doj special agent. i pointed out the fact earlier that this is a good thing the shooter is still alive as much as many people would want to see him dead now. he'll provide a wealth of information. what do you think officers right now are getting out of him? >> first of all they will try to find out whether or not anyone else is currently involved. that's the first priority.
8:56 am
so they are talking to him about who he has spoken with, is anyone else involved? my more weapons or co-conspirator. that's the urgent issue. they're looking through his personal computer and social media and phone. they are doing a full-court press to find out every possible connection that this individual has. and that's what is taking place right now. >> julie: it does speak volumes when you look at the number of casualties versus the number of fatalities. three casualties. one person under the age of 18, police officer who was clipped who basically saved the lives of many more students. and another adult in the hospital right now. those are only three injuries being treated in the hospital. now we're being told by the local sheriff as many as 10 people may have been killed, which seems to me that he was at very close range when he started to open fire on these kids. his tactic was to pull the fire alarm and the students are trained as soon as you hear a
8:57 am
fire alarm you evacuate and get out. usually in single file but you get out of the classroom and get outside. this student knew the drill. does the drill need to change? >> we heard from former law enforcement officer saying we need to revisit exactly what we do with fire drills not only in schools but also in office buildings and other locations around the country. we do training with students and employees and there are three things we highlight during the training and it's run if you can, get away from the shooter, run. if you can't, hide, barricade yourself, get in a location where you will be safe. the third thing we tell them is fight. if you can't run, you can't hide, you've got to use something and fight and use a fire extinguisher, your books or whatever you can to fight. but it really is changing. it's a shame that students have to learn this. it's one thing that employees have to learn it. but this is unfortunately what is happening right now.
8:58 am
>> julie: the vice president mike pence and the president have been briefed and continuing to send out their outpouring of love and support. the vice president saying we're with you. you are in our prayers. i know you are in the prayers of the american people and president trump echoing those sentiments and the first lady as well saying my heart goes out to sante fe and all of texas today. the same goes for the rest of the country as we hear these horrific stories coming in. these children who are absolutely horrified between 7:30 and 8:00 this morning when they thought they were in the midst of a fire drill but they came face-to-face with an armed fellow student who is now in custody being questioned by police. bob, thank you so much for talking to us. any final word you want to add as far as where this investigation is headed and where you believe we go next as we report on yet another school shooting? will this one bring change? >> well look, we learn from each one of these incidents.
8:59 am
they're more frequent now than ever. the police here did an excellent job. i think on moving forward the police are going to be trained differently. they reacted differently today. the students moving forward will be retrained and act differently. it is an unfortunate lesson. our prayers go out to the family. the best job to stop additional fatalities was done by the police this morning. >> julie: it certainly was. bob stra*ng, thank you. >> jon: the familiar scenes playing out on the screen of students walking out onto the football field and brought to buses. sante fe high school, houston, texas, 8 to 10 students dead. a fellow student apparently the suspect in custody. another student detained as a person of interest. more than that we do not yet know. it is a very sad day in houston. >> we hope more answers come out
9:00 am
of this. the suspects being questioned. once those questions are answered, hopefully, we will have more. of course we'll continue to watch it for you on fox. >> thanks for being with us today. try to have a nice weekend. >> fox news alert, school shooting in texas. the sheriff says 8 to 10 people are dead. and a shooting at santa fe high school outside houston. most of the dead are students. more victims fighting for their lives, we're expecting to get a briefing on that and be kept up to date on that just moments from now. two people are being detained in this. also believed to be students. here's how we believe it happened. some one walked into an art class on this campus, and students described that person carrying rifle or shotgun in the classroom and opened fire. the dead as i mentioned are mostly students, but also in the hospital right now that we can tell you, are three people, one of them a police officer.


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