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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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fears and their concerns. they go ton to say that they're going to have counselors at school but school will not be in session on monday and tuesday. that's it for the story. have a great weekend. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we're tell you there was a school shooting in santa fe, texas. the shooter has been identified as 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis. tonight we are learning much more about him and what took place at the school. we have an update on all of that in just a minute. first, the left's love affair with the nation's deadliest criminal gang continues tonight. the howells of outrage reverbiatinverbiating dare crite ms-13 by calling them animals. watch. >> >> he basically seems to assume that everybody is part of ms-13. very strange to hear president of the united states speak in such dehumanizing terms.
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>> clearly the president wants a war against latinos. >> you might make that distinction between members of ms-13 and the rest of the latino community and the rest of the immigrant community. i assure you that most of americans don't make that distinction when he says we're animals. >> tucker: when he says we're animals. things are moving fast in this country, by 2020 defending central american street gangs a key plank of the democratic platform it's close now. you can see it maybe bernie sanders will feel the burn a little more literally. kamala harris' campaign will certainly be stronger together with the added muscle. of guatemala mall alan street gangs. don't laugh. it's actually more plausible than you think it is. don't believe us? here is what cnn contributor anna navarro said this wednesday about trump's animal remark. quote: trump is in very bad company, nazis referred to jews as rats. slave owners viewed slaves
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as subhuman animals. now, here is what navarro herself had to say about trump just two years ago. quote should trump drop out of the race yes he should drop out of the human race. he is an animal. apologies to animals. apparently donald trump can be do i humanized and that's fine, ms-13 a gang that butchers high schoolers with machetes that's too far. on the left that's the state of play. ms-13 runs drugs of course and commits in your own words and terrorizes entire immigrant communities but they don't ask questions about diversity. so they are okay. questioning diversity is the highest crime you can commit according to the left. questioning diversity impayrolls their entire world view. if suggests that people are not interchangeable and the particular people who inhabit a particular country matter. that's unacceptable. former unacceptable murdering a teenager in long island, that doesn't even warrant a serious attempt at deportation. joining us tonight is leslie marshall, she is a
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progressive radio show host and a keen observer of the democratic party. leslie, good to see you. >> good to see you, tucker. >> tucker: you are seeing all the leaders of the democratic party, schumer, pelosi, its surrogates, the entire news media virtually singing from the same song sheet. this is a coordinated story line. who thought of this? what consultant quinsd democrats running in defense of ms-13 was a good way to go into the mid terms? >> first of all, i think it was very clear quite frankly and i know fellow democrats get angry at me that the president was answering a question that the sheriff posed regarding the gang members. the issue here, tucker, is not support of gangs or gang members. i have an 11-year-old son. and as you know, ms-13 starts as young as 11 and goes up to 40. it's calling human beings animals. wait a minute, i know when you look at what ms-13 does it's hard to say are they human beings? when you have an 11-year-old child, who is fearful for their and their family's life in a very impoverished area and you think how can i
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protect myself and you are offered protection by some of these older ms-13 gang members regardless of the fact they are going to beat you to a pulp or perhaps even take your life in 13 seconds, a very slow 13 seconds, you look to them because you think how can i be considered tough? how can i and my family not be bullied and be protected? i don't think those 11-year-old children, quite frankly, are animals and i don't think we should refer to human beings even if they are bad human beings as animals. >> tucker: people have all kinds of reasons for doing what they do. sometimes it's understandable. people had reasons for becoming concentration camp guards. if i called a concentration camp guard animal. is he not a animal. is he a human being, get it is he horrible. expressing outrage what he does. if i said that no one would bat an eye that's because concentration are not potential democratic voters. this is about winning a constituency. this is a political decision democrats have made we are on the side of ms-13 not
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because we love murder. i'm not saying democrats love murder, i don't think they do. they don't want to alienate anybody on that side including, i guess, ms-13 members themselves. i mean let's be honest about what's happening. >> i don't agree with you there. although we are certainly in an era where left or right, a lot of things come into the land scapsd and are argued for political gain especially with midterm elections coming up. i don't think that's the point at all here tucker. you know we liberals claim to be passivists we came to claim to care about everyone and terminology very unsettling to people. >> liberals are passivists? >> yes, liberals are passivists. >> tucker: watching liberals across the spectrum from nikki haley to chuck schumer pushing for more war in syria. they are blood thirsty actually. >> when did nikki haley start wearing a democratic cape. i must have missed that one. >> when she started pushing for more pointless wars.
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if i came out and described a concentration camp guard as an animal nobody would have a problem with it i certainly wouldn't have a problem with it no normal person would have a problem with that normal people don't defend murderers but the democratic party is defending ms-13. i'm just making a political observation which is that's not a wise strategies going into election because normal people aren't going to go for that, are they or maybe they're. >> i'm going to go back to your concentration camp argument. being that i have one jewish parent i think you know and did have relatives that perished in concentration camps there were a few types of guards in the camps, quite frankly. one would be fellow jews who wanted to survive and have a lot of guilt and there are many documentaries about that, too. many people said they were just following orders. they were not referred to as animals and quite frankly many of them escaped any type of criminal wrath. >> tucker: i don't want to get off on world war ii tangent and that was one of 100 examples. jeffrey dahmer.
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anybody who commits murder for the pleasure of committing it, i think it's fair to criticize in the harshest possible terms. it would be surprising if an entire political party came to that person's aid in defense. the democrats now are to ms-13. i'm just asking like whose idea was this? it's not happening disedgesly. john horowitz from the "new york times" a and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi saying exactly the same thing. somebody thought up this line. and i'm just wondering do you think it's a smart thing to say? >> i don't think anybody thought up the line. i think what happened and it's happening almost every day the president says something or tweets something and then there is a reaction. and certainly there is a strong reaction on the left and there has been a reaction in the latino community because, you know, a lot of the headlines were that the president said this about all immigrants at first. and then when people read the transcript or they listened to the actual taping of what occurred in that meeting, then it became more clear that he was speaking about ms-13 and it was response by the sheriff's question regarding ms-13, but you also have to remember, tucker, some
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people that are in ms-13 in this country begging not to be deported aren't a part of the gang. they just can't get out because the only way out is to be killed. >> tucker: let me ask you this, and final question. this is the deep irony undergirding all of this is ms-13 preys upon immigrants. who do you think their victims are he will value is a dorian immigrants often illegal. if democrats say we are the champions of immigrants, why are they defending people who prey upon immigrants? it doesn't make any sense. >> i don't feel that democrats are in any way defending murderers. i feel that democrats are saying that the president's choice of words was not palatable for them and that no human being, how terrible a human being they may be should be called an animal because an animal doesn't choose, they are part of a life cycle. >> tucker: hold on. let's be honest. they're holding the president to a different standard than they are holding ms-13. if you came out and said trump is an animal, i don't
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think for a second nancy pelosi would give you a lecture about christianity or whatever she was pretending to believe the other day, the spirit of god in every person. i mean, they wouldn't even notice it because they think trump is an animal. right? but they are offended when you say that been el salvadorian street gang? it's a sincere question. >> honestly i'm not a fan of the president but i would defend him if somebody called him an animal and i don't think a human being should be called that. american should be a higher standard than a street gang. >> tucker: denounce that i can't remember her name. the cnn contributor. crazy on tv you called him an animal. leslie great to see you. >> great to see you, tucker. >> dan bongino secret service agent and nrtv. is he with us tonight. you ran for office. do you think it is smart to defend ms-13? >> you know, tucker, this is
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the jean useless of trump. whether he plans these things or they are just extemporaneous moments in which he says they probably are that's not the genius in calling them animals. although i agree with him 100 percent. the genius is he doesn't apologize, he doubles down and, listen, i'm no big fan of the establishment g.o.p. swamp rats. they are not necessarily the geniuses in d.c. i can tell you, this tucker assuredly. the democrats are most assuredly the dopiest party in d.c. because they constantly get baited through their anti-trump animus. >> tucker: totally true. >> doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do. coming out and defending a group whose motto is rape, torture and kill and going hey, listen, they are just human beings. i love leslie. she is my friend and i think she is great. >> tucker: i like leslie, too. >> some of that commentary was outrageous, tucker. think about what she said we are not comfortable with anybody being called animals. a list of what democrats are comfortable with. comfortable with calling nra members terrorists. obama comparing republicans
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to iranian hardliners, tyrants. calling americans deplorable to vote for trump. none of that -- i mine, really? i love leslie to death. the phoniness of these comments is a little bit too much. you can it tuck but yo. >> tucker: you are right that trump baits his opponents getting so far over their skis they are potential i seed a iexposedfor . i don't think chuck schumer pretty smart guy, sober guy anyway calculating guy at all would have stood up and defended ms-13. he never would have done that because that's crazy and now he is. >> tucker, the examples are legion. think about running on the wall and mexico was going to pay for it the wall is pretty practical. honestly mexico the counting of that is probably not. trump knows that. what does he also know? counting there is probably not going to work. right? the beauty of this he never apologizes. he never backtracks and the
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democrats, instead of giving some kind of a reasonable answer around counter punch, what do they do tucker? they come out open borders. everybody should come into the united states. everybody has a claim to the united states citizenship all over the world and we all should pay for it and the beauty of it is trump is the first candidate to not back down. not apologize but this is the key. by doing that he gets the democrats to pull their pants down and show their butts for the first time. i don't mean literally, obviously. but show the american people who they really are. >> and this is what turned off wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania swing state voters. the democrats jumping. >> tucker: totally true. as a political matter it's brilliant. the downside is if people who would defend ms-13 ever take power, real power, we're in trouble. >> it's dangerous. and they are frauds too, tucker. them jumping to religious offenses, quoting the bible animals. call it the bible. i know you in the womb, how
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about that one? >> tucker: abortion party is quoting the new testament. >> right. actual human beings in the womb aren't human beings but ms-13 god forbid we don't refer to them as human beings. the phoniness of the whole thing just stinks. >> tucker: i know. nancy pelosi who is like absolute extremist on the question of abortion lecturing us about christianity. dan, great to see you, thank you. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: top obama officials denying spying on trump campaign now say it's a good thing. was the trump campaign the victim of a setup? amazingly starting to look that way. we have the details straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. i'm trace gallagher. 10 people dead tonight in santa fe, texas. the latest victims of a school shooting. a suspect is in custody. let's get live to casey stegall. he is in santa fe with the latest. casey? >> and, trace, in a moment
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we will take to you a prayer vigil that is happening across town to honor the victims. but, first, that teen gunman, he has been arraigned making his first official appearance before a judge in court not long ago. 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis has been charged with capital murder of multiple persons and aggravated assault of a public servant. the u.s. department of justice has given an indication additional federal charges could be likely. right now, investigators are still trying to determine a motive. they are also interviewing two persons of interest to see if they were connected or if pagourtzis acted alone. investigators have said two guns were in the shooter's possession and they belonged to his father. aside from private journals, recently located on the suspect's computer and cell phone, reportedly detailing the school shooting, friends and fellow students say he seems, quote: normal. no red flag.
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so those unanswered questions make trying to understanding all the more difficult. tonight, hundreds of people from this small community holding prayer vigil at nearby bank. many many touched by this tragedy which is nearly everyone calls this part of texas home, trace, santa fe as you know here very, very small. a tight-knit community, one where everyone practically knows everyone. back to you. >> casey stegall live for us in texas. casey, thank you. again, no signs at all of any mental illness, no threats, no vendettas. now back to tucker carlson.
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>> tucker: despite many campaign promises and a majority in both houses, congressional republicans have continued to fund planned parenthood to the tune of billions and billions of tax dollars every year, amazingly. now the trump administration is taking unilateral action. issue new guidelines that would bar any facility that receives federal title 10 funding from performing abortions in the same building. the move obviously is aimed at planned parenthood which performs 40% of all the abortions in america. founder of the anti-abortion group lila. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: is this a big step? >> a slush fund of $60 million a year for planned parenthood coming right from taxpayers going right to the biggest abortion chain. so to cut that money, you still have over 400 million
5:20 pm
they are getting through medicaid reimbursement big step in the right direction. big question now is enforcement going to happen? once this rule goes into effect, we need to make sure that the enforcement happens and they are not weevilling their way into get more money into facilities performing abortion. >> tucker: and, of course, you have to imagine it will be blocked by a federal judge somewhere along the line. >> there is always a bit of blocking by judges proabortion judges that usually happens. >> tucker: that's for sure. so planned parenthood takes this money, hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding every year. it's obviously a component of the democratic party which is its own conversation. it raises an obvious question which there are no other private sector organizations that can provide the healthcare planned parenthood provides but that don't supply 40% of the abortions in this country. >> it's ridiculous. there are literally thousands of federally qualified health centers that are far more qualified to provide holistic care that don't provide abortions that can receive both
5:21 pm
medicaid reimbursement money. other providers can receive that money. planned parenthood, is, again, in the pocket of the dnc is in the pocket of planned parenthood. once they get their half a billion dollars of money a year from taxpayers, because of the democrats, unfortunately right now and the republicans in some ways enabling it by not fighting it enough, then they turn around and fund the democrats in their election election. it's a real pass through of money. but, look, this is a corporation, tucker, that's killing 320,000 children every single year in this country. they are in scandal after scandal. there are other services that they claim to provide have gone down according to their own annual reports. their total number of patients have gone down. bap tests have gone down. no mammograms. prenatal services almost negligible. abortions are cash cow. they are going to fight this new rule title 10 from the administration tooth and nail because this is the way they survive. >> tucker: any percentage of
5:22 pm
the money planned parenthood takes in every year comes from abortion. >> so for clinic income they are making the actual money they get from clinic operations. so not the donations from george soros and warren buffet. it's not the donations from taxpayers, the half a billion dollars a year from taxpayers, it's about 50%. nearly 50% of clinic income is from abortion. if you strip away the money from the wealthy proabortion billionaires, and you strip away the money from the abortion activists and strip away the money from taxpayers, you are really left with abortion being the cash cow at planned parenthood. a few hundred million dollars is left of clinic operations and of that well over 100 million in abortion. >> it's all about abortion, obviously. won't stop pretending. >> politically in every way. >> if we have more abortions, the democrats are telling us we will be happier. do you think that's true? >> it's who are risk. how dare they say that to women and girls. this is a line that is so, you know, post sexual revolution it's outdated and
5:23 pm
antiquated it's outright false. it's abusive. it's killing children but it's telling women that somehow abortion is good for them. abortion is not healthcare. abortion is an act of violence against a child who is innocent and forming and against a woman's body. this is a shame. it's a scandal. and so when you have democrats or have you folks getting up there pretending to care about women and standing out there maxine waters, whoever it is and saying that they represent women, shame on them. it is a furthest thing from the truth. >> tucker: no one ever calls them on it but the core deception is a lie. lila rose, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: looks like the trump campaign was the target of a concerted spying effort not by the russians but by the obama administration. details on that next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: looks like there was sinister plot. wasn't created by russia but own intelligence services under the command of the obama administration. according to house intel chairman devin nunes there is reason to believe the 2016 trump campaign was, quote: set up from the very beginning with the steele dossier and other pretext used to investigate fbi investigation that flowered into the mess we are now watching unfold. former obama intelligence director jim clapper says that if the trump campaign was spied on, that's a good thing. watch this. >> the focus here, as it was with the intelligence community is not on the campaign per se, but what the russians were doing to
5:28 pm
try to substantiate themselves in the campaign or to influence or leverage it. so, if there was someone that was observing that sort of thing, that's a good thing because the russians posed a threat to our -- the very basis of our political system. >> tucker: jim central is on thkim strafl is onthe board. you heard jim clapper say it's a good thing. do you think it would be a good thing putting a spy in every presidential campaign going forward. >> why not? it sounds like it would be a good thing, tucker. look, you and i have been doing this for a long time. can you think of any time in history when this has happened or when anyone thought it was okay for by the way the department of justice is being run by one political party. surveying electronically surveying and then also spying on the leading candidate for a nominee for
5:29 pm
opposing party running for the presidency. >> tucker: it's almost too big to get your head around. and have you got to think -- >> -- it's mind boggling. >> tucker: any other moment in the last 50 years if it came to light, it would be considered a stop the presses moment. it would be a legitimate constitutional crisis and the scandal people to to prison and, yet, this is passing almost without comment except really on this channel and at your newspaper. why? >> well, the mainstream media doesn't want to have to put this the way it is because they still want the russia collusion narrative to be true. they want this pretext to get this president out of office. people are no longer using standard measures. i'm a libertarian. i don't want the government spying on anybody in any situation that delegitimate. i try put that statement measure out there. but one other thing, too. that i think is so astounding and that also
5:30 pm
deserves some note is the games of the department of justice is playing in terms of coming clean with this information. they have now throughouted a subpoena from chairman nunes for weeks. saying that there is no way they can give him the information they want because it might put this source of theirs at risk. they have over the past couple weeks leaked more information about this personal than was prior known and would be known and they're doing it all in order to get friendly media to write stories about how they did everything writ right h of course we know they didn't. >> this person the mole who fed the information to the feds from the campaign there has been a lot of talk about this person. whispering about his identity apparently it's an older man. do we know who this person is? can we say with certainty and if we find out for sure, i mean, what are the consequences of that? >> well, here's the joke. i'm 99.9% sure that i know who this person is.
5:31 pm
>> tucker: i do, too. >> did i not get that from any congressional sources but i also cannot get them to confirm it so i haven't used the name. the funny thing is, tucker, one of the reasons i'm so monumentally certain i'm correct and i'm sure you are, too, because of the details of the department of justice itself has leaked about a sewers tha source that s so much want to protect. >> tucker: why would -- i mean, take three steps back. the president of the united states is at the top of the executive branch pyramid. the department of justice is beneath him. he runs that agency. there is a picture of him in the lobby of it. why doesn't he pick up the phone at some point and get this information? it's not clear why? are his lawyers telling him not to? what's the answer? do you know? >> yeah, my understanding is despite. so things that the department of justice has said is that they have been given an order from the highest ranks to accommodate thisy. they are usthis -- this request. they are using that with as
5:32 pm
much enthusiasm as they can. what they are doing is chairman nunes wants to seat documents. he wants to look at them him civil. he knows exactly what it is he wants to see. they are saying no, you are going to have to be satisfied with us just briefing you on it we all know what that game is he will go in with questions. they will dance around. they won't give the whole picture. and we know that's the case because that's how they have reacted every time they have been faced with a request for information that mighten be potentially embarrassing to them. >> so dysfunctional third world. your column one of the few functional parts of all of this. thank you for your reporting. >> thank you. >> tucker: almost three dozen defense department personnel have died in plane crashes in just the past eight months. is something going on? it looks that way. we'll get that story to you next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: term nature is getting closer courtesy of the pentagon. the dod expects to spend a billion dollars deploying military robots. the technology advances the military is struggling to keep current equipment functioning properly. military plane crashes you may have noticed are at a six year high. since october 1st of last year there have been 12 fatal accidents that have resulted in 35 pilots and crew dying. colonel david hunt is a fox news military analyst. he joins us tonight. colonel, do you see a pattern here and if so what does it mean? >> yeah, we have been -- this pattern has been coming since 2013 when sequestration was approved on top of a 17-year war. constant deployments. this is expected. on top of some very bad leadership from senior military and pentagon officials. we got planes falling out of the sky and ships running
5:38 pm
into each other all over the world. sailors, marines, airmen are getting killed. nobody seems to care about this. part of this is less than 1% of the nation serves. but we have become bludgeoned by 17 years of war. but this is very bad business and this new budget will take about five to 10 years to correct some of this maintenance issue. but the leadership issue can be fixed right now. >> tucker: so, when ships first started colliding with one another, u.s. naval vessels started hitting each other, hitting other objects, there was a suggestion that maybe their navigation was being jammed by a foreign power. you think that's been discounted and really just incompetence? >> yeah. it was absolutely discounted and the navy had to come -- this is a basic thing. i'm an army guy not a navy guy ship on the ocean goes and avoids other ships on the ocean unless you have a war and shootout. they run into each other and killed sailors and relieved
5:39 pm
a couple of admirals and did a one-day sound down for safety. war and sequestration which is budget. everybody in uniform knew that we were going to be short of money while we are fighting a war. and they have done nothing about this. look, it's deficit stating to me losing soldiers and sailors marines, because of incompetence, plain and simple and that can be fixed right now. all the money in the world will not fix the bad leadership that led into this. >> tucker: yeah. i bet that's exactly right given where we are right now and you have just been explaining the death toll from it are we ready for a new and expanded conflict somewhere else in the world right now? >> no. again, less than 1%. still in the middle of afghanistan and iraq and syria. north korea from an air standpoint okay. but on the ground, battle in
5:40 pm
north korea, very, very difficult to do with terrain. not mechanized friendly. my answer is, no. 17 years of constant war. we have great military. but they are tired and the gear that we are talking about now is giving out and the next will be the guys. so, we have got to figure this one out. we simply don't seem to want to. >> tucker: very quickly would it make a difference if we shut down the afghanistan operation years. he can decades and moved those resources somewhere else and gave the people there a breather. would that help? >> it's not just the guy shooting. it's 5 to 10 people behind them that get them to the field. those are the guys that churning out heating um. afghanistan this has been going on for 15 years too long anyways. but, yes. that's an example of something that would certainly help the maintenance of this and the soldiers. this is a tired great force
5:41 pm
but very, very tired. >> tucker: of course they are tired. they have got to be. colonel, thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> welcome. >> tucker: parents are being ordered to get consent before they change their baby's diapers. that sounds like something insane. some say that might not happen but you never know. we will check with the liberal sherpa cathy areu just to make sure. shrimp trios. pick 3 of 9 new and classic creations for just $15.99. try new creations like savory crab-topped shrimp, and parmesan truffle shrimp scampi. but hurry, shrimp trios ends may 27th. and parmesan truffle feeclaritin and relief fromwsy symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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>> tucker: in recent appearance on australia television pink haired describe dean carson said that parents should ask babies for their consent before changing their diapers. the intent is to foster a culture of consent for
5:46 pm
babies who would be, of course, in deep trouble if they actually needed to supply consent for anything. that's obviously crazy but that doesn't mean it won't happen or become the law in this country and so to check on what the future is going to look like we bring our liberal sherpa cathy areu to join us. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: so consent for diaper changing for babies. >> yes. >> tucker: leaving this off whether it's a good idea. it raises the obvious tactical question. >> yeah. >> tucker: how would a baby give consent? >> well, the idea isn't exactly the baby is not going to say yes or no but saying give the baby a few moments. talk to the baby say is it okay i'm going to change your nappy she is australian that's how they say diapers. >> tucker: you wouldn't say that to an american baby. >> i don't think an american baby would understand. actually just teaching consent what consent is teaching body autonomy. teaching i'm not going to touch your body if you don't
5:47 pm
want me to. it's just like talking to a baby about anything. mommy loves you. daddy loves you. so people talk to babies all the time so why wouldn't the concept of talking to a baby while doing something so serious as, you know, changing a diaper be so ridiculous? >> tucker: because you typically don't expect a baby to respond in a way that can you understand. again, how do you know what consent looks like? let's just do a little role play going we could. >> role playing, i'm the baby. and you are changing my diaper. >> tucker: i'm going to make this change. >> um-huh. >> tucker: and you, how do you express your consent or lack of corn sent for that? >> well, if i start crying, something's wrongs, so you probably don't want to do anything at that moment because you wouldn't want to make diaper changing something that goes along with crying. you would probably want me to be in a healthy state of mind so that in the future when it comes to those private things, i have been in a healthy state of mind. i will be a well-adjusted
5:48 pm
adult. >> tucker: maybe the child's crying because his diaper is dirty. >> right. obviously. yeah. so, i mean, the parent would have to be the best judge of that. but, i guess he would make me cry if you asked me if i wanted you to, and then i started crying, maybe you should get a hint, take the hint. >> tucker: would it be like an eye gesture? you are a mom. do your kids can you read their facial expressions and know that what they are saying? >> super healthy. baby expert said 0 to 2 are the trust years. during the trust years you want the baby to trust you. so there is nothing wrong with talking to a baby and those situations just teaching a baby how to trust. so, this is a moment where you are teaching a baby to trust you. so i don't think the baby is expected to necessarily give consent. you are just teaching the baby to trust you. you are asking the baby for bodily -- you are asking the baby to express bodily autonomy. that's the big point here. >> tucker: babies are not
5:49 pm
super great at understanding english. maybe other babies are more intelligent than mine were. what if the child keeps saying no like over a period of weeks and you keep going in there and really like to changes the diaper but the child refuses to give me consent at some point it becomes neglect and also nsay. >> concept of teaching consent. talking about it during that moment so many parents do not discuss it and they -- the babies grow up and the english language they're not even used to talking about those things. teaching trust, it's trust issue. >> tucker: you don't really discuss anything with a baby. >> you discuss everything with a baby. i'm going to touch your arm. i'm going to put this lotion on your arm. you talk about everything. i'm going to dress you. parents talk to babies all day long. i'm making dinner for you. >> tucker: what about the polio vaccine. >> yeah get a vaccine. yes people have to give consent. you can't give organs if you don't give consent.
5:50 pm
even dead people can make decisions why can't babies? >> tucker: make decisions. >> you have to give consent to have the organs taken after you die you can give consent from a baby year to your death? people should always give consent if their body is going to be touched. >> tucker: so, right, if the child says no, i don't want the baby indicates by crying or rolling his eyes i don't want a polio rack seen then you just don't give them a polio vaccine then? >> i think it's the idea of discussing it with the baby. the consent, i don't think, is necessarily out issue. it's the idea. >> tucker: oh. >> you are developing trust. >> tucker: even if the baby sells no, no doesn't really mean no. >> the baby can't talk during the diaper years. >> tucker: baby's no doesn't mean no. i totally get that where is the obedience. child learns to obey what you say. give and take colloquy with
5:51 pm
mute person. >> this is diversification talking with the baby. conversation. it's not disciplining, these are the discipline years. as a child expert. >> tucker: is there a point where the baby says mom, stop talking. you talk too much. go ahead and change the diaper. i don't think most dads would go for this. whatever. maybe dad. i don't know. hey, parent. stop talking. go ahead and change it. >> exactly. i don't think these are the years that the baby would be able to respond but it's just getting the concept of i'm touching your body. you have bodily ato aatom my. you should have a right to say yes or no if somebody is touching your body. i'm going to teach that concept during the trust years. >> tucker: i like the concept kids do what they're told. that's my favorite concept for kids. do what we tell to you do. cathy areu, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: great to see you. >> good to see you. >> tucker: well, our forefathers fought and many
5:52 pm
died to free us from the chains of modern. many americans still can't resist getting excited about royal weddings. there is one tomorrow. go to london and show you the final preparations with ainsley earhardt who standing by in front of a crumbling stone building waiting for that to happen. we'll be back.
5:53 pm
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few hours away from the highly anticipated royal wedding between hince harry and meghan markle. the final preparations are coming together right now. "fox & friends" co-host ainsley earhardt is in windsor, england right now where she has been for a while getting ready for this and she joins us with the highlight. ainsley, the reason i want to talk to you about this is i have literally no interest in this at all. but i know most americans do and i know if anybody could get me excited about it you could. why should americans care about english people getting married. >> tucker, let me tell you,
5:57 pm
your daughters care and i'm sure your wife cares. it is a true cinderella story. she comes from quite a crazy background. and she is going to -- this is part of her life now. tucker, all the girls here. all the guys here. we truly are a little envious and we are happy for her. she has come through so much and worked so hard to get all of this. it's pretty incredible that there is a real castle behind me. this is 9th not like disney world where there is make believe castle every little girl loves when they're a little one. true castle like downton abbey. as an american we love these shows. something about the royalty, the tradition here in london and the history. we have learned tonight that she is going to begin the bridle procession alonbydal pro. her mother will be in the carriage with her. her father, he told tmz that
5:58 pm
he is very embarrassed about the paparazzi photos and he has a heart condition and he had the surgery so his doctors are not allowing him over here. she has a half-brother. he has gotten in trouble. he was arrested in january for putting a gun to his girlfriend's head. his sister has written a book. they haven't talked in 10 years. she wrote a book called "the diary of the princess' pushys -- diary of princess pushy's sister. they clearly don't have a great relationship. >> tucker: apparently. >> aren't you proud of her? doesn't that sell it look at melania trump she speakers five languages from another country and now she is the first lady of the united states. he are all excited she is a divorcee, by racial. she is an american. look how far the monarchy here has evolved, tucker. so much to be said. queen elizabeth's uncle had to advocate the throne.
5:59 pm
that's how elizabeth's father became king. her own sister she doesn't allow her own sister to marry the love of her life. prince charles married camilla who was he was in love with originally. after diana's death he married the love 6 his life. they learned after so many divorces in their family that you just have to let your little ones marry the one that they love. they have come so far. we are all excited for them. >> tucker: i don't know if you are twining me or not. let me just ask you. i didn't know most of that. in 10 seconds, answer this question. >> ainsley: you were just talking to that lady about the baby. >> tucker: i know, i know. my brain is so scrambled. i'm not weighing in on this because it's not my world. is she going to live over there? does she know how much it rains over there? >> this cracks me up. tonight we are learning they are staying separately even though they live together which made me laugh. yes she is going to live over here but who wouldn't? tucker are you kidding? >> tucker: it's awesome.
6:00 pm
>> we have had great weather. >> tucker: out of time. they are in my ear we're are going to cut you off. have fun, ainsley have fun over there. >> ainsley: you would love to hunt here. >> tucker: be back monday. have the best weekend. >> sean: all right. thanks. welcome to "hannity." breaking news. the deep state of power we have been uncovering for over a year is even tonight far worse than any of us could have imagined. this is watergate on steroids. remember the nixon scandal was about a third-rate burglary. this is a deep state, political hit job now spying on an opposition party campaign. f.b.i. spies during an election. it gets worse. the deep state isn't even trying to hide it. what they did, they are now bragging about it. the former obama director of national intelligence james clapper is actually saying


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