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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 18, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: tonight you will hear from people personally impacted by school shootings and expert analysis. plus according to the president's lauer rudy giuliani, special counsel robert mueller agreed to narrow down the topics for an interview with the president. we have an inside look how the president may prep and the president made good on a campaign promise to direct your tax dollars away from planned
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parenthood. welcome to fox news @ night. we begin with a fox news alert. a 17-year-old student is facing capital murder charges after a shooting rampage in texas. 9 students and 1 teacher killed. authorities found explosive devices at the suspect's home and the campus. we begin with casey live on the scene in texas with the latest details. >> we are learning new details tonight. brand new from court paperwork about the gunman. it made public after the suspect's first court appearance tonight where he was arraigned. according to the probable cause affidavit, the 17-year-old accused shooter dimitrios pagourtzis did not shoot people that he liked so they could tell
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his story. texas governor greg abbott said journals were found on the suspect's computer and cellphone that outlined his plans which included taking his own life. after a school resource officer intervened he was taken into custody. that officer was shot in the process. 1 of the 10 people hurt in the attack but recovering tonight in a hospital. the feds say pagourtzis plead and planted explosives inside the high school. none of them went off. but that added an extra layer of worry today. worry that has turned to sorrow. as we have learned more about what went down here in first period this morning. hundreds tonight gathering and showing up to lift each other up in prayer and to honor the ten people who went into santa fe high school this morning and
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never came out alive. here's the district superintendent. >> words cannot express the sorrow in our hearts for those we have love. the campus remains an active crime scene. santa fe high school is the center of our community. no act of violence will ever change that. >> police say that teen had two weapons on him at the time. a shotgun and a pistol. both belonged to his father and that both were acquired legally. that's according to the feds.>> shannon: thank you very much. the president hearded flag at half staff to honor today's victim. kristin is following the reaction from capitol hill. >> this is the 6th school
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shooting since president trump took office. he spoke just a few hours after the shots were fired calling it a sad day for this country. >> unfortunately, i have to begin by expressing our sadness and heart break over the deadly shooting at santa fe high school in texas. this has been going on too long in our country. too many years. too many decades now. we grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack. >> remember, after the last school shooting in parkland, florida, president trump held meetings at the white house with the victims families and gun and safety groups to propose reforms including arming some teachers and school staff. he backed off a call to raise
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the minimum age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21. 3 months later and president trump found himself saying similar words but little has changed. >> my administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools and to keep weapons out of the hand of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others. everyone must be work together at every level of government to keep our children safe. >> those opportunities turned activists from parkland have been criticalav president trump. they have took to twitter to share their thoughts. one said santa fe high you didn't deserve this. we will support you by raising up your voices. david said get ready for two weeks of media coverage and politicians acting like they
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give [bleep]. >> reaction was split right down party lines. republicans are asking for thoughts and prayers. democrats are calling for more gun control. >> shannon: kristin, thank you very much. we are learning new details about the suspect who was charged with capital murder. a former teacher telling the "new york times" he was a quiet kid. the texas governor said there were no red flag despite a social media account that had a t-shirt that said born to kill. doctor joins us today. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: a secret service study that scoured a number of
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school shootings. they said it was rare did this happen overnight. there was a lot of planning by the shooter. there were disturbing behavior in the past. someone knew they were in trouble. multiple people may have know they were in trouble like cruz in parkland. what more should we be doing? >> our young boys as they enter manhood are getting lost. they are lost in the school system. they are lost at home. this is a time when they need help to be able to be in touch with what they are feeling and having a voice. they are getting shutdown. the way young males express their deepest and parkest pain is with violence. it's pain out ward into violence. the fact of the matter is unless we within the home and outside of the home, in the classroom,
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helping boys how to become men. that is something we are missing. they are getting lost. this is an example of progressive emotional explosion. this happened progressly over time. this is not a snap. >> shannon: another interesting piece. richard said that we are looking meaningful community. people are not relateing to each other as human beings. so much of their world is virtual or fantasy. there is a lack of fathers in the home. this man looked at the 27 deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. in only 4 was there an intact family with the father in the home. he said it comes down to people feeling bullied and they see shooters glorified and they want to become a folk hero.
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there are women sending photos and marriage proposals to nicholas cruz. >> oh my goodness. when it comes to attention seeking behavior, this is tremendous. it's not attention as in i want to attention, yay. i am in so much pain. the only way someone will hear my voice is to act this way. the fact is our boys' brains are getting rewired. no more sense what have is respected or what is my voice? there is a lack of fathers in the home. but there is a lack of kindness and compassion and recognizing that it's important how we treat others and how we are treated. we have lost all of this. anything goes. in this concept of freedom to do anything, we have lost our understanding that that is a choice and we should still respect our options in terms of how we interact with others.
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boys are losing how to behave. this is painful and concerning. we must take action at home and in the schools and in our environment. that's the bottom line. >> shannon: in many cases they are desperate for good role models to work through the no normal teen male emotions. >> it's hard in the school system. when a coach tries to be a role model, people think what is he doing? >> shannon: doctor, thank you very much. we will have more questions as we learn more about this the case. the shooting comes one day after the educational secretary met with a group behind closed doors with survivors and family members of people affected by school shootings. this person lost his brother in
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sandy hook. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: what is your reaction? i know you are frustrated. you think there are things we can be doing and we are not doing. >> yeah. i just feel so bad for all of the victims. i know what they are going through. it's the rest of your life will be spent in time. it's unfortunate. there are things we can do to prevent these shootings. >> shannon: we heard from the educati education secretary that our nation must come together and unaddress the issues that lead to senseless loss of life. and nancy pelosi said: what is out there? you are part of this conversation with this effort to
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find real world solutions. what can be done? >> yes, first i want to take a minute to thank secretary for holding that meeting and hearing from members of the community, people who were affected by the shootings to get the best information and compile it into a report and return it to the president and take it from there. get things done and stop these shootings. it's getting ridiculous at this point. my biggest thing is armed guards in school. schools where there are armed guards. three of the most recent shootings, in illinois an armed guard confronted a shooter and apprehends him. sometimes the student doesn't die and the casualties are kept to one or zero. that's still too many but it's better than 17 in parkland and 26 in newtown. >> shannon: a university professor studies these mass
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school shootings. he is a proponent of carnaligu l control. he worries about the impact. he said i am not a big fan of making schools look like fortresseses that send the message that the bad guy is coming for you. you must have a bull's eye on your back. as a young person what do you think of that? >> i talked to my classmates. the idea of armed guards has a lot of support. after 9-11 airports added security. it keeps us safe. the same thing at schools. you get used to it. schools will add metal detectors and single entry points and armed guards. it's for the safety of our youth. >> shannon: i know the number of armed guards has gone up.
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i know you will be a part of this continuing conversation with this group as they try to come up with solid answers to this. there don't seem to be any easy ones. they will take fighting to get them done. we are glad your voice in the conversation. i know today is your birthday as well. thanks for making time for us and continuing to be a voice in this process. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: will there be in any realac on capitol hill. a democratic congressman and a former republican congressman from ut. -- utah. i want to start with the tweet from a parkland survivor:
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>> that's offensive. i think people on both sides of the aisle want to do what lewis is advocating. strengthen and fortify the schools. that won't happen at the federal level. each school has to take the self-assessment. i want to fortify the schools. think that would help. it would make a difference. the second point is the funding of mental health at the county level. the federal government can and should do that. those two things would have prevented what we have seen over the last two years. >> texas senator john cornyn talked about that today. it did not get passed. it was supposed to provide mental health screening and help. it got to the committee and that's it. what more can be done to get
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something concrete passed if that's part of the problem, the mental health issue? >> i think that jason is correct. we have to look at school safety, as well as putting a focus on mental health. there is another part we have to talk about and that's gun safety measures. the vast majority of americans democrats and republicans believe in background checks. it's time for action. after one of the worst mass shootings in the u.s. history, the las vegas mass shooting. everybody talked about banning bump stocks and it went nowhere. we have to act. we can't continue with these mass shootings. >> shannon: the department of
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justices introduced an act to put bump stocks under tough restrictions. something else from the professor in the last segment who studies the shootings. he said these are rare events. no matter what you can come up with to prevent the shooter will have a work around. >> i don't think you just throw up your hands. an armed officer from the local police force or somebody similar is a comforting thing to kids and families and teachers and administrators who see this horrific thing on television on a regular basis. people who say we don't want to scare the kids. let them learn that the police
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are the good guys and there to protect them. i think parents and kids would feel more safe and secure in a school if they had somebody that could take care of business if something is going wrong. >> shannon: congressman, what do you think about the shooter working around it? >> i disagree with that. we can't just throw up our hands and say woe is me, we can't do anything about this. we had six mass shootings in the trumped alone in the trump years alone. it's been 19 years since columbine. we have not done anything on capitol hill significant in this area. governor abbott was correct. thoughts and prayers are not enough. i hope we will take action at the state level which he is apparently going to start doing next week. we on capitol hill follow suit. in florida they took some
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measures. in texas hopefully they will do the same. we on capitol hill need to follow suit. >> shannon: one commentator said none of is this easy to do but worth discussing. everybody agrees there is a problem. to agree on the solutions there is work to be done. >> we have to do it in a bipartisan way. >> shannon: great to have both of you with us tonight. disturbing twist to today's mass shooting. various explosives found at santa fe high school and the surrounding area. as the search continues, law enforcement officials say there are potential for explosive devices at other sights. we will talk to a former bomb tech and a former nypd analyst next. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill.
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>> asides from a shotgun and pistol, pagourtzis was armed with explosives. 4 pipe bombs were found inside the school and texas government greg abbott said other vice devices have been locateed. >> various and different kind of explosive devices have already been detected. one was a co-2 device. another was a molatov cocktail and other times of explosive devices identified in a home as well as in a vehicle. >> it remains unclear if the suspect built the devices or if any exploded. investigators say on the morning of april 20, 1999 harris and klebold placed two 20-pound
8:25 pm
bombs in the cafeteria. had they exploded they would have killed everyone inside. 13 explosives were found in the killer's cars and 8 more at their home. videotapes were found of harris and klebold making cartridge bombs. they constructed a series of time clocks aimed at setting off a progression of explosions. investigators say the teens resorted to guns after they ran out of time to detonate the bombs. america's deadly school massacre was a school bombing on this day in 1927 in michigan. the north wingof a school house exploded with such force it was heard miles away. 44 people were killed including 38 students. the attacker was a school board
8:26 pm
member who fire bombed his farm and killed his wife and bombed the school and then blew himself. 500 pound of unexploded dynamite was found inside the school. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much experts for more analysis. buck former nypd intelligence division and retired staff sergeant johnny jones. a former bomb technician. governor abbott mentioned explosive devices. is this something the young man could put together on his own? is this something you could dooli google? >> with a molatov cocktail and
8:27 pm
co-2. those are things you can get the equipment and information for. they pose a threat to the person right in front of them. they don't do a lot of damage like the bomb does. pipe bombs are different. they are usually stuffed with white powered. you light them on fire and set them ad and they will eventually blow up. there is a time device on them through a fuse. all of these are pyrotechnic charges. none is sounds like the fertilizer bombs in afghanistan. but enough to be deadly and hurt a lot of people. >> shannon: analysts on cnn said this today: the potential of explosive devices suggested that for assailants that want to be
8:28 pm
different from just another school shooter, they will seek more events like terrorists. >> it is the case that terrorists -- and you could make the case this individual in texas had radicalizeed in a trench coach school shooter mentality. terrorists want the big bang. they are trying to put together an event that has a theatre to it and not just casualties. in the u.s. because of the preference for building a bomb instead of using guns or a vehicle, there were no casualties because of faulty bomb making. the thing we have seen in texas are very, very low-tech. the only ones confirmed are the kind of things you can make on your own using the internet and household clearance. the times square bomb in 2010 fhighs if -- if his device went
8:29 pm
off, he would have killed thousand of people. that's sometimes the difference between a mass casualty and no casualties. here he went with both. he was looking for the infamy of the columbine shooting. >> shannon: a posting attributeed to on fabs. -- facebook. a jacket with different buttons. e he said the last one stood for power. do you read anything into these symbols? >> clearly by putting the soviet union symbol and a nazi cross and on top of that what is associated with satanism.
8:30 pm
and a character from the 1920s. that's a fictional character considered to be an evil god the last one. it looks like a squid. this is an individual who spent a lot of time thinking about what we would consider just evil ideas and came up with a witch's brew of what he thought he was a follower of. i have never seen overseas or here at home anything like this in terms of pulling all of those different threats together. i think he was crazy a la-carte with this one. >> absolutely. no consistent threat. we heard a report of being teased by coaches and football members. this is not necessarily a political statement. >> shannon: thanks for weighing
8:31 pm
in. this is a fox news alert. people in georgia are responding to a shooter incident near a high school. one person is dead and two others is injured. one person is in custody. this is a developing situation. we will get more details and bring you updates as soon as they come in to us at fox. there is a chance, a presidential interview with a special counsel is just a possibility. rudy giuliani starting to map out strategy sessions with his boss. ♪ it's your thing ♪ ♪ do what you want to do (whoosh, explosion) rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple... (high-pitched whir) you super hero levels of confidence. (explosion) ♪ it's your thing ♪ understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes, so nothing stands in your way. rocket mortgage. america's largest mortgage lender.
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8:36 pm
together. one man's spy is perhaps another man's informant. the "new york times" reported that the president accused the fbi of sending someone to spy on his campaign. it was an american academic who was an informant to the fbi. the "new york times" said the informant met with carter page and george papadopoulos after getting evidence the two staffers had questionable contacts with russia. these are the things special counsel robert mueller wants to ask the president about. unclear if the president will set down with him. the president is nevertheless getting prepped by his legal team. rudy giuliani telling our john roberts they are pulling a page from the presidential debate playbook. some sessions may take place after hours but rudy giuliani prefers weekends at the president's summer home in new
8:37 pm
jersey. rudy giuliani believes the special counsel office is acting in good faith and said robert mueller narrowed the scope and number of questions he would ask in an interview. giuliani said the number of questions is down to 20 from 50 and the topics were narrowed to questions about russia and the firing of james comey. when that possible sit down will happen, giuliani said not until after the north korea summit. if the summit falls apart the president could prepare over the next 2 to 3 weeks. a new development in the michael cohen case. an attorney for cohen filed a motion to keep stormy daniels michael avanati out of the southern district of new york case. he contends that avanati violated rules of the court by making false statements about cohen and publishing bank records of cohen that had no lawful source.
8:38 pm
and a fox news story confirmed a california state bar investigation into avanati but it has nothing to do with the damascus case. -- daniels case. avanati filed his own motion. >> shannon: all right. a lot of developments tonight. thank you. president trump nominating acting veterans affair secretary to lead the agency permanently. it was a surprise to wilke. a tough push back to republican leadership and president trump. the house of representatives defeated the farm bill today. conservatives in the house, you
8:39 pm
heard a congressman last night. demanding on a vote on a security focussed immigration plan until they provide the votes to pass the farm bill. the bill will get back to the floor when leadership is confident it has the votes. the trump administration looking to fulfill another campaign promise to divert your federal tax dollars away from abortion clinics and then the royal wealth of prince harry and meghan markle. coverage starts at 5 a.m. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax.
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so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? >> shannon: the trump administration is rolling out a legislation to ban federal tax dollars to go to agencies for abortions. pro-life supporters say they will fight back. >> planned parenthood said the administration's new proposal is about control. by blocking patients from care allowing doctors to withhold abortion information and putting pym's health at risk. -- women's health at risk. there was a proposal today to update resolutions updating
8:44 pm
final 10. supporters say it's a victory for life and a fullfillment of a campaign promise. >> this is rule goes through, they will no longer receive money. it's going into world clinics. >> opponents say it's a dangerous move that impacts low income women. >> under the regan administration. title-10 providers were not allowed to discuss counselling options relateing to abortions. women can't access comprehensive health care.
8:45 pm
>> they maintain there is no gag rule telling fox news this doesn't defend planned parenthood as long as they disen tangle pactaxpayer money from abortion. >> it will be a gag order. >> white house officials say the proposal doesn't prohibit abortion relating counselling. it doesn't include a mandate requiring. it current law prohibits direct federal funding going to promise where abortion is a family planning method. >> shannon: nancy pelosi sounded off on the decision saying this:
8:46 pm
let's talk about it more with president and ceo of americans united for life and the president of susan b anthony. we invited someone to be from planned parenthood they didn't join us but we have a taped knew. i want to start with the idea of a gag rule. the pro-choice folks say that's what this amounts to. you can counsel people on abortions but you can't refer them? >> that's correct. there is no gag rule. it's trying to deflect from the reality of what this is. it's an attempt to divide
8:47 pm
abortion from family planning. that's what the statute says. it makes accepts. >> this is what the director of planned parenthood told us this afternoon. >> illegal for doctors to tell their own patients where and how to access abortions. that's the definition of a gag rule. if i went to my doctor and asked them and how i could access abortion, they would not be able to tell me. >> shannon: that ending part is true. if there is a clinic that will receive the title-10 funding? >> that's right. you can't refer for the abortion. but the administration and the pro-life monument welcome the conversation. abortion should not be some dirty secret. we want to inform women and tell
8:48 pm
them about what abortion does. when women get that information, they tend to choose life. >> shannon: and planned parenthood said this would be a disaster. and a number of democrats saying this would cut women off from health care. these title-10 funds flow into under-served communities and women have nowhere else to go. qualified federal health centers outnumber planned parenthood 20-1. but they tell us if this money is taken away from their clinics, women will be left with no options. another sound bite. >> title-10 makes sure that everyone in this the country. no matter how much money they make or have health insurance they are still able to get care like birth control and cancer screening. this would make this impossible. >> i don't know where her facts are coming from.
8:49 pm
this is intended to scare women and policy makers into thinking planned parenthood deserves money. america doesn't believe that contraception is the equivalent of an abortion. this is an attempt to divide those two things. we have to go back to the reality that all of this money will flow to family planning programs and could what it is and isn't. >> shannon: in this cut 50 to $60-million in federal funding will go to planned parenthood and has? >> exactly. but what is critical this rule doesn't take one penny away from family planning funding. it redirects that funding to health care clinics that don't perform or refer for abortions.
8:50 pm
it takes taxpayers out of the business of funding abortions and redirects to federal hope centers that are in towns across our nations. towns where you don't fine planned parenthood and they are more accessible than planned parenthood locations. >> shannon: thanks. an american girl's fairy tale comes through. meghan markle and prince harry. we will be live next. ( ♪ ) only tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture
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excitement building. prince harry will marry american actress meghan markle. live in windsor tonight. amy. >> shannon, with thomas markle meghan markle's father a no show due to health issues. it is prince charles to the press cue. he is going to take meghan markle to the altar. she asked him to do so. the young princes were out today working their magic. thanking well wishers in person. the royals family popularity
8:55 pm
shot up in recent years. the young princes hit their stride and start families. meghan markle's mother and her daughter plus a select group of friends are spending the night at a hotel. they had tea with the queen and her husband prince phillip. you won't find a soul who will say that prince harry is not totally in love with his bride to be. >> she's got the magic touch which i think harry fell in love with. she is so great with people. he must have explained what this job entails. >> fox will cover the wedding of prince harry and meghan markle tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. eastern standard time. it's amazing. people are just coming in a steady stream to stakeout their
8:56 pm
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esurance makes it easy. so you can get on to your next adventure. oh, we gotta pick up my mom. ...ughhhh! ♪ esurance. see solo: a star wars story may 25th. have a great weekend. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we're sad to tell you there was a school shooting in santa fe, texas. the shooter has been identified as 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis. tonight we are learning much more about him and what took place at the school. we'll have an update on all of that in just a minute. first, the left's love affair with the nation's deadliest criminal gang continues tonight. the howls of outrage reverberating. president trump dared criticize ms-13 by calling them animals.


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