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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 19, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> you will hear from people personally impacted by school shootings. expert analysis from law enforcement officials, politicians and a psychotherapist, fox news coverage of the shooting in texas continues. according to rudy giuliani, robert mueller has agreed to narrow down the topics for the interview with the president so we have an inside look how the president may be prepping for that face-off and the president makes good on the diver taxol is
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away from planned parenthood. we have new reaction from the abortion provider later in the show. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert. and 70-year-old student is facing capital murder charges after a shooting rampage at santa fe high school in texas. 9 students and one teacher killed and authorities found multiple explosive devices at the suspect's home and around the campus which we have team coverage tonight. kristen fisher following the political response but we begin with casey steagall with the latest details. >> we are learning new details tonight from paperwork about the gunman. the paperwork made public after the suspect's first court appearance tonight where he was formally arraigned. according to the probable cause affidavit the accused shooter
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admitted to the shooting and that he did not shoot people he liked according to the paperwork, so they could, quote, tell his story. texas governor greg abbott said journals were found on the suspect's computer and cell phone that outlined his plans which included taking his own life. after a school resource officer intervened, the student was taken into custody and tonight is behind bars. that officer was shot in the process, one of the ten people hurt in the attack but recovering tonight at an area hospital. he made and planted explosive devices inside the high school. none of them went off but that added an extra layer of worry today, worry that has turned into sorrow as we have learned more about what went down here in first. go this morning. hundreds gathering and showing up to lift people up in prayer
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to honor the 10 people who went into santa fe high school and never came out alive. here's the district superintendent. >> i cannot express the sorrow in our hearts that we have lost the campus we all love, remains an active crime scene today but more than that, santa fe high school is the center of our community is no act of violence will ever change that. >> police say that team had two weapons on him at the time. a shotgun and a pistol. both belonged to his father and both were acquired legally, that according to the feds tonight. shannon: thank you very much. the pres. has ordered flags at half staff to honor today's victims. kristen fisher following reaction from the white house and beyond to capitol hill
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tonight. >> this is the sixth school shooting since donald trump took office, he spoke a few hours after the first shots were fired calling in a horrific attack and a sad day for this country. >> unfortunately i have to begin by expressing our sadness over the deadly shooting at santa fe high school in texas. this is going gone too long in our country, too many years, too many decades. we grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrified contact. >> reporter: after the last school shooting is marjorie stoneman douglas high school donald trump held meetings at the white house with the victims families and school safety
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groups, several safety reforms including the controversial proposal of arming teachers and school staff, ultimately backed off, to raise the minimum age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21. three months later donald trump found himself saying similar words but little changed. >> my administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools and keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others. everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe. >> reporter: those student turned activists from parkland who have been critical of donald trump and his policies took to twitter today to share their thoughts. anna gonzalez said santa fe high didn't deserve this, you deserve more than thoughts and prayers. after supporting us by walking
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out we will be there to support you by raising up your voices. david haas said get ready for two weeks of media coverage of politicians acting like they give a expletive when in reality they just want to boost their approval ratings before the midterms. reaction was as you might expect split down party lines, republicans asking for thoughts and prayers while democrats are calling for more gun control. feels very familiar. shannon: thank you very much. we are learning new details about the suspect who has been charged with capital murder, a former teacher saying he was a quiet kids, the texas governor said there were no warning signs or read flags despite a social media account linked to the suspect with a photo of a t-shirt that read born to kill. a psychotherapist joins us with heavy hearts, heavy questions tonight, thank you for making time. i looked at a secret service
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study that scoured a number of mass shootings in school shootings and they found some, nobody saying it was rare, in almost no case did this happen overnight. there was a lot of planning by the shooter. there was disturbing behavior in the past, someone new they were in trouble, multiple people may have known they were in trouble, the same case we heard in parkland, the devastating shooting there. what more should parents, community members, educators, what should we be doing? >> our young boys as they enter manhood are getting lost. they are getting lost in the school system, they are getting lost at home. when they need help, to be in touch with what they are feeling and having a voice they are getting shut down and the way young males express the deepest darkest pain is outwardly with violence, it is pain outward into violence.
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the fact of the matter is unless we have within the home and outside the home, in the classroom, helping boys how to become men, that is something we are missing. they are getting lost in this is an example of progressive emotional explosion. this happens progressively over time. this was not a snap. shannon: may 10th, this is written by richard bernstein, he said we are lacking meaningful community, people are not relating to each other as human beings, so much of the world is virtual or fantasy. there is lack of fathers in the home. this may look through the 27 deadliest mass shootings in the us and said in only four the 27 shootings was there an intact family with a father in the home and he said it comes down to people feeling bullied and shooters glorified and think they can become a folk hero.
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there are women sending marriage proposals to nikolas cruz. we are feeding into somebody who may be troubled. >> when it comes to attention seeking behavior, this is tremendous and it is not attention is and i want attention, it is attention as in i am in so much pain in the only way someone is going to hear my voice is to act this way. boys brains are getting rewired. there is no more sense of what is respect, no more sense of what is my voice and i can speak it, there is lack of fathers in the home and lack of kindness and compassion and recognizing it is important how we treat others and how we are treated. we have lost all of this. anything goes. in this concept of freedom to do anything we have lost our understanding that that is a choice and we should respect our
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options in how we interact with others, boys are losing how to behave in this is painful and concerning and we must take action at home and in the school and in our environment. that is the bottom line. shannon: there desperate for good role models to show them how to work through the motions. >> desperate for all models and very hard, when a coach tries to be a role model someone might think what is he doing. it is very difficult. >> thank you for your insights, we will have more questions and learn more about this case. the shooting comes one day after education secretary betsy devos let met behind closed doors with family members to lay the groundwork for the
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administration avenue school safety commission. jt lewis was part of the meeting, he lost his brother in sandy hook. he joined us to talk about where we go from here. thanks for joining us tonight. what is your reaction today? you have been through this numerous times since you lost your brother. you are frustrated because you think there are things we can be doing and are not doing. >> i feel so bad for all the victims, i know exactly what they are going through. the rest of your life will be spent in pain. it is unfortunate because there are things we can do to prevent these shootings. >> we hear from betsy devos, we cannot allow this trend to continue, our nation must address the underlying issues that lead to such tragic and senseless loss of life, similar language from nancy pelosi saying no other community or family must endure the unthinkable horror of gun
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violence. our children deserve real leadership, vote to prevent gun violence now. what in your estimation is out there? you are part of this conversation with this effort to find real-world solutions, what can be done? >> i went to thank secretary v devos for hearing from members of the community who have been affected by the shootings to get the best information, return it to the pres. and take it from there and get things done. it is getting ridiculous at this point. a few things i would like to see, my biggest thing as armed guards in schools, the most recent shootings, when in illinois recently, maybe just friday en garde apprehends the student, sometimes he doesn't even die in the casualties are kept to one or 0 and there's still too many but it is better than 17 in parkland, 26 in
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newtown. >> a university professor studies these massive school shootings, he himself is a proponent of gun control but he talks about the fact when you talk about armed guards and armed teachers or other safety measures he worries about the impact, i'm not a big fan of making schools look like fortresses because they sent a message to get that the bad guys coming for you and we are surrounding you with security, you must have a bull's-eye on your back and that can instill fear, not relieve it. as a young person what do you think of that? >> i talked to my classmates about this and a lot of people. the idea of armed guards has a lot of support and i want to say after 9/11, they added security because it keeps us safe, the same thing in schools and you get used to it, schools will add security, metal detectors, single entry points, armed guards and over time we will get used to it. it is for our own safety, the
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safety of our youth. >> the number of armed guards has gone up, studies show us that and you're going to be part of this continuing conversation with this group as they try to come up with solid answers to this and there don't seem to be any easy ones, they will take some fighting an uphill battle to get them done. we are glad your voice in the conversation, i can only imagine the emotions you are going to today, it is your birthday as well. thank you for making time for us and continuing to be a voice in the process. >> thank you for having me. >> will there be any real action on capitol hill from both sides of the aisle? former republican congressman from utah jason chaffetz get ready for politicians acting like they give a blank when in reality they just want to boost their approval ratings before
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the midterms. >> kind of offensive. i think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle want to do what jt lewis is advocating, strengthen and fortify schools. a lot of that won't happen in the federal government, it will happen at the state and community level through school districts and counties and each school is going to have to take that self-assessment but i want to fortify the school and yet again i think that would help, it would make a difference. the second point is the funding of mental health at the county level, the federal government can and should do that, those two things would make the most are manic difference and would have prevented what we have seen over the last two years in school shootings. >> texas sen. john cornyn mentioned that today, talked about something past year and a half ago on the senate side that didn't get past, they went back and looked at the bill, it was supposed to provide mental health screening and health, the
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things you are talking about. i found a guy in the committee, that is it. congressman, what more can be done to get something concrete past if we agree that is part of the problem, the mental health issue? >> i personally think jason is correct, we have to look at different measures, school safety as well as putting a focus on mental health but there's another part of this we have to talk about it that is gun safety measures. the vast majority of voters, democrats and republicans, believe in universal background checks, something we have talked about but haven't implemented and it is time for action. after one of the worst mass shootings in us history, the las vegas mass shooting everybody talked about banning bump stocks, republicans introduced legislation on this in the house and it went nowhere. now we have to act, we can't continue with these mass
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shootings. shannon: the department of justice introduced a regulation that would lead to classifying bump stocks as machine guns putting them under extremely exceptionally tough restrictions as far as getting your hands on one. for most people it would equate to outline them but that is in the comment review process. something else from the professor who studies the shooting, out of northeastern, the thing to remember is these are extremely rare events, no matter what you can come up with to prevent it the shooter will have a workaround. >> i don't think you just throw up your hands. and armed officer whether from the local police force or somebody similar is a comforting thing to kids and families and teachers and parents and administrators who see the terrific thing on television and
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these people who are overthinking these issues think we don't want to scare the kids, let them learn that the police are the good guys, not the bad guys, they are there to protect them. parents and kids overwhelmingly would feel more safe and secure in a school if they knew they had somebody that could take care of business if something is going wrong. >> can i jump on this? >> no matter what you come up with the shooter would workaround? >> i disagree with that and i agree we can't just throw up our hands and say we can't do anything about this. we have had 6 mass shootings in the trump administration alone. it has been 19 years since columbine and we haven't done anything on capitol hill significant in this area. it is time we act. governor abbott was correct, thoughts and prayers are not enough. it is time to act and i hope he will take action at the state level which apparently is going
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to start doing next week and we in capitol hill follow suit. in florida they took some measures. in texas hopefully they will do the same and we in capitol hill need to follow suit. >> as one commentator noted extensively on this topic none of it is easy to do but it is worth discussing and doing. everybody agrees there's a problem whether we agree on the solution. there is work to be done on that. >> we have to do it in a bipartisan way. >> great to have both of you with us tonight. a disturbing twist. a new one today's mass shooting. . kinds of explosives reportedly found at santa fe high school and the surrounding area. is the search continues law enforcement officials says there is still potential for explosive devices at other sites which we will look at the connection with joe jones and nypd and cia analyst next.
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>> reporter: aside from the shotgun 38 caliber revolver, demetrius was armed with explosives. police a four pipe bombs were found inside the school and texas governor greg abbott confirmed other devices have also been located. >> when reason is concerned about explosive devices is various different kind of exposed devices have already been detected. one was co2 device, another was a molotov cocktail and various other types of explosive devices have been identified in a home and a van. >> it remains unclear if the suspect built the devices or if any of them exploded. the columbine school shooting was planned as the school bombing. on the morning of april 20, 1999, eric harris and dylan
12:25 am
cleveland faced propane bombs in the cafeteria filled with 500 students. expert say had the tanks exploded as planned they would have killed nearly everyone inside. the propane bombs were two of 76 devices eventually found on and around the campus. an additional 13 explosives were found in the killers cars and 8 more at their homes for a total of 99. videotapes were later found of harris and klebold full of cartridge bonds they called crickets and grenades. and a series of time clocks aimed at setting up a progression of explosions. investigators say the teens resorted to guns after they ran out of time to detonate the bombs. america fw school massacre was a school bombing that happened this very day in 1927 in bath, michigan outside lansing. :45 in the morning the north wing of the school house with
12:26 am
345 students exploded with such force it was heard miles away. 44 people were killed including 38 students. the attacker turned out to be a school board member who firebombed his farm, killed his wife, bombed the school and blue himself up. 500 pounds of unexploded dynamite was later found inside the school. shannon: thank you very much. some experts for more analysis on this angle to the story. former nypd intelligence division and former cia analyst and staff sergeant johnny joey jones, retired marine and former bomb technician. welcome to both of you tonight. i want to start with you. governor abbott mentioning a co2 device and a molotov cocktail and other types of exposed devices. is this something this young man would have been able to put together his own google? is this taking things to the next level, to not merely be a shooter but blow up the school
12:27 am
in the process? >> with a molotov cocktail or co2 cartridge, these are not high explosive devices although when you are about pipe bombs and other things they are. but those are the only two things i heard confirmed, those are not hikes was of devices, you can readily get the information for them, the person in front of them or holding them with a blast radius or opportunity to do a lot of damage like a bomb would. they would not have a flag radius of 10 or 20 feet. pipe bombs are usually stuffed with black powder and you light them on fire, set them aside and they eventually blow up because there's a time device on them, these are pyrotechnic charges and things like that. none of them sound like basically the fertilizer bombs we saw in afghanistan that we are worried about but still obviously enough to be very deadly and hurt a lot of people. shannon: analysts said the potential explosive devices just
12:28 am
for assailants who want to differentiate it from being just another school shooter they will seek more spectacular events like terrorists. >> it is the case the terrorists often come you can make the case this individual in texas radicalized in sort of a transcode mafia style school shooter mentality, terrorists do sometimes want the big bank, trying to put together an event that has a theatricality to it, not just casualties. we have seen this in a number of instances in the us where because of the preference for building a bomb instead of using guns or a vehicle as we have seen in other attacks there were no casualties because of faulty bomb making. the things we have seen in texas are very low-tech, the only ones confirmed so far the things he would be able to figure out how to make on your own using the
12:29 am
internet and household cleaners, the times square bomber in 2010, if his device had actually gone off he may have killed hundreds of people or more and so it is that choice to go for the explosion instead of using weapons that sometimes is the difference between a mass casualty event and no casualties but he went with both because he was looking for the infamy others had achieved for instance in the columbine shooting. shannon: a posting attributed to him on facebook, a jacket with different buttons and insignia on it, hammer and sickle, rebellion, rising sun, coffee tactics, iron cross, bravery, evil and i can't pronounce the last one but it stands for power. were either of you read anything into the symbols? >> by putting the soviet symbol, the hammer and sickle, not the cross and on top of that what
12:30 am
would be associated with satanism is a character from i think the 1920s, fictional character considered something of an evil god, looks almost like a squid, this individual spend a lot of time thinking about what we would consider evil ideologies and came up with the kind of witches brew of what he thought he was a follower of but i have never seen anything overseas or here at home anything like this in terms of pulling those threads together. i think he was kind of crazy with this one. >> we are not seeing a consistent thread. one report of being teased by coaches and team members and then things like this that are more political, we live in a world where there are molotov cocktails, this is not a political statement out right. this might not have red flags
12:31 am
this time and that may be the case. shannon: thank you for weighing in. this is a fox news alert, police in georgia responding to a shooting incident near a high school. officials told us one person is dead, two it is injured, one person in custody, a developing situation, we wanted to get more details, we will bring you updates at fox. we are saying there is a chance. presidential interview with special counsel just a possibility, rudy giuliani working out strategy sessions with his boss.
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>> shannon: getting an inside look at how shannon: we are getting an inside look at how the pres.'s legal team may prep him to sit down with robert mueller and new development in michael cohen's case is late breaking news tonight about allegations of us by reporting back to the fbi close to the trump campaign.
12:36 am
>> reporter: tracking it and tying it all together. one man's buys another man's informant, the new york times reported the pres. accuses the fbi of sending someone to spy on his campaign, it was an american academic who was an informant to the fbi. the new york times reporting the informant met with carter paige and george papadopoulos after getting evidence the two staffers had questionable contact with russia. conceivably these are the things robert mueller wants to ask the pres. about, unclear if the president will sit down with him but the president is getting prepped by his legal team, rudy giuliani telling john roberts they are pulling a page from the presidential debate playbook, some sessions may take place after hours at the white house,
12:37 am
at the pres.'s summer home in new jersey, giuliani says he believes a special counsel's offices acting in good faith by whittling down the list of potential questions and giuliani tells fox news robert mueller has narrowed the scope and number of questions he would ask in interviews, the number of questions is down to 20 from 50 and topics have been narrowed to questions from russia and the firing of james comey. as for when the sitdown will happen, giuliani's is likely not until after the north korea summit, if the summit falls apart the president could prepare over the next two or three weeks. and the republican in the michael cohen case, an attorney filed a motion to keep stormy daniels's attorney out of the southern district of new york case, cohen absolutely contends he violated rules of the court by making numerous false statements about:by publishing bank records that had no lawful
12:38 am
source and note a fox news story about a california state bar association report, the investigation had nothing to do with the daniels case. not to be outdone, he filed his own motion fighting back saying he has not been advised and investigation is pending nor does he say he has been asked for any information about it. shannon: a lot of developments tonight. donald trump nominating acting veterans affairs sec. robert wilkie to lead the agency permanently, revealing his decision during a prison reform event at the white house and it was a surprise, the president said he was going to nominate him. he led the veterans affairs department of her two months following david shelton's departure. the house of representatives defeated the farm bill today.
12:39 am
conservatives in the house, jim jordan joined us last night to talk about this demanding a vote on a security focused immigration plan before they provide the needed votes to pass the farm bill which includes policies like having able-bodied foodstamp recipients work or get job training. the bill will get back to the floor, leadership is confident it has the votes. the trump administration fulfilling another campaign promise, proposals to divert federal tax dollars away from abortion clinics. we will shift gears and look forward to the royal wedding of harry and megan, hours away from the beginning of our coverage. ainslie ehrhardt and shepard smith do the honors from windsor, at 5 am.
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of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. >> shannon: the trump administration shannon: the trump administration rolling out a regulation that would ban federal talks dollars from going to help clinics that refer patients where they can get abortions, the decision will trigger lawsuits from pro-chase supporters who say they will fight back. >> planned parenthood said the new proposal is about control, official government policy to control women by blocking patients from care, allowing doctors withhold abortion information and putting women's health at risk with the white house and ministry official says that the powers of health and human services filed a proposal
12:44 am
to update regulations, so title 10 family-planning providers are financially and physically separate from abortion clinics. it is a victory for life and fulfillment of the campaign promise. >> 226 planned parenthood received title x funding and if this goes through as is, they will receive that money. it is not going away from family-planning and rural clinics, and daily planning services. >> disproportionately impact low income women. >> under the reagan administration, providers were not allowed to discuss counseling options related to abortion. >> the white house official, based on reagan era framework, it is not identical to maintain
12:45 am
that there is no gag. the official saying this proposal does not defund planned parenthood -- planned parenthood. and abortion as a method of family-planning. >> that is semantic to be honest. if providers are going to be subject to unethical, you know, restrictions on the information they can provide their clients, it is absolutely going to be a gag order. >> the proposal does not prohibit abortion-related counseling, and prohibits federal funding direct to federal funding for going to programs, where it is a family-planning method. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi sounding off the trump
12:46 am
administration moving yet again to take away women's basic health rights, call that an outrageous assault on healthcare available to underserved women. catherine glynn foster and the president of susan b anthony, welcome to both of you. we invited someone from planned parenthood to be with us tonight, we had a pretaped interview and we will use that as we talk through this tonight. this idea of a gag rule, that is what this amounts to. you can counsel people on the issue of abortion but you can't refer them. >> they need to receive, the reagan administration of that era. and trying to deflect from the
12:47 am
reality, and attempt to divide abortion from family-planning, that is what the statute says and it makes sense, integrity of the program. shannon: the director of political communication for planned parenthood, asked about this. >> it would be illegal for doctors to tell their own patients where and how to access abortion. that is the definition of a gag rule. this would mean if i went to my doctor and asked where and how i could access and abortion they would not be able to tell me. >> the clinic received title x funding. >> that is true. and welcome the conversation, abortion should not be some dirty secret, whispered about in back rooms. we want to tell them about what
12:48 am
abortion does and when women give that information they tend to choose life. >> we talked about the fact planned parenthood said this will be disastrous, democrats and people we heard from today, people saying this would cut women off from healthcare because title x funds flowing underserved communities and women will have nowhere else to go, qualified federal health centers that don't perform abortions that provide other services outnumber planned parenthood 20-1 and if the money is taken away from their clinics women will be left with no options. >> what title x does is make sure everyone in this country no matter how much money they make, they are still able to get care, birth control and cancer screening. this would make that impossible.
12:49 am
>> it is just hysteria intended to scare women and scare policymakers into thinking planned parenthood deserves money which they don't. america does not believe contraception is equivalent to abortion. this is just an attempt to divide those two things and we have to go back to the reality that all this money will flow to family-planning programs that are willing to abide by this, understand what family-planning is and isn't. heather: $60 million in federal funding would go to planned parenthood -- >> this proposed rule doesn't take one penny from family-planning funding, it redirects to holistic healthcare clinics that provide complement of care and don't perform
12:50 am
abortions. it takes taxpayers out of the business of funding abortion businesses, and federally qualified healthcare clinics and centers across the nation, that are in their backyards and much more readily accessible than planned parenthood locations. heather: we thank you for joining us and thanks to erica, we want to have all the voices in that conversation. an american girl's fairytale come through tomorrow, megan markel mary's prince harry.
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excitement building. heather: excitement is building, prince harry said to mary megan markel. amy kellogg live in windsor tonight. >> reporter: thomas markel is a no-show due to health issues, possibly exacerbated by the fact he got caught, elaborate in with paparazzi, prince charles will take megan markel to the altar. she asked him to do so. the young princes were thinking
12:55 am
well-wishers, the popularity shot up, experienced a resurgence, the young princess hit their stride, megan markel and her daughter, plus a select group of friends, spending the night at the swish limited hotel, they had tea with the queen and prince philip. you won't find a soul who will say prince harry is not totally in love with his bride to be. >> harry fell in love with -- she is so great with people and what this job entails. >> reporter: fox will cover the wedding of prince harry and megan markel tomorrow morning with sandra smith and shepard smith beginning at 5:00 am eastern standard time, 5:00 am windsor time. people are coming in a steady
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>> tucker: be back monday. have the best weekend. >> sean: all right. thanks. welcome to "hannity." breaking news. the deep state of power we have been uncovering for over a year is even tonight far worse than any of us could have imagined. this is watergate on steroids. remember the nixon scandal was about a third-rate burglary. this is a deep state, political hit job now spying on an opposition party campaign. f.b.i. spies during an election. it gets worse. the deep state isn't even trying to hide it. what they did, they are now bragging about it. the former obama director of national intelligence james clapper is actually saying spyi


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