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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] jeab * welcome to -- judge jeanine: welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks to all of you for making "justice" number one last saturday night. we have a fantastic guest lineup tonight. my exclusive interview with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. david bossie, and chris hahn. plus i take you inside the historic hopping of the jerusalem embassy. but first my opening statement. so here we are at the one-year
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anniversary of the mueller investigation. we have witnessed events unfold which are so unbelievable, so unimaginable, you would have to be wearing a tinfoil hat or a card-carrying member of the conspiracy party to even believe it exists. we watched the president claim he had been wiretapped. the democrats chuckled. but he was right. he was right. prosecutors and fbi agents working to change the course of political history. a shadow government whose agenda is to maintain their own power and control. a deep state we thought existed only on the pages of novels, alive and well here in the united states of america. we watched in real-time as text messages rewe'll haved those
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agents -- we revealing those agents creating the basis to overthrow a sitting president. $10 million and millions of documents later, nothing. i repeat nothing has touched the president in spite of their claim. >> have democrats found any evidence of collusion? >> yes, we have. i still maintain there is evidence of collusion and i can't go into the particulars. but there is more than circumstantial evidence now. judge jeanine: every time we hear more is coming, the deep state does nothing but continue to show how deep and dirty it is. head of the fbi lies to congress. he even lied about the statutory elements of a crime because he want to protect hillary clinton. the same director conducts a laughable make believe investigation of his favorite hillary with no grand jury, no search warrant, no subpoenas. he sat back and watched as the
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cubes destroyed evidence. the department of justice hand out immunity deals without ever requiring that they testify. i exonerates the target before the investigation is over. so biased that he allows the same fbi agents who exonerate hillary to create an investigation against donald trump based on a fake dossier to create the basis for surveillance of the trump campaign paid for by the candidate they wanted to win. the fbi knew that hillary clinton and the dnc paid for that dossier that had no basis in fact. they even tried to get a friendly judge to take the case and issue the warrant by trying to set up a dinner party as a cover. that judge ended up recusing himself from the prosecution of michael flynn. for months we watched as the fbi and d oorks j denied having any
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document. they said there are no emails on the clinton-loretta lynch tarmac meeting, but there are. they lied to us. we watched as members of congress tried again and again to get documents from the department of justice and the fbi, but they won't hand them over. they stonewall. and there seems to be no way to get those documents. all the while, the department of justice and the fbi sits back and watched as their candidate approved the sale of 20% of our uranium to russia and pocketed $145 million for their so-called charity. all the while the clinton foundation received hundreds of millions of dollars from people doing business with the u.s. government. our government. when jeff sessions decide to recuse himself, rod rosenstein, a man we have never even heard of, appoint his pal bob mule
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tore investigate our president. and this week we find out the fbi ran a spy operation actually place an informant, a mole in the trump campaign before there were any legal ground to do any such thing. it was a classic totalitarian third world tactic. this person has as much been identified. he's engaged in skullduggery going back to bush 41. my fbi sources tell me there would be no reason for him to even run into a page or papadopoulos. and get this. he's disappeared for the last 9 months. i want you to remember that you heard it here first. any collector. their name for an informant work on a national campaign must have a sign-off by the attorney
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general. here that would be liar loretta lynch. lynch would have had to have approved an informant on that campaign. if she didn't, then the fbi under james comey was even more corrupt going rogue in their attempt to destroy donald trump. what, ladies and gentlemen * is unmistakable in all of this, the single most of dangerous person to the agenda of president trump, the republican party and ultimately all americans is the attorney general of the united states himself jeff sessions. the man has done nothing to make anyone responsible for the blatant corruption, the unmistakable perjury, the in your face obstruction of our laws we have seen play out he single day. he has fought the release of documents that will put an end
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to this period in american history. document that would make clear the criminals in this attempt to overthrow an american president. he even argued he doesn't want to release record of hillary because she is now a private citizen. this man has done nothing to create confidence wrongdoers will be accountable. and with all the power and might of the department of justice behind him he continues to do nothing. he refuses to take them out in cuffs. the most of powerful prosecutor in the world, the man who holds the scales of justice in his hand hides behind the coat tails of a rod rosenstein. a man we never even heard of who is in fact behind all of jeff sessions' decisions, who was in
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fact running our department of justice. the man who has the honor to carry the prefix united states attorney general before his name, jeff sessions, is indeed the most of dangerous man in america. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook, twitter and instagram hashtag judge jeanine. here with me is hogan yo who. hogan, you are thoughts only one-year anniversary of the mueller investigation? >> we are about to get into the second year of this
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investigation. there is no collusion, no corruption, no evidence of any sort. and we are still talking about this nonstop on cable networks across this country. it's incredible. you mentioned it in the open. we have given over millions of pieces of paper. we spent countless hours cooperatincooperating with mr. r giving them time, information, and we have nothing to show for it other than the fact the american people have been sent down this road of nothing. there is nothing there, there is no corruption, there is no collusion. we are still dealing with this. you have seen the reports. almost 100% of the news coming of this president is negative. he's accomplishing things in record-setting time. i'm ready to get this over with, and most of of the american people are, too. judge jeanine: the president
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doesn't have any intention of firing mueller, does he? >> i can't talk about what he's going to do as it relates to special counsel mr. mueller or rod rosenstein. we have been extremely cooperative. we have given document, time, interviews, and after all of that, more than a year, no evidence of any corruption, no evidence of collusion. judge jeanine: you are in the press office. you want to talk about the good things the president has done. i was in israel last week. on he street corner all over the place, trump made israel great. god bless donald trump. people were ecstatic. we don't have this in this country because we have a mainstream media and cable media that can't stop chasing after
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whores and prostitutes. >> i saw you in the crowd in jeshes *. "the washington post" said "prop is made, promises kept." pundits and politicians have promised that move. this president comes in and said we are moving it, i promised it, we are doing it. last week we not just moved the embassy. we got out of an iran deal that paved the way for iran to make a nuclear weapon. we got three american citizens who were detainees in north korea back to american soil. i was at the air force base at 4:00 in the morning when they arrived. it was an incredible moment. as quick as the media could say detineees they shifted -- detainees, they shifted their focus back to russia.
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judge jeanine: if you are a student history, you know that the person that even gained with russia was hillary clinton and her husband and the obama administration approving the safe our uranium and the reset. that hot mic moment, tell vlad after the election i will be able to get back to him. we know putin hated hillary clinton because she said his election was rigged in russia. he never forgave her. but i want to move on from that. right now we have got the -- they say that china -- we are working out an agreement with china that is starting to kind of balance the trade agreement. what's going on? >> i can't get ahead of any talks internally with the white house and the chinese government. this is decade of conversation with bureaucrats and public dids
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saying china is cheating. they are doing a horrible thing to the american people. the international stage understands china is cheating. they are taking intellectual property, all the thing we know. no ad administration has had the backbone to stand up to china and say you are cheating the american people. right now we are trying to protect the american worker. we have been ruined by the chinese government. judge jeanine: so many people were worried about this, and to hear that this too is being worked out like north korea and all the other stuff. but i don't have much time left. let me ask you this. i understand that melania came home from the hospital today. she is back at the white house. >> she is. i went over to walter reed several times with the president
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this week. she is doing extremely well. glad to be home. she revealed her be best campaign in the rose garden this week to children. she is excited about that. the president is happy to have her back. she is an amazing ambassador for this white house and amazing first lady and we thank you forking and we thank you for the thoughts and prayers around the country. judge jeanine: hogan gidley, thanks for joining us tonight. next my exclusive one-on-one interview with benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. what he told me about president trump's decision to move the embassy there. you will hear his reaction to the president's bold move. >> what the president has done,
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first he smashed iran's money machine. mom, dad, can we talk?
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sure. what's up son? i can't be your it guy anymore. what? you guys have xfinity. you can do this. what's a good wifi password, mom? you still have to visit us. i will. no. make that the password: "you_stillóhave_toóvisit_us." that's a good one. [ chuckles ] download the xfinity my account app and set a password you can easily remember. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. judge jeanine: the united states
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embassy was officially moved from tel aviv to its rightful place in jerusalem. i was lucky enough to have a front-row seat for this incredible move on the world stage. and i had the chance to sit down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. 70 years since israel declared its independence. and here we are today where the united states is putting its embassy in jerusalem. how do you feel? >> elated. i think this is a moment of history. i think president trump made history. this will be remembered the way we remember the proclamation of harry truman who recognized israel. the way we remember the cyrus declaration when he said you could rebuild the temple in
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jerusalem. judge jeanine: in addition to today, it's been a banner week for you. president trump withdrew from the iran deal. in 2015 you came to america to warn america about what most of straight-thinking people could have figured out, and that was that wrawn deal was a flawed deal. there were many in congress, some of them jews who boy cod, and donald trump today there are some american jews who don't support donald trump. why do you think that is? >> i don't think it's a question of being jewish. it's about understanding the that he poatds by iran. if you give iran a lot of concessions in the nuclear field, the impression that they will be nice, but the opposite happened. you gave the deal, they pushed
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billions into their coffers. instead of become a nice country, it went on a rampage in yemen and iraq, now in syria and elsewhere. they are trying to conquer the middle east with the money from the nuclear deal. first the president smashed iran's money machine for its empire. those who are in the missile range of iran, like this capital, jerusalem, riyadh, elsewhere in the middle east. we understand that president trump has done a great thing. he told iran you are not going to get money for this flawed deal. and you are not going to get the nukes. this deal if it's kept guarantees iran multiple paths to get a nuclear arsenal. everybody says well we should keep this deal because it blocks
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wrawn's path to the bomb. no it doesn't. it guarantee's iran's path to the bomb. judge jeanine: why did the u.k., france, germany, you gave the proof, the evidence on assad, why are they still in the deal? >> i think they are kicking the can ford. can -- the can forward. you will get the ability to enrich you rain yaw -- enrich um for 100 bombs, that's what this deal says. so i think the president is absolutely right, both smashing the cash machine for iran's address and ambitions of empire,
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and telling them you are not going to go with our approval, housekeeping steel of approval. within 7 years have unlimited enrichment. >> why haven't arabs learned that any attempt at military engagement with israel is going to inure to their detriment? >> i think they do. if you look at the arab world as a whole. there is a change in the way they see israel. they see israel not as an enemy, but an ally against their common threat. the threat is iran. our relations with many of the arab countries has undergone a profound transformation. we are united in our desire to
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confront iran's aggression, and we are united in our appreciation of the fact that president trump has confronted iran instead of appeasing iran. the president gets a lot of applause not just here in jerusalem, but through the arab capitals. we are just open about it. the people of israel are open about it. judge jeanine: part two of my exclusive interview with benjamin netanyahu is coming up. you will hear what the prime minister says he has in common with president trump. you may be surprised. david bossie and chris hahn ready to mix it up on the panel. "justice" rolls on in just a moment.
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i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> i'm suggesting one administration shouldn't have five on the other party's candidate or the highest office
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in the land shouldn't dress up a disproven dossier and they shouldn't do that. that's what i'm suggesting. it looks like all that happened. what we are asking for is give us the information to show us. jenna us. -- judge jeanine: that's congressman jim jordan demanding the answers the american people deserve. joining me dave bossie and chris hahn. good evening, gentlemen. chris, i am going to read something from the "new york times." a year and a half later no public evidence has surfaced connecting mr. trump's advisor to the hacking or linking mr. trump himself to the russian government's disruptive efforts. that's the "new york times." you want to tell me what robert
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mueller is doing? >> you and i both know these things take time. especially when something is as complex as international espionage and cyber crimes. i think we have a long way to go before we get to the end of the road. i think the president will be well served by letting this investigator finish his investigation. judge jeanine: the president hasn't done anything to stop him. >> this is an investigation that's out of control. robert mueller has been there for one year. but this investigation has been going on for almost two years. it began during the summer of 2016. no collusion, no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever. with this president or his advisors. this is ridiculous on its face. >> that's a bridge too far my
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friend. >> no, it's not. i served as the chief investigators during the bush administration. i understand the duties of congressional oversight. that's what we were doing. chris: that lasted three years over a real estate deal. i think flynn's plea. >> nothing do with the president. chris: there has been wrongdoing. judge jeanine: where is the connection to the president? dave: where is the connection between what mike flynn or paul manafort or rick gates or his son-in-law have anything to do with this white house? chris: you will know them by the company they keep. that's his campaign manager.
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national security advisor. you would lose your mind. dave: that's the best you got? that should shut down this investigation tomorrow. chris: i think that's important there that's not my word, that's the bible. judge jeanine: chris, i'm disappointed in you. you can do better than that. does that mean for every muslim who kills another person, all muslims are bad? come on. chris: no. no. that's ridiculous. dave: that's why mark me december and jim jordan and others are demanding these documents from the department of justice. it will go to the under belly, to the basis of this investigation. if the transparency for the
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american people. if congress can get those documents and we can talk about it on television. >> the only reason year not getting those documents is because of jeff sessions. did you hear my open? that stuff needs to come out. why is he still there, david? chris: do i need to send you a copy of schoolhouse rock? dave: i think the president looks at jeff sessions as somebody who is doing a good job on certain issues, on gangs and ms-13. judge jeanine: you are not answering me. dave: i don't know why. you serve at the pleasure of the president. judge jeanine: even the president says, that the fbi or doj was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another
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campaign, that's really a big deal. only a release and review of the documents the how intel commit. >> i and also senate is asking for can give the could be cluesive answers. drain the swamp. chris: the president could declassify these documents right now if he wants to. and the congress -- the way congress works. mark meadows doesn't just get to call for these documents. the congress votes. if the congress votes to release these documents, they can be released right now. dave: that's wrong. congress can issue a subpoena for those documents and hold people in contempt. it doesn't mean the department of justice needs to turn them over and you know that. chris: if the congress votes to
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release these document they would be released. not just mark meadows and his caucus. the entire congress can hold the attorney general and rod rosenstein in contempt of congress. they can go to court. judge jeanine: you are still not answering the underlying question. why don't they respond to the committee which has oversight and control over them? why? who are they? chris: they made a claim not to reveal sources and methods. judge jeanine: baloney. there are processes involved, and i take that seriously. if there are sources and methods involved you have to protect certain things. but i don't like that as an excuse. there are processes in congress that they can read those document.
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the doj doesn't want members of congress to be able to read those documents. that's the process. that's where we are today. dave: i know the president watches your show. maybe he miewts it when i'm on. but he has the power to release these documents if he wants to. judge jeanine: this week, chris, nancy pelosi defends the violent ms-13 gang members accusing the president of something all the stations agree he never did or never intended to say. he said we are all god's children, we have divinity in us. so what the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants, thesepeople are people not animals. everyone has depunked her claims. why is she so in love with ms-13
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gang members that she sees a spark of divinity in them? chris: come on, you are making a jump like she did. she took the president out of context now you are taking her out of context. dave: nancy pelosi is defending ms-13. they are not on animals, they are animals that should be put down. these people need to be dealt with and dealt with -- chris: without due process? dave: they are here illegally. they can go to jail or go home. either way i don't want them on my streets. judge jeanine: i think they should go live with nancy or chris hahn. part two of my exclusive sit-down with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. what he told me he has in common
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with our president. don't miss it.
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judge jeanine: president trump may be the most of outspoken world leader when it comes to his frustration with the press. but he certainly isn't alone. here is part two of my exclusive
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interview from jerusalem with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as the u.s. embassy opened there this week. you and president trump are straight talking no nonsense in your face. do you find that you are similar? >> the press treatment of my tenure has some similarities. judge jeanine: to the united states press and their treat the of trump? >> some. judge jeanine: does it frustrate you? >> no, i have a hard time getting used to any other reality. i don't let it bro bother me. and i just do what i think is right. there is a social media now. judge jeanine: your father and brother have passed. if you believe in the afterlife
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and they are looking down. what do you think they would think if they are look down at you on this historic day. >> they would be very proud and happy. they understand the significance of this. our greatest ally, the united states of america touched on the core being our people, which has been jerusalem. jerusalem has been the pulsating heart of the jewish people for 3,000 years. now comes an american president to fulfills his promise to recognize jerusalem as the israel capital which is common sense, but somebody had to say it to break the charade of hypocrisy. he just punched right through it. this is a historical point as has been the decision to confront iran and pull out of
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that horrible deal. i think the arabs sort of have to raise the usual protests, but i don't think they really care that much. the palestinians in gaza, we use it as a pretext to try to rule up the masses against israel. but what they want is not a peace with israel. they want a peace without israel. they don't want a palestinian state next to israel. they want a palestinian state instead of israel. that's why the conflict goes on. they want to throw us into the sea. king hussein of jordan is willing to coexist with us. and i see that happening with
12:47 am
@er -- with other arab countries. judge jeanine: iran is aligning itself with russia and has a proxy in syria. >> they are saying openly their goal is to bring lethal weapons to close to israel's border. 1,000 bombs next to our border with the aim of destroying us. i said no. we'll confront you now before you build up your forces rather than later. what would you do if somebody tried to move right next to the united states with horrendous missiles with the express purpose of annihilating the united states. i don't think russia wants iran to do that. because i think they are in
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competition now for the spoils, if you will. i'm not sure there is a necessary conflict. but iran is a conflict with us. iran is a conflict with the united states. iran is a conflict with just about he arab state. i think we should unite under president trump's leadership to get iran out of syria and stop iran's aggression. if you want to advance peace, that's how you advance it. by confronting the enemies of peace. judge jeanine: a strong israel? >> definitely. what happened with the arab state, they recognize israel is here to stay and they can't defeat it. so you make peace with them. it's called peace through strength. i am sure you have heard of that. judge jeanine: my thanks to
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prime minister netanyahu. and next i'll take you inside and next i'll take you inside the historic ceremony its
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judge jeanine: this week's historic opening of the u.s.
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embassy in jerusalem restores the holy city as israel's capital. >> this is a distinct honor. judge jeanine: here we are at the embassy in jerusalem, i'm finding charlie kirk and candace owen. >> it took amazing courage for the president to do this. >> it was present. you could feel the energy in the room and love for trump. as soon as his name gets said, people are standing up and applauding. >> these two great democracies, these two great countries, i love them both. this is the day that says we are partners. we share the values. democracy, rule of law, opportunity.
12:54 am
the judeo-christian tradition. for me personally i was privileged to be one of the leaders that put the he bassy relocation act in 1995. lord, it's now 23 years later. judge jeanine: what do you say about today? >> i want to thank president trump. this would not be happening without president trump. everybody made promises about america recognizing this as the capital, he said he would do it and he did it. look how painless this is. judge jeanine: why are you here? >> it's something that was promised since 1995 by congress. and he actually made it come true. judge jeanine: it doesn't matter what your religion. whether you are christian,
12:55 am
jewish, muslim, even if you are agnostic, if you come here and feel it's god's country. >> you are welcome, no matter what. everybody is welcome. the israeli military is protecting every religious site in this country, muslim, christian, jewish. judge jeanine: and the israeli hospital takes care of everyone. >> this is the capital of israel and america is leading the charge internationally. america needs to be a leader in the world. the president recognizes that. >> i'm still a registered democrat but an independent-minded one. and thank you, president trump. judge jeanine: we'll be right
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judge jeanine: finally, tonight, don't forget to friend me on facebook, instagram or twitter. i love to read your comments, i do, and you never have to miss justice. if you can't watch, set your dvr. plus, get ready, my new book comes out in june but you can preorder it now on amazon and barnes & noble. thank you for watching. i'm getting the road, advocating for truth, justice and the
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american way. the greg gutfeld show is coming up next. i will see you next saturday night here in new york. >> this time i will keep that the ball clear to the moon. >> in this case it's kim jong-un and holding the football and president trump, not charlie brown, left swinging in the air. as it has happened so many times before. greg: thank you for explaining that you idiots. [laughter] it was a word that ripped a hole in the universe.


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