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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 20, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> another twist in the russia investigation days after it entered its second year. new reports an fbi informant met with multiple advisers on president trump's campaign team. >> this investigation, judge, has been going on almost two years. no collusion, no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> the tragic school shooting in santa fe, texas, reigniting the gun debate on capitol hill. >> guns stop guns. not having guns invite guns to come in. >> they care more about the nra than they do about children. >> former president jimmy carter or delivering the commencement address in liberty university. >> this is a wonderful crowd. i hate to say this, it's even bigger than it was last year. i don't know if president trump
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would have did that or not. [laughter] >> prince harry and american actress meghan markle saying their vows on the grounds of windsor castle. justify sets up a triple crown run at the belmont. ♪ ♪ abby: you know what's never going out of style, pete? peter: what? be. abby: the royals. peter: yes, they are. abby: pete is really upset it's over. ed: cavs were big. i think it was an elaborate plot by pete to prevent a competition. we were kind of pre'emed a little bit -- preempted a little
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bit. all of a sudden it happens to have been a day we're going to have a competition. and he has the trophy. abby: what is the next competition, by the way? peter: it's not out there. ed: i know, i've been working on it. abby: stay tuned. good morning to all of you, happy sunday morning. peter: well, you know, if another day, another presidential tweet about whether or not there was surveillance on the trump campaign. president trump yesterday putting out this tweet, and it's setting the stage for a continuing showdown about investigating of the investigators. he said if the pbi or doj -- fbi or doj was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of other campaign, that is a really big deal. peter: ed, you know, this comes on the heels of a lot of pressure from the white house, from others to say what does the doj, fbi know.
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ed: remember, this really kicked into high gear when we had devin nuñes on committee a few sundays ago, and he said we want this information about an intelligence source that had been helpful to the u.s. government that may have been in contact with the trump campaign, and they're trying to figure out did that person basically infiltrate the campaign and, basically, was spying, surveilling the campaign. this is very interesting because the justice department has been pushing back and saying we cannot reveal the identity of this person, we can't get into more information, yet there's been leak after leak to "the washington post" and "the new york times" all but revealing who this person is. who's doing the leaking? the fbi and justice department officials who are trying to spin their -- abby: well, many of them are saying they've never leaked from the very beginning, and we're beginning to get reports that more of that is accurate. how to you put a spy on someone's campaign? what evidence do you need to use? i guess they can put it in as an
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intelligence investigation versus a criminal investigation? if it's intelligence, then you can do whatever you want? no rules apply? peter: you think there's influence from a foreign government. so the name is out there of this source, his name is stephane helper, he's an academic, he's been a resource for a long time. he was involved in a 1980s spying scandal involving reagan officials and jimmy carter. this guy's been working with the cia for a long time. ed: we know who he is. peter: yes -- ed: and yet the democrats are say, well, if devin nuñes reveals his name, that could be illegal. peter: you're exactly right. the fbi says call him an agent, an inform minute, a spy, an asset, take your pick. but it looked like therapy potentially trying to entrap the trump campaign to prove a theory. how far did the surveillance go on carter page, on papadopoulos. we don't know that.
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these are questions we have to get answers to, and to your question, what triggeredded it. what was the justification? abby: per usual, we've got a republican saying what is the legality, and the democrats saying if you're asking for the doj to release this -- mark warner tweeted about it as well. do we have that? he says it would be at best irresponsible, but as worst, potentially illegal for the purpose of undermining the ongoing investigation into russian interference in our election. completely different sides on this. there's no middle ground, if there ever is. ed: and it is important to protect sources and methods, people giving information to the u.s. government. peter: of course. ed: is it deafen nunez revealing the source or is it the fact that fbi and justice department officials have leaked to the new york times and washington post their version of events what happened during the trump campaign that has revealed this source, number one.
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and number two, go back to some of the former obama officials like james clapper who was the director of national intelligence, and after donald trump as the newly-elect president in march of 2017 went on that tweet storm and said identify just found out that -- i've just found out that trump tower may have been wiretapped, all of that, james clapper went on "meet the press" and claimed one of this happened. watch. >> there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time or as a candidate or against his campaign. the focus here as it was with the intelligence community is not on the campaign per se, but what the russians were doing to try to ingratiate themselves into the campaign or influence or level it. if there was someone that was observing that sort of thing, that's a good thing. ed: so last year he's saying, wait a second, none of this happened. there was no surveillance of the
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trump campaign. now more facts come out because of pressure from devin nuñes, and that same manages james clap, is out there saying, well, if there was surveillance, that was a good thing. because we're trying to figure out whether the russians infiltrated the trump campaign. they are trying to cover their tracks. abby: this is also someone who referred to president trump as an agent for the russians i. used to be people in these leadership roles, they used to be apolitical, right? nonpartisan. here we've seen time and time again across the board people that have left the jobs or have been fired having very personal feelings and opinions about the current president. you look back at things that have happened from the beginning until now and still so many questions remain. peter: we're also learning more details. a lot of this that we're learning from the interactions he tried to have with the trump campaign is that surveillance on trump started earlier than james
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comey admitted. as we know, he paid for people to fly out. there was a turkish woman that flirted with papadopoulos. how far did they go, i would use the word entrap or identify ways they could get intelligence information even without a crime being proven. i don't know. ed: we have just learned a small percentage of what's going to eventually come out. abby: this i.g. report is going to be quite a bombshell. ed: we're hearing middle of this week. peter: well, you know, we had the unfortunate -- abby: the shooting in santa fe. yeah, it happened just a few days ago, and heartbreaking. ten people were killed, ten injured. and as we've seen all too often, these school shootings take place, but obama's education secretary, former secretary, has an idea because the country's now continuing to find ways, talk about ways that we can stop this from happening again. well, they have aned idea to boycott schools -- ed: yeah, this is arne duncan -- abby: until the gun laws
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changed. the between says this is brilliant and tragically necessary. what if no children went to school until gun laws changed? my family is all in we can do this at scale. parents, will you please join us? peter: so the idea is if they don't get their way and take away guns or do something they deem as reasonable, no kids go to school? abby: yeah. and for how long? peter: how long? congress works at breakneck speed usually -- abby: well, he's asking parents to follow suit. i'm not sure how many parents are going to think that's the most brilliant idea. ed:, how do you weigh this against the second amendment rights we have in this country. peter: we're going to have bill bennett, former education secretary as well, we'll ask him about that. also, a ton more details on our first topic. abby: there's a lot of news. speaking of that shooting, we now know the name of all ten
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victims of the santa fe high school shooting. they are substitute teachers glenda ann perkins and sint in tisdale. the students identified as jared black, shanna fisher, christian garcia, aaron kyle mccloud, christopher stone and kimberly vaughn. the shooter's parents say they are, quote, shocked and confused saying that reports of his actions seem incompatible with the boy that they loved. and an emotional scene as the school's basketball team took the field for a playoff game, just the beginning, as you can imagine, of that healing process. among those in uniform, a survivor who was shot in the back of the head and neck. just so heartbreaking, and then to see the names of those who lost their lyes. also this, a cougar attack leaves one man dead and another fighting for his life. two men were mountain biking just outside of seattle. the injured man attacked fist,
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the cougar turning to his friend and and killing him. the survivor is expected to be okay. agents able to use tracker dogs to find, shoot and ultimately kill that cougar. well, the first lady is out of the hospital and back in the white house, president trump writing this: great to have our incredible first lady back home in the white house. melania's feeling and doing really well. thank you for your prayers and best wishes. melania's home after spending nearly a week at walter reed medical center where she had a procedure for an unspecified kidney condition said to be benign. and prince harry and meghan markle will be returning to kensington palace this morning as husband and wife after millions of people tuned in to watch their fairy tale wedding yesterday. [cheers and applause] abby: the kiss we were all waiting for. the newlyweds officially becoming the duke and duchess of sussex, driving off in a jaguar
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convertible -- of course, because why not? -- to their reception. they are putting their honeymoon on hold and will be attending their first royal engagement tuesday at buckingham palace for prince charles' 70th birthday bash. ed: that's pretty cool. abby: that jaguar, why not drive out in style? peter: yeah, did it right. you know, she's an american, we're proud of her. abby: living all of our dreams. good for you, meghan. peter: not my dreams. [laughter] all right, remember that caravan of illegal immigrants threatening to cross the border? there may be another one in the works. brandon judd coming up soon. ed: one couple going to court to force their 30-year-old son to get a life, get a job and move out. that story coming out. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ abby: welcome back. organizers of the migrant caravan that made its way to the united states a few weeks ago say they are planning another journey with a new caravan about this time next year. peter: but what point will their journey prove, and what kind of response can we expect from the u.s. border agency? abby: here to weigh in, the president of the national border control council, brandon judd. your perspective is always so helpful, good to see you. >> thanks. i appreciate being here. abby: what is your immediate reaction hearing that the organizers that have put together this caravan, it's been going on for about ten years now, it's really only this year the president making some moves. what do you make of them saying they're going to do the same thing a year from now? >> well, what they're trying to do, is there's so many different factions that are against this president, and they try to bring negative attention on him. and this announcement coming at this time is no surprise. the president's popularity, his
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poll numbers are on the rise, and these groups the last thing they want to see is they want to see him win again in 2020. so they're going to put out information trying to embarrass the president, trying to drop those poll numbers down and his popularity down, and that's all this is about. it's just about the negative attention that they're trying to draw on the president of the united states. pete: brandon, are they counting on the fact that by this time next year laws will still be the same, that ultimately they will be able to get granted the kind of asylum status that they want, that children not be separated from parents? are they hoping that things don't change? >> they are. again, if you look at it, the push that there is right now on congress the president did his job. in 2017 we saw historic drops, and he did that single handedly with nobody else's help. but what he expected was he expected congress to step in and take the necessary action that would have closed all of the loopholes that allow these
3:17 am
people that seek asylum to get granted immunity into the united states and then never show up to their court appearances. you know, it's interesting that they say that they bring these people up here to obey the laws, but yet when they get into the united states, they fail to obey the laws, fail to show up to their court hearings and the reason is because they to not have a legitimate asylum claim are. they're playing on the loopholes that the laws allow them to do right now. a. abby: yeah. brandon, what did you make of the media bias, the president had a round table with mayors from california talking about sanctuary cities, and at one moment he was responding not about illegal immigrants, but about ms-13 gang members. the media were criticizing him for that. for those who don't know, talk to us about ms-13. are they animals in your opinion? >> they're worse than animals, in my opinion. animals do not treat other
3:18 am
animals the way ms-13 treats other human beings. to see the president come out and give an actual explanation of what he was talking about, we saw tweets that were being taken down because they realized that they were caught red-handed for is once again attacking in this president for doing nothing wrong. in fact, for pointing out to the american public exactly what's happening with these very dangerous and violent gangs. again, how many times do we have to sit back and allow women to get raped, children to get raped, women to get murdered and every other thing that happens in ms-13 before we take a stand and say enough's enough? pete: i mean, brandon, ms-13's motto is kill, rape, control. if that's not the definition of animal behavior, i don't know what is. and ultimately, their hatred blinds them to the nuance that someone can have, an illegal immigrant is not an animal, but an ms-13 member certainly is if
3:19 am
they're doing those types of things. >> they are. again, i believe and my opinion is that ms-13, a lot of those individuals are worse than animals. and to see the president double down on that, i appreciate it. ann. andrew: -- abby: that's what sarah sand isers said. great to have you on. coming up on the show, jimmy kimmel putting the blame on trump and the gop after the santa fe shooting. is this fair? we're going to debate that next. >> congress people, our governors who don't ever do anything because they're fearful that it will hurt them politically. they care more about the support of the nra than they do about children. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. right now during our semi-annual sale, save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends soon.
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for you. the first volcano-related injury now being reported on hawaii's big island, a homeowner was sitting on a third floor balcony when a lava burned him. this comes as fresh love rah threat reasons to -- lava threatens to blocking a key highway. also two dozen people have been hospitalized after overdosing on marijuana known as k2. authorities looking for the person who distributed it on a new york city intersection. all of those patients, lucky, are expected to survive. ed: jimmy kimmel not wasting any time before turning the high school shooting tragedy on friday into a chance to get on his soap box. just hours after the shooting, kimmel had this to say. >> our leaders are sending their thoughts and prayers. president trump said he is with the people of santa fe in this tragic hour and will be with them forever except for when it comes time to do something, then e will not be with them. neither will any of the congress
3:24 am
people or governors who don't do anything because they're fearful it will hurt them politically. they care more about the support of the nra than they do about children. ed: joining us, lawrence jones, editor-in-chief of campus and antwan seawright, a democratic strategist. antwan, i want to start with you. jimmy kimmel had his show during the obama years, and i was at a news conference where it was said you keep talking about gun control, where you been? and he wasn't very happy about it. but the bottom line i'm asking you is what did barack obama do for eight years about gun control if this is such a democratic priority? >> well, i remember very distinctively after the connecticut shooting this president, barack obama with tears in his eyes, talked about how he felt, and he felt like it was personal. he called for congress to do something -- ed: right. but, pardon me, there had been many tragedies before me. yes, i was there, and he was
3:25 am
very emotional about newtown, and newly so. but the point is -- and rightly so. he had a democratic house and senate at the beginning of his tenure. >> the only thing i can tell you, my friend, was he called for action. here we are another shooting, another scenario in which there are ten families planning funerals that did not intend to be planning funerals in this manner. i've been through it myself. i know what it's like to lose a friends in a mass shooting as i did in charleston, southbound, where the pastor of that church lost his life. yet here we are three years later, and nothing has been done at the federal level. i think what jimmy was doing was using his platform to say we have to do something and hold these people accountable who -- ed: antwan, we're certainly sorry about your loss, but i want to get lawrence in here as well. >> i've never seen a better example of white privilege than
3:26 am
jimmy kimmel. he can have -- he's a rich, white man that has security, but he doesn't want oh americans to have -- other americans to have security as well, have the second amendment? look, we've seen this in communities where people look like me and antwan, they have passed gun legislation but it didn't work. i'm going to tell you this, we've tried it the liberal way where they have gun control, and it did not help our communities. so i'm not to willing to disarm myself. one thing i will say is that i wish the leavitt would be a little bit -- the left would be a little bit more honest. can they just say they don't like the second amendment? >> but, lawshes, this should not be -- lawrence, this should not be about left versus right. >> oh, but it is. >> it is not about whether democrats want to take your gun. i love my gun, i'm a proud holder, but we need to prevent -- >> so what do you suggest we do? >> well, we need, we need reasonable gun reform measures to -- >> okay, what gun law would have fixed this situation?
3:27 am
>> laws to prevent another parkland shooting, to prevent another newtown -- >> what gun law would have fixed this? >> we need leaders who will lead on the issue. >> the bottom line is though, ed, no gun law would have prevented this situation, and that's why antwan couldn't name not one law to finish. >> of course i can. like, for instance, people with mental health should never have gun issues. i mean, never have guns in their hands. that's one prime example of the thing you and i should be -- >> he stole his gun from his father. >> i'm not speaking just to this issue. ed: all right. antwan, lawrence, have a good sunday. >> thanks, ed. ed: terrorists organize riots along the israeli border, so why did one high school hold a moment of silence for hamas? yes, hamas. we'll get into it. and how old is too old to be living with your parents? pete wants to know. one couple going to court to force their 30-year-old son to
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for us, it's time to get tested. i think, keep going, and make a difference. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als. because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah. ♪ ♪ ed: welcome back. well, president trump and south korean president moon speaking on the phone overnight. abby: their conversation coming as kim jong un makes new demands just days after threatening to call off the summit in singapore. ed: garrett tenney is live in washington.
3:32 am
reporter: the past few events have shown us the summit is still a long ways away. this weekend away kim young undd for south korea to return 12 young women who defected in 2016. the south has said it would look into the issue but previously indicated the women escaped by their own free will. this latest issue throws another wrench into the sensitive nuclear talks. here's how president trump responded earlier this week to kim's threats of pulling out. >> we are dealing with them now. we may have the meeting, we may not have the meeting. if we don't have it, that will be very interesting. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: north korea isn't the only one raising tensions in the region though. this weekend china's state media released video showing a long-range nuclear-capable missile landing op an island in the disputed south china sea for
3:33 am
the first time. it's not clear what the u.s. response will be to this latest move particularly given that china is expected to need to play a big role in the peace talks with north korea if they're going to be successful, but that is one of the many issues president trump and south korea's president likely spoke about during their call yesterday ahead of their meetings here in washington on tuesday. back to y'all. abby: yeah, it's a big deal. follow that closely. thank you, garrett. pete: china flexing their muscles. abby: other headlines, starbucks making a new policy official. anyone can now sit in their cafés or use its restrooms even if they don't buy anything. the changes come after the controversial arrest of two black men who had not bought anything at the store in philadelphia last month sparking nation wide outrage. the company also plans to close thousands of stores on may 29th for racial bias raining. ed: just a public hangout now. abby: and liberty university's graduation ceremony getting political. dr. ben carson speaking to
3:34 am
graduates, but it is former president jimmy carter's speech that is stealing heldlines with this jab, oh, yes, at president trump. >> this is a wonderful crowd. it's even bigger, i hate to say this, than it was last year. [laughter] i don't know if president trump would have did that or not. abby: kind of a joke too. well, president carter referring to the trump administration's claim over the size of the crowd at trump's inauguration last year. all of these commencement speeches. and parents are outraged after after a prestigious school holds a moment of silence for hamas. new york city's beacon school pausing, the islamic group claims 50 of them were members, one man telling "the new york post," quote: i did not send my child to this school to pray for hamas operatives. and justify gallops through mud and fog right into the
3:35 am
winner's circle at the preakness stakes. watch. >> justify, he's unstoppable! he won the preakness! abby: unstoppable. un3-year-old colt racing to victory on the shop by track in baltimore, similar to the conditions we saw in the kentucky derby victory just two weeks ago. justify is now one win away from the coveted triple crown. he will have a chance at the belmont stakes, that is in june. looking good for him though. ed: runaway victory. pete: praying for rain. ed: it was almost like pete in the kayak. [laughter] abby: all right. well, there is this pretty incredible story that i think many people can relate to that's being reported. there is a family, parents that are trying the kick their son out of their house. they've gone to court, they've got a date set for may 22nd. they've sent their son, is it six notes? pete: yeah, five, written notices. they have a filing before the
3:36 am
supreme court of the new york state to try to get their son michael, who's 30 years old, evicted from his house. ed: their first note to their son, michael, we have decided you must leave this house immediately. you have 14 days to vacate. you will not be allowed to return. we will take whatever actions are necessary to enforce this decision. mark and christina -- abby: they sign it. ed: these are parents, and they're signing it. abby: all right, this is another letter. organize the things you need to work and an apartment, sell the other things you have that have significant value. there are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. get one, you have to work. if you want help finding a place, your mother has offered to help you. pete: the mom will still help you. michael' defense is you have to give me six months' notice, and you cannot evict me as your child. i've liveredded here -- lived here for eight years with no chores and no expenses -- abby: who would want to leave
3:37 am
that? ed: what's he doing, video games, maybe? xbox? pete: of course. sign of the times, i could stay on their health care until 26 -- ed: have you had an incident like this at home? abby: at what point should you leave the house. pete: and would you take it to the supreme court? e-mail us. adam, how about you? >> reporter: i'm ready to move back in with my parents right now. start doing my doingly, cooking my -- laundry, cooking my food. now that my parents know there's a legal recourse, i don't know. taking a look at the forecast, actually a really busy night right in the center of the country. we saw severe weather firing off. anything in the red would be a tornado-warned storm. everything in the blue, those are wind reports, and everything in the green is hail. big storms continuing to move across the country. it's going to linger until the early morning hours as we're seeing this line of storms
3:38 am
moving through portions of texas, oklahoma, areas of missouri. still seeing rounds of rain across the east coast as well. this is happening anytime you see warm air and cold air bumping against each other. there's the warm area, there's the cold air. we're going to continue to see this throughout the rest of the day. abby: beautiful out there, adam. >> reporter: always good news for you. [laughter] pete: always. that's sarcasm. this professor now reportedly identified as the fbi's mole inside the trump campaign as president trump calls on the doj to release their spying documents. tom fitton says everything needs to be declassified right now. he joins us next. abby: plus, david bossie, bill benefit and maria bartiromo all joining us live. ed: we're just getting started. abby: wake up, come join us. ♪ ♪ ancestrydna can pinpoint where your ancestors are from
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♪ ♪ ed: good morning. some quick headlines. in a potential trade breakthrough, china has agreed to buy more u.s. goods following tree days of high-level talks in washington. the two countries taking measures to substantially reduce america's trade deficit with china. the white house, meanwhile, says this will support growth and employment in the united states. and secretary of state mike pompeo expected to announce a new comprehensive strategy for iran tomorrow. he will address how the international community can scale back tehran's nuclear and conventional weapons capabilities. this comes nearly two weeks after the president pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal. pete? pete: still waiting for that, ed. well, the president putting pressure on the doj to release documents about the fbi's source in his campaign amid spying claims tweeting this: if the fbi or doj was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that's a really big deal.
3:43 am
only the release or review of document that is the house intelligence committee -- also senate judiciary -- is asking if can give the conclusive answers. drain the swamp. this as multiple outlets now report that the fbi informant in the trump campaign was american-born cambridge professor stephane halper, that man right there, who first met with trump advisers intentionally to get information in early july of 2016. joining us now to weigh in is tom fitton, president of judicial watch, a conservative watchdog group. tom, thanks for being here this morning. so the doj is angry about potentially outing of sources while someone over there at doj seems to be deliberately outing sources and leaking them to the media. how do we get the truth here? >> well, as the president says, we need to release the information. look are, the media had put two and two together long ago, back in march. the daily caller noted that
3:44 am
professor halper had approached papadopoulos and others, and then more information was being leaked by the justice department and the fbi to try to spin this person's involvement in the campaign which just confirmed for anyone with google who that it was, indeed, mr. halper. so the idea about lives lost and stuff is bunk, and it shows they can't be trusted to honestly evaluate whether or not to release information in the public interest. and the president needs to step in directly, declassify everything he possibly can related to the illicit effort to spy on his campaign by the obama administration. and if it means getting in the way of the mueller investigation, so be it because we have to remember the mueller information is a continuation -- investigation is a continuation of the spy effort that began in 2016 -- pete: sure. >> the results were handed over,
3:45 am
the investigation entirely was handed over by rosenstein to mr. mueller when he appointed him. pete: it's all part of the long continuum, no doubt about it. as doj has realized this information's going to get out, they've run to the media and leaked important details. look at these headlines, "the washington post" saying the secret intelligence source who aided mueller probe is at center of latest clash between nuñes and justice department. then in "the new york times," code name crossfire hurricane, the secret origins of the trump investigation. again, more information about this potential source. then "the washington post," bigger than watergate, trump joins push by allies to expose role of an fbi source. so someone's out there leaking information about in this potential individual. and then doj puts out this statement around the same time. they say: we treat disclosures of classified information seriously, and we prosecute those responsible regardless of whether the person is within the intelligence community or a
3:46 am
staff on the hill. are these real concerns, fake concerns, are they spinning? what is happening in doj as it pertains to protecting sources? are they really doing that, or are they trying to cover up for themselves? >> oh, this is just deep state spin. the justice department, again, is the dog being wagged by the mueller special counsel tail. and everything is designed to protect the mueller operation, and the mueller operation is imploding as a result of revelations about how it started with this illicit spying. the idea that they would send this man, try to insert him into the campaign, induce meetings with campaign operatives with payments for supposed work, this was inevitable this was going to come out. and it's the fbi's responsibility, the cia's responsibility if they were involved for this outrageous activity. and, peter, i'd like to compare and contrast the headlines and the spin that "the washington post" and "the new york times"
3:47 am
are happily providing the deep state with what they reported on with nixon's plumbers and such. this makes nixon's seem like an amateur operation. pete: well, absolutely. and do we know -- there's no way we know how far it went, how much halper was paid, did he wear a wire, what triggered them sending him there, was it the cia, doj, f, biing. we mow who this guy is, you don't want to disrupt sources and methods, but if they were to politically spy on another campaign, american people deserve to know about that. >> and the emphasis is on plural, sources and methods. national security letters that were taking up phone records. they had wiretaps. we don't know through the fisa surveillance if carter page, we don't know if there were other fisa warrants. this is why there's got to be a thorough airing of this misconduct, the spying by the
3:48 am
obama administration on donald trump while they were protecting hillary clinton on obvious crimes. pete: and things we were told aren't true. james clapper said we weren't doing any of this, now he's saying it was a good idea to do so. james comey said we didn't start surveilling until late july, now we learn it was early july. so if your officials aren't telling you the truth, you've bot to push hard, and members of congress -- do you think we'll get this stuff declassified, tom, or briefly? >> i think we will. i didn't think it'd get worse than the clinton dossier, but it is. they have a lot to hide. pete: they sure do. tom fitton, thanks. remember the oakland mayor who warned illegal immigrant criminals of an upcoming i.c.e. raid? president trump said she broke the law. >> look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland, california, jeff. she advised a thousand people, told them get out of here, law enforcement's coming. pete: this morning the mayor is
3:49 am
responding, and we'll bring that. plus, kids bringing pot to school. one state about to make that legal. ♪ ♪ peter: sounds like a great idea. ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ ♪
3:53 am
pete: welcome back. well, everyone's favorite antihero is back and breaking records during its first day in theaters. ed: tedpool 2 -- deadpool 2 is expected to take the number one -- abby: let's step in to the fox theater, you say you love it. >> love it. almost better than the first. abby: that's rare. >> the best sequel since the god father part two, and here's a sneak peek, and you'll see why. ♪ ♪ >> there's this kid, he's in trouble. >> move or die. >> pump or the hate brakes, sthanos. >> i think you've got a hit on your head. >> thank you, thank you. >> how would you describe this crazy, wild movie to people who aren't familiar with it? >> if you're not familiar with deadpool, have you been under a rock? it's like with sugar ray every morning but with more mark
3:54 am
mcgrath. >> it's just like all the things you're not supposed to do in a film. >> but it's also like a really heart-felt story about a guy really just trying to do right by this kid. we're going to form a going duper, tough, morally flexible and young enough to carly their own franchise for 10-15 years. >> given the success of the first film, or what your expectations? >> this one was definitely a money grab, bigtime. the good news is you don't need to see number one to understand two. but definitely see spider-man 3 to enjoy it. >> bring it on one night be, willie. [gunfire] ♪ ♪ >> ooh, yeah, your bullets, they're really fast. ♪ ♪ >> really bad but the movie's really good. all ther rev rent humor, you're
3:55 am
going to have to see it to know what it is. but it's poised to pull in about $1in 3 million this weekend at the box office. it's the biggest release for an r-rated movie -- ed: are they talking about today show? >> yes! abby: ryan reynolds was meant to play this role. this is him. >> and these two movies have been a big passion project for him. he's put all of himself into these movies, and it shows. they're not sure if there's going to be a third one. pete: all right. i'll see this one. i didn't see the first -- i need to watch them both. [laughter] pete: all right, you've convinced me. ed: meanwhile, the mainstream media slamming president trump for calling ms-13 animals. >> immigrant communities hear this as a dog whistle. >> no one would condemn donald trump calling people animals more than jesus christ would. ed: this morning a democrat from california defends the media and
3:56 am
says the president was probably calling you an animal too. abby: plus, david bossie, bill benefit, sara carter, maria bartiromo, just a few of the people that are going to join us. we've got a big three hours still to go on "fox & friends" this sunday morning. we'll be back after this. ♪ unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life.
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4:00 am
he said if the fbi or doj was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal. >> this investigation, judge, has been going on almost two or years. no collusion, no evidence of any wrongdoing. abby: we now know the names of all ten victims of the santa fe high school shooting. the shooter's parents say they are, quote, shocked and confused. ed: jimmy kimmel not wasting any time p before turning the tragedy into a chance to get on his political soap box yet again. >> care more about the support of the nra than they do about children. abby: liberty university's graduation ceremony getting political. >> this is a wonderful crowd. it's even bigger, i i hate to say this, than it was last year. i don't know if president trump would have did that or not. abby: prince harry and megyn heart markel will be returning to kensington palace this morning as husband and wife. >> justify, he's unstoppable! he won the preakness! ♪ ♪
4:01 am
pete: that was a royal wave. one of those, like, what do they say, swoosh, swoosh, if you're the princess? abby: i don't know, you tell me. pete: there's aaway you're supposed to do if you're in a parade and you're wearing a sash. what's that callwhat. abby: the queen? i hope you're not awake and understand what that's about. ed: put another pot of coffee on. pete: also when i have nothing else to say, i just look up what it is today. it's national be a millionaire day, it's national pick strawberries day. it's also, for kids, take your parents to the playground. abby: i was hoping to stay inside. pete: i think you can get a free
4:02 am
pass, because she can't talk yet. abby: or walk. [laughter] we've got a lot of news to get to starting with president trump. he is up, and he is irate about the fbi and doj asking him to release documents that will prove, he thinks, that he has been spied on, that his campaign was spied on. he had this to say about it. he said: if the fbi or doj was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal. only the release or review of documents can give the conclusive answers. drain the swamp. ed: part of the problem here for the president is that the official timeline we had heard from previous leaks from the fbi, the cia, the intelligence community had been that this all started, the investigation of the president and alleged russian collusion, roughly in august of 2016 with the papadopoulos meeting with the ambassador, blah, blah, blah well, it turns out there may have been a spy that the u.s. government, obama administration at the time in 2016, was talking
4:03 am
to in july at least, before august, maybe even sooner that may have infiltrated the trump campaign. a professor in the u.k.,ing you can see right there. and now there's been a lot of leaks about this, a lot of mystery, but i think the president is pushing for system facts. pete: that's right. this is a big piece of new news. his name is stephane halper, he's done work in both the u.s. and the u.k., he was in the nixon, ford and reagan administration. he was also involved in a spy scandal in the 1980 as well working with the cia. so he's been at this game for a long time. what we know, what the president is talking about in this tweet is fbi or cia sent in an agent, a source, an asset, an inform minute or you could call him a spy, take your pick, to help try to entrap the trump campaign or find out if there was collusion going on. how far did he go? and these stories that have been in the press, in the new york times and "the washington post," they don't name the name of the
4:04 am
source, but they might as well. they throw out detail after detail, they're saying, well, we're not telling you who it is, but it was a certain person at a certain time who'd worked for a certain number of administrations. what triggeredded these actions? how justified were they? and does this guy have tapes? was he wearing wires? ed: were people in the trump campaign set up? pete: right. were they set up to see if they can get criminal information -- abby: and what evidence did they ultimately have to put a a spy in the campaign. pete: yes. justification. you've got to have a reason! ed: and democrats are saying it may be illegal if devin nuñes and other republicans are pushing for more information. you have senators mark warper and chuck schumer, the democratic leader, saying it might be illegal. well, the fbi and and the justice department with the leaks they've been pours out there, they've all but named this asset, this intelligence person.
4:05 am
so the point is they're trying to point the finger of blame at devin nuñes when, in fact, they've been leaking this out like mad. abby: so apparently it's okay to leak if it benefits you. pete: that's the swamp. abby: the i.g. report is coming out in a matter of weeks, right? is they're concerned there's going to be some bombshell in there, and we're going to get a lot more insight into what was done in the early days of the campaign. ed: were they covering for the clinton campaign -- abby: so let's leak out now so it can be a softer blow before the i.g. report comes out, and then it makes it okay. pete: let's get our side of the story out so we soften the blow. you made a great point yesterday, right now that inspector general report is out to the intelligence committee which means they're look at the evidence -- ed: this is about to go public. abby: the president is now pushing for nuñes and gowdy to get these details release ared from doj. why can't the president, doesn't he have the power to
4:06 am
declassify -- ed: he does. and i think this tweet indicated, wait a second, the justice department had previously told us the president, the white house, they were behind holding this information back from devin nuñes. the president tweeting yesterday that he wants more information, suggests he's either going to declassify something or he's pushing his own justice department to release it. and tom fitton was on the program just last hour saying it's about time. watch. >> everything is designed to protect the mueller operation, and the mueller operation is imploding as a result of revelations about how it started with this illicit spying. i'd like to compare and contrast the headlines and the spin that "the washington post" and new york times are happily providing the deep state with what they reported on with nixon's plumbers and such. this makes that seem like an amateur operate. pete: it's hard to trust anything at face value. clapper said we didn't do any of this stuff, we didn't do any wiretapping, james comey said it
4:07 am
was the dossier, it was late july, august when it all started. now we're finding out that this guy was reaching out to carter page, sam clovis, pop adopt plus -- pop adopt lis, in early july. these bit players, carter page, papadopoulos, bit players. might be too close to russia. let's net -- get in there and get some eyes and ears in there. abby: that gives you a pretty clear sense of how he feels about president trump. the doj has responded, and they're saying we treat disclosures of classified information seriously, is and we prosecute those responsible regardless or whether the person is within the intelligence committee or staff on the hill. they feel like they're not being treat as fairly in the press or that they're not being portray as accurately. pete: they're saying they're producing them as fast as they can, a lot of people feel on capitol hill that's not true, and information they want is somehow land anything the hands of reporters instead.
4:08 am
ed: where is that coming from? the justice department has been at the center of that story. also another big story on illegal immigration. member that oakland mayor who had playeded off im-- tipped off immigrants that a big i.c.e. raid was coming. that was dangerous to law enforcement. they're illegalling they're not following the law, folks. pete: and they were folks that had committed crimes. or and she's letting them all know, hey, there's a heads up, a raid is coming. abby: president trump had that round table earlier with some of the mayors and law enforcement out of california talking about sanctuary cities, and he spoke again directly to that a mayor out of oakland, and here's what oakland said. >> there's a revolution going on in california. they want safety. you know, you had the mayor of oakland, she informed them, and they all fled or most of them fled. and that whole operation that took a long time to put
4:09 am
together, i mean, you talk about obstruction of justice, i would recommend that you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland, california, jeff. she advises a thousand people, yet out of here, the law enforcement's coming. it's a big deal out there, and a lot of people are very angry about what happened. ed: see, that's why i mentioned the justice department because he, again, is pressuring jeff sessions on something else. why don't we do anything about this? this mayor tipped -- abby: so the president fired back at that mayor, she has now responded this is in an op-ed. mr. president, i am not obstruct ising justice, i am seeking it. the president takes issue with a tweet i posted in february in which i notified residents rez an impending raid in the bay area. it is my duty to protect our citizens, it is few duty to call out this administration's anti-immigrant fear mongering for what it is, a racist lie.
4:10 am
ed: so that's just gratuitous, he's a racist. i can't win on the argument, so he's a racist. let's just throw that out there. more importantly, i think, is that a mayor of a major city in america is saying it's my job to protect illegal immigrants. that's what she wrote herself in an op-ed. it's not hidden, folks. it's there for your tow see -- for you to see. my job is to protect illegal immigrants. pete: this is the fault line in american politics today. donald trump and those who believe in the rule of law, believe in borders, believe in you're here legally or not legally. we want to emphasize citizenship and patriotism versus the oakland mayor, the governor of california that say i want sanctuary cities, states, i put illegals first. i don't want a wall, i want wall, borders. that choice, that chasm's becoming clearer and clearer. abby: california is a great example of those extremes taking place. we've got a lot of headlines
4:11 am
this morning. we now know, this is on a sad note, the names of all ten victims of the santa fe high school shooting. they are substitute teachers glenda ann perkins and cynthia tisdale. the students are identified as jared black, shanna fisher, christian garcia, aaron kyle mccloud, angelique ramirez, christopher stone and kimberly vaughn. just so heartbreaking to see those faces and those names. the shooter's parents say they are, quote, shocked and confused saying that a rot that his actions -- a report that his actions seemed incompatible with the boy they love. governor greg abbott and his wife are planning to attend a church service in season santa fe to honor those victims. a fiery explosion injures nearly two dozen people, officials blaming a gas leak at the pasadena, texas, facility. they are all expected to be okay. the company produces a gas used to plastic, but it is not
4:12 am
harmful, as they say, to people. also this, the first lady is out of the hospital and back in the white house this morning. president trump sharing that good news on twitter writing this: great to have our incredible first lady back home in the white house. melania is feeling and doing really well. thank you for all of your prayers and best wishes. melania's home after spending nearly a week at walter reed medical center where she had an unspecified kidney procedure. and it is all about the royals. prince harry and meghan markle will be returning to kensington palace this morning as husband and wife after millions of people tuned in to watch their fairy tale wedding yesterday. [cheers and applause] abby: the newlyweds officially becoming the duke and duchess of sussex, driving off in a jaguar convertible to their private reception. they are now putting their honeymoon on hold and will be attending their first royal engagement as husband and wife tuesday at buckingham pal a lace
4:13 am
for prince charles' 70th birthday bash. he is 70 years old this week. pete: we've got an american over there. we watched all four hours, because we were the backup coverage. so i watched a lot more than i thought i would watch. ed: fueled by chick-fil-a. pete: yeah. speaking of that royal wedding, one bishop's message has everyone talking this morning. >> well, there's power, power in love. not just in this romantic form, but any form, any shape of love. pete: he brought it. your e-mails on that coming up. ed: plus, kids bringing pot to school? one state about to make that legal. stick around for that. ♪ i try hard to keep a great shape.
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♪ ♪ pete: we now know the names of all ten victims in that horrific school shooting in santa a fay, texas. -- santa fe, texas. two substitute teachers and eight students killed in the rampage. the big question is how do we prevent another one. our next guest calls mass shootings a hybrid threat to our society, one that requires both tactical and strategic solutions. here to explain, retire delta force operator and 25-year army veteran lieutenant colonel jim reese. colonel, thank you very much for joining us. let's just start up front. you say tactical, strategic solutions are needed to prevent it. what are you talking about? >> good morning, pete. i do. you know, as we've been watching
4:18 am
now for months and really difference january, you know, we've had all these horrific attacks on our schools. there's a lot of discussion about tactical operations, you know, whether that's more officers in the schools, arming teachers, hardening the schools with metal detectors and single-point entrances. and all those are viable solutions, but they really have to be a state solution because different states have different ideas. and if you listen to the students down at the ground level, they have their own, they have their own issues also. at the federal level though, i look at, you know, a strategic solution which what i would call a digital media campaign, you know? and a lot of baby boomers will remember this, is remember your drugs on brain with the frying pan and dropping the -- pete: your brain on drugs, yeah. yeah. >> exactly. when i was a young man, boy, i remember that. i remember that to this day. and i remember when i was 14 years old, and i remember my
4:19 am
first time i saw someone pull drugs out, i thought about that media campaign that came out there. and it was an information campaign, and it made me say, no, i didn't want to do it. we have a great media campaign in the u.s. since 9/11 at dhs which is see something, say something. that is something that's taken years, and people are starting to get that. so why don't we do this now to start helping to educate, you know, these students and the folks that might be out there thinking about these things and show them the realities of what happens in these school shootings. pete: yeah. so you're saying at the tactical level states decide, they harden the target, they arm teachers, more officers. a to the national level -- at the national level we need a campaign so that kids are talking to other kids and saying, hey, i've noticed this, i saw this facebook post, or he put up this instagram post, and i'm worried about it. it doesn't mean you have to get into every aspect of everyone's life, but if it's on everyone's brain, now you've got intel at
4:20 am
the ground level. it's a branding campaign, right? it's building something that people catch on to. >> absolutely. you know? and not to be coy about this, but, i mean, people have been using what do you want to call it, branding information operations, i mean, all types of societies. i mean, look at our threats around the world with al-qaeda and isis, what they do with digital immediate -- media and branding themselves to get the message out. at the federal level, that's something we can do. it's, you know, it's bipartisan, and at the end of the day it's not that expensive. and then let the states decide what they want to do at the state level, the local level and the feds, if they can, just, you know, pushing the financing. pete: that's a good idea. a bunch of good ideas. lieutenant colonel jim reese, thank you for you time and your service to our country. >> thanks, pete, you too. pete: well, hollywood can't help but bash the president, of course, but new poll numbers out this morning may show americans
4:21 am
are getting a little bit sick of it. there's also things called ratings that show that. and the white house is about to ban clinics like planned parenthood from using your tax dollars to perform abortion. this one is very personal to dr. nicole saphier. she's going to bring it to you. sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling.
4:22 am
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♪ ♪ ed: some quick headlines, voters fitting the polls in venezuela where president nicolas maduro is expected to win re-election, but his predicted victory is being widely criticized as rigged after maduro moved up the election and faces accusations of cracking down on his opponents. the u.s. could impose sanctions if he wins. venezuela has suffered a widespread hunger crisis, massive unemployment and, yes, rising poverty rates. president trump will be heading to that areville later
4:25 am
this month. -- nashville later this month aiming to boost congresswoman marsha blackburn's senate campaign. she is locked in a close battle to replace retiring gop senator bob corker. abby: president trump taking steps to stop your tax dollars from funding abortion providers. the white house set to resurrect a reagan era rule which bans clinics like planned parenthood from using federal dollars to fund abortion. the move already sparking controversy, but our next guest who got pregnant while in high school and kept baby says this move makes sense. dr. nicole sapphire is a breast cancer specialist and a friend of the show. good morning. >> thank you for having me. abby: we were talking during the commercial break, six weeks before you graduated you delivered your baby boy. walk us through that whole experience. >> that's right. as a senior in high school, i found myself amongst the unpopular are statistic of being pregnant. i wasn't the first one in my high school who became pregnant, many of them decided to have an abortion, and, you know, my
4:26 am
decision to go forward with my pregnancy can't be marginalized to political or religious rhetoric. it was just my journey. you know, i truly believe life is 10% what happens to you and about 90% how you reabout to it. and i did have a lot of people around me telling me that i wouldn't reach my professional goals or personal goals, and i would not only be ruining my life are, but my son's life. and, you know, he's now gearing up to graduate high school in a few weeks and going to the college of his choice, and last time i checked i have an m.d. behind my name, so we're doing okay. abby: right. seeing these photos with your beautiful family, your boy who is graduating from high school, what -- i'm sure -- a shining light he is in your life now, and you're probably so grateful you decided to keep him. >> you know, he was the best unplanned event of my life. abby: that is a great way to put it. your thoughts on what's going on with planned parent hood, president trump wanting to rez recollect the reagan area policy
4:27 am
basically not to send funding to any clinic that provides abortions or sends people to get a abortions. there's no longer this gray line, you think it's a good thing. >> the political debate with planned parenthood is decades long, and it's exhausting. and the point is right now federal funds are not able to fund abortion. planned parenthood brought this on themselves. they've really blurred the lines. they absolutely provide good medical care, cervical cancer screenings, vaccinations, std treatments, necessary treatments, necessary health care. unfortunately, they provide abortion services under the same roof, and this is a contentious relationship. instead of spending tense of millions of -- tens of millions of dollars on lobbying, perhaps they should take that money to separate the services. abby: after your experience, do you feel like you see this from a completely different perspective? >> my experience is my own, and i don't anticipate anybody else to either have the same or different results from me, and every one is an individual. however, i do know that there is a feeling of being trapped, but
4:28 am
it's -- you can possibly do that to yourself. and you need to make sure that you mentally get out of that feeling of being trapped and know that you can move on with your life. abby: you have republicans or people that are on the side of the trump administration saying we don't want our tax money, the money we work hard for, to pay for people to get abortions. on the other side, planned parenthood is say, well, if you take the money away, you're not allowing women to make the right choice. >> and they need to separate the two entities. people have the right to religious freedom, and if they do not believe in abortion, they should not be funding abortion services. i firmly believe that. i think planned parenthood needs to separate them. continue -- they should not be threatening to take away good health care from women because they're not getting funding. abby: dr. nicole saphier, always good to see you. thank you for sharing your story with us, it's a beautiful one. all right, coming up on the show, democrats slamming president trump for calling ms-13 animals. this morning a democrat standing by that and says trump will probably be calling you an
4:29 am
animal too. california state senator kevin de leon joins us live ahead. plus, all eyes were on harry and meg hand during the royal -- meghan during the royal wedding, but one bishop's message has everyone talking this morning, including you. we've got that coming up. >> ultimately, the source of love is god himself. the source of all of our lives. ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms.
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♪ ♪ abby: all right. yes, we're all talking about the dress, the i dos, the kiss, so many -- the cake. pete: you use all very generally. ed: he was going on and on about it. pete: many teem, they say. abby: a lot of people were talking about bishop michael curry. he gave his remarks during the ceremony yesterday -- ed: an american. abby: he talked about love, he talked about selflessness. here's a little bit of what he said yesterday at the wedding. >> there's power, power in love. if you don't believe me, think about a time when you first knell love. ultimately -- fell in love, ultimately, the source of love is god himself. the source of all of our lives. love is not selfish and self-centered, love can be sacrificial.
4:34 am
and in so doing, becomes redemptive. love, love is the only way. pete: i did love it. it was quintessentially american. like, an american -- abby: like out of the south. pete: i love it. it was fantastic. you know these royals are like, wait, ap american just hijacked this wedding. he went on for 13 minutes, it was long -- abby: he opened up and closed both with quotes by martin luther king jr. ed: right, which was important because, obviously, he's an african-american bishop as well, you have a biracial bride, and i think this was one of the many nods they had to princess diana which is that she was someone who was one of the royals who went to africa and dealt with people with aids and tried to say we've got to deal with these big problems. she wasn't afraid to get out of her cocoon. abby: it was a great blend. i wish we had martha maccallum, but she was saying it's a great blend of two different cultures, and that's what we saw play out. pete: go ahead. alabama -- about ten minutes in
4:35 am
he said, now, we've got to get you two married eventually. your e-mails have been pouring in. rob said: bishop curry was a breath of fresh air. abby: deborah says: absolutely loved it, wished all people could have listened to this and take this to heart. beautiful message and beautiful service. glad i got up early to view. ed: but a tweet from vicki: very strange for a wedding, and it was longer and the vows. pete: it was. [laughter] stephanie said: he delivered a beautiful message, i'm glad someone was there to show them what the united states is really about. ed:, keep them coming. abby: i do wonder what was going through queen elizabeth's head at that moment. keep sending us your thoughts, now to some other headlines we are following closely, a man is accused of punching a mr. president deaf woman and her -- a pregnant deaf woman and her
4:36 am
service dog on a plane. the bureau determining whether to press charges against timothymanly, yikes. he hit the woman's great dane saying it took up too much space. that is a big dog. on the frontier airlines flight, the 59-year-old then punched the soon to be mother in her stomach after she and her boyfriend who was also deaf confronted him. this is unbelievable. the alleged attacker claims it was all just a misunderstanding. no one was -- ed: misunderstanding, i'm going to punch her in the stomach. abby: as she was pregnant. take a look at this, an officer says it saved his life, stopping a bullet during a shootout. police responding to a domestic violence call at bar in arizona before following the suspect to a home, that is where roy king opened fire shooting at two officers. luckily, nobody was hurt. the 51-year-old is now behind bars facing several charges. and kids in one state could soon bring medical marijuana to their school. illinois senators overwhelmingly
4:37 am
passed a measure that would allow sick students to use medical marijuana as long as they don't smoke it or disrupt their classmates. the proposal is now in the hands of republican governor bruce ro, this ne. illinois legalized use for kids back in 2014. see where that goes. and justify gallops right into the winner's circle at preakness stakes. watch. >> justify, he's unstoppable! he won the preakness. abby: the 3-year-old colt racing to victory on the sloppy track in baltimore, similar to the conditions in his kentucky derby misery just two weeks ago -- victory just two weeks ago. he will have the chance to win the triple title at the belmont stalks in june. i know janice will be there, and she's very excited about it. pete: it'll be interesting. you know who we're going to toss it too now? -- toss it to now? adam klotz. >> reporter: hey, guys, i'm in a good mood out here on the
4:38 am
plaza because for the first time in about 48 hours, it's not raining here in new york city. drying off for at least a 350erd. that's not the case everywhere across the country. rough night in portions of the midwest and stretching down to the south from texas all the way up to st. louis. these are severe weather reports. so everything in the blue, you're looking at hail or strong winds. the rain is a tornado-warned storm. that system is continuing to be on the move, really seeing the heart of it there moving across the middle of the country. rain still on the east coast. temperature wise, here's what it looks like out there. not bad in new york city, we're already climbing up into the mid to upper 60s. in this warming trend is continuing the next couple of days for the eastern half, so keep the umbrellas handy here, but things are improving. pete: good to know. >> reporter: i told you i could have some good news. abby: you found it. pete: you know what else has been improving? my physical condition. i feel like i might be ready for my push-up rematch. >> reporter: i'm ready to go right now.
4:39 am
pete: are you ready? >> reporter: yeah! [laughter] abby: let's see it, adam. >> reporter: this, right now, i'm going to wear myself out a little bit, and that's fine. i'll the still do it later. ed: he's going for it. doing the clapping ones. abby: look at this guy. pete: i thought maybe he was going to take some type off. ed: he will still be doing it after this break. meanwhile, democrats slamming president trump for calling ms-13 animals. >> immigrant communities hear this as a dog whistle. >> no one would condemn donald trump calling people imagines more than jesus christ would. ed: oh, my. we're getting a little dramatic, aren't we? this morning a democrat is standing by that and says trump was probably calling you an animal too. what? he was talking about ms-13. nevertheless, california state senator kevin deleone joins us
4:40 am
next. pete: plus, you know who el won't stop bashing president trump, of course, hollywood. >> today is the one-year an versely of the start of robert mueller's investigation. president trump celebrated the way he does all anniversaries, he forgot. ed: is adam still out there? abby: oh! pete, do you have sweaty palms yet? ed: look at this! pete: i'm sweating watching him. [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving!
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. well, president trump holding a round table, as you know, at the white house this week with california lawmakers who are fighting back and concerned about the state's sanctuary city and sanctuary state policies. during an exchange about the violent gang ms-13, the president called those gang members animals. but the media wasted no time twisting his words.
4:44 am
listen. >> immigrant communities hear this as a dog whistle, and they say this is downright dangerous language. >> the litmus test at this point is simply that people who were not born in this country are animals. >> no one would condemn donald trump calling people animals more than jesus christ would. pete: but does this sort of rhetoric do anything to advance the immigration, illegal immigration debate? democrat kevin de leon is the president pro tem of the california senate, and he authored the state sanctuary bill. we appreciate your time. >> hey, pete, thanks for having me. peter: absolutely. i want to give our viewers more context on ms-13. they probably don't know they've been front and center and the fbi has understood what they've been up to for a long time. this is an fbi agent from 2010 talking about ms-13. listen. oh, i think it's a read. they say they're the strongest thing going on in terms of
4:45 am
organized gangs. their motto is kill, rape and control. they want to exert their influence in the area and respect -- and getting respect from rival gang members. we're talking torturing victims, widespread violence, drug rings, even satanic practices. would you at least acknowledge that a gang member of ms-13 whose motto is kill, rape and control is an animal? >> well, pete, i can say this, is that i know a thing or two about ms-13 because in my district in los angeles, this is where they were created. i've been to el salvador on two occasions with the local and national police, so i have a deeper understanding than i think the president does or members of homeland security when it comes to ms-13. the problem, the major problem that the president has, he has a huge credibility issue when it comes to the issue of immigration because he constantly and i believe purposefully conflates hard working immigrant families with
4:46 am
individuals, groups who, quite frankly, shouldn't be in our country regardless of who they are or where they come from, whether it's the u.k., ireland, germany, mexico or elsewhere. pete: but, kevin, he didn't conflate in this instance. he said there could be an ms-13 member i know about and i can't tell i.c.e. about them. so the president responds and calls ms-13 animals. you know them well. are the practices they undertake the types of practices that animals would undertake? >> well, i can tell you this, pete, that they are folks regardless of who they are and where they come from, i wouldn't want them in my community, in my state, in my country. but let's take a step back because i think it's important to understand the overall picture on the issue of immigration. when the president began his candidacy as a republican candidate the time before the republican primary was decided, he started off with saying that our friends to the south of us were rapists, drug dealers -- pete: it always goes there, but now you're doing the conflating,
4:47 am
because in this place right here the president was talking about ms-13, and there are some cities where sanctuary is given to gang member, and the feds are not notified, and they're released back into the community. that brings violence to those community. is the president not spot on? >> pete, let me say this, it doesn't make a difference if you're republican or democrat, all of us believe in public safety for all of our communities. let me say this, is that the president has been fixated with california, with my home state and, quite frankly, it feels that we have to take out a temporary restraining order against the president because he's been stalking -- pete: a temporary restraining order against the president? what does that mean? >> pete, let me say this. when you actually detain and deport hard working families whether they're housekeepers, dreamers, men and women who have been in this country for decades, 20, 25 -- pete: a restraining order against the president who's enforcing the law. is someone who rips out someone
4:48 am
else's heart -- >> pete, i think i did answer your heart. i don't care who you are or where you come from, if you rain a human being, if you commit a horrible crime, you shouldn't be in this country period. pete: so i didn't ask about being in this country, i asked about being ab animal. their motto is kill, rape, control -- >> let's not get fixated on the word animal. pete: the media's been obsessed about it. you've been talking about it. >> but, pete, this president has lost his cd about on the issue of -- credibility on the issue of immigration. god knows that this president actually, you know, quite frankly god knows this president who serves his meals, who cooks his meals, who raised his children, who actually manicures his lawns? pete: wait, i don't think they're ms-13 gang members. he wasn't talking about. documented immigrants, he's talking about ms-13 -- >> pete, i think i already established the fact that whether you're ms-13 or any
4:49 am
other gang member who commits any violent crimes, you shouldn't be in our country, period. pete: okay. >> but what the president has done, the president has consistently conflated the issue of hard working families -- pete: i understand your point. i think you're the one conflating in this particular instance -- >> well, we can agree to disagree on this one. pete: we are going to. i hope you'll come back to us. kevin de leon, thank you for your time. >> thank you, pete, thank you so much. pete: you got it. hollywood can't help but bash president trump, of course. >> i've never thought that donald trump is the sharpest tool in the she would, but i have to admit -- in the shed, but i have to admit i've taught thought he was a tool. pete: really original stuff. new poll numbers may show americans are getting sick of it. these are polls in addition to the ratings. excuse me a minute... hi dad. no. don't try to get up.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
♪ ♪ >> am i the only one that sees that guy? [laughter] >> dad, are you okay? ♪ don't stop believing -- [laughter] ♪ hold onto that feeling. [laughter] ed: looks like a scene out the sopranos. comedians often take aim at the president, but has the trump bashing gotten out of control. >> a new survey finds americans are sick and tired of it. pete: that's right. 43% of voters think there's too much trump bashing in popular culture. abby: joining us now is comedian, writer and producer, michael loftus. obviously, the president has enough support to win the presidency. you would think that shows and pop culture would think that through about their viewers and audience, they would want to not
4:54 am
alienate half the country. >> i think they're still in the middle of their temper tantrum. i think they're still mad about telling us this guy doesn't have a chance to win. bash away, media. it just makes more people want to vote for him. it's good for me. [laughter] i love the guy. pete: i mean, the flip side is 30% of voters say there isn't enough trump bashing, and it shows you how much derangement there really is. >> i think maybe that's just they repeatedly call lawrence o'donnell's house. [laughter] look, lawrence o'donnell, donald trump used the wrong salad fork. that's the end of america! it's the end of our republic. i mean, these are people they just, they hate him, they've gop got an agenda, and they want him to fail. i really don't understand how the media can get together and just keep attacking this guy taking quotes out of context, trying to -- it's literally like testing against the pilot of the plane that you're sitting on. abby: yeah. >> hey, i want to make it to vegas. let's just let trump do his
4:55 am
thing, we're doing well. low unemployment, we're all working. abby: he could cure cancer, and they'd find something -- ed: in that case, jimmy kimmel would still bash him. we'll talk about it on the other side. >> president trump said he is with the people of santa fe in this tragic hour and will be with them forever except for when it comes time to do something, then he will not be with them and neither will any of the congress people or governors who don't ever do anything because they're fearful that it will hurt them politically. they know the truth, they know this has gone too far, and but they're too cowardly to do the right thing. they more about the support of the nra than they do about children. ed: i don't remember jimmy kimmel doing these sermons back in the obama years. he talk about politics, but it's just a constant bashing. some are saying, hey, kimmel's doing pretty well by bashing the president, so i want in on it. >> i don't know, i hope not. i really, i don't dig this whole
4:56 am
thing where jimmy kimmel is like the conscience of america, you know? like tell jokes, man. don't try to change the constitution. give me your hot take on the billboard music awards. i don't want you to, hey, we need to round up all the guns. that's to not going to solve it. he hasn't thought it through. this is not comedy, this is for real. it's like don't start preaching right after these events happen. take a step back. what's going -- here's a question i want kimmel to ask, why are these young men doing this? abby: yeah. >> i really think we have a big problem about that. they keep blaming the weapon, and they never ask why is this happening. and we've got little blows growing up -- boys growing up, and they're like, oh, toxic masculinity. you're toxic because you're a guy. we need to find a way to bring these men up to become fine young men. you can't even send them to the boy scouts. ed: good point. >> i wish jimmy would lay off on the preaching about changing the constitution -- ed: all right, we've got to
4:57 am
leave it there. abby: good to see you. coming up, david bossie, sara carter, maria bartiromo, two big hours left to go on this sunday "fox & friends" edition. stick around. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath. biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief. president trump is up and he is irate about the fbi and the doj asking them to release documents. there may have been a spy that may have infiltrated the trump campaign. supervising officer in the u.k. >> the mueller operation is imploding as a result of revelations about how it started with the solicit spying. you seem to have a lot to hide. >> we now know the names of all 10 victims of the santa fe high school shooting. the shooter's parents say they are, quote, shocked an confused. >> heconfused. ed: not wasting any time to get on soapbox again. >> care more about the support of the nra and they do about children.
5:01 am
>> graduation ceremony getting political. >> this is a wonderful crowd. it's even bigger, i hate to say this, than it was last year. i don't know if president trump would admitted that or not. >> prince harry and meghan markle will be returning to kensington palace this morning husband and wife. fairy tale wedding. >> justify, he's unstoppable. he won the preakness. ♪ ♪ ed: higher ground. pete gets one victory over me last weekend now he is starting to talk smack not just to me but adam klotz. adam is ready to push back with pushups. pete: getting cocky. did pushups. abby: and clapped in between
5:02 am
them. pete: i have been working out a little bit. ed: is he probably exhausted. abby: i heard is he out there planking. he will be exhausted. he lost last time. pete: unofficial competition last time. pete: people watching thought it looked like i lost. this time there will be a counter. abby: that's a tease. pete: your money is on me, right? ed: no. pete: the camera shakes. abby: nope, nope. ed: smart man. ed: president is not tired of taking on the swamp. we heard this official story for so long that the whole russia collusion investigation started in august 2016. this was the official version pushed by the intelligence community with a leak to the "new york times" some months ago that it all started with george papadopoulos meeting with an ambassador over drinks. all of a sudden maybe there is a russia tie to the trump campaign. it turns out, as we start to
5:03 am
peel this onion, there may have been a spy infiltrating the trump campaign earlier. pete: stop right there. spy infiltrating the trump campaign. ed: big deal. pete: that's why you get tweets like this from the president yesterday as he learns more about what was done to his campaign. if the fbi or doj was infiltrating the campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that's a really big deal. only the release or review of documents that the house intel committee, also senate judiciary, is asking for can give the conclusive answers. he says drain the swamp. the name of that call him informant, a source, a spy whatever is out. his name is stephan halper. academic. worked with the government through three administrations actually caught in spy scandal in 1980 as well. he was sent in to talk to members of the trump campaign. was he recording them? was he wearing a wire? we don't know. what was the justification at the beginning? what triggered it all? brings it all back into question. ed: something even more
5:04 am
explosive in the president's tweet when he refers to the senate judiciary committee, is he talking, i believe, to a letter that came out from the judiciary chair chuck grassley that had a little note in there asking the justice department whether rod rosenstein had authorized robert mueller, the special counsel to have fisa warrants, to surveil more people in recent months. rosenstein allegedly suggested this privately to the senate judiciary committee. if, and this is a big if, this is being put out there by chuck grassley a prom negligent chairman. if robert mueller has been surveying people as suggested by the judiciary chairman, this thing is going to blow up into a much, much bigger story. abby: what evidence do you have to put a spy informant. pete: told dossier. we thought some of these trump people were too close to russia. we sent in an informant to go find out more about it. and, you know, in recent days, the "new york times," the post had both written stories where they allude to this informant. they give tons of detail about him. but they don't actually name them. i got from a great source
5:05 am
"the washington post" and "new york times" were actually threatened with prosecution if they plurexd the names by doj. now, in the past, these institutions have mocked such threats and said we have the right to publish whatever. they didn't in this case. why? maybe they are buddies with the deep state folks and the doj. just saying. abby: there have been a lot of the critics as there is working together with the doj and fbi. why would they release these articles 4,000 word rereport last week. there is concern within the doj that this ig report is coming out. they are worried that it's going to be a bombshell and everyone is going to say how did this go on. ed: they want to get their version of it. abby: soften the blow. have it come out to the "the washington post," the "new york times." everyone is more aware of what was going on. less of a big deal. republicans, democrats are saying that the president pushing the fbi for more of this information doj they say that's not only dangerous, that could potentially be illegal. ed: chuck chuck schumer,
5:06 am
mark warner. they are suggesting this pressure that really started with devin nunes the republican house intel chair which is going to be on with maria bartiromo a little later in the morning on the fox news channel. she will have a lot to say about this. say it could be illegal for nunes to be putting the name of this intelligence asset out there. he hasn't put the name out there. these leaks in the "the washington post" by people inside the fbi and justice department seem to be putting the name out there. pete: we all agree that source and methods need to be protected. when you have the doj and democrats fretting about sources being outed as those same sources are deliberately leaking to the "new york times" and "the washington post." ed: to get their spin out there. pete: to get their spin out before the inspector general report comes out it all just kind of stinks. we learned new facts every time to contradict what james clapper said before. what james comey said before. what all these guys have said before. we need to seat actual info. abby: he said he never leaked to cnn. now he is saying if there
5:07 am
was a spy, that was actually a good thing. he has called president trump. pete: no surveillance. like we were surveying and that's good. ed: justice department. abby: the justice department has their statement because they feel like they aren't always getting the fair treatment by media and others. we treat disclosures of classified information seriously. we prosecute those responsible, whether the person is within the intelligence community or staff on the hill. ed: interesting because among -- it's not just about the current officials, but it's about people like james clapper who used to be the director of the national intelligence who denied on meet the press back in march of 2017 that there was any surveillance of the trump campaign. now he is on cnn a few days ago since is he a paid contributor there saying this kind of surveillance is a good idea. the surveillance he denied ever happened he is saying now is a good idea. pete: you should be thanking us. ed: to protect the integrity of the process. rush limbaugh teed off on all of this. >> you people have done more to damage the integrity of the american electoral process than vladimir putin
5:08 am
could in his dreams. and i'm not joking. what these people have done for the last year and a half, basically get people thinking the election was stolen. that it was illegitimate. that the russians didn't want hillary and wanted trump and made it happen. look what they have done. to the image, the reputation of the american electoral system and process. pete: especially if we learn this was effectively entrapment of the trump campaign in order to prove a theory about russian collusion that may have been a backup plan or may have been a set up to try to create crimes. of course, what crime has carter page committed perjury? i mean, that -- was that pawnd? ed: pawpsd. pled guilty on. if there was entrapment. people on the trump campaign should have followed the law, and we have to see how this investigation goes forward. however, what led to all of this. was it entrapment? abby: here is why you should
5:09 am
care. similar to what rush limbaugh was saying. you remember a time when the heads of the dni, head of doj. head of fbi, you remember when they were nonpartisan, right? >> they should be. abby: that's what the job entails. from the very beginning president trump has said this out to get me and have their own agenda at play. more and more this continues to play into what the president said very early on. still a lot of the questions. i think every american, regardless of your political affiliation should care about the way these things are being handled. pete: big question now what is bob mueller doing? ed: dave bossie is come up with more in few minutes. abby: serious note and sad one. we now know the names of all 10 victims of the santa fe high school shooting. they are substitute teachers glenda ann perkins and cynthia continues dale. the students identified as jared black, shanna fisher, christian garcia. aaron mccloud. ramirez. sheik, christopher stone and
5:10 am
kimberly vaughn. they say they are shocks and confused. reports of actions seem incompatible with the boy that they love. governor greg abbott and his wife are planning to attend a church service in santa fe today to honor those victims. also, listen to this story a cougar attack leaves one man dead and another fighting for his life. two men mountain biking just outside of seattle when they encountered the wild animal. the injured man attacked first. the cougar turning to his friend and killing him. the survivor is recovering in the hospital and is expected to be okay. agents able to use tracker dogs to find, shoot, and ultimately kill that cougar. and pope francis making a surprise announcement over night that he will make 14 new cardinals. speaking in the square he will raise the 14 prelate to the rank of cardinal during a ceremony on june 29th. appointing new cardinals is one the pope's significant
5:11 am
power since the elite group can enter a conclave to choose his successor if they are under the age of 80. pete: i did not make that list. [laughter] pete: here on the island of manhattan there is always a lot of insanity. a lot of the it comes from numerous. now it's coming from the classrooms as well. beacon high school, which is a high school here in manhattan, they held a moment of silence and a lot of parents are angry about it. because the moment of silence was a tribute to hamas victims. and here's the quote from a "new york post" article about what they did. do we have it? that's from a parent. do we have the actually quote it says students at the elite beacon high school were asked to pause from their studies last week to pay tribute to the victims of violence in gaza where some 60 palestinians were killed the day before. now, we have noted the fact that of those 60 palestinians killed, hamas has claimed credit for 50 of them being members of hamas. ed: we should separate out, there could be some innocent palestinians, including
5:12 am
children, who were killed. pete: because hamas told them to go to the front of the line to get shot. ed: there are some innocent people who died. crossfire, whatever it is, children. let's just point that out. pete: hamas terrorist group charges the fence and die for us. abby: a human something a human being. regardless of what those numbers are. ed: let's not celebrate terrorism. pete: terroristerrorists is to blame. innocent blood is on the hand of the terrorists puts a kid out. abby: as you can see pete is fired up about this. pete: that's why people get fired up about it. abby: they don't want their students getting involved with what's going on with the palestinian, israeli conflict. i don't think any school should be promoting a moment of silence for terrorists what about islamic terrorist or isis no. school would be having that over the loud speaker. ed: exactly. and you wouldn't. there should not be a moment of silence for terrorists. abby: harms. ed: hamas is a terrorist group.
5:13 am
pete: we use vague words like palestinians and innocence. it's like no, no, no. hamas wants to wipe israel off the map. abby: hed makes a good point. ed: hamas claims 50 out of the 60 were their terrorists. abby: what do you think about this? other parents say they do think they should have the conservation that we should be open to everything. pete: that's why they live in manhattan. ed: don't have a moment of silence that's an easy thing. pete: good summary. ed: one writer says voters actually missed president obama and his, quote, corruption-free administration. really? i think david bossie is going to wants to have something to say about that. pete: robert jeffress facing criticism for opening prayer in jesus. mitt romney called him a religious bigot. in that tweet right there, is that fair? interfaith panel here to discuss coming up. abby: he must be running for
5:14 am
5:15 am
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up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends soon. ♪ ♪ ed: the president has been talking a lot lately about the big domestic and foreign policy process so far in his first term. according to a column in blirg, there is someone that the voters actually miss. barack obama. why? quote, a respect for integrity. obama had it, this columnist says, running a largely corruption-free administration. the trump presidency you will 16 months of it has been marked by lies. greed, ethical transgressions and criminal charges. that from al hunt. it was obama's administration, was it really so corruption-free? here to react david bossie former trump campaign manager, a fox news
5:18 am
contributor and co-author of let trump be trump. so, david, good morning to you. >> good morning, ed. >> what do you think about this idea from al hunt that everybody misses the usama bin laden years which were so corruption-free in. >> this is the left's next piece of propaganda. try to come out with. because president trump has had nothing but success. nothing but accomplishment after accomplishment after accomplishment. they have to get another attack, another line of attack even though it is completely bogus. let me just, ed, if i could, just for a second, i had to write them down there are so many. benghazi. the veterans administration, where vets died. uranium one being sold. hillary clinton's private email server. fast and furious, which, of course, al hunt debunks. bill clinton meeting with attorney general loretta lynch on the tarmac. andrew mccabe at the fbi. and now we're learning that maybe the obama
5:19 am
administration spied on the trump campaign. let me just say the history of the obama administration corruption has not been set yet. ed: good point. and we also had that in that graphic adding to your long list there. and not going to do your research for you because you are good at that and you are the conservative in this conversation. the bottom line is the irs targeting of conservative groups? that was kind of a big deal in the obama years everybody white washes. let's move forward to what we are going to learn a lot more about as inspector general report comes out and more digging. even the ones you just mentioned the obama administration. will they not b dwarfed if in fact we can prove, evidence moving forward you were deputy campaign manager was spied upon? >> yeah. this is outrageous if it is true. this president, you know, i'm just going to say it out loud. he needs to declassify these memos if congress is not
5:20 am
going to be able to get them. if the department of justice continues to not answer the call for these -- for true transparency, for the members of congress, members of these intelligence committees to be able to get these documents, with proper oversight, which is part of their job, it's separation of powers. the branches are separate but equal. and congress must be able to get these documents and review them. and if they can't do that donald trump needs to declassify. ed: i just have 10 seconds. we had devin nunes who really kicked this into high gear. we were told by the justice department, jeff sessions, they agreed. the president agrees not to put this information about the informant out there. you are this morning i want to point out. this is news. you are saying the president should declassify. >> ed, you are right. that's changed now that the name is out there. that's all out the window. we need this information out it must come out this week. ed: dave bossie you heard it in the news from him first. he said this should be declassified. we will get into that as the hours go on.
5:21 am
david, appreciate you coming. >> in thank you. ed: meanwhile, kids bringing pot to school. one state is about to make that legal. bill bennett is going to sound off on that next. (burke) vengeful vermin. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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abby: good morning to you. liberty university ceremony getting a little political jimmy carter taking a jab at president trump during his commencement speech at the virginia college. take a listen. >> this is a wonderful crowd. even bigger, i hate to say this, than it was last year. [laughter] [applause] i don't know if president trump would admit that or not. abby: president carter referencing president trump's commencement address at the same school last year the dig aimed at the trump
5:25 am
administration's size of the crowd over last year's inauguration. look at this. looks like bill clinton will be making a lot of money this summer. that's because the former president is charging people up to 1500 to do so hear him speak during his new book tour. he will be traveling the country to promote his new novel the president is missing co-written with best selling novelist james patterson. have you gotten your ticket yet? pete: i haven't. i don't have is a spare 1500 bucks. ed: you can pay in bit coin. in the wake of the tragic school shooting. arne duncan is suggesting a boycott of schools until there is gun control. pete: tweeting. this what if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe? my family is all in if we can do this at scale. parents, will you please join us? abby: here to weigh in bill bennett, always good to have you with us. you didn't come up with that
5:26 am
same strategy when you were head of education. what do you think? >> >> no, it's a bad idea. maybe if you are at beacon high school and you are doing moments of silence for a mosque, maybe you should keep your kids home. but that's an individual basis. look, what arne duncan is saying is that we can't keep our schools safe. we can keep our schools safe. you had a guest on earlier who talked about both tactical and strategic solutions. i agree. take d.c., washington, d.c. has metal detectors. you know, it's a big city. there is a lot of crime in d.c. there are a lot of guns in d.c. no child in a d.c. public school has ever been shot in a school. they have metal detectors there are other things you can do. but there is another dimension to it and your earliest guest, the former delta force guy mentioned it and it's wise. communications between the adults and students. students need to know, you know, like we have said before, if you see something, say something. these kids tend to know where the problems are and
5:27 am
the kids with problems and the kids who are nursing deep grudges and acting in strange and unpredictable ways. we have got to get them to open up and teachers and adults, parents, of course in the first instance have to pay more attention to it. keeping kids out of school, you know, laying down your brains because of this doesn't make you safe. abby: who knows how long it would take to actually make any change. >> no kidding. ed: mr. secretary, in texas, awful tragedy. could have been a lot worse, perhaps without this retired houston police officer who was armed, trangsd and in the school now as a resource officer to protect children like this. what do you think about -- this is a hot debate as well and some said a more guns to school this they are trained and all of that. other smart people in this country hang on a second if you get people retired police officers, know what they're doing, that will keep our kids safe, too. what do you think as former
5:28 am
secretary? >> i tenged to agree with that it's a local decision. people in the schools can help. i have little doubt it didn't help here, i'm sure it did. kept the scale down. so i think that's another one. but that's a tactic. and again we have to look at the larger question. i think it can also be said that so much attention, so much publicity, the face of these guys being shown all the time, you know, it encourages more of it i don't know what you do about that, frankly in a free society with a free press. but i think some restraint. when i had the radio show we didn't mention these people's names. we talked about the facts and events but didn't mention the people's names. that's a small thing. but, look, we have to be able to keep our kids safe. i remember back in d.c., do you remember when they had those two killers in the car roaming around d.c. and virginia and they finally caught them. they tried can sale football game at our kid's high school. i said get every parent out there and we will ring the field and we will stand
5:29 am
there every father. let's not disrupt what we are doing here as a school pause of some fear. we are not surrender to this kind of fear. you have to protect them. that means doing a lot of things. pete: that's a great point. you have been the education secretary. you have also been the drug caesar. this one iczar. illinois senate just voted to give access to kids to medical marijuana at school. they can't smoke pot at schools but they are allowed to have medical marijuana they can bring it to school. what do you think about that? >> well, medical marijuana has been the trojan horse to get marijuana normalized. generally. i have to say again here like the beacon high school if they had moments of silence for hamas i wouldn't send my kid there if you are sending a kid to school where they are normalizing marijuana use, forget it any alleged benefit of marijuana can be addressed in another way other than by toking um. this permission for marijuana, we know certain things about marijuana for
5:30 am
sure. it hurts and impedes and it can destroy focus, memory and attention. do you need focus, memory and attention in school? i think. so. pete: last time i checked, yeah. common core may have changed that a little bit but no, i'm kidding. >> that's another day. pete: that's a whole another day and whole other discussion. good to see you this morning. >> you too, as always. pete: coming up a discussion on religion. you are not going to want to miss. pastor robert jeffress facing criticism from mitt romney for religious views. calling romney' views religious bigot. freedom of religion. interfaith panel is here to discuss includes pastor jeffress, coming up next. hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
5:31 am
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pete: welcome back to "fox & friends." a big discussion coming up here, on the eve of the historic opening of the jerusalem embassy, a familiar face on this network was attacked for his religious views. pastor robert jeffress who was selected to lead a prayer at that embassy was criticized by former presidential candidate mitt romney who tweeted this, quote: robert jeffers says you can't be saved by being a jew and, quote, mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell. he said the same about islam. such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the united states embassy in jerusalem. but is that fair or are people of all faiths allowed
5:35 am
to have religious disagreements? we're going to ask a fantastic panel that we put together this morning that includes the senior pastor of first baptist dallas and fox news contributor pastor robert jeffress. we've got muslim scholar and author of in the land of invisible women ahmed. actor and producer george blumenthal who is also a jewish scholar and fox news contributor father jonathan morris himself a catholic priest. a wonderful panel this morning. thank you all for joining us on this sunday. pastor jeffress, let me start with you. the comment was made towards you that you are not effectively tolerant of other religions because you believe in jesus christ. respond back, please. >> well, first of all, those comments aren't attributed to me. many of them were taken out of context. here's the bigger picture. just imagine you are in a burning building and a fireman says follow me there is one way out of this building and you try to go out of the other exit he says no that exit is blocked. there is one way. would you accuse that firemen of being bigoted
5:36 am
because he insisted there is only way to safety? of course not, you would thank him and follow him. when we christians that i have is one way to heaven through faith in jesus christ, we are simply echoing what the founder of jesus said when he said i'm the way, the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me. people are free to disagree with jesus and millions of them do. what people aren't free to do is call to me and hundreds of millions of christians like me bigots for simply following the sayings of jesus. i had an interesting phone call friday from another prominent mormon in utah, dr. mike kennedy who happens to be running against mitt romney and he called to apologize on behalf of the state of you call for mitt romney's intemperate comments about me. look, we can disagree with people's ideas without engaging in character assassination of those who embrace them. that's how you have a tolerant discussion with people with whom you disagree. pete: of course, that's the definition of religious
5:37 am
liberty. a lot of people fail in this country to have just that. ms. ahmed let me go to you. people see jesus differently is he a prominent prophet the prophet rejection the trinity the god. there are differences between islam and christianity. would you defend pastor jeffress right to say what he said? >> i would say absolutely. pastor jefferrys is consistent with christian belief redemption through salvation through the holy christ. i have not only had the benefit of muslim upbringing but a christian education for over seven years. and we see that even in special places in the muslim world where we revere our fellow christians i just rushed from curingto cerg stan. he is not only not a big, but absolutely true to the christian faith. additionally, the quran
5:38 am
tells us to each is sent law and way and it is not for us to judge them. they have their own book to judge themselves by. so, no, there is no bigotry that i see in his preaching, only a consistency with christian values which i respect as a museum. pete: that's a wonderful perspective. quick follow-up with you before i get to george there are those inside the muslim faith though that would reject his ability to say that and that's part of your intrafaith fight. >> yes. i think you are fighting to the war within islam. between islamism and islam. islamism is supremacist. islamism is bigoted. expompeo of radical islam as a supreme schism, as a totalitarianism. doing that as a muslim, i'm often called a bigot. pete: sure. >> no, pastor jeffress in dallas is speaking as a believing christian. and he is free to do so and i value his faith for that. pete: preach appreciate that george blumenthal your view
5:39 am
as a jewish scholar of this faith discussion we are having? >> i think it's very much based in the american constitution. the first amendment freedom of speech, freedom of conscience guarantees his right to say what which he believes as long as it doesn't impinge upon my rights in my own lifetime growing up in cleveland in the 50's i was called christ killer. i was urinated on and today i'm still involved in the christian world because i really understand how our faiths mesh to bring messianic event. i also think it's very interesting to quote from abraham lincoln's second inaugural address when he talks about the war and he says how can it be both sides pray to the same god for victory? so, what i have seen in the united states is an enormous progress. pete: sure. >> so what pastor jeffress may have said in the past,
5:40 am
out of context regardless, the fact of the matter is we have moved very far over the last couple of decades. pete: talk about a place where faiths mesh, jerusalem being central to that and father jonathan morris you know that as well. differences between evangelical christianity and catholicism. how do you view the statements made by and against pastor jeffress. >> let me begin by saying bigotry comes from a place of hatred. that's what bigotry is. it's hatred for another. expressed in different ways. i know there is no hatred in the heart of pastor jeffress in these statements. i think that's very important to say. yes, but, peter, there are differences in our beliefs. i 100 percent believe in the sacred scripture and that jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. salvation comes through him. that's what i believe. at the same time, i believe that pastor jeffress and i probably defer on some aspects of how how to interpret that for example, there is 108 billion people estimated who have lived, many of them living even
5:41 am
before jesus was born. and how does that mean that they are all going to hell? i would say no. i don't know what pastor jeffress would say. many people who live today, who have never heard the name of jesus, what's their salvation? how does that come about? i would say that god's love and members j and power are so much greater than our limited knowledge and our own ability limitations where we were born, how we were born, to what families we were born, i believe that salvation comes through jesus. at the same time, we should stand with certain humility and say i don't know for sure about any one in particular because god is so creative and so powerful. pete: father john you two disagree because you are catholic. >> and a protestant. we love each other. pete: we have to go quick with each of you on this. ledge just liberty has it improved in this country. the comments made about you can we move past them.
5:42 am
>> i think religious liberty is improving. i think in large part due to our wonderful president donald j. trump who has made religious liberty at the forefront of his agenda. and let me say i appreciate this panel and i appreciate father jonathan. he and i disagree on some things but we are absolutely united in the belief of what peter, the apostle peter who jonathan believes was the first pope said, in acts 4:12 there is salvation under no other name except the name of jesus. and that's what unites father jonathan and i but all of this panel is absolutely gracious and right. pete: ms. ahmed what are people missing about the teaching of the quran on religious liberty? >> to answer your question, i think we are a believing nation. but the freedom to be religious is diminishing not by law by culture. rising people of all faiths. quran is very clear. it's plural his stick. we believe in the torah and
5:43 am
our book and faiths before islam. even though we have the laws and the constitution. the climate against people of faith is diminishing you in the united states. pete: judge, yes or no answer to both you, george, and father john. both jews and catholics have been discriminated against traditionally in this country. have we made progress in the way there is interfaith discussion, george? >> no doubt about it it's unbelievable. it's fantastic. i could not have imagined this in my own lifetime 20 years ago. pete: father john? >> we certainly have made progress. one thing that very progressive we don't use twitter in order to make sweeping statements and i think probably mitt romney ohio really appreciate as a person probably learned that as well. pete: that's right. we have big books over thousands of years with tons of theology, we can't do it in 140 characters. you all did a fantastic job this morning. thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. pete: you've got it remember the oakland mayor who warned illegal immigrants of an upcoming ice raid? well, president trump says
5:44 am
she broke the law. and this morning the mayor is responding. that's coming up next. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? is it to carry cargo... or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground? this is the mercedes-benz suv family. greatness comes in many forms. lease the glc300 for just $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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5:47 am
ends soon. >> mayor of oakland warned them and they all fled or most of them fled. and that whole operation that took a long time to put together, i mean, you talk about obstruction of justice, i would recommend that you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of oakland, california, jeff. he had they had is the mayor, who in february, tipped off people in her community that ice was about to launch a major raid. abby: this is on wednesday the president had that round table with mayors and law enforcement of california talking about immigration, sanctuary cities. and he used that opportunity to speak directly as you said at libby schaaf is her name the mayor of oakland back in february when she warned her residents an ice rate is coming do. what you need to do. the president obviously upset about that. now the mayor is responding to that.
5:48 am
pete: wrote an op-ed saying this in part: ed: she throws out the racism charge, unfounded, but just does it because she is losing debate on the merits. why is she losing debate? because she said in her own words that it is her duty to protect illegal immigrants. the mayor of this big city in america says -- pete: many of which have committed crimes as well. think of those ice agents, who a, can't find them now or, b, those criminals know they are coming and they're walking into a more contentious situation. abby: giving them that warning so that ice can't do their job as well as they could. get out of here if you commit a crime or here illegally go somewhere where they can't find you? ed: people are tipped off. abby: have you been emailing us all on this. she said illegal immigrants have more rights than those of us paying taxes. it's time for the double
5:49 am
standards to end. pete: oakland mayor is making up her own set of laws. this is not only unlawful. it is insane. remember the animal comment the president is criticized for. he is talking about ms-13? he was responding to something the sheriff had said about how sometimes in these sanctuary jurisdictions even members of ms-13, ice may not be notified that they are there. so, gang members are escaping the dragnet oftentimes. and when you let people know. abby: people who use machetes to kill people. if they are not animals, i don't know what they're. ed: california, big mess. next guest running for governor as a republican. he just picked up a big endorsement from the president himself. john cox joins us live to react next hour. abby: plus, summer is just around the corner. we have the hottest new toys to get your kids outside. get them out of the house. blowing bubbles, playing games. we have all of it for you. that is coming up on "fox & friends." pete: where are the sticks?
5:50 am
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abby: welcome back, almost time for summer. about a quarter of americans spend their entire day inside. how do we get the kids outside fort summer? pete: melissa. toy insider joins us now. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. get the kids up and active and outside. stop with an awesome beach basket. next wave jumbo beach basket playing with here. 14 pieces 15.99. shovels and cisterns, it's all in here. the entire basket has holes. that means you are not going to take any of that sand from the beach home with you. a great deal.
5:54 am
abby: abby, are you building a sand castle? >> yeah. abby: she is so cute. get active. >> yeah we have a board. skateboard to scooter. it actually transforms from the scooter to the skateboard using easy extension lock and twist pieces so upper easy, two rides for the price of one. pete: adam klotz i did not know you knew how to skateboard. >> he is really good. >> i have been learning out here. >> always wear a helmet. pete: don't have to always wear a helmet. >> yes, always, always. this is lick a bubble. edible bubbles. can you catch them with your mouth. abby: what do they taste like? >> little like orange soda. >> trying to watch your figure there is calories in those. >> edible bubble solution pour in any one of your favorite you get he had dinel bubbles can you eat. lick a bubble. >> ca i can think of a lot of
5:55 am
ways to use that more bubbles, never get enough. sting your head in there. this is glove a bubble. you dunk your glove in the solution. abby: are you guys ready for this. wave your hand around and have you got more bubbles. pete: are these he will edible? >> these are the don't eat flavor. pete: still good. all right, cool. >> we are going to move on to sling sticks. now way to play catch. special sling sticks and a ball. and then you basically are playing a game of catch. you want to press this trying tore throw the ball. and then you catch it. suction cup. be careful. it's a little wet out here. sometimes it's a little tough. pete: that was bad. >> as you throw it, it releases the suction. it takes some practice but it's a lot of fun all right. are you ready?
5:56 am
[laughter] i can play this game. i played it in college. >> this is called wicked big sports pong. >> it's adult beer pong. sports pong, i'm sorry. >> kids version. >> grape juice in there. >> set up pop-ups and throw the ball. once you get one. in first one who gets three in wins. pete: great backyard game. tailgating. >> thank you very much. what's the website again. >> toy pete: we're going to keep playing this next hour though sara carter on the fbi placing an informant in the trump campaign. abby: plus, pete vs. adam in pushup and rematch months in the making. here ho is going to win? will it be pete? will it be adam? what do you think? pete? adam? pete? pete: keep going, adam. keep going. keep going. you're doing great. abby: more after this.
5:57 am
♪ here i am ♪ rocking like a hurricane ♪
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6:00 am
president trump is up and i rate about the fbi asking him to release documents. >> a spy may have infiltrated the trump campaign. there are revelations about how it started with the spying. seems like there is a lot to hide. we know the names of all ten victims of the santa fe high school. >> jimmy kimmel got on his soapbox about his political views. >> this is a wonderful crowd and bigger than last year. i'm not sure if president trump
6:01 am
will admit that or not. meghan markle and prince harry will arrive at kinsington palace as husband and wife. ♪ [ music ] look at that beautiful view this morning. we are ready for sun. if you are in florida or somewhere send us the beautiful weather. >> adam has been warming up which means he's getting tired. it's been a number of months and feeling good. >> i'm shocked you lost that one as i think america was as well. >> i've done a lot of push ups.
6:02 am
he has good form and in good shape. it will be on at the end of the show with the new grills. we use woo woodchips to grill m. >> maybe he would like to be part of the contest. >> if you win we'll let you have some of the grill. >> good sunday morning to you. we have a lot to get to with the president. he's putting more and more on the president. he thinks his campaign has been spied on. >> the original story from the
6:03 am
intelligence there was another leak. they said the collusion started in august of 2016 that included an ambassador with people inside the justice department. some are saying it might have started earlier with this professor in the u.k. with an intelligence asset. >> how else would they have gotten the information. it could have been leaked to a friend. if you read the new york time's article 4,000 words long it's very detailed. the only to get some of those sources from within the doj. >> the president trump tweeted this recently. he said if the fbi or doj was penetrating a campaign for
6:04 am
another campaign that's a big deal. the house intelligence committee is asking for and giving conclusive answer drain the swamp. we don't know what triggered all of this. the truth about what triggered all of this. what we know now is the doj, fbi, cia sent an agent, source, informant to prove a theory of russian collusion. the name is stephen. he was part of the scandal in the 1980s. kind of a bush guy. did he wear wires? we don't know. we could only be scratching the surface. >> the justice department got upset he said look, there is a subpoena. we want this information about this intelligence asset in the
6:05 am
justice department including those on the hill. this is a threat to national security. yes, it could be but know the leak has helped reveal who this intelligence asset is. >> right. >> david the former deputy campaign manager said the president has the power to declassify anything. rather than the back and forthwith republicans on the hill and jeff sessions the president should declassify the information. watch. >> this is outrageous if it's true. this president, you know, i'm just going to say it out loud. he needs to declassify these memos if congress won't be able to get those. members of congress and the intelligence committees to be able to get the documents with proper oversight. it's a separation of power.
6:06 am
the branches are separate but equal. they must be able to get the documents and review them. >> it may come to that. when you read that tweet putting pressure on noones. it may come to the president saying i have the power to do this. >> all relearned wa relearn -- s the stuff they told us early on wasn't true. whether when he was candidate or president. >> that thing we said we didn't do. >> the president is up this morning. >> he is up and tweeting a lot. he said these things are failing and crooked. new york times is a long and boring story indicating the world's most expensive witch
6:07 am
hunt is looking at me. he's referring to the new york times peace. >> -- piece. >> this wasn't him just meeting with people from russia but going around the world. there were different people trying to help the trump campaign. a lot of allegations that trump jr. said this is just a witch hunt. >> i always wonder why the president won and hillary clinton lost. they were working with the russians. it never stops. where is the a one top story. honestly, they paid a guy. helper got government hung to go out and track down trump folks and ask them leading questions about russia to see if they
6:08 am
could extract information. when they didn't give it up they were flustered. that's why this needs to be released. the trust is more important. >> you hear the president flustered but a lot of the american people are flustered. accept he was elected to office, let him do that job. >> people get flustered with jimmy kimmel. >> you remember on snl they brought their mother's back and got criticized by their moms. they said step back on the president. they aren't alone. 43% said there is too much bashes. >> that number has not stopped a guy like jimmy kimmel who took straight to the late night after what happened on friday.
6:09 am
listen to him. >> president trump said he's with the people of santa fe and will be with them forever until he comes time to do then he won't. same with the other congressman and governors. they know the truth, they know this has gone too far. they are too cowardly to do the right thing. they care more about the nra than children. >> did jimmy call chuck schumer? >> yeah, with one of the health insurance. >> comedy is so predictable. it's so often against the president and republicans. this writer said he shouldn't peach politics but stick to the jokes. >> i don't dig the whole thing with jimmy kimmel is the conscious of america.
6:10 am
tell jokes, man. don't try to change the constitution. don't start preaching right after the events happen. take a step back. i wish he would layoff on the preaching about changing the constitution and tell jokes. >> make america's late night funny again. >> are you trying to attract people who think like you. if you are a late night community i would think you would broaden your horizon. wow have half the country that voted for president trump in office. you are alienating all of the country. >> i don't think it's a great rating strategy. michael jordan said republicans buy sneakers too. that's why he didn't get involved. >> the first person that figures that out will do well in comedy. don't you think?
6:11 am
>> that's what comedy used to be. >> jay leno was to the left but at least he played with sides? >> what do you think? >> i think it should be craig every night. we do have other headlines. we have a sad note. we know the names of all ten victims of the santa fe student. the shooters parents are shocked and confused. also this morning governor abbott and his wife are planning to attend a church service to honor those victims.
6:12 am
also a manhunt intensifying for two alleged killers after they escaped from jail overnight. johnson, green, and bolton broke out of the orange county jail. the two men on the left were awaiting trial on murder challenges. the three are considered to be armed and dangerous. it's unclear how they were able to escape. also justified was be in the winner circle at the preakness. the three-year-old won on the sloppy track. justify is one win away from the triple crown. he will have the chance to win that title in june. a lot of people are hoping that happened. >> the nba finals are in tune
6:13 am
too. >> i was never into that. >> or the royals. coming up, he would like to turn blue california a little red and he picked up an endorsement from donald trump. john cox is right here exclusively on fox and friends live next. how old is too old to live-in the basement of your parents home. one couple is going to court to force their 30-year-old son to get a life, get a job, and move out. this is coming up. so, dave here is taking the family up to the lake for the weekend. but without the white knuckles this time. 'cuz his new 2018 ford f-150 has blis with trailer coverage. it's brainiac smart. not only does it watch your f-150's blind spots, it's got your trailer covered too.
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6:17 am
support sanctionry cities. they are not above the law. >> california goop governors candidate john cox received donald trump's endorsement. in that they will make california great agrain. that candidate john is live with us now. good morning, john. >> good morning, it's great to be with you. it's early but i'm up and >> adam. >> the other candidate said he's the real trump candidate in the race. you have gotten the endorsement of the president. you have this jungle primary where you have a few democrats on top. how do you survive in this race in the first stage here. what percentage do you need to
6:18 am
get? >> well, i think i'll get enough to get in the top two. especially with the president helping. listen, i've been in business for 40 years. i built a business from nothing to being a big success. like the president i'm a businessman who is sick and tired of politicians that tell us what they will do and do nothing. the president is getting so much done for the american people in washington. he's an insupe inspiration. california has the worse cost of living in the country. the highest tax burden. i'm the leader of the gas tax repeal. i want that repeal on the
6:19 am
ballot. that's what the people wanted when they elected trump. they want results. >> speaking of results he's fired up about something happened in february. he is talking about the mayor of oakland. in february tipped off people that there would be an ice raid. she said it's her duty as the mayor of the city to explain to illegal immigrants their rights. >> what happened to the rule of law. that's what makes this country the most successful country in the history of man. look at venezuela.
6:20 am
their inflation is super high and people are fleeing. >> is the president promised you he will be on the campaign trail. >> i would like to see him here on june 5th or 4th. he needs to be here to energize the people of the state. this is the most important state in the country. >> important state indeed. good luck to you. we'll see if he goes out there. >> let's try to get him here. >> the president just tweeted about the russia investigation a moment ago. sarah has all of the inside scoop next. it's the rematch months in
6:21 am
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you still have to visit us. i will. no. make that the password: "you_stillóhave_toóvisit_us." that's a good one. [ chuckles ] download the xfinity my account app and set a password you can easily remember. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. good morning, some quick headlines happening this week. make pompeo has a new strategy to deal with iran. this is after the president pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal. the white house was speaking to south korea about the summit coming up. the primaries in four states will take place coming up this week.
6:25 am
there is one in arkansas and missouri. the two candidates for congress also happening in texas. a lot going on this week. >> thank you. president trump tweeted just moments ago at what point does this soon to be $20 million witch hunt with angry democrats and two people who worked for obama for years stop. they aren't looking at the corruption. >> he continues on saying in the hillary clinton campaign where she deleted 33,000 e-mails and got millions. mccabe got her off the hook. republicans and real americans should start getting tough on this scam. >> here to react is sarah carter. you saw both of these tweets. is the president justified to
6:26 am
call-out the double standard happening. >> absolutely justified. all you have to do is look at the facts. the spy or informant has been trickling out there in the media. everyone is trying to put this together. steven helper -- stephen helper said they never released that information. they are looking for sensitive information. it was the doj that leaked and released their letters that said they were looking for an individual. after that came out we saw multiple stories where they give away crossfire hurricane which was the name of the operation. the name of the operation was used by stephen helper. if he was a confidential source
6:27 am
why would the doj release his name. you have to release information about him. they released enough so that reporters were able to git his name. were they trying to jump ahead, shift the momentum. that's really important because the people who leaked the information around crossfire hurricane those people could be in a lot of trouble. >> are they trying to soften the blow. are they trying to help the narrative get out there. they said it's an informant and had nothing to do with candidate trump. this had to do with russia and collusion. how do you respond to that? >> how do they know that? how are they so sure. >> they haven't investigated this. they spoke with the fbi and doj and got their side of the story. we don't have the documents. the documents were requested by
6:28 am
the house intelligence committee. i don't know what they are because they are extremely classified. it's the doj and fbi on this investigation. let's take a step back. the cia and fbi have sources. if they would have had information or evidence that would have been out by now. this appears to be an investigation into a campaign and this is something we need to look at. the only way to get answers is to get the documents. >> we asked the doj for a statement. they said we treat this information seriously and prosecute those responsibly. you take them at state valley.
6:29 am
>> well, they are certainly withholding information. i just want to go back to that threat that was made over and over again. anybody that releases his name and said this is the person that was the mole or informant. whatever you want to say should face the wrath of the doj. it was the doj that released the information that pointed to this cambridge professor. >> a lot of questions to be asked and answers. the president will release this information. >> he absolutely should declassify it. >> always good to have you on. >> thank you. terrorist organize violent and deadly riots along the israeli border the same day the u.s. opened it's embassy.
6:30 am
why did one school hold a moment of silence. where was the obama administration when the informant was be in the campaign. it's the rematch months in the making. that was back in january. pete verse adam in the push up contest. it will happen again on the show. that's up next. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪ ♪ he holds your house in the palm of his hand ♪ ♪ he's your home and auto man ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪ ♪ great big jim, there ain't no other ♪ -so, this is covered, right? -yes, ma'am. take care of it for you right now. giddyup! hi! this is jamie. we need some help.
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what are we out here for? >> we are out here for a push up contest. >> my muscles are seizing up. >> i feel like i'm ready for my push up rematch. >> i'm ready to go. >> all right, that was this morning. the video you just saw was back in january. >> i know, adam was better prepared. it's 70 degrees warmer today. >> the temperature will change but the results will not. >> guys, i'll give you the okay. >> we'll do clap push ups. >> okay, ready. >> 1, 2, 3 go.
6:35 am
♪ [ music ] >> look at this. >> adam stopped. >> i'm not stopping. that's a win. i'm taking it. >> you can't stop in the middle. >> adam had a full stop there. >> all right, there will be a
6:36 am
pole online. we'll ask our viewers to decide. i think even though i'm not. sorry adam you came to a full stop. >> he sort of paused. >> i don't think he made a full stop because he was tired. he was checking out what pete was doing. >> who did more? >> he's withholding the trophy. >> we'll hit the jim. >> oh, my gosh. i can't believe this. >> pete has to catch his breathe. >> he will come backup. i'll bring you headlines we are following closely. the first volcano related injury has been reported on the island of hawaii. a man was sitting on his balcony when lava burned him.
6:37 am
the hawaiian national guard is warning of mandatory evacuations if more roads become blocked. also parents are outraged after a school had a moment of silence for the 60 people killed in protest along the gaza strip. one man said i didn't send my child to public school to pray for oppositives. a massive fire destroying an entire bar. >> we couldn't make any entry into it. the only thing we have seen was the american flag at the entrance of the building. >> look at that. it's unclear. luckily nobody was hurt.
6:38 am
>> what a name chub boy's tavern. the dad to be didn't like the pitch so he doesn't swing. the ball explodes when it hits the catchers head. surprise, it's a boy. the dad goes racing in the arms of the expecting mother. people are going all out with the gender reveal parties. >> a senior official at fox news is texting me that it's adam stopped to mock pete. >> it was clap push ups only. he stopped clapping. >> america will provai prevail y will decide. who ever wins the pole. >> they have conclusion either. >> we have been talking about
6:39 am
this all morning. this 30-year-old son who wouldn't leave. remember the first note was michael. after a discussion with your mother you must leave this house immediately. you have 14 days to vacate. we will take all legal action to enforce this decision. >> this family lives in syracuse new york. >> it will go to the new york state supreme court. it's parents v. son. >> he has a nice place to stay. they sent out five letters since they have given him time. in the letters they give advise on the ways he should be living his life. organize the things you need for work. sell other things you have that have value. there are jobs available for
6:40 am
those with a poor work history. if you want help to find a place your mother will help. >> they have given him 15 days notice. he said the law gave me six months. >> he's fighting back. the e-mails are pouring in. put his stuff on the lawn and change the locks, done. >> 18 is the age when kids need to move out. the army takes 30 year-olds. >> as a graduation present my parents gave me luggage with my cloths packed inside. it was hush. >> you are so out of breathe. >> adam, come join us. >> there are military people out there and they said my form was better and i was moving faster.
6:41 am
>> i have a question for you. the moment you stopped were you checking out pete or mocking him? >> i thought he had stopped. >> just because he persued a flood strategy. >> have you seen those basketball players? i was just checking him out. >> he cleaned his clock. >> no, way. >> as always, our journalist has anonymous sources. >> we'll declassify it. more details emerging about the fbi informant. where was president obama? it's time to fire up the grill and eat a victory lunch. we have the perfect options. >> no food for you.
6:42 am
>> america will decide. >> oh, yeah, look at that. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. termites, we're on the move.24/7. roger.
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6:45 am
huge day in the fox and friends competition. i'm headed to team pete. >> i'm team adam. >> i'm voting pete. >> i guess i should vote adam. >> that was a surprise switch. >> thank you, brother. we have a lot of big news. the fbi informant was a cambridge professor stephon. >> many are wondering where was presidenpresident obama did youg
6:46 am
this? >> what you just references was an excellent peace. it's from james freeman. he crosses ts and dots the i's. we know they were both briefed. they were briefed about the trump campaign. a few months later, that was in march of 2016. we start toed to see the dossier information. the democrats paid for it. >> that was roughly july. >> then we know that was used to get a warrant to wiretap and spy on the trump campaign. we know based on the text messages that he said, quote, president trumpresident obama ww
6:47 am
what we are doing. we know we should have a insurance policy. where was obama? where does the text tell us where obama was. it sounds like they were masterminding all of this. >> releasing the classified documents will put an end to this. they have asked multiple times for the documents. >> other times the doj said we are responding. the name of the person -- >> who leaked the name? >> remember two weeks ago when we obtained a copy of the letter that the doj sent to devin
6:48 am
nunez. >> only if it benefits them. >> there actually wasn't any national security. like the redaction that included the fiza judge that peter wanted to go meet at a party. we have devon nunez coming on but it's also china. this is a huge thing. with we have a big show coming up. >> a lot coming up. >> see you in ten minutes. >> i'm voting for pete. i'm sorry. >> still more to come. time to fire up the grill. skip has the perfect option for
6:49 am
your barbecue. >> a lot of controversy for if push up rematch. go to twitter to fox and friends to vote. for all the noses that stuff up around pets. there's flonase sensimist. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. not the conservative guy, travis allen. what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat.
6:51 am
gave money to liberals. supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say cox is unelectable in november.
6:52 am
no wonder republicans say to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. it feels good out here and smells good out here. >> it's time to get your grill on our friend skip is here this morning. >> i'm back again for day six. memorial day is coming up. it's the official start of grilling season. let me show you what i have.
6:53 am
this is the next grill. this is a great grill. it has four burners. all stainless construction. it has a storage cabinet underneath. it has a side burner. 640 square inches of space on this. this was great for the whole barbecue. >> that's beautiful. >> it smells so good out here. >> yeah, we are getting closer to the smell. this is weber spirit two. this is a really nice weber. this is exclusive to home depot. we have burgers, rib,s hot dogs. this is a two burner. oh, you dropped the dog.
6:54 am
>> it's only five seconds. >> let me show you this. he's not afraid to eat it off the ground. there is the five second grill. this is the trigger. this is wood pellet fed. it will feed the grill. you can cook, grill, back. it's a convection oven. watch this. >> oh. >> you could bake a pizza with a convention oven. >> you can roast and do everything in one unit. >> how does it taste different? >> this is amazing. it comes with different flavors. i have maple pellets right now. it infuses the smell into the meat. you can set it up as a smoker.
6:55 am
if you have dough you can cook a pizza. >> i was going to say you are cooking with gas? >> it's not. it's all wood fire. >> this is awesome. -- >> it maintains solidly. >> you can find out more information on skip's website. home depot is the place you want to go. >> skip, you are the best. >> if you want to talk about fire we have controversy. >> i wouldn't want to go against you in push ups. >> i believe pete got me beat. >> many are saying it's peat. >> head to our twitter page
6:56 am
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or high blood potassium. entresto, for heart failure. look at this. >> i'm not stopping. he is. >> don't cheer for him. >> who won in the push up contest. jeff miller said the rule of law means something. pete wins. >> who won. i have the results of my pole. adam has 38%. pete 63%. >> oh. >> have faith. there is so many controversy. i think i should get it back. >> i won the last contest. >> any final words?
7:00 am
we have a lot of great people out here. head to our website. >> see you tomorrow. have a great sunday. good sunday modernment thank you for joining us. a republican revolt. conservatives clash over immigration. china bends demands. good morning, welcome to sunday morning futures. the caucus torpedos the reform bill. is this a winning strategy for republicans approaching the i election. kellyann conway will weight in. shocking new details coming to light after president trump accused t


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