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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 20, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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leland: nra incoming president oliver north blamed the disease of youngster who is are steeped in a culture of violence in the latest school children, we will introduce to each and every one of the school victims shot in high school. liz: sunday morning tweet ripping into the russian investigation as, quote, the world's most expensive witch hunts, live to the white house. leland: immigration taking center stage in the georgia governor's race, lieutenant governor on the ballot explains why it's a key issue in a state hundreds of miles from the nearest border.
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♪ leland: nice to be at home, welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. i'm leland vittert. liz: i'm elizabeth prann on a very busy morning. ten victims of friday's high school shooting in santa fe, texas, have been identified by authorities, the first funeral is being held this afternoon and as we remember the lives that are now lost, the debate begins about what can and should be done in the aftermath. molly joins us with the very latest. >> the incoming president of the national rifle association says there's a disease among young people, particularly young males where they are, quote, steeped in a culture of violence and he says this is part of the problem. but the immediate way to prevent these school shootings, north says, is to make it more difficult to get a gun into a school. the same way that airlines do it, metal detectors. >> you're not going to fix it by
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taking away the rights of law abiding citizens. you've got to fix it in a way that hardens the place sufficiently that those kids are safe inside the door. that means 5 metal detectors, you get 5 metal detectors. >> other says america needs more law restrictions guns, particularly laws strengthening requirements for adults who keep guns in homes where there are children or more laws given control of who can buy a gun in form of background checks, also additional mental health counseling for children in need. democratic senator mark warner. >> my hope and appeal to everyone, let's do an all of the above, please, for those folks that i work with in the congress, take a moment and let your position evolve, there are way that is we can put reasonable restraints out interfering with people's second amendment rights. >> senator warner says he was supported by the nra but the
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nation cannot deal with school shootings without looking reasonable and logical restraints on gun ownership, elizabeth. >> molly with the very latest, thank you so much. of course, the discussion continues on fox news sunday for the full interview with oliver north, incoming president of the nra, you can watch fox news sunday right our show. he also speaks with mark kelly, cofounder about friday school shooting in texas, gifford's foundation. leland: they all know too well about effects of violence in guns. liz: family and friends have begun speaking out and remembering loved ones, sarah black had turned 17 days before the shooting, he was getting ready for birthday party which was supposed to be yesterday, the family posting gofundme page to pay for funeral and travel expenses.
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leland: shana fisher's mother described daughter as shy and sweet and said her mother, quote, shana had a lot of love in her heart. >> kristin garcía was building a new home, scribbled a passage on what would have been his new bedroom. from psalm4610, be known and i will be exalted in earth. leland: carl mccloud, as you can tell by the picture, the 15-year-old freshman was learning how to drive a car. liz: angelique ramírez, bright red hair, beautiful child finding her way and hopeful for her future. leland: sabika was a cultural exchange student due to arrive back home in pakistan within days, her funeral is scheduled for this afternoon, her father said the 18-year-old hope today
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work some day as a pakistani diplomat. liz: christopher stone played multiple positions in football team and loved adventure and sports says friends, always with open smile and open heart and open mind. leland: kimber lay vaughn, recently colored her hair fushia. liz: glenda perkins, one of the two teachers that lost their lives, nicknamed grandma by devoted students. one of them called the 64-year-old an absolute angel. leland: cynthia tisdel, the grandmother of 8 had deep devotion to her family and her students and was a member of a local baptist church. liz: of course, we are thinking about the 13 other people who were injured and are recovering from the attack. when you read some of the stories especially with young
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students, they had such a bright future, caijt of doing so much which makes this even more painful than we could ever imagine. legal legal the more you learn about the victims and the less you focus on perpetrator the sadder it gets, j.j. watts will pay the funerals for all ten of these folks and you'll hear from other shows on fox news over the coming week as we remember each one of these people individually and i think it's fair to say, we ask you to keep them and their families in your prayers. the pain for the family never goes away. meantime here in washington, president trump taking to social media to talk about special counsel robert mueller's investigation and call out a favorite topic and target, the clintons, ellison barber at the white house with more ellison, 7 tweets by my count over the past 24 hours, any idea what sparked the tweet storm or is it just saturday and sunday at the white house? >> maybe a little -- maybe two
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things can be true at once. big issue or big point of contention right now for the white house is an fbi informant and what they did or did not do during the campaign president trump suggesting the informant was a spy, in the course of 7 tweets, president trump called on the doj to turn over documents related to informant, only the release or review of documents can give conclusive answers, the new york times reporting that the fbi sent an informant to talk to two campaign advisers but only after they received evidence that the pair had suspicious contacts linked to russia during the campaign. this morning, president trump tweeted that the investigation a witch hunt and also mentioned hillary clinton and the dnc. he wrote in one, whatever happened to the server tat center of so much corruption that the democratic national committee refused to hand over,
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accepting the case, they broke into homes and offices early in the morning but were afraid to the server. special counselor to the president kellyanne conway to the president this morning. >> all i know is what i see. the president is in right to tweet about this. we are happy to not talk about 2016 election again. winning solves a lot of problems, but you can't have it both ways, so the president is saying, if you're going to investigate all of this, investigate all of it. we have a right to know transparently what happened with respect to both campaigns and how that -- how those issues were handled. >> top democrat on the house intelligence committee say allegations coming from president trump are pretty much nonsense. >> this is parking -- part of sf meritless allegations that i was tapped in trump tower, the investigation began with christopher steele dossier all of which is untrue and all of
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which as you pointed out in outset design today create alternate reality for trump supporters. >> the president's son donald trump, jr., meetings that he took reportedly during campaign. in august of 2016, trump jr. met with envoy to crown princess of united arab emirates and saudi arabia after they offer today provide campaign help, attorney is saying that nothing came of that meeting. leland. leland: ellison barber standing by at the white house. liz: despite political unease, the administration is focusing attention on global hot spots ss from china to iran. here to discuss vice president of national security at the heritage foundation james carafano, thank you so much for joining us. i want to get your reaction from ellison barber's reports before we move to talk about foreign policy, your reaction s this
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what you want the president to be focusing on? >> it's a pretty important issue. the credibility of our intelligence and law enforcement essentials is absolutely vital. we had cases in the past where those instruments had been abused, fdr spying on political enemies, it's not like it's unprecedented. so i think it's important that we get the truth here and if people did wrong be held accountable. liz: what would the consequences would be? >> what actually went on here, that's an important issue. liz: at the same time there's also a lot of hot spots in the world. the president is juggling a lot of issues. i specifically want to talk to you about iran because the secretary of state mike pompeo will be speaking at the heritage foundation if i'm not mistaken tomorrow, what do you want to hear from him? >> a big giant pitch fork, he's going stab it in the heart of all the criticism that came out
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after the united states withdraw and the president doesn't have plan b, he doesn't know what he's doing, making stuff up. none of that i believe is actually true. you actually talk to the folks that have been in deliberative process that's been a year and a half about what to do with iran deal and if you listen, talk to some of the officials about how they thought through, i think pompeo will lay that out. liz: the president has not only met with the chancellor of germany but also the president of france, so it's not like this was -- people say this was such impulsive decision but it really wasn't. >> i worked on the presidential transition team, we actually did not work on this because we said, look, cabinet officials are going to have to decide, we are not going to tell the new administration what to do. almost from day one in the white house, this is an issue the white house has been dealing with. they've been dealing for 16 months. the president has been dealing with the issue for 16 months. here is what we know already, one is the europeans are going
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to come along, we have seen companies bailing on iran, we've already seen government officials saying i don't care what the eu says, we are not. we are going to have to work with the united states. that's already true. we already know the iranians are being back intoed a corner, the economy is in freefall, the leadership is divided on what to do next, they are overstretched in a number of places, yemen, syria and iraq, they've got awful lot on their plate, they're not prepared to deal with this. liz: does it set the stage, i'm tackling a number of topics because we don't have time, does it set the stage with the meetings with north korea and if so how influential is it? >> they are linked. they are both looking at each other, right, you couldn't give a softball deal to the north koreans because the europeans are saying, you are giving them something and you're playing hardball with iranians. if you do a tough deal with the north koreans and the north koreans do a deal, the iranians
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know they are essentially screwed. liz: like you said, we will hear what the secretary of state has to say in the heritage foundation, what do you want to see from the administration? >> they have to stay to course. regardless of north korea -- regardless what kind of wacky things the north koreans say, you play diplomacy out. in iran you put iranians back in a box and, look, here is what i think is going to happen, iranians -- when they feel pressured they'll pull back in their foreign policy and my guess is they will put nuclear program on ice and they will basically try to wait trump out. liz: let's see, right? >> yeah. liz: thank you so much for joining us. i'm sure we will have you back, a lot that will happen in the next month or so, appreciate it. leland: georgia votes tuesday on what has become a wild republican primary for governor. the associated prez describing it with this lead paragraph, never mind cutting taxes,
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creating jobs, pocketbook of past republican campaigns amid fierce competition the gop race for georgia governor, 5 remaining candidates are battling it out over who loves guns the most, toughest on people in the country illegally and who would best support president donald trump. here to discuss georgia gubernatorial candidate. thank you for being with us. >> good to be with you today. leland: you heard how the ap assumed things out, fair characterization of the race? >> it's not who has the biggest gun or the biggest truck or the biggest deportation bus. it really is about the largest -- ninth largest economy right here in georgia and who has the ability to run the state in the way that it continues -- leland: how did the ap get it so wrong, they are saying those aren't the
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issues and you are saying they are? >> well, i happen to think that the ap doesn't always get it right. but we just passed the largest tax cut in georgia's history, $5.7 billion reducing rate from 6 to 5.5 along with historic job growth this existed within our state, almost 700,000 jobs, 40,000 businesses and so we are talking about a lot more things than just illegal immigration, but i will tell you that issue is important particularly around sanctuary cities and i just won administrative court ruling where they would not cooperate and communicate with federal homeland security partners because when they -- an officer pulls someone over, this was clearly a violation of our sanctuary city policy, we took them to an administrative court and we were successful and obviously doing what was necessary for safety. leland: as you note, immigration has become a huge issue. this is an ad from one of your opponents in this primary state
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senator michael williams, take a look. >> we have our bus for way to go, it's not one of those political bus tours, we have the deportation bus. we will implement deportation plan that's going to fill this bus with illegals to send them back where they came from. leland: we have seen this happen in other races where republican candidates duke it out and they are move sod far to the right that they may win the republican nomination and then they lose the war in the general election, do you worry that that's what's happening or could be happening here? >> well, obviously one has to be very mindful of that and i stand on my conservative records but i think the gimmicks, all of those things, people see through and they want real results, they want to see someone who is doing things to hold cities and counties accountable around sanctuary cities but they also want to see somebody that's willing to partner with
10:17 am
president trump to send part of national guard to help secure the border, real-meaningful solutions and not gimmicks. leland: we appreciate you being with us sir, we have breaking news to get to, but we will have you back after primary, good luck on tuesday. >> thank you, leland. leland: all right. liz: live look at texas governor greg abbott, he's taking questions from reporters in santa fe, texas. >> so that we could have all the information placed upon the table -- [inaudible] >> a shotgun give away that's on your campaign, i don't know if you saw it and have a response? [inaudible] >> what do you -- >> copycat what? >> it was going back --
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[inaudible] >> what do you have to say about that? >> well, i think this is what you're asking about. i don't know if it is. one of the strategies that we are looking at is a program that has already been used by schools in the state of texas and perhaps expanding across state of texas that looks at students and performs assessment evaluation, we need to do that. [inaudible] >> can be viewed as potentially threatening, a new tool that
10:19 am
school districts are using to make sure they have the ability to identify any potential threats. [inaudible] >> now is not the time to address gun control and issue like that -- [inaudible] >> well, listen, my goal is to ensure swift and meaningful action. the people here in santa fe as well as schools across the state of texas, they deserve action which is exactly why we will begin round-table discussions on tuesday taking in all information. we need to understand that we want to try to accomplish all of this on the hearing side by the end of next week, understanding that maybe occurring in santa fe liz: we are listening live there
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to governor abbott from texas. he's in santa fe, texas, attended a surge service and now answering questions from reporters covering anything from gun reform to also red flag that is experts are combing through as the investigation continues. leland: lava from the volcano in hawaii now cutting off a major hawaii, that blocking yet another exit out of the hot zone, jeff on the safe side of all this and nearby people getting ready to evacuate, hi, jeff. >> hi, get out, that's the message to hawaii national guard for those who haven't evacuated. what they are preparing for after the break? we know the value of trust. we were built on it. back when the country went west for gold, we were the ones who carried it back east. by steam. by horse. by iron horse.
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liz: hawaii's kilauea volcano has been spewing lava and has worsened. jeff in hawaii with more. jeff, what can you tell us? >> well, the injury involved a man standing on balcony and hit in the leg with lava splatter and the national guard member
10:25 am
says this is exactly what they have been worried about, this volcano is so unpredictable and no telling what it will do or when will it erupt again. it's been forced to close one of the major highways in the area because lava is moving to so fast and covered a few of the lanes, main escape right here for residents and fear that lava flow could track more residents. the national guard has had to air lift at least four people to safety after lava began on one neighborhood cutting off at least 40 homes. >> the south levy broke and that's when it flooded around the east side of gardens and to me that is very scary scenario and that's what concerns me most, people might be trapped or something like that. >> now, in addition to the toxic gases, the lava, the cracks in the ground, the other concern this administration is something called laze, lava flow has start
10:26 am
today enter the ocean at two different points and when it makes contact with ocean water it creates a special sort of laze and in it packed with little glass-like particles and the county warning people to stay away. now is the time to get out. liz. liz: all right, jeff with the very latest, thank you so much, appreciate it. leland: all right, so why the trump administration says a trade war with china is now on pause and as democratic candidate new left to court the bernie sanders' wing, will they win primaries only get in november. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too brrr! i have the chills! because of all those miles? and because ice is cold.
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prerogative agenda, end the movement to al -- oligharchy and many candidates will win because you will see voter turnout go up at level of excitement that conservative democrats don't raise. leland: bernie sanders on who he wants to see holding the democratic flag come november and in a number of cases he's getting his way with far-left candidates winning primaries over the more centrist establishment choices, with that, two democratic activists, brian on the progressive side, former clinton staffer amanda litman to discuss nice to see you both, ryan, so far progressive candidates fairing pretty well. do you worry at all that this is going to be winning the battle of the primaries and losing the war come november? >> i think it's the exact opposite to be honest because if
10:32 am
you look at lee carter in virginia 50th district winning special election in conservative area, if you look at kristin who won state election in new york flipping a plus 20 trump district, i think what 2016 shows the main lesson we can take is that millennials which are the key to the democratic party don't respond to platitudes and establishment politics. they respond to genuine progressive policies and that's what it's going to take, i think that will be the opposite. leland: opposite argument would be, amanda, you look at connor lamb who almost ran as a fairly liberal republican if you listen to him, disavowed nancy pelosi and pulled off an upset in pennsylvania. >> well, i think what you're seeing the candidates that are most successful will connect with voters, whatever that means. connor lamb ran a race that makes sense in pennsylvania, you are seeing candidates like in
10:33 am
alabama, oklahoma, illinois, run on messages that makes sense to their communities regardless of whatever that means for the broader democratic race. leland: authenticity over policy statements, some would argue that was president trump in 2016. we talked earlier with the republican who was running for the governor's seat in georgia and the ap described that race as essentially an argument of who can be more progun, antiimmigration and who could like president trump more. on the democratic side, the wall street journal called the battle of two stacys here and this is how they described that race as it related to one professor there at university, one group meaning of the democratic party is pushing for break-through candidates such as minority and nontraditional candz dates while others are at risk-adverse and say the time is now right. amanda, it begs the question s there a split in the democratic party and what's the risk there? >> well, there's certainly a lot of argument over what the
10:34 am
democratic party should stand for and the risk is that we could always make the wrong choice. at the end of the day, we need to trust voters to make right decision. i'm really excited for stacy abrams to win on tuesday, but regardless democrats are going to have a strong candidate this november and that'll make a difference. leland: okay, ryan, to you, how much does the platform matter of these far-left candidates versus what amanda was talked about when it comes to authenticity? >> well, first, i take issue the idea that they are far left, they are right in the mainstream where democratic voters are and at the end of the day elections are to play for your base. leland: hold on, ryan. play to your base or place of base in primaries -- >> absolutely. leland: play to the center afterwards? >> that in the real world is what we call lying and i think as we have seen further left candidates as you can say win, i think that that conventional
10:35 am
wisdom is being broken. the democratic party lasted -- lost nearly a thousand seats and conventional wisdom for democrats, play to the base in the primary flip to the center in the general, when you look at the republicans, they haven't played the game, they have been unapologetic and consistent with conservative message and they have been winning, the notion of the center voters is kind of a myth. you have a lot of independents but the independents are largely partisan. it depends on where they tend to lean left or right. i do this ultimately it's a play to the base and the progressive platform absolutely matters. leland: so amanda, how does this work? democrats have been promised a blue wave, you two very competing arguing here about who is going to be the necessary catalyst for the blue wave, you can only pick one primary candidate to run in the general, where does the democratic establishment go on this? >> well, we are not looking to the establishment anymore. leland: establishment is where the money is.
10:36 am
>> not necessarily. we are seeing record number of small dollar donors step up to give candidates. we are seeing wave of young candidates and will engage and get people to show up even if the national institutions aren't there. leland: we certainly saw that happened in nebraska with carrie eastman's win. ryan, amanda, i appreciate you both being here, great conversation. >> thank you. leland: all right. >> thanks for having me. liz: switching gears, china pledged significantly increase of purchase of american goods and service and measure to help reduce the trade deficit between the two countries, leaders to have economic power houses issuing a joint statement on saturday following two days of trade talks here in washington. our own garrett tenney joins us now with details. >> we have been talking for months now but the white house said that the trade talks went so well that they are putting the trade war on hold. that means the trump
10:37 am
administration will not be imposing tariffs on chinese products while these negotiations continue but they can't -- can still decide to enact them later on depending on the deal they reach. the deficit last year was $375 billion, in the first round of negotiations, both sides agree to cut that by more than half but as these negotiations play out, the u.s. is also pushing china for help for north korea, fox news sunday treasury secretary steve mnuchin says that issue will not influence the trade talks. >> i don't think we are going easy on the trade talks at all. i think for the first time many presidents haven't dealt with this issue. president trump has dealt with this issue. he threatened to put 150 billion of tariffs, we have a good framework agreement that's not just about buying goods, it's about structural changes, it's about lowering tariffs. >> the white house is also pushing back on suggestions that
10:38 am
it's looking on sanctions zte as part of trade deal with china. today the president's economic adviser larry kudlow said two are separate issues and any changes would not jeopardize u.s. security. >> let me just say with as much as clarity as possible, if any of the remedies are altered, they are still doing to be very, very tough. the question is whether they are perhaps some small changes around the edges. i think president trump is doing this because there's a good feeling between him and china, do not, please, do not expect zte to get off scott-free, it ain't going to happen. >> in terms of where the trade talk goes from here, bill burr ross is expecting trip to beijing, the u.s. wants to see more trading in energy and agriculture. liz: progress, big news on saturday. thank you, garrett, appreciate it. leland. leland: so as republicans look
10:39 am
to block that blue wave we just talked about, maybe even pick up a few senate seats, top political fundraiser on where president trump is takes the stump will help.
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brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate! you wanna play again? - anncr: prevagen. healthier brain. better life. liz: while democrats hope to ride a blue wave in 2018 midterms republicans are looking behind president and get message behind congress. how much weight does president trump hold, here to talk about it elana, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, thanks for having me. liz: i want to bring recent gallup poll, the president has 43% approval rating, i'm curious u is that more indicater on how votes feel about conduct and his behavior or is that going to be reflected in the polls when we see people go to vote in the
10:44 am
midterms? >> well, i think people who support trump support him wholeheartedly. you will see trump supporters going with him no matter what. and you will find people on the other side that won't support him no matter what he does. that's where the division comes. it's not going to be a big surprise who votes for him and who he supports and who doesn't based on what he does. liz: i want to ask you, we talked about tweets and we have a brand-new one that i want to bring on and bring to conversation, he just tweeted about 5, 6 minutes ago, i herb demand -- hereby, the department infiltrated or surveilled for political purposes and in i such demands or requests were made by people within the obama administration, so i'm curious as to when he speaks out like this, how does that impact voters because he's constantly communicating? >> i think it's okay that he's constantly communicating and again his supporters are in
10:45 am
favor of that. people want to know what's going on and unfortunately they don't trust a lot of the media to give them a straight answer, so i think, you know, a tweet like this is welcomed by a supporters and no surprise, you know, the things that he tweets honestly don't really ever surprise me as well as for other supporters i think it's probably the same thing. liz: when you look at a tweet like this and when we talk about the unknowns that are ahead of us in the primary season, obviously we have the russia investigation, we are seeing the unemployment rate drop below 4%, could that get even better, and obviously we are waiting, you know, with this north korea summit, so i'm curious what unknowns between now and november could change the course of the primaries? >> i think, we are doing well in primaries and if we continue down trajectory especially with secretary of state pompeo doing with trump, i think that people will see, you knowinger all the good things trump is doing and he's a man of his word, all the
10:46 am
things he's promising he's going to do he's taking action. people are ready for government that does that. liz: okay, i know we all wish we could look in a crystal ball, many democrats are confident that they will take the house, not so confident on the senate, i'm curious about prediction that is you have ahead of primary season? >> sure, i would say that -- i think we are in a better position than people are really giving the republicans credit for. i think each person in those congressional campaigns really needs to be aware of their districts. some districts like the one that i'm from, trump haters and trump lovers, that's something that the candidate needs to know. again, in the districts where trump won so significantly in 2016 it would be foolish not to get on the band wagon, anybody who gets the trump endorsement has big advantage. so i think we will do better than -- better than what we are kind of being given credit for. liz: leland had an interesting
10:47 am
panel and a lot of commentators said it was not necessarily the platform but authenticity. i'm curious to see how the smaller elections will pan out. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks a lot. leland: as the average price of gas hits $3, how pain at the pump will affect the midterms. i've always been about what's next. i'm still giving it my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,
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not the conservative guy, travis allen. what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat. gave money to liberals. supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say cox is unelectable in november.
10:50 am
10:51 am
leland: president trump attacking robert mueller's investigation this morning as bias and unfounded. we told you we'd tell you about new tweets, well, one just came in. here it is, i will be demand that the fbi -- the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi, doj infiltrated or surveilled the trump campaign for political purposes and if any such demands. >> requests per made by people within the obama administration. he talks about it every day on the radio and in indianapolis and here to talk about it now with us here tony and you have your phone up i'm guessing you are reading along with the rest of the world on the tweet. here is a question, let's put aside the fact how the president orders this or not, do you think they'll find anything? >> well, if what the president is talking about right here, i am, i'm looking at my phone
10:52 am
because you don't know what's coming out next. i have no idea if they will find anything. i'm one of those that gets hyped up. what the president says and what he does are often different things. that's not being rude towards the president, that happens to be factual. let's see what happens tomorrow. let's see what kind of investigation cowed come out. i think some of the previous tweets are rather interesting but when he says he wants to know if there was infiltration for political purposes, wouldn't we all want to know that, there seems to be indication that that took place. leland: interestingly enough there's a sound bite making the twitter rounds this morning from president obama back when he was interviewed by cristwallace in which he said in his words, full stop, there was no political targeting by the fbi or doj. that's a pretty conclusive statement on his part, any evidence on the other side, you think? >> well, i think that when people take that apart and parse it, you hear the democratic
10:53 am
party on monday, they'll say it's difference between laurel or yani. it's all how you heard it. legal legal have politics in general now become a laurel and yani moment? >> well, yeah. people hear what they want to hear but that doesn't mean that the truth didn't get said, it doesn't mean that there isn't the truth. you take a look at some of the reporting from "the new york times" and look at molly, breaking down why the new york times in talking about all the investigation is total bunk. there are people who want to hear what they want to hear. did president trump insult immigrants, absolutely, he was talking about ms-13. you almost think that you're getting punked. people do hear what they want to hear. it doesn't mean that the truth isn't being told, honest people recognize it and dishonest people, well, they tell you yani. leland, okay, i will start
10:54 am
calling you laurel on air. one thing that does not lie is economics. this is something you brought up a month ago, the cost of oil and buy at the cost of gas prices, ap flash just now crossing average gallon of gas in the united states $3, when does the conversation shift from russia, doj, fbi, political targeting back to these real economic issues of 3-dollar gas rising inflation, et cetera? >> well, i think economics issues are still going on especially when you have nancy pelosi talking about crumbs and they're trying to shut her up, she's trying to walk it back and it's not working, but i did tweet about it and a lot of people have noticed, oil prices are getting too high and it's going to cause a problem, the white house should be on top of it. we cracked $80 the other day. is this iran and opec, you pull out of the agreement, this is how we punish you f america is going to be in the fight i'm okay with you but i want to hear from the white house very strongly about what our plan is
10:55 am
to ensure some lower gas prices. leland: and you have to wonder how much political capital the white house is willing to use with the saudis and emirates and others to force a little bit more production in these prices back down, tony, good to see you from indianapolis also always we will talk an friday, buddy? >> all right, i'm checking the tweets. leland: check every second, for sure. liz. liz: all right, we know you didn't miss, the hype is justified ahead, of course, a well deserved bath. for all the eyes that get itchy and watery near pollen. there's flonase sensimist. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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it never takes noan incfor an to stubborn, "impossible" is just an opinion. the end is where stubborn begins. and keeps on going until it's got nothing left.
10:59 am
and then stubborn finds another gear. you know what we make. stubborn makes us who we are. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> liz: with that, the horse known as justify along with its jockey, mike smith is on the verge of history. if they win at the belmont stakes, they will be the triple crown winner. the race is in three weeks. >> leland: hopefully better weather then and hopefully better weather memorial weekend. next weekend we have two special shows. saturday we'll be live from the marine base in virginia. >> liz: you have a little tease for us there. we'll also be on the national mall on sunday. >> leland: why you should watch? we went to see some of the marine base activity down there and this is video of mo, the
11:00 am
police dog. i do not run as fast as justify does and mo caught me. so we'll tell you a little about mo and his training along with the marines next weekend. we'll see you then. >> liz: thanks for joining us. >> chris: another school shooting leaves 10 dead in the worse attack since the massacre in parkland, florida. >> you hear boom, boom, boom, and i just ran as fast as i could. >> we need to do more than just pray for the victims and the families. >> chris: we'll discuss if there's any way to protect our children with the incoming president of the national rifle association, oliver north. and we'll get reaction from a leader in preventing gun violence, mark kelly, the retired astronaut husband of gabby giffords. then will president trump give in on trade with china? we'll talk with the


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