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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 21, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> you hope it gave you a good warmup for the show tonight. >> i feel it! >> he will be on "the five." we are back on the couch at 12:00 noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: we begin with president trump taking on the justice department and f.b.i., demanding an investigation of the russian probe. i'm harris faulkner. let's go to "outnumbered overtime." he is looking at whether the f.b.i. or d.o.j. infiltrating or surveilled his campaign for political purposes. after it was reported that the f.b.i. dispatched a controversial source to speed with the aides of trump campaign about the possible ties to russia. now the d.o.j. says it has asked its inspector general to look into all of it. the president's directive came hours after house intelligence chair nunes, a big critic of the russia probe issued a warning. watch. >> if they ran a spy ring or informant ring and they were paying people within the crump
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campaign. if any of that is true, that is an absolute red line. it would have quite a bit of detail on it. if any of that is true, there's a red line in this country. you can't do this to political campaigns. >> harris: meanwhile, democrats are also blasting the president's latest salvo. senator dianne feinstein tweeting, "the president's statement indicates he will order the justice department investigate the f.b.i. could not be more disturbing and reiterates the deep contempt for the rule of law." catherine herridge has more. >> under investigation himself, the president called on the justice department to probe whether an f.b.i. used probe to be part of the campaign. he is going to ask the department of justice to infiltrate the campaign. the justice department wasted little time to announce
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internal investigation of the presidential investigation. and it will look into whether there was a inpropriety or political information and where they used informants to collect intelligence. in a statement, rod rosenstein said if anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes we need to know about it and take appropriate action. as part of the ongoing reporting, fox news learned the republican chairman of the house intelligence and the oversight committees devin nunes and trey gowdy want a discreet set of records, about 200, related to the intelligence source. and whether information from that source was used in the russia case or for obtaining surveillance warrants. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee said the president's allegations including the claims about the former british spy christopher steele who authored the dossier has no factual basis. >> this is part of a string of meritless allegations from the beginning that i was wiretapped in trump tower,
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there is a mask verse and it it -- mass controversy. all of which is untrue but this is designed to create alternate reality for trump supporters to live with. >> republican congressional investigators interested they are not interested in the source but are interested in the intelligence reports generated by the source. they add that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein may have a conflict because he signed off on at least one of the fisa renewals. >> harris: thank you. the president calling for his justice department to allow members of congress to review documents related to the f.b.i. informant. he tweeted this, that the f.b.i. or d.o.j. was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign. that is a really big dee. only the release and review of the documents at the house intelligence committee, the judiciary, can give con cluse answers -- conclusive answers. drain the swamp.
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the first guest is matt gaetz. sits on the house juciciary committee. it's great to see you. start with the idea about the informant and the argument against it is it might put the informant in danger. you say what? >> well, this is a particular individual who has been reported on to be involved in intelligence activities with the campaigns dating back to the '80s. so it's not as if this is particularly news regarding the affiliation of the individual. i will say, harris, the white house is not yet fully informed regarding the extent to which the intelligence was collected on the trump campaign. there is additional information that house investigators have collected. and we need to make sure the white house sof appropriately informed about that. it will not be enough to have rod rosenstein and the others and the department of justice to investigate themselves. we have enough investigations where the justice department is investigating themselves. more than anything we discussed in the past this is a basis to appoint a second
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special counsel. we need to talk about this with you. >> harris: congressman, representative jim jordan said he had written a letter directly to the president. he and others written a letter directly to the president about declassify information to make it less redacted. where are we on that? >> we need the president to immediately do that. >> harris: what was his response? >> i don't know that we received a response yet other than the tweet in and of itself weaves a difficult catch-22. he says he wants the department of justice to investigate the f.b.i. and the department of justice. again, that is not proven fruitful. we are in groundhog day with justice where we request document. they give us too many redactions. we fight with them back and forth. we need the president to declassify the information so we can talk about it with the american people. >> harris: you are in groundhog day with the d.o.j. that will be a line of this monday, no doubt. so, what would you like for
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the d.o.j. to do at this point in terms of if they don't do this, what is the alternative? what is a plan "b"? >> of course, i would like jeff sessions to step up and announce his recusal. >> harris: if you talked with him? >> i have. he said he is totally unwilling to do that. it's like, you know, over the department of justice he has the stockholm syndrome. he's become sympathetic with the captors in the deep state. >> harris: or maybe because he recused himself. >> yeah, but the recusal itself is the problem. there is no legal or factual basis for the recusal to exist and the consequence is rod rosenstein, the individual who is signing renewals of the fisa warrants now has the ability to send this latest allegation off to investigation land. and then use that as a basis to not produce documents to congress because he can stay as the subject of the ongoing investigation. so we need to get out of the cycle, declassify the documents and expose the deep state for what they have done. in particular, the intelligence collection on
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president trump's campaign. >> harris: quickly, congressman gaetz, if you move forward with the infiltrator, the informant, whatever this person is, is there a way to deal with that element and to find out what really happened with that person inside the trump campaign without divulging that person's identity? >> well, probably there is. it's not the person's identity that is at issue. the issue is why -- >> harris: democrats say if you put it out there, it will endanger that person. so the identity comes into play. >> this isn't about -- look, there are ways to protect specific identities but keep in mind, i don't think people here were being used unwittingly. i think it was a coordinated scheme to collect intelligence on the president's campaign. there are ways we can still protect sources and methods. we have to figure out why the intelligence was used, what did it manifest itself? was the trump russia investigation in any way influenced by illegal surveillance on a political campaign? those are the questions we
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have to answer. they have no relationship with the identity of the informant. >> harris: the american people look at this and they may be wonder republicans, republicans, both the d.o.j. and the republicans in the house intel. it gets confusing. why can't they work it out? let's move on. robert mueller told the president's attorney rudy giuliani if he interviews the president by mid-july he should have the russia probe wrapped up by september 1. what do you make of that? >> if any lawyer advises president trump to sit for an interview with robert mueller, they need to immediately notify the malpractice insurance carrier. it would be a perjury trap. we know how biased the mueller team is. the president knows this. we know the tactics they have used to find totally unrelated events to the russia collusion to use it to squeeze people. now they are beyond russia. they are wondering around the middle east trying to drum up some collusion narrative. it would be a disaster if the president sits for the interview.
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no reasonable lawyer should recommend it to him. >> harris: if there is an opportunity to get the investigation wrapped up before the mid-term election, the president is saying, you know, would you even want to look at that? what he is saying is that this conversation about the russia probe could actually hurt the midterm elections for republicans. what do you do? >> look, voters are not going to vote on russia. they will vote on their own economic conditions. if the president thinks that sitting down with robert mueller is going to hasten the conclusion of this, then that would be a terrible miscalculation. >> harris: no one says he thinks that. no one is saying that. >> yeah, yeah. you were posturing it as a potential to wrapup the investigation. my point is it won't. i would extend the investigation. it will launch it into variety of unrelated activities that have nothing to do with the foreign interference in the election. you see the mueller probe now having to go investigate these things that have nothing to do with russia at all to try to drum up collusion narratives. we have to wrap it up in congress and the justice
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department. the president should not sit for the interview. >> harris: interesting point, congressman gaetz, because we have seen a broad look so far afield from collusion by the mueller investigative team. it's great to see you today. thank you. you have given us a lot to talk about. >> thank you. >> harris: all right. let's bring in ron bamieh who served as assistant chief deputy in the justice department under president george h.w. bush. great to have you on the program today. >> good morning from los angeles. thank you for having me. >> harris: so you have just heard the congressman gaetz talking about what is at stake here. i'm curious to first get your opinion about where we are. >> well, where we are is that there has been a bunch of information revealed and nobody seems to know the exact truth because there are a lot of documents still missing. the president because he has read a couple of articles in "the post" and the "new york times" come out with a tweet demanding the justice department investigate. it's a line that other presidents haven't crossed in the past. so now we are wondering where
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do we go from here? what is the d.o.j.'s reaction to the president's tweet and demand? >> harris: the accusation is a strong one. i don't think, mr. bamieh, you would argue with that having been with the d.o.j. if there was an opportunity or an actual informant from the f.b.i. inside a presidential campaign -- let's not even use a name of that campaign. and it were for political purposes, that's a problem. >> it is a problem. and by the way, i don't think it's now just an allegation. i think it's pretty clear there was somebody who was on the f.b.i. payroll based on all the reports we have read, based on credible news sources there was such a person in the trump campaign. i don't think that is an issue. i think it's a known fact now. i think we should stop talking about it as an unknown fact. it's a fact. but was it legal? >> harris: was it legal? do we know enough to determine? >> i don't know enough to
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determine. >> harris: do you want to know more? >> the purpose of sending an informant is to garner evidence based on suspicions that crimes are occurring. let's use if you are going for the mafia. you know they are engaged in criminal activity and you have reason to believe that so you send in an informant to help you prove it. that would be legal. that is done all the time. in this case we don't what he the basis was for the investigation to start with. why did they feel the need in july of 2016 or april of 2016 depending on the dates you believe, to send an informant in to the trump campaign? the reason they did so determines the legality of the action? >> harris: how do we get that information? would it be helpful if it were released, declassified? what other way to dough want republicans to try to -- do you want republicans to try to get that information is my question? >> i'm not rooting for republicans or democrats. legally speaking for the d.o.j. to launch an investigation there has to be a basis for it, and required
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by the d.o.j. policy to state the basis of the investigation before it starts. there is a memo that states why we are doing it. is it because hillary e-mails were hacked? is that why we are doing the investigation? there was a suspicion that the trump campaign behind it? or was it because there was a statement made in a bar in london to the informant and that is the basis? there are all kinds of things out there but nobody proven anything. >> harris: do the lawmakers need to know who the informant was? it's out there. it leaked potentially. how far do you want to see the investigation go? it sounds like you are on the side of let's just get to the bottom of it. >> yes. my theory is look, the american people have the right to know now. this is a huge issue. if we are putting operatives in campaigns and wiretapping campaigns and disclosing campaign information to the other side in the campaign we have crossed the line. this would make watergate look like small potatoes.
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so we should put all the cards on the table. we know who the guy is. the name has been reported multiple times and it's a logical person that we all know who he is. so why are we protecting him? it's not a mafia family and it's not like trump organization is going to go out and off the guy. they are revealing these reasons to not reveal the investigation but it's time to put the cards on the table. >> harris: ron bamieh, thank you. we appreciate your time. formerly of the d.o.j. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> harris: stocks are surging. some of them amid signs that president trump is making progress to prevent a trade war with china. this is while the president is taking aim at the democrats on the issue of fair trade. we'll get reaction from house lawmaker. and secretary of state mike pompeo issued an all may tunnel -- issued an ultimatum to iran. a live report with analysis. stay close.
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>> harris: secretary of state mike pompeo is warning iran to abandon the nuclear program and vowing to use the strong economic and the military pressure if iran does not change its destabilizing behavior in the region?
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this is as the trump administration laying out the new strategy after withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. watch this. >> the sting of sanctions will be painful if the regime does not change its course from the unacceptable and the unproductive path it has chosen to one that rejoins the league of nations. these will be the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete. >> harris: the "sting of sanctions." rich edson is live at the state department. rich? >> with the sanctions the united states is giving iran one of two choice, to try to keep the economy off life support or continue to use that money it has to fund destabilizing activities throughout the middle east. less than two weeks after president trump withdrew the united states from the iran nuclear deal, secretary mike pompeo outlining a strategy similar to the one the administration employed against north korea. they gave it the same name. pressure campaign to isolate irand get it to change the
10:20 am
behavior. >> i will work closely with the department of the defense and the allies to deter iranian aggression. we will track down the hezbollah proxies around the world and we will crush them. >> the secretary warned european companies conducting business with iran that the united states would penalize them and they listed dozen of iran. abandon the work in the perpetuity, provide international inspectors unclassified access to all sites around the country, halt the missile program and end the support for middle east militant groups. they would welcome iran to the noble economy in return. but state department officials will build global coalition to confront iran but the critic sas i the u.s. left -- critics say they just left the coalition.
10:21 am
and the countries remaining in the nuclear deal try to salvage it in the discussions with one another to figure out what is after the united states left it. secretary pompeo said the u.s. will not renegotiate the yahoo deal. harris? >> harris: thank you. harry kazianis, director of defense studies at the center for the national interest. it's great to see you today. you heard rich edson's reporting and you have a slightly different take. you say it's possible that iran night renegotiate or rethink the deal. what would it take? >> in six months when the pressure starts to hit tehran and the economy really starts to feel the pinch they might come to the table. what i'm impressed about here is pompeo's speech was a ten. i think the biggest reason for that is when we look back on it, i think we will see president trump has laid out essentially his trump doctrine. he is taking the pressure campaign on north korea and it's porting it over to iran.
10:22 am
that would destabilize the country tremendously. so i think it will work out and the president now has a long-term strategy for russia and a lot of countries that are going to be rogue regimes. >> harris: you talk about the "trump doctrine" when you say that, the maximum pressure. these are different actors in both the regions and iran is very different than north korea. north korea doesn't really go out of its territory to reach out and fund hezbollah. put soldiers on the ground in syria. that is an iran footprint. they reach outside the borders. >> north korea does too. they were fueling the syria civil war. if it wasn't for the israelis the north koreans were helping the syrians build a nuclear react torso i think we can take the maximum pressure strategy and apply it to all the different rogue regimes. we will have different levels of success but for iran the
10:23 am
important point is the iranian economy is 50 times bigger than north korea so it is going to take more work to contain the iranians. but i think it's something we can do. >> harris: another point'd add with north -- i'd add with h korea, the way sometimes they walk outside the borders is they became nuclear-capable, if you will. they can sell the technology. who would like to buy that? a lot of people. >> absolutely. every terrorist group out there. >> harris: all right. let's talk about the meeting that president trump is schedule told have tomorrow afternoon with south korea's leader. what is the significance at this point in the game? >> i think what president moon is trying to do, it's really a mission impossible to be honest. he is trying to save the summit. right now i don't think there is going to be a kim jong un-donald trump summit. >> harris: wait a minute. i got to stop you there. you are calling the trump-kim
10:24 am
jong un summit mission impossible? >> i think it's dead. >> harris: why? >> right now it's dead. both sides are too far apart. >> harris: but they have always been far apart? >> but i think it's more pronounced now. i think the north koreans have the aspirational goal that some day they will give up the nuclear weapons if they get the economic goodies, peace treaty. they want to have everything handed to them. the trump administration, what they are saying is they want to have at least a step-by-step approach. maybe kim gives up a few nuclear weapons we drop sanctions. going back and forth to build trust. north koreans don't want that. i think president trump needs to be careful here. i know everybody wants to make history but you don't want to do it under these circumstances. >> harris: you have moved the ball on this a bit. we talk enough for me to kind of keep up -- so what changed? >> i think what has come out over the last couple of days with the north koreans stating a couple months back they wanted to denuclearize.
10:25 am
but now what they are coming out with ambiguous terms. >> harris: couldn't that be rhetoric, playing to kim jong un's people on the ground there? this is a nation that offs its own people so maybe he has some accountability, too, and maybe the rhetoric -- i'm just asking. >> this isn't the time for rhetoric. if you want to make history, if kim jong un wants to be part of the global community he can do it. the trump administration is willing to make a deal here and go further than what a lot of people think. but i think what kim is going to do, he has dusted off his old north korea play book and they are trying to stall for time. i think the trump administration has to be careful here. because they need to have a deal where kim gives up the nukes. if they don't want to do that and they won't put out a timeline, trump has to do what he is promised and walk away. >> harris: the president could get as close as the actual table and walk away. harry kazianis, thank you. we will bring you back. continuing fallout from the
10:26 am
horrific high school shooting in santa fe, texas. all the details we are learning about the 17-year-old suspect and how the community is coming together to cope with the huge loss. a live report coming up. and the trump administration is putting a possible trade war with china on hold. what it means going forward and what democrats are saying. if you've been diagnosed with cancer,
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>> harris: fox news alert. the latest on that horrific high school shooting in santa fe, texas. the community is coming together to grieve for those who were so savaged murdered on friday. eight students, two teachers. the 17-year-old suspect being held without bond on a capital murder charge. doug mckelway is live for us in texas. >> hi, harris. there has been a real look of information about when schools will reopen here. we know that they are closed obviously today. they will be closed tomorrow. beyond that we haven't heard anything from the school district.
10:31 am
nor have we heard the security precautions that may be imposed here. it may change this afternoon when the santa fe independent school district has a press conference at the headquarters at 5:00 eastern time tonight. but there is a growing sense here that the most recent shooting has become a turning point. changes need to be made. that is what governor abbott indicated yesterday when he laid flowers here at santa fe high school. >> it's time to go to work. to ensure we will build a pathway to reforms, to the other students, so they won't have to live through a nightmare. >> earlier this morning members of the santa fe baseball team were here doing interviews with the media. i had a chance to interview rome and his mom. as you might well know he was wounded in the attack and is lucky to be alive after the
10:32 am
bullet passed through the back of his neck and exited just below ice ear, missing all vital bones and all vital tissue. here is what he had to say. >> seven-foot wall and i got 100, 200 feet away from our room and i saw blood on me. i had no idea i had been shot. somebody came up behind me and you've been shot. i thought it was somebody else's blood. i still hadn't felt it. i took my shirt off and put pressure to it and took to the parking lot. >> i started bawling and crying. i laid my head on his chest and i was like thank you, god. thank you, god, thank you, god, for your grace. >> i also spoke to his dad whose eyes welled up who talk about the gift of having his son back when others are unable to. i asked about his political view and what is causing this rash, this wave of school
10:33 am
shootings. he declined to answer. not because of the controversy associated with it but he said there are thousands of components of this. from violent video games to family breakdown to the look of guns to too many guns to the role that the media plays in the saturation coverage of all te vents -- the events. he declines to answer that. but we have learned that authorities at the har-grave school north of houston have now locked down their scal after they received a tip that a student came to school with a gun in his backpack intending to do harm to himself. it seems as though the situation has been diffused. but the problem is ongoing. >> harris: the f.b.i. agents remind me of the copycat situation that can occur soon after this. i didn't hear on the parent's list mental health and that is something we need to talk about. doug mckelway, thank you very much. fox news alert. look at the stock market.
10:34 am
it's surging. the trump administration puts a possible trade war on hold following agreement to suspend terror threats. the president taking a shot at democrats on the subject. "i ask senator chuck schumer," the president tweeted, "why didn't obama and the democrats so something about the trade with china including the theft of international property, et cetera? they did nothing. with that being said, chuck and i have long agreed on this issue. fair trade, plus, with china will happen." the senate majority leader responded -- >> harris: so they are kind of saying the same thing. that is interesting. republican congresswoman diane black on set now. a member of both the house budget and the ways and the
10:35 am
means committees. a chair on the first committee there. great to see you. formerly. what do we do with regard to moving forward? the president, the top democrat on the same page. what does it mean? >> we do just what chuck schumer said. we need a president to stick with his guns on this. when they are strong, america wins. making america great again and making it strong with trade is something that has to be done in a strong way. otherwise the leaders and the other countries will take advantage of the weakness. >> harris: we need china in this situation in a possible summit for north korea. a lot of things at play here. what do you want to see the president do? >> he needs to stick to his guns with china. we know and my being a member of the ways and means committee for seven and a half years we have met with china several times about the issue of intellectual property. we know this. we have been to the world
10:36 am
trade organization about complaints they are taking advantage of stealing the intellectual property. we have always won when we have gone to the world trade. we have to stick with that. the more we stick with it and the more pressure we put on the more successful we will be to make sure trade is fair. >> harris: it isn't just intellectual property, though. and the theft. not that it's not a big deal. but the president is pointing to the imbalance of trade. >> that is right. we have had the imbalance of trade through several administrations and they have not been willing to take on the tough problem. >> harris: he is right about that? >> he is right about that. this is something that needs to be taken on and we have a bold president willing to do it. amen. stick with it. >> harris: when you hear chuck schumer or read in a tweet that he is more with trump on this than he was with obama or past presidents, what do you think? >> thank goodness we have leaders who will stand unto say we are going to make sure
10:37 am
we have fair trade. it doesn't help the businesses or the economy if we are imbalance in trade. that only helps the jobs to grow and what happens to the stock market. >> harris: you say stick to your guns to the president? >> stick to your guns. >> harris: talk about the board wall trust about. you would like to see it created. you have introduced it. you would like to see it created to give americans a way to contribute. talk to me about it. >> that is right. this allows those who really want to see a secure border. we have talked about the border wall for two administrations and it has not been done. we have a strong president who will protect the borders and put up a wall and do what was in the law. but not funding for it. >> sandra: donations then? what happened to mexico paying for it? >> i would like for mexico to pay for that. i'm not close enough to the administration to see the pressure they are putting on
10:38 am
them. >> harris: that is interesting. >> we are giving the american people who say to me, diane, i would be willing to help fund the wall. >> harris: you think they will? >> i do. we have a number of people tweeting us saying tell us when and where. my husband and i are willing to write the first check to say we as americans want to do what the president said. we want to fund the wall. >> harris: is it open? whenan people give? >> it's not open yet but it would establish a dedicated fund. people can send money to say i want it to g to the wall but the is nothing to say it will go to the wall. this would dedicate a fund.and n monument. back aer the civil war to complete the monument we had pele all overhe country stand up to say we want to be part of that. the plaques are there to show the were the contributions. so why not do it with the wall.
10:39 am
this gives usen opportunity to do what -- gives us an opportunityo do w the american people want us to do and fund it. >> harris: key point as the president ran on the issue. congressman, diane black from tennessee. thank you for coming to new york. >> thank you, thank you for having me today. >> harris: thank you. all right. hillary clinton admitting she is still not over the 2016 election loss. bringing it up in another speech. just yesterday. wait until you see what else she did that is raising eyebrows. we will talk with former white house press secretary ari fleischer about whether clinton continued appearances are helping republicans. stay close. picking the right style takes time.
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>> harris: hillary clinton is keeping the focus on the 2016 election. it's 2018. while delivering the commencement address at yale university yesterday, at one point in her speech
10:44 am
>> player: clinton trolled president trump but pulling out a russia hat. you just have to see it. >> i see looking out at you that you are following the tradition of over-the-top hats. so, i brought a hat, too. a russian hat. [applause] i mean if you can't beat them, join them. >> harris: what does that even mean? she told graduates she is still grappling with losing that election. >> let me just get this out of the way. no, i'm not over it. i still think about the 2016 election. i still regret the mistakes i made. >> harris: and just days after >> player: clinton reportedly told a democratic women forum she will be there every step of the way to help democrats take back the
10:45 am
country. bring in ari fleischer, the former white house press secretary for president george w. bush and fox news contributor. great to see you, ari. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: what is it that >> player: clinton can't seem to get over? it's 2018. >> let me separate one thing from the other. the part of the hat is funny. i don't begrudge her. she should be humorous. she did it well. the past failed candidate, al gore, mitt romney, john mccain, they speak out. so when i heard about it, it didn't bother me. until i read it. she said we are living through a full-fledged crisis in the democracy she told 1,360 seniors. crisis in your democracy? because she lost. she has the nerve to tell a group of graduating seniors because she lost the election it's crisis in the democracy because she doesn't like the things that the winner is doing. that is what bothered me about the speech. the humor is good.
10:46 am
but this line is egregious. she has not accepted result from the american people. >> harris: it is interesting, too. you talk about a crisis, where would the crisis exist if it were not for her losing? it's not in the economy. it's not in the way when you talk with people and they talk about -- and now we are seeing even some democrats come a little bit on the hill warmer to president trump's look at how you treat north korea. i mean you have people doing a total sea change in some areas. what does she mean crisis? >> what i find so offensive about what she said, when you speak to seniors you should inspire them about the greatness of the country. the greatness of the country is the system of checks and balances. it is that we are a nation of laws and not men. and when you go and you say we have a full-fledged crisis in our democracy you are deceiving the very people you should be inspiring. there is no crisis in our democracy. our constitution is strong. people just don't like donald trump, some people. that does not make a crisis.
10:47 am
it majes for a re -- it makes for a resilient system where one day you win and one day you lose. she lost and she can't accept it. >> harris: it's complicated to look across the crowd to say now you have higher skill level and prepared for the workforce there is almost a one-on-one match for the number of jobs out there for people seeking them. they may not be able to mash some of those out there america with the skill level. they have to practice. but yale graduates will probably find places to get jobs. >> what is a shame is because we all know how campuses work these days. so few republicans even get invited to give commencement speeches and ones that do have to put up with the heckling and the protests. college campuses are just places that you get uninspiring liberal speeches with divisive politics to the campuses who think they wear halos. they kind of do wear halo
10:48 am
because people who invite them want to see the halo but what hillary did in the speech was rotten. for people to say a crisis in the democracy, how do you leave college students behind with that thought when we have a fully functioning and wonderful checks and balances system. when trump said he might not accept the results of the election people hammered him and properly so. hillary has not accepted it and she should be hammered for the speech. >> harris: great to see you. we'll be right back. it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts. or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through may 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. coming up on "the daily briefing," president trump turning up the heat on the f.b.i. claiming there may have been a spy planted in his 2016 campaign with the impact on the mueller probe. secretary of state mike pompeo unveiled. the trump administration plan "b" after pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. will house speaker paul ryan have to fight off a revolt from members of his own party before the midterm elections? see you at the top of the hour. >> harris: someone else now on the fox top story. president trump demanding the justice department look into whether the obama f.b.i. or d.o.j. infiltrating or surveilled his campaign for political purposes. now the agency says it has asked the inspector general to do just is that. the power panel, coauthor of
10:53 am
the new book "america and the age of trump" jessica tarlov. that is an interesting topic. >> she is. >> harris: and senior fellow for the independent women's voice lisa boothe. lisa, i will start with you. >> hi, harris. >> harris: i had a former d.o.j. attorney on with me earlier and he said yeah, this is what it takes because we need to know if it happened. if somebody infiltrated a presidential campaign for political purposes. we need to find out now. >> of course we need to find out now. that is highly concerning. i don't think that rod rosenstein -- rod rosenstein hasn't proven to be president trump's lap dog here. he appointed a special counsel and he laid out the grounds for firing james comey. i find that questionable. but he appointed a special counsel so i don't think he would ask michael horowitz to expand this in his own investigation, the inspector general investigation if there wasn't concerns on the basis that president trump laid out. >> harris: we have had breaking news confirmed for us. abc news reported this and fox news confirmed it. per senior white house
10:54 am
official, regularly scheduled meeting is now about to happen with rod rosenstein and christopher wray meeting with the president today at 3:00 a.m. eastern. not in regard specifically to the i hereby demand tweet about the d.o.j. -- >> but i'm sure it will come up. >> harris: but i understand getting documents to congress is likely to come up. and also the d.n.i. director coats will be at the meeting as well. so this is interesting. the president laid down the gauntlet. look, i want you to look into this, if somebody infiltrated my presidential campaign. that won't be the focus we are told but there will be a meeting at 3:00 p.m. >> it will be interesting to hear from the new f.b.i. director himself. christopher wray, what happened there. i'm sure he has been briefed by the agents who were in the f.b.i. at the time when they did begin the, "infiltration" which was apparently sparked by george papadopoulos which
10:55 am
kicked off the entire thing to begin with. it will be good for the president to hear it directly from christopher wray and have a conversation face-to-face with rod rosenstein. >> harris: and to have the top of the food chain in terms of intelligence. coats there, too, is interesting, too. your thoughts? >> i would be interesting if president trump asked to declassify some of the documents. inheart representative matt gaetz -- i heard representative matt gaetz asking to declassify the documents. >> harris: members of the freedom caucus wrote to the president saying you have the power to do that. >> seems like a good time to make the ask. >> good time for members of the intelligence community and the senior law enforcement officials to talk to the president about that tweet that he did send saying he was going to compel them to do this. i understand what might be within his purview but also what is appropriate. what sends a signal of president interfering in other branches. >> you could also make the argument that president trump with good reason feels like the deck is stacked against him with both -- >> he won.
10:56 am
>> and the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. and the look of trust. james clapper instructed comey to sit down with president trump and then he leaked the information at the meeting to allow cnn and buzz feed to report the dossier. >> harris: we are learning a bit more. thank you. sorry. chief of staff john kelly will be there, and white house counsel as well. the meeting gets a little bit broader on the subject. great to have you. >> thank you. >> harris: we'll be right back. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. (vo)is ahhhmazing!ful simple goodness meaty morsels. a tender texture. with real meat and a blend of peas and carrots i can see. a totally new kind of awesome going on here! (avo) new beneful simple goodness. tender, meaty morsels with real ingredients you can see.
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>> harris: a very busy hour. now breaking news involving the president meeting today at 3:00 p.m. to talk about looking at infiltration possibly in his campaign for president. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. the department of justice ordering a review of whether the f.b.i. improperly infiltrated or spied on donald trump 2016 presidential campaign. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the president set to host an event at the white house ten minutes from now where he will welcome nascar champion martin truex jr. this comes the day after the justice department took up trump's demand on twitter to look into possible political motivations behind the f.b.i.'s surveillance of the campaign. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge in washington. what do you know? >> we have just confirmed to the white house team an


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