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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 21, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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cornered somewhere. no one has been bitten or wrestled to the ground yet. we will keep you posted. set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. also on the loose in d.c., bret baier. >> bret: i'm actually out in california. no baboons here. president trump meets with top justice and intelligence officials over reports of a spy in his 2016 campaign. the u.s. and china agreed to make reductions in the u.s. trade deficit. a deal long on optimism and short on specific spread house republican leadership and turmoil as crucial midterm elections approach. this is "special report" ." good evening. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you tonight from the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. more on why i am here a bit later in the show. we begin on the other coast
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however, as president trump meets with three of his top national security officials after calling for a major investigation into reports the fbi had a plant, an informant, spy, whatever you want to call it, and his presidential campaign in 2016. president trump especially wants to find out what his predecessor president obama knew about it. judging by his tweets, the 45th president clearly considers this part of a big conspiracy. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge starts us off tonight with the investigation. >> in a statement late today the white house press secretary said there is an agreement for the chief of staff john kelly to immediately bring together law enforcement and intelligence agencies with congressional leaders so that lawmakers can view the highly classified records they requested long ago. a white house official said the president's concerns about an alleged fbi informant would be raised at the meeting which included deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who was over seeing the special counsel
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probe. christopher wray and dan coats. after the presidents weekend tweed calling on the justice department to investigate claims about the informant, the department quickly and on sunday the expansion of an internal investigation into alleged government surveillance abuse. the new of inquiry will consider whether there was any impropriety or political motivation and how the fbi obtained surveillance warrants were used informants to collect intelligence. the vice president told fox's martha maccallum the administration wants clarity and closure. a speaker the president think is grateful that the department of justice was going to have the inspector general look into it and determine and ensure that there was no surveillance done for political purposes. against our campaign. i think it would be very troubling to millions of americans if that took place. >> a source tells fox news the republican chairman of the house intelligence and oversight committees, devin nunes and trey gowdy, want a discrete set of records about 200 related to the intelligent source and whether their work was used in the
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russian case or to obtain surveillance warrants on carter page, a trump campaign aide. >> we are asking, give us the documentation used to start this investigation. >> on the senate floor, minority leader said the president's call for a parallel investigation set a bad president. >> president trump seems to have a terribly misguided view that the department of justice is narrative attacked his political interests and prosecute his enemies. >> the president's lawyer rudy giuliani claims earlier this month he spoke with special counsel robert mueller about the investigation and a massive number one if the president agreed to admin july interview. giuliani said the two men talked about the alleged fbi informant. giuliani said mueller's interview with the president should be contingent on giuliani having access to the informant. sources familiar with the discussions that lawmakers are willing to learn more details about the proposed meeting, the timing whether all records requested by congress including those relating to an alleged fbi informant will be made availabl
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available. bret. >> bret: catherine, think he appeared more on this with the panel. wall street had a big day on news of a possible trade agreement between the u.s. and china. dow gained 298. s&p 500 up 20. nasdaq finished ahead 40. president trump is celebrating the development but some experts are saying china may be pulling a fast one on the u.s., and there's already a significant amount of hedging from both sides tonight. correspondent kristin fisher reports from the white house this evening. >> before presiding over the swearing-in ceremony of the new cia director gina haspel, president trump unloaded on twitter about his administration's approach to resolving a trade war with china. noting that china has agreed to buy massive amounts of additional farm and agricultural products and that barriers and tariffs will come down. after months of threatening to impose tip tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum with him of the treasury secretary made this
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bold declaration on fox news sunday. >> where putting the trade war on hold. right now we have agreed to put the tariffs on hold while we try to execute the framework. >> secretaries to be 23 says the agreement includes trying to substantially reduce the trade deficit. when asked exactly by how much, the secretary wouldn't say. >> there's a reason why we didn't put a specific number on it. the specific number, again, whatever we agreed to, these are not government to government purchases. we have very specific targets industry by industry. >> the trump administration describes last week talks with the chinese and the free market produced a substantial progress in the markets responded accordingly. fears about global trade war between the world's two biggest economies subsided. today there are bipartisan fears that this potential deal is letting the chinese off the hook on one of its biggest transgressions.
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democratic senator chuck urged that trump administered and cannot tell a verdict temporary purchase of goods without addressing the real issue, the theft of american intellectual property. while republican senator marco rubio said any deal that doesn't stop china from cyber theft and forcing u.s. companies to transfer technology to them is a huge loss. it's unclear if that issue, the theft of american intellectual property, is still on the negotiating table. as to what's next, the commerce secretary wilbur ross is heading to china next week to try to turn the initial framework into an actual signed agreement. bret. >> bret: kristin fisher live at the white house. thank you. president trump is also calling on china to keep pressure on north korea. by sealing their shared border until a nuclear weapons agreement is reached. this comes on the eve of a meeting between the president and south korea's leader. correspondent benjamin hall has details. >> president moon of south korea flew to washington state ahead of president trump's planned
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summit with kim jong un. hoping to shore up plans after a number of setbacks. trust between the u.s. and north korea hit shaky ground recently after pyongyang's surprise move to break off a high-level meeting with seoul apparently because of recent u.s.-south korean military drills which they call a rehearsal for invasion. they also threaten to cancel next month's summit, but in a tweet today president trump concluded by saying "i want this to happen and north korea to be very successful but only after signing." following years of provocations, others issued harsher warnings if north korea pulled out. >> i told the president he's not going to be played. they are trying to run out the clock. they have a record promising to give up their nuclear weapons. in reality, they build up their weapons. they've done this with 30 years. it's going to end one way or the other. speak of the first big test will come this week when north korea is due to destroy a nuclear tesf
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international observers and journalists. calling on that event praised by president trump as a show of good faith would also be a major blow to ongoing negotiations and it's not the first time north korea has carried out such a show. in 2008, they destroyed a cooling tower, a symbolic show of commitments to giving up nuclear ambitions only conduct a far more powerful test the following year, something the u.s. will no longer tolerate. despite the apparent success of that meeting between president moon and kim jong un just last month, the u.s. is now moving more cautiously, aware of past mistakes. bret. >> bret: benjamin hall in london. thank you. the trump administration is outlining the terms of a proposed new nuclear deal with iran. america's top to them that is threatening what he calls the strongest sanctions in history if iran does not comply. iran is predictably dismissive. rich edson has specifics from the state department tonight.
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>> the united states will implement an aggressive campaign to economically isolate and punish iran. >> these will end up being the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete. >> borrowing a tactic and even a name from the administration's north korea policy, secretary of state mike pompeo promises and historic pressure campaign against iran. state department officials say they will work with allies to create a global coalition to counter iran. secretary pompeo also warned companies from allied countries conducting business with iran that the united states would penalize them if they continued working with iran. all part of what the administration says is a robust strategy to address iran's behavior beyond nuclear activity. >> we will track down iranian operatives and their hezbollah proxies operating around the world and we will crush them. iran will never again have carte blanche to dominate the middle east. >> pompeo listed u.s. demands. iran must abandon its nuclear work in perpetuity.
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provide international inspectors unqualified access. halt its ballistic missile program. release detained americans. and end support for middle east militant groups. in exchange, the secretary says the u.s. would live sanctions and welcome iran's return to the global economy. in response, iran's foreign minister tweeted "u.s. diplomacy sham is merely a regression to old habits. imprisoned by delusions and failed policies dictated by corrupt special interest. it repeats the same wrong choices and will thus reap the same ill rewards." british foreign secretary boris johnson speaking just ahead of secretary pompeo's has a larger agreement addressing all of iran's aggressive behavior won't be very easy to achieve in a reasonable time. bret. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thank you. let's talk about all these foreign policy challenges with brian hook, senior policy advisor to the secretary of state. he joins us tonight from washington. brian, thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> bret: let's start with iran
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and what secretary pompeo said today. how realistic does this secret, state department, administration believe that these 12 stipulations will actually be agreed to eventually buy iran. >> >> is a of requirements that secretary pompeo called out today in his speech in iran is a very reasonable and realistic list. it could go through the list, focusing on iran's nuclear weapons program. support for terrorism. it's foreign warrantless wars . all of these are positions that the united states and its european allies have held at one time or another. this is the kind of new approach that we are taking to create a new security architecture in the context of the totality of iran's threats. >> bret: here is someone who negotiated before.
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former ambassador wendy sherman. >> i think pompeo gave us a wish list today and it's a wish list probably everybody could agree to. you can get it all at once because then you are negotiating against yourself, as one is traded off against the other. >> bret: your response. >> i think that's a very defeatist attitude, and i think that when it comes to addressing the full range of iranian threats, we do need to take a copperheads of them very ambitious approach. the speech that secretary pompeo delivered today does exactly that. >> bret: yeah, on the tweets coming from the iranians, at the end of it, and references that iran is still working with european partners to continue the jcpoa, the iran nuclear agreement that the u.s. pulled out of. how much love our problem is that going forward and how you calculate that? >> i think the united states and its european allies share a very similar threat assessment, and
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we've been working with them over the last few months to address the deficiencies of the iran nuclear deal. we also made progress on all of the maligned activities that fall outside of the nuclear program. and i think a lot of that foundational work can be built upon. but we are not just limiting our work to the european allies. secretary pompeo has invited nations from around the world that share his concerns to join us in this diplomatic effort. we are looking to work with nations who are sick and tired of iran's quest for a nuclear weapon, who are tired of iran's terrorism, for its funding and fueling sectarian violence, for violating human rights. we have set forth a very ambitious agenda that we think much of the world can get behind. >> bret: i want to touch on two other quick things. finally on iran, what do you say to critics who look at this and say it's not about another deal.
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it's about regime change or the possibility of regime change. >> the only thing we would like to see is a change in the behavior of the iranian regime. not just the united states. it's the iranian people. the longest severing victims of the iranian regime or the iranian people and they are looking for a better life in a better future. they've had protests where they've expressed this. they would like to have better economics. they are tired of their government funding foreign wars. robbing from the iranian economy to sow instability across the middle east. so we think we have set forth the kind of positive vision that could actually change relations with iran. the secretary put on the table that if iran is ready to change its behavior, we are ready to talk about a range of benefits, including full diplomatic ties, welcoming iran into the global economy and other things that would materially improve the
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lives of the iranian people. >> bret: it's a similar negotiation with north korea. as we sit here today, when do you think the likelihood is that the june 12 summit moves forward between president trump and kim jong un? >> secretary pompeo has now made two trips to north korea to try to set the table for a successful meeting in singapore on june 12. these sorts of things take twists and turns. that's not uncommon with north korea. so all we can do is try to be in a state of readiness and to do what we can so that we can have a very good discussion about, as president trump has talked about, very bright future for the north korean people. if the regime is willing to denuclearize. >> bret: last thing, for the people on capitol hill, people who are skeptical of how this has all come together, what do you tell them that the administration, the president is not going to give the store away
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or is not going to get played by either north korea or china in negotiations ongoing. >> i think the president is coming in from a position of great strength. he's assembled the largest sanctions campaign against north korea in history. he's in a very good position. whether detox happen or not, whether the talks go well or poorly, the global maximum pressure campaign is going to continue until we achieve our national security objectives. >> bret: brian hook, director of policy at the state department. thanks for being here. love to have you back. when we come back, venezuela in turmoil. the u.s. because yesterday's presidential election a sham. we will get a reaction. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them.
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♪ >> bret: live in simi valley, california, at the ronald reagan presidential library. the supreme court ruled today that businesses can prohibit workers from banding together in disputes over pay and conditions. it's a decision that affects an estimated 25 million nonunionized employees. the courts five conservative justices held individual employees can be forced to use arbitration, not the courts, to air complaints about wages and overtime. the four dissenting liberal judges says the decision will hit low-wage vulnerable workers especially hard. texas republican governor greg abbott is inviting state lawmakers from both parties, top education official, and others to the first of three roundtable discussions on curbing future school shootings. that session will be held tomorrow. abbott is pledging to subsequently hear from advocates
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on all sides of the gun debate as well as victims of a november mass shooting at a church in the town of sutherland springs. the u.s. is calling yesterday's presidential election in venezuela a sham. it is turning up the heat on a government it considers illegitimate. correspondent phil keating has reaction tonight from miami. good evening. >> good evening, bret. president trump's new executive order on venezuela specifically targets what it calls a kleptocracy on a scale not seen in latin america. accusing the socialist regimes leader of stealing up to 70% of humanitarian funds for their own pockets and using food as a weapon against the venezuelan people. it specifically bans any american from purchasing venezuela debt or state owned assets. president nicolas maduro celebrated reelection last night in caracas after an election boycotted by the opposition where fewer than 20% voted.
3:22 pm
even before the vote, the united states, european union, and many latin american neighbors said they wouldn't recognized results in that it was rigged from the start. vice president mike pence said venezuela's election wasn't sham. neither free nor fair. every day thousands of venezuelans fully brutal oppression and grinding poverty, literally voting with their feet. america stands against dictatorship and with the people of venezuela. up to 1.5 million venezuelans have fled their country, looking for food, medicine, and hope. reports suggest the average venezuelan has lost about 25 pounds over the past two years. in an administration official today says the exodus is on a syrian scale, a true catastrophe in the region. adding that the venezuelan economy has imploded so severely, the regime's elites are running out of sources to steal. they are liquidating state assets and selling off future debt payment for pennies on the dollar today.
3:23 pm
on friday for the first time, the u.s. government accused president maduro of personally profiting from narco trafficking. the trump administration is still withholding the possibility of devastating oil sanctions against venezuela. it would further cripple an economy where inflation right now is 13000%. >> bret: we will follow this. phil keating in miami. up next, chaos among house republicans as the midterm elections inch closer. the reason i am here at the reagan library is for an event tonight about my new book "three days in moscow." for an upcoming special looking at the final summit in moscow between president reagan and mikhail gorbachev, i sat down with reagan white house press secretary marlin fitzwater who reflected on president reagan's push to end the cold war. >> reagan said to gorbachev, you know you can win this cold war. and you ought to get out.
3:24 pm
gorbachev said why? why do you say that? reagan says because we will outspend you every time. we've got the money. people always ask me later about reagan at that moment. did he really think that there was going to be an end to the soviet union or that he could prevail? and i always said yes because i really thought this was going to change. and he just hoped it was on his watch. there's nothing small about your business. with dell small business technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today.
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looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. ♪ >> bret: tonight, house republicans are dealing with more internal struggles over immigration, a farm bill, and a lame duck speaker with rapidly diminishing influence. all of this comes at a pivotal election in november. peter doocy sets the table for
3:28 pm
us tonight from capitol hill. >> this speaker keeps getting turned down by members of his own party. >> this year will be my last one. >> retiring house speaker paul ryan could be squeezed out the summer by his handpicked successor, majority leader kevin mccarthy. office of management and budget director mick mulvaney revealed "i have talked with kevin about this privately but not as much publicly." mccarthy says a weekly standard reports called "a coup in the offing" is completely untrue. paul has my total support. news comes today the 20 20 republicans trying to go around ryan to force a series of votes, including a daca fix. a week after the ryan-backed farm bill failed. >> we have conservatives and moderates and they have to curate the balance. >> a ryan spokesperson tells fox "this conference has always had its ups and downs on the speaker will continue to move us
3:29 pm
forward." ryan himself has argued that members should want him around for as long as possible because he makes them so much money. >> makes no sense to take the biggest fund-raiser of the field. >> strategists see a potential positive swapping speakers before the midterms, and the plans are reached the trump administration because director mulvaney said this week" wouldn't it be great to force a democrat running a tight race to have to put up or shut up about voting for nancy pelosi eight weeks before an election? that's a really, really good vote for us to force if we can figure out how to do it." one democratic lawmaker who represents a district trump won doesn't see pelosi has a liability. >> i don't think anybody on the democratic side of the i was interested in a bunch of people at this point. >> a few minutes ago, mulvaney's spokeswoman emailed me to say he was speaking hypothetically this weekend and that he is not working behind the scenes to oust ryan. if you look at the numbers, there is a reason nobody is
3:30 pm
publicly calling for a speaker's election. that's because nobody is believed to have the votes to replace them, including mccarthy. there are multiple factions of republicans that are going to want something in exchange for their support to help him win a majority of the house. bret. >> bret: fascinating. peter doocy on the hill. thank you. let's get more on the problems for house republicans and what they are facing head of the midterms. senior political analyst brit hume joins us from washington. good evening. you heard the story. it's kind of in the theoretical sense but what about this forcing ryan to get out so they can get democrats to vote for or against pelosi. >> it's a clever sounding stratagem that you hear about. set up this vote even though it may or may not pass in order to force the other guys to vote a certain way that would be politically descendant -- politically disadvantageous. i don't think you're going to force-out a well-regarded and
3:31 pm
popular speaker before he's ready to go. i would be hesitant to believe that will happen but as we go forward, the question of the speakers influence as a lame duck israel. if you are the speaker and you're trying to rule round up votes and they know you're not going to be around and can't punish them if they vote the other way, because he has the power of appointment to committees. if he's leaving, they might nott so eager to go along. the problems facing house republicans this time are not really wrapped up in the person who is the speaker. they are wrapped up in the political gravity of a president's first midterm and the issues that confront the country. >> bret: that's a good point. classic paul ryan to say i need to tell my constituents i'm not going to be around instead of waiting until after the election to do that. talk about the problems facing those republicans. they've got this immigration potential vote which is one of
3:32 pm
the reasons they farm bill went down. >> that's right. it's worth remembering that this caucus had some serious divisions within it. the republican caucus. before paul ryan's announcement that he was leaving. the immigration measure which is profoundly controversial on which a vote may be forced is a problem. the fate of the farm bill, as you mentioned or as peter mentioned, it's a problem. they are going to to get back to it at some point. these are the kinds of problems you don't particularly want to have as you are headed into a midterm election particularly a midterm election which the historic laws of the incumbent president's party in a midterm first presidents midterm is 24 seats. if 24 seats flip this time, which would be kind of normal, the republicans lose the house. you've got all that going against you. you have the motivation provided by the personal animus toward
3:33 pm
trump that so many liberal and democratic voters feel and that leads to a high hill to climb. there are some numbers that make it look better, the generic ballot where you ask if you would rather vote for democrat or republican, unnamed. that used to be, republicans were 16 points underwater. it has narrowed a lot. that's a good sign. president's approval rating has ticked up. it is still a huge challenge. >> bret: yeah, an uphill battle for republicans. britts, as always, fascinating. thank you. hillary clinton says the country is living through a full-fledged crisis and its democracy. clinton told graduating students at yale university yesterday that she is still not over her loss in the 2016 presidential election. >> no, i'm not over it. i still think about the 2016
3:34 pm
election. i still regret the mistakes i made. i still think, that understanding what happened in such a weird and wild election in american history will help us defend our democracy in the future. today as a person come i'm okay but as an american, i'm concerned. a russian hat. >> bret: in the speech, she pulled out the traditional russian hat and said "if you can't eat them, join them." up next, the panel on president trump's demand for an investigation on reports the fbi had a spy or informant in his campaign. the reason i'm here at the reagan library's florida event tonight on my new book "three days in moscow: ronald reagan in the fall of the soviet empire." former secretary of state george scholz expand to me president reagan's method for dealing with the soviet union
3:35 pm
and mikal gorbachev and his negotiating style. schultz told me it could translate today. >> had a system of going about things. number one. be realistic, don't kid yourself. no rose-colored glasses. number two, be strong. not just military strength. economic strength. you can have military strength if you don't have economic. more than that, strength of purpose so people see what you are doing. number three, figure out what it is you want. don't start thinking about what other people want. just what you want. then when you have that straight, sit down and negotiat negotiate. then you've got a hand to play. it can take more than 10 years to develop a single medication. and only 1 in 10,000 ever make it to market. but what if ai could find connections faster. to help this researcher discover new treatments.
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♪ >> if they ran a spy ring or informant ring and they were paying people within the trim campaign, if any of that is true, that's an absolute redline. >> this claim by the president, suggestion by giuliani that there's a political spy embedded in the trump campaign is nonsense. speak with the president i think it's grateful that the department of justice is going k into it and determine and ensure that there was no surveillance done for political purposes against our campaign.
3:40 pm
>> bret: this is the talk. what is the deal with the investigation? the president saying these reports of the spine, informant inside the campaign, he wants to get to the bottom of it. today meeting with the fbi director, deputy attorney general and deputy director of national intelligence dan coats, we don't know what was in the meaning but we were told he was talking about this. doj put out a statement saying that they are asking for an ongoing review of the fisa application process to include determining whether there was impropriety or political motivation and how the fbi conducted its counterintelligence investigation. person suspected of involvement with russian agents who interfered in the 2016 presidential election. the inspector general will conduct a appropriate, consult the appropriate u.s. attorney if there's any evidence of potential criminal conduct. rosenstein saying, "if anyone did infiltrate our surveil participants in the presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action." let's bring the panel from
3:41 pm
washington. jonah goldberg, senior editor at national review. a.b. stoddard, associate editor at real clear politics. katie pavlich, jonah, this seemed to pick up steam and was fueled by the president's tweet about this. the fact that the inspector general is taking it, what does it tell us? >> tells us there's credible reason to take a harder look at what was going on in 2016 in terms of the investigation of the trump campaign. at the same time, i think the talk about this guy, as far as what we know about a spy embedded in the campaign is hyperbole. having conversations with people about their contacts with russia than we know about is not an invented spy. maybe it's an informant but it's not quite what people are making it out to be feared that keyword or key phrase in rosenstein statement was "for any inappropriate purpose." there is ample reason that they
3:42 pm
maybe should've looked into russian collusion or suspicion of it. if there was other reasons why they were doing it, if they were trying to undo or hurt president trump or if there is reason to believe there was political motivation, that would be very bad and it's worth looking into. >> bret: katie, your thoughts. >> it's a good thing the justice department is willing to look at this further. bumping into the inspector general is prudent given that the people involved, potential misuse or abuse of power during the 2016 election, still working inside the justice department are at the fbi. inspector general doesn't have jurisdiction to interview political employees who worked in the obama administration who may now be gone. i would get back to the noise surrounding the issue comes down to what launched the special coastal of the first place. whether there were legal instances of authority being abused in the 2016 campaign for political purposes. the question is, you look at
3:43 pm
when the investigation happened, after the hillary clinton campaign investigation wrapped up, then the trump campaign was allegedly getting -- and informant was giving information to the fbi. if it was really just about russian surveillance and interference in the election, then why did the investigation started earlier in 2015 when the obama administration knew about russia's plans to battle in the elections. >> bret: here is devin nunes talking about trying to get the documentation. >> we are asking for the documentation that you used it to the investigation. we are trying to get to the bottom of what else was used in that fisa because you have many people in the department of justice were claiming that we are wrong. if we are wrong, show us the information. >> bret: we are told a judge has received about capitol hill has not. >> bret, it's a battle about separation of powers and what congressional investigators can
3:44 pm
do in their oversight roles divorce documents from the department of justice and which documents, after rod rosenstein has given many, many, many documents, he is resisting providing the republican members of the house on the intel committee. this is a struggle to define what is within the purview of oversights and what is overreach. i have spoken to people who have their concerns about how the fbi might've conducted the hillary clinton investigation but still say you can't share raw intelligence from an investigation that could be provided to the witnesses. today you had dni, fbi, everyone huddling with president trump and rudy giuliani who was on a p.r. campaign demanding that he can't sit for an interview with the special counsel unless we know about other witnesses that were revealed in a "new york times" story this weekend. you can't demand that you be
3:45 pm
given information on a witness in exchange for talking to the special counsel. he says the meeting today in which the demands for the documents are being made, he was doing that in his capacity not as a subject of the mueller investigation but as president of the united states to make sure that congress is getting what they need from the executive branch. they are doing a really, really good job of muddying and this p.r. campaign what is and isn't allowed and what is and isn't appropriate. it's a huge battle that's drawing out on both sides but the president and rudy giuliani and devin nunes are trying to make it appear that congressional oversight, members of congress have the right to every single document. the truth is they don't. >> bret: okay. we will continue to follow, obviously, all sides, both sides of the investigation. next up, north korea, iran, and
3:46 pm
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♪ >> i will work closely with the department of defense and our allies to deter iranian aggression. we will work to prevent and counteract any iranian maligned cyber activity. we will track down iranian operatives and has below proxies and will crush them. iran will never again have carte blanche to dominate the middle east. >> bret: secretary of state pompeo with demands for iran, setting the table for the stipulations for the u.s., the trump administration demands for a new deal.
3:50 pm
these are those demands. 12 of them. declare all previous efforts to build a nuclear weapon. stop enrichment. never pursue plutonium reprocessing. unqualified access to all nuclear sites, even military sites throughout the country. proliferation of -- end proliferation of ballistic missiles. release all u.s. citizens. halt support for terrorist groups. respect the sovereignty of the iraqi support of the houthi rebels in yemen. and the support for terrorism militant partners around the world. an end the threats to israel, saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. other than that, they should have a deal. back with the panel. jonah, your thoughts. >> i think it's a great list. but the shorthand is stop being iran. this is basically, iran has been hell-bent on being a regional hegemon.
3:51 pm
the obama administration was determined to let that happen in exchange for at least temporarily halting the nuclear program. i don't think he got that. eli lake, our friend from bloomberg makes the point today that the pompeo speech signals that pompeo is the anti-john kerry. basically every diplomatic initiative that john kerry thought was the pinnacle of foreign policy towards iran, pompeo has flipped on its head. >> the lion today is exactly what the obama administration didn't put on the table for negotiation when it came to the iran deal. the trumpet miniature semitic crystal clear that they're willing to combat as they talk about making sure that this is in the americas and interests, they'ven clear about backing allies in te region. there's been criticism from european allies towards the
3:52 pm
united states but the allies in the region seem to be getting ignored or at least not covered in terms of what they are saying about the iran deal. the extensive nature of what they are laid out today, maybe it's not all possible but the idea that they are going to give iran a choice when it comes to economic freedom, or giving up nukes and saying at the end of the day, you're not going to be able to choose guns over butter in the end. you're going to have to make a choice between getting money in the economy embracing the people there who are calling for change or you're going to have to deal with the consequent since. continue your proxy wars and spending your money on terroris terrorism. >> bret: similar choice for north korea. the iranians, a.b., sharif tweeting today that it's a sham. u.s. diplomacy sham, regression old habits. failed policies dictated by crop special interests.
3:53 pm
obviously the israelis he is pointing to. it repeats the same wrong choices and will reap the same ill rewards. in iran meanwhile is working with partners for post-u.s. jcpoa solutions." as this is going on, iran is still working with europe. at what level of success? >> that's the bottom line. we don't know how effective the trump administration can be making a broad set of demands and dreaming of an actual new deal as long as iran doesn't feel isolated. as long as the europeans are still at the table with the iranians, they can say we don't need the u.s. and we don't need to give in to all these stipulations. you play the tape from wendy sherman. they are viewed as unrealistic, and as jonah said, they are saying to iran, just be perfect. with that, it's skepticism about whether or not the intention,
3:54 pm
the influence of someone like john bolton on president trump is to ultimately combine with pompeo's sentiment as well, ultimately leading in the direction of regime change. this is happening simultaneously with the negotiation with north korea. the north koreans are watching and they are skeptical of course i'm john bolton, as we all know from last week's news. then the iranians are watching what president trump is doing at the table with the north koreans, promising that they can get rich. this is all happening at the same moment. >> bret: i have 20 seconds. the percentage of chance june 12 is happening in singapore. >> 90% likely. 90% likely no huge need your breakthrough. >> 75%. maybe 70% on the meeting. >> i'm going to say 50/50 but haven't been delayed a few weeks.
3:55 pm
>> bret: okay. i tried. when we come back, the breakout star of the royal wedding. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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3:59 pm
>> there's power in love. don't underestimate it. when you are loved and you know it, when someone cares for you and you know it, when you love and you show it, it actually feels right. >> love god, love your neighbors and while you are at it, love yourself. >> bret: that owed to love at the royal wedding made bishop michael curry atv and social media sensation. 40,000 tweets per minute is more than 29 million americans watched on 15 cable and broadcast stations. the bishop mentioned love 68 times, about once every 12 seconds and in the 13 and a half minute address he said love it a lot. the first african-american presiding bishop of the episcopal church. he's quoted scripture and
4:00 pm
dr. martin luther king jr. lifting up those who watched inside st. george's chapel and of course around the world. harry and megan obviously the biggest stars. he was a pretty big star as well. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid from ronald reagan's presidential library. here is martha. >> martha: great stuff, thank you so much. breaking tonight, will north korea summit actually happened? and the president demanding answers from the intel community and the obama administration now amid stunning reports about an fbi informant with leading questions and odd outreach to some members of the crime campaign. i martha maccallum and this is "the story" tonight. my from our nation's capital. earlier today i sat down with the vice president, got his take on all of these big developments here in d.c. today in our exclusive interview and right as we sat down and actually we learned that both the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and the fbi direc