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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 22, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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such high-level corruption under the obama administration, chicago mafia style politics in the white house, strong resistance by former oh administration improves their guilt. we have no more time today, mike emanuel is in shannon, can't wait to watch. >> we begin with a fox news alert. democrats take the russia collusion claims to new levels as the pres. demands answers from the justice department on the fbi informant scandal in the nation's capital. house until republican chris stewart will be here tonight. the trump administration looking at housing young illegals on military bases, hhs is to be visiting a base near little rock and the governor of arkansas joins us fresh from dinner at the white house, south korean resident visiting donald trump tomorrow for the singapore summit. welcome to fox news at night.
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deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and christopher ray heading to the white house to speak with the president after he demanded via twitter the justice department investigate whether the fbi or doj infiltrated or surveilled the trump campaign. and henry has the latest tonight. >> we just learned house republicans are about to turn up the heat more. mark meadows, jim jordan and other prominent lawmakers, house resolutions spelling out 12 pages of what they call massive misconduct at the fbi and justice department at the end of the obama administration, a resolution does not have the power of law but they hope to use it to build new momentum for a second special counsel to the name to investigate how the russia collusion probe started. the pres. had the meeting at the white house, sally yates claims the president is waging an all out assault on democracy by
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pressuring the justice department, in a visit to cia headquarters to swear in gina haspel the president praised the courage of house intel chair devon nunez for shedding light on these stories, nunez says obama officials like sally 8 and john brennan are trying to diver attention from the real story, a bright red line was crossed when it appears the fbi infiltrated the trump campaign to spy, the president raising more doubts about robert mueller's programs he met with rod rosenstein and director ray demanding an investigation into how this started, the president got concrete action after the meeting, sarah sanders saying based on the meeting with the president the department of justice asked the inspector general to expand its investigation to include any regularity with the federal bureau of investigation or department of justice's tactics concerning the trump camp. at the white house chief of
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staff kelly will set up a meeting with the fbi, doj and director of national intelligence with leaders to review highly classified and other information they requested. that means john kelly will be working to get the documents he has been demanding on this confidential informant that had multiple contacts with trump officials. democrat adam shifts that it would be dangerous to reveal more information even as the bottom line is it is unlikely anyone infiltrated the trump campaign but if that is the case nunez what is why so many are concerned about transparency and releasing information. >> this is a dramatic and new and destructive low for the congress of the united states to ignore the warnings of the fbi and justice department and risk people's lives. what they would like this information for is clearly to be of service to the trump defense team and further any narrative they have. we don't know if there's one informant or informants because there is so much out there now
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that is tough to follow and all we are asking is give us the documentation you used to start the investigation. >> reporter: fox news is learning for me fbi officials are about to get hit with the long-awaited justice department inspector general report about handling of the clinton email probe, it will slam them for moving too slowly to review the new batches of clinton emails that were discovered near the end of the 2016 campaign. the fbi handling of the clinton and trump investigations are still under fire. >> great to see you. democrats back in the fbi as they pushed back on the idea
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there was no russia collusion. >> the evidence i have seen, there were good reasons to be concerned about contact the trump campaign had. you don't have to have the access i had to be concerned. >> it would have been negligent for the fbi not to take steps to protect the country in the midst of the information it was receiving. share mac for impact on the house committee, we are joined by chris stewart from utah. good to see you tonight. your reaction to the latest attacks from democrats on the house intelligence committee? >> two things, if we have evidence of collusion, show it because you must be the smartest man in the world because no one else does. please share it with us. once again we have this thing about republicans are trying to destroy the department of justice, weaken or destroy the fbi. we are trying to do the opposite. what country would be living if we allowed law enforcement unfettered power, do whatever you want and don't tell us and hide it from us and we are never going to ask you or provide oversight. we went transparency, we went them to be accountable like
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every organization is. i think most americans would find that offensive. >> you are under attack by congressman adam schiff of california. >> the pres.'s response and chairman nunez, jordan, galilee and others is bring on. we don't care. whatever is in the service of the president we are willing to do. this is a dramatic, new district of low for the congress of the united states to ignore the warnings of the fbi and justice department and potentially risk people's lives? >> it is silly for the promise of justice, republican memo that came out several months ago we were told again and again this will jeopardize american lives at national security and the have not even seen it. they making that claimant hadn't seen our memo. show me anything in their, what it is is embarrass the fbi and
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the part of justice leadership. making the same claim now, you're going to endanger american lives, national security and so much so but then they leaked it or someone did. they haven't shown it to the committee so they will show it and share it with the press at their favorite reporters but not congress and that -- for mr. schiff to say republicans want to endanger national security is silly. we are the select committee on intelligence we have access to the most sensitive information in the us government and we protected information or the republicans have tried, too often we see leaks but it is not from our side, that is pretty clear. >> other prominent democrats are taking issue with the pres.'s summoning top doj, fbi officials to the white house. here is chuck schumer. >> the pres.'s behavior is the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we would expect in a
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banana republic, not a mature democracy. >> was it appropriate for the president to meet with the fbi director today? >> of course it was. they are part of the executive, he is the chief executive. they work for him. and he is simply saying why aren't you sharing this with the american people and here's my definition of a banana republic, where you have any agency but particularly a military or law enforcement institute that is above the people and refuses to answer to the people. that is a banana republic. the opposite of a banana republic is a government it answers to the people in congress requests information that provides that information, don't stonewall or hide, that is the type of government that is held accountable. >> so many probes related to various issue. what are the next steps in terms of what the house intelligence committee is doing? >> we found out hillary clinton
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paid for the dossier. this is an important piece of it. we went this information, we have had to threaten impeachment even, and those tools are available to us and we should use them, they can't say we made it hard, just give up. we owe it to the american people to tell them the truth. >> to you worry that no matter the findings in any of these probes that a certain segment of the population won't by the conclusions? >> no doubt. we live in a very divisive time, no question. some people say the sun rises in the east and they say not in my world but even if that is true you have responsibility to tell the truth, to hold people accountable and if that is important to people or not important to people i can't affect that but what i can affect is to say i know what happened, we will share it with you and do it in an honest
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manner as weekend. >> thanks for coming in. the trump administration reportedly weighing their options in housing immigrant children and military bases and the new bill could lead to jail time for century city leaders is the pres. meets with gop governors on border security tonight. trace gallagher is following the latest on immigration tonight. >> reporter: is expected the pres. didn't pull any punches calling us immigration laws the worst in the world, the pres. was clearly surrounded by a presley audience, 5 gop governors is supported immigration policy so there was little in the way of debate. the meeting was intended to push the immigration agenda forward and the president says there are small steps in that direction. >> we are also working with
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congress to close the crippling the holes in federal law especially the disgraceful practice of tax and release the more you catch somebody, sign them and then release them. is a horrible situation. >> the recent surge of central american immigrants coming to the united states reportedly has health and human services looking at four military bases in texas and arkansas that can be used to temporarily hauschild and picked up crossing the border. these are either on a complete minus or kids whose parents got arrested for illegally crossing the border. in april alone, 10,000 people who crossed the border as families were apprehended along with 4300 unaccompanied children. they won't confirm the story except to say it is always evaluating new locations to use as temporary housing. already operates 100 shelters for minors, the border despite the inference operating illegal immigrants from their families
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is not new under donald trump. in 2014 during it surge from central america, health and human services under pres. obama set up temporary housing at military bases in california, texas and oklahoma. remember when the mayor of oakland, california tipped off illegal immigrants, conducting an operation. gop congressman steve king has introduced the leash affect which calls for jail time for city leaders who tipoff illegal immigrants saying i want lawless century city politicians to hear this message clearly if you obstruct ice meaning immigration and customs enforcement you are going to seal up in the cooler, donald trump called for mayor schaff to be prosecuted and she responded i am not obstructing justice, i am seeking it. if the bill passes congressman king's measure could result in 5
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year prison terms. >> trace gallagher in the los angeles newsroom, many thanks. arkansas gop governor asa hutchinson was dining with a president-elect, border security was on the menu, he joins us now. good evening. your readout of dinner tonight with the president? >> in very good spirits, worked hard all day with a lot of news happening, we talked about border security, some coming from border states and we were able to answer the pres.'s call for national guard resources to support border security efforts. i think this is the way for the pres. and thanks for those governors. i was delighted to be there tonight, we had an increase in illegal crossings, a surge opportunity to get a better handle and make sure we don't spike, continues to go up in illegal processes. >> of rr reports unaccompanied
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minors could be house the little rock air force base. here's how kiersten nielsen explained the problem. >> if you break the law and happened to be a parent you will be incarcerated. if you have children you will be separated but that is different from what we do in the united states every day. >> your reaction to some unaccompanied minors being house database in your state possibly? >> there is a list of a number of military installations for possibly housing unaccompanied minors. we don't know a lot of information but little rock air force base is on that list and we are anxious to cooperate and get more details on that. clearly, i have been in homeland security and looked at that border and here you have got a dramatic increase in the number of unaccompanied minors coming across and you have to provide for them, provide housing for them.
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if military installations is an appropriate venue i understand they are looking at those to wait more information addressing that very challenging need we have. >> you made reference in your personal biography, and the dea background, talk to us a bit about the border situation where some new ideas were discussed at dinner tonight or do you have some thoughts to remain outside the washington bubble of things we should be doing? >> is secretary nielsen was there as well, great conversation on the challenges of border security. there are a lot of tools that are needed that congress has not provided for border agents, and judges so that we can just incentivize illegal crossings because right now there are so many incentives that if you get across the border and wind up in court you could be released, you could fade into the american
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landscape come you don't appear in court and those are the kind of things that have to be corrected. as long as there's an incentive for those to come across illegally that magnet will draw them. we have to disincentive eyes that and that is what the president is concentrating on and something the american people support. >> the pres. was in good spirits but he seemed stressed about the border situation. did you get a sense of that tonight? >> absolutely. he is frustrated because of the obstacles. it is something he campaigned on and believes in inherently. we all believe in immigrant flow to our country, important to our economy and our future but we have to have legal path to the border, he feels distinctive and committed and compassionate about it. >> what did that mean to you personally? >> it had been a lot. personal time with the president and other good governors there
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are talking about substantive issues, we have incredible value to of law so we appreciate the pres. being committed to it. it was a great evening and i appreciate the pres.'s personal support of the national guard troops as they fulfill their mission. >> a pleasure having you. texas republican governor greg abbott inviting state lawmakers from both parties, top education officials and others to the first of three roundtable discussions on curbing future school shootings, that session will be held tomorrow, pledging to subsequently hear from advocates on all sides of the gun debate and victims of the november mass shooting at a church in sutherland springs. >> it is finger-pointing time over who is to blame for the breakdown in the summit with kim jong un but lindsey graham says
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this will end with an agreement. >> if they don't show up that is the end of diplomacy. if they do show up and try to play trump that means military conflict is the only thing left and if we have a conflict with north korea, they will lose it, not us. >> tough words with sen. graham and joining us next, jerry boykin is looking at a meeting with south korea's presidency in washington. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? woman: i stay active by staying in rhythm. and to keep up this pace,
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>> mike: the trump administration says it's keeping up the maximum pressure foreign policy campaign from iran to north korea but the trump administration keeping that maximum pressure foreign-policy campaign from iran to north korea but there are questions whether the campaign is backfiring with the bluff being called. some of those questions are from south korean pres. moon and he's coming to washington tomorrow. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight with a preview. >> a few hours from now donald trump will meet with the south korean president at the white house to prepare for the june 12th summit in singapore with the north korean leader to see if they can come up with the united strategy for how to get kim jong un to end his nuclear program. what incentive the us and south korea can offer.
12:23 am
>> right now the narrative is floating so it is important for the pres. to look at the big picture, send a clear message and at this point you can definitely salvage the situation to get back on track. >> donald trump called him before he left south korea. the pres. is reportedly concerned statements made by north korea last week in place the summit in jeopardy leading to political embarrassment or worse, donald trump was surprised and angry when north korea's top nuclear negotiator responded to national security adviser john bolton's comparison between north korea and libya saying pyongyang would never trade its nuclear capability for economic assistance, quote, of the us is trying to drive us into a corner to force our unilateral nuclear abandonment we will no longer be interested in such a dialogue and cannot
12:24 am
but reconsider our proceeding to the summit. some suggested donald trump may have indicated too soon how badly he wants a deal and perhaps a nobel prize. >> donald trump told me three days ago that he wants to end is in a win-win way and thinks that is possible but if they pull out and play him, we will end north korea's threat to the american homeland. >> reporter: ominous warning in the event talks fail. >> mike otto warmbier -- mike pompeo outlining a pressure campaign to weaken iran's economy until it changes its behavior. >> sanctions will be painful if they don't change the course from the past it has chosen to one that rejoins the league of nations. these will end up being the
12:25 am
strongest in history when we are complete. >> he promises the us will confront iran beyond economic sanctions and says he will work with the department of defense distract only rainy and operatives around the world and iran is dismissing the threats tonight. the south koreans reportedly singled out national security adviser john bolton's recently be a model comments for why pyongyang is certainly hedging on the summit. the pres. is asking advisers if he should go ahead with the meeting and will hear from south korean pres. moon tomorrow. joining me for analysis is former deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence and lieutenant general jerry boykin. first of all, very firm speech in terms of iran policy.
12:26 am
your reaction to his words and actions outlined in their? >> he spoke to the mullahs in iran in a language they understand, the language of strength. one of the better diplomatic speeches i have ever heard and certainly in the last 30 years. that said i think he got their attention on this and made a very clear the line has been drawn in the sand, no more. you are not going to continue doing what you have been doing, you're not going to continue capturing our boats off your coast, your not going to continue calling for the death of israel, not going to continue talking about how you want to destroy america and they got the message from that. >> the iranian president was not thrilled with what we heard. let's take a look at the comments, quote, hundreds of countries are independent, will continue our path to the support of our nation, who are you to decide for iran and the world.
12:27 am
>> with the support of our nation, that requires pondering here because he has had 3 uprisings inside iran, one from 2009 the green rolled over into 2018. only half of the people in iran our persians, the other half are a mixture. it is an eclectic group and they don't support the mullahs and by the way they are fairly pro-western. he has a problem. >> is there hope of a new iran nuclear deal even of the europeans are trying to hold on to the old one. >> they made clear today they are not going to go back and try to fix what we have, start over, start from scratch. the key to that is not just iran but the europeans. of the europeans going to go ahead and do what makes sense, followed donald trump's lead and
12:28 am
going to realize trump was right, trump has taken a bold stand on not allowing iran to get nuclear weapons because they are a menace to the whole world or are they going to stick with the easy way, to continue to allow their corporations to invest in iran? >> to north korea the odds of the summit seem to be perhaps -- a south korea lawmaker already playing the blame game, look at this, he is saying, quote, several landmines on the way to the summit between north korea and the us. one of those landmines just exploded, john bolton. did he misstep? >> to begin with, he has been consistent. he has been on this network many times saying exactly what he thought about how this ought to be handled. donald trump was not surprised by what he said. i think this is one of those cases where bolton took one for the team, threw that out to see
12:29 am
how it was going to resonate and it didn't go the way they wanted so i think trump separated himself from that but took one for the team on this. >> how confident are you the summit actually happens? >> it is a tossup right now. i have been skeptical from the very beginning about whether kim after all the years his father invested in this and he has invested, that it was going to come to the table in a serious way. he is getting cold feet about negotiating with donald trump and i think it is 50-50 that will come across. >> thanks for your time and good evening. the supreme court upholds the controversial law that sides with employers and businesses in arbitration cases, we will look at what it means for you and the midterm elections. the volcano continues to recap again hawaii, thousands more evacuated as toxic flames light
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>> mike: a big label ruling at the supreme court today, the hi >> a big labor ruling the high court deciding businesses can prohibit nonunion workers from bending together in disputes over pay and conditions of the workplace. the court's 5 conservative justices held individual employees can be forced to use arbitration, not the courts, to air complaints about wages and overtime before dissenting liberal justices said the decision will hit low-wage workers especially hard and while some court observers disagree with the decision they believe it has legal merit. >> when i read this decision i wanted to throw up. it is very unfair, works against employees, employers benefit, the results are to me not good. that doesn't mean the decision was wrong. the fact is the law is what it
12:35 am
is and sometimes justices have to hold their nose when they write for decisions. >> ready majority opinion, justice neil gorsuch insisted on not legislative the bench thing the policy may be debatable but the law is clear, congress has instructed arbitration agreements like those before us must be enforced as written. them on the left are hoping today's ruling energizes the progressive base even more for the midterms, let's bring in politics editor chris steigerwald for the political implications of the supreme court ruling. officemate, nice to see you, thank you for seeing you. >> i can feel it moving into the horizon, feels very good. >> while that is firing up democrats, what fires up republicans as relates to the supreme court as a possible opening in chairman charles grassley, the great state of iowa, said i just hope if there
12:36 am
is going to be a nominee that it is now or within two or three weeks because we have to get this done before the election. my message to the 9 supreme court justices if you are thinking about quitting this year, do it yesterday. what does that do for republican voters in terms of a possible opening on the high court? >> when you have an election as close as the one in 2016 you can list any of 100 factors that made the difference but you could say mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley holding open that seat to which pres. obama appointed merrick garland and having that vacancy on the supreme court with its been point for a lot of conservative voters who had misgivings about donald trump, the court is too important, we can't risk it. if you were to have, chairman grassley is having a little mischief here say we need the appointments because we might lose the senate but really he is saying if we have a vacancy we can probably gain seats because
12:37 am
republicans are not in a position to lose the senate, they a position to grow their majority because of what the map looks like and if they had a supreme court vacancy, if you don't think you could get the republican base out to replace justice kennedy they would march, they would march for sure. >> if it becomes an epic blue wave, that would be a nightmare getting a supreme court justice through. >> if the republicans are in the minority, what he would have to give away to try to get somebody confirmed the kind of nominee he would have to pick which we used to do a lot in the united states, under the nuclear optional republicans have to do is hold onto 51 and the pres. can take his pick as long as it is in the realm of scholarship and seriousness and respect. >> on the democrat side of things they are talking about their agenda trying to sell their base, house democratic
12:38 am
leader nancy pelosi. >> the american people deserve better but republicans are standing in the way. we went republicans and their corrupt big donor driven agenda to get out of the way. it has given the american people a raw deal. democrats are offering a better deal for our democracy. >> how to that play with folks in districts that could decide control of the house? >> a few messages, one is on healthcare but house democrats today seem to like focusing on corruption and there's a certain irony here because part of the problem democrats have is the misconduct they excused and bill and hillary clinton understand is the trump administration is using for its own unusual arrangements and all these things but whoever's fault it is corruption is an issue that connects with american voters.
12:39 am
i would also point out we saw today gallup's number for people's positivity about the job market and chances of landing a good job reached the highest point ever. they have only been measuring it for 17 years but it hit the highest tech ever, people's optimism about finding a good job, they didn't care about bill clinton nancy cut corruption when the economy was good and republicans have to hope it won't be a good issue for democrats of the economy stays high. >> there was a time a commencement speech was all about encouraging students to look to the future so why are universities asking so many democrats to criticize and make fun of donald trump? why is it so 1-sided you take a look at that next. >> is a person i am okay but as an american i'm concerned. there are leaders in our country who blatantly incite people with hateful rhetoric, fear change, who see the world in 0-sum terms. one thought much of it at all.
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>> mike: there's a report tonight that progressive commencement speakers outnumber co share mac >> progressive speakers outnumber conservatives by 4-1 asked 50 of the nation's largest colleges. >> every night on the television news it is like a hike through the book of revelations. and yet, some in the news media, i referred to earlier, do not recognize these dots connect,
12:44 am
and put forth a false narrative designed to distract. >> jerry told me before we came here that it is even bigger than it was last year. i don't know if donald trump will admit that are not. >> many challenges facing us. i want to call to your attention that today it feels america's greatness and goodness is clouded by ugly language, fear mongering and instability. and some have forgotten the we are all god's children. >> the second to the panel, democratic strategist scott bolton and political analyst gianna caldwell joined me now. john lewis, cory booker, hillary clinton and ivy league schools, are we seeing a pattern? >> absolutely but i came tonight
12:45 am
with a solution. invites a conservative to twitter and we can clean this up. seriously. we really can. wonder what some colleges are teaching, no surprise they despise and don't invite intellectual conservatives to the commencement ceremonies. their teaching courses like harvard university's study of women, gender and sexuality, friends with benefits, an interesting course, there's another college teaching the art of walking. i guess you didn't learn it when you were growing up as a baby. another college teaching how to watch television. we are kind of doing it right now. the university of pennsylvania has a course called the feminist critique of christianity. now we are critiquing or attempting to criticize the man who saved the free world, jesus christ, what is going on here?
12:46 am
>> some of this reflection of what will make the tenured faculty of universities happy? >> cool your jets. it would be a great graduation speaker. we are sign of the times, donald trump and conservatives drive the negative narrative. the republican party is in civil war with itself. there are some moderate republicans and some hard-core right republicans. i can't tell you why they are not being asked to speak at commencement but this narrative, this country is changing them all three houses are controlled by republicans and it is troublesome. your clips that you ran, was there any observation made by any of those speakers that was inaccurate? i would think not. this link in front of us. the other thing is graduations are very positive, about family, high achievement and what the future should look like.
12:47 am
think of conservatives and republicans of donald trump do you think about anything positive he could say from a leadership standpoint? he drives a negative narrative that plays into this. >> us ambassador to the un the key haley was the featured speaker at clemson and susan collins spoke at colby college, women of our, does that work for you? >> that is a good start but this isn't about donald trump or any of those things. there are a lot of conservatives with a positive message about pulling yourself up and moving forward in a positive direction, parents are paying thousands to teach young adults how to walk, watch tv and criticize christianity when college should be an experience that opens your mind to different points of view. it is supposed to be open. we will learn about different
12:48 am
perspectives, to learn one area. >> you want more conservatives when you have a lot of liberal courses, college is our institutions with high academic learning to say we offer both, you are arguing there are not enough. >> got, that isn't true. there are studies that have shown that isn't true. when we look at it we see folks to go to the college campuses who attempt to speak to college campuses and the faculty disinvited them because they don't like the political philosophy or ideology. we know there is problematic, even pres. obama said you shouldn't be shutting down difference because that may be on the right, invite them to speak and hear them out? we are losing that advantage in college campuses. >> no problem with conservative
12:49 am
speaking on college campuses. >> thanks for your time. we could have a whole hour on this. the hawaii volcano spewing toxic gases while lava reaches the ocean creating danger and chaos for residents. we have a report from the big island. two fighters attacked by a cougar in washington state, has not happened in 94 years, we will have some answers when we returned. of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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>> mike: take a look at this. white plumes of acid mixed with >> white plumes of acid mixed with small shards of glass filled the sky over hawaii as molten rock from the kilauea volcano poured into the ocean, this is the latest hazard to the volcano we ripped in, it is from a chemical reaction when lava touches seawater. it depends on the feast but wildlife experts as a general rule when facing a deadly encounter is hold your ground. dan springer with a story of how the usual advice didn't pan out. >> the killer mountain line was a 3-year-old meal, low weight may have been a factor.
12:54 am
fatalities almost never happened. the two mountain bikers who were mauled were identified, 32-year-old brooks was killed, his friend, isaac recovering in a hospital. both from seattle and both experienced being out in nature and their plight. they did what they were supposed to do when they noticed the big stocking them, tried to scare the cougar away. >> and the cougar returned on that attack. brooks ran into the words and killed him. the survive was able to ride away and called for help, fish and wildlife deputies found the cougar standing on the victim's body, it appeared he was trying to drag the body to a nearby denver deputies shot until the cougar. isaac is in satisfactory condition. >> the victim reported his head
12:55 am
was inside the jaws of this cougar and injuries go along with that report. >> a lot of cougars are where this happens the conflicts are very unusual was the last human fatality was 94 years ago. this was the second known in washington state. mountain lions feed on deer and small animals, cougars are protected species but there are enough that fish and wildlife allow 50 to be killed each year. the cougar's brain was taken to the lab for examination for more on what led to this deadly attack. >> have you hugged a cop today? we celebrate a special 7-year-old. ight. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench?
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leo, i knoh!i'm late. my wallet! card lock from capital one. instantly lock your credit card. in case it goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet? >> mike: last week was national p beaches last week was national police week but roseland baldwin is going to step further. she was hillary the police all year long, she's planning to hug a cop in all 50 states. so far she hugged police
1:00 am
officers in 30 states, 20 to go. she told her parents i want to hug all the police officers in every state. most trusted, most-watched and most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am mike emanuel. >> it is may 22nd and this is "fox and friends first". at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, manhunt for suspected cop killer intensifying after the murder of a maryland officer captured on body cam. investigators hope you can closing. donald trump strikes a deal with the doj as the fbi spy scandal heats up. >> someone like sally yates and brennan and comey and others


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