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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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dvr it if you can figure out how that works. email if you do. good night from washington. sean hannity live from new york city. >> thank you. welcome to "hannity." more breaking news. the deep state continues to be exposed and the plot to influence an election and undermine a candidate and the president is one step closer tonight to being wide open. the president is blasts in terms of the fbi and called it, quote, a disgrace to this country. we'll show you the president's comments. plus, the meeting set for chairman devin nunes and chairman tray gowdy to finally, supposedly see the russia probe documents. it's about time but i don't believe them. we'll explain. michael caputo is saying there could have been multiple informants targing the trump campaign. is this still the united states?
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we have the details. house republicans introduce a resolution to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the fbi and dodge misconduct. senator john johnson wants answers about the fbi's, quote, sensitive matter team. we'll explain that. that was communicating about the media having information on the clinton bought and paid for phony russian dossier. the president saying that the summit with north korean leader may be delayed. we're going to explain how this is the art of the deal in action. you get to watch and learn. that and more and tonight's breaking news opening monologue. a lot of ground to cover. mark levin will join us. we start with president trump reeking to the news that the fbi, yes, was spying, spying on the trump campaign. now, this has never happened before in american history. let's take a look. >>. >> president donald trump:
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congress would like to see documents opened up. a lot of people are saying they had spies in my campaign. if they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace to this country. that would be one of the biggest insults that anyone has ever seen and very illegal aside from everything else. make probably every political event every look like small potatoes. we want to make sure there weren't. i hope there weren't, frankly. if they had spies in my campaign, during my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented in the history of our country. >> unprecedented in -- and illegal. i want to take it one step further. this is how serious and dangerous all of this is. if we as a country do not get to the bottom of this and expose everything about these deep-state actors spying on an opposition party during a presidential campaign, rigging one candidate's email investigation, lying repeatedly to fisa court judges, we will
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lose the country. we will destroy the rule of law. we will shred our constitution completely. but there is good news tonight. that finally the facts, the truth are all starting to come out, as we've been predicting, after what is unprecedented stonewalling, obstruction, slow-walking for rod rosenstein and the dodge, while a meeting for congress to finally see the documents they've been demanding is set for thursday. devin nunes, trey gowdy, they're sitting down with chris wray, don coates and rod rosenstein's deputy, of course, and for the record, i do not trust rod rosenstein. i'll explain. also sara carter reporting that these documents could hold the key and uncover every single thing about what was done to the trump campaign and the trump presidency and being spied on. and we believe that is exactly why rod rosenstein and the doj have been obstructing.
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rosenstein is trying to run out the clock. he hopes democrats will regain the house and this will all end and go away. what is now apparent is that rosenstein is aiding and abetting in what is nothing short of a cover-up of the single biggest instance of abuse of power and corruption in american history and the media's right there with them. we have famed harvard law professor alan dershowitz calling out the sunning hypocrisy surrounding this deep-state scandal. take a look -- >> this had happened to hillary clinton, the aclu would be jumping up and down the way they did when i was on the board of the aclu when undercover agents were put into the anti-war movement, the civil rights movement. they were there to listen into muslim churches, civil libertarians are generally a little bit suspicious when undercover agents go to ask questions. we as civil libertarians ought to be suspicious.
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>> checkmate, professor. he's right. if this ever happened to hillary clinton, the media would be demanding that people go to jail. but since it's dro imand the media doesn't care and hate him, they've they have been missing in action in covering up this abuse of power/corruption scandal. they've ignored every single crime that hillary clinton has commit and the fact she bought and paid for a dossier, filled with russian lies and propaganda to influence you, the american people and steal an election. now, the fbi then takes this clinton-funded piece of garbage, uses to it get a fisa warrant to surveil on a trump campaign associate and they did it by lying to multiple fisa judges. this is the worst form of corruption. now, all of that information is why tonight. there's over a dozen house republican law makers. they need support. they're signing on to a resolution calling for a special
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counsel to investigate all these abuses. now, congressman ron de santis, he's one of those congressmen supporting this and explaining why this must happen, which we've been saying now for a long time. take a look. >> we also need to get people to be held accountable for any fisa abuse that occurred, and then how did this investigation into the trump campaign start? and was it on the up and up from the very beginning? there's always a lot of questions about that. i don't think that the justice department will be able to investigate themselves. i think they've resisted our inquiries here in congress for long enough. so it's time that we did have a special counsel. >> well said. congressman jim jordan and mattgates also signed this resolution. they'll join us tonight. first, we know that after the fbi exonerated hillary clinton, exoneration before investigation, immediately the same actors launched a surveillance operation against the trump campaign. and it gets worse.
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byron york tonight reporting these new revelations about the fbi targeting the trump campaign is now leading to very serious questions about when this fbi investigation actually started. now, we've been told that it began at the end of july 2016. adiametrically opposed diametrically opposed drinking in a war, four-way drunken hearsay. that's not admissible, hearsay, in a courtroom. by the way, it never made any sense. washington post reporting that this informant met with carter page a few weeks before the fbi says it officially launched the probe. their timeline isn't matching up. this is exactly why we need the sect special counsel. most importantly, we need an investigator appointed who has prosecutorial powers. the doj inspector general is looking into all of this. rod rosenstein wants the inspector general. he cannot hold these deep-state actors accountable. michael horowitz doesn't even have the ability to convene a grand jury or issue indictments. the clinton investigation, we
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still haven't gotten the report. it's 18 months later. guess what? we don't have that kind of time. what we need is a full, thorough, complete criminal investigation right now because you the american people, you deserve to know the truth. this has to be done for the sake of this country. tonight we're learning even more stunning details about what really happened. this is pretty shocking. former trump campaign advisor michael caputo, he's saying there could have been multiple informants, multiple spies targeting the trump campaign. here's what he told our own laura ingraham last night. >> this informant, this person that they tried to plant into the campaign and even into the administration, if you believe axios, he's not the only person that came with the campaign. the fbi is not the only obama agency that came with the campaign. i'm looking for clearance to
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reveal this to the public. this is just the beginning. when we finally find out the truth about this, director clapper and the rest of them are going to be wearing orange suits. >> remember, that individual, mr. caputo, he said, oh, after i met with the special counsel, he said, we'll be watching you on tv. really, mr. mueller? is that how you want to run your investigation? we could have multiply spies, multiply informants. chairman nunes says the exact same. if you're shocked by that, look at what caputo revealed today. >> i was approached by an intermediary who had been talking to a government official -- a former government official who told him that they had hillary clinton-related emails at that government organization and that they wanted to get them to trump campaign. this was may 6th that he heard that in 2016. i was told by the intermediary on may 9th they wanted to get
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them to me. i gave this information to the house intelligence committee. i gave this information to the senate intelligence committee two weeks ago. and i gave this information to the mueller team and they never reached out to the intermediary to check on it. >> so they don't care. it doesn't fit their dedetermined narrative. now, caputo later explained during that interview that he turned down that offer for clinton's emails. that is explosive information. and according to caputo, robert mueller, you don't care about that? really? maybe too busy thinking about paul manafort's 2005 taxes. their goal has been to get candidate trump and now president trump. it's plain and simple. mark levin, he has something important to say later tonight. first, even more breaking news. senate homeland security chairman, ron johnson, he is demanding more information about
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the fbi's apparent awareness that media outlets had information about christopher steele, the foreign national with russian source, before president-elect trump was briefed about it. according to fbi emails, that johnson's committee has obtained, the fbi had what they called a, quote, sensitive matter team that was actually communicating about the steele dossier. now, two days before cnn ran a story about the dossier, even in existence, andrew mccabe sent this email that read, flood is coming. he writes cnn is close to going forward with the sensitive story. the trigger for them, cn, is they know the material was discussed in the brief and presented in an attachment. what do you know. cnn then runs the story. then buzz efeed publishes that entire phony hillary clinton dossier. senator clinton is demanding to know who was a part of this
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sensitive matter team. now, he's also asking for all the documents, all the communications between comey, james clapper and their staffs regarding the trump tower dossier briefing. now, remember the house intel committee's report on russia, it found that clapper, the former director of national intelligence, leaked information to cnn. he now works for them, about the dossier. that becomes a contributor now on the fake news network. predictably he recently denied any wrongdoing. of course, we already know he lied under oath. take a look -- >> i didn't have any contact with media until after i left the government on the 20th of january. i don't quite understand, at least what i've read, that somehow i leaked about the dossier. >> so you didn't leak anything about the dossier to any media? >> no, not -- i mean, i talked about it after i left the government. but not during that period, and certainly not between the 6th of january and the 10th when the
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president-elect himself talked about it. >> yeah, remember, that christopher steele in interrogatories in great britain under oath said, maybe 50/50 true. that becomes the basis for a fisa warrant? clapper is now firing back at the president. of course, lashing out at him. he doesn't like being called a liar, which he is. let's watch -- >> the president tweeted about you, quote, clapper is a lying machine who now works for fake news. so a lot of people i know -- first of all, what was your reaction to that when you first saw that? >> well, the president's calling me a lying machine. well, okay. [ laughter ] >> what that stems from is an exchange i had with sarah wideen five years ago in march of 2013 about a surveillance program and he was asking me about one. and i was thinking about another. i made a mistake but i didn't lie. >> oh, just like hillary made a
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mistake by acid washing her hard drive. the deep-state friends have the right to remain haven't. i have friendly advice, stop talking, lawyer up, a storm is coming. now demoted doj official bruce o is -- orr is feeling the heat. chuck grassley, he wants to see staal communications between orr and the former british spy and dossier author christopher steele. remember, orr was in communication with steele, both before and after the election. it was orr's wife, nelly, she worked to for fugs gps. she put together the research that turned out to be lies. grassley wants to know if orr was given the fbi information that steele provided after fired by the fbi for lying about his contacting with the media. we do have an update on the nuclear showdown with little rocket man in north korea, ajunqueira.
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president trump is saying the june 12th summit, well, might not work out. take a look. >> president donald trump: there's certain conditions that we want, and i think we'll get those conditions. if we don't, we don't have the meeting. frankly, it has a chance to be a great, great meeting for north korea and a great meeting for the world. if it doesn't happen, maybe it will happen later, maybe it will happen at a different time. but we will see. but we are talking. the meeting is scheduled, as you know, june 12th in singapore. and whether or not it happens, you'll be knowing pretty soon. but we're talking right now. >> the president's entire approach to these talks has been, we'll see what happens. for all your haters of trump on the left, you need to watch how a pro negotiates. as trump said in his own book, the art of deal, you have to be willing to walk away up to the last second. i get it. you liberals are upset because the president isn't bowing and kissing the i think are of
6:16 pm
ajunqueira and offering pallets of cash and currency like the $150 million obama gave the mullahs. if ajunqueira wants to come to the table, well, the president is listening. if ajunqueira wants to threaten the world, like he was before, the president will show the force he showed the last time and we'll be back to where we started. the president has given up nothing. ajunqueira is -- north korea is inviting international media to watch their dismantling of their nuclear test site. across the dmz when he released the hostages. we didn't pay him anything. also great news for the president. look at this. the gop now holds an edge over democrats in the generic midterm ballot for the first time in a brand-new reuters poll. look at that. back in late april, democrats had a 10-point advantage in that poll and another poll 17 points back, republicans were, in
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january. nancy pelosi may want to cancel the plans about becoming the next speaker. this will be the most important midterm election in our lifetime. first, joining us with reaction, the host of sinclair sunday, tv program called full measure. sharyl attkisson is with us and fox news contributor sara carter. you know, obviously we're making progress. i have no faith in the doj at all to do what they're supposed to do. >> but i do have faith, sean, thankfully, in the house intelligence committee, the senate judiciary committee committee. i want top talk about the timeline. this is so important. the timeline is unravelling. it's unravelling on the doj, on all the people involved in this investigation. let's just go back. in march 2016, president trump makes that announcement that carter page, adiametrically
6:18 pm
opposed diametrically opposed are a part of his foreign policy team. and then if you look at that, then it goes into may 2016, diametrically opposed diametrically opposed, he meets with downer and let's just put this -- lay this out. july 2016, carter page, he attends this event. he approaches him. remember, april 2016 when christopher steele, christopher steele gets hired by fusion gps, which was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign, and the dnc to begin the investigation. and most importantly, in the early spring, after trump made that announcement in march 2016, loretta lynch and james comey, along with senior officials of the obama administration, and this is in the report -- in the unredacted report, have a meeting about trump's announcement. >> when is this? >> think about that. >> give me the date. >> so if you go back in the early spring, right after march
6:19 pm
2016, when trump makes the announcement that carter page is on his team, that's when loretta lynch, senior officials, including james comey, and this is very senior officials within the obama administration, they've not been disclosed yet. that's when they have a meeting about carter page. and that's when they debate whether or not to tell the trump campaign at the time that carter page at one point was approached by the russians. there's no way this investigation began in the summer of 2016. >> this is outrageous. >> yes. i find it questionable. >> let me bring sharyl attkisson in. you have put together a perspective, sharyl, timeline of events that is so devastating start in 2011 when they changed the rules in terms of the intel gathering availabilitys and powers of the intel community
6:20 pm
against american citizens. walk us through why this timeline you put out is so important. >> well, it's simply a listing of facts that happened over the course of the last couple of years that perhaps made what we now see happening more easy to occur. i mean, if you look at surveillance on a u.s. citizen, whether it's a journalist or a political figure, is supposed to be one of the most sensitive things we do under the restrictest of oversight, under the rarest of conditions. what happened with the trump campaign, we know that as many as perhaps more than seven trump associates were either wiretapped or electronically surveilled, one informant or spy placed with the campaign and seven other features of a counterintelligence operation perhaps used for political purposes i've outlined. you put all that together and think was this the go-to, really, the government thought there would be russian interference in an election?
6:21 pm
if that were really the concern, would be to go to each campaign and brief them and warn them or smart a spy campaign that involves only one campaign. >> sara carter and sean hannity, gregg jarrett, do you believe we're right? i know you work at cbs. is this the biggest abuse of power you've seen in all your years of reporting? >> i would say this is right up there but i would expand it. it's not just, as i've long said, in my view, what happened during the 2016 campaign, it's wide the intel community was so desperate not to have an outsiders like trump in and nose around what they were doing for the past 15, 20 years, which we're seeing that some of that now. that's a more important part story. it's not just because, in my view, these people hated trump.
6:22 pm
>> i'll give you the last word, sara, but they went after the candidate, they went after the a president-elect and tried to delegitimize, as judge ellis said, this is about putting the screws, just one case, manafort, and getting him to sing so they could prosecute or impeach this president. is that true? >> i believe that is true. i also believe what sharyl is saying is very important. i believe the scope of this is so much bigger and a reason why they didn't want him there and sharyl's right on the money, because of those expansive powers and those abuse of powers. i think the house intelligence committee and the senate judiciary committee gets these documents, we won't have all the answers. >> they're covering up and probably as we speak they're probably asking hillary, how do i get ahold of of bleachbit. when we come back, ed henry has a live report on the fbi spying controversy and whether the president's planned mooet with
6:23 pm
kim jong-un will happen. the great one, mark levin coming up. >> vo: they're getting more out of life
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6:28 pm
campaign and yet never reported collusion with russia because there was no collusion. he was only there to spy, the president says, for political reasons and help crooked hillary win. that from the president tonight. just over a year ago when the president first raised allegations that the obama administration had surveilled the trump campaign and transition team, he was met with all the skepticism and now signs he could be vindicated especially what happened today with former trump campaign michael caputo. he was approached by a second informant in the trump campaign beyond the first one. as several congressional republicans, led by the house freedom caucus chair are renewing their call for a second special counsel to basically investigate the investigators. fox has learned on thursday, house intel chairman devin nunes will finally get his meeting with officials to review some of the sensitive intelligence
6:29 pm
involved in all of these allegations while senate democratic leader chuck schumer is calling that meeting a partisan moving showing nunes is trying to interfere with the probe. the president teed off and said it's finally time to get answers. listen -- >> president donald trump: if they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace to this country. that would be one of the biggest insults that anyone's ever seen and it would be very illegal aside from everything else. probably make every political event ever look like small potatoes. >> he doesn't want to hear these questions if you don't mind. >> reporter: yeah, you heard the president mentioned the president of south korea. they were trying to lay the groundwork to get north korea to denuclearization. well, the president acknowledged toth bluntly he's not happy about the behavior of north
6:30 pm
korean dictator kim jong-un who said he's having second thoughts of giving up the nuclear weapons. keep in mind, kim already turned over the three american hostages. while the president admitted that the june 12th summit may not happen, he did add he's still confident it could happen on june 12th or some later date because he believes there will be an agreement, sean? >> sean: we va, of course, the missile site being taken down. we've had hostaged releases, the firing of the missiles and stuff and we didn't drop off payloads of cash. ed henry at the white house. >> reporter: there have not been concessions by the administration, at least not yet. >> sean: not one, that's right. ed henry, thank you. the president tweeted out about the fbi scandal controversy where, quote, if the person plays very early into my campaign wasn't a spy, put there by previous administration for political purposes, how come such a seemingly massive amount of money was paid for services
6:31 pm
rendered, many times higher than normal. follow the money. the spy was there early in the campaign yet never reported collusion with russia because there was no collusion. he was only there to spy for political reasons and help crooked hillary win, just like they did to poor bernie sanders who got duped. so true. joining us with reaction, republican congressman jim jordan. bernie sanders, whole thing was rigged. jim, jordan, let me start with you. number one, your letter. there are 100 kingmen that want you to be speaker. frankly, i would like to see you be the next speaker. >> if and when there's a race, i plan on being part of that discussion. we need to stay in majority and help donald trump accomplished the things the american people elected us to do. that's what i'm focused on doing. >> sean: i have zero faith in
6:32 pm
rod rosenstein and the doj to actually hand over the documents because we know specific documents will be absolutely damning if they come out against these very people. why would they do that to themselves? >> well, sean, that's one of the reasons why i don't believe at the upcoming meeting the chairman nunes is having with members of the intelligence committee, that there will be any production of documents. and that's deeply concerning to me. if you have to look at the scoreboard, right now the deep state is winning the battle because they are in full control of their own destiny. that's why congressman lee zellden and jim jordan joined with two dozen colleagues to call for a second special counsel. >> sean: is that the best way, though? >> absolutely, sean. >> sean: well, the inspector general's ridiculous. 18 months into the clinton email investigation. we don't have that kind of time. >> sean, this will be a reason for them to delay the inspector general report. because now we're back in inspector general land and so now we won't get the answers on hillary clinton -- >> sean: well, he said it
6:33 pm
separate and aapart. that's been handed over. here's the problem, though. we have fisa abuse. we know outright judges were lied to in literally the single biggest intrusion into a person's constitutional rights, a fisa warrant. four times they lied, the bulk of information, that phony dossier. they never told the judge who paid for it or judges. >> the department of justice says, don't worry, we can investigate ourselves even though, as you say, they took a dossier to a secret court to get a warrant. didn't tell the court that the author of the document, christopher steele, had been fired. even though it now appears there were paid informants hanging around the periphery of the trump campaign. >> sean: think of what you're saying. spied on the campaign, lying to judges to get fisa warrants to spy on an opposition party candidate with propaganda from
6:34 pm
russia put together by a foreign national that was full of lies and literally they don't tell the judges. i cannot believe -- i wouldn't write this in a spy novel, because i wouldn't think anybody would believe it. >> jeff sessions says only under extraordinary circumstances do you name a special counsel. how about the fact the top five people at the fbi have been fired or demoted. those same people that ran the clinton investigation, who launched the russia investigation, who used the opposition research document at the fisa court and now look like paid informants to be a part of the trump campaign. how about that for a fact pattern that's extraordinary? if that's not extraordinary, someone better tell me what is. >> that's why jim jordan should be speaker of the house, then we'd have real oversight. >> sean: checkmate. for the record, i'm supporting jim jordan. i just endeteriorated him. >> me too. >> sean: thank you, both. when we come back, the great one, mark levin. he's got an angle you're going to want to pay very close
6:35 pm
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>> sean: all right. here with reaction to all this breaking news today. he's the host of levin tv right here on the fox news channel, number-one show, sunday nights, 10:00 eastern. i call him the great one. "life, liberty and levin" is the name of the show. we have the appointment mueller by rod rosenstein because sixs is recused. you have been saying in the last 24 hours on your radio show, and you told me privately, that this very well violates our constitution and more specifically the appointment's clause. i want you to really explain this to our audience tonight. >> first of all, the seed was planted when i hat tipped the professor, an old friend of mine who worked for attorney general meese. the appointments clause. it's in the constitution. it applies to principal officers
6:40 pm
of the executive branch. that's interior officers, you know, like a chief, an administrative assistant, then principal officers. every single united states attorney in the united states has to be nominated by the president of the united states and confirmed by the senate because our founders made clear that they wanted both branches of government involved in appointments of the senior level people. you have assistant scaries in departments and cabinet secretaries and u.s. attorneys. here's the problem. the appointment of mueller is utterly unconstitution for a number of reasons. rod rosenstein gave him an agenda that is so broad, not a specific individual, not a specific statute, not even a specific matter, and not only was the initial appointment incredibly broad, he keeps expanding it. so this special counsel's different than past special counsels. he's more like a rovg u.s. attorney. also, we learned something today
6:41 pm
that is absolutely incredible. it says court filings indicate when lawyers appeared in court earlier this year, they did so not only as representatives of mueller's office but they received an appointment, a special assistant united states attorney appointment in the eastern district of virginia. they are, in effect, assistant united states attorneys. robert mueller wanted to expand their power. they report to him. if they're assistant united states attorneys or special assistant united states attorneys that makes mueller, without question, the equivalent of the united states attorney. what's unique about him and past independent counsel and special counsel is the massive breadth of his investigation. he's going to into bank fraud, wire fraud, he's going into russia, a number of other countries. he's interviewed hundreds of individuals, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of documents. he's not an interior employee, like an strav assistant or anything of that sort.
6:42 pm
he's a principal officer. under the appointments clause of the united states constitution, article ii, mr. rosenstein usurped the authority of the president of the united states to nominate whomever he wants as prosecutor and mr. rosenstein usurped the power of the united states smath which has the control -- mr. mueller is serving unconstitutionally in violation of the appointments clause of the constitution because of the way rosenstein appointed him, because of expanding his authority, because mr. mueller has expanded his own authority with these four now assistant united states attorneys and every defendant in this case, every witness in this case, everybody who received a subpoena in this case, whatever federal court it is, should raise the issue of the appointments clause of the constitution that mr. mueller is conducting himself and is appointment is unconstitutional. see, here's the deal. these career bureaucrat prosecutors, they don't
6:43 pm
understand the constitution. they understand parts of it, like due process and proximate cause. they never read the appointments claus. they never read the supreme court decisions involved in that. i have. professor has. i want your audience to know this, too. so, mr. mueller, unlike any past special counsel or any past independent counsel, the breadth of his investigation is so massive, it's so broad by the initial appointment, the subsequent expansion and now four of his own people getting dual appointments as effectively an assistant united states attorneys, mr. mueller, his conduct, his appointment is unconstitutional. >> sean: you know, that's why i call you the great one. what you say i hope every attorney involved in this case heard you and if you're out watching tonight, when this is up on please tweet
6:44 pm
it out, please use social media and make sure this goes viral. >> all you attorneys out there, go for it, baby. i know what i'm talking about it. >> sean: that's why we call you the great one. "life, liberty and levin" every sunday night. i'll be a guest. when we come back, democrats showing their true colors on what they would do to president trump if god forbid they took control of congress in november. this will be the most important midterm election in our lifetime. that's not hyperbole. dr. gorka next. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals
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are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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6:48 pm
>> sea >> president donald trump: nancy pelosi and the group, you heard here the other day. she wants to raise your taxes. they want to get rid of the tax
6:49 pm
cut bill and raze -- raise your taxes. somehow i don't think that plays well. you never know, right. they want to raise your taxes. these are people that don't believe in borders, don't believe in fighting crime, don't believe in making a strong military. they don't believe in what the people in this room believe. that i can tell you. so we have to do a great job. >> sean: the president at the susan b. anthony dinner tonight warning us about what is to come if nancy pelosi and the democrats over took over congress, despite republicans leading in a generic ballot poll against the democrats. congressman al green is exposing the left's plan if they take a majority. you've heard it before. they're trying to be a little more quiet about it. but this is their plan. believe it. >> i'm not sure that there will be members who are going to wait
6:50 pm
for someone else if that someone else, doesn't matter who it is, is declining to do it. we can all do it. and i think that there's a good likelihood there will be articles of i impeachment. >> sean: here with reaction, sebastian gorka, former secret service officer, dan bongino. dan, it's always been the case, nancy will give in -- pelosi will give in to her left-wing base. they want to raise taxes and basically would like to stop this president's successful agenda. more importantly, they will go for impeachment regardless. there's no evidence. >> sean, you understand, they have nothing else, right. this is a broken, destructive, disturbing shell of a party that is drowning in identity politics and rage at donald trump; that is manifesting itself throughout outrageous calls for impeachment for fairytale collusion charges
6:51 pm
no one can provide any evidence of. sean, you can't win a democrat primary in these radical far-left congress districts if you don't go, you know, full psychopath and start calling for the impeachment of donald trump. i mean, they don't stand for it any more. the party is completely broken. >> sean: that's the point. dr. gorka, just don't say it. shh. let's keep it quiet. let's not be honest with the american people. they are honest about, yeah, we're running on the platform, let's raise everybody's taxes dramatically. i don't know if that is going to work. >> what else do they have, sean, literally. we want to raise your taxes. what else could they do? we want to, what, bring back isis? we want to make sure that the wall isn't built. we want the economy to tank. we don't want five million people to be given cash bonuses
6:52 pm
because of the tax reform. they have nothing to run on. but, sean, 2018 is even more important than 2016 because if they get the majority, they will begin impeachment and all the incredible things that the president has done in just 15 months will be stopped. they will be obstructed for the next seven years. so 2016 was an act of god, yes, absolutely. but we need to make sure that the flotilla comes up behind this icebreaker who is donald trump and make sure the make america great again agenda is implemented for the next seven years. >> sean: think about this, in january and february, a 17-point democratic advantage, generic ballot, dan. now it's a six-point republican advantage. i think it's the president's success that's turned this all around. >> sean, people vote kitchen table issues, the faptness of their wallet, you know, not the fatness of fake russian collusion charges they've wasted all this time on. the democrats have learned
6:53 pm
nothing from the impeachment of bill clinton and his subsequent win in the senate there in that that trial. the american people do not want the results of a fair and sound election overturned by a bunch of politicians up on capitol hill. this is a tactically ridiculous move that is going to -- the blow backwill be substantial if they do this. >> sean: doctor, what is your take? look, i've been saying, and i've really -- i have a lot of plans for this audience coming up in the days, weeks and months ahead. don't want to reveal my plans. a lot of copycats and uncreative people in television and radio. here's my point, this will be a defining, historic moment, this midterm election, the most important midterm perhaps in american history. because this is going to be about an election to destroy this president. that is all they have, that and raising taxes and gutting our military. that's it. that's what they stand for, but they won't even be honest with the american people about that
6:54 pm
agenda. >> obama admitted, sean, he wants to fundamentally change america. you don't fundamentally change something you love. this is our window. this is our opportunity. there's a very small window now to bring it all back, to bring back the republic, the stakes could not be higher. they want to divide us. they want to undermine us. it is only the midterms that's going to make it possible to save the republic. it's simply that massive a stake right now. >> sean: dan, and you agree? >> yeah, i agree. they've learned nothing, the democrats, from their loss in wisconsin, pennsylvania and nearly in minnesota as well. they've learned absolutely nothing. >> sean: all right, guys, always appreciate both of you and our audience appreciates it. we got big plans coming. we'll unveil it at the appropriate time. when we come back, a former president is saying president trump should be considered for
6:55 pm
the nobel peace prize if he in fact denukkizes the korean peninsula. we'll talk about this next.
6:56 pm
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speak to a shocking turn of events, president trump gave another endorsement to be considered for a nobel prize for peace. came from none other than former president jimmy carter. shocked? listen to this. >> if president trump is successful in getting a peace treaty that's acceptable to both sides with north korea, i think certainly he ought to be considered for the nobel peace prize. i think it would be a momentous accomplishment that no previous president has been able to realize. >> sean: before we go tonight, i got to send a big huge shout out. do you see that team right ther there? that's wake forest. in winston-salem. they just won the ncaa national championship earlier tonight. i know everyone of those kids. one particularly well. anyway, congratulations. they won the national indoors,
7:00 pm
the ncaa national champ egypt outdoors. the acc regular season and the acc championship. pretty good year to year. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. there she is. hello. >> laura: why don't you have one of those spotlights of andra's aunt's face just show the whole team. >> sean: trying to be somewhat discreet. >> laura: wake forest tennis is not exactly the fox news audience. >> sean: they won the national championship. that's massive. never before in the school history. >> laura: i remember the first time your son and daughter were able to beat you on the tennis court. they were like nine and ten. >> sean: when they were ten years old they were in the fat old guy off the court. >> laura: comes in all bruised and battered. it was embarrassing. those kids are amazing. congratulations to wake forest. great show tonight. good evening from washington, i'm laura ingraham and this is the income angle. we have an amazing show f