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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 23, 2018 12:00am-12:58am PDT

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>> we leave you with images from a major event that somehow didn't make the evening news, 70,000 millennial's attended the celebration of faith, broke the guinness book of world record, most pro-life president in our nation's history. got there my pillow to take home from nominating conservative justice neil gorsuch to the with them, mike lindell gave supreme court to rolling back the obamacare birth control mandate donald trump has quickly pillows to everyone. become a hero of the pro-life movement. >> when i ran for office i they broke the record. pledge to stand for life and as that is all the time we have. president that is exactly what i have done and i have kept my promise. >> as he addressed hundreds of shannon bream takes things from here. shannon: new calls for a second antiabortion activists at the annual gala he announced one more campaign promise kept. >> my administration has proposed a new rule to prohibit special counsel to investigate the investigators. title x funding from going to we will hear from one of the any clinic that performs abortions. lawmakers who says it is time >> the proposed changes in title for the fbi to answer tough questions. counting down to a meeting between the white house, the gop x would effectively been federally funded family planning clinics like planned parenthood and doj over information linked to the informant allegedly from referring women for abortion. meeting with trump campaign staffers and reporting back to the fbi. donald trump makes history a
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democrats like nancy pelosi huge pro-life gathering as called it an outrageous assault conservatives say they are happy on the healthcare available to vulnerable and underserved women to be wrong about his position while senate minority leader chuck schumer argued it was a continuation of republicans war on abortion. building the big border wall. against planned parenthood and women's reproductive rights. are you willing to pay to get it the pres. said those proposed changes to title x would not done. we will explain? welcome to fox news at night. republicans complaining about the scope of the mother investigation are asking a special prosecutor of their own. only help in children but republicans when the midterms. >> democrats gave power, they will try to reverse these incredible gains, these are and a secret informant gathering historic gains, they will try and reverse many of them. intel beating back to the fbi. tonight deputy attorney general rod rosenstein agreeing to do the story is 18 midterms, we need republicans and that will happen. it. >> reporter: donald trump called out by name of the hon. and henry is handling these democratic senators who voted different threats. against the bill banning late-term abortions. >> finally game on. on thursday house until chair john tester from montana, heidi devon nunez will get a look at heitkamp from north dakota, mccaskill from missouri. >> if we work hard between now this classified intelligence that can settle the question whether donald trump's campaign was spied on by obama officials but to see the sensitive until, and november every one of these states can be flipped to a
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senator who shares our values not really pleasing leaders because there's a lot of secrecy and votes our agenda. >> reporter: that move started around what will happen when knocking on doors in key nunez and trey out ago behind battleground states, they say they are on track, going all out because they believe these closed doors with rod rosenstein, some republicans say midterms are the most important elections of the pro-life this feels like a shell game that may be briefed on the sense movement since roe v wade. of documents rather than seeing them. senate democratic leader chuck shannon: the president of the schumer lashing out charging susan b anthony list praise the pres. for keeping his promises. >> the most pro-life president in history and he will do more, this shows nunez is trying to help the pres. undermine robert mueller's probe. the pres. brushed that aside with remarks where he asserted this is legitimate pursuit of the truth and there has been at holes in november. >> reporter: not everyone is skepticism, last year when the president charged the obama administration conducted surveillance he was boosted by the fact that the former campaign aide michael caputo said he was approached by a second informant in a trump campaign. >> i was approached by an
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intermediary who had been talking to a government official who told him they had hillary clinton-related emails at that happy about that. and richard fowler, and kaylee mcinerney, great to have you. one of the pro-life leaders who signed up when covering primaries, vote for anyone but trump. that is what the letter said. they did not think he would be an ally but they were happy to government organization, wanted be wrong about him. to get them to the trump >> a couple years ago he was donating to planned parenthood. campaign. >> if they had spies in my this president turned coat on campaign that would be a this particular issue. title x is what they are disgrace to the country, one of the biggest insult anyone has ever seen and would be very illegal aside from everything else, probably make every political event ever look like celebrating. my problem is you limit a woman's access to knowing what small potatoes. all of her healthcare options >> reporter: he asked for are. whether you agree with abortion or not a woman deserves the clearance to reveal more details but the individual, the information that was mentioned now says they had never been a right to know what her options are. like when a man goes to a doctor and i might have prostate cancer i get all my options. contractor for any of the what this law does is women don't get to know all their agencies and this was cocktail party chatter about where to go to get opposition research on clinton was one of the options. shannon: what it does is doctors individuals said he met with an national security administration can talk about abortions, what
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contractor who should have a they can't do is perform the abortion or refer for an copy and paste on a word abortion and there's a big document of an email about paper debate between the two sides whether that amounts to a gag rule. >> exactly. it doesn't compel doctors, they are not barred from it. that is in compliance with the law and the constitution. this president is the most play in the state department but this person stresses that while pro-life president talking about they do government contract work they are not connected with any title x, so many things, the of the intel agencies and are now trying to reach out to this from camp on behalf of any agency. there are people close to the confirmation of neil gorsuch, story who are insisting it was not an overdetermined financial this president thought for operative to reach out to the pro-life values. if you are pro-life conservative trump campaign. your incited. richard is not excited. the plot is beginning. >> the pres. again weighing in a matter via twitter late tonight saying this, if the person >> your mixing two things. be a constitutional conservative and pro-life conservative or two different things. if you believe in the constitution you believe in amendment, people have more control of the government having less control, you should be against this particular law. >> the right to life -- >> i believe what happens between a woman and her doctor wasn't a spy, how come such a seemingly massive amount of money was paid for services rendered. many times tired the normal. should be what happens between a he continues follow the money, the spy was there early in the
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campaign and yet never reported collusion with russia because man and his doctor, you limit there was no collusion. he was there to bypass political reasons that help crooked hillary win just like they did to bernie sanders who got duped. vulnerable women, underserved one of the house republicans calling for a second special population, to all their healthcare options. counsel to investigate the fbi possible misconduct. >> title x, they go to health he joins us live. you have put together a lengthy clinics, none of that money will go to clinics that perform or refer for abortions. they don't perform services, here's what planned parenthood said, no policy this extreme has ever been implemented in the resolution which i have read and some people would find it interesting to go to the fact you have outlined with respect united states 4, since they boy to the hillary clinton serve 40% of title x patients investigation of her email but uranium one, the clinton foundation, how those things were handled at the investigation into donald trump, many patients, significant the faisal lawrence, you wrap it up by saying it warrants a special counsel. are you going to get one. >> i hope we will. we have been asked for 10 months number of whom are people of color are cut off from care. >> planned parenthood can abide that the chairman of the judiciary, bob goodlady and two by the new pool, the same staff members of the leadership, majority leader kevin mccarthy, and the same facility can't steve scalise, the majority
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whip. leland: seems to be getting on this and it has taken 10 months. some of us got out early but we start to see this unravels like provide family-planning services. there were 22 one health centers, not a dime will be cut, the chinese torture, you feel that and we see something new not service will be cut, planned parenthood will not use taxpayer dollars. >> planned parenthood does not use taxpayer dollars, the haida limit element there. almost every week including to to use tax revenue, our funds spying and that type of thing. we have to get to the bottom of this. the american people don't trust anymore and believe it was are not to be tangled which is politically motivated as i felt from the beginning and that is why we need the special counsel. the mechanism. >> there will be a meeting that and not federal money. that breaks the hyde amendment. involves several different players. if you are a woman and have to chairman nunez and gaudi will be involved along with officials from the doj and others who will look at this information with make the hardest choice in the world you go to your doctor and decide to have a conversation about making this choice your respect to the source, the individual or the informant. here is what democrat chuck schumer had to say about those meetings. >> a man like devon nunez who i hear privately from my republican colleagues think he is off the deep end, he is going
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to get hold of this, we think that is fair and unbiased doctor can say i can't go further than that, you have to oversight, give me a break. see somebody else but if you are report woman the doctor cannot. shannon: they can't refer you forward and can't perform it there. >> a respected ob/gyn, and to terminate this pregnancy, stuck if such a meeting occurs, and i in the dark. don't believe it should but if shannon: planned parenthood doesn't take this deal they can it occurs, it must be find other options, people would say. they get half $1 billion of bipartisan. >> would you be for democrat attending that meeting thursday? taxpayer money. >> i'm concerned about democrats >> 50 million babies have been aborted, many -- a lot of -- -- getting in there. devon has to see what is going on. they have told us time and again we are going to give you >> they sell tickets online. something but they just say it contains this or that or give us something rejected that doesn't mean anything. very passionate points. it is primary day in four states, contentious battles in texas, arkansas, kentucky and georgia. it is all about a big blue wave, right have to think twice. i think democrats are in the deep end, not devon nunez and if some analysts say the newest devon find something more i have data favors the gop. no doubt the democrats will be will hold on for a few months? involved and given the same information. either going to leak it? they have done so in the past.
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shannon: they would say the same about the republicans, there are plenty of leaks all over washington, very few places don't leak. jerry nadler, ranking democrat on house judiciary said when their conspiracy theories fall apart they have no place else to turn, the majority go to move, this is a profound misunderstanding of the criminal justice system. you are a lawyer. is this a profound misunderstanding of the committal justice system? >> jerry nadler said yesterday robert mueller is a special prosecutor indicating he doesn't know what is going on. he is not a special prosecutor, he is a special counsel, appointed and given some authority. he won't tell us what is in the scope. they rejected that but what they have done today is said we are not just special counsel, we are employees of the atty. gen.'s office, the department of justice given special prosecutor status and why is that? because they don't want to be limited in scope to what they are supposed to be which is was there russian collusion to
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influence the election. they are way beyond that. >> a federal judge has that scope memo and rejected. woman: i stay active we will watch and see if you members of congress get it as by staying in rhythm. well. thanks for dropping in and keep and to keep up this pace, i drink boost optimum. boost optimum us updated. our other top story donald trump suggesting the historic summit with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. with north korean leader kim boost optimum. be up for life. jong un could be delayed. richardson is following what prospects are for the historic summit as of now, the pres. says it is to blame for the rhetoric. >> donald trump and kim jong un, would recommend -- represent the highest level meeting ever between the united states and north korea if it happens. the pres. relishes the history of the potential meeting is expressing some skepticism. donald trump is scheduled to meet kim jong un in singapore.
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>> there is a chance that it won't work out, it may not work out. >> the pres. hosted the south korean president at the white house, south korean national security visor says there is a 99.9% chance they meet is scheduled. planning continues. >> we are moving along and we will see what happens. there are certain conditions we want and i think we will get those conditions and if we don't we don't have a meeting. >> like pompeo surprise reporters in the state department briefing room. when asked why the pres. is kept about the summit -- >> we are working to make sure there's common understanding. >> the administration is still planning a june 12th summit. over the past 2 weeks north korea has reverted to its aggressive rhetoric towards the united states and south korea. the pres. says he noticed the shift in tone after kim met with chinese pres. xi jinping. >> there was a different
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attitude after that meeting. i can't say i am happy about it. >> the trip administration credits china was pressing its allies, north korea and convincing it to negotiate was the menstruation is also deeply involved in economic discussions with china as negotiators work towards an agreement to suspend planned tariffs against chinese important about chinese telefon company to continue conducting business in the us. sen. chuck schumer, senate top democrats is, quote, pres. xi jinping has played donald trump and secretary mnuchin and marco rubio said sadly china is out negotiating the administration and winning the trade talks. they have avoided tariffs, and gotten a deal without giving up anything meaningful in return by using north korea talks and agriculture issues as leverage. this is not winning. donald trump says the administration is still
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negotiating with china and envisions a large fine against >> shannon: this is a fox news the company, new management, alert. strict security and requirement primary results are coming cte by a large percentage of shannon: a fox news alert, primary results coming in from arkansas, kentucky, texas and components from american georgia. companies. shannon: donald trump heads to gainesville, georgia, all eyes on an intense governor's race. new york tomorrow to discuss the deadly ms 13 gained. he has been under fire for >> i am at the wash party for casey cagle, leading candidate, a very good night for them. casey cagle coming in first on a referring to gang members as animals. trace gallagher has a preview tonight. >> fox news confirmed donald race, the gop primary for the trump will follow to long island tomorrow to speak about the need to remove ms 13 gained members. there has been a plague of ms 13 violence in recent years including the brutal killings of two young girls in september 2016 and the machete georgia governorship. cagle was not able to pass the 50% threshold he would have needed to avoid a runoff in murders of four young boys in april 2017. july. years the suffolk county district attorney reminding >> we felt we would be in a runoff. a contested primary with a lot tucker carlson about the ms 13 mindset. >> without getting into of players, very difficult and name-calling let me be clear about something.
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this is one of the most violent never been done to my knowledge gangs in the world, to get to 50 plus one. our strategy is to continue to carry on message in georgia. transnational committal organization whose motto is rape, kill and control. >> the name-calling he was >> reporter: cagle will face a trying to avoid is being embraced by the white house. runoff against brian kemp who placed second. statewide officeholders, both of despite donald trump being criticized for calling ms 13 members animals the white house sent out an email with the them enjoyed the strongest name recognition among 5 gop contenders. with only two candidate in the democratic primary that contest was settled decisively. former representative stacy abrams winning by a landslide subject line that reads, quote, to know about the violent over state representative stacy animals in ms 13. sarah sanders followed that up by saying if the media and liberals want to defend ms 13 they are more than welcome but the president followed that up by saying guess what? evans. both have similar platforms but different campaign strategies, stacy evans tried to bring >> when gang members come into a suburbanites and working-class contract for to them as animals and guess what, i always will. voters back into the democratic fold for casey abrams's >> and ms 13 member note within door-to-door efforts to recruit new voters, liberal leaning young people and minorities seem the gaining as animal as to have paid off into the democratic candidates will likely take note as they head sentenced to 40 years in prison
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for killing a 15-year-old boy in 2015. 23-year-old joe martinez was secretly recorded by a cooperating witness where he admitted his role in the killing. into the midterms and 2020 speak at the march for life rally is the first to attend the right to life held by a major pro-life political player. presidential election. if she were to win the general >> america has a pro-life president, a pro-life vice election in november abrams will president, a pro-life house of be the first female governor of georgia and first representatives and 25 pro-life african-american female governor of any us state. republican state capitals. democrats face an uphill battle that is pretty good. that is pretty good. leo, i know i'm late. in statewide elections in georgia. georgia remains a strongly red state but with gop runoff coming up in july, two republican candidates also have their work cut out for them over the next tween 9 weeks. shannon: thank you very much. for more on what today's results mean and new reports that things might be looking up for the gop come fall let's turn to editor of the halftime report chris steigerwald. i want to get to a lot of things but first comment on what we are seeing in georgia. >> congratulations to miss abrams, former democratic leader
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in the statehouse but i am sorry, democrats have been telling me for a long time georgia is so close and on paper it is blues donald trump didn't do great in georgia, 50% of the vote or 2 other states. georgia is a prime opportunity for democrats. however they can't get their act together to nominate people who match the electorate, georgia, a former governor who spoke at the republican national convention, there was a way it worked for them but democrats nominated a progressive, they nominated, the fact that she is african-american is testament to something important for democrats not just in the south, they've not figured how to discuss race. we watched with hillary clinton bernie sanders was where is the party's energy, where's the party loyalty? this will continue to plague
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them. shannon: tell me about amy mcgrath. >> he is not a candidate national democrats wanted. the mayor of lexington is a moderate bespectacled, matches the eastern kentucky vibe in the blue grass, metro lexington, the mayor of lexington, and the bar, the republican congressman, is in trouble. when you have not many democrats, the democrats whose oh! my wallet! card lock from capital one. instantly lock your credit card. in case it goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. voices are heard the loudest are technology this convenient... liberal activists. could make history. that is what they did here, they threw over the moderate mayor what's in your wallet? and went for the insurgent mcgrath who republicans will have a field day with talking about energy policy. shannon: a retired marine corps officer and fighter pilots, things that would resonate with other good folks out there. >> when you go against the issue set on too many points your
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opponent is able to cross off too many things. biography matters but in a house race issues matter a lot. shannon: an opinion piece by jt young in the hill says he works through the numbers and where pres. obama was at this time, where donald trump is, polling, he comes to this, current indicators contradict conventional wisdom regarding trump and a republican midterm debacle because history shows that is what would happen. this is not mean the traditional midterm slump will disappear but it does mean republicans are ahead of their worst-case scenario and democrats are unlikely to see their best case scenario or their own history repeated. this author says somewhere in the not the shellacking either side would like to see or hope for. >> one of the things the republicans are doing is exaggerating what people said was going to happen so they can make a bad thing sounds good.
12:18 am
it sounds better if you say everybody said it would be 2010 and we would lose 1 billion seats, he was making a strawman. shannon: haven't been people talking about this blue wave that would engulf the gop? >> some people are and some people aren't. we are talking consistently the generic ballot stayed the same, average of a 6 point advantage for democrats. donald trump's approval ratings are consistent too and higher than they were. they stabilize in the low 40s with democrats continue to enjoy the advantage and if the election were held today the republicans would probably lose the house biases or two or it would be very close. we have a lot of football left to play and we will see what happens. tuesday by tuesday by tuesday. next thing you know it will be football season. thank you very much. every member of the house who is not retiring is up for
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reelection. a high-level intel briefing and preventing russian interference in the midterms would be a huge priority, the current 428 members of the house, if this is any indication, not so much. two members who did show up for the briefing from both sides of the aisle, you will hear from them. two members who did show up for the briefing from both sides of the aisle, you will hear from them. where your data lives, down to the very server. it keeps your insights from prying eyes, so they're used by no one else but you. it is... the cloud. the ibm cloud. the cloud that's built for all your apps. ai ready. secure to the core. the ibm cloud is the cloud for smarter business.
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shannon: lawmakers wordpress's goal was to conduct chaos, got what they asked for. a briefing with top until
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officials but only 40 members of congress out of 428 currently serving in the house actually showed up. >> such a big issue and asked for this briefing for a long time. it is classified, and 30 members show up. >> i didn't hear one bit of classified information is nothing i couldn't have read in usa today that was revealed. the fact there was a low attendance -- shannon: every member of the house who is not retiring standing for reelection, you would think they would want to hear from the homeland security sec. about what is happening. joining me now democratic congressman on the oversight committee and republican congressman from illinois rodney davis, chairman of the mainstreet caucus. both of you were there early and
12:24 am
you are late with us tonight. were you surprised by the number who showed up? >> i was. i was hoping there would be more especially i'm glad illinois was represented but we were one of the states whose systems were hacked, the voter registration system in the 2016 election. states need to be prepared but we also need to make sure voters are sure and shouldn't be fearful and that was the message i got from our officials. shannon: did you feel it was worth your time? her democratic colleagues, wrote about this in usa today, no way to know that without going to the briefing but that was her exit comment. >> i'm glad they made themselves available to brief us and i was very happy to learn. we didn't learn enough. my feeling walking away from this briefing is we are still vulnerable. i am hoping that dhs working with illinois could sure a power
12:25 am
vulnerability and make sure we have free and fair elections. shannon: there is help available to states and localities, $380 million to give funding to states. do you think they are dialing into the help available, are they taking advantage? >> states need to do better. i took time after the briefing to spoke with secretary nielsen, the director of the national intelligence coach and talk to them about my concerns and specifically illinois. i was glad they let me know illinois is taking this seriously and a lot of states are but we have to be aware that foreign countries and nefarious players will always try. today's briefing is important because director of national intelligence, the fbi and dhs talked about how they are partnering with states because states and localities administer
12:26 am
our elections and do a great job. shannon: you know more than i do because you were in this briefing but my understanding is not talking about votes being changed but invading into roles and registrations, things that can be very problematic and you would think all 428 house members would want to know more. >> illinois's database was hacked. to our knowledge they didn't change the voter rolls but they were exploring, sen. breaking into someone's house and maybe not taking anything but you want to keep them out next time and that is where we are. we have to make sure we protect our election infrastructure at the state and federal level and make sure anyone with the various intentions doesn't get a hold of our crown jewels, our voter rolls. shannon: has this become overly political? we hear this from both sides agreeing there has been russian
12:27 am
interference, they are trying to tap her with voter rolls but then it is will turn out to 10% of the members. >> it is typical for classified briefings like this but i commend this administration for stepping up, working with our state and local officials so every american is sure we are having free and fair elections. >> it has to be a bipartisan effort going forward. bradley and i represent different legals of the political spectrum but we are unified that we have to keep voting free of outside interference. i am hoping following up on this briefing there are more briefings. shannon: something all americans should agree upon. great to have you both with us. time for where in the world, nicholas maduro giving the chief of mission todd robinson 48 hour to leave the country. maduro claims robinson tried to
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sabotage the nation's presidential election. the white house called the election a sham. voters head to the polls to consider repealing ireland's long-standing ban on abortion. island is one of the few western nations that recognizes the right to be unborn in its constitution but they vote to change that. in the streets of paris, pres. macr macron's promised to cut spending jobs. labor unions, hospital staff and other state employees to stop work and join nationwide protests. the white house thinking paraguay for being the first to follow the us's lead moving into the israeli apathy from tel aviv to jerusalem. do you want to build the border wall? you could if one member of congress gets her way, the unique way she is proposing to pay for it. >> if someone wants to send bend money to the federal government to build the wall they can do so but don't have a dedicated fund
12:29 am
for it. when the money is sent in, it would be in that fund and specifically used to build the wall. ends of our friends. and we found others just like us. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a little closer. ♪ you said you're not like me, ♪ ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪
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>> shannon: it is one of president trump' shannon: it is one ofs donald trump's most memorable campaign promises, mexico will pay for
12:33 am
the border wall. other ideas are being floated. garrett tenney has a look at one proposal. >> a big beautiful wall on the southern border, $18 billion dream, congress won't give him the money to build it and -- >> build that wall! >> one potential solution, american people who support the wall pay for it themselves. that is what diane black is proposing a new bill called the border wall trust fund act. a governments go fund me page to allow the secretary of treasury to accept public donations, between the united states and mexico. >> the telephone in the office, where do we send this money? and across the entire state, why
12:34 am
are we not building this wall? there is real frustration we have not gotten is in the budget. >> this happened before with prominent landmarks. and the crowdfunding proposal, plans to ignite anyone who donates by including their name along the wall. donald trump spoke about his ongoing effort to get the wall built. >> we are going for additional funding and the protection of our country and keeping drugs out, probably the most effective. >> reporter: funding for the wall, those would be taxpayer dollars as well. the congresswoman says the additional funds were proposed, to build the wall faster.
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shannon: a paralyzed football player gets a standing ovation at graduation. i'm sorry, leo. i know i'm late. traffic on the ponte vecchio on a monday. always late. oh! my wallet! un momento. card lock from capital one. instantly lock your card. in case your card goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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>> shannon: at georgetown university graduation, this shannon: georgetown university graduation, a special moment, tie williams suffered a spinal cord injury, almost three years ago. stood up and walked on the stage to get his diploma. the first time williams lost since he was paralyzed. the standing ovation and not a dry eye, graduated with a degree in government. crowd support for him, the hard work he put in to make the state possible academically and physically. he is our hero tonight. most-watched, most trusted and most thankful you spend the evening with us.
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good night from washington at 11:00 eastern, i am shannon bream. kim jong un this is "fox and friends first" was happening at 4:00 am on the east coast north korea set to tear down its missile test site. the pres. ramped up his hard-line approach to denuclearization. >> one of the worst actors in the world up against tough customers was will pressure from the trumpet ministration bring kim jong un to the table? live in washington as a high-stakes summit hangs in the balance. >> we must work to elect lawmakers who
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