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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 23, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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she ended up denying him. but still, that video was all over the place. rob: a lot of girl that will kiss a guy with a million bucks. jillian: have a good day. >> if they had spies in my campaign, during my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented in the history of our the country. >> by the fbi spying on the trump campaign. >> no, they were not. they were spying on what the russians were doing. >> president trump says next montes plan summit with kim jong un will not happen on schedule. >> i think his willingness to say, we are going to do a deal but only on my terms is a good sign. >> gop now holds edge over democrats in generic midterm ballot for the first time. >> fox news has confirmed that president trump will travel to long island to speak about need to go remove ms-13 gang members.
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heather: nick naked animal is sentenced to 40 years. >> when i ran for office i plan to pledge for life, and that's exactly what i've done. ♪ ♪ steve: what a cheering star to start wednesday. "fox & friends", good morning news show. ainsley: it's wednesday, we are downhill to the weekend, can you smell it? long weekend too. brian: we have a lot to discuss. more revelations as the president noticed about what really happened in the early spring of 2016 and it turns out there was suspicion perhaps amongst the intelligence op
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opporatus and concern that the russians were infiltrating or playing a role in the trump campaign. rather than approach the trump people, they would people in place, so-called informants or spies to maybe go in there and find out, probe around and see where the russians had gained access. steve: now we know exactly why. the president sent out a couple of tweets probably while you were sleeping, the reason the federal government puts a spy in there so that crooked hillary would win. ainsley: yeah, he says, follow the money. if the person placed very early into my campaign, wasn't a spy, put their by the previous administration for political purposes, how come such amount of one was paid for services rendered, many times higher than normal. follow the money, the spy was in campaign and never reported collusion with russia because there was no collusion. he was only there to spy for
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political reasons and to help crooked hillary win just like they did to bernie sanders who got duped. steve: earlier in the day, try to follow the money like the president suggests, he was in the oval office with the president of south korea and had observations about the fbi put a spy, how bad would that be, it would be this bad? >> a lot of people are saying they had spies in my campaign, if they had spies in my campaign that would be a disgrace to this country, it would be very illegal aside from everything else. it would make probably every political event small potatoes. if they had spies in my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented. >> do you have confidence in rod rosenstein? >> what's your next question, please? >> i have the president of south
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korea here. he doesn't want to hear these questions. brian: north korea is extremely important. steve: i want to hear the answer. brian: mike cabuto, former trump guy, in the campaign at the time this was happening, hopped on with neil cavuto yesterday and says now that we find out how the government was operating to try to find out what was happening within the agency with sam clovis, with carter page and papadopoulos, the more i think about it, there's another guy that came up to me and approached me about hillary's emails and i got concerned about it and i just backed out. i said just leave me out of this. now i think the way the whole thing was operated. i sense that this could be a set-up. i sense that there are many people in and around the trump camp who are going to go, wait a second, the strange call now things are beginning to make sense. steve: looks like there could have been a second spy.
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a guy from government agency, hey, we've got hillary's emails you want them and he thought about them for a while, no, absolutely not. one american news i saw online apparently they've got a source that says that the person who tried to dangled that in front of the guy was the nsa, somebody from the nsa, so if true, that would be stunning. ainsley: former director of national intelligence james clapper was on the view yesterday trying to sell his book and he admits that there was a spy, he says they weren't -- they weren't spying on the campaign, they were trying to spy to see if russia was trying to interrupt this election, what's the word i'm looking for? steve: chaos. ainsley: he says the president should be happy that they sent someone in, listen. >> was the fbi spying on trump's campaign? >> no, they were not. they were spying on a term i
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don't particular like, on what the russians were doing, trying to understand were the russians infiltrating, trying to gain leverage and influence. >> so why doesn't he like that, he should be happy? >> he should be. steve: what's interesting about mr. clapper on monday he said mr. trump is trying to distort standard investigatory practice. it's a routine that goes on all of the time. ainsley: why didn't they tell the president if that's the case? we think that russia could be trying to collude, mess up this election, get involved in this election. brian: that's so true. basically that's what i was talking to anni in the green room about it. do you have legitimate concerns about this, i've got concerns about people who you just hired in march because papadopoulos,
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manafort and carter page have said tenuous links to russia and we are concerned that they are trying to infiltrate the election. at the time, tom requested manafort. papadopoulos' resume doesn't hold to scrutiny. maybe this stuff is stopped in the spring and there's no problem. they decided to do it this way instead. steve: it's troubling as we are learning more how the stories are coming out. the fellow -- michael caputo was on with neil cavuto, somebody from the agency, through intermediary offered emails. we understand the guy got back in contact with us because we reached out to us and said i never worked for government agency. brian: makes everyone suspicious. ainsley: he said conversation at
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cocktail party. steve: to your point, if the federal government knew something about something, why didn't they tell somebody? >> the efforts of russia to med until the election are worth investigating, there's no question about that. but if you are insert yourselves into somebody's campaign and you're worried about protecting the campaign as apologist for the fbi, wouldn't you go immediately and say to the people in the campaign, look, we need to tell you this, you have a problem here, you have the russians trying to penetrate you here. that was considered we now know and it never happened. brian: considered but it didn't happen but why are they so concerned about saying this whole investigation first started in july and then they say late spring. why don't you just say, when you hire three people that we had in radar, then we thought it was an issue. manafort said connections to the russia and ukraine were -- the reason why he was being freeze
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because the russian government was sympathetic leader in ukraine was ousted. call president trump, he needs people. i will work for people. i'm not going to work for russia. steve: the story keeps changing. we were told that it started with the tip from george papadopoulos at the bar. we learn about the sky and it was a couple of weeks earlier, suddenly the official timeline that we have been told all along doesn't look so official. ainsley: unfortunately lack of trust with the intelligence community and if they were -- it looks like many of them clearly if you read those text messages, that many of them really supported hillary clinton and hated president trump at the time he was running. so if they used -- if fbi informant, if they infiltrated his campaign and they hate him, it just -- people at home don't trust.
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brian: democratic administration, they wanted a democratic to stay in power let alone -- at least this, in the washington post confirmed two republican lawmakers nunes and trey gowdy are going to be allowed tomorrow thanks to generally kelly brokering it to go see the classified information of the confidential fbi source or sources and i guess they're either going to be swaijed that everything is in the up and up or more concerned. ainsley: why didn't the fbi come out earlier, as far as collusion is concern, the reason we know there's no collusion, we infiltrated the campaign, they with telling us now because they got caught. steve: jillian has fox news alert. jillian: started with fox news alert. tractor trailer filled with nearly 100 illegal immigrants busted in texas. border patrol agents making bust overnight on highway more than an hour outside of méxico, many of them 92 people found inside
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the 18-wheeler were treated for dehydration, some of them rushed to the hospital, others picked up by border patrol. 16-year-old called one-man crime wave, prosecutors say dan was in the get away car with three other teens were with your burglarizing a home. all teens were later caught. officer, veteran of the force, leaves behind a husband. first female baltimore officer to die in the line of duty. history is made during a competitive night of primaries highlighted by key races for governor, voters heading to polls in arkansas, texas, tough on immigration brian kemp moving into a july runoff, the winner of that race will take on stacy abrams who became the first
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african-american woman to win nomination of govern governor, spacex rocket successfully launching. [cheers and applause] jillian: falcon 9 rocket lifting from california air force base, the rocket carrying 2 new earth-science satellites for nasa along with 5 communication's satellites, look, your headlines. steve: there it goes, spectacular. bien brian 12 minutes after the hour, president trump to meet ms-13 hot spot, by my house, after calling the vicious animals, our next guest will meet with the president. we will talk to nassa county police officer -- he should come over if he's hungry. how about lunch first. steve: court case you are going to be talking about all day,
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yesterday a judge here in new york ordered a 30--year-old out of his parents house. they have been trying to get him out for years, now he's got to go. brian: come on, leave him alone. let him stay. ainsley: let him stay to at least 40.
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brian: president trump to visit
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long island. hot spot sadly for ms-13 violions. 40% of the county's homicide committed by ms-13 gang members, 275 members roughly overall. there's been 13 homicides, 6 of which ms-13 related. he's going to go back and meet with the president today. commissioner, what is the message that you want to deliver to the president, politely and firmly? >> we need help. it's not as big a problem that people see in the news and stuff but when we have 40% of homicides and we have record low homicides last year, 40% are ms-13 related and out of that 6 that they committed, 4 of them were butchered with machetes and buried in the graves that the families can't only identify but can't find. brian: 275. they are coming here, are they americans who say wow that's a great gang to join or illegal
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immigrants who say this is the country i want to infiltrate? >> we arrested 9 people, 7 of those 9 were undocumented here in the country. brian: they're illegal, placed with sponsor families, usually in working-class areas in specifically if you don't know around the country watching, uniondale, brentwood, front to allow gangsters to activate. >> we have 17% population of hispanics in nassau, we have great working communities, hard-working people that go to work. 90% of the crime is done 10%. it's the same there. good-strong community. small population that causes those issues that bring so much attention. brian: so far the administration is giving you guys support, i saw it when i visited. people feel as though their jobs matter more than ever. you also need money now, right? >> absolutely, to fund the operations, to go out there and do enforcement, the education, awareness, all of that takes funding, we need that support
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from the president, we have him watching our back but we could use funding from dc. brian: what's the format, a round table like we saw yesterday in. >> a small round table, only 14 people at the table, myself and the county commissioner, peter king, congressman and the president and several guests also. brian: attorney general came a year ago to kick this whole thing off, what's your message a year later. >> the problem is still here, in 2016 we had ms-13 murderers, in 2017 we had 6, although we had less homicides, increase of ms-13 activities. brian: could you actually be making this more attractive to would-be gangsters, i matter more than ever, the president is talking about me? >> sometimes, they'll get that and they'll think that it's going to help their enrollment, if you will, but the enforcement effort that is we put out there and working with the communities
3:20 am
out there that want to get the message, the right message to young kids, stay away from the gangs. brian: get a job during the day and terrorize at night. nassau county police commissioner, always good to see you. hopefully you have good news soon. democrats are stealing a page from the president's play book. >> the swamp has never been more foul or more feted. brian: will that work? tom to react. also a bad story that she had to experience and he protects, he serves and he performs, the singing officer and partner will join us live. ♪ ♪ ♪ picking the right style takes time. one picky customer shouldn't take all your time. need something printed?
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one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. steve: time now for quick headlines. north korea could dismantle missile test site, this comes as president trump says there's a substantial chance high-stakes meeting with kim jong un won't happen next month as planned. we will keep you posted. people with life-threatening illnesses could soon have a way to experiment with new drugs, the house has voted to approve the right to try legislation which allows patients to get medications not yet approved by the fda, heads to the president's desk where he's expected to sign it into law. meanwhile -- ainsley: democrats taking a cue from the
3:25 am
president's play book in dramatic shift to their own message. >> the swamp has never been more foul or more feted than under this president. >> instead of delivering on his promise to drain the swamp, president trump has become the swamp. brian: but will this work? tommy larren, they did the stats, are the democrats doing the right thing by just taking his line? >> well, no, because they don't understand the meaning behind that line because drain the swamp is not about what they believe, it's about impeaching this president or attacking this president, disparaging this president and supporters, that's not what drain the swamp means. cutting taxes for the american people, putting americans first, it means protecting and securing the border and they're not about any of those things which is why i believe they will be hurting in midterms and hurting in 2020
3:26 am
yet again. steve: tommy, when you look, every time the president tries to do something, swamp-drainish he bangs his head on washington, d.c. it's been hard for him to get anything done. >> people need to understand that the swamp exists in the republican party and frustrating for those who support this president and what he's doing to reach obstruction in our own party. drain the swamp isn't about draining the democrats, draining those in our own party who have forgotten the american people. really what drain the swamp means is to bring back to dc the real voice and the intentions to have silent majority and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they don't seem to understand that, their entire agenda is to raise tax, shield illegal immigrants, chip away at second amendment rights and impeach the president or disparage the president. that won't be winning for american people like president trump is doing internationally and domestically.
3:27 am
ainsley: it's ironic that it's nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they are the swamp that the president ran on draining. looks like, it of course worked for this president, he got elected on that message and looks like the democrats are stealing it and maybe they are trying to win and they are getting desperate because if you look at recent poll, reuters poll, republicans hold slim lead in generic ballot. they asked people who they were polling, who would you vote for republican and democrat, look at that, 38% said they would vote for republican and 36.7 would vote for democrat. >> well, of course, because at the end of the day i believe that american voters on both sides of the aisle are going to vote with pocketbooks and the truth is this president is winning for american people. you look at the tax cuts, you look at what that has done for the average american. i know nancy pelosi thinks it's just crumbs, to average americans it really means something. looking at the president that's doing great things internationally but also most
3:28 am
importantly domestically, i also think that immigration is going to be a huge part of this because as we are seeing, as we talk about every week, even in places like california, the american people are fed up with the democrats and they are fed up with their agenda or there lack thereof and ready for what the president is bringing to the table. steve: tommy, when you are on your program and on this program, you speak your mind but sometimes you go out in public and weird things happen. i know over the weekend you were in minneapolis, i think you were with your mom, what went haywire? >> well, i was actually with both my parents and we were enjoying brunch after i did a show the night before and unfortunately there was a group of people probably around my age that thought it would be funny to throw water at me and then start chanting profanity and, again, not something that not used to but really disheartening. brian: in front of your parents? ainsley: was that your mom in one of the videos that was
3:29 am
walking behind you when the girl threw the drink on your back? >> thrown at me and got my mom wet as well. this something that was embarrassing, at the end of the day i'm a person too, but i'm tough, my family is tough, we can handle it. i think that those that threw the water and were applauding and laughing about it we wanted to get their 15 minutes of fame by making video of me. looking back, those are the people that will be emba rased by the action. their parents raised them better, furthermore, you don't have to like me but you don't have the right to throw things at me? is that the point that you can't disagree with somebody civilly, it's really disheartening, i'm tough, i can handle it. there are those who might not have a thick of skin and that's the people that i worry about. steve: here is the thing, tomi, twitter, a lot of people who are at polar opposites to you
3:30 am
politically are supporting your right to say what you want to say. ainsley: kathy griffin is one of them. steve: absolutely. >> hey, that's the silver lining in the whole thing, there are people that normally detest me and they're coming to my defense at least on this incidents, so maybe moving forward who thought it was fun to throw party, maybe that they'll see that that's not the cool thing to do. if kathy griffin is stilling up for you or defending you, hey, i will take it. ainsley: we can all disagree but we don't have to be hateful and angry. thanks so much. steve: see you next time. coming up, democrats had been demanding a hearing on election meddling for months, so where do they go when they finally got the invitation? we will tell you. ainsley: judge ordering a 30-year-old unemployed man to get out of his parents' house, should they have let him stay. brian: i sat with the kid. todd piro ready to kick it off.
3:31 am
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board chopper to uss arlington and joins us somewhere from the island of manhattan, tod, the. >> that's right, we are on the east river about ready to board the chopper but who has better assignment than me today? think about this, i'm about to board a cool chopper to get on a cooler ship like you said right up the hudson. it's going to be unreal. let me tell you a little bit about fleet week if you don't know already what it is. fleet week is a week that city and nation comes together. we have so many events planned between now and tuesday, that's like a week's worth of really awesome events and there's going to be thousands of braid men and women from the marines, navy and court guard here interacting with folks in and around new york city, it's not just an opportunity for guys to get leave, they will do amazing community service.
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citizenry to interact for those that do great work for the nation. it is named the uss arlington, named after 9/11 attacks on the pentagon. it has 350 sailers and 800 marines on it. unreal day waiting for this cloud cover over my right oh shoulder to break before we hit the chopper and hit the ship and hopefully see you sometime in 8:00 o'clock hour. i'm shaking, i'm so excited. this is an unreal day and i can't wait, back to you. steve: todd piro with 30th anniversary fleet week. ainsley: sailors are walking around. brian: with shout because if they get stains, you have to shout it out.
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steve: they wind up drinking for free. how many times -- ainsley: oh. brian: jillian mele shows up with fox jacket, she doesn't pay for any drinks either. jillian: never, i do believe in shouting it out. brian: works, right? jillian: sharing secrets with empty seats, congressmen called out for skipping a classified briefing on election meddling, less than 50 of the 435 house members showing up to learn about threats from russia, china and iran from intelligence chiefs. >> the democrats have made this such a big issue and have asked for the briefing for a long time and we finally schedule it and it's classified and, you know, 30 members show up. jillian: every nonretiring house member is up for reelection this year. a desperate search for answers after plane crash lands slides off the runway and breaks in half, just look at that, miraculously every one on board
3:38 am
survived. incredible videos showing passengers climbing out of wreckage in honduras as good samaritan spray the plane with foam. the private jet has arrived from texas. known for difficult runway. suspicious back -- bag in milwaukee, seemingly fed up with the road closure. >> oh, my god. >> are you kidding me? >> what in the world? jillian: he empty it is bag, reveal nothing explosives, the only boom as officers tackle him to the ground, police do not think he had any other connections to the bag. a 30-year-old man order today move out of his parents' house, a judge ruling michael rotondo must leave home in new york state after parents asked him to leave five times even offering money to find a new place, plans
3:39 am
to appeal and reportedly went right back home after court. [laughter] jillian: the story keeps getting better and better. steve: yesterday the judge said to the parents, okay, you've got to work with your lawyer, write up an eviction order for your son, the son had wanted -- the parents are sue to go get him out. he wants to stay in the house 6 more months. ainsley: you have two weeks to get out. brian: you have failed as a parent if you have to go to judge to evict your 30-year-old son. steve: i'm sure they were great parents but got played by them. he does not -- ainsley: i think they are great participants for doing this, right? steve: suing him. brian: you have to get a judge involved, good job, parents? ainsley: he won't leave. he refuses the leave. brian: you could have picked it up at 6, 8, 10 and 12. steve: what should they do?
3:40 am
brian: as parents you should move. ainsley: hire sarah jessica parker, remember the movie? [laughter] steve: adam klotz got the message. >> i didn't know this was an option. i would have stayed too. ainsley: how old were you? >> college. ainsley: you never went back? >> i wanted to go back briefly and they were not excited. brian: a friend came home and found out bedroom was expanded kitchen. that was the first time i'm not allowed to stay home but the kitchen is nice, i love the nook. [laughter] >> forecast time, stop talking about kids living at home forever even though we all want to, i know it. big swhar intea of concern off the coast of belize. probably not hurricane status. we are still up to a month of
3:41 am
hurricane season. either way, this is going to be a big rain event, this is an early forecast model, this isn't exactly how much areas will see but gives us an idea, spots of a foot of rain, widespread, we are talking 6 to 8-inches, it is going to be a soggy memorial day weekend across portions of the south, the southeast, all across florida and gulf coast as well, guys. steve: thank you very much. coming up. brian: this college student showing support for president trump on graduation cap. so what happened when she got her diploma? she was booed on stage. do you believe that? she will join us live next. steve: he protects, serves and performs, the officer and his partner who we will try to get to sing along will join us live from kansas city. ♪
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>> animal edition, battling it out over what appears to be a screaming match. exchange in san ood. deputy in texas grabbing a bull by its horns literally. the deputy scene holding one of the wandering bull horns while escorting it back home. steve: kathy dylan was outspoken republican in massachusetts, she was also the president of the college republican she found at conservative blog and wore a graduation cap decorated with a trump-pence sticker and what did she get in return from her peers? she says she was booed at
3:46 am
graduation while receiving her diploma. listen carefully. >> cassandra joe dylan. steve: here now with more is that recent graduate, cassandra dylan. >> thanks for having me. steve: hard for us to hear. when you were walking across the stienl get the diploma, you were booed? >> yes, as i was leading up to stage i was having students around me making remarks. they would look at me, tweeting at me during graduation ceremony. i'm ignoring it and as i'm walking up, people are going to be staring at me because of my cap and when i walked into the
3:47 am
stage, i was booed and i was shocked. i figured people would be staring at me but i wasn't expecting a booby any means. steve toa did you tell one of the producers, professors, one of the professors was booing you? >> one of the professors apologized. he was on the stage. he heard it and apologized. he couldn't believe what he heard. steve: well, on the campus, you were regarded as like one of the lone republicans and is that why you decorated your -- your graduation hat with the trump-pence sticker, carley fiorina sticker and israel sticker and things like that? >> every sticker has a meaning behind it. especially carley fiorina sticker and trump sticker, i was harassed, followed as i was going home from class and shouted at, so i definitely everything in the sticker helps define my time at mount and
3:48 am
shocked when my peers booed it because they know my political beliefs already, they should accept that i think differently. they are going out into the real world and they need to realize that not everyone is going to agree with them. steve: that's right. whole world isn't a safe space. you feel good for going to that school? >> all women's college, close to hometown, i really think i got the best education there because i learned how to debate. the entire time my views were challenged and u lot of the students never debated anybody with opposing views. it helped me with my career in journalism and i really do think that it'll be an interesting time after college. steve: congratulations and good luck to you, cassie. >> thank you. steve: president trump wants the department of justice to investigate possible spying in his campaign in the media meltdown.
3:49 am
>> allies on capitol hill are trying to discredit the investigation. >> the justice department is under a shelling from the white house. it's like lynden 1941 there. molly is joining us in about ten minutes. protects, serves and performs, the singing officer and partner, live from kansas city. good morning, guys. ♪ ♪ from my navy federal flagship credit card. hey mom, watch this! looks like we're all winning this weekend. you're going down dad! navy federal credit union open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans, and their families.
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ainsley: not only does this police officer protect and serve, he also knows how to perform.
3:53 am
♪ ♪ brian: capital police officer serenating partner with performance of love ballad. lamont johnson and michael cagel, welcome, guys. >> how is it going? ainsley: we are great. i hope you are. how did this thing get out and why did you do it? >> we just wanted to try something different with social media to try to reach out to the community and do something fun for people. brian: hey, michael, are you
3:54 am
impressive with la montes -- lamont's voice as we are? >> oh, yeah, i wanted to share it with the world. >> i started doing karaoke, it started snowballing after that. ainsley: we were watching it yesterday, yesterday we played it for audience and i thought it was going to be funny, wow, he can really sing, you have a great voice. now, michael, do you think too? >> yeah, but not -- i call him the vocal justice and i'm the vocal of pride. ainsley: we wanted you to sing along with him. i didn't know the words to that song. brian: is this part of you trying to get people to understand that you guys are human beings too, not only when you are walking around but you do the same things that we do, only we don't do it as good as
3:55 am
you do, lamont? >> well, what we are trying to do is friend the community. it seems like there's a divide further in america and brings us to community and closer together in the end. ainsley: i understand that you have more videos. can y'all sing something that you both know, give us a taste of what's to come? [laughter] >> well, what do you want to do? [laughter] >> what's on? i don't have a song right now that i can do. brian: how about feelings? >> you know that song? >> no, we don't know that song. ainsley: lamont, do you sing at church, you said karaoke? >> i don't sing at church at all. i used to mimic people like michael jackson, prince, a little bit of country.
3:56 am
i started to stay grounded and, you know, enjoyed singing and release stress as well. >> if lamont is singing and you have a police call over the air, do you let him finish the verse, you put the siren and go? >> we put the siren and go. ainsley: you have to sing us one song. come on. brick house, everyone knows that song. [laughter] ainsley: come on, something. [laughter] ainsley: how about the song you sang, reenact what we saw yesterday? >> we can do that one. ♪ ♪ brien: i'm going to give you a
3:57 am
tamberine so you have something to do. ainsley: we support our officers. >> we love you too. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:00 am
>> if they had spies in my campaign that would be a disgrace. >> all of this is being coordinated by obama. >> the highly-anticipated meeting with kim jong un appears to be up in the air. >> if it doesn't happen, maybe it'll happen later. it has a chance to be a great, great meeting for north korea b. >> brand-new reuters poll the gop holds nej democrats in generic midterm ballot for the first time. >> i believe that american voters on both sides of the aisle will vote with pocketbooks and the truth is this president is winning for the american people. >> president trump said to visit long island, hot spot for ms-13 violence. >> we need the support from the president, he's supporting
4:01 am
enforcement effort but now we could use funding from dc. heather: they're joining four different branches. >> we have been pretty close ever since we were little and now going down our own path so it's kind of sad. ♪ ♪ steve: thank you very much, jaytp -- j.lo to start second hour of "fox & friends". ainsley: close to christmas. steve: lee greenwood will be performing live. ainsley: proud to be an american. steve: make sure to stop if
4:02 am
you're in new york city this friday. meanwhile president trump outraged with the fbi and slammed the bureau know it. ainsley: it would not only by legal but disgrace if spies really infiltrated his campaign. brian: what were objectives to find out what the russians were up to or what donald trump was up, griff jenkins in washington, we asked him to work today. griff: to put this in context when the president started suggesting that the previous administration or someone was conducting spying in his campaign, the president tweeted moments ago, look how things have things have turned around, phoney collusion with russia, made-up scam and end up getting caught in major spy scandal in the likes that the country has never seen before, what goes around now comes around now with revelation with fbi informant in communication with at least 3 campaign officials, many are seeing for something what it
4:03 am
appeared to be spying and sitting with president moon, president trump lashed out as so. >> if they had spies in my campaign it would be a disgrace and it would be very illegal aside from everything else. it would make every political event ever look like small potatoes, if they had spies in my campaign, during my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented in the history of our country. >> now, the president was also asked if we still had confidence in deputy attorney general rod rosenstein but the president chose to move onto another question. the parking light was tweeting about this, guys, the informant was a spy possibly from the early days and the people should follow the money, we may learn a lot more about this tomorrow when the director of the fbi chris wray, the dni and department of justice officials meet with chairman nunes and gowdy. a lot left of the story, guys.
4:04 am
steve: no kidding, thank you very much, griff. of course, new because in the past some republicans have been asking for documents and the department of justice has said, come on over and we will talk about them but the republicans say, we want to actually see them rather than have them explain, sounds like tomorrow they've got, you know, fbi guy, they've got the deputy attorney general, they may actually be able to see the documents which is what they wanted all along. brian: i would like to speculate, what are they going to say when they get out, number one, number two, devin nunes was invited and he said i'm not going. he got what he wanted. steve: he didn't want to be explained what they said, he wanted to see them. brian: general kelly assigned to broker some kind of deal. fbi, talk. if i'm rod rosenstein and i'm chris wray i would feel good, don't give away intelligence, this is what happened in 2016, they both had different jobs at this time. don't feel like you're on the
4:05 am
line. watch intelligent sources, some might be embedded in russia or bulgaria, i understand that. in the meantime you should feel free new department heads to come clean so it doesn't happen again and next scenario, if you go about this in an intelligent way to solve a problem, you look at the situation, if there's a thought that china is infiltrating in the cory booker campaign and democratic nominee, don't wait or put a spy there, mr. booker, i need to see you or ambassador haley, i need to see you, whoever the next candidate is. there should be a protocol, if we we wanted to solve a problem instead of accuse people, that's how we had to approach it. ainsley: he's talking about the spying and ms-13. last week he called ms-13 gang members animals. democrats were up in arms about that. he was talking about nancy
4:06 am
pelosi's comments. she wants to raise taxes, she doesn't want border security and calling the gang, members, basically children of god and we need to look at them with dignity. the president says he disagrees with that. listen to this. >> just the other day nancy pelosi came out in favor of ms-13. that's the first time i've heard that. she wants them to be treated with respect as do other democrats. that's not going to be happening. we are not going to release violent criminals into our country. steve: people don't want violent crime false in the country. that's what it's all about. what's interesting, though, i was reading on wabc, channel 7 here, web page said there's going to be protest because they'll be claiming that the president's xenophobia and
4:07 am
racism, their words, not welcome in long island. they say that the president is using gang violence to paint all immigrants with the same broad brush. >> brien: if you listen to words and rhetoric, he's not doing that, never did that. they would protest the president coming and landing at 2:00 o'clock and going to places where he had huge rallies during election. nassau police officer will be at the round table and has stats to the president, the requests. >> we need record homicides, 40% are ms-13 related, out of the 6 that they committed, 4 of them were butchered with machetes and buried into graves. we need the support from the president, we have them watching our back now, he's supporting our enforcement efforts but we could use funding from dc.
4:08 am
brian: that helps. meanwhile let's talk about north carolina -- north korea, the president has been measured, i'm not sure if this thing will come up in singapore, he did open speculate whether the meeting with china a couple of weeks ago really changed the tone of kim jong un, he had a different approach, started complaining about south korea, canceled the meeting, china meeting at the beach somewhere with president xi who called him a very good poker player, the president of that leader. steve: big question is it still on? i was listening on the radio and everybody was talking about -- sounds like it's not going to happen. what do we know right now, here is the president yesterday in the oval office. >> we are moving along and we will see what happens, there are certain conditions that we want and i think we will get those conditions and if we don't, we don't have the meeting, frankly a great meeting for north korea and a great meeting for the world. if it doesn't happen, maybe
4:09 am
it'll happen later, maybe it'll happen at a different time but we will see. but we are talking, the meeting scheduled as you know on june 12th in singapore and whether or not it happens you'll be knowing pretty soon but we are talking right now. ainsley: pretty incredible if the meeting does happen. we have seen images of the north korean president meeting south korean president and the south korean president happened to be sitting next to our president yesterday in the oval office during the press conference and he said the translator translated him saying that the -- this meeting, the future of the korean peninsula hinges on this meeting. it would be historic if the two -- the meeting actually does happen. steve: absolutely, nobody has talked more to north koreans than the south koreans. the south korea's national security adviser and he knows better than anybody what's going on, he said, there's a 99.9 chance that the summit will be held as scheduled.
4:10 am
will it? up to little rocket man. brien: hinged to a number of things, according to court's newspaper, kim jong un has legitimate fear -- i don't know if it's legitimate, he feels it, if he goes to singapore there could be a military coup, that's why he killed half brother. paranoid. it's tempting for him to do something his father and grandfather do and get the picture with american president so therefore he would get out of the shadow for a brief moment at 30-something year's old. steve: if north korea comes to the table and denukes that would become a rich nation. jillian: good morning, let's start with fox news alert. man wanted in north carolina state trooper's death, he led two troopers on chase after
4:11 am
refuse to go stop at checkpoint, one of them trooper samuel crashing car and dying. >> we lost member of the family that was out here trying to protect the community and it's tough. jillian: bullard worked for the patrol for three years and was set to get married in three months. intensive manhunt intensifying, green, considered to be a dangerous threat to the public. escaped from a south carolina detention center on saturday with two other men after an electrical malfunction opened cell doors, the other two escaped inmates were captured and behind bars. rush to protect geo thermal plant, officials say it's secure after workers cap the wells, concerns that lava could trigger the release of deadly gas or cause blackout. we are now learning the molten rock almost cut the man's leg in
4:12 am
half. >> it was the most forceful impact i've ever had in my body in my life. i was just incredibly powerful and hot, it burnt. jillian: 50 structures have been destroyed on the big island. this story is incredible. quadruplets of western michigan are all enlisting in the military after graduation, they are joining four different branches. >> we have been pretty close ever since we were little and now we are going down our own path so kind of sad. jillian: high school seniors choosing the navy, air force, national guard and marines, isn't that cool? steve: that's great. jillian: good. state of steve congratulations to their parents. meanwhile -- ainsley: 12 minutes after the top of the hour.
4:13 am
the media, they can't handle it. >> his allies on capitol hill are also trying to discredit the investigation. >> the justice department is under a shelling from the white house, it's like loaned -- lynden. ainsley: what's wrong with trying to get the truth, that's next. brian: penalty for players that kneel for the national anthem. would this be a program that can be put in place, is it enough?
4:14 am
4:15 am
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but just like a john deere, it's worth it. nothing runs like a deere. now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just 99 dollars a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> what the president did today is really to abuse his authority as he has been doing to intervene in a legitimate investigation. >> it's not just the president his allies on capitol hill are trying to discredit the information. >> the justice department is under a shelling from the white house. it's like linden 1941 there.
4:18 am
steve: media in panic mode as the president demands reports of fbi spying on campaign. fox news contributor molly join us to react. the president of the united states tweeted this, spygate, one of the greatest political scandals in history, he's right, where is the coverage? >> we are in two years of the probe of collusion with russia, we have no evidence to support that and we have learned in the same period of time but work from investigators and journalists that there's all sorts of problems how the doj handled the probe, the way it was set, when it was set up, the use of human intelligence agents to spy on the campaign, at least one, national security letters, wiretaps, this is a huge letter but it goes against the narrative that the media put in place and really pumped for many years, i think there's reason to
4:19 am
investigate and will make people look bad. opposition is not surprising that they don't want sunlight or transparency. steve: but you know, you heard people on talk radio and you read things online where to some degree it looks like the fact that they are not covering it is because they are trying to cover for the obama administration? >> well, i do think is something -- we don't know the details, we don't know exactly what happened, there could be explanation that is make some of this appear less bad than it does to a casual observer but it does seem that the obama administration behaved in a real reckless fashion, spying on opposing party political campaign is something that shouldn't be done without really good caudz, we are not seeing any evidence that there was good cause or anything approaching it. the manner that he was going about, obviously the american people need to understand what happened, why it happened and make sure that it never happens again, we should not criminalize
4:20 am
political differences and that's a very important thing in order to have justice department, law enforcement, intelligence apparatus that people can take seriously and trust. steve: real quickly, james clapper on the view, he said that trump should be happy that the fbi was spying on his campaign, really? >> if it's -- if what james clapper is saying is true, it's rarely the case, if it's true that they were spying on russia and doing it through trump campaign that's problematic enough, they say they did nothing wrong, let us see. let people who are independent make the determination that the intelligent chiefs have made. steve: it keeps getting more interesting. >> sure does. steve: thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: all right, meanwhile straight ahead 4 teenagers in custody for the murder of this baltimore police officer, the 26th killed in line of duty this year alone.
4:21 am
>> this is a bad time in the united states for law enforcement and the attacks that are occurring. steve: how do we stop the war on cops? law enforcement panel will discuss that next. i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty.
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4:24 am
ainsley: time news by the number, 24,000, that's how many excons can vote thanks to pardon by andrew cuomo. among those who can now vote, convicted cop killer herman bill. 450 people from caravan made it into the united states, they're awaiting hearing.
4:25 am
finally, 1.5 million, that's how many people might have been affected by data breach suntrust bank, former worker being investigated from stealing personal information from customers. brian. brian: she's the 26th, you heard, 26th officer killed this year alone. >> we are seeing something in this country today that we've never seen before. we are seeing police officers assaulted. the number of officers who have died in the line of duty is up this year. this is a bad time in the united states for law enforcement and the attacks that are occurring. brian: how do we stop the war on cops and would you call it, let's ask law enforcement panel, former police officer joe peters who worked the mafia beat as well as deputy drezar and darren, former nypd lieutenant and founder of blue lives matter
4:26 am
joey. the number staggering, 26 lost lives already. at this point 15 last year and that was too many. what's going on? >> i believe teenagers, he committed crimes in the last couple of months and if this gentleman was in jail behind bars this wouldn't have happened, you can't let that happen. keep them in and set example. brian: that's one thing. there's a sense on the street, joe, that you aren't getting the respect you deserve anymore in. >> there's definite a paradigm shift, brian, it used to be that the mafia, for instance, did not want the heat - ever going after police officer, now with ms-13 and some sovereign citizen antigovernment groups, not only don't they care, it's a cost of doing business but in some respects it's a trophy and that's sad. brian: darren, you feel the same way, very similar in. >> absolutely, police functioning in ecosystem in
4:27 am
anticonsentment, a lot of this is carryover from the last administration. we look at black lives matter and antisocial behavior that came from the last administration. it's interesting that president trump is in office now and although we have experienced drop in crime but upwards of 40% increase in police that have been shot and killed as a result of gunfire. brian: is it possible having never worked a beat before, joey, is it possible and you talk to men and women on the street that they are hesitant because sometimes these arrests turn into own legal problems? >> nobody wants to be in the front page of the paper or somebody never wants to be second-guessed, i believe it's hurting them and putting hands in the pocket a little bit too much because they are afraid to take action and it's got to change. they have to learn that this is life and death, this is real nowadays. brian: body cameras are on. the cops that might have been reluctant are into this now. the other thing i watched in the
4:28 am
streets in the weekend, somebody was being patted down and the other one had iphone right in the cop's face about 2 feet away and i'm think to go myself, where do they get the audacity to do that. >> there's so many intervening factors in being a police officer on the street. not only are you dealing with situation at hand but worried about civil rights, shoot, don't shoot policies and now on top of that, you have to worry about having all target on your back or being assassinated. brian: give me a couple of things that will change this in. >> we need to come together and join that police are here to help us and not hurt us. ultimately police officers are first line of defense in democratic society in the united states of america therefore we need to standby the officers an salute them and really say thank you. brian: i know, if it doesn't happen, how do you change things now? >> well, the change is something that will happen progressively, we need elected officials to standby police and drive the
4:29 am
sentiment not only just social media and mainstream media, et cetera, that police officers are people that are here to assist us and conjoin as oppose to going to other way. brian: you're not doing it for the money or fame, you're doing it to give back. guys, thanks so much. we will have you back again if we can solve this thing, darren, joe, joey, thanks so much. meanwhile straight ahead, president trump set to visit ms-13 at hot spot after calling vicious gang animals, live with the preview, the story next. our tomi lauren attacked. her response in minutes. one of the war sheep that is you have never seen before, that story is next. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient.
4:30 am
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♪ >> i'm referring, you know i'm referring to the ms-13dation that are coming in. we have the weakest laws in the entire world. we have laws that are laughed at immigration. when the ms-13 come in when other gang members come in, i refer to them as animals, and guess what? i always will. steve: that was last week. today president trump is heading to an ms-13 hotbed here in new york. ainsley: he visits long island this afternoon. he comes hours after a gang member nicknamed animal, is sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of a teenage board. brian: we live in bethpage, new york, what we can expect from today's forum. reporter: good morning. long island is a ms-13 hot spot.
4:34 am
they estimate that 10,000 ms-13 gang members live in the united states. 2000 lived here. this is the second time president visited long island to discuss ms-13. there will be a roundtable discussion with victims families, republican congressman, experts and police. how the fight against the gang is going and what more is needed to win. under president trump arrest of ms-13 gang members is way up. and so are deportations. in fact last year, i.c.e. arrested 796 ms-13 members, that is the highest number in nine years. in 2017 i.c.e. deported 5,000 gang members, more than double the year before. i spoke to the suffolk county sheriff, they said they haven't seen a ms-13 murder in four months up he said more fund something needed. >> if i can get funding for my great program, gang resistance
4:35 am
and training, we go into the middle schools where we thwart bank recruitment and gang awareness to these they had dill school students. reporter: as you mentioned a notorious ms-13 member he known as animal was sentenced to 43 years in prison. joel martinez admitted killing 15-year-old boy as niche into the gang. you can expect the president to use the word animals from describing this gang, despite heavy criticism from activists that he calls all immigrants animals. steve: 25 minutes before the next hour. ainsley: jillian has more headlines. jillian: good morning to you as well. a school bus driver involved in a deadly crash had his license suspended 14 times. the 77-year-old had eight speeding tickets on his record. a teacher and 10-year-old girl died after the bus collided with
4:36 am
a dump truck. 43 others are injured. the ntsb is recommending all new school buss have seatbelts. talks so far have yielded some suggestions and results will continue today. keeping all players in the locker room during the anthem or a 15 yard penalty for team with players that do not stand. current policy says players should stand for the anthem but does not require it. fox news contributor tomi lahren is responding after someone threw a drink at her in front of her family. >> you don't have to like me or agree with my political opinions, you don't have the right to throw things at me. it is disheartening. i'm tough, i can handle it. there are people out there with not as thick a skin. that is what i worry about. jillian: she was walking out of a minneapolis restaurant where she was eating with her parents and another customer threw a glass the water and cursing her
4:37 am
out. people say it looks nothing like the woman it honors. olympic go ahead medalist brandi chastain newhall of fame plaque is going viral. you can see. they are comparing to babe ruth, jonout or president jimmy carter. the halted of maim will redo the plaque. we have weather from. this is a big low pressure system off the yucatan peninsula. in the next five days a 50% chance of forming. it is still early. there is a lot of possibilities where this could possibly head. maybe middle of the gulf, maybe running up through florida. as it heads to the north there will be areas across the country that get a bunch of rain this is still early but i think widespread across the southeast, florida, anywhere from six to 8 inches. it will be soggy come memorial day. steve: it is dry outside right
4:38 am
now. thank you, adam. often called the swiss army knife of the u.s. fleet the u.s. navy amphibious warships have been designed and built for capability and survivability. ainsley: that's right. to celebrate fleet week we're bringing awe 360-degree look inside it in action. brian: i can't wait. we're on land. see what it is like to be on the deck of the warships, being on the veranda. we have the amphibious warship industrial coalition, greg mccarthy. greg, what have you done for us? >> we're trying to help people better understand how important the ships are to the navy marine team. amphibious warships provide the navy and marines a platform for aircraft, for landing craft, for weapons to get them in place for when to respond to crises. steve: greg, because it is fleet week coming up very shortly you have got this display here. it is here in our plaza. it looks like an igloo and we'll
4:39 am
go inside and see what folks see what they come to fleet week and this will be set up where? >> so this will be set up in various places around the city for fleet week. steve: we're starting at the beginning. >> exactly. the key to these ships it is combination joint venture between the marines and u.s. navy? >> exactly. so people know what submarines are and aircraft carriers. but amphibious warships are to the marine corps specifically because these are the ships marines are placed on and respond to crisis around the world. brian: what is pretty cool, people know you have $700 billion, and very important to know to the public where the money is going. >> it is. it is great congress and president provided increase in defense spending but we're suffering from a being la of funding over a number of years. there are 31 amphibious warships right now. the marine corps believes they need at least 50 and 38 would be the ideal requirement.
4:40 am
ainsley: how modern is our military and how important is that? >> it is so important that we make sure that these ships are available to respond to crisis and so we're building these ships right now. and we're providing them the technology that is just top of the line. steve: the technology has changed. i mean today's warships are a lot different than they were during the big one. >> exactly, exactly. what we see here now is the marines in landing vehicles but also these ships right now are flying f-35vs, the highest technology in fighter aircraft. brian: used first time in combat yesterday by the israelis. >> exactly, exactly. these ships right now are deployed around the world and they're deploying the f-35b. these are flexible platforms. you can put the technology that the marine corps needs to respond. ainsley: what is the goal for all of this, the 360-degree look? >> we're trying to put people in
4:41 am
the middle of the action in a am fin just warship. -- amphibious warship. people know what an aircraft carrier and submarine is. amphibious warships are not as familiar. we use the 360 video to help people understand and be part of the action of the marine corps. steve: check it out this week over the holiday here in new york city with fleet week. greg, thank you very much. >> i want to point out the uss arlington one of the warships will be in the harbor. people should go out and see it and spend some time. ainsley: take the kids. steve: the show is starting again. coming up on "fox & friends," a judge ordering a 30-year-old unemmode man out of his parents house. they sued to get him out. should they have let him stay? your emails coming up. brian: i have a aircraft carrier with his name on it. ainsley: president trump says his summit with kim jong-un might not happen. is this "the art of the deal"
4:42 am
work? pete hegseth live with that. >> time to try the simulator. ainsley: hey, pete. steve: how are you? >> i'm good. ♪
4:43 am
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♪ steve: we have some quick wednesday morning headlines. first up, facebook wants your social security number. great. the social media giant requires if you want to buy u.s. political ads cough it up. it's a new initiative to make sure people buying the ads are actually americans. buyer beware, if you return too much stuff to amazon you might wind up getting banned. according to "the wall street journal" dozens of users had their accounts canceled without warning and are not allowed to open a new one or buy things. amazon doesn't have an official limit on returns but says it has the right to terminate accounts at its discretion.
4:46 am
also. brian: nuclear tests as early as today? president trump admits the high-stakes meeting with kim jong-un on thin ice. ainsley: here to weigh in on this "fox and friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth. do you think it will happen? >> i think so. one of the south korean leaders puts it at 99.9. we'll see. they have more inside knowledge than we do. june 12th, that specific date is not the important part. the important part is the right terms and coming to the table for the right reasons. kim jong-un wants to maintain his power and maintain his personal security and china wants to maintain their leverage which is why you saw them change their tune. you saw kim jong-un change his tune. because he went and met with the chinese. the chinese side we want to keep our bargaining chips, so keep agitating t keeps us relevant. we can get better terms on other issues as trade. steve: sound like john bolton freaked him out, kim, that we
4:47 am
are using libya as the model. when you think about libya, in 2003, they gave away their nuke program. in 2011 that's when essentially gadhafi was killed and dragged through the streets. >> john bolton was right and wrong to present that as example. muammar qaddafi ended up in a ditch knifed by his own people. but he was correct, he gave up weapons because of power american military. what he saw happened to saddam hussein it was power and pressure that caused him to in the table. brian: not us that caused insurrection in his own country but nuclear weapons. kim jong-un wants a phase-out of nuclear program. we want immediate destruction of the nuclear program and irreversible. is there some play there or is that the big question? >> sounds like there is some play there. pretty tough to say we'll load up on cargo ship and take it up
4:48 am
at one time. brian: like ukraine in south africa. >> much more robust in north korea. you can't commit the sins of the iran deal. if one administration understands that, it is this one. no money relief. no sanctions relief. we'll not put a sunset clause and we'll not allow you to do some testing over here and keep some stuff over here. the pathway is verifiable denuclearization. maybe there is a phase one, maybe there is a phase two, maybe there is atheize three. as president trump says you have to have a carrot. he has to have reason to do it. you will be rich and powerful. your people will love you, not want to stab you in a ditch like muammar qaddafi. it is a delicate, delicate balance. maybe phases. look at the iran deal. don't do that. and you're probably good. >> why do you think he agreed to this meeting kim jong-un? >> he wants a picture with the american president. steve: he is hungry. >> the sanctions having massive
4:49 am
effect no doubt. the chinese put the screws on him. the chinese are playing a double game absolutely. there is point which the guy who wants to meet with dennis rodman and loves nba basketball and western pop culture, probably doesn't have to be the guy who murders his people all day long. probably wants normalization. let's give it to him. brian: he is concerned about military coupe if he leaves the country. >> remember turkey? how could you not be? steve: president of the united states made it clear if he does denuke we'll make sure he is protected. peeve, thank you very much. ainsley: president trump not afraid to call members of ms-13 animals. why won't the left do the same? dennis prager has an idea. he will join us live in the next hour. brian: plus memorial day weekend is almost here. time to fire up the grill, right? we have top options for your barbecue this weekend, especially if you're doing it on turf. steve: ace is the place.
4:50 am
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♪ steve: memorial day is monday. so we have a big holiday weekend coming up. we're ready to fire up the grill. ace hardware has all the grills and tools you might need to kick off summer fun. plus sweet memorial days as well. we have a ace grilling expert, chef jason morris. what are you doing over there? >> chicken kabobs. set it, forget, easy. delivers amazing wood-fired player. we have favorite chicken kabobs. we have your favorite, brussels sprouts. steve: i like those.
4:54 am
rather than briquettes or gas you use pellets. >> that is heat source and flavor source. >> that is why i smell hickory,. >> absolutely. steve: how much does this retail? >> 799. steve: they want to be on tv, this seems to be the starter, matt, when it comes to grilling this is it weber grill. >> this is absolutely your basic weber 2 it inch kettle this is charcoal grill. much more affordable option. great versatile tool. steve: we had that 10 years and graduated to one of these. this is great. >> every one knows weber. weber is the cadillac of grills. this is the genesis 310. very versatile grill. weber is a great company. the best about these grills, if you're an ace rewards member, we're doing free delivery or assembly for any grill over 39.
4:55 am
steve: what does it mean to be a member. >> no cost to be a member. we can sign you up real quickly. steve: fantastic. our ace hardware store out in suburban new york city did exactly that. >> good. steve: didn't realize you guys had sorts of barbecue sauerss and spice. >> we have absolutely a bunch of great spices. chef jason has his own barbecue line and all the stuff you need for grilling. steve: you love it because of the flavor. if you had to pick one, do you pick difficult ones for different uses? >> absolutely. yeah, we have a grill for every lifestyle so to speak, right. i love the webbers. they are hot and fast. we can get into literally food prep to plate very fast. this gives as you totally different flavor. i tend to pick a grill based on what flavor i need for my dinner. steve: very good. matt, talk a little bit what is
4:56 am
going this weekend at ace hardware. it is something patriotic. >> we have something very special goings-on at ace. memorial day we like to talk about grilling and barbecues, get-togethers, we want to bring that back home, to remember what memorial day is all about. we partnered with the vfw for a million flag giveaway where we will be giving away flags in store and for every flag that we give away in store, the vfw will be placing a flag at the gravesite of a vet certainly sacrificed all for our country. steve: have to go in. >> come in this saturday. a great collaboration with the vfw. here for the flag. we'll take care of the rest. steve: ace is the place for the helpful and patriotic hardware man. >> absolutely. very important to us. steve: thanks for bringing us by. >> thank you, steve steve who is ready for the kabobs? [cheering] president trump tweeted moments ago, quote, "spygate" could be one of the biggest political scandals in history.
4:57 am
we're live at the white house with reaction. this four-legged hero actually helped save a veterans life. you will hear his incredible story when they join us live. ♪
4:58 am
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♪ >> the president just tweeted this. "spygate" could be one of the biggest political scandals in history. >> it's a huge scandal but because it goes against that narrative that the media put in place i think there is reticence to investigate because it will make the media look bad. >> highly anticipated meeting with kim jong-un appears to be up in the air. >> june 12th, the specific date is not the important part. the important part is the right terms and coming to the table for right reasons. brian: accused in a murder of baltimore police officer, amy caprilo. she is the 26th officer killed alone. >> they need to help us,ter here not to hurt us and we need to stand by the officers and salute them. brian: long island is sadly a
5:01 am
hot spot for ms-13 violence. >> he is supporting our enforcement efforts but we could use funding. ainsley: 30-year-old man is ordered to move out of his parents house. the judge ruled that mike rowe tuned dough must leave his house and he plans to appeal and went right back home reportedly after court. ♪ brian: george strait worshiped in country music circles. ainsley: from san antonio. steve: thanks for joining us. it's a wednesday, coming up on a big holiday weekend. i hope you have great plans. so far so good we have twice from fleet week, showing the 360 view from the amphibious vehicle and those new grills. brian: i have a quick grilling question for you. steve: please. brian: the mattes we sell on the
5:02 am
channel, do you lose the grill effect if you grill on a mat? steve: no, you do not. i grilled with one last night. did some chicken. ainsley: how does it work? steve: it is like a rollout copper mat which is great and keeps the meat moistter, it doesn't burn as much. it winds up with grill marks because it is flexible. ainsley: i like grill marks. i like it when the grill marks are a little crispier than the rest of of the meat. steve: part of what i did last night, i grilled on both sides and put it directly on the grill. that is how you do it. brian: now that we have the, now just toss to break. no. president trump outraged over the possibility his campaign was spied on. he is letting the fbi know this morning as well, tweeting this. steve: he tweeted an hour ago. "spygate" could be one of the biggest political scandals in history. ainsley: kevin corke live at
5:03 am
white house with details. reporter: good morning. while the time and nature of surveillance of trump campaign by the obama administration remains under incredible scrutiny, but the president is convinced this was politically orchestrated from the very beginning to hurt him and his budding administration. let me take you back to twitter. the president being very vocal about this fact. he feels like this is all a deep state coup. look how things turned around on the criminal deep state. they go after phony collusion with russia, made-up scam, end up getting caught in a major spy scandal the likes of which this country may have never seen before. he adds this. goes around, comes around. that last quip may have been aimed at former cia director john brennan a vocal critic of the president who promoted infamous steele dossier to the democrats that led to the whole special counsel investigation started. the suspicions that is that the obama administration's
5:04 am
intelligence community may have planted informants inside the trump campaign, you got to be kidding me. here is the president. >> if they had spies in my campaign that would be a disgrace to this country. it would be very illegal, aside from everything else. it would make probably every political event ever look like small potatoes. if they had spies in my campaign, during my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented in the history of our country. reporter: there are a myriad of investigations on going on this topic, most notably the doj ig, inspector general looking at it. not a special counsel yet, but that could certainly change, guys. don't forget the president in the empire state today, heading to long island to talk about ms-13 in a roundtable discussion steve tea that is our next topic, kevin, thank you very much. brian: the president is outraged in that the intelligence community is speaking about worried in 2016 what was going
5:05 am
on with russia trying to infiltrate our elections, so they seemed to targeted the trump administration. the line of thought, we'll get some of the people on our payroll perhaps, at least one person, we'll have them talk to three people, there were four people that we know they were involved in the campaign and see what they get. when it comes out, they didn't come out and make that transparent early. now that they're caught they're trying to get ahead of the story all last week. steve: so weird to think about, if somebody would put a spy into a president's campaign it, would be the russians, right? it would be the russians putting somebody in, not our own fbi. ainsley: james clapper says that the president should be happy about it, that there was something inside, that the russians weren't trying to inferior. steve: that's right. that is some good spin. brian: joy behar is, i don't like the use the term spy. really? you're the director of national intelligence for eight years, you don't want to use the word spy. like tom brady i don't like to use the word football. steve: he said they were there
5:06 am
to spy on russian meddling. meanwhile we heard a moment ago kevin corke talking about how the president of the united states will leave from joint base andrews this afternoon. he will fly up to jfk, then chopper out to nassau county, bethpage, essentially getting an update on the war against ms-13, that violent gang we've heard so much about. ainsley: they're so violent, when you read what they have done to these individual out in your neck of the woods, out in long island where the president is going to be, you went out with one of the police officers there to tell us about the story of those two families that lost their daughters. they eventually were sitting in, at the hill during the president's state of the union address, those parents. you probably remember them. they have been on our show, what they did to their little girls, ms-13 brutally murdered them so bad i also, the parents couldn't even, the police officers couldn't recognize the girls. they had a hard time identifying them. brian: got them in suffolk county. got them in nassau county. a lot came across during the
5:07 am
surge during the obama administration. placed in temporary homes, sponsor homes in works class areas. steve: as minors. brian: with people they don't even know. they went and feasted on the working class communities. it looks like there is about 10,000 in the country. about 250 in the area the president is going to. here is what patrick ryder says as he prepares to host the president's roundtable. he is the nassau county police commissioner. >> we need help. when we have 40% of our homicides and had record low homicides last year, 40% are ms-13 related, out of the six they committed, four were bucherred with machetes buried into shallow graves that the families can't not only identify but can't find. we need that support from the president. we have him watching our back now. he is supporting our enforcement efforts. we could use funding from d.c. steve: that kind of description with the butchery that led to president of the united states a couple days ago after a sheriff from southern california asked him a question about ms-13 where
5:08 am
he referred to members of ms-13 as animals. of course you know a number about news outlets quoted that out of context but nonetheless, don't be surprised if the president uses the expression animals today in comments you will see later this afternoon right here on fox. brian: it is so funny, ironic somebody going into prison i believe today or tomorrow from ms-13 whose nickname is animal. >> wants to be called animal. brian: yes. steve: i believe he murdered two people. brian: right. they like to cut out body parts first. steve: it is terrible. you will see the president live in the empire state later. right now time time time see the news. jillian joins us. jillian: thank you very much. a 16-year-old called a one-man crime wave with a long record is charged in the murder of a baltimore police officer. prosecutors say dante harris was
5:09 am
in getaway car with three other teens were burglarizing the home. when officer amy caprio who was once named officer of the month leaves behind a husband. the first female baltimore officer to die in the line of duty. a live look outside of a high school where teachers are heading back for the first time since friday's deadly shooting. classes resume next tuesday. texas governor greg abbott is kicking off day two of his roundtable discussions tackling gun regulations and mental health. houston texans star j.j. watt seen visiting victims in the hospital. he offered to pay for funerals of 10 people that died. a desperate search for answers after a plane crash lands, flies off the runway and breaks in half. miraculously every one on board survived. take a look at incredible video showing passengers climbing out of the wreckage in honduras as
5:10 am
good samaritans sprayed the smoldering plane with foam. the private jet arrived from austin, texas with several americans on board. this airport surrounded by mountains is known for it is extremely difficult runway. fall inch, not forgotten. a message honoring our heroes spelled out with american flags. 50 volunteers planting 10,000 flags at the university of phoenix ahead of memorial day, when the flags are removed they will be donated to local veterans cemeteries. isn't that beautiful. steve: that's great. you have the news with the ace hardware, they're giving away a million flags as well. very patriotic. jillian: yes. brian: thanks a lot, jillian. tell me if this ever happened to you. you have a kid, he won't leave. not a five-year-old kid or 10-year old kid. ainsley: not a kid any anymore. brian: 30-year-old man. steve: headline in "the new york post." tough shove, parents move to
5:11 am
evict their slacker 30-year-old son. brian: sounds like a will ferrell movie. steve: they asked nicely. ainsley: there he is on the left. the parents are on the right. steve: he lived in house for eight years. he did move out of the house for year-and-a-half. brian: it is scary out there. steve: which time he had a child. apparently the parents were interested in seeing the child. this guy has not had a job, although apparently suing best buy for $300,000. ainsley: of course he is. >> they wanted him to work on saturday. ainsley: heavin forbid. >> the reason that video we showed you is of them in court, because the parents had to sue the kid to get the heck out of the house. ainsley: he looked up the law. he said i really have six months i think he said to abandon the house. it hasn't been six months. they wrote him a note, son, you have to get out. you have two weeks to get out. brian: here are some things you're saying 18 you move into college dorm or military barracks. ainsley: love that. brian: not rocket science. ainsley: that is from juan.
5:12 am
steve: nick tweeted out, the judge should have thrown it out settle it like a family. the courts have better things to do than deal with this nonsense like this. ainsley: mike says the parents raised him to be the way he is brian you said that earlier. brian: do the wash and feed them and you provide free rent, pay electric, why would you leave, if you have no ambition that you could see? steve too right. brian: should we get anthony robbins into the basis to give him short and long-term goals? >> you have to feel for the parents. they obviously were nurturing him. he never got the message. there are some people who are of that age who don't ever want to leave the basement. brian: again if you are parents out there, if you don't want this to be you, have a 2 or 3-year-old, kids ask for a bolt. get your own bottle. ainsley: if he ever gets married, i feel sorry for her. he will not lift a finger. will not work. will not work on a saturday. steve: man, oh, man. ainsley: you said he had a kid.
5:13 am
the parents wanted to see the kid. steve: he lost custody of the child. brian: why? steve: he is not a responsible person. anyway the parents were driven to sue him. they're trying to figure out, yeah, you have to get out of the house. they're trying to figure out will it be two weeks or three months. ainsley: where will he go now? on the taxpayer dime. steve: imagine the awkward conversation every day in the kitchen? you're still here? hello. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. president trump not mincing words about ms-13. why won't, why will the left not do the same? dennis prager has an idea, best-selling author, talk show host will join us. steve: james clapper said the president should not be upset about the feds spying on his campaign. the president just reacted and so will michelle malkin coming up. >> were the russians trying to gain access and leverage and influence. >> so why doesn't he like that. he should be happy? >> well he should be.
5:14 am
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[ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! ♪ >> these are animals. they're coming into our country. we're getting them out. they come in again. we're getting them out. we need strong immigration laws. we have the weakest laws in the entire world. so when the ms-13 comes in, when the other gang members come into our country i referred to them
5:18 am
as animals. guess what? i always will. ainsley: that is the president calling members of the dangerous ms-13 gang animals but the left and media won't do the same thing. our next guest wrote an op-ed in response to "washington post" columnist e.j. dionne, jr., who wrote this. it is never right to call other human beings animals. not something we should have to debate. no matter how debased behavior of given individual or group, no hat matter how much legitimate anger genuinely evil actions others dehumanizing us is always lead us down a dangerous path. here is dennis prager. >> thank you for having me. i'mit is not a funny top i can. i could have a choice i could have a smile or cry. it is so convolute what he wrote
5:19 am
i had to write my column on the subject. there is something wrong with us if we can't call such people animals. literally the opposite what he said. why he wrote it though i understand. there are two big reasons. first, the left has a problem with evil. they hate, they don't hate evil. leftism hates people who fight evil. that is why when ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire they attacked ronald reagan. they didn't attack the soviet union. they have a big problem with calling evil evil. and the other is, this, they like to feel good about themselves. oh, i am noble. i won't use such language. but that is absurd. that is the way the human species says you know what? you have done things that are so awful, that you have disqualified yourself from our group. that's, that is our way of maintaining that the notion of human is not a biological term, but a moral term. ainsley: if you talk to the parents of those two young girls
5:20 am
that were brutally murdered out on long island they couldn't even recognize these young girls. they were chopped up with machetes. >> that's right. ainsley: i wonder what their parents would call these ms-13 gang members? >> right. ainsley: why is the left, why won't they call them, why are they so afraid to call them animals? >> well, for one thing i bet you if barack obama had called them animals this piece by e.j. dionne in "the washington post" would have never been written this is another way in which the theory is, if we can attack president trump, we will do it in anyway we can, and i don't believe they would have ever written this had barack obama said that but here is the irony. donald trump's moral compass is much more steady than "the washington post" columnist is. that is the irony of this. with all his sins and with all his shenanigans, with all his exploits or sexploits he has a
5:21 am
more moral compass that is clear. ainsley: read the article. more "fox & friends" next. today, 97% of employers agree
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5:25 am
right to try on experimental drugs too, that is what it means. the new legislation rolls back banking regulations that republicans say hurt business and right to try legislation allows patients to get medications not approved by the fda to do this thing called survive. the president is expected to sign both into law before the weekend. good job congress and the president there. steve: meanwhile it is estimated that 20 veterans die from suicide each and every day. that is a staggering statistic that one charity hopes to change one service dog at a time. ainsley: that's right. this is molly. our next guest joins us with his story how being paired with a service dog, molly, gave him, gave him his life back after ptsd. brian: he joins us right now with k-9s for veterans. adam joins us right now with his service dog molly. adam. ainsley: good morning. brian: what do these dogs and training do to prevent suicide among those who serve? >> there are many veterans just like me, close to 500 now that
5:26 am
are graduating and they give us our life back. there is a good motto k-9s has, new leash on life. that is exactly what molly and all the service animals graduate through the program. steve: molly saved your life. >> she did. steve: you were close to saying you had it. >> i was at one point. my best friend in the world caught signs and symptoms because he is fellow veteran. put a stop to it. helped me get help i needed. steve: started looking online. >> started looking on line. i was on the cannonball headed to bronx. my other best friend caught me panic attack i started throwing up. next thing you know meds and therapy was not enough. she was responsible helping me with k-9s. ainsley: what led you to the point, that dark day? >> being a medic, there are a lot of things i can't up see. you talk to the first responder. there is the light switch where you separate yourself from the situation. shortly after i got out, that light switch broke.
5:27 am
i didn't know how to deal with it. and also get my head knocked in, trying to prevent somebody from dying overseas and it just became too much. i just had the bra viewed toe where i didn't want to be that guy and be weak and not get help. and i had my meet your maker moment. i decided to make some changes. that is what k-9s has done to help me. steve: so, you found it online. this is program actually started by a military mom. you went through the training. you were eventually paired with molly. what does molly allow you to do that you couldn't do without her? >> well for instance, my daughter was competitive gymnast for a couple years. i couldn't go there. steve: too many people. >> too many people just couldn't do it. i'm proud to say as soon as i got molly several weeks later i was going to as many competitions as i could. i even survived recently the virginia national championships.
5:28 am
brian: wow, is it act of taking care of something else having that, the dog take care of you? >> with that aspect molly has to go to the bathroom. she gets me up and out of the house on those days we just don't want to get out. with having posttraumatic stress, it is not a morning or afternoon. it could be a week. having molly to watch my back, unconditional love and support, and she literally watches my back anytime i'm at atm or cash register. ainsley: rescue a dog to rescue a warrior. >> yes, ma'am. ainsley: she rescued you? >> she really did. ainsley: she gave your daughter a daddy. >> she did. my son as well. steve: these are all rescue dogs. >> they are all rescues. taking a dog out of a kill shelter. ainsley: if they're watching in your state, that dark day what do they do to get a dog like molly? >> all you have to do is go to k-9s for get in contact. there is web-based application
5:29 am
to apply for a service animal. there is a little bit of a wait list. knowing there is a dog at the end of the tunnel that got me through that 15 months. brian: a lot of dogs in shelters could use a home. >> absolutely. steve: this dog was in a shelter. this dog saved your life? >> she did. steve: unbelievable. there is another website, k-9 because bayer is one of the sponsors. >> all right. brian: thanks, adam, nice to meet you. steve: molly. don't move a muscle. brian: this is adam. james clapper says the president should not be upset about the feds possibly spying on his campaign. here's why. >> were the russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage and influence. >> so why doesn't he like that? he should be happy. >> well he should be. brian: he really should be. michelle malkin here to react. we'll see if she is happy. steve: this golfer kissed the
5:30 am
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over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. ♪ >> with the fbi spying on trump's campaign? >> no, they were not. they were spying on, a term i don't particularly like, on what the russians were doing, trying to understand were the russians infiltrating, trying to gain access and leverage and influence which is what they do. >> why doesn't he like that? he should be happy. >> well he should be. ainsley: let's bring in michelle malkin. the host of michelle malkin investigates on crtv. hey, michelle. >> hi. ainsley: should the president be happy inside there was a spy inside to make sure the russians were doing the right thing?
5:34 am
>> according to joy behar, president trump should send flowers and cookies to all of these folks who were essentially hijacking our intelligence and law enforcement agencies to turn those institutions into what i consider a massive voter disenfranchisement program. this is really what is at stake here and why i believe our president is absolutely correct, that "spygate" could turn out to be the most scandalous thing that has happened in washington in american history. because this was not about protecting the trump campaign, as james clapper, obnoxiously tries to argue on tv and everywhere else. this was about upending a presidential candidate, and trying to delegitimatize him what they have been doing ever since he took office. it is absolutely alarming. where is the left, these are the people that balked at the idea
5:35 am
of the fbi sending informants and infiltrating, for example, the antiwar movement. the aclu was all over that. now here they are trying to call spying something other than spying, looking the other way? and expecting that president trump should be grateful for what happened? steve: i know. the president also referred to mr. clapper as a lying machine who now works at cnn. remember he famously with senator wyden was asking him about the nsa program, he said, nope, we don't collect data on a hundreds of millions of americans. he later said that the answer he gave was the least untruthful one he could give. but then he later said, all depends on what your definition of collection is. now he says he didn't tell a lie. he was confused about the program. he has a million stories. >> yeah he does. he is a liar, he is a leaker and a crap weasel. textbook definition of it.
5:36 am
you know,, i think most ordinary americans who are not following every twist and turn in this odyssey are probably just stunned to know that incompetent clowns like this were running intelligence agencies. brian: so, michelle? >> yes. brian: let me play devil's advocate a second. you find out. you're concerned about the russians infiltrating our election. you're james comey, you're james clapper, and john brennan. all of sudden see manafort name go on the roster for trump. carter page goes on roster for trump. then papadopoulos, that they have tangential links with the russians or ukraine in that area. they decide to put someone in trying to hear what is going on, to elicit information they bring to the campaign. does that sound logical to you? >> congratulations brian, doing your best to play devil's
5:37 am
advocate there but this was not what this was about. as i said the other day, the reason why this is so problematic, and such a danger and a menace to our constitutional republic, is because this was a conspiracy between the police state, the fourth estate, and this, this criminal deep state that had at its goal not to protect american safety and sovereignty but to bring down a presidential candidate. this was specifically about targeting candidate trump, and now president trump. and they have not yielded. they will not stop until they tear this country apart. steve: obviously if they wanted, the three names, brian, you gave, they undoubtedly all had their phones tapped. nsa can surveil this kind of thing. we don't know for sure that happened. we know a fisa warrant was obtained for carter page a number of times. suddenly, michelle when the president over a year ago,
5:38 am
tweeted out i was wiretapped, now you're starting to see where that came from. >> yeah. here is the difference between the bush years and the obama years. remember that the left was up in high dudgon, and "new york times" was leaking like a sieve using all sources to bring down the bush administration, when it was using these kinds of programs for legitimate purposes to try to protect us from terrorism. what happened it morphed into a program where our intel and law an forcement agencies were hijacked for partisan purposes. and the fact that you have clapper on cnn and brennan and all of these blabbermouths as i call them, it is conduct that is unbecoming of people who were once in charge of our intelligence agencies, that were meant to protect american citizens. brian: something about the investigation is hitting a nerve. brennan is unhinged. clapper seems desperate and more befuddled as usual. james comey suddenly disappeared. michelle, thanks so much.
5:39 am
ainsley: thanks, michelle. >> you bet. take care, guys. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. good morning to you, to you at home as well. starting with this, hundreds of congressman called for skipping a classified briefing on election meddling. less than 50 of the 435 members showing up to learn about threats from russia, china and iran from intelligence chiefs. >> the democrats made this a big issue, asked for this briefing a long time. we finally schedule this, it is classified. you know 30 members show up? jillian: every non-retiring house member is up for re-election this year. take a look at this body count video showing the moment a sheriff's deputy is hit by a car >> oh, no. oh. got me down. jillian: two deputies questioning a man and women
5:40 am
accused of stealing a car in santa cruz california. when the woman broke free from our handcuffs and stole a patrol car, ramming it into the deputy. his partner fired 18 shots, hitting the driver three times. she is charged with attempted murder. the injured deputy is recovering. massive sinkholes are opening up in a fast-growing retirement community. at least four of them swallowing up the ground in the villages. that is in central florida. the biggest hole is 30 feet deep and 25 feet wide. sinkhole forming after days of wet weather in the area. no one has been evacuated but some of the holes opened in the same spot where two holes were condemned in february for sinkholes. talk about a rough way to finish a tournament? did you see this? pro golfer aaron wise, picks up a pga win but she denies him. that million dollar prize is not good enough. she knows no to the kiss on live tv. she ended up getting a smooch.
5:41 am
steve: why did she back off? jillian: i don't know. maybe they just started dating. not comfortable with doing that. we don't know the story. ainsley: i don't why they didn't. usually when they win a million dollars she kisses them. brian: go for the runner-up. you will get a medal. get a medal, make out with her. steve: thanks, jillian. out to the streets of new york we go. adam is joining us. hello, adam. >> hey there, guys, gorgeous out here now. i'm making friend outside. folks from indiana which is awesome, i'm a indiana whoser as well, even though there is purdue boilermaker. there is rivalry between the schools. anybody you want to say hi to back at home? >> hi, mom. hi melinda. tammy, all of our family, thank you. >> awesome. take a quick look at the weather maps. it is beautiful here in new york city, but the big story a low pressure system moving into the gulf of mexico.
5:42 am
50% of a chance turning into a tropical system the next five days. it will mean a lot of rain for areas of florida, moving up along the gulf coast, anywhere six to 8 inches. it will be a messy memorial day across across the southeast nice. who is your favorite person on the show today from the state of indiana, state of indiana. adam. who is that? >> adam klotz. >> there it is. sorry, losers, back to you. steve: indeed. brian: bad day not to have larry bird on. steve: who is your friend? adam klotz. ainsley: thanks, adam. in just a few hours the president will be visiting a hotbed for ms-13 after calling the vicious gangs animals. we are live there, coming up next. brian: and are you ready for a second is political revolution? the new 2020 rumors surrounding this. ♪ ♪
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up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends soon. ♪ ainsley: here are quick headlines for you of the congressman al green renewing calls to impeach president trump if democrats win in the house in november. >> every member of the house is a accorded the opportunity to bring up impeachment. i think that there is a good likelihood there will be a articles of impeachment. ainsley: the democrat from texas introduced two articles of impeachment that failed on the house floor. will bernie sanders soon be pushing his political revolution into the 2020 election? the vermont senator's family spokesperson fueling some new rumors. jeff weaver telling salon magazine, quote, bernie sanders is an extremely energetic and vigorous person and has more energy i would say than people half his age. his new book, how bernie won concludes with quote, run,
5:47 am
bernie, run. steve: would he run as a democrat? the problem he is not a democrat. ainsley: socialist. brian: they should have stopped him. president trump heading to an ms-13 hotbed. they will tackle gang violence and he has a roundtable. steve: a gang member nicknamed animal sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of a teenage boy. ainsley: bryan llenas is live in bethpage, new york, with more what we can expect at today's forum. brian. reporter: good morning, ainsley. today marks the second time in less than a year that president trump will have visited long island here in new york to discuss ms-13. he will be hosting a roundtable at 2:00 p.m. with 14 others that include victim family members, republican congressman as well as local police commissioners. long island is a hot spot for ms-13. there are some 10,000 members in the u.s., 2000 of them live here. under trump ms-13 arrests are
5:48 am
way up. in fact last year, i.c.e. arrested 796 ms-13 members. that is the highest number in nine years. earlier nassau county police commissioner patrick ryder says the president is making a difference. >> we need that support from the president. we have him watching our back now. he is supporting our enforcement efforts. but we could also use funding now from d.c. reporter: meantime as you mentioned the notorious ms-13 member nicknamed animal was sentenced to 40 years in prison yesterday. 23-year-old joel martinez admit todd killing a 15-year-old boy as his nishi ages to get into the gang. the president is expected to call the ms-13 members animals again despite protesters who will be here starting 10:00 a.m. steve: as the president quadruples down on the term animals. brian: someone emailed me, not fair to animals to call them
5:49 am
animals. animals kill to eat. these animals just kill to murder. steve: stay tuned. you will see the president live in bethpage this afternoon. brian: my turn to read now. back by popular demand your favorite story of the day. a 30-year-old kicked out of his parents 'house. your emails are pouring in. ainsley: pouring in. brian: had to go to court to get rid of him. steve: bill hemmer joins us. he left the house when he was 32. ainsley: how old were you? >> you were out of here, you have to go, son. ainsley: how old were you? >> i was 19. steve: left to college. >> right on. that kid's name is brian, isn't it, steve. brian, get out of the house. we're tired of you. brian: that is what my wife said this morning. >> i don't doubt it just today, right. good morning. in a moment mike pompeo is about to speak. what will he say about the state of the singapore summit. president warns of biggest scandal of the history. who is coming at meeting in the
5:50 am
white house to talk about that. the big hearing on the state of isis today. jack keane from the hill. hogan giddy from the white house sean spicer, come see me in ten minutes, top. hour, "america's newsroom." because the absorb and lock technology traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood. and it prevents streaks and hazing better than a micro fiber strip mop, giving you a thorough clean the first time. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet with a money back guarantee. brand power. helping you buy better.
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♪ steve: what would you do. you have a to-year-old kid living in your house. you've been telling him to get out of the house for years. this happened in long island, rather, upstate new york. the parents wound up months after months, stopping his phone, cutting off feed him, they took him to court. judge said, you're right, he
5:54 am
should leave. brian: nothing wrong with 30-year-old staying at home if they're helping out. ainsley: if the parents want him there. brian: the fact the kid wouldn't listen, not a kid, the man won't listen and parents have to bring in a third party. ainsley: there might be something wrong with a 30-year-old even if he is helping out at the house. brian: people feel bad, a lot of times they're rebounding in life, back from the military. ainsley: that's true. steve: he was out of work, in a predictment. the parents said, you know what? you have got to go. he said no. wound up in court. the judge said those are the parents there, christine and mark roe tuned dough. they want their son michael out. ainsley: he doesn't have a job, right, but he did at where? home depot? >> he worked at best buy. but apparently he got fired. he is suing them for $300,000 because they wanted him to work on saturday. brian: here is what gene said. change the locks. lock the doors. where is the common sense solution? ainsley: sharon said, don't judge the parents until you know the entire situation.
5:55 am
brian: that was to me because i did. steve: victoria tweeted, i have to agree with brianhundred with, failed parenting. ainsley: they need to watch the movie, failure to launch. they hired sarah jessica parker to date matthew mcconaughey, to fall in love to move in with her. brian: the important part of that segment. it is a movie, right? ainsley: no girl wants to date this guy. brian: we got to see terry bradshaw's butt in that. which a lot of people are happy about. ainsley: we did. steve: that is the highlight of the film. brian: i like the quarterback, very good for the steelers. wedding crashers, where will ferrell doesn't leave the house, bangs on the wall, where is the meat loaf, mom. ainsley: mom! steve: not ending in litigation. ainsley: you can't make this up! steve: keep the comments coming. we read them all day long. we'll step aside for "fox & friends" on this busy wednesday. ♪
5:56 am
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>> listen, we are going to start our summer concert series this weekend. lee greenwood will be at the intrepid on friday. please drop by if you're in new york city. >> it's fleet week. >> if you have to run from the television, go to the radio. >> who is on today? >> andrew mccarthy and we'll end with bill hemmer. >> in the after the show show we'll talk to a young man saved by a service dog. a shelter dog originally and all part of a program we'll tell you about. great organization. teamed up with bayer and they changed this guy's life and many more. >> if you want to know more about ainsley there is a book
6:00 am
about you. an authorized book about you. >> the light within me. >> you are an author, too. his book is in paper back now. >> bill: 9:00 in the washington mike pompeo about to testify on the hill. part of that is about next year's budget. the main headline will likely be about questions on north korea. this is the planned meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. faces a bit of uncertainty. state department says it is moving forward with preparations. the president a bit cautious yesterday. we'll have more on that inside "america's newsroom." also this is happening today as well. president trump fired up at this hour for what he says could be one of the biggest political scandals he says in history. the white house pushing to get answers whether or not the f.b.i. had a spy in the trump campaign and they are branding it spy gate. here we go. i'm bill hemmer. i was in ohio, you were


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