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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 23, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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"special report" up next. hey, bret in los angeles. >> dana: why did you give him 12 extra seconds? >> bret: thank you very much. early. >> kimberly: better spent with you. >> bret: president trump goes after what he calls the criminal deep state over allegations of a spy in this 2016 campaign. will north korea go through with promises to dismantle its nuclear test site? one-on-one with a republican hopes to flip the california governor's seat. is "special report" ." good evening. i'm bret baier. coming to you tonight from los angeles. we'll talk about the dynamic politics here in california and speak with the top republican in the governor's race so far in just a few minutes. first night, president trump going after the russia collusion investigation again. he says the fbi has been caught in a major scandal, potentially
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one of the biggest political uproar's in history, according to the president. chief white house white house correspondent john roberts starts us off this evening from the north lawn. >> good evening. critics saying president trump is overstating the case when he claims that his campaign may have been spied on. but that's not even slowing the president who is on a fast boil about what he says could be a huge political scandal. leaving the white house today, president trump let fly on what he is now calling spygate to. >> it looks like a very serious event but we will find out. when they look at the documents, i think people are going to see a lot of bad things happened. i hope it's not so. because if it is, there's never been anything like it in the history of our country. >> president trump claims the fbi may have been spying on his campaign after a confidential informant had contact and meetings with three trump campaign officials. carter page, george papadopoulos, and sam clovis.
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in a meeting monday, president trump told deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and fbi director christopher wray to work out how they could get documents relating to the informant and they face our request to surveil page two congressional investigators. >> we collect spygate. you are calling it spygate. a lot of bad things have happened. i want a lot to get together. they will sit in the room. hopefully they will be able to work it out among themselves. >> at the meeting tomorrow, house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes, government oversight chairman trey gowdy, ed o'callaghan from the department of justice, fbi director christopher wray and director of national intelligence, dan coats. no democrats invited. senate minority leader today insisted congressman nunes is trying to interfere with the russian investigation and put the blame for that squarely on paul ryan's shoulders. >> speaker ryan is allowing this to happen, who will forever be -- it will forever be a blot on his record. he can't be so afraid of the
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hard right and the president that he would allow this kind of banana republic behavior to go forward. >> congressman gowdy today said it's okay with him if democrats attend. >> i don't care who comes. i am not in control of the invite list. if you're going to show up, show up with an open mind and closed lips. in other words, don't leak like a sieve. >> the accusations of spygate exploded as president trump was on his way to long island for a law enforcement roundtable on the murderous gang ms-13. president trump in a lather about democrats' criticism of a use of the word animals. >> democrats, nancy pelosi is an example, are trying to defend ms-13 gang members. i called them animals. and i was met with rebuke. they said they are people. they are not people.
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these are animals. >> as north korea took journalists on a tour of the nuclear test site it says it's closing down, president trump again suggested the day for a summit might slide. >> someday a date will absolutely happen. it could very well be june 12. we will see. we will know next week. >> today president trump also weighed in on the nfl owners decision to require players on the sidelines to stand for the national anthem. the president telling our brian kilmeade in an interview to air on "fox & friends" tomorrow that he is happy with the nfl's decision but not particularly happy about the fact that the owners will give the opportunity or option of writing out the national anthem in the locker room. bret. >> bret: story on that a little bit later. john, there is some reporting tonight that the white house is considering opening up the meeting to possibly democrats as well. classified intelligence briefin
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briefing. may be pushing it down from thursday. >> chuck schumer has been stating in the last 24 hours that he thinks they should be handled by the so-called gang of eight leadership in congress. there had not been any move toward that but if this report is correct, there could be some move. that would be in addition to chairman nunes and german gaudi pair will run some traps on it then get back to you soon as we can. >> bret: john roberts reporting from the white house. thanks. major developments made concerning presidential advisor and son-in-law jared kushner. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is in washington to tell us. good evening. >> good evening. fox news confirmed through multiple sources of the president son-in-law jared kushner recently received his full security clearance. late today his lawyer saint, hes
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clearance was handled by the book. >> happened in the normal course. happened the way it happens for thousands of people. goes to initially the bureau. as a background investigation. it gets through various agencies and gets to the white house. there is a special office that does security measures. they are all career people. >> kushner had been working off an interim security clearance as he pursued foreign policy issues on behalf of the president. in february the interim clearance was downgraded after chief of staff john kelly issued new rules, and the security investigation had not been completed. with the russian investigation looming, the clearance became a major media story. >> is jared kushner becoming a distraction? >> jarod is a valued member of the administration and he's going to continue to focus on the work that he has been doing. we are going to continue pushing forward.
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>> the decision was described as significant giving the mueller probe because the matter would have been reviewed and approved at the highest levels of the fbi. the official said access to classified materials no matter what level of clearance would only happen if there were no outstanding counterintelligence concerns. >> bret: more on this but the panel. thank you. secretary of state mike pompeo says the trump administration will not tolerate russian interference in this fall's elections. pompeo made the promise two congressional hearing today. he did not say what the president might do about it. his testimony was interrupted briefly today over a totally unrelated matter. correspondent rich edson has the story from the state department tonight. >> secretary of state mike pompeo was there to answer questions about the state department's budget. this hearing got testy over another issue. his questioning of hillary clinton during a 2015 benghazi hearing when he was still a member of congress. >> i take diplomatic security
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very seriously. never make an accusation. >> if i could just explain -- okay. we will give you time but we want the secretary to respond. >> he did not do that with secretary clinton. >> testifying before the house foreign affairs committee, pompeo addressed how the venezuelan government notified the state department that it's objecting to american diplomats in response to u.s. sanctions on venezuela after its president nicolas maduro won reelection. u.s. considers that election a sham. on russia, pompeo could have the trump administration as aggressively punishes behavior, though acknowledges officials must do more. >> we have not been able to achieve deterrence, effective deterrence and some of these efforts of the russians but this administration is taking enormous efforts to push back against russia. >> he says the administration will implement appropriate
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countermeasures against russian interference. after the more than three hour hearing, pompeo hosted officials from japan, germany and china. pompeo says the state department is sending medical team to china after a u.s. employee reported symptoms that are very similar to those two dozen american diplomats in cuba experience. >> we have notified china of what took place. they have responded in a way that is exactly the right response. >> pompeo discussed with china's foreign minister the upcoming summit with president trump and kim jong un. he says officials are still planning on driving for a june 12 meeting. he also notes the united states will not give any concessions to north korea until it has credible information, demonstration that it's dismantling its nuclear program. >> bret: speaking of concessions, iran is making demands of europe on the nuclear deal. >> it is. they european countries and those remaining in the iran
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nuclear deal are negotiating with iran, trying to keep it in the iran nuclear agreement or salvage the deal. iran has posted a list of demands of britain, germany and france. the ayatollah khamenei wants them to guarantee iranian oil sales, safeguard trading and sanctions and leave its ballistic missile program and regional policies alone. the ayatollah says that's the price for keeping iran and the nuclear deal. iran is putting the europeans between the united states and around because secretary of state mike pompeo announced monday 12 demands of iran, saying it's going to put the strongest sanctions and history against it if it doesn't comply with the u.s. demands. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thank you. we will soon find out if north korea is serious about dismantling its main nuclear weapons testing site. a group of journalists is on its way to the remote location right now. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot
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reports from seoul, south korea. >> the korean peninsula could be moving a step closer to peace in the coming hours. a north korean official confirmed the regime is ready to dismantle its nuclear test site in the northeastern part of the country. south korean journalists on wednesday joined a small group of regime picked reporters on their way by train to record the event. no international observers have been invited. many analysts say the site is unusable anyway. but it does have symbolic value. >> closing the test site as a goodwill gesture. it's got some substance to it, but you know, it's not the whole shebang. >> all of this comes ahead of the summit involving kim jong un and president trump planned for june 12 in singapore. fresh from their own summit last month with kim jong un in yesterday's session with president trump emanated south korean president moon jae-in said the meeting should
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proceed. saying that fine-tuning and adjusting the scope of expectations is required. if it does go ahead, it would be kim jong un's fourth recent summit. some think even if he's not willing to commit to complete denuclearization, he could come close. >> i think they will surrender a significant part of their nuclear weapons, and -- >> all agree that there is a way to go to get to that point, starting with the dismantling of the nuclear site. >> bret: greg palkot in seoul, south korea. we are getting new images tonight of the dangerous but strikingly beautiful scene in hawaii as the kilauea volcano interruptions continue. correspondent jeff paul is on the big island tonight. jeff. >> we are just a few hundred
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yards away from two very active for years. it's incredible sight. [indistinct] sounds like two giant waves crashing. we are standing in a residential area. what's incredible is... you were able to drive on this. the lava is starting to move faster. it's very unpredictable. from where we are standing, half a mile away, it is the geothermal plant that so many are concerned about. if that law were to reach there, it's about 300 yards away from the well, there could be explosions, releases of toxic steam. right now we just passed a few geologists and they are monitoring it.
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going farther and farther up the road. the hawaii national guard telling us that within 24 hours, this house right here will likely be covered with lava. >> bret: jeff paul, an amazing sight just over your shoulder there. thank you. reporting live from hawaii. we will check in is that develops. of next from los angeles, we dive into the california governor's race and update the primaries from last night. t wit, depend fit-flex is made for me. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> bret: welcome back to los angeles. looking at the primaries last night, atlanta lawyer stacey abrams will try to become the first female black governor in u.s. history.
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she won the georgia democratic primary last night. she will face either casey cagle or brian kemper those republicans will engage in a july runoff. democrats in central kentucky nominated a retired marine fighter pilot, amy mcgrath, over lexington mayor jim gray to take on incumbent republican congressman andy barr in the fall. in arkansas, cancer survivor clark tucker won the nomination for housing. he will face republican incumbent. here in california, were going to focus on the politics in the nation's most populous state. in a moment, i will talk with california republican gubernatorial candidate john co cox. first, why the top democrat may support the top republican. >> it takes courage to make real change. that is gavin newsom. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom holds a comfortable lead
3:19 pm
in the gubernatorial race going into the june 5 primary. which on the california system will send the top two vote getters into novembers runoff regardless of party affiliation. >> president obama called him one of america's finest mayors. >> the race for the second spot appears to be between former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa, whose backers know an association with obama will play well with democrats. and republican john cox, a san diego businessman who president trump recently endorsed via a tweet saying "john cox is the man. he will be the best governor you've ever had." the latest poll has villaraigosa and cox in a statistical dead heat with newsom comfortably ha had. >> taking thousands in illegal gifts from special interests. >> if his ads are anything to go
3:20 pm
by, attacking villaraigosa whil. newsom would seem to prefer to face a conservative republican and then a fellow. the villaraigosa campaign describes newsom's approach as cynical and says he will "do just about anything to get elected, including selling out his own democratic party." for newsom, the calculation seems fairly simple. defeating a republican in the general election here in what is largely liberal california will be easier than taking on another democrat. >> bret: interesting race. the general is a different picture. thank you. earlier today, i spoke with john cox who hopes to first make it on the ballot in november and then upset the favored democrat lieutenant governor gavin newsom. i began by asking about the key
3:21 pm
issues. >> there's two key issues. sanctuary state law which the politicians in sacramento past and the public is up in arms about because it protects criminal illegal aliens instead of trying to protect law-abiding citizens in the population. the other big issue is the gas tax and the crushing tax burden in california. instead of actually doing something about the waste and corruption in cal trans, the politicians passed a huge new gas tax, gasoline in the state is already over $4 a gallon and it's going to $5 a gallon by the end of the year. it's a regressive tax and it's crushing working people. >> bret: the top two democrats and really, you are fighting for one of the top two spots, on the issue of immigration at a debate earlier this month, said this. >> i think we need to acknowledge that the dreamers didn't come here on their own.
3:22 pm
we've got to say that they have a right to have legalized status. >> i'm going to push back against john cox, travis allen, and donald trump. this is the kind of rhetoric that has no place in california. >> bret: you can hear the cheers they are. what do you say to people who question whether, if you get to one of the top two spots, that you can actually pull off a republican win in california? >> iam a jack kemp republican. i served on his presidential steering committee in 1997. jack always celebrated illegal immigration. i think what we are talking about here is illegal immigration but more importantly the sanctuary state law is about criminals held by law enforcement and ms-13 gang members for example. and they are being released into the population without informing i.c.e. i think the public is outraged
3:23 pm
about that. if somebody who has committed a crime is in the hands of law enforcement, i want i.c.e. informed. i want that person deported. the democrats are trying to make this is about racism. they are trying to make it about immigration in general. and i want immigration in this country. i celebrate the idea that this country is the beacon of hope for the world. but i don't want people cutting in line. i want people coming to this country legally. i think we need to stream live down -- streamline that process. we i want a growing economy and you get that with more people contribute in. i favor what the president is talking about. the end to chain migration. the opportunity of people who can come to the country and grow the nation and make it continue to be the greatest country in the world. >> bret: for people around the nation, the lieutenant governor there, at the end you heard him say i'm going to fight john cox
3:24 pm
and donald trump. the cheers. in reality, because of the politics of this primary, gavin newsom is really kind of supporting you in a way now, isn't he? >> he would like to run against me. hillary wanted to run against president trump too, and we know how that turned out. president trump is a businessman. he has endorsed me because i'm a businessman. you know, bret, business people look for solutions. that's what the president is doing. he is trying to solve the immigration problem and he is delivering results for the american people. i intend as a businessman to deliver results for the people of california and make this state affordable, make it open for business. fix our roads, fix our schools, fix our water system. make this state affordable and sustainable and livable for the working people in this state. mr. newsom is a politician from the word go. he is a bay area elitist. he's going to be more of the
3:25 pm
same, more jerry brown big government, more taxes and a crushing affordability problem. we can't continue down that road. we are going to get a lot of change in 2018. >> bret: esther cox, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> bret: when we come back, his prime minister and entry-level job in italy? apparently so. feel the clarity of non-drowsy
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♪ >> bret: overseas politics now. a little-known political novices tonight preparing to form a coalition government in italy. there are some concerns about the perspective from years past. here is senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg. >> italy's president has approved the appointment of this man as prime minister. >> i've put myself forward to be the defense attorney for the
3:29 pm
italian people. >> he has to put together a government which will need approval by the president and parliament. it will be europe's first populist government. >> he is a self-made man, a tough person in our country. he fought for respect of the law and respect of moral rules. >> conte is facing allegations of dishonesty. he claims to have perfected his studies at nyu. officials say they have no record of study but said he was granted permission to conduct research at the law library. despite backtracking on talk of ditching the euro, this team has roiled the markets and raised concerns in the eeo. it's program could be quite radical. disdain for the euro, sending back hundreds of thousands of migrants, and giving everyone a minimum basic and compared the leader of italy's far right league says europe is getting
3:30 pm
worked up over nothing but he used his most famous term, perhaps borrowed from president trump. >> obviously want a government, as we sit in the campaign, that will put the italian national interest at the center, respecting everyone and everything but putting italy at the center. italians first. >> the other thing the new team would like to do is drop sanctions against russia. italy which has had more than 60 governments since world war ii, has a certain admiration for strongman vladimir putin. bret. >> bret: amy kellogg in london. thank you. back here in the u.s., as john john roberts reference, national football league players will be required to stamp the national anthem this coming season. if they choose to come onto the field. a new nfl rule gives players the option of staying in the locker room. the players are still not happy. correspondent dan springer is live in seattle with reaction. good evening, dan. >> the players who have reacted oppose the new policy saying
3:31 pm
it's never been about the national anthem. over the last two years, it's become a debate over patriotism. the black lives matter movement. it is one that the nfl wants to end. the policy says players no longer have to be in the field for the playing of "the star-spangled banner." they can stay in the locker room but if they are on the field, they must stand. if they don't, their team will be fined. >> we want people to be respectful of the national anthem. we want people to stand. make sure they treat this moment in a respectful fashion. >> the controversy began in 2016 with colin kaepernick sitting on the bench during the anthem to protest the treatment of young black men by police. it quickly spread to virtually all the teams. president trump got involved, calling out owners to fire their players are neil and for his supporters to boycott the nfl. vice president pence left the game in his home state when some players took a knee during the anthem. some team owners were upset that the league initially back to the
3:32 pm
players right to protest in this way. according to nielsen, a lot of fans turned away. ratings were down over 9%. with a revenue of $14 billion a year, there's a lot at stake. new jersey senator cory booker says the new policy is wrong. >> it's an affront to the ideals that i hold dear to a league that should be doing everything they can to represent those ideals that we all share. >> the players union is also against the change, issuing a statement saying it "nfl players have shown their patriotism through their social activism, their community service and support our military and law enforcement and yes, through their protests to raise awareness about issues they care about." some will say that the league punted it to owners because now it's up to the individual teams to discipline players who violate the policy and one owner today, christopher johnson of the new york jets, says he will pay the fines are not punished players who continue to protest
3:33 pm
on the field. >> bret: dan springer in seattle. thanks. a judge has president trump is violating the first amendment when he blocks critics on twitter. the judge is stopping short of ordering the president to stop that practice. it's been suggested that president mute and not block some critics. muting prevents the user from seeing that person's tweets and reply messages. stocks were up today. dow gained 52. s&p 500 finished ahead 9. nasdaq jumped 47.5. up next, the panel on president trump's accusations against what he calls the criminal deep state. have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing,
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>> we now call it spygate. you are calling it spygate. a lot of bad things have happened. i want them all to get together. they will sit in the room. hopefully they will be able to work it out among themselves. we are not undercutting. we're cleaning everything up. what i want is total transparency. >> any meeting between the justice department on capitol hill about such information should only be attended by members of the gang of eight. >> i don't care who comes. i am not in control of the invite list. >> bret: well, this meeting is going forward. we mentioned in earlier with john roberts. the meeting tomorrow will include the house intelligence
3:38 pm
committee chairman devin nunes. house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy. fbi director, national intelligence director and acting principal deputy attorney general. all of those will be at the meeting at the doj about the classified elements of this investigation. we are being told there will likely be another meeting with the gang of eight, the bipartisan leadership of congress. possibly after the memorial day recess. we will start there with all of this investigation of the investigation. joining me in los angeles, steve hilton, former advisor to british prime minister david cameron and host of "the next revolution." leslie marshall, syndicated talk radio host. in washington, mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio. matthew continuity, editor in chief of "the washington free beacon." steve, your thoughts on how this is coming out and significance. >> it wasn't that long ago that the left and parts of the establishment media,
3:39 pm
"the new york times," were deeply suspicious of what we now describe as a deep state. we had james clapper going to congress and lying about surveilling the american people. there is a suspicion of the security services and intelligence agencies. now that they seem to be against rome, we are supposed to believe they are pure than pure. there's no question there are sufficient reasons to think that the establishment thought that the prospect of a trump presidency was unthinkable, unacceptable, and took steps to try to stop it. there's enough suspicion there to think that we really do need a thorough investigation that's equivalent to the investigation and russian meddling, which is really important, to look at the potential of deep state meddling. >> bret: mara, are you calling it spygate? the president is happy that he has branded something new. he has come up with spygate. he said you are calling it
3:40 pm
spygate. everyone is talking about it. he said it could be the biggest scandal in american history. but he is talking about is that there was someone, a spy, as he calls it, embedded in his campaign for political purposes to spy on the campaign. so far there is no evidence of that. we don't know if he's talking about an fbi informant who met with certain members of the campaign, reached out to them to find out what contacts they had with russians. but if the president wanted to, he can declassify any piece of information he wants. he could have asked any of his intelligence officials over the last couple weeks or months to say tell me what you know. was there a spy embedded in my campaign? i don't think he wants to know. i think he wants to keep the story going. it's a good narrative for him and it helps him undermine the credibility of the investigations into him and his campaign. >> bret: i want to talk about another development, leslie, the jared kushner getting security clearance today finally after a long period of time.
3:41 pm
national security law attorney told us "this is a very significant development. the bureau would've had very senior people on this in the matter would've been reviewed and approved of the most senior levels. this decision will be highly vetted and considered. they wouldn't be deeming him eligible for access to classified materials no matter what level of clearance if there were any outstanding counterintelligence concerns whatsoever." one person's assessment. your thoughts. >> i don't think jared kushner is the problem. i think the president and his rhetoric are the problem and it's caused a problem not only for his son-in-law but that tension we have seen with the rhetoric toward the fbi and other law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be working for our country and for the constitution. when we go back to mara's points, when you call the spygate, and i'm not calling it spygate.
3:42 pm
i want to go on the record. >> bret: i don't think we have called it spygate. >> let's speak about spygate, if we will. the rule of the fbi, anybody, even if they worked for republican presidents, this gentleman all the way back to ronald reagan, is to do exactly this breeds to say there've been some conversations between russia and those in the united states. paul manafort has been indicted. paul manafort is one of the people who were spoken to and to mara's point, the president has the power to find out if there was a spy embedded, if there truly was spygate. this is deflection. why deflect from the mueller special counsel investigation if there is nothing to hide. >> bret: both things are going forward. we always say we don't know what we don't know but we are covering both sides. the reason i bring up the jared kushner thing is how that was covered early on in the process suggested that because of all the foreign contacts and all the questions that were raised about
3:43 pm
jared kushner that there was no way he was going to get security clearance and somehow he could be charged or indicted. that was the coverage and the speculation. now he's cleared. >> as a former official told catherine herridge in her report, that would imply that those counterintelligence concerns no longer exist. if he had been granted the security clearance. i like to quote donald rumsfeld. there are so many known unknowns. the investigation into russian interference in the investigation of the investigation. coming from congress as much as donald trump is publicizing it and aiding it, there are a lot of concerns from the house intelligence committee about how did this start. i think that's one of the great unknowns. one of the great known unknowns, rather. while he was the original order that deputy attorney general rosenstein gave to robert mueller? we don't know the full details.
3:44 pm
we also don't know about this other british professor who met with george papadopoulos. he hasn't been seen in public in months. the known unknowns continue to mount. >> bret: mara, where do you think this goes? >> i don't know. we know what rudy giuliani says, that it will be done by september. mueller will be done by september. the problem is that every twist and turn, we don't know the big picture. bob mueller isn't talking, to his credit. we are covering this through a straw and everything seems like the biggest deal. i would say the bottom line to me for today for jared kushner, this was a good day for jared kushner and a good week for jared kushner because he started working on a substantive policy that has bipartisan support in congress command that his prison reform. >> bret: that's exactly right. we will be following that as it makes his way past the house and headed to the senate. tomorrow we will have the senate
3:45 pm
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>> i take the matter of security very seriously. >> if i could just explain. okay. we are going to give you time but we want to give the secretary a chance to respond. >> he did not do that with secretary clinton. >> bret: that was one of the heated moments in the testimony today, talking about the benghazi hearing in the new secretary of state mike pompeo. also talked about russian
3:49 pm
interference and the possibility ahead of the midterms. >> we have not been able to achieve deterrence, effective deterrence of some of these efforts of the russians but this administration is taking enormous efforts to push back against russia that haven't been done in an awfully long time. >> no responsible government official would say they have done enough to forestall an attack. >> bret: mara, secretary pompeo has a full plate with all the foreign policy challenges he's facing. >> i thought he was pretty skillful. he's a politician. he's been elected. he has gone before voters. the difference between him and rex tillerson is vast and you can see he is so much more at ease in these situations. he's got a lot on his plate, as you said. north korea, iran, state department morale which is pretty low buddies working hard to improve it. what he just said about the
3:50 pm
government needs to do more to harden its election and infrastructure against possible russian threats for the november election is important and we will see how they follow it up. >> bret: steve, the real question of is about north korea and whether the summit moves forward. what's your sense? >> it feels as if it's going to go ahead. feels like there's a lot of dancing going on. both sides trying to make it clear they are not being played by the other. i think that's what you would expect. it's an extra ordinary situation we are in that we're even talking about this happening. that itself is progress and i think the most important thing to bear in mind is that all of this is better than the alternative, then where we were a few months ago, a couple years ago when there was such a frightening prospect of a nuclear attack from north korea. the fact that we are even in a conversation is good, and that is still true even if they have the summit and not much comes out of it. other than they agree to keep talking. >> bret: matthew, when we get
3:51 pm
to iran and the issue of pulling out of the nuclear agreement, now you have the ayatollah coming forward with stipulations for the eeo to stay in the nuclear deal. among them, leave the ballistic missiles alone. >> this comes as "the new york times" is reporting that there's evidence now of iranian missile testing in the rural areas of iran. clear violation of the spirit of the agreement which the united states pulled out of. i think the attempt to intimidate the europeans is probably going to backfire. the real decision that needs to take place now is in washington, d.c., and that is, are we going to levy the full secondary sanctions against european companies that continue to do business with iran? another decision that secretary pompeo -- it was interesting in the photo of the meeting with president moon of south korea that right next to secretary pompeo was national security
3:52 pm
advisor john bolton who clearly i think is having a very expansive role in all these internal debates. >> bret: leslie, i saw you shaking your head about the summit. here's the president the other day when asked about whether it's going forward or not. >> june 12, are you going to be in singapore? we will see what happens. we are looking at it, talking about it and they are talking to us. we have certain conditions. we will see what happens. there's a good chance. it will be a great thing for north korea. if it happens, will be a great thing for north korea. most important leave would be a great thing for the world, so we will see what happens. >> bret: that's with brian kilmeade today. that's airing tomorrow morning on "fox & friends" ." sounded less enthusiastic about the prospects earlier in the week but seems to say there still a chance. >> there is a chance. i don't think it's going to happen. on june 12. i just don't. i think the fact that he see the coin. then the tough talk with china.
3:53 pm
that changes in china is part of it. when we look historically at this country, this family and this leader, his father and grandfather, we have been here before. we've had promises. we've had meetings. would have had promises of meetings and at the end of the day, nothing materializes. it's interesting we have a president, that's a republican and a republican party who pooh-pooh democrats in sanctions with north korea. >> you're never had the concerted pressure from the u.s. and china. there it's been applied. that's actually got them to the point of even considering. that's the new development. >> i agree and this is something that's not left or right. i'm not a fan of the president. i didn't vote for him. we want world peace. we want to denuclearize
3:54 pm
north korea. if the talks happen and if they happen will it lead to that. i'm not sure this is a man can that can be trusted, kim jong u kim jong un. >> the president or maybe kim are both invested in having this meeting at some point. there was a sense that president was so eager for this that he wasn't willing to go through all the that was necessary, really find out with north korea meant by denuclearization. sounds like they mean something different than what the president means. we don't know what concessions the president wants north korea to make before they get investment from the u.s., the kinds of things he's been saying will make north korea very happy and very rich. >> bret: we will see. we will follow all elements of it. panel, thank you from l.a. and d.c. when we come back, an interesting take on the royal wedding. i had a very minor fender bender tonight
3:55 pm
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight. you saw the pomp and circumstance, the glamour and the kiss, but did any of the millions of royal wedding watchers catch any of this? >> harry and meghan, who is your favorite harry potter character? >> hagreth.
3:59 pm
>> i have a surprise for you. >> it's a golden unicycle. >> i don't want that. that president is fail. >> puppets. you said we have free will. that's what you told me. >> the royal wedding gift brought to you by the creative minds at bad lip reading. i love that i just love it. i could watch it all day. finally, a thank you. my new book three days in moscow. ronald reagan in the fall soviet empire debuted number 5 on the "new york times" best seller's list. thank you very much. if you want to get the books for your local library, i'm giving away five copies, threweare looking find two libraries in each state plus d.c. if you want to nominate a library near you, go to bret fill out the form. we'll get the books out very shortly. but thank you again. thanks for inviting us into
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your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. the story hosted by my colleague martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: new developments tonight. so president trump. >> spies in the campaign yesterday inadvertently. we now call it spy gate. >> president trump at the white house coining a new term today as part of his full throated attacks on reports that confidential fbi source infiltrated the campaign. good evening, everybody. i'm martha maccallum and this is the story. those comments not sitting too well with obama's national security team whom the president has shown no mercy on since the reports broke. james clapper is out with his brand new book and he is talking to a lot of folks about it it's called facts and fear. is he now saying that since leaving his post he now has no doubt that russia swung the 2016