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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 24, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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acknowledged federal data show between 1992 and 2015 few written 3% of children, sides occurred in school. now and then the old gray beatty finds news fit to print. that is all we have to night. now it is time to hand it off to shannon breen. shannon: we begin with this fox news alert. new guidance from the department of justice on high-level intel briefings tomorrow, details coming in minutes ago. it and re-on bipartisan meetings, one of them, he got off the phone with an outraged devon nunez. peter king sat next to the pres. during the ms 13 roundtable. he will way and on what he heard. the left claims the pres.'s fear mongering. the justice department is number 2, what did he get himself into by announcing the inspector general will look into the
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pres.'s claims. tonight the democrats are getting involved in high-level intelligence briefings. you will hear from peter king and molly hemingway on what it all means for the search for answers how the fbi and doj handled the russia investigation. and henry live with breaking details and a heated phone call. >> it was supposed to be devon nunez, trey gary behind closed doors at noon eastern but that has changed under pressure from democrats, the justice department saying there will be a second meeting at 2:00 eastern. devon nunez is fired up, he believes the justice department is playing around with different meetings to make like there was daylight between nunez and some of his colleagues and information would be discussed
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at these meetings, this last-minute change by the justice department was, quote, weak and pathetic and added i will be there at 2:00 pm to watch what they say to make sure it is the same intel, same interpretation of the facts whether there was spying on donald trump's campaign. nunez added this is why americans no longer trust these guys at the justice department, see you at 2:00 pm. they will head to the justice department to meet with fbi director chris ray and rod rosenstein and in the middle of this other top officials dig deep on one or more informants trying to penetrate the trump campaign. at 2:00 the gang of 8, for democrats and republicans go behind closed doors for similar briefing amid signs all the pressure from the pres. is succeeding in turning the tables on obama officials. james clapper, the former director of national intelligence that the intent was not to spy on the trump campaign
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but to figure out what the russians were doing. a mile apart from march 2017 when the pres. charged obama officials conducted surveillance, clapper then falsely claimed it was not true at all, now he says the intent was not to spy leaving the door open to all kinds of things leaving the pres. clapper a lying machine and added it was a good thing he fired james comey, the former fbi chief have tremendous lies about surveillance and other matters which comey pushed back on the pres. but he, like clapper seemed to shift his story, acknowledging some surveillance occurred but stressing it was related, facts matter, the use of confidential human sources is tightly regulated in the central to protecting the country. attacks on the fbi and lying about his work does lasting damage the country, how republicans explain this to their grandchildren? seems like a lot of pressure
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here. the pres. says he wants the truth. >> we now call it spygate, you're calling it spygate. a lot of bad things happened. i want them to get together, hopefully they can work it out among themselves. we are cleaning everything up. what i went is total transparency. >> no one should trust anything they say coming out of that meeting. >> i'm not in control of the invite list. if you're going to show up, show up with an open mind and closed lips. >> seems like a stretch to believe there will be closed lips, leaders in both parties to have open minds, maybe a steeper climb. >> just to recap, we got this information from the doj about this until briefings they have been pushing for information about the source reported to the fbi. >> that is part of the reason he
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is fired up. this was a meeting he is supposed to have with gouty and fbi officials because the subpoena he pushed, let's do that meeting. now it has changed. >> that is happening at 12:00, then a list of the meeting happening at 2:00, all the same players listed including the gang of 8. but he is not on the list of the second meeting. >> that is interesting you say that because i didn't see that list. i was on the phone with nunez and was put out. that is why he is angry, you're right to point that out which is some of the justice department and fbi seems to think the second meeting nunez will not attend. >> >> he is planning on going saying i see you at 2:00 pm because he is a member of the gang of 8, chairman of the house until, the gang of 8, top republican and top democrat, democrat republican on senate intel, seems like everything nunez will get one meeting and
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we will tell the other leaders, he says i'm gone. >> he is part of the gang of 8 but -- >> hard to believe. >> pleading to go to both. senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley challenging doj over extensive reductions showing text messages between fbi officials peter t lisa page who had a bias against the president. suggesting former pres. obama's white house is, quote, running this but no idea what that text was referring to. the letter sent wednesday to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein called for reductions in these texts to be removed by june 6th, rosenstein will be one of the participants in the briefing. there are questions about the deputy attorney general's future, he has been at odds with
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the president, garrett tenney has details of rosenstein's status at the doj tonight. >> do you have confidence in rod rosenstein. >> adapter of using to say if he has confidence in deputy attorney general rod rosenstein donald trump again skirted questions about where the justice department's number 2 stands. >> no, we are not undercutting, we are cleaning everything up. what i want from rod, the fbi and everybody, we want transparency. >> for the past year rosenstein has been a frequent target of donald trump's frustrations with the justice department and robert mueller's investigation. congressional republicans piled on the deputy ag threatening him with impeachment for allegedly stonewalling requests for documents related to the fbi probe of the trump campaign. rosenstein may have been referring to his current situation when he made this
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joke. >> joining other people in criticizing someone usually in an unfair manner. i have experience with that. >> reporter: of yours later he found himself a few seats down from the president at a roundtable discussing gang violence. despite rising tension between the white house and the doj it was a cordial interaction with the president thanking the deputy for his remarks. >> we hope we can get some assistance from congress with these loopholes so law enforcement officers won't have to work so hard. >> we need the laws enhanced quickly. thank you very much. very nice. >> despite those pleasantries chief strategist steve bannon is suggesting rosenstein's days are numbered. >> very shortly rosenstein is going to take the direct order of the pres. rosenstein will be fired.
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>> not clear how much credence we should give to that statement. he had a very public falling out with the president after criticizing the trump children in the book fire and fury but ll street journal ported the two pooh-pooh are once again on speaking terms. shannon: thank you very much major next two guests are examining the alleged deep state of what is going on with the investigations. senior editor of the federalist molly anyway and nypd former cia analyst, great to have you here tonight. we are talking about these meetings are going to happen tomorrow that are the result of this subpoena from devon nunez and we have this list of the two meetings, devon nunez's name is the first one. the gang of 8 is in the second one so it sounds like people can quibble about whether his name was included but sounds like he will be at both. what do you think happens at the meeting tomorrow?
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>> there will be some progress loses about to justice will still be deciding what is presented at this meeting and there will still be a lot of unanswered questions afterwards. it this point one of the problems they have to deal with is they haven't shown a lot of good faith in the process, there is management us amount of stonewalling, trying to do everything possible to avoid giving information that should have been released in advance to the point were devon nunez has to say what is going on here so that is a big problem. i think they also need a better understanding of the need for clarity on what the response is to the spying we heard about. it can't be that spying may be happened, maybe should have been even more in depth than it was. what was going on here and not all these pretend explanations is what we have gotten so far. >> there was a meeting on monday
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with the fbi director and rosenstein and other leaders and there has been some pushback. he wrote an interesting piece that the president may not understand how the executive branch works and the doj works but the former atty. gen. saying more doj norms being eroded, trump, subject of the investigation once access to material related to the inquiry, his congressional supporters want evidence connected to an ongoing investigating. they say no, the institutions are time-tested. >> they need to understand the department of justice exists under the executive branch, they are accountable to the pres. and they are accountable to congress and when congress asks for information they must turn it over. they have been obstructing in doing so many things from a lack of transparency about something that should have congressional oversight. >> is not the only one
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objecting. chuck schumer saying the president of the us to pressure the justice department to reveal detailed documents about an active investigation of the president's campaign for the purpose of denigrating it is a gross and unprecedented abuse of power. >> not a fourth branch of government. people can talk about how they don't like this are what information to get out. very clearly all of a sudden oversight is a dirty word. oversight is authoritarian. democrats making these claims, where is the responsibility and responsiveness on the part of the doj to respond to executive -- not just the executive branch. they have been refusing congressional action on this. as though they think they get to write as they go along. the doj was not created until 1870, like it is the foundation of the republic. a lot of people acting like this is the way it goes and they have the right to tell the president
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know. they do not have that right. they can't say we are not showing you this. they work for him. >> is it helpful there will be democrats included in the second meeting so they see the same until at the same time? >> we don't know what will be shared so hard to say. what we do know is there has been a subpoena and they need to respond. whether they are suddenly deciding to be transparent in some way is fine. people have a great deal of reason to be skeptical because of how much the justice department has been claims, the way other redacting documents, misleading people about the nature of an investigation. for a year people claiming it
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was ludicrous to think that the part of justice was spying on the trump campaign and now we are told they spike, it was for their own good, you don't need to ask questions. this is an unprecedented situational i hope it is unprecedented and we have so much we need to know as americans. if they were doing nothing wrong which is their claim they should have no fear of people learning more about it at the processes and procedures they use. but at the very least they need to respond to that congressional subpoena and that is the norm being broken, that is the constitutional is being broken that is most dangerous. >> we know a draft is circulating, we know that is coming and maybe it will answer these questions. >> and kick open some old wounds. we will see something we are not going to like. the more information we get, turns out doesn't look good for the doj. shannon: house until peter king is going to be with us with reaction but first new tonight donald trump looking at using national security laws to impose new tariffs on automobile imports. in favor of autoworkers and against china, new diplomatic
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tensions with beijing and on capitol hill richardson explains. >> secretary of state mike pompeo is another us government employees experiencing the symptoms of a suspected sonic attack. this time in china. after meeting with chinese foreign minister secretary of state mike pompeo is a medical team is traveling to china to evaluate workers at the american consulate. the secretary says us government employee there has symptoms similar to those of two doesn't american diplomats hard-working cuba noting the chinese government has been cooperative. >> we notified china of what took place the best we know it and they have responded in a way that is exactly the right response, monitor the commitment under the vienna convention to take care of dibble answering the country. >> reporter: the us announced it revoked invitation to china to
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participate in international naval exercises, the pentagon says china's continued military construction in the disputed area of the cell china sea, the foreign minister contends its military presence in the south china sea is for defensive purposes likening it to the us military presence in hawaii or guam and also testified this morning before the house foreign affairs committee to discuss the state department's budget request for next year. the most combative moment, and encounter overspending on security for diplomats and pompeo's time in congress and aggressive questioning of hillary clinton during the 2015 benghazi hearing. gregory meeks, democrat from new york questions why he failed to this customer vladeck security at his confirmation hearing. >> never make an accusation. >> if i could just explain. >> we want to give the secretary chance to respond. >> you do not do that with secretary clinton. >> responding to budget cuts the secretary says diplomatic security is not extended. shannon: thank you very much.
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the pres. focusing on ms 13 at a law-enforcement roundtable where he claimed us immigration laws leave a lot to be desired. >> playing loopholes and laws that enable ms 13 gang members and other criminals to infiltrate our communities. shannon: peter king was sitting next to the pres. and joins us to discuss it. thanks for making time to discuss it. what do you make of the fact the left is saying this is basically fear mongering, trump has used looming fears of ms 13 violence and other similar incidents to push a flagrantly racist immigration platform that predominately targets people of color like south and central american immigrants and those from muslim majority countries and conflates immigrants with organized crime. >> the fact is the people being hurt by ms 13 are hispanic
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community and the immigrant community. there are no white middle-class people being killed by ms 13. they are going after the hispanic community, cutting off their faces, cutting off fingers, cutting out hearts, decapitating people, young people, 13, 14, 15 being killed by other people 14, 15, 16 years old, these communities are being terrorized by ms 13. everyone, left and right, republican or democrat should be thanking donald from. you can disagree with him on other issues but on this one targeting ms 13 is the right thing to do and the parents of those young people who were murdered -- two parents explicitly said these people are animals. >> you had a close personal experience with this because they have been a couple dozen murders in the long island area in the last couple years attributed to ms 13, it is not a partisan issue. there is nothing political about it. i had to stop reading them because they are so horrific, people who are here doing harm
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to innocent individuals. is it something that can come to a bipartisan solution? the president talked about loopholes, the atty. gen. talks about loopholes. is there enough motivation on capitol hill to get something done? >> whatever donald trump opposes democrats attack him, say no. having this meeting today drives home to the public how evil these people are and could cause enough democrats to realize it is time to do the right thing, they can argue with donald trump but this should not be a partisan issue, it is the human issue, and american issue and thank god for the pres. and what he's doing today and if he had seen those people in the room today, very few registered republicans, they were cheering donald trump for what he was doing and want the police to be doing more and he is doing a great job.
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police brutality, those people today want the police to be even more aggressive. >> something partisan in nature and will be bipartisan is this meeting involving the doj and information. a number of lawmakers, two different meetings but we know the second one will be bipartisan in nature. remember the house until committee, what do you hope will be revealed tomorrow? >> what was the basis of this investigation, when did the fbi first learn something was going on? i examined everything i can, no evidence of collusion anywhere, no basis for the investigation of her being started. maybe the fbi and justice department have something to show, but up until now there hasn't been and out of their way to block it out, make it
12:21 am
difficult to find out what is happening, what caused them to start this investigation, was not just a political hit job, people in their own silo, i didn't see any basis for the investigation being started nevermind going on for a year and a half. >> is a double democrats will be included, the partisanship that has been around the conversation? >> you would hope so but democrats were asking for this information all along, devon nunez and drag out he had to demand this information. democrats were interested in getting the information -- they were part of the denial process. anytime devon nunez -- attacked by the democrats. they could have joined in the application and the subpoena but want to be part of the show. shannon: he hopes people will stop with open minds and close lips because we -- we will wait to see what we do or don't hear about these briefings, thanks for joining us.
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the mayor called it disturbing. the video of sterling brown's controversial arrest is released, we will take you live to milwaukee in the nfl takes a stand against players kneeling during the national anthem but plenty of pushback including from an unlikely source. is the nfl violating the concept of free-speech. we will debate it. that is next. i no wondering, "what if?" uncertainties of hep c. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b,
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>> shannon: knew tonight, milwaukee on edge bracing for potential rise has police release body cam footage of nba pl >> riots, release body camp for coverage of the arrest. >> this evening milwaukee police chief apologized to sterling browninvestigation concluded so the officers that arrested him did so inappropriately and were disciplined. newly obtained police video appears to show the nba player parked his car the wrong way across two is not three handicapped parking spaces in front of walgreens in january in milwaukee. police wait for sterling brown to come outside, ask brown if you notice anything wrong with the way he is part and then ask for his id and later asked him to take his hands out of his pocket and he doesn't seem to
12:27 am
comply with any of those requests. several police officers tackle brown and case him. here is some of that police video. >> you don't see the issue here? your parked across 3 lanes. >> take your hands out of your pockets now. >> taser! taser! taser! >> sterling brown released a statement saying in part my experience in january with the milwaukee police department was wrong. it shouldn't happen to anybody. what should have been a simples parking ticket turned into police intimidation followed by the unlawful use of physical force including being handcuffed and tased and unlawfully booked. situations like mine are worse happen every day in the black community. being a voice for people who can't be heard and out of the platform i have has a responsibility i take seriously
12:28 am
and tonight here his reaction from the milwaukee mayor. >> this is an individual who parked in a place where he shouldn't have parked. the fact that it escalated to what happened is what disturbed me the most. we as a city, individuals, these are all people, everyone has to learn how to defuse these situations. >> milwaukee has been home to violent protests and rights in recent years, the mayor and clergy were concerned about reaction but fortunately tonight it seems peaceful in milwaukee. >> good to let folks take a look at what happened. new back lash from both sides over a decision from nfl owners requiring players to stand for the national anthem. one owner abstained from the vote but the nfl says the change was approved unanimously by the others. democratic strategist michael
12:29 am
starr hopkins and larry o'connor in washington dc, associate opinion editor at the washington times, thank you for joining us. guy benson, one of our frequent guests, folks know him welcome he says this, i don't appreciate and them kneeling which most fans find disrespectful but the issue was receiving with limited participation, nfl's will change is overkill in my opinion especially given their odd standards on other matters. i do too but i love football across the board. it is well-documented that they have been cracking down on symbols and 9/11 tributes and breast-cancer tributes and other things but this seems to be one area where it has been inconsistent. >> i think what the nfl is doing is more about the bottom line than it is what is morally the right answer. this does a disservice to the
12:30 am
conversation because we need to have a conversation about the relationship between law enforcement and african american community. on both sides there is fear and what you're seeing is with sterling brown, i could name numerous other cases across the country where we are seeing law enforcement a different americans end up in situations where unarmed black flip who are dying. we need to have this conversation. >> players can stay off the field or another hidden areas but if they on the field they are expected to stand. if they kneel or do any other particularly, looks like they are protesting there will be signs. if there are fines i will pay them, i don't want to shut down my players ability to have free-speech. she tracks week by week what the pres. is doing to take over this country in an authoritarian manner, she says this is not normal, pay attention to rights and protections despair each week, this is an un-american act
12:31 am
taken to placate an authoritarian leader. >> it is ridiculous. there is no free-speech being inhibited, nothing stopping any of these multimillionaires from having the conversation about what they believe to be racism in the police department in this country, they have every camera and every microphone in america poised and ready to record their statement, they can go like any one of us to the public square and make it known. if their employer is telling them they must respect the flag during the and them, if they don't wish to do that they can stay in the locker room. that's a lot of leeway. your employer does not inhibit your free-speech, you don't have the right to say what you want which i would say to the owner of the new york jets free expression means wearing whatever clothes you want. you want them to wear a giants uniform when they are out playing on your behalf? i don't think that was why does he want to inhibit their free-speech? this is disrespectful what these players have done, there are
12:32 am
many men and women who wear the american flag on their arm and fight and die for this country for liberty and this is been abhorrent to them, it hurts the league, i love the nfl. shannon: to people take to the field and neil? >> i think these players absolutely are still going to kneel. >> i think they will neil and i think it will advance the conversation and they will prevail. >> can't wait for football season. >> hail to the redskins. >> there we go. something we agree on. thanks, gentlemen. as the california primary approaches, front-runner for governor gavin newsom calling for free healthcare for everyone but another says that will bankrupt the state, are democrat struggling to get on the same page? after raising taxes to help with the city's homes problem seattle is at it again raising property
12:33 am
taxes and more could be on the way. when is enough enough? that story is next. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. boost optimum. be up for life.
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>> the race to be california ave. governors he to get tonight. gavin newsom's free healthcare for all maybe helping his poll numbers patella democratic candidates is it is a political fantasy. all the details tonight at the newport capital the republican into dead heat for second place in deep blue territory. >> with obama she care pushing insurance rates guy high healthcare is back on center stage in the company governor's race and front runner gavin newsom is more than happy to placate the state's far left wing of the democratic party by pushing for taxpayer financed single-payer health care, like bernie sanders medicare for all. when news was mayor of san francisco he signed first in the nation city law that gave robust healthcare benefits to illegal
12:38 am
immigrants and the uninsured. expert say newsom is locked to pick the top spot in the california primary so the real battle is for second place to see who goes head to head with newsom in november. top contenders are los angeles mayor antonio the lower go so supported healthcare for illegal immigrants during his time in office, now he says single-payer healthcare is a farce quoting anybody for it is selling snake oil. it has got to go to a vote of the people, people would have to double their taxes to the tune of $200 billion and that is saying something considering california has the highest taxes in the country. the other top candidate is will the real estate investor and republican john cox who says healthcare is too bureaucratic and uncompetitive. here he is on special report. >> i intend is a businessman to deliver results for the people of california, make the state affordable, open for business.
12:39 am
>> even front runner gavin newsom admits no one knows how to implement single payer healthcare because it has never been done before. speaking of raising taxes seattle wants to do it again. last year seattle boosted property taxes 17% to pay for public education, now city want another property tax hike to pay for more public education. here's the city councilmember followed by a resident. >> we made a commitment that we were going to expand preschool. >> making it impossible for the middle class living seattle. if we keep going down this road nobody will be up to live in seattle but the very rich and homeless. >> the city passed a controversial employee tax to raise money for the homeless. >> thank you. how much of a political headache is the resistance turning out to be in california and the other democrats? former advisor to bill clinton
12:40 am
doug shown in politics editor of the national journal, great to have you with us tonight. let's start with worries democrats have that there are some primaries that show they are going more progressive in some areas, surprised to see that in kentucky and one of the races. congressman cleaver is quoted as saying this. the democrats are focusing so much on trump and the carnival around him that we don't spend enough time talking about who we are and what we will do if voters give us a chance in the majority. >> i couldn't agree more with congressman cleaver who is in the past is been a client of mine. this is an issue of unity. i wrote in a piece on the democrats are facing civil war between the progressives and the moderates. it is also a battle between the outsiders and the insiders and there is no message, no strategy
12:41 am
and the polling is showing close to a dead heat on the generic vote. what congressman cleaver said is exactly right. >> the democrats be panicking or is it baked into the case, there will be roller coaster rides between now and november and it will stabilize? >> democrats have a lot of opportunities in their slight favorites to retake a house majority but no doubt they are nominating pretty far left candidates in a number of really important house seats, one race in pennsylvania they nominated the grandson of the former socialist presidential candidate henry wallace, very far to the left in that district, they nominated someone who was a single-pay supporter who has attentive insurance companies. in california, supposed to be the political goldmine for house democrats, nancy pelosi's home
12:42 am
state but it is turning into a political fake because they have a number of democratic nominees who are too far to the left or very scandalized given personal misconduct lowering their chances of winning and that is one of the most of critic state in the country, this is a real challenge, democrats look like they would have a big wave, not looking as sizable. >> polling is improving for the pres. and the republicans on the generic ballot for the tax plan a pass now that it is feeding to people's paychecks and reality is sitting in. nancy pelosi is saying she does expect to be the speaker again it has no doubt her members are going to support her. that is music to the gop's years. they are happy to run against her and will put her in every ad they can. >> exactly right. democrats are lacking message, the president has made it clear and i'm a democrat so i'm not pleased with this but you have record economic growth, record stock market performance, lowest african-american and hispanic
12:43 am
unemployment in generations and the democrats don't have an alternative messagothean resist and redistribute, employment for all, healthcare for all and as you were saying these are losers. >> i want to read something else more tempered here in the washington examiner, some democratic strategists believe pundits and washington party leaders are overreacting, they argue only a few races will be compromised by ineffectual progressive nominees, trump is sufficient to unify the hillary clinton and bernie sanders wings and democrats will lose in centrist republican crossover votes they can make up for in grassroots turnout. final word to you. >> depend on the district they are running in but no doubt democratic base is energized to a point we haven't seen in a long time but you can lose winnable races by nominating candidates that are out of the
12:44 am
mainstream. it happened to republicans in 2010 with candidates too far to the right. democrats want candidates to run on issues, healthcare, the economy. the base is pushing them too far to the left. >> you said they want to win or placate the base and that is the question they will have as they make these decisions. great to have both of you with us. it took a while but now it is official, jared kushner gets top security clearance, chief congressional correspondent catherine herridge reports on what it means when we return. when you can do it out there. with this clever little app called audible. you can listen to the stories you love while doing the things you love, outside. everyone's doing it she's binging... they're binging... and... so is he. so put on your headphones, turn on audible and binge better.
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>> fox news confirms that the model for copresidents on the law jared kushner recently received h >> fox news confirms the pres.'s son-in-law jared kushner recently received full security clearance made it lawyers they spoke to robert mueller last month for 7 hours addressing all topics and was handled by the book. >> it happened in normal course, the way it happens for thousands of people, it goes to initially the bureau who does the background investigation, takes time, then gets placed through various agencies, gets to the white house, a special office, security measures, they are all career people, there was nobody in the political process. >> kushner was working off of policy issues on behalf of the pres. was the interim clearance was downgraded after john kelly issued new rules and kushner's
12:49 am
security investigation had not been completed. with the investigation over the white house the clearance became a major media story. >> is this a distraction given the controversy? >> jared is a valued member of the administration and he will focus on the work he has been doing and we will continue pushing forward on that front. >> reporter: a former intelligence community vigilance inspector general described the decision is significant given the ongoing mueller probe because he said the matter would have been reviewed and approved at the highest levels of the fbi, access to classified material no matter what level the clearance would only happen if there were no outstanding counterintelligence concerns. >> next up, just paul is standing by, he is awfully close to the active volcano. we will take you to the danger zone when we return. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient.
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shannon: sterling new images of the dangerous you striking seen in hawaii as the kilauea volcano eruptions continue. jeff is in the thick of it
12:54 am
tonight. >> reporter: we are standing a few hundred yards from two active fishers that have converged on the big island of hawaii. you can feel the heat like someone left the oven open and the sounds are incredible, two waves crashing together into different taste in the air. you can spell what the lava is burning in its path. in between those lava fountains you can see a pool of lava and that's what scientists are worried about. that found in those streams of lava are growing in size and speed, very unpredictable. have a mile from where we are standing, so many residents are concerned that if lofa reaches it which is 300 yards away from the well pad there could be exclusions or releases of toxic steam. geologists are tracking this fall cano and the activity very
12:55 am
closely because it is incredibly unpredictable. the estimate some of the houses could be swallowed up within 24 hours. on the big island of hawaii. >> every day after his job at usps in houston 35 lewis jordan picks up his mother at her job and every day when his mother walks out of work, this is what she sees, her son lewis holding an umbrella for an elderly woman shielding her from the texas heat as she waits for a bus that is constantly late. the police officer stopped by to check out the situation and make sure everyone was okay one day. after the photo went viral jordan was healed is the role that this is what he said. it doesn't take a lot. i just do what i can. all kinds of simple things we can do to look out for each other and make things a little better. tune in to "fox and friends" tomorrow morning for an
12:56 am
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heather: this is "fox and friends first," on the east coast donald trump railing against the deep state as lawmakers prepare to lay eyes on the documents they are waiting for but not without awarning. >> on-minded and closed lips. don't leak. heather: we are live in washington ahead of two blockbuster briefings. is it on or off? new threats from north korea about canceling the high-stakes summit. what does it mean for the site that is set to be


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