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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 24, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: this is "fox and friends first," on the east coast donald trump railing against the deep state as lawmakers prepare to lay eyes on the documents they are waiting for but not without a warning. >> open-minded and closed lips. don't leak. heather: we are live in washington ahead of two blockbuster briefings. is it on or off? new threats from north korea about canceling the high-stakes summit. what does it mean for the site that is set to be destroyed at
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any minute? turns out the medicine made just for babies is downright dangerous. the urgent warning all terrorists need to hear. good morning to you this thursday morning, live shot of new york city, people slowly getting moving. wherever you are we appreciate you joining us this morning as always. let's get our top stories because a lot of stuff happening today, donald trump blasting the so-called deep state ahead of two big bipartisan meetings at the justice department. tray gaudi warning the invited
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democrats not to leak. griff jenkins live with the latest. is that a lot to ask? >> that his message. two intelligence briefings take place as democrats have a seat at one of them. what does that mean? answering questions whether the fbi was trying to insert an informant into the pres. campaign, something the president said would be unprecedented. >> look like a very serious event but they will find out, when we look at the documents people will see bad things happened. i hope it is not so. if it is there has never been anything like it in the history of our country. we now call it spy gate. >> reporter: original participants requested by house chairman devon nunez and tray gaudi along with fbi director chris ray and rod rosenstein. democrats complain the second
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meeting was added. as long as no one leaks. >> don't care who is invited. the only thing i ask is if you're going to show up show up with an open mind and closed lips. don't leak like is when we get through with the meeting. >> the second classified briefing takes place it to:00, the gang of 8 includes top republicans and democrats of each chamber and on the intelligence committee nancy pelosi had this to say. >> there shouldn't be a republican briefings which i've never seen anything like this, this is highly unusual you would have such a briefing in the middle of an investigation and that it should be partisan is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: one notable leader who will not be attending as paul ryan because of a long-standing scheduling commitment.
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the outcome is classified. heather: democrats did not request information which is why they were having the meeting to begin with, it is not like democrats were purposely not invited from what i understand. >> correct, they are complaining of transparency. >> appreciate it. democratic congressman eric falwell has been an outspoken critic of the trump administration and even he admits the obama white house dropped the ball. when he was asked why the former administration's concerns about russia was never made public until after reports surfaced about campaign infiltration. >> there were many red flags that were missed and to put this in context donald trump was also telling the american people the election was going to be read and intelligence officials
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acknowledged that plate into their decision whether to tell the american people what the russians were doing because they didn't want to play into that false narrative donald trump was piddling. i think that was the wrong paul on the obama administration. >> they were so concerned the russians had something over this campaign or this candidate it makes no sense that they wouldn't have briefed them. >> i agree. >> he went on to say he still believes there is evidence of collusion but no conclusions should be drawn until robert mueller finishes the investigation. we have no idea when that will be. to north korea, issuing brand-new threats against the us, once again putting next month's high-stakes summit in singapore in question is journalists touchdown to witness the historic dismantling of a nuclear test site. todd biro joins us to break it down and what it means. >> we are following two big developments. all lies on the secretive nuclear test site near the chinese border with foreign media there for the destruction of the access tunnels, new
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satellite images just-released following kim jong un's promised to dismantle the only known nuclear test site located many a mountain but in this the hermit kingdom threatening to back away from the much-anticipated upcoming summit with the us calling mike pence, quote, a political dummy. that extends from his fox news interview on monday on the story. >> with kim jong un, through the south koreans, reached out and said he would suspend his nuclear testing, suspend ballistic testing and be willing to achieve complete denuclearization through toxin exchange for a meeting with donald trump. the pres. readily said yes and there was some talk about the libyan model last week. as the pres. made clear, this will only end like the libyan
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model ended if kim jong un doesn't make a deal. >> that you do this from the foreign minister. i cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing from the mouth of the us vice president. we will neither big the us for dialogue or take the trouble to persuade them if they do not want to sit together with us. secretary of state mike pompeo is hopeful the summit will proceed but there is a substantial change the meetings won't happen or the date could slide. as we often say, stay tuned. heather: it is constantly changing. >> this could be negotiation, keep that in mind. >> could be watching what donald trump does and tried to emulate it. donald trump is considering cutting foreign aid when criminal illegals cross our
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borders. >> we are going to deduct a large amount of money from what we give them innate if we give them aid at all. they encourage people, they don't want the people we are getting in that country. >> the pres. speaking at a roundtable on ms 13 and doubling down on calling gang members animals. evelyn rodriguez his daughter was brutally murdered by ms 13 was at the meeting and she joins us in a few minutes and we really appreciate that. today mourners will pay respects to a slain baltimore police officer. amy capri a will be laid to rest tomorrow. three teenagers face murder charges and adapt. the officer was responding to a call about the teenagers robbing a home when their getaway driver ran over her with a stolen jeep. under state law if someone is killed during a burglary accomplices can be found guilty
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of murder as well. santa fe high school shooting survivors and their families are set to sit down with governor greg abbott to talk about gun violence. it will be the third and last of the roundtable discussion. the exchange student buried near her grandparents, services for more victims scheduled for tonight. the trump administration working overnight to get critics on board about the chinese tech company cte. steve mnuchin and wilbur ross meeting with several gop senators to address national security concerns. this could allow cte to do business with the state if they pay hefty fines. and exchange sign it could lift tariffs on us agriculture. if they violated sanctions making deals with iran and north korea. donald trump taking care of the nation's heroes before memorial
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day, expected to sign a landmark bill passed by the senate given more healthcare choices. it creates rules to seek treatment from outside doctors creating a commission to review the a facilities and gives expanded benefits to pay for caregivers for pre-9/11 death. happening today three tons of supplies about to arrive at the international space station. the orbital ktk spacecraft is expected in about an hour after blasting off from virginia on monday. that rocket bringing things like supplies, equipment and science experiments. the 6 astronauts on board, three are americans. that will always be cool. even the loyal won't be left
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alone, that chilling threat from an isis fighter targeting prince george. what we learned about afforded attack on the future king and 6 patients can bypass the fda thanks to the right to try bill but is that the best idea? dr. nicole safire joins us in the next half hour with the pro-s and content if you want a ticket to an nfl game go to school, the district is bribing kids to learn. stay with us. ♪ easy as 1-2-3 ♪
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> donald trump is calling for a nationwide crackdown on, quote, animal gained members were wreaking havoc on american communities. >> ms 13 gang members. i call them animals the other day and i was met with rebuke. they said they are people.
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they are not people. these are animals and we have to be very very tough. shannon: the pres. offering words of compassion and support for parents of ms 13 victims during his visit to the epicenter of the crisis and one of those parents evelyn rodriguez joined me now with her reaction. thank you for joining us again, we appreciate it. you were there yesterday, you heard what the pres. had to say. what are your thoughts initially? >> it is great that he is aware that we have an issue with ms 13 and he's giving great support to law enforcement and the attention that it needs in order to get things done. shannon: what did you think when the initial response developed
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in regards to him referring to ms 13 gang members as animals. >> he's not the only person who has said that. numerous people have been saying that including the community. the words they use to describe their actions. >> how can a human being do what they are accused of doing including your daughter, kayla, and her best friend, lisa, whose birthday was the next day, the 14th. they were brutally murdered and attacked by ms 13 gang members and part of the reason was retaliation because your daughter had spoken out about them at school and on social media. >> she was having problems, stood her ground, refusing to be targeted pushed on.
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she was brave. >> i can't imagine, you never recover from something like that. you are going out, trying to get some action primarily dealing with schools. >> schools in long island have an issue. they keep denying that they don't have a problem but they do. i just hope one day they realize you need to start asking for help, get the resource programs to make sure kids have the help they need. >> people like you know what you are talking about because you have been through it. did you hear anything from donald trump or anyone else who was there, promising specific idea in terms of what needs to happen moving forward? >> he is supporting law enforcement. they need support from him in
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all levels of government, just uniting us to share information, ideas or whatever information comes in. the plans are there, they are trying to do new things, you can see the difference in the community. even the kids you can see kids playing in the park, you see kids riding their bikes which you haven't seen. >> how sad is that for that to be unusual interest to say that is such a great thing, it is said that it had to stop. >> people in the community watch their surroundings. it is a long run and there's a lot of work to be done but it started because of the process. >> appreciate you joining us and my heart goes out to you and lisa's parents and everyone else impacted by ms 13.
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the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and sugarcoating lies, elon musk taking a page from donald trump's playbook blasting the media. his plan to be rate journalists. >> you know what you are up against and it is part of the fun of the challenge. shannon: stepping into an iconic role the new han solo opens up about the challenge of keeping the star wars legacy alive. ♪ mom, dad, can we talk?
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sure. what's up son? i can't be your it guy anymore. what? you guys have xfinity. you can do this. what's a good wifi password, mom? you still have to visit us. i will. no. make that the password: "you_stillóhave_toóvisit_us." that's a good one. [ chuckles ] download the xfinity my account app and set a password you can easily remember. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. heather: what caused an air force training jet to crash and burst into flames? both pilots, an instructor and student eject it safely. they are now out of the hospital but have not yet been
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identified. this is the second crash in the last 6 months. capt. paul barber died when his plane went down in texas in november. the devastating volcano in hawaii becoming more intense by the day. now we have blue flames rising from cracks in the ground indicating explosive methane gas which occurs when lava burns plants. this video showing massive cracks in the ground, this was under a house and now we have this stunning time lapse capturing the glow of the volcano piercing the clouds during erections above the big island's mount kilauea. remarkable pictures we are getting day after day but bad news that it is intensifying. the tail upon solo and chewbacca. solo:a star wars story hitting
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theaters this weekend. michael was lucky enough to sit down with the stars. >> one of my favorite franchises of all. we met chewbacca before. iconic action heroes. the cast gave me a sneak peek. >> i'm going to be a pilot, the best in the galaxy. >> you capture the essence upon solo. were you intimidated? >> yes, you know what you are up against and it is part of the fun of the challenge, taking on all that stuff. >> the origin stories you see different parts of the universe you haven't seen before. and have so much fun. >> i loved that because i didn't feel i was making a sequel but i felt our job was to push the
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boundaries. >> i am putting together a crew. >> all about finding young on solo and letting him grow into the iconic figure we are going to recognize later. >> you in? that is it. >> the underlying theme of trafficking and equal rights and empowerment. >> cool to be in a fictitious movie where they don't have to touch that stuff and they do and they didn't have to do that. >> i love the marketing partnerships. an obvious partnership. his team would you rather be on. >> i have to be on team on. >> i would say so. >> thought we were in trouble for a second but it is fine. we are fine.
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>> looks pretty good. >> it picks up where harrison ford left off. no easy feat to pull off and he does a great job and you have some work to do. you haven't seen a star wars movie to date. >> i got all these responses. i have to really catch up. >> we have a long weekend ahead of us. >> who are you? >> on solo. i like -- >> strip throat. >> have a great day. it is half past the top of the hour. almost. stand or pair? the nfl unveiling a new national anthem policy. >> i wish he said if you disrespect the national anthem you won't play. >> roger goodell and the nfl are
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trying to please everyone. heather: the pushback from football fans. the 30-year-old millennial kicked out of his parents house sharing his side of the story, he says he needs more time. carly shimkus has comments flooding social media. ♪ you won't see these folks at the post office they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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cancel anytime, and your books are yours to keep forever. no matter where you go this summer make it better with audible. text summer10 to 500500 to start listening today. >> stand up or stay in the locker room. the nfl issuing a new rule penalizing teams of their players neil during the national income. not everyone is happy about it. jackie ibanez is live with reaction. >> standing for freedom. team is approving a new policy requiring players to stand during the national anthem. the only exception players can choose to remain in the locker room. seems we find if players take a knee during the star-spangled
1:31 am
banner but the league is leaving it to each team to determine individual discipline for players, the policy after the nfl dip in ratings during boycotts from fans upset about and some protests as you likely remember. donald trump calling on owners to fix it. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that guy off the field right now, he is fired. fired! >> not mincing words with roger goodell praising the will saying we want people to be respectful to the national anthem. we went them to stand, make sure they treat the moment in respectful fashion, something we think we owe. mike pence weighing in, americans can come together on what unites us, the flag, the military and the national anthem but there is pushback, the ceo and chairman of the new york jets christopher johnson is backing his plays right to
1:32 am
protest saying he will gladly pay any fines, no player will be punished, this despite jets players never taking a knee during the 2017 season. the owner of the san francisco 49ers 17. colin kaepernick, abstained from the vote. whitlock says he thinks the players should stand, so some respect, listen to this. >> i think roger goodell and the nfl are trying to please everyone and i am not sure he can accomplish that. some people are heartened the players that take the field will be called upon to stand and respect the national anthem and the flag but i think he is opening an opportunity for conversation about the players that don't come out on the field
1:33 am
and that will drive a discussion about the nfl that might be uncomfortable and not what believed once. i wish he had just said if you come out and disrespect the national anthem you won't play. he will get paid but you won't play. that would force nfl owners and coaches to be more vigilant about who was on their team and whether the players wants to hurt their team by honoring their protests. >> we were talking about people saying they are not even watching the nfl because of this. interesting to see how this will play out. we asked if you like the ruler of it is too little too late and comment are pouring in. you love to talk about roger goodell and the spineless nfl owners brought this on themselves, they should stop this at the beginning, too little too late, no fans left, boycott nfl. this great rule standing up for
1:34 am
the flag is an honor, this is nothing to do with playing the game. disrespect should never be tolerated.. bench them without pay or cut them loose. they are employees of a business. we will see what happens. a lot of season-ticket holders turned in their season-ticket. >> there will be some empty seats. keep your opinions coming. fox news alert. isis terror suspects on trial accused of telling the bulls to attack britain's king george. prosecutors say the man who is a teacher at a london mosque also provided electronic toolkit to terrorists online. jurors also learning he wanted to inject poison into supermarket ice cream and encouraged attacks on a new york city halloween parade. he has pleaded not guilty. award patrol agent shoots and kills an illegal immigrant in an apparent act of self-defense. the agent ambushed by illegals
1:35 am
in texas after responding to a report of illegal activity on the border. officials say the group hit him with, quote, blunt objects, three illegals in connection with that attack are in custody. the fbi and texas rangers are investigating. despite uncertainty donald trump is preparing for next month's summit with north korea if it is still on. the commander-in-chief says demand need to be met before he sits down with him. >> we be in singapore? >> we will see what happens. we are looking at it and talking about it and they are talking to us. we have certain conditions. we will see what happens but there's a good chance. if it happens it will be go great thing for north korea. it would be a great thing for the world so we will see what happens. >> you can catch bronchial made's interview today on "fox and friends" starting at 6:00 am
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eastern. thousands of our nation's heroes docking in new york city, the navy brass band will hold a massive concert this weekend as fleet week officially gets underway. you can meet the sailors and marines, coast guard and. the band will join "fox and friends" with a special performance. a beautiful site watching those beautiful ships on the hudson river yesterday. a judge just ordered him to vacate his parents home after he refused to move out. now the unemployed 30-year-old is speaking out to fox news about being booted. >> i don't want to be there. it is not so much that i won't leave for that i don't want to leave. i just need enough time. >> you keep saying that but you have had eight years. >> the very second notice is the first notice i received, first i heard of the decision my parents wanted me to leave.
1:37 am
>> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with online reaction to the latest excuse was i want to know what people think. >> you heard his side of the story. after a judge ruled in his parents favor ordering him to get out of their house was his parents took him to court after five eviction notices and even offered to give him help finding job and an apartment, he refused all of that so how could this have happened and who is at fault here? thousands of people have waited on this story. rollins on twitter says it is time to be a man and leave -- pat says i blame the parents. if they had raised him correctly he would have been on his own years ago. gary on twitter says tough love, get out of mommy's basement. he says he is going to do just that, just needs three more months. he has been there eight years.
1:38 am
there was a movie like this with matthew mcconaughey and they hired sarah jessica parker to fall in love with him to get him out of the house. maybe they should try it. elon musk ranting against the media. this may sound familiar to some folks, he went on a twitter tirade against what he considers the fake news media tweeting holier than thou hypocrisy of big media companies who lay claim to the truth that publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie is why the public no longer respects them. he offered a potential solution saying creating a site where the public and rate the core truth of any article and track the credibility score over time of each journalist, editor and publication, some folks think he is onto something. silent majority says highly in
1:39 am
favor of this, they need to keep the media in check, much less bias from all sources, just facts would be ideal. susan says i love the idea of being able to rate journalists. have a responsible honest organization, set this up as soon as possible. there are sites like this fact checking sites online, snopes is one of them. in on the action. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and the university of minnesota found room, ben shapiro bounced off campus. how it is costing them big time. should the pres. be allowed to block his critics on twitter? the judge just ruled. ♪ thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance.
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>> donald trump cannot block his critics on twitter, a judge ruling it violates the first amendment calling his account a public forum. the pres. has blocked critics who disappear with him politically in the past was a case brought by several blocked users and the group at columbia university. we will see what happens next on that. go to school and you could win tickets to a football game. the message that education officials in washington dc are giving students essentially bribing them to go to class with a pledge to improve attendance. they enter to win prizes like movie or sports tickets. the high school with the most improved attendance will get a pool party. for class records in dc, we will let you know if that works. closing up shop, deadly crash causing uber to shut down its operations in arizona.
1:44 am
the latest move, good morning. >> reporter: closing up self driving test in arizona, and will lay off 300 people. after the deadly accident two month ago when a self driving vehicle hit a pedestrian in tempe, arizona. they continue their autonomous feel vehicle testing in pittsburgh. that governor of arizona welcomed uber to do its testing but after that accident, those tests were suspended. this is why they decided to shut up shop. heather: the makers of candy hearts have been sold at auction. >> reporter: that is correct. the makers of those hearts have
1:45 am
been -- long-standing historical, and those waivers as well. heather: those are the little hearts? i love you or -- >> have a great day. almost 15 minutes until the top of the hour. our next guest dr. nicole safire is here with what parents need to know. a dog found 10 states away from home. strangers join forces to return the pop to its owners was the best story you will hear all morning. ♪
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heather: donald trump signing the right to try bill into law which offers terminal patients the choice to try experiential treatment even without fda approval. is this a good idea or a bad thing for patients. dr. nicole safire, thank you for joining us. let's show people what this right to try law would say, to authorize use, diagnosed with a terminal illness, what do you think of this it does it have to be a terminal illness? >> the fda is america's watchdog, keeps fake products off the market and unsafe products. the right to try law is essentially making sure those with terminal illnesses who have
1:50 am
no other options have access to drug companies to have medications or treatments that may work but haven't proven safe through the fda. we have a process like that in place by the fda and they approve 99% of requests in these instances but this is just really a great way for the united states to show we are there to give americans every option possible when it comes to terminal illnesses. heather: does the drug have to be in the process of approval? >> they have to complete phase 1. after phase i a lot of drugs don't make it through fda approval. the problem is people getting these medications, as a physician we don't know the side effects to look for their safety profile. it is a little concerning because we want to make sure the fda is aware of the medications. however, in an emotional sense
1:51 am
it makes sense because if you or someone you love, you want to give them every chance. >> there is always that hope issued to give the patient. let's talk about the next issue, a warning to avoid homeopathic teething products. >> go to any baby i'll you will see medications equivalent to the adult ones, orajel that you can rub on babies gums, the fda has for years put warnings out saying you don't take them but they are getting more serious and encouraging them to get them off the cells because there is a component in these medicines that can displace oxygen from the child's blood, from the hemoglobin. this can happen in adults, being a child effects are more severe with a smaller amount of medication. when it comes to teething don't use the numbing medication, gum
1:52 am
massage -- bill: will outgrow it. i have not heard about it but leave it to twitter. i started seeing sunscreen pills they are telling people to take and it will protect them from the sun's rays but it is not true. >> reporter: you cannot replace sunscreen with a pill. they are packed with antioxidants which are great for your skin and have proven sun damage effects and protect you in the long term from sun damage but they are not protecting you from acute sun damage, getting burned. people are taking this medication at not applying sunscreen and that is a no-no. heather: if you take medication make sure you put sunscreen on as well. longsleeved, pants, hats. heather: remember the pills they used to have that allegedly gave
1:53 am
you a tan? >> vitamins also that turn you orange. heather: thanks, the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. a pair of thieves almost making a clean getaway. weight until you see how far they got, 4000 quarters of a car wash. ♪ ♪ shaking all around of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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♪ heather: what a beautiful shot as the sun is rising over new york city, really beautiful here, sunset, sunrise and in between. wherever you are, hopefully you are having a beautiful sunrise as well. thank you for joining us on "fox and friends first". the university of minnesota moving a big donor after snubbing conservative ben schapiro from speaking on campus. according to the american foundation donors giving them an annual contribution telling the university i believe the treatment of ben schapiro was a
1:58 am
case of discrimination. he also wishes to remain anonymous over fear of political back lash. a former teacher of the year honored by pres. obama kicked off a licensing board for bashing donald trump. going on an expletive laced rent on facebook in response to the state senate voting her off the board because of her comments. she still refuses to apologize. strangers across the country drive 2000 miles, a lost dog went missing in phoenix last year and wound up in pennsylvania from phoenix. >> where are you going?
1:59 am
>> he remembered. jake was identified by strangers using his microchip. the bad, a black bear gets stuck in a car and tears it to shreds was a woman in connecticut calling 911 after finding the huge animal locked inside, she think that may have been lured inside by a banana. the ugly, serial quarter thieves caught on camera. you can see the two men drilling into this carwash payment machine and eventually they ran off with 3400 coins and the total amount they got away with was $849 total. that wraps up this show. "fox and friends first" at 4:00 but "fox and friends first" continues right now. hope you have a great day,
2:00 am
goodbye. >> call it spy gate. you are calling gets by gate. a lot of bad things have happened. i went them all to get together and sit in a room and work it out among themselves. jillian: donald trump blasting what he says could be the biggest political scandal ever. major meeting happening today with a warning to democrats, no leaking could. rob: north korea dismantling the nuclear site at any moment but is june 12th approaches kim jong un getting cold feet, the brand-new threat from the leader of the rogue regime to cancel the summit. jillian: to protect and serve after high school, she is not allowed to wear her army socks to graduation. "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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