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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 24, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> tomorrow kicks off the summer concert series. lee greenwood will be singing. >> thanks so much, guys. >> bill: well done. good morning, everybody. fox news alert. we're awaiting two highly anticipated meetings on the russia matter. that will happen at the white house. pulling back the curtain on revelations about the f.b.i.'s use of a potential informant inside the trump campaign. big morning here on thursday. i'm bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom." how are you doing? >> sandra: thursday morning. here we go. i'm sandra smith. trey gowdy and devin nunes. the initial exclusion of democrats sparking a political thug fest. >> they'll hopefully be able to
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work it out themes. >> they're hunting desperately for any scrap of information that will provide any sneak peek the f.b.i. may have against the trump campaign. sgliem owe not in control of the invite list. if you're going to show up, show up with an open mind and closed lips. in other words, don't leak like a sieve when we get through with the meeting. >> sandra: john roberts is live on the north lawn as the guest lists get worked out, i suppose. >> they're working on that a little bit, too. two meetings at the d.o.j. the president raising the stakes ahead of those meetings with a tweet this morning that his critics will say overstates the case and actually misquotes what the former director of national intelligence james clapper actually said. he tweeted he has admitted there was spying in my campaign.
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large dollars were paid to the spy far beyond normal. starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in us history. let's run through the players again of who will be at those meetings. the first meeting which is expected to take place about noon at the department of justice devin nunes and trey gowdy. chris wray, dan coats the director of national intelligence and rod rosenstein deputy and john kelly. it will give nunes and gowdy some comfort. the gang of eight at 8:00. nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell, schiff, the ranking on the house, senators burr and warner as well. nunes and gowdy want to see the intelligence that led to the
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request to surveil carter page and intelligence to the confidential informant who met with three campaign officials. the one the president was referring to. nunes is not interested in knowing the informant's name. critics claim that's what he is looking for. he is not looking for the name, just the information. schumer was critical of the fact there was a separate meeting with nunes and gowdy saying it's a good thing the gang of eight will be briefed the secret meeting makes no sense and should be called off. what is the point of the separate briefing if not to cause partisan trouble? james comey yesterday criticized the president for saying the campaign may have been spied on but didn't deny a confidential informant had meetings and other contact with trump campaign officials. in an interview on "fox & friends" the president fired back at comey. listen here. >> the things that i've done
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for the country, the firing of james comey, will go down as a very good thing. f.b.i. is great. i know so many people in the f.b.i. the f.b.i. is a fantastic institution. but some of the people at the top were rotten apples. james comey was one of them. i've done a great service for this country by getting rid of him by firing him. >> passions are running high in advance of this meeting. the chairman, devin nunes and gowdy are playing down expectations. sources say they have a reasonable expectation, particularly since chief of staff john kelly will be at that meeting, they'll get to see at least some of the documents that they're looking for. >> sandra: a lot up in the air this morning. john, we're wondering if there is a new twist on whether or not this north korea summit will actually happen. >> it seems like there is a new twist every day. this latest twist is that one of kim jong-un's closest advisors is suggesting that she may recommend that kim jong-un reconsider whether or not to have a summit meeting with
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president trump after something that the vice president, mike pence, said to martha maccallum on monday night. martha was asking the vice president about comments that john bolton had made that denuclearization of the north korea peninsula could look like a libyan model. the president in the oval office saying it might look like libya. he alluded to gadhafi's demise if north korea doesn't denuclearize. listen to what the vice president said. >> the president made clear, this will only end like the libya model ended if kim jong-un doesn't make a deal. >> some people saw that as a threat. >> i think it is more of a fact. president trump made it clear the united states of america, under his leadership, is not going to tolerate the regime in north korea possessing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles
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that threaten the united states and our allies. >> close aide to kim jong-un called those comments stupid insisting the vice president is a political dummy vowing that north korea is prepared to meet the united states in a nuclear confrontation if talks don't bear fruit. of course, all of this could be posturing. north korea may be just urging the united states to dial down the rhetoric ahead of the meeting but also looks like north korea is almost looking for an excuse to call things off. the white house and the president will continue to remind north korea up until june 12th and beyond if the meeting doesn't happen that if north korea does not come to the table and agree to denuclearize nothing is going to change for them. >> sandra: john roberts following that for us. >> bill: a lot in there. more on this with corey lewandowski former trump campaign manager. how are you and good morning to you. >> sandra: good morning. >> bill: james clapper has a new book out and doing
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interviews. yesterday he said russia turned the election for your side and he said the spying issue has been distorted. listen. >> the important thing is not to spy on the campaign, but rather to determine what the russians were up to. were they trying to penetrate the campaign? gain access? that was the concern the f.b.i. had. they were just doing their job trying to protect our political system. >> bill: just doing their job protecting the system. >> jim clapper has proven to be one of the worst serial liars in our nation's history. another lie comes out when he opens his mouth. if he was so concerned they had to spy on the trump campaign were they also spying an the clinton campaign to make sure the russians weren't influencing the outcome of that side of the campaign? of course not. this was all about donald trump. spy gate is very real.
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james clapper, jim comey, the deep state never thought donald trump would win. they took out an insurance policy to make sure he didn't win and now they are trying to justify how they are going the stay out of jail. >> bill: here is the tweet on that. clapper has admitted on screen there was spying in my campaign. large dollars were paid to the spy far beyond normal. starting to look like one of the biggest scandals in u.s. history. i imagine it will come out at the white house with the two briefings. what do you expect to come from that? >> what's amazing is the president of the united states has instructed the justice department to share the information with the proper oversight committees of congress and there has been pushback from the media saying no, you shouldn't share this. it's too political. the reason adam schiff is not in the first meeting is leaky adam is the guy who, when i was providing testimony behind closed doors, walking out of the room and telling people what is being said which i think is a violation. it was supposed to be a quiet top secret or classified
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meeting or i'm giving testimony and adam is out leaking the information. so what i think is absolutely critical, the most important thing that we can get to was violations of the fourth amendment used to sfie on u.s. citizens on domestic soil because of a false dossier that the clinton campaign paid for. if they did violate individuals' fourth amendment rights there better be accountability and putting people in jail. >> bill: my sense is you'll get two versions out of the meetings. one from democrats and one from republicans. general kelly will be in that room. >> that's right. but look, it's very, very important the evidence is the evidence and if there was evidence used for a fisa warrant to spy on american citizen on domestic soil that was provided by a false dossier paid for by the clinton campaign to the russians there had better be accountability. the fisa application is very clear. you have to make sure that the information you are providing a judge is accurate and from what we understand they did not
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disclose that the -- in the application part of that was paid for by clinton. >> bill: will they see that fisa application today in these meetings? >> i hope that information is provided to the committee members who have oversight and look and understand what the scope of this investigation was. because we know jim comey has said himself there was spying conducted by someone on the trump campaign. we have to understand what took place. this is the biggest scandal in the american political history. >> bill: there is a legal strategy developing behind all that, too. we'll talk about that later with alan dershowitz. thank you, sir. >> sandra: north korea now reportedly saying it has carried out demolition of a nuclear test site in the presence of some foreign journalists. plans for the dismantling were announced by the regime ahead of the proposed summit with the u.s. next month. there are growing questions whether that meeting will actually happen.
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of course, that's being called into question at this moment. >> bill: 50/50 is the way they're characterizing now. there is a question whether the facility inside the mountain could even work these days. there was a huge explosion there last september and some on the outside suggest that thing was rendered useless then. they went forward today. that's just one step in a complex matter as secretary of state mike pompeo made very clear on the hill. >> our posture won't change toward the complete vaoe viable denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> bill: we'll talk to house foreign affairs committee chairman ed royce. >> sandra: we get a firsthand look on the national guard on their latest mission. >> bill: this seems to be a daily response after comey was
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slamming the president for attacking the bureau. who is right in all this? alan dershowitz is coming up live here. who is right on all this? >> president trump: a lot of people have said it. you go into the f.b.i. and a lot of those great people working in the f.b.i., they will tell you i did a great service to our country by firing james comey.
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>> last week the u.s.
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reportedly canceled a u.s. b-52 bomber exercise over south korea. was this a concession to kim jong-un's regime? >> it is my view we've made zero concessions to chairman kim to date and have no intention of doing so. >> bill: there is mike pompeo been in pyongyang twice telling ed royce the u.s. is giving nothing to north korea. this as pyongyang threatens to canceled the sing more summit. we are await pompeo back on the hill in another hearing today. ed royce, welcome back here on "america's newsroom." some strong words from north korea. some of that. you can meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at a nuclear to nuclear showdown. they have strong words directed at john bolton, mike pence. is this bluster or is there more to it? >> this is what the north koreans do. we have to remember, the only reason we're in discussions
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right now for this summit in singapore with north korea is because this administration canceled what was the policy of the obama administration, the failed policy of strategic patience and put on maximum sanctions and those sanctions frankly have created a circumstance where the pressure is so great and we've got to keep that pressure up that north korea is in discussions with the administration. the administration deserves credit for that, bill. >> bill: i think you're probably right about that and the chinese are assisting as well. without both you probably don't get north korea to the point where they are now. they blew up a site earlier today which is where all the nuclear testing has taken place. did that site even work anymore? >> that site had an explosion which collapsed a good portion of it. my suspicion is that it was inoperable for the purposes of testing probably going forward. and the key here i think in terms of the steps that the
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north koreans are taking is that we've seen them release three americans, we've seen them begin the discussions simply because they don't want their economy to implode and the administration has put enough pressure on china with the sanctions that north korea is not getting the support it needs and so it is stalled in its ability to finance forward momentum to their nuclear program. this is where we need to be and need to double down on the sanctions. >> bill: it seems to me the north koreans, no matter what is coming out of their mouth are taking the steps necessary that would proceed 2 1/2 weeks in singapore. president trump and brian kilmeade yesterday said this. >> president trump: right now we're looking at it, talking about it. they're talking to us. we have certain conditions. we'll see what happens. there is a good chance. it would be a great thing for north korea. if that happens, it will be a great thing for north korea. most importantly it would be a great thing for the world.
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>> bill: you would probably agree with that be a great thing for the world. the north koreans say we will not beg to sit with you. you called us, we did not call you. what do you think of that rhetoric? >> i think reality is that they have attempted to slow negotiations every time in the past any time there has been an attempt to reach some kind of an accord. they've cheated on every agreement. the difference this time is we have maximum sanctions on and we haven't lifted them and as long as we don't lift those sanctions, as long as we stay focused on the necessity of getting an agreement with tough inspections, with our ability to get inspectors on the ground that ends their icbm nuclear weapons program and capability of launching a nuclear weapon on the united states we'll be closer to the objective of this administration, which is denuclearize north korea. >> bill: what does your gut
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tell you? >> my gut tells us we aren't about to start lifting these sanctions. as long as we don't, as long as we don't and we can shut down their economy, that's exactly the position we have to be in where we can turn the lights out and turn off the energy coming into north korea. that ultimately is what we have to threaten to do and where we're headed. >> bill: thank you for your time. ed royce on the hill. we'll speak again. thanks. >> sandra: president trump says he wants to help u.s. automakers because other nations are hurting the nation on trade. >> president trump: in the end we win. we will win and we'll win big. we'll get along with mexico. we'll get along with canada but i will tell you, they have been very difficult to deal with. >> sandra: so are more tariffs heading for the auto industry? a live report from the white house plus that 30-year-old man ordered by a judge to move out of his parents' house, he is now speaking to fox news. so when will he finally pack
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his bags and hit the road? ♪ hit the road, jack, and don't come back no more. don't come back no more. don't come back no more ♪
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>> bill: an american hero set to receive the military's highest award today. president trump will present the medal of honor to former navy seal and master chief. he led a reconnaissance team involved in the daring rescue of his teammate on a mountain in afghanistan facing heavy fire from al qaeda for more than 14 hours. that operation faced scrutiny afterwards for what was described as poor planning and communication on the more senior level. he will become the 12th living member to be awarded the nation's highest military honor for bravery in afghanistan.
6:25 am
john chapman was killed that day. he will be recognized later this year with a medal of honor. >> sandra: a hero. >> bill: these are always great events from the white house. very -- it's a red, white and blue moment >> sandra: some other big white house stories are brewing today. the trump administration considering slapping tariffs on imported cars as part of ongoing negotiations with canada and mexico over revisions to nafta. kevin corke is live at the white house. what are the main sticking points in the renegotiation and where do we go from here? >> that's a great question. i want you to understand this, the negotiations are ongoing. the u.s. and mexico have been sparring over the idea of tighter manufacturing rules including the so-called america first provision. there are a number of ideas the administration is trying to push over the finish line and quite frankly the mexicans and
6:26 am
canadians are quite resistant as well they should be in working in the interest of their own people. president trump wanting to make sure that -- >> sandra: go ahead, sorry. >> the president wants to make sure any new deal in a bid to bring in more manufacturing jobs to the u.s. focuses on making sure that the u.s. has more advantages. let me give you a couple things to think about. they want to remove arbitration panels, create a sunset clause to end nafta if it comes to that. mexico and canada deem that unacceptable. now, the other thing to keep in mind is the president says listen, these people are used to getting their way when it comes to negotiating with american presidents and american politicians. but now, he says, not anymore. >> president trump: nafta is very difficult. mexico has been very difficult to deal with, canada has been very difficult to deal with. they have been taking advantage of the united states for a long
6:27 am
time. they are very spoiled because nobody has done this. but i will tell you that what they ask for is not fair. our auto workers are going to be extremely happy. >> extremely happy in part because there is a threat, if they don't figure out a deal to bring back more manufacturing jobs here to the u.s., we can be looking at a 25% tariff on auto imports rattling markets around the world and giving the canadians and mexicans a lot to think about, sandra. >> sandra: dow futures down 40 points heading to the open. meanwhile, kevin, the president will be signing a bill later this morning that supporters say will boost small banks and main street. what can you tell us about the dodd-frank roll back? >> a little roll back. good stuff especially if you're on main street or you operate a very small bank. the administration has long been saying that overregulation does stifle the economy. this is what we're talking about, an opportunity now to
6:28 am
sort of take the brakes off and let the money flow once again. white house saying this is just the beginning of a more vigorous effort to loosen some of the post financial crisis restraints on the financial services sector. >> with dodt frank in 2010 since it was put in place 1700 small lenders have gone out of business. 30% of small community banks have gone out of business because of the regulations. this begins to provide relief to them. we look forward to doing more to provide more relief beyond the small banks. this is a big first step and i think the most beneficial to the community banks and some of those in the smaller, more rural states. >> not long ago at this spot talking about this idea that deregulation will spur growth among small banks and impact main street. critics argue that if you do this you'll end up with a circumstance that led to the financial crisis back in 2008 and 2009. the white house says right now it is full steam ahead with
6:29 am
more deregulation and that should ungun the works. >> sandra: we'll see. there has been a lot of anticipation for this and the president said he wanted to move in this direction for sure. some republicans even wanted him to go farther than this in this rollback. >> bill: you covered this in the depths of 2008 and 2009. is it overdue? did we go too far in one way that restricts them? >> sandra: time will tell. a lot of these were put in place because of the financial crisis. democrats don't like it but a lot of these banks say they don't have room to grow and main street has been anticipating this. we'll see. >> bill: interesting. on and on. it will be a long day important the justice department. two big meetings set for today surrounding the president's spy gate claims. what comes of this, sandra? senator john kennedy out of louisiana, the always colorful will respond live next coming
6:30 am
up. plus this. >> president trump: we'll be doing things militarily. until we can a wall and proper security we'll be guarding our border with the military. that's a big step. >> sandra: president trump taking a military approach to the wall. so how is that going? fox news has an exclusive look at the border. - i love my grandma. - anncr: as you grow older, your brain naturally begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every single time. - checkmate! you wanna play again? - anncr: prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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when poachers enter the area, the animals run for it. which alerts rangers, who can track their motions and help stop them before any harm is done. it's a smart way to help increase the rhino population. and turn the poachers into the endangered species. ♪ ♪ >> president trump: tomorrow we'll see what happens. what i want is i want total transparency because this issue supersedes a party. it supersedes republicans and democrats. so what i want from rod, from the f.b.i., from everybody, we want transparency. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. we're waiting two highly anticipated high-stakes meeting on the russia investigation. the first one involving trey gowdy and devin nunes and top
6:34 am
intelligence officials. john kennedy is a member of the judiciary committee and joins us now. this is a big day and a lot of important questions that are trying to find some answers. do you believe that anything will come out of these meetings today? >> i hope so. you know, the president has asked for an investigation into the allegations that is apparently now a fact that someone from justice or the f.b.i., on behalf of justice and the f.b.i., was asking questions as an informant in his campaign. and the president is entitled to ask for an investigation. i'm entitled to ask for an investigation and you are. people ask the f.b.i. to investigate all the time. it is up to the f.b.i. to decide what to investigate. but in this case i think the f.b.i., through the inspector general, was going to look into it. i think the american people, now that the issue has been raised, are entitled to know.
6:35 am
i think we're all entitled to know. i'm just interested in the facts. >> sandra: something that we don't know is exactly who is going to be in both of these meetings. the guest lists have changed a lot in recent hours, recent minutes as a matter of fact. we know paul ryan will not be in the second meeting. trey gowdy will reportedly be in his place. we don't know exactly who will be present. some of your colleagues are trying to get in there. do you want to go? have you asked? >> no, i have not asked. if you get too many people in the meeting it will probably be counterproductive. i don't know the appropriate number. i don't think we ought to politicize this. i think we ought to just get the facts. the american people are entitled to know if the f.b.i. or justice. i'm not saying they did, sandra, but if they had an informant or a spy or whatever people want to call it in the clinton campaign i would like to know. i agree with the president.
6:36 am
we need some transparency here. >> sandra: chuck grassley is chairman of your committee, he apparently wants to go. is he invited? >> i don't know. i didn't call the meeting and i didn't set the invitation list. i just work here. sure, i would love to go and i'm curious but i think if you get too many politicians there it will be counterproductive. >> sandra: one thing we do know there will be some democrats involved and we know that chuck schumer, he made a thing of not being invited so now there is a second meeting where the gang of eight was invited. it is not really the gang of eight. trey gowdy when responding even he says he doesn't know exactly who will be there. he said if the democrats do show up. many plan to, he wants them to show up with an open mind and closed lips. do you expect that? >> i hope so. look, two days ago i said we ought to allow our democratic friends to come to the meeting.
6:37 am
if for no other reason had they been excluded everybody would have been talking about the fact that they were excluded as opposed to talking about what is important, which is the facts that we learn from this meeting. so i'm glad they've been included. >> sandra: you and joe manchin a democrat from west virginia, you've introduced this bipartisan anti-corruption legislation, senator kennedy. what is the jack act? >> it would require additional disclosure by lobbyists. look, you have the right to petition your government even if you are a paid lobbyist. and i support that right. number two, this bill is not going to change western civilization, i realize that. it's not going to help people grow hair or cure erectile dysfunction but it will fill a need. when a senator meets with a constituent or with somebody he
6:38 am
doesn't know, he is entitled to know -- i would like to know who they are and oftentimes if it's a lobbyist i look at their lobbyist registration. i was surprised to learn if you have been convicted as a lobbyist of fraud, of extortion, of bribing a congressman or senator that you don't have to disclose that on your lobbyist registration. i talked to senator manchin and said let's try to put together a bipartisan bill to do something about it. that's all this bill does, if you want to be a paid lobbyist you have to disclose if you've ever tried to bribe a congressman. >> sandra: the jack act. senator kennedy busy day on capitol hill. thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: he has some great one-liners. every time someone liners. it has been almost two months since president trump sent the national guard to the border. how is the guard doing and is
6:39 am
it making a difference? we find william la jeunesse in mission, texas. >> the level of illegal immigration is back to 2016 levels. 500 apprehensions a day. 80% of those are central americans claiming asylum. they haven't solved the press and release and using the national guard to plug the loophole. >> just after take-off the calls pour in. >> i'll spread it open. >> agents need help tracking four separate groups. >> we're 60 miles north of the border. a group of 16. >> you see how they all run in different directions. that puts them at a great risk. if we miss one of these individuals now they are stranded out there by themselves. >> the first woman to head the border patrol. >> the rio grande valley is our busiest area along the border. >> down 2,000 agents nationwide she welcomes help from the national guard. >> over the last few years
6:40 am
attrition has been outpacing our hiring. this is a good stopgap measure having the guard here. >> she wants eight national guard helicopters and more guardsmen to monitor cameras around a border. cameras caught this group of central americans crossing the rio grande. just hours earlier, police and border agents stopped this semi crammed with immigrants. >> 86 individuals were illegal aliens. four of which were unaccompanied children. >> for central americans and ongoing process 8,000 per person and that's going right back to the cartels. as long as they'll make money off human smuggling and drug smuggling they'll keep doing it. >> critics say the bush and obama administrations used the national guard more aggressively building roads and forward operating positions on the border. she is using them in the most
6:41 am
effective way possible, the national guard considering they're down 2,000 agents. as we saw yesterday they do need more manpower and aircraft. >> bill: thank you. mission, texas live on the border. willall lodge lodge reporting there today. >> sandra: president trump slamming former f.b.i. director james comey. what about the white house legal strategy? >> president trump: the f.b.i. is a fantastic institution but some of the people at the top were rotten apples. james comey was one of them. i've done a great service for this country by getting rid of him by firing him. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't.
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6:45 am
>> bill: that's president trump yesterday with brian kilmeade hitting back at the former f.b.i. director james comey. interesting developments on all this now accusing the president, comey was, of attacking the f.b.i. and asking how republicans who support the president can explain all this to their grandchildren. the president has responded a lot on that. alan dershowitz, the author of the book "trumped up" is my guest in studio. nice to have you back with us and good day to you. i have my questions lined up. i'm sure you have answers. rudy giuliani i thought gave some interesting tells, i will say, about what their strategy is. he is going to take james comey's credibility up against president trump's credibility. it seems to be where this is going. how would you address that first? >> i think there are many strategies. there is the legal strategies what the president does if he is subpoenaed. there is a very strong argument if he is subpoenaed it is nothing more than a perjury trap. comey wrote the reason they
6:46 am
didn't interview hillary clinton before writing the exoneration letter is when you have an investigation by time you get to the interview you know all the facts. you you just try to lay a perjury trap. that's what they're trying to do. >> bill: rudy giuliani said we'll challenge the subpoena and take it to the supreme court and is he right about that? >> they have very strong legal arguments. a combination of legal arguments. the perjury trap, executive privilege, beyond the scope of the investigation. all of those together give them a lot of legal ammunition and give them some leverage. so they are in a bargaining position now where perhaps they can get a very limited interview for a couple of hours with questions laid out in advance. >> bill: hang on one second. breaking news not on this matter. other stuff. hang on here. >> sandra: this just in from the white house. an announcement about this upcoming summit with north
6:47 am
korea and kim jong-un. the white house is now pulling out of that upcoming summit issuing a statement moments ago we greatly appreciate your time. this is to the chairman of the state affairs commission of the democratic people's republic of korea. sienld -- signed by the president. a summit scheduled to take place on june 12. it is totally irrelevant that it was asked for by north korea. i was looking forward to being there with you. based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long-planned meeting. therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the singapore summit for the good of both parties but to the detriment of the world will not take place. you talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so
6:48 am
massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be used. again, the president, the white house just issuing a formal statement they're pulling out of that planned june 12th summit with kim jong-un and north korea in singapore. it will not happen. >> bill: a couple things of significance. the rhetoric out of pyongyang in the past 24 hours. meet us at a meeting room or meet us at a nuclear, nuclear showdown. they called vice president pence a political dummy. they took great exception to the reference to gadhafi in libya. he gave up his program in 2003, eight days later gadhafi was dead and you know the north korean regime has been looking for assurances that our intent is not to throw kim or his family out of power. mike pompeo has addressed that repeatedly saying we have assured them that's not the direction where we want to go. in addition to all this, the implosion of the nuclear site
6:49 am
in the northeastern part of north korea earlier today is very significant. that's the only place where they have done the nuclear testing. the last test they did was in september of 2017. many on the outside believe that the explosion in september was so large that half the mountain was about to crater in suggesting to those on the outside who observed this that the north korean program could not go further because so much damage had been done to the system. so that's what they're thinking on the outside world. earlier today they did take that move. >> sandra: john roberts is outside the white house with reaction to this. i don't want to leave out other important words in this letter. every one is relevant. he said i felt a wonderful dialogue had been built up between you and me and ultimately it is only that dialogue that matters. someday, he said, the president, i look forward to meeting you. in the meantime thank you for the release of those hostages who are home with their family.
6:50 am
a beautiful gesture and very much appreciated. what stands out to me most is the next sentence. if you change your mind, he writes, having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write. >> the important thing to keep in mind here, sandra, is what you are witnessing here at a very, very high level and a precarious diplomatic position is the art of the deal. this is a negotiating tactic. president trump said over recent days the summit may happen on june 12. may not happen june 12. would certainly like it to but at some point we'll have a meeting. now what you are looking at is the present getting up from the table saying i don't like the deal on the table. i'm walking out. if you've ever bought a car you say to the salesman. my last offer, i'll walk out. you can try to sell the car to somebody else. the president is saying to kim jong-un, we don't like what you've been saying and they said something about the vice president just recently that you pointed out. and we don't like the posture
6:51 am
that you are taking. so you know what? deal is off. we won't meet with you in singapore. and if you want to go head-to-head in nukes, we'll flatten you. it goes back to the statement that james mattis said on the white house driveway last year. we don't seek the total annihilation of a country but we have the resources to do it. this is the president playing high stakes poker with kim jong-un. and it may be enough to get north korea to settle down and maybe make its way back to the table. if not, june 12th, at a later date. this is the president saying we wanted the make a deal here with you. we were offering all of these great things but look at the way you are behaving. that's not the sort of thing we want to put our -- you have a choice to make here, kim jong-un. you either keep moving toward the table or the consequences down the road could be devastating. we'll see what north korea says in reaction to this, sandra. though i'm sure it will be more
6:52 am
belligerence on their part. >> sandra: the last line of this letter from president trump to the north korean dictator. the world and north korea has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth. this missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history. john roberts. thank you. >> bill: back to alan dershowitz. the world of cable news and you are welcome to comment. this is what we do. when john roberts just said this is the art of the deal you sat their shaking your head. >> absolutely. this is playing into donald trump's strong suite. he knows how to make a deal. he knows how to walk away from the table and offer to come back to the table. i'm certainly not going to second guess our president when it comes to negotiating with north korea. i don't think he had any choice. once he heard what -- i think once he heard what the leader of north korea what he said about the vice president and our country. he walked away in a conditional
6:53 am
sense. he said i welcome you to come back but on my terms. remember, we have most of the cards in this negotiation. and i think the president is playing them well. >> bill: the key line here, sadly based on the anger and hostility in your most recent statement i feel it's inappropriate at this time to have this long-planned meeting. what has happened with the president in the last week he has characterized this as a victory for north korea and characterized it as a victory for the world and the way he is trying to sell this to kim. i don't know what they're hearing from our leaders. but there is a lot they don't like. in that sense that's their art of the deal. >> no question both sides are negotiating at this point. whether this ends up with a meeting or not, i don't think anybody can know. but we can't have our president meet with somebody who said the kinds of things he has said and threatened the united states with nuclear weapons.
6:54 am
i think there has to be atoning down of the rhetoric on their side before a productive meeting. >> bill: in your law and your world you look for good faith and bad faith. bad faith takes you down a bad road. good faith, however, does not. you have the release of these three americans. that was a good faith gesture. mike pompeo invited to pyongyang twice in a month is a good faith gesture. whether you believe their nuclear program has crippled or not they still had the implosion of the mountain earlier today. that is a good faith gesture. what's the problem? >> when robert kennedy had to negotiate with the soviet union over cuba he said don't listen to what they say but what they do. what they've done in north korea has been positive. release of the hostages. what they've said is terrible.
6:55 am
we have a president saying in response to their saying but still keeping open the option of having the meeting. so if i have to make a long-term prediction i predict we have the meeting and somewhat better terms. >> bill: better terms. undeclared at this point. >> there is probably a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. >> bill: i agree with china and the move yesterday in the south china sea when the united states disinvited the chinese from military maneuvers. >> and consider the iran deal. when he says something, he means it when he pulled out of the iran deal. he is ready to renegotiate the iran deal. these are somewhat similar in many respects. >> bill: last point. the last missile test the north koreans conducted was in november of 2017. in my estimation that's the most critical aspect to watch right now. there may not be another underground nuclear test but
6:56 am
they seem to have an ability to fire off a missile or test a rocket at a time of their choosing. if president trump can show the american people and the world that north korean situation is stabilized, i think that's the way you do it. if there is no more testing, that's the signal to china, to the american people, with the mid-term election six months away we have the situation right now still under control despite the news. >> i agree with that. it is the missile that is incomplete in their inventory. they haven't yet shown the world that they can send a missile to the shores of the united states. they already have developed their nuclear weapon. they don't need to test the nuclear weapon as much as they need to test the delivery system. >> great insight. we'll book you for more than legal next time. >> sandra: breaking news. the white house releasing a statement from the president saying he is pulling out of that scheduled june 12 summit with north korea and kim
6:57 am
jong-un in singapore. the president said that based on the tremendous anger and open hostility this is not appropriate at this time. mike pompeo set to testify in moments on capitol hill. the last we heard he was very hopeful that would happen. we'll be right back. truecar is great for finding new cars. you're smart, you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. (birds tweeting) this is not a cloud. this is a tomato tracked from farm to table on a blockchain, helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently.
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and then stubborn finds another gear. you know what we make. stubborn makes us who we are. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> sandra: big news out of the white house moments ago. the president announcing he has officially withdrawn from the summit with kim jong-un planned for june 12th in singapore. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning to you. we'll see where it goes now. i'm bill hemmer. president trump saying he will not attend the meeting that summit in singapore after a top north korea official lashed out. called mike pence a political dummy and the strong threat if you don't want to meet us with we'll meet with you nuclear to nuclear paraphrasing the words out of pyongyang. mike pompeo just arrived a
7:01 am
moment ago. he will testify for the second day in a row, this time before the senate foreign relations committee. he has strong words yesterday. always very interesting to hear the secretary of state, a man who was in north korea twice in the last six weeks. we'll see what he says today based on this news. >> sandra: last we heard it was hopeful this would still happen and said it was ultimately up to chairman kim were his words. we have fox team coverage. greg palkot is live in south korea for us and we begin to rich edson at the state department. >> secretary of state mike pompeo ultimately whether it would happen with state and administration officials planning for the june 12 summit, it would be up to kim jong-un whether the summit was going to happen. it appears it's up to president trump. he just released this letter in it he says based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in north korea's recent statements he feels it's inappropriate to have the long-planned summit in
7:02 am
a bit of a threat here you talk about our nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be used. there is a window for perhaps the summit to still continue, whether it is june 12 or whether it happens there after. if you change your mind having to do with this most important summit please do not hesitate to call or write me. so the president canceling the summit for now. secretary of state mike pompeo just about to testify before the senate foreign relations committee. the senate committee that's about the state department's upcoming budget for next year. it will get into a lot especially when it comes to north korea. the secretary testified yesterday that state department officials were still targeting for the june 12 summit. also the mechanism of how north korea would give up its nuclear weapons and the long road between now and when that would actually happen. these are all issues that congress and the press have been exploring with the secretary of state. we should be hearing from him
7:03 am
in the next few minutes what the administration's procedure from now is. will the pressure campaign continue? that's what the secretary had been saying even when the summit was still on for june 12 that yes, the united states was still going to continue its sanctions against north korea. north korea wasn't going to get any type of concessions out of the united states until it had a way to show the world that it was, through actions, committed and actually dismantling its nuclear program. hopefully we'll hear a next step soon as the secretary of state is about to testify on this. the paradigm changed with the president of the united states saying he is going to cancel this summit but give me a call if you decide to change your rhetoric. >> sandra: rich, it started tuesday where we really heard the change in tone from the president when he was meeting with the head of south korea at the white house. and he indicated there is a very substantial chance that the meeting would not proceed as scheduled. and that led to a lot of questions, what changed and
7:04 am
what is the president trying to tell us? here we are two days later and the president has officially pulled out. >> absolutely. the public rhetoric -- you really pin it to when the president started on this. south koreans had come to the white house and the security advisor said 99.9% chance it is happening. a couple hours later the president was saying i'm not too sure about this. and that had followed a couple of weeks of this open rhetoric between north korea and a bit of the united states saying it was bit of a return to what we had been used to between the united states and north korea. this aggressive rhetoric. but officials were saying and the secretary of state said earlier this week look, we're still planning for this summit. and we've gotten no direct indications from north korea that they don't want to have this thing. well, now this last statement from kim jong-un and from the north korean regime appears to have gotten to the president on this even though the secretary of state said this is up to north korea, that happened to be too much for the president of the united states. now announces that he is
7:05 am
withdrawing. again, i would still point to you want to change your mind on this, give us a call. but as the conditions are right now, this isn't going to happen. officials -- i'll tell you probably a lot of analysts are looking at this saying we've expected fits and starts going and leading into this summit. the idea it was definitely going to happen you shouldn't put all your stock in that but all the stock in that it won't happen. >> sandra: as we wait to hear mike pompeo testify before the senate committee we're being told he will read the entirety of the president's letter just released from the white house pulling out of this upcoming summit. rich edson at the state department for us on breaking news. thank you. >> bill: we'll listen here in a moment to mike pompeo before he gets going there. here is part of the statement from pyongyang that seemed to get the most attention of the white house. here it is. meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at nuclear to nuclear showdown, end quote. that seems to be the comment that led to this withdrawal. in that letter that mike pompeo
7:06 am
may read in a moment let's go ahead and drop in and we'll take you live to seoul, south korea and greg palkot. >> this letter is to chairman kim jong-un, chairman of the state affairs commission of the democratic peoples republic of korea it reads as follows. we appreciate your time, patience and effort with respect to our recent negotiations and discussions relative to a summit long sought by both parties scheduled to take place on june 12 in singapore. we were informed the meeting was requested by north korea but that to us is totally irrelevant. i was very much looking forward to being there with you. sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is appropriate at this time to have this long-planned meeting -- i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long-planned meeting.
7:07 am
therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the singapore summit for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place. you talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be used. i felt that a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me and ultimately is only that dialogue that matters. someday, i look very much forward to meeting you. in the meantime i want to thank you for the release of the hostages who are now home with their families. that was a beautiful gesture and was very much appreciated. if you change your mind having to do with this important summit do not hesitate to call me or write. the world and north korea in particular has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth. this missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history. sincerely yours, donald trump, president of the united states of america. thank you, mr. chairman.
7:08 am
>> we want to thank you for joining us today and although you are here for a confirmation, you were here just six weeks ago for your confirmation hearing in just a month again i want to commend you on an energetic and forceful start to your tenure. we hold a budget hearing each year and that's the subject of today's meeting. as you and i have talked, budgets coming from the administration these days and for many years are not really focused on that much as you know. and there is a process we go through here to really determine what expenditures are going to be made. since it really doesn't have a great effect on the outcomes here, it would be my guess that there really won't be many questions around the budget and i think you know that even though you are going to present it fulfilling your responsibilities. while discussing the budget is not a productive use of our time today in all likelihood
7:09 am
i'm hopeful that your march with outline your management plan for the department and steps that you've taken thus far on that front. also want to discuss with you our efforts to update authorities we use to fight terror abroad and for members on both sides of the aisle, today we've agreed to two rounds of questions, if necessary. and we realize that there have been questions around the aumf. i know many questions may focus on the aumf we've been discussing in recent times. our bipartisan legislation would replace a 2001 and 2002 aumf with updated aumf against al qaeda, the taliban and the islamic state in iraq and syria. it provides the administration the flexibility necessary to win this fight while strengthening the rightful and necessary role of congress and i believe it is the best chance we have to finally address this issue in a constructive way for the first time in almost 17
7:10 am
years. since last june, our committee has held four public hearings, a classified briefing and a number of meetings on authorizing the use of military force. we have heard testimony from legal scholars, policy experts and secretary of state of state and defense twice. you testified you believe we should update the aumf and welcome continuing to work with us towards that end. i know you've had experience working on this topic when you served in the house and i appreciate your support for congress's appropriate role with respect to this important issue. i also hope while you're here that you can speak to our strategy to get a new and better iran deal now that we have withdrawn from the joint comprehensive plan of action. as you know, along with a majority of the colleagues on this committee, we staunchly oppose the jcpoa because it allowed iran to maintain an
7:11 am
enrichment capacity and they expired after 10 or 15 years. while i'm disappointed no doubt that the europeans were unable to reach an arrangement with the administration to address the serious flaws in the jcpoa i'm hopeful that moving forward a new agreement that addresses iran's nefarious nuclear and non-nuclear activities can be reached. with their proxies performing well in the recent iraqi and lebanese elections as well as iran's rising threat to our partner israel in syria, trans atlantic alignment has never been more important. i know you share that belief and spoke to that recently. i'm eager to hear your thoughts on what can be done to build on the negotiations with the europeans that preceded the decision to withdraw from the jcpoa. we thank you again for appearing for us. i thank you very much for accessibility and transparency. i look forward to your testimony. thank you very much.
7:12 am
i'll turn to our ranking member, my friend senator bob menendez. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you for coming to the committee again. and agreeing to two rounds of questions so we can discuss the budget, administration's views on a new proposed aumf and pressing issues. i believe take frequent open and frank exchanges are critical for this body to conduct effective oversight and informing the american people and to that end i appreciate our call-up last week. let me depart for a moment. since we start evidence this hearing with current events let me remark on them briefly. the art of diplomacy is harder than the art of the deal. the reality is that it's pretty amazing that the administration might be shocked that north korea is acting as north korea might very well normally act. and while we applaud the robust diplomatic efforts to try to
7:13 am
denuclearize the korean peninsula, many of us were deeply concerned that the lack of deep preparation that is necessary before such a summit is even agreed to was not taking place. and now we see the consequences of that. i'm not sure that constantly quoting the libya model is the diplomatic way to try to get to the results that we seek in north korea because that didn't work out too well for gadhafi. so i look forward to having an opportunity and other members will to discuss that further. i was pleased to hear that a recent town hall state department you said we're fortunate that our -- >> bill: interesting comment from congressman menendez. news and reaction from greg palkot what we're hearing from the white house. a letter strongly worded sent to kim jong-un and greg you've seen it and gauging reaction because today was the day where
7:14 am
that mountain was supposed to be blown up. has it indeed been destroyed? >> absolutely. according to north korea it has been destroyed but frankly, it has been put in the shade a little bit by the developments of the last 20 minutes or so. the response -- strong response from the white house to the strong commentary coming from the vice foreign minister of north korea today. let's look a little bit at that statement. that's what started this whole thing, bill. first of all, in that statement the vice foreign minister calls vice president pence a political dummy, ignorant for citing what they call the libya model regarding kim jong-un. let's take a look at what the libya model means to pyongyang. to pyongyang it means a reference to libyan leader moammar gadhafi, the former leader, he was ousted from his office five years after that model was put in place to get rid of nuclear weapons from
7:15 am
that country and then he was killed. that touches a very, very strong point in the north korean regime when they heard vice president pence refer to this, that is he said that if kim jong-un and his regime did not cooperate and follow the request, the demands of the united states regarding denuclearization, he could face that libya model. and then what seems to have really set off not just north korea but the white house, the line coming in that statement again from this vice foreign minister but really from kim jong-un himself saying if you do not want to meet in a meeting. those are their exact words. meet in a meeting, we will meet you in a nuclear showdown and what pressed the buttons at the white house and caused the letter to be released from president trump to for now at least -- for now at least cancel, scrap, cut out this june 12th planned summit in
7:16 am
singapore. as you note, bill, there was other events on this korean peninsula today. pretty striking stuff. the nuclear test site which had been used by north korea to detonate six of its nuclear weapons, nuclear bombs in the past 12 years or so, dismantled according to north korea. they collapsed, through explosive means both the north tunnel used in five of the last tests and two other tunnels which had, according to north korea, been ready to make more tests. they had foreign journalists present. we should see photographs in a couple of hours, but bill, critical to this event is that there was no foreign observers, no international experts present. so we cannot confirm what north korea has been saying. again, they even admitted the
7:17 am
main tunnel they collapsed was not usable anymore. that, in fact, it had been destroyed by prior tests. so it was seen generally as a good p.r. stunt. a measure of goodwill according to some analysts here in the run-up to the planned june 12th singapore summit involving kim jong-un and president trump. but as we've seen now, bill, that seems to be scuttled for the moment. one more note, bill, i know you have testimony on the hill and you want to get back to that. but yeah, i've been following this story for a good 12 years plus and the statement coming today from the vice foreign minister, while very strong threatening a nuclear showdown, is not that much different than what we've been hearing from kim jong-un and prior regimes in pyongyang for many years. and it should have been perhaps taken by some in washington with a bit of a grain of salt. but again, strong words, strong response, back to you. >> bill: great reporting.
7:18 am
thank you for the insight there. greg palkot on the ground in south korea. >> sandra: pete king is a member of the house homeland security committee. great to have you on. breaking news. the white house has decided to pull out of the summit. your thoughts. >> i was with the president all day yesterday and he was still hopeful at that time that the summit was going to go ahead. he wasn't 100% but thought it was going in the right direction. the statement from north korea made it clear to the president at this time it served no purpose. i think it is in baseball a long season. this is -- i don't think it's over. i think the summit is not going to be held. i think the dialogue that was begun will continue and it shows the president is not just looking for a deal for the sake of making a deal. if north korea isn't going to bargain in good faith he isn't going to go through the theatrics of a summit. still a ways to go and the president has a number of years
7:19 am
left in his administration, hopefully the next administration and i believe that the north korea does show they are concerned and why they wanted the summit in the first place and that if they can play games with president trump he showed today it won't work. >> sandra: the administration position as of yesterday worded by mike pompeo. the american people are counting on us to get this right. if the right deal is not on the table we will respectfully walk away and they have. in that letter from the president to kim jong-un moments ago, the president said if you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call or write. >> i think the president made it clear he does want to negotiate if there is a purpose in negotiating. and if north korea is serious, the president is willing to meet them. he is not going to go for the theatrics of a summit. he won't make a deal like president obama did with iran.
7:20 am
he wants it to be a productive series of talks and negotiations. the way north korea was going the latest statement they were more interested in making a show and a point rather than actually being serious about the talks. so i understand why the president did it. and again we have a great dep -- diplomatic team. they won't rush into any summit if there isn't a reasonable expectation of success. >> sandra: you have mike pompeo on the other side of your screen there testifying right now before the senate foreign relations committee. he was in front of the house committee yesterday. congressman king, what does this do to our relationship with south korea and china? >> i think it sends a message to china that donald trump, president trump is not just interested in making a deal for the sake of a deal. to me it puts more pressure on china. china has a lot to say here about north korea's conduct and now i think this can put more
7:21 am
pressure on china to pressure north korea to come to the table and do it in a realistic way. china can be the key here and so this puts pressure back on them and it shows them that the president is serious when it comes to negotiations. >> sandra: i have to leave it there. do you think this meeting happens? >> i would say not now but still a good chance of it happening in the future. yes. >> sandra: thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: we were 19 days away from the singapore summit. now we know it will not happen. that's mike pompeo. secretary of state testifying before a senate committee right now. foreign affairs committee a day after he was on the hill with the house committee testifying about a lot of the same stuff. right now the news of the moment has to do with this summit that in a strongly worded letter from the white house and commander-in-chief i was very much looking forward to being there with you and now we know it will not happen. we have a lot to get to, folks, hang with us after the commercial break right here on "america's newsroom."
7:22 am
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not the conservative guy, travis allen. what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat. gave money to liberals. supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say cox is unelectable in november.
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7:26 am
capacity to hole america at risk and it is our aim as part of this agreement that we would reach that they would no longer possess the capacity to achieve those kinds of launches that i think you're speaking to in your question. >> and to be truly completely verifiable, any agreement with north korea should be permanent in nature with no sunsets on its provisions? >> yes, sir. >> those are all very helpful understanding the standards of what we're trying to achieve. let me ask you -- so as we walk away from the summit, where does that put us with the rest of the world?
7:27 am
do you believe that somehow we are strengthened in this regard, or are we weakened as a result of walking away ourselves because of some statements? >> senator, i don't believe in that sense that we are in a position to believe there could be a successful outcome. i think that's what the president communicated pretty clearly in his letter. i can add to that, over the past many days we have endeavored to do was put preparation teams together to begin to work to prepare for the summit. and we had received no response to our inquiries from them. so in addition to what the president laid out in his letter, it is also the case that -- i disagree what you said. i think the american team is rocking and ready and prepared for this meeting. president trump is prepared for
7:28 am
this meeting. we were fully engaged to prepare. >> when i said not ready we needed to test all of the propositions and lay out all of the elements of what was ultimately to be decided in a way to find out whether or not the koreans. >> that's been done three times before in american history and kim jong-un possesses the most robust nuclear program he has ever had. >> and as a result he still possesses them because of the canceling of the summit. in your confirmation hearing you noted that russian bad behavior is the driver behind the currently bilateral relationship and this behavior presents a clear danger to the united states. we've seen a whole host of actions, decisions, undisputed findings of the intelligence community. we saw russia deploy a chemical
7:29 am
weapons attack on the soil of a nato ally. we saw a chemical attack that russia supported by assad. can you tell me why it is that the president seems unable to speak of russia in a way that acknowledges that there was an attack against our own country in terms of a cyberattack on our elections and actions that we've noted others that were acted this way that were put as a terrorist state and we see no such actions relating to russia. i want to understand the administration's views on rush ja. >> you said there have been no actions. i fundamentally disagree with that. i brought a list of the actions this administration has taken to push back against russian aggression of all forms. cyber efforts, election meddling efforts, the chemical attack that took place.
7:30 am
the list is long. i think the record ought to properly reflect it is far more than took place under the previous administration. indeed, most of this meddling took place during the previous administration. and this administration is now working to deter that from ever happening again and i think our administration ought to be very proud of the work we have taken, sanctions and otherwise against russia. >> senator johnson. >> thanks for your service. in your answers to secretary -- to senator menendez's questions, you sure seem to make clear what your definition of dismanhattanment really means. you said you made it also clear to chairman kim jong-un. did you? >> did i make it clear to him? >> how many times did you repeat it? >> sir, i spoke in english. there was a translator. but our team confirmed that the translator said what i said.
7:31 am
i don't know. i had two meetings maybe three hours plus total. enough that i understood him to have understood what it was i was saying. indeed, put aside what i said. when i heard back from him -- when i heard back from him, there was little doubt in my mind he understood the scope of what we were asking for and the nature of what would have to take place, the verification we would need to undertake in order to be comfortable that we could begin to deliver the assurances that he in return asked for. so i think we were having a real conversation where there was real understanding between the two of us. it is what caused me to recommend to the president that i thought the time would, in fact, permit us to have a real opportunity to do something historic. >> bill: this is very sensitive high-level stuff. we have to get a quick break
7:32 am
here. we will not leave this hearing. mike pompeo reacting to the news that president trump has now canceled the singapore summit. we're back in a moment with more right after this. ♪ ♪ adapt supply chains based on trends, tweets and storms. and make adjustments on the fly. ♪ ♪ the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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>> bill: you are watching this in realtime along with us as the singapore summit has been canceled. that's the letter from the white house that was released to the public 15 minutes ago. there is a ton of reaction on the story already. marco rubio weighing in. paul ryan weighing in. quick comments from charlie hurt who has been listening to mike pompeo. what he said a few moments ago, charlie, is that all the outreach on behalf of the administration was not met with much of a response in pyongyang. if that's the case that a pretty good indicator the north koreans were messing with mike pompeo or others trying to make it happen. >> that was a very interesting thing that he revealed there. it does show that there is a lot of activity behind the
7:36 am
scenes. i thought it was an interesting lecture with all due respect to bob menendez where he talked just telling mike pompeo there is a difference between the art of the deal and art of diplomacy. the art of diplomacy from around here for the past 20 years has done nothing but embolden north korea and given them the most powerful weapons on earth. so it is sort of an odd thing to listen to him giving a lecture like that. the other thing that's fascinating about this hearing. you are watching secretary of state who gets donald trump. they work very well together clearly. they're on the same page. mike pompeo believes in the mission that donald trump has set out. i think that's why we've seen what we're seeing today, just to me some of the most fascinating politics i've ever witnessed. >> bill: a very interesting observation. if you go back five minutes ago mike pompeo said we were ready and rocking and rolling.
7:37 am
now you know as former c.i.a. director he is meeting with president trump almost on a daily basis, right, at the white house and that's where this relationship starts to grow. and the president says you are my guy for the next job, secretary of state and now we see how these two men have built this relationship. i think it's a very astute observation, charlie. >> it has turned into what i would predict will be the most important relationship, the most important job of the rest of this first term of president trump's administration because if he is able to do something in north korea, and i still think there is a good chance. i think this move today only serves to sort of strengthen trump's hand here. you know, this would be historic. this would be truly a -- you know a game changer not only on the peninsula but around the world. and i think that these guys will be commended for it. i think it's so fascinating. we aren't getting announcements
7:38 am
from the white house. we get the letter that the president sent the chairman. this is -- the transparency here and the sort of scalding honesty that is on display here after eight or 15 years or whatever it is strategic indifference or whatever it was that allowed north korea to get the bomb in the first place. it is a real breath of fresh air. >> sandra: some of the reaction, charlie, coming in from around washington marco rubio saying congratulations to kim jong-un, you just played yourself withdrawing from talks with north korea is 100% the right decision. what will the political fallout of this decision be, charlie? >> i'm afraid to say. i would not be surprised if we don't see democrats trying to make political hay out of it the way bob menendez just was kind of wagging his finger at pompeo. but you know, another thing that i think is important to remember is that there are -- north korea is not the only
7:39 am
recipient of a message here. china is, too. and when they -- people in china -- you think people are freaking out around here, my goodness in china they're really freaking out now how to put things back together here and it will force them to step up their pressure on north korea and pressure them to knock off the nonsense talk. knock off all the belligerence and get serious about sending teams over to figure out a way forward that is peaceful for everybody. >> sandra: that's a great point, charlie. we were talking to congressman pete king he made the same point when i asked him about what message does it accepted to china and south korea? >> sandra: a loud mess knowledge that the president will not do a deal just for the sake of doing a deal. >> he said that from the beginning. the other thing i find comical is listening to democrats complain about the use of the
7:40 am
libya model and what a belligerent statement that is to north korea. well you know, this administration isn't the administration that is responsible for gadhafi getting killed. that was the previous administration. if there was any real damage done to the concept that a leader could give up his nuclear weapons and survive, it was allowing gadhafi to get killed. i don't know how blaming mike pompeo or donald trump for that is even in -- on the table. it is absurd on its face. >> bill: more reaction coming up in analysis. plenty of time as we move throughout the day. breaking news in "america's newsroom" that singapore summit that was on the calendar for 19 days from now will not happen. we're watching reaction from seoul, south korea with greg palkot and watching reaction with mike pompeo and the group of senators inside the hearing room and watching reaction on the world markets and wall street, which is now trading in the past hour and 10 minutes we
7:41 am
saw a dip when the news came out and see how long we hang here. paul ryan saying the u.s. must not relent in a maximum pressure campaign as we continue to work with our allies toward the peaceful resolution. marco rubio weighed in as well. we believe senator rubio would be the next question to ask questions of mike pompeo. when that happens you'll see and hear it live. a quick break here on "america's newsroom." unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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>> sandra: following this big announcement that the president has pulled out of the upcoming summit with north korea in june, we're now expecting the president to be seen and possibly heard at 11:30 a.m. eastern time this morning. the president set to hold a signing ceremony for this legislation to partially repeal the dodd-frank act. we'll have it here for you. we don't know if he will say
7:45 am
anything as it pertains to north korea. it's always a possibility and we'll have that for you here. >> bill: the testimony mike pompeo continues. all these issues in north korea, iran, a lot of questioning on both those topics. he read the letter from the president. let's get to the state department for reaction there with rich edson watching the latest from there at this hour. rich, hello. >> good morning, bill. we're beginning to learn a lot more about what exactly has happened since secretary of state mike pompeo visited north korea and met with kim jong-un a couple of weeks ago. the secretary said that essentially the u.s. over the past many days has endeavored to put prep teams together to try to nail down the details, logistics, what they will discuss, where they are going to meet and all those specifics and they haven't heard back from the north koreans. there another element we're learning as why the president and administration has taken this move to say we can't
7:46 am
really meet with you right now first with this rhetoric over this nuclear language sort of reverting to what we had heard from north korea previous to this charm offensive as many analysts have called it from kim jong-un that started in january. now that that language has gotten harsh we're also learning there are logistical reasons the u.s. can't get an answer from north korea. >> bill: we'll wait for more enlightenment on that. sometimes we're looking through walls on this issue. we don't have a window into pyongyang, kim jong-un or the people around him. thanks for that, rich edson, state department there. back to sandra for a check. >> sandra: let's bring in the host of making money charles payne. he is here watching the market reaction. the markets don't like this news. >> they don't like this news obviously. the bottom line is ultimately you can't have peace, prosperity without a foundation of peace. this is something that no one
7:47 am
thought would be easy. it was moving a lot faster than anyone thought it would initially when they said president trump's rhetoric would lead to war. this is a step back. wall street loves everything to be as easy as possible. that being said if you read the letter that president trump and the white house presented the door is open for future negotiations or make the summit a reality if north korea is really serious. >> sandra: he concludes by saying if you change your mind having to do with this most important summit don't hesitate to call or write. that's a possibility. what happens, these markets, the ins and outs, it's an open negotiation, the president says he won't go now. that could change. markets don't like this kind of uncertainty. >> we began the day with potential raising our tariffs on automobile imports to 25%. i don't think it will go anywhere. there was a time back when eisenhower gave his farewell address and talked about plow shares to swords, borrowing
7:48 am
from the book of isaiah but i will say the rhetoric puts a dark cloud over the markets. also it's really masking amazing things that are going on. we just found out that american households are as rich as they've ever been adjusted for inflation, by the way. just yesterday we found out america has now vaulted back into the most competitive nation in the world. an outfit out of switzerland does this. we know bankruptcies are at an all-time low. the fundamentals of the economy and market are in place. the question marks taking a toll on stocks. >> sandra: brian kilmeade had an interview with the president this morning when he asked the president about all of this ongoing change and north korea and the changes that we're seeing there. he sort of changed the conversation to the economy. here is what's happening back at home. an important discussion to be had. 11:30 a.m. eastern time.
7:49 am
45 minutes from now we're expecting to see the president and he is at a signing ceremony to partially roll back dodd-frank. small banks have been longing for this. main street has been longing for this. these were rules and regulations put in place during the financial crisis and thereafter they say has -- >> even the frank of dodd-frank said it was too onerous. the pendulum went back too far. it hurt very small and regional size back. 33 democrats vote in the house, 16 in the senate. a bipartisan acknowledgement it went too far. the obama administration went too far and hurt main street america. the signing ceremony will be fantastic. again, though, it illustrates how the question marks with foreign policy and some trade negotiations are clouding what
7:50 am
are otherwise really the right developments and the right momentum that we have in this economy. >> sandra: there has been so many republicans who questioned whether or not the partial rollback goes far enough to what the president promised. we expect to see the president at 11:30 in the roosevelt room at the white house. signing ceremony. we don't know whether or not he will take any questions or address the breaking news on pulling out of the north korean summit but we'll be watching it closely for any comments. >> the last couple times he was in this position he put out a real serious olive branch to kim jong-un. very complimentary. complimenting the north korean people as being hard working and great. maybe we get something like that this afternoon. >> bill: more reaction. u.n. secretary general deeply concerned about the cancellation of the summit between dump and north korea's kim. that word from new york city. keep an eye on this possibility. you have a nuclear site that was allegedly blown up today in north korea. no verification of that.
7:51 am
as greg palkot reported 30 minutes ago. keep your eye on the missile testing that has not happened since november of 2017. if those two fronts stay calm there is a possibility that we could get back on track. >> the u.s. policy -- it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> bill: we are in the early stages of reaction. want to get back to charlie hurt watching and listening to mike pompeo. he is saying deeply concerned the summit won't happen. we wait to see what the next steps are. we may get a hint at 11:30 eastern time when we see the president at the white house 40 minutes from now. >> something tells me that the president probably will say something about this. he tends to like to do his own p.r. at times like this. i do think one of the things --
7:55 am
an interesting point to make about some of the democrats that are still sort of complaining about this unusual strategy coming out of the white house right now is you know, we should remember that we have had some improvements out of north korea. obviously these are dangerous people. they're dishonest people. people that will -- that kill political opponents inside their own country but we've seen hostages released and we have seen developments at their nuclear testing site. whether that is the blowing up of the site is to conceal evidence or something or whether it's a real effort to give up their nuke program, it is still movement and it is still the kind of thing that will come up in negotiations if they ever do occur. and all of that seeing any of that as anything other than positive movement is very strange to me. >> bill: kim has demonstrated
7:56 am
enormous capacity to lead his country says mike pompeo and he says i'm hopeful we have have conversations to put this back on track. you think about that moment a month ago when he walked across the dmz, a young leader, charismatic and a lot of swagger as he met his south korean counterpart. >> it was astonishing and says something about where politics is today that in a moment like that is not seen as a positive event. we're talking about millions and millions of lives at stake here. but rather it is seen through the lens of partisanship. it really shouldn't be. this is big stuff and, you know, i pray that real good can come of it. >> bill: no doubt. charlie, thank you. back to the hearing in a moment as well. >> sandra: the president used god and prayer in his statement
7:57 am
saying that with all this power i pray to god they will never have to be used. we'll be right back. we're covering all this. north korea, the summit is now canceled. we'll be right back. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache.
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>> you have one second. >> we have to run. see you tomorrow. >> jon: and we start with a fox news alert. new fallout after the white house pulls the plug on that upcoming summit with north korea. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> i'm melissa francis. live to the white house which just released a letter from president trump to kim jong-un where the president just canceled their meeting next month in singapore citing tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in recent statements from north korea. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live with more. a lot of speculation about why exactly this was. >> we have good reasons for it as well. this letter first of all that went out this morning in


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