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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 24, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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analysts will check out dna samples and she if it's legit. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto. downtown about 78 and starts now. >> neil: no go with noko. the president cancels the trip and the reaction from some democrats, let's just say, what a trip. >> it's clear he didn't know what he was getting into and now he's walking away from it. this have very chummy palsy walsy letter to kim jong-un. he, kim jong-un, is the big winner. >> neil: some on the left lash out today, a behind-the-scenes look at how the summit of the century went down. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." man, what a world today. it's the biggest news story by far of the day. and the reason why this is the only story we are covering today. because you won't believe what we've been finding out and what
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we are still finding out. with greg palkot in seoul on a stunned south korean president who didn't see this coming. deidra bolton in work on why a stunned wall street started selling. kevin corke in a white house that still isn't bulges. gordon change on china and why that country's president might be behind the texas unraveling. and jerry boykin who said it's good that the president has them all guessing. how freedom caucus chair, mark meadows is says it's the north koreans working. one hour, one issue. we're all over it. starting with kevin corke at the white house. he, kevin. >> listen, the president's letter, neil, is super clear. it obviously says look, the summit is off in sink more. much to the benefit of the parties perhaps of this particular time but the
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detriment of the entire globe. as we talked about, this isn't just about two potential powers trying to come together and creating an entirely different way that we see the region, we're talking about the brinksmanship that could affect the globe. this is obviously a set back, neil, for diplomats in the states and also in japan. also in south korea. they were truly hoping to do something historic 19 days from now. now the president's decision means a lot. let me take you to what he said. it was interesting to read it. he said among other things, the world and north korea in particular has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity.
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he said this missed opportunity is a sad moment in history. on a day when chairman kim decommissioned a nuclear test seat and freeing american captives as a good will gesture, this is where we are today. it was that sharp criticism that you alluded to by make pence and a reference to pyongyang's nuclear capabilities and happens to be the last straw. >> if and when kim jong-un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions, i am waiting. no matter what happens, and what we do, we will never ever compromise the safety and security of the united states of america. >> wow, what a day already. let me take you back to twitter. we talked about the reaction from some democrats.
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here's chuck schumer. he says many of us fear the summit between the president and kim jong-un would be a great show that produced nothing enduring. if a summit is to be reconstituted, the u.s. has to show strength and receive a concrete enduring elimination of kim jong-un's nuclear capabilities as you can well imagine, the white house is saying, look, it's not all lost here. anything can happen. you saw in the letter the president seemed to leave the door open for a possible reconstitution of this particular summit. maybe a different date or later on down the line. for right now, no talks 19 days from now neil. >> thanks. stocks were plunging close to 300 pounds. they did rebound but what a crazy session. deidra bolton was keeping track. >> let's show you the dow. everybody can see exactly when this news broke that president trump called off the summit in
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singapore between the u.s., south korea and north korea. you can see 9:45, we time stamped it eastern time. in accordance with that, you had investors looking for safe haven trades. look at gold, what they did. they rose the futures back above $1,300 per ounce on thursday. on the same theme, you have investors buying ten-year bonds. those prices rose and the yields fell. you can see where we closed the day. 2.9%. below the key 3% level on the yield. in addition to questions about the koreas, investorses started worries about trade tensions. the trump administration was considering new tariffs on vehicles and auto imparts. you had energy stocks and auto stocks among the ones that fell the most. earlier as i should say, as the session progressed, we did see
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stocks pair some of the earlier deeper losses. the nasdaq closed higher on the day. representative ed royce who is the chairman of the house foreign committee said that president trump should continue to look for opportunities while applying maximum diplomatic pressure on north korea. one strategist told me the markets started to pair some of these earlier heavier losses after the news of the cancelled summit because they say this is more baked in to the cake as far as expectation of returning to predictable familiar patterns. in other words, investors understand the pattern of applying tough financial sanctions against north korea. so because that is a known and familiar circumstance and between us, not better but known, that is why you saw stocks at least recuperate a little bit. back to you. >> thank you. now to seoul south korea where we're learning that the president there was stunned. didn't know this was coming. greg palkot is there. hi, greg. >> an amazing staff, neil.
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dawn is breaking here in seoul. we got reaction from the government here in south korea. they have been burning the midnight oil, a special session of the national security council. south korean president moon was involved urging the direct talks. he said denuclearization can't be delayed or abandoned. he seemed blind-sided by this. he was said to be perplexed by the message coming from the white house calling it regrettable. president trump said he spokes with south korea and japan about possible military readiness for new antics coming from north korea. that's the last thing that the folks in south korea wanted to hear. they had been working for months to get a resolution to this crisis including last month's summit between kim jong-un and south korean president moon along the dmz. the white house summit cancellation seems to stem from a statement coming from the regime of kim jong-un threatening a nuclear-to-nuclear
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show down. so far it's early here friday morning. we have not yet heard anything from the north korean government. and what was supposed to be the big story here thursday, the cancellation, the destruction of the nuclear test side in the northeast corner of north korea. again, the north korean government said they did that. they exploded various detonations at tunnels and portals. an invited group of four reporters there and they said it was spectacular. we're still waiting on the pictures. we shouldn't get them until another couple hours. they're coming by a slow train back from the northeast corner of the country to a coast at the city. the crucial thing about this was there was no international observers, no inspectors no, analysts that officially confirmed what north korea had been saying. maybe a little buyer's remorse
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in pyongyang. remember, that happened a couple hours before president trumped his own bomb shell. back to you. >> neil: putting it mildly. thanks, greg. we're still waiting to hear from the north koreans and we haven't what will happen when we do? let's go to lieutenant general terry boykin. so, what do you make of this? >> there's two issues here. the number 1 reality that kim was about to go into negotiation with donald trump who he does not understand and cannot predict, that reality set in and he got cold feet. number 2, i do believe the chinese were very much encouraging kim to find a way out of this. the chinese have a tremendous fear of a unified korea. >> neil: so your kim jong-un, the president is in this finally worded document or letter read like a document worldwide, criticize north korea but not you individually, not the
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leader. what do you think that will get him? what kind of response do you anticipate from kim jong-un? >> well, it was clearly meant to leave the door open for future negotiations. i think there's still possibility that we'll have some kind of sit-down in the future. i think we'll have it. he clearly left the door open. but not going directly after a guy that he's called the rocketman in the past, by not throwing out any personal insults, i think that he was really making a good faith effort to give kim the opportunity to come back and actually ask for a restart of the negotiations. >> neil: it was interesting when mike pompeo, the state department head was there on capitol hill today. he was questioned by democrats including bob menendez of new jersey who wondered if the foreign policy team had their act together what did you make
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of that? >> he can't do anything right with the democrats. listen to what nancy pelosi said that he wasn't ready and he hadn't prepared and all of that. that is nonsense. mike pompeo has essentially said that he had a team in singapore waiting to meet up with their counterparts from north korea and they never showed up. what does that show you? what does that indicate to you? it indicates to us in my view that kim got cold feet and backed out. he didn't want to go through with it. as the reality set in and who he was about to do and what he was about to do. >> neil: thank you. lieutenant general jerry boykin, a former secretary of defense or intelligence. much more. there will be a security conference on this and what to make of it right now and where we as a country move forward, what the rest of the world thinks we should do moving forward. the read from very important figure on capitol hill, the guy that runs the freedom caucus here and only here after this.
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>> all right. now comes the tough part. parentally we're going to get tougher when it comes to the north koreans. already slapping the hardest sanctions on any country. the consider is considering more actions. let's get the read with mark meadows, the man that runs the house freedom caucus among many things. congressman, good to have you. >> great to be back with you and your viewers. even though the news is not the best as it relates to north korea, but look forward to answering your questions. >> neil: same here. let me ask you the first one about what we can look forward with the north koreans, and not sanctions. >> i think what we're going to see is not only a ratcheting up on the sanction regime but really all of their allies. here's the thing. the north koreans had an opportunity to become part of
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the international community. and negotiate. they made it clear they don't want to do that. now the talks are off. i think they'll become more and more isolated if that is indeed possible. but certainly the mood here on capitol hill is to be as punitive as we possibly can with the sanctions and let them know that a nuclear peninsula on the korean peninsula will not be tolerating. >> neil: i wonder if this isn't an elaborate game -- we haven't heard from the north koreans -- coming back to the table and think they went too far. what if they up the ante and this all passes? >> they may up the ante. i hope not. i hope you're first high post -- hypothesis is right.
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just because there was a historic step doesn't mean it will produce results. i'm hopeful it can today it locks bleak. i have great confidence in not only the strength of our military and our military might, but the other tools at our disposal to make sure americans are safe. i know the president is committed to that. >> neil: many on the left said the president blew it here. the north koreans came out on top. you heard about nancy pelosi arguing about this. if you're the north korean leader and looking to see if the united states is going to potentially risk damaging a relationship with their big monitor, china, how would you feel? >> well, if i was north korea, i can give them a real message. having spoken to the president a number of times and knowing him,
1:18 pm
he's serious about making a deal but he's serious about the punitive measures. he won't blink. nancy pelosi says that but this is the same nancy pelosi that says he's going to cut a bad deal, he's going to go no matter what. you can't have it both ways. this president and secretary pompeo know how to negotiate and yet at the same time china is going to have to determine who they're going to deal with. in the end, they know it's better to align with the united states than the north korean dictator. >> in your gut, what do you think unravelled this? >> in my gut, what happens is in any negotiation, when you get close to actually making a deal, people get overconfident on their ability and what they think the other side may or may not want in motivations. they're underestimating the president's resolve. the end of the day i'm hopeful that maybe the event doesn't
1:19 pm
happen on june the 12th or around that. but that it does happen in the coming weeks and that we find that the north korean people will benefit from really coming in to the 21st century and understanding that economics are the driving force for most people's support or lack thereof. >> neil: thanks, mark meadows. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: remember that second pow-wow the north korean leader hat with the chinese leader? the president thinks something happened at that event that changed everything. the posture of the north korean leader, bad things about the vice president of the united states, bad things about our intentions. and that something happened there and the chinese are to blame. more after this.
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>> will you speak to the north koreans? >> what would you say to kim jong-un? >> neil: oh, i see him there, the secretary of state in the back corner avoiding nasty questions. he got plenty of them add today's senate meeting where the democrats were ripping them up. what happens here? rich edson with more. >> secretary of state mike pompeo says the united states, the state department and officials are ready to have this summit with kim jong-un. the problem, according to pompeo, is they just need a willing participant on the other side. >> the past many days, we have
1:24 pm
put preparations teams together to work to prepare for the summit and we received no response. >> secretary pompeo testified today. it was supposed to be about a bigot request. very little was on that. essentially the north koreans stood up the americans. he says that right now it's situation normal. it resumes where the u.s. and north korea were before all of this. the u.s. and its allies were squeezing north korea and bringing them to the negotiating table, which looked like it would happen but it's now been
1:25 pm
sidelined. pompeo has said that the u.s. has given no concessions in the lead up to this meeting that has been scrapped or delayed and the united states won't do anything like that until north korea can certified or show that its dismantling its weapon. mike pompeo said in three hours of meeting that he had with kim jong-un, the north korean dictator understood the demands from the united states. the u.s. wants the meeting to result in dismantling of the nuclear program. it's all up to kim jong-un and there needs to be a willingness to mean and something they haven't seen. >> neil: thanks, rich. you know, as mentioned before the break here, this notion that the president has and he's convinced and other as agree that ever since the north korean leader had that second pow-wow in as many months with the chinese president, things
1:26 pm
changed. the talk was bellicose. you could say that the posture was hard-lined. it's weird. the read from gordon chang. what do you think of that? the president thinks something happened at that meeting that dislodged stuff. >> yeah. certainly. we've seen the chinese sanctions enforcement has markedly deteriorated. the chinese media allowed the media to asee all the gifts that were given to the kim family. that was a violation of u.n. sanctions. i'm going to give you proof that i'm violating sanctions. what are you going to do about it? monday the president called the chinese out. that was slow on his part. i think the chinese essentially felt that they can do what they
1:27 pm
want. now i'm sure the president is going to disabuse them of that notion and disabuse them very quickly. >> neil: it's curious the president is suggesting the tougher tariffs on chinese imports from 2.5% to 25% would affect more than vehicles coming in. but the timing is curious. what to you make of that? >> yeah. when you look at the president's tweet on zte, the equipment marker, the chinese were trying to push the united states around. they made it clear they weren't going to arrive in a trade deal with the u.s. unless we gave sanctions relief to dte. it appeared that the president quilted. that's when the north koreans became provocative. now the president has a much
1:28 pm
tougher attitude on trade with regard to china. that will have beneficial effects when it comes to the north koreans. these two events are so closely tied that we can't separate them. when you have good policy on one, you get good results on the other. >> neil: the timeline is uncanny. things started going south and the language got rougher since the second pow-wow. that being said, what do you expect is the official response from north korea? >> they'll be upset. i'm concerned about the official response from beijing and south korea. because we don't want the north koreans to drive a wedge between seoul and washington. what is really critical is not what the chinese or anybody else says. it's what president trump does from this point forward. i think the only answer is to increase the sanctions on north korea and begin impose real costs on china. all four of china's big four
1:29 pm
banks have been money laundering for the north koreans. we have to get them out of that business fast. have to go hard after their banks because the white house thinks that china is going to flood the zone and putting a lot more money into north cree in the next several months. we can't allow them to do that. >> neil: real quickly, it's interesting. this is normally gotten a lot of front page press in the last 24 hours. the chinese launch a satellite that will explore the dark side of the moon. they've been very aggressive in their space exploration efforts and poured a lot of money they say for peace and a lot of money to artificial intelligence which dwarfs all major nations combined. what is going on? >> xi jinping believes that innovation is key for china getting the number 1 position in
1:30 pm
the world but the only sovereign state. that's the way they're thinking right now. we have to match this. not only the a.i. but 5 g and the other thing that is important is this space exploration. it's not so much exploration but middlitarization of the moon. we've been ignoring that talk. >> neil: yeah. someone said the dark side of the moon. nobody can see what you're doing. and thanks, gordon, chang. what could the pentagon do? we have the toughest sanctions in place. actually rougher that had been in place for iran. then what? after this. find the remote yet? nah. honey look, your old portable cd player. my high school rethainer. oh don't... it's early 90s sitcom star dave coulier...
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>> neil: we're going to put the maximum pressure on north korea. we already have a lot on already. for more, we go to dan sullivan. what do we do? >> good to be with you. i support what the president did today. between the letter he wrote and
1:35 pm
secretary pompeo's testimony today in front of the senate, it was clear that the north korean lack of engagement and the increasing hostility was the reason to put off the meeting, cancel the meeting. you touched on a key principle here. i think the president has a loot of experience in negotiating. he has a good team with him. but he can't wait it too much. you mentioned reagan. he walked away from it. one of the big challenges with our former secretary of state kerry and the iran deal, he wanted the deal too much. everybody knew it. we got a bad deal. i support him. >> neil: and with reagan and the russian deal, the president had a paper with the basic parts of
1:36 pm
the agreement including giving away the star wars defense initiative. he literally walked off and that was it. it's prominently features at the reagan library. one of my favorite spots there. >> me too. >> neil: this president avoided that beforehand. >> look, what the president is doing, the policies that he's putting forward, we're supporting in the congress, he needs to continue those. that's what has brought kim jong-un really close to the table. what are those policies? it's the maximum pressure campaign. that's the diplomacy. that diplomacy is being backed up by credible military options that sec mattis is empowering. doesn't get a lot of press but we're significantly rebuilding our nation's missile defense. i had a bill signed by the
1:37 pm
president last year, fully funded. we're doing more of that now. all three policies continue to apply maximum pressure. we can't let that up. that's what brought kim jong-un into the table. i think that's what the administration's intent on doing. >> we mentioned the reagan example, senator. i do remember there was this view after that, the way this reagan guy was unpredictable, doing something impulsive. fast forward to today. this president will surprise you. if you're on the other ends of the negotiating team, how does that change your posture? >> there was this talk of a nobel peace prize and obviously premature. whether it's president trump or president reagan, there's a temptation to move forward. sticking to the principle of making the call, i don't want it too badly, i'm going to stick by
1:38 pm
my principles of what is important is the key. the president doesn't want it too badly. it empowers him like reagan with gorbachev. >> neil: and the president is not to keen on getting the nobel peace prize. >> the security of america is a lot more important. >> neil: it does look nice on a bookshelf. that's another thing for another discussion. senator, thank you very much. >> neil: some of the kracharac r characterizations of this. you can go back to almost any such opportunities that presented themselves in the past. why is it different this time? after this.
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>> neil: you hear that ex-president-elec expression damned if you do, damned if you don't. you remember not long ago, getting overtures from the north koreans would have seemed unimaginable. now we're told that the clueless handling of the president is to blame. i can go on. i don't know if it's fair and balanced but does bring into question whether the medias that this right. if they were so wrong seeing it ahead of time, are they right now bashing it after and assuming it's the end of time? let's ask u.s. helicopter pilot, and tarah maller and ned ryan. ned, whether you like the president or dislike the president, without sitting down
1:43 pm
with the north korean leader himself, three hostages are back, they're talking about denuclearization and destroying or so we hope a facility today -- >> we'll see. >> neil: right. so i'm saying, there's no acknowledgement of that. your thoughts? >> no, i mean, the mag pie media just gets fired up about everything. i'm sure if trump said the sky is blue, they'd say it's green. it's a knee jerk reaction against pull. they're acting out of ignorance. we sent a delegation to singapore. we waited three days for them to show up. they never showed up. north korea is making it clear that they're strongly objecting to the complete and verifying denuclearization of their program and they're saying they don't want to decommission any nuclear weapons. i'm not sure how you start a
1:44 pm
conversation if it's not on the table. trump is handling this well. he's making it clear that he's serious, motivated and he will see it to its end with maximum pressure. i think the thing we're seeing right now, neil, i think we're on a face in which trump is making it clear to china and north korea, he's not bluffing. he's not clinton, he's not bush or obama. he's serious about solving this problem and he will see north korea denuclearize. if they don't, there will be serious consequences. >> neil: and his critics are saying he should have seen they were this way. went in with eyes wide open. a lot of democrats say they didn't do their homework, should have looked into it more. this meeting was set. all the possibility and the president and his people telegraphed the possibility that they won't do it if something fell through. so something fell through. what do you make of it? >> something didn't fall through. i don't fully disagree with
1:45 pm
everything that's said but i will disagree here. at the end of the day, i was for trying to get parties to the trump and get trump to a negotiated way. they set a june 12 date. they printed coins this week when there were doubts about whether or not it would take place -- >> neil: so you think they got ahead of themselves. a lot of questioning that senator menendez had on pompeo were right. that just weren't ready. >> not that they weren't ready. they need to have a lot of preparation like talks and people at the table and assurances being made that there's zones of agreement going into the talks. one of the key issues, both sides don't have the same definition of denuclearization. the north koreans want a phased approach. the united states wants to have people out there and making
1:46 pm
rhetoric like john bolton with the libya model which wouldn't be a phased approach. i'm not saying you can't have differences of opinion but things need to be calibrated and planned and needs to be preparation. i'm in support of this decision. i think it was off the cuff. it was like the decision with the administration on -- where the russia sanctions were announced and nikki haley -- >> neil: everybody was caught off guard. what do you think, amber? those on the left are criticizing. presidents in the past have never gotten this far with the north koreans is. there frustrations that this might be an opportunity missed because we didn't dot is and cross ts? >> i don't think there's an opportunity missed here. this is the very early stages of a negotiation. you can't expect a rogue leader
1:47 pm
like kim jong-un to overnight just give up his -- completely denuclearize his nation. >> neil: you don't think they did? the language out of the north was just that. so we accepted it at face value. >> i think that you can't trust north korea. i think that this administration has gone in with their eyes wide open. i think that you are going to see these hiccups along the way. it's not going to be smooth when you're dealing with a dictator like kim jong-un. there's going to be back and forth with president trump and north korea. the president of the united states wants a deal that equates to denuclearize north korea. he's not desperate for a deal. so if we get along the road and we find out that there's some things that don't -- that the president -- that kim jong-un is not doing with what we want, then president trump is going to call him out on that.
1:48 pm
>> neil: what if this fell apart, not on any substance but nasty things that the north koreans were saying about the vice president. i'm not minimizing that. may be other factors what if this dissolved because of that? >> i don't think it was about rhetoric. i'm suspicious as is the president about china's role in all of this. this timing just seemed questionable to me. i do think mike pompeo, he was over there multiple times. there were conversations taking place. i think things were progressing along and i think china has not been an honest broker. let's face it, neil, china enjoys very much their creation, their frankenstein of pitbull of north korea being a problem to the west. >> neil: but you should know it going in. >> absolutely. it's not a secret. it's not only not a secret that that is out testify north korea playbook and i'm not saying it wasn't smart to say we wouldn't
1:49 pm
get to a summit but june 12 was overly optimistic. printing coins of something that -- >> neil: you continue make it two out of the one to call it june 21. you can still save the coins. thanks very much. a lot to follow up here including ronald reagan analogy. he was willing to walk away from a table at a summit. now this is off before any summit. but lessons from the gipper that ring loud and clear right now after this. money back on our b. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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not the conservative guy, travis allen. what about this john cox? talks a big game... but what's he done? a chicago lawyer? huh? thirteen losing campaigns - seven in illinois? cox lost campaigns as a republican... and as a democrat. gave money to liberals.
1:51 pm
supported big tax increases. no wonder republicans say cox is unelectable in november.
1:52 pm
i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein >> the lack of deep preparation that is necessary before such a summit is even agreed to was not taking place. the art of diplomacy is a lot harder than the art of the deal. >> neil: that was the democratic
1:53 pm
reaction the all of this. criticism for a summit that seems so close and possible for big, big things for the timing. let's get the read from doug weed who said we heard this time before. this goes back to ronald reagan and iceland and the talks fall apart with gorbachev. who did we learn from that? >> that the media can be wrong and scientists and expert can be wrong. ronald reagan went in with star wars saying his project could work. it was important that the media was saying this is a hoot, it's ridiculous. scientists say that's look shooting a gun and putting a bullet with another bullet. can't be done. so when the talks blew up, a
1:54 pm
chance for peace, a chance for an end to the cold war ruined because ronald reagan wouldn't give up on sdi, the national media went crazy. academia went crazy. that were some medians loved reagan but even comedians making fun of them. people said he's an idiot, this is what happens when you get an idiot elected president of the united states. this was dumb. but they were wrong. the scientists were wrong, the media was wrong, the soviets were wrong. the cold war ended. >> neil: what is interesting, president the president walked out of that and stuck to his star wars dream as it were, is there was a collective wisdom within the bureau that hey, this guy is crazy. he's crazy. there's a benefit of being deemed crazy. i mean that in a good way.
1:55 pm
i wonder if there's a sense here, maybe the chinese, the north koreans, we can't figure this guy out. we can't figure donald trump out. we have to dial this back. what do you think happens now? >> yeah, that heralds all the way to a famous statement, that sometimes in the interest of a print to famed madness. i can tell you at this level, neither one of these people are mad. the only thing to keep in mind, kim jong-un is not gorbachev. >> neil: you're right about that. we should draw that distinction. and gorbachev wasn't a butcher or starving his people. i remember ronald reagan after that failed day made of point of saying very nice things about gorbachev, promising words, very akin to president trump's letter
1:56 pm
saying relatively kind things by comparison about the north korean leader holding out hope that maybe that would entice people back to the table. >> absolutely. good point. i noticed that, too. and thought immediately of that comparison. trump gets criticized if he's too tough, he gets criticized if he's too nice. the only thing that gives me hope is when i see in gaza that they launched those rockets towards israel and i say reagan's sdi concept and the israelis fire a missile to intercept them gives me hope. that sdi worked out. the experts aren't always right and maybe trump will pull something out. it's dangerous. this is a real -- >> neil: if it was easy, it would be done. whatever the consensus is, we tell you on investing and set views and what happens in the world, it's almost wrong. there's no risk going outside
1:57 pm
and thinking that maybe the same consensus opinion is wrong now. now all bets are off for north korea. then again maybe they're not. "the five" is now.
1:58 pm
... ...
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>> hi i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle -- dana perino. "the five" >> it's day two in neil gate. both sides lineup on opposite ends of the field. first it's donald trump doing donald trump. president: you have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn't be playing, you shouldn't be there, maybe you shouldn't be in the county. you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. the nfl owners have


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