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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 24, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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mess a episode of "the five." now to dallas. >> thank you, you lost me on the hockey top. president trump cancels the summit with kim jong-un but keeps the door open. allegations of a spy. which party has the stronger message heading into the midterm elections. this is the "special report." >> good evening i'm bret behr. mitch mcconnel joins me fore a exclusive interview in a moment. first president trump has pulled the plug on what would of been historic talks with the north korean leader this. comes after he called mike pence a dummy and was ready to meet
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the u.s. on the nuclear battlefield as the negotiating table. we have reaction from seoul. first we start off with john roberts on what has been called a nuclear deer john letter from the president. >> it was a dear john letter that only the president could write. one holding the promise of reconciliation but there is a threat to burn your house down if you don't behave. president: i have decided to terminate the plan summit in singapore. >> president trump sited anger and open hostility in recent statements from north korean officials. president: many things can happen. a yate opportunity lies ahead potentially. i believe this is a tremendous setback for north korea and indeed a setback for the world. >> what killed the deal was a
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statement from the north korean kep utility foreign minister. he said that north korean was ready for a nuclear to nuclear showdown with the u.s. if talks failed. she called pence stupid and a political dummy. >> as the president made clear, this will only end like the libya model ended if ki kim jonn doesn't make a deal. >> some see that as a threat ufrplt. >> it's more of a fact. >> he said, you talk about your nuclear capabilities. ours our so massive and powerful i hope they never have to be used. >> our military is ready if necessary. president trump suggested kim's attitude has recently changed. >> i think they want to do what is right. it was only recently that has taken place. i think i understand why it's
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taken place. >> the president wouldn't expound on what has taken place to change north korea's attitude. he suggested the chinese president got it kim's ear in a recent meeting in china. president: i think there was a change in attitude from kim young un. i don't like it. >> the president laid down a bed of his own last night launching a national security investigation into car and truck imports. this brought a sharp reaction from china. >> china abuses the abuse of the term of national security. it will seriously damage the multi-lateral trade system. we will safeguard our own interests. >> at the same time president trump is putting the trade squeeze on china he's urning to keep up pressure on north korea to bring kim to the table.
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keeping the june 12th date maybe difficult, but he wrote if you change your mind, please don't hesitate to call me or write. the president adding i felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me. a combination of honey and vinegar to attract the bee. president: if and when kim kim m jong un -- i am waiting. >> the white house sent the deputy chief of staff and an advance team to singapore to meet with the north korean delegation to nail down plans for the summit. they waited for three days but the north koreans never showed. bret. >> thank you, john. north core ' says they have delivered on a promise to destroy it's main nuclear
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weapons testing facility. this is on news of the u.s. with drawing from the summit in singapore. we are in seoul tonight. >> north korea claimed they dismantled their nuclear test site. brought a group to watch the explosion. i wouldn't say it was spectacular but there are no international experts to confirm the claims. then a few hours later the cancellation, for now at least, by president trump of the planned summit in singapore with kim jong-un. the south korean president with president trump said perplexed by the news. he said denuclearization can't be delayed or abandoned. moon has moved to bring the
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crisis to a dimly mat i can resolution including his own summit last month with kim ki km jong-un on the pugh mz. >> south korea has reached out publicly. >> regional observes are hoping out hope. for now at least they say they're talking at each other. >> this is a huge bump in the road. i suppose we will have to wait to see what the north korean reaction is and the reaction of other players as well. >> it is early friday morning here on the korean peninsula. we haven't had a reaction yet from the north korean government to the white house moves. the regime has gotten better with their reaction time, recently.
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they may want to consider what is next after this white house decision. back to you, bret. >> live from seoul. greg, thanks. secretary of state, mik -- the conversation involved the cancellation of the north korean summit. then there was a question about foreign conflicts of interest on the part of president trump and his refuse al to release tax returns. >> i have been incredibly involved in the foreign policy and i have seen no evidence -- >> that's what i want to ask you. >> -- it's outrageous suggestion. >> no it's not. >> pompeo called the questions bizarre and outrageous. >> tonight law make tprerz both
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parties are mulling over information received at a pair of classified brief -gdz about the fbis investigation into the trump presidential campaign. one came at the request of the president, for republicans only. another came after considerable grousing from democrats. we are live on capitol hill tonight with details. good evening, mike. >> bret, democrats claimed they were shut out. they were ultimately included. >> after today's briefings lead by top justice and more, that president trump inserted a spy in his campaign. >> there is no evidence to support any allegation the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols.
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>> the initial plan was to meet, buin a brief statement paul ryan defended the comments of law makers. saying he looked forward to the intelligence committee promptly completing their work now they're getting the cooperation they need. on "fox and friends" president trump was asked about an attack from james comey. he tweeted yesterday "facts matter" the term is tightly regulated and essential to running the country. president: the firing of james comey will go down as a good thing. fbi is great. i know many people in the fbi. it's a fantastic institution. some of the people at the top were rotten apples. james comey was one of them. i have done a great service to this country getting rid of him and firing him. >> lindsey graham says he has
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serious questions of the obama justice department during the campaign of 2016. >> it's questionable. >> the president made refrpbts to clapper on twitter. saying there was spying in the campaign and large dollars were paid to the spy, far beyond normal ... >> even though there was a effort to include democrats they suggest the meet -lgz should have been canceled. >> when one party, nunez wants to distort information for partisan purposes, asks for a solitary briefing there isn't be a briefing at all. >> it appears it's a meeting that could be sharing information. that someone's interpretation could be helpful to the president's defense. >> late today clapper responded
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to the president accusing him of spinning and distorting what clapper said. he says he took a version of the word spy. saying they tried to figure out if the russians were trying to infiltrate the trump campaign. wret. >> thanks, mike. let's talk about today's meeting, and more with mitch mcconnel. senator, thank you for being here. >> glad to be here, bret. >> if you can, knowing you're hampered by the situation of the meeting. can you tell us built meeting on capitol hill today. >> yes it was a classified briefing of the gang of 8. the house and senate and intel committee leaders. i really can't. it was a classified briefing. that's what classified means. >> yes. were you surprised with what you learned? >> nothing particularly surprising.
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again it was classified. so no report to give you. >> i won't go down this hole. should congress be privy to this material if it is part of this investigation. >> yes, think occasionally briefing the gang, so called gang of 8 is good for the admin administration. they agreed to do it, we're glad they did. >> broadly about the russia probe and this investigation. james clapper is out with a new book accusing and you speaker ryan of essentially not caring about foreign interference in the to 16 election as long as president trump won. in the book he wrote ...
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>> your response sir. >> it's almost laughable. underestimating the h episode ad looking for others to blame. clapper knows better and shouldn't of written it. >> could you think the investigation is coming closer to an end? >> i have no idea. i think it would be great to get to a conclusion and got to a conclusion sometime soon. >> let's turn to today's news about the north ore aep north k. your reaction to that? >> i think the president did the right thing. we have seen three generations of north korean leaders engage in similar ploys to get relief from sanctions. it seems that kim jong-un is a chip off the old block. i think the president didn't want to be played with. wanted to make sure the north
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koreans knew he was serious. provide they didn't continue to play these games they have historically done with other administrations and have gotten away with it. i think president trump did the right thing in canceling the meeting. >> as far as diplomatic moves is your sense that the white house and expectations that this will get back on track eventually. >> i think we all hope it will. there isn't anything that wouldn't be good about korean peninsula without nuclear weapons. we hope this gets back on track. the next step, strikes me, is up to the next koreans. >> yes or no, will you cancel part of the august recess. >> i will have more to say definitively about that week after next. i have said the press corp and members here i wouldn't buy non
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refundable tickets. >> there is a tweet from a senator that i said he delayed his vacation. your response was, you should. if congress can't get done what they need from january to july how much will a couple of weeks help you? >> bret, this has been a period of extraordinary accomplishment. the notion that this congress hasn't done anything is utter nonsense, disproved by the facts. this has been the most productive year in a half in the time i have been in the senate. i'm now in my third decade. particularly for those who want to see the country right of center. whether it's supreme court, court of regulations, tax reform. just this week alone we passed a veteran's choice act. a major significant piece of legislation. the record of this congress is
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quite spectacular. we will add more achievements throughout the summer. fully intend to by taking up the farm bill, the national defense authorization act, and functioning on appropriation bills which the democrats grounded to a halt last year. we don't think that will happen this year. >> i wasn't suggesting you had nothing done. i was suggesting how much more could get done in the additional time if you choose to do that. if the house discharges position on daca succeed would you take that up? >> my thoughts on immigration. in february i brought up the subject of immigration. we spent a week on the senate floor and passed nothing. if there is a bill that clears the house then ihat will take up floor time. not to mention additional
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confirmations of judges and members of the executive branch pending before us. >> a couple more quick things. one is the president and this administration not just from democrats, here is senator jeff flake in pointed language yesterday. >> your national leadership is well, not good. at all. our presidentcy has been debased by a figure who seemingly has a bottomless appetite for destruction and division, only a passing familiarity of how the constitution works. and the article one branch of government, the congress, that's me, is supline and the vandalism flowing from the white house daily. >> your reaction to, that senator. >> obviously i didn't agree with. that i wish jeff would run again and stay in congress and try to
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have a impact. he decided to leave, to retire. he can say what he will. i don't agree. i think this has been a period of extraordinary accomplishment by the president and congress. >> senator tomby pointed out: >> it seems a push back in the republicans ranks as well. >> i tend to agree with tomb eon that as well. i worry about retaliation and impacts on american agriculture. a place where we enjoy substantial trade surpluses with the rest of the world. i think all of us hope this back and forth discussion about trade
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doesn't end up leading us into the implementation of tariffs or a larger trade war. >> hear anything from senator mccain? >> i haven't. i had a chance to visit him a couple of weeks ago out in arizona. hwe had a good discussion about all of the battles of the past. sometimes we were not on the same side. he's a great american. we wish he could come back. >> senator mcconnel, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> up next a retired navy seal is honored even as special operations come under intense scrutiny. here is what fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in las vegas. police release 200 pages of reports of the worst mass shooting in american history. gun shots came so quickly one officer thought he faced a full
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tactical assault team. fox 6 in milwaukee, police release body footage of bucks basketball player, sterling brown. it happened in january over a parking violation. officers used a stun gun on brown. the police chief has apologized and said those involved were disciplined this. is a live look at tampa. the big story, there the forecast for the upcoming hurricane season. the national oceanic administration predicts ten to sixteen named storms in the atlantic with hurricanes. that would make it a near normal to above normal season. that's tonight's look outside the beltway special report. we're outside too. we will be right back.
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>> president trump is reducing regulations on commercial space companies. he signed a directive today. orders recommended reforms for more flexibility for companies sum as space x and virgin da lactic that came along after the regulationes were put in place. some of the banking regulations imposed after the 2008 financial crisis are being eliminated today. reducing restrictions of the pugh odd-frank restrictions. stocks are down today. the dow lost 75. the smp fell 5.5 the nasdaq dropped 1.5. a retired navy seal is the
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latest american hero receiving the medal of honor. not everyone is convinced the right decisions were made that day. national security correspondent, jennifer griffin ha, the story y from the pentagon. >> 15 years later after the mission leaving 7u.s. navy seal members dead, the award of valo- president: -- the history of the american military. this was the highest point where we ever fought. >> it was 6 months after 9-11. ten thousand feet high on a mountain top in afghanistan. >> i know he's in enemy territory. >> -- whether they should of landed on the mountain breaking
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protocol landing on the objective or x and whether they left a fallen comrade behind. >> we landed on top of the mountain. my helicopter took rocket propelled grenade fire right away. >> why did you have to land on the x? didn't you break protocol landing on the x. >> i was told i had to be in position by sun up. that's what i did. >> neil roberts fell out of the back of the helicopter into the snow. the army chinook crash landed four miles away. they were ordered up the mountain to rescue roberts who survived the fall. >> i said go right back to the spot. >> when they landed to rescue roberts, the airforce officer was hit. >> john goes down next to me. i could feel the bugets going through my clothes. he decides as team leader to pull back thinking khapl man is
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dead. >> i was on top of john looking for a sign of life. i didn't get any. no movement or sound from him. >> new evidence suggests he may not of been. >> there is criticism you left him behind. >> i can tell you i didn't -- we left no one behind. no one. what i saw, what i experienced. i know that clearly. but we didn't leave anyone behind up there. >> at the pentagon, jennifer griffin fox news. >> up next we take you to the u.s./mexico border for a ride with the first woman to lead the border patrol there. beyond the boarders tonight, russia denies involvement of the downing of a malaysia jet in 2014. dutch investigators say they have evidence. a specific russian missile brigade brought down the plane killing all 298 people aboard.
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late today the u.s. state department says they have complete confidence in the dutch report. voters in ireland will decide friday on a referendum to repeal the country's strict antiabortion law. it would allow the procedure during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. the traditional roman catholic country surprised people in 2015 with same-sex marriage. >> air strikes over the night say to kill -- - the pentagon says they have no information to substantiate the report. some of the other stories beyond our boarders tonight. we will be right back.
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>> hollywood producer harvey weinstein is expected to surrender to authorities tomorrow to face charges involving at least one woman
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accusing him of sexual assault. it would be the first criminal case against weinstein from the barrage of sexual abuse allegations from scores of women. those allegations destroyed his car setting off a reckoning bringing down other powerful men known as the "me too" movement. tonight we look at the president's border strategy in the rio grand valley. national correspondent is there to the. >> other runners here. >> just after take off the calls pour in. >> i will come down low and spread it open. >> agents need help tracking four separate groups. >> we're 60 miles north of the border. they flushed out a group of 16. >> you see how they run in different directions. that puts them at a great risk. >> if we miss one of the individuals they're stranded here by themselves. >> carlos is the first woman to
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head the border patrol. >> the rio grand valley is the busiest area on the border somewheres. >> she welcomes help from the national guard. >> over the last few years we have out paced our hiring this. is good having the national guard here. >> she wants eight here and more monitoring cameras. >> they have their cameras, technology, and sensors, doing what we don't boarders. >> this group caught these central americans crossing the border. >> we average about 500 daily it takes a lot of the man power. >> 10% of those a apprehended ae central americans. they're seeking asylum. they're so focused on processing families and minors that vast areas are left unprotected. >> 8 of individuals were illegal aliens. four were unacompanied children.
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>> they start this semi crammed with immigrants poking a hole in the roof to escape. >> they will keep doing it to make money. >> catching illegal immigrants is one thing. releasing them is a bigger problem. president trump has vowed but failed so far to solve. >> william, thank you. president trump has granted a rare pardon to boxing first black heavyweight champion. jack johnson's name has been cleared after a hundred years, many see a racially charged con vision. transporting his white girlfriend across state lines. actor sylvester stallone tras drawn attention to johnson's cause. he was sentenced by an all white jury. he diepugh in 1946.
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>> in washington the brain trusts in the republican and democrat parties are planning their midterm elections in november. tonight on capitol hill we look at the messages. the parties are trying to convey. >> the road map that has proven successful for republicans in senate primaries so far trash talk the i incumbent democrat. >> a senator working with president trump. >> ohio will move forward with the trump agenda. >> gop candidates are touting tax reform, regular tory roll backs, and flood of conservative judges to court rooms. >> you look at the supreme court nominations. our judges are filling the corrects. making good decisions based on the constitution. >> some mimic trump's anti-establishment a proefrp.
3:36 pm
look at missouri. >> they're furious that pugh c has feathered their own nest and people like claire have voted for ways to benefit them. >> democrats don't think they can claim the outside the belt way approach anymore after what they call controversies of the epa, hud, and omb. >> president trump has become the swamp. >> they say they're a better deal trying to diminish the crown jewel, tax reform. >> now the rising gas prices will cancel out the 2018 consumption worst of tax cuts. >> the president's name is being used to modivate base voters. >> the best thing we can do to stop the worst part about the trump agenda is to win the 2018 elections. >> in states trump won democrats can't all run against him. which means the party isn't
3:37 pm
totally united. >> in west virginia people like donald trump and joe. we work well together. >> that goes to show you as strategies are being crafted even law makers considered the most vulnerable are not all onboard with the messages the national leaders are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to promote. bret. >> peter, thank you. >> president trump cancels the kikim jong-un summit in singapo. we have reaction on that big event from the panel, when we come back.
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president: i have decided to terminate the planned summit in singapore on june 12th. i believe this is a tremendous setback for north korea and a setback for the world. hopefully positive things will be taking place with respect to the future of north core '. inorth korea.if they don't havee ready then we have ever been before. >> the art of diplomacy is the heart of the deal. >> i think it's good for kim kim jong-un. he got a letter from the president that said, never mind. he must be having a giggle fit. kim jong-un is the big winner.
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>> nancy pelosi talking about this letter that the president tweeted out himself. among the outreach though is a future line in here, if you change your mind, having to do with this most important summit please do not hesitate to call me or write. the world and nort north korea particularly has missed a opportunity is truly sad moment in history. let's bring in our panel. tom, your thoughts on how this all came down today. >> i think the basic point here is that president trump is leaving clearly an opening to towards continuing the summit on june 12th as previously been arranged. in my opinion that will happen. i think you see coming from behind the scenes here is a
3:43 pm
pressure calculation on the part of the chinese to see how far they can push president trump. i think the cancellation was directed at beijing as well. the second part kim jong-un recognizes the symbolism of the attending of the senate is as complicated as concessions he is expected to make. think the summit will go ahead on june 12th. >> to that point a fox news alert here. in the last few seconds north korea says trump's decision to scrap the summit is not in line with the world's wishes. north korea says they're willing to resolve issues with the u.s., ka* according to state run media. this develops by the day, by the hour. pholgy. >molly.>> i think it's disappoig but not completely surprising. you see north korea and the u.s.
3:44 pm
pretty far apart. north korea proposed what we have seen in past decades. a pledge to eventually denuclearize. the u.s. says that won't work anymore. we want it up front, accountability and a timeline. we heard communications had broken down. i agree with tom it's not the end of the line but a negotiation process. what is interesting about the report here is people were careful whether north korea would say we're willing to make this happen and work towards it or if they would respond with the missile tests and other belligerent attitudes. it's a long ball game still. >> amy we're getting from the north koreans that north korea is willing to talk to the united states anytime in a response of the decision to pull out of the summit saying they want to resolve the issues. you heard senator mcconnel say the next step is north korea's
3:45 pm
and this is it. >> i'm fascinated to watch the way in which americans are reacting to this. take away the back and forth here in washington. in polling what we have seen the last couple of weeks is across the board this is republicans, democrats, and independents were given the idea of a sit down between the president and kim jong-un high marks. they liked the idea. in the last cnn poll people saw this as trump's most positive move and he received his highest marks. the american public over all is saying i like where this is going, we haven't seen anything like this, let's troy it. if thi this goes wildly off trar the summit doesn't happen or more saber rattling from north korea or south korea does something there is a continuing sort of chaos, does that then
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ultimately impact the way that voters not only see the president but ultimately the way he handles any other foreign policy or foreign policy crisis? >> right. tom, quickly wrap this up. >> yes, i think the north korean's know they have a interest skpeugt down at the summit. beijing wants this. they want to see it trump is mallable. the letter suggests he is not. the message we see from the north, that's as nice as it gets from the north koreans. >> a love letter. next up investigations into the trump campaign and whether there was a informer, a spy in the team. we will break that down next.
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>> it would be great if we got to a conclusion and got to a conclusion sometime soon. >> a reflection on the meetings today. two different meetings. the first one dealing with this group of folks. you see the first meeting on, from the doj including the white house chief of staff there. then the second meetings with the democrats including. this included the gang of eight being briefed as well.
3:51 pm
again not details on what happened in the meetings. not surprising was the characterization from the senate majority >> how much surveillance and wire taps. national security letters and human intelligent agents were used to cur have a the donald trump campaign. a lot of people are pretending
3:52 pm
this isn't a huge issue. i think most americans would say this is breathtaking. >> someone talked to me the other day. they said it's sort of like looking at two different walls, pictures and connections. different people in different political ideologies looking at two different walls of the connections. your thoughts on how this is coming together. >> yes, certain ly it will play heavily as a interlink with the horowitz report coming out. whatever the president decides to do with special councils on the on going investigation. one thing that is notable. you see the best proof in an open source sense. something we can see at face value that coates attended the meeting. that is notable. counter intelligence investigations. normally the fbi takes pred i
3:53 pm
cation. why was he there, i think he was there to make the case on the part of foreign intelligence and relationships with the united states playing a roll in generating leads that got to the points that molly mentioned. specifically >> was there a good reason. i think this is appropriate to look at and needs to be bipartisan. >> that's the point.
3:54 pm
there is suppose to be checks and balances. there should be looks at this in a bipartisan way to see if there are abuses. if that's not the case we need to move on. the pwabgt and forth you said it perfectly the idea of two walls. whatever you think about the president determines how you feel if this is a big crisis or whether it's not. if the shoe was on the other foot and it was hillary clinton as president there would be different coverage on what was going on based on who you are and what you think about hillary clinton. the best place to keep this is where it is now. a special council for a reason. a process for a reason. there will be hopefully a report we get to see. from there we will have all of the evidence in front of us instead of the stuff being dribbled out here and there. some leaked by republicans. some leaked by democrats. we don't know what any of it
3:55 pm
means really. >> we have zero indication that special council is looking into abuses by the fbi. we don't have evidence that the ig is. that's why congress sub evening the information needs to get it an oversight body. >> we will talk more about this. panel, thank you. when we come back little girls with big dreams. but what if ai could find connections faster. to help this researcher discover new treatments. that's why she's working with watson. it's a smart way to find new hope, which really can't wait. ♪ ♪
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little girls made of? when gina haspel took the oath to become the first female director of the cia two fans had been there and sent letters to haspel and we got the last name redacted saying i also want to be part of something bigger than myself and help america, she said. one day i can work for you and help america. >> the note from these two young ladies, ages 6 and 7 sent to me sat on my desk the last few months and motivated me daily. in their own words and pictures they expressed their excitement about the opportunity my nomination represented and to aliza and zoe i simply say, we did it. >> haspel said there were countless role models in her life and that's it for this press report, fair, balanced and unafraid. here's martha.
4:00 pm
>> martha: thank you, bret. breaking tonight, a new report just moments ago says north korea, according to state media is saying the decision to scrapping the summit is not in line with the world's wishes and they are willing to resolve the issue. that's the latest after the summit was skutd -- scut ald and north korea blamed in part our interview. >> they reached out and said they would suspend nuclear testing and suspend the ballistic testing and be willing to achieve complete denuclearization through