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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 25, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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all get ready for the weekend. i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. "the daily briefing" starts right now with sandra smith. >> sandra: thank you. this is a fox news alert. president trump leaving the door open for a summit with north korea. only a day after canceling his june 12 meeting with kim jong un. hello, everyone. i'm sandra smith in for dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." president trump taking a more optimistic tone after the regime said it's still open to talks with the u.s. the president and defense secretary mattis both suggesting the summit could get back on track under the right conditions. >> we've got some, possibly some good news on the korea summit where it may, our diplomats can pull it off and have it back on even. >> we'll see what happens.
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it could be the 12th. we are talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it. we will see what happens. >> sandra: meanwhile, the north claiming it demolished the nuclear test site carrying out a series of explosions and reducing it to rubble. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in seoul, south korea, for us. greg? >> greg: all right, sandra. the folks in the region are watching closely what is being said in washington. and pyongyang and beyond regarding that possible summit involving president trump and kim jong un. we heard from the foreign ministry up in china about this. they, in fact, say that the u.s. and the north korea should meet each other halfway. they should stay patient. they should press ahead with the denuclearization. remember it was president trump who said that perhaps chinese president xi got in the ear of kim jong un and changed his tune. we heard on friday from
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japanese prime minister abe and said possible cancellation of the summit was regrettable but he respects and supports the decision and, in fact, he, too, just wants to see denuclearization on the peninsula again. a strong ally of president trump can be found at the japanese government office. kim jong un was seen today via the state media from pyongyang on a train inspecting a rail line. his regime, remember, early in the day on friday said in fact following that supposed possible cancellation of the summit from president trump that he and the u.s. should meet face to face anytime, anyplace. the government here in seoul also has so much invested in this, they want the thing to go forward as well. for the big news from yesterday, they got kind of overshadowed by everything else, the nuke test site event that is the dismantling of the site in the northeastern
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corner from the country. we got information from sky news, a small group of journalists who were allowed to attend. pretty impressive stuff. the hitch is as we have been saying, also the sky news colleagues pressed on the ground. there were no inspectors. no experts. no analysts that could confirm the claims being made by north korea that they had done the deed. one last point on that, remember that happened, the dismantling of the nuke site on thursday and just a couple of hours later, we heard from president trump about the summit. canceling the summit and then today maybe not. very moving target here in the region around the world. back to you. >> sandra: greg palkot in seoul. thank you. we bring in nicholas, researcher from the american enterprise institute. thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you for inviting me. >> sandra: things to be quickly changing. as of yesterday it was off and north korea issued this
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response. and then today there is word maybe it's back on. as far as we are concerned and as far as the white house confirmed this is still off. does the cancellation of this summit from your view increase the risk of a military showdown with north korea? >> this is all part of a long-term dance that the north koreans are very skilled in. it's kind of shakedown diplomacy. you are nice sometimes. and then you threaten your negotiating partner with nuclear war other times. you see if you can jingle some change out of their pockets. i don't think the north korean side is by any means finished with its attempts to negotiate with washington. >> sandra: in your own piece that was published in the "wall street journal," you warn ahead of the cancellation of this summit, you warned treating north korea like a normal state. do you think the president, as we heard him today as he was departing the white house to head to the commencement
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ceremony at the naval academy, he says everybody plays game. do you think the president is playing this game, the best that this country possibly can at this point? >> i think that the president and the administration seemed to be quite aware that they are not dealing with a normal government. i think they are quite aware that they are dealing with a government that only keeps its promises when it's advantageous to do so. the government that doesn't believe in win-win. that government that likes we win, you lose sort of diplomacy. very difficult government to get to yes with. i think that is what we are seeing now in these beginning stages of what i assume will be continuing discussions between the two sides. >> sandra: i ask you about the increasing risk of a military showdown with north korea as the summit has now been canceled as axios is reporting that the u.s. was closer to war last summer than many believed. they are reporting this. h.r. mcmaster thought there
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was a real chance the pentagon would have to confront kim jong un militarily. the u.s. was preparing for military contingencies with enough specificity that spooked the south koreans who were worried enough that they brokered the conversations with the north that led to the summit offer. is that same dangerous uncertainty, nicholas, now back? >> well, we have to recall, we've been a heartbeat away from a resumption of war in the korean peninsula. there has never been a peace treaty. there only was a cease-fire brokered in 1953. the level of tension has always been extremely high due to north korean intentions. sometimes we recognize this. sometimes we don't. we should be very clear that the north korean side's long-term objective is to prepare to fight and win a limited nuclear war against
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the u.s. and her allies in the korean peninsula when they are sufficiently confident they can have such a showdown. that is more or less of what the north korean foreign ministry threatened the u.s. with on wednesday evening. >> sandra: you know, i want to transition to some news on the president making this deal with the chinese president xi jinping. this just happened in the last hour. on zte, this is obviously something you have been following closely and this is the chinese telecom company that there has been a deal reached for china to pay upwards of $1 billion that the president wanted. they agreed to $1.3 billion fine. zte will put in management and executive board, make security guarantees and purchase much of the parts from u.s. companies and the president is telling fox news in light of this deal his handling of zte shows he is prepared to be tough on china and chinese companies when they misbehave.
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>> i think we could have been even tougher in this situation than we seem to have ended up being. security guarantees i don't think mean much. reshuffling the board of directors is kind of a nothing burger. instead of a sentence of death for this company, which is what would have happened under the existing sanction strictures, the company is paying a hefty fine. we have to remember this isn't a jobs negotiation for american jobs. this is a company that was caught transferring technology against sanctions to north korea which would increase north korea's capability of incinerating los angeles. until the u.s. uses its treasury department death star to make a couple of significant companies in china disappear, i don't think we are going to get the cooperation from the chinese
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government that we really need for maximum pressure on north korea. >> sandra: fascinating stuff. deal just reached. $1.3 billion fine. we will keep watching that as well as north korea. it may be a memorial day weekend but things are quickly changing as we head into the afternoon. we thank you for your time, nicholas. >> thanks. >> the attorney for disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein says he will plead not guilty after appearing in a new york city courtroom this morning. he is accused of sexually assaulting two women. this marks the latest chapter in the downfall of one of the most powerful people in hollywood. colin -- connor mcshane has been out there all morning. what happens next? >> the not guilty plea you referenced would be the immediate next step. but the same lawyer says he plans to move quickly to try to get the charges against weinstein dismiss and says they are constitutionally
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flawed. however, a number of law enforcement officials here in new york say if anything, this may be just the beginning in terms of charges and allegations against weinstein since so many women, dozens and dozens of women have come forward with allegations against the one-time movie mogul. today's charges involve two different women and they are serious. two counts of rape, one count of committing a criminal sex act which brings us back to the year 2004 when a woman alleges that weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him. and then rape charges from 2013 when a separate woman says he raped her in a room, may have been a hotel room in new york city. he faced the charges in court today. then was able to write a check for $1 approximately, which was his bail he posted and weinstein left the courthouse here and could only travel to the state of new york. and/or connecticut. he is wearing a g.p.s. monitoring device before the next court appearance. >> sandra: it seemed very clear, the nypd was looking to make an example out of
11:11 am
weinstein. >> no doubt. we were there earlier and we saw what they call in law enforcement circles request it the perp walk" at the precinct in lower manhattan where he was led out in handcuffs. it was interesting. we had seen him come in 20 after 7:00 on his own carrying books under his arm. while in the precinct the detectives made sure to set the stage for his departure. one of them came over to us, the reporters standing there and said he would remove some of the barriers that the police had set up so we could get a better shot for the cameras, a better television shot. then among themselves, the police, detectives, the chief actually practiced the walk that weinstein would do making sure all the angles were set up right. the nypd has been working on this case for quite some time. it's politically charged. the d.a. in manhattan did not bring charges, the groping charges alleged against weinstein in 2015. many members of nypd have been waiting a long time to see this day. >> sandra: a lot of comotion there. media circle for sure.
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thank you for covering it for us. [chanting] >> sandra: a new debate on the fate of young people who came in the country illegally. congress struggling to pass the bill on daca. as a top official at the border has some tough words for the president on his increased security. and a pair of armed bystanders stepping in after a gunman terrorizes a restaurant. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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>> sandra: this is a fox news alert. president trump's personal attorney michael cohen. the "new york times" reporting that cohen met with a russian a garth in trump -- oligarch in trump tower less than two weeks before the inauguration. they reportedly discussed improving relations between
11:16 am
the u.s. and russia under president trump and would eventually meet a total of three times. days after the inauguration, another person who attempted the trump tower meeting apparently gave cohen a $1 million consulting contract now under scrutiny by federal investigators. growing uncertainty on immigration reform in congress. nearly two dozen republicans siding with house democrats trying to force a debate on daca. president trump maintains he will not sign anything that does not fund his border wall. as a border patrol union comes out against the president sending the national guard guard to the border saying the deployment is "a colossal waste of resources. we have seen no benefit. we generally support the administration but we are not cheerleading when it doesn't go well." we are joined by the former candidate for the dnc chair. fox news contributor. thank you for being here. ahead of the weekend. matt, those are pretty harsh words about what is going on
11:17 am
down at the border. >> yeah, but they are the words of one union leader who, you know, i think is disgruntled a bit with his interactions with the administration. if you actually look at what is happening happening with the deployment of 4,000 national guard troops on the border is they have already picked up thousands of people in just the last six weeks who have come across our border illegally. they have picked up huge quantities of illegal drugs. they have got people ready to be deported. so actually, this program has received or at least achieved more results in a shorter period of time than previous iterations of the program. so there is nothing but success here with this deployment of national guardsmen. >> sandra: a stark contrast to what this person is saying. 1,600 national guard troops were deployed at the border. 750 more troops may be added in support roles. that total could reach 4,000 based on requests for assistance and what they need.
11:18 am
but a colossal waste of resources? >> i certainly would take the word of the head of the border patrol union over folks who are thousands of miles away. but this is what happens, sandra, when you make policy based off of what you watch on television, or from just a place of politics. and we are seeing that when it comes to immigration reform. i think we have an opportunity to get legislation passed. if and when democrats take back the house, maybe the senate, we have to keep in mind the last time we were able to get massive immigration reform passed was under ronald reagan. so i really do look to democrats to look to the president and maybe appeal to his ego in some ways. and certainly the president will have to find a way to compromise on this issue. i think it's something that should be applauded when you have someone who has been supportive of this administration truth telling.
11:19 am
not to say he is disgruntled. >> i'm sure matt wants to respond to that. >> i would like to respond to a lot. >> sandra: but first, listen to the president this week on the wall, on fox news. listen. >> president trump: we actually have four different bills. unless it includes a wall and i mean a wall, a real wall and unless it includes very strong border security, there will be no approvals from me. i have to either approve it or not. there are billings going through. i'm watching one or two of them. we'll see what happens. i can tell you there is a mood right now to get very strong border security. >> sandra: it's important to show that. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell making it very clear. he has poured cold water on the whole idea of holding a fresh senate vote on immigration unless he gets something on his december that can the -- something on his desk that the president is willing to sign. >> that is right. mitch mcconnell said yesterday that the only way the senate will take yet
11:20 am
another week of time to handle immigration which as you know they did earlier this year and they couldn't find consensus on any version is if the house does pass something and the president says i want you to try to get the votes because i'll sign it. if that happens, mitch mcconnell will make time on the floor. but i think it's very important, she said we don't know what is happening on the border. yes we do. thousands of people in the last six weeks have been taken into custody because of what the trump administration is doing. it's very important in all of these questions that we actually look at the facts coming from the government. by the way, these are nonpartisan government officials and we should take them at their word. >> well, certainly taking the head of the border patrol union at his word and not saying he is disgruntled because i understand that this administration doesn't embrace truth-telling but it is important to not just personally attack this
11:21 am
gentleman. >> there was nothing in that person's statement that has the facts. there is no fact in that statement. >> the facts on this, matt, are that we are experiencing a decade's long downturn in border crossing. that is the reality. >> because the obama economy was so weak. you know that is why. people left america to go back to mexico. can you imagine? because under obama there weren't economic prospects. under trump obama, there is economic prospect -- under trump administration there is economic prospect. >> he supported many that people wanted him to. you can't blame an administration for this but the opportunity is for trump to carry this over the line. that is how democrats view it. >> sandra: you hear the music. i have to wrap you up. thank you, matt, jehmu. a major drug bust with enough opiates to kill 26 million people. plus, ivanka trump hitting the
11:22 am
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11:26 am
react torso i -- reacter, so i looked to her. i hear screaming and so i ran out as well. i was complete chaos. i think people were trampling people to get out of there. i mean, people were scared. you know? >> sandra: william la jeunesse has the story from los angeles. >> this is pretty amazing. to think you have two unrelated men who happened to be in the same place, see a crime in progress and independently go to their cars, unlock the trunk, get the handguns out and then kill the shooter, possibly stopping a mass shooting. here is what happened. last night oklahoma city, 28-year-old alexander tillman walks in a restaurant, opens fire on a child's birthday party. as he is leaving, and before the police arrived witnesses say two men confront him in the parking lot. when he refuses to drop his gun, they kill him at the scene. today those two good samaritans are credited with saving lives. >> we are just so fortunate
11:27 am
there was someone there who was able to stop it before more people were hurt or killed. >> so those three victims, a woman and two children, will survive. including this man's daughter and granddaughter. >> evidently the shooter was in the tree line. and they were both shot by the front door. i would love to congratulate him, give them a big hug. >> so far, no motive. the shooting appears random. police says there is no record of mental illness but they had an arrest for domestic assault when tillman was 13. protecting the public, it's unlikely that the d.a. will prosecute them for endangerment or discharging the weapon in public. >> it could have been tragic. we are blessed that three people were shot and didn't lose their lives. >> so again the three shooting victims in good condition. just like the school shooting, sandra, that are often used by
11:28 am
the antigun lobby. today senator john cornyn of texas and the n.r.a. put out statements saying the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. back to you. >> sandra: interesting stuff. william la jeunesse, thank you. busy holiday weekend underway with a record number of travelers expected and drivers facing higher prices at the punch. will they blame president trump for that? and could that actually hurt republicans come november? liberty mutual saved us
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>> sandra: millions of americans hitting the road for the long holiday weekend. kicking off the unofficial start of summer travel season. the crowds are predicted to be the biggest in more than a decade. at the airport, 246 million passengers will take to skies from june through august. more than 2.5 million per day. that is 9 million more than last summer. peter doocy is live at the reagan national airport in virginia. where will travelers face the worst gridlock? >> every mode of transportation is going to be more crowded this memorial day than last memorial day weekend. a.a.a. tells us they are expecting 41.5 million americans to travel between now and monday. that is 4.7% more in cars. 6.8% more on planes. 2.4% more on trains, buses and cruise ships. that is even though gas prices
11:33 am
are averaging just under $3.00 a gallon. that is the highest they have been on memorial day weekend since 2014. >> the price of oil is rising and the economy is good. those factors working together are causing a strong demand for oil and gas and higher price that the refiners are having to pay. that is what is leading to the higher price. >> a.a.a. tells us they do not expect the high gas prices to keep many people from traveling this weekend. sandra? >> sandra: gas prices are up. is that having an impact on road travel? >> our crew in california caught up with some people who were at the gas station, pumping up. they heard a little bit of everything. >> i just can't afford gas so i have to pay for gas immediately when i start to run on empty, just to get me to the next cheaper gas station, which is absurd. but it's like a puzzle. it's kind of like fun but a
11:34 am
waste of money in the end. if i don't have to drive, i have a baby in the back right now. i have the stroller in the car, too. we just walk. i'll park and walk places because this is $4 for gas is absurd. >> get over it. pay for your gas and move on. >> and that is something that flyers don't have to worry about the long weekend. air tickets, airline tickets are down 7% compared to last memorial day. sandra? >> sandra: peter doocy at arlington, virginia, airport for us, reagan airport there. thank you. higher gas prices raising questions about a possible backlash against president trump. politico writing, "the increased cost of fuel is already wiping out a big chunk of the benefit america receiverred from the g.o.p. tax cuts. things could get worse as the summer approaching following a standoff with iran and approved to tighten supplies." chris stirewalt, good afternoon to you. >> howdy,ham.>> --dy, ma'am.
11:35 am
>> we look at the four-month difference. today's price is $2.97, it's almost $3.00. four months ago in january $2.56. so if you are filling up an average tanks of gas, about 12 gallons you are paying five bucks more out of your pocket to fill up the tank. >> if you live in a place where i grew up, people drive a long way to work often times. farther west you go in the united states from here in the oscella corridor, the days and the commutes are longer for people in the metroplexes. now, we do know that the russians and the saudis are rethinking whether or not they want to play this game in regard to increased gas prices. however, we know from 2004, 2006 there is a lot of political history to suggest that the higher the gas prices are, the worse it is for the party in power. even if there is nothing to do to change the outcome and it's
11:36 am
not their fault, voters take out frustrations on what pinches the pocketbook. and nothing pinches it more than gas prices. >> sandra: it is something you see every day and you know when they are up. what does it do for republicans running on the tax cuts? the savings to a middle class family of four, with the average income of $85,000, will save $2,250 on the 2018 taxes. well, with the higher gas prices you are talking about the overall gasoline expenditures of about that much in 2018. they are expected to be $2na $2na -- $2,300. >> i would defer to you on matters of business and economy because you know your stuff. but i think you back me up on this. we had a stagnant economy for a long time, right? growth in the 2% range. it was slow-going. now we are seeing kicked up
11:37 am
growth. gallup found two weeks ago that americans were more optimistic about the chances of getting a good job right now then they had been since taking the measure over the past 17 years. there is general optimism. when the economy gets better, what happens? inflation that had been in the offing when things were flatter starts to kick in. prices start to rise. and people feel the pinch. the dollars don't go as far. that is one of the consequences when you get faster growth. we'll see what the federal reserve does. i guarantee you that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are looking closely at the federal reserve and the economic indicators because they know the overall health -- yes, gas is part of it -- but the overall health of the economy and the overall cost of what we call that, the basket, the consumer price index basket. >> sandra: for good, chris stirewalt. >> see, i paid attention. >> sandra: the old adage on the trading floor "nothing cures high prices like high prices." we are already getting to the levels. we are seeing a huge change in oil. it's down $3.00, about a 4% drop. so we will see and sometimes the high prices are just a
11:38 am
reflection to your point of a strong and growing economy. i got to ask you about ivanka trump. >> okay. >> sandra: what is her future? >> well, she has a security clearance now. and so does her husband. they sort of have waited it out. for a period, her brother don jr. was the politically attendant one on trail. she in the end has not been touched by this. she is a less complicated figure for the family on the campaign trail. she is back on the ascendsy and back on the rise. she can help in the districts in california where she is going. she can help what republicans need very much, which is outreach to educated, more
11:39 am
affluent suburban women. that is something they will need in a lot of districts. >> sandra: she has been a clear presence alongside of the president. he clearly wants her and needs her by his side. a lot of people are left wondering what is ivanka trump ten years from now, 20 years from now? what will her role be in washington? >> i wish i could see what would happen in november. you can't start asking me about ten years from now. >> sandra: c'mon, you know everything, chris stirewalt. >> no fair! >> sandra: good stuff. chris stirewalt, have a wonderful weekend. >> you do the same. >> sandra: authorities in can the searching for two men who set off an explosion in a restaurant. 15 people were injured when the improvised device detonated in toronto last night. matt has the story. >> it happened in mississauga, canada, next to toronto. police call it horrendous. they say around 10:30 last night, two suspects in hoodies walked into a restaurant where
11:40 am
two private birthday parties were going on. they dropped off a homemade explosive and took off. police say 15 people were hurt. aging in range from 23 to 69 years old. 12 of the victims were released. three victims were listed in critical condition. there were children under the age of 10 inside when the explosive went off. but fortunately, police say, none of those children were hurt. the obvious questions of who these guys are and why they did this still unanswered by investigators. so far, police have not labeled the attack terrorism or a hate crime but it is still early in the investigation and that could change. here is the city's mayor. >> let me just say if i may that my thoughts and my prayers are with the victims. i'm thankful there were no fatalities. this is certainly not anything you expect to happen in mississauga. not my mississauga. this is not the mississauga i know. i will say that this is a heinous crime that has been committed. police are actively investigating the scene as you can see. we ask that anyone with any information please come forward and tell the police.
11:41 am
certainly the people who have done this need to answer for their crimes and they need to be brought to justice. >> police say they cordoned off areas in mississauga looking for the suspects where they thought they were. but right now at this hour the two men are still at large. sandra? >> sandra: matt reporting from chicago. thank you. new details on yet another school shooting. what police say a student did after being excused from class. plus, the house passing a huge bill to fund the military. general jack keane is here with analysis on what is being add and what is being cut. but first, here is president trump. >> president trump: we are going to be stronger than ever before. we will have the strongest military that we have ever had. and it won't even be close. and when did we need it more than now?
11:42 am
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i'm in for shepard smith. a day after president trump canceled his meeting with kim jong un over what he called "open hostility from north korea" he tweeted about good news from the north. i'll talk to a foreign policy expert about whether he thinks the summit could still happen. that is coming up when i fill in on "shepard smith reporting". >> sandra: new details on a shooting at a middle school in indianapolis. police say a boy asked to be excused and returned to class with two handguns. he then shot a student and teacher before being taken into custody. the injured teacher reportedly tackled the shooter. knocking his weapon away. there is no word on the severity of the injuries. police believe the suspect acted alone. the attack comes a week after the shooting at santa fe high school in texas that left eight students and two teachers dead. well, the house passing a massive defense spending bill yesterday calling for $717 billion in defense spending.
11:46 am
president trump explaining his commitment to military during a commencement address at the naval academy this morning. >> president trump: we have ended the disastrous defense sequester. no money for the military. those days are over. next year, we are committing even more to our defenses. we are committing even more to the veterans. we know the best way to prevent war is to be fully prepared for war. >> sandra: retired four-star general, jack keane and a strategic analyst. it's always gold to see you. thank you for being here. the bill, first of all, do you like it? >> very much so. this is the second installment on increased budget. what we are trying to overcome is the smallest military in 70 years. we don't spend enough time training other forces. there is a technological gap
11:47 am
that has closed. and russia and china have similar capabilities that we have and in some cases they have advanced capabilities. most significant, sandra, every service chief provided testimony to the congress saying this -- we are at high risk to win a conventional war with russia and china. we have never made a statement like that in 40 years. >> sandra: i want to get to what is in and what is out. what is in the house spending bill? >> we will grow the military. more troops, more ships, more airplanes. we will provide spare parts for all of our equipment that has been broken and we have been cannibalizing, taking from one equipment to another opposed to using supply system to repair them. one of the more significant things in this budget is we will fix the nuclear program, which has been atrophying for years and the adversaries, russia and china upgraded theirs and they are in very good shape. >> sandra: what is not in here? seven republicans broke with the party to oppose this bill.
11:48 am
what was not in it that they didn't like? i mean, what did they oppose in this? >> i don't know what the issue is. i mean i think there is something else that is in the budget. congressman thornburg, chairman of the house armed services committee, there is some reform in the budget. we have a number of agencies, sort of the back office. and he is cutting those agencies. and bringing them down. we have grown civilian infrastructure in the defense budget rather dramatically over the years. and anybody that looks at it says we bloated it. and we have to cut back on it. the unions push on this and there is constituents that push on this. congressmen that push on it. but we are making some progress there. >> sandra: you heard loud cheers at the naval academy when the president was talking about just that. i want to move to iran. they are now pressing the european union on measures to salvage the nuclear deal and how to make up and compensate for the u.s. pulling out of
11:49 am
it. >> yeah. well, listen, it took 16 months to get to the point where we pulled out of the deal. the president gave his advisers all that time to see if we could work something out with the europeans to fix the deal. we came close, but we didn't get there. so what is going on now? well, the iranians want the europeans to stay in the deal. here is the choice the europeans will have to make. are they going to do business with a $19 trillion economy that the united states has or are they going to do busy with a $400 billion economy that iran has? also iran is a repressive rogue regime trampling over people's interest in the middle east. this will take months to fold out here. not until the end of the month that iranians are suggesting. i'm convinced the europeans will come with us eventually. >> sandra: interesting stuff. the new iran sanctions, tuesday, five people tied with supplying weapons to yemen and saudi arabia. in the latest the u.s. is targeting airlines in the sanctions. four iranian airlines are now sanctioned. >> we will get really tough with the sanctions.
11:50 am
it will take us over six months to get them all in place. some fall in within 90 days and others it's 180 days or six months. but when we get there, the iranians are going to feel it. why? their economy is struggling. their currency is literally in the tank. they are overstretched because they are in syria, they are in iraq, they are in yemen. and their people at home demonstrated their unrest and how frustrated they are. they don't want to pay for those problems that are going on out there in syria and iraq and yemen. they need to take care of themselves at home. that is the pressure on a regime. i think that president's decision was the right one and there will be enormous pressure on this iranian regime here. >> sandra: a lot of big decisions to make. general keane, thank you. >> good talking to you. >> sandra: have a great weekend. meanwhile, millions of americans are hitting the road for the holiday weekend. and beaches and barbecues. so will the weather actually cooperate? that is always the big question. we'll have your forecast coast
11:51 am
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say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. only marshall tuck will change that. year after year, policians fail to improve public schools. tuck turned around failing schools, raising graduation rates 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. >> sandra: millions of americans will be getting away for the long memorial day weekend but some people in some part of the country may need to keep a close eye on the forecast. chief meteorologist rick joins me now. surely you only have good news for us. >> i don't. i have bad news. >> sandra: oh, no! >> especially for places where there are beaches. the beautiful beaches of the panhandle of florida, really all of florida unfortunately will have a rough go for it for a lot of the weekend. what we have is what is a subtropical storm, just a hybrid storm alberto. will likely be a tropical storm, the first of the season. the season officially starts june 1. we are a little bit ahead of schedule but not very long. this here is the center of the
11:55 am
storm off the yucatan of mexico. you can see all of the action is separated from it. it will probably kind of stay that way for a while. as it pulls off for the north. but we expect to see probably some sort of a prop call storm, maybe a stronger tropical storm sunday, monday somewhere in here across part of the central gulf. what this really means is going to be a lot of rain. anything we get with this is probably mostly a rain event and because we have had so much rain event across part of florida, especially this month, we are going to look at flooding. all the models pull it toward the north so we are confident that will be the case. this is the future radar. you get the idea. more rain falling here across florida. bands of this moving through, throughout tomorrow in to sunday. it is going to be a slow-mover so it's probably say monday or tuesday before it is definitely pulled in here across part of the southeast. but take a look at this, sandra. a lot of real estate getting here maybe three or five inches of rain. some spots probably pushing maybe eight to ten inches. that means flooding concerns.
11:56 am
not great time, certainly at the beach. if you want some warmth, i'll show you this map quickly. look at this on saturday. temps in the 90s all the way to the northern plains. some summer-like conditions coming but the beaches, especially in the southeast not looking that great. >> sandra: so if you have good weather, enjoy it while it lasts otherwise it could change soon. thank you. >> you bet. >> sandra: police in nebraska announcing they have seized 118 pounds of fentanyl in a traffic stop this month. they found the drugs in a hidden compartment in a search. the bust is considered the largest in nebraska's history. the drug enforcement administration says as little as 2 milligrams of fentanyl can be lethal. meaning 118 pounds could kill more than 20 million people. an unlikely friendship. why one dog took in a group of ducklings. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices.
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plus, it's happened again. another shooter opening fire in a school. ahead, the hero in the classroom. >> science teacher bravely swatted that gun away from the gunman's hands. >> also, movie mogul in cuffs. megaproducer harvey weinstein facing serious sex abuse


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