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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 25, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kimberly: hey. thanks for joining us as we kick off the hollywood weekend. snap it out. tune in monday more memorial day, don't miss "special report" up next. hey, mike u. >> mike: kimberly, thank you very much. have a great weekend. hollywood producer who fueled the me too movement faces sex crime charges and whatever happened to natalee holloway? this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> mike: good evening. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. everybody plays games. those words from president trump have ignited new speculation tonight that the just cancelled summit with north korean leader kim jong un could be resurrected the president is welcoming what he calls kim's warm and productive response to the withdrawal. a reaction that was far less bellicose than expected. we have fox team coverage, gillian turner here in the bureau with a look at the
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major obstacle to nuclear weapons deal with north korea. greg palkot in seoul, south korea and questions about whether the north actually dismantled its nuclear test site but we begin as we usually do with chief white house correspondent john roberts and talk that the historic summit could still happen. good evening, john. >> good evening to you, mike. last week a team from the white house went to singapore to meet with the north koreans to set up the whole summit. that team sat on the ground for three days. the north koreans never showed there was word that they were going to go back again tonight. that was off and back on. now there is talk swirling around the white house that, in fact, that team may be headed back to singapore to meet with the north koreans to get this summit back on track some time this weekend. >> what a difference a day makes. 24 hours after he sent a letter to kim jong un canceling their summit. president trump today said it might be back on. >> we're going to see what happens. we're talking to them now. it was a very nice statement they put out.
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we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we are talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we would like to do it. we will see what happens. >> turn around happened after uncharacteristically diplomatic response from north korea to the letter. north korea saying it is still willing to meet the u.s. at any time in any format adding we remain unchanged in our willingness to do everything we can for the peace and stability of the korean peninsula. we are willing to give the united states time and opportunity. president trump responding in kind on twitter, quote: very good news to receive the warm and productive statement from north korea. we will soon see where it will lead. hopefully to long and enduring prosperity and peace. only time and talent will tell. at the white house, aides rushed to contact their court parts in north korea to try to put things back together for june 129. with the caveat that north korea needs to be serious about coming to the table. >> as the president said this morning, certainly we would like to have a meeting, but the president is not just looking to have a meeting, he is not looking
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for just a cheap political stunt, he wants to get something that's a long-lasting and actual real solution. >> as the white house prepared to send back to singapore an advance team the north koreans stood up last weekend, democrats said the president should have used that as the reason for postponing the summit rather than the white house stated rationale for canceling it that there should be no meeting with north korean officials are going to threaten nuclear confrontation. >> what we should have done is simply announced that we were delaying the summit to a date not designated and say out reason for it was that they didn't show up to the planning meeting. if they don't show up to the planning meeting it's hard to plan and get things done by june 129. but, by canceling it, it makes them look like they are more interested in peace than we are. that's a mistake. >> president trump tells fox news he has reached a deal to save chinese telecom giant zte. after the u.s. commerce department shuttered zte for
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sanctions violations in north korea and iran. xi called president trump to. xi initially offered a fine of $500 million and change out the management and board of zte. president trump insisted the fine be higher, 1.5 billion in addition to management and board changes, president trump also wanted security guarantees and a promise that zte will buy most of its components from u.s. companies. xi countered with a billion-dollar fine. president trump told fox news they eventually settled on 1.3 billion. the announcement of a deal drew fire from the president's own party. senator marco rubio tweeting: yes, they have a deal in mind. it's a great deal for zte and china. china crushes u.s. companies with no mercy and they use these telecom companies to spy and steal from us. many hopes this time would be different. now congress will need to act. not surprisingly democrats were critical of the deal as well the house minority leader nancy pelosi calling it, quote, staggering
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betrayal of the american people. president trump insisted to fox news that he has been far tougher on zte than the obama administration ever was. the obama administration recently considered sanctions against zte and then backed off. president trump telling me yesterday "i shut down zte." mike? >> mike: our john roberts leading us off on the north lawn. thanks. there are questions about thursday's supposed destruction of the north wants main nuclear testing site. this comes amid out uncertainty of denuclearization talks with the north. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest on that from seoul, south korea. [shouting] >> a protest friday outside the u.s. embassy in seoul pushing for president trump to go ahead with the possible summit with kim jong un. one sign of the region watching closely the back and forth over the proposed kim-trump meeting. china reacting to the summit talk. president trump has accused chinese president xi of turning kim jong un against
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the u.s. [speaking foreign language] >> we really hope the u.s. and north korea can cherish the recent and positive process, exercise patience, show goodwill and meet each other halfway. >> prime minister abe a strong ally of president trump says he respects any decision from d.c. as long as it reds north korea of nukes. >> what is important is to have a summit that becomes an opportunity to address and make substantial progress on the nuclear and missile problem. >> still, as kim jong un was seen fry inspecting a rail line, his regime seems to be going in a couple of directions, too. vice foreign minister a key voice on u.s. matters was responsible for that aggressive earlier statement. branding vice president pence a political dummy. while friday's more conciliatory release promoting face-to-face meeting between the two sides came you from the official, a long time north korean nuclear expert. some here think there could be a method to the madness
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on both sides. >> there is a good argument to be made that this was all done simply for tactical purposes. >> amid the diplomatic jockeying this week was the claimed dismantling of nuclear test site. this might not even have been what it seemed. reporter from sky news pressed his host to prove it was real. >> how can we verify that the tunnels inside have also been shut? >> he told us we have seen it clearly enough with our own eyes. >> it is saturday now here in seoul after a wild and sometimes conflicting week. the folks here in the region are probably hoping for some clarity to cut through the morning haze. mike? >> mike: greg palkot reporting from seoul. greg, thank you. if the summit is rescheduled and if it actually happens, there so no guarantee there
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will be any agreement. tonight, correspondent gillian turner looks at what is standing in the way. >> just because we are not there now, doesn't mean can't be there later today or later tomorrow. >> just yesterday, the president called off the north korean nuclear summit. but today he is optimistic, offering encouragement and even floating the possibility of reviving it the national security experts say there is a lot of hope but thought much chance. they caution president trump will have to overcome major obstacles if he still hopes to ultimately strike a deal with kim jong un. like the fact that washington and pyongyang still misunderstand one another on key issues. >> when the united states has been talking about denuclearization, it's often accompanied by the idea of complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization. when the north talks about denuclearization, they are saying that the united states not only needs to withdraw any nuclear weapons it might have on the peninsula, but that the u.s. also should not, cannot threaten nuclear use on the
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peninsula. >> even if north korea and the u.s. work out this difference ahead of the summit, there is still the risk that other country also intervenal and try to derail the talk. >> china does not want to see president trump talk to kim jong un directly. because that means has been cut out of the process. >> russia is also desperate to get involved. >> the most interesting element here also is that vladimir putin has decided to once again try and play a role here where he was praising kim jong un and condemning donald trump. so, certainly, another possibility might be influence from moscow. >> finally, even if the summit does get rescheduled, there are always unexpected practical considerations that can get in the way. like kim's alleged morality fear of flying. >> we know that there are logistical issues for the north koreans. for instance, getting kim all the way down to singapore. >> experts caution that no matter how positive team trump sounds, the road to a nuclear deal is steep and
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paved with potholes. yesterday was a stark reminder that seven decades of mistrust underwrite the u.s.-north korea relationship on both sides. mike? >> mike: some important context there. gillian turner, thanks very much. >> thanks, mike. >> mike: the hollywood's mogul whose mighty career has been brought down by allegations of sexual misconduct is free on 10-million-dollar bond tonight. harvey weinstein turned himself in this morning and hustled into new york city courtroom for arraignment. correspondent laura ingle has the latest chapter in the saga that has ignited the me too movement. >> harvey. >> harvey! >> it was not the type of paparazzi harvey weinstein is used to. [shouting harvey] >> the former movie mogul surrendering to police in new york city amid a throng of reporters and cameras to face sexual assaulted charges in a case that's been mounting for months. he was photographed and fingerprinted and left in cuffs straight to his arraignment. >> this defendant used his
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position, money, and power to lure young women into situations where he was able to violate them sexually. >> weinstein is charged with three sex crimes that could land him more than 25 years in prison rape in the first degree, criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree. these charges stem from a grand jury investigation involving two different women who are among nearly 80 who have accused weinstein of misconduct ranging from inappropriate touching to rape. weinstein's lawyer, benjamin brothman says weinstein maintaining these were never a number con sexual encounters. >> mr. weinstein did not invent the casting couch in hollywood and to the extent there is bad behavior in that industry, that is not what this is about. bad behavior is not on trial in this case. >> pivotal moment in the me too movement. women feel empowered to
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share their. one of the most outspoken is rose mcgowan who says weinstein raped her 20 years ago. mcgowan tweeting today: we got you harvey weinstein. we got you. weinstein wrote a check for $1 million in bail. left with a personal g.p.s. device on his body. surrendered his passport with orders to stay in new york and connecticut. he has until next wednesday to decide if he will testify before the grand jury which is still investigating claims against him. mike? >> mike: laura ingle reporting from new york. laura, thank you very much. a woman is calling the shots at the new york stock exchange for the first time in its 226 year history. stacey cunningham started her career as a floor clerk. she is now the 67th president of the big board. that means two of the world's most well known exchanges are now led by women adena freidman became ceo of nasdaq early last year. stocks were mixed. the dow lost 59. the s&p 500 was off 6.
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nasdaq gained 9. for the week the dow was up .02. the s&p 500 grew. 3. and the nasdaq was up over 1.1%. the abortion ban is being characterized by some as a fight for the very soul of the traditionally conservative roman catholic nation. correspondent benjamin hall has the latest tonight from london. >> people have traveled from across the world to have their say in referendum ha has divided a nation. the vote today will decide whether to repeal a part of the a irish constitution known as the eighth amendment which effectively bans abortions in the country. it's a controversial subject in this very catholic country. >> i think life is sacred and for that reason i have to vote no. >> prime minister center right government backs lifting the ban and allowing abortion on request up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. >> quietly confident been
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good turn out so far across the country and -- >> more than 100,000 extra people have signed up to the voting register ahead of the vote, taking the total to 3.2 million. the divisive referendum is the result of a decades long debate and be the country's sixth vote on the issue. >> i feel like i have waited all of my adult life to have a chance to have a say on this. >> 19835 referendum in ireland made abortion illegal and all circumstances with a 67% majority. today, abortion is only allow when you had a woman's life is at risk. but thought in cases of rape, incest, or fatal fetal abnormality. since 1992, women in island have been able to travel abroad for abortion. having abortion in their own campaign remains legal. twist this month when facebook removed ads reeling to the vote after a number of foreign lobby groups tried to influence it latest
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response to concern about social media's role in influencing political campaigns there are few subjects more emotive than abortion especially in roman catholic island. the results are expected to be announced tomorrow morning and expected to be close. >> mike: benjamin hall reporting from london. thank you. he up next, it's going to be crowded on the roads and in the air this memorial day weekend. we have a live report. first, this is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 28 in spokes can, washington. as a prominent civil rites leader now faces welfare charges. lost her job at the naacp went on welfare and wrote a book. >> she is accused of depositing $84,000 in the bank without reporting most of it fox 5 in new york civil rights groups protest outside the headquarters of the national football league over its policy on the national anthem. it requires players to stand for the anthem if they are on the field.
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this is a live look at los angeles from fox 11. the big story there tonight, a jury orders johnson and johnson to pay more than $25 million to a woman who claims her cancer was caused by the company's talc based baby powder. the company failed to adequately warn consumers that its powder contains asbestos and could cause cancer. johnson and johnson denies the charges. that's a live look outside the beltway. "special report" will be right back. that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back
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>> authorities say an eruption at the summit of the volcano on hawaii's big island has sent an ash cloud about 10,000 feet into the air. people living in communities southwest of the kilauea
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volumcoal vein knowvolcano mighh their way. summit intermittently as lava keeps flowing into the ocean. if you are traveling away from home from the memorial day weekend you have plenty of company. millions of your fellow americans will join you. correspondent peter doocy at reagan international airport in arlington, virginia with a look at what is happening on the roads and in the air. >> your extended memorial day forecast calls for a lot of traffic and not a lot of elbow room. 41.5 million americans are traveling this weekend. 36.6 million by car. 3.1 million by plane. 1.000000 by train, bus, or cruise ship. >> it's the highest we have seen in 12 years. >> at airports every year the adding 1,000 new officers and 50 new canines between now and peek of summer rush to keep
3:21 pm
travelers safe on flights where they save. >> surprisingly enough, the price for air fare is actually going down. we see that it's dropped about 7% from 2017. >> but no discount for families loading up the station wagon to get out of town. the price of gas on this memorial day weekend is the highest since memorial day 2014. $2.93 a gallon on average. >> the price of oil is rising and the economy is good. those factors working together are causing a strong demand for oil and gas and higher price that the refiners are having to pay. that's what i think is leading to a higher price at the pump. >> according to aaa, gas hasn't yet gotten so expensive. the travelers are canceling long-planned, long weekends. >> what we do see is that people do take the price of gas into consideration when they are actually traveling. that may change some of their behaviors. but we don't anticipated that it's actually going to stop them from hitting the road. >> in some places residents don't have a choice including california where every gallon comes with a 42-cent tax. >> i just like can't afford
3:22 pm
gas. i have to pay for gas immediately when i start to run on empty to get me to the next cheaper gas station which is absurd but it's like a puzzle. >> i usually uber so i don't even notice. i haven't noticed the uber prices going up. >> if it crossed over $6 a gallon, i would probably give some thought to making some changes. >> as you can see not a whole lot of red on the board so people not having a difficult time leaving d.c. but coming home might be a different story because of alberto, a tropical system churning towards the gulf of mexico right now. mike? >> mike: our peter doocy on the holiday travel beat. thank you. the department of homeland security is making an additional 15,000 temporary worker visas available this fiscal year. the statement says the secretary determined there are not enough sufficient qualified u.s. workers available to perform temporary nonagriculture labor to satisfy the needs of american businesses. this allocation is in addition to 66,000 visas
3:23 pm
already issued this year. president trump has signed three executive orders dealing with federal workers and unions. one strengthens accountability for federal workers and makes it easier to fire poor performers. another creates a group to analyze union contracts and make it harder for unions to appeal firings and lobby congress. the third requires federal employees to spend at least 75% of their time working on a job they were hired to do instead of on union duties. good guys with a gun apparently stop a bad guy with a gun. we'll tell you what happened after the break. ♪ ♪ let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn. they taste like victory because
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3:27 pm
who opened fire with two handguns during a science test. they say a teacher tackled the student and swatted away the weapons. the teacher's mother posted on facebook that he was hit three times but is doing well. there is no word on the injured student said to be a 13-year-old girl. two men legally using hand guns are being hailed as heroes tonight in oklahoma. police say they shot and killed a gunman who opened fire in a crowded restaurant last night. news correspondent william la jeunesse has details. >> i would love to congratulate him. give him a wig hug. >> dennis will is likely to get that chance. but our two men, not one, police credit with taking down the shooter who wounded his daughter and granddaughter. >> it could have been really tragic. again, we're very blessed that only three people, you know, were just shot and didn't lose their lives. >> thursday night oklahoma city. 28-year-old alexander tillman walked into a restaurant and opened fire on a child's birthday party. >> it was complete chaos. you know, i think people
3:28 pm
were trampling people to get out of there. >> two men, independent of one another, saw the crime in progress and retrieved handguns from their cars. witnesses say the two good samaritans killed tillman when he refused to drop his gun. >> we just have been so fortunate that there was someone there who was able to stop him before more people were hurt. or killed. >> that sentiment was echoed today by the nra. which used the incident to promote its agenda saying the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. [chanting] hey, hey, ho, ho, the nra has got to go. >> seem to use any incident involving guns today to advance a political argue: the antigun lobby used the massacre in parkland to call for more gun control. in texas concerned leaders came to a different conclusion. >> another suggestion that i have heard over and over and over again from students in santa fe and from parents and teachers is allowing teachers to be armed.
3:29 pm
>> in oklahoma, police offered no motive but social media suggests tillman may have had mental problems. as for those who shot him, charges aren't likely. >> in this particular case they have a stand your ground law that says you can use deadly force if you want to defend yourself or defend others and you don't have a duty to retreat. >> nra says the shooting is a wake-up call for oklahoma's republican governor who recently vetoed a bill that would have allowed adults to carry firearms without a license or training. mike? >> mike: william la jeunesse reporting. william, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> mike: on tonight's whatever happened to segment natalee holloway the teenager was on a trip to aruba when she disappeared back in 2005. her case ignited a media frenzy which failed to produce any real answers. correspondent jonathan serrie tells us where things stand right now.
3:30 pm
>> this is something you will never get out of your mind. >> 13 years after the disappearance of his daughter natalee, dave holloway is still searching for answers. >> you always think about what could have been and what happened. >> in 2005, the 18-year-old from birmingham, alabama, vanished from a high school graduation trip to aruba. >> natalee, in a sense, became america's child aruba became the center of international mystery. >> last seen leaving a popular bar with then 17-year-old joran van der sloot. >> joran van der sloot was not arrested until 10 days after natalee went missing. and i think the news media their involvement forced this. >> the news crews defended on the tiny nation as the mystery around natalee's disappearance became a major story. >> the enormous american media pressure is i think what drove the aruban government to understand that this case was not the ordinary criminal case. >> van der sloot was never
3:31 pm
charged. >> joran van der sloot, the prime suspect was such sleaze. it was clear he was not telling the truth. >> t.j. ward as an investigator hired by the family in 2005. he continues to work on the case today. >> i do believe joran van der sloot is directly involved with the disappearance of natalee holloway? absolutely. >> van der sloot is currently serving time in peruvian prison for the 2010 murder of 21-year-old stephany flores ramirez strangled in a lima motel room on the 5th anniversary of natalee's disappearance. >> and i think aruba has taken the position now why open pandora's box next 20 years he will be in prison and then he have to face federal comarges in the united states for extortion. >> that's because before leaving for peru van der sloot demanded payments from natalee's mother beth for information on the whereabouts of her daughter's remains. >> i know what it's like to have a child go missing.
3:32 pm
>> in 2010 beth holloway launched the resource center a nonprofit focus on other families not to have to go through what she and her ex-husband have been dealing with for the past 13 years. >> as a parent, you want know exactly what happened. and right now we don't have natalie and we don't know any more than what we have known really from the first day. >> in meridian, mississippi, jonathan seare, fox news. >> mike: jonathan serrie reporting. is the north korean summit going to happen. beyond our borders tonight, 15 people wounded when explosion caused by home played bomb ripped through a restaurant at suburban toronto mall. two suspects with the faces covered dropped the explosive device and fled. three indian canadians suffered serious injury and taken to the hospital. 12 other people suffered minor and superficial injuries. gaza's health ministry says
3:33 pm
dozens of palestinians were hurt along the border with israel today. it says most of the 86 people injured were treated for tear gas inhalation while some sustained gunshot wounds. israel's military says palestinians tried to damage the border fence rolling burned tires and threw an explosive device at soldiers. today hamas leaders vowed to continue the weekly rallies they have been holding at the border since march. iran says it will pull out of its nuclear deal with the west unless it receives concrete guarantees that the economic of the pac will be protected. this follows the u.s. withdrawal from the agreement and washington's threat of sanctions against companies who trade with iran. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> we will see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we are talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we would like to do it. we are going to see what happens. everybody plays games, you know that. you know that better than anybody. >> that's possibly some good news on the korea summit where it may our diplomat can pull it off may have 'back on even. >> mike: so maybe the u.s.-north korea summit will happen. we have some bipartisan reaction from capitol hill. let's take a listen. >> maybe the summit happens.
3:38 pm
maybe it doesn't. but i think we have put ourselves in a bad position where we would be blamed for the summit's cancellation. but, by canceling it, it makes them look like they are more interested in peace than we are. that's a mistake. >> everybody needs to take a step back, take a deep breath and understand that this isn't the situation where the two agree to meet. they go in to a room and have a conversation and come out and shake hands sing kum ba yah and it's over. this is incredibly complicated. it's going to take time. >> mike: with that i'm going to take a deep breath and bring in our panel. steve hayes editor and chief for the. karen tumulty and opinion writer for the "washington times." steve, does it happen. >> i think there will be some kind of a summit. you i don't think it's likely in the coming months. it was smart for the president to take a step back here. he seemed at least in his public comments very eager
3:39 pm
for not only the summit but for a deal saying things about kim jong un that i don't think were true giving him too much respect saying weighs very open and very honorable. at one point the president tweeted that kim jong un had agreed to denuclearization, which he hadn't. so i think it's smart that the president took a step back here. i think he had mike pompeo and john bolton in his ear reminding him of the history of of the north korean behavior on this. the history really matters. it's not as if kim jong un's actually going to give up his nuclear weapons program. it's been a key component of the regime for three decades. it will remain a key component of the regime and anything has to start with that premise, i think. >> mike: speaking of presidential tweets. we have one here. let's take a look. the president tweeting very good news to receive the warm and productive statement from north korea. we will soon see where it leads. hopefully long and enduring prosperity and peace. only time and talent will tell. and sarah sanders the press secretary also provided this
3:40 pm
update. >> >> as the president said this morning certainly we would like to have a meeting. the president is not just looking to have a meeting. he is not looking for just a cheap political stunt. he wants to get something that's a long-lasting and actual real solution. >> mike: so, karen, your thoughts at this stage. >> of course we should all be root for a long lasting and real solution. it's not only time and talent. i would hope the administration, one of the things that they have learned is that the other two things that you need going into this kind of meeting are preparation and message discipline. and both of those things really seem to be lacking. starting from the moment that president trump announced that the summit was happening without consulting his foreign policy advisors or, you know, his own administration. >> mike: charlie, your thoughts at this stage? >> i think it's interesting. you know, to listen to. so democrats complain about. so strategy here. i think it's politically
3:41 pm
tone deaf. because as you say, karen, everybody should be rooting for some success here. and the notion that you have some democrats, obviously just making a partisan claim. criticizing the president for even having the meeting. and giving him so -- kim jong un some stature he shouldn't have had. my goodness we just went through 8 years of not only whatever they called it, the strategic indifference in korea but also the negotiations with iran. the problem wasn't that they were negotiating with iran. it's that they fell for a terrible deal. and of course, john kerry, during that time was so desperate to get a deal, he practically moved in with the foreign minister of iran. and wound up with a really, really bad deal. so that's the problem there. so i think to step back now and have democrats almost gleeful when the talks got called off, it is a -- they are tone deaf again
3:42 pm
politically speaking. >> mike: was some of this the art of the deal. you sought president pull out yesterday and the north koreans last night around news time were saying wait a minute, we would still like to talk. >> i think the president at least deserves some running room here for it being exactly that and to have, you know, somebody like bob then then did he see lecturing us, mike pompeo yesterday about, you know, the art of the deal is not the same of the art of diplomacy. my goodness, i mean, the experts have been in charge for a long time. what do we have? we have a nuclear north korea and nearly a nuclear iran. so, obviously, maybe switching it up and trying something different might not be a bad idea. >> mike: karen, do you think we will be back and forth and back and forth on whether this is going to happen in the coming weeks? >> yes, i do. however, you know, one thing we have also learned, i think, from this is that, you know, when president trump was running for office. he said i like to be unpredictable. he has, i think, discovered that, you know, can you
3:43 pm
overdo unpredictability as well. >> mike: steve, we have seen a bit of a dynamic of mike pompeo, perhaps, being the good cop in these negotiations and then john bolton behind the scenes perhaps being the bad cop. is that your read of things? >> well, if have you got mike pompeo being the good cop on north korea. that's a pretty hawkish place to be. i would imagine that mike pompeo is giving the president advice that suggests he take seriously this long history that we talked about earlier and not fall for any public gestures that kim jong un might engage. in look, pompeo knows arguably more about this than anybody else. he has been there and met with him. i think he has a good sense of what the actual ask was. what the real conversations were better than anybody else. he is also, i think, quite aware of this history and the history is what has to be our guide as we go into these discussions. >> how do you see the next few weeks. >> i think karen is right. i suspect it will be unpredictable anded a hawk.
3:44 pm
it can be advantageous to be unpredictable with your. it's not good to have our allies spun up and into bewilderment announcement like this. important to keep them on board and talk to others that need to be supporting what we are doing in these talks. >> mike: in the end does the dear leader walk away from the table? >> the thing is one thing we have to understand is what these nuclear weapons mean to kim jong un. and they are literally tied to his actual, physical survival. so, i think that, again, we have to understand this is not the president keeps saying well, we could bring you economic prosperity and we could guarantee your safety. kim jong un knows he has got a guarantee of his personal safety and those are those nuclear weapons. >> charlie, briefly, do you expect a result. >> it may not be on the date that they predicted i do predict there will be some kind of meeting.
3:45 pm
>> mike: next up, the friday lightning round. immigration, trade, plus winners and losers. ♪ ♪ at office depot can assist with exactly what your business needs to grow. get your coupon for 20% off services, technology and more at office depot and technology and more a peaceful night sleep without only imagine... frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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♪ ♪ >> democrats, nancy pelosi, as an example, are trying to defend ms-13 gang members. i call them animals the other day and i was met with rebuke. >> actually four different bills. i'm watching one or two of them. unless it includes a wall and i mean a wall, a real wall, and unless it includes very strong border security, there will be no approvals from me. >> mike: that's what the president want. we're back with our panel
3:49 pm
and as the immigration discussion continues, we also have this effort by house moderates working with democrats on a discharge petition. let's take a look at the numbers there you've got as of yesterday, the house reached 213 signatures. 23 republicans. they need five more for a total of 218 to force a debate on daca and immigration bills. if they get to 218, that debate could happen june 25th or later. charlie, how anxious are conservatives about this effort? >> well, i think that if they are wise, they will -- they will learn from donald trump and make the issue about the wall. and about border security. and, you know, perhaps giving on -- in other areas. but absolutely holding fast on that. you know, and i love that clip you just showed of him talking about calling ms-13 animals. donald trump, he is so good at picking the fight that he wants to have. and the fight he wants to have is how these democrats are sticking up for ms-13,
3:50 pm
condemning him for calling them animals. and it's just -- he is going to win that fight. democrats are not going to win that fight. and even if they stop talking about it, he is never going to stop talking about it all he is going to do is talk about how they were sticking up for ms-13. >> mike: the house is going to work on immigration five months before the midterm elections. karen, how does this play out. >> it puts paul ryan in a very difficult spot. these moderate republican shows have signed this discharge petition are also the most endangered republican. i mean, this is literally the house majority is on the line here with this decision. and paul ryan, being a lame duck, really does not have a lot of leverage going in to this. i do think, though, ultimately, if there is a deal on daca, it does involve some sort of amount' amt of money that donald trump can feel like he has gotten his wall from and daca deal for the kids. >> mike: how do you see it?
3:51 pm
>> republican problem for the reasons they both suggested. in the long time it becomes a democrat vs. donald trump problem. will democrats go along with anything that has the kind of border wall that he wants. it's ironic that we are having this big fight here 2018 about paying for the wall. obviously that means mexico is not paying for the wall. >> mike: i want to quickly get to china trade. here is senate democratic liter chuck schumer. >> i called the president and i talked to him for quite a while about not backing off and not just simply doing some slap on the wrist, more fines. they did afford that reasonably when zte is a prime issue for national security. unfortunately, every time president xi flatters our president, he seems to back off a tough deal. >> mike: we just got a new tweet from president trump. let's take a look at that on the screen. do we have it? yes, we do. here we go. funny to watch the democrats
3:52 pm
trade deals negotiated by me when they don't each know what the deals are and for 8 years the obama administration did nothing on trade except let other countries rip off the united states. lost almost $800 billion per year under o. steve, your reaction? >> well, look, i think chuck schumer is right on this. i think the republicans will criticize the president are right on this. this should not be part of a trade negotiation. this should be a punishment for a company that u.s. intelligence officials say is messing with the u.s. and our telecommunications operation that has provided the opportunity to spy, that has violated sanctions on north korea and iran and continues to present a threat. they should not be getting a bailout here. >> mike: karen, your thoughts? >> i absolutely agree with steve. it is a national security question. it is not a trade question. and the fact that the president led into this -- coming in here to save some chinese jobs, also really undercuts his argument. mike mining charlie, very briefly? >> i don't think he sees it as a trade deal so much as
3:53 pm
another working part in the north korea negotiations. >> just called it a trade deal in this tweet that he just said. >> what he -- the art of the deal for him is to multiply the number of moving parts that you can sort of get somebody on to your side. i just think that, you know, it's -- we see it in everything that he does. >> mike: can we quickly get to winners and losers, charlie? >> winners house intel chair devin nunes. a year ago everybody was mocking and ridiculing him for the looney accusations that appear to be true. loser of the week is 30-year-old michael rotondo who lost his eviction case with the parents particular kicking him out of the house. >> my amy veteran who defeated not only two primary opponents but the democratic establishment to become the democratic nominee for congress there the loser is elon musk, who after years and years of fawning media coverage is suddenly feeling the other side of that and like donald
3:54 pm
trump crying fake news. >> mike: steve? >> my loser whoever made the u.s.-north korea ghennive coin not great place to be. winner is washington capitals. final appearance on the verge of a stanley cup. final appearance go caps. >> mike: all right, panel. when we come back, notable quotables. ♪ ♪ ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪
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>> finally tonight, this week's edition of "notable quotables" " >> president trump: i am waiting. >> when he got this letter from the president, he must be having a giggle fit. >> i think the president didn't want to be played with. >> the art of diplomacy is a lot harder than the art of the deal. >> we will crush them. >> gas prices could keep going higher all summer long. ♪ i hate that robert mueller ♪ >> the swamp had never been more foul or fetid than under this president. >> president trump: he is a world-class poker player.
3:59 pm
>> this is not quid pro quo or anything else. >> we want people to respect the national anthem and test stand. >> i stand on the shoulders of heroin, who never fought public acclaim. >> i can attest that one can be chief justice without being a big wheel of any kind. >> even tattoos. at >> but you feel compelled to say, mr. president, you have to change your phone, it's a security risk. when you at least do that for america? >> i had to jump a wall to be here. >> if you can't beat them, join them. >> that is always an awesome moment when the midst tossed her hat at graduation. that was just today in minneapolis and who know knew t keith ellison could sing and play the guitar? that's it, i mike emanuel in
4:00 pm
washington. tune in this sunday as chris hammer fills in on fox sunday and interviews rudy giuliani. the story, hosted by our friend and colleague at martha maccallum is straight ahead from new york, starting right now. >> martha: absolutely riveting to watch this this morning at a new york city courthouse. they played out like a and epic miramax movie. i am martha maccallum and this is the story. the king of hollywood -- speak out right back here. >> martha: they cut to this today. >> disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein know in a new york city will court room after surrendering to police earlier today. >> martha: that's a different kind of red carpet. the man who conol