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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: good evening, and welcome to a special edition of tucker carson. politics is rips the country apart. there is abtractions like global warming. leaders are demanding we bomb and endanger the christian community. and horse meat. we'll look at the efforts of spying on the trump campaign.
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there is more evidence than for the collusion to russia. the response has been dishonest. trump doubles down on the baseless claims of spies. >> there is no evidence of a spy. it is a fake issue. >> there is a phony baloney story about a spy on the campaign. and to call it a conspiracy theory is too much credit. it is it fake facts. >> they are liars. >> tucker: lindsay graham, explained it this way in a recent interview. quote a confidential informant is not a spy. senator graham didn't explain what it is if not it is a spy. they are one and a the same. it is spying. any senator who pretends otherwise, is prevaricating and
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that is lying. we have a contributor, dan, you have been in law enforcement your whole life. if i am confidentially informing on you. what am i doing exactly? >> this is a series sickening episodes by depra d a. they pretend to be actual journalist. they are now pretending to be law enforcement agents. this is one of the most dangerous cover up by the heddia. i said every serious person in law enforcement and not the hacks out there. knows what happened was a spying operation.
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spyyif you are joe biden. it was a spying operation. anyone who tells you otherwise is -- >> tucker: i am beginning to doubt myself. tell me, am i missing something. it was not a spy, but it was a confidential informant. is there a difference that i am missing? >> yes, there is. the difference works against the media and not for the jokers. this is how we would in the law enforcement arena where i worked for most of my adult life. an informant is someone existing inside of an operation and informs on the mob or whatever it may be. a spy would likely be someone you bring in and not a preexisting member of the operation and you try to insert and intersect with that inform nochl get information to
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prosecute or investigate them on a ci case. the guy in this case was a spy. you understand this is full-blown propaganda. >> tucker: the person's function is the same. spying and not telling you he's doing it and sending it to a third party. i am asking dumb questions. i want to make sure it is right. if it was for the benefit of the trump campaign as clapper said. they would have told them. >> why not equally seek and assist hillary clinton's campaign. her husband took 500000 from
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a russian company. and it is a scam. what is in it? what is it next. an undocumented f.b.i. employee? it is so destructive. american people liberal or democrat, you need to understand a gross disservice and there were illegal leaks and a spying operation for political reasons. vote for whomever you vote for. i don't care. but it was an abomination to the public and the media is covering up. >> tucker: nancy pelosi defends, but to see reporters i know and friends with, they are lying about this. i find that shocking. dan, thank you for the clarity on this as always. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: democrats are pushing
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to raise gasoline prices to fight global warming and now with the 2018 midterms, they are trying to assail the president because gas prices are rising. cries hawn is a former aid to chuck schumer. chris, there are probably things to say about trump's performance that are negative. but democrats pushing for higher gas prices to attack trump because gas prices are rising. am i missing something? >> well, trump should attack himself. if you read the tweet from october 2011. blame the party in power for high gas prices. not nancy pelosi or chuck schumer. >> tucker: that is fair and they are making the case that the drama in the middle east making it. i am against it as i said from
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day one. but it doesn't change the fact that democrats are calling for a gas tax increases. they are for higher gas tax. it is it in the democratic platform. so why attack someone for doing what you call would for you to do. >> you are conflating the issue. they are calling for useful tax. right now we are throwing money away because of the president's own policy. >> tucker: wait a minute. they support it. force against iran and chuck schumer who is now denouncing pulling out of the iran deal, was against the iran deal. they are for militaries action against iran and now criticizing it, this is insane.
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>> if we had a constructive way to replace the iran deal like the president promised, maybe we would not have turmoil in the commodity. that is on the president and if he wants to take credit for good things in the economy, he has to take the blame for things that are bad. this, sir, is on him. >> tucker: he's doing what democrats called on the country to do. and having the affect they agree with. okay. let me ask you this. >> they are not calling for higher commodity prices. >> tucker: it is in their platform and if there is any group that has undisguised contempt for the middle-class is it the democratic party. >> that is not the case. when dollars is $2 a gallon under barak obama. they said put $0.05 and put
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programs for the country. right now it is it nudging $4 a gallon under donald trump. and that is a problem for the working people in this country. if he doesn't agree're address it. the republican party will be held accountable. >> tucker: look anybody knows what is on the list. i have a list of a dozen democratic poll tigs. phil murphy, jerry brown, he hikes the gas in california. nancy pelosi, minnesota governor mark dateon and et cetera. and will democrats change their policy on higher prices. it does hurt the middle-class. >> i think when gas is it at $4 a gallon thanks to the administration's horrible policy in the middle east. bullpen the president gets control over it. he said he would have great
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control. those are not mine words but his. maybe we could raise it. > tucker: chris, thank you. >> i don't think the president has any. >> tucker: unbelievable. harvey weinstein surrendered to the cops including first degree rain. they stem from assaults from two separate scombm took place in 22004. he faces a quarter century in prison if he's convicted. as our inside special continues. the effect of ms 13. throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement,
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[ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. >> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of tucker carlson tonight, inside the issues. animal rights act ms 13 isiv menacing the cities america. the policy that made ms 13 possible. larry is the radio host in los angeles and a fixture in l.a., we are glad to have heim here tonight. you have been affected by ms 13 and immigration that is reshaped by it. what is your perspective by this when you hear people say the president is too hard on the gang. >> if anyone thinks that
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president trump was too harsh ought to read the report by the leadership conference. they did a report in 2007 talking about the 22000 latino gang members taking their orders from the mob. targeting black people for execution irrespective if they are members of gangs. they are doing this. and if you are in the wrong neighborhood you can be targeted just because you are black. jammal whose father was campaigning with trump. he was not a member of a gan gang and a student and going to college and a football student and was nowed down because of a gang member who targeted him because of his race. if you are calling donald trump
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a bigot when he goes after groups that are targeting black people for execution. >> tucker: on the east coast we don't have a perspective. but compton, california largest black community west of the mississippi and now minority of blacks and a huge displacement in l.a. county. why is that not covered anywhere? >> you know why it is not covered. the left wing media is not talking about it and if it displaces them who are black that is just a price of a ticket. and the reason that population of blacks in l.a. declined is because of displacement of blacks by hispanics, many of whom are here illegally. it is one thing to move in legally, but illegally move in and change the country. a group estimates in california
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alone illegal immigration and money spent for education and medical care cost californians 25 billion in this one state alone. >> tucker: that is unbelievable. what about the resolution for the nfl to the kneeling controversy. >> i think it is it a compromise and my action to steve kerr, coach with the golden state warriors in the nba. the nba requires the players to stand. he called the new nfl policy idiotic. why are you requiring them to plan. i urge mr. kerr when they have the next championship game. if he wants to feel this way. talk the talk and stay on the bench in the playoff game and see what happens to the fans in the nba. >> tucker: that is it a really good. by the way, what is the core, i
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understand there are problems with the country, it is it a pretty good country and how can you support unlimited immigration with the assumption everyone wantses to come here and then attack it like it is the worst place of? >> it is because of the donald trump derangement syndrome. never mind he wants to give inner city parents choses in education. the average black and brown parent want out of the school that their kid is man dated to attend. he is call would a bigot. and he wants to put pressure and yet called a bigot. it blows my mind. >> tucker: larry, thank you. good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: a professor was driven out of a college and
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>> live from american's news headquarters. president trump said talks with north korea may be balk on track. it is likely to happen as was planned before in singapore.
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and can be extended beyond that date. and it is tremendous anger and north korea's latest comments. and disarming a gunman in indiana friday. the teacher threw a basketball at the shooting before running and tackling him. he was hit by three gun shot. a female student is in critical condition. the teacher is a former college football player. now back to tucker carlson tonight. > tucker: until recently bret wine stien was a biology professor in oregon. last year he was targeted when he refused to leave campus
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because of the color of his skin. he felt he had to resign and he testified about free speech on campus and then he spoke with us. >> professor, thank you for joining us. >> hi, tucker, thank you for inviting me back on. >> tucker: it has been a year since all of this happened. and you have had a lot of time to reflect on it. what are the lessons that up take from the experience you went through >> it is almost exactly a year and much has changed. i think the conversation is in a different place since last may. we are able to discuss issues of identity poll tib and people are still inflamed on the dialogue we can have those discussions that was virtually impossible
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last may. there is a recognition that the country is in danger by identity politics. i see a movement led by the dark web and fire and toward what i would call the patriotic center. people disagree with policy but find themselves aligned over basic american prince pems. >> tucker: as i recall. you were caught and absorbed in your academic discipline and a traditional free speech liberal and department appreciate what is happening until you took a liberal position that you should not attack people because of skin color and you were threatened with violence. have you spoken to the president of the college and did they apologize to you and where does
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it stand now? >> they did the opposite of apologizing and hired a pr team that demonizing myself and my wife in the olympian in the local paper and the paper of the state capital. things on campus as much as it is hard to imagine worse than it was in the riots of may 2017. the evergreen state college took a turn to the authoritiarian. and people are being fired if challenging the administration. those who support the administration and its reckless quest for what is falsely call would equity are promoted and the college faces a terrible financial crisis as a result of the fact that students are not showing up, having seen what the campus is descending into, people decided to go elsewhere
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and that put the college 6 million in the red. >> tucker: it is all so sad and crazy. alm you did was say, i am not going to leave because i am the wrong skin color. it is it a traititional civil right's position on what is it going on in evergreen. what are they saying about you? >> ironically, the challenge that appears to resonate with people on the far left, my talking to you, during the riots, brought from the alt- right to campus which is a stretch to say the least. it is not that there were not threats from the campus. there was a man in new jersey who claimed to have's gun and heading to campus. he did not have a gun and he was in new jersey. but the argument is effectively standing up and speaking about
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what was taking place is breaking ranks and damaging the college. but you invited me to talk to you and your audience when the rest of the press was looking the other way. what is hard for people to appreciate, at the time i was on the program. the president of the college jeff bridges stood down it is police source so they were unable to intervene between the riots and members of the committee. like myself. riders took up baseball bats and challenged people who disagreed with them. and it was a dangerous walgz and as i happen it from the chief of police, i was being hunted for car to car by protest ors. i don't know what they had in mind.
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and at a time that is taking place. and in my own and it was leak and i realm admiefred your braefrry and i admire it now. we appreciate you. >> thank you. >> tucker: upcoming hollywood film helped to sw. we'll have that before the bring. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: welcome back on a special edition of tucker carlesson there is a movie on
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the roe v wade abortion issue. >> i never seen anybody attempt to do anything like this in hollywood. what are you trying to do, tell me? >> >> we are actually trying to make the untold story of roe v wade. it is a movie and not a documentary. and tell the story of what happened in 1966 through 1973 and through the characters that drove this to the supreme court. >> tucker: if you try to make a film that doesn't celebrate the supreme court decision as a watermark in the advancement of the human race, i think you will run in to trouble, don't you think? >> i have already run in to problems. we had problem raising money in hollywood. we decided to do a crowd funner
9:35 pm
and roe v wade and launched on facebook and even facebook tried to shut us down. >> we talked about the story and how the media was manipulated. & thou they were lied to about back alley abortions and how many people died. and made up rum andment truck we talked about in the film, a on the lot. >> tell you what did. what was their excuse. >> they say wiwere standing and we had a row vw. >> and thanksgiving is one of the.
9:36 pm
and stopped us from sharping. and i couldn't sunday oucht the gloup funding sometimeless. and the skchl and soup these are the ment and they have sha d ow. we promote what we promote. and it doesn't she up with the friends and people we lining. we can buy and paid advertising. and they blocked us to ibity. to support want film. >> a you any one pom. network do a movie like this? >> interestingly louve, tucky.
9:37 pm
. andment direct ror said, it was an accident youle. and he said yeah. no one and it doesn't plea uch and i read did the and ask one factor and it is respiratory and much and the hollywood women are
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thank you, we'll be watching. canned christianity muches born in the. and one. largest surriving on and they could find thimdz vrm and if ffrm and. we spoke to nem the hudson intrut. >> thank you very coming on. and thank you about carrying with this. no one. and they are part of a bigger conflenl i got throw-and this issan anient and traces its wuchs to the wen and call and
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vpt sdpt syria and iroon, which you know, syria, the consider consider noxhvrp. and iwang it is identify lsh u. and because of. psh snvrpts sxhvrment rote in >> on or abouting sthoshs and she refers to flvrns e. and then percent the politicals sflorngs andment reg sfrejs and the humanitarian aiptdch sxfrm she given fop flv and 0 of it
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sdprefrnts gloving loesh esh neecht dech scomplrn and have there is policy changes for those in or hement sdprfrm efrment and that is christians of the nop flvrp employer and the polices have sflvrps. and thank you for hudson. >> the nark arjs c. and lunching, for deck endaed tomorrow and.
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♪ research sfrrments. and canned pagsz sdprvrments and sflechlt. andment ooch oop snvrment sxhvrnlt and sdmrvrment sdprvment. andy dprvment sdprvment and
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sxrvment. and that is a ing about twov. and respecting on flv andyoised to poir oversflechts. and sfrvment and foich years spfrps sflvrment. and i happen when up have your short list. learn how kiepiog yirs can foam koirs job in the middle memg. and it is program and in receive sfluchlt xuchl that you have. >> and are is the only them notice sflvment.
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and it is sfloechlt and that
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>> tucker: welcome back on tonight's special. american civil right's organizations use the to care about civil rights. recently the naacp said the vision for america cannot be a cheeched without environmental -- achieved without environmental justice. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me, tucker.
9:47 pm
i agree with clean environment and racial equality. how are they tide together. how are they? >> i personally can't speak for the naacp, but i can speak for the environmental justice we are having here in alabama. as it relates to what dr. king stood for. justice. and standing up for injustices in our communities. in the great state of alabama. it is not just the black belt of alabama, but in mason county, they are experiencing the same fight as it relates to environmental justices. and the majority of the individuals facing the problems are people of color. >> tucker: couldn't you say that martin luther king fight for justice and he did. and unjust for the government to take most of what you earn. and martin luther king would be
9:48 pm
in favor of lower tax rates. he didn't talk about lower tax rates and global warming. >> as it relates to justice and fighting injustice. i am assuming, but i am assuming through the legacy of what dr. king stood for, that is the same message we'll using and in the fight for environmental justice. when you have time and time again, you have communities especially in the black belt of alabama that doesn't have adequate sewage and poisoned by coal ash. you think it must be a civil right's issue. people that are affected is people of color. i can understand that. >> tucker: i sort of see what you are saying. poorer people live in crummier place and polluted and there is a bunch of reasons for that.
9:49 pm
ukraine, chernobyl disaster, there was a lot of poor people. and it is a racial issue and makes them think it is it a conspiracy to pollute because of skin color. >> i agree to a certain extent. but the class point you make. that is why i agree. that is a white area. but the medium income is similar to perry county which is 15000 a year. it is a point of class. not so much we want to live in a poor area. me personally, i inherited land in that area. in am not just going to give it up because it is it a poor area. it is unfair for that community and the people who own their
9:50 pm
land have to give it up because of politicians and people who are in power to make decision to dump these issues on them. and that's one of the fight black belt citizens are fighting. not so much it is civil rightingly. it is about helping people. people deserve clean water. my aunt has to buy 3 or 4 cases because she is afraid to drink the water out of the faucet. and it just so happens when you talk about civil right's county and see it in union town, alabama they are taking place. and in that area, it is people of color and a class issue. >> tucker: i agree with what you are saying. i hope you don't sell your land.
9:51 pm
some of the prettier places are rural areas and better than downtown los angeles or beverly hills. >> and a lot safer. >> tucker: and nicer people. but the people in charge ignore and exploit rural america. you think much that? >> you hit the nail on it. and it goes back to the class statement that you made. even though i am doing the same stuff. i can feel like i am above it. and that's the biggest issue of it all. that's what martin luther king was about. before his assassination. he said poor people. not just poor black people. that is time and time again. it is specifically in poor communities and more than likely people of color are affected by that.
9:52 pm
>> tucker: i like rural area. >> i know. >> tucker: i appreciate you coming on tonight portia, thank you. >> thank you so much, tucker for having us. >> tucker: and another of the most important issues of the country, horse meat. should you eat it? that's next. ♪ better than all the rest ♪ applebee's new bigger bolder grill combos. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. i had a very minor fender bender tonight! in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled.
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>> tucker: now the issue of horse meat. >> tucker: now the issue of horse meat. and the congress is look being at the horse meat industry. here's what dave duquiet had to say about it. about it? >> thank you, tucker for having me on. >> tucker: this as you well know, strikes people in the cities as horrifying. why is it a good idea? >> it is mainly a welfare issue. the horse world is gone downhill
9:57 pm
every when you have something that doesn't have value at all, which is what the unwanted horse is, they end up getting shipped to dan canada and mexico. >> tucker: we don't eat cats or dogs and we don't eat them. >> horses are considered livestock in every state in the union and they are a thousand pound animal. and you start euthanizing the horses every year and you are talking about millions of pounds of toxic waste. and it does. and who would eat it? >> we have quite a market. when the riders came off of the
9:58 pm
appropriation's bill. i was contacted by the meat buyer in the south, in florida who had 2.3 million hispanics down there that would eat it every day if they could get it. many ethnic groups. >> tucker: right, america is always distinct we don't eat it and the french do. it is more than a century kind of point of pride, a bragging point. you eat horses and we don't. does it put us at the level of the french if we do it? >> that is it kind of a total disnomer or whatever you want to put that. over 50 percent of the world's country eat horse meat every day. the whole european union. you will find more horse meat recipes than any other meat from
9:59 pm
the chinese and mongolians and japanese and all of the indonesian countries mexico if you ate tacos on the beach in cabbo, you haveate horse meat. 1985, horse meat was available in the harvard faculty club and the only reason they quit doing it. the new chef didn't want to cook anything that was frozen. and that was in 1985. we have a huge history of horse meat conassumes in the united states. and the human society in the united states will try to tell you that that is not so. well, it is so. it doesn't take very much gooingling to find we did consume a lot of horse meat in the united states. >> i thought it was just
10:00 pm
hewisand clark. you are making me rethink that vacation in kabo. >> tucker: that's it for tonight. see you, have the best weekend. >> jeanine: welcome to the special edition of hannity. trump on offense. i am genein piro in for sean hannity. the summit with north korea may be back on. here's what president trump said earlier today. take a look. mr. president, is the summit still off? >> we'll see what happens. it was a nice statement and we are talking to them now and they very much want


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