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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 26, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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copy of my book on amazon and barnes & noble's. "liars, thinkers and liberals, i have a great memorial day weekend. tucker carlson is up next. >> good evening and welcome to a very special edition of tucker carlson tonight, inside the issues. politics is so dominant suddenly ripping this country apart when students attack free speech in the name of tolerance. they have abandoned their the old causes to attack issues like global warming. leaders are now demanding we bomb al-assad and we will hit all of those stories tonight. plus they are eating horsemeat in this country amazingly. we'll start with the efforts to spy on the trump campaign, and
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there is more evidence then the collision with russia but not surprising, the media response has been particularly dishonest. >> trump doubles down on his baseless claims of spies. >> there is absolutely no evidence there was a spy, so it's really a fake issue. >> it's this phony baloney story about a spy in the campaign. to call them conspiracy theories is too much credit, just fake facts. >> tucker: they are liars. senator lindsey graham of south carolina, as reliable barometer of my list conventional wisdom as exists on planet earth explained it this way in a recent interview. quote a confidential informant is not a spy. well senator graham did not explain what exactly a confidential informant is, of course, if not a spy because they are one and the same. any senator who pretends otherwise is prevaricating, or
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in other words, lying. we have been following this story since the very beginning. dan, you've been around law enforcement your whole life. if i am confidentially informing on you, what am i doing exactly? >> tucker, this is the most of a series of sickening, disgusting and disturbing episodes by pravda. not even, they actually pretended to be journalists distributing facts. keep in mind that they want to do counterintelligence, they can't even do journalism. now they are pretending to be counterintelligence and law enforcement. this is the most dangerous cover-up by the media that i have ever seen. every serious person and law enforcement, and i said serious, not the hacks trying to cover for this, knows what happened here was a spying operation.
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spy, spy y if you are joe biden. if anyone tells you otherwise, they are joking around. >> tucker: they are all telling us otherwise which is why i'm beginning to doubt myself. i'm open-minded. tell me seriously if i'm missing something. they said it wasn't a spy, it was a confidential informant. is there something i'm missing? >> yes there is. but the difference works against them media and not for those jokers. here is how we would commonly in the law enforcement intelligence arena, where i had intersected and worked for most of my adult life. an informative someone already existing inside of an operation who would inform on the operations of set operation. the mob, whatever it may be. a spy would likely be someone you bring in is not a pre-existing member of the operation. you try to insert and intersect with that organization to get
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information to either prosecute them or investigate them on a ci case. which means, the guy in this case was a spy. these knuckleheads are -- tucker, you understand this is full-blown propaganda? >> tucker: i do. either way, the person's function is the same. he is spying, gathering information and not telling you he's doing it, and sending it to a third party. and i'm asking dumb rhetorical questions, just because they keep throwing this out you like, black is white, two plus two equals eight. i just want to make sure i have this right. if they were doing this for the benefit of the trim campaign as clapper is now claiming, wouldn't they have told the trump campaign, we are worried the russians are trying to penetrate you. but they didn't. >> tucker, if this was for the benefit of the trump campaign, why not equal assistance and support for the hillary campaign? her husband took a speaking fee,
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why not help them to and put an fbi confidential -- it is a sca scam. tucker, the euphemism game. what is it next, an undocumented fbi employee? this is so destructive because the american people, liberal or democrat, whoever you are, you need to understand. a gross at the service was done here. there were potential ali illicit spy operations for a political reason. vote for whoever you want to vote for, i don't care. i'm just telling you that have been here was an abomination to the republic and the media is covering it up. >> tucker: it's one thing to see nancy pelosi two defendant, because that's what she does. but people i've known a long time are lying about this. and i find it shocking. dan, thank you for the clarity. for more than a decade, democrats have been pushing out in the open, they are not hiding
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it, to raise gasoline prices. they say this will somehow fight global warming. but now with the 2018 midterms on the election, they are now trying to fight the president because gas prices are rising. chris, there are probably things that you could say about trump's performance that are negative. but for democrats who are pushing for higher gas prices, to attack trump because gas prices are rising seems like hypocrisy on a scale that we don't see often in washington. or am i missing something? >> chris: well trump should be attacking himself. if you read his tweet from october 21, 2011, he said to blame the party in power for higher gas prices. those were his words, not mine or nancy pelosi or chuck schumer. >> tucker: i think that's fair. they are making the case that the drama in the middle east is making oil prices go up and there is probably some truth in
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them. but that doesn't change the fact that democrats, as of last week, democratic governors across the country are calling for gas tax increases. they are for the higher gas tax and it's in the democratic platform. so what kind of sick person do you have to be to attack someone that is doing what you are calling for them to do? >> chris: york conflating the issue here. right now we are throwing our money away to the middle east and other places because of the president's own policies. >> tucker: policy is that they support. >> chris: they make more money overseas. >> tucker: we just had a vote in the house three days ago, forced against iran. most people voted for it. chuck schumer was against the iran deal. they are for the military action against iran, they have been for years. and now they are criticizing it?
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this is insane. >> chris: if we had a constructive way to replace the iran deal, like the president promised he would have, maybe we wouldn't have so much turmoil in the commodity market that manages crude oil. that's on the president and it's directly related. if he wants to take credit for things that are good and the economy he also has to take the blame for things that are bad. and this, sir, is on him. >> tucker: but he's doing what democrats have called on the country to do and is having an effect on the agreement. >> chris: they did not call for higher commodity prices. the one it's in their platform. and if there is any group that has undisguised contempt in the middle class in this country, it's the democratic party. that's why they have been for higher gas prices since day one. >> chris: that's just not the case. when gas was $2 per gallon, gas was $2 per gallon under barack obama and they said, let's put $0.05 on that program.
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right now gas is approaching $4 per gallon under donald trump and i think that's a big problem for the working people in this country. i think the president needs to address at fort with. if he doesn't come of the republican party be held responsible. >> tucker: anyone who lives in this country is and is paying half attention knows what's on this list. but i have a list of, i don't know, a dozen different ones calling for higher gas prices. nancy pelosi, minnesota governor mark dayton, one of the dumbest governors in america, et cetera, et cetera. we'll democrats now change their policy on higher gas prices since you can see that it does hurt the middle class? and you are right about that, it does. >> chris: i think that when gas is at $4 per gallon and thanks to the administration's horrible policy in the middle east, you have to watch out. but if the president could get those things under control, he said he would have great control
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over this. those are not my words, those are his words. if he can get great control over it, maybe we can figure out ways to raise the gas tax. >> there is no shame. >> i don't think the president has any, you are right. >> tucker: disgraced hollywood mogul harvey weinstein surrendered to the cops on charges including first-degree rate. they come after a month-long investigation and alleged assault on two separate women. those apparently took place in 2,010 and 2013. he faces a quarter century in prison if conviction. convicted. up next, we look at the effect that medicated immigration has ♪ come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. ♪
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>> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of tucker carlson tonight, inside the issues. animal rights activists on the left continue to defend them rather than question their core assumptions on immigration and the policies that made ms-13 possible. larry elder is a radio show host in l.a. where the gang is founded and a fixture in the city. larry, you live there in a city that has really been affected, not just by ms-13 but by immigration, or totally reshaped by it. what's your perspective on this, when you hear people say the president is being too hard on the gang? >> anyone who feels the president was harsh ought to
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read the 2007 report by the left-wing southern poverty leadership conference. the leadership -- southern poverty leadership. they did a report in 2007 talking about the 22,000 latino gang members in southern california taking their marching orders from the mexican mafia. they are targeting black people for execution, whether or not they were members of gangs. the gang will tell you they are doing this, you could be targeted just because you are black. jamil saw the second, he happened to be wearing the wrong colors when a latino gang member saw him and blew him away. the kid was not a member of a gang, he was a student, going to college. a football student got mowed down by a gang member who targeted him because of his race. the people that are calling
2:16 am
donald trump a big it, you're calling him a bigot because of a group that is targeting others. >> tucker: i think our viewers will be shocked to know that compton, which was the largest black community west of the mississippi is only a tiny minority black. it's been overwhelmingly -- why is that not covered anywhere? >> because the left-wing media doesn't want to talk about it. they are pro-illegal immigration and if illegal immigrants displaced people in california who happen to be black, that's just the price of a ticket. it's an absolute outrage. one of the reasons that the population of blacks in l.a. has declined since i've been living here is because of the displacement of blacks by hispanic, many of whom are here illegally. it's another thing to illegally begin to change the culture of that neighborhood which is what is happening.
2:17 am
and that cost typical californians for $25 billion every single year in this one state alone. >> tucker: that's unbelievable. i have to get your take on the resolution from the nfl to the kneeling controversy. were you satisfied by that? >> steve kerr is the coach with the golden state warriors in the nba. the nba required players to stand and steve kerr called the new policy idiotic. well if it's idiotic, why is that that you are requiring players to stand? if he really wants to feel this way, why don't you not only talk the talk but walk the walk and stay on the bench during the playing of the national anthem during the playoffs game and see what happens to the fans of the nba? >> tucker: that's a really good -- by the way, what is -- i
2:18 am
understand the problems with the country but it is a pretty great country. the assumption as everyone wants to come here and attacked the country, and on the other hand it's like it's the worst place ever. >> that's a really good question. the reason is because of the donald trump derangement syndrome, they can't stand this guy. never mind he wants to do something about giving inner city parents choices in education, the polls show that the average black and brown. in the inner-city want out of the government school in which their kid is mandated to attend. donald trump wants to give them an option and he's called a bigot for that. he gives is called a bigot, its my mind. >> tucker: i know. great to see you. professor brett weinstein was driven out of campus by a mob.
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tonight. for all your headlines, log on to >> tucker: welcome back. inside the issue, special edition of tucker carlson tonight. until recently brett weinstein was a biology professor at evergreen state college in oregon. last year though a target mom targeted him when he refused to leave campus because of the
2:24 am
color of his skin. he took a principal position as a liberal by the way. later he felt he had to resign and he did. he testified to congress about free speech on campus and after he did that, he spoke with us. professor, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me back on. >> tucker: amazingly, it's been a year since all of this happened. we talk to you in the middle of it, what are the lessons that you are taking from the experience that you went throug through? >> it's hard to imagine that it has been a year but it has been almost exactly a year, and much has changed. one of the things that's most important is that the conversation is in a very different place than it was last may. we are now able to discuss issues of identity politics, and people are still in flames on both sides of that dialogue. we are able to have those discussions in a way that is virtually impossible last may. it seems to me that there is
2:25 am
actually a recognition that the country is in danger, and it is being placed in danger by identity politics both on the far right and the far left. so i see a movement led in part by the intellectual dark web and fire towards what i would call a patriotic center, where people who disagree over many issues of policy find themselves aligned over basic american principles. >> tucker: yes. so as i recall, you are kind of caught unaware by this, you are absorbed in your academic discipline. you were kind of a traditional free-speech liberal, you didn't fully appreciate what had been happening on campus until you stood up and took the traditionally liberal position that you shouldn't attack people on the basis of their skin color. and you got counted off campus and threatened with violence. have you reconciled with evergreen yourself, have you spoken to the president or have they apologize to you?
2:26 am
where does that stand now? >> they have done quite the opposite of apologizing. they have hired a p.r. team that quite often demonizes myself and my wife in the olympian which is the local paper. things on campus have actually grown, as much as it's hard to imagine, much worse than they were during the riots of may 2017. so evergreen state college has taken a turn towards the authoritarian that is nothing if not breathtaking. people are being fired for their willingness to offer any sort of challenge to the administration. those who support the administration and its reckless quest for what is falsely called equity are being promoted, and the college faces a terrible financial crisis as a result of the fact that students are not showing up. having seen what the campus is descending into, people have decided to go elsewhere to
2:27 am
college which has put the college $6 million in the red. >> tucker: that is also sad and crazy. so all you did was say, i'm not going to leave because i'm the wrong skin color. i think that's the traditional civil rights position, and on what grounds are they attacking you? >> ironically the challenge, the one that appears to resonate with people from the far right and left, and it's not it's not a threat phoned in from a man in new jersey who claim to have a gun and at any rate, it was in new jersey. but the argument is effectively that standing up and speaking
2:28 am
about what was taking place was breaking ranks in a way that damage the college, but what was never said was that, you invited me to talk to you and your audience at a time when the rest of the press was looking the other way, and what is hard for people to appreciate, when i was on your program, the president of the college, george bridges, had literally stood down the police force so they were unable to intervene between writers and members of the community like myself. and the rioters took up carrying baseball bats and batons and they challenge people that disagreed with them physically. it was quite a dangerous situation. i was apparently being hunted from car to car by protesters, i don't know what they had in mind
2:29 am
but, at a time that that was taking place in my own neighborhood, going on a program with an audience understood to be right of center was like some kind of sin. >> tucker: that is unbelievable. i thought then and i think now, i really admire your bravery. thank you professor, and godspeed, we support you. >> thank you. >> tucker: and upcoming hollywood film explores the many lives that help shape and bring about the roe v. wade decision. and we take a look at that, after the the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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>> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of tucker carlson tonight: inside the issues. jon voight and nick loeb are producing a movie that will explore the real history of the 1973 roe v. wade abortion
2:34 am
edition. we talked to nick lowe about his movie. here it is. i've never seen anyone attempt to do anything like this in hollywood, so i just want to make sure i'm correct about what you're trying to do, so tell me. >> we are trying to make the real untold story of roe v. wade, in a movie, not a documentary. no different than you saw with oliver stone and jfk, and told the story of what happened from 1966 through 1973, through the characters that drove this to the supreme court. >> tucker: so if you try to make a film that doesn't celebrate that supreme court decision as a watermark in the advancement of the human race, i think you are going to run into some trouble, don't you think? >> tucker, i've already run into some problems. we have a lot of difficulty raising the money in hollywood, so we decided to do a crowd funder.
2:35 am
we created a crowd fun called roe v. wade and launched it on facebook to try to raise money and even facebook tried to shut us down. we talk about essentially the story of the film on what happens and how the media was manipulated by some of the characters by dr. bernard nathanson and betty ferdinand, and how they were lied to about back alley abortions and how many women were dying. they made up fake numbers for the media, that fake news back then to push their agenda. a lot of the truth that we talk about in the film, a lot of people don't want that truth to come out. >> tucker: tell us what facebook data, on what grounds would they try to shut that down, what was their excuse? >> they said we were scamming. we had to set up a separate crowdfunding site, roe v. wade roe v. wade, and
2:36 am
then they stopped us from sharing. i couldn't send the crowdfunding site to my friends are my family. people who liked the site couldn't share it. dr. king who came on as executive producer was also blocked from sharing. these are the struggles we have had. they have now lifted that block, and now they have created what we call shadow fan. we post what we want to promote and it doesn't even show up in the fields of the people who follow us. the friends who follow us. we even bought and paid for advertising and they blocked paid advertising. so it's been a struggle to get people to go to the website to support the film. >> tucker: you picked the one subject on which no debate is allowed. really quickly, why did you want to make a movie like this? >> interestingly enough, i was working on a movie about a year
2:37 am
and a half ago, and i have my own pro-life fight going on for life. end of the director had written an article written in "the new york times," and he approached me. he said, do you want to read the script i've written? roe v. wade, no one has really made this movie. and he said, well no one has laid out the truth from the facts. i read it and i was shocked. everyone has heard of roe v. wade but no one knows the true story of what went up to that. i went on to read about 40 different books and the biographies of several women and found a fascinating conspiracy story. two of the supreme court justices in the case had family members working for planned parenthood at the time. >> tucker: i didn't know that. but i'm going to watch this movie and learn more. i have to say, given the context here, a hollywood filmmaker trying to make this movie, you
2:38 am
are a legitimately brave man. >> thank you. >> tucker: thank you, we will be watching. christianity is nearly extinct in the middle east, which is of course where it was born. but some are still struggling to preserve their way of life. one of the largest surviving communities of christians is in syria, but they could find themselves targeted even more than they already are by islamists if the president bashar al-assad falls from power, as many in washington are hoping he does. we spoke about this with dena shea at the center for religious freedom hudson institute. thanks for coming on and thank you for caring about this since no one else does. whatever you think of a sawed, there are a lot of christians in syria, what it is our for them? >> they are part of a bigger conflict, because they are minority, they get lost. but they are extremely important both to the church -- this is an ancient community that traces
2:39 am
its roots to the very beginning of christianity, and they are also important for the region. they are modernizer's. and this christian community has brought modern education to syria, and the broader middle east. modern medicine and hospitals, and also women's equality principles. there is no guardianship restrictions for these women. there is no issue about them driving, and there is an inheritance rights in the christian tradition there, equal testimony in courts. they don't need their husbands or their guardians, their younger brother's permission to the hospital. >> we see this when you go to lebanon, they were a force for liberalization in the best sense of that. so why wouldn't this be a concern of the united states,
2:40 am
because we want that? >> also it's important to understand the context. syria and iraq, in syria that christians are down about two-thirds now according to church reports. in iraq it's over 80% that they have plummeted since the beginning of the century because of isis and because of conflict. >> tucker: i assume we are letting a lot of syrian christians into this country? >> wrong. obama along with the expanded refugee program, the u.n. hcr let in or referred to us 1% of the refugees for christians. they formed 10% of the population of syria. it was disproportional. >> so it was against christians in the population. >> it carried over to the humanitarian aid, we gave 2 million in aid, and about zero of it went to the archdiocese
2:41 am
which cared for most of the christians. >> so upsetting. if our viewers want to help in some way, is there a responsible way to do that? >> they aid to the church in need and they are giving direct ada. vice president pence has made a change for the fall, for half of our age to be going directly to these. the funds are slow in moving, and -- we want good for them. the naacp was founded to fight lynching for decades. they thought racist rumination and now they are campaigning against climate change. that's up
2:42 am
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>> tucker: welcome back to tonight special, inside the issues. the american civil rights organizations use to care about, well, civil rights, no surprise. but recently the naacp has said it regards climate change's civil rights issue and that equality cannot be achieved without environmental justice, whatever that is. we spoke we spoke to portia sheppard about this. so, it's a little bit confusing for a couple of reasons, the most obvious is, i agree with both goals, a cleaning,
2:47 am
environmental and racial equality, but it's hard to see exactly why they are tied together. how are they? >> well i can't speak for the naacp but what i can speak for is the environmental injustice that we have here in the black belt of alabama. part of it is as it relates to what dr. king stood for, he stood for justice, and stand up for injustice that is happening in all kinds of communities. when you look here in the great state of alabama, it's not just in the black belt of alabama, it just so happens that in lawrenc lawrence county they are experiencing the same fight as it relates to the environment of injustices. it happens in our community, the majority of people facing these problems are people of color. >> tucker: okay but by that standard, could you say martin luther king fought for justice, and he did? and is unjust for the government to take most of what you have earned -- i think you agree they shouldn't take most of it.
2:48 am
so martin luther king would be in favor of lower tax rates. but he didn't talk about lower tax rates or of global warning so maybe we shouldn't get him involved in those issues? >> as it relates to injustice, the legacy of what dr. king stood for, that's the same message that we are sending in the tools we are using in this fight for environmental justice. when you time and time again have a community is especially in black belt of alabama that don't have equitable sewage, you have people being poisoned. you would think this would be a civil rights issue because a lot of the people being affected are people of color. so in that aspect of it, i can definitely understand that. >> tucker: i can sort of see what you're saying, no doubt that poor people live in crummy or places and that are more polluted. but there are obvious reasons for that, some of them sinister,
2:49 am
i agree. but the most polluted places on earth, the ukraine where the chernobyl accident happened, it's not a racial issue but it's a conspiracy to pollute because of skin color. if we don't have evidence that's true, we probably shouldn't suggest it, right? >> i agree to a certain extent, but as far as a class point, i absolutely agree. that's one reason i brought up lawrence and macon county. that's up to him predominately white county but the median income is between ten and $17,000 per year. you have to say this is definitely a point of class. it's not so much that we want to live in a poor area but me personally, i can testify for myself, i inherited land in that particular area and i'm not going to give it up because it's a poor area. it's unfair especially for that particular community, where you have the majority of the people who live there that i owned that
2:50 am
land have to give it up because you have politicians and people who are in power who make decisions who dump these particular issues on them. that's one of the parts that black belt citizens is fighting. it's not so much, oh, it civil rights, its black power. it's not about that, it's about helping people stand up for themselves and get the justice that they deserve. they deserve clean water. my mom had no business buying three or four cases of water per week so she could cook a meal because she was afraid to drink the water coming out of the faucet. those things should not be happening. and it just so happens that when you talk about civil rights issues, you see it in uniontown alabama, these issues are definitely taking place. it just so happened in that area, its people of color but it's definitely a class issue. >> tucker: i have to say, i agree with a lot of what you're saying. and i hope that you don't sell your land because some of the
2:51 am
prettiest places in this country are rural areas. >> and they are a lot safer. [laughs] >> tucker: safer and nice people. but maybe the people in charge ignore and exploit rural america, did you ever think of that? >> absolutely. that goes back to the class statement that you made earlier, it goes right back to that. even though i am and during the same stuff that you are enduring but i have a little bit more than you, i can feel like i'm above it and that's the biggest issue of them all. that's what dr. king was about. that campaign he was getting ready to kick off before his assassination, it was for poor people. and you see that time and time again, it is specifically in poor communities, and more than likely, people of color will be affected by that. >> tucker: i kind of agree with what you are saying.
2:52 am
i appreciate you coming on tonight, portia. thanks so much. >> thank you so much for having us. >> tucker: welcome another one of the most important issues facing this there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. by america's largest mortgage lender.
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2:55 am
and for good reason. but recently congress has thought to change. here is what dave had to say about it? >> thank you, tucker for having me on. >> tucker: this as you well know, strikes people in the cities as horrifying. why is it a good idea? >> it is mainly a welfare issue. the horse world is gone downhill every since when you have something that doesn't have value which is what the unwanted horse is, they are shipped to canada and mexico and they are not worth anything. >> tucker: we have a lot of problems with domesticated animals; cats and dogs and we don't eat them. it crosses a line. why are so horses different? >> horses is considered livestock in every state in the
2:56 am
union and they are on average a thousand pound animal. you start ethanizing the one 50,000 horses a year, you are talking about millions of pounds of toxic waste. >> tucker: it is a question of disposing and who would eat it? >> well, we have quite a market actually. in 2011, when the rider's came off of the appropriation says bill. i was advocating for it. and i was contacted by the tongun community and a meat buyer in the south in florida who had 2.3 million hispanics who would eat it every day if they could get it. many ethnic groups. >> tucker: america is distinct in that we don't eat it and the french do. and it has been a more than
2:57 am
century point of pride and bragging of like you eat horses and we don't. doesn't this put us at the level of the french? >> that is a total misnomer. over 50 percent of the world's countries and we'll find horse meat industry than any other type of meat. and chinese and japanese and all of the africa, if they can get ahold of horse meat they will eat it. if you ate tacos on the beach in kabo, you have eaten horse meat. 1985 horse meat was available on the menu and the harvard faculty club. and the only reason they didn't
2:58 am
keech it. the new chef didn't want to cook anything that was frozen and that was in 1985. we have a huge history of horse meat consumption in the united states. and the humane society in the united states will try to tell you that that is not so. well, it is so. it doesn't take much gooingling and looking around to find we did consume a lot of horse meat in the united states. >> tucker: i thought it was just louis and clark. you are making me rethink the vacation in cabbo. that's it for tonight. ultimate final exam play along with you ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
2:59 am
♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
3:00 am
[national anthem] >> after president trump's tough talk yesterday the summit with kim jong un may be back on. >> we are talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we would like to do it. we're going to see what happens. >> the north kore north korean'd their hand. president trump called their bluff. >> whether the government under the obama administration was spying on his presidential campaign. >> what happened here was an abomination to the republic and the media is covering it up. >> not just fox where they are essentially delivering propaganda. we need more people to speak up and speak out and we need more outlets. >> you don't give up. you don't give in. you don't b


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