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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 28, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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sandra: it is monday, may 28th. this is "fox & friends first." happening right now at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast. streets turn to raging rivers. states of emergency just declared over dangerous flash flooding along the east coast. and now several gulf states bracing for a direct hit by a subtropical storm. we are tracking your memorial day forecast. and saving the summit. the white house delegates in north korea right now prepping for potential meeting. so, will it actually happen? what kim jong un and president trump have to say. >> many people think that the ultimate sacrifice is giving up your life. but these soldiers gave up not only their lives but their identities.
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heather: the memorial day message watch over one of america's sacred sites. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh beautiful ♪ for spacious skies ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountains. heather: i'm surprised we don't see more red, white, and whether you in the skyline there in new york city. thank you so much for joining us on this monday morning. a little cloudy here. i'm heather childers, today, of course, is memorial day. it is a day to reflect and remember the sacrifice paid by so many for our freedoms. so we, of course, want to
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know what makes you a proud american? share with us your pictures. use the #proud american. and we will share them throughout the show. we have been getting a lot over the weekend. so certainly share yours with us as well. and, of course, on this weekend in just a few hours, president trump will honor the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. he will begin this memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the in virginia and participate in a memorial day ceremony. is he expected to make a speech along with defense secretary james mattis. we have that for you live here on fox news. and in the meantime, bikers from all around the country flock to our nation's capital to honor america's heros. the 31st annual rolling thunder ride for freedom drawing more than a million people and founder artie mueller says it calls attention to troops missing in action and struggles facing veterans. >> they are good americans, and they care. these men and women have
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fought for the rights of all of us so that we can live free the way we do. heather: the president tweeting about the ride, quote: fantastic to have 400,000 great men and women at rolling thunder in d.c. showing their patriotism. they love our country. they love our flag. they stand for our national anthem. thanks for executive director artie muller, thank you to awful them for sure. another story we are following for you this morning dramatic rescues intensifying in this type of scene. flash flooding intensifying turning this main street into a raging river of mud and debris. this is he will cot city, maryland, right outside of baltimore. it is now under standably under a state of emergency. you can see cars floating down the road, smashing right into one another. rescue crews getting dozens of calls about people trapped in cars and homes. same city hit by devastating
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floods two years ago. down south, evacuations down way panhandle subtropical alberto nears the coast. adam clots is live for us tracking storms and powerful winds; is that right, adam. adam: that's right, heather. first named storm of the year and brought a lot of rain making a soggy memorial day weekend throughout portions of the entire southeast. there is the center of sir cure legs south of pensacola and panama beach, florida. rain stretching the entire safety florida and running up into georgia and the carolinas. this is going to continue to be a another rainy day. the winds are up to 65 miles per hour with this particular system moving to the northwest. just under 10 miles per hour. which means it hasn't made landfall yet. close to lunchtime, maybe a little bit later into the afternoon. as far as the flood watches and warnings those are stretching across large portions of the southeast. still portions of south florida as we are seeing revie rain moving across that region.
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all across the florida panhandle up into the areas of mississippi, towards portion of north georgia. tennessee and now including the carolinas. it's a large area that's seeing at least some rain from this system and will continue to see so. everything you are seeing in the light greens to the dark greens. that's an inch to two inches of rain. very widespread. areas talking about the yellows the oranges getting up to 4 to 6 inches. you start to see some of these reds and this will be where landfall is stretching across portions of the panhandle up into mississippi. those are spots where you could sees a much as 8 to 12-inch of total rain. obviously talking about flooding when you see thatch possible rain. this is your hour-by hour first alert forecast. pay attention to the time stamp in the corner. when will this be making landfall right around lunchtime or early afternoon hours. that's when the winds will be strongest and rains toughest right along the coast here, paying attention to this in the middle of the day into the early afternoon before this tracks up into the midwest by the middle of this upcoming week.
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heather: thank you so much. we appreciate you being here this morning with us, adam, thanks. high stakes north korea summit another big story. three of them we are following for you today. this one could be back on track. a u.s. delegates on the ground in the rogue nation this morning trying to salvage the si sit down between president trump and kim jong un. good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning to you. they still have a lot of work to do if they expect to hold the summit on june 12th. as of right now that is still the goal. this back and forth certainly continues african selling the summit this past thursday and slamming south korea's leader. our united stateour delegates has arrived. i believe north korea has brilliant potential and will be a bril a great economic and financial nation one day.
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kim jong un agrees with me on this and it will be an honor. south korea's president said quote chairman kim made clear again his intent for complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. expressed his will to bury the history of war and confrontation and cooperate for mutual peace and prosperity. u.s. lawmakers are still urging the trump administration to proceed with caution. >> we have a leader in kim jong un who has almost an emotional attachment a personal psychological attachment to these nuclear weapons. can they get rid of them. if they keep doing this stuff, this h elevates the situation more dangerous. >> u.s. delegates expected to be in north korea for a couple of days no. shortage of experience on that team led by kim who is a former ambassador to south korea and former nuclear negotiator. heather?
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heather: all right. garrett tenney live for us. we will talk much more about this coming up. thank you. >> you got it. heather: freed prisoner josh hope and his family could be back in utah as early as tomorrow. right now they are being treated at walter reed. he traveled to venezuela to meet his wife. they were arrested and accused of stockpiling weapons and held for two years after painstaking negotiations, president trump was able to help secure their release. welcome home. and thoughts and prayers pouring in for former president george h.w. bush. the 93-year-old is recovering in the hospital from low blood pressure and fatigue. a family spokesman says he is awake, he is alert and comfortable. will likely stay in the hospital for a few days. just a day earlier the former president visited veterans at american legion pancake breakfast near his summer home in maine. last month, he went to the hospital for blood infection one day after laying his wife barbara to rest.
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and dreamers could have a new chance at u.s. citizenship with help from conservatives. house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows saying an agreement on deferred action on childhood arrivals program is close. >> i think that even if some of the more conservative bills that have been talked about, there is the ability to become citizens. the most important thing is to secure our southern border so that we don't have to deal with this problem a decade from now two, decades from now. i think that's where we are well on our way to doing that. heather: the obama era program provides protection for those who came into the u.s. illegally as children. the daca debate has raged on for months since president trump decided to end the program. and a republican gubernatorial candidate take as page right from the president's playbook. assemblyman travis allen rallying voters near the mexico border. >> i have watched this border behind me get violated time after time after time thanks to the lawless open border policies
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of jerry brown and california democrats. build that wall. build that wall. [chanting build that wall] heather: allen hopes his tough immigration stance carries him in next week's california primary. one of the most exciting days in auto racing did not disappoint. >> will power the indianapolis 500 winners 2018. >> will power living up to his name claiming his first indy 500 win celebrating with the traditional jug of milk. so overcome to emotion she fell to the ground. that usually happens though, actually. different set of emotions for danica patrick who crashed as a full-time driver. nascar kyle busch races to fourth win of the season capturing the checkered flag in the coca cola 600 which i think actually if you
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compare the two was the bigger race. that's just my opinion though, nascar. the time now is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. traffic stop turned violent to officers running for their lives when a driver trying escape spins out of control. president trump scared and kim jong un blinked. high stakes singapore summit appears to be back on. next guest says make no mistake the president's policy is working. what will it take to get north korea to disarm? that's next. first, some pictures from our viewers showing why they are proud americans on this memorial day. ♪ ♪ all gave some ♪ some gave all ♪ some stood true for the red, white, and blue ♪ and some had to fall ♪ and if you ever think of me ♪ think of all your liberties ♪ and recall
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heather: getting the summit back on track. the white house team arriving in north korea for negotiations with kim jong un who now says is he committed to denuclearization. what will it take to get a deal? here now to weigh in is asia analyst and author of "the nuclear showdown." gordon cheng. thank you so much for joining us. always appreciate it when you join us here. >> thank you, heather. heather: i was reading through your notes here. we actually stole a line from you. you say that president trump's stared and kim jong un blinked. >> yes. thursday, you know, president trump issued the letter saying that he wasn't going to singapore on june 12th because of the string of the unusually belligerent statements from north korea. well, within hours of that, north korea issues a series of unusually conciliatory statements one saying they were willing to accept the
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trump formula. the north koreans basically understood that they had gone too far and they wanted the summit. and, of course, they need the summit, heather we have where the president did stare and the north koreans did blink. heather: what do you make of this? because we hear the other side of the camp who says almost like they are hoping this won't work for president trump the moves is he making and the summit will not happen in singapore. at the same time, you have kim jong un seemingly following along exactly what president trump, perhaps, has planned. >> yes. i mean there is perform really on all sides of the political spectrum that the north koreans won't disarm. yes they don't want to disarm but they said they would. that creates markers for president trump to enforce. president trump can use all the elements of american power, even short of the use
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of force, and we can get the north koreans to do what they think that they never would do. so, for instance, we can further crimp the flow of money into the knot and we can back the chinese and russians away from north korea. for instance, all four of china's big four banks have been handling money for north korea. that's a violation of u.s. law. we can severely fine them or we can even cut them off from the global banking system. so there's a lot that the united states can do. the issue is whether president trump has the political will to do those things that are absolutely necessary to get the north koreans to give up their weapons. heather: what do you think the advance team is doing right now? they have gone back over there. there is some sort of meetings taking place. what is their strategy right now? >> well, there is two advance teams. the one in north korea is actually talking to the fairly high level vice foreign minister. so, i think they are probably talking about the
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substance of the issue and there there is not going to be agreement. but, at least what they are doing is they are defining the agenda and that is going to be important. the other advance team was heading to singapore that will be logistics. where do you meet all the circumstances of that. that's more detailed. >> how do you think kim jong un defines denuclearization? that's important, too. >> yeah. well, he probably defines it as the united states removing itself from the peninsula. breaking the treaty with south korea. getting our 28,500 service personnel out of south korea. he may even define it as the united states giving up all of its nuclear weapons. there have been various definitions of denuclearizations on the north korean side. and, you know, there are things that are just absolutely out of the realm of impossible. but they are going to ask. heather: do you think there is a part of kim jong un that admires president trump? >> yeah. i think.
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so you know, i'm sure kim looks at trump. first of all, we have got kim to back down already. so i'm sure that kim, who admires strong leaders, is going to think, yeah, that's pretty cool. but, as the other also at the end of the day, the north koreans want a counter weight to china. north koreans are koreans. they have been fighting the chinese literally and figuratively at each other's neck for basically two millennia. if you are korean you want an offshore balancer to protect you. one that has no territorial designs on the north korean peninsula. by the way, that's the united states. humane society let there are so many dish facets to this. that's why it's always interesting to talk to you. thank you for talking with us. have a great day. >> thanks, heather. you too. heather: dramatic rescue caught on. save a toddler dangling from a balcony.
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the terrifying moments that the hero without a cape put his own life on the line. and today we remember the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice. here the voice for the unknown soldiers this memorial day. but, first, pictures from our viewers showing what makes them to be proud to be americans as we flect and remembereflect andremember on ty ♪ i'm in the best of company ♪ i'm thankful for those ♪ thankful for the things i've done ♪ i can rest in peace ♪ i'm one of the chosen ones ♪ i made it to arlington ♪ with the free audible app, your stories go wherever you do. and for just $14.95 a month you get a credit,
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heather: welcome back, a top iranian official who met with former secretary of state john kerry caught
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champing death to america. [chanting] heather: an israeli news agency claims that the video shows iran's foreign minister denouncing the united states and its allies. mohammed we have mezareef two mo save iran nuclear deal in a secret meeting. using sunday service to call for end to white men. >> why should there be an end to him, his nature is not in harmony with the nature of god. murder is in his nature. he is a natural liar.
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heather: in the same speech the hate-filled minister also referred to jews as, quote: is a a. satanic people. today we remember the heros who gave the ultimate sacrifice. we also remember those who died when nobody knew their name. bob barner from our affiliate in washington, d.c. has the story behind the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> the tomb is our most sacred and hallowed ground. the tomb of the unknown soldiers in arlington national cemetery. to this day one of the most treasured attractions here in our nation's capital. >> it's a majestic place. where members of the u.s. 13 ledgement the old guard stand watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the changing of the guards a solemn ritual played out before tens of though sands of visitors every year. >> this represents who we are as americans it represents all the sacrifices that were made by those that had fallen in battle for america.
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initially the war department was very resistant to the idea of an unknown soldier. they felt they could identify all the unknown soldiers. there were about 2500 in world war i. but that didn't happen. there was a movement after france and england had unthen soldier for america to have unknown soldier. >> documented with photographs the experts began in 1921. the unknown soldier chosen after unidentified caskets were unearthed from four american cemeteries in france. >> and they were about to give a general officer the right to select the unknown for america. the america's unknown soldier. but the french said no, you should use an enlisted man to select the unknown. >> that man was edward unger, who had fought in some of the toughest battles in world war i. wounded twice. given a bouquet of flowers to help make the selection. >> walked into the chapel and laid the bouquet on one
1:27 am
of the caskets and he felt that the man that was in that casket had died next to him in battle and it was one of his friends. >> he didn't know for sure but he thought so. >> he was powerfully drawn to that individual. >> to this day we don't know who that person is. >> we don't know who that person is. >> inscribed on the back of the tone is this here rests an american soldier known but to god. in arlington national sem father bob barnard, fox news. heather: we have more on that throughout the day so stay tuned for that. president trump's legal counsel taking fresh aim at the russia probe. >> further reiterates what i have come to conclude after two months of being in this and the president obviously knew from very early on which is this is rigged. heather: how rudy giuliani is refusing to let the president be trapped in what he calls robert mueller's witch-hunt. and the rude awakening for
1:28 am
liberals when a tweet meant to slam the trump administration backfires. why former president obama is actually the one to blame for this viral picture of illegal immigrant children sleeping in cages.
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heather: welcome back. rudy giuliani slamming probe as rigid. the special counsel investigation focuses on things that did not happen. alicia acuna joins us live from los angeles with reaction from both sides. good morning. >> good morning, heather. rudy giuliani used that term rigged repeatedly adding that everyone should be rooting for the president to succeed.
1:32 am
>> come it the conclusion everybody else has. this investigation is rigged and unfair. making peace with north korea god-willing and we should all be rooting for that. >> the president echoing his attorney tweeting, quote: why didn't the 13 angry democrats investigate the campaign of crooked hillary clinton, many crimes, much collusion with russia? why didn't the fbi take the server from the dnc rigid investigation. rudy giuliani went on to say president trump will not be trapped by special counsel ancommander-in-chief and robert mueller's team. he maintains the investigation circles around things that never happened noting colluding with russia during the 2016 election. adam schiff is calling for an end to the president's called falsehoods. the california congressman now demanding complicit republicans be felony out we
1:33 am
need to throw the bums out. as long as there is members in congress to do the president's will only one remedy that is to change the congress and to let the investigation go on. >> giuliani said any meeting between president trump and the special counsel would be contingent on mueller's team handing over information on an fbi informant that the president has referred to as a spy. heather? heather: already. leisha, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> sure. heather: high stakes sit down between president trump and kim jong un could still happen. africans ling the meeting president trump had a much different tone on twitter saying this, quote: our united states team has arrived in north korea to make arrangements for the summit between kim jong un and myself. i truly believe north korea has brill cents potential and will be a great economic and financial nation one day. kim jong un agrees with me on this. it will happen.
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meanwhile south korean president met with kim in the demilitarized zone saying his goal remains to denuclearize the korean peninsula. we will continue to follow that stop what you are doing and take a look. wild video. look at this, a driver speeding off in reverse as he is questioned by police. the man can you see spinning around in circles. slamming into several cars nearly hitting officers in new york city. this is where all of this happened before eventually speeding on to a crowded sidewalk and briefly getting away. he was though eventually arrested a short time later after hitting another car and actually hurting that driver. three police officers also injured. good grief. and then this story. these dramatic pictures, red hot lava from raw's erupting volcano can be seen from space. fiery images show toxic gas rises into the sky. jeff paul gives us a look at the damage and latest risk
1:35 am
on the big island. >> this volcano shows no signs of stopping since activity started more than three weeks ago. officialers continue to lava both out to sea and into the sky creating more hazards for homes and surrounding neighborhoods. this new video shows how active lava flows are in one of the hardest hit subdivisions. geologists lava 200 feet into the sky. we are learning lava has spread to four square miles. emergency responders saying their concern now for the people who haven't evacuated and are the path of the volcano and its fischers. >> get cut off or whatever, those guys need to be aware not just being in there and forgetting what's going on because that whole subdivision is vulnerable at this point. >> helicopters from both the hawaii national guard and marine corps are on stand by, ready to rescue anyone who might become trapped by lava. several roads are shut down
1:36 am
after becoming covered creating fewer ways to escape for locals. at the volcano summit, geologists say earthquakes remain constant as do the ash plumes created in each of those eruptions on the big island of hawaii jeff paul, fox news. heather: final resting place for our nation's heroes could run out of room within decades with an average of thiferl 30 burials per day. arlington national cemetery will be full by 2041. now they are working on 38-acre expansion adding up to 80,000 new plots. more than 400,000 people are buried at arlington. the guard keeping walch at the tomb of the unknown soldier have a message for all of us on this memorial day. >> many people think that the ultimate sacrifice is giving up your life. but these soldiers gave up not only their lives but their identities. >> we are out there because those unknown soldiers, they deserve every bit of perfection that we give them when we step beyond the chains. >> tombed guards are part of
1:37 am
the old guard before memorial day. now the old guard places more than 220,000 flags in front of -- head stones at arlington national cemetery. well, the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. like mother like daughter how chelsea clinton took a page out of political playbook and ripped our commander-in-chief. what is the best way to deter crime. one mayor says how about paying potential shooters 1,000 bucks a month. could this actually work or would it be another failed liberal policy? our political panel on deck to debate it. no anthem, no problem. the packed with patriots determined to honor our flag. ♪ burning in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends" first. the mayor wants to give $1,000 a month to residents identified by law enforcement as most likely to shoot someone. is this the best option? here to debate it is chris and democratic strategist susan johnson cook. thank you both for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it? >> good morning. >> susan, i will start with you. let's take a look at the facts by the anybody's so to speak. this would be $1,000 a month as we said that would go to people dubbed most likely to commit murder or be a shooter. $1 million fundraising goal over the next four years for this program called the advance peace program. we should point out none of of that money is coming from taxpayers either at this point. do you think this is a good idea, susan. >> i think it's a great idea. sounds outrageous. it's certainly controversial. but i think that those who
1:42 am
are victims, who have lost loved ones will say this is a small amount to pavement can you either penetrate the problem or aggravate the problem. this mayor is taking a step to actually help penetrate, identify, where the problem is coming from and then let's try to stop it. it goes along with counseling. it's not just giving money but goes along with giving counseling and provide alternative options. that's what we have got to do for those that are violent. heather: chris, in terms of how they spend the money there is absolutely no restrictions. >> that's right. i think they are trying to tackle a real problem but completely ridiculous approach. it ignores. first of all, there is no idea how they are going to select these people and implement the plan. it's not something that's going to sustain long term good behavior. you incentivize good behavior you just don't pay somebody money. this mayor has heard people are going to spend this to pay bills and do these other things. how do we know they are not going to spend it on drugs or sex trafficking. that's a good question for
1:43 am
me. heather: how do we know they won't use it for drugs? why won't there be any kind of work requirement or perform public service. >> reading something in the news 34 other cities there is a strategy. it's not just isolated. we're just giving money away there is a requirement. incentivizing the opposite of violence. you are trying to advance peace. i think we have to have some outrageous approaches because there are outrageous violence acts that are happening. heather: so giving money $1,000 a month to someone deemed already a potential murderer will keep them from being a murderer? >> along with counseling and with some job training. so it's not just an isolated giving them money. >> totally ridiculous. >> not ridiculous at all. you have to try something. identify and i commend mayor tubbs and i say you have to try something. the people have lost lives are not here to spend their $1,000. so let's try to prevent it from happening in the future. heather: chris, what would
1:44 am
be an alternative that you think would work? >> real job growth. tax credits, incentivizing work and i would say something else, heather, when you get to the point where the former obama administration progressive people oppose this idea, you know there is consensus that it's completely ridiculous. there is no strings attached. they need to focus on job growth. and for people that are prone to violence like that, this is not an approach that's been proven to work anywhere and it will fail here. heather: current harvard professor did say, susan, this would not work. he would compare something like wage supplements or tax credits over rewarding money. >> i'm a former obama appointee, so i absolutely agree with mayor tubbs. i think that some people it's too late to try to take them back to what should have happened in the beginning of their lives. if you can identify that they have had a streak of violence it's not a get out of jail free card. it is to identify them, to keep them from going into jail. i think you have to try some
1:45 am
new alternative methods. what we have is not working. what do you do? heather: give them money apparently. >> i say it's stupid. suzan and chris thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. heather: this picture of illegal immigrant children in cages sparking outrage. liberals forgot to check their facts first. how they took aim at the obama administration without even knowing it. and peddling for a purpose. one man making it his mission to help children of fallen patriots. personal inspiration behind his journey when he joins us live. ♪ it's been a long, hard ride ♪ got a ways to go ♪
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heather: liberals trying to hammer president trump on immigration only have it back fire. look at some of these tweets from linda is a sour sean king and others showing sleeping children in cages. they slammed the president for resorting to such tactics. the problem is this all happened while obama was president. the very link that they tweeted and the pictures are from 2014 some were quick to delete the tweets while others are still up. your comments have been pouring in on this. matt writing on facebook it's a double standard. it's only bad if it happened while trump is president. everyone else gets a pass only if they are democrat. steven says no, they aren't too quick to judge they are morally corrupt. and then sandra tweets they are scared to death of our winning president. is he like that bunny that just keeps winning and winning for us. well, like mother-like daughter. chelsea clinton bashing president trump on a book tour of her own. she tells the guardian the
1:50 am
president's july visit to the u.k. should be disrupted saying, quote: if i lived in britain i would show up to protest because i don't agree with what he is doing to degrade what it means to be an american. not only do i want an administration that isn't venal, corrupt and focused on making life harder for millions of americans, i also want a competent administration. peddling for a purpose. let's talk about something good now from sea to shining sea. line lee garrett making it his mission to raise money for fallen patriots by riding bike across america. 42-year-old kicked off his journey april 2nd from san diego. he said this is not about a left or a right thing. this is about america. and he joins me now live to talk more about it. good morning, ryan. how are you doing? >> good. heather. good morning to you. heather: thank you so much for joining us. would he see really appreciate it first of all, tell me why this ride across
1:51 am
america is personal to you. > it's personal to me because i'm a second generation from a gold star family. my mother lost her father when she was 14 years old. and on july -- she lost her father on july 9th, 1965. and she was left without a father and that's where i'm at. >> you grew up, one of things did you raised money for a veterans memorial in reading city park in 1988. >> yes, redding, pennsylvania. redding city park. we raised money for the best of your recollection county vietnam veterans memorial. and that was when i was about 13 years old. i have been involved with that ever since. >> where are you along your journey right now? >> i'm in topeka. topeka, kansas. heather: have you been able to meet a lot of great people on your way?
1:52 am
>> i have. i have. absolutely. and that has been one of the things that has inspired me to keep pushing through for all the heat, the wind. the rain. heather: i cannot imagine. the way that you are raising money. you are asking for individual donations in the amount of $22 and that is because the number 22 represents how many veterans take their lives every day really a horrible thought. >> yes, ma'am. that's exactly what that number is for. heather: um-huh scholarship aid so far. thousand scholars of fallen soldiers have been helped since 2002. people can donate through this site fallen and they can type n the events area of pedaling for pattie which is what you are
1:53 am
calling your ride. >> my mother's name was patricia and the reason why i call it pedaling for patty, is because i found love letters from my grandfather written to my grandmother before he was killed in vietnam. he mentioned he was in love with patty, his daughter, my mother. and he mentioned her as pattie over and over in these love letters. i felt it would be appropriate to call it pedaling for pattie. heather: absolutely. thank you for everything you are doing to raise money for our veterans and for gold star children and families. definitely a great cause. we appreciate it. do you have a final message for people? >> it's my pleasure. heather: do you have a final message for everyone on this memorial day? >> yes. i would say that today is the one day of the year of all the days of the year we should recognize the sacrifices, the ultimate sacrifices that our men and
1:54 am
women give in order to provide us with the freedoms that we have to live our lives the way we want to live them. have our opinions however they may be i think it's very important every day to remember that but today in particular and i think we should focus on that today and keep that in our minds and our hearts. >> you are a great example of doing just that we appreciate you joining us. thank you. good luck on your journey. >> thank you. thank you, heather. heather: time now is 6 minutes before the top of the hour. cameras rolling as officers jump into action. >> stand up. stand up. heather: how crews were able to pull off the daring rescue ahead. and nope, this is not a scene from jaws. the urgent warning before going to the jeep to celebrate memorial day where great white sharks were just spotted.
1:55 am
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heather: real life fireman hailed hero for scaling a building and saving a toddler's life. the climbing four stories up a building in paris to get to the child dangling from a balcony. unclear how the little boy got like this to begin with. a french president emmanuel
1:59 am
macron will honor the hero today. and now it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. fans at a high school softball game take over when they learn the national anthem will not be played. ♪ of the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] heather: there was no anthem scheduled for that game since it was already played before an earlier game in frifresno, california. up next the bad. massive great white sharks lurking off the east coast. hilton, the shark, spotted near is a vanna, georgia. and 1600-pound miss costa swimming south of him migrating north. finally the ugly, florida couple has some serious beef with mcdonald's. suing the fast food giants $5 million. they don't think they should
2:00 am
have to pay the same price for quarter pounders and you quarter pounders with cheese. they are suing. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first." i will see you back here at 10:00 a.m. eastern. "fox & friends first" continues right now. see you later. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ >> there needs to be a strong understanding of what all three sides mean by denuclearization. jillian: it is monday, may 2nd. saving the summit. officials in north korea negotiating the terms of the historic face-to-face meeting between president trump and kim jong un. the renewed hope for the singapore sit down. rob: alberto takes aim dangerous weather posing a double threat for holiday monday. strong storms ripping up the coast from florida to new york with powerful flash floods pouring down the streets in maryland. the states of emergency happening right now.


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