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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 29, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rinsing her razor in the pool. i'm actually like grossed out by watching that. rob: that's not her pool. that's a community pool. >> there are kids in there as a parent wouldn't you be like hello. rob: yummy, that will start your tuesday off. see you later. >> new reports the u.s. has halted sanctions against the rogue regime as the two sides talking. >> there is a message coming out of this administration no. premature talk of nobel prizes at this time. >> search continues at this hour for missing national guardsman who tried to save lives for a city under >> is this really leading by example when you are resorting to calling your colleagues on the other side of the aisle bums. >> you are actually worse than bums if you are not willing to stand up for a president. president. >> for the record, that was not a based joke that was about her ugly personality. she has the mario
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personality. >> we will never forget our heroes. [applause] ♪ brian: welcome back to the new week. i know some people worked yesterday, pete hegseth. but we feel like this is somewhat of a monday after that sacred day which was memorial day for marking the passing of those who lost their lives in battle. pete: i did have yesterday off. did i go to a ceremony my hometown. it was a wonderful local ceremony and we honored the fallen. it was a great day. i had the day off, too. ainsley: where is home dale. >> home dale, new jersey. i'm originally from minnesota. brian: tell us how you marked memorial day. i know you were on long island. ainsley: i was out in your neck of the woods no. brian kilmeade sightings
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though. brian: none. ainsley: what did you do? brian: none of your business. once the show starts it doesn't go too well, i saw dead pool 2. it was the most unbelievable movie i have seen. brian: i heard it has a lot of people. brian: even have a "fox & friends" reference in there bit of a dig. ainsley: really? what's the showman circus trainer from from two people. the greatest showman or something like that? brian: meanwhile, you could not take your eyes off of what was developing with the singapore summit back on track. top north korean official reportedly on his way to the united states right now. ainsley: the diplomat seen there hopping on a new york bound flight overnight. pete: our own griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. ahead of the summit.
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griff, what are you got? >> good morning, pete, ainsley and brian. diplomacy in overdrive. brand new video of him in the beijing airport heading to the u.s. according to south korean reports to continue preparations for the historic meeting. delegates on the dmz at this hour meeting with north korean officials that delegates is made up of these guys u.s. ambassador to south korea sunni kim. national security alison hooker and secretary of defense randal shriver. site of the summit delegates has reportedly arrived to meet with the u.s. team already in place there. president trump holding a memorial day call with abe telling abe they are in close coordination in advance of the expected meeting between the u.s. and north korea. guys, things can change quickly as we have seen time and again.
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june 12th is just two weeks from today and the dialogue seems to be strengthening because south korea's president moon greatly helped it by that meeting he had with kim on the dmz. finally we are hearing there is talk of one last meeting between secretary pompeo and the north koreans to give the final go ahead. it is fast-moving. there will be developments and the president heads to national tonight for a rally where we certainly will hear more. guys? ainsley: all right. thank you so much, griff. that guy is very well known. he represented north korea in south korea for the olympics. brian: is he from beijing, china. pete: you know who is holding the cards, china. brian: if you can't check off the box. put them in. if you want south korea involved in this, let them come in. reasonable why out six party talks were there. so much at stake besides us. if we have a deal and china
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emergency beach side meeting to pull that deal back which screwed up everything reportedly before, just put them in there. pete: there is going to be those side talks no matter. what north korea is going to step out of the meeting and make a phone call to beijing do you like this or not like them. include them or not is the interesting question. ainsley: we will have kellyanne on is this meeting on. the president says there is a potential. a possibility i would like to move forward as planned. he talked to japan's prime minister yesterday over the phone. and the prime minister of japan said i want to meet with you before you sit down for this north korean summit. they will bothable at the g-7 conference coming up. the first week of june, june 8th and 9th. maybe they will be meeting there. the media over in japan is saying he might go to washington. brian: i think they are both dead serious for different reasons about getting it done us and then. the thing is they have that meeting that was cancelled mysteriously north and south korea exercises on the books.
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emergency meeting. let's meet d medz o dmz north s. the letter and the response said suddenly kim jong un picked up the phone and said it's time to meet. brian: karen tumulty of "the washington post" and form everywhere "time" magazine said this about what she has seen so far. >> there is a lot more messaged disciplined coming out of this administration no. premature talk of nobel prizes this time. and i think, also, one other thing that's going to be really important here is setting realistic expectation. >> mike: sure. >> for these talks as opposed to thinking somehow by the force of his personality president trump can bring about full denuclearization, you know, it his first meeting. brian: she said the way it looks right now it's a lot more professional this time around than before and mike pompeo is going to meet again with kim jong un prior to the summit. pete: i feel like a lot of that has been undo criticism
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as if the white house doesn't have eyes wide open about the task. rhetoric one thing, pulling people to the table with letters with strong talk are different than understanding how tough it's going to be to end the conflict going on for 70 years and rogue regime that's got nukes. it's not going to be easy. i have think they know that. ainsley: congressman adam schiff lead democrat on the house intel committee. he says anybody who supports this president he called them bums. his colleague swalwell doubled down on this. listen to. this ranking member schiff's point is if they are not willing to having their minds changed about having the president accountability, then their seats are going to have to be changed. they are actually worse than bums if you are not willing to stand up to a president who is attacking a former fbi director. a patriot who served our country in vietnam like bob mueller. i think he was probably being kind to them. people want to see a check on the president, but they
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also want to see us put on his desk the things he said he would sign that republicans won't show the courage to do like immigration reform. like prescription drug reform. people want to see stand up to the president. brian: some people might not like the president's tone even on the republican's side. they see he has se stepped up the military. torn up the iranian deal. north korea they have to deal or be in the middle of a war. tax reform has passed. 700 billion on the military. on the cusp of va reform. they see that and say i like what's going on. this is a republican caucus has stood up to the president much to their chagrin. the freedom caucus given him a hard time. rand paul has stood up to them. them. they have been remarkably honest when they want to break with him. ainsley: you are right. the republican party has been divided especially a
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year ago. yeah, you are right. pete: and the freedom caucus has actually improved a lot of bills from the conservative perspective. you don't like it. it's not good enough. we're not going to vote for it and it gets better and we vote for it. this line about bob mueller vietnam, it's true, it's great, i love it that's like saying okay some day i'm a special counsel i won't be because i'm not a lawyer. if i hire 13 democrats and having a party and not looking at the facts, we don't know what bob mueller is going to say. my service in a foreign war doesn't make me someone how can't criticize. so i don't know -- i mean, the whole idea the whole bums thing they are not taking him on, this president has been under assault from the left and the media from the beginning and republicans have played it straight with him on a lot of levels. brian: i think so too. great point. not bob mueller in
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particular hired raise eyebrows and make people feel uncomfortable it's not going to be a fair and balanced investigation. again, we don't know. we know the president has a lot more aggressive of late against the mueller investigation and he is much more comfortable this way. he does not like sitting on his hands. i don't know if you have noticed. he is not going to sit there and let everybody go by the boards. suddenly these attacks, the russian attack and constant pounding of that has helped his ratings go up. ratings are higher about 45% now. pete: there has been no new information. what what are we learning, nothing new. just more stuff, more nonsense from the media. brian: do you know what's not new we haven't said hello to jillian yet. ainsley: hey, jillian, how was your weekend? jillian: it was great. how was you guys? ainsley: it was good. jillian: excellent. a national guardsman swept away in a flash flood.
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hermond last seen trying to help a woman when he was swept into the floodwaters. two tv journalists were killed when a tree fell on their suv in carolina. the storm now moving north bringing drenching rain and wind. firefighter has died during rescue mission overnight. ron was searching for a missing boater in the chicago river when he was somehow injured. he was separated from his partner under water and lost communication before he was pulled from the river. two other divers suffered minor injuries. reduceio a 15 year veteran leaves behind two sons, he has a brother in the fire department and sister in the police department. the freed american prisoner held in venezuela for two years gets a hero's welcome overnight. josh hope's grand mother draping the american flag over his shoulders as the proud sang the national anthem at the airport ♪ home of the brave
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♪ [cheers] jillian: holt and his wife were accused of stockpiling weapons after he flew to venezuela to marry her in 2016. 2016. president trump helped bring the couple home. holt telling friends, quote, we finally got our freedom. president trump honoring america's fallen heroes on memorial day. the commander-in-chief speaking to gold star families at emotional speech at arlington cemetery. >> theirs was a love more deep and more pure than most will ever know. it was a love that willed them up mountains, through deserts, across oceans and into enemy camps and unknown dangers. they died so that freedom live. jillian: the president also laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
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and in a more private moment. chief of staff john kelly and his wife visiting their son's grave. marine corps first lieutenant robert kelly was killed in afghanistan in 2010. that's a look at your headlines and a look at that picture and it just really touches you. pete: that guy has perspective. no doubt. ainsley: michelle wolf is back with a new line of attacks against women in the white house. >> if anyone is an expert on hypocrites it's sarah huckabee sanders for the record that was not a look-based joke. that was about her ugly personality. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association
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...or this powerful. the new ego power+ string trimmer with powerload™ technology. exclusively at the home depot and ego authorized dealers. >> a fox news alert now. if you slept last night you missed a lot. overnight a top north korea official on his way to the u.s. from beijing, believe it or not to work on reviving the june 12th summit this as the president plans to meet japanese prime minister abe before hand telling him the high stakes summit is expected now so what does this on again, off again messaging tell us about the summit's potential. not one to get caught up in hype press officer for international development she joins us now to weigh in. morgan, even since we booked you, things have changed a lot. so, on the surface where do you think we are heading as both sides seems to be on turbo speed to make this happen? >>
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>> seems we are headed toward a summit with kim jong un and president trump. both sides are working feverishly towards. this the reason you are seeing the president and japanese prime minister talk and the reason you are seeing the south koreans and north koreans also talking more leading up to the summit is because i don't think anybody particularly knows what will happen when president trump gets in the room. when you are a part of these diplomatic negotiations, typically everything is incredibly scripted ahead of time. all of the statements are scripted. the negotiation is basically done when the principles get in the room. all of us who have served president trump over the last year and a half know that's not his style. he wants to be in the room. he wants to be negotiating. and i think given his history, he thinks he can get to the best deal. that probably unnerves the people on the other side of the because this is sort of upending probably 30, 40 years of diplomatic tradition between the u.s. and north korea. which i think is a great thing.
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brian: possibly. it seems as though kim jong un wanted this even more than we thought. what do you think was going on behind the scenes as he cancels the north-south korea meeting because of military exercises he knew about. doesn't send delegation to singapore to plan for june 12th and all of a sudden and china seems to be pushing him back. then when president trump writes the letter with an opening to reengage, he writes a letter back to reengage, no bluster. what do you think is happening? >> well, i think for those of us who are foreign policy geeks like myself. this is the best soap opera ever played out for us. i think what's happening is that the north koreans desperately want out of these intense sanctions that the president trump and his administration pursued at the united nations. i mean, keep in mind that in order for the north korean economy to survive, they are so utterly depend dent on trade in the region. i think they would love to see some sort of economic opening between themselves and the south koreans even more. so the whole ballgame and this isn't a new ballgame is
3:20 am
they want out from under these economic sanctions. i think they are going to promise their first child in order to get that done. brian: would you be against having north kore south korea ad china. >> there i trust the president and his advisors they have gotten us farther with north korea than the past administration did. this is incredibly tough. if anyone knows north korea it's certainly ambassador bolton who has their number. brian: he does and he gets under their skin and i don't think the president minds that too much. >> neither i. brian: great to have experts like you saying we have never been here before the script is out the window. thanks so much, morgan. >> have a good tuesday. brian: the american medical association is about to jump into the gun control debate and have recommendations for congress. should this group of doctors be getting political, question mark?
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. israel defending from march tars. retaliating with airstrikes. brian: love that iron dome. mike tobin at kindergarten where a march tar hit. were they in school. >> not in school. it was a short time before the kids showed up with their parents before when the mortars started hitting
3:25 am
here. the israeli response has already begun. you heard a lot of exmolestations go out. that is the beginning into their operations into the gaza strip. palestinian media is reporting there have been strikes around the gaza city area. we saw a plume of smoke. the idf confirming that's the start of their operations. urging people around these border towns to continue their normal activities as if nothing was going on be ready for more loud explosions. can i show you shrapnel from the mortar that hit here at this kindergarten april of these short time before parents and kids showed up. show you some of the impact. as we look over here at a pipe pierced by a piece of shrapnel. the building itself. sad to say that's a reinforced building where the kids go to kindergarten. see the flecks where the shrapnel impacted. first of all can i tell you we can show you video of the
3:26 am
israeli iron dome defense which activated during the course of this attack. the idf claimants that a number of projectiles were knocked out of the sky lessening what could be a devastating impact. it was accompanied by machine gunfire aimed at the town of sderot. cars, buildings were hit. no injuries. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu promised a forceful response and it looks like we are seeing the beginning of it. back to you. brian: never a dull moment. mike tobin, thanks so much. pete: thanks, mike. appreciate it. ainsley? ainsley: the american medical association will meet to discuss its official recommendations for gun control legislation. the group is set to push for an unprecedented number of measures designed to publish congress into action. should the ama be getting so political? here to weigh in on this is dr. nicole saphier radiologist and breast cancer specialist. >> thank you for having me.
3:27 am
ainsley: when i saw the american medical association was pushing the gun control jenged. what? why are they getting involved in this. >> the ama has historically gotten involved in a lot of issues. that's why they don't have a ton of physician support. they only make up 25% of practicing physicians because of their political and financial motives. but they do have a strong arm when it comes to lobbying. they spend over $21 million a year. they are a force to be wreck connereckonedwith. we do have over 30,000 people a year dying from gun violence in the united states alone. that is more than aids. that is more than many cancers. not surprising that this is a public health crisis what are we going to do about it. ainsley: do they lean more liberal or conservative. >> depends on how ask.
3:28 am
they have gone both ways. they supported the affordable care act and opposed some of president trump's healthcare reforms. they also supported tom price when he was initially appointed by president trump. they they go both ways. hard to apiece th appease the m. ainsley: do you know what their position. >> they put out some of their suggestions. i do see what they are going for. they wanted to tackle gun control from two sides and by also maintaining the second amendment. their goal is not to take away the second amendment but make sure that guns are staying out of hands of people who would be at risk for misusing them. that would be increased access and treatment for mental health patients. also, universal background checks. not just people who buy guns in gun stores but anyone who purchases a gun they want to have a background check. and they also want to make sure physicians can have conversations with their patients regarding gun safety. and then from there they
3:29 am
want to look at what kind of guns are actually getting in people's hands if there is going to be an event, how are we going to avoid mass casualties. so they are talking about potentially limiting sale of the bump stocks and the semiautomatic ammunition in guns essentially. ainsley: okay. dr. saphier. thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: he killed a police officer in cold blood. but now he wants the city to pay him? and thought the white house correspondents dinner was bad. michelle wolfe is back with a new line of attacks against women in the white house. >> if anyone is an expert on hypocrites, it's sarah huckabee sanders and for the record that was not a looks based joke. that was about her ugly personality. ainsley: new show on netflix. she was just getting warmed up on that one. we less want to wish a happy birthday to mel. the spice girl turns 43 today. ♪ i wanna
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and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? ainsley: it's the brian show shout out of the morning. in case you missed it prager university released latest message on americanism and this one has a familiar face. brian: the united states had to fight not one, but two wars for its independence. the first, of course, was the revolutionary war. can you name the second? it was the war of 1812. now, both wars were against the british. and, in both cases, the americans should have lost.
3:34 am
the revolutionary war is very much celebrated in american history. the second one has all but been forgotten. but, had it been lost, america's history would have been much, much different. ainsley: that is great. brian: they do a series of educational videos huge hit. pete: i recently drove across the country and listened to your book on audiotape. you were with me for 12 hours. reading to me. ainsley: can never get enough bk. brian: hardest complaint for me is to slow down. ainsley: hard to do. brian: it is for me. pete: fantastic book and great reminder. you forget about the war of 1812. ainsley: you are a good teacher. there is your book. brian: you want it for father's day. people love war. fathers love war stories. andrew jackson, miracle of new orleans. if it wasn't for him we don't win and don't hold on
3:35 am
to anything beyond the mississippi. he had a bullet in him and he suffered from dysentery and down to 140 pounds at 6'1. people think about that. because a lot of families have legacies back to the battle of new orleans and they have written me and said, you know, we have relatives in that battle. ainsley: buy it for father's day. it is a great book and gift for your dad. brian: now let's talk netflix. ainsley: michelle wolf has a new show. you might recognize that name. can't picture who that is? she is the one right there. she spoke at the white house correspondents dinner and she got a lot of grief because she was making fun of sarah huckabee sanders and her looks. so now she has a new show on netflix. pete: she does it debuted or one of the first couple episodes played. she went on more to extrapolate about this administration, glass ceilings, the cia, sarah sanders. listen to what she had to say. >> you know nominated my
3:36 am
best friend sarah huckabee sanders tweeted any democrat who claims to support women's empowerment and our national security but opposes her nomination is a total hypocrite. well, if anyone is an expert on hypocrite it's sarah huckabee sanders. and for the record, that was not a looks-based joke. that was about her ugly personality. she has the mario batali of permanent. personality. brian: i guess a chef who has had some trouble. if you meet sarah huckabee sanders, which she did. she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. pete: of course. she really is. is that funny? >> i like funny, i will laugh. i'm a very generous laugher. i wish that was remotely funny. ainsley: how did you feel about all the attention you got after the white house correspondents dinner? i think it's awful. if people hated what i did at the dinner they are really going to hate my
3:37 am
show. brian: here's an example. number one, i think we broke news that pete considers himself a good laugher. pete: generous laugher. brian: jillian, add that to your newscast. jillian: i'll do that. brian: don rick kels spent entire career insulting people but made everybody laugh. if you listen to rush limbaugh, if you are a democrat he doesn't have hate coming out. he has opposite opinions and a lot of times it does it tongue in cheek like i'm the smartest and best i can beat the whole world with one arm tied behind my back. it's not humor it's just venom. ainsley: if you can do it without saying sexual stuff and i have heard that. that means you are really good. i remember seinfeld always said that in this case i think you are a good comedian if you don't get political if you -- i think those are so predictable. pete: do it without conventional trump hate then you might actually be funny.
3:38 am
ainsley: hand it over to jillian for more headlines. jillian: pete, you are a good laugher. pete: generous laugher. jillian: you ask. and i deliver. a twice deported illegal immigrant suspected in the death of his girlfriend and the disappearance of her child is in ice custody. alberto gutierrez reyes admits to bringing the body to a farm where he worked. he said he didn't kill her. search intensifying for 14 month son. he was last seen nearly two weeks ago. he killed a police officer in cold blood. now he is suing new york city for not protecting him in prison. demetris blackwell claimed he was jumped by two inmates and suffered a deep cut on his face. the correction department claims prison staff did nothing to stop it. blackwell is serving life without parole for killing officer brian mooar in 2015. no comment from the department. the father of the toddler
3:39 am
saved after dangling from a balcony, we showed you this yesterday, he left his kid alone to play pokemon go. that little boy rescued by a real life spiderman who scaled the building in paris. the father now accused of neglect could be going to jail. as for spiderman immigrant from mali now offered french citizenship and a job as a firefighter. a look at your headlines and thank goodness for him, right? that is a real life hero right there. ainsley: we were wondering why the other people weren't jerking that baby up, too maybe there was a divide. pete: got to be something going on there. brian: probably the best athlete i have ever seen. can you imagine having that body, that strength as if he did that 20 times before? how do you even know you can climb the building? ainsley: a lot of pull-ups. pete: have you practiced. ainsley: is he a cross fit trainer. brian: somebody not impressside janice dean. janice: that was incredible. did i read a story where there was another couple but
3:40 am
they were at the adjacent apartment and they could only hold on to him so much. that's when this super hero took over. incredible story. okay. listen. we have the tropics to talk about. the actual hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st. but we have already had our first subtropical storm. this is alberto it has been downgraded to a depression. we are expecting heavy rain to be a threat. we unfortunately have already lost lives with this storage so know what you are -- lives with this storm. so know what you are going to do. potential of heavy rain on order of 2 to 4 to 6 inches of heavy rainfall across portions of the mississippi river valley. tennessee ohio river valley. even parts of the appalachian. that's going to be a threat. eventually the storm pushing up towards the northeast. also, this is separate danger and separate system across the central u.s. where we could see large hail, damaging winds, tornadoes. we had reports of tornadoes yesterday across the rockies and high plains. there is your severe threat
3:41 am
today. this is a separate system from alberto. tornadoes threat is elevated throughout the afternoon and evening. there is your forecast today. so a lot of weather, unfortunately, to talk about throughout the day today. a beautiful 85 and sunny skies today. and, pete, i love your general rus sense of humor. brian: this is unbelievable. pete: why not, enjoy it bad joke can be a good joke. brian: i watched janice when you said that and she was nodding. ainsley: you are agreeing with him? janice: yes. janice: yes. pete: you are wonderful, janice. ainsley: thank you, janice. pete: andy mcarthur counselor to kellyanne and ben shapiro i hear he might be live on set. brian: supreme court set to issue key opinions any day now including the fate of president trump's travel ban and your religious rights. judge napolitano has gotten dressed on a tuesday for us. hey, judge. ♪ ♪ and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
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everything you need to go. ♪ expedia® brian: thousands of starbucks stores closing doors for racial bias training this afternoon although it's unconscious racist bias training. the move is the direct response to last month's incident in philadelphia where two black men were arrested inside a store while waiting for a friend. the training includes about 175,000 employees and 8,000 corporate owned stores. and good luck find ago straw on your next trip across the pond. pond. the european union is proposing a ban on all single use plastic products like straws, plates, cups, and cutlery. ainsley: straws cause wrinkles more than
3:46 am
cigarettes. brian: plastics are a big problem in oceans. pete: but sippy cups are a big solution. ainsley: big problem in oceans. brian: it's true. we. pete: should government employees be forced to pay union dues the supreme court set to release a major opinion. that's not the only one also on the docket the fate of president trump's travel ban and your religious rights. ainsley: here to break it down for us to tell us why it's important to you and your family. our fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> the union case i think is very important and will touch a lot of people. it may actually affect taxes in the states. there are many states in jersey, illinois, where if you work for the government you are forced to join the union whether you want to join or not. so let's say $2,000 a year in union dues, 500 of it goes to support political
3:47 am
candidates that you disagree with can you designate where that 500 goes to. you still have to join the union. you still have to send them the $2,000 and you are being forced to associate with people with whom you choose not to associate. the constitution says freedom of association also means the right not to associate. so if this case goes, the way it' ad it would go in the oral argument, which is against the unions, you will see a radical reduction in the power of labor unions in the workforce. not talking about labor unions for private corporations. labor unions that raise the cost of operating government which raises taxes. ainsley: what do you think is going to happen? how are they going to go. >> i think they will go 5 to 4 in favor of the challenger. very courageous and lonely nobody else in illinois is with him republican governor of illinois. i have think he is going to win. once this is challenged, then the power of the union also shrink, the cost that
3:48 am
they impose on the government will be reduced, and taxes can go down. brian: i think the unions agree they are likely to lose. they are already starting to a campaign hey, stay with us. stay in the union, make the choice. >> if the union is a good thing and some unions are, they should attract you to them by the benefits and services they offer. not by the force of law you will join or you can't have your job. that's the law in illinois. ainsley: also on the list today religious liberty. what's going on there? >> that's the birthday cake. the masterpiece birthday cake colorado case. so a same sex couple not birthday, wedding. same sex couple wants a wedding cake. the christian baker says i don't believe in same sex marriages i will refer you to a place. no we want you to bake it and force you to do it. the state of colorado forced them to bake the cake. they challenged it we will see what the supreme court says. can colorado force you to do
3:49 am
business with people you don't want to do business with or does your religious liberty, your religious views, this is a practice with which i disagree trump the lower case t, trump the ability of the -- brian: what about race? i don't want to serve you because you are asian or white. >> very great challenge, brian. when the government started telling people who you had to do business with, where is that going to end? that is the argument in favor of the state of colorado u. pete: how about the travel >> i don't think that's going to come out this week. the chief justifiable has, like mr. kilmeade, a flair for the dramatic. case of the year come out the last day, four weeks from yesterday june 25th. it's the famous travel ban. there many are of them. brian: so many. >> right. pete: which one are they traveling his initial or second or third iteration umpleghts the first one is gone.
3:50 am
the second one is gone. it's the third one. this is the one upheld by some of the lower courts. ainsley: thank you, judge. judge: really listened to brian for 12 hours? pete: i did. ainsley: this student signed up to serve our country after finishing high school but she couldn't wear her army sash at graduation because it didn't match the school color. that student and veteran dad are going to join us live next. ♪ ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
pete: a pennsylvania high school senior can't wear an army sash during graduation. tony cress has already signed her enlistment papers to join the army with plans to leave for boot camp in august. the school apparently saying the sash didn't coincide with school colors. so, it can't be worn. toni cress graduating senior along with her father wayne cress join us now to discuss. thank you for joining us this morning. thank you both forever your service. this morning. thank you both forever your service. sir, you served in the air force, i believe and toni you want to join the army and you will be joining the army. what explanation were you given to start out for why you can't wear an army sash with your graduation gown? >> for starters, the first explanation i was given was that it didn't match the school colors. pete: is that the in and book? i think some have scoured your actual policies and procedures and there is
3:55 am
nothing in there that says that something doesn't match you can't wear it. >> yeah. some people looked into it and they actually figured out there is nothing in the handbook that says i'm not allowed to wear it. pete: so, when it comes to graduation i believe is on june 1st, are you going to wear it or are you going to abide by school policy? what are you going to do there? >> i'm going to abide by school policy. people are like saying that i'm going to be like a rule breaker and stuff like that. i have no intention of doing that at all. if the school says i'm not not allowed to wear it i'm not going to wear it if i do have a chance off stage when can i wear it, i will wear it. pete: as a father watching, this you raise a daughter who says i want to raise my right hand defend this country and go to boot camp and be a part of military. how does it make you feel when a school won't allow her to recognize that? >> i'm disappointed. she worked hard for this. she went through the rotc program through the school.
3:56 am
in today's world where we have kids out there eating tide pods, she is willing to stand up, you know, and fight for her country and, you know, both of my kids are actually in the army and i couldn't be more proud of both of them. pete: wayne, still to you, your service,s as you raise young kids that want to join the military. how did you infuse them with the values they needed to say i want to be part of it as well? >> just start, you know, young. have you got to instill with them, you know, discipline and integrity and in the end, you know, both my children have come out to be, you know, excellent kids. pete: toni regardless of whether or not you get to wear it or not. our viewers are with you. they believe the school should make an exception for that. are you looking forward to the opportunity to serve your country? >> oh, absolutely. i'm actually really stoked. i'm really stoked to serve my country. it's been my dream since i was a kid. pete: i love it toni thank
3:57 am
you very much. and wayne thank you for your service. stokeside a good way to put it. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: a fox news alert. president trump confirming moments ago that a top north korean official is heading to the u.s. we have breaking details next.e >> my parents met in texas. then they moved to washington. time in korea- mmm seaweed snacks. and now we live here for good. our members call many places home, oh, lots of questions. so we made owning a home easier. navy federal credit union open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans, and their families. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. one picky customer shouldn't take all your time.
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4:00 am
so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah. brian: a top north korean official reportedly on his way to the united states right now. >> this is sort of upending probably 30, 40 years of diplomatic tradition between the u.s. and north korea. which i think is a great thing. pete: israel defending its people from dozens of mortars fired from the gaza strips. >> all of it a response to this. can i show you shrapnel from the mortar that hit here at this kindergarten. ainsley: congressman adam schiff, he said anyone who supports this president he called them bums and then his colleague doubled down on that. >> actually worse than bums if you are not willing to stand up to a president. >> the freed american prisoner held in venezuela for two years is back home in utah. josh holt getting a hero's welcome.
4:01 am
>> our whole country pledges to you we will never forget our heroes. [applause] ♪ we built this city ♪ we built this city on rock and roll ♪ we built this city. brian: this is a song i got tired of the first time i heard it a littl a little redond it, don't you think? ainsley: is this north korean summit? is it on? is it off? the president has said it could potentially move forward as planned. i know general who is the head of north korea's spy agency, the former head of it, he is heading to d.c. brian: how do we know that for sure? because is he tweeting and here's the tweet.
4:02 am
we have put a great team together for our talks with north korea. meetings are currently taking place concerning the summit and more. kim young chol. the vice chairman of north korea heading to new york, solid response to my letter. thank you. we have had video of this vice chairman child support enforcement agency through the airport coming as you said, brian from, beijing, indication of who controls a lot of what is happening in north korea these days. brian: if they want to play a role, why stay behind the scenes? step up. in many ways belligerent behavior and quest for nuclear weapons has been for china. bump to the south. since you are going to have final say anyway and caused a hiccup along the way. put china at the table. find out what's happening here. we need to denuclearize. don't you think it was significant that the south korean and north korean leader met on the north side of the dmz at which time the south left off and gave an update, a briefing and said we reiterate again that we are looking for them to
4:03 am
denuclearize and they said they would. again, that just happened it's almost as if those two, the letter the president sent was tough but left an opening. opening. north korea's response was strong but it left an opening. and they said let's run through it. ainsley: japan's prime minister called the president yesterday. i don't know who called who. they talked on the phone yesterday. and they said we want to schedule a meeting with you before you do have this north korean summit if it's north korean summit if it's back on, we want to meet with you too. we need to make sure we are on the same page. we do share the same desire. desires dismantling of north korea's chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missile programs. pete: absolutely. ainsley: they agreed to cooperate. they have not set a date. prime minister of japan will be at the g-7 summit in canada. the president will be there. and that takes place on june 8th and june 9th. this meeting is scheduled for the summit. if it is back on. it's scheduled for the week after. pete: these are the type of preliminary meetings that always happen before a big meeting. we had morgan on earlier
4:04 am
press aid at the aid. this is done a little bit dinner because of the stakes of what's going on and we have a businessman in the oval office. listen. >> when you are a part of these diplomatic negotiations, typically everything is incredibly scripted ahead of time. i think all of us who have observed president trump over the last year and a half know that's not his style. he wants to be in the room. he wants to be negotiating. given his history he thinks given the best deal. that probably unnerve you had the people on the other side of the table this is sort of upending 30, 40 years of between the u.s. and north korea which i think is a great thing. brian: change of president's team has made him more comfortable. john bolton who has the hard line and vice president also took a very hard line. have you larry kudlow working on the financial aspects on this. brian: on china. brian: secretary of state
4:05 am
mike pompeo given new power to the state department. mike pompeo says one more time i will meet with kim jong un. before the summit. well, who is mike pompeo, whether you love him or not, the president does. that gives the state department and diplomacy more of a seat at the table and more power at that table than ever before. i just think together this team seems pretty strong. ainsley: when you see that north korean general walking through the airport on his way to the united states, it sends a strong message, we really want this meeting. we're coming over to negotiate. the ball, it seems to be, is in our court arched the president is going to make the ultimate decision. pete: you can't under estimate how important but it starts at the top. the teesm says we will do anything necessary to take away your nukes. better be time to come to the table u. brian: lindsey graham said over the weekend after speaking with the president, he said this is going to get solved in my first term one way or another. the message is one way or another, it's not going to just be sanctions. going to bring this to a
4:06 am
head. ainsley: we're going to talk to kellyanne conway about it. she will be on our show at 7:30. pete: that's right. yesterday as a lot of you did, we spent the day honoring those who gave everything. it was memorial day. you were grilling but hopefully you were spending time remembering those that gave you that opportunity. well, president trump was there with you. had a ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he has a great message for our heroes and for the fallen. listen to what the president said yesterday. >> while the rest of us sleep, while we go about our lives, through every minute, through every day, through freezing cold, scorching heat and raging storms, they stand watch. here they remained faithful at their post. eternal on guard. they never moved. the sentinel always stands because america never
4:07 am
forgets it's our heroes. to every parent who weeps for a child. to every child who mourns for a parent, and to every husband or wife whose heart has been torn in two, today we ask god to comfort your pain, to ease your sorrow and to wipe away your tears. brian: then he went on to talk about a personal story which is always very effective when presidents do that. especially one experienced last year. 7-year-old never got a chance to know his dad. dressed in marine uniform at arlington walked up to the president and said to him would you like to meet my dad, see where my dad is they walked together to the head stone and he said i'm never going to forget them. he talked about that yesterday now. christian is 8. his mom and christian will be joining us in 15 minutes. pete: wow. ainsley: so sweet. the boy is 8 years old.
4:08 am
christian cried wanting to know why his daddy can't come down from heaven because he needs him. pete: when you see the face of the sacrifice, it means that much more. an amazing example. brian: we want to give you the latest as we know. simmering from day one russia investigation mueller probe. the president over the last four months has taken a different tact. he is going after it saying this thing has got to stop. it's hurting everything i do. it's certainly a huge distraction. financially it's destroying a lot of the people who support me. he just tweeted this out 13 angry democrats plus people who work 8 years for obama worked on the rigged russia witch-hunt will be meddling with the midterm elections, especially now the republicans. stay tough, are taking the lead in the polls. there was no collusion except by the democrats. and his referral, of course, is the dnc and hillary clinton campaign paid for steele to get information on
4:09 am
dump dealings in russia which gave u.s. the dossier. pete: we talked about who bob mueller has hired has undercut his credibility. all these high level democrat democratic lawyers to go after this president in a way that looks like it's partisan, whether it is or not, has been effective to muddy the waters and show that this is something -- they are trying to prove an end state without the evidence to begin with. and where it will go and nobody knows. it never ends. ainsley: when you think about the dossier. it wasn't verified. how did they get the fisa warrant for all of this. the democrats, their narrative was this president colluded. so, throughout this investigation, it turns out there might have been an informant or a spy. there were definitely informants. were they spies? what's the difference? we will talk to kellyanne about that. was there someone embedded in the trump campaign or were they people that just came up to some of the people on the campaign trail at the bar and tried to ask them questions?
4:10 am
brian: we will talk that with andy mccarthy in the national review. he will be joining us to talk about the spy oops informant and the role he might have played. meanwhile, 9 minutes after the hour jillian mealy has the other breaking news. jillian: that's right. let's get you caught up on this fox news alert. a desperate search intensifying for national guardsman swept away in flash flood. edson hermond last seen when he fell into the floodwaters trying to help a woman. two journalists killed when a tree fell on their suv in north carolina. the storm is now moving north. to say another alert. live look in belgium where two police officers are shot dead. a gunman killing the cops and a bystander before taking a cleaning woman hostage inside a school near the german border that suspect shot dead by police. a person claiming to be a witness posting this video of gunshots on social media.
4:11 am
[sirens] [gunfire] investigators have not ruled out terrorism. israeli jets dropping bombs in gaza after the biggest rocket attack on israel in years. the retaliation coming hours after palestinian militants fired dozens of mortars from the gaza strip. one striking near a kindergarten building right before school started there are no reported injuries. this just the latest clash on the israel-gaza border. former president george h.w. bush couldn't make it to a memorial day parade, so he honored our heroes on twitter instead. bush, writing, quote: very much regret missing the memorial day parade today in kennebunkport and i'm forever grateful not only to those patriots who made the result matta sacrifice for our nation but also the gold star families whose heritage is envieweis imbiewd imbued witr
4:12 am
and hero inch. you know he had to be devastated to miss that parade. brian: 11 minutes after the hour. top obama officials denying reports about a spy in the trump campaign. next guest says enough talk. let's see the evidence he will let it lay out what he knows. former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy joins us live. pete: he knows a lot. who would democrats rather have run for president, oprah or michelle obama? a new poll just in. i know you can't wait. ♪ ♪ at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your manufacturing business. & so this won't happen. because you've made sure this sensor and this machine are integrated. & she can talk to him, & yes... atta, boy. some people assign genders to machines.
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4:16 am
brian: president trump up and tweeting today about the report the fbi put a spy in his campaign or a so-called informant. let's get right to former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york andy mccarthy who wrote about that in today's national review. i was able to read it get through it an informant looking into the trump campaign in order to find out what the russians are up to. is that a problem and is it different from being a spy? >> i don't see it being
4:17 am
different from being a spy, brian. you know, when i was a prosecutor, when the informants worked for the government, which i spoke to the jury, i called them the informant. when the defense lawyers talked to the jury they called them the spy. and irving knew exactly who everybody was talking about and why they described them the way they described them. to me, all this talk about the nomenclature is beside the point. the question is did they have a legitimate basis to be using informants, to be using the government's awesome counter intelligence towers, including fisa surveillance under circumstances where we have a norm in this country against political spying, particularly in connection with elections. brian: andy, what did you conclude, did they have enough to do something like this they say is common and talk about people who end up becoming informants not necessarily great people. they are usually compromised. from what you see, was there a reason to put him into
4:18 am
this camp in march? >> on the basis of what we know now, brian, no. but, of course, what we have been asking for is disclosure of why they did it. on the basis of what we now know, what they put out is that they may have had some reasonable suspicions about russia on behalf of a handful of people and some of the things that donald trump had to say during the campaign. but it's woefully short of the kind of egregious misconduct that they had to reasonably suspect before you violate the norm of political spying against our election. and that's why we have asked again and again what was your basis for doing this? brian: what would be the reason not to tell people with top security clearances the reason? it would quiet down many people who have questions like you and like the president. >> yeah. well, the obvious reason is that they didn't have an adequate basis to do it.
4:19 am
and that's fortified. that suspicion is fortified by the fact that every time they tell us they can't tell us something, they claim it's because of national security and then when the pressure gets ratcheted up and that stuff gets unredacted we find out it has nothing to do with national security. it's that they are embarrassed by what they have done. brian: so, andy, as we try to find out what this guy was up to, who would have to sign off on that to put him who auto the campaign or to find out what's going on in the campaign go up to carter page, to same clovis or papadopoulos. >> to use an informant whether it's on the criminal investigation side or national security investigation side, there is a pretty low bar. it's a much less difficult thing to do within the government than, say, try to get a fisa warrant where you have a rigorous chain of command and you actually have to sware out a warrant before a federal judge.
4:20 am
on the other hand, because of the nature of this, because you're actually in a situation where the incumbent democrat administration is using these awesome national security counter intelligence towers to spy on the republican campaign for the presidency, because of how fraught that is with politics, you would expect that this would go very high up the chain of command. i would think as high up the chain of commands as you can go both in the fbi, the justice department and from what we have seen in, for example, the strzok-page text throughout the obama administration's national security hierarchy. which means the national security council sill, the national intelligence director at the cia. the white house. brian: unbelievable. they had a chance to avoid all of this. just go out and brief the nominee. and tell them what's going on.
4:21 am
these are three outsiders. they weren't main players and could have solved it andy, read the national review column that goes into more detail. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: president trump paying respect to fallen marine's family. that family joins us next. act that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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♪ ainsley: some news by the numbers for you. first $800. that's how much money a neighborhood in north carolina raked in after creating a toll road on memorial day weekend. they charged 5 bucks a car after getting fed one people using their street as a shortcut to the beach. pete: that's fantastic. ainsley: next $12,145 how much this fashion trend is going to set you back. button down shirt on a t-shirt. would you wear that?
4:25 am
clothing maker blasted on social media now for that design because it's so expensive. expensive. do you like it? kind of weird, right? finally, zero dollars, that's how much children and spouses of fallen service members will have to pay at the university of memphis. the school will be the first to accept $5,000 folds of honor scholarships as school tuition. pete: very cool. president trump honoring the memory of a fallen marine sergeant and family he left behind in an emotional speech at arlington national cemetery yesterday. listen. >> 7-year-old christian jacobs. i met christian exactly one year ago today. christian walked over to me with great confidence, shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye and asked if i would like to meet his dad. and he led me to his dad's grave and we paid our respects together. it was a moment i will always remember.
4:26 am
brian: wow. that family, wife and marine sergeant britney jacobs and their 7-year-old that the president calls his buddy christian joins us right now. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, hi. >> good morning, hi. ainsley: what was that day like for you guys? christian, we will start with you. what was it like when called you his buddy and met you last year and told story. >> good. brian: britney, i understand you are so proud of him because he was paying so great attention to the entire ceremony for a 7-year-old that is not easy. what was it like sitting next to him and hearing all the references from the president like that? >> it was super special. it's going to be something to look back with christian and he is going to be so proud when he gets older and fully understands it all. pete: that's right. >> it was awesome. it was amazing. brian: i have a 7-year-old he iitook him to a ceremony
4:27 am
yesterday. is he a squirrel. he wouldn't listen or stand still. how much has thi your mom taught you about appreciation. >> you will have to ask my mom that. pete: good. okay. mom, what's in the secret sauce, because have you raised obviously an impressive little boy here. >> i mean, honestly christian, he a very friendly person and is he very proud of his dad. he gets really excited to go to arlington. so, i mean, he is an almost 7-year-old. is he full of himself. what do you expect? he is enjoying it and we are having fun in the process. ainsley: what was christopher like and do you see signs in your son. >> is he a spitting image of his daddy. he looks just like his daddy. i would say he is head strong but he got that from both of us. brian: christian, you just
4:28 am
described for us, because we weren't there, what made you go up to the president and what you said to him to get him to come over to see your dad? >> >> my mom told me to do that. [laughter] >> we didn't know he was going to be there. brian: a lot of people would be too scared to go up to the president. what was it like when you saw him? and what did he say to you? >> that he said -- he said okay. whenever i asked him to come see my dad's grave. >> wow. pete: very cool. yesterday, he gave you something. do you have it with you? i think he gave you something, a pretty special coin. what is it? >> show it. hold it up. >> it's this coin. pete: from president trump to you? >> um-huh.
4:29 am
>> it's a presidential coin. ainsley: what are you going to do with it? >> show you the back of it? [laughter] ainsley: what are you going to do with it, christian? where are you going to put it? >> in my little case at home that i have. pete: you should. ainsley: very special. i know there is an education fund set up through paypal. it's paypal dot me/christian jacobs usmc if you would like to donate we have a link on "fox & friends" as well. pete: your mom has taken good care of you. you look good in that uniform. keep it up. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless you both. your dad would be proud of you. pete: i love 7-year-olds. weaver going to move on to a fox news alert. president trump confirming a top north korean official is heading to the u.s. right now. what does that mean for the upcoming summit? we're going to ask kellyanne
4:30 am
conway next. ainsley: thought the white house correspondents additional is bad. michelle wolfe is back with a new line of attacks against women in the white house. >> if anyone is a hypocrite it's sarah huckabee sanders. that is not a looks-based joke that is about her ugly personality. maybe not. maybe you could trust no-one's waiting for you inside. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually talk to your neighbor. are you watching the game tonight? maybe you could trust that lady in the robe isn't home. is it locked? maybe you could trust the super has a spare key. or... could just trust duracell. ♪
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but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a little closer. brian: we have a brand new tweet from the president of the united states as we get set to bring in kellyanne conway, here we go. sorry, i've got to start focusing my energy on north korea nuclear, bad trade deals, v.a. choice, the economy, rebuilding the military and so much more and not on the rigged russia witch-hunt that should be investigating clinton/russia/fbi/justice/ clinton/russia/fbi/justice/ o o clinton/russia/fbi/justice/o
4:34 am
bama/comey/lynch. that's what he should be focused on. ainsley: let's go to kellyanne counselor to the president. what do you make of the latest. >> i could not agree more. this is one of my favorite tweets. this is what we are saying every single day here. look at what just happened last week while basically everybody was focusing on the nonsense. the v.a. choice legislation. $5.2 billion to make sure that care for our veterans is not interrupted. this has been a big problem for so many of them and they can access private care and there will be reimbursement for them if they can't find quality care through the v.a. the right to try legislation passed. dodd frank. what is that? that helps consumers make more i want choices for themselves in the marketplace. that was an overreaction of overregulation after 9/11. and i have to say, this president focusing on -- he is getting josh holt back. the second time in 17 days we have had americans brought back here, reunited with their families.
4:35 am
the economy could not be better. all-time low unemployment numbers among african-americans hispanic. and 18-year low among women and the economy just continues to grow. the tax cuts are in place. the regulation is lower. and this president, on the brink, again. of bringing conversation and coordination between north korea and south korea for the first time in 18 years. a north korean official will be coming to america on the way to new york. so much is happening that has nothing to do with this firestone bologna talking about the 2016 election. may i say one thing? every time people talk about this phony russia collusion. the word collusion doesn't have legal significance. every time it's written by responsible people. every time they talk about this, they are talking about the 2016 election. and so we don't want to talk about the 2016 election. we work here. the president is focused on the 2018 election. is he assembling a team for 2020. every single day is he
4:36 am
passing policies that positively effect american lives. i will talk about that all day long. pete: the amount of time spent on relitigating the 2016 election is incredible. moving forward to the things being accomplished. we got a tweet this morning from the president saying the vice chairman of north korea is heading to new york. can you confirm anything else for us about how firm that june 12th date might be? a lot of good indications but do we know anything more? >> what i will tell you is what the president has always said and made very clear in his i object credible letter last week which i thought covered the water front of how we got here. what was not going to happen and what could happen. the president sent over two delegates one for logistics and one for diplomatic purposes on the grounds making the logistic preparations for june 1st. as the president said it doesn't happen june 129 it could happen thereafter. what he has been able to do
4:37 am
in such a compressed short amount of time is nothing short of historic and remarkable. gun, as we have always said with moving the embassy from jerusalem, having historic tax cuts, pulling out of paris, this president keeps the promise of other presidents. this president in that letter last week i thought really got some kinetic energy going. folks all of a sudden said wow, this may actually not happen and if we want it to happen, then we're going to start moving it. ever since then, north korea, south korea and the united states have been very very positive moves. let's see what happens as the president says if he is satisfied it will go forward. the other thing i wanted to mention to you while we are still on the 2016 election, hillary clinton or that person who lost the election and never should have she has said i'm going to put the coal mining out of business. coal minors will be out of business and she went that usual scowl. guess what? president trump has presided over 84,000 new jobs for
4:38 am
loggers and minors. i want to look every single one of them in the eye today and say good for you. go ply your trade. 84,000 jobs. that's in addition to the 300 and some thousand construction jobs. 300 and some thousand manufacturing jobs. not only did coal mining and logging and industries like that not go out of business but they are on the rise under this president's leadership. ainsley: you mentioned josh holt. if folks are not familiar with his story, set guy with the flag draped around him, grandmother hugging him. he was down in caracas. there is the picture of him coming home. he was a mormon missionary traveled to marry a mormon he met online while he was looking to improve his spanish. they were both arrested charged with bogus charges of stockpiling weapons. how did the president intervene to get him back home safely? >> you saw it take place in
4:39 am
oval office on saturday night. so wonderful to see that for the whole family, from the legislators from union talk who never gave up. brian: senator hatch, senator corker. >> senator hatch, senator lee and senator corker, congresswoman mia love who teared up when they were talking about josh's family. this is what happens under the president's leadership. the vigilance, the patience, the intervention, i think it's such a fitting start to what was an incredible celebration over memorial day. the veterans now, the military got a pay raise for the first time in how long. 700 billion plus in the latest budget for them in addition to pay raise. and then you see americans coming home. such great patriotism and cohesiveness. brian: 17th american brought home under his presidency from a ridiculous trumped up charges situation. now, on the political front, some democrats are lashing out at other republicans for
4:40 am
not coming down on the president of the united states. first adam schiff, who i know you look up to. and then representative eric swalwell doubled down. listen. >> at the end of the day, there's only one remedy for that and that is you need to throw the bums out. as long as there is a majority in congress who is willing to do this president's will and as long as we have a deeply unethical president there is only one remedy. >> i think ranking member schiff's point is if they are not willing to having their minds open to have the president held accountable then their seats are going to have to be changed. they are actually worse than bums if you are not willing to stand up to a president. they are fed up and want to see the president stan them stae president. brian: do you agree with that? >> this is the flailing that happens when your entire political party seems to have no positive message for america. they voted to shut down the government. they voted against the
4:41 am
taxes. they voted against -- many of them vogted against the 21 u.s. circuit judges that have now been seated since president trump became president. 1/8th of the circuit courts are trump appointees. these are folks that have nothing ponk to say. they hold up a stop sign. they live on tv. schiff and you know it this guy leaves the house every morning with his ear piece and his congressional button and he does a lookout more with the ear piece throwing -- first of all, i'm not even going to dignify with the white house behind me people using these slurs against their political opponents, they should be coming together on things like funding the military, on battling the opioid crisis, on making sure our veterans have that $5.2 billion to be sure that the care is not interrupted. look at what so many democrats and some in the media including high ranking democratic former official here at the white house under president obama
4:42 am
constantly attacking people on social media. look what they did other the weekend. they saw pictures two of my migrant i suppose pictures of children in cages one tweeted it must be true. they retweet and retweet and have this shock and awe reaction. and what was it? those were pictures from 2014 when president trump was a successful businessman in new york. when somebody else occupied the white house here. all of a sudden they started deleting those tweets. it didn't fit their narrative about this president and the border. that means to me they didn't care about the story about the migrant children it didn't fit the political narrative. you see that with schiff and swalwell. it's the same thing, attack, attack, divert and deflect. all those anchors should be asking a simple yes why do you come on tv almost every single day russia
4:43 am
investigation. dossier let's enjoy a fancy french word for junk and bunk. come on here and bark and is that correct al --snark about t. he won't be diverted or discouraged doing things on behalf of the american people. people. we are more secure and prosperous because of him. pete: he is certainly not deterred. one quick reaction from you. michelle wolf, we saw her at the white house correspondents dinner she is back at it has a new show where she doubles down on that. saying i'm not attacking her. i'm attacking her personality. brian: she says she has a ugly personality meaning sarah huckabee sanders. >> not even -- i hardly saw that all you can talk about is sarah. i love working with her every single day here at the white house. she does a wonderful job representing the president and speaking to america on what is a very fast moving agenda here. the shear velocity and volume that goes on in this white house that the president was to work on we
4:44 am
just reviewed them this morning. i hate to dignify it i would say generally speaking not about that woman but generally speaking i'm old enough to remember when comedians were funny. ainsley: kellyanne, thank you for being with us. more "fox & friends" coming up. with best in-class towing 2018 ford f-150. best in-class payload and best in-class torque the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places --bigtime. and things just got bigger. f-150 is now motor trend's 2018 truck of the year. this is the new 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar.
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4:48 am
lava rock up to 200 feet. this video showing the fiery rivers with volcanic fog lifting into the sky. some of those images are just incredible to see, aren't they? ainsley: unbelievable. people who have trips planned to hawaii are they canceling them now? brian: have to go to a different island. they have some to choose from. pete: thank you very much, jillian. ainsley: turning to a fox news alert. search intensifying for a national guardsman swept away in a flash flood. brian: hermond last seen when he was trying to help a woman disappeared. pete: garrett tenney, what do you have. >> this is very much a search and rescue operation. they have not given up hope that they will find edison hermond. this flooding turned the main street into a river, carrying cars and anything in its path. at the time the 39-year-old
4:49 am
national guard member was holding the door of a restaurant closed to keep the water out. but, when a woman came and asked for help to find her missing cat, he left and witnesses say not long after they saw him go under water. officials are describing this as a once in a thousand year flood. but tragically, it is the second such flood to hit this town in the last two years. one woman described it as the deja vu of the worst kind. >> i was in complete shock and i didn't believe it was really happening. and until the building started collapsing and cars are coming down the street, i honestly didn't believe it was happening again. >> today business owners will be able to come back to get their first look at what's left after this flooding and we have already heard from several business owners who say they do plan to rebuild again. others have said they are not sure they can go through this experience again. back to y'all. brian: we understand that. ainsley: yeah, we do.
4:50 am
pete: it's home. it's a tough decision. thanks, garrett. brian: many on the left trying to slam president trump using these photos of immigration detention centers. kids on the ground face forward. the problem? the pictures are from 2014. president obama was president. where was the outrage then? why do we have it now? ben shapiro looks like that. pete: and he reacts next hour. pete: and the left can't stand president trump's use of twitter. especially this morning as always. but our next guest says it's only making the president stronger. >> when somebody says something about me, i am able to go bing, bing, bing and i take care of it. the other way i would never be able to get the word out. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet?
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♪ brian: welcom
4:54 am
pete: welcome back. president trump's use of twitter under constant attack by the so-called mainstream media. the next guest says thanks to social media trump is driving the narrative rather than them. here to discuss radio talk show host and fox news contributor tammy bruce. tammy, he takes them on every day. what makes him -- what gives him the ability to do that? >> look, this is what is fascinating with this point in time. it's a perfect storm of an america that's ready to change, populist that has lost trust in the media. man comes forward loathed by the establishment but is he able to talk to the american people in a i think that no other person, let alone president, has been able to do before in the immediacy of the moment, clarity of thought, using social media, using a framework like twitter or microblogging sites to go over the heads not just the media but whenever he wants and in the format he is able to construct a package of information for people. information for people. you may not agree with everything he tweets or everything he says.
4:55 am
but the thing that has created trust is that you know this guy is being honest and transparent that he is getting to you in the moment what he thinks is important. that's valuable for the american people. pete: what is it about the president's mentality, you see it morning after morning. witch-hunt, russian collusion, nonsense, a lot of us will tweet something one time and be on the record. he says i will talk about it every single day. >> he's onation m clearly he has the biggest job in human history that only 44 people before him have ever had. he knows that he has got to get his work done. he's a businessman. is he focused on what he needs to achieve. but he also knows who is against him. he is a man who is a marketer but understands as a result what his product is, what he needs to accomplish. who his audience is. and he learned about the audience, it was more than just another customer, if you will. i think during the campaign he learned to love the american people. pete: yes. >> he learned more about us. the great thing here, all of us use twitter, most of us do. we don't have the impact that he has.
4:56 am
even before he became president. he understands the message. he understands what he wants to communicate and what his mission is. and that's the mission fortunately that the american people support. but he is also able to go over the framework of the group that wants to stop him, which is effectively the establishment and the media. and this is also changed. they have controlled the pete: yes. >> generations since the beginning of the country. now the american people are back to controlling the conversation and they are listening to him. pete: and they have to report on what he tweets and they hate it. >> they do. and it's because he matters. and this is a president who will not be overcome by the negative of what they choose. he sets this conversation. pete: tammy bruce, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: democrats have been slamming the productio republicx bill but now they are trying to cash in on it. the hypocrisy next hour. american flag flying high in
4:57 am
a town called independence. council tried to take it down. one veteran is using his own money to keep it flying that proud american joins us live ♪ started shaking her fist ♪ and the eagle will fly ♪ . . . . my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
4:58 am
4:59 am
but now, i take metamucil every day.
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it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. brian: overnight a top north korean official reportedly on his way to the u.s. to work on reviving the june 12th summit. >> this president, what he has been able to do in such a compressed short of amount of time is nothing short of historic and remarkable. >> desperate search intensifying for a national guards man lost in a flash flood. he was last seen trying to help a woman in the water. ainsley: adam schiff said anybody that supports the president called them bums. >> you're worst than a bum if you stant stand up to the president. brian: reports that the fbi put a spy in the campaign. >> the question did they have a legitimate basis to be using
5:01 am
informants. >> 7-year-old christian jacobs, he led me to his dad's grave and we paid our respects together. >> going to be something look back to christian. he will be proud and fully understands it all. ♪ brian: i hope they have a career ainsley: do you know they're famous, brian? brian: great songs. pete: brian you brought them on the show. now they're famous. brian: i told them not to break up. i give myself full credit for the fact that hit hyperspeed after they left our show. ainsley: yeah. sean hannity using them for his
5:02 am
radio show, that is the entrance song. because of you. brian: that's true. i think at some level if you want to jump to those conclusion i thoroughly support. pete: any fame i get in my life i will credit you. ainsley: we hold it all to your credit. pete: even though you mispronounced my name for two years. brian: what did i call you? pete: hogue swather. ainsley: bryan llenas, brian had to introduce him last week. brian yanopolis. we love you. brian: i know you don't. i'm growing on you. tell what is happening. >> serious note, a top north korean official on his way to the united states right now. diplomat. pete: hopping on a new york-bound flight overnight. brian: this is exciting. shows you everything is moving forward. griff jenkins live in washington ahead of the potential summit between president trump and kim jong-un. griff, there is so much more growing on than what is happening with this envoy coming
5:03 am
here, right? reporter: that's right. there are rapidly diplomatic advances president confirming a tweet. moments ago he is tweeting this. we have put a great team together for our talks with north korea meetings, are currently taking place concerning summit and more. the vice chairman of north korea is heading now to new york. solid response to my letter. follows video of vice chairman seen in the beijing airport. would be almost 20 years someone of this stature came to the u.s. we have the delegation on the dmz, at this hour led by former u.s. ambassador to south korea, sum kim. and allison hooker and secretary of defense randall schriver, on the heels of president's call yesterday. he talked to prime minister shinzo abe of japan that they are in close coordination of a expected meeting between the u.s. and north korea.
5:04 am
these are all clear signs, brian, we're headed toward final stages of preparation. but earlier on the show kellyanne conway had this to say. >> i thought the president got kinetic energy going. folks said wow, this may not happen. if we want to it happen, we need to start moving. since then the north korea, south korea, the united states have been making very positive moves. let's see what happens as the president says. if he is satisfied, it will go forward. reporter: one last thing we might see another meeting between secretary pompeo and the north koreans. things are moving, guys. brian: delegations are meeting. high-level talks are happening and countries on the outside seem to be meeting as well getting their points across before we're looks like sitting down june 12th. thank you, griff. ainsley: president said if not june 12th but after that. he did indicate that they are moving forward on this he has not said the meet something definite because he canceled it
5:05 am
last week. looks like they are going to have a meeting at some point. pete: all you can do look at signs. talk about enough on his plate, right? trying to get a historic meeting to end a war going on 70 years on the korean peninsula. he is up tweeting i have to deal with all the other nonsense getting other things done. he tweeted this moments ago, i have to start focusing on north korea nuclear. bad trade deals, va choice, economy, rebuilding the military, so much more and not on rigged russia witch-hunt that should be investigating clintons russia, fbi, justice, obama, comey lynch, et cetera. he had another tweet. brian: he talked about denuclearizing the peninsula. that could mean we don't fly our nuclear or bring nuclear submarines to the region. do we not fly over with b-2 bombers? do we do that. do we ayee with that.
5:06 am
do we take 2thousand troops down to 10,000 troops? these are things you have to wonder what are we willing to do if they do that he. pete: china asserting themselves , with north korea client state of china what are they asking for. brian: right now with they're belligerent behavior we have no choice but to be there. maybe china is saying hey, i want you to start behaving yourself because we want the u.s. presence out. we have to think about that. pete: these are big issues the presidents are thinking about. the president is forced to deal with the mueller probe and russia collusion. ainsley: people are so sick of it all. president brings up a good point, north korea, those are lives, that is much more serious than all the other junk going on in d.c. he tweeted this 13 angry democrats, plus people who worked eight years for obama, working on the rigged russia witch-hunt will be meddling with the midterm elections, republicans stay tough, are
5:07 am
taking lead in polls. there was no collusion accept by the democrats. pete: comey leaks, wanted a special counsel based on phony dossier. they spied on him. he hires a butch of democrats. the scope of the investigation feels like it is out of control. they're looking into things other than that. you can imagine frustration he wakes up. if you watch other networks this is what they're talking about. every little nugget you can. brian: you travel the country they're not. pete: exactly. brian: one of the main things that popped up, is that people don't care as much about the probe when they raided michael cohen's office the president checked out i'm not sitting on my hands anymore. andrew mccarthy joined us earlier. he is sober-minded prosecutor look at case. when they bring up spy, informant, they go into idealogical corners. mccarthy i'm looking at this investigation, i'm wondering what was going on at the fbi that they thought it was, that they would put an informant or spy inside of the trump camp?
5:08 am
what was their reason? listen. >> all this talk about the nomenclature is beside the point. the question is, did they have a legitimate basis to be using informants under circumstances where we have a norm in this country against political spying, particularly in connection with elections? every time they tell us they can't tell us something, they claim it is because of national security, and then, when the pressure gets ratcheted up and that stuff gets unredacted, we find out it has nothing to do with national security, they're embarrassed by what they have done. pete: that was a great interview. i also think that the we were spying for your own good we didn't tell you about it? that is the biggest flaw. it was for you, we didn't tell you. if it was for you, we think they're probing your campaign. let you know about it, find out about it. they never did. why not? ainsley: if they sent someone to
5:09 am
work on campaign, if that was really what happened, embedded in the trump campaign, figuring out whether he was colluding with russia, it is such a spin, such a spin, we were inside or we were spying or we had infor. s but it was for your own good. pete: we love you so much. brian: couple things. marco rubio on sunday show. talked to the president about 30 minutes about north korea and other things. lindsey graham who was on our show, when asked about if there is spy in the campaign, i haven't seen that yet. mark meadows yesterday. marco rubio is unaware the fbi opened investigation of the trump campaign. that is open secret. they opened an investigation. we learned last week through reporting that the "washington post" and "new york times" did, that the investigation involved far more surveillance than we had information. wasn't just a wiretap against a campaign aide. look at email communications among fbi directors. and as i said, the first time we saw that in print was about a
5:10 am
4,000 word story in the "new york times" that says, there was an informant looking into the trump campaign that talked to sam clovits, papdopoulus and carter page. they said spy, that was inflammatory. there was someone there to get information. pete: proactively reaching out to staff members, flying them to london, sitting them down and asking loaded questions. what do you know about this. what do you know about that. ainsley: there is difference between a spy embedded in the trump campaign or informant. some guy coming up to campaign people or buddies at a bar. pete: they're seeking same outcome. extract information we want that could make them look bad. when it wasn't what they wanted, russian collusion, they assed it in reverse, michael flynn all the other nonsense. ainsley: judge napolitano said in investigation is all the
5:11 am
time. brian: ainsley, this is different. the president is at stake. brief it to him. ten minutes after the hour. jillian mele has other breaking news. jillian: following a number of stories. start with the fox news alert. a possible act of terrorism this is a live look in belgium where two police officers are shot dead. a gunman attacking them from behind, stabbing them several times before taking their own guns and shooting them. a bystander also shot and killed. the gunman later shot dead by police after taking a woman hostage inside of a school. [gunfire] gunfire was from the initial incident or when police tracked down the shooter. we'll keep you posted. another fox news alert. desperate search intensifying for a national guardsman swept away in a flood. edison herman was last seen trying to help a woman who fell
5:12 am
into the water in ellicott city, maryland. alberto turning deadly after making landfall. two journalists on your screen were killed when a tree fell on their suv. golden state warriors, the defending champions won game 7 against the houston rockets. they will face lebron james and cleveland cavaliers fourth straight year. oakland, fourth straight year. can anyone else get into the finals. ainsley: controversial coach, right? brian: steve kerr? jo made political comments. brian: right. pete: lebron, eight straight years in the nba finals, has no other guys on his team. he has other players but have no idea who they are. the left trying to slam president trump using photos of immigrant detention centers. only problem with those photos
5:13 am
they're from 2014 when barack obama was the president. where was the outrage then? ben shapiro here to react live. brian: democrats slamming republican tax bill, non-stop. now they're cashing in on it? charles payne decided to walk up the stairs. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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♪ brian: many democrats have long been staunchly against the gop tax reform bill. nonvoteed for it. but it appears they are the ones now cashing in on it. ainsley: yep. several blue states are reporting major surges in tax revenue. california, at 3.8 billion, higher than original forecasts. new york, 315 million. even connecticut raking in 1.3 billion more than projections. pete: california can use the cash. here to break it down, host of "making money" on fox business network, in for varney. charles payne. >> it is amazing. jerry brown railed against the tax plan, calling it evil. nancy pelosi called it crumbs.
5:18 am
now they're approaching $4 billion they had not projected, in the covers, by the way, money came in. they had no idea it was going to come in all because of the new tax plan. guess what? they will put money to work on things like 300, 400 million to fight homelessness. money to evaluate mentally ill. so the social construct, sort of idea that this is only for the ultrawealthy will help so many people in the bluest of blue states. brian: i understand overall, according to the cbo, total receipts are up 4% over the first seven months. and the cbo estimates that there were $83 billion over projected amounts of revenue even though the tax cut happened. technically you would think revenue would be down. but theory, give people more of own money, revenue will grow. so far that is the case. >> that is velocity of money. if i keep more what i make, i will spend it in some places.
5:19 am
i buy it from the hot dog guy, he buys it from the hat person and hat person buys it from the newsstand, sir, lates in the country rather than going into d.c. spending on 5,000-dollar hammers. ainsley: some of the blue states, most expensive states, new york, new jersey, connecticut, california, those folks see taxes stay where they are or maybe go up? >> because of household deductions. we're talking about corporations. connecticut home of major hedge fund managers. they have taken in 1.3 billion more this year than they thought they would. the overall majority base the market has gone up. people rail against corporate buybacks. when corporations buy back the stocks, it helps the stock price. when the stock price goes up. it helps hedge fund managers in connecticut. now that the hedge fund managers in connecticut have extra money, close to billion dollars, guess what connecticut will do, it will keep constructing schools and same schools that kids will
5:20 am
learn that hedge fund managers are evil. brian: hewlett-packard, 7 billion, if i'm a shareholder great. however what about people say why don't you give people raises, give workers raises? >> i haven't seen anybody picketing, cisco workers out in front of picketing we're not making enough money. people that work at those corporations make a ton of money. highist paid american workers. highest paid workers in the world. they're not complaining. when the company buys back the fund that means retirement is funded. that they can retire and at 65 they can about on the trip to europe and really go fishing, that that money is secure. ainsley: all right. pete: we've seen pensions like that go poof. >> mostly state pensions go poof and smaller companies. large corporations, motion of them do the right things. most of them. ainsley: filling in for varney, 40 minutes. get my show. >> a lot of things going on, especially italy,.
5:21 am
brian: do simulcast and do it in all italian. ainsley: no joke. liberal comedienne michelle wolf with a new round of attacks against women in the white house? are these punch lines fair or foul. we'll debate it nextma . stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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5:24 am
brian: quick headlines now, president trump is headed to music city. he is doing it today. nashville quote, make america great again rally seeks to boost gop senate hopeful, marcia blackburn. she is in the house. running to replace retiring senator bob corker. hasn't got much of an endorsement from corker at all. trace atkins will open up the rally. the trump team says he will set the patriotic tone and do the wounded warrior event.
5:25 am
in hypothetical 2020 run at white house, survey shows media mogul, leading president trump, leading president trump by six months. former first lady has wider margin but less overall support. neither is believed to be a considering a run. that is finer point on that. hey, ainsley. ainsley: hey, bringing an, thanks so much. she regretted nothing about her routine at the white house correspondent dinner. liberal comedienne michelle wolf is taking it further with a whole new round of attacks in the white house, listen. >> gina haspel sworn in as first female director of the cia. my best friend, sarah huckabee sanders tweeted, democrat claims to support women empowerment and national security but opposes her nomination is total hypocrite. if anyone is a expert on hypocrites that is sarah huckabee sanders that was not a look space joke that was about her ugly personality. ainsley: these punch lines
5:26 am
against feminism okay or not okay? here to debate this rnc spokesperson caylee mcenany and jessica tarlov. ainsley: kayleigh, i will start with you, what do you think? >> michelle wolf represents a very angry, militant type of feminism that is very hypocritical. you know she says she is for women's rights but she tears down women who are on the right. we see this on the left repeatedly. you know they talk about breaking through glass ceilings, and wanting hillary to break the glass ceiling. why aren't they celebrating women on the right bean through the glass ceilings like sarah sanders the first mother to stand at podium? kellyanne conway first woman to win a presidential campaign. my boss, first woman to lead the republican party. where are they celebrating they tear them down in angry, malicious, vial way. ainsley: she brings up a good point. we heard liberals say there is a
5:27 am
special place in hell that don't support other women women. she continues to bash her about her looks and personality. is it a little too much. >> gina haspel argument is little different than sarah huckabee sanders or kellyian conway or women who support the policies of administration are vow he hadly anti-women. mad din albright, saying special place in hell for women that don't support other woman. that is distortion, when she talked about the most qualified candidate to be in 1600 pennsylvania avenue. that is not voting for hillary because she is woman. kellyanne conway, kayleigh's boss support a policies that hurt women. don't want to raise federal minimum wage. 2/3 of women on the federal minimum wage are women. not getting access to quality, affordable health care this administration doesn't want to give choices and control over their own body.
5:28 am
that is why it is okay to attack the women. ainsley: kayleigh. >> not okay to attack women. we are party for women. under president trump, 17-year low unemployment rate. that is extraordinary. wages are going up for women, making it easier for mothers and families to afford colleges for their kid. we fight for unborn women, women routinely slaughtered with the pro-choice pollsis of the left. we fight for women, even most vulnerable among us. we're a party for women. this is presidency for women. foilings like jim carey and michelle wolf and grammys attack nikki haley, it is disgusting. people recognize it. hollywood elite is are seen for what they are. ainsley: who will watch this show, michelle wolf on netflix. >> i'm sure a lot of people will watch the show. she is comedian. her first amendment right. we're talking about this is politician got up there and said that if you guys had any funny comedians on your side there would be praise for such a show
5:29 am
at that was talking about the conservative way of life and how great it is but kayleigh's point here, what you look what this administration is doing, rolling back obama's fair policy acts from 2014 to make sure that women are being paid equally to men, these are not things that are good for women. just because you have a woman standing up there at the podium doesn't mean she is making life better for women in this country. also abroad, slashing funding, international aid that helps women. look at global gag rule. access to family planning, contraception, abortion which is health care. it is something that is good for women all over the world. and this president opposes that. and women who stand with him do as well. ainsley: okay. kayleigh, last word. >> yeah, you know you look abroad and things that have been done, you mentioned funding for women. ivanka trump set up a fund with the world bank to help women globally. there are extraordinarily policies for women. we can debate, put the vial comedic jokes aside, have a real
5:30 am
discussion on issues, not tear down women on "snl," in this show and across hollywood. >> these shows are airing in the middle. night. don't affect. talking about every day happens from the podium. policies being espoused by a president and administration -- >> lower unemployment. ainsley: we have to leave it there. >> bye, guys. ainsley: she has the right to have a show. we have a right not to watch it. thanks for being with us. we've been showing a crazy video, real-life spider-man saving a boy from a window ledge. we found out where the father was. you will not believe it. plus the left trying to slam president trump using photos of immigrant detention centers. the only problem? the pictures are from 2014 when president obama was in office. where was the outrage then. ben shapiro joins us on the couch to weigh in next. ♪ ben shapiro joins us on the
5:31 am
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5:34 am
brian: back with a fox news alert. israel defending its people with the iron dome at it again hours before dropping bombs on gaza. retaliation after palestinian militants fired dozens of mortars on the gaza trip. mike oak it bin at a kindergarten building where a mortar hit. reporter: activity is active right now. sirens are wailing at the northern end of the gaza strip warning incoming fire, halfway down the gaza strip. the red alert went off. we saw the iron dome activate
5:35 am
and apparently knock something out of the sky. israeli activity is largely taking the form of airstrikes. three islamic jihad training camps were hit. arafat camp in gaza city, malik camp two miles south of the location where i am right now, far southern end of the gaza strip. the fager camp in rafah. there was one hamas camp that was hit. the badr camp in gaza city. there are new airstrikes at the northern end of the gaza strip. appears training camps were empty at time they were hit. no word on casualties. back out live. i want to show you the israeli activity is response to. this is shrapnel from mortar that hit here at israeli kindergarten. i can show you some impact as we walk around. a metal pole pierced by the shrapnel, flying all around. sadly reinforced kindergarten is flecked with shrapnel from that mortar. and, that is what all of this back and forth is in response
5:36 am
to. islamic jihad claimed responsibility but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said hamas will ultimately be held responsible. guys, back to you in new york. pete: they control the area. thanks so much. , mike, appreciate it. let's bring in ben shapiro, host of "the ben shapiro show" and joins us live on the couch. >> good to see you guys. ainsley: good to see you too. brian: talk about violence in the area is not unique. the iron dome activated. what is the message there? >> peaceful palestinians firing peaceful mortars at israelis in kindergartens. there was attempt to breach the border at gaza trying to break through with bolt-cutters, knives, incendiaries to break through to kill israelis. that is why the media bias is egregious by c this n, msnbc by israeli issue. all the coverage last couple weeks after the embassy to jerusalem was just a lie. the idea hamas was not promoting
5:37 am
violence at the border, this was peaceful protest and israelis firing indiscrimminantly in the crowd, it is nonsense. every single day hamas demonstrates it's a terrorist group and do what terrorist groups do. pete: what is it that they can't identify what hamas does with innocents? >> unbelievable. not as though hamas is trying to hide the ball. during the conflagration a top member of hamas virtually every one killed was terrorist. people kept reporting that that israel was firing indiscrimminantly into crowds. if that is not fake news i don't know what it is. >> they're using human shields and their own kids. cnn reporter, a lot of reporters out there tweeting out, putting out social media that picture of image of children in cages, immigrant children, blaming president trump for that. turns out those pictures were taken when president obama was in office. some of these reporters were taking down the pictures. there is the picture right there. we asked kellyanne conway about
5:38 am
it earlier. this is what she had to say. brian: the cnn fight she had. they're accusing president separating families at border. that policy was already in place. they're looking at ending this. listen. >> why would a cnn reporter tweet that false tweet, fake tweet about the migrant children being in cages. your cnn colleague retweeted two migrant children i suppose laying in a cage to make the point against this president. happened under president obama's watch. deleted the tweet because it didn't fit the narrative. brian: saw this exchange all night. celebrities forwarding this tweet. >> former member about obama administration put out the tweet. had to delete the tweet realize his administration done it. not surprising. as though president trump has somehow become the ear worm from the wrath of kahn, gotten into the democrat brain completely warped them this. is so obvious a problem going back to the obama
5:39 am
administration. he is not wrong, when president suggests not as though he has a choice from separating parents from children. if he wants to arrest illegal immigrants at border there, is no choice, ninth circuit court of appeals has to separate children from their parents. can't keep kid with their parents in detention that is the problem. if democrats want a solution. they could get a solution tomorrow. they want these pictures, more kids in problematic situation so they can blame president trump, claim it is cruelty cause of this. ainsley: good for her, calling out reporter what are you doing over there, if you're going to lie, i want you to explain why you're doing this. the reporter doesn't have answer. >> i'm not sure cnn has answers about bias of president trump. pete: they have been exposed. new talking point from the left. a couple of representatives saying republicans that support this president they're bums. listen. >> at the end of the day there is only one remedy for that, you need to throw the bulls out. as majority of congress killing to do this president's will, and
5:40 am
deeply unethical president there is only one remedy. >> i think ranking member schiff's point if there are not willing to open having minds changed about holding president accountable then their seats will have to be changed. they're worse than bums if you're not willing to stand up to a president. i think people are pretty fed up. they want people to stand up to the president. brian: he is telling republicans how they should act with a republican president. rather than put their, tell me what you're doing? >> i do love adam schiff set up a pup tent at media centers. he doesn't go home the he sit there is in the green room. he has food brought to him. brian: by the hundreds. >> unbelievable. he is the one who is calling republicans bums for attempting to get legislation done on variety of issues. the problem for democrats really all they have in 2018 how much they made president trump. they have no agenda. politics of intersectional.
5:41 am
reason generic lead shrunk from 13 points down to three. momentum on not on their side. blue wave is barely a ripple at this point. brian: they can't get past another program. they have a program. they think it will be health care. if you look at studies, average american, republican democrat cares about health care. we're in between programs. one not working starts to fray. they want to move forward with the leadership like schumer and pelosi are going, stop talking impeachment. stop talking russia. nobody is listen to the own leadership. >> they're stuck with the base. base right now is so adamant trump is illegitimate president and it must have been russian collusion, something must have happened to cause this someone will come in from the sky to save them from president trump. all they can do at this point is talk impeachment and republicans are bums, they would imposing policy that is normalizing the president and having normal policy discussions. pete: when they talk about health care, brian, to your point, health care for free.
5:42 am
brian: single-payer. pete: out of control. ainsley: ben, thank you so much. >> good to see you. brian: appreciate it. she has never said that to me. ainsley: nope. brian: am i right, jillian? jillian: you're absolutely right. good morning to you, and ben and at home. headlines we're following, starting with this, he killed a police officer in cold blood suing new york city for not protecting him in prison. demetrius blackwell claims he was jumped by two inmates and suffered a deep cut on his face. his suit claims corrections staff did nothing to stop it. he is serving life without parole for kifling officer brian moore in 2015. no comment from the department. prisoner gets a hero's welcome home. josh holt's grandmother draping the american flag over his shoulders as the crowd sang the national anthem at salt lake city airport. holt and his wife were accused stockpiling weapons after he flew to venezuela marry her in
5:43 am
2016. father after toddler saved dangling from a balcony, left her alone to play poeky mon go. the father is accused of neglect, could be going to jail. as for spider-man, an immigrant from mali, offered french citizenship and a job as firefighter. ainsley: he is unbelievable. why were other people were not helping the baby. there was partition. they were holding the baby. brian: doctored was playing pokemon? ainsley: "pokemon go." brian: 17 minutes before top of the hour. few hours, thousands of starbucks close nationwide for racial bias training. we're live outside the cafe that started it all. that story next. because to a kiy hill is irresistible.
5:44 am
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5:47 am
♪. pete: welcome back, you will have to find another place to get your coffee this afternoon. starbucks closing thousands of stores nationwide for implicit racial bias training, implicit? is it implicit? i think it is unconscious. comes after the viral video out after philadelphia store last month. ainsley: we find lauren johnson from fox affiliate in philly. good morning, lauren. what is the latest? reporter: good morning from philadelphia, ainsley, pete, brian. an hour ago, we saw higher-ups in the store at 18th and spruce. that sick lie are to be scene at store locations across the country as they prepare to close the doors later this afternoon. you know how it started, viral video, two black men arriving at location for business meeting. not long after walking in the doors, police were called. they were handcuffed and hauled off to jail.
5:48 am
poe tests followed and apologies came from the starbucks and city of philadelphia as they reached out to men. they reached out to experts in bias training, starbucks, to put together a program for 175,000 employees. this afternoon, 8,000 stores will cut off the coffeemakers for training. >> the work will grow to the reflect real altys and abilities gender identities, sexual identities, clays, political views, religious affiliations and more. reporter: there there will be rd remarks from starbucks executives and rappers an activists. there employees move into real honest he can more race of bias and have discussions in small, tight-knit groups. meetings are chosed to public and closed to media. they want to preserve what is intended to happen inside of the meetings. pete, brian ainsley. brian: where you go from here, standard they will be held to, i
5:49 am
don't know where it is going to go. thank you so much. ainsley: thank you, lauren. pete: moving on, this american flag flying high, that one in a town called independence. ainsley: great name. pete: great name, the council tried taking the flag down. one veteran is using his own money to keep it flying that proud american joins us live next. brian: first, my privilege to say, learn what you have scheduled for the next two hours. >> pete, brian, and ainsley good morning to you all. secretary of state mike pompeo set to deliver remarks at the state department on religious freedom. that is happening moments from now. we'll be monitoring all that for you. new hope for the trump-kim summit. white house now saying it still could be on. president trump set to rally in tennessee tonight where a crucial senate race looms. trump loyalist, republican candidate marcia blackburn is here. join us live in the "america's newsroom" top of the
5:50 am
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5:53 am
♪ brian: an american flag flying high in the center of independence, iowa, this memorial day. after the city council voted to take it down because maintenance on the stars and stripes is too expensive. pete: one veteran sacrificing hundreds of his own dollars to keep that flag flying but the fight not over yet. brian: that korean war veteran, bill colter and his daughter carol join us now. bill, first off, when did you get word they wanted to take this flag down? >> excuse me. i got, i read it in the council
5:54 am
news. then i sat and waited a week for somebody to step forward. nobody came forward. so i signed up to get on the council agenda, and i went as an individual representing all veterans. when i got there the commanders of both posts were there with the support team. brian: so, bill, you've spend your own money to make sure a flag flew yesterday on memorial day. but otherwise, is the city saying it is too expensive to maintain the flag on public ground? >> that is what they're saying, that flag and the sign out there, that says welcome to independence is too expensive to operate. and i went -- excuse me.
5:55 am
brian: go ahead. you're doing great. >> i went to find out what the bill was. it is $10 a month. brian: that's ridiculous. they won't put that money up? >> correct. brian: that is insane. so you had to put up the money, they will keep that up as long as you do it. will the city council get another vote of this? >> we are going to present a proposal to the city council tonight of what we want. because we want to get the city out of this all together, and do it with private funding. pete: you have already got four people, four individuals have bought flags to do that. bill, obviously the flag means a lot to you and people in independence. tell us about your service in korea. >> that is, that is correct.
5:56 am
what i, what my unit done was all long-range surveillance with convert the b-29s. brian: wow. what are patriotic family. >> in and out, our home base, in the '50s was hickam field where we flew out of. 60 days here. 60 days there. i have seen an awful lot of the south pacific. brian: gotcha. >> and korea. brian: wow. bill, thanks so much for your service. thanks for taking action. we appreciate highlighting your story. good job, his brother served in world war ii. and grandson served in iraq and afghanistan. morning "fox & friends" in just a moment.
5:57 am
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the blade quality you'd expect from gillette... affordability you might not. the new gillette3 & gillette5. available now. gillette. the best a man can get. >> president trump rallying
6:00 am
supporters in nashville tonight at 8:00 eastern. trace atkins will perform. keep it here on fox for live coverage. >> he will be on the wounded warrior event on thursday night. i'll be hosting that. >> bill: 9:00. breaking news, several big stories facing the trump team's foreign policy agenda and you are looking live now at the state department. in a moment secretary of state mike pompeo will begin speaking. the topic is religious freedom but could offer a lot of other news on several issues watching over the weekend. we're watching it closely and bring you news from headlines from the state department when that happens. breaking news on the north korea matter now. president trump confirming reports that right now a top north korean official is on his way to the u.s. there is renewed hope that the june 12 summit will take place. hang on, everybody. it is not over yet. bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." hope you had a great holiday weekend. i know you did. >> sandra: welcome


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