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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  May 29, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: the president going to support a republican going from congress to run for senate in nashville, tennessee. marsha blackburn tonight. watch for our coverage of that. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. abc canceled roseanne barr's show calling the comment on twitter, abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent. i'll get reaction from bret baier later in the show. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." but first, a brand new push for a nuclear summit as north korea sends a top official to new york. to lay the groundwork for direct talks between president trump and kim jong un. the white house now confirming secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with the vice chairman of the north korea ruling central committee. days after president trump called off the summit. rich edson is live at the state department. i understand there is intense
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planning underway for the summit that may or may not happen. >> there really is. there are meetings ongoing in singapore and planned for new york and korea. this is as a top lieutenant of kim jong un is on his way to new york right now. it would be the highest ranking north korean official to have an official visit in the united states in the last 18 years. he is scheduled to meet according to the white house with secretary of state mike pompeo. this is kim young chol. he has been deeply involved in kim jong un's international outreach. attending the olympics, south korea and the united states. secretary pompeo already met to kim young chol when he traveled twice to pyongyang. first as c.i.a. director and then as secretary of state. kim young chol is also under u.s. sanctions for his suspected involvement in north korea nuclear program, deadly attack on a south korean ship in 2010 and other provocions.
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the state departments say negotiators are also in the demilitarized zone to set up a summit between president trump and kim jong un still scheduled for june 12 in singapore. they say there is also a team in singapore to hammer out the logistics. >> dana: thank you. for more on this and, of course, the news of roseanne show being canceled bret baier. the anchor of "special report." before i ask about roseanne, you wrote a book about the summits and the president often says, "we'll see what happens." i think kim jong un figured he is willing to walk away. maybe i should make it right. but we shouldn't expect that the one summit could solve everything. i think setting the expectations early is really important here. >> no, that is exactly right. there are a lot of things that have to be worked out. here secretary pompeo described on capitol hill and
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elsewhere a lot of work has been done to lay groundwork for this if it goes forward on june 12 in singapore. but to think it would all wrap up there comes down to the denation of -- definition of "denuclearize." what does it mean to each party, to the u.s. and north korea? how do you get there from here? what inspections regime do you set up? how does it work? there is a lot of details there. raz -- as you know the devil is in the details. the likelihood that this goes forward is high now as you see all this movement. but that it wraps up in one, pretty low. >> dana: let me ask one more question on this. that is a question i have about south korea. south korea obviously really very much wants this to happen. and is now saying it wants to be at the table. from the white house's perspective, do they think it's a good or a bad idea? >> i don't know. i haven't got a sense of that. i think that the goal is really to have president trump sitting across the table from
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kim jong un. and using the south koreans to set up that meeting. being at the table, i don't know. there may be some iterations of this that we don't, we don't yet know how it will develop over the next week. >> dana: we will keep everyone updated. a lot of meetings happening and planning for the in-case summit. i'm at 702% -- 70% likelihood. something i didn't anticipate. two minutes before the show started roseanne barr found out her show that is wildly popular in the rebirth this season has been canceled. this is all based on a tweet that she sent earlier today. abc news saying that -- sorry, abc. not abc news. abc saying the twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel her show." this is coming a couple of hours after roseanne barr tweeted about valerie jarrett using very, some call racist allegations or alluding to her
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as an ape. something that i guess abc thought we cannot stomach this. even after roseanne said she apologized and she was going to quit twitter, she finds herself now with no show. >> this is remarkable the speed to which abc moved. after i saw this tweet this morning, i'll be honest. it shocked me it was out there. then the apology came soon thereafter. roseanne going after valerie jarrett. and then, you know, it didn't take just a few hours for abc to move. this is a big decision. there are some things the get to a point where a network i think says this is over the line and we can't stomach it. we can't defend it. this has to be put to an end. remember, this is a profitable show. very profitable. i think they had signed up for another season. so it's a big deal that this happens but there are some things even in our society of fighting political correctness
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that got trump elected, this is over the line. and abc decided to act. >> dana: it was almost universal condemnation against the tweet. almost. there are some people that thought oh, wow, the snowflakes are being so upset. but there are just limits to what people are willing to stomach. this was not just anti-p.c. rhetoric. this was pretty aggressive. i think you are right about abc taking action pretty quickly. they didn't have to have a board meeting, right? they didn't have to have a meeting with her agent or anything. they just said we will not stomach this. i imagine that the employees of abc if not the board was pretty happy with the decision. >> dana: the swiftness of it suggests there wasn't even a debate. >> i think that there will be a lot of fallout to this and there will be analysis of how it was done. for the most part, abc news moved -- abc moved in an abhorrent tweet and moved quickly. >> dana: this is
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interesting. i'm looking at the tweet on twitter to response to roseanne's tweet about valerie jarrett, who worked for president obama. one is max boot, a foreign policy, conservative establishment type said trump is normalizing racm. unfortunate thing to be tarred with. i don think president trump had anything to do with this tweet. but because roseanne barr had been supportive him in the past, some people are taking this to an extreme saying it has something to do with the president. >> this is what is going to happen. as you see this coverage evolve, roseanne barr's character on the show supported donald trump. roseanne said some positive things about trump. but is trump responsible for that tweet about valerie jarrett? if that is the standard by which you are going to look at things, there are a lot of people on the left and the far left who said some pretty aggressive things. if democratic leaders are going to be tied to those
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statements. listen, i think that this stands alone, by itself. as an action that abc took, took quickly and probably is going to be a lot of -- >> dana: and one that roseanne took. twitter is a place that is a cesspool. there are so many people that should walk away from twitter now. not only did the entire cast just lose a show but think of all the people who work under her, on the show, never seen on screen. all of a sudden. they are so excited. they have a great hit show, signed up for a second season and everyone is talking about the program. they made a big comeback and talking about the little guy in america who has been forgotten. with one tweet, everyone loses their job. >> it's remarkable and it goes to show you, you have to be careful about what put out there. and there are some things that are so egregious that cross the line. think about all those folks. it was a successful hit dealing with stuff that hollywood had not dealt with, the middle of the country. and because of this you
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wonder, you know, what will happen going forward? >> dana: you do wonder if another television executive, entertainment executive would take a look at the success of the relaunch of roseanne's show and realize maybe there is a demographic here in america that is being underserved from an entertainment standpoint and think about trying to create a new program. >> who knows? >> dana: we'll see. >> you have to stay away from over-the-top moments like this. >> dana: also, like when you think you are going to tweet something ridiculous, put the phone down. walk away from twitter. that is my biggest piece of advice to give in 2018. do you have any? >> that is a good piece of advice. >> dana: for your mental health and possibly for your job and the job of hundreds of other people. >> exactly right. >> dana: bret baier, i appreciate you being here today. thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: the panel is up next to react to the news of roseanne's show being canceled. stay tuned. hear that sizzle? yeah. red lobster's lobster & shrimp summerfest is back!
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>> dana: fox news alert. abc canceled derozan -- canceled "roseanne" after her comments about valerie jarrett calling them abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values. kevin katie, former campaign spokesman. and david hofpney former chief of staff. breaking news always happens at 1:58 p.m. we are switching topics. this is big news. start with you. kevin, i don't know if you knew valerie jarrett based on your experience working with the obama team but this seemed like it not only crossed the line for people in the obama camp but all across america. abc was quick to react. your thoughts? >> i think you have to give credit to abc. this was a show that was making them money. a lot of people watched it. i know they addressed issues
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that people wanted to talk about, including opioids and other sensitive issues for a large segment of the population. but abc moved fast. i think you said it right. these tweets were just, i can't describe how awful they were. >> dana: kevin, hold on a second. do we have the original tweet she put up? not yet. as soon as we get that i will give it to you i, i want to quote it accurately. she had tweeted about chelsea clinton and george soros, today valerie jarrett. as a political matter, when you are looking at something like this, you make a big decision. but politics and corporate america are converging. lots of examples, even today. nfl, starbucks and now here with "roseanne" canceled after this tweet. what do you think about that in terms of the speed with which abc reacted? >> i think they were right to react and react quickly.
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sometimes it seems often, i have to say, on twitter people engage their mouth and their finger before they engage their mind and say things that are deplorable. this is just beyond the pale and they reacted correctly. there are a lot of people as you pointed out a minute ago who will suffer for this who had nothing to do with it because they lost their jobs now. >> dana: yeah. >> sit down and put yourself in somebody else's shoes for heaven's sake. don't engage your mouth or your finger before you engage your brain. >> dana: kevin, do you think there is a larger point here about the divide? the show was popular but i don't think it was just because of her but it was the subject matter and the characters they were talking about on the show. which for people in middle class america, the ones that we, sometimes, refer to as in flyover country, where i grew up. is there something to be said there about an opening for either the right or the left to pay attention to them in
11:16 am
entertainment or politics? >> all political campaign should pay attention to anybody regardless where they are from. what this speaks to is how people are just becoming sick of the vitriol they see on twitter. imagine if the president was held to a similar standard to roseanne today based on the comments he made about immigrants and other issues, i think twitter would be a better place for my kids to go to and other the see. it's important to talk to the working class voters and it's important for abc like they did today to say it's not okay to make repulsive comments. >> dana: i'm a big fan of people that are on twitter -- some people on twitter need to put it down. use the rule of if you think you want to say something, say it out loud to your friend. don't necessarily put it on twitter. but what about this idea that it will be inevitable that because roseanne's character on the show did support president trump that there will be an attempt to make a
11:17 am
correlation between the two? but as bret baier said, is it possible for people to try to separate the two things and see her as somebody who acted solo and alone. nobody was tweeting for roseanne barr. she did it for herself. >> she was not doing it as character on a show, she was doing it as roseanne barr. i'm sorry. people have to stop and think. they are separate. you may dislike what the president says in his tweets but what roseanne barr did today is hers alone to take responsibility for and nobody else's. >> dana: i just got the original roseanne tweet. here it is. it says, "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby and it equals v.j." she referred to valerie jarrett. that was the original tweet, kevin, that started started thel rolling that abc quickly acted on. your thoughts on that particular tweet? >> i hope it's the last time we see it on tv. it's that bad.
11:18 am
it's hard to explain. some of these people are dedicated public servants and like david and you have said, sometimes people need to put the phone down and take a second and think about their own prejudice. >> dana: let's talk for a moment about the decisions that people in power or leadership or management sometimes make and it affects a lot of other people. you worked on capitol hill for a long time and ran that as a chief of staff on the house side for the republicans. you have seen it before where a lapse in judgment by one person might mean that congressman or congresswoman has to resign. but you do have a lot of people underneath you as a leader that are supporting you, working their butts off for you. then all of a sudden they find out they don't have a job. >> from time to time, everybody moves too quickly. my advice often times was to slow down, take a deep breath and think about what you are doing. think through it outloud. through through it in your mind and think through it if you said as you are talking to
11:19 am
a friend and stop for a moment. the world is not going to change in the 10, 12, 15 seconds or the 30 seconds it takes to think about what you are doing. none of us are safe from it. we should all remember to take time, breathe out and think through what you put down on paper and what you put down on twitter to the twitter universe. those are things you get back. they express something. if you don't want to express it, don't. stop yourself. >> dana: great advice. i have the apology that roseanne tweeted. she said, "i apologize to valerie jarrett and to all americans. i am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. forgive me the joke was in bad taste." the problem i have with that, if it was a joke initially, there -- well, first of all, that is not even a joke. but if you are trying to use the excuse that something is a joke because you are a comedian do you think it will actually pass muster with the people she is apologizing to?
11:20 am
>> i mean it's hard to say given our kind of divisive nature of politics right now. i'm sure there are people already out there defending her. it's tough to say right now but i do think it's important that society as a whole, everybody here on your show today, you have been in a press office. you know what it's like when somebody says something they shouldn't. nothing even close to something like this. but she shouldn't have said it. she knows she shouldn't have said it. we have seen comedians held accountable in the past. kraemer from "seinfeld" was black balled for something he said as well. nothing racist is funny. >> dana: that is a good place to end it. david and kevin, thank you for being with me. >> happy to be here. >> thank you. >> dana: all right. i think coming right up we have a treat. greg gutfeld, my co-host on "the five" will join me to
11:21 am
talk about the canceling of roseanne barr's show. and howie curtis will be here as well. stay tuned.
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>> dana: abc canceled "roseanne" following her racist tweet about valerie jarrett. julie banderas with a live update in new york. what do you know? >> after a series of the racist rants posted by roseanne on twitter, abc canceled the successful comedy comeback. roseanne recently tweet that was deleted this morning when she posted islamphobic tweet
11:25 am
referring to former obama aide valerie jarrett who is black, but not muslim. i should add. she tweeted this. you just found the tweet. "as muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes who had a baby." the tweet was, of course, deleted. it was in response, though, to another user tweeting an article from conspiratorial right wing outlet claiming obama c.i.a. spied on french presidential candidates. needless to say, shortly after that, standup comedian wanda sykes tweeted "i will not be returning to "roseanne" on abc." taped the inter -- then in an entertainment executive said that roseanne's tweet was abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our value and we have decided to cancel her show. that was that. this is not the first time that roseanne compared a democratic official to an ape. it sounds weird to say that out loud. in 2013 she called susan rice
11:26 am
a man with big swinging ape balls. amid the outrage, her show was renewed for a second season. she defended herself against the charges writes islam is not a race. lefties. it includes every race of people. this ordeal began tuesday morning when barr took aim at george soros and the clinton family. oddly enough, barr falsely claimed chelsea clinton who is married to soros' nephew and called her "chelsea soros clinton" and she replied "my given middle name is victoria. i imagine soros' nephew are lovely people but i'm not married to one." that is what they signed up for. abc knows she is a controversial figure and one that does not like to let's say sensor herself. that is why she rated so well and it was a successful program until today. >> dana: you are right. listening to the tweets it does feel like a gut punch there.
11:27 am
julie, thank you for bringing us the story and give us the whole context. now let's bring in howie kurtz, the fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz." i want your take on abc who must have done a quick cost-benefit analysis and decided we are going to cut ties. >> yeah. this is spectacular by roseanne barr after a spectacular comeback. in the old days when things didn't move at twitter speed, you'd have two or three days and the executive would weigh the money and gauge a reaction and say it's unfortunate and fire her in the end. but now it happens in hours. the damage to her brand and the abc network deemed so great they decided to pull the plug on what has been a very successful show. >> dana: to julie's point who just gave us that report. abc knew that roseanne barr has long been a controversial figure. when they decided to relaunch the show, they must have done a cost/benefit analysis.
11:28 am
the relaunch was successful. we talked about it for three days in a row on "the five" and trump congratulated her. then it gets a second season. so at some point abc must have known they were playing with fire. >> the president ben sherwood openly talked about her style on twitter being very edgy and being over the top. but i don't think that abc expected anything like this. just on a human level, i mean she should have been on top of the world. everybody was praising the sh. she had great ratings. instead she showed all the anger on twitter and making the ugly and in this case racist remarks. she really did sort of blow up the show, blow up her career. do damage to the other people who worked on the show. taint abc by association. yes, you are right, abc knew she was a bit of an unguided missile but i don't think they would expect her to go this far. >> dana: we have a new statement in from the disney
11:29 am
president bob iger who retweeted abc's announcement and said there is only one thing to do here. the right thing. that was to cancel it. i guess abc hoping is trying to bottle it up quickly because the damage to the network could have been great if they let it drag on. >> abc gets credit for reacting instantly and doing what many people said is the decent thing. it's a shame because a lot of people like the show. confronted with the racist language like this the network had no choice and did spring to action quickly before the backlash against abc could build. >> dana: what do you think, howie, about how people thoughts and commentary on twitter is driving all of the news cycles? i'm curious how you see this. you have been in the news and covered the news a long time. it seems like if somebody hasn't tweeted something, we don't talk about it. >> it's certainly true. obviously in the case of president trump who mounts all kind of attacks and does
11:30 am
counterpunching on twitter and gets the rest of the news business chasing that. but it's true now, i know of a number of journalists and entertainers public figures who have been suspended or lost their jobs because they said ugly things on twitter. it shows you, you know, i think there is a tendency, especially early in the morning or late at night to hit send too quickly and to say things you wouldn't say in another form, you wouldn't say in front of a camera. i think this is latest, most dramatic evidence of it. yes, we all live in a twitter universe now. >> dana: we do. i feel for the people who worked on the show. behind the sces. they had a good thing going and now she ruined it. all right, howie. thank you. >> great to see you. >> dana: the stock market taking a hit today. up next, what is behind the down day on wall street. and chris stirewalt weighs in on "roseanne" after this. we had. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident.
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11:35 am
inconsistent with our values. greg gutfeld is here. you are the first person i called. >> finally i'm on your show. it took roseanne to get fired. i'm no chris stirewalt. >> dana: he is on after you. don't worry. >> stirewalt sandwich. >> dana: what do you make of this? we talk about this show on "the five" a lot about the successful relaunch as howie kurtz said. she should have been on top of the world. >> twitter is a fact is a lesser version of you. no matter who you are. when you go on twitter, you are never as good as you are as a normal person. i say that about myself. i don't like who i am on twitter. if you combine a bunch of variables, whether you are drinking -- i assume might be the case. because what she said was so horrible and crazy. but really, twitter has become global h.r. it used to be it was the christmas party that ruined you. that is how you lost your job.
11:36 am
now you can destroy your own career by going on to this global h.r., saying something completely repugnant and the next day you don't just lose your job but everybody you lose with loses their job. make you wake up in the morning and you don't remember you did it. it's interesting. there is something also about comedians. they are in a new world. comedians every time they talk, they are jumping off a cliff. that is kind of how they think. they like that idea. >> dana: they need to have no fear. >> yes. so whether it's roseanne or i would say her left wing opposite which is alec baldwin. remember, alec baldwin lost a talk show after the first or second night after he made a homophobic remark i think on the street to his reporter. his show went like that. of course he got a second chance and maybe a third chance. will they afford second and third chances to roseanne? i don't know. she has been known to say a lot of crazy stuff. we knew that. i did a monologue praising her show but i knew she had always
11:37 am
the potential to say nutty stuff. you look at gilbert godfried. i don't know if you remember his tweets after the japanese earthquake. >> dana: yes. >> comedians have a thing where they see a cliff and they jump off of it. the old days, you could get away with it. not anymore. not with the fact that everything is permanent. twitter is the bathroom wall for planet earth. you can't unscrub it. she made a stupid, foolish error, mistake. now she is paying for it. >> dana: can i ask one last question before i let you go? >> yes. >> dana: what do you think of the temptation, there will be temptation for people to conflate roseanne barr and try to say she is representative of president trump. >> i think that you know what? both sides often do that. i have done that. when alec baldwin says something ridiculous i'd go, oh, you leftists! all you leftists are the same! i'd bring up aelection
11:38 am
baldwin. we all as humans in our tribes have an instinct to do that. i don't know. we have to be able to move beyond this kind of thing. >> dana: i said but i have one last question. >> sure. >> dana: do you think if people were to get off twitter, right -- she said before she got fired okay, i apologize. it was a joke. i apologize. i'm no longer going to be on twitter. do you think people believe that twitter is what gives them some sort of power? like it's some sort of fuel for their careers? >> yeah, i think twitter creates potential for you to be an idiot. i think we have been tricked into thinking it's good to promote stuff and you have to be out there and you have to have tons of followers. what it really does is it just creates another opening for you to be a jerk. >> dana: right. possibly to get fired. >> i count myself, by the way, i count myself among the jerk group. >> dana: you remember the book i want to write? tweets i never sent. >> i'm sure they are awful. i have heard you in private
11:39 am
moments. you are despicable. >> dana: about the dog. thank you, greg. i'll see you on "the five." for more on this, fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. is there a political angle here? >> yeah. let's start with the basic understanding of the premise. tribalism is getting worse and it is making people so stupid. the amount of stupidity that is coursing through our body politic these days is pretty astonishing. it was hard to miss with roseanne. here is a person who has made her career out of being awful. right? the famous national anthem, with the spitting during the national anthem. she is a comedic version of a shock jock. her whole employ was saying and doing outrageous things to get attention. when i saw conservatives and i saw republicans gravitating to her because she was saying things they like about donald trump and they could claim her as one of their own, i thought what a bad risk. this is a person who -- this
11:40 am
is like the animals in the wild. if certain stripe patterns let you know this is a venomous snake, stay away. the president couldn't stay away and a lot of his followers couldn't stay away tells you intensity of tribalism. >> dana: and the president has a big rally tonight in nashville going there to try to help marsha blackburn in her quest to be the next senator from tennessee. and "boston globe" deputy washington bureau chief, matt visor, tweeted this -- "the question is not whether or not president trump brings up roseanne tonight in his rally in nashville. the question is only whether it comes in the first ten minutes or the ten minutes after that." i'm not so sure. >> i agree with you. >> dana: we'll just see what happens. the president's favorite line. i'm trying to adopt it. "we'll see what happens." my instinct is either he will address or he might ignore her completely. >> i would say it would be smart to ignore her completely. this is a "l" for his tribe. but the danger here if you
11:41 am
defend her, then you go right into -- because remember, roseanne about pies -- occupies the americaiest swamp of the fever swamp -- murkiest swamp of this. >> dana: it all started this by a conspiracy theorist website. i don't know what they look like. i don't visit them. >> it's gross. >> dana: but it got her in a huge amount of trouble. >> right. she trafficked in the same kookism and grossness that people like the son of the former n.s.a. -- you know who i mean. but his son and others. >> dana: junior. >> right. flynn junior and others trafficked in this terrible, terrible stuff that they put out there. that is where she hung out. if the president moves to defend her against this action by abc, then he is implicating himself in the rest of that rottenness. >> dana: you know what? we'll see what happens. >> we'll see what happens. >> dana: chris stirewalt, thank you. >> you bet.
11:42 am
>> dana: so a man going back to prison after a court rules he never should have been released. we are going to tell you about matthew charles and why many are asking the president to commute his sentence. you don't want to miss this story. stay tuned.
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call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> shepard: shepard smith on the fox news desk. more on the canceling "roseanne." we also look at other controversies and ask did abc not know what they had with roseanne? of course they did. that's coming up. see you then. >> dana: a call for president trump to commute the sentence of matthew charles, a tennessee man sentenced to 35 years in prison for selling crack cocaine in 1996. behind bars he was a model inmate. he taught g.e.d. courses and became a law clerk. in 2016, a judge reduced his sentence allowing him to be released after congress lowered penalty for crack cocaine cases.
11:46 am
after his release he found a job, reconnected with his family and became a volunteer at a food pantry. but a higher court found charles was not eligible for a sentence reduction after all and on may 14, he turned himself in and is now in a medium security facility in south carolina. a petition asking president trump commute charles' sentence. with me is the president of families against mandatory minimums kevin ring. thank you for being with me, kevin. this story really struck me this week. i just laid out the case and i want to read to you one quote that matthew charles said to a public radio station in nashville in december. he said, "i was like -- he said a prayer to god. "he said well, if you're real, you kind of have to prove it. i hadn't experienced you in no part of my life. i started weeping and crying and it felt good. it just cracked the shell." from there as i understand it, matthew charles turned his life around and now he is back in prison. your thoughts? >> that is right.
11:47 am
first of all, i have to thank you. there are thousands of families who are suffering because of problems in the criminal justice system. they don't get a voice. i'm glad you are bringing attention to this case because it is particularly heart-breaking. matthew charles does not need to be in prison for another day let alone another decade. he presents no public safety threat to you or me or anyone in the community. he went back to prison -- he went to federal prison after serving a state stint. before he went to federal prison he was exposed to a bible and it changed his heart. if people don't look that is enough, look at his deeds. in prison he taught g.e.d. classes, he became a law clerk. he did everything you want. he was in prison for 21 years and didn't have one writeup or disciplinary infraction. he was a model prisoner. when he got out he was a model citizen for the year and a half he was out which is usually when if people will offend, they do. >> dana: let me ask you this then. does his legal team -- i don't know anything about his legal team.
11:48 am
i assume he is represented by a public defender. if this was a mistake on the court side does he have a significant chance for appeal? >> the problem here is this is a case where a strict application of justice resulted in an injustice. so the obama administration was the one who after the judge said you know, because of the crack changes you should get out nine years earlier. this judge was in error. and the justice department under president obama said, you know, you have to serve your full term. so they started a motion to put him back. now he has been out a year and a half and the new judge looked at the rehabilitation and said to the new justice department attorneys are you sure you want to do this? isn't there a way you can maybe drop charges and let him go? and again, aconsideredding to the technical -- according to the technical standard the job was to try to send him back so they did. this is one of those cases that cries out for clemency. >> dana: let me ask about that. tom rogan wrote "washington examiner" for something that
11:49 am
you mentioned, the petition to commute his sentence or give him a pardon, he writes, "president trump can still make things right. his senior adviser jared kushner is leading efforts to get federal sentencing reforms through congress and trump, himself, recently lauded america as a nation that believes in the power of redemption. trump can render meaning to those words by commuting charles' sentence and seeing this redeemed man freed to the new life he can build." interesting to me, kevin, is that president trump is actually going to be in nashville tonight for a rally. as i recall, one of the things we always did for president bush is provide him with local clips before he visited an area so he could get more of a sense of what was going on. if president trump sees anything about this case, i'm assuming and hoping that he probably has open ears. >> i would hope so. republican state senator came out today and also asked for the president to grant clemency. i was at the white house two weeks ago for the president's summit on president reform. i heard him say we are not only a nation of second chances that sometimes he believes in giving third
11:50 am
chances. this is a case like i said that cries out for that. sometimes when you give somebody a second chance you worry what will happen, you can't predict the future. matthew charles because of the quirk got to live out the second chance. we know what he can do in society. >> dana: also, kevin, matthew charles is actually a good role model to show other prisoners who are serving a sentence. if you get right, then you can also have a promising second chance. >> that is right. so many prisoners in this country in federal and state prison are just looking for hope. they want to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. 95% of the prisoners in this country are going to come out some day. we want them to get rehabilitated, take courses, treat any addiction problems they have while they are there. he did it. he was the model. he is somebody we should hold up and say congratulations, we want you to succeed. >> dana: all right. kevin ring, i appreciate you being with us today. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: so, 15 minutes from now, starbucks is closing thousands of shops for
11:51 am
antibias training after protest over an arrest at this philadelphia location you can see on your screen. the whole incident was caught on camera. we'll have more for you on it in a moment. as the one who is always trapped beneath the duvet i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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>> dana: thousands of starbucks closing for business moments from now so you better hurry up if you need a coffee. the coffee chain will be shutting down for antibias education workshops. the company taking this action after the arrest of two african-americans in a philadelphia location last month set off a series of protests. brian nannis is there in philly where it all started. brian? >> reporter: hi, dana. this is the starbucks where it all happened in april, where the store manager told two black men they could not be in that cafe because they did not purchase anything. police were called, they were arrested. this starbucks closed early
11:55 am
today, actually at 11:30 this morning and it won't be reopened until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you see the sign "we'll see you tomorrow." 175,000 employees are now in this racial bias training program today. they will be watching a video. they will be having group discussions about racial bias, talk about the personal experiences. listen to the starbucks executive chairman who spoke about this program on cbs "this morning." >> it's interesting to me for us to be criticized for doing it for four hours. it's just the beginning. what we have said to our board, to our shareholders is that we are deeply committed to making this part of everything we do. we hire 100,000 new people a year. this is going to be part of the on boarding training. we will globalize this. >> reporter: this all stems from that incident on april 12 where donte robinson and rashon nelson were in the starbucks in philadelphia. they were about to meet a business partner when again, police were called by the manager because they were sitting in the cafe like many
11:56 am
people do and they did not order something. this, by the way, dana, starbucks is going to lose by one estimate $12 million for closing their stores today for four hours. but again, this is something that from what we have seen from the people here they agree with, they are okay with the training from what we have heard today. >> dana: all right, bryan llenas, thank you very much. we'll be right back. alright, i brought in new max protein
11:57 am give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> the atlanta braves joining teams across the country to recognize our military on memorial day. marine joey jones, a frequent guest of our show and we love him, threw out the first pitch against the mets. as the rain few, a junior rotc stood watch. the good news is, a fan took it upon himself to hold the umbrella over the cadet while
12:00 pm
the rain fell. so viewers of the show should have no problem answering four down in "the new york times" cross word puzzle. the include, parino. the answer? tweet me. take a look at the screen. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: racism is not funny and roseanne barr is a racist. now her show is cancelled. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast. this is "shepard smith reporting." abc made the decision to nix the reboot of roseanne hours after the comedian went on a rant on twitter, made a racist statement and not the first time about valley jarrett. roseanne responded to an unfounded claim that president obama had spied on french presidential candidates. she accused his former adviser of helping. the tweet, which roseanne has since delete


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