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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 29, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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flights. all right. set your dvrs. special report is up next. bret baier is at the white hous white house. >> this is brett bret baier ate white house. but first a pair of breaking stories. two prominent people publicly on the conservative side of the political spectrum, he may say, are out of jobs tonight. comedian roseanne barr who plays a character with her chump sympathies has lost her highly rated tv show following a tweet that many people considered racist and almost all, including abc, considered over the line. and at missouri republican governor eric greitens, once considered a rising star in the g.o.p. has just resigned this afternoon i made an impeachment effort sparked by a pair of
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scandals that we have been covering here on special report for weeks. first, to our midwest newsroom, and governor greitens was mired in political scandal, and it was an active special session in the missouri house to consider whether greitens was going to be the first governor in missouri's history to teach impeachment proceedings. he was also facing a trial and now a short while ago the governor formally announced his resignation. however, the governor insisted he is innocent and chose careful words to strike back at those he believed wanted to take him dow down. >> this ordeal has been designed to cause an incredible amount of strain on my family. millions of dollars of mounting legal bills, and less personal
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attacks designed to cause maximum damage to family and friends. it's clear that for the forces that oppose us, there is no end in sight. i cannot allow those forces to continue to cause pain and difficulty to the people that i love. >> bret: today's announcement comes exactly two weeks after governor greitens was found not guilty on his first charge, related to a picture that he allegedly took and transmitted from his mistress. that photo never materialized in the state dropped the case. he was also charged with felony temper and tampering of a computer related to misusing a donor list for political purposes. today a judge ruled that he would have to turn over paperwork related to the second charge, and this very long saga of scandals involving the governor who is just inaugurated last year finally comes to a
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close this evening. >> bret: thank you very much, matt. two are other top story, abc has canceled roseanne barr's tv show. that comes following a tweet from a comic which most people found not funny at all but rather of abhorrent. >> roseanne barr was on top of the world. her resurrected show was a huge check for abc. >> he talked about dogs jobs, . he shook things up. >> look at roseanne, look at her ratings. >> but hours later, she was canceled over ugly comments. comments the network called abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values. the offending tweet said it, muslim brotherhood and planet of the
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"planet of the apes" had a baby, equals bj. when twitter users called the line racist, she responded that muslims are not a race. she tweeted later that she was making a joke before finally saying this. i apologize to valerie jarrett and all americans. i am truly sorry about making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. but the outrage mounted. actress actress wanda sykes that she would not be returning. abc must take action now. many other comedians have survived offensive jokes. stephen colbert made a crack about president trump and vladimir putin. kathy griffin is mounting a comeback after posing with a bloodied trump mask. wanda sykes herself once called rush limbaugh the 20th hijacker who failed to show up on 9/11.
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it prompted by bob iger, ceo of parent company disney to say, there's only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing. abc acted with stunning swiftness to protect its brand although the show had been very lucrative. in this hyper polarized twitter era, a network's reputation can be tarnished and a top star kenda stripped destruct. >> bret: we asked her multiple times about it and she replied to these numerous questions by saying the president is focused on other things. and you can use the hashtag a special report. more with the panel later. back here at the white house, the likelihood of a summit between president trump and kim jong un seems to be growing by the day. a top north korean official has been dispatched to new york and he will meet with america's top
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diplomat wednesday. all of this comes less than a week after president trump canceled the planned singapore summit. chief white horse correspondent john roberts is here with me on the north lawn. >> the white house is getting ready to declare the summit back on, and even if it is back on, it might be impossible to hold it on. june 12th may be slid back a couple of days that the planning is proceeding with full steam ahead. president trump maintained today that his upbeat assessment of the summit with kim jong un, tweeting this morning that one of the highest ranking officials in north korea was headed to the u.s. conjunct hole, the vice chairman of north korea is now headed to new york. solid response to my letter, thank you. he was the head of north korea's cyber spying agency and was sanctioned by the obama administration in 2015 for allegedly orchestrating the hack attack on sony pictures. he was also at the side of kim jong un and una's side.
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this happened after president trump's shocked the world after sending him a letter calling out the summit. >> i think he really got some kinetic energy flowing. folks all of a sudden said, this actually did not happen and if you wanted to happen, we have to start moving. they have been making very positive moves. >> the administration has two teams in the region, one led by deputy chief of staff joe hagan is in singapore to work out the logistics of the possible summi summit. secretary of state mike pompeo will meet in new york tomorrow with kim a young troll. >> we are still finalizing exactly what that will look like, and returning sometime on thursday. i think it's pretty impressive looking at where we were six months ago, and now we have other things taking place.
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they will have meetings with janese prime minister and they will visit the white house next thursday. the threat from north korea's intermediate immediate ballistic missiles and japanese citizens kidnapped by north korea. at their mar-a-lago summit in april, president trump promised he would raise it. >> president trump: we will do everything possible to have them brought back and bring them back from japan. i give you that promise. >> president trump has sought the president's help, but the white house announced it will soon impose a 25% tariff on 50 billion in chinese and plum, imports china responded tersely to what it saw as a negotiating a tactic. in a statement the ministry of congress is saying we are
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surprised by the strategic statement being released at the white house but at the same time it is somewhat expected. and president trump got some low back after a tweet he sent out on memorial day where he posted, abby memorial day. those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. it's the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks and hispanic ever and women in 18 years. that prompted a sober response from the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. general martin dempsey tweeted, this day of all days of the year should not be about any one of us. no matter how strategic or powerful, no matter how six successful we perceive ourselves to be. the president's tone was much different. the first daughter, ivanka ivap seem to get it just pitch-perfect when she tweeted out, as we remember our falling
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men, academic falling men and women, we remember our gratitud gratitude. >> another aspect of ivanka trump raising some eyebrows. shortly after that, the president cut a deal and abigail clem who runs the ivanka trump brandon said that it was business as usual. and there are so many trademark violations, the white house is pointing out that while the president did cut a deal, he also this morning said he was said to impose a tariff. >> bret: the administration is also dealing with a public relations mess tonight involving immigrant children. officials say there are reports that nearly 1500 kids are lost but it's just not true.
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ed henry looks out the facts tonight. >> when ivanka trump posted this photo with her young son this weekend, the tropez of comic haters got triggered. they released a tax saying she not care about migrant kids and wanted to know where the children were. over 1400 migrant children have gone missing and blamed president trump for ordering babies to be separated from their illegal immigrant parents. even the white house spokesman logan gidley and heroes of the department of health and human services fired back today. none of those charges are true. >> that is in inaccurate characterization characterization of what happened. the government will try to prosecute everyone who crosses the southwest border illegally. even those seeking asylum. that will lead to some parents being separated from their children, which is already part of existing law. >> if you are smuggling a child,
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then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> the 1475 kids who allegedly went missing arrived at the borderm october through december 2017, months before the session's policy went into effect. secondly hhs officials pointed out that those kids were a total of children that they surveyed over those three months we showed at the border without parents. trump administration officials took the extra step of placing over 7,000 kids with the adult sponsors in the u.s. hhs found 6,500 of the kids still living with sponsors. five were deported, and hhs officials say some of their sponsors are here illegally, likely dodging the government's attempts to contact them.
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eric hartigan said" the assertion that unaccompanied children are lost is false. this is a classic example of the a dodge, no good deed goes unpunished. that included journalist from compounding the mischaracterizations. including this photo from it was a photo of latino children being held in cages. the problem was that image was taken in 2014 when barack obama was president. >> republican marco rubio is a critic of the president but, rubio told cbs that the better law to change is actually securing the border. >> bret: up next, the president goes after the special counsel for what he might do. we will explain. but first let's go to some of our fox affiliates.
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in houston classes resume add to a suburban school where a mass shooting left eight students and to substitute teachers dead. identify a high school will provide additional officers for students as they wrap up the school year this week. the university of memphis says it will become the first college in the nation to accept a scholarship for a family of active duty service members killed or severely injured as per full payment. starting this fall, any student who meets the criteria for the folds of honor scholarship will not owe any money to the university. and this is a live look at salt lake city on fox 13. the big story there tonight, a utah man and his wife are back home after spending two years in a venezuelan jail. josh holtz spoke briefly to talk about everyone who helped them and his wife. the government accused him of
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overseas, italy's stock markets plunge today on fears that the euro zone's third-largest economy is headed toward another financial: crisis. the new prime minister designate is trying to form a coalition there, but if he does not succeed it could mean new elections in the fall. after campaigns featuring intense antiestablishment and anti-european union themes. defects on wall street here in the u.s. are pretty big. the dow lost 392, s&p 500 dropped 32 in the nasdaq fell 37. a man with a knife stabbed two
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police officers to stay in belgium. he then stole their guns and fatally shot them and the bystander. the attacker was later killed by police. prosecutors say the incident is likely terror related and one local newspaper reports via the attacker yelled "aloe akbar. " a british court meantime has sentenced a prominent rights activists for live streaming outside of a criminal trial. the judge told the man who goes by the student named tommy robinson, his actions could be highly prejudicial to his defendants in the at trial. and a demonstration saturday outside of the british prime minister is downing street office. it has been a busy few days were president trump on twitter. he is once again slamming the special counsel investigation into alleged russian collusion at his presidential campaign and
3:20 pm
urging scrutiny of the hillary clinton campaign and effort. the president is also linking the probe to the coming midterms. chief intelligence correspondence catherine herridge shows us how. >> while on twitter president enabled them 13 angry democrats who was quote meddling with the midterm elections because of present said republicans are taking the lead to. as president trump went further questioning why they aren't investigating hillary clinton, the republican-led house oversight and judiciary committees are preparing for a new round of interviews in early june. witnesses include chief bill preece tech, who oversaw the clinton email in the russian intelligence case. although the russia probe officially opened in late july july 2016, comey said he was told not to inform conference for months. >> again, just to get the detail
3:21 pm
on the record, why was the decision made not to brief senior congressional leadership? >> because of the sensitivity of the matter. >> these text messages between peter strzok and leah page are drawing fresh scrutiny because they indicate they went officially before the case was opened. one committee of republicans at precept said he needs to be question about his actions regarding the so-called russia collusion case including his trip to londo in may 2016 and his relationship with the fbi informant. the chairman of the freedom caucus once more on the timing and the informant was working together with them for weeks. >> we know those confidential sources were engaging prior to the fbi investigation. so the question begs, at whose direction? what were they collecting?
3:22 pm
when they began getting evidence that the russians were engaged in a broad campaign to try to influence the 2016 election, i think it was appropriate for them to you as a confidential to investigate what the russians were up to. the investor general is expected to testify a week from today. a source close to the discussions of the placeholder, and during that time it could still slip. and they declaim tarnished imag image, and correspondent bryan llenas is in philly tonight. >> more than 8,000 starbucks stores nationwide close their doors so there employees can undergo racial bias training. the starbucks in philadelphia is
3:23 pm
the reason why. on april 12th, the store manager called the police on two black men. rochon nelson and donte robinson, were simply sitting in the cafe without purchasing pug anything. police arrest of the men and the video went viral. protesters mobilized and police and starbucks apologized. >> what happened in the way that incident escalated and the outcome was nothing but reprehensible, and i'm sorry. >> for four hours today, 1,075 employees watched racial bias videos. employees had group discussion on racial bias and even reflected on racial discrimination in public places. civil rights organizations like the naacp participated. customers acknowledge the need for the training. >> i was very disgusted, extremely disturbed by what happened. >> it's just something we have
3:24 pm
to deal with in our society, so i'm glad that starbucks is doing it. >> the chairman also blamed president trump for extingacerba racism in arica. >> i think on a personal level it has given a license to people feel as if they can emulate and copy the kind of behavior and language that comes out of this administration. >> by one estimate, starbucks lost some $12 million today. but he says it's not a loss at all but rather an investment for the future. >> come >> bret: schultz could be one of the candidates for president. police in maryland so they have found the body of a man who disappeared trying to help a woman rescue her cat during flash flooding. he was a sergeant in the maryland army national guard and a u.s. air force veteran. sunday's torrential rains led to
3:25 pm
the second flooding in years of that historic city. up next, beyond our borders. the u.s. envoy to the united nations hosting a conference on disarmament said a serious presidency of the geneva-based body is a travesty. syria took up the rotating presidency or monday and it will share the body for a four-week period. american envoy robert wood walked out when the counterpart began his opening remarks. store mock and unusual tolerance of dissent in iran. university students were harshly critical of the country's direction during a meeting with the supreme leader. the session reflected concerns that many feel over the u.s. pullout from the nuclear deal, and iran's battered economy. many brazilian truckers frustrated by rising fuel prices are striking for a ninth day. there are widespread shortages
3:26 pm
and disturbances. some truckers have stopped striking after the government announced measures to cut diesel prices for 60 days. the military is also stepping in to secure many deliveries, and police operations help to break up many of the blockades in brazil. those are just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. h. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h.
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>> bret: welcome back to the white house, you are looking at the west wing at entrance, the president leaving earlier to host a campaign-style rally in about an hour and a half in nashville. the tennessee u.s. senate race figures to be crucial and both parties at first are trying to control the u.s. senate after this year. correspondent steve harrigan is in nashville tonight. >> reporter: at the most expensive race in tennessee history could control the u.s.
3:30 pm
senate. >> it will be highly competitive, lots of money from the outside poured into this race. it looks like it might be the pivot that turns on whether the democrats control the senate democrats on. >> reporter: martha blackburn carries a pistol in her purse and proclaims support for president trump often. >> i stand when he walks into the one. and yes, i stand when i hear of "the star-spangled banner." >> reporter: the democrat, former governor phil broadus and calls himself a problem solver and it really meant mentions the president at all. >> the less he has to take on national politics, the better for him. the more he can keep it local and statewide issues i think that portends better for him come november. >> reporter: it is a balancing act for a democrat and it in the state trump won by more than 20 points. >> i think a lot of people are
3:31 pm
rough around the edges but he's doing okay. >> reporter: blackburn knows she's in for a fight. >> i think it's close because my opponent did serve as governor for two terms and he has run statewide three times, this would be his fourth, statewide race. and people are familiar with his name. >> reporter: and what is likely to be a tight race, is expected to do well in the cities. they will both battle for the rural vote. >> and these people are going to be in there to do something to help make his agenda to get america back on the road again. >> reporter: president trump won some counties in tennessee withlmost 90%f the vote. the question now for the senate races whether that popularity is transferable. >> bret: steve, thanks. we will see that rally here on fox news channel in just a bit. the u.s. supreme court is allowing arkansas to put in effect restrictions on how abortion pills are administered.
3:32 pm
critics of a challenged state law say it could effectively end medication abortions in the state. the justices did not comment and rejected an appeal from the planned parenthood affiliate in arkansas. the law says that doctors who provide abortion pills must hold a contract with another physician who has admitting privileges at the hospital and who would agree to handle all complications. in the meantime, more evacuations in hawaii as a fast-moving lava from the kilauea volcano makes its way deeper into a major subdivision there. correspondent jeff paul is once again on the big island tonight. >> reporter: annihilating everything in its path, fast-moving lava continues to burn its way through this rural residential neighborhood. it shows no signs of stopping as it flows closer and closer to more homes. >> what i saw was an absolute ocean of lava. instead of rivers and lakes, this was an ocean with waves in
3:33 pm
it, wave after wave came in. >> reporter: firemen and police are going door-to-door, urging folks to leave after ten more homes were destroyed. >> disturbingly, some people just refuse to leave. so it kind of gives us terrifying insight into what is going on out there. >> reporter: the hawaii national guard said this is a sign they are seeing more and more, lava covering roads and creating one less escape ground for those who might become stranded. that fountain of lava you see behind me, scientists estimate is shooting 180 feet in the air. >> i look outside and there's a river of lava running down the street. i opened the door and it came inside. >> reporter: has the volcano's summit, more earthquakes and explosions -- two or 3 miles into the sky. emergency responders are now forced to take even greater risk to save those who won't leave. >> there is just nothing to fool with. you really want to get out of the way of aid, there is no
3:34 pm
negotiating with the force like this. it's going to do what it's going to do. >> reporter: lava now covers 2800 acres of land and that level of destruction is only expected to expand with only eight of the fishers remaining active. the trump administration explains what happens to about 1500 immigrant children that some say are lost. plus the status on capitol hill. we will get reaction to the panel, when we come back.
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>> if you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you as required by law. we don't want to separate families, but we don't want families to come to the border illegally. >> every law enforcement agency in this country separates parents and children when they are arrested for a crime. this is no new policy. >> there is no bipartisan support for changing that. >> immigration specifically about immigrant children. 1500 of them, the headline said had been lost under the trump administration's adherence to this policy. hhs put out a statement refuting that, saying the assertion that
3:39 pm
unaccompanied alien children are lost is completely false. these children are not lost, their sponsors are usually family members and they have been vetted in criminality and the ability to provide for them and could not be reached by the voluntary would call was made. in many cases sponsors cannot be reached because they themselves are illegal aliens and do not want to be reached by federal authorities. so, what about this issue specifically on where immigration stands currently, so let's bring in the panel. and it steve hayes, editor and chief and matt schlapp, contributor with the hill. mara, this got lots of attention. >> it has a lot of attention and has a lot of parts to it. on one hand, these children being lost is not true. on the other hand, as you just heard the trump administration made very clear it wanted to
3:40 pm
continue that because it's a deterrent. don't bring your kids here illegally because you will get separated from them. they decided they wanted to blame it on democrats even though that was a policy that they carry through. >> bret: but, steve, the characterization of it they depend on what you are watching or reading. or, the policy went back a couple of administrations. >> if that's true but this really took off over the weekend when you had a former obama speechwriter jon favreau and others putting this out there, putting up pictures of children in cages and it was outrageous. because it was the trump administration doing this, failing to note that this had happened as you say under previous administration. so that is something i think that poured fuel on this proverbial fire, if you will. there's no question that the trump administration is trying
3:41 pm
to take a tough stand on illegal border crossings which are up after initially going down at the beginning of the trump administration by saying this, and making this part of their policy. we saw with the power of presidential rhetoric and the power of administration rhetoric did to decrease the number of people trying to come across the border. i think that is their goal here and we could debate whether this is the right policy or not. they have said, both john kelly and chief of staff who just played, they made clear that they view this as an effective deterrent. >> bret: i always say the disclaimer or i try to come up your wife works for this administration. what do you think the thought process is, behind of this move? are they pushing back behind the bad news stories on this or is that a strategy here that's developing on the immigration? >> brett, be careful getting
3:42 pm
into the mind of your spouse. the only thing that the trump administration is doing differently than the obama administration when it comes to people with unaccompanied minors, it's a criminal violation one it comes to adults trying to cross our borders illegally. the question is, what do you do with the kids? what here are the is the kicker. almost all of them will stay in america for as long as they wan want. let's -- we always send home -- we only sent home something like five kids last year. if an unaccompanied minor gets to our border, they stay in america. and most of them, or giving, given a place to say, they are given to relatives who are themselves here illegally. so when democrats say that the trump administration lost 1500 kids, mara's right, that's not accurate. we've actually lost 20 million people and of those 20 million people are bringing in more
3:43 pm
relatives to the border. that's why whether you build a wall or not, we have problems of the border that there are all these loopholes that allow you to hopscotch in line to be in america if you want to be. >> bret: the key point here is the reason the law story is not accurate is because they were calling these. and they didn't return a, john kelly, jeff sessions saying, we are going to separate these kids as a law says we should, so don't bring them. all of a sudden it sounds like they feel that they want to blame that separation on democrats. >> bret: but do you think this is a political issue, one that's powerful for the democrats? >> we want to say the trump administration is heartless. but what is so interesting to me is that donald trump does have a soup top spot in the immigration
3:44 pm
debate. the daca kids, he often says he loves them and wants to treat them with a great heart. he clearly doesn't want to be on the wrong side of the story. >> bret: and steve, last word. the immigration issue as we head toward the midterms? >> that's easy. i can easily predict what's happening. actually nobody knows. the short term, the republicans have control of the house and there is not consensus on how they should proceed in the house. we have more restriction efforts like the good legislation that conservatives have been pushing for a long te. and, the longer term is, how long democrats will agree for something like a border wall. >> bret: all right. next up, abc dumps roseanne, the
3:45 pm
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>> president trump: look at roseann, i called her yesterday. look at her ratings! i got a call for mark burnett, e did the apprentice. he is a great guy. he said it, donald, i called just to say hello and to tell you, did you see roseann's ratings? i said, market, how good were they? they were unbelievable, over 18 million people. and it was about us. >> bret: getting ready for another rally in tennessee, we will see if he talks about roseann. the show is no longer after a tweet that he had overnight in
3:49 pm
which she compared a valerie jarrett, former advisor to president obama to "planet of the apes" and muslim brotherhood. she quickly apologized a couple hours later. i apologize, i now leaving twitter. then apologize again to valerie jarrett and all americans. truly sorry for making a bad joke about politics and outlooks. forgive me, my boat was in bad taste. well, abc three hours later roughly had this. roseann statement was of abhorrent and we have decided to cancel her show. matt, your thoughts on this, and what it tells us about this moment? >> roseann was very popular because she was feeding into the idea that there are these trump supporters all over the country. but when she veered into this vile racist and hurtful -- just
3:50 pm
mean tweet, she quickly lost her support which i think with the right decision by the network. she did apologize and i just wonder, what i think is a good thing to do when you do something wrong, but the real question here is when these types of statements are uttered by starr is on tv shows, do we have a new standard? statements are made that are racist in nature but also based on other communities, be at cops or christians, like we recently saw on "the view." is it a death sentence they get on their show? that something these networks have to face but they should do it fairly. >> bret: the redline was reached, and it didn't look like they had much of a debate because that happened within a few hours. and most people say, to their credit. >> i think abc acted in part because they expected something like that. and she's made these kind of comments, and my colleague
3:51 pm
jonathan last in an article called her a volga she's done e stunts again and again, and i mean she doesn't have any politics, she doesn't have any fixed the use and it was a mistake to embrace her. she's kind of a shock jock. >> the tone does start at the top and would like to look at the president and feel he refles the values of our countries, but we also feel they have some
3:52 pm
responsibility, also. our government is only going to be as good as we make it be. people on the inside have to push hard and people on the outside have to listen. >> basically the premise of a lot of the talk today has set the environment by which this roseann tweet and moment has happened. >> he has come in and rightly so for a lot of criticism, but roseann was saying these things for a very long time. she compared susan rice to an ape. in other words, this is a trope of hers. just before she tweeted about valerie jarrett, she called george soros a. he escaped from the at 13 years old. we are wondering what donald trump will say and do about this. >> bret: another campaign-style rally in tennessee, we have a live look i
3:53 pm
think of the hall they are. there is the warm-up act currently. matt, do you expect them to go down this road about roseann and the pushback and the fallout? >> you asked me to predict my feelings for my wife, and aren't now the president, it's impossible. i don't know what will happen in tennessee. i think the big key in tennessee is, all these people who practice politics without a license are getting this race wrong. marsha blackburn has a very good chance to win this race. people who don't understand politics look at early polls and make too much of them. marsha blackburn being associated with donald trump is actually positive. he she's actually outperforming bob corker because he is not popular with tennessee republicans and tennessee voters generally. no matter what happens, it will probably accrue to the benefit of marsha blackburn. >> bret: you didn't answer my question, but here's the latest poll. the mason-dixon poll from tennessee has bred a sin up by
3:54 pm
three over marsha blackburn, but over under, the president mentions this roseann issue or some iteration of it tonight. >> i guess i would say over 50%. i think it would be a mistake for him in any way to try to defend or justify or rationalize what she said or did. i wouldn't be surprised if he did that either. i think matt is right, it's early in the race, but the fact that he has a head to come up the fact that the democrat is leading there certainly doesn't mean that he's going to win in november but that has to give some heartburn even if donald trump is popular in the state. >> you know i haven't talked to a republican that was worried about tennessee, and he's probably the only democrat that can give marsha blackburn a run for her money and possibly even win, even though i still bet on
3:55 pm
the republican. >> all right. panel, thank you very much. when we come back, and emotional anniversary celebration. . differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop.
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3:59 pm
anniversary for a brother and sister. mollie marks was first diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer 12 years ago. she had nrly5% of her liver removed. when the cancer returd, she had a second surgery. and after a third go around with the disease, her brother zac stepped in and donated part of his liver to his sister. >> i don't think it's anything anybody else wouldn't have done. but we have always been really close ever since we were little kids and this was just kind of something that came about and unexpected obviously for everybody. something that we didn't have to think twice about. >> bret: the siblings are celebrating 12 years since that transplant surgery. they call it transplan transplantiversary. mollie has been cancer free ever since. upcoming rally president trump rallying for marsha blackburn in the senate race. can you see that right here on the fox news channel. we're told tucker is going
4:00 pm
to take it thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it from for us from the white house. fair balanced and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by my colleague martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: bret, thank you. we are standing by there is a live shot in nashville where there is going to be a big rally we hear. president trump is about to make a big appearance for martha blackburn. but, first, breaking here in new york where abc delivered a major blow to its own prime time lineup today canceling their number one show roseanne over what the network called abhornt and repugnant tweets. but another question raised by all thi tonight will other stars be next who have leveled similar personal attacks as they are now back in the spotlight. good evening, everybody, i'm martha maccallum and this is "the story." candace owens here in a moment with her take. plus, this, breaking news this evening. as north korea is about to arrive in new york. the chairman of the ruling party is on his way tohe