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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 30, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> that is all the time we have tonight, follow me on twitter, shannon bream takes things here with a great show. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert, the president focusing on north korea in his barnburner nashville campaign rally, topped up with that getting ready to take on kim jong un's right-hand man in new york. and is in north korea as the axis by cheaper that ability hand in the most notorious attacks on south korea. the pres. nashville, tennessee
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supporting congressman marsha blackburn's senate run. she will join us live. it was missing from the pres.'s rally, rosanne barr's controversial tweet. the latest fallout for us tonight. welcome to fox news at night. kim jong un's right-hand man is on a rare diplomatic mission to new york right now. he will meet with secretary of state mike pompeo for the pres.'s highly anticipated summit. june 12th is back on track. we have seen coverage for you tonight. it henry on the pres.'s latest immigration comments and the rapidfire reply from mexico, we begin with kristin fisher who has details from the long-term spy chief heading to meet with mike pompeo. donald trump spoke for an hour tonight, he never address the ongoing negotiations taking place all over the world to make the summit in singapore happened but he said something about john bolton who the white house says has been taking japanese and suffering counterparts every day and taking a tough line with the
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north koreans. >> they think he is so nasty and so tough that i have to hold him back. pretty great. he is doing a great job. you better get some rest because we have some pretty good negotiations. >> mike pompeo was poised to meet with kim jong un's right-hand man in new york city, they first met in north korea, now he is on his way to the united states. he is a huge figure in north korea, currently the vice chairman of the north korean party's central committee but before that was a 4-star army general into military intelligence chief believed to be behind the 2014 cyberattack on sony and the second 2010 at 250 south koreans which he was sanctioned by the united states. more recently he was among small group of north korean officials who accompanied kim jong un on all four summits to china and south korea. he also attended the closing
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ceremony of the winterland pics in south korea where this picture was taken of him staring at ivanka and the south korean pres.'s wife, he is about to come behind level mostly in official to travel to the united states in 18 years. the last time was in 2000. that had us officials hoping it too would lead to a summit between the leaders of north korea and the united states but in the end nothing came of it. the state department is hoping this time around it will be different. >> pretty impressive, thinking where we were one year ago and 6 it, now we have 3 simultaneous meetings taking place to talk about denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> is for when the meeting will be taking place and who exactly will be there details are still pretty light tonight. secretary pompeo will head to new york city tomorrow. >> kristin fisher with the latest, thank you so much. the pres. and the republican national committee on the same
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page when it comes to the failure to crack down on the violent ms 13 gang, something the president highlighted in his spirited rally tonight. it henry joined us, he was fired up. >> the last applause was for him vowing again to be building the wall and he joked about how he did not want to cause an international incident but his campaign progress that in the end he will to go to pay for the wall and they are going to enjoy it. rapid response from the pres. no, mexico will never pay for a wall, not now, not ever, sincerely, mexico, all of us. the rnc focusing on the threat from ms 13 saying this rally, he hopes democrats take immigration an issue in terms because he will hammer the message they are for open borders, the pres. mocking nancy pelosi for seeming to defend ms 13 when he called
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their members animals. >> the ms 13 lover nancy pelosi. >> she loves ms 13. remember? i said they are animals and she said how dare you say that? how do you say that, have you seen what they have done? have you seen what they are doing to us and we're taking them out of our country by the thousands, out, out. >> there skepticism, quote is suggesting too much talk. if only a face to midterm election every month we would have a wall already. the trump administration officials facing false attacks from the left, the white house on a conference call to push back on allegations about democrats saying the policy clinton 1400 migrant children getting lost, that is not true.
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meanwhile kellyanne conway, cnn reporter retweeted a reporter love kids in a cage claiming was a donald trump's for my was a photo from 2014 when barack obama was president. >> why did cnn reporter retweet that fake tweet. >> your cnn colleague retweeted to my grandchildren, laying in a cage to make a point against this president, it happened under pres. obama's watch and then deleted the tweet because it's not for the narrative. >> the white house has shut down and obama early allowing illegal immigrants to claim their love to be legally if they call themselves entrepreneurss. >> that conversation is far from over. no direct mention of robert mueller in the nashville rally but the president did talk about the alleged fbi informant or spy he says tried to work his way inside the 2016
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campaign. >> is there anybody in this big beautiful arena right now that is infiltrating our campaign, please raise your hand. that would take courage. take a look at what is going on. never in the history of our country has something taken place like took place during this election. >> let's talk about it with fox news contributor jason chaffetz. after the pres.'s claim talking about spygate, somebody infiltrating trying to get close to the campaign, politico says there is no evidence. no evidence has emerged to support the pres.'s assertion, the pres. tried to so suspicion about legitimacy of the fbi
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investigation, any response? >> the media is changing its story with the new york times to reveal -- clapper is referring to this person as a spy. this happened on more than one instance involving more than one person, vigorous oversight and if democrats think this is bogus they should join with the republicans in wanting to get the documents. what is mystifying is republicans keep wanting openness, transparency and being able to see the documents and democrats don't seem to want to get to the truth. where is the curiosity? >> polling seems to show the public at least is changing its perception of this investigation by some polls. cbs news asked the question you know about the investigation, do you think it is justified arrested politically motivated? this is from cbs, 50% said
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politically motivated, 44% said justifiably day cnn poll around the same time said do you approve or disapprove of the way robert mueller is handling the investigation, and doing a good job with it. is public opinion turning on this? >> they are hearing russia russia russia from adam schiff and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer for more than a year but there is no evidence of that. the democrats spending money overseas to engage russians to help them build the bogus dossier. criticized night after night, the president of the united states and say all these things but we do have evidence of planting the trump campaign to spy on the pres.'s campaign. jillian: we are working to
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confirm, we are talking about and all kinds of theories out there, somebody outside the campaign but questioning people connected to the campaign do semantics matter here? somebody infiltrated the campaign, those are important distinctions or are they not? >> they are. according to all the officials this was a counterintelligence operation, not a criminal investigation, can't afford each of the political candidates for the presidency. down to two, hillary clinton and donald trump they got secret service protection, briefings from the cia. if they were trying to protect the trump campaign from the russians they should have called donald trump and senior people in the campaign about those efforts. and didn't see the clinton campaign and semantics matter
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and counterintelligence it is treated totally different from a criminal investigation which the president was assured. >> this is from dick morris who used to run the campaign with the clintons and the idea of having an enemy with a special prosecutor is an important one, clinton survived because he was able to make kenneth starr the enemy. this presence's critics say he is doing the same to mueller. >> if you bring in rudy giuliani, his proximity to comey and mueller, working with these gentlemen in the past, publicly making the case that is going to be played out in many ways in public opinion polls. and very much understanding you got to win the public debate as well. shannon: that opinion is moving in the direction, we will wait official reports in whatever
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form we get them. >> the tweet by rosanne barr, that abc to immediately cancel her show, no mention by donald trump tonight at his speech but trace gallagher tracking it all. >> reporter: a destructive, she would tweet, apologizing tweet again. and valerie jarrett of -- rosanne racially attacked jarrett who was born in iran. muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby equals valerie jarrett. rosanne then apologized to jarrett and all-americans for, quote, making a bad joke but
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the damage was done. and valerie jarrett responded on msnbc, watch. >> we have to turn it into a teaching moment. i am fine, i am worried about all the people who don't have a circle of friends and followers that come to their defense was a person walking down the street minding their own business anti-semitic linking to their purse across the street. >> reporter: rosanne's twitter battle included george soros and chelsea clinton, chelsea soros clinton implying she had married into the soros family. chelsea replied my given middle name is victoria. i imagine george soros's nephews are lovely people but i'm not married to one. rosanne offered an apology to clinton but not without taking a dig at george soros and
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another mild jab at chelsea clinton writing sorry to have tweeted incorrect info about you, please forgive me. by the way george soros is a nazi who turned in his fellow jews to be murdered in german concentration camps and stole their wealth. were you aware of that? but we all make mistakes, right, chelsea? rumors that soros collaborated with nazis have been debunked and a spokesman called her statement and insult to holocaust victims, jewish people and anyone who honors the truth. it should be noted rosanne barr has a history of being controversial on her showings in real life. in the 90s the show rosanne to abc's displeasure routinely dealt with topics like gay marriage, abortion and racism and rosanne barr has been that can be in social and political issues from her mingling of the national anthem in 1992 running for president in 2012. we should note breaking seconds ago rosanne said she would quit twitter and two minutes ago, quote, don't feel sorry for me. i want to apologize to the hundreds of people and wonderful writers who lost
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their jobs due to my stupid tweet. there goes the about to quit twitter. heather: maybe a little bit of a reprieve. i don't know. thank you for tracking the latest developments. embattled missouri governor eric wright announcing he is resigning from office i did a sexual misconduct scandal and allegations of misuse of a charity donor list. this is looming large over the state senate race, vulnerable democratic incumbent claire mccaskill has been highlighting the firestorm in hopes it will started her republican opponent. >> the governor has done the right thing by the state of missouri, resigning his office, the state of missouri can move forward to a better day. shannon: the resignation, i wish my very best to lt.
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governor parson who will be taking over a difficult situation. there is a top senate race in tennessee where the president touched down to support marsha blackburn after taking the stage with the commander-in-chief, she will join us live while the president made no mention of rosanne barr. let's bring in editor of the halftime report, you wrote about this today and talked about the fact that all of us need to be careful wherever you are on the political spectrum, democrats, republicans, people who have embraced famous people who speak when they feel their voices are left out but everybody makes mistakes. do people embrace everything rosanne has said? did they walk away from some of it? based on whatever their convictions are.
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>> the president and his followers were so excited that rosanne barr or this character on television was embracing him and the show was popular. it was evidence their movement was succeeding in these blue collar working-class white voters who felt overlooked and neglected by the system had a voice and there was cultural change happening and aided by the bushel barrel, they were into and they were reminded of something. rosanne barr has been a train wreck since -- the whole point of rosanne barr is being awful and shocking people and trace referenced highlights from her career but she traffics in gross conspiracy theories, she has shocking opinions. whether she is a put on or is unwell, who knows? don't embrace somebody just because they join your team. i watched republicans who had probably never heard the first 3 tracks on college dropout say kanye west is great.
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slow down. you can make up your own mind about who you like and you don't like as an artist, an entertainer, a creative force, don't let politics make you stupid. shannon: don't be so enamored with a preacher that if he stumbles you lose your faith. you can get people but we are all human and will make mistakes and people will disappoint you wherever you are on the political spectrum. we will talk with congresswoman blackburn shortly to talk about other big senate races where the gop may have a tough time. >> you heard josh holly who got rid of his governor and throw a neck tie on. if you resigning the office of governor, didn't have time for all that. missouri, west virginia and north dakota are four seats where republicans feel the best about their chances and don't get a couple of those less it is a freak storm that happens.
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they figure they can get a cup. but then the republicans even though this is the best the party has had since the 20s where democrats are defending 3 times more seats than republican from arizona, nevada, tennessee represent states where they have to work to defend, maybe texas. we will see how the work improves but they are playing defense. blackburn should be able to pull this out because donald trump is the tip of the sphere of $15 million in negative advertising they will jump out on popular revenue and that will be blackburn's job. her negatives are high, she's not a super popular politician in her state. shannon: he is a popular guy. he is getting praise from sen. corker who she hopes to replace. >> they model tennessee,
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centrist, down the middle kind of guy. she has to rough him up and republicans get enough money purchased. heather: we will ask her. secretary of state mike pompeo unveiled a report detailing dangers and abuses religious minorities are facing around the globe including singling out north korea for cycling religious freedom, what impact the public accusation has next. donald trump in nashville stumping for marsha blackburn. >> crime is down in the country but we need republicans and we need to get out and vote for marsha. shannon: running for senate with the pres.'s endorsement, joins us live next. lot more. lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything.
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>> shannon: secretary of state shannon: mike pompeo putting religious freedom in the spotlight, publicly calling out those who threaten, harass or, religious minorities around the globe. richardson is at the state department with details on that. >> reporter: mike pompeo will host his first foreign minister summit in late july, the first ever ministerial to advance religious freedom. >> my first as secretary of state and that is intentional.
12:25 am
religious freedom is indeed a universal human right i will fight for the our team at the department will continue to fight for. >> reporter: he announced the summit of the statement unveiling the annual religious freedom report, required assessment of religious freedom in 200 countries and territories. it berates countries like iran, russia and syria and countries the administration, sensitive negotiations with, inside of the reports is québec government continue to exercise control over religion and restrict the activities and personal freedom of religious adherence to the government perceive these as threatening states or chinese communist party. in north korea the report says there are 80 82100,000 political prisoners, some jailed for religious reasons. >> you have a gulags system operating in north korea and has been a terrible situation for many for many years. >> reporter: sam brownback
12:26 am
unveiled the report today and says he requested me and mark's government give them access to officials and areas where the military persecutes the muslim minority rohingya. >> religious minority, this will require focus on the international community. the international community is focusing but it is going to require action and i think you will see more action coming. >> reporter: this report mentions an american citizen arrested and detained in turkey. pastor andrew bronson, one of tens of thousands arrested after a coup attempt two years ago. >> reporter: thank you so much. the supreme court will not block an arkansas law regulating medical abortions induced by taking a combination of two drugs. the state law requires clinics
12:27 am
to have a contractual relationship with a doctor who has hospital admitting privileges in case there were complications, two planned parenthood clinics doing say it will leave women with only one abortion provider in the state. they opted not to grant an emergency injunction against the law, the case on the merits itself does continue in a lower court. the pres. fresh off a rally in tennessee with support for republican marsha blackburn, hoping to replace bob corker in a race that is now considered a tossup. >> she loves your state, she loves your country, she is going to win, marsha blackburn. >> reporter: fresh off the stage, marsha blackburn joins us, great to have you with us. you are facing a man who is a democrat, a popular former governor but got praise from one of your republican colleagues, hoping to replace bob corker. folks have nice things to say about him, tough race, tough polling, where do you go from
12:28 am
here? >> right to work, this will be are doing every day, working hard to get out our message and earn every single vote. today was a great day for us, we had a fundraiser, a rally that was a packed house at national's municipal auditorium and we are looking forward to continuing to build that energy and build that network that is necessary to win the race. >> you have been confronted by women on the campaign trail who don't understand your support of donald trump. they don't support him, the governor pulled better with women in this race and you do. how will you try to close that gap? >> the way you close that gap is point to the fact that women every day, donald trump's members improve with women because women know he is working hard to make their lives better. look what has happened with the
12:29 am
economy, wage increases, job opportunities, these things are important, the economy, jobs, economic security issue is the number one issue with women, women were incredibly supportive of what he's doing when it comes to the issue of immigration, securing the border, ending illegal entry, and those are places of focus, way to build bridges, dependents and democrats. i have republicans and independentss and democrats, active in the campaign. shannon: the supreme court deciding it would not get in the way of this law, and drug protocol to perform abortions to have connection with dr. that would have hospital admitting privileges, and the complications planned
12:30 am
parenthood saying they could perform abortions. you headed up the house select panel looking at allegations against planned parenthood. what do you think of the allegation women are left with no option in arkansas based on what happened at the supreme court? >> part of what you are hearing from planned parenthood is an overreach, what arkansas has done and the court has agreed with, there should be additional protections for women and unborn children. they wanted to put in place in their state law, it will go into effect. heather: the fight is far from over, this law cannot and must not stand, we will not stop fighting for every person's right to access safe, legal
12:31 am
abortion, it is clear they plan to continue the legal fight playing out in lower court. a number of similar laws are being challenged and there are split decisions was where do you think this is going? >> it is the right way to look at it. what we hear is if these groups are for safe, legal, rare, they should want some protection and restrictions, to help educate women, to protect women and to make certain they are going to be safe and that there is a relationship with a physician, healthcare provider. that makes sense that you would want that. a sensible condition for these women. heather: the supreme court struck down similar regulations in the state of texas.
12:32 am
we will track this case and any others out there. thanks for making time. a surge in violence in chicago, a provocative conversation how the media covers crime and race issues. netflix on the defensive facing criticism for a deal with the obamas, how netflix is responding the roundup when we return.
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shannon: of violent weekend in chicago, 36 shot and 7 that. there are 1300 police officers patrolling the streets in an effort to crack down on crime, violence days after donald trump tweeted chicago police are unable to do their jobs because of the city's bureaucracy, the city mentioning chicago calling out mayor ronnie manual and questions how the media is a recent covering violence in chicago, when getting a lot of attention. let's talk about with tonight,
12:37 am
richard fowler, national spokesperson for the national committee, kaylee mcinerney. and in newsweek, in chicago every weekend, and a round-the-clock marathon like they did with parkland. there's a reason the young black male ex-wife is reported when taken by another black male, that is the racism in america's newsroom, the martial invasion of black urban life. >> there is some truth to what he is saying. when we ask the question to black lives really matter they are talking about what happens between police and african-americans but also the fact that in our communities in baltimore, detroit, new york, you have cities littered with violence and the reason we have violence is a couple reasons, you have under budget, lack of
12:38 am
opportunity, people are in a pressure cooker and we are not doing anything to get them out and this was a failure of all levels, to congress. shannon: the mayor hit on it in this newsweek piece. lee habib, we are talking about fatherlessness and this is something ronnie manual mentioned, you heard me before, policing, prevention, penalties and parenting and if you have a program that solves that you have to speak to all of that, not some of it. some folks are upset about what they are reading, touchy subject to talk about. he cites a piece by juan williams, in the african american community 72% of folks out of wedlock, we have to start talking about the problem. >> he also mentions white
12:39 am
communities and fatherlessness increasing their, a societal problem that happens in all races and contributes to the violence we see but in terms of what government can do not much they can do to solve fatherlessness but you can solve economic opportunity and provide opportunity to get out of these communities to get into a situation where you are prospering. there is historically low hispanic unemployment, these are things the government can't do, they can't call fatherlessness. >> we have a problem and republicans and democrats identified it, we have a prison industrial complex that is ridiculous and outrageous, costing billions of dollars. if we cared about ending fatherless homes were fixing this problem within their would be a march on capitol hill every day to make sure it works for everybody. when an effort an american man goes to jail two times the sentence a white person does
12:40 am
for the same crime we have a larger problem in the government can fix that. >> we agree on that. >> there are those working together on that and that is one of the few bright spots of bipartisanship in washington these days that there is an agreement that is a problem and they are trying to work two sides on finding a solution. >> what is also a problem, the media aspect of this, you don't focus on names of the people who died in chicago and a 20-year-old girl working with her mother and daughter, killed in her bedroom. the liberal mainstream media doesn't fit their narrative of crime they would like to cover so these names are ignored. don't you think we should know their names you they fit a certain narrative that they don't get jagged of about. >> the activists in chicago, the southside is what chicago
12:41 am
didn't have, until just a couple months ago when the hospital was opened after people demanded for weeks and weeks, chicago was home to the hunger strike where they struck for 30 days. we could have a conversation about fatherlessness and other excuses but to me that is crazy to say that. shannon: rahm emanuel said look at many different things that happen, there has to be prevention. and people agree about that. >> this ideal of broken homes is the narrative that brings up, a home is not broken if there is love. two african american men, never part of the criminal justice system, both, quote, great citizens in did that because we had a
12:42 am
mother who loved us and committed to parenting their child. there doesn't have to be a man in the house but we provide mothers and single fathers and single grandmothers and single grandfathers so they can meet the needs of their children and that is not happening in chicago or detroit or baltimore but activists are saying please fund our schools, fix our broken communities. shannon: at the end of the day it is about love and a safe community. all these fathers showed up in school, it comes down to that. a beautiful thing. >> your mom is a perfect example of the way that happens. thank you for being here. time for your real news roundup, netflix pushing back on claims of a sharp left turn after inking a deal with former first lady michelle obama. they are telling industry tocompanies québec the obama network and the two would not be producing any news programming.
12:43 am
lawyers for morgan freeman tractor report about sexual harassment and misconduct claims, the network prodded witnesses to say bad things about the actor and one of the women identified by the network says they misrepresented her comments. it stands by its reporting. washington dc s metro facing backlash after rejecting an ad from the aclu. this will include civil rights icon democratic congressman john lewis, violates its policy on issue advocacy and if it cuts the aclu at it would have to take ads from the ku klux klan. another populist revolt breaks out and police shut it down. it is not over yet. amy kellogg next on italy's anti-euro election. ordering a hero. friends and neighbors remember edison herman, the man who was swept away in the maryland floods trying to help someone
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12:48 am
tuesday. >> translator: the destiny of italy is that of europe. we are part of the greater clinic area. >> not everyone is so sure. italy's pres. rejected the government put forward by the two dominant political parties greenlighted to go into coalition, it was to be europe's first populist government. despite everything europe had nothing to worry about italy's pres. was concerned they would try to take the country out of the euro. there will be a technical government led by this man in french elections, the two published parties became so close to ruling say they will be back with a vengeance between the coalition leaders curious about the withdrawal of support for the proposed government promised the next election will be a referendum on the euro and the other populist leader expressed his anger at the italian president. >> translator: last night was the darkest hour in italy's democracy. >> reporter: french president macron praised his foresight.
12:49 am
>> translator: italy is an important partner for france on all issues which a historic partner, a present partner and a future partner who we respect and needs on our side for the european project. >> reporter: many are complaining their voices were not heard after they gave such big numbers to the 5-star movement in the two antiestablishment parties who are supposed to be leading early next. there is speculation the political martyrdom may serve their interests in the next ballot and make their positions more radical. is hard to find people around here who think the situation looks particularly bright at the moment. shannon: remembering the hero, attributed edison herman who died in maryland in the flood while trying to help a neighbor. we tell you his story. of mutual.
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12:54 am
his friend collect the most any active or, his body was recovered after trying to save a woman from the raging floods in ellicott city, maryland. garrett tenney has the story. >> reporter: there is no shortage of gratitude for edison herman. those who knew eddie say he was always happy, loved life and was always looking to help. he joined the air force in 1996 and served on active duty for ten years. a few years later he became a weekend warrior by joining the army national guard where he became a sgts.. even outside the military the 39-year-old was always looking to help others. in columbia, maryland, he worked for the past 11 years at the gastro pub and always jumped in when his coworkers could use a hand but sunday evening a complete stranger needed a hand. eddie was at a restaurant in ellicott city when flash flooding turns mainstreet into a river. witnesses say was trying to hold the doors close to keep water out but when he saw a woman outside yelling for help he didn't hesitate. as he tried to reach her eddie
12:55 am
was swept away. >> so much for me in my life was that is just him. and therefore sky, and army guy, really amazing guy. >> mr. herman is a hero who put the lives of others before his own. >> reporter: this afternoon after search and rescue teams found his body, the maryland governor larry hogan praised the veteran saying he was a man who dedicated his life in service to others in the air force and the maryland national guard and again sunday night. on the heels of memorial day the one word we kept hearing used to describe any from his friends, coworkers and the woman he tried to save his hero. that is how eddie will be remembered, as a hero is a good man. shannon: in service to our country in service to a complete stranger he is the definition of a hero. we send our best to those who
12:56 am
have been left behind from his loved one in family. most-watched, most trusted and grateful you spent the evening with, good night from washington, see you tomorrow. i am shannon bream. ♪ vo: gopi has built her business with her own two hands.
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tony: "fox and friends first". at 4:00 on the east coast, donald trump taking aim at democrats doubling down on the violent criminals in ms 13. >> ms 13 lover nancy pelosi. she loves ms 13. remember? i said they are animals and she said how dare you say that, how dare you say that? heather: the fiery campaign style rally with brand-new promises from the president. negotiating with north korea. the likelihood of the singapore summit growing


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