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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 30, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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last part of the b to make it look like an our. lebron james, stefan curry and kevin durant are all seen wearing it. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". hopefully you will have a great day. see you back here tomorrow, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> they are not uniforms. the bloodthirsty ms 13 gang members exactly the name i used last week. what was the name? shannon: wednesday, may 3, '02, the pres. ignited a fire in nashville doubling down on ms 13 and illegal immigration. he said mexico will pay for the wall but what does mexico think? how the country responded. rob: peace on the peninsula, mike pompeo coming face-to-face with a high-ranking north korean official today. the new signs that the singapore
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summit may actually happen. >> paid family and medical leave. a living wage, $15 an hour. healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege. shannon: is bernie sanders making a comeback? nuclear a self proclaimed socialist is throwing his hat into the 20/20 ring. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ shannon: foggy out there in midtown manhattan like a scene out of a movie with all the fog over the buildings. rob: the scene of many many many
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movies. it is 5:01. you are watching "fox and friends first". shannon: back to the people in basics. slamming democrats calling for the wall and more at our nashville rally. >> the ms 13 lover nancy pelosi. mexico is going to pay for the wall. there has never been an administration that has done what we have done in the first year and a half. rob: makes for good tv. jackie ibanez with highlights from this event. >> reporter: donald trump greeted by a roaring crowd at the make america great again rally coming up support for gop senate hopeful marsha blackburn. the pres. launching fiery comment that her democratic opponent while blasting nancy pelosi for siding with ms 13.
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>> an absolute total tool of chuck schumer. and of course the ms 13 lover nancy pelosi. i said they are animals, she said how dare you say that. have you seen what they have done? we are taking them out of our country by the thousands. out, out. >> the pres. calling for the wall on mexico's time. >> we are going to get the wall done anyway. mexico, i don't want to cause a problem. but in the end, in the end mexico is going to pay for the wall. shannon: the president of mexico slamming our commander-in-chief once again on twitter saying they will never pay for the wall, and donald trump promises to protect the second amendment right to bear arms.
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>> the other thing is we are going to protect your second amendment. you won't have a second amendment if the democrats take over. >> primary election in tennessee is august 2nd. >> donald trump hitting on every issue at the nashville rally and the crowd as you heard loved every minute of it. national security strategist dr. sebastian gorka says the number of accomplishments highlighted in this speech turned the blue wave into a puddle. >> tonight was a barn storm. i looked at things he covered and ran out of space, whether it is nancy, the ms 13 lover, standing up for the flag, the second amendment, rebuilding our military the tax cuts, this was
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the speech, you don't need talking points in november, don't care who the candidate is, this is the speech that nailed the republican wave, not a democrat wave. i won't say blue wave because gets his color is blue on our color, if there is any party that is read it is the democrats so tonight was spectacular. i don't see what democrats have to run on after tonight, bringing back isis, raising your taxes, letting more ms 13 into the country, tonight was foul division. shannon: donald trump set to hold another rally in houston. pushing hard for peace on the peninsula, donald trump said the us is respected again, plan for a potential summit with kim jong un. >> a crucial meeting between mike otto warmbier and a cop, north korean official. griff jenkins live in washington with what we can expect.
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>> reporter: the first time in 18 years i level north korean official travels to the us and last time the administration hopes this time things will be different as kim jong un's right-hand man is on his way to jfk. km jong chol is vice-chairman of the ruling party but known in south korea's the excess by chief who had a blood he hand in terrorist attacks on the south. secretary pompeo is headed to meet with him. >> we are finalizing what these meetings look like but the secretary is headed to new york tomorrow. >> reporter: as for the ongoing negotiations, and the national security adviser john bolton on notice to get ready. >> john bolton, they think he is so nasty and so tough i have to hold him back. he is doing a great job.
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we have some good negotiations. >> resin now says it's foreign minister will travel for talks on a suspected summit. >> our country is respected again all over the world. we are not making apologies, we are not making excuses. we are respected again as a country. >> on track for june 12th. fast developing, looks like km jong chol will be landing this afternoon. >> is real sending, palestinian
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militants and the heaviest a second four years, israeli fighter jets retaliating by striking 55 targets on the gaza strip after palestinian border attacks targeted among other things the kindergarten in israel. hamas backed officials claiming a cease-fire has been reached. israel denies that, violence showing no sign of slowing down after weeks of mass protests and attempt to breach the border. >> people in north carolina warned to get out overnight as a dam teeters on the brink of failure. >> flooding. downtown. lou: flooding concerns continue to grow while historic rain causes water to spill over the walls of the dam. several mudslides after the body of missing guardsmen is an urban was found after being swept away while trying to rescue a woman.
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an american flag was draped over his body as search and rescue crews pulled him from the river. fast-moving and unstoppable destruction. molten engulfing crucial roads on the big island of hawaii threatening to destroy more homes and businesses. >> there she blows. >> reporter: gasoline exploding as lava completely around that home. smoke and haze can be seen all the way for 1000 miles away. 71 homes have been destroyed in 2000 people evacuated. >> hours after abc canceled her show over a racist tweet rosanne barr is back on twitter apologizing, quote, i did something unforgivable, do not defend me. it was to:00 in the morning and it was memorial day too.
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i went too far and do not want to defend it. it was egregious, indefensible, i made a mistake i wish i hadn't, but don't defend it please, thank you. more overnight, i am sorry for my tweet and i will defend myself as well as talk to my followers, go away if you don't like it. i will handle my sadness the way i want to. i'm tired of being attacked and belittled more than other comedians who said worse. her joke was aimed at valerie jarrett. abc canning the conservative charge sitcom reboot despite record ratings, their first number one show in something like 24 years on abc. >> kim kardashian sitting down with jared kushner. vanity fair reports the reality star will discuss prison reform and will ask donald trump to pardon alex johnson. the 62-year-old woman serving a life sentence without parole for first-time drug offense. rob: charles spent more than a year in prison for tax evasion.
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shannon: liberals in uproar over this picture of child immigrants in cages taken during obama's presidency from vaccinations to money, something refugees, treatment better than many us citizens. that is why illegals stopped in our country. >> we are not going to be a stupid country anymore. the only politician that produced more than i said i was going to produce. rob: big rally last night donald trump putting to put america first in a fiery campaign style speech. do americans believe he is the one who can get things done? the brand-new guide. ♪ you've got to get in there, like...
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rob: democrats taking aim at the pres. for an obama era hall see the left migrant children in cages but it turns out refugees, people trying to claim refugee status have access to simply good benefits in the united states with over 90% getting food stamps in 2015. what is refugee life really like in the united states? separating fact from fiction is the president of the national border patrol council, brandon john. thank you for coming on this morning, we are talking benefits for refugees and i will start with medical care. it appears 67%, almost 60% of refugees receive medicaid or medicare assistance in 2015. talk about that. >> one of the major magnets drying people to the country to break the law. imagine if a united states
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citizen broke the law in another country and demanded medical care what would happen to the united states citizen. when people come over here, across the board illegally, it goes back on social media to their country of origin which draws more people to come across the border illegally and they claim are silent after the case is adjudicated years down the road, determined they did not deserve asylum. rob: they are crossing under the guise of asylum seeking, they are granted asylum, nothing they do is wrong and the trick to get into the country. >> 87% of individuals who cross the border illegally and claim asylum are not granted asylum but they know they will be here for several years until the case
2:17 am
is adjudicated. rob: talk about food stamps, what do we have their? >> that is the driver, what drives people to come to the country illegally, break our laws, they know they will get all these social benefits, food stamps is another major benefit they get. >> 92.5% receiving footsteps when they come into the country. we take good care of people when they come in and they claim they need help in this country. short-term cash and financial support for 5 years, 72.4% of people claiming refugee status, cash assistance in 2015. that is a nice luxury to have when you are coming from the country. >> from a law-enforcement standpoint that put a lot of pressure on the border patrol agent because as more people
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cross the border our stress level goes up, danger goes up and deal with a lot more people and if we do not deal with these, i am confident this president will deal with that. if you look at what is going to happen in june, the goodlatte bill will come up for a vote to give us border security measures, tighten of those loopholes not allowing people to cross the border illegally and claim asylum without adjudicating it right there on the spot. there are positive things going forward and this president is making them happen. >> english as a foreign language class, you can learn english if you come here and claim asylum, job readiness and employment. we take good care of people and good-natured to people who are here legitimately because they're running from a situation where they think their life is threatened. a number of people are abusing
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the system, because there are so many benefits seeking asylum. >> if they are here legitimately and do have a legitimate asylum claim we should take care of those individuals which is why we have the laws the we do. the problem is the vast majority of them do not have legitimate asylum claim and if they are receiving, taking from the taxpayer, you and i who put into the system, to benefit our citizens and those individuals who have a legitimate claim. rob: thank you for highlighting this issue and see how to take care of this, we appreciate your time. shannon: 19 after the are, a father whose daughter was killed in the school massacre slamming a school shooting video game. >> encouraging going into a
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school. kind of crazy. shannon: it was pulled amid serious backlash and your comments are pouring in. >> our laws come first. they need to be fixed. i can't be mad at trump for doing his job. jillian: the wife of a deported immigrant defending donald trump for doing his job. more when "fox and friends first" continues. ♪ ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd.
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heather: have you seen this? a videogame allowing players to step into the shoes of a school shooter facing nationwide backlash. rob: the plant release next week
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is now in question. todd pyro has reaction for school shooting victim's father. >> reporter: message received a minute towards of controversy. a digital distribution company, a horrific videogame that allows players to simulate a school shooting. the company announced it would pool the game. this allows parents to simulate a school shooting by taking on the role of the shooter with actual stats, and how many police officers were killed. let that sink in. and a person calling himself a to, he was operating as bc interactive team. and copyrighted material and
2:25 am
user review manipulation. and came to light is investigating the controversy around upcoming title. we are not going to do business with people who act like this towards customers or us. andrew pollock, the father of meadow pollock, killed in the parkland massacre, joins us earlier to express his outrage. >> the manufacturer of the game to develop a game like that doesn't make sense. >> the first step. >> reporter: pollock set forth in h point plan to boost school safety, secure the perimeter, control the flow, protect the interior, developed the school safety volunteer network, increase parental communication, appoint a district school safety specialist, increased mental health services and establish a
2:26 am
school safety hotline. i am trying to put myself in the father's position in seeing a game that makes light of it. jillian: it is not often we have something everybody on all sides agree on but everything i yesterday was complete outrage about this. rob: your reaction pouring in, video games and virtual reality have taken over kids minds today. the youth of today can't grasp the reality of actual violent acts and the destruction it causes. david and instagram says horrible example, so many isolated and mentally ill people. why do them anymore ideas? steve on facebook says absolutely disgusting, echoing the sentiments you saw yesterday. makes no sense. rob: used and abused, the maker of oxycontin new their drug was addictive years ago. a bombshell new report.
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rob: we are a few hours from a crucial meeting between mike pompeo and kim jong un's right-hand man, km jong chol, who will and at jfk airport at any minute, the first time in 18 years a high-level military official has traveled to the united states from north korea. this comes ahead of a planned summit in singapore with kim
2:31 am
jong un. jillian: a maryland man who traveled to somalia to join in our titling extremist group learning his fate, a general -- federal judge sentencing him to prison after he confessed to joining our shabbat. he was consigned to commit an attack against the us when he was arrested in 2015. they have carried out a way of deadly attacks in kenya since 2011. rob: a woman seen in this emotional video saying goodbye to her deported husband winning some support with donald trump. >> our laws come first. they need to be fixed. i can't be mad at trump for doing his job because his job is to protect as us citizens and criminals was the only thing is my husband was not a criminal. rob: cindy garcia. her husband deported after being brought to the united states illegally when he was 10 years old. she said the law needs to be fixed but criminals need to be sent back to their countries.
2:32 am
a new york giants veteran inviting donald trump to the locker room to discuss the and some controversy. >> the pres. reaffirming his stance in nashville last night. >> we have respect for our great american flag and we always proudly stand for our national anthem. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with what folks were saying online. >> reporter: a unique imitation from mark kurtz lick who said i would love trump to come down here and hang out in our locker room and see what locker room talk is about. he said the real issue is players against the president of the country, it is about players being for unity. he was talking about the nfl national anthem controversy. should the president take him up on that invitation?
2:33 am
a whole variety of responses coming in on social media. one twitter user says there's nothing to discuss, layers are paid to play, not to display their political agenda. rebecca says what is there to discuss? you need to stand for the national anthem and vince tweets players should take their concerns up with their employers who set the workplace rules. others calling it a nice gesture. rob: we shall see if he goes to the locker room or not. bernie sanders. >> he is making headlines, he made a bunch of campaign promises like these. >> 3 months paid family and medical leave. a living wage, $15 an hour. healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege. >> all of that sounds nice and according to his former campaign
2:34 am
manager he is considering another run for the white house in 2020. reaction pouring in online. golden girl on twitter says trump's dream opponents, you can count on four more years of trump. abigail says he has done enough damage already. sanders's interest in running should not be a surprise considering how well he did in 2016. jillian: you know my love of dogs. i love this video. >> a firefighter in maine received the cutest thank you ever after rescuing a dog who got stuck on a roof, fire capt. jeff newsom, used a letter to get onto the roof and the dog gave him some cute little kisses. the dog made his way through an open window and the captain opened the window and let him in to safety. isn't that sweet? your thoughts? don't you think it is cute?
2:35 am
rob: it is adorable. >> he is into heartwarming stuff. rob: good to see you again. appreciate it at 5:30 in the morning. >> california taking aim at the second amendment, making it harder to defend your self. >> we are not going to be a stupid country anymore. i'm the only politician that produced more than i said i was going to produce. rob: promising to put america first in a fiery campaign style speech. do americans believe he is the one that can get things done in the white house? brand-new dials just in next. ♪ you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed?m let's get someone to say it with a really low voice.
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rob: extreme weather, a lightning bolt striking a lifeguard stand on a jersey beach during a storm. it was so intense it splintered the wood and sent it across the sand. janice dean is tracking the latest on a lot of storms on the eastern seaboard. >> what is left of alberto in a storm system across the central us brought severe weather including tornadoes yesterday. there is future radar. it looks unsettled for the great lakes, the northeast and florida. looking at the central us we had tornado report yesterday and our tale, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes today. here's your severe threat across the rockies, central plains and great lakes and looking at your tornado thread again over portions of texas and oklahoma. i'm out of breath because i had
2:40 am
to run up a flight of stairs and i'm so out of shape right now. i went to that the viewers know that is why i am breathing heavily. i had to go up three flights of stairs. the things we do to bring you the weather. your forecast across the great lakes, ohio valley and florida, what remains of alberto moving northward. a better day across the central us, very warm, hot temperatures across the self. you know what i'm going to do one of these days? take a video of all the stairs i have to walk up and down to get down to your studio. rob: we know what you have to go through. >> i'm so out of shape. jillian: i love janice. donald trump firing up the crowd in nashville last night. what are the top moments and how
2:41 am
did americans react? let's ask lee carter what the dial had to say. let's get to it and start with donald trump saying he's the only politician to get things done. >> i'm the only politician that produced more than i said i was going to produce and we are only one and a half years in. >> you can see this wasn't the best night for the president, republicans gave it a c plus come independents of the and democrats gave it an f but they said we are used to his bravado, used to him tallying himself. they like it when he is touting more specifics, i'm the only one, i'm the best one. jillian: let's move on to the next topic, donald trump had a message for congressman marsha blackburn's democratic opponent
2:42 am
in tennessee. >> you have to vote republican in november. the what is happening with the democrats? marsha's very liberal democrat opponent, phil medicine, never heard of this guy, who is he? who is he? he was an absolute total tool of chuck schumer. he is a tool. of chuck schumer and of course, the ms 13 lover nancy pelosi. jillian: what our people think? >> republicans gave it to become independents that the, democrats in f. trump is a master at defining his opponents, low-energy jazz, little marco, crooked hillary. this one didn't necessarily work as well as he has to do more work to define the opposition as
2:43 am
he goes into the campaign season as he is rallying into the midterms. jillian: after we play the sound you can tell us but i think most people would like to hear him say we are going to be a better country. >> we are not going to be a stupid country anymore. we are not going to be. you can say what you want but i think border security and security general is a great issue for the republican party, not a bad issue. >> what do you think of the word stupid? >> not so much. republicans gave this in a-democrats in f. they will be critical in the midterms and seems the pres. is losing support. everyone across the board said we weren't stupid. maybe we need to be smarter and a lot of people did agree when he was talking border security. >> we will make america wealthy,
2:44 am
strong in a safe and great again. >> we are americans which our hearts bleed red, white and blue. we will never given. we will never give up. we will never stop fighting for our country. without a doubt we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. >> the red is off the charts. republicans gave it an a plus come independents to be, democrats gave it a see. this is vintage donald trump, why he was elected to be president of the united states and people like to hear this message more than the other
2:45 am
things. i feel at this point that he can't say anything they are going to give him a positive grade for. >> that has been the case the whole way through. democrats are not his target audience. he knows that. he needs to focus on independent voters who are softening towards him. we have seen them swing back and forth so anything can happen but right now they are not necessarily on his side. >> donald trump railing against the russia probe saying democrats were the ones doing the middling. fox news senior digital analyst judge andrew napolitano is here to weigh in on that. a guy medley in russia's election. >> i hate to interrupt the judge. appreciate it. she will react to that big speech from last night in
2:46 am
nashville. and kevin mccarthy, house majority leader, could be the next speaker of the house. from healthcare to tax reform and newt gingrich, former speaker, and representative marsha blackburn on the stage with the president last night and the university of memphis in tennessee becoming the first school to offer free tuition to goldstar families, we will talk to the university president, big show on "fox and friends". we will be right back. i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making america's #1 shave. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> one of the nation's because
2:50 am
drugmakers knew it's opioids were being widely abused. according to the justice department report obtained by the new york times, the makers of oxycontin were aware the drug was being word for decades but still marketed as nonaddictive. 42,000 people died from opioid abuse in 2016. rob: the legal age to purchase firearms could be raised in california, the senate voting to raise the age from 18 to 21. democrat sen. anthony tweeting sb one 100 to raise gun purchase age to 21 at lincoln sales to one per month passed the state senate. if dc won't ask california will. the measure moves to the assembly. jillian: donald trump calling out robert mueller's team and democratic candidates. jason chaffetz 0 rob: 13 every democrats working
2:51 am
on the rigged russia witchhunt will be meddling with the midterm election especially now that republicans stay tough, taking the lead in polls, there was no collusion except by the democrats. jillian: will the mueller probe impact voters decision in the midterms? to wayne is judicial analyst judge entered napolitano, thank you for joining us. do you think it will have an impact? judge napolitano: know. i don't. that sweets always had an impact. they are not generated to win more voters, his tweets are generated to jen up his base and they do that with success and part of what we was talking about was the base likes to hear that and be reinforced by him but have you heard anything from bob mueller which would indicate they want democrats to take the house of representatives? not at all. we were talking about the ken starr investigation of bill clinton, judge stark was on television once or twice a week.
2:52 am
have you ever seen bob mueller or any of his people give interviews? i think the president is doing this to gin up his base, not to win over more voters but this time it is a reach too far because prosecutors don't get involved in electoral politics. when they do, if they do, they will undermine their own credibility. rob: a lot of concern about having an impact on the 2016 election by introducing an investigation. judge napolitano: i agree with you and in my view i agree with you that he said it and that his thinking was defective. hillary clinton should have been looked on if anybody else committed espionage, the failure of state secrets. whether it looked like he was going to win or not, when donald trump says why are they going after hillary clinton. the justice department that works for you that you could
2:53 am
order to go after -- and >> what you think he is doing that. it drums up the base. i don't think it expands the base. lee would argue, and democrats by thinking it keeps those who stand last night continuing to stand here. jillian: what can he do it this point to get those independents on his side. it might be deflating him a little bit. judge napolitano: talk about the economy, cut a break or a deal with kim jong un in singapore. to use mueller as a whipping boy to suggest the prosecutors, because they are democrats can't do their job, to call the investigation rigged and illegitimate illegitimate? it is ratified by 6 federal
2:54 am
judges. he himself followed what the investigation did when he sanctions the 11 russian intelligence bob mueller indicted. it is quite legitimate and reaching too far. rob: we have a pending inspector general report, nonpartisan report everybody is chomping at the bit to get a look at. we have three people interviewed next month. one was peter stzrok's bus. there was speculation about him going to london two weeks before the investigation. judge napolitano: he went to london to meet with chris steele and maybe other people. the former british intelligence agent. i don't know what will come out of the interview, it is very damning. they did not prosecute her.
2:55 am
rob: the pre-staff thing. is there anything there or is it just smoked? judge napolitano: i don't know the answer to that. a lot of these interrogations were done in secret. republicans look at it and give their version and democrats give us their version. i love these. >> coming right back. . .
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rob: welcome pack. time forked good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. call him dr. j.j. watts. houston texas star receiving honorary degree from baylor college of medicine. >> i have had a lot of big dreams in my life but not even i ever dreamt i would become a doctor one day. [laughter] rob: watt recognized for he does great things raising millions of dollars for hurricane harvey recovery efforts. jillian: a car spins out of control bursting into flames. her daughter is in the backseat. >> somebody in the car. somebody in the car. i see somebody in the car. jillian: we are happy to report nobody was hurt. rob: finally the ugly hangry thief. after church stealing food from their pantry. look at this mess.
3:00 am
the burglar left that church in maine with three frozen pizzas and ice cream. he got in through unlocked door. he is still on the run. what a mess. jillian: hangry is a real thing. happens to all of us. rob: happening right now. jillian: have a good day. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: if we were forced to pick a house band i would make a bid on andy grammar. almost every song he has gets you going for the day. even when he doesn't use actual lyrics. pete: we have room for a house band. brian: we have plenty of room. we have not thought about it. ainsley: make it like a wedding reception. house bar back there catered food over there. pete: night shows get house


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