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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 30, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the burglar left that church in maine with three frozen pizzas and ice cream. he got in through unlocked door. he is still on the run. what a mess. jillian: hangry is a real thing. happens to all of us. rob: happening right now. jillian: have a good day. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: if we were forced to pick a house band i would make a bid on andy grammar. almost every song he has gets you going for the day. even when he doesn't use actual lyrics. pete: we have room for a house band. brian: we have plenty of room. we have not thought about it. ainsley: make it like a wedding reception. house bar back there catered food over there. pete: night shows get house bands.
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brian: have you seen our shows at night? there is no. hannity has a band? ainsley: we have had djs. brian: first day we had a dj. i will play it back for you. ainsley: such a tease. i thought it was going to be like that every day. i said yes to the job. brian: meanwhile, so much to talk about today. i know you have been watching the coverage last night and the president had a major rally. first first there is lot going on in new york today. we begin with a fox news alert hence the sound you just heard. all signs point to a summit. pete: we are just hours away from a crucial meeting between secretary of state mike pompeo and high ranking korean official. ainsley: griff jenkins has the latest from washington, d.c. for us. griff? >> good morning. this is a big deal. first time in 18 years that a high ranking north korean official travels to the u.s. last time it failed to produce results. this time the administration hopes things will be different as kim young chol
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vice chair of the north's ruling party but known as exspy in south korea because he had a bloody hand in attacks on them. is he on his way right now to jfk. the state department confirms that the secretary of state pompeo is heading to new york to meet with him in the next it 4 hours as retired general jack keane has this to say. >> leader of the north korean envoy somebody of that stature been in all the negotiation points. he is obviously carrying a message. i think likely he is trying to get the actual content of the summit on track that kim jong un is serious about denuclearization, whether he truly is or not remains to be seen. >> there was little mention from the president at last night's rally in nashville about the summit. although he made it clear that his national security advisor had better get ready. >> great john bolton. they think he is so nasty and so tough that i have to hold him back.
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okay? it's pretty great. and he is doing a great job. you better get some rest because we have some pretty good negotiations coming though. >> adding to the fast-moving developments we are learning this morning that russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is traveling for talks tomorrow. what will be interesting also is whether or not secretary pompeo will make a third trip to pomp i can't think between now and the expected summit, that june 12th date not hard yet, but we shall find out soon more. ainsley: thank you, griff. brian: i don't see anything wrong if they push back a week or two because there seems to be a lot of groundwork. pete: process, protocol. logistics two countries don't trust each other in a foreign land with a couple meetings to set it all up. we will see if june 129. ainsley: delay it a week i agree. get all your ducks in a row. they differ on the time line how they will denuclearize north korea. brian: couple things bother me about this. number one, i don't love
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this guy coming to a mission in new york. he did the 2014 hack on sony number one. so we had to lift the vale. third time they are meeting. i guess don't have a choice if you are meeting with an outlaw nation this is what you have to do. ainsley: hitting a ship in south korea killing almost 50 people. brian: how they get away with it is unbelievable. it really particulars me partic- ticks me off. sergei lavrov will go to north korea. what could they possibly do constructive to help this process along. of course, you can't do anything without russia playing some type of role. ainsley: looking at us playing a role and they want to get on it, too. brian: or stop it. pete: throw muck in the gear. brian: two allies russia and china. china i understand russia is a late entry in. ainsley: our president is trying to push hard for peace on the peninsula. by them sending this guy over is a strong message they want this to happen. third time met with pompeo.
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so they know each other. pete: pushing for peace in the peninsula pushing for 2018 and 2020. we saw that last night in nashville. the president holding a big rally there marsha blackburn was out. she will be opt program with us as well. he is trying to rally voters. don't get complacent and hit on very familiar themes you are used. to say listen to the president last night in nashville. do we love nashville? do we love tennessee? we truly are making america great again. look at all those hats. our country is respected again all over the world. no more apologies. [chanting u.s.a.] marcia's very liberal democrat opponent phil bredesen, i never heard of this guy. who is he? who is he? he is a tool of chuck
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schumer and, of course, the ms-13 lover nancy pelosi. [crowd boos] they are more interested in taking care of criminals than they are in taking care of you. how do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign? [crowd boos] >> can you imagine? can you imagine? we are coming up with great healthcare. our secretary of labor is coming out with a plan in two weeks. we are taking back our country. we're returning the power back to our great american patriots. [cheers and applause] brian: this is a concern for the republicans. they are worried about arizona the senate seat there with jeff flake. they are worried about this seat here in tennessee because it does not help that bob corker and phil
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bredesen are friends even though they are democrats and republicans. gave a lukewarm endorsement to marsha blackburn. how about i will vote for the republican. he said she is going to have a tough time. she said i'm going to take nashville values to washington. she will be on our show and we'll talk to her about that. pete: are they bringing nashville values to washington or are they with the resistance. the democrats still haven't found a nation. the president does a nice job do you want a border or borderless world. sanction area city and tax cut all the kneeling. he still draw as stark line. brian: marsha blackburn first one on the trump train. something about president trump that she liked all
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along. one thing impressive about her. she played a major role when mitt romney had the nomination. i watched her running things at the convention while looking after her grandchildren. so you see the grand mom. you see the mom. you see the person. you see the congresswoman who is always on a mission. been strong on her values. i think she feels as though she is perfect for this spot. ainsley: talked about the economy and ms-13, that nancy loves ms-13. then he talked about the wall and said we got 1.6 billion for the wall. he said san diego, they were tired of people walking across the border and into their country. listen. >> in the end, mexico is going to pay for the wall. i'm just telling you. i'm just telling you. [cheers and applause] i don't want to cause any problems. but in the end, mexico is paying for the wall. they make all of this money and they do absolutely nothing to stop people from going through mexico from
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honduras and all these other countries, the caravan, all of this stuff. they do nothing to help us. nothing. brian: the mexican government -- mexico is actually in a presidential race. got to look tough and opponent got to look strong. so enrique, the current president right now tweeted this out right away. president trump, no, mexico will never pay for a wall not now, not ever, sincerely mexico, all of us. here is the thing. nafta is being renegotiated. there are different fees. that's the way it's going to come out eventually when it comes to who is going to cross. pete: congress has been on be a abstinent as well.
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jillian: people in north carolina are being told to get out as the dam teeters on the brink of failure. >> spring flooding old for the, north carolina. jillian: causing water to spill over the walls of the lake. sad news out of ellicott city, maryland. the body of edison has been found. >> today i'm announcing i will resign as governor of missouri effective friday june 1st at 5:00 p.m. jillian: he was facing impeachment after being charged with invasion of privacy stemming with an affair he had before becoming governor. that charge was dismissed. now there is now questions on if he violated campaign finance laws.
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mike parson should be sworn in on friday. hours after cbs cancelled her show over a tweet roseanne barr. i did something undefendable. it was 2:00 in the morning. i was ambien tweeting. it was memorial day, too. i went too far and do not want to it defended. it was egregious, indefensible i made a mistake i wish i hadn't but don't defend it please. a lot of people still talking about that news from yesterday. brian: thanks, jillian. people were talking about that two networks blew out had a race all night show. i think roseanne, one of her tweets was real accurate. don't worry about me. what about the hundreds of people that worked on the show. they are all out of a job today. ainsley: she should have thought about that before she tweeted. they made the right
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decision. no we won't defend her. will we forgive her as a christian? yes. should she have said that, absolutely not. it was offensive. pete: comments were indefensible. jillian: watch that. pete: watching the pc mob reinforce what is a double standard world we live. in showed a lot of courage putting that program on the show in the first place. they kind of ran away at first chance. folks on the left have said far worst about trump no consequence. again non-defensible won't defend what roseanne said. i'm for free speech. i don't love the mob mentality. show with high ratings. maybe an apology should be good enough sometimes. i get executives make decisions. these are private companies we live in a free world. it is what it is. ainsley: she said she was going to quit twitter tweeting last night because of ambien. she made those comments memorial day weekend and she was on ambien. brian: only thing i would
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add is valerie jarrett great of her to accept the apology wrong of her to point at donald trump. says it comes from the top. trump bears responsibility from the racist tweet from the comedian. what does donald trump have to do with it? number one, he did call her to say thanks for depicting an american family that is pro-trump which a lot of working class families are. as far as i know, there is no link to president trump. ainsley: weigh in on this. let us know what you think at home. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. president trump railing against mueller and 13 angry democrats. next guest says they aren't just angry they are worse. steve: is bernie sanders ready to run in 2020. former campaign manager just dropped the biggest clue yet. we're going to bring it to you. ♪ ♪ i'm very proud of the fact
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3:18 am
terms by holding their probe so close to the elections. does he have a point? especially because it's ongoing, we don't know when it's going to come to an end. polster for president trump's campaign adam geller. adam, so he talks about 13 angry democrats who work for robert mueller. he sells they are meddling in the mid terms because the probe is not wrapping up. and we are in the summer now. >> here's the problem. let's look at presidents, right? you started this investigation with two very partisan democrats, right? in page and strzok and talking about deputy director mccabe. so it is not really unfathomable that you can have some partisan democrats on here who do, in fact, have some skin in the game as far as the election is concerned. it's not out of the question. brian: so we don't know that partisan democrats judging by their tweets they are anti-trump. now we know that the ig report is going to come out and look at what peter strzok and lisa page, who are having an affair
3:19 am
actually doing. they played a major role in everything in this investigation. now we know this links back to london. not to get everybody confused but that's where papadopoulos is and that's where he met with the informant and that's where he met with the australian ambassador. so this is coming full circle. if the big picture, what do you think it means for the president? it used to be bad. now i get the sense that it's not all bad for the president. >> look what's happening, right? the president's job approval rating is going up. real clear average has it today something around 47, 48%. about an 8 point jump from january. brian: mueller's is going down. >> mueller's is going down. independents and republicans are both, you know, the support is plummeting for this thing. they are losing credibility because all this little pieces of information keep coming out. brian: interesting. sole here is trey gowdy yesterday saying well, on this informant, it could mean a couple of things. listen. >> it was president trump
3:20 am
himself who said, number one, i didn't collude with russia but if anyone connected with my campaign did, i want the fbi to find that out. i am even more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got. and that it has nothing to do with donald trump. brian: because the people around him were periphery. he never even met carter page. so that's their problem, not his. >> i completely agree. and so and that is -- appears to be exactly what's going on. there is peripheral players. and, quite frankly, in the grand scheme of things. the obama justice department. the obama fbi sending in spies. not a good look for the democrats. brian: didn't help in the long run. it helped bill clinton look like he was being unjustly hit. >> it sure did. brian: maybe the same thing is happening again. >> that's right. brian: adam, thanks, fascinating. president trump warning republicans don't get
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complacent for mid terms. who should be worried more the g.o.p. or democrats? get set for the summer heat and politics never end. "fox & friends" continues in just a moment ♪ swing, swing need something printed? the business advisors at office depot can assist with exactly what your business needs to grow. get your coupon for 20% off services, technology and more at office depot and technology and more why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? it's a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. he yelled allahu akbar as he killed three people including two cops in belgium. he was on a 48 hour leave from prison. benjamin her man was on a police watch list. police shot and killed him during the attack. also breaking things calming down on the gaza strip after israeli fighter jets strike dozens of hamas targets. the move overnight coming after palestinians, you know, led by hamas launched their heaviest attack in four years.
3:25 am
after weeks of mass protests and violence along the gaza border. a live report from israel coming up in our next hour. anxiously? ainsley: thank you, pete. tennessee voters turning up in droves to the rally last night. president trump still had a strong warning. >> in november, we will reverse a trend. when you win the presidency, for some reason, you always end up losing the house. you get complacent. you win. and now you sit back and you relax. that's the worst thing that can happen. all of a sudden, you have another election. ainsley: who should be more worried headed into the mid terms in about six months? here to debate is g.o.p. polster justin wallen and joel pain. justin, i will start with you. democrats need to flip 23 seat. experts are saying they predict they will flip anywhere between 25 and 40
3:26 am
seats. knowing that information, it's going to be very tough. what do republicans need to do? >> this election, just like pretty much any other is about issues. it's not necessarily about personalities. i think that's one of the missteps that could happen on either the democratic or the republican side. i tend to see it a little bit more on the democratic side. i don't see the messaging or the themes quite as strong where republicans are strong is there were two huge issues last year that need to be pushed forward. one was tax reform. the other was healthcare reform. failed with healthcare reform. succeeded with tax reform. and the third issue, which is much smaller is infrastructure. if something can be done with that at least republicans can claim ownership. ownership is big right now. action is important. we need to see that in order for republicans to have a chance to buck the historical trend of mid terms. ainsley: joel, what do you think the reason is for democrats -- it looks like it's in favor of the democrats. democrats will take the house. when you have nancy pelosi saying i want to increase your taxes, i want open
3:27 am
borders and supporting ms-13 backing them, how do the democrats win with that message? >> that's a nonsense way to lay out the democratic agenda. ainsley: correct me then. how do you lay it out. >> that's not true. ainsley: that is true. she has said that. >> that's not. but we can agree to disagree. ainsley: okay. >> the president it's very interesting that he was even in tennessee last night. i have worked in politics. i worked for the former majority leader harry reid. and the idea that you are even in tennessee as a republican president what, three or four months before election day defending a seat that you should never have to defend, a state that the president won with over 60% of the vote in 2016, that shows you how weak is he in tennessee. that shows you how rutterless the republican establishment is in tennessee because the president has put them in that position. because is he failing in trump country. republicans are run away from him. marsha blackburn is going to have to cling on -- hold on for dear life to hold on to that seat. i think that's the big story from last night that the president even had to defend
3:28 am
that seat in tennessee last night. that's "the big story." ainsley: well, every president has done, this right, justin? every president goes into areas where the races are tight to try to rally the troops? >> yeah. sure. one of the funny things about what the president said last night is who is the opponent? i never heard of him. successful governor of tennessee. i mean, if the democratic party was going to pull together the right candidate for this race that's the candidate. and that's why it's tight. it's not because trump is losing support in any meaningful way for republicans. i mean, this is marsha blackburn not necessarily about trump. >> his numbers are down by 10 points. >> actually they have been contracting ever since fall. he is upside down. i mean, we're not pretending about anything. is he upside down. but they are contracting. and trump is seen as, you know, relatively independent. he is not necessarily fully tied to the republican party. this can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing.
3:29 am
at the end of the day what i said earlier still stands. it's about issues. and if blackburn owns the issues that matter to tennessee, then she will emerge victorious. ainsley: justin, joel, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. husband was deported from the united states for being illegal immigrant. but, she is not mad. >> our laws come first. our laws are just broken and need to be fixed. but i can't be mad at trump for doing his job. ainsley: can you bet the liberal media wasn't expecting that answer. tomi lahren is here to react next. will netflix become the obama network. what the streaming service just said about multi-million-dollar deal with thwith the former first family. happy birthday to wh winona jud. she is 54 years old today.
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>> we're not going to be a stupid country anymore. we've stopped it. we're not going to be. [cheers and applause] and you can say what you want, but i think border security and security general is a great issue for the republican party. brian: you know what? i actually think it's beyond republicans. i think the average american wants border security. i think that's the most confusing issue on democrats. i think everybody really wants some security on the southern border. they are crazy to fight the president on the border. ainsley: you kept saying the majority of californians don't want sanctuary cities and then all these cities
3:34 am
started to vote against it let's bring in tomi lahren who lives in california. she is a fox news contributor and can weigh in on this. why is border security so important to the folks who do live in california. those who support the president? >> well, californians and other border states we understand that we're the most vulnerable when it comes to these issues. but it's not just us. we just deal with the problem more close to home. this is an american issue. as brian said, when i hear our president double down on border security, of course that's going to be a winning agenda item for this president and those who choose to support border security. what we really need to ask is why are the democrats so against it why do the democrats not believe in the integrity of our borders, our laws and protecting the american people? that's the question that needs to be asked. not why is trump doubling down. of course this president is doubling down this president believes in a secure border. brian: there is a push with nature cory gardner and moderates in the house to
3:35 am
get something done on daca before mid terms come. go with the mid terms what they have done or haven't done. what do you think about that? the president may be going there and saying giving me the 25 billion for the wall i will give you daca and go back for chain migration? go back for the lottery? do you think that benefits him or us? >> i think this president has said multiple times he is willing to compromise. what's most important not only for president trump but for the americans that voted for president trump because of his promise to build the wall is that before we start dealing with those that are already here illegally that we have border enforcement. that has to be number one. the american people have to trust that first and then we can have a bigger conversation about immigration reform. i think to do it pete meal, piecemealis a mistake. american people will stand behind him. brian: which means nothing gets done though. >> it might mean that nothing gets done immediately. but i think that there is going to be pressure on the republicans and each on the
3:36 am
democrats to do something. and not just piece by piece but have real, true immigration reform for the first time in a long time. that's what the american people want. us as voters, we have to make sure that we make that clear. and we vote on issue that. pete: democrats in resisting this president on the wall have tried to characterize his policies as inhumane when a photo surfaced of caged my grants a couple days ago. they went over the edge. john favreau former speech writer for president obama tweeted this is happening right now and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible. turns out oops these photos are from 2014 when barack obama was president. >> turns out many on the other side are not concerned with the truth so long as they can attack president trump. this was a great misstep on their part. and it just goes to show that the level of partisan politics in this country has reached such antics stream level that the truth really
3:37 am
doesn't matter anymore. have you an image, you circulate it and what the president trump calls fake news it looks pretty bad for them. moving forward i hope that as democrats and republicans we can do what's right and stand for our beliefs and not just pick the side of who we voted for or our partisan line. that's not what this country is based on. ainsley: mainstream media heard this story of husband deported back to mexico. mainstream media runs with it and says family broken up. husband sent back to mexico. this is inhumane. this is wrong. listen to the wife being interviewed and i don't think mainstream media was expecting how calm she was and her lack of animosity. listen. >> i am not upset at our government due to the fact that i am a u.s. citizen and that our laws come first. our laws are just broken and need to be fixed. but, i can't be mad at trump for doing his job because that is his job to protect us as u.s. citizens from criminals.
3:38 am
brian: oops. i never expected that answer. if you are on cnn you don't expect that answer, do you? >> of course you don't. this just goes to show that legal immigrants and even family members of immigrants expect border security there is a reason people come to this country and win the american dream. it's for the safety we promise our citizens. so legal immigrants look at our border and they want it to be secure as well. that's why they live in this country in part so they can be safe and secure. there is not doesn't believe we need immigration reform. it's hard to see families broken up like this. the fact that she appreciates our country and rule of law speaks a lot to the character of this person. brian: it's amazing, they say 70 percent of immigration reform we all agree on. 30% with the border wall and daca and the illegals here already which stops the whole process. keep the couples together those people who marry somebody from another country. all that stuff just takes
3:39 am
too long and is too costly. the line is too long for people to do it legally. but we all get hung up on the stuff we don't agree on. tomi, thanks so much. pete: thanks, tomi, appreciate it. ainsley: a lot of democrats do agree on it remember back in the day. now that president trump is in office and he wants it they don't want the wall anymore. pete: lots to talk about border security. means different things to different people. ainsley: that's true. brian: harry reid was against chain migration said how outrageous it was video of him saying that and now the whole party i guess is for it hey, jillian. jillian: good morning brian, how are you. ainsley, pete? doing all right? good to see you too. jillian: golden state killer may have kept trophies from his victims. prosecutors reveal the chilling detail during a hearing whether to. james d'angelo appeared in the courtroom located up inside a cage. he is aciewtzed of at least 12 murders and dozens of rapes. bernie sanders might be
3:40 am
eyeing another run for the white house. >> will voters get another chance to vote for bernie sanders in 2020? >> voters in vermont certainly coming up in november. nationally, you know, he is considering another run for the presidency. jillian: his campaign manager dropping that hint on us. sanders previously said he hadn't made up his mind yet but would support whoever had the best chance of defeating president trump. there you have it. netflix defending new multi-million-dollar deal with former president and first lady michelle obama. there is no political slate to the programming e does admit, quote, it's hard to argue there is not a left lean to the creative community. the obamas will be creating entertainment programming for netflix. this is amazing. incredible act of generosity by police officer and caught on camera. this cop responding to a 911 call about a homeless man in a south carolina fast food restaurant. when he gets there he actually buys the man a
3:41 am
meal. a worker recording it all on her cell phone. not the first time this cop has gone above and beyond the call. he once went viral on this video playing catch with a grouch kids that is a good man there. ainsley: so cute. thank you, jillian. brian: 19 minutes before the top of the hour janice dean who promises to do the weather. i don't want to force you into anything you are not comfortable with. ainsley: you are wearing yellow like sunshine. janice: brian and i match. we took a selfie together. take a look at this video from kate may, new jersey, this is lightning striking. life guards stand. i believe. look at that. that's crazy. oh my goodness. that is real video. no lifeguards were harmed during the making of this video. that's why they say the national weather service says when thunder roars, go indoors. because we have that threat for lightning. okay, here are your current temperatures. ainsley: i think that's a
3:42 am
garth brooks song. brian: if it's not it should be. janice: if you are watching, here is a song for you. janice: are you singing during my hit, fantastic. like a music video. all right. let me know, okay? real quick across the southeast and the ohio and tennessee valley we have the potential for more rain. this is what was subtropical storm alberto still looking at the potential for heavy rainfall and flooding. of course flooding is a big danger obviously with some of these storms and threat for severe storms, damaging hail winds and tornadoes. here is severe threat today for parts of the rockies, the plains and great lakes. have we decided whether or not it's a garth brooks song? ainsley: he know all the stores. ainsley: thunder roars and the lightning strikes. pete: i don't know the next line. janice: pete, you sing? pete: i do sing on occasion.
3:43 am
janice: generous humor and singing. pete: never a soloist. v.a. says it's trying to fix a program. next guest served in iraq and says one thing has to happen. we will bring it to you. brian: firefighter gets a big kiss from a dog that he rescue you had. the story behind the video everyone is talking about this morning when pete's not singing ♪ i need a hero ♪ i'm holding on for a hero until the morning light. things. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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3:47 am
of the mission act. another part of that mission act expands the caregiver program to cover all veterans not just post 9/11 vets. the v.a. says they are working to continue to improve the appeals process within that program. but what else needs to be done? joining us now to discuss christopher, a former u.s. army police sergeant, military police sergeant and iraq war vet. also republican strategist. chris, thanks for being here this morning. not a lot of people know about this program. there was some controversy about expanding it or not. what do you make of the expansion and how is v.a. handling it? >> sure, pete. i think the expansion should definitely happen. it's always been an issue. it's expensive. it's a billion dollars. i think these vets deserve it ultimately look at the management of that program. you know this, pete there are veterans who have lost a leg and then you have a recertification process where caregivers who take care of these veterans have to come in and recertify the injury is still there. a lot of management
3:48 am
problems. pete: with this program as with others the bureaucracy sometimes gets in the way of common sense. you also have to look out for caregivers that might exploit the system as well. you have to have safeguards. >> you absolutely do pete. root out fraud regardless of where we go. issues of accountability. that's why we have got to get a secretary in there. leader in there that can imagine this bureaucracy that just tends to continue to have those problems. it's a matter of healthcare access. and accountability. two biggest issues in the v.a. community and both of those are still outstanding. we have got to get a grip on this. pete: access could mean choice. where do you get your care and how quickly do you get it and holding people accountable. you are right. without a v.a. secretary robert willeke there is a process to come. we have got -- we reached out to v.a. for comment. this is what they said the changes that are going to be made. they are issuing a new directive outlining staff responsibilities,'8" joint exhibit requirements, available benefits and procedures for this process. they have conducted mandatory staff training and
3:49 am
implemented standardized communications and outreach materials. all sounds good, chris. but are you confident that they're aggressively watchdogging this programming and streamlining it not without a strong leader in there to manage it. look at the caregivers. these are people after the iraq war policymakers started looking these veterans critically injured they need someone to take care of them their whole life. get these folks healthcare and support. so they're not exhausted they can keep caring for these veterans. the program throwing these people out and throwing them in. we can't have that we need to get a secretary in there real reforms. you have been at the forefront for a long time. get a strong leader in there to oversee this or it will probably fail. pete: if bureaucracy is left to own devices it can squash. choice being at the center this president wants. you need a leader to drive that in as well. thanks for your time. >> you bet, pete. thanks. one step closer to getting
3:50 am
answers about hillary clinton's emails. who just got called to testify on capitol hill. we will bring that to you. plus, president trump is a big fan of the nfl's new anthem policy. one player is inviting him to the locker room to discuss the controversy. carley shimkus has the online reaction and what else is trending out there in the worldwide web coming up next. ♪ and we won't stop ♪ real cheese people know life is better with 100% real natural cheese. doesn't matter if it's served on a kitchen table or a picnic table. under a roof or a starry night. every table tells a story, we're happy to have a seat at yours. sargento. we're real cheese people. with great gifts from bass pro shops and cabela's. like bass pro and cabela's flag t-shirts for only $5. an igloo 120 quart cooler for under $50. and this knife and tool sharpener kit for under $80.
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3:53 am
>> we have respect for our great american flag. and we always proudly stand for our national anthem.
3:54 am
ainsley: president trump stressing his stance on the anthem. this on the heels of an invitation from giants linebacker who writes i would love trump to come down here and hang out in our locker room and see what locker room talk is really about. brian: wonder what he means about that. here to talk about that is 24/7 reporter. never met her in person the first time. carley shimkus. >> president trump received a pretty interesting invitation to come on down to the giants locker room and talk about the national anthem protest with players in person. herzlich says he wants the president to see that the national anthem protest is really all about players wanting to create unity with law enforcement, which is an interesting spin on things. so should the president, you know, take him up on this invitation? a lot of varying responses coming in on social media. let's get to some of those. travis says shouldn't he be inviting goodell to this meeting? this isn't a first amendment
3:55 am
issue. it's an issue with his job's stance on kneeling during the anthem. another says maybe the player should discuss it with all these fans they are offends. herzlich says the football players want unity with law enforcement. many say that kneeling during the anthem and wearing police officer as pig socks the way kaepernick did a few years ago doesn't accomplish that. brian: one guy that sits is owolivier vernon. pete: fan gear, there was a flaw. >> nba final hat. there is a little design flaw here that actually makes it look -- can you see? it looks like they actually see 2018 nra finals because the team logo is sort of covering up the b. so what do you think? will this help her hurt sales. brian: i know this for the third straight year the same
3:56 am
teams are playing through the final. >> do you think the ratings will go down because of this? >> i think the ratings have been good. cleveland a bit of an underdog. lebron james will get people to watch. ainsley: cutest video of the day this dog and firefighter. >> this happened in maine. a firefighter received the cutest thank ever after rescuing a dog who got stuck on a roof that is jeff newful who got doggy kissing after saving the doggy on the roof. can you imagine coming home and seeing your dog on the roof? how the heck did that happen? brian: how about this? volunteer firefighters are asked to do everything. now they are on small roof saving a small dog. ainsley: cats out of trees. dogs on roofs. >> that is a nice part of your day, right? cute little doggy kisses. brian: carley shimkus will be all over the channel and sirius 115.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> chuck schumer and the ms-13 love nancy pelosi. they are more interested in taking care of criminals that be they are in taking care of you. >> why do the democrats not believe in the integrity of our borders, our laws and protecting the american people? that's the question that needs to be asked. > brian: all signs point to a summit. pete: we are just hours away from a crucial meeting between secretary of state mike pompeo and a high-ranking north korean officials. >> according to a new justice department report one of the nation's biggest drugmakers knew its opioids were being widely abused. >> closer to war than ever, israel sending that warning after palestinian militants
4:01 am
launched their heaviest attack in four years. >> we are not making apologies. we are not making excuses. we are respected again as a country. [chanting u.s.a.] ♪ don't stop believing ♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ streetlights ♪ people ♪ ainsley: journey, wonderful. >> bill: i keep thinking about the sopranos final episode doesn't everyone get killed? ainsley: i didn't like the way tended. i think of rock of ages. did you ever see that on broadway? brian: not yet. it's a block away. ainsley: i don't think it's still out there. i don't know. check on that. i will go with you. it was so good. the whole audience stands up and dances the entire time and they serve beer in the audience the whole time. they want you to feel like you are in a cafe or like an old deli.
4:02 am
pete: sounds like my kind. ainsley: anyone been in the studio? it's great. brian: meanwhile, the president last night in nashville had a rally for marcimarsha blackburn. ainsley: pushing for peace on the korean peninsula. >> most importantly, our country is respected again all over the world. pete: now secretary of state mike pompeo and a top north korean official are set to meet in just a few hours about a potential summit. brian: griff jenkins has the latest from our nation's capital. i know you are jealous. this big meeting is happening in new york where north korea has a mission. they don't have an embassy. >> that's right. you get all out good stuff. now, that official is kim young chol expected to touch down in jfk this afternoon. it's the first time, guys, in 18 years that a high-ranking north korean has traveled here. kim is the vice chairman of
4:03 am
north korea's ruling party. known as the exspy chief who has had a bloody hand on attacks on south korea. state department confirms that secretary pompeo is headed up there to meet with him in the next 24 hours. john mark karr keene says kim is carrying a message. >> first, that message is that kim jong un wants the summit to go forward. the president hasn't made that final decision yet. he is stuns the chinese and south koreans as well when he tuned the summit. is he carrying that message we want this summit to go forward. >> now, there was little mention of the summit from the president at that rally last night in nashville. however, he made it very clear that his national security advisor had better get ready. >> great john bolton. they think he's so nasty. and so tough. that i have to hold him back. okay? it's pretty great. is he doing a great job. you better get some rest because we have some pretty
4:04 am
good negotiations coming up. >> one more development. this morning we are learning that russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is traveling to north korea for talks. unknown what russia has to offer. but another sign ahead of an expected summit. and just lastly, in 2000, the last time north korea came here it failed to produce results. the administration different this time. brian: so much in moving. mission in singapore to set things up. you have the secretary of state meeting in new york. you could not be more in motion on both sides. pete: i love how he is playing into this impression of john bolton. say hey, he is crazy. i have got to pull him back. look out. it's all part of the calculations he is making with these leaders in north korea who wonder whether or not they would actually bomb, if necessary and that's how you pull them to the table. brian: his daughter lives right here in the area. brian: john bolton, thanks. you probably don't want to
4:05 am
tell everybody. four minutes now after the top of the hour. the president was also building up some other themes yesterday. and it's not really swaying off the tact of saying that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer both called out the president for using the term animals when it comes to ms-13. ainsley: president was talking about the wall. said he got $1.6 billion for the wall that folks in san diego, they really want it. listen to some other comments that he had last night. >> chuck and nannies. they don't want the wall. they want open borders. [crowd boos] they are more interested in taking care of criminals than they are in taking care of you. [crowd boos lottery system sometimes refer to cryin' chuck schumer. right? the ms-13 love nancy pelosi. [crowd boos]
4:06 am
cut people up into little pieces because it's more painful. and this is why we call the blood thirsty ms-13 gang members exactly the name that i used last week. what was the name. >> mexico. >> in the end mexico is going to pay for the call. they are going to pay for the wall. pete: have you nancy pelosi, ms-13 lover. is he drawing a massive contrast between his depiction of animals, her defense of hey they are humans with souls and we shouldn't talk about them that way. digging deeper into this idea do we have borders or not? are we going to enforce our laws or not. forcing democrats to defend the indefensible. puts them in a pretty tough spot. how do you defend ms-13? ainsley: tough, but nancy pelosi kept saying last night. she loves mount. well, he was there in nashville to help marsha blackburn.
4:07 am
she is running for senate. it's a very tight race there she is going to join us to tell us about the rally and morph of what she wants to do in washington. taking nashville to washington she says. brian: now let's go back to the investigation of what happened in the 2016 election. you got the mueller probe. that's on one side. enough to you have the ig report. looking at this, michael horowitz has been looking at what took place leading up to the 2016 election as it relates to on one portion of it. hillary clinton's email investigation. and why it led to james comey exonerating her why excoriating her at the same time in july. so, we move forward. we're about to get that report. the outline was already handed to congress last week or at least the chairman. now we're going to get it next week. on the board will be interviews. sadly behind closed doors with men named bill preaccept, michael steinbeck and john gioclon. ainsley: they all work for the fbi. in and around this and won.
4:08 am
is he peter strzok's boss. >> these are folks right in the middle of the hillary clinton. so-called hillary clinton email investigation. they are going to be in the middle of this report. people are expecting this report to come within the next week. his testimony likely would come after the report comes out. they would be forced to answer questions about what is in this report. again, michael horowitz has been working on this for over a year looks into whether she got special treatment and they will be asked about it. ainsley: they will be asked about all of this on june 5th. we're going to try to work all this out and figure out where they fall. you were talking during the commercial break. we call it the deep state family tree. i want to know how they are involved. what they knew. what they knew about hillary clinton's email and collusion. and where they fall in that deep state family tree. brian: one the text messages refer peter strzok is out there now beginning to take shape and got me very intrigued. prestrep went to london russian meddling.
4:09 am
question to fox news whether the trip was connected. well, let me see. what was happening in london in the cambridge professor. what was happening in london? papadopoulos was there meeting with that professor. what else was happening in london in the ambassador to australia was there that got in that drunken conversation with papadopoulos. what else was happening? carter page spoke in that area. so, maybe peter strzok's boss was laying the groundwork for the investigation not yet launched. but those are the questions that are going to be answering -- asking. steve: maybe it's such a high level investigation that a guy that high goes himself as opposed to someone else. brian: they also looked at this investigation, trey gowdy did and said i'm looking at this informant and the role the informant played. i'm seeing these people they are focusing on, sam clovis, papadopoulos and carter page. i'm saying to myself in one way i don't mind that the fbi did. this in the other, the president should feel good about it listen. >> it was president trump himself who said, number one, i didn't collude with russia but if anyone connected with my campaign
4:10 am
did, i want the fbi to find that out. i am even more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got. and that it has nothing to do with donald trump. pete: an interesting take that, hey, trump wanted it to be found and if it was there and they found nothing ultimately exexonerates them. brian: not corey lewandowski and david bossie, these are tangential players. he still has yet to meet carter page. mr. trump, i know you are busy trying to win a nomination. i need to speak to you because the russians are trying to meddle in the election we have reports of people on your foreign policy council that are meeting. all you have to do is say that to him. you could have avoided all of this. president trump would be personally responsible for saying hey, wait a second. i was warned and didn't do anything. ainsley: makes him look fishy for not being upfront and honest from the get-go.
4:11 am
jillian: we continue to follow the storms that a lot of people down south have been dealing with severe weather. a fox news alert. people in north carolina are being told to get out as the dam teeters on the brink of failure. >> extreme flooding. downtown old fo fort, north carolina. jillian: sad news out of ellicott city where the body of edison her monday has been found. he was swept away while trying to rescue a woman in historic flooding there mast-moving and unstoppable destruction. molten lava engulfing crucial roads on the big island threatening to destroy more homes and businesses. [explosion] >> there she blows. jillian: that was a barrel of gasoline exploding as lavlafcompletely surrounds that
4:12 am
home. smoke can be seen in guam more than 4,000 miles away. 2,000 people have been evacuated. illegal immigration crack down in one of america's most liberal sanctuary cities. federal agents picking up more than 150 illegals over several raids in chicago. ice officers targeting immigrants whose criminal records made them eligible for deportation. this six day sweep part of effort by immigration and homeland security officials. hours after abc cancelled her show over a racist tweet, roseanne barr back on twitter apologizing guys did i something undefendable so do not defend me. it was 2:00 in the morning and i was ambien tweeting. it was memorial day, too. i went too far and don't want it defended. it was areligious, indefensible. i made a mistake i wish i hadn't but don't defend it, please. thank you. conservative charged sitcom reboot had seen ratings.
4:13 am
ainsley: don't defend me. you can't defend her. it was mean spirited and as a person of faith i can forgive her because she asks for forgiveness but there are consequences. jillian: you feel bad for everybody on that staff now, right? ainsley: absolutely. think about the african-americans who work for her and how they feel, a. b, think about her entire staff. many of those people don't make a lot of money. now those families, where are they going to go they are out of work now. pete: don't have to defend her comments. watching the sanctimonious hollywood crowd mob descend reinforces the double standard of the world we live. in abc made a courageous call bringing this n. this show now they run away with it the left has said worse with no consequences. what she had to say is not defensible but there is a double standard out there. brian: coming up straight ahead, president trump teasing a brand new healthcare plan as nashville rally. can congress get it done this time? i'm going to ask kevin
4:14 am
mccarthy that because he promised to come in today. and he is here. ainsley: hey. how are you ♪ ♪ [ doorbell rings ] janice, mom told me you bought a house. okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer. quiet. i'm blasting my quads. janice, look. i'm in a meeting. -janice, look. -[ chuckles ] -look, look. -i'm looking.
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4:17 am
>> we are coming up with great healthcare.
4:18 am
our secretary of labor is coming out with a plan in two weeks. association plan. going to be great. it's going to cover a tremendous amount of territory. brian: last night. president trump new healthcare plan. can congress get it done around this time. keeping in mind have you got august coming up. and have you an election in november. let's ask majority leader, maybe future speaker kevin mccarthy is here joins us right now. welcome, mr. leader. >> thanks for having me back. brian: first off. the president rolled out healthcare plan last night. did that catch you by surprise? >> no. because in the house we passed healthcare reform. very good bill. one vote short in the senate. we never gave up on this. we repealed the individual mandate. now we are going through administratively what we can do. we want these association plans to be able to pull together. lower the cost. have small businesses work together. and we're doing that administratively as well as long as the democrats continue to hold back on those. forgetting the reforms we
4:19 am
need. brian: do you know a lot of these democrats won their primaries by saying single pair. these governors in california are promising single pair in your state. >> do you know a single pair they passed a bill out of the senate who is going to be double the cost for one year for how much california brings in totally. they just don't care. and it doesn't help the individual for better healthcare. it doesn't provide more choice. and it doesn't build the relationship between the doctor and the patient. brian: let's talk about immigration. a lot of moderates are standing up saying i have got to get something done. even if it means i'm going to go with democrats because we have to get daca done. what have you done to push back as a leader? >> well, i never believe in what is called a discharged petition. viewers have to understand what that is. if you are go and sign that which all the democrats will and just a few republicans. it turns the floor over to nancy pelosi. we have been in the room working together, conservatives, moderates, and others. to be able to put an immigration plan together. that protects our border, secures the border.
4:20 am
ends catch and release. and deals with the daca situation. i think we are very close to having an agreement that i think could go onto the floor. have the republican and put the democrats in a place to see if they're serious about getting immigration. brian: you have walked in and see what we have just done. all the people because the news coming out. people don't stand what have you guys have done over the last week or so. >> just last week in congress, one week, dodd-frank we sent it to the president and signed into law for all those small businesses to be able to grow. right to try. seriously ill patient. able to have a drug that hasn't been fully approved in final trials. prison reform. nda. national defense. being able to fund our defense for the future. that was just last week. on the floor passing. brian: by the way, prison reform is that going to get through the senate are they taking it up. >> they should take tum. good bipartisan bill. something the president has worked hard on. get individuals back into the workforce.
4:21 am
brian: when van jones like it and republicans proposed it major you will medical producer knew about opioid abuse. we have a panel here to discuss it. be able to beat als. because life is amazing. so i am hoping for a cure. i want this, to uh, to be a reality. um, yeah.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
pete: news by the numbers. 21 is how old you may have to be to buy some firearms in california. state senate raising the age to buy rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21. the bill now moves to the state assembly. we will see on that. next, $1 million, that's how much this woman is being sued for after leaving one star review on yep. doctor ausing michelle lavigne emotional and libel and causing emotional distress.
4:25 am
finally 18. $18. that's how much some workers at chick-fil-a in california are now making an hour. all employees now will get paid sick leave while supervisors will get paid time off when demand is high. wages go up. ainsley, down to you. ainsley: good deal. thank you so much, pete. purdue pharma, the company that launched widespread opioid use with its aggressive marketing of oxycontin has long claimed it was not aware of the pain killer's growing abuse until years after it went on the market. doj report now reveals purdue did know about significant abuse of oxycontin as early as 1997. chose to conceal that information. here to weigh in on this is scott, medical doctor, addiction psychiatrist at the recovery spot. in the middle andrew mckenna, hey has been on our show before. actually all of them have. jag attorney turned drug addict. you know his story and we will review that in just a minute. also a bank robber in order to pay for those drugs and
4:26 am
author of that book right there called "shear madness" next to me we have attorney jesse weber. thank you all for being with us. >> thank you. >> we will start with you because you asp drug addict. you are this doj prosecutor. doj is now releasing this information about pharma. and then you became a drug addict. so what is the problem with oxycontin? how do you get addicted to it? you had such a successful career. >> thank you. so oxycontin is heroin in a pill. i have been on a number of times with you guys. once you start down that road, the withdrawal symptoms when they run out are so severe that you will turn to practically anything to feel better. yeah, i lost my career. you know, i have rebounded but i did rob six banks to get money. but also because i was so despondent because, you know, addiction is a house of cards. i always say that and it's just very difficult.
4:27 am
the doctor and i were talking. you and i were talking. and doesn't read resumes. i have worked with addiction campuses. i kept people into treatment programs. i get calls every day, ainsley, saying my son is addicted. my daughter is addicted. or my son overdosed. my loved one overdosed every day. but we still -- as you were saying. treat this medically. and that's what we have to do. ainsley: dr., what do we need to do to treat it medically. >> i see this every day. we know that the medical community has a role in this. but we also know that the medical community can have a role in saving this. look, we have the technology to treat addiction. we can treat it well. especially for opioid use disorders. f.d.a. approved interventions, medications, things like that. what we need to do more than anything else at this point is really train doctors and clinicians early this anywhere year. residency training in medical school to learn how
4:28 am
to screen people not unlike other chronic conditions. diabetes, cancer, addictions so when patients present for care, they are showing up in emergency rooms, pain clinics and primary care offices. they can get the proper assessment and receive a different course of treatment. ainsley: the president said last night in his speech, we are giving $6 billion towards the opioid problem. did you go into the hospital with a broken arm under a come out a drug addict. jesse, from an attorney's perspective, what does this mean for all the people who are suing this company. the company it was proven has lied? >> it's not just that they knew about it and didn't do anything. they knew about it and still aggressively marketed it as not addictive drug. the problem like you said is lawsuits being filed by counties, states, native american tribes. criminal investigations from different states. this doj report will be used by all of them. what i found most startling from this was trying to make sense why this settled back in 2007. so there was a criminal investigation into purdue, the three top executives
4:29 am
face fines, community service. 400 hours of community service. would that have had an effect on the opioid crisis today? i can't say hindsight is 2020. i would have liked to nobody that back in the day and not play catchup. ainsley: we did reach out to purdue pharma company, they did not get back to us. thank you for being here. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. all colleges lean left. one ivy league is getting called out for it and president trump firing up the crowd down in nashville. >> we're not making apologies. we're not making excuses. we're respected again as a country. [cheers and applause] ainsley: newt gingrich, former house speaker is here to react. coming up next. zingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed.
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4:33 am
strip following days of airstrikes. ainsley: israeli fighter jets striking dozens of militant targets overnight after hamas backed forces launch their heaviest attack in four years. brian: we're making progress here or are we spinning our wheels. conor powell is live with the israeli gaza border with details on the cease-fire. conor, are we to believe this. >> yeah, brian, for about 24 hours, it looked like there was the possibility of a larger scale escalation, maybe even a larger war here. in the last six or seven hours, things have calmed down dramatically here in southern israel. now, for 24 hours though, we had more than 100 rockets being fired from gaza into southern israel with israeli jets responding and hitting militant position positions in . 24 hours things were really escalating here. can you see some of the damage from a rocket that landed overnight here in southern israel. not serious damage here but it sent a lot of the people here in southern israel running towards bomb shelters in the middle of the night. it was pretty tense here and
4:34 am
there was a lot of concern that it was going to escalate. but, right now hamas is saying that they have agreed to cease-fire with the israelis. the israelis are using a different term. they are calling it a calm saying the calm will be met with further calm as well. the israelis not going so far as calling it a cease-fire. things are definitely calming down. it does look right now violence last 24 hours is over. it could easily flair up again. there are protests scheduled for june 5th, next tuesday. could escalate things once again. >> israel making that statement they are getting set for war. as usual pete i have been at that location in stair sderot. when they say june 5th. watch that a lot of language used. see if hamas is out there with weapons and agitating. ainsley: using children as
4:35 am
their -- brian: 26 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian, you have the latest news. jillian: good morning. new mugshot just released of convicted murderer scott peterson. currently on death row for the california killing of his wife lacy and unborn son conor back in 2002 on christmas eve. he is currently appealing with a slim chance he gets a new trial. regularly updated mug shots are required at the prison. harvard student run newspaper calling out the university for so-called blatant liberal bias. the harvard cripple son-in-law's editorial board blasting the faculty's political makeup. they claimed fewer than 2% of staff identify as conservative. the editorial board writing, quote: we believe the university must emphasize hiring professors with diverse beliefs and back grounds who can challenge prevailing campus ideas. kim kardashian heading to the white house today, sitting down with president trump and jared kushner. vanity fair reports the reality star will discuss prison reform.
4:36 am
she is expected to ask the president to pardon alex johnson moved by the story of the 62-year-old great grand mom serving a life sentence without parole for a first time drug offense. we all know what they say about diamonds, right? ♪ diamonds ♪ are a girl's best ♪ best friend ♪ jillian: diamonds may be a girl wants best friend but man made rock could say shine brightest. now working to sell cheaper $800 per karat lab made stones starting this fall. the industry expressing concern that millennials don't want to splurge on jewelry. pete: that's what i'm talking about. ainsley: all men are like yes. pete: millennials how about everyone? ainsley: will you be able to tell the difference? pete: does it matter to you?
4:37 am
ainsley: yes. because it's a lie. ainsley: you are going to give the cheaper stone to your girl when you propose have you got to tell her. right? jillian: go and get that appraised and you find out. pete: they can't tell. brian: cubic zirconium is the key to a woman's heart. ainsley: said no one. janice: i'm not weighing in at all ainsley #it's a lie. ainsley: right. exactly no. way to start off your relationship, right? brian: a way to end if it. janice: honesty is the best policy. that's what i say. let's talk to some folks. where are you from? >> montana. janice: where is your family? >> in bed. janice: they are so smart. do you want to say hi to anybody. >> mom and will. janice: where are you guys from. >> new orleans. >> give me your name. >> joan and sharon mcmahon. >> do you want to say hi to anyone? >> mom and dad and brothers and sisters.
4:38 am
janice: take a look at the map a little bit of misting here in the new york area. 65 degrees. 71 in houston. hot across the south. this is what remains of alberto moving up towards the tennessee and ohio river valley. a lot of rain still in florida. we will see those lingering showers across the eastern third of the country for the next couple of days there is the forecast going to be hot down south and seat potential for some severe storms across the rockies. all right. want to say hi? give everybody a wave. back inside. pete: not a like it's genius. can't go too big with the diamond. instance ains all the guys are calculating how much it would be to get a 4 karat ring. pete: you don't have money for a 4 karat ring. got to be not real. email us at "fox & friends." president trump firing up the glowd nashville. we are not making up apologies. we are not making up excuses. we are respected again as a
4:39 am
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withwhat sore back?sk... what bum knee? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil ainsley: here is quick headlines for you. a man who burned an american flag blanket sparking a massive fire could face charges. the blaze happening on a field in washington state scorching five acres of land. firefighters posted on social media, quote: no matter your political views. we think it's safe to say we can all agree, starting a wildfire is no good. and, tesla is under fire again after another incident involving a self-driving vehicle. this time a car on auto pilot crashing into a parked police suv in california, tesla saying it is each
4:43 am
driver's responsibility to keep their hands on the wheel. there have been two other tesla auto pilot crashes this year. including one in california that killed a driver. brian: i will never be ready for a driverless car. mark this day, ever. because no one is driving, i'm not getting in. pete: how can you trust it? brian: absolutely not. ainsley: when i knew i had to say that story i knew you were going to weigh in on this because you can't stand the self-driving cars. brian: it puts drivers out of business. let's go to newt gingrich, fox news contributor, former speaker of the house and author of a brand new book, it's coming out soon, june 5th, actually. called trump's america. newt, would you ever get in a driverless car? >> sure, in fact, i went out two years ago with my team and we rode around on google's driverless car and it was fascinating. brian: did you survive? [laughter] >> well, look, i is a tis particularly they are safer than drivers. if you are out late at night
4:44 am
and your choice coming out of the bar is your cousin who has had five drinks too much. ainsley: good point. >> or driverless car. take the driverless car. it's safer. brian: what about a skateboard? [laughter] brian: those are your only two choices. ainsley: mr. speaker let's talk about last night the rally in nashville president saying our country is now respected again because of the high stakes negotiations with north korea. how do you feel? >> well, i think, first of all, we are really gaining momentum and the report by the reserve that we might be at 4.1% economic growth this quarter. that -- when you look at the problems in europe and in japan, and elsewhere. having america back with job creation, having us back with exploration in space. having us rebuilding our military, all those things give us muscle in the international arena. and i think the firm toughness, actually i
4:45 am
thought secretary of state pompeo's speech about iran was equally aimed at north korea. it is a very tough speech. and says to the iranians here are the bad things that can happen to you if you don't fall in line. well, in a sense, if you are kim jong un and you are looking at that speech, you are thinking oh yeah, that could apply to me, too. i think the president so far has basically done pretty good job. the north koreans for years got a deal, took the money and broke their word. we will keep all the sanctions on until we can verify that you are doing the things that need to be done. frankly the south koreans are begging the north koreans to cut a deal. south koreas are very worried about the dangers of
4:46 am
a real war dangerous for south korea. they are drawing kim jong un. you will notice he went for a surprise summit meeting over the weekend with the president of south korea. sent back the word oh, yeah. i really do want to meet, sorry you felt bad about it. and, they have teams now working in singapore, they apparently have a team meeting meeting in new york. not going to be a magic moment kim jong un decides to give up all of his nuclear weapons in return for a visit to mar-a-lago or a promise by trump to open up three golf courses. i mean these guys are tough. they spent three generations going through terrible circumstances trying to build these weapons. and it's going to be pretty tough getting them to give them up. brian: so it's june 12th happens, it's only going to be the start. they are not going to walk out with a deal. i think that's always been the mind set -- should be the mind set going in,
4:47 am
correct? thmind set. toughen them unless they are being reasonable. reagan used to say old russian proverb trust but verify. these guys have such a terrible record. the phrase is mistrust and verify, verify, verify. because you just have to assume that their track record is such they are going to try to get out of doing anything real. pete: has been under siege at home. as you often do you dissected what he is facing in the mueller probe. you say it's not one scandal. it's actually five scandals. dissect that for us. will you? >> yeah. i actually wrote a piece -- a newsletter both for gingrich productions and posted the challenge have you got is you originally have the clinton scandals going all the way back to cattle future in 1978 when she made
4:48 am
$98,000 on a $1,000 investment which is clearly just called fraud. but the clintons have had scandals their whole career. then you have the scandal of the establishment of the deep state covering up for the clintons, offering immunity. you know, imagine, this guy bleach bits the computer so they give him immunity? they don't charge either of her top staff people? i mean, look at how they treat the trump people. look at how they treated the hillary clinton people. then, third, you have the scandal of a totally false, we're now learning very long obama administration effort to destroy trump through a variety of investigations. and i'm convinced it goes up to valerie jarrett and to president obama. you couldn't have had this scale of activity on that front. then, fourth, you have the scandal of the fbi itself breaking down. we now have had the top guy resign. we have had the number two guy resign. both of them may well face criminal charges. you had several other top
4:49 am
people had to resign or retire. all of that ties back into the justice department and the obama white house. and then finally, you're beginning to see some people like general clapper kind of melt down because i think there were a number of folks who thought they could go ahead and do whatever they wanted to because hillary would cover it up. it's gradually sinking it they might be vulnerable and i look at the cia director and the former director of intelligence, you know, two of the good examples of people who really went over the line assuming they would be protected and now they could be faced with serious charges in their own right. brian: both guys who are known to have to verify intelligence and come out with very learned opinions have said well, i think that putin has been has compromised trump and clapper thinks russia threw the election. i'm just saying that even though the evidence doesn't point to that totally
4:50 am
irresponsible. they are acting like guilty people. newt, thanks so much. i cannot wait for your book. >> well, look, i have to tell you, the breaking point for me was the interview clapper did where he said he hated to use the word spy. and i thought to myself, this guy was the director of national intelligence. ainsley: i know, right. >> he was theoretically in charge of all of our spies that would be like having a guy who is a bar keeper who doesn't like alcohol and refuses to serve it i mean, just challenging how screwed up these guys are getting as they face a world they never expected to have happen. ainsley: they didn't. they thought hillary was going to win. brian: right. thanks, newt. >> that's right. brian: you heard president trump give her a shoutout last night. >> she loves your state. she loves your country. she's going to win. marsha blackburn. brian: this morning congresswoman marsha blackburn joins us live. ainsley: one university making a pledge to the university of our fallen
4:51 am
heroes free tuition. a veteran will explain next. ♪ and the world's going to know your name ♪ yeah, yeah ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ pete: amazing for our gold star families. the university of memphis will now offer free tuition to the spouses of injured or fallen service members with a folds of honor scholarship. joining me now is the president of the university of memphis and gulf war veteran himself dr. m. david rudd. doctor, thanks for being here. just straight out, why are you doing this at the university of memphis. >> we feel like it's important to recognize and honor the remarkable sacrifice that some americans have made. both men and women in
4:55 am
uniform have made incredible sacrifices. we felt like it's important to recognize, to honor that, to do our small part to help. pete: have you already accepted folds of honor scholarships. now you will pay the rest to make sure they have full tuition. you already have kids on campus. what's kid average kid showing up at the university of memphis. >> difficult any time you lose a parent is going to be difficult. hopefully we can provide a support system. we can be a part of that support system for those students. and we can also start to trigger some national activity around. this we hope that other universities and colleges around the country will follow suit. we can build a national consortium to support families of the fallen across the country. pete: doctor, we cover a lot of crazy stories about academia. great to cover a good one like this. you are a veteran. probably aren't many college veterans who are vets how much of your own background
4:56 am
colors your decision here. >> i was a soldier in the gulf war and after that have been connected to the department of defense ever since. i have done research. psychologist by training. done research over the years on veterans issues. i started the national center for veterans studies at the university of utah. so i have been connected and sensitive and aware of veterans issues from the very beginning of my career. and we have been attentive to veterans' challenges. as you know, we have been at war for quite a number of years now. so we feel like we need to do a part -- we need to do some of the lift and we need to help. pete: good on you doctor, for students and parents watching where can they go to get more information. go to the university of memphis. go to our web paige number of connection. we will help you. we will assist those students and connect them to the right resources and help them find the assistance they need to make the transition to the university. pete: i love it dr. m.w. rudd. thank you to you and folds
4:57 am
of honor for making this possible. we appreciate it very cool. >> absolutely, my pleasure. pete: you got it. president trump firing up a crowd in nashville. find out what voters think as well. stick around. ♪ are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. and live claritin clear. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. so, you guys h-yesrecently started da-yes... cool. i want to show you guys three chevy suv's. the first one is called the trax, great for when you move in together. -ahhh! and this is the chevy equinox, perfect for when you two have your first kid. give me some time... okay. this is the traverse... for when you have your five kids, two dogs and one cat. whoa! five? uhhh...
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it's the chevy memorial day sales event! . .
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♪ >> humor at the ms-13 lover, nancy pelosi. the more interested in taking care of criminals than they are in taking care of you. >> why do the democrats not believe in the integrity of our borders, our lawyers, and protecting the american people? brian: all signs point to a summit. >> the north koreans, now they're up against a president who is say look, we'll keep all sanctions on until we can verify. >> one of the nation's biggest drugmaker, perdue pharma, maker of oxycontin knew their opioids were being widely abused. >> not that they knew about it and doesn't do anything but aggressive market the it as a
5:01 am
non-addictive drug. >> we had more than 100 rockets being fired. damage from a rocket that landed overnight here. >> we're not making apologies. we're not making excuses. we're respected again as a country. ♪ brian: the president, had some of the same tones and themes in the past with the wall, but he also, yesterday in nashville, last night in nashville, took up tucker's entire show, i'm sure tucker is angry, new themes he passed. passed legislation, allows to you fire public unions. you can get fired now. he also talked about where the stance with democrats, pushing back on things that should be non-political, like, for example, ms-13, they're animals and where they're digging in. he is trying to have new themes
5:02 am
for 2018. ainsley: told republicans not to be complacent and talked about the wall and north korea. takes us to a fox news alert. we're hours away from a crucial meeting between secretary of state mike pompeo and high-ranking north korean official right here in new york city. brian: not just any. he is guy on blacklist because he is a pretty bad guy. griff jenkins live in washington, d.c., what we can expect. they have met before, right? reporter: met at least two times when mike pompeo traveled to pongyang. don't lose sight on this, last time a north korean official traveled to the u.s. it failed to produce results. that was 18 years. today this official, kim yong chol touches down at jfk. in south korea notoriously known as a ex-spy chief who had bloody hand on attacks on the south. state department is confirming that the secretary pompeo is
5:03 am
headed to the north to meet with him today or tomorrow. retired general jack keane says that he is carrying a message. >> trying to get the actual content of the summit back on track, that kim jong-un is serious by denuclearization. whether he is truly is or not remains to be seen. reporter: kill was at his boss's side, kim jong-un. there have been four of those. there is little mention of the summit from the president at last night's rally in nashville. he made it clear that his national security advisor better get ready. >> great john bolton, they think he is so nasty and tough that i have to hold him back, okay? that's pretty great he is doing a great job. you better get some rest, because we have pretty good negotiations. reporter: one other interesting development, guys, russian foreign ministerrer is --er is
5:04 am
laugh. ainsley: japan said, we want to meet before you have that summit. so isn't that on the books now? they're going to meet on june 7th. prime minister abe and president trump. thank you, give. brian: rest up, john bolton. i have to keep my "war dogs" on a leash and i'm the one holding them back. brian: they do need john bolton. they really do. there came a report that the u.s., this is the quote, the difference in position between north korea and the u.s. on the denuclearization issue remains huge but there still might not be impossible to find a middle ground. so we've been hearing, we all agree but over in the region, they are not ready to denuclearize. pete: different audiences, different languages. you keep your peaceful nuclear
5:05 am
material, which is code we keep our program. where it goes, who watches it, who inspections. those are details that really matter with two countries at stake. >> first time in 20 years the most senior foreign official first time in 20 years. newt gingrich reminds us you can't trust them this guy was responsible for the cyberattack on sony pictures entertainment. sank a south korean warship that killed 46 sailors. listen to newt gingrich. >> the north koreans lied to everybody for years, got a deal, took the money and broke their word. he is up now against a president we'll keep all the sanctions on until we can verify you're doing the things that need to be done. and they have been so tough, frankly the south koreans are begging the north koreans to cut a deal.
5:06 am
this could take years to finish up. it will not be a magic moment. brian: but we'll see if they lay the ground work. no more rocket testing, no more nuclear testing. no more missiles over guam over japan that would show progress in the area. you can not show weakness. pete: no more cooperation with iran selling nuclear material and they have been a big part of proliferation of those kind of weapons. a to think about. brian: they have a huge cyber unit they're building up, very sophisticated, training the next generation to be cyber experts and attack. if any of those things go on, this falls apart. ainsley: here domestically the president was in nashville last night. he was there for a big rally, pushing for senate candidate marsha blackburn. she is a congressman now. wants to be senator. it was a very tight race. talking about a myriad of issues including the wall.
5:07 am
listen. >> in the end mexico is going to pay for the wall. i'm just telling you. i'm just telling you, all right? [cheering] i don't want to cause any problems but in the end mexico is paying for the wall. they make all of this money and they do absolutely nothing to stop people from going through mexico, from honduras an all these other countries, caravan, all of this stuff, they do nothing to help us. brian: that's the problem. otms, other than mexicans coming through. mexico saying as long as you get through, as long as you don't stay you can keep going. the caravan brought that out. in terms of the wall being built, i don't know if you heard mexico not on same page. pete: they don't want to pay for it. he came out on twitter, president at real donald trump, no, mexico will never pay for a wall, not now, not ever, sincerely mexico, parentheses,
5:08 am
all of us. interesting on this side of the border, the wall is the center of resistance. think of what he was willing to give on daca. the place where democrats say we will give you nothing for your wall. i can't think of an issue they hate more than the wall. he is doubling down on it, supporters say we elected you to do that. we want to you do that. it is a physical barrier and symbol of a very different perspective. brian: pete, you guys know this, this is read my lips. george bush cut a deal. won't raise your taxes, read my lips. if you get funding, raise taxes do something bipartisan. bush 41 said let's do it, hung it around his neck, if they don't build a wall, they hang that around donald trump even though security pays a price. ainsley: we asked y'all to weigh in. mark says, i don't care who pays for it, just get it built. pete: as soon as trump builds the wall, and america loses to
5:09 am
mexico which could result in mexico playing a wall. brian: clinton, if it is really, thank you for doubling down building a wall. a country without borders is no country at all. keep in mind this, kevin mccarthy just told me they're moving through another immigration bill quickly. if they can get the freedom caucus to agree to daca, they have chain migration, and the lottery in it, that will pass the house and put it to the senate. give it another shot this summer. so that would be something very interesting because we were told congress wasn't going to do anything. ainsley: he was there, as we mentioned for marsha blackburn in nashville. she will join us on the show, five more minutes. first we hand it over to jillian with more headlines. jillian: we may never know if it clint. we may never know. big mystery. right now thousands of people in north carolina being told to get
5:10 am
out as a dam expected to fail at any moment. >> stream is flooding. downtown in north carolina. jillian: flash flooding spilling over the walls of the lake tomohoma dan. sad news out of ellicott city, mir land. the national guards man's, eddison hermond's body was found they are back to noble elseville middle school with notes of encouragement. overflow the place with love. the teacher, jason seam man, honoring for tackling the gunman and taking three bullets. the unidentified student appearing in court yesterday. prosecutors have not filed charges yet. update coming from a top
5:11 am
commander in our nation's longest running war, general john nicholson is expected to highlight the president's strategy to end the afghanistan war. he is also likely to speak on recent success against the taliban through increased airstrikes. lieutenant-general austin scott miller will take over as u.s. commander in afghanistan. hours after abc canceled they were show over a racist tweet roseanne barr is back on twitter apologizing writing, quote, guys i did something unforgivable. do not defend me. it was 2:00 in the morning, i was ambien tweeting, it was memorial day. i went too far. i don't want to defend it. it was egregious and indefensible. i made a mystic. i wish i hadn't but don't defend it. she had a joke against former obama aide valerie jarrett. the sitcom reboot had seen record ratings prior to that those are the headlines. brian: everything went crazy, top-rated show was canceled when
5:12 am
her apology didn't go over and outrage still prevalent. valerie jarrett the subject of the target of rosie's tweets, roseanne's tweets, came out, said she got a personal apology from bob iger from acb. roseanne reached out to her and accepted it. i was surprised, valerie jarrett said starts at the top, that the president is responsible for the tone when her tone has been off for the -- ainsley: i don't think it is fair tore her to blame the president, these are two separate issues. what she said was appalling. it was offensive. you can forgive her as a person of faith i do forgive her, she asked for forgiveness. she is clearly upset about it. she realizes it was wrong to do that. said it was the ambien talking. i think abc did the right thing. can't continue to allow her on air. she can't stand for this. we're all individuals. we're god's children.
5:13 am
pete: should not defend her comments, they were indefensible, around wrong, watching sanctimonious elite hollywood folks descend, reinforces what a double standard world we live in. abc showed a lot of courage bringing show back in the first place. then they ran away, folks on the left have said far worse about president trump. you can't defend it. shouldn't defend it. but double standard is clear and it is stark. they have said trump should die, things like that. not to defend her. man is that double standard. ainsley: i thought about last night, is she picking up phone, calling all the staff members, we're so excited the show came back, pat food on your table, sending your kids to college, i made a stupid comment. now it changes everyone's life. pete: no doubt regrets it. brian: she will be on the joe rogan podcast friday to talk about it. her husband was deported from the u.s. for being an illegal immigrant. she is not mad at the president. >> our laws come first. our laws are broken and need to be fixed.
5:14 am
but, i can't be mad at trump for doing his job. brian: drop the box. you bet the liberal media wasn't expecting that answer. ainsley: forget, take me out to the ball game. world war ii veteran stole the show during the seventh inning stretch. phase 1. choosing the right drill bit. as long as evil villains reveal their plans, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> she loves your state. she loves your country. she is going to win. marcia blackburn. ainsley: president trump holding a fiery campaign-style rally to drum up support for our next guest. pete: that is tennessee senate candidate congresswoman marcia blackburn. she joins us now. thanks for being here. we really appreciate it. you were there on stage. i'm sure you're feeling on a high. what was the event like last night? >> the event was so exciting. we have so many tennesseans that packed that a reason i can't, even in bad weather come see the president and support him. so delighted to have him there to support our campaign also. ainsley: you made the comment, you want to take nashville values to washington, d.c. what did you mean by that? that's right. take tennessee values all the way to washington, that is what i have done through the my career. that is it what tennesseans want to see.
5:19 am
they love their country, get government after their back. faith family, freedom, hope, opportunity. they want elected representatives that also value those standings and principles. they really believe in the american dream and ainsley, i've got to tell you. people are so excited with the results of the agenda that president trump has pushed forward. with economic growth, wages that are going up. more job opportunities, feeling that our nation is more secure, which is an enormous issue with moms. and with women. just knowing that we have a president who is going to fight against sex trafficking, and gangs and securing our border, and keeping this nation safe. pete: congresswoman, critics say if the president is going to tennessee a state he won overwhelmingly, traditional
5:20 am
republican, they're in trouble what do you say to that criticism. >> he is very popular in tennessee. i was so pleased last night he talked some about national security because fort campbell is right there outside of nashville, the 101st airborne, has recently deployed. we had some of those families with us last night. and people loved hearing him buildout a little bit more about those things and what a place place to do it. someplace that you have tremendous support. he carried the state. and people are saying, we want to be certain that we hold the house and the senate so the president can continue to push forward this agenda. ainsley: if you're constituents are watching, why should they vote for you? >> they should vote for me because i am somebody that will take their values to washington. i am somebody who is going to work every day to make the senate majority act like a majority, to get things done,
5:21 am
that they voted to see done. more conservative federal judges, building that wall on the southern border, making certain that our nation is secure. more tax cuts. pete: we have to leave it right there. that is good sell. more "fox & friends" on the other side. . it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed?m let's get someone to say it with a really low voice. carl? lowest price guaranteed. what about the world's lowest limbo stick? how low can you go? nice one, carl.
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♪ >> hey. >> oh. brian: crazy, right. quick headlines, at least 11 passengers are hurt when a spark, gets everyone panicked a packed plane, dozens jump out of it, emergency exits took taking off before the indonesian capital. no explosives were found. two men were arrested.
5:25 am
car spins out of control into a gas station pump and erupts into planes. you want to see? >> is there somebody in the car? somebody in the car! brian: florida mother swerving to avoid a truck with her daughter in the back seat. nobody was hurt. somebody else not hurt. pete hegseth. not yet. pete: mainstream media loves to use the word collusion when it suits them and their narrative. watch. >> we'll break down the president's latest lies about the republican thorize add. republican-led investigation into russian collusion. >> collusion. >> collusion. >> collusion. >> collusion. pete: we had ha 15 minute montage of collusion we cut down. there is still no proof. is media on collusion course of their own. if we had evidence of actual coclusion based on all a the leaks and information we've seen, wint woe know about it already?
5:26 am
>> yeah. it has been two years hearing about treasonous collusion between russia and trump. so much is happening investigationwise. multiple congressional investigations. special counsel came after a longer fbi investigation. and, every media outlet in the country really focused on this. so we have had so much information about it, we have no evidence of any treasonous collusion with russia to steal the election that hillary clinton was supposed to win. and that is interesting because we've had so much information about this overall story. at the same time, we have learned a lot about other things that are problematic. if you do have a problem with a campaign, working with foreign entities to get dirt on their opposing candidate, we have hillary clinton and a democratic national committee secretly funding and commissioning this foreign spies report that was used to weaponized by the u.s. government and used to secure wiretaps. now we learned so much more about how that report was used
5:27 am
by the government? human informants put on to the campaign. national security letters and so much more. if you're concerned about foreign meddling we have an example of it with this secret operation done secretly-funded and secretly-commissioned by hillary clinton. pete: if you were looking for collusion that's where you could find it. another place you might find it, there is a inspector general report coming out soon we believe from michael horowitz will look into the handling of investigation of hillary clinton's server. could there not be evidence there was some collusion between investigators and the campaign to maybe look the other way when she broke some laws? >> i don't know if that would quite qualify as collusion. definitely we have so much evidence of major problems with how the fbi handled that, where they, it seems worked very hard to down play evidence of criminal conduct and we have seen some people at the fbi be fired, quickly leave their jobs
5:28 am
under threat of firing, or be reassigned, who were involved in that investigation and as it happens also the trump campaign investigation. so i think we're very anxious to see what is in that report. what we already got from that report, which was about one of andrew mccabe's leaks to the media, how he lied about it, we know there were quite a few more, i'm very interested to see what we learn in the whole report. pete: one man's collusion could be coordination, could be looking the other way, no matter how you spin it, it looks like preferential treatment which is unfortunate for all of us. we'll see what the report has. molly, thanks for breaking that down for us. >> thank you. peter: her husband was deported from the u.s. for being an illegal immigrant. she is not mad. >> our laws come first. our laws are broken and need to be fixed but i can't be mad at trump for doing his job. pete: you bet the liberal media was not expecting that answer. and president trump firing up the nashville crowd talking
5:29 am
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♪ ainsley: country music star trace atkins and president trump firing up the crowd in nashville last night. so what were the president's top moments and what do the voters think? pete: here is what the dials had to say president and partner, lee carter. >> great to be here. brian: you broke the speech down into various components. >> i did. overall this was not his best night. i think he lost independents. pete: gave new name to
5:33 am
nancy pelosi and name for the opponent of marsha blackburn, saying he is a tool of schumer. >> to keep on winning you have to vote republican in november. you see what is happening with the democrats. so marcia's very liberal democrat opponent phil bred desson, i never heard of this guy, who is he? he is a tool of chuck schumer and of course the ms-13 lover nancy pelosi. the. brian: got up on lover. >> comedic timing there worked with his base. republicans gave it a b. independents a d. democrats gave it an f. here is the problem, when he said, i never heard of this guy, that was not a very good moment for him, this guy is very, very popular in tennessee. he is somewhat of a conservative democrat. this president said he would compromise and going to make deals, just going to get this
5:34 am
guy -- i don't think he framed this opponent in the right way. this opponent is not representative of schumer. that is not what people think in the home state. i don't think this was a good move by the president. brian: one thing he could say about this. i talk to so-called moderates in the house and senate, they're nice, but never vote with anyone except nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. >> that would have been better. pete: great point. brian: thank you. ainsley: then was talking about our national security and said, we have a new sheriff in town. listen. >> we're not going to be a stupid country anymore. we've stopped it. we're not going to be. [cheering] and you can say what you want, but i think border security and security in general is a great issue for the republican party. i think it's a great issue. not a bad issue. pete: independent number is important there. >> that is what we're tracking going in the midterms.
5:35 am
it didn't do very well for them. republicans a minus. independents gave it a c. democrats gave it an f. independents and democrat focused on point he said stupid country. people said we were never stupid country. we never made stupid decisions or stupid agreements but republicans are focused on is strong security, strong border wall. that is what people want to hear. he has to keep those independents into check going into the midterm. ainsley: talked about making america great again. listen to this. >> we will never give in. we will never give up, and we will never stop fighting for our country. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. >> that is the president that was elected. republicans you saw off the chart.
5:36 am
could barely see the red line. independents gave it a b. democrats gave it a c. the president still has some appeal although, when he is rough around the edges, not specific enough about his policies people are waiting to hear more. i think people are really lost in all the details right now. there is so much going on. hard to keep up. anybody can happen. brian: the speech ran for a while. he did a lot over last three weeks in particular. there was a lot of new stuff in there. ainsley: when you poll people, i'm curious about the mueller investigation, there are some players involved, are they confused? are most people confused? >> people are very confused. people are lining pretty much on the ideology, what you believe is what you believe. if you support the president. you support him in this case. if you hate him you think mueller will find something on him. independents are saying i want to see evidence of something. i don't know who to believe. that is really tough position to be in. brian: mueller's popularity is dropping. president's offense seems to be effective. >> it does so far. it will be interesting to see. we're seeing fluctuations week
5:37 am
by week. it is really fascinating. ainsley: jillian you know what it means when she is on the curvy couch. closer and close toward election. jillian: i saw. let's get you caught up on headlines we're following right now, starting with this. the woman seen in this emotional video saying good-bye to her deported husband is standing with president trump. >> our laws come first. our laws are just broken and need to be fixed, but i can't be mad at trump for doing his john. that is his job to protect us as u.s. citizens from criminals. the only thing is, my husband was not a criminal. jillian: cindy garcia's husband was deported after being brought to the u.s. as a kid. while she said the law needs to be fixed. she agrees criminals need to be sent back to their country. bernie sanders might be eyeing another run at white house according to his inner circle. >> will voters get a chance to vote for bernie sanders in 2020.
5:38 am
>> voters in vermont will but nationally he is considering another run for the presidency. jillian: 2016 campaign manager dropping major hints. sanders is seeking a third term as vermont senator. might be david copper field's finest escape yet. the magician off the hook for an injury suffered by a participate on the in las vegas in 2013. the jury finding him not guilty in a civil suit. the tourist volunteered for the illusion. the british man fell during the disappearing act. copperfield had to reveal the secret behind the trick in court. this is great. 99-year-old world war two veteran giving baseball fans the treat of a lifetime. ♪ god bless america, my home sweet home ♪ [cheering] jillian: don't you love him. that is raymond moore at a minor
5:39 am
league in pennsylvania for the lehigh valley iron pigs. the former radio operator landed in normandy one day after the military invasion began. isn't that great. standing ovation for him. brian: that will be pete. pete sang in the choir. that will be you at 99. janice kang sing. >> occasionally in the shower. look at all my friend. where are you from. >> louisville, kentucky. >> what is the last name of the family? >> enore. >> i love it. what is your name, honey. >> mia. >> do you like being on tv? >> yes. >> excellent answers, mia. we have video outside of scottsdale, arizona. this is a dust devil. e mia, isn't that cool? >> yeah. >> it is really cool. a whirlwind over land. no one was hurt.
5:40 am
isn't that amazing? oh, my gosh. i love you mia, you come every day here on "fox & friends." you're so cute. here is the forecast, mia. 70 here in new york city. it will be rain any across the ohio valley, parts of florida. very hot and sunny across the south. thanks for coming. you want to say hi to anybody at home? >> bobby. >> lovely. you guys like being on tv? >> yeah. >> good answer. back inside. ainsley: thank you, janice. they're so cute. tensions simmering in the middle east after days of air strikes between is rainfall and hamas. we're live on the ground. brian: wow, look at the video. star, bucks back open after closing thousands of stores after training. a new op-ed says liberals have jumped the shark. you remember fonzie on water
5:41 am
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could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. ♪ brian: quick headlines now. president trump expected to sign a new bill into law today giving terminally-ill patients access to life saving drugs. this is awesome. the right to try bill it is called. and medicine not yet approved by fda but might be able to save their lives. plans unveiled for a new section of the 9/11 memorial in city. the piece will honor rescue and recovery workers including those suffering from or died from exposure to world trade center toxins. it was created by 9/11 health advocates, victim family members and first-responders. 44 minutes after the hour.
5:45 am
pete: fox news alert. tensions easing a bit on the gaza strip after days of airstrikes. ainsley: israeli jets striking dozens of targets after hamas-backed forces launched the heaviest attack in four years. brian: conor powell live near the israel-gaza border on the apparent cease-fire. are we to believe it, conor? reporter: we're waiting to find out if this holds. when we woke up this morning pretty much everyone in the region thought israelis and palestinians could move to a wider conflict over the situation in gaza. 100 rockets were fired into the southern israel and israeli military were striking hamas positions in gaza. you can see some of the damage that has been done. the rockets were not particularly big across the region, number, barrage of rockets what scared people. kept people up throughout the night, running to bomb shelters and bombs going off across all of israel. that is what had people scared.
5:46 am
the number of rockets were fired. in the last six or seven or so hours, hamas has said there is a cease-fire in place. the israelis are not calling it a cease-fire. they're calling it a calm. they're saying that the calm will be met with more calm. right now it does appear since 5:00 a.m., that the rockets have stopped there. is some type of cease-fire, at least an agreement in place, no more rockets in the near term, but guys, we have seen tensions rising here not only in gaza but between israelis an palestinians, since december, since the president trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. we've had protest along the israeli-gaza security fence. there is concern that this tension is building that there could be a wider conflict. it doesn't appear it will start in the next 24 hours. there are more protests expected along the israeli security fence june fifth, next tuesday, that could set things off again. we're waiting to see what
5:47 am
happens the next couple days. back to you. brian: where do they get their funding? iran. what is happening on northern border of israel? iran. what is happening with hezbollah in lebanon? iran finances hezbollah. ainsley: we have give them then cash. pete: i've been down to southern israel. they face threats from the air, from missiles constantly raining down, but tunnels, hamas islamic terrorists seeking to kill civilians any way they can. we have to be careful with languages. it is hamas. it is terrorism, really what it is. you have to call it by its name. there is not always protests there. is provocation at that border, pushing innocents to the front, create a frondtation that makes israel look bad. you have to be careful about the reports. brian: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. pete: starbucks open this morning after closings thousands of stores closing for
5:48 am
unconscious bias training. our next guest says liberalism has jumped the shark. ainsley: hey, bill. >> going to the white house with kim kardashian today. brian: really? who do you know in jail that needs to get out? >> i don't know. i will find someone. big rally in tennessee. a lot to go over from nashville last night this could be a pivotal day on the north korean front. we'll tell you why. new revelations on the mueller matter from trey dowd ditch. we'll put those points to alan-witch. roseanne tweeting overnight. join sandra and me from "america's newsroom." see you at top of the hour. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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♪ ainsley: thousands of starbucks stores back open this morning after closing their doors tuesday for racial bias
5:52 am
training. the move in response to last month's incident in philadelphia where two black men were arrested inside of a store while waiting for a friend. brian: that prompt the starbucks to announce that anyone could use its restrooms without making a purchase after 9-dollar latte. the coffee chain quickly backpedaled after concerned store owners, concerned the whole place would turn into a homeless shelter. ainsley: a new op-ed our next guest suggests, starbucks, american liberalism, they have both jumped the shark. brian: my turn to raid, introduce dan henninger, deputy editor of "wall street journal" fox news contributor. watch him most of the time on your sunday show. dan, what do you mean, jump the shark? they're trying to be liberal, trying to be politically correct an they find themselves in a game of twister? >> exactly right, brian. starbucks discovered something important about 30 years ago, which liberalism was no more longer just about politics. it had become a life-style. liberal lifestyle.
5:53 am
so that meant you just didn't drink black coffee out of ceramic cup in the morning, through a sty row roam and shows that you were supporting ethically-sourced coffee, fighting climate change. going into starbucks was political bonding experience. this philadelphia experience comes along and they simply gone nuts because they defended progressive ideology. howard schultz says they would close all the doors. brian: $60 million to the company. >> send 175,000 employees to unconscious anti-bias training which sounds a lot like old chinese reeducation camps. i thought ba rest at thats were the most sensitive workers in america. apparently they need anti-bias training. liberalism, moved over into progressive system jumping the shark. you can not satisfy them. you will always be wrong trying to appease progressives. >> were they worried about losing customers?
5:54 am
is that what they went to this extreme? >> well that is an excellent question because they are losing customers. starbucks sales are slowing. they need to do something to attract people in the afternoons. i have my doubts that hyper progress isism starbucks is tis playing will attract more customers. i think it's a risky move. brian: this whole training what comes out of it? people there want to create, maybe, go in there to create a scene because starbucks is vulnerable to, to the any type of outrage? >> you know, how did starbucks involve itself at this level in progressive politics? brian: you remember race. they wanted to talk about race, write it on your cup. >> here is the thing. progressives now inevitably their politics seems to be leading to chaos. look what happened to america's campuses. in a state of chaos. look at the nfl in the past season because of the national anthem is a protest, with chaos
5:55 am
all season. now you have got starbucks, kind of a chaotic situation trying to accommodate both progressives and their own customers. it is very unpopular. i think the chaos is the reason political chaos is the reason a lot of people voted for donald trump. and now howard schultz made this commitment to push starbucks to the left. brian: do you think he wants to run for president? >> i think he absolutely wants to run for president, brian. that was discussed last september. if you listen to interviews howard schultz is giving lately, talking about moral order. brian: 45 minutes on cnn yesterday. >> yes, he is clearly trying to prepare to run for president in 2020 but why use his own company as a platform for that? why force 175,000 employees to be participant in howard schultz's presidential ambitions. ainsley: would he be more like bernie sanders or more like hillary clinton? >> i think he would be somewhere in between. you can not be hillary clinton in the democratic party anymore. you have to be a card-carrying
5:56 am
progressive. i think howard schultz is perfectly willing to do that. it comes with the aura of professional businessman, successful entrepreneur, guy who knows how to get things done. the question is, what is happening to starbucks, are they really getting things? as you suggested earlier, a lot of people say this new policy opening your restrooms to anybody that wants to come in will turn them homeless parlors. brian: and don't call the police. >> don't call the police. brian: dan, thank you, you did not go to but we were able to comment on unconscious racial bias starbucks claims we all have. ainsley: we reached out to starbucks for a statement. they didn't have comment. >> a formal training program, explaining to the barristas why they have unconscious bias. brian: pick up "wall street journal." dan get as nickel for every copy. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. [ dramatic music bed ]
5:57 am
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your cat can't face the misery of biting fleas alone. advantage ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact so they don't have to bite your cat to die. advantage ii. fight the misery of biting fleas. >> the concert series continues
6:00 am
this week. we'll have thomson square. >> we'll answer the question are you going to kiss me or not? >> if you have to run from the tv run to the radio. big show coming your way. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert on a big meeting today. the north korean official known as kim jong-un's right-hand man will arrive in new york city today as president trump has a big rally last night in nashville, tennessee. good morning to you. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: a big night last night and busy day this morning. president trump not holding back as he worked to boost support for gop candidates ahead of the mid-term elections. >> president trump: we truly are making america great again. we aren't making apologies, we're not making excuses. we're respected again as a


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