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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 30, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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morning on the fox business network. we'll listen to things about the trump administration handling of north korea. neil is back tomorrow and the five starts now. ♪ >> greg: hey, i am greg gumfeld with geraldo and jesse watters and dana perinno. with the five. and kimberly guilfoyle. see roseanne disappeared faster than a classified e-mail on a server. abc saw the handwriting and one stop liquidation while you wait. i am kind of sad, but i am shocked. not for roseanne, i am sad that the experiment failed. why did it intrigue us?
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the show was a mess. it was not because we loved roseanne, we knew she was nutty. but maybe it signalled progress where the pros and cons can break bread. but not anymore and the world moves on to who ever is next. >> we know what donald trump thinks. we know what roseanne barr thinks. it is racist. they are exhibiting racist behavior. >> it was a great move yesterday. the thing that is the background of all of this, the president can be racist and nothing happens to him. >> roseanne's show was cancelled because she tweeted out racist stuff. >> i blame donald trump. >> tens of mill combrons of people voted for him. >> are they racist? all of the people who voted for
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donald trump is racist? >> yes, yes. >> the discourse is over and the left takes the idiotic word fz one person and blames it on millions. it is about the left expanding the tweets to the president and by connection half of america which raises a interesting question. did president obama own roseanne's belief. she believed that the boston marathon was staged. was that on obama when she was a hard-core leftist? no, that is absurd. but the current mrafrnget of blame suggest it is always been there regardless was roseanne. if it was not her, it would be someone else. the left doesn't need roseanne to smear you. they are at war already. she's back on tweeting and yeah,
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yeah. i don't think she will go quietly. >> dana: but she said i am sorry i offended. i am off twitter and then good bye. it is like people are obsessed with twitter and self worth is in twitter. >> greg: one of her latest tweets. i was not a racist and one stupid joke in the lifetime for fighting for civil rights and it wealth will never be taken from me. she was a socialist. >> jesse: left, and right and the other. geraldo: you may not compare a black women to canape.
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end of discussion and you get fired and you nuancing it and blame the president. you take away the responsibility. i am get of drunk tweeting. but the thing about drunk tweeting or towelling it reveals your soul. i believe that drunks are true. >> greg: you are a exhibitionist. >> but there are some things, a line you may not pass or say what she said and what disturbs me deeply is that i shutter to think that this is what informs her comedy and her politics and i think all of us have to examine our own soul and say crap, back in my day, 1950s and in locker rooms you said a lot of stuff intolerable and no room
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for wiggling and no room to nuance and it was a killing mistake she made and i hope it was a mistake and doesn't reveal her true soul. dpreg greg this is sarah sanders talking about the double standard. shall we play that. >> the president pointed to the media saying the horrible things about the president and no one addresses it. where was bob's apology to the president when jamal calling him. and cathy griffen on a profane rant on the view after a photoshowed her holding president trump's decapitated and where was the apology for spen spin hiring keith ober man as he portrayed the president as
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a nazi and this is a double standard that the president is speaking b. that they are inappropriate and that's the point he was making. >> jesse: i love the double standard game. it is my go to. what about--isms? you can say bill marr said the word and kept his job and they lie about it. and we all know republicans have a short leash when it comes to the mistake. democrats will circle the wagon and go for the republicans scal. that's the reality of it. going back to roseanne, there is a great scene from the office. michael scott said to dwight. what was the most inspiring
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thing i said to you. don't be idiot. when i am about to do to do something. would an idiot do that and that's what roseanne should i have done. she's self destructive and people do it for drugs and pressure or risk takers. charlie sheen blew off his entire career over nothing. we have seen people plant time bombs and the me, too, movement finds them and it is a sad case. it is it sad for not only her, not really her but the people involved in the show. and when they talk about the double standard. charlie sheen, liberal. and alec baldwin libbal and cathy griffin lost her job at cnn. i don't know if the double standard argument homeds. what about the montage of people taking her tweet and saying all
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of america is racist. >> kimberly: that is a liberal playbook. they tether it to the president and try to create this relationship between anybody who might have supported the president and anything bad that is said. i agree with personal responsibility and she has to take ownership. and can't blame everything on ambienn. that's the next topic and in this instance. the fallout is far reaching in terms of the people affected by the economic impact and said stay off twitter and lacking impulse control she went back on today. it muddied the waters and right on cue. muddy water. >> jesse: that was my nickname in college. muddy waters. >> kimberly: interesting. >> greg: will not tell you my
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name. >> kimberly: roseanne should quiet down and you know -- dpreg greg i want to bring up the ambienn disance. >> the president missed an opportunity. here it would be so easy. you need more black people. you have an opportunity just a passing phrase. he could say everything he said and start it with this is abhorrent and i don't condone this and as much as i like her comedy, it was not funny and it would have been easy for him to reach out and to deny the naysayers. >> greg: she blamed ambien. they responded. all pharmaceuticals have
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side-effects but racism is not a side effect. there are potential problems with ambien and electronics. >> dana: i never had a problem. i don't take it anymore. i have a hard time sleeping and i would take a half of one. you have to read the side-effects and follow the orders of your doctor and you can do stupid or funny things. >> greg: i ate mayo or peanut butter. >> dana: there was a new york times columnist after taking ambien ate in the middle of the night double stuffed oreos. but it doesn't make you a racist? >> kimberly: the tinning that bothers me. she said i would apologize you didn't get my joke and now
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saying i didn't need to apologize and i took alcohol and ambien and mixed them together. dpreg greg i know geraldo, you will remember this. this is not combuchlt jimmy the greek and howard cosle and what he said about alvin garrett. but it happens like once every three years people screw up. >> the a stuff and like the n- word. it is so blatant and raw and so disgustingly antiquated and at some point where the hell is your head that you conjure that? where did that sentence come from? to pretend this or that and sort
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of the same or they should have done this or that? that misses it is point. >> kimberly: the mainstream media to say it was a link to the president and he's responsible for it makes no sense and cheapens the dialogue and what should be the focus on intolerable racism. >> greg: they blame it on trump. >> jesse: bernie sanders responsible for the shooter that shot steve scalise. >> greg: i don't think anyone said that. >> dana: it was not me. one of the president could have owned the media was to tweet something else other than a grefiance for himself.
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>> greg: we'll never be able to overdo the tweeting. it is on his open level. coming up. >> he's a tool of chuck schumer and the ms- 13 lover nancy pelosi. >> greg: president trump unleashing over democrat and how the republicans plan to use this, next. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say?
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♪ >> dana: the road heats up for the midterm. last night in nashville, the president blasted democrats in congress for being soft on ms- 13. >> he's a tool of chuck schumer, and of course, the ms- 13 lover, nancy pelosi. she loves ms 13. can you imagine? chuck and nancy. they don't want the wall. they want to open the borders. they are more interested in
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taking care of criminals than they are taking care of you. >> dana: immigration is a theme across the board. check out the midterm ads. >> calling people animals is not a good thing. to stop illegals from taking our jobs. >> it is time to put america first. >> politicians put mexico before. and/beijing before bloomington and jobs disappeared. >> dana: jesse, that is a compilation of the ads. it is not about tax cuts or economy or good news that the president could tout. it is something high wants to talk about when which is immigration.
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>> jesse: i don't know if they were going to run against immigration. but nancy handed them a gift, this gaffe by saying the ms- 13 there is a spark of divinities and then that was unforced error by the democrats, usually the midterm are about turn out and the president's popularity. the personal popularity is different than this. and millians. and chuck gers and nonchurch goers. figure that one out and men. and so that is a large swath of americans. and immigration in the front part. it is national security and identity and law and order and wages. it touches on a lot of things. i know the democrats am come in
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with a health care deal and that's why president trump will release his own republican health care deal to counter that. >> kimberly: is it too far to say nancy pelosi is a lover of ms13. >> geraldo: it worked with brexit and i see the wisdom of their choice. as a latino and proud patriotic american i lament the demization of immigration and taking the tiny ms 131 of 33000 games. what about the bloods and crips and kkk and ira, and you call them all animals? or is it just ms 13. >> kimberly: they are not coming over the border. the point is letting repeat
2:21 pm
offenders that prey on society. and between that and over in irland the ira, that's different. >> geraldo: i believe the subtext, it is us against them. them being the poor latinos who come to the country and vote democratic when they get legalized and it is intentional and ruthlessly pragmatic and it is unfortunate and will further divide the nation. but it is leading to a surge and decrease in the possibility of a blue wall. >> jerry: you terrify me with the ira running all over the south bronx. i don't think the iran is to the
2:22 pm
level of ms 13. >> geraldo: you want to bet? >> jesse: we are talking about america. >> geraldo: did they call the iran animals? you think they were different ethnic. >> jesse: are we really arguing about the ira? >> geraldo: i am arguing about the backhanded use. >> jesse: i would call the crip and bloods animals, too. and do it right now. >> geraldo: you will? >> kimberly: guys, bring it back. >> geraldo: ms 13 is not about immigration. >> kimberly: it is. look at documentation of gang members comprehending over. and that's how the whole discussion and narrative was built. that speech was a campaign speech and midterm elections and
2:23 pm
to make sure to rally and bring out and motivate the base. he will not alienate the independents. >> geraldo: i love donald trump. and he's been my friend 40 years and he compared mex an immigrants to rapist and murderers. i said to myself. i will give him a pass. he is a rookie and first time and first speech. i will give him. >> kimberly: i want to think it is persuasive. it is what gets people animated. >> greg: the democrats did not learn that when they did not name terrorist radical islamist that helped to elect a man who did. that's what donald trump did. he called them islamic terrorist. if you conflating it. they are accusing people calling
2:24 pm
gang members animal and conflating with immigrants. it is actually the reverse. trump is in a position to do something. he is welcoming the positive and the democrats are defending the criminal. that's why you should have an oval office chat about the solution of path to citizenship and the dems continue to defend gang members. he said we want the good people here. stressing the positive and they defend the criminal. that would be a good strategy. >> dana: we'll see what happens. kim kardashian's at the white house. find out why. ♪ we have a long way to go. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
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>> kimberly: kim kardashian goes to washington to discuss prison reform in the case of a 62-year-old great grandmother serving life behind bars and a tennessee man headed back to prison arch a federal court ruled the release was a mistake. the man spoke earlier. >> we hope they will use their time incarcerated and become a productive citizen and he did just that and i thought that warranted consideration for his release. >> kimberly: there are calls for president trump to commute the sentence, you think that is warranted? >> i think absolutely and that's his only chance now. this man did what we asked of him and he ought to be an example to others.
2:30 pm
>> dana: i couldn't agree more. >> kimberly: this case moves me, dana. i saw so many cases as a prosecutor, this judge can come and talk about it and say i believe that the president should do this because he was moved by the case and got personally involved and department stand back and do nothing. justice can be served and something like the commutation of the sentence. >> dana: this case affected me over the weekend as i read more about it. as they were working on the appeal. he gets out based on the judge sharp saying he deserves to be out based on the president obama mandatory minimums. he works in a food pantry and
2:31 pm
gains employment and gets a house and vehicle and reconnects with his family and goes to church and found out the new u.s. attorney said he is be classified as a career offender and therefore he shouldn't have been eligible for this and they sent him back to prison. noup the public defender defending matthew charles not to do publicity about the case so it would not hurt his chances. and he's back in prison. and i believe that the president, i think the president will do the right thing and pardon matthew charles or at least commute the sentence. >> kimberly: we have seen him do that. the man who got a pardon from president trump and a competing case and highlights that criminal justice reform should happen. justice is only served when it is fair and balanced and you
2:32 pm
have to be able to stand up, people in a position to do something and you see something that is happening and wrong, and not just say i will not do nothing. >> greg: there is no doubt that that race infuses sentencing. crack cocaine is the most a grejous. >> geraldo: i want to say about kim kardashian and jared company kushner. kim kardashian gets the brunt of so many jokes. she has 60 million follower and created a million dollar quaintic enterprise and seized prison and sentencing reform and god bless her for it. jared kushner is mocked by comedians on the left and
2:33 pm
demonized that he and ivana and he has his head screwed on right. and that is the line, that is what brought them to the white house and to the president's attention and i think the president will do the right thing. >> kimberly: he vowed to improve the system that his father had been through. greg? >> greg: i guess it is good politics what he's doing. i am very wary of the phrase "prison reform". we are talking about specific cases and i think they are important case and i hope they are free and good news, but you have to be careful with prison reform. people obsess over incarceration and crime rate goes down. crime create goes down when criminals are locked up.
2:34 pm
it is not supposed to be a reward. it is a fact cause and effect that we see decline in crime because of incarceration. there are differences in sentencing that may not be due to discrimination. there is something where a studies show that blacks get pulled over more for speeding. five percentage over asian- americans. you would think that is racist. but thomas points out it is a reflection in age difference. asian american is 20 years higher than black americans and so it is young people who are speeding more. it is not about race. and we have to look at these thing and be careful about what we are saying and want to change. we need prison reform. it may not be incarceration rates. but have a second chance in life which i am 100 percent for.
2:35 pm
>> kimberly: it is too narrow of a focus. and what people take issue to, jesse is the federal guidelines and don't allow for good behavior and look at the state and federal system. >> jesse: there is a difference between prison reform. and they are going to have a life outside. they are going to be released eventually and you want to put them in rehab while they are behind bar and they can go out and be rewarded for good behavior and have a positive feeling to work. and if they don't have rehab 60 percent go back to prison.
2:36 pm
>> geraldo: job training and drug counselling and half bay house and home confinement and one of the rare by partisan deeds. >> dana: but it has to pass. >> greg: youor home confinement. >> kimberly: you will not believe what chris matthews is saying about republicans. we'll show you all of that, next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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book now at ♪ >> dana: what's wrong with you? >> jesse: chris matthews routinely lashes out at republican and the latest attack may take the cake. >> republicans are told to read the wall street and play golf and pro sports.
2:41 pm
they don't have too many outliars. they behave the same. you must play golf and watch sports and the nfl and what else? read the wall street journal and believe the oped page. >> greg: what do you think? it is a stereotype i don't fit in to. i don't smoke cigar or play golf and i listen to metal and tronnica and pro drug and psychedelic and not a typical republican. that is a challenge. we need to haveetrogenius. >> jesse: we'll let you know. >> kimberly: you are@table. >> jesse: dana? > dana: you heard me talk about pro sports.
2:42 pm
i think chris matthews in some ways it mirrors what the right says about the left. there is very few outliars. i don't know much on the left and how diverse that might be. but what is happening with younger conservatives is happening. they may not be card carrying republicans. but they are voting republican and that is what makes the difference. >> jesse: we don't care what sport you play as long as you vote republican. >> geraldo: i hate golf. i always played tennis. >> jesse: typical liberal. >> geraldo: when you stereotype, that is putting everybody in the same basket. >> jesse: we never stereotype. right kg? >> kimberly: never. i think something in the air conditioning system in msnbc.
2:43 pm
it is rants. and i guess it works for their ratings that they say nonsensical and stereotyping of people and it is limiting and identity politics, i don't know. they are into it and they seem to you know, thrive and get off on it. >> greg: you know how many times i describe professor with a nose ring and ponytail? >> geraldo: what isna? >> jesse: if you play golf and read and play sports how bad is your stereotype. >> geraldo: your bigger point race and culture will trump the economy when it comes to identity politic and how people vote. i think you will see much. >> jesse: we'll find out. >> geraldo: it is white and other.
2:44 pm
>> kimberly: i think the color green brings people together. and low unemployment. >> jesse: not a member of the ira. >> geraldo: but you have one. >> jesse: bigger now. a former teacher corrects the president of the united states. we'll tell you what happened up next. picking the right style takes time. one picky customer shouldn't take all your time. need something printed? the business advisors at office depot can assist with exactly what your business needs to grow. get your coupon for 20% off services, technology and more at office depot and but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. >> garbage. >> garbage? [laughs] >> everyone is a trump critic, even a high school english teacher whose correction of a form letter sent by the white house has gone viral. she wrote to president trump in the aftermath of the parkland school massacre and she was appalled by that apparent errors in his form response that she pulled out her trusty teachers pen and marked up her at it. she sent it back. here is why. >> i think mostly i was appalled by the just random capitalization of words that typically aren't capitalized. >> if the president was writing in your class, what grade would you give him on his competition? >> i couldn't give him over a d.
2:49 pm
i know that he didn't write this, but the signature is his and the buck stops somewhere. >> for the record, the federal government style guides that the white house correctly capitalized the words nation, federal and state in the context of that letter. but this, kimberly, was picked up hugely by every media, the mainstream media. is it just another example of seizing on something they could criticize trump before? trump is stupid, he has bad grandma, of grammar, et cetera. haters going to hate. >> they would correct it if the same letter went out from the clinton white house or the obama white house. they would be seeing this go viral with the correction and the edits with the whole deal. she had some fun with it i guess, people seem to like it. it went viral. you see the impetus behind it
2:50 pm
which was just to try to humiliate and cheapen the presidency. >> that's exactly what it is. the personal pronoun "i" is used a lot, is that legit? >> i think it is. i've defended this president a lot, but i can't defend him on that. it drives me crazy. my mother is an educator, my father is an education. i read these tweets, and it's just gobbledygook. i get that he has a great brain and he went to the best schools but i don't understand why that doesn't come across on twitter. he speaks properly, you just can't write properly. apparently, "the new york times" said he does misspellings on purpose so he is like, one of the folks. i don't know if i buy that. i would say clean it up and that would be my advice. >> george bush was charming
2:51 pm
sometimes and his lack of sophistication. >> he loved to make fun of himself, he said he had a lot in common with immigrants who assimilated in america and became citizens because he would say, english is my second language, too. little-known fact, while i was waiting for my security clearance after 9/11 and going to the justice department, i worked in the correspondence part of the white house. it used to drive me crazy to capitalize nation, state and federal because everything i knew from ap style was, that you don't do that. but in the federal style guide to come up that particular part is correct if you are going by that. >> would you opine on the extent this was circulated? >> i will tell you why it circulated, there is so much good news going on, i love this story. it's not isis. we haven't done a nice story in ages because our president helped destroy isis. so if this lady wants to have fun marking things up and
2:52 pm
impressing her friends, that means this is going pretty well. it means our economy is growing, isis is dead for now, north korea looks like it could be happening. so much good news, this is all they've got. >> people feel good about themselves by putting other people down, that seems to be the case. >> and yet they lost sight of what it seems to be about. >> if this was the parkland school massacre and they were talking about capitalization -- >> they are missing the point. >> we'll be back in a minute. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for,
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get more out of your water. get zerowater. >> all right, one more thing. my podcast is up with a drawn jn tandy. let's go to this. >> that is adorable. all right, this is just adorable, look at this. a young boy attempting several times to get president trump to hug him. 7-year-old jordan. [laughter] and then he gets the hug. >> yeah, that's adorable. >> he is the greatest president that has ever lived, and i predict will ever live. >> he is the greatest tiger. >> dana?
2:57 pm
>> brown's defensive back demar asked randall wagered on twitter that he would buy a jersey for every fan that retweeted his post that said, if the cleveland cavaliers upset the golden state warriors in the nba finals, they would get this jersey. while the post went everywhere and now he's on the hook for over $70 million worth of jerseys if cleveland can take down golden state. so i don't know if that's actually going to happen. >> >> good sports talk there. >> the dangers of twitter. >> remember we brought you last week the russian slapping you in the face? >> yes, that was terrible. >> they have something else that's pretty nuts in england, look at this. these people chase cheese down a hill. the cheese is rolling down at about 70 miles per hour. and men and women i guess hurl themselves -- >> i've done this. >> and there is the winner. he didn't even win money, he
2:58 pm
just won that she is. >> he didn't even get to eat the dirty cheese? >> if they cut. >> this is a family show. [laughter] >> i did not make that. >> it was dana's corny joke. >> at least it wasn't some weird animal video. >> who's against pandas? absolutely no one. i can't even stop thinking about this. a little baby panda born in a malaysian zoo and finally made her public debut on saturday. she hasn't been named and is the second offspring of two giant pandas. the healthy cub weighs 19.8 pounds, could you imagine that? it's very cool. they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on a panda complex. that's why we have this great
2:59 pm
production of this gorgeous panda. >> pandas -- >> according to the wildlife fund there are 1,184 pandas and they are i am with charles payne. i will be on with him tonight on making money at 6:30 p.m. talking about criminal justice reform. >> all right, mr. geraldo. >> i was going to talk about lebron being the best athlete that ever lived, but i will do that may be tomorrow night. if you have not bought your present for father's day, may i humbly suggest, the geraldo show? a memoir on sale. tuesday, next tuesday, i shall be in philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, at the media theater for the performing arts in media, p.a. 7:00 p.m. tuesday, june 5th. love to see you there. >> a book signing? >> a book and a signature and
3:00 pm
you get to hear me speak. >> you are a dvr is never missed an episode of the five. he has so much to share, his name, bret baier. >> thanks, greg. her frustration over the russian investigation leads to more presidential angst. and roseanne barr blames ambien for the tweet that killed her tv show, and why the ukraine security service makes the death of and exiled russian journalist. this is special report. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president trump is once again expressing buyers remorse over the selection of his attorney general. the president tweeted he wishes he would have picked someone other than jeff sessions. it is over russia's recusal of the probe. they send the


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