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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 31, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> it is almost over come you can do it. shannon bream will take things from here. >> i'm over the private jet thing. i was doing the same thing in my office. >> we got to get into that game. shannon: i own 0 private jets but we will pool our resources. america's top diplomat meets with the top north korean official who happens to be a notorious x spy chief. to find out how serious the regime is about letting go of its nuclear program. we will talk to gen. jack keane. the pres.'s attorney, rudy
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giuliani weighing in minutes ago on atty. gen. jeff sessions and alleged fbi informant tracking the trump campaign. it and re-has new details. the commissioners live to talk about a new law aimed at giving terminally ill patients the right to try experiment with drugs when they're willing to take the risk. wire democrats opposed? tonight a high-ranking north korean official wants the country's top spy, just dined with mike pompeo in new york. a full course meal kicks off tomorrow. richardson has what we know about where we go from here. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo is donald trump's point person on this issue. vice president km jong chol is leading the effort for kim jong un.
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they met for 90 minutes tonight. a senior state department official describes this evening tomorrow at 9:00 for discussions between the two. another us team is meeting with north korean officials in singapore to work out logistics for the summit between donald trump and kim jong un. negotiators in korea are trying to find the answer to the most complex question was what will it take to dismantle north korea's nuclear weapons program? mike pompeo says the united states wants complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. as for what that means -- >> to ensure that we didn't end up in the same please we did before. to achieve that will require robust verification program and when that we will undertake with partners around the world which will achieve the outcome in a way that no agreement before it ever set forth. >> reporter: at least north korean negotiators to determine when inspectors can visit and how the us would certify north
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korea fully surrendered its program. that is whether they could generate energy for its population. >> won't be appropriate to enrich, i'm not in a position to answer that question today. >> reporter: it is unclear what north korea exchanges and when it receives that. north korea and its allies post gradual concessions from each side. >> my president needs to be flexible, a phased withdrawal of phased movement of denuclearization by the north korean instead of instantaneous. >> reporter: administration officials worry north korea is reaching out to economic concessions and reprieve from sanctions while it continues building its arsenal.
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north korea has also demanded security concerns from the us and military exercises between the us and south korea and massive military presence in the region as a threat. there are concerns among analysts weather, charm offensive from kim jong un is applied to remove the us military presence from the region and unify korea under the kim regime. statement official says north korea determined that its nuclear weapons program provides security. official says it is up to the united states to convince north korea and made it less secure and there is a better path forward. >> a big diplomatic meeting, thank you so much. is the secretary of state permitting meetings come and the growing doubts about whether or
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not kim jong un will ever give up his nuclear arsenal. we talk about it with fox news senior strategic analyst general jacking joined us for some analysis, great to see you. how much do you think this meeting tonight and what secretary pompeo have landed has to say will impact the pres.? >> significant. this meeting is key. the delegation meeting between the us and north korea was pivotal. now that kim jong un sent his own emissary here largely to deliver on message to donald trump, it may be in writing, it may be verbal but he is telling pompeo that kim jong un truly wants the summit to go forward. after a week prior of confusing and mixed signals that brought our president to terminate our participation in the summit. they want to clear that and get that issue off the table. second is he is likely to come into denuclearization in some form or fashion and also in return he really wants security and he wants that permanently indefinitely. this is a young man and he is
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looking down the road many decades of life in that regime and he wants that security. i think what will happen in the meetings tomorrow, secretary pompeo will want to probe into exactly what the denuclearization means to you. >> there will be different meanings of how much of their arsenal or their program, the speed they are willing to do this and so many other things he will need cold hard facts about what they are willing to do. a new us intelligence assessment has conclude north korea does not intend to give up its nuclear weapons anytime soon. officials told nbc news everybody knows they are not going to denuclearize, when intelligence official who read the report, what do you make of that? >> not a surprising report. prior to the diplomatic blitz kim jong un started around the olympic timeframe and has been
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in full throttle ever since the final week which gave people an indication maybe he wanted to move on this program. the framework that will tell us this, we need a full accounting of their nuclear weapons and missiles, we don't have that even through intelligence. >> we have that level of transparency? >> if they don't give us that we won't go far with them. they need to tell us where the weapons are, how many they have, where the storage sites are, fuel sites, resource sites and we would want to put in play a process with their cooperation obviously to verify and oversee the action of disarming and dismantling the system. we would like that to go reasonably quickly and two or three years. they would want this to go way beyond the pres.'s term of office and make it many years, the so-called phase program. as those phases end they would one more sanction relief and to
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the concessions made, but you can end the war and the armistice and move towards the pastry officially. we can agree to bring the families from the north and self together that were separated from the war. we can agree in principle to have security on the peninsula. those are easy ones. the tough one is getting into what do they mean by denuclearization. >> one of the primary critiques of the iran plan it is difficult to have real knowledge or verification about what is happening, key sticking point if you don't have the verification program the treaty of the agreement is not worth the paper it is printed on. >> the difference is donald trump is not going to be played by these guys and you saw that in his termination of the summit so i'm still convinced that he is in this process, the summit is ongoing and moving out this
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thing is moving toward the objective, he will pull away from it. >> great to have you back tonight. breaking tonight the pres.'s newest attorney, rudy giuliani making news yet again a short while ago in a debate over the alleged fbi informant and the pres.'s latest swipe at atty. gen. jeff sessions. it henry has got the details. >> everyone housing about what trey gotti told martha mcgowan. everyone picking and choosing what part of his comments they like, donald trump tweeting about how he agrees with him that jeff sessions should have told him he was going to recuse himself before being nominated as atty. gen. and the pres.'s critic seizing on the idea that he agrees with them that there is no evidence to back up this bygate allegations. getting a lot less attention, one of the few lawmakers briefed on the intel involved, he is not denying russia was the target, a lot of from critics failed to mention he also said he believes
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the president was never the target of the investigation and suggesting the pres. may emergence gave. rudy giuliani told fox tonight he will advise the president against sitting for an interview with mueller a list giuliani can see the intel involved in this. he believes mueller epstein is stacked against them. watch. >> it was donald trump himself who said i didn't collude with russia but if anyone connected with my campaign did i want the fbi to find that out. >> chris ran rod rosenstein made it clear to us donald trump was never the target of the investigation. keep in mind that can change depending on what a witness says. i'm even more convinced the fbi did what my fellow citizens would want them to do, and has nothing to do with donald trump. >> we challenge mueller to take
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your best punch with all your 13 democrats there. you couldn't find the republican. so you have a group, lynching mob, let them do their job and we are ready to knock the heck out of you. let the american people decide this. >> reporter: giuliani knows critics have attached his strategy but he is working democrats to admit what they really want is impeachment whether mueller find something or not, giuliani charging democratic leader suppressing maxine waters from talking about impeachment because it is so expensive, the lawyer tearing him to talk about it, the pres. is ready to the people decide this in the midterms. shannon: despite the pres.'s obvious frustration with his atty. gen. did jeff sessions do the pres. a big favor by recusing? let's ask law professor john you for his analysis.
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the pres. is clearly upset and frustrated vent to get the ag but has sessions done him a favor as we wait for the mueller report? >> i think so. the pres. should lay off the atty. gen.. a close call whether he should have recused himself, i think he should have. rudy giuliani thought he would recuse himself, he's in the same position. if it had been a reverse, if sessions had not recused himself you would have story after story questioning whether there is political interference from trump to the atty. gen. to the special counsel. this way the best thing that can happen for trump is mueller finds no collusion, doesn't look like it's a target of the investigation. if mueller comes out with that, it has a credibility because there is no doubt the pres. could not have influenced it through sessions. >> this is what giuliani said, things are moving in his direction, if you fire somebody
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even if it is legitimate you're going to raise a lot of questions. you think the president will follow his advice? >> yes i do. i think there shouldn't be much doubt the pres. has the constitutional authority to remove mueller. is not protected by any statute. he is independent by regulation and the president is the top law enforcement officer in the country and he controls all the prosecutors at the federal level but it is wise for trump to leave mueller alone. best thing you can do is cooperate, even sit down for an interview and try to get mueller to wrap up the investigation as fast as possible and once that happens mueller's report has the most credibility you could have in our system. the more trump tries to interview the less credibility mueller can give him. shannon: what we heard is the issue mueller is looking into, obstruction of justice. an opinion piece in the washington post says the debate is over.
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of course trump obstructed justice and goes on to say by his own admission trump find the fbi director to stop the investigation, listed other government officials in an attempt to hinder it. he said privately and publicly expects his atty. gen. to protect them from that investigation, not to do his job, not to serve the interest of justice, not immediate to the lot and the department ethical code but to protect trump. there is no argument left over whether trump extracted justice, he did. there you go. open and shut case. >> i don't think mueller is going to be vacating his job for mr. walden anytime soon because
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this guy might be using obstruction in a colloquial sense but he even admits in the piece which i looked at this afternoon that he's not talking about the legal definition of obstruction of justice. donald trump fired comey command the constitutional right to do so and everything seen of comey since he was fired it is a good idea not to have someone like that is fbi director who just inherently leaking left and right, writing little memos of his conversations, leaking to the new york times. if trump wanted to obstruct justice he should never have allowed an independent counsel to be picked. he could've fired sessions or rosenstein, he could fire mueller. instead he has despite his complaining, sometimes a pres. winds too much about these investigations but despite the whining mueller has been allowed to conducted investigation. affairs obstruction let's see it. i don't see any case of obstruction. >> sooner or later, democrats talking about the fact it is time to wrap it up before the american public is too fatigued to care anymore. thank you, great to have you with us. in federal court today the judge reprimanded stormy daniels's lawyer, michael avenatti, for his publicity tour and dropped
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his request to those fbi raids on his office and hotel rooms. laura angle has this report from today's hearing. >> reporter: the judge told all parties they need to pick up the pace and get the wrong documents to keep it moving along. june 15th deadline for lawyers for donald trump and his personal attorney michael cohen to flag items seized in april 9th rate of his home which could contain attorney-client privilege. attorneys for cohen pleaded for more time laying out a grim picture of what it has been like for their team to get through the 3.7 million files they received so far from the government saying they have people working through the night sleeping on couches and one staff member going through the files. the judge said if they can't meet the deadline she will turn the remainder of the materials over to attained team which is what cohen team's team fought
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hard against when this started. they have until mid july but the judge said no. stormy daniels's lawyer, michael avenatti, was here, the judge had a stern warning for him about his role going forward which he previously filed a motion to intervene on this case on behalf of stormy daniels, and he would need to stop his, quote, publicity tour adding what he is doing now could possibly taint a jury pool. avenatti brought a party of tapes, he got a call from a member of the press to comment on audio recordings of keith davis and disclosing attorney-client privilege information with:something he pushed back on saying they're unaware of any release of audio files. >> just like the nixon tapes, we now have the trump tapes. mr. cohen and his attorney, mr. ryan, should release all those audio recordings to the american people and congress so they can
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be heard by all. >> after court he withdrew his motion to be admitted into the case, something he can refile at a later time. >> take you. that case far from over. the other kim meeting. kim kardashian visiting the white house to discuss prison reform. donald trump signs the right to try bill aimed at giving terminally ill patients the choice to use external drugs not yet fully vetted by the fda. dr. gottlieb is the commissioner, joins us live and he will answer democrats claims that this could hurt patients more than it helps.
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shannon: reality tv show kim kardashian west meeting the president to ask about a pardon for alice marie johnson convicted of drug offenses. so what did jared kushner and ivanka trump have to do with putting this together? >> i will give you the connection, kind of hard to pinpoint exactly where donald trump stands when it comes to drugs and prison sentences and his administration certainly has spoken in favor of prison sentencing reform especially his son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner who is working to overhaul the nation's prison
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system but the president called for getting tougher on drug dealers, even suggesting some should get the death penalty and yet reality star kim kardashian west paid a visit to the white house hoping to convince the president to pardon convicted drug dealer alice johnson who was sentenced to life in prison for her involvement in a tennessee-based cocaine trafficking operation. appellate judges and the supreme court have all rejected her appeals and former pres. obama said no to her requests for clemency but her supporters maintain she's a model inmate who would thrive outside of prison. here she is talking about alice johnson earlier this month. >> we on a mission. we want to do anything we can to get her story out there, two decades behind bars, she really deserves a second chance at life. >> reporter: kardashian west
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came to the white house to meet with jared kushner the pres. confirmed she met with him, writing great meeting with kim kardashian, talked about prison reform and sentencing. in response kardashian west quoted again i would like to thank donald trump for his time this afternoon. it is our hope that the president will grant clemency to alice marie johnson who is serving a life sentence for first-time nonviolent drug offense, last week donald trump granted a rare posthumous pardon to jack johnson boxing's first black heavyweight champion who many believe was the subject of a racially charged conviction. sylvester stallone was among those who championed the boxer's pardon and kim kardashian west helping her celebrity as some pool. the reality star voted for hillary clinton. her husband connie was didn't vote but says he would have voted for trump.
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kardashian west met ivanka trump, they all had dinner together tonight after the white house meeting. >> our invitations got lost in the mail apparently. they do very much. the pres. signing the right to try bill today, the one he urged congress to get done during his state of the union address, allows terminally all patients to get access to experimental treatments bypassing the fda. >> i probably sign this bill, thousands of terminally ill americans will finally have the help, the hope and the fighting chance and it is better than a chance that they will be cured, they will be helped, they will be able to be with their
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families for a long time. >> patients diagnosed with life and illnesses can use unapproved medications but not without some restrictions. let's talk about that. the right to try laws not without critics, some democrats aided misguided clinic it offers false hope and weakens fda's ability to regulate other drugs. let's discuss it with the commission of the fda dr. scott gottlieb. i want to start by letting you respond to a couple critics of this. dr. allison bateman house, an op-ed piece informed saying despite its name right to try doesn't give patients any new rights, doesn't require companies to provide the drugs being requested. you take the fda review away. for companies hoping to receive approval for their products giving away their drugs without signoff from the fda is a nonstarter. nobody will get access to drugs via right to try. >> we have a program to give drugs to patients facing terminal illnesses, we approve 99% of the requests.
12:27 am
this is another avenue for patients to get access to experiment all medications, the biggest imperative of this is a clear statement from congress and the american people they want companies to provide access to these drugs, you will see more company step up to provide access to these drugs when still in clinical review to patients are out of options. >> how will this work for someone who has nothing left, no other treatments that are fda approved of worked for me. i'm willing to be a human guinea pig for a chance to fight for my life? >> these are drugs that show promise, they cleared phase i clinical trials, sometimes they are in a phase 2 study, that is the critical study in many cases. many of those drugs will be approved after a phase 2 study so they show promise and patients will petition for access to the drug similar to what they do now but the difference is we currently have to approve those requests, we
12:28 am
approve 99% of them presented this new law they will petition the companies directly for access without fda stepping in to sanction it. we will get recording on it so we will have some ability to intervene if things go awry. >> it is a timesaver where days and weeks can matter for them. >> it can save some time but more importantly this is a clear message from the president, congress and the american people they want access to these drugs. >> i want to reuse something from house democrat frank malone, sei oversight exists for a reason, it protects patients from potential snake oil salesman or experimental treatments that might do more harm than good but sells like what you are saying is there needs to be initial vetting of these drugs. >> these drugs past phase i clinical studies, meaning they are on file with the fda doing clinical studies. fda will get annual reporting of patients to receive drugs under this program so we will take
12:29 am
steps if we believe patients are being armed, there is some oversight here, less oversight than the current programs but still some oversight and ability to step in. this is a law that passed by unanimous consent and had 22 democrat in the house, there was bipartisan support, the gop led and got this bill passed but there was bipartisan support for this law. >> a very conservative lawmaker and a liberal lawmaker who is hiv-positive got together to sponsor something on the state level and he had an interesting thing to say, the conservative members said he considered this to be both pro-life and pro-choice because it gives people freedom to choose to fight for their lives. >> it is pro-opportunity. this grew out of a grassroots movement so this is a clear expression of a patient's desire to have access to this
12:30 am
treatment. >> great to have you with us. getting paid not to shoot people? critics say that is the plan of california city is considering, it is called the advanced peace program, paying high risk residents not to commit crimes. a supporters only that is not how it works. the sheriff of fresno, california has her thoughts.
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>> back by silicone valley. california city is considering shannon: backed by silicon valley venture capitalists the california cities considering a program to pay residents 18 most likely to shoot someone. the premise is that paying someone for things like getting high school degree are taking parenting classes would make them less likely to commit crimes. let's see what margaret. great to have you with us. there were a couple california cities already trying it.
12:35 am
>> taxpayer funding is quite different. i'm not sure how communities feel when their tax dollars are used to pay people not to commit crimes which i believe there are better uses for that money. >> several of these startup ideas there is private money funneling into this but how do you go to the community and pick up people most likely to shoot someone and convince them by engaging in this program, reports that it has been successful in a couple places but even starting from the beginning how would you say these are the people most likely to shoot someone? >> it would be very hard to explain and my position is sustainability. how long will this last? how long will you pay them for not committing crimes? i would see the money used to subsidize job-training, teach a
12:36 am
man to fish theory, with long-term positive effects. to pay somebody not to shoot somebody else doesn't guarantee any success, gained members with a high likelihood of this happening, they are still not involved in the gang activity by calling the shots, they may not be pulling the trigger themselves. >> the secondment assistant city manager said we are paying people to reach goals, we are not paying people not to commit crimes and he says it is about things like making sure they overcome substance abuse or get that high school diploma. there are payments for them achieving things which our that work in your community? >> it would not roll very well in my community. all of that is well and good. those are important programs for people ready to receive those programs but it is not long-term problem-solving. i would like to see some kind of
12:37 am
job-training involved and people that have committed crimes, businesses that can train and have long-term impacts and make a big difference. >> review by the national council on crime and the quincy said they look at one of the programs like this that have been used in one community and said 77% of the people who have gone through it didn't have any new farms offenses when they checked in on them. dc that there could be benefits from the plan? >> i always wonder when summary specifies don't have any new firearms offenses that makes me question what kind of offenses could they have had. that is pretty specific. there could be some benefits but i can think of better uses for taxpayer money. people need sometimes a punishment. the root word of punishment in penitentiaries to do penance.
12:38 am
what is it that long-term will make the biggest difference and paying criminals not to shoot people doesn't seem to be a long-term solution. >> what was your reaction when you first heard about this? we were discussing it planning for the show and at least one person was convinced it was the onion, had a hard time believing it was an actual thing but it is. >> my first reaction was you got to be kidding me until i found out it really was something being considered. $1.5 million being used in one community to pay criminals not to commit crimes, i'm doing the calculation in my head, that could pay for 11, 12 deputies in fresno county. making a decision to pay the bad guys rather than add law enforcement in their communities
12:39 am
which seems backwards to me. >> if this continues and more communities we will see in the next few years how it plays out. always great to have you with us. it has been almost 3 weeks since we heard from the first lady. today she came out swinging in her public return, that story tops the real news roundup and 43 black women running for congressional house seats with almost all of them saying they are being ignored by their own party. find out why they feel that way when we return. spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met.
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shannon: there are 43 democratic black women running for house seats in the midterms. the democratic national committee and the democratic congressional campaign committee have only endorsed one, from illinois, adding to concerns on the left that despite their focus on race they are not serious about backing women of color who want to get elected. this headline, black women candidates feel slighted by democrats to see what our panel things. leslie marshall and radio host in washington, associate opinion editor of the washington times very o'connor, great to have you with us. okay, let's talk about this. the dnc political organizing director amanda brown saying african-american women are the backbone of the democratic party and we know we can't take them for granted which is why we made
12:44 am
meaningful investment in our state parties to turn out and engage women of color. and get of the 43 running only one says she got national support. what do you make of it? >> i think in addition to wanting to back new candidates and new blood in the democratic party whether they are female and african american or not and especially this group of individuals we want to win. if you look at massachusetts even the congressional black caucus has back not the african-american woman who is winning but the incumbent was a white man. the reason is when you look at the numbers, he just is slated to win his bid for reelection and you have to go with that because we went to not only keep what we have in the house and senate but to flip it. having said that if you look at the polls 92% of african-americans don't like the president, 59% call themselves democrats and many of them the call themselves independents that was democrats, i don't
12:45 am
think democrats are very worried when you look at the numbers. >> does that get to the point? the dnc chair said we cannot take african-americans and ever can american women for granted. with those numbers does it suggest maybe they are? >> leslie just confirmed that attitude. not in a mean-spirited way. it is politics and you go with the winner. democrats instead of the party of ideas they are a party of factions, identity groups where race, gender and ethnicity trumps everything else. in our country we are a meritocracy, we reward people based on achievement, their ability to win. democrats want to win these races but they can't have it both ways. they are saying to all these identity groups they appeal to we really want your votes, we are going to give you a lot of lip service but when you want power settle down because we got this, we just want to win, we have the power come you just give us your votes which is a republican i am popping the popcorn and wants to see how
12:46 am
this turns out. >> one of the things we know is for a first-time candidate it is always exceptionally difficult to raise money especially against an incumbent and more so for african american candidates, the numbers are there but leslie, without the support of a national group it seems it is a tough thing for them to make a. it costs a lot of money to run for congress. >> it does, no question. that aside, should we, regardless of party, just be thing we will support this individual because of their gender? remember all the hell we got for you shouldn't just vote for hillary because she is a she or their cultural background or their race, you want the best candidate. with regards the money there are some groups like emily's list that write checks to women, especially democratic women that are running whether african-american or otherwise and with regard to the democrats, california democrats didn't vote, didn't put their money behind sen. dianne
12:47 am
feinstein and she's leading, cleaning up and getting a lot more money than they could have written a check for. >> i agree with leslie the best candidate should win. the problem is the reason people can't however saying if you are a woman you should vote for hillary clinton is that is exactly what you guys did. by any objective measure bernie sanders was the stronger candidate but you ended up with madeleine albright saying you're betraying your gender if you don't vote for her. that is dangerous rhetoric and you need to do something to correct that. >> there was a line like a special place in hell for women who don't vote for women. now that we are done with our identity politics debate, great to see you both, see you again soon. time for your real news roundup, new york times issuing a correction after it reported
12:48 am
only 1000 people showed up to donald trump as rally last night, you saw it live, the times admitting the error after donald trump tweeted about the apparent slight. the times reported behind the crowd counting, no exact figure is available to the fire marshal's office estimated approximately 5500 people attended the rally, not 1000 people. when we get it wrong we say so. first lady milania speaking government rumors and conjecture why she hadn't been seen in public for 20 days, the first lady tweeting i see the media working overtime speculate where i am and what i'm doing, rest assured i'm here at the white house with my family, feeling great and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. and check this out, a stunning revelation during a press conference in ukraine when russian journalist and kremlin critic who was thought to be murdered suddenly showed up. ukraine security service saying it faked his death to catch the people who were trying to kill
12:49 am
him. russia said it was done for propagandistic effect. british activist tommy robinson jailed for showing child molesters accused of entering the courtroom, the government says he broke the law that many in the uk and abroad says this violates free-speech of a journalist. we will you decide. allison barber has the full story when we return. every way we look out for those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at we can help with the financial ones. by staying in rhythm. and to keep up this pace, i drink boost optimum. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. boost optimum. be up for life.
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shannon: the jailing of an activist in britain sparking protests and global reaction was one dutch official warning lights of freedom are going out. allison barber has the story for us tonight. >> reporter: 500,000 people signed a petition calling for printed free right-wing activist tommy robinson. people are protesting, even donald trump's in his tweeting about robinson's arrest, robinson is known as anti-muslim, far right provocateur. last week police arrested and ultimately charged him with contempt of court after he live streamed video outside of it file reportedly related to sex trafficking. robinson recorded himself talking about the case and confronting people he said were
12:54 am
defendants, the judge sentenced him to 10 months in prison plus 3 months for violating the terms of the previous suspended sentence. in the uk there are laws that prohibit reporting on some active cases. the judge told robinson his actions could lead to a retrial and potentially cost taxpayers millions of pounds. to some robinson interest is nonsense. >> in the united states when the court system thinks there might be a problem with people prejudicing the outcome of the trial, we solve that by sequestering jurors, by instructing jurors you are supposed to consider the evidence presented in court. >> reporter: others say rules are rules. in an article posted online, this is not a new form of censorship directed at robinson. these are rules that apply to us all equally. if he is unsure of that he has time on his hands to read a copy of the essential law. reporting on robinson's arrests,
12:55 am
the judge lifted court order reporting restrictions on tuesday after journalists challenged them. >> when we return a couple of midnight heroes who show simple things can make a real big difference. to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. this scientist doesn't believe in luck.
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♪ >> shannon: tonight, we want to enter multiple heroes that made a difference in different ways. check this out. the atlanta braves >> we want to honor multiple heroes who made a big difference in different ways. check this out, the atlanta braves game a junior rotc member standing guard in the rain over an empty seat honoring mias and pows. a caring fan held an umbrella over the unmanned to keep him from getting completely soaked, simple but honorable gesture. a dog stuck in a roof, a passerby called the local fire department and jeff showed up, climbed onto the roof and helped get the dog to safety.
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he got the biggest reward of all, a big smooch from the pooch. don't know if you can top that. we celebrities heroes tonight. good night for now from washington. i am shannon bream. in the 20 this is "fox and friends first" was a fox news alert. urgent manhunt ramping up in tennessee after the war on cops claims another hero. >> my prayer to god that our port will be a terror to him on the punishment he receives. heather: woman in custody could be key to capturing the arms and dangerous killer. secretary of state mike pompeo talks denuclearization during


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