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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 31, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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he got the biggest reward of all, a big smooch from the pooch. don't know if you can top that. we celebrities heroes tonight. good night for now from washington. i am shannon bream. in the 20 this is "fox and friends first" was a fox news alert. urgent manhunt ramping up in tennessee after the war on cops claims another hero. >> my prayer to god that our port will be a terror to him on the punishment he receives. heather: woman in custody could be key to capturing the arms and dangerous killer. secretary of state mike pompeo talks denuclearization during a
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steak dinner with kim jong un's right-hand man was what does this signal for the singapore summit? a touching moment as donald trump keeps his promise to terminally ill americans. why does the social party of compassion try to derail the right to try bill? "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, shaping up to be a beautiful day in new york city as the lights come on across the country. thank you for joining us on this thursday. let's get straight to our top story, another busy day, the white house moving full steam ahead for a high-stakes summit
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with kim jong un. mike pompeo preparing for a day of critical meetings with a top north korean official on the heels of a working dinner last night. allison barber with what we can expect. it is going to be a big day. >> that lasted 90 minutes according to a state department official, the secretary posting photos on his twitter account calling it a, quote, good working dinner. the pair are expected to meet again today, related to the potential summit between donald trump and kim jong un. the ones canceled june 12th summit is not officially back on but the administration is preparing for it as if it were. the us team is in singapore working on logistics. another team on the north south korean border according to a senior state department official, the team is trying to come to an agreement on the substance of a potential meeting. sarah sanders yesterday. >> we have reports from the us
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delegation led by amb. kim, north korean official earlier today, their talks will continue. the readout from this meeting has been positive and we will move forward. >> mike pompeo says the us is committed to the verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. on capitol hill, quite a bit of skepticism. >> and ask like you want to negotiate, and try to wind up early benefits, not following through on what they agreed to do. shannon: north korea determined its nuclear weapons program gives them a goal to convince them their nuclear program is
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less secure. heather: we will follow the story. and intense manhunt accused cop killer, considered armed and dangerous. a $12,000 reward is offered for stephen wiggins on the run in tennessee. erica castro miles is charged with murder. founded in his patrol car responding to a 911 call, fellow officers demanding justice. >> my prayer to god that our court will be a terror to him on the punishment he receives. >> baker was a marine before becoming a deputy, leaves behind a wife and a daughter. a man is under arrest after stabbing a canine officer, canine police officer to death
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and yelling allah akbar. neighbors reported him swinging and ask around on a balcony, forced to shoot the suspect who was hospitalized in stable condition, the canine later died from his injuries. to israel pointing the finger at iran, the leading state sponsor of terror accused of funding the group that launched 100 rockets and mortars from the gaza strip toward is really striking a kindergarten, and 65 hamas targets, weeks of protests along the gaza border. and extreme weather, thousands of people forced to flee their homes after flooding and mudslides, state of emergency declared as neighbors stand completely underwater. a desperate search underway for two people missing after their
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home collapsed. a 33,000 pound dump truck, massive mud pies shutting down several major roads. evacuate or you are on your own. stern warning from hawaii county mayor, trapping people on the big island. the more rock moving fast enough to cover six football fields and our overnight. the incredible video you see behind me showing the red-hot law for creeping towards homes, 75 have already been destroyed. the kilauea volcano showing no signs of stopping. unleashing billions in new trade tariffs, trade talks intensifying as donald trump is expected to impose steel and aluminum imports on canada, mexico and the european union. wilbur ross saying he doesn't want a trade war but to other nations how to response lose the tariffs were issued in march but
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an exemption was granted, the deadline will expire on friday. the trump administration not backing down on tariffs with china. director of the national economic council says ignoring the critics concerned with trade war saying the white house needs to turn up the heat. >> the united states needs china to get these unfair and illegal practices. you can't let them steal our technology or let them force us to get technology over. some progress being made, a long process, long negotiation. part of those negotiations as the president said, there will be times he employs tariffs, enforcement mechanism, and tariffs will not be used. these things have their ups and downs. i would not put a deadline on that. i hope we continue making
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progress. >> a surprise announcement they were moving ahead with $50 billion in tariffs on chinese goods. giving terminally ill patients a right to try, fulfilled by cutting medical red tape restricting experiment on drugs. it is not without pushback from democrats. jackie ibanez with the pros and cons. we discussed this the other day about what it means to patients. >> during the state of the union address, now it is a reality. the right to try act allows terminally a patients access to treatments not yet approved by the fda. donald trump says the landslide bill will save lives. >> these are experimental treatments and products that have shown great promise and we weren't able to use them before.
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the right to try offers new hope for those who either don't qualify for clinical trials or exhausted all available treatment options. heather: he stole the show as he tried to -- finally lucked out, jordan suffers a form of muscular dystrophy, and it bears his name. some democrats continue to push back on the bill thing it offers false hope the fbi chief is firing back. >> they pass phase i clinical studies, getting annual reporting, we will take steps if we believe patients are being harmed was there is some oversight. heather: the white house is they offer a new tool to 1 million americans dying every year from terminal illness. we want to know what other people thought about this.
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>> a lot of people waiting in, it allows them to bypass the fda. is this a good idea? there is no reason not to, just keep the courts out of it so no one can be sued, not the drug manufacturers, not the doctors, not the hospital, no one. andrew on twitter says on face value seems like a good idea, i guess, as long as it is clear that when you are taking is not fda approved and supervised by actual doctors. people should choose to take whatever they want. joann writes all those dealing with terminal illness should be allowed to speak for or against this particular bill. heather: donald trump all smiles with kim kardashian west, hosting this photo, calling the meeting on prison reform great.
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west tweeting i would like to thank donald trump for his time this afternoon. it is our hope the pres. will grant clemency to alex marie johnson who is serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug offense. and advocates for prison reform. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour, ice is claiming credit for deadly attack on police in belgium, the jihadist who carried it out on leave from prison. is a time for europe to get tough on terror? >> we had to finance and carry much of the cost of the federal government's failure. we went to see a solution. heather: the major crackdown on obama era policies in the white house. a cheeseburger, kim jong un's proposal to stop the nuclear outbreak and twitter is eating
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diane: pompeo preparing for around 2 of meetings with one of kim jong un's closest confidence in new york city as the white house fights to save the singapore summit. what do these toxic know for the hope of resurrecting the june 12th meeting? here to weigh in is the author of the reaper, ghost target and former deputy commanding general of us forces in afghanistan, general anthony tatum. we appreciate it. this is the highest-ranking north korean official that nation to visit the us since the year 2000. how significant is this? >> almost equally significant as
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secretary pompeo going to pyongyang and a show of real seriousness, and not the only meeting taking place, and the demilitarized zone discussing intricate details of denuclearization and other meetings in singapore working out logistics and between these three meetings, secretary pompeo, the highest level meeting and probably the most important and all of that will be communicated during that -- to donald trump. what the meeting is about is signaling a go or no go decision to the president. he is going to determine whether or not north koreans are ready to move forward on this and
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denuclearize. >> whether they are serious, donald trump has shown he is ready to step away from it if they don't follow through on what he believes they need to do in terms of denuclearization lose their dinner was steak, corn and cheese. we will see how they go with that. when in terms of options does north korea have in terms of denuclearization? can we go through some of the options, possibilities and begin with handing over some nuclear weapons and he mentioned libya because of handing over the nuclear weapons in advance. >> libya or any other country, and context is everything. you don't want to send the wrong signal with whom you are negotiating. there is no other country like
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north korea, the hermit kingdom. they tested 6 nuclear weapons, they have pretty extensive intercontinental ballistic missile capability very different from libya. they have the potential to immediately turn over some nukes right away, take a phased approach, then freeze all testing. through the phased approach continue to denuclearize and allow transparent inspections and that is what i think pompeo talks are all about right now and it is wise of the pres. to have these talks going on right now and to take advantage. kim jong un was rumored to be educated in the west, in switzerland and came to power with two visions. one is a powerful nuclear arsenal. the other is a mighty economy. he does not have either but he
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may be willing to trade the nuclear arsenal to enhance the economy. the same people, many families are divided by the 38th parallel. the same work ethic is in the north as the south but they need proper leadership. heather: obviously we learned the lesson with iran, we are not going to put a lot of money up front. >> the opportunity is what you really have is a country that needs massive infrastructure development. what the united states can do is say you came to power wanting two things, nukes and a strong economy. take the nukes off, trade that away. it will help with your strong economy. your partner to the south and these talks may be about reunification. it is a bigger picture for me than just denuclearization. there is a holistic discussion
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about reunification. heather: that brings up another issue because you have to bring china into it, they want reunification of south korea and north korea. that is another topic we will get into another day. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. have a great day. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the. the va fighting addiction in america, the drop in the number of veterans being prescribed pain pills and the new york times doing an about-face over a headline on donald trump's national rally, that crowd size was 5 times bigger than they reported. carly shimkus with online reaction next.
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patty: 1 back. a show of goodwill with a burger joint. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has reaction to kim jong un's newest proposal. this is interesting. >> secretary of state mike pompeo met with kim jong un's right-hand man over a dinner consisting of steak, corn and cheese. i bring up the food because kim jong un is interested in considering a western hamburger restaurant in pyongyang to gave favor with the president. three national security official spoke to nbc and said denuclearization is going to be very difficult, the restaurant would show that kim jong un is interested in western investment. social media reaction is pouring in. in says atomic burgers or a new chain called newcomb burgers where everything is cooked in a
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flash. stephen says hopefully they will serve dictator tots. nothing says peace quite like a bacon cheeseburger. >> can you imagine if mcdonald's opened up and north korea. heather: imagine what franchise it would be. let's talk about the new york times issuing a correction. >> donald trump was talking crowd size again yesterday. 1000 people were at his rally in tennessee, 1500. the president said the failing and corrupt new york times estimated the crowd last night at 1000 people when in fact it was many times the number and the arena was rocking. this is the way they demean and disparage, they are very dishonest people who don't get me and never did. the new york times reporter who
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wrote the article admitted to the mistake saying donald trump is correct about his crowd last night. my estimate was way off and we have corrected our story to reflect the fire marshal's estimate of 5500 people. when we get it wrong we say so. some people in social media are crying foul, they think this is a canoes, this twitter user says the problem is you always seem to conveniently get it wrong. it is hard for me to believe you missed 4500 people in the crowd. some saying it was intentional. i am pretty bad at estimating a crowd. heather: that is a big difference. this little boy hugging donald trump. >> the president signed important legislation yesterday that could help terminally ill patients. one of those is a little boy with muscular dystrophy who stole the show when he tried to show the pres. a little bit of
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love. [laughter] >> i love is face. he is 8 years old, jordan mcneil, god bless him. heather: he looks like a miniature version of the president. thank you so much, great story. the time is 27 after the hour and desperate moments of fear as roads turn into raging rivers and flash floods rip through a maryland community. >> i will do my best so that does not happen. >> this is worse than the last one. >> reporter: the new 911 calls just-released, key fbi officials taking the hot seat on capitol hill as the email report could
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first," 100,000 illegal immigrants detained at the border in two months, the trump administration slamming obama era policies they said led to the problem. here's more on the call for congress to step in. >> reporter: one of the issues that got him elected, now the pres. ramping up a call for border security and this familiar refrain. >> mexico is paying for the wall. they make this money and do absolutely nothing. they are going to pay for the wall and they are going to enjoy it. heather: the white house
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stepping up its fight for tighter border enforcement blaming pres. obama's catch and release programs for fraudulent the filing claims and smuggling of kids. stephen miller, senior white house advisor saying, quote, when you want to talk about what is cool and inhumane we should talk about the consequences of loopholes and make it impossible to remove individuals showing up in our country illegally, driving massive numbers to take the dangerous track leading to more instability in countries leading to instability and receiving communities and contributing to the rise of dangerous transnational smuggling organizations. this comes as border states like arizona continue their fight for increased border security and claims the fed lost 1500 migrant children, the white house releasing a statement that most of those children are with family adding the trump administration is working to
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close these dangerous loopholes and has called on congress to help. those misrepresenting the system or standing wave that reforms are making children know safer, but perpetuating serious problem, a whopping 100,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested over the last two month alone and the republicans and conservatives often get painted with the brush of inhumanity when it comes to these issues. they want to solve the problem to not incentivize people who risk their lives. heather: you have these twitter mobs the jump onto an issue and the fact get lost. thank you so much, appreciate it. isis is claiming responsibility for deadly attack on belgium. the group telling the attacker who was on 48-hour leave from prison one of their soldiers. he killed two female officers and an innocent bystander after murdering another person. the suspect shot dead after
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taking a woman hostage. isis calls the rampage in answer to their call for attacks on countries fighting against them. desperate 911 calls for the flooding in ellicott city, maryland, just-released. listen. >> are we going to die? >> i will do my best so that does not happen. >> i have a lady stuck in the building across the street from me. the water is getting higher and higher on her. >> this is worse than the last one. my car is gone and several are swept down the street. >> two people stuck on the river across main street and trying to walk through, the water above their head. >> reporter: they answered 1100 calls sending responders to 300 rescues in the flash flooding. betsy devos trying to make schools safer visiting a maryland school district to
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learn about their safety program as texas governor greg abbott unveils a new school safety plan after the deadly high school shooting. >> we demand action to prevent another shooting like santa fe high school. >> the plan calls for completes on campus and active shooter alarms. this was awesome. sarah sanders fighting back tears after you reporter asked a question about school safety. >> mental health, the fact that we or our friends could get shot at school. can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent the sinful tragedies? >> there is nothing that can be more terrifying than for kids go to school about feel safe, sorry you feel that way. this administration takes it seriously. >> she said the president of
1:36 am
school safety commission is meeting this week. a great opportunity, but the administration know what matters to them. we could be days away from the release of the highly anticipated inspector general's report on the hillary clinton email probe as the country awaits answers from congress and congress is gearing up for a series of high-stakes hearings with the man behind the report as well as several top fbi officials involved in the investigation. the man fighting for accountability in this case, judicial wash pres. tom witten. we appreciate it. let's begin with this report, when you expected to be released. we have been talking about it for months but it is coming soon and will be get the answers we deserve? >> the hearing you talk about with the inspector general is scheduled as soon as next week.
1:37 am
i don't know what will be in it. my experience is these reports are both coverups and exposes at the same time. the fbi and doj did a lot wrong in the investigation of the hillary clinton email system. you had the loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton, still covering up information. on the other hand hillary clinton has something to complain about. she wasn't prosecuted, yet james comey to make it seem they were doing something legitimate attacked her while protecting the institution of the fbi and the reputation of the justice department which was working overtime to protect her. heather: this point, regardless of what the ig report says or shows, is there any process? do you believe anyone will be
1:38 am
held accountable? >> investigators or obstruction of justice reports, the sham email investigation into hillary clinton, there may be referrals by the ig, is there something james comey did wrong or loretta lynch did wrong? i don't know. you have fbi officials, peter stzrok who was obviously anti-trump and pro-hillary clinton based on the text messages he had. he was the lead investigator for the fbi. the fbi didn't want to do this to begin with. looked like they were relying on judicial watch foia documents to question witnesses. heather: mentioned peter stzrok. look at one of his text messages that has been released. going back to that memo, moving ahead now, remember jones wants something soon, tonight or tomorrow.
1:39 am
i don't know that bill will read it before he gets back from london but last thing i want is him long to get upstairs with third-party review in their. i bring up this text message because this goes to the fbi officials slated to be interviewed by house republicans this week or next week. tell us who they are, who are these fbi officials and how does that text message tie into this? >> these are the three top fbi officials involved in national security investigations in the obama fbi, some are retired, some are still there. people have to remember the clinton email investigation and obama, trump russia investigation or two sides of the same coin and the same people were involved. you can't talk about the clinton email investigation without talking about what i believe to be the illicit targeting of the
1:40 am
trump campaign by the same people covering of the clinton email investigation. that is why people are upset. they know trump was being targeted for specious reasons while hillary clinton where you have obvious violations of the law, was getting kid gloves treatment. heather: the same people investigating both in very different ways. thank you for joining us, we will have you back as more information is released and we will see what we deserve to know or not. time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. dramatic carjacking caught on camera. >> oh my god. heather: see the perfect ordeal play out through the eyes of the other terrified driver. if we'd is legal in california, how are 142 people facing marijuana charges. is this more proof the state's socialist laws attract crime? shop until you drop. how amazon, the whole deal for prime members. ♪
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heather: series of blockbuster rulings could change the record abilities to check the trump administration. justices are expected to rule on whether donald trump's tweets can be used in court against his agenda. opponents tried using his comments about muslims to strike down his travel ban. the court is expected to overturn how the us pics representative to congress and whether the first amendment protects people who deny services for same-sex couples. social security shelley on millions of dollars to dead people. 678 of them were paid $20 million in benefits just last year. the ig's office says the system is decades old. they began updating it in 2014 and say they are seeing
1:45 am
progress. business news, a multimillion dollar building on 450 acres of land. tracy carrasco with a new facility facebook is building. a massive data center, a big win, $750 million investment in eagle mountain, set to open in 2020. it will create 30 to 50 full-time jobs with possibility of hiring contract workers. the data center will house facebook app servers. this is a big deal. heather: another big deal if you are an amazon prime member, extending benefits to more whole foods. >> they started this in florida bar adding 12 more states that will offer prime members discounts when they shop at whole foods on certain sale items and other deals so they
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are adding this out of their whole foods, 365 stores, that is the name of those, what they are adding are arkansas, colorado, idaho, kansas, kansas city, missouri, new mexico, northern nevada, northern california, oklahoma, texas, and utah. note new york yet. heather: it is a couple blocks from my house. thank you so much. amazon taking over the world. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the arab. evangelist leader franklin graham, just days before the primary, could christians be the key to turning the blue state red. pastor robert jeffers says yes, he will breakdown two goals of the tour that could shape the midterms.
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>> california in trouble, that message from the son of the late rev. billy graham on a 10 stop tour. franklin graham urging voters to push estate blue wall ahead of the crucial primary. are evangelicals the key to turning the state red? pastor robert jeffers, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. this 10 stop tour is going on since may 5th. he continues this until june 5th in anticipation of the primary coming up next week but you say it is not just about partisan politics. >> that's right. franklin has two goals. first he wants christians to get out and vote not necessarily
1:51 am
along party lines but according to their biblical beliefs and that is what is really important. john j, the first chief justice of the supreme court said god has given us the privilege of choosing our leaders which we have the right and responsibility to vote but the second goal of this crusade is the most important and that is introduce people to jesus christ was i believe the only way we will change america is by changing the hearts of americans. no political party can do that. only the gospel of christ can transform a person of life. the 20 california's primary, it is a big voting bloc in california if you can get them to turn out, 20% of california voters are evangelical. >> that is right. in 2016 only 13% of those turned out, there's a lot of room.
1:52 am
it is interesting he is back in california. billy graham began his ministry in 1949 and 70 years later his son is returning. it is a very important state. of the 20 speaking of an important state for donald trump, texas, always raises the most amount of money, the joint fundraising event for the midterms, his reelection campaign and you are going to be there. >> i will be delivering the prayer in dallas when the president comes. he is going to have an enthusiastic response. 60% of americans believe the country is headed in the right direction under donald trump's leadership, that is the highest right track of direction since 2007 and they like what he is doing with the economy and
1:53 am
immigration and national security but also a religious city filled with evangelical christians, people of the jewish faith, the right to life and religious liberty and you are going to see many people turn out today with great enthusiasm. >> dallas and houston. many of the people you have spoken with at your church in terms of the russia collusion story we were talking about they believe there is no collusion, over and done with. >> i told the president recently, one person i talked to ever asked about russia. they realize what is going on here and that is why the midterm election is so important. the goal by the opposition is to either impeach the president or impede his agenda from being fulfilled. neither is an acceptable choice. donald trump is leading the country in the right direction, i believe he wants to do the right thing and if we went to see this continued it is
1:54 am
important we turn out for the midterm elections. we 20 we will see if new york times get the crowd size right. thank you, we appreciate it. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the. goldfish cheetahs and sour patch kids. why these snacks are not what you think. service.getting her time to shine. the yearbook photo that is the title. ♪ talking to the mirror in their underwear ♪ very saggy. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with new sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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heather: 100 people busted in a major marijuana crackdown targeting illegal pot businesses, legal in the state. and licensed by those in the state of california to these investigators threatening on businesses that attract crime and the community. the event about the veterans affairs taking on the opioid epidemic showing the department slashed the opioid prescription rate along the last 5 years. only 10% of va patients given the drugs. the va is falling short on safety measures including drug tests and proper consent forms.
1:59 am
we start with the good. check this out, a service.getting to shine in the middle school your book, linda is the companion of a fifth-grader in orange city, florida. congratulations. next, the bad, carjack or in several cars as he tries to get away from cops, the driver crashing the suv onto a highway in burbank, california. terrifying other nearby drivers. >> oh my god! >> now behind bars. a georgia man, hiding drugs in bags made them look like goldfish, cheetahs, offices making the discovery after selling marijuana from the trunk of the car. that looks like the packaging normally for chinos or goldfish.
2:00 am
be aware of that. thank you for joining us, a busy day. "fox and friends first" continues, see you here tomorrow. ♪ rob: the historic sitdown between the us and north korea is still on. mike pompeo preparing for high-level talks as he helps set the stage for the singapore summit. jillian: the media drumming up conspiracy theories about milania trump's absence from the public eye, she is shutting down the rivers. rob: no lemonade stand, a little boy forced to close up shop after somebody called the police. the outrageous story that will leave a sour taste in your mouth. ♪


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