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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 31, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: usually a tough time with windows. not sure why he had a tough time with that flew into the scoreboard landing on the seats below. the goose is okay. released back to the wild. jillian: have a good day. >> big developments on the potential summit with the president kim jong un. >> secretary of state mike pompeo wrapped up dinner with the highest ranking north korean official to visit the united states in 18 years. >> kim jong un was sent his own emissary here largely to deliver a message to president trump. >> gowdy says he believes the president was never the target of the investigation. >> the president has done nothing wrong. read my lips, nothing wrong. >> reality tv star kim kardashian west asked the president for pardon for a grandmother convicted of drug offenses. >> we want to do everything we can to get her story out there. >> to keep another promise to the american people as i sign the right-to-try
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legislation into law. if i look like that i would have been president 10 years earlier. [laughter] [applause] ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ born free. brian: i recognize those three people in the back of our heads. best shot in television. ainsley: look best from the back. brian: look good from the back. one handsome man. pete: oh, man. brian: how great was that shot that we just had the last shot of the montage with that little boy who has muscular discovery sitting by the president on the right-to-try bill was signed. help a kid like him. and is he sitting there like hey, mr. president.
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give me a hug. ainsley: he did like what you did in 7th grade trying to -- and does this. and the president realizes it and pulls him in for a hug. pretty cool. brian: if you have seen the president with his grand kids. all different settings with his grand kids. that's the way he is. extremely attentive. nine eyes. grabbing one and grabbing the other. pete: right-to-try quintessential thing he did. the idea you have life threatening disease and want to try an experimental drug you can. brian: two minutes after the top of the hour. intense manhunt underway now for the man wanted in connection with the murder of a tennessee sheriff's deputy. ainsley: $12,500 reward offered for steve wiggins considered armed and dangerous. pete: our own todd piro is following the very latest from our newsroom. good morning. >> good morning to all three of you, law enforcement searching around the clock for any sign of steven wiggins. even though they haven't caught him yet, police
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charging him with first degree murder overnight. his girlfriend, erika cass central miles is behind bars and charged with murder in the death of dixon county sheriff's deputy sergeant daniel baker. the 10-year veteran of the force found shot dead in his patrol car in tennessee after responding to a 911 call about a suspicious vehicle on wednesday morning. and, we now know police have been looking for wiggins since tuesday when his girlfriend called 911 saying he threatened to kill her and stole her car. investigators say they won't rest until they find wiggins. >> it is my prayer to god that our court will be a terror to him on the punishment he received. our heart shattered with this. this is one of our best deputies. he is one of the guys that puts it on the line every day to keep our community safe. >> and speaking of putting it on the line, daniel baker was a marine before becoming
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a deputy. the 32-year-old leaves behind a wife and a daughter. authorities asking if you spot wiggins, please call 911. back to you. ainsley: wiggins has quite the wrap sheet. he is on the run. pete: on the converse deputy served our military, served his community. you see the way the gentleman was speaking was affected. every unit has a few of those guys that you want next to you all the time and when it happens to them it shatters you. brian: get all the body cam, we should see them. not enough emphasis is given on the officers taken out as that number continues to climb. we could pass the number 35, which was last year's total before the summer. meanwhile, four minutes before the top of the hour, north korea and u.s. to get the june 12th singapore
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summit on track. you have meetings at the dmz. have you meetings in singapore and meetings in new york city. ainsley: that's right. u.s. has sent delegates, you are right, brian, to singapore and the dmz. if i had to guess the summit going to happen. the dinner mike pompeo went well. he tweeted out. it was a good-working dinner. steak, corn and cheese on the menu. that's a little odd. pete: pretty weird cheese. american cheese? we don't know yet. we will dig into that. ainsley: very important we find that out: pete: working dinner 7:00 to 8:30. starting this morning at 8:00 a.m. that what are the parameters of these talks. are we even remotely on the same page of what denuclearization means. if you are not before you go into it you don't get as much come out of it a lot of important protocol upfront. brian: secretary of state
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was asked directly what is their goal can they have a civilian nuclear program. pete: exactly. brian: well, i'm not sure. i will say this. i don't want them to be able to enrich their own uranium. they already can. we have to take that out. between bolton, the president, the secretary of state, all others, joe hagan all down they have got to get on the same page. it shouldn't be on hard but they have got to get on the same page. ainsley: flew into jfk yesterday afternoon. i'm sure at dinner they talked about what the negotiations were going to look like. who wanted this, who wanted that. i'm sure they had a conversation with the mike pompeo. sitting down and talking today. brian: general keen talked about something so worrisome. he said we don't know everything they have. pete: sure. brian: how do we know what they can turn over. unless you are going to do what south africa and ukraine did can you come in with tractors and trucks and i will show you where they are. how are we going to know
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except for satellite. pete: i don't know how wee did a deal without u.s. inspection. wants it to succeed so they may white wash it. real inspectors get access to everything. no delays. ainsley: how safe would it be to send in our own inspectors. pete: full force and credit of the united states military. you mess with our inspectors, you are having a bad day. brian: i did say in the korean times. trying to get ahold of the chinese and south koreans they take note we sent 14 f-22s into japan yesterday. that shows a message of strength again. like many war games. look what we have. look at what's at stake. ainsley: this is what negotiations look like. the president, this is what he is good at. the art of the deal that meeting was set for june 12th. that would have been a great photo op. it hasn't happened in ever, right, or in decades.
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this would be a great opportunity to show the united states' strength. you know he wants this meeting to happen. he wasn't going to do it because he said they were being hostile. there was tremendous anger. there were reasons. and we probably don't know all specifics that he cancelled that meeting. then, they come back to us begging and screaming and kicking for a meeting. and it looks like it's probably going to happen. pete: they are keeping up the pressure always are noting with our aircraft moving into the region. there was a meeting with a kim yesterday. just not kim jong un. brian: in what way? pete: special meeting with kim kardashian and the president of the united states. in fact, the president tweeting this out. saying great meeting with @ kim kardashian today. if you look at newspapers this morning. all of them ablazen with that image of the two of them in the oval office. ainsley: what's the connection with the great grand mother in prison. sentenced to life in prison first time drug offender. why is kim kardashian. why is this lady, there is
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her picture, why is it so important. pete: put out a video that she saw. she believes that she should be paroled or given a pardon from the president because it was a nonviolent drug offense. brian: look at this guy. let's right a long time wrong. ainsley: he didn't do anything wrong. brian: he technically was. he had to serve 10 months in prison for it the president wanted to pardon him in retrospect. so stallone pushed that kim kardashian says here's a woman that's done 20 years for a drug offense. ainsley: 21 years. brian: somebody that was upset by that even though one of the president's big push of late has been prison reform, jim acosta of cnn who never does not thirst for the camera and to make a scene. here he is slamming the meeting. >> forget about the fact that kim kardashian is here at the white house today and what planet that is anything
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resembling normal because it's not. she shouldn't be here talking about prison reform. it's very nice that she is here, but that's not a serious thing to have happened here at the white house. pete: he is the arbiter of seriousness. he decides who should come to the white house or not. brian: even though prison reform is a legitimate issue that's already passed the house. pete: of course it is. a lot of republican views about it. there used to be another guy in the white house, his name is barack obama. and jim acosta was still commenting on the presidency in april 26 of 2015. videotape can exposed some discrepancies or double standards. let's talk to jim acosta about john legend in 2015. >> i'm going to push the president to get more involved in criminal justice reform. i'm going to suggest some ideas that we think could help improve the situation. >> if you change your mind about running for office, give cnn the scoop. >> i will. i will. pete: wonderful then.
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ainsley: sparkles there because president obama was in office. president obama was friends with a lot of celebrities. if this president wants to be friends with a celebrity he has a right to do it. big deal. brian: not a friendship, it was a business meeting. afterwards i understanding she did go out to dinner with ivanka and jared. jared can obviously understand prison reform because his dad spent some time in prison because of some corruption. meanwhile, look at the celebrity list and how many visits they had white house during the eight years of president obama. had you george clooney with seven visits. oprah with six. harper four college classmate. brad pitt had two. where was the outrage then? in fact, let's go to jim acosta getting really angry about all of this. he didn't ever get angry about all of this. we don't have it. so,. pete: all very serious policy discussion discussions wd when they visited the white house back then. come on, give it the break. it's the resistance
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movement. ainsley: sends us your comments at jillian: good tuesday morning to you and to you at home as well. we have a fox news alert. let's get you caught up on this. isis claiming responsibility for the deadly attack for the police in belgium. suspect killed two female officers and innocent bystander a day after murdering another person. he was free on a two-day prison release and shot dead by police. isis now calling him their soldier. today president trump will meet with families of santa fe high school shooting victims to offer condolences and support. it comes two weeks after the texas massacre that left 10 people dead. taking center stage during yesterday's white house briefing. sarah sanders fighting back tears when a young reporter asked about gun violence in schools. >> other students. mental health is about the fact that we or our friends could get shot in school. specifically, can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless
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tragedies? >> there is nothing that could be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe, so i'm sorry that you feel that way. this administration takes it seriously. jillian: sarah tellings times for kids reporters the school safety commission is meeting this week. an update now on the help of former president george h.w. bush. his spokesman says is he in good spirits as he recovers in a maine hospital. is he being treated for low blood pressure and could remain there several more days. the former president was hospitalized sunday a week after returning to his summer home. i will tell you what, that man is a fighter. brian: he is he is back hopely no spend the summer in kennebunkport. brian: thanks, jillian. 13 minutes after the hour. trey gowdy says the fbi did nothing wrong putting informant in the trump camp. ron desantis says not so fast. in fact, he is going to say it to us.
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♪ ♪ >> the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got. and that it has nothing to do with donald trump. brian: that was end of a sound bite trey gowdy gave to cbs yesterday. he says he is convinced the fbi acted appropriately. he has seen this before with the use of an informant in the trump campaign. next guest says no, it's not
3:18 am
okay. fellow oversight committee member ron desantis is here to explain. congressman, trey gowdy says this exxonner rates the president and looked at two people on the periphery and saw their links and if there was a problem they could have spoken to the president. do you have a problem with the informant doing that? >> well, the way the fbi and potentially other agencies did that was not trying to protect then candidate donald trump. if you had a problem with somebody on the periphery of the campaign, the obvious thing to do is to go brief the campaign and brief donald trump. and guess what donald trump would have done. if it was some tangential figure he would say okay, we will not have them involved in the campaign. instead, they deployed this informant to spy on the campaign and he was trying to manufacture contact with papadopoulos, with sam clovis, you know, with these people. and he was doing it over and over again. he may not have been the only one, brian. so, when you are deploying surveillance powers, counter intelligence powers, against an opposition party's campaign, that is not normal.
3:19 am
and i think that is not what americans want the fbi to be doing. brian: do you feel as though you have seen all the information that would reveal yes or no whether this cambridge professor was the only one? >> no. we have not gotten all the information. and even in that briefing, they did not provide the documents that devin nunes asked for. we need to know what was the fbi doing? were they directing people like this professor and potentially other people and why all this robust activity focusing on the campaign as a whole? they did not conduct themselves to only focus on one tangential figure. i mean, they really looked at the campaign and you have to also ask yourself, brian, why for months and months have they stonewalled congress about the answer? if in fact the fbi was doing what every american would want them to do wouldn't they want to be glad to tell that story to congress so the american people had all the facts? brian: get this, the dni, james clapper on his endless book tour said i never knew
3:20 am
about it. i wouldn't know. the director of national intelligence you would know. how does it work? who would know that? >> well, i think clapper, i think, has been all over the map on this. i think another person that is going to need to have scrutiny was john brennan and what his role is with this informant if there was any connection there. these guys have not been straight shooters. i think one of the best things about the trump administration is you have cleared out people like brennan and clapper and you have much more competent people in charge. brian: very curious to see where this goes and i would love to see more democrats step up and say whatever the verdict is, wrap it up. because you are hurting the country with this endless investigation. robert mueller. thank you very much, ron desantis who wants to be the next governor of florida. next guest says they are falling into a culture war trap. he will explain. media pushing conspiracy theories about melania
3:21 am
trump's absence from public. this morning the first lady is firing back ♪ ♪ what might seem like a small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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brian: quick headlines right now. start with melania trump. shutting down conspiracy theories why she has been out of the public eye. first lady tweeting. this i see the media is working overtime speculating where i am, what i'm doing. rest assured i'm here at the white house with my family, feeling great and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. and the "new york times" now issuing a correction on the size of president's rally in nashville in terms of the crowd. after the president called them out on twitter saying "times" reporter julie davis tweeting quote president trump is correct about his crowd last night.
3:25 am
my estimate was way off. and we have corrected our story to fire marshall's estimate of 5500. when we get it wrong. we say so. they estimated 1,000 a little bit of a difference, pete and ainsley. pete: when we get called out, then we say so. well, speaking of the names. there is an article that raids the idea they wrote recently that democrats have bridged their ideological gap in favor of economic populism. ainsley: the "times" sights conor lamb in pennsylvania known as a centrist and stacey adams in georgia who is very progressive as focusing on a similar message of medicaid expansion and protecting entitlements. but our next guest counters that idea. reaffirming that cultural issues not economic issues are the driving force behind voters and that the democrats are caught in a culture war. pete: interesting. joining us now from the national journey is josh croscrosshaur.
3:26 am
people vote with their pocketbook. wallet. you are saying in the era of trump, ther wrath the left they are looking at culture issues primary linchts absolutely. americans will be voting on values not their pocketbooks in 2018. on those values and cultural issues. the democratic party has rapidly moved to the left in the last couple years. so, you know, we have been talking about starbucks closing their stores to train people about subconscious racism. in politics you want to win voters over. persuade them to vote for your team. when you are telling a lot of swing voters that subconsciously that they are racist. it's a sure fire way to turn off the types of voters you want to win over. hot button issues, racial issues, it's really the president who is responding to the silent majority of voter in the country and the democrats play to increasin increasingly progressive base.
3:27 am
ainsley: what has changed? why are americans choosing to vote on values versus their pocketbooks right now. >> president trump is a big part of it he defines our politics in a way we haven't seen from other past presidents there is a lot of anti-trump anger among the progressive base. issues coming to the forefront during trump's presidency. the polling on these issues is pretty unmistakable. there is a reason why president trump talks about nfl an themselves. talks about collin kaepernick. "the washington post" came out with a poll a couple weeks ago showing that a clear 53% majority agree with the nfl leadership in requiring envelope players to stand during the national anthem. you wouldn't know that from a lot of the media coverage. clear majority, double digit margin in the president's favor on that big issue. yet, there is a big disconnect between where the activists and the democratic party and where the majority of the country is. pete: the democrats have found one place to unite which is defend the welfare state and expand government but they don't agree on much
3:28 am
else. conor lamb who won in pennsylvania who is a marine corps vet. he backed fracking. abraham had a different view on those issues. has the democratic party found a message or looking for the right messengers and right races and hoping they run against a bad republican candidate? >> here's the challenge for democrats. their strategists a lot of their candidates in these swing. they want them to run on economics and healthcare. in fact, they think they may have advantage on some of those domestic policy issues. candidates and voters want to go full left on sort of the culture wars. trump liked to weigh in on the culture wars. a lot of progressive voters that the democratic party increasingly relies on are leaning in on to these issues. in georgia, stacey abrams the gubernatorial nominee may have a populist platform on economics. the reason her voters like her has to do with social
3:29 am
issues, cultural issues and the fact she would be the first african-american woman to be the governor of georgia. pete: also part of the reason why so many prominent democrats wouldn't agree with the president ms-13 are animals. if you say that they are beabetraying their base. thank you so much. great column. appreciate your time. >> thanks, guys. pete: brand new 911 calls capturing moments of panic during devastating flash floods are. >> we going to die, ma'am? >> honey, i'm going to do my best so that does not happen. >> god, this is worse than the last one. pete: more of those chilling calls coming up next. ainsley: plus, an 8-year-old boy stops traffic to help this elderly woman climb the stairs. the act of kindness has gone viral. isn't that sweet? pete: first, happy birthday to clinton eastwood. he is 88 years young today. hear that sizzle? yeah.
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[laughter] [applause] >> if i looked like that, i would have been president 10 years earlier. if i had that face. if i had that head of hair, i would have been president so long ago. that's great. brian: there you go. the president of the united states yesterday. that's jordan mcquinn stealing the show as the president signs the right-to-try bill. ainsley: the 8-year-old is from minneapolis. got a hug and kiss on the forehead from the commander-in-chief. the bill is named after jordan who suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy. it will allow terminally ill patients to try expeer mengts mental treatments something you wouldn't think would have to be codified your life is in balance and you are willing to try something. ainsley: if you are
3:34 am
terminally ill and there is something out there to try something. why wouldn't that be allowed. pete: absurd examples from the u.k. when healthcare is rationed at the end of life. if it's expensive they won't let them try it. brian: why every democrat didn't vote for that. that's obscene. that little boy got out of a wheelchair to stand next to the president. every day is a struggle for him. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: hand it over to jillian for headlines. jillian: cutest kid of the year award. hands down. desperate 911 call, many of them, from the horrific flooding in ellicott city, maryland. they were just released. listen. >> are we going to die? >> no, honey, i'm going to do my best so that does not happen. okay? >> i have a lady stuck in a building over here across the street from me. 8141 and the water is getting higher and higher on her. >> god, this is worse than the last one. my car is gone and there are several cars that's gone down the street.
3:35 am
ainsley: dispatchers answered more than 1100 calls during the flash flooding. national guardsmen eddison hermond was killed trying to help rescue a woman in the rushing water. back from the dead, a ukrainian reporter shocking everyone when he appeared alive at a news conference just one day after he was reportedly shot and killed. [applause] jillian: the ukrainian government staged the death to foil a real life murder plot journalist against the kremlin. not even his wife new. clinton or trump. mitt romney revealing who he voted for in the 2016 presidential election. it was his wife. currently running for u.s. senate in utah. romney saying, quote: i wrote in the name of a person who i admired deeply ohio think would be an excellent president. i realized it wasn't going to go nowhere. fonelnonetheless i felt i was putting in a very solid name.
3:36 am
adams jr. jumping out of his mom's car to help an older woman climbing up the stairs with a walker. the 8-year-old giving a woman a hug before hopping back into the car in georgia the stranger reported the deed and posted it online thank god for our youth. that boy is incredible. ainsley: looks like he almost got out of car and told his mom stop the car i want to get out. did he know her before, do we know? >> i don't think he knew her before. >> that's exactly what he did. that's so great. janice, if you can, weather cast. put todd piro on that story. jillian: i would like to do that story. brian: you want to do that story? janice: i have tears coming out of my eyes. it's been shared millions of times. brian: ainsley has questions, we need answers. ainsley: good for a boy that age. probably loves to help people out. janice: you can instill that kind of.
3:37 am
pete: kindness. janice: that's the word for it, empathy. that is what we need more of in this country is to see more of that. so, incredible. i mean, i just have tears thinking about it. all right. so we're going to talk about weather. 63 in new york. 74 in cleveland. 69 in chicago. there is the past 24 hours. you know we are still talking about the remnants of alberto across the great lakes and we are still going to see tropical moisture across the eastern third of the country over the next couple of days. there is your forecast rainfall. in some cases we could see areas of flooding and flash flooding. just be prepared. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. there have your severe threat today. two areas of pressure out of the rockies and northern plains. the other across the ohio river valley. large hail, rains, not going to be a tornado outbreak but we could see strong storms. man, is it hot outside in phoenix. look at this. i know they expect in this time of year. they are in the desert but it is worth noting 109 sunday and monday when the average high is 99.
3:38 am
so, you know,. brian: if you have got to work outdoors work out early. that's something janice dean would say. janice: that's something you just said. janice: took the words right out of my mouth. brian: i don't think so. ainsley: thank you, janice. girl power full force in latest installment of oceans franchise. pete: oceans 8 sandra bullock, ann hathaway and rihanna. brian: can rihanna act? i didn't know that step into the fox light of senior v.p. of marketing michael tammero sat down with stars of the movie. >> boy can she act, brian. the academy award goes to. brian: whitney houston was in that movie the body guard. i thought it was the beginning of a great movie career. i was wrong. >> you will buy into this for sure. a lot of super heroes at the box office this summer. their powers pail in comparison to these leading ladies who i recently sat down with and told me what it takes to pull off the
3:39 am
biggest heist in hollywood history. >> if i were to be released, i would -- i would just want the simple life. i just want to hold on a job, make some friends, you know, pay my bills. >> love this movie. >> thank you. >> congratulations, you guys are the super heroes of this summer. >> i like that. i like that. >> in our movie like the stakes are kind of like funnel, it's diamonds and money and jail. it's not like oh the world is ending on multiple universes. >> they are in a super hero outfit, too. >> because, you know, who in their right minds would do that. >> we would get killed by avengers. >> in three and a half weeks the met will be hosting its annual ball. and we are going to rob them. >> are you all attended the met gala? what's the best party of it. >> running into people that you haven't seen and people
3:40 am
you admire. >> good to see people you know and then to push past them to see -- >> great to run into your friends and say be out of my face. >> a wicked little movie. i found myself i'm rooting for them to commit a crime. what is wrong with me. gotcha. >> i think more about their relationship and how they go about it. we have had a lot of movies about stealing stuff. >> and how much fun they are having while doing it? >> it's fun to steal. >> can't we just go to this? do we have to steal stuff? >> yes. ♪ walk all over you ♪ >> ocean's 8 is in theaters june 8th. it's a lot of fun. think of all the "star wars" and super heroes. ainsley: what is sandra bullock like in person. >> lovely and down to earth. wicked sense of humor that will catch you off guard if you are not ready.
3:41 am
brian: when charlie's angels came out in the 1970s didn't you think we would have more super hero things happening? why did we have to wait this long. >> last top grossing movies at the box office were all hemmed by women beauty and the beast, "star wars" and wonder woman. you will be seeing a lot more. [laughter] i see a trend. pete: i always wanted to sit in the center seat. here i am. [laughter] ainsley: good job. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. come on, in janice. president trump calling out jeff sessions saying i irish i would have hired somebody else as my attorney general. janice: what does judge napolitano think of all of this? he is up next. [cheers] pete: bubba jr. making a pit stop there he is. ♪ life in the fast lane
3:42 am
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that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare. ainsley: quick headlines for you. illegal immigrant loses a game of hide and seek with border agents. here is he buried inside a wood shavings. x-rayed and found the man. that man and driver were both arrested. another horrible hiding spot this time in florida. a man popping out of a chimney to surrender to police. deputies say he stole a u 45u8 and ran into a cop car before climbing into that chimney. he faces several charges. pete: a lot of bad ideas going on there. president trump once again expressing buyer's remorse for picking jeff sessions as his attorney general. in a tweet he quotes trey gowdy saying there are lots of really good lawyers in the country. he could have picked somebody else, adding and i wish i did exclamation
3:46 am
point. brian: that was yesterday. judge andrew napolitano has been thinking about that since that came out. judge, you love the law. you understand the attorney general job and the presidential job. we have never seen anything quite like this. judge: no. brian: did justify sessions make a mistake saying in that job? >> yes. i have known him for years. it pains me to be critical of a friend but i have to be honest. he shouldn't have accepted the job he should have said you know what this the job i have wanted all my life. i have prepared for and it aspired to it but i'm going to be in this middle of this russian investigation as illegitimate as i think it is and as you know it to be, it's going to happen. and i'm going to be a witness. so if i become attorney general, i have got to step aside from being in charge. we have hindsight and it's 2020. he didn't do that second opportunity to do it. mr. president, i think i have to recuse myself. i know you don't want me to do that, but here's why the
3:47 am
law compels me to recuse myself. and then set forth the doj reasons. brian: what did he do? >> he didn't even tell the president he was going to do it. he announced at a press conference the president was as shocked at the rest of us. brian at the time he said here's my recusal because you sign it here's my resignation. can you accept both, mr. president, because the president of the united states is entitled to an attorney general in whom he has confidence and trust. they were brothers jfk and r.f.k. even nixon and mitchell. mitchell went to jail. they were former law partners they could talk half a dozen times a day. they didn't have to talk through the media. the president didn't have to threaten the a.g. to get things done. ainsley: look at north korea, whether you have a great relationship like he does with mike pompeo. things can happen and things can get done. why isn't jeff sessions stepping down now so the president can appoint someone else? >> i believe, and i may be mistaken as to whether it
3:48 am
was the "new york times" or "the washington post" that reported this, that jeff sessions has twice sent in letters of resignation and donald trump has written rejected and had it hand delivered back to him. now, sometimes the president -- we all know this because we know him, negotiates in public. so sometimes the harsh criticisms like i wish i did pick another lawyer is not a way of saying get out of my life. it's a way of saying come in to my life. be more like i want you to be. because, if jeff sessions were to resign today, rod rosenstein becomes the acting attorney general and the senate will not confirm anybody before election day. pete: judge, supporters of the attorney general say besides the recusal he has been laser focused on the president's agenda. do you think that's true. >> yes, i do. he certainly has been laser focused on immigration. there are other things that i think the department of justice is do you go that the president is not in sync. i don't think is he in favor of seizing assets from
3:49 am
defendants before they are convicted. i don't think he is in marijuana users illegal in some form in two thirds of the country. i don't think the favor is in favor of minimum mandatory sentencing which overcrowd the jail and frustrate federal judges. jeff sessions is in favor of all of that. brian: some people on the left like van jones say i like this prison reform. it's not perfect but it's good. why democrats won't get behind it and vote for it. it would show a little bit of bipartisan. >> i agree with you on that. i don't think jeff sessions in favor of it we know who got to the president yesterday. the least likely. front page of the post. [laughter] pete: we have it but not allowed to show it. brian: you stop her. no, you stop her. [laughter] brian: thanks, judge. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. pete: served 8 years in the air force and guatemalaed brian: is he one of the
3:50 am
hottest rookies in nascar today bubba wallace jr. is making a pit stop on "fox & friends." now do we know? >> shaking his hand and meet the judge. ♪ shut up and drive ♪ hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. when you said youe, sir. were at the doctor, but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection.
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3:53 am
pete: you know you made it in racing when the great richard petty has this to say about you. >> circle of race force last year and every race he run in he got better. he really worked good with the crew. he could tell the crew what the car was doing. and then along the last part of the year we decided to change drivers and look for different things and bubba was at the top of our list. and was able to talk him in
3:54 am
to coming over to richard petty motorsports and seeing what we can do. brian: wow, richard petty saying those types of things but. that was the daytona 500 where rookie darryl bubba wallace jr. took home second place as part of the petty team. heading to the tricky triangle for the pocono 400. ainsley: tricky triangle. first he stops by "fox & friends" to tell us all about it bubba tells us grew up in charlotte. started with a go-cart. here you see on tv richard petty talking but racing for him. what does that feel like. >> kind of surreal platform progress step-by-step. you know, we have so many different racers come through. and it's always interesting to hear whose story and what they have to offer. mine is no different. i don't have any family ties until we did it by word of mouth going out and seeing a friend race and buying a go-cart and the rest is history. driving for the king. famed number 43. having fun in rookie year
3:55 am
and trying to take it in stride. brian: one thing they say about racing you do need money. not one of those things you grab a soccer ball run and get good. how did you get investors to put the type of equipment it allow you to shine. >> i try to put on my pretty face every day. sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. brian: and smell nice. ainsley: brian knows all about that. >> we go out and look at, you know, we set a game plan for the year. we sit down and have those meetings and those talks with investors and companies and we let them know that what our goal is. and we try to make them, you know, we try to show them what we could do with the king and myself. i'm trying to set myself apart from any other drivers in the series now. showing one a different face. we have announced great partners along the way this year with technology click and close mortgages bringing in a new sponsor there doing great things in a short amount of time. pete: you came in second in the daytona 500 last year amazing. key ingredient to that is our own rick reichmuth
3:56 am
interviewed you that morning. would you say that "fox & friends" is the secret to your success. >> guess we will have toind too out on sunday. pete: you are in the pocono 400. tell bus that's ranchts funny. rewind a year ago. i was jumping in to fill in for acre who drove the 43. he had gotten injured in a couple races before. so this is all kind of deja vu for me coming back to where it all started driving the 43. had a good run. made mistakes. it's kind of one of those tracks i would like to figure out and become successful. brian: we will watching out fox sports 1. ainsley: we will watch you 1:30 p.m. after church. pete: is it true your car -- brian: don't take the tunnel. thanks, bubba. on another note the north korea sum mid is one step closer to happening. secretary of state mike pompeo key meetings this morning. details coming in overnight. pete: diamond and silk are going to join us live in studio next hour for a couple of segments. actually. you are thought going to
3:57 am
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4:00 am
wow! that's clean! and less work for my mom. new cascade platinum. nothing cleans better. >> secretary of state mike pompeo helped set the staple for the summit. >> dinner went well. >> kim jong un sent his own emissary here largely to deliver a message to president trump. >> congressman trey gowdy says the fbi did nothing wrong putting informant in the trump camp but congressman ron desantis says not so fast. >> when you are deploying surveillance powers against an opposition party's campaign, that is not normal. pete: there was a meeting with a kim. just not kim jong un. special meeting with kim kardashian. >> we want to do anything we can to get her story out there. >> to keep another promise to the american people as i sign the right-to-try legislation into law. >> if i looked like that i
4:01 am
would have been president 10 years earlier. [laughter] [applause] ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york grove ♪ brian: i think this is from my album, often advertised you will remember hustle 76. it was advertised on the 1-800 members. and they had one band do all the covers on all the hit songs. pete: this is a real thing. ainsley: hustle '76. brian: you remember, right? ainsley: why was it called hustle '76. brian: it was 1976. ronco records. k-tell. pete: the real thing. brian: if you remember that please write because they think i'm crazy. crazier than usual. ainsley: were you born? pete: no, i was not alive.
4:02 am
brian: you will remember out there. ainsley: serious story to tell you about unfortunate one. intense manhunt right now for the man wanted in connection with to the murder of a tennessee sheriff's deputy. pete: a $12,500 reward now being offered for steven wiggins, considered armed and dangerous. brian: todd piro is following the latest from our newsroom and hopefully to say we got this guy but not yet. >> unfortunately not this horrific epidemic continues. law enforcement searching around the clock for any sign of steven wiggins. and even though they haven't caught him yet. police charging him with first degree murder overnight. his girlfriend erika castro myles also charged in the death of sheriff's deputy daniel baker. the 10-year veteran of the force found shot dead in his patrol car in tennessee after responding to a 911 call about a suspicious vehicle on wednesday morning. and, we now know police have been looking for wiggins since tuesday when his girlfriend called 911 saying he threatened to kill her
4:03 am
and stole her car. investigators say they won't rest until they find wiggins. >> it is my prayer to god that our court will be a terror to him. on the punishment he receives. our hearts are shattered with this. this someone of our best deputies. he is one of the guys who puts it on the line every day to keep our community safe. >> daniel baker was a marine before becoming a deputy. 32-year-old leaves behind a wife and daughter. this year alone, 28 officers have been killed by gunfire. that's according to the officer down memorial page. authorities asking if you spot wiggins, the suspected killer, please call 911. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, todd. he has been previously convicted for aggravated assault. theft, vandalism. domestic assault. never showed up for his community service in the past. now he is on the run after being accused of killing that sheriff's deputy.
4:04 am
pete: the guy we want to remember here is this law enforcement officer. also a marine. the 28th police officer shot in the line of duty just this year and as you hear his colleagues describe him. he was that guy you want at that moment. always leaning forward. and when you lose someone like that, when you lose any cop, but, in this particular case, who would charge through that door it's even more devastating. brian: killing a cop means your life is over. it means death penalty. there was a time we did that. i think the death penalty can be debated and there is some strong reasons not to have it. maybe we could all agree that killing a cop is automatic -- doesn't matter what state or what happened. you do it intentionally, you are convicted. you die. ainsley: that's the way it was when we were growing up. brian: you would think that. there is no more fear. pete: like a great federal law if i ever saw. i'm not a great fan of federalization. you kale police officer you are done. right now we have this antipolice culture in some
4:05 am
quarters that is leading to this. manual, tough to see. brian: 35 all of last year. 28 and we are just still in may. let's talk about what the president was tweeting about yesterday that trey gowdy brought up and has been speculated. one thing that still vehicles the president today vehicles -- vexes the president. this investigation. witch-hunt there. nothing there distraction. bankrupting a lot of people who supported him. a lot of people are around him. and it never goes away. and he looks back and says how did this start? my attorney general recused himself and in the past attorney generals watched the back of the president. even though they are not, you know, necessarily that's not the mandate. that's what it is. why did he recuse himself? why didn't he tell me before he did it and if he did, i would have said jeff, i will get you another job. you were loyal to me. i will give you that. but since you were involved in the campaign it's not the right spot for you. maybe put him in in the second term if he gets a second term. game on. ainsley: never any collusion. even if there were collusion
4:06 am
it wouldn't be illegal. the question is why did this attorney general recuse himself in the first place. pete: a lot of regrets it seems and definitely expressed yesterday on twitter. we had judge andrew napolitano on the show earlier talking about this. this is what he said about sessions and the job. >> the president of the united states is entitled to an attorney general in whom he has confidence. >> of course. >> jeff sessions shouldn't have accepted the job. he should have said you know what, mr. president, at this point trump is the president-elect. this is the job i have wanted all my life. i have prepared for it and aspired to it i'm going to be in the middle of this russian investigation, as illegitimate as i think it is and you know it to be, it's going to happen and i'm going to be a witness. if i become attorney general, i have got to step aside from being in charge. pete: imagine the frustration for this president. you are under siege in a phony russian investigation for over a year, for the entire presidency. yet, your top litigator is on the sidelines. and it's not i love how the left would say if trump had an attorney general, it
4:07 am
would cozy up and cover up. as you stated, the relationship between these two people in prior presidents was very, very close. in fact, eric holder in 2013 had this to say about his relationship with barack obama. this is barack obama's attorney general. in a radio interview said i'm still enjoying what i'm doing. there is still work to be done. i'm still the president's wing man. i'm there with my boy. the reality is attorney generals oftentimes have the back of their president and have a very close relationship and in this case, president is throwing up his hands saying i don't have the guy i should have on my side on the biggest issue i need him for. ainsley: christopher steele even testified over in great britain. he said that the dossier was raw intelligence and it might not even be true. he said there is a 50/50 shot it's not true. they use the bulk of that information to go to the fisa court to get an application and to spy or to get the spies a warrant. christopher steele, who is behind the whole thing even says there is a 50/50 shot it wasn't true. sally yates signed off on it then it expired. then you had rosenstein.
4:08 am
he signed off on it he was the last person to sign off on this. pete: problem get rid of sessions who comes next acting attorney general is rosenstein. that's part of the complication. brian: rod rosenstein, did i see him last week. and i said how are things going for you. he says don't believe what you read. so we will see. and he was sitting right next to the president when he said it. pete: don't believe some of the things that are said on television. brian: real quick, i remember joe kennedy told john kennedy after he was elected president your brother is going to be attorney general. really he has never tried a case. he said you need somebody in washington to watch your back. meanwhile, chris matthews knows all about the kennedys and wrote books about them and knows about republicans so he thinks. listen. >> cultural problem with the republican party as opposed to most americans. republicans are told read the "wall street journal," play golf and talk about pro-sports. especially are all programmed a certain way. they don't have too many outliers, republicans. they have all behave basically the same, right you? must play golf.
4:09 am
you don't play tennis. >> you must. >> you much watch sports and talk about the nfl and what else? read the "wall street journal." belief the op-ed page. ainsley: wow. brian: i don't play golf. pete: i don't either. ainsley: i don't talk pro-sports. pete: so indicative of the identity politics of the left. take a person and put them in the box. if you are a white person and male a republican. black person and female you are a democratic. tell that to diamond and silk. ainsley: hillary said she lost because women listened to their husbands. republican women voted however their husbands told them to vote. pete: think about the inverse of that statement, too. every democrat reads the "new york times," plays soccer wait, no. brian: probably sock everywhere. it's global. they are globalists. global game. ainsley: let us know what you think about chris matthew's comment.
4:10 am
pete: got a tingle going up my leg right now thinking about it. brian: i guess it's your right one by the way you are holding it. pete: of course. always. jillian: i golf and talk sports. one for four. brian: programmed you. you don't go out. go right to bed. ainsley: you are not a man. he is describing republican men. jillian: i don't think i am. who knows. kidding. good morning to you guys. jillian: we have a fox news alert. get you caught up on what's going on right now. starting with. this the white house moving full steam ahead for historic summit with kim jong un. mike pompeo prepping for a second day of crucial meetings with the top north korean officials right here in new york city. pompeo sharing these photos from last night's working dinner. they are hoping to get the june 12th summit in singapore back on track. overnight, disgraced holiday producer harvey weinstein indicated -- indicted on rape charges. they stem from attacks on women in 2003 and 2004. they are the same charges he was arrested on last friday.
4:11 am
dozens of others have accused the 66-year-old former movie mogul of sexual misconduct. weinstein's lawyer says he will vigorously defend against the indictment and try to get it thrown out. today, president trump will meet with families of santa fe high school shooting victims to offer his condolences and support. it comes nearly two weeks after the texas massacre that left 10 people dead. school safety concerns taking center stage at yesterday's white house briefing. sarah sanders fighting back tears when a young reporter asked about gun violence. watch. >> other students mental health is the worst about the fact that we or our friends could get shot at school. specifically, can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless tragedies? >> there is nothing that could be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe. so i'm sorry that you feel that way. this administration takes it seriously. ainsley: sanders telling him
4:12 am
the president's school safety commission will meet this week. >> a service dog getting her time to shine in a middle school yearbook. linda is the companion of a fifth grader at a school in orange city, florida. teachers are grateful for the difference she has been making in their students' lives. >> it's amazing the changes that i have seen in my students and just how it's brought us all together as a family. jillian: yellow lab also has a faculty badge. those are some of the best yearbook photos i have ever seen. ainsley: that's so cute. jillian: yearbook photos were always the worst. linda looks great. pete: i was reading my "new york post." i'm more of a "new york post." great sports, culture, politics, conservative. brian: don't put pete in the box. pete: don't put me in that box. all right. we will move on. thank you, mr. matthews. keep going. the media pushing conspiracy theories about melania trump's absence in public. the first lady just shut them down. diamond and silk here to
4:13 am
react live on the couch. ainsley: plus, neermly $5 million worth of illegal drugs now off the street. interior secretary ryan zinke is leading the charge and he is here to tell us all about it. ♪ i took what i could get ♪ yes, i took what i could get ♪ she looked me with those big brown eyes ♪ and said you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ baby, baby, ♪ you just ain't seen nothing yet. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving!
4:14 am
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4:17 am
ainsley: a major drug bust in arizona fentanyl pills confiscated along with almost $5 million worth of illegal narcotics resulting in more than 80 arrests. it's all part of the new partnership between the interior department and native american tribal bliss to get drugs and dealers off the street. the man spearheading this new initiative is interior secretary ryan zinke who joins us live now. thank you, mr. secretary, for being here. former commander at seal team 6. you served our country well and still serving our country and we appreciate it getting drugs off the street. tell us about your program. >> it's to support the president's directive on opioids. native american tribes, you look at the statistics, far more drugs on native
4:18 am
reservations. we are serious about it. interior has about 4,000 law enforcement officers and what we have done is we have formed a task force. we work with tribal police. the target, the dealers get them off the streets and also help the communities. a lot of challenges out in indian country. ainsley: it shocks me. i didn't think the tribal community had a problem with drugs. i didn't know that until i was reading about your program. why is that? >> i was adopted a senate boy. i can tell you a lot of times the tribes have a lot of land. not a lot of law enforcement on the land. and they are being used by the drug dealers that come in, muled and trafficked not only drugs but child trafficking is really large. you know, they need some help. we work with the tribes. we are serious. the president has said this is a war on opioids. it's destroying communities. it's destroying communities on indian reservations at a higher rate. and so we're, again, we are targeting the problem, which is the drug dealers and we have been enormously
4:19 am
successful. ainsley: tell me about your success. how many have you had. >> this is our fourth operation. we're continuing to do it and we are targeting areas where the nation's ask us because the nations are sovereign. so we work with them very, very closely. and again, it's a task force. we're going to continue along the border. a lot of problems there this is important. the president has made a stand about the opioids. it's destroying communities. it's destroying reservations and indian nations at a higher rate. ainsley: which reservations have you targeted so far? >> we are working in arizona. the most current operation in arizona we have been to minnesota. nortnorth carolina. out west. we have been to, you know, washington state. again, what we do is we coordinate with the tribal police, nation to nation. but it's been enormously successful. i'm proud of what our dia, our bureau of indian affairs
4:20 am
officers have done bom. we have 4,000 law enforcement officials and they are doing a great job. ainsley: also saving so many lives. these opioids, we have done so many stories on people who have died because of it. what is the most popular drug that you are finding? >> well, we are finding uptick in fentanyl which is far more potent than heroin. we see a lot of hard drugs going back and forth. they are hidden in tires. the reservations a lot of them are land-based. a lot of -- millions of acres and it's hard to patrol and have law enforcement in every corner. but so a lot of times these reservations are ready service lockers for drugs. most of it is coming from the southern border. the president is exactly right once again, let's make sure we have law and order and secure our southern border. ainsley: thank you so much for what you are doing. keep up the good work. these kids started a lemonade stand for charity. they had to close up shop because they didn't have a permit. someone turned them in.
4:21 am
seriously. plus, he served 8 years in the air force and just graduated from yale. he credits his success from what he learned as a foster child. that veteran joins us live next. ♪ sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? don't miss the final days of our semi-annual sale save up to $700 on sleep number 360 smart beds. ends sunday. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor
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social security shelling out to dead people. 678 of them were paid millions of dollars in benefits just last year. social security official says the death processing system needs modernizing. i would think. so if you are dead, call us right before you go. it will make it easier. next, $34. that's how much you could pay for a jetblue flight. the airline offering
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discounted one way fares. only flutes june 5th and june 20th. walmart workers pay for tuition. partnering with online programs. study business or supply chain management. over the railing and downstairs to pete. pete: all right. thank you, brian. our next guest just graduated with a degree in psychology from yale. after serving 8 years in the air force as an electronic warfare technician. but, before all that, he spent a turbulent childhood in and out of foster care and adoptive homes. in a new op-ed ran on monday, he credits all of his success to the conservative values he learned along the way. joining us to share more of his story is rob henderson, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. pete: give us more insight how you came from foster care to the air force and now graduating from yale. >> yeah. i was born in poverty to a drug addicted mother and i
4:26 am
spent a lot of time in and out of foster homes. i never knew my biological father. along the way, in school, when i was 10 years old, a teacher told me that, you know, i could change my future if i focused and worked hard and took responsibility for my life and i took that seriously and started thinking about what i wanted to too with my future. along the way i started thinking more about responsibility and how the decisions we make today can change what happens tomorrow. pete: you had a choice and you were mentored along the way by certain people. in that case a teacher. you could tell yourself i'm a victim of my circumstances or say i'm going to take responsibility for it. you say at its core that's a conservative value. >> i do think that conservatives tend to emphasize personal responsibility more than people on the left. people on the left focus more on distractions and societal problems and don't focus enough on the individual and what we can do in our own lives to change our future. pete: absolutely. you went into the air force. did 8 years, enlisted i would presume. >> yes. pete: then you got.
4:27 am
in going to cambridge on a clip congratulations they let a conservative sneak through that pipeline. what led to you write op-ed in the first place. >> i felt i had a story that help chirp challenges they face in unstable environments. i was one of the lucky ones who turned out okay for myself. most kids who grow up in foster home and single parent families and so on. they face more challenges than children faced -- pete: we call them snokes. snowflakes not prepared for the real world. what would it be? >> i would say to think more about responsibility. think more about, you know, the importance of family structure and to focus more on children rather than on your own desires. pete: interesting. put the kids first, focus on their needs, obviously instill the value on them fortify them ton prepared, don't coddle them.
4:28 am
>> absolutely. pete: what do you plan to study on cambridge. >> psychology still. i will be continuing for my ph.d. i am looking at morality and moral obligation and how people think about right and wrong. this is my primary. pete: interesting. this op-ed came out monday in the "new york times." and that was the day of your graduation from yale. was it fun at all to open up the "new york times" that morning and see i am a conservative from yale on graduation day? >> just a pure coincidence that it fell on that day. it was really interesting to see the response that i got. yeah, it was a good day and an interesting day just to read the comments and things that people were saying. pete: rob, we get a chance to interview a lot of interesting folks on this show. hearing about your background and your service to our country, overcoming and focus on personal responsibility. i love it it's the kind of message our viewers need to hear more often. pull up your boot straps. get after it you might fall down. get back up. great message. why being a foster child made me a conservative in
4:29 am
the "new york times." rob henderson good luck on the other side of the pond. will you. come back when you are done. >> thank you so much. pete: urgent cancer warning impacting millions across the country. media pushing conspiracy theories about melania's absence in public. the first lady shut them all down. diamond and silk hanging out with them on the couch. i'm jealous. they are here, not on skype. we're going to talk to them next. ♪ she's some kind of wonderful ♪ she's some kind of wonderful ♪ yes, she is ♪
4:30 am
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here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. ♪ >> no one is defending what she said. the president has pointed to the hypocrisy in the media saying that the most horrible things about this president and nobody addresses it. where was bob iger's apology to the white house staff for jamele hill calling the president and gin associated with him a white supremacist. for joy baier calling
4:33 am
christianity mental illness. kathy griffin going on profane rant on "the view." and where was the apology from bob iger for espn hiring keith olbermann after numerous laced tweets calling the president a nazi and expanding the role after that attack against the president's family? brian: that was an interesting tact from sarah huckabee sanders and the president decided to tweet about 12 hours after roseanne blew up her career with a racial tweet she put out the show was can said. by the way where is my apology from abc. pete: look who is here to sort it all out diamond and silk. brian: you will be cooking with friends a little bit later. >> absolutely are. ainsley: pudding. >> delicious. ainsley: what's your reaction when you hear sarah huckabee sanders say that. >> she is absolutely right. you know, the president has been really -- they have assassinated his character, tried, to the left.
4:34 am
there is no apology. >> right. >> roseanne tweets out something that it was derogatory. it was offensive. she apologized for it and the left just loses their mind. >> yeah. >> we don't like the hypocrisy. we don't like words that's being used, okay? but those words are used from black people on us. i mean black people call us monkeys, coons, uncle toms, they do it all the time. the left don't holler about that. as soon as roseanne a white woman tweets out racist. racism is not one-sided. we have to look at all sides. nobody should do it. and i don't care what color your skin is. >> the sad thing that the person that is crying racism the most is the person that's the race baiter. that's the person that's putting out the racist comments and so forth to us. if you go to the diamond and silk wall of shame, you will see a lot of racist comments made towards two black females who love god, love this country and love our president. they are calling us, all of
4:35 am
those derogatory names. brian: roseanne must have been watching you because you were on neil cavuto yesterday. she tweeted at you guys, right? >> yes, she did. brian: she thanked you. >> i don't think she should be -- i don't think anybody should care to assassinate her. she made a mistake. >> that's right. >> she made a mistake. this is a teachable moment. this is one thing that i like that valerie jarrett said. this is a teachable moment. let's teach. you don't get to call other people names using the word monkey and identifying that to a black person. that is derogatory. that is wrong. because maybe she just didn't know. maybe some people don't know. so now it's the moment to teach and not defame. and just beat her down. >> that's right. >> i don't like that part. >> not to mention, look at all of the other shows that's on abc that made these racist derogatory remarks towards the president of the united states, towards his supporters. they are still on air every single day. >> that's right. >> you will find that ashow
4:36 am
that does that. >> that's right. pete: media including a host at another channel says it's not just about roseanne and trump. it's about the people who support president trump. this is what chris hayes tweeted yesterday. he said roseanne's problem turned out to be that she far too authentically represented the actual world view of a significant chunk of the trump base. somehow now that represents folks who support. >> that's a lie. she claimed she was making a joke and it was a bad joke. okay? she is a comedian. okay. she apologized for it. but that's not the representation of the trump base. we are loving, caring people. we are not racist. we love god. we love this country. how dare him say that. that's what we're talking about right there. >> one tweet don't make you a racist. okay? and they want to talk about and say that she has done all of these different things and said all of these different things. if you look at the left wing media tv right now, you will see a lot of racist remarks. a lot of race baiting going on. once again, people are
4:37 am
hypocritical when i look at the divisiveness that's going on from the left. they sit on these shows and they call our president a racist or they call diamond and silk a nazi. you know, we are not racist. our president is not racist. he is a realist and the only color he sees is green answered wants everybody to have some of it. >> that's right. ainsley: media is attacking melania. she hasn't been out in public since she had this surgery a few weeks ago on the 1st of may. this is one of the headlines. melania trump tweets she is feeling great. she hasn't been seen publicly in weeks. cnn says melania trump hasn't appeared in public for 20 days. the mercury news, missing. melania trump. the first lady tweets she's feeling great but mystery remains. your thoughts? >> you know what? this is what the left wing media do. they conspiracy. >> conspire. >> conspire, trying to just make up a narrative and then
4:38 am
keep it going. keep it going, keep it going. leave our first lady alone. leave our president alone. brian: no mystery she had surgery. i see the media is working overtime. speculating where i am and what i'm doing. rest assured i'm here at the white house with my family, feeling great, working hard on behalf of children and the american people. and she also has her parents who live close by. why is that hard to believe? barron, by the way, plays soccer, practices four times a week. i'm sure she wants to be a part of that. she is a hands on parent. on the weekend he has one or two games. she does do normal stuff. >> she do normal stuff. it's not hard for us to believe it but it's hard for the left to believe it hard for the left to believe we really have people now in that white house. >> real people. >> working with the american people and i love it. >> that's right. brian: do you know what's under appreciated? they have a soccer goal right outside the oval office which barron better be accurate or it's going to cause a national stir because is he going to break a window.
4:39 am
ainsley: thank you so much. where is your next tour. >> next tour is in california. >> go get your tickets. diamond and ainsley: listen, you will have more of them. you can't have too much diamond and silk. they are going to come back to make some banana pudding. brian: that's when jillian appears miraculously at the end of the show. jillian: can i give it a that's right. jillian: good morning, guys, get you caught up on some of the other stories you are follow here. blue wave democrats expect in the mid terms well appears to be waning out. real clear politics average poll shows republicans gaining on democrats. lead shrinking 13 points in december to just 4 points now. polsters say the republican's upward swing is thanks to president trump's accomplishments. new warning from the american cancer society that younger people are now more likely to get colon cancer. agency recommending people start screening at 45 instead of 50.
4:40 am
and alarming numbers for people even younger. those born around 1990 are twice as likely to get colon cancer and four times as likely to get rectal cancer. that's compared to those born around 1950. the agency has no explanation for the increase. from lemonade to sour lemons. this charity's lemonade stand was put out of business because an adult called to complain. they had to close shop because they didn't have a permit. the boys are turning lemons back into lemonade using a go fund me instead. trying to help a needy child in indonesia and raised $1,300 so far. this is incredible story. just watch. after winning a championship. a youth football team shows the ultimate display of team unity. that's a group of idaho teens coming across a rollover crash. lifting the vehicle just enough to help free a woman who was trapped in the car.
4:41 am
>> keep on coming, keep on coming. >> almost out. almost out. >> you got. this they were also able to pull a man out of the car. and all of the players are 13 years old or younger. isn't that incredible when you see that team work there and helping to save someone else's life? >> super cool. pete: shut down lemonade stands. brian: about time. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean outside according to reports. janice: you know what? it's national smile day today. everyone give me your best smile. [cheers] janice: i love it where are you all from? >> houston, texas. janice: oh my gosh. we are well-represented today. take a look at the maps real quick. show you what's happening here in new york city. cloudy skies, 64 degrees. we could see a shower or two across portions of the eastern seaboard. this is all this tropical moisture coming up from florida and parts of the ohio river valley and the great lakes. there is your future radar. we could see the potential for strong to severe storms out of the rockies and the
4:42 am
ohio valley today. so we'll keep everyone posted. okay, you gout a second chance here. national smile day. give me your best smiles: cheese. back to you guys. ainsley: brian doesn't normally participate but is he smiling. brian: do you know why people smile because crest now has a whitener and people are proud of their smile. ainsley: whiter teeth out there than ever before. brian: every foote paste is trying to whiten. i give them credit for it. pete: not in great britain. ainsley: where they have summer teeth. [laughter] pete: it's all good. brian: "the washington post" says shelters are filling up with immigrants thanks to president trump's policies. our next guest says that's not the whole story. he has the facts you won't see anywhere else. ainsley: plus, if you are a teenager looking for a summer job, we have companies that are hiring like a pet supply store with thousands of jobs available. all out on our plaza coming up. brian: missed that one. ♪ what a way to make a living ♪ barely getting by
4:43 am
♪ all taking and no giving ♪ you just use your mind ♪ and they never give you credit ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:44 am
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4:46 am
>> ran into the scoreboard. down goes the goose. oh, the poor thing. pete: and down goes the goose. a wild goose change during the tigers-angels game. the bird flying into the scoreboard and landing on the seats below. don't worry though i know you were worried at home the goose is going to be just fine. second story. four pee cox snarling traffic on pennsylvania highway after escaping from the philadelphia zoo. traffic backed up for miles as police escorted the bird down the highway. the peacocks flew away and still haven't made it back to the zoo. two big bird headlines. ainsley back to you. ainsley: thank you so much. the trump administration forcing zero tolerance policy making it crystal clear that anyone who crosses into the u.s.
4:47 am
illegally will face criminal prosecution while any children who come with them are cared for in h.h.s. shelters. brian: "the washington post" citing the policy as a crackdown on families crossing the border and says the shelters are filling up fast. the conditions are horrible. but what's the real story here? ainsley: executive director for the center for immigration studies mark joins wins sight. good morning, thanks for being with us. tell us what's happening on the border. where are these kids being held? >> what's happening is that everybody who is cross something committing a crime so they are being prosecuted. but kids don't go to jail it's the adults who are being prosecuted. just like any other crime if you are a pick pocket or check forger, your kid doesn't go to jail with you. so the kids have to be -- are handed over from ice to the social workers at health and human services. so ice is not doing. this and then they are taken to detention centers for minors until they find
4:48 am
someone to put them either foster care or relatives. those detention centers are not dog kennels. i mean they have cable from central america. they have got, you know, they take them on outings and field trips. you know, i'm not saying it's the greatest thing in the world but frankly it might actually be better than honduras, where they are coming from. brian: is the crackdown forcing and overcrowding in these detention centers as they wait? is the fact we are getting stricter. >> that's what it is. it's not a policy of separating the kids from their parents. it's a policy of prosecuting everybody. and those who brought kids with them. and they do it because they understood under obama that that was a ticket out of jail. it was a get out of jail free card. the kids are put in -- you know, in some kind of detention center for minors until they are delivered either to relatives or foster family. and, yet, the crackdown creates a lot more kids who have to be in detention but the point is to deter people
4:49 am
from bringing kids with them because they used to be rewarded for bringing children with them by being let go into the united states. we need to communicate to them they are not going to be rewarded for that anymore. and fewer of them will then do it. ainsley: okay. mark, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. brian: mark, good point. shut off the magnet and make people know if they come to this country there will be a separation. that's the hope. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: steve scalise survived assassination attempt a year ago. one donor is urging donors to take them out. seriously. brian: are you looking for work? thousands of companies are hiring this summer. we a job fair on our plaza. ainsley looking for extra money. ainsley: plaza. brian: how does that pay? ♪ that's what i want ♪ your love ♪ed
4:50 am
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brian: all right. get ready to get hired. the labor department recording a record number of job openings. i'm done reading. ainsley: many of them are from franchises with openings for you and your teenager home from school. pete: i'm going to start reading. fox business network cheryl casone is out on our plaza with five companies hiring for the summer. cheryl? >> best morning ever, guys. summer is here companies having trouble finding young employees to come in and work for the summer. especially with unemployment sitting around 4% right now. but we have got five small companies that are ready to show you why you should work there this summer. we are going to start with the ceo brooks. tell us about this company and why kids would want to work there for the summer. >> fruitables. healthy alternative for fast
4:54 am
casual restaurant. >> this is our fruitable. signature bowl frutta bowls. fun environment. a lot of kids love to come and work there we have so much fun. always doing activities and team bonding. fun environment. >> cheryl: you speaking youngest generation. 25 years old. frutta bowls. let's move over to club pilates. i would think i would be in good beach shape if i worked for you. >> so is ache low. >> you are looking for several people. several hundred people to work for you for the summer, right? >> several thousand actually over the next few years. club pilates network premium studios in the world hundred locations open. we are going to open another 350 locations in the next
4:55 am
years. angelou has one in tr tribeca and one on the way. is he in hiring mode. >> is it hard to find kids. >> it's a great time. franchise concept like club pilates is great for young kids. >> i that looks hard. i will stick to yoga. let's talk about pet supplies plus. largest retail supply company in the country. you are hiring and get puppies and kittens all day if they work for you. >> fortunate enough that the team members that we hire passionate about pets like we are. fun environment. a lot of fun for our team members. who doesn't love being around pets all day. >> who is this little guy playing fetch right now? >> this is marco polo. >> good job marco polo. you have got that ball. oh my god, he is adorable. i really want to stay with him.
4:56 am
experimac. >> place to work. >> absolute best place. >> kids looking to make those college applications they would want to work for somebody like you. >> we're actually a very exciting place to work. not only are we exciting franchise for people to buy but young people really want to come to work for experimac. >> you buy, sell trade computers and gadgets. i break things all the time. let's talk about mac and cheese. comfort food customizable mac and cheese. dan collins, why should we work for you? >> first of all, it's a very simple job. great entry level job. franchiseee genevieve hired high school kids. those kids line out the door. great entry level job. >> i will toss it back to you guys. if i was working at a mac and cheese place right now it would be game over. i would have to go back to the pilate.
4:57 am
brian: thanks. pete: new meetings underway north korea summit. what we know coming up next. brian: woman facing a million-dollar lawsuit for leaving negative view on yelp. will she have to pay up? . . . . well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching.
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♪ brian: fox news alert. intense manhunt for the man wanted in correction to the murder of a tennessee sheriff's deputy. >> secretary of state mike pompeo helped set the stage for the singapore summit. ainsley: the dinner mike pompeo said well. >> sent his own emissary largely to deliver a message to president trump. pete: president trump expressing once again buyer's remorse for i canning jeff sessions as attorney general. >> president of the united states has the ability to have a attorney general he trusts. pete: meeting a with kim kardashian. >> we want to do anything we can to get her story out there. pete: media pushing conspiracy theories about melania trump's
5:01 am
absence in public. >> this is what the left-wing media do. conspiracy. leave our first lady alone. ainsley: getting time to shine in a middle school yearbook. it has a faculty badge. ♪ brian: worry about this band too. you know why? too many people. how are they going to split the money. ainsley: upset because the band has two people. brian: just two. isn't outkast a big group? pete: you didn't launch their career. brian: you would think outkast i play a role. it seems to be a big band. a lot of people in the band. pete: one music video you saw. ainsley: a lot of friends in one video. brian: huge final hour coming your way. ainsley: start with this fox news alert. unfortunate fox news ahurt. an intense manhunt for a man
5:02 am
wanted in connection with a murder of a tennessee sheriff's deputy. brian: 12,500-dollar reward being offered for steve wig what he looks like. armed and dangerous. todd piro is with us. reporter: good morning to you as well. this morning, horrible year for the brave men and women continue searching round-the-clock for any sign of steven wiggins. they are charging him with first-degree murder. his girlfriend is behind bars also charged with murder in the death of dixon county sheriff's deputy. sergeant daniel baker. he was found shot dead in his patrol car and responding to a 911 call wednesday morning. miss have been looking for wiggins since tuesday. when his girlfriend called 911 when he threatened to kill her
5:03 am
and stole her car. they won't rest until they find wiggins. >> my pray to god that our court will be terror to him on the punishment he receives. our heart is shattered. he is one of our best deputies. he puts it on the line every day to keep our community safe. reporter: another way he put it on the line, danielle was a marine before he became a deputy. the 32-year-old deputy leave as wife and daughter. 32 officers have been killed so far. authorities are asking if you spot wiggins, the suspected killer, please call 911. back to you. ainsley: you get this guy off the streets if you help out and you get a reward. thank you so much, todd. pete: talk about a hate crime. highest penalty possible with no possibility of parole if you
5:04 am
kill a cop. ainsley: he has a long rap sheet. previously convicted of aggravated assault, theft, vandalism. domestic assault. never showed up for community service. there is his picture. if you know where he is today, call the police. brian: sadly getting closer and closer for the number of police deaths for entire year. last year was 35. we're getting closer to that number. we're up to 28. there is a sense covering that police event on ms-13, the officers that came to us last week, pat ryder, commissioner of police, he says overall there is lack of respect for officers across the country. when they talk to other police commissioners and sheriffs, there is a sense, oh, my goodness, what did i do wrong. there is no more nervousness. cameras in your face every time you pull somebody every. you better not do this. people with a lack of respect and fear. i think you should have a respect for police. i think this is where it starts. pete: unfortunately we have to put the photo up of the guy that
5:05 am
is at large because he did it. the photo we should put up more and more, the officer, what he gave, not just service in his community but for his country in the marine corps. his colleagues described him one of the best out there, always be there in the most difficult moments. we salute him this moment. i know the manhunt will be intense to find his killer. ainsley: only 32 years old. leaves behind a wife and daughter. brian: switch gears, talk about national politics. five minutes after the top of the hour. the big story yesterday is an old story simmering inside of the president, jeff sessions the first lawmaker to side with the president when he put on the hat said, make america great again. donald trump is my guy. donald trump felt loyal to jeff sessions. jeff, what position do you want? i want to be attorney general and he took it. when the russian investigation seemed to be taking associate and became president elect, should he have taken that job knowing anybody involved with the campaign might have to recuse themselves because they are potential subject of the
5:06 am
campaign. >> didn't have to recuse himself because, a, there is no collusion. if there was collusion it is not illegal. he didn't need to step down. he was nominated and then stepped down immediately. brian: he did not say every contact he had with the russians. evidently two contacts with kislyak with benign information. you have to put it forward and al al franken finds out about it. makes it a national story. i blame jeff session, you have a huge staff, like everybody from president trump, find out every meeting i had with the russians, submit it. no issue. pete: wonder how al franken found out about that too. the whole slow motion what happened behind the scenes between collusion trump campaign and russians. makes it hands to al franksen and "new york times." we asked judge napolitano earlier in the program, he covered this start to finish.
5:07 am
should sessions have taken the job in the first place. this is what he says. >> the president of the united states is entitled to a attorney general he has confidence and trust. jeff sessions shouldn't have accepted the job. he said, mr. president, at this point the trump is president elect. this is job i wanted all my life. i prepared for it, i aspire to it. i have will be in middle of this russian investigation, as illegitimate i believe it around you know it is i will become a witness. if i am attorney general i have to step aside. ainsley: everyone we talk to he is a great guy, wonderful person. lifelong republican. we've had him on our show. we had him on our show. pete: pursuing the trump agenda otherwise. ainsley: with rosenstein he signed off, last person to sign off on the fisa warrant. the fisa application, fisa warrant, the bulk of the information that allowed, that was submitted to the fisa court was the dossier. the guy responsible for the
5:08 am
dossier, chris steele, said in a british courtroom, maybe 50/50 was true. he wasn't even sure. pete: critics of the president say you can't be too cozy to the attorney general that would be a bad thing. rewind to 2013 eric holder said about his relationship to barack obama, he said this in radio interview, i still enjoy what i'm doing. there is still work to be done. i'm the president's wing man. i'm there with my boy. history has shown that attorney generals are allowed to be close to the president. brian: ainsley, pete, i disagree with you a little bit on the job he is doing because i think he is slow walking this entire investigation. oversight committee, the judiciary committee in the house an senate but asking for paperwork to get answers about what fbi was up to during the election, he is slow walking all of it. pete: but if he is recused, does he have influence on that? brian: when it comes to investigation they ask attorney general to produce documents, you can produce documents. produce the documents. pete: i agree. i don't know why you wouldn't at
5:09 am
this point. ainsley: very frustrating. let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines. jillian: let's get you caught up with other stories we're following with a fox news alert. white house moving ahead with a historic summit with kim jong-un. secretary of state mike pompeo preparing for second day of crucial meetings with a top official in new york city. pompeo releasing photos from last night's working dinner. we're hoping to get the june 12th summit in singapore back on track. a desperate search for a couple swept away in a flash flood. water rescue teams looking for the man and woman last seen standing outside of their car in lynchburg, virginia. the flooding covering some roads and up to flee feet of water. schools in the area are closed. today president trump will meet with families of santa fe high school shooting victims to offer his support. school safety concerns taking center stage at yesterday's white house briefing.
5:10 am
sarah sanders fighting back tears when a young reporter asked about gun violence. >> what if my and other students mental health is the worry about the fact we are or our friends could get shot at school. specifically can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless tragedies. >> there is nothing that can be more terrifying for a kid to go to school around not be safe. i'm sorry you feel that way. this administration takes it seriously. saying the president's school safety commission will meet this week. taking a parting shot. mixed into the tribute of life of robert falcon gibson of virginia, is this final message, quote, a native the northern virginia for last 30 years of his life, he hated how all of you were incapable of driving competently. the 77-year-old will be buried at arlington national cemetery today. he spent nearly 30 years serving
5:11 am
our country. i will send it back to you. ainsley: thank you so much. brian: on the shooting the president is going to be in santa fe today to meet with the shooting victims and talk to that school. 11 minutes after the hour. the nfl says no more kneeling during the national anthem. our next gift says the move is putting a a stop to a dangerous anti-cop narrative. he will explain. ainsley: the president trump doesn't get upstaged very much but this little boy, i think he stole the show. ♪ picking the right style takes time. one picky customer shouldn't take all your time. need something printed? the business advisors at office depot
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♪ brian: the nfl now banning protests during the national anthem at games, requiring players to stand or stay in the locker room if you won't. in an op-ed titled, quote the nfl stops indulging a dangerous narrative our next guest writes this about the protests. they have been used by the political progressives and mainstream media to advance a dangerous anti-police narrative at odds with the empirical data. senior fellow at manhattan institute and fox news columnist, jason riley. you think sake -- take a seat,
5:16 am
take a knee with kaepernick two years ago was built on a house of cards. >> the narrative is not true. police shootings, use of lethal force by cops is down more than 90% here in new york. down in philadelphia, chicago, los angeles. it sim flip isn't true cops are running around gunning for young black man. the data doesn't support it. brian: why has it taken two years for this story to come out? why do you think that whole narrative is swamped by patriotism? >> i think that the league was really too late in reaching this decision. i think they reached a right compromise f players want to protest, do it on their own time, not on gameday before kickoff. what took them so long? football fans have been telling pollsters for two years, they oppose this behavior. i'm kind of shocked the league took this long to reach an agreement on what to do about it.
5:17 am
brian: jason you said the numbers don't add up to the inequity of the way law enforcement treats people of color. but you believe that the way it appears on social media now, the way bodycam as are out there, makes it appear. >> what we've seen is increase in coverage of these incidents. we can't mistake that for the increase in incidents themselves. that is not what the data support. what the false narrative here is that the police are out there, and that this is racially motivated, this is common occurrence. both of those are untrue. these are rare instances, there are always tragic when they happen but they are not commonplace. there is no evidence that police are gunning for young black men in particular. so i'm glad progressives is will no longer have this platform in the form of the nfl to advance this false narrative. the reason it is dangerous, brian, what you're doing, is creating more tension in communities where law enforcement is most needed. by pushing this idea out there that the cops are the problem in
5:18 am
these communities, i think you're just doing a disservice, a public disservice. brian: well, the big picture too, if that was your issue, law enforcement and inequity in the way it's put on people it gets swamped why are you sitting at national anthem? no one can get past the flag that is we're supposed to unify for and go to our corners. when you can't stand for the flag you can't get your story out. >> again i think the league reached a compromise here. they're respecting first amendment rights of players and free speech, saying do it on your own time. do it in your free time. start foundations. give interviews in the media on your own time, not on gameday, not on company time should you be allowed to do this. somehow give the impression the nfl is supporting what you're doing here. brian: so we have yet to see if the players will be compliant in this because some will stay in the locker room, which is okay. that is being compliant. but if they still sit or kneel
5:19 am
en masse. >> there will be penalty. brian: they could get a fine. don't know the number. as donald trump says, i believe in the "wall street journal" today, ely the play-by-play, what went on behind the scenes come forward. jerry jones was saying, president spoke to me, said i'm on the right side on this one. public is behind me on this one. you guys can't win this one. >> he is certainly right. the polls have shown since kaepernick first took the knee during 2016 during the preseason game, football fans said no, we don't support the behavior. real surprise it has taken the league to come around to doing this. people turn in to football, to watch football, not political posturing. brian: hopefully solves it for everybody. jason, thank you very much. sounds like something out of a spy narrative a journalism supposedly killed, shows up live in russia in the ukraine at a press conference. [applause]
5:20 am
wait until you hear this plot twist. what he told his wife. plus a cry for yelp. a person is facing a million dollar lawsuit for leaving a negative review. will she ha to pay up and should you be worried? bob massi on deck. ♪
5:21 am
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pete: welcome back. quick headlines for you starting with a fox news alert. sears closing at least 72 more stores after a big first-quarter loss. the company coming up $424 million in the red. sears says it will announce which stores are closing later today. they have shut down nearly 400 stores in the last 12 months.
5:24 am
not good for bricks and mortar retail. walmart is offering employees a college education for just one dollar a day. the company partnering with three schools to help workers get business or supply chain management degrees. walmart says it is meant to improve their employees lives and help them run a better business. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, pete. a negative review about a doctor might cost one patient one million dollars. she is being sued after posting this review on yelp. it said, very poor and crooked business practice. i suspect this doctor gives unnecessary procedures to a lot of people and then charges the insurance guy high prices and no one knows the difference. but court papers state no reasonable person would believe that the statements made there in were opinion. bring in fox news legal analyst, bob massi, also host of "the property man." good morning to you, bob. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning.
5:25 am
bob, this shocked me. i understand this can hurt someone's business, if you write a negative review. >> yes. ainsley: but something like this encourages business owners to make good decisions, to be friendly, nice, aboveboard. what is defamation and what is free speech in this case? >> defamation when you make a statement to third party, either written or spoken, slander or libel, which causes some type of ridicule or embarassment to that person. let's say, answer sy, she posts something, i went to see this doctor, his bedside manner wasn't that good much be prepared if you see him he is very good at what he does but hess bidside manner is not very good. that is an opinion. when you start crossing the line, questioning the person's business techniques, basically, there is an innuendo don't have good business practices, that gets into disparagement.
5:26 am
as a result she crossed the line, but in defamation, ainsley, truth is absolute defense. say the statement she made is true, they could prove that, she will not be found responsible for defamation. the moral of the story don't say what you think all the time because it gets you in trouble. ainsley: we learned that in media law, truth is your about best defense. >> all the time. ainsley: she said the doctor charged her $1300 for new patient visit and ultrasound. she had to pay 400 out of pocket. her annual was supposed to be free. the doctor claimed he gave a pelvic and breast exam even though he didn't. i guess we figure out through the courts what is true and not. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> you were going to ask me the question, i'm sorry. ainsley: should it cost her a million dollars? >> well, i don't think it will cost her that kind of money because remember the doctor in this case, he is not a public figure. public figures they have to prove malice. as it relates to the doctor, he
5:27 am
will have to prove some type of actual damages. did he lose business as a result of it? can show he lost business? in the long run i don't know what the cost is going to be. this is the type of case, many times, ainsley, that goes into mediation where they may get it resolved. for all of us as viewers, most of the time what happens. you have a bad experience. gow to yelp. you write emotional response. unfortunately the average layperson doesn't understand that words in my world can cost you money. and in this case, this doctor is going to have a heck of a lot more money to prosecute this case than this young woman is going to have. i don't mean to be presumptuous, to defend the case. ainsley: already cost her $20,000. thanks so much, bob. catch his show friday night. >> thanks. ainsley: 8:30 p.m. eastern time on fbn on fox business network. >> prepare. thanks, bob. prepare for action, that warning sparking panic across an entire state. we just learned it was a false
5:28 am
alarm. how does that happen? first lady melania trump fires back at the media after they pushed conspiracy theories in the public eye. keep in mind she just had surgery. that is next. ♪ why did i want a crest 3d white smile?
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5:32 am
got out after wheelchair, stands next to president after he signs that bill. ainsley: he is 8 years old. he got a hug and kiss on his forehead from the president. pete: brian suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy. this bill allows terminally ill patients to try experimental treatments hence the right to try. in the uk the socialeesed medicine can or can't do something, they are trying to prevent that. ainsley: pulling plugs on the babies the parents want to take them to another country. hospital won't allow it. pete: don't want that here in america. we have dana loesch, syndicated radio talk show host. it was not kim jong-un t was kim kardashian. she was at the white house. here is what the president tweeted about their meeting. great meeting with kim kardashian today. talked about prison reform and sentencing. but the media took a sideways view of it, dana. we'll play two clips. jim acosta of cnn likes being on
5:33 am
tv. what he said about kim kardashian's visit at white house. >> forget about the fact that kim kardashian is here at the white house today and what planet that is anything resembling normal because it's not. she shouldn't be here talking about prison reform. it is very nice that she is here. that is not a serious thing to have happen here at the white house. pete: shouldn't be there. he was sing a different tune in 2015. thanks to magic of videotape, this is jim acosta talking about john legend when obama was president. >> i will push the president to get more involved in criminal justice reform. i'm going to suggest some ideas that we think could help improve the situation. >> if you change your mind about running for office, give cnn the scoop. >> i will. i will. pete: little bit of different tune there, dana. >> hugely different tune, hugely, bigley, because this is jim across at that. jim acosta is partisan. he doesn't hide the fact he is a partisan. i wish people would stop unnecessarily hammering the
5:34 am
administration, even on things they know they agree on or things that they know aren't that big of a deal but they do it anyway because it's trump. and this idea, well, she shouldn't be there, i can't believe he actually said those words. every single person in the united states, be they famous person or not, has the right, if they can, they can meet with the president. they can go to washington, d.c. that is what makes the united states different from britain. we don't have like a special nobility class here. you don't have to be a special person to engage in policy discussion. whether you're john legend or kim kardashian. it is so fascinating how much they gave, how big of a pass they gave to the previous administration just because it was barack obama and democrats as opposed to trump and republicans. brian: we have a list of all celebrities come to the white house in the past. it was celebrity heaven. no one had a problem with dicaprio, tiger woods, beyonce, married to jay-z. >> they had concerts in the white house. brian: yeah.
5:35 am
multiple visits. i thought that was commonplace. sylvester stallone wanted jack johnson to get a pardon. he knows the president. that is part of it. the president has a relationship with jay-z. he will be table to go back and forth maybe get influence there. that is a part of it. you can't have it both ways. >> no, you can't. beyonce was a huge figure in the previous administration. how many times did they visit the white house? how many times did she partner up with the first lady on number of different initiatives. you had the jazz nights at white house, blues nights at white house. u2 at the white house. this has happened, the previous administration was the celebrity administration. it was hollywood administration. they loved and they bragged about the fact they were so close to celebrities. where was jim acosta's whining then? pete: exactly. ainsley: talk about melania. the media is going after melania not being out in public since middle of may. where is she? keep in mind she just had
5:36 am
surgery. these are some headlines. "time" magazine says, melania trump tweets she is feeling great. hasn't been seen publicly in weeks. cnn says melania trump, hasn't been seen in 20 days. mercury news, melania tweets, but mystery remains. what are your thoughts. >> that is, she had surgery. the white house was very forthright about the procedure that she had done. they were very forthright how she was going to recover and where she was going to recover. we're not at hillary clinton levels of conspiracy with her health. the media perhaps needs to chill out. she is on twitter. she is still tweeting. she is active. she responded to the media just this morning. but again, hypocrisy, this is why conservatives get so aggravated. they get aggravated at media hypocrisy. if hillary clinton falls on the street, leave as shoe behind and conservatives ask questions, they're called conspiracy
5:37 am
theorists and we're attacking hillary clinton and we're sexist. with something like this media is hounding melania trump. she is not a hostage. she is the first lady. she had a procedure done. they were open about it. lay off. ainsley: she tweeted about it. i see the media is working over time speculating where i am, what i'm doing. rest assured i'm here at white house. working hard on behalf of children and the american people. >> yes exactly. legacy media once again trying to find a conspiracy where there is none. if they were only this attentive during the previous administrations. i would love to see media work this hard then. ainsley: even if she didn't want to come out, is it anyone's business what she is doing? she is not the president? >> she is not. you're absolutely right, ainsley. she's not. even then they have been entirely forthright about it. they have said exactly what it is that she had done and how she was going to recover. it is amazing that the media is so obsessed with this. are they sending bob mueller after melania trump?
5:38 am
is that what is going to happen next? is bob mueller add this to the witch-hunt list? pete: might as wells to it in. brian: dana, thank you very much. >> at this point everything is fair game. have a good week. >> you too. pete:s to it over to jillian. jillian: sometimes you don't feel like going outside. ainsley: especially after surgery. jillian: good morning at home. america's longest war could finally be coming to an end. top u.s. commander in afghanistan revealing secret talks are underway with high-ranking taliban leaders. their goal? to negotiate a peaceful end to the 17-year war. >> a number of channels of dialogue have opened up between the various stakeholders in the peace process. jillian: in august president trump announced a new war strategy including loosening the rules of engagement. back from the dead. a ukrainian reporter shocking everyone when he appeared alive at a news conference just one day after he was reportedly shot and killed.
5:39 am
[applause] so here is what happened. ukrainian government actually staged the death to foil a real-life murder plot against the journalist who criticized the kremlin. not even his wife knew. a man involved in the alleged russian plot to kill him is under arrest. a civil emergency in this area. prepare for action. an official now apologizing for that alert which sparked panic in salem, oregon. the incomplete message was supposed to let people know about toxins in the water supply. took 31 minutes to clear up the glitch with a follow up message. people were stripping water from store shelves. it comes months after hawaiian officials sent a false emergency warning after incoming missile. a police officer comforting newborn baby going viral. that is dallas officer donald boyce, holding baby jackson moments after he was pulled from an overturned car. the officer's fatherly instincts
5:40 am
kicking in, bouncing and singing to the little boy. he said he would want someone treating his child the same way. no one in the car crash was seriously hurt. isn't that a beautiful photo. ainsley: it is. brian: thanks, jillian. talk about beautiful, you took it from me. pete: took it from me. ainsley: yes, you are, janice. >> my gosh, that is the best compliment of the day. today is national smile today. i have all the great smiles. ed will show the great crowd. give us your biggest smile for national smile day. good job! what ambassadors right here. look at the maps while we're looking at beautiful smiles. producers we can do a split screen of all the amazing people and the current temperature, 65 here in new york. there we go. smile, everybody, you're on television. you're on "fox & friends." look at this. showers across the eastern seaboard and potential for severe weather. let's talk to her. what is your name?
5:41 am
>> kendall. >> where are you from? >> florida. >> is this your first trip to new york? >> yes. >> what do you think of the weather? >> good. >> give me your best smile for national smile there right now. nicely done, everybody. whoo-hoo! we love new york. we love "fox & friends." we love you, kendall. you're welcome. back to you. pete: found a cutie. ainsley: thanks, janice. thanks, kendall. of the. pete: media puts out a lot of nair activities about republicans but this one really stands out. >> men especially are all programmed a certain way. they don't have too many outlyers, republicans. they all behave basically the same, right? pete: turns out there is republican checklist according to him. your emails pouring in. we'll bring it to you next. ainsley: you saw them talking politics earlier. now "diamond & silk" are about to make make a dessert for us. we're about to be cooking with
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
♪ brian: quick headlines now. robot, move over a little bit, thank you. illegal immigrant loose as game of hide-and-seek with border agents. he is buried inside of a shipment of wood shaves. x-ray detected the man when the truck arrived at a check point. that man and driver both arrested. the wood is okay. another horrible hiding spot this time in florida. a man popping out after chimney to surrender to police. deputies say he stole a u-haul. led cops on a chase. rammed a police car before jumping into his hiding spot which was a chimney. he faces several charges. he will have trouble having friends. pete: rough hiding spot. well-done, brian. one of your best reads ever. brian: thank you. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. let's talk about stereotypes. pete: watching another channel, a host on the channel, has a theory if you're a republican out there you've been programmed
5:46 am
a certain way. listen to what he had to say. >> obama and republican party opposed to most americans. republicans are told read "wall street journal" play golf, talk about prosports. the men especially are programmed a certain way. they don't have too many outlyers republicans. they all basically resame. play golf and tennis and talk about sports and nfl. what else, read "the wall street journal." believe the op-ed page. pete: this is the chris matthews checklist. if you're republican, you read "the wall street journal," play golf and do pro sports. i make no bones about it. i'm not a journalist, i'm conservative, i'm a republican. i don't play golf and read "the new york post." ainsley: this is hillary clinton's republican woman check box. brian: what does that say. ainsley: you vote for who your husband tells you to vote for. brian: that is one of her excuses. here is what you people have said out there, start with stephanie. i do not play golf, i do not care for sports and i definitely do not watch espn or any other sports channel.
5:47 am
neither does my husband chris. chris needs to do a little research what conservatives interests are. pete: we're not programmed at all. we can think for ourselves. liberals like chris matthews hate that. brian: true. ainsley: jeanie says, my dad and husband, both republicans their entire lives, do, did, none of those things, nor do any other republicans i know. once again so out of touch. brian: by the way if you understand, that was the case, president trump wouldn't have won. if you look in audiences of people there, a lot of them are working-class people that don't fit the criteria of what he thinks republicans are. maybe that is the problem. because he won in wisconsin, pennsylvania and these places. pete: chris matthews lives in a world with country club republicans and bunch of white men playing golf reading "the wall street journal" and the world has changed. >> what is wrong with reading "the wall street journal"? >> nothing. ainsley: what is wrong reading the news and getting out there
5:48 am
playing sports. pete: have a beer. ainsley: a lot of business deals are done on golf course. making money for your family. brian: stop categorizing people. pete: that is all the left does. they see you collective box of skin color or gender or background. ainsley: politics, right? pete: conservatives believe you're an individual. they can be different. empowered by god. i do have a tingle up my leg, chris matthews. brian: pete, whose socks match his tie. not embarrassed bit. ainsley: do yours, brian? brian: no. you saw them talking about it earlier. "diamond & silk" according to reports are about to make dessert with "cooking with friends." ainsley: but first let's check in with sandra smith to find out what is coming up at top of the hour on her show. hey, sandra. >> good morning ainsley, brian and pete. mike pompeo and a north korean official meeting in new york this hour after a working dinner last night. is the june summit back on?
5:49 am
rudy giuliani says mueller would do a comey if he doesn't turn over his russian investigation report by september 1st. will he? president makes his way down to the lone star state. we have a jam-packed show, corey lewandoski, bret baier, david bossie and more. join us live "america's newsroom" top of the hour.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ ainsley: you know them on social media. they are stars. they are are not afraid to stir up discussion, conversation about politics but now they are whipping up, whipping up banana pudding. pete: back with us "cooking with friends," "diamond & silk." >> this is good old banana
5:53 am
pudding. silk is the cook. >> i love to cook. i love to eat. >> mother used to make us -- ainsley: you are sisters? >> yes, we are sisters. ainsley: i never knew that! brian: no. ainsley: you knew that? brian: yes. >> we are blessed, mommy would make the stuff for us. pass i had it down to silk. silk do it without sugar and it is so good. >> a combination of ingredients together to give you illusion of sweetness. pete: illusion? >> illusion of sweetness without adding all the extra sugar. pete: put it together. >> we're adding pudding. ainsley: you do the box pudding or sugar free? >> i do the box pudding. regular sugar free pudding. combination of sweetness and flavors. >> without adding sugar. >> right. different combination of puddings, vanilla, banana,
5:54 am
cheesecake puddings are blended together. >> stir slowly. >> stir slowly as cooking. brian: diamond does a lot of stirring. silk does a lot of stirring. >> i do a lot of eating and cooking. brian: illusion that is done. >> after that is done, time to prepare the banana pudding itself. you want to make sure you layer the bottom of your bowl with vanilla wafers. it is nilla wafers. after you layer the bottom of it. brian: gotcha. >> you want to put your bananas on. brian: hand-cut, right? >> hand-cut. chopped, however you choose. whatever your desire is. brian: right. >> then after you layer the bananas, then you want to do your next layer of cookies. brian: right. >> you do the next layer of cookies, lay them on there. brian: nabisco loves this. >> let me tell you something, the reason why you want to do it, if you take and layer the
5:55 am
pudding on to the next layer, what will happen will make the cookies soggy. >> you don't want that. >> we don't want the cookies soggy. after you layer your cookies -- brian: pour something else in. >> take and pour the pudding on. brian: can i do that? >> yes. here is the kick be, do not -- brian: not doing anything obviously. ainsley: i'm going to eat it. >> do not stir it. whenever you pour it on, do not stir. let the pudding go on instead. pete: don't stir the pot. ainsley: what is it like around dinner table with you two? they say don't talk politics and religion. do you do that? >> we talk about our president. everybody in our family pretty much loves him. he is doing a phenomenal job. you didn't dot layer right. present thanks is good. let's dig in. brian: that's what we end up with. >> that is what we end up with. brian: like these cookies can't
5:56 am
breathe, right? [laughter] >> that's right. >> okay. >> whipped cream on top. voila. ainsley: whipped cream on yours. >> banana pudding without sugar. pete: go to for the recipe. brian: if we survive we'll eat it during the break and come back. >> i'm on to you. brian: okay. >> hmm. ♪ [ director ] action! k9 advantix ii kills fleas, ticks and musky...toes? through contact. [ director ] cut! not musky toes. mosquitoes - like the bug. riiight. that makes more sense. k9 advantix ii from bayer. wise choice. non-drowsy children's claritin allergy relief. the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand.
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