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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 31, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> thanks, everyone. thanks so much. >> sandra: as you can see the press were let into that room for a brief time and heather nauert also seen there. it was a 4 by 4 meeting, four u.s. officials, four north korea officials, kim yong chol shaking hands with the secretary of state mike pompeo. those critical meetings begin. gordon chang, what a visual that was on 38th street and 1st avenue in new york city. kim jong-un's right-hand man sitting with our secretary of state. >> this is critical. up to now we've made no concessions to the north koreans. they have made a lot. released the three americans, made pledges to denuclearize.
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kim gets legitimization. it means pompeo needs to get a big win for us in terms of communique where the north koreans make pledges that mean something. not only giving up weapons but verification. this is critical. if this meeting today doesn't go well despite all the momentum we've seen the last three or four days the summit probably will not occur. >> sandra: right now june 12 the day everybody is talking about still. we've got the president speaking right now. he is on his way down to houston. let's listen. there is the president. he is on his way down to houston. he is going to be heading down to meet with some of the school shooting victims and the family members of some of those victims. joint base andrews the president departing and also engaging in a fundraising lunch
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in houston and then later a fundraising dinner, high-priced ticket for that one in dallas, texas. the president is waving as he departs joint base andrews. i want to bring back in gordon chang to remind everybody what is happening now. the president on his way to houston. meanwhile mike pompeo at the u.n. residence is meeting with kim yong chol the second highest ranking north korean official. what a day that is. i go back to june 12th. the big question looms and you heard one of the reporters yell it out. didn't get an answer. is that still on? how critical is that date? the president seems to be still embracing that >> the president wants the meeting but the north koreans have to have it. they need sanctions relief, they want the u.s. not to strike their missile and nuke facilities. there are all sorts of things that kim needs. so the united states if we don't have the meeting there are a number of things we can do to push the north koreans and big power sponsors russia and china in better directions.
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the meeting is not that critical for us but it is certainly for the north koreans. >> sandra: when it comes to the actual summit, whether that happens on june 12th or possibly some days thereafter, how would success be defined when that meeting actually takes place, if it does? >> success from an american point of view is to have a communique which the north koreans say willing to give up nuclear weapons, willing to give up all their ballistic missiles. not just the long-range ones and give an accounting for the japanese abductees. and there are verification promises. and these will have to hold the north koreans to. that will be critical will be verification. >> sandra: bring us inside that room as we continue to see some of these images of -- there is the picture of mike pompeo sitting down with the north korean official last night. they kind on american beef we're told as well as cheese and corn and other things. a couple images came out of
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that dinner last evening. everybody raising their glasses. looks like a toast took place. this was all prior to these critical meetings happening this morning and through the day. what do you think that conversation is at that table this morning as they begin talking? >> i think it's very difficult. remember, kim yong chol is a veteran. he has been through all of the wars with north korea and so he has a lot of blood on his hands, too. he was the head of the reconnaissance general bureau. a lot of things that group did which the united states has real difficulties with. sinking the south koreans in 2010. a sony hack, a number of other things. this is a hard conversation for the secretary of state to have with someone who is an avowed enemy of the united states. both sides realize that they can do a lot of good so i think it will be a very difficult conversation because the two sides are really far apart right now from what we can tell. >> sandra: as mike pompeo
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tweeted out with the images. good working dinner last night. administration sounds optimistic about the summit taking place. gordon chang, great to get your perspective this morning. >> has there ever been this much drama and intrigue about a planned meeting between two heads of state? >> sandra: it's a big deal. >> i saw beer in their glasses. >> sandra: they didn't comment on the beverages. could be ice tea. >> i didn't hear a comment on what they had. we'll have more on that and more on this historic -- corey lewandowski joins us to discuss that, plus this. >> on september 1st the public should have an explanation of what mueller has. file it with the court by september 1st. if he doesn't he is doing a comey. >> sandra: rudy giuliani calling for results from the russia probe ahead of the mid-term elections. >> respecting of the mid-terms
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reverend franklin graham hits the road to help republicans in the golden state. the message he is spreading to voters there. >> sandra: it has happened again, a deputy sheriff killed in the line of duty. an update on the manhunt for his murderer next. >> we just ask for your help. in getting the photo and information out so that we can hold this person responsible and fully accountable. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe?
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>> sandra: president trump at joint base andrews a few moments ago spoke to reporters briefly as he departs for texas. let's listen. >> president trump: good morning. i just want to tell you we're doing very well with north korea. our secretary of state has had very good meetings. he is meeting again today. i believe they will be coming down to washington on friday, and a letter is going to be delivered to me from kim jong-un, so i look forward to seeing what's in the letter. it is very important to them. so they will be probably coming down to washington, d.c. on friday for the delivery of a letter. i look forward to that. other than that, the economy is good, stock market is up, a lot
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of jobs, best unemployment we've had in many, many decades actually. and we're going to dallas and houston and we will have a little fun today. thank you very much. i don't know. i don't know. if you know, steve, let me know, okay? i think it will be very positive. i think it will very positive. the meetings have been very positive. we'll see what happens. it's a process. it's all a process. we'll see. hopefully we will have a meeting on the 12th. that's going along very well. i want it to be meaningful. it doesn't mean it gets all done at one meeting. maybe a second and third and maybe we'll have none. it's in good hands, that i can tell you. you know that, actually. thank you. thank you. >> sandra: well, there was the president a few moments ago. he is on his way down to texas meeting with victims and their families of the most recent school shooting in sante fe and
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also hold a couple fundraisers there. the president a live look air force one taking off. he will land in houston first. he said very good meetings with north korea. he said that there and he also tweeted that out. in that brief moment with reporters the president also went on to say that north korea, he has been told, wants to deliver a letter from kim jong-un to him friday. so the president saying he looks forward to that. we'll have more coming up. >> our country is in trouble. my father was friends with democratic and republican presidents. today we're so polarized. if you're friends with one you can't be a friend with another and it is sad we've come to that. >> sandra: evangelist franklin graham with the warning to voters in the state of california. he is on a tour of the state
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ahead of upcoming primaries pushing back against the so-called blue wall. he is urging christians to vote and help turn the state red. joining me now fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. sounds like a big effort. will he get anywhere with that? >> that is a pretty remarkable contradiction. you have a guy that goes out and complains about how divided the country is politically and follows that up by saying and don't vote democrat, whatever you do. it is just so telling, so indicative about how bad, really, our politics have become. this is something that most christian leaders would never have done even a decade ago. the idea that you would go out and stump against one party and you would go out and tell half of the country i'm not interested in you. i'm against you, i'm for these guys is really telling about what has happened with evangelical christians and politics in the united states and also probably why the founders were so intent on keeping politics and government
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out of religion. >> sandra: he has a big message. our country is in trouble. your state is in trouble. you know that. franklin graham went on to say. there are things we can do. you know god hears prayer. it will be interesting to see, chris, if his message resonates with residents of that state. 20% of california's population according to the latest pew research data are evangelicals. do you expect he will get anywhere with this? >> i'm sure there are districts and places where he can go and fire up the base and save a seat or two. the republicans are lined up to experience some substantial losses in california this year. a chance for them in a few districts because of a technicality the democrats might get locked out. a couple places in southern california because of their screwy my prayer system. in general it's a bad year for republicans in california. there aren't many left. but graham can probably do something for the party loyal, for the faithful to go out and fire them out and get them to
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go vote >> sandra: interesting stuff. thank you for your time, sir. great to have you on. >> rick: you might have heard abc canned her show. roseanne barr might not be done. she appears to be gearing up for a fight with her former network. plus a possible truce with the taliban. u.s. marines have the terror cell leaders wanting to talk peace. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: a manhunt underway in tennessee for the killer of a sheriffs deputy. baker was shot during a traffic stop early wednesday responding to a 911 call about a suspicious vehicle. the 32-year-old was a 10-year veteran of the force and leaves behind a wife and daughter.
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>> our hearts shattered with this. one of our best deputies. even though our heart is broken we're driven right now with the focus and resolve to make sure that this person is captured. >> it is my prayer to god that our court will be a terror to him on the punishment he receives. >> sandra: hard time for that community there. the suspect, steven wiggins, is armed and dangerous. police have been looking for him since tuesday when a woman called authorities saying he stole her car. police consider that woman a suspect. she is in custody charged with first degree murder. >> rick: roseanne barr is considering fighting back against her former network after some fans offered their support. emboldening her to possibly take action. barr tweeting out you guys make me feel like fighting back.
6:26 am
i will examine all my options carefully and get back to you. carly joins us now. the story keeps on giving. it seems like a long shot. abc is allowed to cancel any show they want any time. her tweets may have violated her contract. >> you know, barr has been saying a lot of things that don't quite add up. i would put this one in that category. this would be a long shot. she could possibly file a wrongful termination lawsuit but that probably won't work because she wasn't wrongfully terminated by most people's standards. another thing she could possibly do is try to start a social media campaign the way things went down with last man standing. the big difference is last man standing didn't end in scandal and roseanne barr's show did. >> rick: networks pick up other shows. >> absolutely. do you think a network would want to touch roseanne after she said this?
6:27 am
the answer could be yes. she is a major moneymaker and there is a lot of support for her some people saying she was fired because she was a conservative. others saying she crossed the line about what she said about valerie jarrett. >> rick: why didn't they kill her off on the show and keep the show for all the other actors who are out of work? >> what would the show be called? i don't know. what is john goodman's characters name? >> this came up at the white house press briefing yesterday and sarah sanders talked about this. let's listen to that. >> the president calling out the media bias. no one is defending what she said. the president is pointing the hypocrisy in the media saying the most horrible things about this president and nobody addresses it. >> so there is a problem here. sarah sanders ticked off a bunch of examples why she thinks the president deserves an apology from bob iger.
6:28 am
the problem here is that jamele hill was suspended and brian ross was suspended for his false report. they didn't get away scot-free. the president is still very much involved in the story. this just in he recently tweeted that he wants an apology. he said iger, where is my call of apology? you and abc have offended millions of people and they demand a response. how is brian ross doing? he tanks the market with an abc lie yet no apology, double standard. he, of course, says it's a double standard. a lot of conservatives say it is, too. >> rick: the network apologized. >> but not directly to the president. i don't think he will get that phone call. >> rick: john goodman tweeted about this. >> he was asked for his response and he said that he would like to remain silent. but he also said that he wasn't going to get an emmy award anyway. he made light of it.
6:29 am
i think roseanne might stand to have gained by maybe cutting back on the tweets a little bit and remaining silent herself. >> rick: do you think she has a shot at a comeback? >> i didn't think kathy griffin had a shot at a comeback and she is on her comeback tour right now. who knows a year from now, six months from now, the tide might turn. >> carly, thanks very much. >> sandra: the trump administration hopeful this morning that the historic singapore summit will still happen on that june 12th date. secretary mike pompeo meeting with a top official from north korea at this moment. can that summit be saved? former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski, he is here to give us his take next. >> rick: and as the president heads to texas right now to meet with the victims of the sante fe shooting, one young boy expressed his concern over school safety to white house press secretary sarah sanders.
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that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> sandra: moments ago president trump boarded air force one on his way down to texas. he has been tweeting throughout the morning and he just tweeted this. what appeared to be on board the flight. he wrote, will be giving a full pardon to desusa today. treated unfairly by our government. he is the conservative author who you will remember pleaded guilty but did not serve prison time for violating campaign finance laws in 2014. the president just putting that out there a few moments ago. >> president trump: we're doing very well with north korea. our secretary of state has had very good meetings. he is meeting again today.
6:34 am
a letter is going to be delivered to me from kim jong-un. so i look forward to seeing what is in the letter. hopefully we'll have a meeting on the 12th. it is going along very well. i want it to be meaningful. it doesn't mean it gets all done at one meeting. maybe you need a second or third and maybe we'll have none. but it's in good hands. >> sandra: that's president trump just a few moments ago as the high-stakes meeting is happening at this hour between secretary of state mike pompeo and the former north korean intelligence chief as both sides try to salvage the summit between president trump and the north korean dictator kim jong-un. corey lewandowski is the former trump campaign manager and co-author of the book "let trump be trump." a big moment and day for this presidency. >> it is. if you looked at secretary pompeo is in new york meeting with a high-ranking government official from north korea making sure if the meeting
6:35 am
takes place on the 12th if singapore everybody agrees it is for the best interests of the united states and what secretary pompeo is there to do. the issue of denuclearization is the most important issue. if north korea is willing to have that conversation, this president is willing to come to the table and have that. by the way, sandra, this is the first time -- i know the media overlooks this -- that a potential meeting to take place between these two world leaders could happen and this president doesn't get enough credit for even having the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation. >> sandra: is that the frustration you hear from the president? let's talk about this june 12th date first of all. first, you know, it was on, then off. now the president just a few moments ago said he is expecting a letter from kim jong-un by friday to him. how important is that date to the president? is he willing to push it back beyond then? >> i don't -- i think the date is completely arbitrary.
6:36 am
the more important issue here is making sure that north korea understands the pressure that the united states has put on them and the maximum campaign that we have put in place to make sure that they are going to denuclearize. every president has tried to get it done in the last 30 years. previous administrations have taken pallets of cash and given it to north korea and said please don't have a nuclear program and they laughed at us. this president is very different. if north korea is not willing to come to the table and be adamant in their results at denuclearizing the peninsula i don't know if we're willing to sit down. this is very important not just to the north korean peninsula but the entire world. >> sandra: how big a win is this for the president so far >> a major victory. he doesn't get the credit he deserves. he is the first president in the history of our country willing to sit down with the north korean leader and the media at first said the meeting would never happen. then they said he wouldn't be prepared.
6:37 am
now the meeting may be back on and they say well, it won't get all done at once. he just doesn't get the credit he deserves for all the great work he is doing on both the domestic and foreign policy front and that's a shameful side of the fake news. >> sandra: corey, it appears that the picture being painted by the administration leading up to this potential meeting is rosie. we have the meeting taking place today. that looks good. they're sitting down right now in new york city pompeo and this former spy chief, the second in line to kim jong-un. you know, is perhaps the optimism building too much? this whole meeting could fall through. and never happen. >> it could absolutely fall through. this president has been clear. if it happens, it happens. if it doesn't, that's okay. the discussion we're having for the potential denuclearization of the north korean peninsula is very, very important and i have absolute faith in secretary pompeo. we know he has been to north korea and met with kim jong-un. he is now meeting -- he met
6:38 am
last night it has been report ed with this north korea official and meeting today. if the secretary believes it's in the best interest of the united states to have the president at the meeting on the 12th the president will go there. that will be determined. >> sandra: that was them shaking hands and sitting down at the table at the u.n. residences. the president talking about jeff sessions. he quoted trey gowdy in a tweet and said this. he quoted gowdy saying there are lots of really good lawyers in the country. he could have picked somebody else, referring to the president. the president retweeted that quote and he said i wish i did. >> i think the president has been clear with his frustration with the attorney general always it relates to the fake russia investigation, the hoax that has been perpetuated now for the last 15 months that he has been in office that there was some type of collusion. we know there was no collusion. the president, i think, has been very clear. he is disappointed that attorney general jeff sessions did not tell him that he would
6:39 am
recuse himself from this investigation prior to being nominated and that's a fair thing for the president to say. he has been very public about it and very consistent about it because this whole russia narrative which has been a cloud over this administration never existed. there was no collusion, no cooperation or no coordination. the only campaign that paid a foreign entity to do work for it was the clinton campaign and that's where the investigation should be looking. >> sandra: great to have you on the program this morning. thank you. >> rick: white house press secretary sarah sanders fighting back tears during a briefing yesterday after a 13-year-old reporter asked her about what the trump administration is doing to combat gun violence in schools. the 13-year-old boy was at the white house to cover the president's fitness event as a time for kids reporter when curiosity drew him into the west wing briefing room. >> me and other students mental health is important about the
6:40 am
fact that we or our friends could get shot at school. can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless tragedies? >> i think as a kid and certainly as a parent there is nothing that could be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe. so i'm sorry that you feel that way. this administration takes it seriously and the school safety commission that the president convened is meeting this week again an official meeting to discuss the best ways forward and how we can do every single thing within our power to protect kids in our schools. >> rick: she is choking up there. coming in the wake of a string of deadly school shootings including the latest one in texas. president trump en route to meet with the victims of that sante fe shooting. that was a powerful moment. were you watching that yesterday? >> sandra: that student journalist has a bright future. to be that composed that young in the white house briefing room and ask that question.
6:41 am
articulate kid as sarah sanders stated. rudy giuliani fueling speculation over attorney general jeff sessions. why the president's top attorney says the a.g. has nothing to worry about when it comes to his job, at least not right now. our panel digs into that one. >> rick: a big moment for the president during a bill signing yesterday but an 8-year-old. this kid stole the show. >> sandra: look at that hug. >> rick: he put a little love in everyone's heart yesterday. in just 3 days... ...for a whiter smile... that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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>> sandra: president trump signing the right to try act allowing terminally ill patients access to treatment not yet fully approved by the fda. the president signing the bill into law in a white house ceremony surrounded by people who will be directly affected by it. >> president trump: as i proudly sign this bill,
6:45 am
thousands of terminally ill americans will finally have the help, the hope, and the fighting chance. i think it will be better than chance, that they will be cured. that they will be helped. >> sandra: stealing the show during the signing ceremony jordan mcklin of indianapolis, the 8-year-old boy tried several times and eventually got that hug from president trump. he is battling muscular dystrophy. what a warm, sweet moment that was at the white house yesterday. >> rick: he has plenty of perseverance. >> rick: he got out of his wheelchair to ask for that hug. important moment. >> sandra: and important bill. indeed. >> by september 1st the public should have an explanation what mueller has. the report filed by september
6:46 am
first, mid september or he is doing a comey. meddling in the election. doing hillary in july and late october and pulling back on the investigation. >> rick: president trump's attorney rudy giuliani saying special counsel robert mueller really should end the russia investigation by september 1 and hinted that the president won't fire jeff sessions before the investigation is over. let's bring in the panel. jessica tarlov, senior director of research at and steve hilton the host. next revolution. thank you for being here. giuliani says mueller would be doing a comey if no report is released by september 1st. clearly they are concerned that this could affect the mid-term elections. >> it's a little rich coming from rudy giuliani that he is concerned about affecting an election. since he was the one who leaked out that comey would say something about hillary clinton a few days before he did in the
6:47 am
first place and he certainly wasn't concerned about her chances being hurt from comey doing a quote comey. >> rick: they have a point, steve. >> as far as i'm concerned they're already doing a comey and been doing a comey all along. this whole investigative wait looking into alleged wrongdoing on the trump side of the fence isn't being balanced by the equivalent investigation that we need into what went wrong in terms of the clinton investigation and in the way that the intelligence agencies and f.b.i. and the whole weight of the bureaucratic state have been going at donald trump in order to undermine his presidency. the american people will not be satisfied and you won't get a fair picture until both aspects of this are investigated equally. at the moment it is totally unbalanced. it is all on one side. that's why it is unfair to our democracy. >> rick: the president has been tweeting a lot about this. jessica, i want to ask you.
6:48 am
we are getting mixed signals whether or not the president will be interviewed by mueller. what do you think? >> i don't think that he should. i know we're getting mixed messages and the president said he wanted to and he has always said things like who pleads the fifth. that's what guilty people do and i have nothing to hide. as we learned from him sitting down with lester holt where he maybe incriminateed himself obstruction of justice saying i got rid of jim comey and didn't like how he was handling the russia stuff. the president should not sit down with him if he doesn't want to incriminate himself for something he potentially didn't do. >> rick: don't tell me whether you think he will or won't. should he? >> no, i don't think he should. the whole thing is a setup. they know there is nothing substantive there and they know -- they've dropped that. what they are trying to do is get something -- anything to undermine the president that the people voted for but
6:49 am
establishment can't stand. therefore they want to set a trap where he will get something wrong about something he said in a meeting. >> we don't know if there is no evidence of collusion until bob mueller issues his report, we don't know anything. we know about the indictments thus far and the guilty pleas but we don't have a final opinion out of the mueller investigation so how can you say they've given up on collusion at this point? >> rick: i want to get to a couple tweets. one from the president. not that it matters but i never fired james comey because of russia. corrupt mainstream media loves to push the narrative but they know it is not true. he also said the corrupt mainstream media is working overtime not to mention spies and informants into my campaign. surveillance much? steve. >> well look, there were a whole range of reasons that he fired comey with grounds to do so. one of them was the way he was handling the russia investigation and the president said that. in terms of the surveillance, i
6:50 am
think again what we need to do is have a proper investigation into the actions of comey and clapper and brennan and all these people in the establishment who clearly thought the prospect of a trump presidency was unthinkable and worked to try to undermine it right from the word go. >> rick: jessica? >> i disagree which isn't a shock to anyone here. you have prominent republicans like trey gowdy and marco rubio saying spygate is an invented fantasy of this president to undermine mueller. rudy giuliani admitted on the sunday circuit it was a p.r. move. we have our own judge andrew napolitano who has also said this. it is ridiculous and does a disservice to the american public. the president is using his twitter account as propaganda and he should let bob mueller do his job. >> rick: i wish we had more time. >> so do i. >> sandra: there is word about a secret memo shedding new light on the russia
6:51 am
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>> sandra: harvey weinstein indicted wednesday on charges of rape and committing a criminal sex act. the indictment comes less than a week after weinstein turned himself into police and after he indicated he would not testify before the grand jury. the manhattan d.a. says this brings weinstein another step closer to accountability. laura engel live in our newsroom. what more are we learning with this indictment. >> you know, the indictment was handed out hours after weinstein's attorneys told prosecutors he would not testify before the grand jury. after he turned himself in to
6:55 am
police on friday on rape and criminal sex charges he was arrested, cuffed, arraigned and released on $1 million bail. the judge gave him until yesterday to decide until yesterday if he would testify before the grand jury. they asked for more time to prepare them but the request was denied so they advised him not to testify. he is charged with two counts of rape as well as first degree criminal sexual act. he could get 25 years in prison if convicted. the charges involve two women. his lawyer has said the encounters with both women were consensual. the d.a. issued a statement. the defendant's recent assault on the integrity of the survivors and legal process is predictable. we're confident when the jury hears the evidence it will reject these attacks out of hand. weinstein continues to deny the charges and scheduled to be back in court july 30th. >> sandra: his legal team is gearing up for a vigorous defense.
6:56 am
what's the latest? >> the attorney spent 90 minutes in the judge's chambers with the d.a. addressing his concerns that weinstein would be able to get a trial. he wants to vigorously defend about the allegations that he strongly denies. we'll then move to dismiss the indictment and if this case actually proceeds to trial we expect mr. weinstein to be acquitted. weinstein is also under investigation in los angeles, beverly hills, and london with up to 80 women who accused him of various acts of sexual misconduct. >> sandra: thank you. >> rick: history potentially in the making as top diplomats for the u.s. and north korea try to shore up a summit between the two nations set for next month. bret baier will join us next hour. >> sandra: the u.s. taking out dozens of taliban leaders and now news the terror group may be ready to talk peace.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert stunning new details at this hour on word that fired f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe wrote a secret memo shedding new light on a major focus on the special counsel's investigation. welcome to a new hour on "america's newsroom" on thursday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> rick: i'm rick leventhal. great to be with you. bill hemmer off today. the memo gives new details on the firing of mccabe's boss james comey and the rationale leading up to it. the previously unknown account is in the hands of robert mueller. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on this. >> thank you, rick. fox news has previously reported that former f.b.i. deputy director an drew mccabe wrote personal memos about the president's firing of his boss james comey and they were turned over to robert mueller.
7:01 am
mccabe describes a meeting where deputy attorney general rod rosenstein told those in the room that president trump wanted mr. rote to include russia in his memo later used as the basis to fire comey. the deputy attorney general declined. it confirms elements of reporting by "the new york times." the source tells fox news that the deputy attorney general gave mccabe a copy of a draft letter firing comey written by president trump and that letter has since been given to the special counsel as well, rick. >> rick: mccabe has been accused of not being honest. how credible is his account? >> they point to the fact the former f.b.i. deputy director was fired days before his retirement from the bureau after the inspector general found he lied to federal investigators about his contacts with the media. the allegations were referred for possible prosecution. it is a crime to lie to federal investigators. we await more information on hor i wits how the f.b.i.
7:02 am
handled the clinton email case and it could come at any time. in his report on mccabe he wrote that he lacked candor under oath on multiple occasions. after that report was made public mccabe disputed the account saying his boss knew about the media contacts with the "wall street journal" and he seemed to turn on his old boss. that may present a conflict with what is written in the memo now with the special counsel. >> rick: imagine that. catherine herridge in washington thank you. >> sandra: and another fox news alert for you this morning. the chances for an historic summit possibly gaining momentum as secretary of state mike pompeo continues critical meetings in new york city with the top north korea official at this point. considered kim jong-un's right-hand man. president trump weighing in moments ago on that big meeting. >> president trump: our secretary of state is having a very good meeting and meeting again today. i believe they'll be coming
7:03 am
down to washington on friday and a letter is going to be delivered to me from kim jong-un, so i look forward to seeing what's in the letter. >> sandra: bret baier is the anchor of special report. a lot changing on this. you've seen the images, the dinner last night, mike pompeo and the north korean leader and then this morning the shaking of hands in the beginning of these critical meetings. a big moment and a big day for this presidency and for this potential summit. >> it is, sandra. good morning. i think the more the president talks about it the more likely this is going to go forward. i have think real question is what exactly are you going to get out of this first sit-down? i say first because it's very complicated and it could be a scenario where you have a meeting, a summit, and it leads to another one. there was a president who met with the soviet leader four times in four different summits. president reagan did and it may be one of these things where they get up from the table and
7:04 am
don't have everything solved. but it does look at this point like it is going forward. >> sandra: and that is an image of the meeting taking place this morning. eight people, four from the u.s., four from north korea sitting down and hashing out what could potentially be the june 12th summit. this meeting could not happen at all. it could get pushed back, bret. we don't know at this point. you are hearing a lot of optimism. the president just departing for texas a few moments ago saying the talks are going very well. >> yeah. and his characterization of it is key because he has an insight from pompeo. they have been working on logistics and specifics for some time we're told. the real what it comes down to is the definition of denuclearize. what does north korea think it means and what does the u.s. think it means and how do allies in the region receive this? japan is a little skittish.
7:05 am
you have general mattis meeting with japanese officials in the coming days. >> sandra: how does it play for the president and his party? >> it plays pretty well if he gets it across the finish line. but again, it's all about what comes out of it. both parties say they like this rather than the tough talk and the forward language about possibly going to war. this is a lot better. but the prospects of what is going to come on the back end are really the question mark. >> sandra: a lot changing on the political front with the president and the handling of this continued ongoing special counsel investigation. the president tweeting this out. he has been tweeting a lot this morning. he tweeted this about james comey. not that it matters but i never fired james comey because of russia. the corrupt mainstream media push that narrative but know it is not true. bret, i know you have probably seen a bunch of these coming out this morning. your thoughts. >> it is his printing press
7:06 am
that twitter page and he is communicates directly to a lot of people. and we obviously follow it very closely. i think -- i'm not following exactly what he is saying there. if you look back at what he said to lester holt, he was pretty definitive in his sound bite, if you play the whole thing out in context. it definitely was a factor. either way, he has the right to do what he did and it's really rod rosenstein who wrote the real reason behind the recommendation for the firing of comey. so we'll see where this goes. i'm sure there is more explanation from the white house. >> sandra: we certainly will. it seems to be something the president is staying on and tweeting about on the informant, bret. he tweeted this. the corrupt mainstream media is working overtime not to mention the infiltration of people, spies, informants, into my campaign. surveillance much? what is the president's message
7:07 am
there? >> he is stirring the pot. and, you know, depends on who you listen to. if you listen to trey gowdy, he says from what he understands about what happened, that the f.b.i. was doing what it was supposed to do and that they were going after possible russia interference and trying to figure out what russia was doing. if you listen to others, they say how is this possible that this can happen around the campaign? i think the real question is was anybody briefed about this around the time? you know, was anybody -- it doesn't seem like the trump people were briefed about any of this at the time and why was that? there are a lot of questions here that we don't know, sandra. >> sandra: if i could this morning kind of sort of step back and look at the big picture and this country right now and the mid-terms are now a major discussion as we get closer, and enter the month of
7:08 am
june, the political landscape right now. we saw the president rallying this week and campaigning for marsha blackburn. how do things look at this point as we head into the fall? >> i think it is getting closer, actually. the generic ballot is shrinking. it was 13, 14, 15 points and now down to single digits, 3, 4, 5 points between democrats and republicans. it is a district by district battle. i do think that the republicans are poised better in the u.s. senate than they are in the house. but a lot can change in a short time as you know. we're one tweet away from changing the rundown right now. >> sandra: this is always the case. bret -- bret baier. we'll see you tonight on special report. thank you, sir. >> rick: meanwhile u.s. marines taking the fight to the taliban in afghanistan. we have drone video showing a mobile rocket launcher destroying a high-level taliban
7:09 am
command compound in helmand province killing more than 50 taliban leaders from across afghanistan. >> they tracked 450 -- 50 of them and struck them with rockets killing dozens of the enemy leaders. so where does this leave us at the end of that action? afghan forces in control of farrah and many of the leaders are being pulled out of the rubble. >> rick: when did this big strike take place? >> last week. u.s. marines fired rocket guided artillery in the high-level taliban meeting. it was one of the largest strikes in the past year. >> helmand has been the financial en again of the insurgency. they draw 60% of their revenue from narcotics. by killing leaders we'll have a
7:10 am
disruptive effect. it has a significant local significance in terms of the fight in southern afghanistan. >> last month the u.s. military launched the second highest number of air strikes in the past 6 1/2 years, more than 500 air strikes in april alone. more than iraq and syria combined in the same time frame. as the war against isis runs down air strikes in afghanistan are rambling up. dozens of taliban drug labs have been destroyed in recent months. >> rick: air strikes like these might push the taliban closer to the negotiating table? >> the general thinks so. he said yesterday the taliban had been engaged in secret talks with the afghan government in recent months. >> what you're seeing now is a lot of the diplomatic activity and dialogue is occurring off the stage and it is occurring at multiple levels. mid level and senior level taliban leaders engaging with afghans. >> general nicholson's tour
7:11 am
ends this summer and replaced by general scott miller the head of u.s. joint special operations command. the ninth u.s. general in afghanistan in 17 years, rick. >> rick: we've heard talks between the taliban and u.s. for a decade now. we'll keep an eye on it. >> sandra: rudy giuliani pushing back against claims that congressman trey gowdy has debunked the spygate narrative. >> i want to see the documents that trey gowdy has never seen, which is outrageous. i won't let my client testify, the president of the united states, even if he wants to, without those documents being proud. >> sandra: what trump's legal team is looking for before they would ever consider letting trump sit down for an interview with robert mueller. former trump deputy campaign manager david bossie will join us, plus there is this. >> the president's pointing to the hypocrisy in the media
7:12 am
saying the most horrible things about this president and nobody addresses it. >> the white house calling out the head of abc after they canceled roseanne's show. >> sandra: a video showing young foot ballplayers working together to rescue a couple trapped in a car crash.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
>> sandra: the first lady responding to all the rumors about her health. melania trump writing on twitter i see the media is working overtime speculating where i am and what i'm doing. rest assured i'm here at the white house with my family feeling great and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. there has been lots of media speculation about her since her last public appearance which was may 10th, four days before she underwent kidney surgery. >> rick: the president this morning demanding an apology from disney's ceo after the network canceled roseanne barr's hit show over her racist tweet about valerie jarrett. iger called jarret to apologize. president trump tweeted iger, where is my call of apology? you and abc have offended millions of people and they demand a response. how the brian ross doing? he tanked the market with a lie.
7:17 am
no apology. double standard. media buzz host howard kurtz joins me now. to be fair, abc did issue an apology but not to the president. does he have a case here? >> well first i think president trump missed an opportunity to criticize roseanne's racist tweet. he could have said it's unforgivable and then move on with the beef to abc and disney. the president makes some valid points. there is almost an anything goes atmosphere, anything goes standard when it comes to some pretty fiery and ugly stuff aimed and him, aides or family. >> rick: samantha b. has a show. made a comment on her show about ivanka that we absolutely
7:18 am
cannot repeat here. it was that bad. so no apology for that. another example of hypocrisy. >> it is a shining example of viciousness. she worked for tbs. but she called the president's daughter the c word. the worst word in the english language you can use to describe a woman. why? because ivanka trump had posted a picture of her with her young son. there is this whole mentality in the press she has to stop the president's policies on immigration or whatever, the social issue happens to be. there has been no sort of uproar against tbs. it has been reported as wow, do you see what she said? the media's outrage against roseanne which is justified is very selective. i'm not seeing it against samantha b. >> rick: presidents for decades have been the subjects of jabs from late night hosts and criticism, of course. maybe it has gotten worse?
7:19 am
does the president need thicker skin? >> you could argue that the president should let some of this go and yes, this has gone on for generations. but it has gotten far, far worse. let's go through some of the examples with disney. so we have, for example, espn owned by disney, jamele hill the former co-host of sports center she called the president a bigot. nothing happened to her. no wrist slap, nothing. she got suspended later for going after the dallas cowboys, not what she said about the president. and then joy behar mocking vice president's pence's christian faith and keith ol berman. he did it on videos and twitter. espn gave him an expanded role and it can be hard to believe
7:20 am
it would happen to somebody spewing hate against barack obama. >> roseanne tweeted i will examine all my options carefully and get back to you. does she have a shot at a comeback here? >> short answer no. and she has been all over the map spinning out on twitter apologizing or being defiant, depends on when she is on ambien or not. abc rather than letting this play out for a week and watch advertisers bail and have to cancel the show acted quickly because it was an unforgivable racial slur against valerie jarrett. i liked the show but abc didn't have any choice given the egregious nature of that tweet. >> rick: i'm sure you'll talk about this and many other things on sunday. you have a lot of stuff on your plate. thank you. >> sandra: the president
7:21 am
pushing ahead with tariffs on chinese imports. china threatening a trade war right in the middle of summit negotiations with north korea. china's biggest trade partner. we'll discuss the potential impact of all of this is congressman sean duffy. >> rick: talk about fake news, a russian journalist teams up with ukrainian security forces to stage his own murder and why he did it. 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come from 6,000 feet above sea level. and not a foot lower. ♪ ♪ pepsoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage.
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7:24 am
>> rick: i bet you heard about this. reality tv star kim kardashian meeting with president trump in the oval office yesterday to talk prison reform and sentencing. she tweeted afterwards i would like to thank president trump for his time this afternoon. it is our hope the president will grant clemency to ms. alice marie johnson serving a life sentence for a first time
7:25 am
non-violent drug offense. ms. johnson's attorney accompanied her at the white house yesterday for this meeting. johnson was sentenced to life in prison in 1997. while president obama granted 1,927 clemency requests before leaving office, she was not one of them. has there ever been this much attention about a celebrity going to the white house? that never happens, right, celebrities going to the white house? >> sandra: it happened often on president obama. >> rick: really? >> sandra: for similar reason, john legend made a trip to the white house and sat down with jim acosta of nbc who is critical of this meeting. >> rick: i remember that now. >> sandra: so interesting criticism on that part. now to a bizarre story out of ukraine, a russian journalist faking his death to stop an assassination plot against him. this man teaming up with ukrainian security services to stage his own murder.
7:26 am
even his friends and family didn't know. the kremlin is now reacting. amy kellogg is live in milan, italy for us. amy. >> well, yesterday it was pure theater and now, of course, there -- questions are being asked was this really necessary and okay for police to say that someone had been murdered, assassinated only for us to later find out he hadn't been and finally, sandra, just how much will this play into russia's hands? russia denying this but in the future if there is a political poisoning or assassination they're accused of, will they quite rightly ask how do we know it happened? this was supposedly slain and not slain journalist outspoken russian war correspondent who was in exile in ukraine because he had lived under threats for years in russia. they're calling this his resurrection. he shows up at a police presser
7:27 am
less than 24 hours after an elaborate story of him being shot. it circulated with three bullets to the head as he came home from buying bread. ukrainian authorities say they were preempting a murder being organized by this man you are seeing at the beheft of russian security service. an ukrainian interior minister said in order to document those who ordered this crime, they had to be convinced the killer had successfully carried out the order. putin's spokesman lashed out at the head of ukraine security services. >> he should be responsible for his words, otherwise he will end up looking like his british colleagues. >> not only will the russians want answers but also his colleagues in the era of fake news, quite a sensitive situation and reporters without borders has opined saying it was really regrettable and pathetic to fake a death like this regardless of the motive.
7:28 am
>> sandra: amy kellogg, even his friends and family didn't know. what a story. >> rick: plans for an historic summit picking up team at secretary of state mike pompeo meeting right now with kim jong-un's right-hand mine. live at the state department next, plus this. >> i disagree with their decision not to tell trump. if i were the candidate, i would want to know wait a minute, my campaign is surrounded by the f.b.i. and they claim they're here to protect me? i would want to know about it. >> sandra: that's judge andrew napolitano weighing in on the president's allegations that the f.b.i. spied on his 2016 campaign. where the trump administration still believes there is a cause for concern. we'll talk to david bossie the former trump campaign manager next. i'm still giving it my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that.
7:29 am
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>> rick: a high stakes meeting underway at this hour in new york as america's top diplomat hammers out plans for a
7:32 am
possible nuclear summit and delicate talks with north korea's top negotiator. rich edson is live from the state department with more on this. >> the top negotiation teams for the united states and north korea are scheduled to be about halfway through their first session of the day today. that's secretary of state mike pompeo, vice chairman kim yong chol. they shook hands about an hour ago and said aides sat down on the 39th floor of an apartment building on manhattan's east side. they have a view of one world trade and the u.n. a state department official describes secretary pompeo and kim yong chol as the two top dogs for their country's leaders. north korea has determined its nuclear program provides the kim regime the security it needs and it is up to the united states to convince north korea that the program it has in fact has made the regime less secure and that there is a better path forward. secretary pompeo and kim yong chol met last night over what a
7:33 am
state department official says a working steak dinner. spokesperson says discussions were great but there is still a lot of work to be done. then they travel to washington tomorrow to deliver the president a letter from kim jong-un. in singapore and korea more discussions between the united states and north korea and the logistics of setting up the summit and try to get a deal for north korea to surrender its nuclear weapons program and also the russia factor. russia is moving in on this. the russian foreign minister met with kim jong-un, first visit there since 2009 and he also invited kim to travel to moscow. >> rick: certainly looks like the two sides are getting along. let's hope it works out. rich edson at the state department. >> i want to see the documents which trey gowdy has never seen, which is outrageous. and i'm not going to let my
7:34 am
client testify, the president of the united states, even if he wants to, without those documents being produced and myself and jay sekulow and jane and marty will go over it with a fine tooth comb. >> sandra: rudy giuliani and the white house saying there is a lot more to learn when it comes to the so-called informant infiltrating the trump campaign. trey gowdy poured cold water on the claim saying the bureau acted properly. the president tweeting this morning, the corrupt mainstream media is working overtime not to mention the infiltration of people, spies, informants into my campaign. surveillance much? david bossie the chairman of citizens united. former deputy campaign manager for trump. this is a big concern for this president. >> and it rightly is. this president is concerned because we had spies, informants inside our campaign. in the f.b.i., which is led by comey and mccabe and you got
7:35 am
strzok and page, bad actors, bad apples in the leadership of the f.b.i. who looked to have a vendetta, some action wanting to be taken against donald trump during this campaign. so i don't know how trey gowdy is coming to these conclusions. he hasn't seen the documents. nobody has seen the documents. one thing i do know is that if the f.b.i. was concerned about russia, if they were concerned about russia meddling in the campaign, they should have informed our campaign. i know, i served as deputy campaign manager, kellyanne conway, myself, the other leadership within our campaign were never notified by the f.b.i. you would think as common sense they would have said hey guys, be on the lookout. could you help us identify people who are maybe infiltrating or trying to communicate with the campaign in some unsavery way? instead, it looks like they were setting us up. >> sandra: what did you think when rudy giuliani the president's lawyer said i want to see everything trey gowdy
7:36 am
has seen and knows and i want to know all this and see all this before i would ever let my client, the president, testify. >> well, i totally agree with rudy. rudy giuliani is a tremendous advocate for his client, the president of the united states. and i totally agree that rudy is correct and their legal team is correct. they should see all the documents pertaining to the spying on our campaign to see if there is any validity whatsoever to the f.b.i.'s position, which i think is called into question because common sense says if they were doing it to watch the russians, you would contact the leadership of the campaign and i know personally we were not communicated with. >> sandra: i want to get your thoughts on this before we have some more information coming in on this potential sit-down with robert mueller. the president tweeted this out on firing james comey. he said not that it matters but i never fired james comey because of russia.
7:37 am
the corrupt mainstream media loves to keep pushing that narrative but they know it is not true. david. >> well, everybody in the administration, the f.b.i. director included, is capable of being fired by the president of the united states, any president. you serve at the pleasure of the president. that's the way this works. he did not think that james comey was up to the job. he looked at the time at what he did during the campaign about the hillary clinton matter, right? and he saw -- i don't think this president had confidence in james comey from the beginning and look, if he had fired him on january 20th, right, the day he was inaugurated i don't think much of this would be made of anything. he gives the guy an opportunity to do his job correctly. the president didn't like it and he fires him. the mainstream media makes it about this and it was much bigger decision by this president. >> sandra: i want to get your reaction to some details coming in from our white house
7:38 am
reporter john roberts. he is saying he has spoken himself with giuliani and he says that giuliani told him that they are not doing full blown prep sessions at the white house for this potential sit-down. rather, they're discussing with the president ground rules for a possible interview with mueller. does all that make sense to you? i know you keep up with the president. >> well, what i do is i try to understand what is going all sides. i wouldn't be spending my time -- this president is focused on the important issues of the day. he is focused on iran, security in the middle east, the upcoming -- potentially upcoming north korea summit. he has a lot of things going on. dealing with trade issues and dealing with border security. he is dealing with our economy. he does not have time to waste getting ready for an interview that probably does not happen. i would totally agree again with his legal team in talking
7:39 am
about the big parameters of it but not wasting this president's time. the american people want him focused on things. they want to get back to business and move on from this scandal fatigue that they have. this is what this is about. it's scandal fatigue. the democrats, all they know is how to attack this president. they can't find anything to agree with him on whether it's prison reform or any other issue that they've been working on. if this president is for it, they are against it. the democrats hate this president more than they love this country. i continue to say it because they continue to prove it to be true. >> sandra: it sound like that's what giuliani is saying on behalf of the president. that he is going to spend some time prepping with the president on this but with north korea on a rolling boil again there is just not time. as we know, that's happening right now with those discussions happening on the east side of new york. david bossie, good to see you. thank you.
7:40 am
>> rick: the reverend franklin graham saying liberal politicians have left the state in trouble in california. what he is doing to push back against the blue wall. >> sandra: president trump announcing new healthcare policies. how his plan could save you money at the drugstore. >> rick: congressman sean duffy will join us live. >> president trump: nobody knew it was going to happen because we had it done. repeal and replace. forget that. we are coming up with great healthcare. our secretary of labor is coming out with a plan in two weeks. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you-
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>> sandra: the end of a bizarre carjacking in california caught on camera. >> better watch out. >> i know. >> i don't want to get hit by this guy. >> oh, boy, oh my god. >> sandra: that's a video from another driver on the road
7:44 am
capturing the whole incident. you see the driver of the stolen vehicle being chased by authorities crashing into several other vehicles before california highway patrol took the driver into custody. police say the suspect carjacked the white s.u.v. after rear ending it with a stolen jeep. >> president trump: we're coming up with great healthcare. our secretary of labor is coming out with a plan in two weeks. association plan. it will be great. >> rick: president trump hinting at plans for new healthcare policies during yesterday's signing ceremony for his new right to try law. wisconsin congressman sean duffy is a republican on the financial services committee and joins us this morning. thank you for being here. >> good morning, rick. >> rick: what can we expect on healthcare? >> so i think a couple things. number one we have to recognize that the senate failed to repeal obamacare and replace it when john mccain came out and gave his thumbs down vote.
7:45 am
we now have democrats who realize that obamacare is failing so they are pushing towards a government-run or bureaucratic run socialized medicine. the fight is on do we go socialized medicine or let markets work? i think the president is trying to do many things. we have countries, canada, germany, france, others the price fix american innovated drugs. if we negotiate trade let's make sure they don't subsidize the cost of drugs in their countries sticking american patients with the full boat of recouping the cost of development. >> rick: the president spoke yesterday about drug prices. i want to play that and get your reaction. >> president trump: i think we'll have some of the big drug companies in two weeks and they will announce because of what we did, they are going to announce voluntary massive drops in prices. >> rick: i know you feel strongly about price controls. >> so, the specifics of what the president is talking about here i'm not sure.
7:46 am
i know this is part of it. and that is if we get them to pay their fair share and stop free loading the drug companies can lower prices for the american patient which is what we want. so that's part of it. i think association healthcare, i think your viewers need to know is allowing people to pool together of like mind or like industry and you improving your buying power and leverage and you get lower prices. >> rick: how much cooperation does the president need from drug companies to make this happen? >> well, i think when you bring the drug companies in, i've talked to them as well and say listen, if you get other countries around the world to start paying their fair share we no doubt will lower our prices in america. they made that commitment. i've heard them say it privately and i think they'll say it publicly. this is patients and driving down the cost of care and open up waivers for state. in wisconsin where we had healthcare that worked. a high-risk pool that helped take care of those with preexisting conditions.
7:47 am
if we let scott walker innovate in wisconsin to take care of wisconsin patients, drive down prices in healthcare, i think we'll be better off. what my work in wisconsin might be different in other states but give the states more power and control to meet the needs of their populations. that's i think the vision of the president on how you empower people and families and doctors to make these decisions as opposed to bureaucrats in government in regard to healthcare. >> rick: i want to get to the another topic. the china tariffs announcement. i thought they would have worked this out already but it sounds like it will happen again. >> i'm a little confused, like you are, rick. here is what's going on on the back side. we were hoping china would take good faith efforts to reduce some of their barriers to make commitments in regard to the stealing of intellectual property. they haven't gone far enough. the president will keep the steel and aluminum tariffs off the table. if we don't deal with china
7:48 am
today, can we deal with the unfair trade imbalance they have with them and they steal our intellectual property and put up barriers to our american-produced goods. can we deal them later? we have to deal with them today. so president trump is right to say i'm going to push this. it's a fine dance i'm doing but i won't let the american manufacturer or consumer get run over by china any longer. >> rick: the dow is down more than 200 points this morning. i don't know if it's because of this other announcement about tariffs that the u.s. is moving ahead with tariffs of aluminum and steel imports from canada, mexico and european union. >> it falls back to chinese dumping. it is hard to separate china from canada and europe. by the way, we don't have a deal with china in regard -- with canada in regard to nafta. but again, what happens is the markets are looking very short term in regard to what impact
7:49 am
these tariffs might have on this quarter's earnings. i think the president has to have a long view, a really long view on how is america going to be positioned in the next 5, 10, 20, 50 years from now and that means having free and fair trade. and again, now is the time to negotiate and you can't let markets spook you or threats from china spooking to make sure a world is a free and fair place to trade in and it is not that now. >> rick: thank you for your time this morning. >> sandra: a group of young football players taking teamwork to a new level. how they came together to save a couple trapped underneath this car.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
high-level talks underway now between secretary of state mike pompeo and top north korea official. will they reach an agreement? principal white house press secretary raj shah joins us live. a memo from andrew mccabe about james comey's firing in the hands of mueller. the president signing a bill called right to try. how it could give hope to terminally ill people seeking breakthrough treatments. that's "happening now" at the top of the hour. >> rick: a youth football team from idaho saving a couple after a rollover crash. check this out. members of the boise black knights run to the car, lift it up and help the victims escape. this happened in eastern oregon. the team was on their way back from winning a spring football tournament. >> sandra: what an amazing image of those kids coming together. >> rick: they're 13 years old.
7:54 am
these are young kids. >> sandra: they are big, strong boys. >> rick: football saves lives. >> sandra: a new push against california's blue wall. evangelist franklin graham urging people to vote and help make the blue stronghold red after next week's election. the president making his way later to houston today. pastor, we know you'll lead off one of the president's fundraisers in prayer. this is important to highlight what is happening with franklin graham in california. what is this tour all about? >> well, it's part of a bigger picture, sandra. the reason franklin is doing what he is doing, the reason i'll be at a fundraiser with the president this afternoon is that we really believe it is not only the right but the responsibility of every
7:55 am
christian to vote. not according to political affiliation so much as according to biblical convictions. look, president trump is the most faith-friendly president in history and franklin and i believe it is imperative that we elect a congress that will help him implement his pro-faith agenda rather than impede it. make no mistake. if democrats seize control of the congress they'll be hell bent on either impeding this president's policies or impeaching the president himself and we cannot allow that to happen. >> sandra: why is he focusing his efforts in california >> well, i think there is a lot of influence there in california. 20% of californians identify as evangelical christians. of those who voted only 13% voted. there is a lot of room for growth there. not only that but franklin's father, billy graham, began his ministry in california in 1949
7:56 am
and fitting 70 years later that franklin is coming there to preach. >> sandra: you know, how do you respond, pastor jeffress, to those who say is this right for evangelical leaders to be pushing a political agenda and mixing religion with politics? >> well, first of all, our ultimate message is the message of jesus christ. the only way you are going to change america is by changing the hearts of americans and only christ can do that. but look, there is a long history of pastors and evangelists being involved in american history. it was pastors who led the way in the revolution and pastors led the way in the abolition of slavery. it was pastors like martin luther king who led the civil rights movement? does anybody want to argue that pastors shouldn't be involved in politics? >> sandra: we hear your passion, pastor jeffress, thank you. >> rick: we will be right back after this.
7:57 am
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>> you got anything? >> what will you do now? >> i'll go prep for my next show on "outnumbered", join us. rick nice to have you here. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: a fox news alert on the high-stakes talks to salvage the historic nuclear summit talks between president trump and kim jong-un. i'm jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. mike pompeo meeting with the north korean official. pompeo describes it as a good working dinner last night. president trump weighing in on the action a short time ago. >> president trump: the meetings have been very positive. we'll see what happens. it's a process. it's all a process. we'll see. hopefully we'll have a meeting on the 12th. it's going along very


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