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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 31, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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thank you for joining us on this thursday. >> julie: "outnumbered" will continue coverage and we'll hear from the president later this afternoon as he meets with families of the sante fe school shooting. >> jon: president trump has arrived as you can see he has touched down on the ground in houston, texas, where he will be meeting privately with families of the victims of the sante fe high school shooting. you'll remember 10 people were killed in that massacre nearly two weeks ago. yesterday texas governor greg abbott announced his plan to make texas schools safer in the response to the tragedy. the president took off a short time ago, a couple hours ago heading -- making his way to texas. this was originally a trip built around the fundraiser, first a luncheon and another one this evening in dallas, texas. they decided to have him go down and meet with the victims and the families of the victims
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of the school shooting. he just touched down in ellington field. his trip slightly delayed but the president is expected to meet first thing as he has landed there in ellington. eight students. two substitute teachers killed in the shooting in sante fe high school back on may 18th. talking to the governor of the state, greg abbott at this moment. this is a big trip for the president. his fifth visit to the state of texas of his presidency. it is quickly becoming one of the most visited states by this president. this is an important day as he will also be holding a he will head on a fundraising luncheon downtown houston hosted by the national republican senate committee after he meets with those families. it's a private event that sold tickets for $5,000 a person for the luncheon or $25,000 if you want to take a photo with the president. he will head to that luncheon and another fundraiser will
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happen in dallas. the president on the ground in houston with the shaky camera, a little fist pump to the crowd and the president will be off and meeting with those families. another alert, president trump revealing news in talks with north korea. just a short time ago secretary of state mike pompeo finishing his meeting with kim yong chol. they kicked off meetings at a dinner. president trump expects to receive a letter from kim jong un. here today is harris faulkner. francis, fox news analyst and
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pete hagseth. one of our originals. >> first week of the show. >> four years ago. >> tyler. okay. i think it was me and tucker. >> yeah, you, too. >> tucker, you should have him back. i know. >> he's been back. he's got a little show. >> and you are up early, we are lucky when we get you guys. it's a big day and a lot happening. let's get to this, top korean officials and united states are working on this. kim yong chol and mike pompeo sitting down for dinner. watch what he told about those talks and what he's expecting to happen next. >> president trump: we are doing well with north korea. our secretary of state has had very good meetings. he's meeting again today, a letter is going to be delivered to me from kim jong un.
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so i look forward to seeing what's in the letter. hopefully we'll have a meeting on the 12th that's going along very well. i want it to be meaningful. it doesn't mean it gets done in one meeting. maybe we'll have none. but it's in good hands. >> sandra: the president expects to get that letter tomorrow. they are warning white house officials a warning. sarah sanders said that's exactly what these talks are all about. >> the conversation is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula. that's what these ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as the summit that would take place in singapore. we are going to continue as long as that is part of the discussion. we are going to continue to shoot for the june 12 and expect
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that. >> sandra: russia foreign minister meeting today. just the latest in meetings with north korea following years of isolation. this has been fascinating to watch, pete, since this north korea, next to kim jong un, came to new york, they dined on american beef and corn and cheese. pompeo arrived at the u.n. residence to have that crucial meeting. the president seems very optimistic. >> he's got a team that north korea takes seriously. look at how they viewed john bolton. he's been willing to walk away with that letter once saying i'm done. they have set a lot of the right general parameters. it's cliche, but the devil will be in the details. they are probably further apart
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than anyone realizes. kim jong un knows those nukes kept him safe. president trump can't go for a deal that isn't fully verifiable and gets rid of their nuclear capability. june 12 will just be the beginning. >> sandra: on that point of securing this is future, at what point does the conversation turn to okay, we are going to help him stay in power, we are going to keep his refeel in place in exchange for that, say we get rid of the newarks. next criticism, in labor camps, you ask the question now, experts say it's about preventing nuclear annihilation is important. i see that. down the road that's the next conversation. >> it's a great point and part of the discussion, how do you measure the success if the
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meeting takes place. but then obviously, there's a long road ahead. >> pete is right, june 12 or whenever it happens, is the beginning. the standard should not be everything is done on june 12. president trump has set a high bar for himself in pulling out of the nuclear deal and saying that didn't go far enough. any deal with north korea has to go farther. he opened the door last week, president trump opened the door to denuclearization being not all at once, but more of a phased process which most experts argue what is going to have to happen as part of a deal. he opened the door a little bit. the north koreans saw that as a sign he may not have maximalist positions. >> we are talking 15 years of phasing in or out of nuclear
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capabilities. that puts on the table, if you will, a check of checks and balances of how well north korea is doing along the way, too. the promise isn't just to keep kim jong un alive, you are going to be rich. south and north korea, you are going to have economies that are booming. that cannot happen overnight. it slows the timetable down and allows for relationships to be built, we hope. >> this guy is so paraknewed, when you are poisoning and killing family members. >> do you think he would trust us to keep the guarantee? >> he doesn't trust his own people. >> what do you think the trump administration is willing to give in return? negotiations are just not one side. >> securing him in his place. >> that won't be enough for a nuclear deal. what do you think in terms of
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sanctions released? what does this look like? >> you got it from the president's perspective, you got to get the denuclearization done. put it in trump language, get the nukes out before any relief. this is mistrust and verify everything by the u.s. >> sandra: how do we do it differently than we did in iran? just the checking of what's on the ground. >> you have to be able to inspect for those any time, anywhere inspections that were a complete lie. we are going to have to have an inspection of some type by somebody who can verify somewhere along the line. >> they are inspecting every day. >> for themselves from wherever. >> in iran, the iea is in there with cameras and inspectors. at a minimum we have to have
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that. >> sandra: let me ask you this, in the obama state department, you are talking about existing sites we know about. we were told any time anywhere. >> we can get into this other site. a question about what's coming up? >> marie wants to move on. >> i can go on until my face it blue. >> let me go on to the politics. the president thinks he's not getting enough credit from the left and media for getting us to this point. how is the president getting us to this point compared to obama's presidency? >> obama's presidency got a country like iran by ratcheting up sanctions. president trump gets credit for getting north korea to the table. you don't get credit for a nuclear deal you haven't done yet. >> don't get credit for a bad nuclear when it tooks cash to the worst regime in the world.
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they have to avoid the pitfalls of the iran deal. it's got to be up front. they are making the concessions, we are not. it has to be guys with the u.s. flag on their shoulder inspecting. >> not the iea? >> we have to have our own verification. >> sandra: it's been the international community, only with delays. we are not on the ground. >> we are the military keeping them at bay. we have been on that dmz for 70 years, we have stayed there. we have a vested interest if we are going to end that conflict on our terms. >> sandra: the president could speak to reporters, he could make comments on north korea. we'll take those if we get them. the white house making no bones about it. where is abc's apology to the
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president and others? samantha b. using a term to describe ivanka trump, the president's daughter. will she have to apologize? will she be fired? we'll discuss whether a double standard is at play here. alright, i brought in new max protein
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>> sandra: we are alerting the president, he arrived in shoes n houston, texas. he's going to meet with families of victims of the santa fe high school shooting in the houston area. his motorcade left the airport and headed to the coast guard station which is part of the ellington complex. where this meeting today will take place, he has a couple of fundraisers later on. the governor of the state, greg abbott is president, as well as texas senator ted cruz. we'll keep you posted. if the president makes comments, we'll bring those to you live. >> this story is heating up. the white house responding to new fallout from the president's deep about abc's decision to cancel "roseanne."
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in his response the president highlighted what he claims a media double standard when it comes to outrage over offensive remarks. he never received an apology for insults leveled at him. yesterday the white house press secretary sarah sanders told reporters that no one is defending roseanne barr, but the president is making a point. >> the president's point is high a crasscy in the media. he was calling the president and anyone associated with him a white supremacist. calling christianity a mental illness. kathy griffen going to a rant against the president on "the view" after a photo showed her
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holding president trump's decapitated head and where the apology from bob iger, attacking the president as a nazi and expanding the role against the president's family. this is the double standard the president is speaking about. no one is defending her comments. but that's the point he was making. >> sandra: it is that double standard that has the story red hot. there is a new story about the president's daughter, ivanka trump by late night host samantha b. on pbs. fox news has requested a comment on this. we have yet to hear back. we will not repeat the word. we don't need to. wow. pete? >> pete: listen, no one is going to defend, including myself, ever what roseanne says.
9:19 am
the president is pointing out a clear double standard that exists. she mentioned keith obberman. it's deleted now, but we have time machines for that stuff. nazi, [bleep], go [bleep] yourself. yet, he got hired for a larger role under a sibling company of disney. it's because he's a lefty and they are lefties and they view the world differently. >> if you and i have both talked about that this lives in the lane of free speech. and truth from the mouths of people from them. now the question is where do the consequences come in? >> this is going to be very unpopular. i don't think samantha b. deserves any consequences. that's how she delivers it.
9:20 am
that's the kind of language she uses. we all watch the whole block. she took shots at everybody there. i understand it's the president's daughter. but she's in a post at the white house. she put herself out there. if you don't like it, don't watch it. i don't watch it. i don't love that show. but that is consistent with the tone of the show. >> sandra: let's get to where we were with roseanne barr. it goes against their values, so they let her go. we don't know about cbs what their response will be. are these things commensurate? is there a double standard, marie? >> it's hard to figure out where the line is when someone should be fired. roseanne barr has a history. what samantha b. said was horrible. i hate that word.
9:21 am
we read the tweet from rosage. but where's the line? i don't know the answer. there is hateful speech on the left, hateful speech on the right. if i were still on twitter i would be getting a lot of it from the other side. everyone need to take a step back and understand it is free speech but it can have consequences. this kind of speech is why our politic so terrible today. >> we can all agree we don't like it. what she said is disgusting. companies can do whatever they want do. their be onizatio be obligationr shareholders. nigh questiomy question is thert for this? >> there was a quick tweet, all the progressiving are telling me the roseanne situation and samantha b. situation are not
9:22 am
comparable. will be fine when trump supporters start calling warren, clinton, the same she called ivanka trump. there is a reason we were not saying the word versus reading the twitter. it was racial. it's a different context in terms of -- go ahead. >> pete: who draws the line? exactly. >> because the marketplace decides. >> pete: if you like vial stuff, turn it to vial tv. if there's a market, it will succeed. >> sandra: you don't think we should have said the word on the air? >> i don't think we should have read the tweet. the speech was so offensive, she
9:23 am
got fired, we aren't the only ones that did it. i'm not sure anyone should have read her tweet. she got a whole sitcom fired. >> when people are reading it on the air, i was thinking we shouldn't read this on the air. it feels like the same thing. you are trying to let people know why someone got fired. >> we are having a #metoo moment. you aryou have a woman calling r woman. >> i never said the word out loud. >> it's a weird situation. >> it feels terrible that we are in a place like this, our culture today. >> pete: every corporation gets to have its own climate. >> sandra: we have a response from sarah sanders we are going to pull up because the white
9:24 am
house has -- she responded. >> making comments. she's given the statement to fox news. the response is the language used by samantha b. is violent and vicious. the collective silence by the left is appalling. her comments and show are not fit for broadcast. they must demonstrate that explicit language will not be condoned on its network. >> sandra: that brings up the female component of this. you have a thought bubble over your head, melissa. >> it feels like that moment in the me, too movement. society was making all accusations true and equivalent. it reached that frenzy. i don't agree with what she said. i think it's horrible. i don't think i have ever said
9:25 am
that word out loud in my life. but that's the tone of her show. if you watch that show, that's kind of what -- >> sandra: you know what you are going to get. >> pete: if i was to watch tosh.o. >> this is about the sitting president's daughter who also happens to be a mother with children who can read and see this. >> everyone on twitter who called me this word when i was in a public position have been fired from their job? >> sandra: we need to tell our audience, because if they want to google this, they can, the word rhymes with hunt. i just feel like -- >> right, right. >> sandra: it is a specific word used against women. that's why this is so, it is so
9:26 am
toxic. but is it any more or less toxic than what roseanne barr said? >> pete: it all depends on where you sit. it may offend a black person more than me, it may offend a white person more. >> sandra: wouldn't affect you necessarily in the same way it affects women. what roseanne barr said about a muslim brother hood person, that's offensive to blacks in a different way it would be offensive to anybody else. the question is, if you wipe it away, you won't know who these people are. >> pete: who gets to be the police? >> those that give those voices a platform have to answer to shareholders and viewers. >> pete: absolutely. >> sandra: and their own
9:27 am
corporate value system, which is what abc system was talking about. so pbs, respond. >> it will be interesting to see. i don't know. i don't know what they do. >> pete: they should apologize, that was out of bound. if people want to keep watching the show, you are going for every scalp. every time something happens, you're fired. where does free speech go? >> sandra: during this hour we have heard from press secretary sanders. we reported that as part of our story as well. new reaction to president trump's attacks on attorney general jeff sessions. is the president right to ramp up criticism or could the move backfire? >> the president has been clear, he's disappointed at attorney general jeff sessions did not tell him he would recuse himself from the investigation prior to being nominated. that's a fair thing for the president to say.
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>> sandra: breaking news, fox news alert, the president says he is considering a pardon now for martha stewart and commuting the student of former illinois governor, rod lagowavich. that's after his full pardonnen of the conservative commentator. the president told reporters on board air force one, that he said something dumb and thinks his sentence is excessive. he began a 14 year prison sentence on corruptions convictions in 2012. we'll be paying attention to that one. stewart was convicted in 2004 of obstructing justice about why she unloaded stock before the
9:33 am
price plummeted. she used to be one of my biggest fans. pete hegseth is on the couch. >> pete: thanks for going to me. it can mean a lot of things. it could mean tomorrow you see a tweet and it's happening, or he's considering it. >> sandra: this after this morning on twitter, he planned to pardon souza. that was not a consideration. >> pete: what a consideration that elections have consequences. he went after the full weight and put him in jail and donald trump says you are pardoned. he has the prerogative to do so. >> which is why he loves it. there is a case of a man named matthew charles, dana did it on her show. he was in jail for 21 years of a 35 year drug dealing sentence. he got released.
9:34 am
the government made a mistake. they are trying to put him back in jail for ten years. this is one of the cases kardashian tweeted about. there are good candidates for pardons. pete is right, it is a very unlimited executive power. if obama had pardoned someone on the list, there would be a lot of outrage. people like matthew charles, there was an unjust situation. >> sandra: let me take you back to the days of rod. do you remember that? >> how can we forget that. >> here's what the president told reporters. he said something stupid, but similar what other politicians have said. he called the 18 year sentence unfair. he was more interested in
9:35 am
curtailing his sentence than a full pardon. important to get that in there. >> interesting. >> 2024. >> it was blatant when you listen to the phone calls of what he did originally. that's the only time i'm going to try and say his name. i think that martha stewart's one is more fascinating. that's completely contemporary to what we are talking about today. they felt like she did something, they chased her down, they got her for lying. and i think they may be making a point with that one. >> all right. we'll leave it there. new reaction to president trump ramping up criticism of attorney general jeff sessions. he criticized sessions over the decision to recuse himself from the justice department's russia investigation. last night the president tweeting a quote from former u.s. attorney who appeared on hannity. it reads it was an unforced
9:36 am
betrayal of the president of the united states. a lot of new reaction coming in today. here's former campaign manager on america's news room. >> the president has been clear. he's disappointed that attorney general jeff sessions did not tell him he would recuse himself from this investigation prior to the nomination. that's a fair thing to say. it's been a cloud over this administration never existed. >> the former u.s. attorney general under george bush says the president's criticism could be hurting the president and the d.o.j. >> i'm worried that this hurts the image of donald trump. it makes him, i think, appear weak and indecisive. he is their boss. if he's unhappy with the performance and not taking action, i also worry about the effect of morale of the individuals at the department of justice.
9:37 am
it weakens the attorney general. >> sandra: pete? >> pete: the president is speaking truth, something he feels. he doesn't have many better options if he were to replace the guy. rod rosenstein moves in. all the other stuff he's doing. what he said of barack obama. he gave an interview, he said, this is eric holder, i'm enjoying what i'm doing, i'm still the president's wing man. i'm there with my boy. president trump always wanted to feel like help a wing man. instead, on day one, he's out. >> sandra: can he wipe out that recusal and step up in a different stage? >> pete: i don't think so. >> there was reporting that it
9:38 am
was recommended by the career ethics team and looked at it, they said you need to do this. i agree with pete. the president is thinking out loud on twitter. but i also agree with alberto gonsalves, it doesn't help. that's the challenge. >> pete: someone as strong as sessions. >> i don't know if he's been as strong as the president wants. i think that's actually what the problem is that he hasn't been the attack dog that the president wanted. i don't think it has that much to do with russian recusal. i think that the president, you wish used to, if you come from new york city, the attorney generals and d.a., whoever is in charge, they are attack dogs. they go out and bring the long arm of the law with them, they go after people. that's what the president wanted and thought what he was getting. he hasn't lived up to his
9:39 am
expectations. >> sandra: who would you put in that position that you could get confirmed that would go after sanctuary law jurisdictions? >> pete: how long do you live with rob rosen stein. >> maybe he should keep some of that inside. that hurts d.o.j. >> pete: you get a real vision of our president realtime. >> i think that it's hurting the department of justice and the nonpartisan career. >> sandra: how is it hurting the d.o.j. and fbi when the president calls out reports of bias and, you know, the sort of push against releasing certain documents in realtime requests and that sort of thing, how does that hurt the agency? >> pete: you talk to folks that verbed there. most say he has taken on any politicalization of that department, the people at the top. it's easy to bifurcate that from
9:40 am
rank and file lawyer who is doing their job and wants to serve the american people. morale could go up when you call out leaders who are political. >> not if they are your leaders. jeff sessions? >> sandra: pushing back on giving documents. we are allowed to criticize that. >> the way the president undercuts his own officials, happened with rex tillerson, jeff sessions. >> he didn't like their performance. moving "omoving on, california s maybe getting in the way of retaking washington. it could cause chaos come the midterm election.
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>> democrats hoping to retake the majority in congress are finding chaos in california.
9:45 am
pointing the finger at the state and national party establishment for pushing wealthier candidates to run for three states. it put the two highest vote getters on the ballot regardless of party affiliation. democrats fear that splitting the vote could mean two republicans end up on the final ballot, meaning no chance for democrats to flip those seats. so, pete, california does have a bizarre nominating process. very different than other states. there are a couple of pick-up opportunities for democrats because of the tax reform in california being such a high state. >> pete: when they are reporting there is chaos -- >> oh-oh. that was a ringing endorsement. >> this is a unique situation. it's the top two vote getters. so many people want to take on the republicans, that vote is
9:46 am
split so small, just a couple of republicans could get those two votes. any time -- haven't the parties learned if you try to ram moderates down the base, it doesn't work. it's further left than it's ever been in. >> particularly in california. >> we are agreeing way too much today. >> it's the same for republicans, with the tea party candidates. when you have that split in the party, you have got to first deal with that before you can deal with the competition and the republicans did that well, i think. they have got both chambers. >> in the house you have these moderate republicans and tea party republicans that can't agree on anything. >> this is the lesson you learn any time. >> holding everybody accountable. >> they have a big day of reconning, should we go further into our deep beliefs or attract more people in the middle.
9:47 am
the middle thing only works in select local elections. but on a big scale it never works. the lesson is it's about the person. >> pete: yes, after romney, the republican party said we'll figure out who we are. and trump shows up. yo>> are you worried about this? >> i think to melissa's point, these congressional races will be decidedded on the ground in those local districts. we have moderates in the mid worst and that will help us. we have to figure out as a party where we are before 2020. that's what i'm more worried about. i think 2018 will help that. >> where do you think you are as a party? >> we are the blue dog democratic wing. there are moderate members who are charting a new course forward for the party and some very liberal, the elizabeth
9:48 am
warren members that have a strong foothold. i think we can be both. that makes it hard on the national level though. >> sandra: it makes it hard to come up with an economic message. >> we'll see. first lady, m melania trump, is hitting back at the media after speculation over her absence. the first lady's response ahead. applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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>> more outnumbered in a moment. first we touch base with harris. >> thank you. a very busy hour ahead. republican peter king of the house homeland security committee and democrat of the house armed services joining me on secretary of state mike pompeo's meetings last night and today with that top north korean official who is here. will president trump and dictator kim jong un summit happen? and what is kim willing to give up. former campaign manager will be here talking about rudy giuliani's q and a this week for the russia investigation. is he going to sit down with special counsel, robert mueller.
9:53 am
should he? has anything changed. back to you. >> harris: first lady melania trump is hitting back at the media on why she hasn't made a public appearance since may 10. she has undergone a successful treatment for a benign kidney condition. her absence prompting this headline in the washington post. trump says the first lady has been doing great. the first lady responding on twitter, i see the media is working overtime speculating where i am and what i'm doing. rest assured, i'm here at the white house with my family feeling great and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. >> double standard, the way the media is reacting, had they done this to michelle obama? >> possibly. i think that tweet sound very
9:54 am
trumpian. >> pete: she is a trump. >> she underwent surgery. she is recovering. >> i don't think anyone should be questioning where she is. the media is weird on this. >> there are a bunch of outlets that like to speculate that she's gone, she went back home to new york. you are always hearing this. >> pete: you know what it is? she had surgery, okay? what do you do after you have surgery, you go home, lay in bed, recover, take medicine. >> ther i think they are questig her health. >> thoughts and prayers are with you, as we do anyway. >> i'm not like defending the post. it's just interesting. that's all. >> pete: it is. >> her tweet sounded like her husband. that's not her normal style on
9:55 am
twitter. >> that's speculation on your part, maria. >> that's what i'm paid to do, speculate. >> reresponsibly. >> there were whole stories about michelle obama's clothes and how much her shoes cost. >> when is the last time we saw michelle obama? >> there hasn't been that much coverage of a first lady like they did with michelle obama, they lauded her and same for melania. the resistance to trump bleeds over to melania. >> i don't think people should speculate about her health when they don't know anything. >> we should leave it at that. our thoughts and prayers are with her. we are back on outnumbered in a moment.
9:56 am
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[laughter] we are having a lot of fun. >> are we back? >> yes, pete. you are live on tv. do you have final thoughts? >> we talked early on i was one of the first on the show. it's like watching a baby grow. now you are all grown up. [laughter] "outnumbered." "outnumbered overtime." fantastic show. you are doing a great job. >> thank you. that's lovely. harris, yes! >> good show. >> in spirit. wonderful. >> yes. i mean it is just, it felt
10:00 am
like a friday. we had so much fun on this couch today. >> we did. thank you. >> all right. >> thank you for having me. >> that is it for us. we'll hand it over to harris. good luck, harris. >> harris: we'll start with this big news. high stakes talks to try to salvage the summit with north korea have wrapped up. secretary of state mike pompeo met earlier today with the top north korean official to lay the ground work to get that meeting back on track. as we go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. we are now awaiting a briefing from secretary of state mike pompeo. after he met with north korea's chol earlier today. they dined together last night. the state department says the meetings went well. and they made some progress. the goal to try to salvage the summit between president trump and kim jong un. president trump spoke about the talks earlier. watch. >> president trump: our secretary of state has had very good meetings. he is meeting again


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