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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 31, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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we had so much fun on this couch today. >> we did. thank you. >> all right. >> thank you for having me. >> that is it for us. we'll hand it over to harris. good luck, harris. >> harris: we'll start with this big news. high stakes talks to try to salvage the summit with north korea have wrapped up. secretary of state mike pompeo met earlier today with the top north korean official to lay the ground work to get that meeting back on track. as we go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. we are now awaiting a briefing from secretary of state mike pompeo. after he met with north korea's chol earlier today. they dined together last night. the state department says the meetings went well. and they made some progress. the goal to try to salvage the summit between president trump and kim jong un. president trump spoke about the talks earlier. watch. >> president trump: our secretary of state has had very good meetings. he is meeting again today. i believe they will be coming
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down to washington on friday. a letter will be delivered to me from kim jong un. so i look forward to seeing what is in the letter. >> harris: david lee miller is live in new york city with more on this. david lee? >> harris, we expect the briefing by the secretary of state mike pompeo to get underway in one hour's time here at the midtown hotel. what is notable about what took place today is that the meeting between the two delegations lasted only about two and a half hours. a little less than that. all indications are that things went very well. secretary of state mike pompeo sent out a tweet a short time ago that said, "substantive talks with the team from north korea, we discussed our priorities for the potential summit between our leaders." the state department also sent out a brief statement that said the secretary's meeting ended early as a result of the parties making progress. and the meeting going well. so far, though, not a word
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from the north korean delegation led by the worker's party vice chair kim young chol. a senior state department said it wants security as an outcome of a summit and the official added, "we have to convince them that nukes only make them less secure." secretary pompeo said the u.s. is completed to a complete verifiable, irreversible denuclearization. in addition to talks taking place in new york city today there were also talks between north korea and the u.s. taking place overseas in singapore where a presumed summit would take place. two delegations there discussed the issue of logistics as well as security. and in the demilitarized zones representatives from the u.s. and the north korea also met. they were trying to come up with an agenda for a meeting as well as some type of declaration if in fact the two sides have a successful summit.
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but the bottom line here is all eyes were really on the events unfolding in new york city. senior state department official described the two officials meeting here as the top dogs and saying that what they would decide would ultimately really determine if in fact a summit is going to take place. we expect to learn a great deal more in about one hour's time when the secretary of state calls a briefing here in midtown manhattan. that is the latest. back to you. >> harris: david lee miller. thank you very much. let's bring in republican congressman from new york, peter king. he is a member of the house homeland security committee and the house intelligence committee as well. great to see you today, congressman. >> thank you, harris. thank you very much. >> harris: i want to start with the reports that the meeting went well. what does that indicate to you? >> it indicates at least on the surface that kim young chol was saying that they accept the principle of denuclearization.
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listen, i have great faith in mike pompeo. i work with mike on the intelligence committee. he was outstanding head of the c.i.a. he is a tough negotiator. and again, i think we saw at the early stages of this, even though it has been going on for a few months now, this is still the early stages. i think north korea is getting the message that donald trump is for real and he is not looking for an easy deal. there has to be real results. now what will happen as it plays out we don't know but this is a good start today. i think mike pompeo is getting the message across that the u.s. is serious. and that they have -- that north korea has to be serious about denuclearization. if they follow through on that, that is a whole different story because in some ways the only reason north korea exists is because of the nuclear weapons. so this is going to be a tough process. but i feel very good today after the meeting. i don't think mike pompeo or his spokesman would have said that it went positively if it didn't. >> harris: congressman king, what leverage does the president and thereby the united states have in
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negotiations? >> we have several bits of pieces of leverage. one is that i still believe that we can use china. the fact that the president reinstated the tariffs in china. that is putting pressure on china to put pressure on north korea. north korea realizes that president trump is serious and he is not going to back down on the issue of denuclearization. for the first time they see they have an adversary that is willing to follow through if he has to. i don't want to go further than that but they see a real competitor out there in president trump. also in china. the combination of the two and also the sanctions are having a real impact on north korea. again, the combination of the sanctions and north korea. i believe some pressure from china. china is trying to have it both ways. again, the fact that the president reinstated the tariffs in china shows china that the president is onto their game. >> harris: i want to read this. this is coming from reuters. they are calling it an
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exclusive, talking with president trump saying that the president told reuters it may take more than one meeting to seal a denuclearization deal with north korea and says he will most likely be visited by north korean envoy kim young chol on friday at the white house. your response? >> yeah, i think most likely it will take more than one meeting. one way or another this has been going on now for 65 years. ever since the armistice in 1953. i don't expect it to be resolved in one meeting but i do believe the meeting can certainly set a tone to make it clear to him how serious trump is. the pressure will come through china and the world sanctions on north korea. so it's, i see this process starting. i just wish that more american political leaders would stand behind the president. put aside partisan politics for a while and really show
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united front against north korea. we are standing with the president. >> harris: do you feel that is not happening? by the way, i have democrat garamendi from california on right after you. so this is an opportunity now. what do you want democrats to do? do you feel that that cohesion is not happening? >> i don't believe it is. it seems too quick. last week it appeared the summit was being called off. they came in quick to criticize the president. listen, i stood by president obama as much as i could on foreign policy. again, after it's over and said and done, that is one thing. after a decision like the agreement with iran was signed, that is an area where to me you should be voicing your opinion. but right now when it's so sensitive, with the talks coming up. let's see what happens and see what the talks come about and what happens on june 12. hold your fire until then. there is enough to criticize afterwards if they want to but let it go between now and then so kim jong un knows that the american people and the
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congress and the senate are standing behind the president and demanding denuclearization. >> harris: representative pete king. i am going to yute your very words in my next interview. that was a call-out for a united front as i understand it. great to see you. thank you for being on the program. >> tell john i said hello. >> -- he is auy? good guy. >> harris: he can probably hear you. i will. bring in john garamendi. you are a member of the house armed services committee. and you heard the congressman. let's start there. a united front. why isn't that happening? >> well, i think it is. i really do think it is. i know all the democrats are as concerned as the president and peter and republicans about north korea's nuclear weapons. and the icbms. we all are concerned about
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that. we all know there are only three paths to deal with this. one path is the negotiations. which are now underway. the second path is a war. the third path is to simply accept the fact that north korea has nuclear weapons and will continue to threaten the united states. a war and nuclear weapons by north korea are not an acceptable path. negotiations are critically important and i know that myself and every other democrat that i'm aware of encourages negotiations. now peter mentioned last week and the whiplash that really the entire world endured when the president met with president moon of south korea and then 24 hours, 48 hours later canceled the meeting. then another 24 hours after that wanted to get it back on. i think all of us, and probably peter also were concerned about what all of that was about.
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but nonetheless, we want these negotiations to succeed. peter said something else that is very, very important. that is, this is extraordinarily complex situation. you have not only the united states engaged now with north korea but also keep in mind that south korea has very serious interest in what these negotiations may portend to south korea. >> harris: of course. right before it was called off they said it was 99% asewerred to -- 99% assured to happen. then north korea took the 1% and said no. >> it was the president that said no. >> harris: they started threatening us. that makes us think they were not serious about coming to the table. >> perhaps. >> harris: before i move on from here i want to go back to the politics for the moment because it's important for the world on something so big to see people united with the point that congressman king -- i love you call each other by your first names because you obviously talk all the time.
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>> we do. >> harris: there is somebody else in the picture, the leader of the democrats in the house. i'm curious. nancy pelosi when the deal was in flux as you said -- not the deal but the summit was in flux as you said last week. we were all pitching to see like on a ship what is going to happen. she came out with pretty incendiary remarks. she called the leter that the president reached out to kim jong un with a valentine, a giggle fit was what it would bring about. that doesn't sound like unity on the hill from the democrats. >> well, go back to basics here. we want negotiations. the democrats, certainly pelosi and all of the democratic leaders in congress and in the senate want negotiations to take place. both democrats and republicans were responding -- >> harris: nobody responded like she did with all due respect. i mean did you -- >> i'll buy that. sure. >> harris: did you agree with what she said?
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>> i don't. everybody can look at trump's letter to kim jong un and they can interpret it in many different ways. it was different from the normal diplomatic language between two leaders. there is no doubt about that. but the point is there was this uncertainty that was going on last week. the president on, off, on again. that is good. i'm delighted that it's on again. i'm certain, absolutely certain that the democratic leadership in house and the senate are very, very supportive of this move of the negotiations moving forward. and i think we also -- i said this many times -- we must be very, very careful about this summit. it has to be well-prepared. i'm delighted that pompeo is doing much of the leg work. he is an excellent person, as peter king said. i agree with him. pompeo and i cochaired the mobility caucus, the air mobility caucus in the house armed services committee. we worked very closely
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together. i have confidence in him. but he has an enormously important job; that is, to prepare the path for a successful summit. i would suggest we not be in a great hurry to have the summit. but rather have it turn out very well. that takes preparation. the 15th is not so important. as is the success of the summit. >> harris: or the 12th as it is here. but we'll see what happens. congressman garamendi, always great to have you. >> you are correct. it is the 12th. >> harris: it is always great to have you on the program. >> certainly. >> harris: great to have you back-to-back to get the perspective. would love to have you back. thank you. a source told fox news about a confidential memo written by andrew mccabe. details on that and how it could play in the russia investigation. first, the president's attorney. rudy giuliani launched a new attack against special counsel robert mueller as the president's attorney sets his own deadline for mueller to
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wrap it up. >> file his report by september 1, mid-september. i don't think he is going to fire mueller. mueller is creating his own problems. i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. two bulls were fighting, hit the truck. another ding, another scratch, another chapter in the story.
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>> harris: rudy giuliani has told fox news that he and president trump have been going over questions that special counsel robert mueller wants to ask the president but they won't agree to an interview until the conditions are met. including getting all available information on the f.b.i. informant who met with campaign officials and the d.o.j. memo detailing the scope of the russia investigation. this is as giuliani launched a new attack against the special counsel. watch. >> there is no evidence, which i assume there is no evidence. then i mean, he couldn't testify. the whole thing should be squashed. i mean it should be ended immediately. you got a group there that lynching mob. so let them do their job. boy, we are ready to knock the heck out of you with our report which will be authoritative, it will be backed up, backed up with law and facts.
10:19 am
>> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn with more on this. john? >> john: good afternoon. i spoke to rudy giuliani this morning about all of this including the prep sessions or whatever he is doing to get the president prepared for a possible interview with robert mueller. giuliani telling me why they discussed some of the questions that mueller wants answers to and some of the ground rules, they haven't really begun any of those typical so-called murder board prep sessions that the president would be doing if he were to agree to an interview with robert mueller. a lot of this has been keeping up on the dale -- daily flow of news. but rudy giuliani did illuminate what he described as red lines for the president to sit down and do an interview with robert mueller. that would be all of the memorandums, all of the intelligence on the confidential informant that made contact with members of the trump campaign. what the president prefers to
10:20 am
as "spygate." you mentioned the so-called, "scope memo" that gave robert mueller the special counsel the authority to investigate and what areas he would be able to investigate in. here is what giuliani told sean hannity last night. >> i want to see the documents which trey gowdy has never seen, which is outrageous. i'm not going to let my client testify. the president of the united states. even if he wants to without those documents produced. if and when we find that this was handled appropriately, and there is some evidence on which they could base that is phony investigation, we have him testify. >> john: you might take that is a high bar that mueller would have to leap before giuliani and the president and jay sekulow, his other attorney agreed to an interview. you are right. they are setting a high bar. giuliani spent an hour with the president last night and said they talk frequently on
10:21 am
the telephone. he was hoping to spend more time with the president this week but because north korea is now on a rolling boil that is taking up most of the president's time. giuliani told me that they will likely do some sort of prep with the president even if he doesn't agree to sit down interview with robert mueller. you heard him talk about it earlier, harris, that the president legal team will be writing some sort of report. either in response to the mueller report or just report to get their side of the story out. they do want to sit down with the president and go over in excruciating detail what it is that he knows so they can get that report as detailed and possible. giuliani also told me he is not happy that the president brought up jeff sessions again yesterday. giuliani feeling that they were really making some headway with questioning, the whole genesis of the russia investigation, possible misconduct on the part of high-ranking officials at the f.b.i. and now the president getting out there and smacking sessions upside the head has
10:22 am
created an alternate narrative to where they are going. >> harris: figuratively. obviously. you touched on something and i'm about to talk with former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. so i'll bring this up with him. you said that for the purpose of this report that may come out that they are still going to do the practice sessions or whatever we are calling them. i just want to make sure i heard you right. >> john: yeah. i think what they would probably do is ask the question the -- that robert mueller wanted to ask him. i don't know how many but there were 52 in the listing obtained by fox news to get a full accounting of what the president knows about all the areas that robert mueller wants to investigate. so when they write their report they have a fully detailed and comprehensive recollection from the president. >> harris: thank you. appreciate it. now let's bring in lieu lewandowski. author of the "new york times" best-seller "let trump be trump." great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: let's start with the so-called practice sessions, the prep sessions, the q&a. what do you think those are
10:23 am
like? we got a few leaked information about some of the questions that might be asked. but talk to me about what you think the process is like. >> i have no inside knowledge of this but i think this is the president's attorney sitting down with him and having conversations of what potentially the mueller investigative team would be asking him. whether they agree to that sit down or not is irrelevant. they want to make sure that the president is thinking through some of the questions that the mueller team submitted over. understanding and recalling what may or may not be on the agenda. remember, this investigation goes back now to the beginning of what was really the 2016 campaign but started in june of 2015. so you are now three years ago of when the campaign actually launched. so having the opportunity to recall some of the facts that the mueller team may be interested in would be my guess of what his attorneys are trying to talk to him about. >> harris: interesting. so, you saw rudy giuliani. he does not mince words.
10:24 am
he said look, september 1, you got to wrap up this investigation. he has a high bar for whether the president will sit down with him. i want to talk about robert mueller, though and get your thoughts on whether or not you think he would ever bow to any pressure. >> you know what? from what i know of robert mueller, he is a man with a lot of integrity and i think he is concerned about the potential impact in the midterm elections. that being said, i would expedite the report that the mueller team is going to put out. if they have finished their interviews with the individuals who they want to talk to except the president, it sounds like they have the opportunity now to have that report basically concluded and that is very important because you don't want to politicize this issue any more than is already been done. and if the investigation is done, or very close to done, the mueller team should finish report, submit it to the department of justice and have that finalized by labor day. >> harris: do you think that giuliani gets it right when he says that the president will not fire jeff sessions or robert mueller? >> i do.
10:25 am
again, i haven't spoken to the president directly about it but i think this president is allowing the mueller team to finish their investigation, to prove what we already know. there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians or anybody else for that matter. donald trump won this election in a blow-out with over 300 electoral votes. there was no collusion here whatsoever. and the president wants to make sure the american people are reminded of that. robert mueller's team has to remind the american people there was only one campaign that took campaign money and went and used it overseas to put together a false dossier. the clinton campaign. >> harris: do you think the president sits down? you heard rudy giuliani. f.b.i. informant information and wants the d.o.j. documents that even congressman trey gowdy has not seen. >> i would not recommend the president sitting down with robert mueller -- >> harris: even with those conditions? >> i don't think so. there was no collusion. mueller investigators had an opportunity to sit down with dozens if not hundreds of individuals to ask questions. i'm sure they all got the same answer. no collusion with the
10:26 am
president and russia and anyone else. so there is no value in my opinion for the president sitting down with the mueller team. >> harris: politically may be a different story. we'll talk about that on a different day. corey lewandowski. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: new details about the confidential memo that former f.b.i. director andrew mccabe wrote and turned over to the special counsel robert mueller. we will tell you what is in it and the impact it could have on the russian investigation. judge andrew napolitano will weigh in after the commercial break. plus, president trump imposing sweeping new tariffs on steel and union reports from the european union, canada and mexico. he wants fair trade. fair for the united states. how are the nations responding? next. when i kept finding myself smoking in my attic.
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10:31 am
a source says it recounts a conversation that mccabe had with rod rosenstein that led him to believe the deputy attorney general could be trying to cover for president trump. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge now in washington first with the facts and details. >> well, thank you, harris. good afternoon. a source familiar with the memo tells fox news that the former f.b.i. director andrew mccabe documented a meeting where deputy director rod rosenstein said president trump wanted rosenstein to include russia in the memo used to fire f.b.i. director james comey last may. rosenstein declined. the source said rosenstein did give mccabe a copy of a draft record firing comey written by president trump. it's been passed on by special counsel mueller. writing on twitter the president said -- "not that it matters but i never fired comey because of russia. the corrupt main stream media loves to keep pushing the narrative but they know it's not true." earlier on fox, the
10:32 am
president's spokesman went further. >> he said on national television it's because of james comey's handling of the clinton investigation. and the letter that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein had sent him. there are also a number of reasons. he has leaked confidential information. he gave false statements under oath to congress. >> andrew mccabe testified on capitol hill earlier in year and was fired in march days before his f.b.i. retirement. after the justice department internal watchdog concluded mccabe lied to federal investigators multiple times about his media contact before the 2016 election. this report from justice department inspector general michael horowitz found mccabe, "looked candor including under oath on multiple occasions." and concluded the dis close sure of the existence of the ongoing investigation violated the f.b.i. and the media policy and constituted
10:33 am
misconduct. mccabe disputes the finding telling the inspector general that his boss knew of the outreach to the "wall street journal." the inspector general findings to u.s. attorney in washington for possible prosecution, which makes it a crime to lie to the federal investigators. we are expecting more from the inspector general and his findings on the f.b.i. and the justice department conduct leading up to the 2016 election. specifically with the clinton e-mail case and that could happen within the next week or so. >> harris: all right. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano with me now. let's start with rod rosenstein. is he in trouble over the memo? >> he is not in trouble in that he has done anything wrong and he could be prosecuted but his life could become complicated if it's determined that he needs to recuse himself. jeff sessions recused himself because he is a witness. it now appears that rod
10:34 am
rosenstein may be a witness. attorney general jeff sessions a witness to whether there was russian involvement. deputy attorney rod rosenstein a witness to did the president fire james comey for a valid lawful purpose or a corrupt purpose? if the latter, that is potential obstruction of justice. >> harris: you know, in your what i call your legal brief that you supply us with sometimes, you called this memo sophomoric. why do you term it that way? >> the memo i referred to as "sophomoreic" is the one that rod rosenstein gave to the president to justify the firing of james comey because the reason given was james comey not recommending the prosecution of hillary clinton. the reason i call it "sophomoric" because if that is the true reason then hillary clinton should have been prosecute and statue of limitations is ticking away.
10:35 am
>> harris: around and around we go. if we look at this situation and we have two men recusing themselves why wouldn't the president fire them? rod rosenstein is supposed to be the backup. he is the deputy a.g. >> right. >> i realize that it's for different reasons why a potential recusal would happen but it's complicated. >> this would be unprecedented in american history. >> harris: to have the a.g. and the deputy a.g. -- >> correct. >> harris: -- recuse. >> while so many d.o.j. assets are being devoted to an investigation of the president himself. this is clearly the biggest thing going on in the d.o.j. there are 90,000 employees in the d.o.j. this is a huge project that robert mueller runs. his boss would be someone that no one has ever heard of. not someone really accountable to the public. >> harris: you mean if both of the men were removed or recused. >> harris: the next person in line confirmed by the senate. >> it has to be a member of the hierarchy.
10:36 am
a guy named noel francisco. not a household name. he is the solicitor general of the united states. he is an academic who argues before the supreme court. suddenly he will be in charge of the biggest criminal investigation in the modern era where the target or subject is the president. >> harris: and just because we don't know him, right, doesn't mean he can't do it? we don't know if rod rosenstein is going to recuse himself. but if what you are saying today is true and plays out, he is really in a complicated position. >> yes. all of this comes down to the following. the president of the united states under the constitution is the chief law enforcement officer in the land. he is entitled to an attorney general who has his trust and confidence. he hasn't had that. he hasn't that. >> harris: eric holder was called the former president's wing man. that is the kind of language they were using. >> look at the relationship nixon and mitchell had even though mitchell went to jail. bobby and jack kennedy.
10:37 am
>> harris: that is a little different. it was familiarial. but -- familial. >> the best justice department is run with a close relationship between them and donald trump hasn't had that. >> harris: it has created a situation you can't get certain documents with rudy giuliani saying if i don't get the d.o.j. documents that is a deal-breaker for sitting down. does complicated equal compromised i guess is where we are going with this? >> i hope not. there are some accusations against rod rosenstein he is doing things at the behest of the president so he won't get fired even though those things are not technically speaking consistent with the d.o.j. policy. that is where complicated gets compromised. is he compromising his integrity? is he compromising the d.o.j. to reply to the president's tweets? >> harris: i will leave it there and so you -- will you. stocks are down as they are
10:38 am
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>> harris: president trump announcing sweeping null tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from canada, mexico and the european union stemming from the president's frustration with the unfair practices by our trading partners. the e.u. planning to respond with levies. that is retaliation. mexico promising a similar retaliation. bring in now "making money" host charles payne from fox business network. this is making newts. representative kevin brady the leading house republic says that the president, the trump administration should provide answers to u.s. lawmakers about indiscriminate harm the tariffs are causing the local businesses. what is happening? >> kevin brady, i'm not
10:43 am
surprised by his comments. it's early on when we were talking about different resolutions to this, some of his answers included things that i thought actually would harm american consumers. particularly on a lower retail level. the bottom line is what people are saying hey, you know what? this is misguided. saying these are not the real enemy. the real enemy of course is china when it comes to unfair trade. very few republicans push back against that. i think you got two things working right here, though. one that doesn't get talked about much and it's disingenuous when people say we don't get a lot of steel from china. we get a lot of industrial metals that are shipped to mexico or canada and then shipped on to us. we like to close those loopholes up. because they know about it. we are not being honest about that. and also, let's face it. we are going to key critical parts of negotiations with china on trade, north korea, and trying to revamp nafta. this is circling back to the idea that president trump with
10:44 am
the narrative becoming his bark is a lot worse than his bite, never following up on the threats finally saying to the world hey, i will follow up on the threats again ahead of the key negotiations. >> harris: that is interesting. the dow right now, go to big wall so we can see this. charles, why is this happening? is this tied to the news on tariffs? >> some of it is. but this is less than 1%. the nasdaq has been up all day long. it does mask amazing economic news all week long. >> harris: give us some good news. that is something that is not being talked about. >> personal income and spending through the roof. we can see the tax breaks are working their way through the economy. manufacturing through the roof. you know yesterday the federal reserve came out with what they call the beige book. a report card on the entire economy. you coulded read -- couldn't read upbeat report. we are seeing businesses saying we will forgive
10:45 am
nonviolent felons. they are getting jobs. we are easing our drug policies. people who didn't think they would ever get a job again in this country are getting jobs again. >> harris: so real quickly. tie it back then to the news that the president is making. some even republicans on the hill like kevin brady calling for more disclosure about how this might affect the american economy tariffs against the european union, canada and mexico. >> first of all. wilbur ross would tell you hey we are talking $3, $4 billion in an $18.5 trillion economy. i should have a negligible impact. it doesn't mean someone won't take advantage of it to say hey, the aluminum cost went through the roof but it shouldn't have a major impact. i think what we are trying to do here is push back against unfair trade. we are trying to get a bigger, the bigger picture here is we want to level the playing field with china. this is not isolationless. there are a lot of networks saying america wants to go it alone. no, they don't. we like our friends but we want free and fair trade.
10:46 am
that is the bottom line. this is just one step in a greater effort to level the playing field. >> harris: all right. let's get back to how this maybe affects the economy as a whole down the road. you say immediately we might not feel much. $3-4 billion is a lot of money but not according to the bigger number you mentioned. >> yeah. it's the proverbial drop in the bucket. today the atlanta fed that monitors where the g.d.p. money may go increased the estimate for the g.d.p. this quarter from 4% to 4.7% because of the things i talked about that are much more significant. ultimately, i believe this issue will be resolved as well. i don't think we will have a long-term tariff against canada or mexico. but i think we want resolution. we got resolution from argentina. we got resolution from south korea. and we no longer have this issue. >> harris: i am seeing seeing in the urgent queue there is a reach out from justin trudeau,
10:47 am
canada prime minister and french president macron. i don't know if it has to do with the tariff but some of it does. there are cars being mentioned. you get the last word. >> cars will be impacted. stocks today, one of my favorite stocks, r.v. and win paygos are getting -- winnebagos are getting hammered. >> harris: bounce back quick? >> it will happen quickly. >> harris: wonder you are making money. you make sense. appreciate it. we are awaiting remarks now from the secretary of state mike pompeo on the meetings he has now had with the top north korean official kim young chol. what to expect and whether the trump administration is going to be able to get the summit back on track. stay close. the blade quality you'd expect from gillette... affordability you might not. the new gillette3 & gillette5. available now.
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gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. we are waiting for secretary of state mike pompeo. he will hold a press conference after meeting with the top north korean official and we will bring that to you live. plus, the president on a pardon role. we will talk to karl rove about that. and the director of the pentagon joint staff was just asked if the u.s. military could blow up china's manmade island in the south china sea. that's in "the daily briefing." >> harris: we want to go back to the top story. secretary of state mike pompeo getting ready to brief the
10:52 am
media after meeting with the former north korean spy chief. they met twice today and had dinner last night as they work to salvage a potential summit president trump and kim jong un to happen june 12. joining me who women working for different white houses. amber smith the former deputy assistant to defense secretary in the trump administration. and back from outoutour marie -- "outnumbered" hour, maria harf. it's great to have you here. amber, this is the first time we will hear from the secretary of state what types of things are worked out as details. your expectation? >> i think what was discussed today and last night at the dinner what was the definition of "denuclearization" looks like. what we have seen in the past is the two nations on two different sides of the spectrum. secretary pompeo explaining president trump will not be
10:53 am
attending the summit unless we have comprehensive verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of their program and the arsenal which north korea in the past said they are not interested in. talk about bringing everybody to the table to move forward with it. >> harris: how verifiable, if you will, are the promises that the president made to keep kim jong un safe? i don't just mean keep him in the office as he holds as dictator in north korea. i mean keep him alive. >> right. i imagine that pompeo's staff, i have been in a position before a press conference figuring out what to say. you cannot negotiate in public. i think secretary pompeo has to walk a fine line. to your point, you are right. pompeo has publicly said and the president has now, too, we will guarantee kim jong un's safety. we know he is paranoid about that. but i don't think we have a good sense for whether he will
10:54 am
trust our guarantees. he knows in the united states every four or eight years there is a new administration and no administration is beholding to what the predecessors did. >> harris: that is an interesting point. i want to lean on your military background, amber. militarily it's been talked about and i had a democrat congressman on earlier this hour, garamendi from california kind of laying out the stakes of all of this. and the military component of it is on the table for him. what do you say about that? >> military options are always on the table. >> harris: what would it look like? >> there is sort of strength to back it up. it wouldn't look like anything immediately. we have 28,500 u.s. troops and the dependents and the families inside south korea right now. so you would see movement of all of dependents prior to any sort of military strike or any sort of preemptive military strike on north korea. so it wouldn't be anything
10:55 am
overnight but you may see a possible blockade. you can see military movement that where the intent is to intimidate kim jong un in to going toward down denuclearization. >> harris: that is interesting. you know, earlier this hour the news broke from reuters. they said they got an exclusive with president trump where he said it likely won't just be one meeting. >> right. >> harris: this is the beginning of the conversation. >> i think that is a good job at expectation-setting from the president. because when he first announced the summit he put a lot of pressure on it. any negotiation is complicated with scientific and technical issues. on the nuclear side, with the political decisions that we and the north koreans will have to make. this will take a long time. expecting it to happen in one leader summit is unrealistic. so i think the president is setting the stage here. this is the beginning of a process, not the end. that is a healthy thing to do as we go into what with will be a very, very lengthy process. >> harris: i want to give
10:56 am
you the last word because you last worked in this administration. the take inside the administration on north korea and moving forward? >> i think what we have recently seen with kim jong un's actions toward not only the vice president, but how they set up a few u.s. officials in singapore that kim jong un is really testing this administration. he wants to see if president trump is going to be tough on the talks. i think president trump has proven he is. >> harris: all right. ladies, thank you. we'll be right back. (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. real meat #1. a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one true instinct. now, try new purina one true instinct treats.
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>> harris: i'm seeing a lot of reaction to the last couple of hours. "outnumbered overtime" on my social media. i will jump on board. you are welcome to join me. handle at bottom of the screen. thank you for watching. i'm harris. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo and a top north korean official wrapping up the high-stake talks here in new york city as they try to salvage a historic summit between president trump and kim jong un. hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." we are waiting to hear from pompeo any moment now after a big day of negotiations and high hopes to get the highly anticipated meeting back on track. david lee miller is live in new york city. david lee, what are you hearing about the outcome of the meeting? >> firstly, dana, we expect


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