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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 31, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it, you can, too. haley, our hero for tonight. most-watched, most trusted cover most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." ever notice how sometimes the biggest stories get the least coverage? somethingma transformative happs that changes everything and nobody notices? what's happened here. for the last two years or so, the rest of us has watched as the democratic party has been utterly transformed into something totally different. what was once the headquarters of the center left establishment, the party of harry reid and steny hoyer -- like that, now looks like a scene out of a burning man, so far without the. democrats erupted in a primal scream and they have not stopped yelling. everything changed once trump
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got elected. celebrities threaten to abandon thiso country, business leaders get started behaving like political activists. candidates for office and office and braced for the so extreme that they rejected them just months before. news reporters became rigid propagandists. then weirdest of all, comedians lost their sense of humor. here for example is deeply unfunny comedian h samantha bee, lecturing america about ivanka trump last night. watch. >> you know, ivanka, that is a beautiful photo of you and your child but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless [bleep]! he listens to you! put it on something tight and low cut and tell your father to [bleep] stop it! >> tucker: a dumb person's political harangue masquerading as comedy. profoundly sad filmmaker michael moore proclaimed all of what you just saw "brilliant." " paredes called called samantha bee a truthh teller. comedian billy egner wrote on
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twitter, she thought he thoughs being generous. she's receiving an award tonight. samantha bee later apologized, assuming a tweet rated as an apology. that was just debonair and act on my temporary.ab she will likely be bragging about this at another words areo money soon. meanwhile, kathy griffin, probably the single unhappiest person in this country, used her appearance on a daytime show called "the view, to launch another political lecture, would white house press secretary sarah sanders responded to that, she wrote a, profane tweet to sanders. where did griffin learned to talk like that? may be from u.s. senator kirsten gillibrand of w new york, who is now regularly using the f word in her public appearances. here's one. >> what about president trump? has he kept any of these
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promises? no. [bleep] no. fundamentally, if we are not helping people, weho should go e [bleep] home. >> tucker: [laughs] she's not the quickest of u.s. senators, but even so, it's something broader about what'sng happening the democratic party, the left is arguing that trump is radical. how have they responded? by becoming way more radical, by going completely off the edge. they say trump is vulgar. okay. so now they showed profanity on television and at campaign events. amazingly, trump has somehow convinced thee democratic party to completely destroy itself. no one ever says that, but it may be the biggest change he's brought to this country. it's fascinating. radio show host tammy bruce joins us tonight. she's been watching carefully. it's interesting. if you are u making the case tht trump is kind of out there, and he sayse things that are ill considered and he is profane, you know, that is all kind of drew. what did you response be, i'm the responsible one? instead, they are out dropping
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trump, and they have gone so crazy that they may not even wi. why are they doing that? speak of these women are making trump look like sir galahad. when it comes to their behavior. i think his third and fourth rooms at this point have been pretty much secured after these displays. >> tucker: it's true. >> it's not new. what has happened is, because of their rage, the curtain has been pulled back. they just don't care about hiding the n nature of who they are. you didn't mention sally field. sally field, thehe actress, also defended the use of the c word. at the same time, what she is saying d is, what they are tryig to do is normalize the debasement of women in the name of being able w to attack a womn with whom they disagree because they think she's conservative but of course the irony is, ivanka is not a conservative.ti its is a meltdown but it's a reveal also, i think, why someone like weinstein could survive so long in that world. when you are willing to reduce and have no.
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suppose, when you refuse to stand up for what's right, because someone is a political apartment, everything goes. the american people are seeing what this means, they are saying that this is not a framework, not only of their values, but of an ugliness.t at the same time, people and media make mistakes. on-the-fly, we know this, you regret something and apologize. the problem with what samantha bee dynamic represents, which is different to some degree from roseanne barr, who did a tweet, it was scripted, it was clearlyi edited, with an editing team, then it was taped, then act aired. then it was put on social media and attitudes. with those vile, misogynistic words and started to tread on twitter, her executive producer wasicic excited. >> tucker: that's interesting. we should point out that she works with the same network that owns cnn. i worked in those rooms my whole time, i use vulgarity and i
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enjoy it. i don't want to be a blue knows about it.t that one word she used, i don't know any man who uses that word because it is the one where that is actually degrading. it's the thing that feminists are telling us. that word really is. by that word? speak it was fascinating. it produces us to a vile terminology, a part of our body. to the ultimate debasement of who we are as women. this transcends politics and party and everything else. this is about loathing and hate. they have no other ideas, they see the president as successful. we should all be happy that he is because of the nature of what he has been able to accomplish, and yet, because they don't know how to counter it, it turns into ultimately, defraud or people like schneiderman or weinstein, the nature of this kind of attack, the misogyny, my first book in 2001, misogyny and sexism, homophobia, racism, it lives on the left. again, it is not about if you
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don't like something someone has said, we can deal with that. we've all made mistakes. this is a concerted, scripted attitude. for other women to support it and try to s normalize it, sally fields is well-liked to some degree.iz to try to normalize this debasement means that they have gone off the rails. >> tucker: i get that people have disagreements with trump but these people are scary. i don't think they should be near power. they are starting to scare me. i'm not just saying that. i watch this stuff every day. tammy, great to see you. a smart analysis as always. >> thank you. >> tucker: the beauty of being a liberal political analyst in 2018 is it's really simple. no matter what the issue is or the concern might be, it is safc but you can tie it directly to drop, no matter what, hurricanes, higher gas prices, the ongoing war or famine, even roseanne barr's twitter feed, all of them are about trump.
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watch this, college professor in professional shakedown artist michael dyson shows how it's done. msnbc last night. >> we got a bigoted chief and eight races in residence. he has unleashed some of the most horrendous viewpoints, bigotry, and racism in this country, he legitimated them, validating them. he said it's okay. come out of the closet, stand up and speak straightforwardly, and telll the world what you believ. >> tucker: [laughs] we lower our standards. it's unbelievable. i know we all hate trump but... it's stupid. not as stupid as mark steyn, who joins us tonight. what do you make of this? i don't want to overstate come i don't want to be hysterical, but i feel like we are watching actually something profound. they are melting down it looks like to me. >> yeah, i think that is what is going on. we live in a course and culture. everyone has said that, i think one of the reasons why samantha bee, for example, used the c
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word, is that the effort has been drained of its power. it's kind of -- it was a twin i believe it was first said on the bbc back in the ' 60s. an irish playwright had done it a couple of years before but he was so drunk that nobody understood that that's the word he used. so he got the credit for it on the bbc. and that word has so lost itsn force, and parked because it is now said routinely on family shows, that they have had to move -- samantha bee had to move to the c word. what i find interesting, the crowd went deliriously wild about it. there is no joke there. there is no insight there. there is no particular point there.e the fact that she said the c word has the crowd -- well, we
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really got our value for money, if we had been near 120 years ago, we would have wanted to see a trapeze artist or a tap dancer or anda irish tenor but today, e are happy to go into a theater and cheer deliriously when somebody says the c word. that is actually something that, if anyone digs that clip out in several decades, they'll be interested to look at i think. >> tucker: it really is like looking at old pictures of the cultural revolution from china, all these children with their little red books, saluting this nonsense, you are thinking, how could a huge group of people go simultaneously insane? it is mass hysteria. a human thing. what, in the end, is the effect of this? do normal people lookdo on and say, samantha bee, it's got to be calf, kathy griffin, they are unhappy. or do they say, sign me up or whatever she's got? >> i think you are right to detect a certain joyless nest in it.
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i think there is also a logic, though. we are in two incompatible tracks played on the one hand, you have the general coarsening, effort, c word, seaward, offered pretty in on the other, you have protected classes of people. so you have people you can't say anything about because they are black, gay, transgender, so it actually means that it's only withe who are associated trump or who are religious conservatives or who are whatever, it's a very narrow sliver of people you can unleash the blizzard of f and c words on. that is theat contradiction. as we have talked about before, tucker, it is actually killing comedy. the fantastic thing about this clip is that is it is a supposed comedy show. it's got writers. as tammy was saying, it is pretaped. it is all carefully edited. thereke actually is not a joke n
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there. there is just a word. >> tucker: if you could quickly -- i knowuc it was a couple of years ago -- remind me why nbc fired billy bush? he left at a joke that was less vulgare than this? he got fired and they destroyed his life becausese why? do you remember? i i don't remember. >> exactly. that is the injustice here. i mean, roseanne, who i don't thinkne is in a kind of conservative, i've never saidev that, but roseanne has had 40 years of work vaporized over her tweets, and unlike samantha bee, she's actually funny and she was funny in a lefty way. she had lesbian kisses 30 years ago, but it's been vaporized with everything else because she's perceived as supporting that is ridiculous. >> tucker: it's been scrubbed from digital. you can't -- it's like the "dukes of hazzard."
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unbelievable. mark steyn, thank you for chronicling this revolution. i appreciate >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: last night we told you a series of blog posts apparently written by msnbc weekend anchor joy read more than a decade ago. at the time, she was not the humorless progressive robot we know at the time, her views on immigration, for example, were similar to donald trump and that makesna sense, since mass immigration hurts poor people the most. today, we have a new set of antique joy reid a blog post uncovered by buzzfeed. in one post, entitled "baghdad drone strikes again," reid shared an image of john mccain's face superimposed onto the body of the virginia tech mass shooter. couldn't do that today. she also promoted a 9/11 conspiracy documentary, she attacked congressman barney frank of massachusetts for the crime of f being gay, and she wrote about tony blair's son visiting gay bathhouses in the u.s. spicy.
9:14 pm
she says that her blog has been hacked by unseen saboteurs. it is an amusing lie. how will she explain these? we are awaiting a new excuse from nbc news. as soon as they make one of, ofe course, we'll be the to tell yo you. up, the president said his campaign was spied on. his enemies and say no, they don't really media doesn't seem to really care. we'll get to the facts of this story once and for all next. ♪ bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet?
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>> tucker: well, a few weeks ago a number of leftist w
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liberal media outlets including the "new york times" and "the washington post" reported that received tips from an fbi informant who surreptitiously gathered on members of the trump campaign without their knowledge. fox news can firm confirm it happen. remarkably, those same media outlets are claiming that none of this is real or ever was real, it didn't happen. people with hair spray and artificial tans are nodding to the camera and telling you that right now. a couple of high-profile republicans including congressman trey gowdy echoed that claim. there was no spying by the obama fbi on the trump campaign, they say. anyone who claims otherwise is a propagandist or a lunatic. who are the propagandists here? what actually happened? we express a lot of opinions on this show, but denied him for a minute anyway, we think it's
9:19 pm
important to get to the facts of this case.he byron york has been covering this case from the very beginning. he joins us now. there's a lot of ways to interpret a fact set. let's go through, slowly, so we can understand it, what we know. my understanding is that we know that the obama fbi had an informant speaking to people in the trump campaign and reporting back to the doj. >> we do know that. we know that from the testimony of glenn simpson, the founder of fusion gps, and who hired christopherr steele, was the former spy to make the trump dossier. in his testimony to the senate senate, -- >> tucker: was a trumpmp campaignca aware of this? >> no. >> tucker: so there was someone working for intel/law enforcement agency, gathering information about the campaign, without its knowledge, and reporting back? >> according to simpson, it was someone who had volunteered, not recruited to infiltrate the
9:20 pm
trump operation but he volunteered. he was an fbi informant and if you look at what he did, he tried to insinuate himself with some members of the trump campaign. >> tucker: so why are anchors telling us, reporters, journalists, telling us, there was no spying on the trumpll campaign? >> first of all, the informant part is just a fact. we need to know more about it because it is a fact. >> tucker: "the new york times" reported it.. i read it. >> so that "the post" and other people. but there is a stupid somatic battle going on between spy and informant. there is a couple of reasons for this. perhaps people who are in the cia and those types, say, this is not real spy tradecraft, not that kind of spying, but mostly i think the reason is, president trump, a master symbol of fire, has used the word spy. if he uses the word spy, it must be -- >> tucker: nothing to do with trump, i think that seems like an appropriate word.ri why is it not?
9:21 pm
and its vernacular sense, to gather information without the knowledge of the person from whom you gathering it. why such not spying? >> that appears to be but they are redoing. the informant we hear about approached carter page, sam clovis, george papadopoulos, figures and the trump campaign. very friendly approaches, oh, we need to have coffee. i've read some of your stuff, you do a great job, let's talk. in the case of papadopoulos, reportedly, was saying, you know the russians in these emails, getting information out there. >> tucker: let me ask really quick, you are journalist. i keep hearing people say, we know that's not t true. it has other information arisen that i somehow missed that proves what you just said false? >> no. this actually happened. this is a semantic right people are happening. >> tucker: hockey is what we are lying? they are lying, mischaracterizing this on purpose to hide some things for political purposes. >> the president said they must
9:22 pm
try to knock it off. >> tucker: i thought i was going crazy. byron york, thank you. an fbi informant reporting to the obama justice department did secretly gather information on trump campaigner officials, but never told the trump campaign about that. all the usual geniuses demand that you not call this spying. okay. u what was it? joining us now is julian epstein, former chief counsel, democrat and house judiciary committee. why is that not spying? >> i agree with everything byron just said. you couldn't g caught up in us a magical thing -- >> tucker: i'm not afraid >>th the debate is. a spy, would people think of a spy, a plant inside a campaign that is getting all kinds of information about the campaign operations. that is not what is happening here. by everyone's by everybody's admission, what happened here was the use of an fbi confidential informant, which is standard operation procedure in the fbi, once the fbi has evidence that a foreign government is trying to co-opt certain individuals who were
9:23 pm
part of a campaign, in this case, papadopoulos and carter page. the fbi informant was simply trying to get, once carter page had flown to russia, had bragged in emails -- >> tucker: i'm aware of all of this. he wasn't spying on the campaign. >> this was an effort, for the fbi, to investigate whether or not, based on information -- >> tucker: i understand some people have been compromised, i get it. i understand. >> foreign agents. >> tucker:he two levels. that's at the first one. that is spying on the campaign. you are saying it is justified. i'm open minded. >> i'm saying it's very, very limited. >> tucker: it was spying. when i see these morons on television passing out this propaganda,hi "it wasn't a spying," it wasn't spying. stop lying. to the question of whether it was justified, if they really were concerned about this, that these two people attached to the campaign was in the employ of the russian government, why didn't they tell the trump
9:24 pm
campaign? >> they did. >> tucker: they said they didn't. >> the fbi went to the trump j campaign in july of 2016 -- >> tucker: and warned them that theyy were looking at, spying on the campaign? >> that the russians were trying to infiltrate -- >> tucker: why didn't they -- >> both the campaigns, clinton andam trump campaign, because yu normally wouldn't. in the course of an investigation, you wouldn't go tell other people that might be caught up in illegal activity that they are -- >> tucker: you wouldn't tell the candidate? you have the obama administration -- >> not in an ongoing investigation. >> tucker: obama has come out against donald trump's candidacy, yet hisre fbi agents are conducting this spying. yet they didn't -- why not tell trump? do they believe he was working for putin? seriously. >> you make it sound like obama's commanding the fbi. >> tucker:nd it is his fbi. we don't know that, actually. >> there is zero evidence of that.
9:25 pm
i doubt, byron would say -- >> tucker: i am merely saying they work for the obama'm administration. we don't know the answer because all of these media morons are telling us we have no right to ask.n' i'm an american, i do have a right, and i want to know what this is about. it's because i don't think there was any political involvement. to be when we don't know that.w >> there's no evidence of that, tucker. >> tucker: there is no evidence of anything. we don't know what happened. >> to go to fairmont of information when they met with a just department earlier in thede week. >> tucker: i don't care what the politicians --is >> if they had political involvement in the decision to investigate, -- >> tucker: i don't trust any of these people. i'm an american citizen and taxpayer. i want to know what the hell this is about. a >> but i don't trust -- >> tucker: you have one administration spying on the politicalt' opponent, we know that, it's been reported by people who ate trump. no debate. why shouldn'tfu i know the full context? >> i agree with byron. this is a case in which the
9:26 pm
intelligence agencies got information, and one case of a papadopoulos breaking to a foreign diplomat that he had contacts with a russian -- let me f finish point -- and carter page, who had gone to russia, been under investigation, who had been trying to been recruited by russian spies, this is credible. >> tucker: you're evading my question. should they have told donald trump that they were spying on his campaign? we talked to these guys surreptitiously. why did they keep that from him? >> because the information at that point was at the trump campaign was actively soliciting information from the russians, at least papadopoulos. and eventually carter page. to be when there's p no evidence no evidence are donald trump dead, no evidence now -- >> but also no knowledge of the fbi as to how far of the campaign it goes. whyn would you inform a potentil target of an investigation that they are being targeted? no fbi would do that. >> tucker: it's a political campaign. ififf this were happening on the other side, as god watches, i would be honest enough to say,
9:27 pm
whoa, if trump is doing this to elizabeth warren next year, i'll be very worried. >> i think we can find some common ground. the idea of the fbi going into a political campaign, cooked in, is very disturbing. it shouldur be very, very -- the point we should agree on, the inspector general ought to look at at this, of the inspector general ought to determine -- >> tucker: like yesterday. >> whether it was kosher or not kosher. >> tucker: wer: have to go. if i find out another person on television lecture me about how there was no spying when there was spying, i will say, you are lying. >> is a semantical discussion. as a use of a confidential informant. >> tucker: they are barking at me. thank you. we got to go. patrons at a bar in parliament recently a reparations happy hour. because nothing compensates for historical sense like cocktails. the activists who organized it joins is next. ♪ i'm all-business when i travel...
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9:32 pm
>> reparations happy hour is an event, a successful event, put on by nonprofit brown hope, you could find more information on we had over 150 white people donate. this is not about alcohol. i've been sober for 27 years, so you can trust i was not putting on an alcohol event. we build community, and we made a space to heal from the impact of racism. i believe that he was a conservative can respect the fat that we had people voluntarily support this event, and show that we as individuals can take action to heal from the impact of racism. >> tucker: is a little patronizing, no? the assumption is that all black people are poor and need the help of white people and it makes the white people feel a virtuous, like they are coming to the rescue, and i don't know how it makes the black people feel, but it probably makes some of them feell patronized i would think.
9:33 pm
>> thank you, tucker. i saw your show, your statement about racism, roseanne barr. we agree that racism is real, we agree that racism goes two ways, but we are saying that racial disparities, if you look at our country, the color of your skin is a predictor ofg how long you live, what kind of economic level you will be in, and other factors. what we are a saying is -- >> tucker: someone who's familiar with the numbers, it is not that simple. broadly, may be. african to this country have higher income levels than native-born white americans. it is not quite as black and white is you are suggesting. i guess that is the point that we are making. not all black people are the same, not all white people are the same. they are different attitudes, income levels. this suggests they are because you are saying, if you are a certain color, you are one category, and another color, another category. that makes me uncomfortable. >> we are saying that racism is real and that racial disparities
9:34 pm
exist. we are offering a solution, saying that, we are calling on folks from a privileged demographic to pay into a solution and invest in the leadership of black, brown, indigenous people, we care about the facts. the facts stated that racial e disparities exist and brown hope has offered solutions for us -- >> tucker: let me ask you this. okay. i think it is a>> very clever dl you got going. pay for my drinks and everything is fine. >> i am clever.e. thank you, tucker. i'm very clever. >> tucker: you're an entrepreneur. let me ask you this, -- >> who would've thought that a tiny event in portland, and now i'm on fox news? this was a clever event. we elevated reparations. >> tucker: [laughs] i agree! let me ask you this. would it make you uncomfortable if someone who made less than you did paid for your meal or your drinks because you are a different color?
9:35 pm
with that make you feel uncomfortable? >> what we are looking at is the real wealth disparity in the country and weno know that the wealth disparity between blacks and whites is around 10-1. we know that disparity -- >> tucker: that -- you are speaking in general terms. > give me your counter facts. >> tucker: african immigrants make more than white americans on average. >> are you talking about the realities of this country? you seem uncomfortable. >> tucker: [laughs] i'm amused. let me ask you this. >> me, too played >> tucker: doesn't make you uncomfortable o generalize on the basis of race that you are? despite the fact that you're making money from it, as a capitalist, i applaud that, an amazing scam. does it make you uncomfortable? >> we've been looking at the civil rights movement, we saw that racial disparities existed,
9:36 pm
and you could be like, generally, some c people in a civil rights era were doctors or some people could vote, so we've always had exceptionalism. in the general facts, look at the facts. the facts matter, and we know that racial disparity, we are being resourceful, working with our partners. we are successful. we were successful. >> tucker: sent me a guilt offering. you are winning this game. i love that. >> the majority of people who came here, we got $10 in cash from the majority of people, they spent that money on gas, give the money to friends, paid for rent, not about alcohol. we raised a gate issue, called at happy hour, and this event is about -- >> tucker: you made money! >> we elevated reparations. >> tucker: unfortunately, we are out of time. [laughs] you are a capitalist. i thought i was a capitalist until i met you. i'm amused. cameron, thank you. great to see you.
9:37 pm
up next, executives at purdue p pharma, the country at the center of the upper deck epidemic, o were lying, it turns out, when they said they did not know their drugs were being abused. we have details for you next. ♪
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with expedia, you can book a flight, hotel, car, and activity... all in one place. ♪ everything you need to go. ♪ expedia® ♪ >> tucker: executives of the opioid manufacturer purdue pharma have claimed for years they weren't aware that their flagship drug, the one for much they made most of their a profi, oxycontin, was being widely abused by users across the country. but now, after making billions of dollars off the worst drug crisis in the history of this country, one in which tens of thousands of people have died, "the new york times" has uncovered documents that show that purdue pharma executives were aware of the abuse, even as they aggressively marketed the drug to new users, some of whom died. an investigative journalist who broke the story, the author of "painkiller" ," joins us now.
9:42 pm
thank you a lot for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: the story is has not received enough attention. tell us what purdue pharma new. >> remarkably, what they knew was that the drug was being abused. they had gotten special permission from the fda to promote this drug, as less prone to abuse and other drugs. they took this claim, they ran with it, they made claims that were not true. during that w time, they were aware that people were abusing the drug. they have reports from their salesmen, reports from doctors, they have reports from s law enforcement officials, and they sat on these reports. they made no mention of them to regulators, to authorities, to lawmakers, and they just kept selling and selling and selling. >> tucker: looking back, this drug was shipped to some counties famously in kentucky and west virginia in quantities that weren't justifiable under
9:43 pm
any circumstances, legitimate circumstances, you can imagine.e must have been obvious what was going on. they must haveas known. why has no one been charged with this company? >> well, in fact, the prosecutors that investigated this company wanted to charge them. they wanted to bring very serious charges against the executives. our report and the material that is an "painkiller," is drawn from a justice department repor report. prosecutors recommended charging three top executives of purdue pharma with serious felonieser that would have sent them to prison. but they got stopped by justice department officials, who blocked these indictments. >> tucker: who were the officials who blocked the indictments? >> they were the top people in the bush administration, running the justice department at the time. >> tucker: it's absolutely unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. >> tucker: do you think we have passed a point where ite would be impossible to charge the people partly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of americans for
9:44 pm
crimes? >> the statute of limitations, is probably impossible to bring a criminal charge. there are a lot of cities and states that are bringing several charges, civil lawsuits against purduei pharma. i mean, i think the important thing is this: we are now in the midst, and you reported on this, of a great public health crisis. theo only way to get out of this is to understand how it started. >> tucker: yes, exactly. >> that is a story that "painkiller" tells. and we need to understand that story, we need to know who needs to be heldo to account, we can't treat corporate executives with kid gloves when these companies are flooding our country with millions and millions of pain pills. >> tucker: life expectancy for middle-class americans just went down for the third year in a row two days ago. barry, i appreciate your reporting. thank you. really valuable stuff. up next, "final exam," the
9:45 pm
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♪ >> tucker: time now for "final exam." we determine which of the fox news regulars has been paying attention to the news. you would assume all of them but out.e about to find this week's defending champion is griff jenkins, he's on mike a number of times in a row. his latest challenger, our friend, town hall editor, katie pavlich. as you know, katie, your competitor has won four times in a row. each time, he's been wearing a sling for his injured arm which he destroyed on "fox & friends" weekend. now he is out of the sling, which makes them faster. good luck. >> first time, we'll see how it goes. >> i need both arms to beat
9:50 pm
katie. >> i think this is -- >> tucker: hands on brothers. i asked the questions. the first person to buzz and gets to answer the question. you haveve to wait until it is completed before buzzing in. each correct answer gets you one point. if you are in correct answer subjects a point from your total. best of fivein wins. are you ready? >> ready. >> tucker: outstanding. question one. theni president just told reporters he is considering a pardon, not only for former illinois governor blagojevich, but also for which domestic goddess? katie pavlich? >> martha stewart. >> tucker: is it martha stewart? >> a pardon now for martha stewart. he will remember she was convicted back in 2,004 of obstructing justice and lying to the government about why she unloaded stopped just before the price plummeted. the president said she "used to be one of my biggest fans." >> tucker: martha stewart. not only a genius, but also a
9:51 pm
convicted felon. >> only downhill from here. >> tucker: question two. katie is in the lead. multiple choice. france, the country, just discovered its own version of spider-man, a man from mali scale the front of an apartment building to save a toddler from falling off the balcony. that man has been offered a new job as a reward for his heroism. is that job a high-rise window washer, a fireman, or a circuscr acrobat? griff jenkins. figure fireman. sleep environment. or as we say in our country, firefighter. is it fireman? >> a 22-year-old being called ac real life spider-man. bravely using his own momentum to swing from one buckle me to reaching the child in less than 30 seconds. he has also been given a job as a fireman. >> good for him. >> tucker: outstanding. that was compelling. very good. iry am not -- 1-1. question three.
9:52 pm
in brockport, england, this week, send as it's competed in unusual competitive tradition. they hurled themselves on a steep hill. a race to catch a rolling piece of what type of food? griff jenkins. >> cheese. >> tucker: cheese? >> cheese. >> tucker: to the tape we go. >> these people chase cheese down a hill. the cheeses rolling down at about 70 miles an hour. there is the winner. he didn't even won any money. he just won the cheese. >> worth it. >> tucker: you are up on the cheese stories. >> i i'm a domestic reporter. i don't deal with international business. >> tucker:r: you were told there was no foreign policy and in the exam. you cheated. 2-1. question four. in the age of the malcolm of the united states postal service is trying something new in order t. this summer, they will introduce a scratch and sniff what?
9:53 pm
postal service. katie pavlich? >> stamp. >> tucker: whatvl else could it be? i don't know. let's roll the tape. >> for the first time ever, scratch and sniff stamps will be available, images, as you can see, delicious, sweet and delicious, like summer. >> smell it before it goes in the mail with the other male. >> tucker: that clip was from "gma." fox news can confirm this. you were right. now we are to having to come head-to-head, sudden death.. griff jenkins, he always finds himself in this place. bringing it right to the end. final question. which tennessee united statesy senator was booed by hometown crowd when the president called out his name at a rally in nashville? katie pavlich. >> senator bob corker. >> tucker: let me just say, this will decide the outcome of tonight final exam. roll the tape, please. >> senator bob corker.
9:54 pm
[boos] >> tucker: oh! and the reign has ended. i cannot believe that you dethroned griff jenkins. >> did you go easy on me? >> no, i was ready, i know i was against a fierce competitor. >> tucker: it is one of those paradoxes, now that you are not disabled, you are weaker. >>ab i should point out, too, fr a boy from tennessee, its poetic justice. >> tucker: congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: you win the eric wemple terrified mug. there is his picture. you can drink your coffee out of it. katie pavlich, thank you. griff, we'll have you back for the round of champions. join us next week when we determine which fox news regulars are paying attention to the job they are paid to do. we'll be right back. ♪
9:55 pm
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>> tucker: president trump is now considering clemency for martha stewart andza former illinois governor rod blagojevich. stewart went to prison you'll remember for lying to the f.b.i. during a jim comey investigation. blagojevich meanwhile got a much longer september he's than most rapists get for saying he wanted political favors in return foroa senate seat. last month, hehi came on this sw to make his case. >> my husband is probably the only person in the entire history of the united states who is serving any kind of sentence for simply asking for campaign contributions. >>or tucker: how many years did he get? >> 14-year sentence. he never took a bribe. never took a kickback. never made any promises to contributors for any official >> tucker: blagojevich was a screaming liberal. he's also 61 years old and has kids. is keeping him behind bars until elderly helping anyone?
10:00 pm
we're rooting for him. that's about it for us tonight. good night. sean hannity live from new york city is right here right now. >> hannity: great show. to "hannity."eat show. stay with us for the hour. deep state is cracking right before your very eyes. according to new reports tonight, the fired f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe supplied robert mueller with a confidential memo with the firing of james comey. we'll totally blow this out of the water and tell you how absurd this all is plus we'll show you how this uncovered document reveals a a stunning nw revelation about the deputy attorney general rod rozenstein. also tonight, major developments surrounding the president and spygate. john solomon is here and will be breaking a brand-new report detailing what our extreme measures the deep


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