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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 1, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> laura: that's all the time we have to have denied. shannon bream and the hannon bream and the >> that is all the time we have tonight but shannon bream takes over with a great show. shannon: major breaking news on multiple fronts. and less than an hour the trump administration plans to protest tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the eu, canada and mexico sparking fears of a trade war. he will hear from a republican who supports the controversial move plus the north korean chief who met with mike pompeo brings a message for donald trump. breaking tonight the washington post says fired fbi director
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james comey has been interviewed by prosecutors probing whether his deputy andrew mccabe broke the law, could he be facing time behind bars. the pres. speaking with world leaders late tonight but it seems the white house is not backing down, just minutes to go before those tariffs go into effect that many claim a spark a trade war with our closest allies. we have team coverage today, kristin fisher looking ahead to tomorrow's white house visit by km jong chol. catherine herridge looking at the mccabe development center secret memo. mac thin in chicago talking with those looking for presidential pardon but we begin with chief national correspondent ed henry on the controversial tariffs. >> >> these tariffs start hitting some key us allies in less than an hour. the pres. extended the deadline a month to work on fairer deals for americans in his words but in the case of canada the trade
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web just went home, the pres. said he's moving forward, tariffs 25% on steel, 10% on aluminum imports from canada, mexico and the european union. despite being are we are hearing around the world the president accolades are noting this amounts to a fraction of 1% of the economy of these various countries but they are lashing out anyway. mexico said it would target us ag exports, canada announced $16 billion in new tariffs on various us goods. the anger may be as strong for the president and his own party, senior republicans on the hill, outgoing speaker paul ryan say we should reserve these battles for nations like china warning this will be attacks increase on american consumers. the pres. seemed to patch things up with bob corker, senate foreign relations committee all smiles in the oval office last saturday night and corporate
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helped bring joshua holt home from venezuelan prison, tonight corker is furious, imposing steel and aluminum tariffs on our most important trading partners is the wrong approach representing abuse of authority intended only for national security purposes. we went to level the playing field for american companies we should be working with our friends and allies to target those responsible for tipping market and those favor. those allies are friends, the finance minister, global trade is not a, quote, gunfight at the okay corral and he is fighting for america first policy, the pres. tweeting two simple words, fair trade. >> the pres.'s actions are protecting american steel, american aluminum, and certain allies for which we have trading or security relationships but it was not possible. >> we will continue to make arguments based on logical common sense and hope they will prevail against an administration that doesn't always align itself around those
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principles. >> this could blow up the pres.'s tense relationship with angela merkel. a german magazine reporting the president said part of his goal is to slow german auto import so much he can start restated been sedans from rolling out where he has a tower. it comes as former obamagate coming out with regulations how sharing the pres.'s wing was around the world, angela merkel ran for a fourth term largely to keep donald trump in check. perhaps the commander-in-chief tonight is striking back. >> they should have something to discuss. the republican party has been split on tariffs for months, the issue was reportedly the reason gary cohen resigned. the house ways and means committee, confident some of his
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fellow republicans and democrats direct predictions for the impact of the terms on the us economy will not pan out. welcome. >> thanks for having me on. >> let's talk about these objections, we heard them from both sides of the aisle, tonight orrin hatch who chairs the senate finance committee had this to say. my position remains unchanged, tariffs on steel and aluminum imports are ataxic on americans and will have damaging consequences for consumers, manufacturers and workers. you think he has it wrong? >> i appreciate those comments but i appreciate with the president is doing, bringing disruptive policies to our trade agenda to send a message to not only our allies but mostly china but we will follow through putting american interests first. that is a firm message on the trade agenda and what i see is exactly what they promised to do, disrupt trade policies, but american interests on the same equal level playing field of fair trade, not trade at our cost. >> mexico and canada tonight,
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mexico says they talked about what they are going to go after with regard to american products, steel, lamps, sausage, apples, all kinds of things so they are a little worried about this and those are american companies that have potential downside to this whole thing. what do you say to them to reassure them? >> i appreciate that but there's a process for tariffs to go through and in order to be legal they have a process to go through in regards to potential implications but at the end of the day with canada walking away from the table they better understand there are consequences to that. they need to stay at the table and negotiate this like brazil and south korea negotiated this, a resolution that works for both sides to make it a fair agreement going forward. this is what canada and mexico should be doing as well as the eu saying we can work this out
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but you got to negotiate in good faith to protect the american interest and world interest. >> years what the house speaker had to say, i disagree with the decision. instead of addressing the real problems in the international trade today's action targets america's allies when we should be working with them to address the under trading practices of countries like china. what do you make of that concern? we heard that from a number of people saying the real bad actor is china. we need to team up with mexico and canada to take on that threat? >> that is why canada should be staying in the room and work this out and i'm confident we can because now we are sending a message to china that if we are willing to stand firm in the negotiation regarding our allies, when we go after china which is the big elephant in the room and when is the most egregious offender of our trade policies against american interests we will send a message to china that we are not messing around anymore. it is time to put american
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interests on the same level playing field others have taken advantage of for years. >> a lot of folks voted for the president for that reason and a strong message throughout the campaign so no one should be surprised, great to have you with us. >> thanks so much. >> breaking news on the summit before the summit with north korea, quote, progress has been made according to secretary of state mike pompeo. kristin fishers following the latest out of a big meeting at the white house tomorrow. >> reporter: it would have been unthinkable 6 months ago. now kim jong un s right-hand man is on his way to washington tomorrow he will hand over a letter from his boss to donald trump at the white house after spending the day with america's top diplomat in new york city. secretary of state mike pompeo shep: and vice chairman km jong chol spent two is talking over conditions that must be met prior to donald trump sitting
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down in singapore 12 days from today. >> we made real progress in the last 72 hours towards setting the conditions. >> pompeo the described it is difficult but moving in the right direction. for the united states that means standing firm on its number one objective, the complete and verifiable denuclearization of north korea but also means giving the north koreans something they want, security, prosperity and inclusion in the global community. >> i believe they are contemplating a path forward. they can make a strategic shift the country has not been prepared to make. >> preparations are underway in singapore for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the course of the world. donald trump said it may take more than one meeting to reach a deal. >> if we have to have a second or third or maybe we will have none, but it is in good hands, that i can tell you. >> as for what is in this, it appears even donald trump is in
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the dark. >> forward to seeing what is in the letter but it is important to them so they will probably be coming down to washington dc friday for the delivery of a letter. i look forward to that. >> the secretary of state was asked when he will be able to officially announce the summit is on or off, he said he didn't know but in the end the final call will be up to donald trump. >> kristin fisher with the latest. other breaking news, potential major development, washington post reporting the dc us atty.'s office is seriously considering whether former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe should be charged with a crime and that they have interviewed his former boss in the bureau, james comey. catherine herridge looks at another angle about secret memos that could impact the special counsel is investigation. >> reporter: a source familiar
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with the memo says the former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe documented a meeting the number 2 justice department official rod rosenstein said donald trump wanted him -- the memo used to fire james comey. rosenstein declined. he gave a copy of a draft letter firing comey written by donald trump, it hasn't passed on to robert mueller. writing on twitter today the pres. said not that it matters but i never fire james comey because of russia, corrupt mainstream media loves to keep pushing that media but they know it is not true. earlier on fox the pres.'s spokesman went further. >> he said on national television because of james comey's handling of the clinton investigation. the letter the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, sent him. there are a number of reasons, he leaked confidential
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information, gave false statements under of to congress. >> reporter: mccabe defined on capitol hill, fired in march just days before his fbi retirement, after the justice department absent a watchdog concluded, his media contacts before the 2016 election. this report from michael horowitz found that mccabe, quote, under oath on multiple occasions, the inspector general also proceeded with mccabe's disclosure of the existence of an ongoing investigation in a manner that violated the fbi and department media policy and constituted misconduct. mccabe disputes the findings telling the inspector general director comey new about the outreach to the wall street journal. the findings went over to the us attorneys for possible prosecution under -- a crime to lie to federal investigators. >> today donald trump pardoned dinesh d'sousa, the question is
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whether other pardons are coming now. >> patty blagojevich has been pleading for the pres. to pardon her husband, former democratic governor of illinois rod blagojevich so it is not a crime the president acknowledged he is considering the pardon. in 2012 he was convicted on several corruption charges mostly related to trying to sell the senate seat left vacant when barack obama was president. the former governor was tape-recorded by the fbi saying president-elect obama's senate seat. and he was sentenced to 14 years in a federal prison outside denver since 2012. >> he filed a series of appeals to the supreme court and they were all denied.
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now his only hope is the pres. and the two happen to know each other. he appeared on donald trump's reality show the apprentice. >> we know donald trump is a kind man, compassionate god has always been kind to my family, knows how important it is my husband gets home to be a father to our daughter, we can't help but be hopeful. >> the pres. officially pardoned him, he was treated very unfairly by the government. in 2014 he pleaded guilty to a felony count using donors to make illegal contributions to a new york republican senate candidate. the pres. and he is considering pardoning martha stewart who spent 5 months in prison for pleading guilty for lying to investigators about insider-trading. donald trump happens to have a connection to stuart who also hosted a spinoff of his reality show. critics say all these pardons are the pres. sending a message to michael flynn, former
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national security advisor, paul manafort and michael cohen, the pres.'s personal attorney, the message, not to cooperate with the mueller investigation and the pres. has the power to pardon them if necessary. congressman adam schiff, a member of the house intelligence committee saying abuse of power continues but conservative activists who broke campaign finance laws by hiding donations over the legal limit trying to send a message to michael cohen and earlier today i spoke to patty blagojevich who said he wasn't necessarily expecting the pres.'s announcement that he is considering pardoning her husband. >> three big developments, let's break them down. mccabe in the pardons. we will start there. breaking news tonight that jim comey has been interviewed by prosecutors examining they will
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bring charges against andrew mccabe. they don't see eye to eye on the inspector general's report which found the light four times, two under oath. comey tells a different story. >> the us attorney's office, district of columbia, taking this seriously and they should. the inspector general released a detailed report with extremely damaging findings that could expose mccabe to criminal jeopardy. he made a referral to the us attorney which doesn't guarantee an indictment or charges will be brought but it typically will ensure prosecutors look at the evidence, will interview players and make a decision. the fact they are talking to comey is not surprising. i would be surprised if they didn't. it suggests they are moving ahead with the investigation and it may result in charges for andrew mccabe. >> we are getting memos about
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mccabe that he was memorializing conversations about things that happened drying rod rosenstein which would impact for him? >> rod rosenstein is in an awkward position as he often is. what is unusual about this is we now see rod rosenstein is a fact witness employees like to say, he observed things that were relevant to potential crimes that may or may not have been committed and at the same time is in charge of the investigation. this is an unusual position to be in, tough to reconcile those two, a witness in the investigation into be running the investigation. rosenstein, it will be interesting to see if he can maintain his position as the investigation moves forward. shannon: his attorney said all along we knew this was going to play out. we were confident that unless there is inappropriate pressure from high levels of the administration the attorney's office would say it is -- our view has not changed. we will watch and wait and see what happens. the issue of pardons today.
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leading the charge to get the pres. impeached, no secret about that. is anyone else noticing how donald trump pardons the same crimes that are alleged in the mueller investigation, obstruction of justice. he wants the pres. impeached, clear where he stands but what do you make of this? is there a different message beyond i don't think this person was treated fairly? >> the pres. does not feel himself bound by history, traditional regulation. if you think there was injustice he will exercise his pardon power. the constitution gives the president broad authority to issue pardons. to be sure, in the past pres.s of gone to the doj pardon office and that is the way these things are done. we are seeing another example of a pres. who said i'm not going to be bound by regulations, i will just do what is right and these pardons are good example of that. >> waldman who writes opinion pieces said it was specific that dinesh dsousa was one of the
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most despicable figures in american public life and this president is all about rolling people in finding ways to trigger the lives. got to know he is enjoying this part. >> he sparked strong opinions all over the place. precisely because it was high-profile, most if not all of the pres.'s pardons have been for people in the public spotlight that the president things have been victims of law enforcement overreach so not surprising he settled on him or exploring the possibility for pardons of rod blagojevich, martha stewart. it will be interesting to see how long this continues. >> my understanding is there was no pardon requests. it was his lucky day. it is our lucky day when you are with us. next tuesday, the california primary, top democrats under
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fire, breaking and big bucks from hollywood. the me too movement, is it a double standard. chris*walt explains of california primary system could hurt some democrats, where they hope to pick up congressional seats. farm to table on a block, helping keep shoppers safe. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for smarter business. ♪ ♪ leo, i knoh!i'm late. my wallet! card lock from capital one. instantly lock your credit card. in case it goes... arrivederci. mona! that smile. technology this convenient... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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♪ >> shannon: former san francisco mayor gavin newsom is a front runner i >> gavin newsom is the front runner in the primary race for governor and not without controversy. marital affairs are leaving centerstage leaving some wondering where the me 2 movement went in california. >> gavin newsom had an appropriate affair with his employee. >> top democrats in the race for california governor taking fire. >> democratic challenger called on candidate gavin newsom to step aside. >> elected artificial should be held to a higher standard. no matter where that is we need to make sure we elect leaders who are not involved in abusing power in any way. >> a former aide to hillary clinton sees a double standard especially when progressives who call out sexual misconduct in others.
12:25 am
>> it is all over the place, sexual harassment inappropriate in every circumstance. >> reporter: as san francisco mayor newsom had a secret ongoing affair with the secretary. he cosleeping with a subordinate a personal matter. she lost her job and taxpayers pay for counseling. >> voters in san francisco, i acknowledge it, i apologize. >>, what harris endorsed newsom. chelsea handler helped raise $17 million. >> i have a relationship. >> hillary agosta admitted to interfere with reporter. you he too enjoys broad democratic support. >> not a big deal. >> both affairs were consensual, the media, liberal donors and many democrats looking the other way. >> this is in georgia or alabama but people take a toll view of
12:26 am
human foibles. >> newsom had 33% of likely votes, 13%, republican john cox had 20. they will face-offs in november. >> the jungle primary means lots of candidate and potential confusion. let's look at chris*walt and it is good to have you with us. let's talk about this and explain how it works, there's potential trouble for democrats you would not normally think was happening in california. public and internal polls showing risk of one block out. the top congressional staffer says it is time to break the emergency glass on california adding of democrats don't have a candidate on the ballot in all these key house district it is a
12:27 am
huge failure, what are we talking about? >> republicans, california had this lawsons 2012 which has been in effect since 2012, top two editors advance to the november finals regardless of party. what typically has been happening is what you will see in the gubernatorial race with two democrats finishing one and 2 and the republican is blocked out in a state where independent voters outnumber republicans, maybe it is not that surprising but a trio of districts in southern california, darrell isa's seat and the third seat, democrats have excellent chances, the district demography has changed and in the case, drawing a blank on his name, but one member of congress who has ethical problems, there's a mess. they think he can do this but if they get locked out because they have too many candidates in the primary they will be in big trouble.
12:28 am
there solution for this is to try to get out the vote as much as possible, to turn up the volume on democratic turnout telling people this is an emergency you have to vote. that way even if they slice it a lot of ways, if there's more democratic votes if they overwhelm republicans they still make it. >> these primaries lead to interesting results. let's talk about governors races. and the obama administrator republicans cleaned up at the statement letting so many seats in the state legislature, gubernatorial races. let's talk about what we're looking at. >> in california what we are looking at on tuesday, john cox the president endorsed, trying to get him into the final two it is going to be hard. do you really want it? the reason is if newsom melts down in the stretch, you have a republican in the running it is worth doing. saying there's a chance.
12:29 am
california republicans and democrats have a lot to figure out, changing the way they do politics in california. we have seen many times in the past political movements often start in california and have consequences for us. this experiment could not just mean the end of the republican party in california but the democratic party in california, a rising tide of independence, if you don't need to be part of a party to participate in choosing nominees that is gone and you may see the electorate fracture more in different ways than ever before. heather: out on the political field franklin graham holding rallies as he did leading up to the presidential election, these are about trying to put a spotlight and focus on people of good faith or good principles of good values, he tweet to do that the at you today, chris*walt got it wrong. i didn't say don't vote democratic no matter what you do, that is not true. i am telling people to vote for candidates who stand for biblical values no matter which party they are. what is going on?
12:30 am
>> the law doesn't allow you to maintain your nonprofit status, so for evangelical preachers, mega-churches, big ticket ministries, their tax-deductible status, the johnson amendment, they want it repealed so they can engage in direct elections so he can go out and say vote for him, don't vote for him and maintain tax-exempt status they have to couch it, you should vote for whoever's last name rinds with green, feels like the right choice for you and ask your heart as opposed to being able to say we are telling you to vote for shannon so this is a tricky space, he is campaigning essentially against democrats, talking about the blue wall and problems with immigration policies so they have to walk a fine line, to help republicans
12:31 am
but if it sounds like they are being explicitly partisan the irs could come after them. >> but not saying don't ever vote for democrats. i get what you are saying. the johnson amendment needs to be addressed in this administration said they will do something about it. hollywood is sticking by samantha be come a what she said about ivanka crossed the line that she should be on the air too. our panel debates. ted cruz leading democrat challenger beto rourke, what does the signal to the democrats, to be strong for them in the midterms next? you won't see these folks at the post office
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is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. still nervous [about buying a house? a little. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. ♪ >> shannon: new outrage denied from the white house over comedian samantha bee. she is apologize >> new outrage over comedian samantha be who apologized for taking aim at ivanka trump in a vulgar monologue, network has yet to discipline her at least
12:36 am
publicly. tracking the back lash. >> reporter: we have to start with exactly what she said on her tbs show last night. >> let me say one mother to another do something about your dad's immigration practices. he listens to you. put on something tight and low cut and tell your father to stop it. >> reporter: in response to that use of the c word, sarah huckabee sanders said, quote, the language used is vile and vicious, the collective silence by the left and its media allies is appalling. are disgusting comments and show are not fit for broadcast and executives at time warner and tbs must demonstrate such explicit profanity about female members of this administration will not be condoned on its
12:37 am
network. shortly after that, i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night. it was inappropriate and inexcusable. i crossed a line and i deeply regret it. tbs also apologized but the network did not say whether there would be any consequences at all. tbs's twitter account is trumpeting her work with a tweet first published yesterday saying on may 31st, for frontal sam be will be recognized for advancing social change, an anonymous celebration. the television academy is the group behind the emmys and on its website describes fool frontal with samantha be as a show that gives utmost consideration to comedy and truth in their purest forms,
12:38 am
done with finesse and it is that with an acute awareness of the striking power of the spoken word. the award ceremony is underway in hollywood right now. the television academy tells us samantha b is attending and being honored. we won't it because the academy has barred the press from going into the ceremony venue. shannon: thank you very much. a number of hollywood celebrities are standing by be tonight. we will talk about with our panel. michael hopkins and host of benson on fox news radio, a fox news contributor, great to hear from both of you on this hot topic. i will read the apology, i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump and my viewers for using an expert about my show to
12:39 am
describe her last leg, it was inappropriate and inexcusable, i crossed a line and i deeply regret it. tbs as she has done the right thing, it was our mistake, they didn't say they apologized but praised her for apologizing. does that clean it up for you? >> i don't think so. not saying she should be fired but for the network to be lauding her for apologizing for calling the pres.'s daughter the c word, she can regret it, maybe got her hand slapped or worried about getting rosanne but this was not a tweet in the middle of the night or an off-the-cuff remark, this was a scripted line in a teleprompter in a pretaped show and aired after going through an entire production process, a deliberate choice, she delivered the word with extra relish, the crowd went wild because they don't like the trump family and i am wondering what the rules are for an acceptable thing to say in american society and what is a fireable thing to say in american society today. heather: shannon: a lot of folks lamented
12:40 am
there is such a pc culture that they can't do the routines they could have done 5 or 10 years ago, there is a very dicey situation, they don't want to destroy their career but they built it on being edgy. a lot of people think this is beyond edgy. ben schapiro said here's the thing about sam be's evil rants, it was cryptic, nobody thought twice about it. not that she used the word but the implication that ivanka should dress in a sexy manner to talk to her father about this issue is a different set of implications, a lot of folks won't be comfortable with. >> there has been constant jokes about donald trump and his relationship with ivanka. i think those have been going on for a while primarily because of comments the pres. made about her body itself but i think we have to look at samantha be and the whole picture of it and no doubt her comments were inappropriate but over time i
12:41 am
think you can see that she hasn't had these instances was when people compared to rosanne, her comments -- >> pretty racy disgusting things about presidents, words i can't say on this show. she rips into them pretty hard in a way that are bleeped when she said it on the show. this is and first-time incident. >> he goes after democrats too, adam schiff, chuck schumer have been on the receiving end of some biting jokes. i have been in the studio for some of those jokes, some are funny and some aren't but we need to take a step back and make sure both sides are not weapon rising comedy in the first amendment because there are legitimate concerns how we speak to each other. shannon: it creates a situation where people don't know what is a fireable offense origins, people are offended across the spectrum by rosanne, they've
12:42 am
been hearing for years from rosanne and samantha be, is there a book? >> that is the thing i am puzzled by and it seems there are different standards deciding on which end of the political spectrum you identified with. in some cases it looks like just say i'm sorry is good enough, if you're insulting christians or samantha be insulting the first family or keith olbermann being very venomous and abusive all the time on twitter to all sorts of people, but if you're an anchor on this network hootsuites of the regret and apologize for the corporate structure in america goes along with the left agitations to join a significant boycott of your show. will that happen to samantha be? i agree with the deck about being against weaponization of outrage and particularly protective of comedy in the comedy space. shouldn't there be, if the standards are the same there
12:43 am
should be boycotts and outrage and punishment and a huge brouhaha no matter which political side you follow-on and i fear that is not always the case. heather: we are out of time. >> we have an even keel, she will get some discipline but i don't think it will be firing. shannon: we will stand by, great to see you. donald trump visits santa fe to console the families of school shooting victims and those families are speaking out. a stunning new look at hawaii's erupting volcano like nothing you have ever seen what we are about to show you. you totaled your brand new car.
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>> shannon: some spectacular new video to show you tonight from hawaii. fox news travels wit shannon: spectacular video from hawaii. fox newsh travels with national guard troops to give you a
12:48 am
first-hand look at what scientists say was the hottest lafayette from the kilauea volcano. >> there she blows. >> reporter: there is no stopping this force was apocalyptic mix of plumes of toxic gas and fire. >> you wake up to the sirens, and telling you you need to go now. >> reporter: the way volcano and detective fissures are responsible for the destruction of 70 homes and counties. >> pretty cool but also scary because it is close to home. it is right across the street from us. >> reporter: stress is also setting in. this tense moment between two residents takes a deadly turn. the accused shooter spoke to us sharing video of the lava getting closer to his home. the lava is moving faster covering 6 football fields an hour, it's reach growing by the
12:49 am
day spreading across an area 3 times the size of new york ave. central park. >> the levels of sulfur dioxide are too dangerous, that big black wall of cooled lava and be a better lophophore. at any moment that wall could crack and you have a vein of lava rushing towards us. >> the waters gush out, that is how dangerous it could be. >> reporter: the lava has burned over roads leading in and out of devastated subdivisions with few escape routes remaining or families facing reality of leaving of losing at all. >> we all have a personal connection to this place but it is time to go. it is not fair to put other people's lives at risk. >> reporter: the county estimate 1000 people are living here in law for zones, sulfur dioxide
12:50 am
and earthquakes remain high. >> when we return the latest breaking news on the tariffs as the midline deadline approaches. big changes in arkansas waiting the supreme court decision involving planned parenthood. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at we can help with the financial ones. by staying in rhythm. and to keep up this pace, i drink boost optimum. boost optimum with 5 in 1 advanced nutrition helps support muscle, energy, bone, normal immune function, and vision. boost optimum. be up for life.
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>> fox news alert.
12:54 am
in just minutes the white house exemption for new tariffs on key allies will expire and that means new import taxes will be imposed on aluminum and steel, canada, mexico and the european union. the nations are promising you to -- retaliatory tariffs as the tray were intensifies. the dow dropped 250 points rattled by the tariff news but all the trading partners expect to be talking and as we count down to the official deadline, traders may be thinking about futures point to a higher up on all 3 major indices, donald trump returning from texas where he met with families of the santa fe high school shooting victims. a 17-year-old eight students and two teachers at his own school on may 18th. donald trump offered condolences to the families privately for more than an hour. pamela standish whose son jared black was among the students killed said on facebook the pres. quote, showed sincerity, compassion and concern on making
12:55 am
our schools safer. planned parenthood has been forced to cancel abortion appointments in arkansas because the supreme court declined to hear it challenge that requires facilities that provide medicaid to have a contract with a doctor who has hospital admitting privileges. the clinic is using the system to perform abortions, they say they can't find any doctors willing to partner with them. the supreme court denied emergency request to block the law, the case on the merits is proceeding for lower courts. more news right after this. ed w! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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shannon: haley dawson lived every kid's dream throwing out the first pitch before the rockies giants game, very special girl born with a birth defect. and was fitted with a robotic hand. her goal is to throw the first pitch in every major league ballpark across the us, she has
1:00 am
done it at 9 stadiums, haley says if i can do it you can too. haley our hero tonight. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon breen. >> it is june 1st, this is "fox and friends first" it is friday. happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast, a brand-new image of the most wanted man in tennessee as the dragnet widens for a suspected cop killer and a roadblock in the manhunt, the evidence that disappeared and how the police need the public to help. >> overly will have a meeting on the 12th. it is going along very well but i wanted to be meaningful. heather: donald trump welcoming north korean officials in wa


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