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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 1, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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done it at 9 stadiums, haley says if i can do it you can too. haley our hero tonight. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon breen. >> it is june 1st, this is "fox and friends first" it is friday. happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast, a brand-new image of the most wanted man in tennessee as the dragnet widens for a suspected cop killer and a roadblock in the manhunt, the evidence that disappeared and how the police need the public to help. >> overly will have a meeting on the 12th. it is going along very well but i wanted to be meaningful. heather: donald trump welcoming north korean officials in washington today, the message
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they are bringing from kim jong un and what it means for june 12th. >> one mother to another, do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless -- heather: samantha be apologizing for an attack on ivanka trump, many demanding to know why she is still on the air. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: live shot of new york city, a thick fog, we will see if today will shape up to be much of the same. thank you for joining us friday morning. it is the weekend. let's get to our top story,
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today donald trump will read a top-secret letter from the desk of director kim jong un. a north korean delegation heading to washington after days of high-stakes talks with mike pompeo. allison barber live in washington dc for what it means with the nuclear summit. >> reporter: dana loesch's right-hand man, kim jong chol, will visit the white house and hand deliver a letter to donald trump from the north korean dictator, the most senior north korean official to visit the white house since the clinton administration. a week ago donald trump sent a letter to kim jong un canceling the june 12th summit. mike pompeo spent the last we today's meeting with peter moricci 17 -- kim jong chol, working on things related to the summit. the summit is not officially back on but pompeo says there is progress.
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>> we made progress in the last 72 hours towards setting conditions. the conditions are putting donald trump and rob: in a place where progress could be made by the two of the meeting. it does no good if there is no opportunity. >> reporter: donald trump says the june 12th summit will hopefully happen but he wants it to be meaningful and they might need to have a second and third meeting or in the words of the pres. none. the us wants to see complete and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula but unclear if north korea will actually agree to that. last month north korea invited foreign journalists to witness what they said was destruction and dismantling of the key nuclear test site. reportedly a goodwill gesture before the senate. nuclear weapons inspectors were not invited. the middlebury institute for international studies his new satellite images taken before destruction of the site showed
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north korea removing material. heather: we will talk about this. fox news alert, a manhunt for cop killer, new photos show the suspect stephen wiggins the day before he killed a tennessee sheriff's deputy. police offered $46,000 reward, the recent rain made tracking difficult, keeping dogs from fighting his sense. he allegedly killed sgt. deputy daniel baker and stole his gun. police urging the public to stay alert. >> anyone who murders one of our brothers. losing his life in the situation. we want people to know it is an urgent and immediate threat behind public safety. heather: go fund me has raised $20,000. allies threatened to retaliate against new us tariffs, 25%
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tariffs on aluminum on the eu, canada and mexico. trade partners impose their own tariffs on american goods like clothing, meat and produce, the tariffs will be a hot topic at the g7 summit in canada. that is what donald trump is expected to attend. despite the threat of retaliation donald trump standing firm on his promise to impose tariffs. charles wayne questioned our allies for their response to this, what part of america first did you not understand? >> i agree this is a mistake but i would not say that in a way, what part of america first did you not understand? he is following through on something he declared in his inaugural address that he believes in. he is threatening to shred 73
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years of american policy starting in the arrangement that began in 1948 that held expanding reciprocal trade relationships with the widest network of partners was good for the united states and good for the world and 0-sum arrangements getting the short end of the stick. he will change that coercively. this will have a long-term effect what had been traditionally close partnerships, they may negotiate out of it but these relationships will never be the same. heather: donald trump imposing tariffs on $50 billion worth of tech products in china in an effort to crack down on unfair trade practices. federal prosecutors interviewing james comey while weighing the fate of his right-hand man. charges i seriously being considered against andrew mccabe. he was fired after being accused
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by an inspector general reports for media leaks. and the clinton email probe. he can face 5 years in prison. pardoning dinesh d'sousa donald trump could grant clemency to others. critics accusing him of a be abusing his power. jackie ibanez with who could be pardoned next. a lot of controversy about this. >> reporter: fresh on the heels of his fifth pardon donald trump is considering adding to that tally. it could go to martha stewart who like to federal investigators in 2004 and illinois governor rod blagojevich impeached over corruption charges, the back lash is brewing, pardoning conservative america dinesh d'sousa, i always felt he was unfairly treated. what should have been a quick
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minor fine like everybody else, what they did to him was horrible. he pled guilty in 2014 for campaign finance law violation but claims he was targeted by the obama administration. >> the way obama and hillary have gangster eyes me, us politics, a new term in american politics and trump is well aware of it and is the product of it. >> critics accused donald trump of abusing his power to impact the russia probe. sen. mark warner tweeting his ad hoc use of pardon power is concerning enough that the possibility he may be sending a message to witnesses in a criminal investigation into his campaign is extremely dangerous but the white house says the pardon is justified. >> the accepted responsibility of the president think that is appropriate, community service paying a fine, any believe he was the subject of prosecution
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from the previous administration. >> he will join "fox and friends" for an exclusive interview at 6:30 a.m.. >> the numbers that came out yesterday mentioned mother spent $17 million of taxpayer money. heather: workers in las vegas work through the night, 1000 people walk off the job at any moment after their contract expired at midnight. they are demanding better wages and workplace training. strike can cause the city's biggest resort operators $10 million a day. coininpoint. >> k and o and i a and a.
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heather: coin india. the definition, the christian fellowship or body of believers. they beat out 515 contestants and takes home $42,000. a little documentary on that and they go through that, 10 minutes after the top of the article a secret missile test site, into dixie refusing to give up his nukes. our next guest says absolutely not. shutting down one rogue regime, denuclearize in the other. california one step closer to offering free healthcare. jerry brown to react. fifth-graders say it is too
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dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit heather: thrown images uncovering a secret ballistic missile the remote area of the uranian desert, a violation of the nuclear agreement donald trump just tore up. how can the white house in sure north korea won't tried to pull the wall over america's eyes as well? joining me is the author of drone warrior, the hunt for america's most dangerous enemy, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. did it surprise you this was discovered in iran, and the timing with what is going on?
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>> not surprising at all. nothing is a coincidence was what the public is seeing in these images are glimpsed at intelligence information they have to use when looking at whether or not to tear up stuff like the iran agreements. people think the president or of the iran agreement for an ego trip but he did it because he sees classified information every single day showing the iranians are violating the nuclear agreement and it is interesting. for a while we have suspected the uranian's and north koreans were working covertly on the ballistic missile program. we have to look at this, the north korean deal and look at history, and -- >> technically this is where i confused myself and introduce the segment because the international deal to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon because of some 11th hour
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dealer amendment put in by the obama administration so they are skewing it. >> exactly. when it comes to north korea, it is one of the hardest targets for intelligence agencies to penetrate. most of the collections are done with drones and satellites intelligence agencies on top of that are constantly debating the number of weapons the regime has. how do you go to the denuclearization table not knowing how to denuclearize? heather: mike pompeo talked about how talks are moving along successfully with north korea, at the same time they need to allow us to achieve security assurances we deem necessary. what possible security assurances could those be?
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>> make sure it is verifiable and irreversible, and if you look at history a bunch of journalists were invited to watch the destruction of this cooling power, weapons grade plutonium and and north koreans were building a separate facility altogether. it wasn't irreversible and that is the key. pompeo, our intelligence agencies and executives, looking at the ledgers to determine what are the weapons they have and in the end understand they are getting rid of this because we will wind up with a similar stuff we have seen with the iranians, we are not sure we got rid of in the first place. heather: we can depend on ledgers they are putting out, what about access? they have given free and clear access themselves. >> they have to be and in this case they have to be us personnel.
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it needs to be americans doing this. we can't just rely on the international community. when we did inspections in iran, we give them weeks to remove their information and clean up their sites. this is to be fully owned by us, by our nuclear scientists to understand in the end this is the right thing. heather: we will do it at this date and time and get plenty of leeway to change things up before we get there. thank you for joining us, have a great weekend. 18 minutes after the top of the hour, kids as young as 5 could be too masculine. the professor creating a firestorm with his idea to combat toxic manhood. >> after 9/11 the greatest threat to our democracy went to the cave, today lives in the white house. >> the white house placing a democratic candidate for comparing donald trump to usama
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bin laden. carly shimkus with the backlash letting social media. ♪
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heather: an illegal immigrant who has been deported multiple times is facing the death penalty. the sentencing phase underway for gustavoh sandoval after he was found guilty in the murder of an off-duty border patrol agent, gunned down in front of his family after his family attended to rob him. the accomplice, ishmael hernandez, is awaiting trial for the same charges.
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another illegal, charged with a deadly car crash committee lopez hernandez was speeding and high on drugs when crashed into a car and left the scene of the accident with his toddler's on. the 17-year-old killed in the crash, her father is hospitalized in critical condition. lopez hernandez under an immigration detainer. another controversy in hollywood, marching on an attack on the pres.'s daughter, they are calling it vile and vicious. >> one mother to another, do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless -- heather: she is facing cancellation called as advertisers pulled out of her show called full frontal. they far and auto trader announcing they are suspending sponsorship. did she apologize to ivanka trump? hollywood liberals are defending her comment. correlation kiss with serious xm 115 here with reaction to her
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outrageous remark all over social media. >> she tweeted i would like to apologize to ivanka trump and my viewers for using an expletive on my show, it was inappropriate and inexcusable, i crossed the line a deeply regretted. rosanne barr crossed a line a few days ago hollywood reaction has been very different. kathy griffin tweeted please do not be hard on samantha be for apologizing. i was hoping she wouldn't. i know what it is like being put through the trump wood chipper. which is going to is crazy for a believed word, comics held to a higher standard than pres.s. under the comedian chimed in saying i think samantha be was being generous. while she is being hailed a hero by some in hollywood outrage has continued to grow in other parts of the country. i don't understand why anyone would think it is okay to say
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things like what samantha be said, too much vitriol in the world, the bar in proper speech is laying on the ground that led buried under it. people resort to name-calling when they realize they are the inferior. no real issues of intelligence, just name-calling. idiots wes kathy chiming in any way she can to try to stay relevant, she still doesn't get that she is over, very sad. the media was barred from attending the event. heather: a justice award for creating change. so there is this ad for democratic candidates comparing donald trump to usama bin laden. >> people trying to win a prize for same the worst thing this weekend, virginia congressional candidate dan heller making this comparison. >> i am dan helmer and i approve
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this message. i'm different, i'm not a politician. i'm a rhodes scholar who served in combat. after 9/11 the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave. today it lives in the white house. >> this message sent in a campaign at from a congressional candidate from virginia is nothing short of reprehensible. leaders from across the political spectrum starting with nancy pelosi must swiftly condemn this abhorrent message. joseph on twitter says you know you are a losing candidate when you compare the sitting president to a dead terrorist. thomas says democrats have become their own worst enemy starting unfounded violate hate at every turn. so many people are fleeing that party. kelly says he will lose and never be heard from again. heather: people across the board
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say the worst things about the pres.. what does it get us? thank you so much. fox news alert, murdered in cold blood, killer on the run at this hour, sgt. daniel baker, 20th ofc. to be killed in the line of duty this year, what can be done to stop the bloodshed. our next guest explains how social media plays a key role. >> we have a lot of emotional connections to this place but it is time to go. heather: fox news in the danger zone with national guard troops. the hottest lava yet.
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heather:'s right-hand man delivering a handwritten letter to donald trump today. kim jong chol heading to washington after dave talked with mike pompeo in new york. >> we have made real progress
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toward setting the conditions. the conditions are putting donald trump and kim jong un in a place where real progress can be made by the two of the meeting, it does no good if there is no opportunity. >> is hopeful that june 12th summit will happen. a potential eric holder white house bid. the atty. gen. will speak at the politics event in new hampshire today. many presidential hopefuls attended the breakfast in the past fueling rumors of the 20/20 run. holder is the only presidential cabinet member in us history to be held in contempt of congress over the fast and furious scandal. millions of americans under threat of flash flooding and heavy rains pounding the self turning deadly. search and rescue crews looking for two people after they were
1:32 am
swept away, the fifth in a week. and washed away a huge chunk of the road. nearly a month of volcanic europeans with no end inside, the lava flow expanding on hawaii's big island threatening to trap thousands of people. jeff paul traveling with national guard for an up-close look. this is amazing. >> there she blows. >> no stopping this force, apocalyptic mix, plumes of toxic gas. >> wake up to the horns and sirens and you hear people yelling telling you you need to go now. >> the kilauea volcano and detective fissures are responsible for the destruction of more than 70 homes and counting. >> it is pretty cool but it is scary because it is close to
1:33 am
home. at his home. right across the street from us. >> reporter: stress is also setting in. watch this tense moment between two residents takes in your deadly turn. the lava is moving faster covering six football field in our. >> sulfur dioxide is too dangerous but you see the big black wall of cooled lava. beyond that he lava pool. at any moment that wall could crack and you have a wave of lava gushing towards us. >> besides break in the waters goes out that is how dangerous it could be with molten hot lava. >> reporter: the lava has burned and synced its way over roads in devastated subdivisions but fewer escape routes, more families facing the reality of leaving a bluesy at all. >> we have a personal connection to the place but it is time to go. it is not fair to put other
1:34 am
people's lives at risk. >> reporter: the county estimates there are 1000 people still living in lava zones. the threat of earthquakes and toxic gas remains high. jeff paul, fox news. heather: fox news alert happening right now. the manhunt for a cop killer intensifying in tennessee, the 28th police officer shot and killed in the line of duty just this year. what will it take to turn the tides on the attacks on police. you to weigh in is a former member of the joint terrorism task force, steve rogers, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. let's look at these numbers for everyone at home, you see what is happening. this is as of may 30, 2018. 28 officers have been killed and then you compare that to 2017, the same timeframe as they 30th,
1:35 am
17 were killed and in 201619 were killed. what do you attribute this uptick to? >> there is a common thread in the number of police shootings and that common thread is most of the killers are repeat offenders. they have been arrested by police officers for violent crimes in the past, they go before a judge of the liberal policies the courts extend in communities across the country are letting people know. in new jersey we have bail reform being touted as criminal justice reform in new jersey. talk to any police officer in the state, catch these individuals and then they are back on the streets. heather: that is a big topic for donald trump talking about prison reform, jared kushner very big on that, kim kardashian was at the white house talking about that. we have space to keep these
1:36 am
people in, the latest incident in tennessee, the officer responding to reports of a stolen vehicle. >> the president of the united states wants to protect police officers, the people who are protecting us. he is bringing issues to the forefront that will do that, spending a lot of money to put more cops on the street but more so he wants to see bad people behind bars, not the good people. heather: in terms of respect, i feel like we are doing this topic. what can we do to stop the flow of people killing officers? we are covering the topic but other media don't seem to be covering it as much. >> people have become desensitized. it used to be a sensational thing when a police officer gets killed look at the violence on games, on tv, in newspapers, people have become so desensitized to the killing of
1:37 am
police officers, one thing we learned, nothing is routine. this was a traffic stop, the police officer was doing his job, nothing is routine and it is probably now probably no doubt the most dangerous job. heather: don't think people realize that or think about that, the other element in this is people having no respect for officers in general. >> where does it begin? in our schools and communities. parents need to teach their children police officers are there to help you. when i was a young patrolman we were having lunch with kids waiting for them to come out of class. that is not done today because parents don't want their children to embrace police officers for whatever reason. cops are there to help our children, to help our communities and we teach our children once again police
1:38 am
officers are good people. heather: thanks for joining us, have a good weekend. 20 minutes until the top of the era, google under fire caught red handed linking the republican party to nazis. the search giant is pointing the blame at someone else. you want an easy $10,000? what you need to do to get the cash. ♪
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heather: from classrooms to living rooms, more parents are turning to homeschooling to keep their kids safe. a homeschooling nonprofit group told the washington times they have seen their phone calls and emails double since the school shooting in parkland, florida. another group says a rise in bullying and violence has drawn parents to keep their kids out of the traditional classroom.
1:42 am
fingerpainting and toxic masculinity training. a college professor demanding kindergartners learn to suppress their masculinity. ellicott in the university of wisconsin calling on schools to create programs aimed at, quote, finding ways to prevent unhealthy masculinity early and teaching boys and young men to challenge, simplify toxic masculinity, essential to creating cultural change. to a college this ellicott once school to implement what are called men's project similar to university programs. fifth-graders in one district are calling for less homework and the administration is considering it. two elementary student in rockland county, starting a petition receiving more than 150 signatures calling for teachers to lighten the workload because parents are often unable to help them. the districting policies need some fine tuning but are expected to be in place next
1:43 am
year and your comments pouring in line, donna writes that is sad, how will parents know where their child needs help for their strengths? sherry tweets no homework is great, leave school at school, family time his family time. ryan, another reason to homeschool your kids. the last straw for plastic straws. tracy carrasco here with the company going green. >> reporter: this is bon appétit management, big service management company with eateries in college campuses, museums and other institutions, more than 1000 locations, they will be banning plastic straws and plastic stirrers. it should be completed by september 2019. we know these are harmful to the
1:44 am
environment. this will be a cost-saving move by them. they will offer paper straws in case anyone might need one. heather: if you want to go to vermont they will pay you to move there. >> reporter: vermont will pay you $10,000, if you want to set up a home office, work remotely in vermont. this is a new law signed by governor bill scott just this week and they are hoping to lure people to the state with the money and high quality of living. have you thought about starting a new business somewhere or work remotely from home, here's a great chance. it is beautiful. heather: i have never been there but a good time, job growth picking up as well. thank you so much, appreciate it. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and california's primaries coming up and democrats are sticking to their problems.
1:45 am
>> in terms of the bonus corporate america received versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic. heather: is all the liberal enthusiasm a recipe for democratic distraction? john cox is republican running for governor and he just got a big endorsement from donald trump. he joins us next. ♪ to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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heather: california may be the first state to offer free healthcare to illegal immigrants, passed a bill to extend medicaid coverage to immigrants regardless of their status. here to reactively republican candidate for governor of
1:49 am
california john cox. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> good to be with you. we 20 this plan would cost $3 billion to give healthcare to illegals for the 2018-19 year. is this needed? >> another freebie given by an out-of-control legislature. the people of this state, legal residents of the state can't afford their house, can't afford their gasoline, have the highest tax rates in the country and our out-of-control legislature is giving another freebie to people who are here illegally. we are a compassionate society but there is a limit to what we can afford to do. people are considering moving out of the state because they can't afford the cost of living here and this is another freebie, another benefit, the legal residents of this state, couldn't stand. it is one more example of why we need change in california. the status mismanaged to the
1:50 am
hilt. heather: another concern is it would inspire more illegals to come to california. >> absolutely, why not? we are given all kinds of welfare benefits, one third of the state is on welfare. the legal residents of the state can't make it here. can't save enough money to put their kids in college or retire and looking at alternatives in other states. no state can keep existing when its businesses and its people keep wanting to move out. there's going to be a change in this state, i feel there is a revolution brewing. heather: what is the deal with california seeming to consistently try to be diametrically opposed to donald trump and the issues he stands for whether it be immigration, climate change, legalized marijuana or healthcare?
1:51 am
>> the government has been grabbed by people who believe government is the most important thing, looking to turn california into the venezuela of america and it won't work. there's a certain segment of society that wants to be supported by government. most people wants to be left alone. most people want to have a right to work and live in peace and feed their families. they want opportunity. the people in control of the government here are interested in handing out things and running a terrible campaign against me. they want to keep me out of the top two, make sure it is two democrats will continue to give away government. heather: talk a little bit more about who is in control, the democratic party is in danger of being shut out in the upcoming california races, how would that be and talk about national evil importance of california specifically because there are 23 house seats needed for
1:52 am
democrats to win back control of the house. will that happen because of california or are they in danger of that not happening? >> i think this will backfire. they are pulling out all the stops. liberal politicians and special interest billionaire friends like michael bloomberg of all people are coming into the state spending millions. the independent expenditures being spent against me are mammoth and they are worried, they are worried i'm going to interrupt the game. they have been fleecing the taxpayers of the state for decades. our taxes keep going up and up and up and they keep handing out freebies and there is a limit, people are leaving the state in droves. i'm choosing to stay. it is a wonderful state to live in, has the greatest weather in the world. our political management is horrendous. that is going to change.
1:53 am
i call a end to this game of taxing people in the state and hanging money to voters, people who work and support the state have had enough. >> $8 million of outside money coming into candidates. we will see if that helps or hurts them. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, the jungle primary coming up on june 5th, have a great day. time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour, controversial liberal filmmaker michael moore at it again. >> i loved what he did. hope he never does one on me. heather: how he is targeting donald trump with a new secret project already stirring the pot. ♪
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heather: google linking republicans to nazis, the site blaming wikipedia for this search result blaming california republicans, the tech company telling fox news, quote, this would have been fixed systematically once the process of removal continued. we noticed the vandalism, to remove the erroneous information. not to use them is no longer listed as an ideology for california's gop on google. trump and roseann will rule the
1:58 am
day they met me, michael moore warning the president while teasing an upcoming project. >> looks terrific, i love what it is. >> donald trump raising him on roseann's 1998 talkshow. reports that more is working on a film called fahrenheit 11-9, day the pres. was elected. the good, the bad and the ugly, an nfl player's act of kindness at the airport going viral. types legal germane grisham paying a woman's baggage fees at los angeles airport when they wouldn't accept cash and credit cards wouldn't work. >> if it was me standing there i would want somebody to help me. that is why i went out of my way to help you. >> pay it forward instead of paying him back.
1:59 am
the bad, a massive stash of synthetic marijuana seized by police in new york city, 1000 packets of the drug thousand packages with names like complete snacks and health. four people aren't terrorist. fishermen on the hunt for catfish catch a massive alligator instead. it took both of them to real the big mammoth in, it was 6 feet long and weighed 90 pounds. that wraps up this additional "fox and friends first". hopefully you will have great weekend, see you back here at 9:00 eastern. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> i want it to be meaningful. doesn't mean it all gets done in one meeting, maybe we need a second or third or maybe we will have none. but it is in good hands. jillian: negotiations in good hands, those words from donald
2:00 am
trump as mike pompeo continues talks with north korean officials, the letter expected to be hand delivered to the president from kim jong un. rob: exercising executive authority donald trump pardoning conservative film maker dinesh d'sousa. could martha stewart be next? jillian: a band of brothers with photos of babies of a fallen soldier who died before his daughter was born. it will bring tears to your eyes. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: you kno


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