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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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car business and has to bring the cars to and from her home every day. >> don't get it. >> of the bumper car would not survive against a real car. >> no, it would not. save it for the chronicle. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" now. >> harris: fox news alert now on what could be a historic day at the white house. president trump is going to meet soon with secretary of state mike pompeo. we know that. he will also meet with that she is expected to hand deliver a letter from the north korean leader kim jong un. you know, that is the second hand guy. if is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. a host of "after the bell," melissa francis. former deputy spokesperson for the state department and fox news analyst, host of her
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radio show, marie harf. and former deputy campaign manager for donald trump, president of citizens united david bossie is here. it's a long list. >> david: let trump the trumpet. >> harris: this is such an important day to get your perspective. he said that he wanted to go forward with this as promised. >> david: i look forward to it. >> harris: he is going to meet with the president at the white house. comes after a series of meetings he had a new york city with north korean vice chairman. he is also going to meet with the president at the white hous white house, expecting to give him a letter from the north korean dictator as i mentioned. secretary pompeo meeting. >> our two countries face a pivotal moment in which it could be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to wast
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waste. this is a difficult challenge. make no mistake about it. there remains a great deal of work to do. and we made progress here. here. >> harris: president trunk stomach trump has said that his main take more than one meeting. secretary pompeo touched on that as well. >> there is a long history where they have viewed the nuclear program as it providing the security for the regime. now, trying to come to a set of understandings where we can convince the north koreans of what president trump has set. if we are able to achieve it, if north koreans are prepared to denuclearize, and we actually achieve this, many conversations have been had about how we may proceed. >> harris: so, david, what is so interesting about this is how the schedule has kind of come together now with this north korean letter carrier from
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kim young chol. >> david: this president is going about it in a methodical way. i think that's what we are seeing here. you see the meetings yesterday in new york it, today at the white house, leading up to watch may be a summit on the 12th. i think that this president looks at it in a very healthy way. he wants to get this done, but he is going to do it on the terms that are best for america and the world it to denuclearize the korean peninsula. that's the goal, and i think that this president is going to be open to talking to kim jong un about what it takes to get that done. >> harris: david, back to the early days in the campaign when you are with the present, how much was this a topic of conversation? >> during the transition, it became a much bigger issue. one of the things with president obama, something that he advised him on and their
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meetings was the importance of a north korea in the future for american foreign policy. so i think that has been on his mind since the first moment that he was elected. and i think he's looking at this in a -- very much like reagan did. it can happen in the first meeting, but it doesn't have to. the first meeting is going to be about establishing a relationship, i think to get to know each other a little bit, and maybe that will produce a second summit and a third summit. >> harris: you know, i see marie nodding, which doesn't often happen. but you perked up why? >> marie: i think david is right with setting expectations. it probably will not all happen in one summit, and we probably shouldn't expect that. i actually have been heartened by what he has been doing this week it, setting up the groundwork it, discussing what denuclearization may include. what we may give, because every
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diplomatic agreement has to be we get something and they get something. it has to be good for both parties, a win-win. and so mike pompeo has stepped up to the plate, doing his preparation work in a way that i think is good. but it will take a long time, and the process of any agreement is one that will be laid out over decades. >> harris: we've already heard possibly 15 years before you would see a dismantling of that's nuclear program. a sound that language has worked its way in. you know, one thing that's murray was talking about is what we would give on our side. i think we have already offered to basically keep him alive. >> dagen: we've offer that, but again, where we failed, and where this diplomacy has failed in the past, the sanctions released very early on benefit to north korea, and like him regime. and in return, we get promises
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and a regime that pushes ahead with its nuclear program. they need to keep repeating over and over again within that white house complete verifiable and nonreversible. in respect to sitting on the sofa here, president trump already pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. one of the biggest problems from the conservative right with the iran nuclear deal was giving them so much up front returning money to iran in the middle of the night. they are open to this. going into iran far and wide. he pulled out of the deal because again, it just delays the nuclear program there. any deal that they make with north korea better look a whole lot better. >> harris: so, melissa, one of the things that has impressed us when we have been talking back and forth has been this idea of the president saying you will be -- i mean, it's main not to
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reunification, as kim jong un has wanted on the peninsula. but either way, things will be financially better. and what is the evidence that that is true? >> melissa: well, it couldn't be worse. flying overhead at night and see how dark it is in the northern part of the korean peninsula. struck by a lot of things that mike pompeo so this morning. he does inspire a lot of confidence when he comes out. he seems positive but very clear eyed, very focused on what is going to happen. he talked about a prosperous north korea that still respects their traditions. i think is going to be difficult you write that needle of helping them to -- giving them the reward is that they want in exchange for giving this up. but on the same time, we are going to have to face the reality of what the people there have been through. it's not the right time to do that now because we are trying to get to a place were nuclear annihilation is off the table,
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and that is going to have to happen. i loved what mike pompeo said about putting us in a place where there is a real opportunity for a deal. he is talking about the past to get there. and that was kind of a smart way of phrasing it. he doesn't want to tip his hand and too much with what they are willing to give. we are not going to negotiate with ourselves. but giving the indication that he is doing all the right things. >> harris: so, david, how much does an impressive that this president seems also to be calling on republicans and democrats to be together because he doesn't want anything short of a peace agreement. he wants something that is firm and long-lasting. and that would take members of congress. >> marie: he submitted to congress. >> david: i think that he is willing to work with congress. there has been no evidence of the democrats want to work with
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the president on this or any other issue. >> harris: i had one democrats on yesterday. pete king of new york. they were calling each other by their first names. and representative king said let's see if the democrats will actually come honestly to the table. and you said you know, we will. and i asked him about nancy pelosi and her remarks and whether or not that represented him and he said no. so there may be a little bit of a split in the democratic party. >> david: i don't know, there may be. i have zero hope that the democrats -- their pathology of it being against this president has been for the last 18 months every piece of evidence that shows that they hate this president more than they want this country to succeed, and i think this president wants to work with them. >> marie: so that's unknown. >> harris: politically, what does that do?
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>> david: mike pompeo is the secretary of state, and the president made a change there because now mike pompeo is leading in a way that this president wants. i have so much confidence in secretary pompeo, and i'm glad that he is there. remember, the art of the deal -- he is a dealmaker. there is a deal to be made to that is good, he's going going to make it. speak >> harris: i like what you said. so interesting. >> dagen: he is doing business with them, so be careful what you offer them from here on out. and be careful with south korea. >> harris: the three americans home. >> dagen: they do not have our national security in their best interest. >> harris: nothing else was accomplished. >> david: this president is clear eyed about it. >> harris: all right, this will continue to make news because we are keeping an eye on the white house and will bring you any developments on the
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development of that letter being carried it from kim jong un. a fly on the wall. we will cover it all as it happens. meanwhile, the president considering clemency for more people after issuing another part of yesterday. i talked democrats accusing the president is trying to send a message to his allies -- is that true? and haven't other presidents used pardons to send political messages? that's historical. and an apology from samantha bee over the vulgar term she called ivanka trump. but hollywood liberals are cheering her on. as the president calls it's a double standard, saying samantha bee should be fired. we will hash it all out next. sometimes,
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>> harris: president trump now weighing in on the controversy surrounding samantha b. who is under fire for -- they are saying that she ought to be fired, tweeting this. why aren't they firing no talent samantha bee for the language
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used on her low rated show. a total double standard, but that's okay, we are winning and will be doing so for a long time to come. this is a comedian and her network are in big time damage control between the this -- i would like to sincerely apologize to ivanka trump for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night. it was inappropriate and inexcusable. i crossed a line and i deeply regret it. tbs saying they should not have aired fessler and it was their mistake too. two advertisers have spots from her show so far, but the left and hollywood coming to cement the bee's defense. michael moore, he tweeted this. still not denouncing her racism tries to confuse the issue by going after samantha bee. brilliant. many driver tweeting in on twitter too, saying that was the wrong word for her to have
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used, but mostly because to paraphrase the french, i ivanka has nuts the depth. marie, i'm going to start with you. is the apology enough? >> marie: this is really hard for me because we had a long talk about this on the couch yesterday. it's an awful word. every time i hear it's at on that tape, i cringe. but i also think we have to figure out where the line should be for one people get fired. and you know, i was called that word a number of times on twitter by people in the public eye. should they have all been fired? i don't know. it should the people who tweet about things that all of us be fired from their jobs? >> harris: no, but i would like to see some of that free speech. >> marie: is it in line with tbs's culture? >> harris: will there be consequences?
9:18 am
>> dagen: you know what, it is not protected speech, though. >> marie: is not protected under the first amendment, and the nfl put in place a policy that basically says if you -- if you are going to kneel for the national anthem, stay in the locker room. well, guess what? abc has the right to fire roseann if she says that. >> harris: so one thing i would say about what you said, marie, do you people have a right to see these things? the context matters also because they may have a different bar. we will find out what the consequences are. >> david: actions have consequences in america. still today, even though the left doesn't want to have them. they have this hypocrisy going on here. when somebody who is a conservative says something like that, the left rises up,
9:19 am
boycotts the advertisers of it, and there's a machine that comes out to crush these people. on this, this woman should not be on television. this is an outrageous thing to say. i hope that i ivanka trump doesn't accept the apology. all she's doing it is to try to get back -- -- >> dagen: i disagree with you. >> marie: it is up to her viewers to decide. >> david: well, she doesn't have that many viewers to begin with. >> melissa: then they will decide whether or not it is profitable to keep her on. >> marie: hang on. if her advertisers walk it, her show will get canceled. let the market that they are going after decide, and if tbs decides that they want a larger group of years, they want heroes who want color that language, they can decide what to do with her. before that >> david: that is o.
9:20 am
>> marie: so that term should be -- >> david: i don't want this kind of language. >> marie: answer my question. >> david: i am answering your question. it shouldn't be said about michelle obama or nancy pelosi or hillary clinton or any other female in our country on any level. >> dagen: we cover business for a living. this is a decision by an employer. these are within the private sector. abc with roseann, making the calculation. i think it was unjustly advertisers. it was the fact that the people who work on show. they were trying to get ahead of it. sarah gilbert, . >> melissa: that word is not
9:21 am
okay. it is not okay with me that she said that. i'm just saying i don't think it is for us to decide. i think it's for the company to decide. i would never use that word, i think it's horrible and disrespectful. >> dagen: kathy griffin came out and said you should not have apologize. >> harris: did you see what sally field tweeted? i will never look at "steel magnolias" the same way again. >> dagen: michelle wells didn't apologize either. if you know what you're going to say ahead of time and it's not off-the-cuff, i am on ambien at night tweeting, then maybe people shouldn't apologize. they should let their employers know in advance. >> harris: but this show was on tape, that's why they said they could have believed it is. this not the live show. >> david: it was the employer
9:22 am
on abc. and keith overman has said that the most hateful, vile things, and abc, the parent company is not doing anything about him. they haven't called to apologize for the things that he or others have said. >> harris: that's apples and apples to me. you know what i mean? we know he has it also. >> dagen: you all have to stop asking for apologies. the president, he is in the same camp as kathy griffin, he does not apologize for anything. just own it. just live with it. >> david: i do. but i am going to handle keith olbermann. >> harris: we will leave it at that. the commercial break is going to be thrilling. >> dagen: this is thrilling to me.
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let's take a live look at the doubt. look at this. fantastic economy. this is out this morning. 8:30 a.m. eastern time. employers at 223,000 jobs. the unemployment rate is now at an 18 year low. whether president trump can take credit for that, plus democrats slamming the recent pardon, saying that he is trying to send a message. could that be the case? we debated. (vo) we came here for the friends.
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>> dagen: here's a fox news alert for you. some pretty stunning new numbers on jobs in this country.
9:28 am
the may unemployment rate fell to 3.5 if her son. that the lowest since the year 2,000. 223,000 jobs were added. the lowest unemployment in the month of mason's 1969. the market reacting quite positively today, good news on the wage as well, rising 2.7% from one year ago. this is what the president ran. we have said this over and over again. it is because he promised tax cuts, and this is bearing true. >> david: focused on jobs, jobs, jobs. that is what he said throughout the entire campaign, especially against hillary clinton in september and october. the focus to the attention the segment economy and what he said he would do. and now you look at the last
9:29 am
several months, and it is exciting news across the border. whether it is unemployment rates, across the board. down to the lowest in 50 years. hispanic unemployment rates. a female unemployment is down. everything across-the-board is going in the right direction. gdp is up. a really tremendous run here. >> dagen: because of this expansion, this economic growth has been running, the recession ended in 2009. people were expecting this to be slow. so the average was 190,000 jobs every month, going into the month of may. and now, it is faster. that is one thing that was hugely positive. >> melissa: like you said, we don't see that. so that is an inflection point. a couple more things, numbers were really good for 55 and
9:30 am
over. and that's a group that a lot of times are now, people think that their jobs have disappeared altogether. will these people who are less likely to want to be retrained or try something new, it is harder for them to find something new. this is a group that it may be tougher, and they have a lot more jobs. so that was a great find. we also saw wages and earnings growing up. it was a healthy one, where employers are willing to pay more because it is getting harder to find people. and i like it when the market does that, as opposed to when we try to force employers to artificially raise wages, which can cause all kinds of negative consequences. >> dagen: if you look at all of the industries, you have had incredibly strong job growth. even in retail, people were so worried about retail in this country. manufacturing.
9:31 am
>> harris: so i have a question for you, melissa. we had for the first time in a very long time, oh 1-1 match with millions of jobs opened just recently to match the amount of people looking. the challenge was skill sets of those jobs. so from the numbers that you are now pointing out, are we seeing some compression there? people getting retrained, and are they finding a better match there for the jobs open for their skills? >> melissa: i'm not sure. i think that there are two different things going on. these jobs open that we need a newer and younger people. they want to go into these areas, but i think a lot of people aren't going to be retrained for. also, there is this kind of entrepreneurial economy, people who have made jobs for themselves. whether it is amazon, etsy, a new social economy. they are finding a way to do something. their job may have disappeared,
9:32 am
but there is a new job. but you have to look for it, and you have to go get it. >> dagen: people question the gig economy. it actually captures those types of jobs. there is a thing, marie, the federal reserve survey of the different regions in the country, came out earlier this week. and some employers reported that they are going to start waving drug testing for marijuana so they are able to fill jobs. they are having such difficulty filling those jobs, finding those people, that they are actually going to begin waiving those tests. >> marie: also with hiring felons. the big retailers got rid of that a long time ago. so clearly, there are jobs that they need people to be hired for. part of it is a skill and a training issue, particularly in parts of the country that are having a difficult time matching
9:33 am
that up. but you're right, that was fascinating. donald trump should be talking about nothing else about this. >> harris: he is talking about it. >> marie: literally nothing else. stop talking about russia. >> harris: talk to the u.s. coast guard. they are calling it historic this morning. >> david: the fighting with the media has helped this president. >> harris: that's not fair to say. >> marie: he tweets about a lot of other stuff. >> david: promised for 20 years, he is doing a lot of things, and he is doing them all very well. >> harris: the democrats don't have an economic message. >> marie: i disagree, man. i disagree. >> melissa: accusing them of using him to send a message to his allies. this, the commander-in-chief says he is considering hardening
9:34 am
markets, former illinois governor. both are democrats. that news coming just moments after the president announced a full pardon for the conservative author and filmmaker who pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws in 2014. the top democrats on the senate intelligence for the quarter, tweeting the president's use of the pardon power is disconcerting enough, he may also be sending a message to witnesses in a criminal investigation, it is completely dangerous. in the united states of america, no one is above the law. longtime trump associates at roger telling "the washington post" it has to be a signal to -- people for crimes that don't pertain to russian collusion, and this is what could happen. the special counsel has awesome powers, but as you know, the
9:35 am
president has even more awesome powers. and it is interesting to know, it turns out that they were both convicted with a hand from former fbi director, james come comey. mueller was there at the time, and dinesh d'souza was prosecuted by trump antagonist and u.s. attorney from new york. that's a lot to sort through. i will let you go first. >> david: i don't listen to roger stone. i never have, i'm not going to start today. the issue is this president is unlike any other politician. most politicians, bill clinton, barack obama, they in the dark of night, in the middle of the night on january 19, they pardon all of these people. financial benefactors. he gets apart and on the way out the door. he was pardoned by obama and
9:36 am
clinton. you have bradley manning. a trader to this country pardoned by barack obama on the way out the door. president trump is not a politician. he is pardoning people in broad daylight while he is still president. >> marie: is it appropriate? >> david: of course. it is in the constitution. he has the power to pardon. he can do it for anybody at any time for any reason, and that is what he has decided to do. jack johnson, the boxer, for 50 or 60 years, had like conviction hanging over his head. he passed away. but he is righting wrongs. he is looking at the abuse of power to dinesh d'souza and others. >> harris: okay. >> melissa: i did not hear you ask whether or not what president obama did was appropriate. >> marie: is it appropriate to send a message to your
9:37 am
officials? >> harris: how do you know that that is what he is doing? >> marie: i don't. my question was if that is what he is doing, it is inappropriat inappropriate. i advocated for president trump to pardon people like the boxer, like the people we have talked about who was let out of prison after 21 years. >> dagen: sending a message, using martha stewart as an example. this woman was not criminally charged with insider trading. i covered that trial. i was in the courtroom. she was convicted and sent to prison for five months for lying to federal investigators. if you look at the mueller probe, for out of the five guilty pleas are related to laying to the fbi not for collusion. >> marie: but that's illegal too. >> dagen: if it sends a message, it sends a message to the american people that basically, railroading people and attracting people, pinning
9:38 am
people in a perjury trap, that's wrong. and that something jim comey very much did when he was the attorney. >> marie: but it only is if you don't tell the truth to the feds. i don't excuse it when democrats do it either. >> dagen: they lied to us. investigators lie all the time, and they trap people and send them to prison. >> david: she recanted her testimony after it was proven. because he lied. before george w. bush did not pardon her, despite pressure to do so. >> david: that is a personality driven thing in my book it, when i look at that. he did the right thing. >> marie: it's illegal to lie to the feds, right? >> dagen: when they don't have anything on you, they get you on
9:39 am
that. >> marie: only if you live. >> dagen: but they lie to you to get you to lie. before there are laws, and if you break them, there are consequences. >> david: he didn't break the law. he lied and made it up. >> harris: we are watching the president where he is going to meet with mike pompeo, who will deliver a letter to the president from kim jong un. we will bring you any updates. and a raise in virginia getting very, very ugly. the white house is slamming this ad and demanding that nancy pelosi renounce it. so, will she? managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it.
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>> dagen: the white house slamming a democratic house candidate in virginia over an outcome hearing president trump to usama bin laden. dan helmer, who is running against barbara comstock in virginia's tenth congressional district narrates the ad. listen to this. >> after 9/11, the threat to our democracy lived in a cave. it today, he lives in the white house. no one, even the president, is above the law. barbara comstock hasn't beaten every politician. i'm different. >> dagen: blasting him, saying the ad is nothing short of reprehensible. leaders from across the political spectrum, starting with leaders like pelosi months condemn this abhorrent message. a spokesperson did it respond with. while the leaders are not condoned in this ad, if the president wants to join in the level of civility, he should begin with himself. and helmer's campaign at
9:45 am
doubling down, telling politico what is up orange is the way that he has failed it to uphold his oath of office to preserve, protect, and to defend the constitution of the united states. david, you know barbara comstock. but let's begin with you. >> david: yes, i do. she is my oldest daughter's godmother. i have known her for about 25 years. she is a dedicated number of congress who does an outstanding job. and she is going to win this november and sound. she is in a tough race, but she's going to win it. let me just say this. he is in second or third place, this is a desperate move in a democratic primary to make himself different from the rest of them. but all of the candidates in this primary, everyone on the democrat side, they are all crazier than the next one. they are all hard-core leftist. and i think that barbara will
9:46 am
beat whoever wins. >> dagen: it is in northern virginia. runs into winchester, runs across the top of virginia. and i thought you are talking about usama bin laden. people in that part of virginia, probably individuals who died it during the terror attacks. and i just felt like it was -- >> david: barbara's best friend, ted olson's late wife was on one of the planes. barbara comstock felt 9/11 just like every other american, may be more so. so to do this ad is outrageous. it's despicable. and this guy, who has no shame. >> harris: can i just asked the question, who does this appeal to? i'm trying to imagine. let's put opinions aside and think of the person who goes to the polls and who does this
9:47 am
appeal to? >> marie: so for full disclosure on him, he is an army veteran, he served in iraq and afghanistan. i just want to put that out there. >> harris: how could that excuse the ad? >> marie: it doesn't, i am just putting out more information. it is a stupid ad. no democratic voters i know would appeal to this ad. >> harris: i just don't know why you would bring in the military. >> marie: i'm just giving it -- i didn't say that. i am just giving more context. >> harris: adds cost money. generally speaking, not to just one person would make that decision. so who else? >> melissa: i think it does appeal to the far left. they think that the president should go to jail, is a terrorist. all of these things. i think that is who it appeals to. >> david: everyone running is trying to get further to the left, to outdo each other on the left. the three i can connect this
9:48 am
gentleman and samantha b. just someone desperate for attention. pathetic. awaiting a meeting at the white house between president trump and kim young chol it, and mike pompeo, expected to hand-deliver a letter to the president from kim jong un. plus, for the first time, bill clinton is responding to claims from democrat kristen gillibrand that she should have resigned over the monica lewinsky scandal.
9:49 am
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>> melissa: here's a little nugget for you. for the first time, former president bill clinton is speaking out about what senator kristen gillibrand claims, that he should have resigned from office after his scandal with monica lewinsky. he was asked about it. you have to really ignore what the context was. you know, she is living in a different context. and she did it for different reasons. but i just disagree with her. she did clarify later on that she felt in today's climate, that is what should have happened, adding that the affair
9:53 am
may have been perceived it differently in 90s. you will remember she benefited quite a bit from a lot of support from the clintons when she ran for office. what could he possibly -- you know, she's living in a different context. >> david: it's the me too thing. had an affair with an intern, and then lied about it. i think we all can agree with i it. >> marie: is ended as horrible then as it is now? >> harris: i didn't know that there was like a date for this. someone might want to tell bill cosby. it's those women are coming out of the woodwork.
9:54 am
>> david: look at harvey weinstein. >> harris: i mean i don't really know. we would have to ask -- >> marie: kristen gillibrand also answered in the way that i think she thought was politically advantageous. i think she didn't expect the question. i think that's what she answered the way that she did. >> harris: i think that she did expect the question. >> marie: it was a perfect opportunity. >> harris: like al franken in minnesota. we were talking about people exiting from their long-term careers. this isn't something that has just been happening to people who are novices on the hill. >> marie: yeah, i know. the reason that she answered the way that she did, i think she got caught off guard. >> harris: no, i think it was the perfect opportunity for her to throw the clintons under the bus because she didn't need them any longer. took the opportunity to stand up and say, puts it in as a me too
9:55 am
movement. >> harris: i wonder what monica lewinsky thinks? >> dagen: she still gets disinvited from things. again, total hypocrisy. and who is kristen gillibrand? who is she courting? why is she putting her foot down about this? people on the left are saying she's a hillock hypocrite. >> marie: that's why i think she got caught off guard. >> harris: oh, no. >> dagen: women are actually smarter than that. you knew that you had an affair with an intern who could have been your daughter. and you have your ways on national tv talking about this conspiracy. we knew all of this. and now get over yourself. >> melissa: at this point in time, there are a lot of people who knew a long time ago and it
9:56 am
didn't say something at the time because they thought it would hurt their career. >> david: hold on. >> melissa: she would not use that as her excuse. she says oh, my gosh. we are out of time. >> harris: who knew? the producer. apparently. we will be right back. it's funny really, nobody ever does it and yet it happens.
9:57 am
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muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. the details make a difference. the man makes them matter. see real results at >> melissa: thanks to david bossie. here's harris. >> harris: we have breaking news. we are waiting a historic
10:00 am
meeting at the white house, as we could see and witness the warming of relations between the united states into north korea. we are watching the scene that you see before us. "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. a top aide it to kim jong un, due to arrive at the white hous. possibly minutes away to hand-deliver a letter. kim young chol, considered kim jong un's right-hand man. he is visiting washington. he has been here this week after two days of talks with secretary of state mike pompeo. america's top diplomats is real progress has been made toward the summit, which increasingly looks like it is back on after the president canceled that sit down last week. watch. speak always made real progress in the last 72 hours. at the conditions are putting them in a place where


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