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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 1, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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meeting at the white house, as we could see and witness the warming of relations between the united states into north korea. we are watching the scene that you see before us. "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. a top aide it to kim jong un, due to arrive at the white hous. possibly minutes away to hand-deliver a letter. kim young chol, considered kim jong un's right-hand man. he is visiting washington. he has been here this week after two days of talks with secretary of state mike pompeo. america's top diplomats is real progress has been made toward the summit, which increasingly looks like it is back on after the president canceled that sit down last week. watch. speak always made real progress in the last 72 hours. at the conditions are putting them in a place where we think that there can be real progress
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made by the two of the meeting. it does no good if we don't think that there is a real opportunity to put them together. but we have made real progress toward that. >> harris: kevin has more from the north lawn. the opposite of the picture that you are seeing right now. we are hearing details about who will be greeting the north korean official. >> it is a very interesting opportunity for this white house, harris, not just for people like john bolton. team each with their counterparts, this is really a chance to once again, solidify this idea that relationships can be built today can have a lasting impact not just on the united states and on north korea, but on the entire globe. as you pointed out, the north koreans are expected to arrive within minutes. certainly could be within minutes, if it takes longer than that, it certainly could be within the hour. looking just beyond the camera there, i am seeing a number of things here. if that happens, we will break
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away. it is also fair to say that we have seen a great deal of advancement for this idea of the summit, harris, over the last couple of days as you point out, they have been up there in the city. mike pompeo, meeting with kim young chol, talking about the idea of the summit. what can they do, what can they agree upon? it is also important to point out here -- i think we have to be fair and honest about this, we have seen them make promises, dating back back to the bill cn era. and then they go back on those promises, so i think it is fair to say that the white house is looking at this soberly but optimistically. >> harris: you know, what is interesting, if this turns out to be something from another meeting that was already going to be happening between mike pompeo and the president today, this turned out to be that opportunity. we believe this, and that is what we are being told, a letter being carried from kim jong un. we have not been given any
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details, but we know the letters have played an important role of and all of this, or at least a significant point to talk about. the president wrote a letter when it looks like the summit was off, and now we have a letter being delivered from kim jong un. >> very interesting. and anytime you're talking about and written correspondence, there is the idea that this is something very important. this direct line of communication. i think you hit the nail on the head and describing the present reaching out to kim jong un after he canceled the previous meeting. he said right to me if you want to keep open the dialogue, and in fact, kim jong un has written him that letter that will be brought here by kim young chol. i want to play to you a quick sound bite. talking about this idea that we have worked to gather, this is a long process, harris, but he is very optimistic about what could
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be a historic meeting yet to come. take a look. >> if the north koreans are prepared in fact it to denuclearize, this includes all elements of their nuclear plan, if we can convince them that their security is greater, that it is if they continue to hold onto their program, -- the secretary of state who also took to twitter. he said something really interesting. i want to emphasize one word. he said the president has made it clear that if kim jong un denuclearize is, there is a brighter path, and then he said this. a strong, connected, secure, and prosperous north korea. that is really what is at the heart of the american offer to pyongyang. do you want to be secure? we can offer you that. would you like to be prosperous? we can help you do that too. >> harris: we know that it is a regime that has a history of knocking off its own people.
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so when you're talking about security, not just keeping the regime together with kim jong un at the top of. potentially, that is keeping him alive as well. i want to get this information. so we know with our john roberts inside the oval office, they were just called to the south lawn. and there was a microphone pop up at the bottom of our screen. we are watching that door. we are anticipating the arrival to be much by national security advisor john bolton. a chief of staff john kelly as well. so what you mentions the black suv, you can see it falling into place now. security and others off to the rights of the screen. so this could potentially be imminent. the arrival of kim young chol. kevin. >> and i believe that that is what you are noticing there. you will see the enhanced security sort of throughout the hour. we had an idea based on the
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previously scheduled meeting between the president and of mike pompeo. that was set for 1:00 p.m. that would certainly make sense to kind of dovetail from this meeting, and then will come in the north koreans, as we continue to watch. i noticed that they are beginning to push people back. that usually is a clear indication that something, perhaps the vip, in this case, is on their way. >> harris: he is inside. he said that we now can confirm, we now can report that kim young chol will meet briefly with the president of the united states donald trump inside the oval office. should start shortly. that is what we are now able to say. we knew that he would be carrying a letter. and now the right hand person for kim jong un. we knew that he was carrying a letter, and now, we can
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officially report that the two men will be meeting. this is huge history that is being made right now. high officials for the first time in decades our meeting with top officials and our government. we are covering it all coming forward. it will come back to you outside the white house as well. i want to bring in my first guest, republican congressman joe wilkinson. he sits on the armed services committee. and mr. wilson is one of the few members of congress who have been to north korea. great to have your perspective today. i just want to let you know we are going to keep up the life picture, congressman. and we could be breaking news together. first of all, what do you think of the letter? >> well, i think it is very significant because we are waiting on the delivery of the letter today. it was only a year ago that north korea threatened a delivery of a nuclear weapon to vaporize the people of guam. the american citizens
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represented out there. you imagine how far we have come? >> harris: you know, also, you talk about the difference a year can make. the difference a week in may. we have another letter to talk about here. and all of the conversations that have gone on, and what has been written in recent days and weeks. fico rights. it was just a week ago last night that the president issued his famous letter. sadly, democrats dismissed this as being infantile. but it has proven to be very visionary. and again, living up to his promises for the american people. >> harris: as we watched this to you from the south lawn right now, we see a little bit of activity there. what is the preparation with suddenly a north korean official headed to the white house? >> well, it has never occurred. because in fact, the presence of
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north and south korea have only met four times in 65 years. this is so unprecedented. putting things in perspective, having three hostages released, but it was only a year ago, junr was killed by the same regime. >> harris: no, you're absolutely right. and of course, all of the back and forth. and those families now are with their loved ones. came home anja died a few days later. not part of the situation, but while this president has been an office. so the difference, when you talk about the difference between what it looks like and feels like now, that is one thing that we can point to. so grateful to have them home. you may have noticed that you have to chief of staff john kelly walkout for just a moment. that could mean that we are just seconds are moments away from some sort of an arrival.
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we know that they will be meeting. could be more than one, but we are expecting kim young chol. what can you tell me at this time about the conversations we've heard from secretary of state mike pompeo about where the conversations need to be ahead of potentially june 12? >> you put it in perspective. extraordinary individual. and then they are people that the president knows he can count on. and we appreciate nikki haley. begins with the vice president of mike pence. he has surrounded himself with extraordinary people who know how to provide peace through strength. that is what we're seeing today. and as the response i north korea now comes to the white house. >> harris: all right, we are told that we may be seconds away from this, so we are going to keep it full screen. i'm so glad you are with us you
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break it down. from the perspective of having -- >> it is historic. >> harris: it is historic. and you talk about what could be on committees, did you think this could be? at the white house? >> i wish i could tell you yes, i did. no, they put together a delegation. and it to see how far this has come, that's where the sanctions would be released. this would be a normal relationship. one of the wealthiest countries on earth. the consequences of doing business with the united states of america. >> harris: and wasn't it interesting the way that this administration -- you hear the description of how different the country's or at. no light. and then you hear the president saying that the north could be
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as vibrant. i am going to break enough. we are not sure who is in the vehicle, but what we do know, congressman wilson, is that north korea is a kim young chol is expected to be here. we do see john kelly now. we see the delegation coming out to greet among them, national security advisor john bolton as well. so more than one north korean official arriving at the white house. we understand former top five right-hand man of kim jong un carrying an important letter for the present of the united states. north korea's leadership inside the white house. you are washing history being made right now. and representative wilson, you were putting in the high-stakes picture together. please bring this into focus because they have just walked into the doors of the white house. we expect the president moments from now to meet in the oval office with kim young chol. >> and understand, he is the
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head of intelligence. he is the right him for some the dictator. you are dealing with the number two person of a dictatorship. he has total authority. >> harris: number two person of a dictatorship that we have not been this close to. what you said, ever. and what does this mean to have these men shake hands. that's all live camera, we can't control that. as there is more action, we will take you there live. the presence of the united states and kim young chol our meeting. >> and indeed, we have an armistice with north korea. it is not a peace treaty. we technically could be considered still at work. so i am so proud of president trump and his leadership. >> harris: what do you see to the critics? they are spies, high until, we shouldn't be negotiating. it's that relationship that our
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former head of the cia mike pompeo may have ushered this in in a way that negotiations could be happening. we are live outside the white house. they are walking to the oval office. you see at the top of the screen there that is chief of staff john kelly. and you see this delegation from our side and their side. and kim young chol's they are talking with, walking with the president's chief of staff. you are watching this live as they had to the oval office. your thoughts? >> that was considered hopeless too. now we see the transformation of china and emerging hopefully -- good news for the people of that country.
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>> harris: you know, as you look at this, and that june 12 states comes ahead, the committees that you serve on, concentrating on foreign policy end. it is this the sort of timetable that you expected? >> it is going to be much quicker. and i want to give credit to the chairman of the foreign affairs committee. we have worked together to promote better relationships and to provide for what is occurring today. >> harris: representative wilson from the great state of south carolina, so glad to have you on for this breaking news. >> what a historic time. >> harris: historic moment. >> and it was great. thanks. >> harris: he served as a foreign policy advisor to president obama's campaign in 2008 and is a former state department official under president george w. bush. so for many years, talked about and strategized about how to
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reach out to north korea and make something like this happen today. wiping away the politics, i would imagine, and what are your thoughts? >> well, it is an extraordinary moment. you saw kim young chol walking shoulder to shoulder with john kelly into the oval office. there hasn't been a meeting like this at the end of it president clinton's term. it is also fraught with problem problems. he had to get a special waiver just to come from new york to d.c. normally, you would not let a person like this who is sanctio sanction, who has engaged in acts of war against south korea, who has engaged in sabotage, peer at the white house. i think it is appropriate under these extraordinary circumstances because kim jong un wanted him to be the adversary to president trump. he has a right to choose his emissary.
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it is very odd for it to happen in this way. we have to look at what is going to happen in this way. we have to hope that kim young chol isn't going to try to exploit the opportunity to meet with president trump. will he try to find a way to make distinctions with president trump and his staff? we have seen that before were president trump has contradicted his previous secretary of state when he was on his way to meet with north korea, president trump said it was a waste of time. so i hope -- >> harris: could i throw something in right there? because i hear your criticism there, and i have heard others say this, but this is the president who has talked about getting to the negotiating table maybe or maybe not. sitting down, they'd be getting out. is it possible -- and i'm just asking, but some of what you're talking about is the kind of back and forth that happens when you have two very strong personalities making words and tweets and everything for the world to see? i mean, you're not leaving the
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possibility that, if i may say so, david, that this is kind of big dan. and what you can't argue about is the success of what is happening right now. the last and only time that we have seen a north korean official visit the white house is happening right now. everybody, i want you to kind of peak where there the window. you may have to lean in, that is what everyone is doing right there. you saw them scurrying around trying to get a shot. that is history behind such a glass. that is history with our president of the united states meeting with the second most powerful person inside it north korea. dictator kim jong un's right-hand man, kim young chol. and we would have to be a fly on the wall to know exactly what they are saying right now, but we will know because john roberts is here. and inside the oval office right now, we expect to learn what they're talking about through that full reporting. so we have a silent picture.
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but we will have video and words, we are anticipating, moments from now. we have been told this will be a short meeting. we will know the history that is being made. across two different political administrations joining me now. i asked you a question about success and what it took to get here, and honestly looking at the back and forth and may be seeing a different way, and you say what? >> i think it's a fair point. we have gotten to this point, this is extraordinary. i agree that no one would have predicted that we would be at this point. but there are sort of but sam starts to this process. just last week, it was canceled. somehow, we are back on track. that is due to mike pompeo, who has worked very hard, very determined to keep these discussions on point. he has no broker this discussion between kim jong un -- it is a
10:20 am
very careful, sensitive conversation. we have to hope that it goes well. moving towards a potential so much. and the key question what is going to come out of the summit? they have been right to push for the full denuclearization by north korea, but it is not entirely clear whether north korea and its leaders are going to agree to that. >> harris: you are looking at hand, and i am looking at this picture. and i don't know if you can see it from where you are, but president trump is meeting with the topic north korean official, kim young chol, second in command under kim jong un in north korea. and they are inside the oval office, and my first question would be what is in the letter? you know. you have termed what you thought of what president trump wrote, but quite frankly, they are meeting now. so whatever was in the
10:21 am
president's letter that's made him hit on target did so. i wonder what is in this next letter. and then my other question would be what the relationship is like. remember, this is not just a person who is meeting the president right now. this is a person who has had a couple of meetings just of this it, more meetings and a fuller history, this north korean official, and are now secretary of state mike pompeo. they have the previous relationship. this is a person who he met with. first the president heard about that, we all did yesterday from pompeo. and so this is a person who was brought to the oval office, if you will, through the journey of someone the president has appointed antitrust data. your thoughts? >> well, i think that's absolutely right. again, the secretary of state deserves a lot of credit for this, mike pompeo, for pushing this forward. again, this is also the person
10:22 am
who is sanctioned by the united states because of his conduct. killed a number of south korean soldiers because he sponsored these cyber attacks on sony here in the united states. this is not a person that we should consider hero. he is simply an emissary. >> harris: no one is calling him heroic. >> we need to be realistic about what is happening here. the white house is putting its credibility on the line, even having someone like this in the white house. i agree it should happen but only because this is the chosen emissary of the north korean leader, and we are trying to make some concessions. it is appropriate, but this is not a person that anyone in the united states would ever want to seen with under ordinary circumstances. he is sanctioned for good reason, and he probably should be in jail rather than in the white house. see when you know what is interesting about what you are saying. we saw a sanctioned person come with the delegation as well there. and that's may have been for all we know the beginning of a
10:23 am
warming of possibility here. because that was also -- remember how closely seated she was to a member of the trump family who was also at the olympics. i want to tell everybody what you're looking at. thank you for joining me, i appreciate your perspective across to different administrations. on the left side of your screen, through that window, some movements that you see. that is the oval office. that is where the presence of the united states is meeting for the first time in nearly 20 years with a top korean official, kim young chol. for the first time in nearly 20 years, to go to the white house. on the right side, you get to see from moment to go -- we watched it live, we are not bringing you that moments ago table. john kelly walking with the top north korean official and others who have arrived just moments ago too in a black suv outside the white house. this is history.
10:24 am
let's bring in republican congressman, a member of the house oversight committee. no doubts. first of all, i want to make sure that you are with us. >> sure, yes. >> harris: all right, thank you for joining us. first of all, outside the glass looking in, get your perspective on what needs to be talked about, what needs to be happening behind the glass right now. >> well, first of all, we want to remember that kim jong un is an evil person. we establish that. we take no acknowledgment that all of a sudden, everyone has turned over a new leaf. however, the historic nature of this moment, she disregarded, not too much, i hope, your former guests comments, it sounds like he was looking for every way to diminish this. this is something amazing historically. at the dmz, going into north korea. the great hunger. so anything that moves the needle this way is something
10:25 am
that i hope all of us can celebrate. >> harris: you know, i have been talking about the letters -- plural -- you had a letter from the president last week. but now this letter. and what we know about kim jong un that he would even consider writing? that he would want something hand carried to the president of the united states? >> i think it says a lot for him to make any kind of concession when in years past, he has been so prideful and braggadocio's, basically putting everything that he had from a nuclear standpoint with the countries surrounding him, this moments that we see today could be the first step, not overselling it. i remember talking with gary sinise right there, and he said it best. at no place in the world is that slavery and freedom disclose for
10:26 am
us to take a step that could potentially end of this decades long suffering and murder, this could be a wonderful day in our history. >> harris: you know, you talk about being there at the dmz and seeing what is possible there. we have heard the president in recent days seem to speak almost directly to the north korean people. how important do you think it does for them, if they even get to hear it -- it is such an iron curtain, to borrow a term from another arrow. on top of them, that they may not have even known that our presence of those words. >> i think you are certainly right, to an extent. even in the meeting with some of the south korean leaders, specifically, our own personal military and personnel. more and more technology is getting into north korea, through cell phone usage, through other means and sources. some of this message is getting across, which is making it even
10:27 am
tougher on kim jong un to keep a lid on what they have created for many years. so we think that this is a good sign. >> harris: you know what is interesting for me? what kind of protection do you think kim jong un is really looking for when our president says don't worry? we know that they will keep the regime intact. maybe he is hopeful for that, but what kind of protection when he need? >> sure. that is a very important question that is probably being discussed in any kind of negotiating process. i do think he wants some sort of personal liberties. that has been part of the negotiation process. we would think it, but this is something that i want to reiterate, he has murdered many, many people. they even have the rule that if someone escapes, they killed their children, parents, and
10:28 am
brothers and sisters. >> harris: standby or just a second. we are reaching the bottom of the hour, and if people are just turn this on, seeing that there's something huge happening inside the white house, as representative walker just pointed out, this is a huge point in history. we have been talking about it since it broke news about 20 minutes ago. the arrival of kim young chol in the white house grounds and now inside the oval office with president trump. behind the windows that you can kind of seeds right dead in the center of your screen and beyond those trees, the mentor meeting in the oval office. there is a small delegation that traveled with the north korean office, john kelly is there. we understands that he is there to meet as well. not certain if he is actually in that meeting, but we think so because he was there to meet kim young chol. so there they have been for a little bit more than 10 minutes that we have been talking.
10:29 am
they walked into the oval office, we got to see the live. we have not been able to see anything other than this window standpoint. so we are waiting to see if if there will be actual dialogue or what they can report to us. this is fascinating. literally pressed up against the glass, history being made, that we have never seen like this before. congressman. >> yes, you are setting the stage perfectly, harris. kim young chol here, second-in-command, he has the authority, according to all of our intel to be able to negotiate on kim jong un's behalf. no offense to sending a delegation matter. he has sent his second man. this is unprecedented, it is historic, and this is going to be good for upcoming discussion. >> harris: so that is different than just saying it looks like june 12th might happen.
10:30 am
because that tapestry is positivity. you are saying that this is actually all a good sign. we have a delegation right now. they are doing detailed work of the summit. but what does it tell you that they are making history in the oval office, and then the president may meet with kim jong un? is this a tipping point? >> i think we may look back at june 1st 2018 as something that is a historic moment. and not to bring politics into it, but it was just months ago that many critics, saying that president trump is leading us into a nuclear war with north korea. it's too early in the process, but you would think that critics would at least have to agree that if something has never been done before to this level of talks, you get some kind of credit to be able to do this. and speaking of credit, i want to make sure that we are not
10:31 am
leaving out of mike pompeo. having served with him, his experience, education, graduating first at west point, he had been an incredible factor in this. we have a lot of confidence in his ability. >> harris: talk specifically if you can about who you know mike pompeo to be and the difference maker that he has been here. >> absolutely. he was that way for my two years that i served with him in congress. before he went to the administration side in the different positions into different roles that he has had, but he is a guy that is not a show horse. what i mean by that, he is a guy who is content to be behind the scenes much more content about making a difference in making an argument. that is a kind of person who usually has great results. though he has not been on every front page of bragging about it, his efforts behind the scenes, it is incredibly essential in negotiations not only today but in the days ahead. >> harris: i wrote that down.
10:32 am
making a difference, not just making an argument. the world is watching something that is making a difference. huge history and right now. congressman walker of the great state of north carolina. thank you for being with us. we are going to take a quick commercial break. we will be right back it with continuing live coverage of what's happening at the white house right now. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. i neverunderwear that's this, but actually pretty.leak always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. always discreet boutique.
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>> harris: breaking news on fox news channel. kim jong un's right-hand man visiting the white house at this hour. he's been there for about 20 minutes, hand delivering a letter from the north korean leader to president trump. we are looking at a live picture kind among deming to mike, kind of the best peak that we can get in there. the arrival along with the john
10:37 am
kelly and others. so as they make their way into the oval office there on the left-hand side of the, there is a whole lot to talk about right now. it's been about 20 minutes. we have been told that it would be a short meeting. let's bring in the power panel. he serves as a senior advisor for the trump state department. judy miller, fox news contributor, great to have you both here. christian, your former work with the state department, as you look at this, what goes through your mind in terms of what is significant and what we are seeing? >> well, it is significant because this is somewhat unprecedented for a north korean leader to be in the white house. important to keep in mind it's just a meeting, it's just the beginning. but also, appoint in the right direction, and of like mike pomo said yesterday, north korea appears to be on the path
10:38 am
where they are considering a strategic shift. some big change in the way that they do business that would make this different than the field of negotiations in the clinton and bush administrations. >> harris: judy, how important is the letter that he is said to be carrying to give to the president? >> it's all important, harris. we are going to know based on what kim jong un has written to president trump, whether or not to north korea is really serious about what the administration is calling complete or comprehensive verified irreversible denuclearization. the trump administration once see the idea upfront. they want a statement of principle. an agreement, this is what north korea is going to do. because they are so used to making agreements that they violate, they want exactly the opposite. that is a meeting, a handshake, a victory for kim jong un.
10:39 am
and then and outrun long process, whereby they would be able to renegotiate the terms, not really denuclearize. so people will know from this letter whether or not donald trump can conclude whether or not kim jong un is serious. >> harris: you know, christian christian, i do not know is our audience picked up on it, but as may be critical. you called this the beginning. and i think a lot of people may look at the same sample wouldn't that be june 12th if it happens? you say no, this is the beginning. this is the first meeting, why do you call it that? >> i think there has been a fundamental shift. trump accepted the summit, it looks like it is coming together, then they started jerking us around. and he said all right, see you later. he canceled the summit. and now, the meetings taking place in pyongyang, and singapore, and now, this is not
10:40 am
irreversible. but north korea does want to go forward, and potentially, it could be serious, and potentially, having to save a little bit of face. they are not on their knees, but not begging, but to request a meeting that trump canceled. again, i think it is pointing in the right direction. >> harris: when you consider what christian is saying, it is almost like there might be something that they haven't telegraphed out there. that they are really hungry for. what would it be? >> well, it could be what this dictator has been promising since he took office, which is some economic prosperity. and breathing room for his people. and then this is a country of in which the dictator could decide that millions of people are literally going to starve to death in order to pursue their national security objectives. it now, we have a younger president, who want something else.
10:41 am
he says he wants something else. this is a test of whether or not nuclear weapons are more important to him then the well-being and the economic prosperity of his country. >> harris: you know, christian, in addition to this top north korean official meeting with our secretary of state and is now the president of the united states, you had it kim jong un meeting with the russian officials. what came out of that that you think we need to know, as we take in the history that's being made here potentially? >> well, that is potentially important because russia is wanting to develop. and russia doesn't share a small border with north korea. and they really did want to make -- to come in from the cold. it could be a partner of russia in that expansion. a further balance in china. china really is the emerging loser here. the fact that we are talking to
10:42 am
them without china necessarily, the fact that frankly, they probably encouraged them down the wrong path, insulting the vice president, threatening us with work, after kim met with the chinese strongmen earlier last month. they have sort of been pushed aside. and this isn't necessarily necessarily to their advantage that we end this problem because then we can focus on the big problem, which is china. >> harris: i appreciate you along for this breaking news on "outnumbered overtime" today. thank you very much. we are going to take a very short commercial break because we have no way of knowing when this meeting is going to wrap up. right now, the only perspective we have is outside the glass of the oval office. and we will continue to report the news if we can, as we learn more, we will bring it to you. a very close, we're coming right back. ness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort...
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10:47 am
for any movement. so far, none. this is the oval office. if you get of cosi to your screen, you can see what our cameras are straining to get a close-up of. the president of the united states meeting with top korean unofficial kim young chol. it let's bring in the retired four-star general, he is a fox news senior strategic analyst. we need that perspective right now. thanks for being here. what is the strategy right now that gets deployed when meeting with the country's former top five right-hand man? >> first of all, the pressure is on kim jong un's emissary. he is simply responding to the president's letter. the president terminated the summit and said i am willing to talk, but if you want to get a hold of me, please do, and now, he has gotten a hold of him. he has given him a letter that i think it will be pretty basic
10:48 am
and thing i really do want to go forward. i doubt seriously that this letter would make any significant concession here, which would actually speed the summit up. and i also think that we've got to pay attention to what secretary pompeo said yesterday. he talked about great progress, but he also said significant challenges and problems i had. and i think -- he also mentioned the fact that we are trying to set the conditions going forward. so that means he is trying to resolve the differences between the u.s. position and the north korean position and bring them closer so that in one, two, or three summits, you could actually get to the possession . and therefore, you can give up those nuclear weapons. but we are not there yet, i don't think it, harris.
10:49 am
and the president has all the cards here. i mean, kim jong un needs the summit, the president doesn't need it. using as much leverage as he has here to move them closer to our position, so that there is a possibility that something substantive can come out. if he thinks that these positions are so intractable by north korea, not getting anything out of this, he doesn't want to go to the summit and just have some fluff agreement, which is something that the previous administration has done on more than one occasion. >> harris: that's really interesting. what we have been reporting, those who sit on foreign relations committee's, i should say, is that this person who was inside the white house right now with the president has the authority to negotiate on kim jong un's behalf, so what you are saying is very important, general, because they may not be talking exacta deal points, but lately, as he pointed out, making it that
10:50 am
further conversation happen, and that is critical. we are going to take a quick commercial break. in general, you're going to stay with me, and we will continue to cover the breaking news that is happening inside the oval office. stayho close. made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm dana perin
10:54 am
dana perino. they continue talks with a senior north korean official, delivering a letter from kim jong un. plus, an interesting response by democrats to the great economic -- joining me to weigh in. we will see what the top of the hour. >> harris: and as we continue to watch the situation through the glass, the window looking into the oval office of that meeting between president trump and the north korean secondhand person closest to the dictator kim jong un inside that oval office right now. let's bring back general jack keane, and also a fox news senior strategic analyst. we were talking before the break about the summit and what might be coming up. i want to talk specifically about the letter that would come from the dictator and what he might want to include in the letter now being handed to president trump. >> i think that's what is in the letter is just the intention of
10:55 am
wanting to have the summit, committing to wanting to do this. because after all, prior to the letter that the president sent to him terminating end, kim jong un had made a dramatic change of course. and he was sending all the possible signals that he could that he was not interested if there was going to be a major shift from what he had been saying for weeks, and he was denigrating people in the trump administration who were involved in the process. so i think he is doing here is simply saying he wants to go forward. i don't believe he's put any terms in the letter. he's letting his emissary speak for him, who has been talking to pompeo. and he is speaking for him in the terms. >> harris: you know, militarily, that cvid, that
10:56 am
comprehensive verifiable denuclearization is where the definition that has to be with both countries. a real quick response. >> yeah, what pompeo wants, in terms of that, what that really means in the details, pompeo needs to have him tell him how many nuclear weapons do you have? where are they located? where are your storage sites, resource centers, et cetera. see it, understand where it is. second phase is -- then i want a verifiable program put to gather with the u.s. inspectors on the ground. >> harris: i've got to step in. thank you, we will be right bac back. sometimes,
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>> 40 minutes, the president, north korean top official. we've been covering it. breaking news continues. >> dana: a fox news alert, a top north korean official is inside the white house right now with a special delivery for the president. a personal letter from kim jong-un. hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the visit from kim jong-un's right-hand man coming amid a flurry of how stakes diplomacy and growing signs that that historic summit meeting could be back on track. kevin corke is live at the white house. i was thinking, this is one of those days that you work at the white house you'll probably tell your children that you were there when. no matter how it turns out, it's a historic day. >> so


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