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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 1, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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track. the left-wing media covering for their own hate speech. that's been further exposed. all in all, pretty good. remember to tell us how you think we're doing on twitter, facebook. we love to get your feedback. have a wonderful weekend with your family. fly your flag. time for shannon bream. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert, major developments at this hour on north korea, and china. breaking news from secretary of defense jim matis. plus the singapore summit is back on. we're monitoring berkeley, california, scene of anti-free speech protests. tonight taking aim at christian evangelicals and the reverend franklin graham. the events just getting started. joy reid breaking her silence tonight, after controversial blog post surfaced as claimed she was hacked apparently are crumbling. welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. ending a week of uncertainty, high stakes nuclear summit with
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president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un apparently back on track. the highest ranking northern official to visit america in 18 years was at the white house delivering a message. christian fisher has all the details live here in washington. >> shannon, to have a top north korean official in the oval office, that's a hugely historic day all by itself. on top of that, president trump emerged from that meeting telling reporters, pack your bags, the summit's on, today had all the makings of a true turning point in u.s.-north korean relations. now comes the hard part, convincing kim jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons. >> june 12th we'll be in singapore. >> president trump made it official after meeting with kim yong chol for over an hour. the former head of pyongyang's spy agency hand delivered a letter from his boss, kim jong-un. >> i haven't opened it. i didn't open it in front of the
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director. i said, would you want me to open it? he said, you can read it later. i may be in for a big surprise, folks. >> the white house said he's since read it, but even before he opened the oversized envelope, president trump was already walking back against pyongyang. >> i don't want to use maximum pressure anymore, because i don't want to use that term, because we're getting along. >> one week ago president trump canceled the summit partly because of a threatening statement from the north koreans. but today, he said -- >> i think we're over that, totally over that. now we're going to deal, and we're going to start a process. >> it's a process that even the president admits may take more than one meeting. but the secretary of state says, make no mistake, this administration understands how hard it will be to convince kim jong-un to give up his nuclear arsenal. >> if we convince him of that, in fact their security is greater, that in fact the real threat to their security is the continued holding on to of that nuclear weapons program and not the converse.
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we've had lots of conversations around that. >> after going from little rock, fire and fury, to this remarkable photo in a matter of months, there is a sense in this administration, anything's possible. but there are still plenty of skeptics. >> i'm skeptical, others are skeptical. but i think the president is right to try and test this guy's intentions. is he serious, does he want to bring north korea into a new age, and help this country economically. let's try it out. let's look him in the eye and see if it works. but let's have a healthy john bolten-esque degree of skepticism that this guy will put everything on the table for us. >> in addition to the summit with kim jong-un, about an hour ago we learned the white house is in the very early stages of planning for a possible summit with russian president vladimir putin. but that potential summit is far less solidified than the one in singapore which is now just 11 days away, shannon. >> shannon: it's hard to
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believe. it's been a whiplash. kristen, thank you very much. defense secretary james matis, at a security conference in singapore. over the military buildup in the disputed south china sea. >> china's claim to the contrary, the placement of these weapons systems is tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion. >> laura: matis warning the pentagon will, quote, compete vigorously where we must when it comes to china's role in that region. the president said he put a hold on new sanctions against the north korean regime because he doesn't want to use the term maximum pressure. but less than a week ago he was doing just that. let's bring in senior fellow for democracy, anthony rajero. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: let's start with the south china sea with secretary mat tis before we move on. he said it's not right to build up these islands and put weapons
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on them. what can we do? >> i think it's going to be tough, but i think using the freedom of navigation with military -- the military going forward, i think that the -- it's good to hear secretary mattis be clear that we'll work with our allies, build up our allies' military to fight against china saying they will do whatever they want for these islands. >> shannon: they've been unchecked over the last few years with respect to that. the top north korean official with the president, told he was going to drop off this letter from kim jong-un, and they ended up talking for an hour and a half. what does that say to you? >> it says to me the north koreans really want this summit. they've done a 180. as the trump administration has done a 180 as well. it was only a week ago we were talking about the summit is going to be canceled, going back to maximum pressure, now apparently maximum pressure is off the table and now we're back to the summit.
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really, this is all, you know, window dressing for the real question, has north korea decided to denuclearize. it doesn't look like they've made that strategic decision, with the evidence coming out today, that the explosions at the test site were nothing more than just theater. they really haven't done anything right now. >> shannon: i want to play something the president said today about how he views this playing out. here's what he said. >> i think the relationship we have right now with north korea is as good as it's been in a long time. they had no relationship under the previous administration. >> shannon: interesting piece today, the analyst was talking about the fact that the president will try to build a relationship, where he relates with these leaders and they become, quote unquote, friends in some way. how important is that relational aspect with a leader like kim jong-un? >> well, you know, kim jong-un
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is really a de spike al despot, unfortunately. the way he treats his own people. we have to keep that in the forefront of our minds. the flaurnorth koreans, this isr game. they will drag this out for years on end. so for them, that's probably music to their ears. what we really need to be doing is saying, up-front, denuclearization, show us evidence of that. otherwise we're just playing into kim's hands. >> shannon: what we heard from secretary pompeo over the last couple of days, and the president yesterday and again today, it sounds like they're managing expectations, that this could take weeks, months, years, not something that happens in one meeting. what do you think the expectation is going to be? because people know this has been a problem for decades. it's not going to get solved overnight. >> i don't think it's going to be solved overnight. our relationship is not going to be different overnight. but the question of whether they've decided to give up this weapons program is something
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they can answer, in relatively short order. removing the program, and dismantling that, of course, it will take more time than a few months. but we can't allow them to drag this out for years, because that will work to their advantage. they'll just wait until the next president, which they've done for 25 years. >> shannon: this president likes to get things done. he has said, if they're not serious, he's walking away from the table. we saw last week. i can't believe it's just 11 days away. anthony, thank you for joining us tonight. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein after firing james comey, coming to light because of ousted fbi official andrew mccabe's secret memos. katherine has details for us. katherine? >> shannon, the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who has oversight for the russia investigation is under pressure to recuse himself. fox news obtained this letter from lindsay graham.
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the special counsel probe led by robert mueller is investigating obstruction in the firing of james comey. when president trump fired comey a year ago, a memo drafted by rosenstein about the handling of the e-mail case. in today's letter, they asked the deputy attorney general whether he is a witness for the special council. when president trump fired director comey in may of 2017, he relied on a memorandum prepared by you to justify the firing. if so, should you recuse yourself from further interactions with the mueller investigation? after comey was fired, he testified to congress last year about the episode and what he described as shifting explanations from the white house. >> the president and i had had multiple conversations about my job, both before and after he took office, and he had repeatedly told me i was doing a great job and hoped i would stay. so it confused me when i saw on
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television the president saying he actually fired me because of the russia investigation. >> the justice department confirmed to fox they had the senator's letter. in a separate development, the long awaited inspector general's report looks to the fbi's decision making leading up to the 2016 election has been pushed off for at least a week. it's on the calendar for june 11th. >> shannon: katherine, thank you very much. days before california's massive primary, the reverend franklin graham, the son of the famed preacher billy graham, is speaking tonight in an unusual place, berkeley, california, after the violent attacks by antifa. antifa is planning to be there tonight for the christian rally. chris gallagher is here to tell us how it is looking tonight. trace? >> franklin graham is aware berkeley is among the most liberal places in the country, and trying to suede people to
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vote for evangelical candidates is a long shot. he made it known he came in peace. and did not come to judge. the 65-year-old preacher is, of course, the son of the reverend billy graham who passed away from march. unlike his father, franklin graham is taking on a bigger role in trying to get evangelical christian candidates elected to office. prior to berkeley, the reverend graham held rallies in southern california's more conservative areas, like the central valley. but regardless of the audience, the message is consistent. graham believes america is in trouble, because of a huge political divide. >> the election is over. i think we need to try to pull together, democrats and republicans, and we need to work together for the good of our kun there. >> there's also a certain irony about a conservative christian preacher holding his rally in a park named after cesar chavez. although some notices on social media called for demonstrators
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to protest the reverend's speech, the gathering appeared to be civil. a sharp contrast to the february 2017 scheduled appearance of right-wing speaker mileo, who was canceled when a group of left-wing protesters set fires, damaged property, and attacked members of the crowd. conservative speeches at uc berkeley by ann coulter and ben shapiro were also canceled because of clashing protesters. >> i'm not trying to turn the state red or blue or anything else. let's go penetrate the blue wall, not for politics, but the blue wall represents secular ism. let's penetrate the wall for jesus christ. >> tuesday night, the reverend graham will make a few more golden state stops, albeit in surroundings that promise to be a bit more welcoming. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much.
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the jungle primary in california means both political parties are scrambling. the top two vote getters regardless of partd will advance to the general election. the state democratic lieutenant governor and my next guest is a republican. new analysis from t"the sacramento bee" said there are more registered independents than republicans in the state. to break it down with the republican candidate for california governor john cox. great to see you again. >> great to be with you again, shannon. >> shannon: let's talk about these numbers. more than 250,000 folks have abandoned both the democratic and republican party. there's a boost to independent voters. it now means republicans are a third party? >> well, you know, i think that's a misnomer. now we have this jungle primary, not a closed primary. so your party registration really doesn't mean as much.
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i think the issue, shannon, is how are people feeling about the management of their state. and i'm telling you right now, the people of this state, i don't care if they're independent, i don't care if they're republican or democrat, they're upset about how the state is being managed. i talked to reverend graham this afternoon as a matter of fact, and he's out trying to get civility back in politics, trying to get corruption out of politics. that's exactly what i'm talking about. because the people of this state have the worst affordability, the worst quality of life. they just can't make it here anymore. and a large part of that is the mismanagement of this democratic majority in sacramento that is really giving this state away to the special interests. and that's going to end when i'm elected governor in november. >> shannon: so first you've got to get through the primary, the jungle primary we talked about. it doesn't matter which party, that the top two people in the polling in the primaries --
8:15 pm
could be two democrats, two republicans, independent, whatever. here's what house minority leader nancy pelosi had to say about how it works. >> this is terrible. it costs more money. it shuts out smaller parties. so i don't recommend it. >> shannon: she is against it. now we're seeing a number of races there in california in which democrats are either being forced out, so they don't get either one of the spots, or republicans are showing up like you in the governor's race. whose idea was this? >> well, it was a deal hatched actually by a deal between a kind of a very liberal republican and arnold schwarzenegger, and her fellow democrats in sacramento. they thought that they would be working out really well with this system. it's not worked out for them. it's kind of hilarious and rich to hear nancy pelosi say that.
8:16 pm
i would suggest nancy pelosi go to talk to some of those liberal billionaires like michael bloomberg and hastings, because they're making hash of this. they're spending millions of dollars gaming this, running ads attacking me trying to bring down my vote so liberals can get in the top two. they have two democrats. you know what? they're shocked because it's not working. there's a backlash to it because people are just smart enough to figure out that the liberal democrats are trying to game this thing. i'm fairly confident i'm going to be in the top two. then we'll have a real debate with gavin newsom. he wants to raise taxes, he wants to double down on the spending on the big government. i want to get this state to be affordable, open for business, reduce the tax burden, get rid of this awful gas tax. and make it so that people can survive in this state. >> shannon: we only have a few seconds left but i want to make
8:17 pm
sure to ask you about immigration. it's interesting the majority of people in california, regardless of party, aren't really excited about the sanctuary city policies the state has enacted, yet they keep electing progressive people who are enacting those policies. so where is the disconnect on that issue? >> well, they're going to have a big alternative in november, because i'm opposed to the sanctuary state. you know, the reason people don't like it, shannon, is they know what it means is that if our local sheriff has an ms-13 member in their lockup, they can't let i.c.e. know about it, immigration authorities. that's ridiculous. i don't want to live next to an ms-13 member, nobody does. we're talking about deporting criminal, illegal aliens, that ought not to be controversial. and that's why gavin newsom's sanctuary state policy is going toened in november when i'm elected governor. >> shannon: we'll have live coverage here on "fox news @ night." we'll check in to see how that
8:18 pm
goes on the road to november. >> thank you. >> shannon: thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> shannon: the president tweeted out a teaser early this morning, and the may jobs report lived up to the hype. with unemployment down to an 18-year low. >> we have some of the best economic numbers we've ever had as a nation. that goes a long way. it's something very special. >> shannon: friday night means night court. you, our jury will hear a break on traffic fines because they can't afford them. stay with us. you'll ask... what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels
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>> shannon: the number of americans now in the work force setting the ninth record under president trump, and just about every group is setting its own employment record. fox business network's edward lawrence is going through the jobs report for us tonight. edward? >> hello, shannon. the jobs numbers were much better than expected. in fact, the total number of people employed reached a new record high. the economy added 223,000 jobs in may. it far exceeded expectations. look at the number of jobs added to the economy over the last three months. we're talking about more than half a million jobs added in that time frame. the unemployment rate now sits at 3.8%. the last time it was that low,
8:23 pm
18 years ago, the razr flip phone just reduced. unemployment rates hit all-time lows again. unemployment rates for women 3.6%, a number none seen since 1953. >> lower tax rates, rollback of regulation, encourage and identifies business and workers. keep more of what they earn. fatter paychecks. listen, this stuff is working. >> democrats largely silent on the numbers, but they tried to change the debate to the rising prices under the trump administration. shannon? >> shannon: edward lawrence, thank you very much. the economy is booming, but big-time democrats say they're open to backing elizabeth warren who said the president's economic strategy is all wrong. "the new york times" running headlines like this, yes, i'm a socialist, why candidates are embracing the label in 2018.
8:24 pm
some call it the trump economic bump. democratic strategist dave brown and special assistant to president trump mark lauder. let's go over a little bit of what we heard this morning in the jobs report. 223,000 jobs added, 3.8% is where unemployment falls, lowest since 1969. there was one in april of 2000. african-americans, unemployment is down to 5.9%, the lowest in history. what do democrats do with that? >> this is the economy that barack obama built. we're in our ninth year of economic growth and expansion. >> shannon: you know he's not going to -- >> let me finish my point. this is obama's legacy. what's interesting about this is notwithstanding the fact that these job numbers are fantastic, republican poll numbers are still in the mud. democrats are leading on the generic ballot. >> shannon: but that's really
8:25 pm
tightened up. >> but look at the special elections, since trump took office, democrats have outperformed on an average of nine points across the special elections. if that is our performance in the midterms, we retake the house and the senate. >> it was 13 points at the beginning of the year, now three points according to the clear politics average. the right direction of the country number is now eight points higher when president obama left office, and similar to the numbers in 2012. republicans are sitting well. and this comes down to people have more jobs. they have more money in their pockets. and democrats opposed the things that have jump started this economy. if you look at the number of jobs created this year, on average, we are outpacing job growth from 2016, and 2017. this is what the president called rocket fuel, putting it in the economy. >> shannon: "the new york times," you read what they had to say today, they were using words like splendid and excellent. employers are leading more people to work, and fewer people to be unemployed and leading
8:26 pm
wages to rise. >> they had a good time at the source this morning. mark made a point that is very important. he said people feel better when they have money in their pocket. the reality is voters aren't going to vote on the basis of what a jobs report says. it's just number. they'll vote based on their economic well-being, and how they feel for their family. 40% of americans today couldn't afford an emergency that cost them $400. they don't have that cash. if you look at the average median savings per working families in this country, it's $5,000. so there's a lot of incredible economic insecurity. if you look at even -- take wage growth. we saw a slight bump in the numbers today. >> shannon: but it's up 3% over the past 12 months. >> sure. but workers have seen stagnant wages all the while ceo pay
8:27 pm
astronomical, 300%, 400% higher than -- >> when you look at the increases now, more money being in their pockets because of tax cuts, that democrats opposed, the president's republicans passed, look at the bonuses handed out to millions of workers and the fact that we have more jobs in our economy, which is going to put even more pressure on wages to go up -- >> except -- >> companies have to fight to keep the workers they have. >> i would have said money in the pocket, until the gas prices jumped. the gas prices have already eaten the tax break that the poorest americans received. who by the way are disproportionately affected by higher gas prices. 1% of americans received 84% of the benefit of the tax cuts. >> shannon: let's talk about tax policy center, which is nonpartisan. if anything, people thinks it leans to the left. 85% of americans were getting a cut under the tax cut, 10% were going to remain even, only 5% are getting a cut. >> when they said it's helped 1% of american taxpayers, getting about 83% of the tax cut --
8:28 pm
>> shannon: you know the percentage of the taxes they pay. >> if donald trump was sincere when he said this would be a tax cut for the middle class, why didn't he give a meaningful tax cut -- >> shannon: to 85% of america? >> there are teachers who haven't -- >> let's bring in mark in. >> at the end of the day, i think the democrats cried wolf on the economy one two many times. hillary clinton said the economy would tank because of the election of donald trump. the tax cut plan, americans see through it. they see there's more money in their pockets. this esee more jobs. they see more companies investing in their communities. and adding more jobs. that's why you see the right direction number going up in this country. people are more confident. they're going to show that when it comes down to an election in november, whether it's do you want to keep your tax cut -- >> shannon: you're talking about the crumbs, right? >> crumbs, armageddon, yeah. >> shannon: great to have you on
8:29 pm
a friday night. come back. three days after abc canceled roseanne, could a reboot already be in the works. there is a skeleton in the closet of this pundit. she's talking about it. with the iranian nuclear deal in limbo, it seems the regime in tehran, back up to its old tricks. stick around. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon... miralax is different. it works with the water in your body, unblocking your system naturally. save up to $7 on miralax. see sunday's paper. p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. kyle, we talked about this. there's no monsters. but you said they'd be watching us all the time. no, no. no, honey,
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8:34 pm
senator jm's heohn mccain's hea. good evening, leland. >> good evening, shannon. gone are the claims that hackers posted her inflammatory post, and now reid said she's sorry and a better person. i published my blog starting in 2005, i wrote thousands of posts in realtime on the issues of the day. there are things i deeply regret, things i would have said differently and issues where my position has changed. among those blog posts uncovered, the photoshopped picture of john mccain, uncovered by buzz feed, titled about i joy reid baghdad john strikes again, a reference to mccain's statement he would follow osama bin laden to the gates of hell. to her statement, to be clear, i have the highest respect for senator mccain and wish him and his family the best. the federalist in a post which she called wolf blitzer an aipac
8:35 pm
hack, saying he was promoting the interests of israel. the trade on 9/11 conspiracy theories wrote, there is no question in my mind al qaeda perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, or about israel's right to its sovereignty. from msnbc now, where she hosts the am joy program, some of the things written by joy on our old blog are hateful and hurtful. joy apologized publicly and privately and said she's grown and evolved in the many years since, and we know this to be true. joy reid had a long time to think about this apology. as you might remember, shannon, this started seven months ago when she said hackers were responsible for old blog posts that were blatantly anti-expressions of disgust toward men kissing. >> shannon: what is the media reaction to this? >> not perhaps what you would think it could be. from the "washington post," the
8:36 pm
fix, this was their headline, msnbc's joy reid is losing her standing, and here's a quote, a newsmaker appears to have offended the lgbt community, embraced alex jones and attacked senator john mccain. it's good to see joy, no fan of mine, starting to take responsibility for her past remarks. her apology should be accepted and given a chance to make it right and not fired. so far, the only person fired this week for their offensive musings as we've seen is roseanne barr. >> shannon: okay. usually one of the secondary things to come here is advertisers pulling from shows, boycotts. what's happening? >> with barr and reid, no advertisers pulled out. samantha bee is another story. auto trader and state farm pulled their advertising. advertising aides pointed out auto trader hasn't advertised on her show in a couple of years. president trump weighed in this
8:37 pm
morning about the comedienne who used the "c" word to describe his daughter. quote, why aren't they firing no-talent samantha bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show? that's okay, we're winning and will be doing so for a long time to come. the left has rallied around bee blaming of all people the president for lack of civility in her comments. >> shannon: we have reached a new place in our discussions, in our politics. >> everybody seems to be reaching a new place. >> shannon: time for where in the world. iran has not given up its pursuit of seeking technology, that could lead to the development of weapons of mass destruction. that is according to a german intelligence assessment reported in the german media, that found tehran's pursuit of optimized missile systems remains unchanged. sparking online outrage, accused of being tone deaf for a cover featuring the daughter of the
8:38 pm
late king fisel who enforced the ban of female driver's licenses. because her family was partly responsible for the ban, which will be lifted at the end of this month. the editor in chief defending the cover in a statement, saying, it highlights and discusses key issues related to womanhood in the arab world. locals reportedly thinking about suing netflix. it's the spanish island best known for the endless dance parties. netflix is carrying a new will farrell movie, the islanders say paints the beloved home in a negative light. the dance party, just about 22 minutes away. it will be on social media. meanwhile, amazon announcing it will block australians from the ecommerce website with a tax imposed on international online purchases. night court is up next. you are the jury. a north carolina law that
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8:44 pm
time for night court. on the docket tonight, jokes over the long lines and ir fewer yati yating bureaucracy. the poverty law center going after the north carolina dmv, that enforces a law that automatically revokes driver's licenses that doesn't pay fines. the poor casey anthony waste appreciate dollars on traffic tickets. they want the licenses revoked to be restored and the law blocked. let's talk about it with tonight's league will eagles, eric guster, and doug burns, former federal prosecutor. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> this is more widespread than i thought, this idea. there are other states that do it as well. the issue of revoked licenses in north korea, the number is more than 436,000, and nationwide according to the "washington post," more than 7 million people have lost their licenses under these kinds of scenarios.
8:45 pm
eric, what's the deal? >> they're being very unfair to poor people, and people who don't have a lot of money. because what they do is they'll put someone in court, say you're fined $400, you have 40 days to pay it. who can come up with $400 within a month to pay those fines. what they tell people, if you don't pay the fine, then not only do you lose your license, but then you get additional fines. so then that person can't go to work to get the money to pay the fines. it's a revolving door, almost like a debtor's prison which is unconstitutional. just like a debtor's prison to so many people who cannot afford these tickets. many of these courts, shannon, they don't even offer community service for these people, which would be a very fair option if it was offered. >> shannon: so this is part of what the aclu said in its court filing. the revocation scheme is in violation of federal law, taking away crucial means of self-sufficiency and further
8:46 pm
pushing them into poverty. doug, though, the number in north carolina, 436,000? i can't imagine that those are all cases where people have a poverty issue. are some people just deadbeats, not paying the fines? what do you do with this law? >> you totally read my mind. first a little context. 43 states currently have this type of statute, which, you know, results in revocation or suspension of a driver's license for failure to pay the fine. to your point, i understand what eric's saying, and he's right, if it targets somebody who shutly cannot pay the fine, that's one issue. mixing apples and oranges together, you also have the people who have the money to pay the fine and simply don't pay it. this is a class action. so it's going to be very interesting to see how many people fall into category "a," which is they have the money and aren't paying, or "b," as eric was saying, they simply can't pay. by the way, in the lawsuit, the notice gives them 60 days after the 40 days. when you get a revocation
8:47 pm
notice, it says you have 60 days to clear it up. in my experience, day to day, you can go to a court, cite hardship, make arguments, et cetera. >> shannon: you're talking 100 days total from the time of the judgment, or the license is gone for good if you haven't made any reparations. when i put this case out to social media, and our viewers who are the jury in these cases, there was a lot of tough love out there. people saying, if you can't handle this, don't drive a car, don't break the law, don't break the fines, or use public transportation. eric, how do you respond? >> shannon, this is not necessarily someone who is a drunk driving, these are speeding violations. a lot of people simply can't afford it. yeah, doug makes interesting points. but when you have so many people, for example on social security, who make only $1,200 or $1,400 a month, they can't pay it. what the courts are not doing is offering some other type of like community service or some other
8:48 pm
type of means for those who can't afford it. >> shannon: doug, i know that the aclu said, too, one of the problems they have is there's never a hearing. so there can be a determination about whether or not somebody can actually afford it. you guys know better than anyone, that the courts are so clogged, trying to get cases through, it's a really difficult thing. but doug, would you be open to something like that? another layer to this law that would say, then we're also going to hold a hearing to see whether you have the means to pay it? >> the real essence of the lawsuit, and i did scan through it, is not that you can't revoke my license for failure to pay the fine, but that the people are entitled to some type of hearing, or forum before a court to plead their hardship. i am amenable to that. >> shannon: we will see. we'll follow this. it's brand-new, just filed on wednesday. the folks at the dmv will look it over and publicly comment. eric, doug, have a great weekend. >> my pleasure. >> let's make a note, doug said
8:49 pm
i was right. >> shannon: duly noted. >> i said he was right about what? >> i missed that. >> i love it. >> shannon: gentlemen, thank you both very much. you the jury at home, send in what you think. your vote is the one that counts. have you heard of this thing called a kor morant? we're going to introduce you to an advanced new flying machine under development in israel. with implications for both the military and on the home front. and then, i'm just going to warn you, get out your tissues, the touching stories of the toughest fighters and one beautiful little girl. er's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, fighters and one beautiful little girl. of the toughest fighters and one beautiful little girl. of the toughest fighters and one beautiful little girl. y of the toughest fighters and one beautiful little girl.
8:50 pm
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cliberal gavin newsom from knows becoming governor. they also know chicago lawyer john cox has thirteen losing campaigns under his belt... and cox supports bad ideas like a 23 percent sales tax! california police officers and police chiefs stand with antonio villaraigosa. as mayor, he worked with law enforcement, and cut violent crime in half. antonio for governor.
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. . >> shannon: a new flying vehicle currently under development in israel. it could change the way people are rescued, not only on the battlefield but also at home. jonathan hunt has this story from los angeles. >> it is real, it is flying. and we are gooding to have it here in the united states in the next few years. >> reporter: this is it, the cormorant that could not only save american lives on battlefields a world away, but also on highways here at home. >> in order to maximize survivability in an accident, you need to get to that victim
8:54 pm
and get that victim evacuated and to medical attention within an hour. >> reporter: the idea for a vehicle that can go where helicopters can't was borne out of the 2006 israel hezbollah war, where it took on average 5 1/2 hours to evacuate wounded israeli soldiers. >> ground-to-air fire, because of the physical limitations of the helicopter's rotor, it cannot land in a mountainous or obstacle-rich area. >> reporter: it's designed and tested in israel. with keen interest and support from the israeli military. but the long-term plan is production to move to the united states, and for both pilotless and piloted models to be available, for both military and civilian emergencies. >> disaster response, nuclear, biological, chemical, decontamination, a dirty bomb in a city, rescuing people and so on, this aircraft can do all of that because it doesn't have the
8:55 pm
overhead rotors. >> reporter: they hope to be producing the cormorant by 2022. they call it a win-win for everyone. israeli technology, u.s. production, and potentially countless lives saved. shannon? >> shannon: thanks so much, jonathan. tonight, the hero. the 82nd airborne division. army specialist chris harris was killed while serving in afghanistan, days after learning he would be a father. christian michelle harris was born on march 17th, the same day her father's come practice trots came home. the photo shoot with the baby surrounded by the love of the 82nd airborne. it's gone viral after shared on facebook by chris' widow. she said this, it's precious to see those blue eyes again. we love to close our show out with those kinds of folks and those kinds of memories. send your heroes our way.
8:56 pm
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♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," if you've been paying attention to the news recently you may have noticed many of the biggest stories revolve around questions of race. increasingly in this country, race is the headline. just this week, roseanne barr wasnd fired and her show was canceled after she tweeted an attack on valerie jarrett that many described as racist. starbucks the coffee retailer closed more than 8,000 retail stores in order to reeducate its white employees about their unconscious racism. a bar in portland, oregon, hosted a reparations happy hour where nonwhite members drank for


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