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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," if you've been paying attention to the news recently you may have noticed many of the biggest stories revolve around questions of race. increasingly in this country, race is the headline. just this week, roseanne barr wasnd fired and her show was canceled after she tweeted an attack on valerie jarrett that many described as racist. starbucks the coffee retailer closed more than 8,000 retail stores in order to reeducate its white employees about their unconscious racism. a bar in portland, oregon, hosted a reparations happy hour where nonwhite members drank for free.
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msnbc aired an hour-long special that engaged in racism by stereotyping and entire people based on their skin color. >> the gentry fires of today their parents or grandparents ran away from the city to get away from black and brown people and now their children or grandchildren are saying there's only so many olive garden's i can go to, i need to go back to the city and get my life in the but when i do that i need to have my hot yoga studio and my pottery studio and my stuffnt representing. if you intrude on that, i will then call the police. >> tucker: more and more it feels like racial division is the subtext to virtually everything in this country, even topics that seem unrelated to ethnicity suddenly are raciallyd fraught. the effect of all that is a deeply angry and divided nation, but also a terrified one.
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many americans are scaredea to y what they really think about just about anything. one false word, you can be denounced on twitter and lose youriv livelihood. it happens, we see it all the time. best just to smile and nod and hope the witch hunt passes, how long do we have to win this way? joining us now is someone who has paid attention closely, a lawyer who serves on the u.s. commission of civil rights. thanks a lot for joining us. >> always my pleasure. >> tucker: even as the country becomes more diverse and that was promised we would make the country more harmonious, the country seems more on edge about questions of race, what is going on? speak out several things are going on but the overriding thing is a political narrative that is driven to enhance one argument, the site of one particular side. it has its genesis in two
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things. the first is the political imperative of getting democrats elected chiefly so we have a lot of this division on the basis of race because there are no policy prescriptions anymore. you don't hear any workable policy prescriptions, very few policy prescriptions, what you hear a lot of his identity politics. in 17 years, we haven't had more lucid conversations about race or identity, they've gotten increasingly sophomoric, they've gotten increasingly opaque and they are driven by an a historical narrative, one that doesn't have or very little bearing on what truly happened of the united states of america. fact of the matter is in my lifetime, matters off race and racial discrimination have gotten demonstrably better in ways we never could havetw imagined. if you look at the interaction betweenn individuals of races,
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they have never been better. but when you come to interactions between groups it's become hostile andnd toxic and it's a function of tryingg to gt certain groups to have an allegiance to a certain movement or certain party for political imperative. >> tucker: can i get you to back up for a second to said something i never thought of. the conversation is increasingly general and less specific. 30 years ago people might say in order to close the achievement gap in standardized testing we need to put more money into head start. now the conversation is this group is bad, it has always been bad, it will never get better, why are we hearing fewer solutions and we used to hear? >> i think for a couple of reasons. solutions are against having a political advantage. i think it's also because there is a tendency on the part of some to shut down others, to cast others as the other and
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that's for political imperative. you are afraid to say things that are demonstrably true. a couple of weeks ago we had a hearing at the u.s. commission of civil rights, police chiefs association you name it. the usual groups were there. the extensible spike in hate crimes since trump was elected. after everyone made these grand pronouncements about how horrible and horrific, we have no hard evidence of such a spike in the best data on this comes from the bureau of justice statistics which has shown -- there's been a decline in hate crimes. we have greater sensitivity, we have to ask yourself this.
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to some extent, it's because it helps the agenda of certain groups, uncertain individuals. >> tucker: you keep hearing we have an honest conversation about race, but i wonder after all these conversations if the country is becoming morere divi divided. maybe the evidence isn't workin working. >> i disagree that we are having conversations, we always hear that we have a conversation but what t a we get his harangues ad they usually come from one side and most decent people duck their heads and watch out for incoming fire. you know if you go to colleges, law schools almost any institution of higher learning, their only of certain acceptable opinions to have. they know precisely how to react in the context of a classroom
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debate ostensibly about race. there's only one acceptable opinion and you're not allowed to offer of their a opinions. >> tucker: it doesn't help anybody, i can see why they tried to shut you down. i'm glad that you can, thanks very much. great to see you. starbucks closed its retail stores, the assumption is that the white employees are racist because they're white but isn't that the racist assumption themselves? isn't it supposed to be a coffee shop? professor, thanks for coming on. i thought he said something really interesting a second ago, we talk lessio about solutions d more in general terms. people are upset about the racial climate, it's fair to be upset about that, why do they
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have so few stores in black neighborhoods? i think the biggest concentration of black new yorkers it's beds die in brooklyn, there is one starbucks there. you go to the upper east side there's a starbucks on every corner. if they want to make things different, why are the opening starbucks in black neighborhoods, wouldn't that do more than these conversations they're having? >> if you want to talk about that, i would say even better than that would be employing more african-americans and latino baristas and managers. i think that's probably a better solution than placing them in their neighborhoods. in many cases, that might actually lead to displacing some mom and pop shops and coffee shops that are independently owned, particularly ones by african-americans and latinos and asian-americans. i would agree with you there that there are substantive things they can do but i think this is absolutely a beginning, it was just supposed to start a dialogue, it's not supposed to solve all of the world's
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problems in four hours. >> tucker: it's clearly an example of something i've noticed a lot of recently which is collective blame. because you look a certain way, you're responsible for a certain set of historical sins, you must have a certain set of attitudes which is of course a racist assumption by definition. if you're going to approach this question, why not do it with the true assumption that racism is a human problem, bias, hatred, evil, human problems committed by all people, not unique to one group but that's not what starbucks is doing at all. >> one of the things is that's not starbucks experience. they have the arrest of those two gentlemen and other experiences of bias come it seems like it's pretty one-sided. they wanted to address that. >> tucker: hold on. >> hold on and let me finish this point. one of the things they wanted to
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dod which was to create a dialogue between people of different backgrounds. t it wasn't about to blame, that's one of the things that's missing when we have these discussions. people think that because you want to have a dialogue about race and history matters, i think we need to think about it thatat way. >> tucker: that's false. what our kids are being taught and what starbucks is teaching us is that certain groups are more racist than others and that's a lie as you know because all people are fundamentally the same and capable of great good and great bad. no group has a monopoly on racism in this or any other country. >> here's what i would say is that i do think groups have their biases absolutely but the difference isnc some groups have the power to enforce those
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biases and make things more difficult fordi others and discriminate against other people. >> tucker: people don't always act as groups. maybe i'm the liberal here but groups don't act according to directives. if all white people, all black people american indians don't get some message from hq. individuals act as individuals a lot. people are capable of racism but that's not the message that starbucks is teaching. >> one have two white men been arrested in a starbucks for being white?el >> tucker: i don't know about for being white come i don't know what that means. the point is you have had a lot of antiblack racism but that doesn't meane that everyone who is white shares a special burden
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racism because that assumption is itself racist. to get beyond this morass that human sin is universal and people aren't responsible for the actions of people who happened to look like them. and it's wrong, right? >> you have inferred more from this than i think starbucks is actually saying. >> tucker: no i haven't, let's not be disingenuous. i'm not inferring anything. i'm listening carefully to what i'm being told. >> okay, there is antiblack racism and when we are addressing that, sometimes that can come from anybody of any background. what we are trying to do is address some of the issues of anti-blackness, immigrant sentiment, we are trying to that.s there are times when african-americans discriminate against other african-americans based on the assumptions they have.
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i think addressing bias in trying to be antibias, were not trying to say this is just white people. >> tucker: that's exactly what you're saying and you know it. that's exactly what starbucks is saying, that's exactly what my kids teachers are telling them every day. let's be honest, i can't. professor, great to see you. >> always great, thanks. >> tucker: how safe is air travel, as not a question you think you would have to asken yourself. documents obtained exclusively by this show suggests the faa has dramatically lowered its standards in hiring for air traffic controllers dramatically in shocking ways. it shocked us and we do this for a living, we have details ahead it took guts to start my business.
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♪ >> tucker: prosecutors in the u.s. attorney's office interviewed jim comey and his former deputy andrew mccabe who was accused of lying of giving sensitive information to the media. meanwhile, the price tag on the mueller investigation keeps rising, $70 million. the andrew mccabe question, from our perspective not knowing all of the facts, does it seem
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cut and dry we know it's a felony to lie to the federal agent. that's one of the reasons martha stewart went to prison or general michael flynn pled guilty, we have read accounts that he lied to investigators at the fbi, why wouldn't he be charged? >> i think then expectation is that he will be charged. the problem facing mccabe, it was career officials that concluded that he had lied. one of the key witnesses was james comeyom himself. mccabe's lawyers went after him for his recollection. one of these individuals is not telling the truth or recounting the facts correctly. it's going to be hard to walk this line, the $17 million is a
9:19 pm
huge amount. the greater cost to the public is that we paid all of this money and we don't find out the truth, were not going to get what we paid for. i think the test is going to be will we be able to see the fact facts? the prohibitive cost and all of this will be lingering doubts and mccabe is a good example of that. if he is not indicted, they need to explain to us why and there might be valid reasons why. we need to know where this distinction is. >> tucker:ot there's a standard in which government officials get to like my james clapper committed perjury before the congress, he still in cable television, he's on twitter, now selling his book. prominent interior designer martha stewart goes to federal prison. am i imagining this or is there a double standard?
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>> that's long been the problem in washington, we have this animal farm where everyone is equal but some people are more equal than others. it goes before the obama administration, it's very hard to get high ranking officials or held accountable. they get very light treatment. klapper is an example of that. when he was confronted with the fact that he has given false testimony, he said that was the least untruthful thing i could have said. most people call that they live. you were in front of congress. a normal person wouldn't have that least untruthful option when they're trying to answer a question. >> tucker: i'm going to try that with the irs. just kidding to the irs, i pay in full. thanks for that perspective. former secret service agent andf
9:21 pm
nypd officer dan bongino has followed that, he joined just now. a question that has arisen in the last 48 hours with some urgency is when did the spying on the trump campaign begin and under what pretext? we know right now about that?d >> we know the timeline and the origin story of how this started has changed multiple times. we were initially told it was the activities of carter page that started to. then when the carter page saga fell apart, then they shifted to the george papadopoulos meeting with alexander downer in may. now that's changing again, they're trying tog go back to a 2015 story about british intelligence passing information. i lay that out to you to make one simple point. the fbi is hiding what i call paragraph one. when i was a federal agent and i had a credit card fraud case, when you write a report, wanted
9:22 pm
paragraph one say? bank fraud investigator called you on this day about a stolen credit card number and then the rest of the case follows from there. the fbi will not and refuses to tell people what paragraph one is and i think it's for a very specific reason. >> tucker: what do you think reason is? >> i was waiting for you to ask me that. were focusing on the pole, the information that was pulled out of the trump campaign. the spy, call him an informant, i'm not getting in the euphemism game. it's nonsense, i'm glad you've been hammering people on this because it's ridiculous. we've been focusing on how he's been interacting with trump's sphere trying to pull information out. the next shoe to drop on the one we havele been on while i've ben researching this case is how was the email information about the
9:23 pm
russian pushed into the sphere. it was fed by a maltese professor, way back in march. let me just drop a boulder on you. that professor has now disappeared. he was interviewed by the fbi in february. how comee the fbi let him disappear after interviewing him in february? >> tucker: that has the key to the whole story. that is the genesis story all of this russia stuff that has gummed up the gears of governments, all of this goes back to a multis professor it sounds nutty but it's true. and we don't know where he is, why don't we know where he is.
9:24 pm
do you think it's possible this was a set up from day one? >> i don't think it's possible were a betting man i would bet my right thumb on it, this is an entrapment operation. who specifically set it up and why is still an open question, it would be irresponsible. there's a lot of evidence leading to some very suspicious characters. you just asked a new posted to your audience the critical question. stopri for a question, who pushd the information that was pulled out later. we know the guy, let's just get to the bottom of it. the guy is nowhere to be found, he is in the land of the left socks. amazing how that happens. >>ou tucker: the whole thing is unbelievable, i almost had to take t to learn more because i
9:25 pm
want to sleep at night. dan bongino, thank you for that. joy reid is apologizing for a blog post, recently she says were written by hackerss surreptitiously. how about the fbi investigation into this, where did that go? all of that next. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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spoon all week we've been telling you about the joy reid you never knew, she once had very different views and they been revealed by discovered excerpts. she once complained immigrants were taking jobs, she described lou dobbs as her ideological twin on immigration. she told democrats to spend less time attacking white people, she also compared john mccain to the virginia tech shooter and she sprayed 9/11 conspiracy theories. she commented on some of those blog posts, watch. >> spent a lot of time trying to make sense of these folks, i hired a cybersecurity folks, the reality is they haven't been able to prove it. here's what i know. i genuinely do not believe i wrote those hateful things. >> tucker: we assume that she once again would continue to blame these new set of opinions on a mysterious fake hacker but
9:30 pm
this time she admitted the truth and it said she's sorry, good for her. it's better not to lie so much. there's at least one outstanding question that hangs in the air, whatever happened to that fbi investigation, they were still pretending the blog posts weren't real and were t committd by vladimir putin. is that fbi investigation ongoing? with the penalty for using federal law enforcement to perpetuate a hoax? 's nbc news going to payback american taxpayers? joining us now as a man who is considered these questions, larry o'connor. good for joy reid for telling the truth, they did order of this fbi investigation -- are you allowed to do that and perpetuation of a hoax which is what they did?
9:31 pm
>> i checked with a couple of former department of justice officials and they said that's kind of a federal crime make again knowing false report to the fbi. no one knows how much of our government resources have been spent on investigating aou hoax now that the fbi isn't spending so much time investigating political opponents of barack obama, one thinks theyha would like to chase down some serious crimes and not just joy reid's fantasies to cover her own butt. her lies reinforced by her network were all to just cover her up, it was to make her look good and protect her job. apparently she didn't have to because nbc is going to stand by her no matter what. >> tucker: i'm all for networks standing by their anchors. all people are decent and forgiving, i think most people think it's okay.
9:32 pm
what is not okay is to waste our time and our resources of federal law enforcement perpetuating alive. there are a lot of people who do that, they are never p prosecut. she won't be prosecuted to pretty. shouldn't nbc have to repay that money? >> i'm all for radio networks forgiving there, let's have that on the record. i think nbc has to answer for a couple of things here, they were part of this project they circulated this report from joy reid's expert, cybersecurity expert that she had been hacked. that damages their brand because they are in the business of fact-checking everybody they disagree with. it's time for them to come clean, this was all bogus and it was wrong. there needs to be transparencyo there. at the very least whatever this ends up costing the federal government, they should repay that money.
9:33 pm
>> they leaked the access hollywood taped to "the washington post," we know that they did it for political reasons and they've never admitted that. >> they're going to do a thorough investigation. they made a lot of noise about that thorough investigation. >> tucker: still trying to find the real killer. the boy scouts of america are no more, they are now scouts bfa. if micro joinsmiked joins us how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander
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9:38 pm
is now the scouts -- gender neutral. mike rowe was an eagle scout, he now hostt facebook's number one show called returning the favor, we spoke to him recently. thanks a lot for joining us, you are famously an eagle scout as a boy, the scouts are no longer the boy scouts but simply the scouts. what is your response to that? >> it's funny you should ask because no less than 10,000 people have asked me that very question over the last month on my facebook page. distinguished eagle scout if you are keeping score, it was very touching. i'm watching what's happening carefully, i've sent 50-55,000 letters out over the last ten years to other eagle scouts and i think the country needs the scouts. i think the country needs to
9:39 pm
feature farmers of america and a skills usa, and 4h desperately, now more than ever. it does concern me to see all the confusion swirling around the organization, but like so many wounds unafraid many of these are self-inflicted. i think some of the confusion im legitimate. i read to their official statement, while girls are being welcomed in, i didn't read anything about integrated camping trips or group meetings. i think it is a play to compete more directly with the girl scouts and i understand why the girl scouts are upset but since when is competition a bad thing? character development and leadership development have never been more important than they are today so my hope is that the boy scouts assume the opportunity that is presenting itself and become an antidote for the safe space environment that is out there and push back a littleit bit.
9:40 pm
not to sound like the angry guy under neighbor's porch yelling at the kids on the lawn but when i was in the scouts and somebody four and 75, it wasn't a safe space in the basement of our church. if you go home with a blood he knows sometimes or a black eye, we had a boxing ring. it was a vibrant place where you really could test yourself and fail in a way that on the one hand made you safe enough to attempt but on the other hand you didn't try to check every box and please every single person. it's a tough time. i'm sympathetic for the leaders but i'm afraid you've got to draw the line somewhere and be very clear on what you stand for as well as against. >> tucker: you don't see this as the end of something. >> i don't know. you either evolve or you die but at the same time i think people are confused because the scouts simply haven't come out and said
9:41 pm
categorically what they are for, right? i think this conversation touches on every single hot point right now going on in popular culture from tolerance to acceptance which by the way, i'm not sure what the difference between those two things is anymore but they usedhe to be aa big difference. the last time i was on we talked about this. we talked about the idea that everything is being informed by a safe space culture or everything is being informed by people who want to be challenge challenged. i think people are desperate to be challenged and my hope for these youth based organizations that help preach character is that they look for people who want to be challenged and not curry favor so much with those who want a nice reassuring pat on the head. >> tucker: that's how the episcopal church died.
9:42 pm
[laughs] great to see you, thank you for that. >> be prepared, anytime. >> tucker: we all know that diversity is our strength, is it also the key to being a good air traffic controller? the faa thinks so and it's change the entrance requirements accordingly, you should know that. we have the details next need something printed? the business advisors at office depot can assist with exactly what your business needs to grow. get your coupon for 20% off services, technology and more at office depot and technology and more ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. find thenah.ote yet? honey look, your old portable cd player. my high school rethainer.
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only marshall tuck will change that. year after year, policians fail to improve public schools. tuck turned around failing schools, raising graduation rates 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. ♪ >> tucker: it's hard to think of a tougher or more important job thann being an air traffic controller, at any one timere there are about 5,000 aircraft
9:47 pm
about the united states. on 9/11 air-traffic controllers and guided every one of them to a safe landing in a little over an hour, try that. it's the kind of job or even a small mistake can lead instantly to the deaths of hundreds of people. not surprisingly, the hiring standardss for air traffic controllers were long among the most selective of all federal jobs. applicants typically needed to complete military service or pass the collegiate training initiativetr program, they sat r a specially designed exam to test for math ability and complex problem-solving. only those with the highest scores made the cut. the system was designed to choose the best and for decades it worked. then during the obama administration activist bureaucrats decided the pool of air traffic controllers wasn't diverse enough. they never explained why diversity ought to matter in air-traffic control or why it wasn't more important than traditional goals like confidence in public safety.
9:48 pm
without a vote they scrapped the old hiring system and replaced it with a diversity friendly version. most people have no idea thisfr happened. those who answer the questions in the way that diversity monitors don't like cannot be considered for hiring no matter how much experience they have or how well they may do on the other portions of the testing. the questionnaire is all important. what is in this biographical questionnaire, we can answer it because we have a copy of it and we have information on how it is scored. it's shocking. one question asks testtakers to say what their worst grade is in high school. you get ten points for being bad at science. another question asked but worst
9:49 pm
history. the best answer to that question is you haven't worked it all in the past three years, you get ten points for not working. unemployed people make the best air-traffic controllers, this is demented but it's real. so did applicants who played a lot'r of sports, they are reward too. by contrast applicants who said they know a great deal about aircraft control get a lot of points. trained pilots get two points. applicants who haven't worked it all, who have been unemployed for the past three years get ten points. pilots, two points. this is insane and it's dangerous. it's also indefensible. the response "i'm trying to find that out as well." not trying very hard, we haven't heard back with a real explanation and we won't because
9:50 pm
there isn't one, other than shut up, diversity. this is too important. michael pearson is representing a man suing the faa for their updated hiring practices. why would the faa award extra points for incompetence in science for example? >> the biographical assessment was made to screen out people with experience. it wasn't meant in any form that i can find including looking over many documents we had to fight the faa for that they kept hidden to answer that question. the test was basically meant to screen out people with aviation experience. did a pretty good job of portraying some of the questions and answers.
9:51 pm
>> tucker: were not talking about hiring a sociology professor or some other totally irrelevant job, were traffic tag about air-traffic controllers, one of the linchpins of the public safety and aviation. why would they want someone with less relevant skill for air-traffic controllers? >> a group within the faa including the human resources, including thee national black coalition of employees, it was too white, a concerted effort to change that and quite frankly they are sacrificing and have sacrificedfi safety at the altar of political correctness. it offends the conscience but also federal law and we are exposing that.
9:52 pm
>> tucker: why would this go on without anybody in elected office saying anything about it? i'm hard to shock s because i do this stuff for a living, we are lowering the standards and intentionally hiring people who are less competent for one of the most critical jobs in the federal government -- lives are hanging in the balance. why would no one in congress do anything to stop this? >> our law firm filed the initial lawsuit and then the group of schools got together over 30 collegiate training institutions and went to congress. they have held hearings on this. the problem is that the union controls a large and nothing will gets passed without the blessing of the controllers union. their position changed when the obama administration came in --
9:53 pm
i'm not saying it lightly, i was an air traffic controller for almost 27 years along with being an attorney at a professor. when i say these things is not based on experience, it's also based on documentary evidence and proof i have. everyone flies including members of congress who fly quite often i think the ones that heard this story were offendedff by it and it's in their backyard. this is not a partisan issue quite frankly because it's the safety of the national airspace that that risk here. i can tell you from training well over 100, probably 300 controllers in my lifetime that there is a difference. this is akin to the veterans administration hiring doctors and trying to tell the public that the best position is one that never went to medical school and the va could train them better. that is what has occurred here.
9:54 pm
the mainstream media has not covered this and has covered up this issue and has not revealed what is going on and it's a shame. it is not only shameful, and again sacrifices public safety. >> tucker: the people in public safety are such cowardly worms they wouldn't come on and defend this. a rhetorical question, did the obama administration ever show with data that somehow increase diversity would make the public safer? >> absolutely not and there's public data that says it's a total farce and incorrect. there is no data to support that, this is social engineering at its finest at the sacrifice of public safety. >> tucker: it's demented and we are going to ride this until it's made right because lives are at stake and were not overstating it. thank you very much, the knowledgeable person on this. we'll be right back it took a wh.
9:55 pm
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>> tucker: we started tonight's show with a statement about race that is an uncomfortable topic and some what unresolvable. a lot of us would be grateful if we were allowed to talk about it less. the elites will not let us. they never stop. the people does it and people in charge do it. it is bad and makes people hate each other and why do they do it? simple. it is a strategy to divide and conquer. it is easy to run a country for your own benefit if it is separated with tribalism. there a book coming out this fall. mostly lessons learned from the show. and the segments we do. we hope you like it. that's it for us.
10:00 pm
the weekend is coming. tune in every night every monday for a show talking about this. have a great night and weekend. see you soon. >> sean: welcome to hannity. tonight we have incredible and will amazing news on three major fronts. buckle up tonight. the june 12th summit with north korea is officially back on. a huge development and earlier today, a top deputy from the hermit kingdom hand delivered a letter from kim jong-un to president trump. we'll tell you what we know about the letter tonight. and also tonight president trump is succeeding in a massive way. bad news for democrats here at home because the economy is wooming. 3.8 percent unemployment.


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