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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 1, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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i hope you have a great weekend. let not your heart with troubled. we'll see you monday. laura ingraham is next. >> laura: good evening from washington, i am laura ingraham. this is the ingraham angle. what a way to wrap up the week. it has been wild and we'll tell you why the f.b.i. version of the events in the russia broeb don't add up. and what is it like to be targeted by obama's prosecutors? and former attorney general michael mu cases and how the trump's pardon much d'souza exposes the government's out of control prosecutor. and we'll tell you who samantha bee really blames for the insults of ivanka trump. and we'll reveal her outrage out comments and also ann coulter is
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here on details of how msnbc's joy reid came after her and someone else you might know. and larry kudlow is here to respond to critics on trump's bold trade moves. but first try to unlock a mittry. why doesn't the russia investigation time line seem to add up. and solomon's latest piece on the hill points out key discrepancies. the f.b.i.'s most senior counter intelligenceeges visited london in the first week of may 2016. days after australian diplomat alexander downer met in london at a bar with george papadopoulos who revealed that russia had dirt on hillary clinton. and then trump campaign advisor carter page was contacted by an associate of an apparent informant in june.
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but not until july 31st did the f.b.i. launch its counter intel investigation. john solomon discovered that the f.b.i. violated its own rule by using informants before the investigation was ever launched. so why were f.b.i. informants contacting trump continues about russia long before the russia probe was open? something else that doesn't add up. whether a key player was an f.b.i. informant or somewhere closer to a russian spy. reporter lee smith who wrote a important piece on that entitled the maltese phantom of borussia gate. and lee is here to describe how russia gate began. we are joined by kevin brock who super vised the rewroting of bureau rules gocherning sources that was a decade ago under the director bob mueller. it is great to see both of you.
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to listen to all. key figure and intel chiefs, this was all done by the book. these informants, normal course of business. i want to play for you something that both clapper and brennan said this week. le's watch. the inform apt is the most benign form of intelligence collection you can do. >> to label someone as a spy i think when doing a disservice to the individual says and also the f.b.i. having a confidential human source who is able to then talk to individuals who may be concerting or collaborating or colluding with russian and others, this is what the f.b.i. absolutely needs. >> well, it's true that using a confidential source can be a routine investigative technique. but it is not denine and the attorney general guidelines that. >> laura: that you helped to rewrite. >> we reengineered all of that
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and coordinated with the doj to make sure the reengineering. source program was going to cop port with the attorney general guide leans. they are that important. and an f.b.i. agent can't go out and open up the source gather information willie- nilly and they have to abide by the guidelines and particularly the counter intelligence investigations and even more particularly when you direct your source toward an american citizen. >> laura: what has to be in place? this is where the importance much john solomon's article comes into play. if the f.b.i. opened a source, or tasked a source to gathser information, particularly from a u.s. person, before opening a formal investigation, then that would be in violation of the guidelines. i am not saying that is what happened here but we don't know all of the facts. >> laura: if you had to guess
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and you are being diplomatic, what is your gut here? you have seen a lot in your career and history. we are missing documents and keep months of missing here in the document trail here. >> right to get to the source documents is important for congress. they should be asking for the identity of the source. but when did you open the source and how did you task the source and what was the timing. investigation. >> laura: you been on this and writing important stuff. we'll get into the character and another oddity in all of this. but what about the timing of this investigation? the process can be bore and what does it matter and why? >> well because of the fib abe's suppose wouldly officially opening up the investigation july tlopst. and we're seeing a lot of dates that seem to predate july 31st. . and one of the things that i am
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looking at not only the investigation. but also the press campaign as well. the press cam 59 preseateded july 30th-onest. by at least a month. >> laura: what do you mean press campaign. >> in is the way the obama administration typically work would. they did it with the iran deal. there was a intelligence component and a press campaign as well. that's how the obama administration worked. those two things happened they were political operations here. i think they looked at the spying and when clapper and brennan get on tv and say spying is the highest form of patriotism, i think we're paying a little too much attention to the spying. there is a larger political operation to dirty the trump campaign. >> laura: the text messages that we have seen thus far and more are trickling out. there is a lot of interest in the white house as to how this was proceeding.
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now defining what it was still remains to be seen. >>. >> laura: but the strzok- page text, they want to be apprised of what was going on. what was the likelihood that susan rice oor obama or ben rosen had any idea it was going on? >> i think it is highly unlikely. my importance is mainly through the iran deal. when russia gate popped up i know what it looks like. it is not just simply in the f.b.i. or doj. >> laura: this could have been cross- intelligence agency and dia, cia, f.b.i. or management who knows at this point? >> i don't think we know exactly who yet. but one thing i come back to is when john brennan is screamingality james comey through harry reid testifying him to get on this and look at
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trump- russia connections, i think that points to the fact that john brennan may have a hand in this. >> laura: we find out that the initial reporting about george papadopoulos and the first contact he had with alexander downer where he said the australian diplomat, where it was initially reported that there are thousands of lost emails that russia has from the clinton campaign. it turns out he gave an interview, he said they have dirt. gosh the trump campaign official said he knew before this was released and the emails came to the public domain, he said that sounds really bad. that's not what he said. he said, they have dirt. >> he said damaging information to the clintons. this is all very interesting and you asked earlier what my gut feeling is.
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what doesn't sit well in the gut of a retired f.b.i. executive and many agents right now, is that the investigation was initiated and run as well as the clinton e-mail investigation out of headquarters. by headquarters management personnel. >> laura: what does that mean to people watching right now. out of headquarters versus field office. >> i can't words sufficient enough to explain what anab% anomaly ha is. in mine professional experience i don't remember that ever occurring it is for the f.b.i. away from the heat of washington poll if i cans for a good relationship. to have a case run out of headquarters by a few, a cadre who were both prepping investigations, is incredibly unsxushl so it starts to raise questions about did they conduct the investigation in accordance with the attorney general guidelines which would have been done routinely in the field. >> laura: final thoughts
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quickly. >> i think what we are seeing. john solomon's excellence piece and extrasle's excellent piece, there are a lot more questions that remain to be answered. >> laura: that means documents have to be turned over and perhaps things need to be declassified more. and what is it like to be target by your political beliefs of the fut force of the federal government. we'll ask the man, d'souza. thanks for being with us. boy, this pardon set off a fire storm of freak outs among the people on the left. and today, we had an especially big freak out from a former obama u.s. attorney, barbara mcquayed on msnbc this morning. le's watch. >> it concerns me not only is he violating the norms, but he's painting a narrative that is convenient and sensitizes that
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the public and the government is unfair to people and that is it long- term damaging conness to the criminal justice system. >> the left has freaked out moreover my pardon than maybe any other. i was watching something on cnn, earlier today and yesterday. they were saying how dangerous that it is it that i got the pardon. and i was thinking about that and i know what they are getting at. it is dangerous to them. it is dangerous to their ideology. and dangerous in a way that other pardons, think of the clinton pardon of mark rich. you got a guy who is an international arm's trader and possibly a tax fraud, victim of would in all kinds of rackets, but he's not dangerous to the idea at cnn. in facts, he helps to support progressive causes and he gives money to the clenton foundation, i on the other hand, am
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a nonwhite immigrant who came to america with $500 in my pocket and exposing the whole progressive ideology. in am dangerous in that way. they are rit after that. >> laura: media and never trumpers are questioning why this occurred and lets's watch. >> what do you think about this? >> i think it is it the power of the presidency needs a get out of jail free card and this is it a self style would conservative entlengthual who has been a twitter troll for a long period of time and appealing to all of the worst instincts and conspiracy conspiracy theorys. >> i never allege would any conspiracy of anyone. what i've done is exposed the sordid history of the democratic and exposed obama. obama would not have indicted me
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if i didn't make a film that deeply upset him. i didn't just go against his ideaog. i kind of got into his head. sometimes people say what makes you think obama saw your fwum movie. the reason i was thinking about he attacked me on personal website he was a na rcissistic president who recruited eric holder and carry his water for him to go after me. >> laura: cnn subscribed to the liberal ideology, dinerb. we are alt- right. you notice how that changed. you are not conservative and win nothing the arena of ideas. you are alts- right or xenophobic and i love it when they call you racist it is it
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a way to avoid the debate. i went to dartmouth college. they were trying to avoid the fundamental debate of greatest of western civilization and how off track they have been on so many issues, the decline of true entlengthual thought and diversity of thought. they didn't want that debate. they wanted to shut down frankly you down or even this show. >> here is a tiny detail about my case that is it so revealing. the clinton appointee judge who said there is no political targeting here. as part of the sentence, he sentences me to mandatory psychiatric counseling. what about my case? i have given to which money to a candidate and a college friend of mine rounding for office. i am not jeffrey da hmer. and i didn't put bodies in the
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fridge? why do i need psychiatric counseling. it is it a progressive view that i am not just one but i am some how crazy and people not only require persuasion but therapy. and the judge was super frustrated and threw up his hand and said the reeducation has failed and he cannot be psychological rehal billitated. >> laura: may should have water boarded you. that would have been a enhanced interrogation they would have supported on the left. i also want to get your thoughts on xhoents made by steve bannon. he's been over there in italy, but he seemed this regarding the mueller investigation. >> i am a big proponent. i said don't fire comey. i said he's a combat marine and
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that ought to play out as it is going to play out. >> in fairness i don't know what to make of it. i would say actually mueller was the head of the f.b.i. when my case first surfaced and the congressional oversight committee has been trying to get my f.b.i. file and couldn't. and then final leap they got it redacted and in i.t. identifies me as a prominent critic of obama. i think that is interesting. why is it in my file. and why highlight mine poll teches? i think because the mueller f.b.i. was signaling to the justice department, the holder justice department, he is a guy who is it a political dmms and a guy you may want to do go after. this is what the left sdo does behind closed door and this is why i am dangerous to them. and in am not an ordinary
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conservative but somebody they would ultimately like to see locked up. >> laura: well, they've seen and tried to silence conservative before. they have shut down speakers and you have had problems on college campus it is and obviously ann coulter has been problems much being allowed to speak or participate. and now in the obama era, dinerb, that. as a detectic and intimidation. and familiaring a fox news reporter. cheryl atkinson her computer was broken into. and these are tactics that go beyond the stuff that we normally think of. they are adopting the tactics. old soviet union. it is stunning. >> >> there's a deep levelful lying and disciples. you know obama and hillary
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clinton were discipems of sal linski. >> what is happening to the democrat party. >> to me the party is rotten to the core. and what is holding it up is not the democrat party, by its own weight is collapsed. it is susdaned by people much acchemmia and left in the media and left in the entertainment industry. the left controls these three megaphones of our culture and they can put out lies and disinformation as long as that continues they are homing up the democrat party and the cover up artist for the party. >> laura: dinesh thank you for givening us the first prime time interview after the pardon from president trump. >> and mckasey is here with us.
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this is critical to understand what the swamp is trying to do to president trump with that russian probe. stay right there. mukasey
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>> laura: you >> laura: you just heard dinesh d'souza tell us about the horrors of the obama
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administration which i asked mike mukasey about. judge mukasey thank you for joining us. we just heard my interview with dierb cuccinelli about the horrors of the political prosecutions what he knowledges by the obama administration and his experience certainly has some implication i think for the russia investigation as we look at the unholy alliance of f.b.i. director jim comey and the doj prosecutors. what do you beening the run away prosecution that we are concerned about? >> in a normal course that case would have been prosecuted with the outcome being a fine. it's not one of the brighter chapters that he participated in prosecuting this in the way they he did. we'll e we've had a couple of other ding and debts, but that was i think a pretty substantial one. >> laura: judge mukasey, adam
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schiff said the pardon of dierb cuccinelli is a transparent effort by the president to signal to others, look if you do right by me, i'll do right by you >> it is a further evidence of a corrupt attempt on the president's part and obstructing and in the firing of comey and other efforts as well and it looks like a message to michael cullen who may be also implicated in exceeding cam 59 limits with that stormy daniels payment and further announce by the president that he may pardon martha stewart. it is nothing about transparent. >> they say the same thing every time he issues a pardon or makes a statement, it is a signal and a dog whistle.
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and the proskulgz of cuccinelli -- prosecution of d'souza was unjustified and martha stewart was dubious. and the blaingojecivh. he served six year and that's a judgment call and certainly not pardoned. >> laura: let's talk about what john brennan has been up to and now a commenter on another network and form former top intel official of the u.s. government. >> i think mr. trump his demonstrated a parnoia and insecurity as well as a real concern about the investigation that is underway. certainly his tweets do not seem like thaifr coming from a person much innocence and confidence. >> my reaction is, ordinarily would be that john brennan was
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director. cian and maybe should be told to stick to his day job. the trouble is given what we were finding out about his day job, including the informant in to the trump campaign maesh we are better off with him as amateur pundit. he is projecting his own views if i may be a amateur psychiatrist on to the president because he's going to have a lot to answer for when we are told about what the cia was doing and his put into the trump campaign. >> we talked about this on the radio this morning, judge. you mate a great point and this is why you are so smart. who paid this informat. who
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paid? >> i understand. his history was as a cia as set. being put in an f.b.i. investigation is odd. you understand these two agencies number one don't share their toys very well and aren't supposed to. the cia is supposed to look in an out ward direction and not doing anything in the united states. and the f.b.i. conducts intelligence investigation in the united states and for him to be put in to essentially an f.b.i. investigation, i would like to know how that happened and who coordinated and and paid him and how that was arranged. >> laura: barbara mcquayed is a former u.s. attorney appointed by barak obama and she said the following today >> i think today's news about
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michael cohenis what he expects in an attorney general. he wants a pit bull and someone who will protect him and be aggressive in defending his interest and no matter what. being loyal to the president trump as opposed to the mission and that is a motivation and a crime. >> for her to comment on what president trump expectation are when the attorney general served in the bum pumadministration eric holder referred to himself as the president's wing man strikes me as pretty reach. >> laura: you were a attorney general. talk about the relationship between a president and the attorney general people are making it out to be a crime that president trump wanted an attorney general whose first instink it was not to recuse himself. now the recusal issue is something we have talked about before. if i were the president i would
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not be tweeting i wish i wouldn't have selected jeff sessions. i don't know what he thinks that gets him. that how he feels. why am i appointing you attorney general if that is the first thing you do recuse yourself. >> well the circumstances kind of caught up with jeff sessions and the president. and he may be he didn't have to because the investigation at that point was a foreign intelligence and not a criminal investigation. but cue in large measure, it became a criminal investigation and at that point regulations required that jeff sessions recuse himself for the president to suggest that somehow jeff sessions should have had the gift of prophecy and known the situation would develop that way and for him claiming he is have
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appointed somebody else is inane. it doesn't serve his interest particularly when he's got an agin place in the person in jeff sessions who is pursuing his agenda and very effectively bringing in m- 13 cases and concluding a huge antitrust settlement and effectively running the justice department. i think he ought to quit complaining that. >> laura: former attorney general of the united states. mr. mukasey thank you very much, you may have suspected samantha bee's apology to vining vining trump was not that much. with little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse.
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that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for, then we all get a little closer.
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>> laura: time for friday follies.
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is that >> laura: it is time for friday follies. that looks beaten up. it shows why samantha bee's apology is fake. you will not believe what she said behind closed doors. here's what she said. raymond, this was a television award ceremony. what great timing. >> this is from the television academy that grants the emmys and they gave samantha a special award for social actism and lifting society. this is a woman who told ivanka trump you are a feckless c word and you are wear something tight and low cut and your father will change your immigration policies. she had to apology for that. we have a transcript.
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we spent the day wrestling with the repercussions of one bad word when we should have been incensed that we are wrenching children from their parents. it was not one word. it was the context that somehow ivanka trump should tart up to get her father's attention and that was not addressed at all. >> laura: and the fact that ivanka trump was holding up her infant son. that was an affront. she trashed me let me hold it up. she trashed me for that. >> play that clip. we don't want to give it the light of day. and so she continues to be present, claiming she's 0 and move on to a political.
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who died and made her head of -- >> she is calling a woman and reducing the woman to a genitalia and with a horrible word. now the president started tweeting. naturally, his daughter was attacked here. why aren't they firing no talent samantha bee for the horrible language used on the low rating show. a total double standard. that's okay. we're winning and we'll be doing so for a long time. >> laura: i like win suggest capitalized. not clear why bullpen i will take it. >> brian jumped in to this and claimed that the president has gone too far. let's watch. >> it seems brian the president's following coconservative pundits jumping on the double standard bandwagon. >> we hear it every day on the favorite fox news talk show.
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there is it conservative victim head and they are treated and roseanne barr twreeted worse than samantha bee. >> they make it like the president is to be the foul mouth. they will exist before and after trump. the president took her beat. samantha bee's ratings are down by almost half. >> he's winning on the economy and trade and focus on the substance and who cares. >> but can he obama's the time year like the extended west wing portrayed the national security, and john kery and samantha power and ben rhoeds here is a clip much that documentary. >> we have to make sure it is it hardler to dismantle in the event we take a different turn.
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>> we came outside to try to process all this. it is it a lot to process. i can't put it into words. i don't know what the words are. >> ben rhoddes after the hill hail defeat. the boston globe wrote this team's ideaism are enough to make you weep with all that has gone missing. >> laura: i focused on samantha powers unmarvinging individuals every day making it harder to dismandel and meaning the foreign policy, and iran deal's gone and what else. >> climate change. >> and cuba. those are the three bench mark things and on a day when north korea brought it to the white house. it is it hard documentary to swallow. >> laura: i would have loved to
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sit next to ben on the sidewalk. >> i can't speak. >> laura: i have to take a moment. >> i am going to take a moment. >> andan an coulter has while new info on joy reid's nasty blog, next.
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>> laura >> laura: wouldn't you know comedian samantha bee is suffering no consequences for
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her attack on ivanka trump and the it applies to joy reid. over the last few weeks hateful nasty blog posts by reid have all surphased. she apologized for the most, but the network said she evolved and her show remains on the air. one of reid's targets is here ann coulter. none of this surprises you. we are accustomed liberals can say whatever they want about minorities, jews and get away with it. >> it actually went up on daily caller, she was wishing for you and me to left in the public square in iraq, which i think is interesting because i agree, i wouldn't want to go to a majority muslim country. i don't know why liberals want
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to turn this country into those countries. but you consider that really the worst thing to do to us and in a separate post she retweeted someone suggesting that i don't know if it was just me or both of us kill ourselves and always popular calling me a man for a beautiful swan- like neck. liberal women as long as we are being frank don't have that because they have recommends of fat on their neck and taken aback by my beautiful swan- like neck. that is nasty things posted by liberals it shows they just wanted to get rid of roseanne. i have been told my entire life. oh, no newspapers and tv stationses are just trying to make money and whatever the public wants. no it isn't. liberals say much, much worse things butch they are part of the political agenda and the
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reason they wanted to fire roseanne. ment i mean, sheep used to be a left wing loan and became a trump supporting still kind of a loan but had a wildly popular program and apparently was popular with trump supporters whom they enjoy calling racist>> laura: they are trying to reboot the calm with just her daughter. i would be up for that? and half of the country voted for trump and all of these people are looking for something that doesn't offend them on a minute by minute basis. and so, that's all it was. it was not all that political of a show. but the producer and people behind the show were tired of having to answer for it in social events in l.a. or malibu. this is a nice kind much ugly way of saying we can go back to
11:43 pm
doing business as normam, ann. >> right, right. i never saw the old show or new show but she was getting ratings like we haven't heard of for 20 year and to be dumping that show because of crazy tweets she was sending? she has always sent crazy tweets. this is it nothing new. i mean, you know, i don't want to be sent to a concentration camp. yes, i condemn her tweet. but she's always sent crazy tweets that deserved condemnation. if they really cared about offense itch tweet and stou on, obviously samantha bee and joy reid wouldn't be on air. >> laura: ann, i want to talk about where this party is going. i talked efrler to dinesh about this. they claim trump is it radical and where he's pretty mainstream and wants to work with democrat
11:44 pm
and trade and other things. and now they are looking at elizabeth warren or maybe corey booker in 2020 and then they had john boehner and he cams out sniffing and ha rumping clearly about donald trump. >>inment to talk to you when what happened to the republican party? >> there is no republican party. there's a trump party. republican party has kind of taken a nap somewhere. >> laura: what do you think of old boehner's comment? >> i hope it is it not a nap. i hope it's dead. i want the republican party to be the trump party. we might start winning again. but i thought john boehner office off promoting marijuana or something. >> laura: he joined the marijuana board. he was always against marijuana until he just became an advisory member and kind much informal
11:45 pm
lobbyist for legalizing pot across the united states. >> and you wonder why i want the republican party dead. move it on aside. it is a great turning point as when lincoln took over. that party has served its purpose. and alm it did was lose elections. and now trump has to do what he ran on. >> laura: he has a long road to he there. thank you so much. and the economy is setting records and making history. up next, the inside story from larry kudlow from the white house. ♪
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>> laura: you know the trump economy is red hot when even the new york times has to admit it. check out the reporting. the headline, we ran out of words to describe how good the job numbers are. and went on to say, the economy is in a sweet spot with growth in the labor market. just look at the numbers. the unemployment rate fell to an 18 percent slow and the economy apd ad 223,000 jobs and down sharply from the 6.6 percent in
11:49 pm
april. average hourly earning, i love this increased 2.7% from a year earlier and meanwhile, trump is draining the swamp by slashing 3000 federal government jobs in may for a total of 24000 since he took office. here now, the man charged with keeping the trump boom going larry cud loy, the head of the national economic council. larry, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it tonight. i was thinking back on infer 10th, 2016, all these global markets are going to collapse and the stock market is going to curator and the global economy will be thrown in total turmoil with president trump. mark cuban predicted dire consequenceness and the new york times had to aide mitt they are crazy good. >> wow, i remember my great friend paul krug man trashing
11:50 pm
all of saying the economy was going into's deep reskegz and the stock market was going to crash the day after the election. so it is little bit different the reality. and today was another great day for jobs, up top 223000. and unemployment is falling and small business numbers did well again today. manufacturing aren'ts did very well again today but it is it never perfect but we are on the right track. you know what, the big issue for my critic and the president's critics. you will never get to three percent, and you can't beat two nrs. we are running four quarters 2.9 percent and the second quarter according to the atlanta model gd, is 4.7. i would be happy with three percent. >> laura: when was the last time the economy had a quarter at
11:51 pm
four%? >> i probably can't remember that. i will say 1990s. >> laura: yeah, probably '94. new york times. trump touts jobs before. and breaking protocol. this is it what they seized on. because all of the other stuff is good. and trump tweeted out this morning, looking for those jobs reports. >> that's all he said like the rest of america, looking for the jobs report. listen by law and custom, i get the jobs data the night before and i get it from my pal at ca an and we take a look at it. and i call would it to let him know it was a great number and it si private number and si secret number and i got hold of him on aris force one. >> laura: he's about to tweet it out recollects excited about the new and he wants america to win. >> you think?
11:52 pm
>> he does want to win. >> and you know what, i figured him. i didn't want to bother him and he needed good news, he got good news and tax cut and roll back of regulations and the opening of energy and the finally protection of our own trading rights. >> laura: this is what set everyone off. they said trump would back off on this deal and eliminate tariff and it was all a mroi, but now, he means business. all of these people criticizing him and they don't know how to predict what trump is going to do. head leans today. defeating way to bring concessions from allies. trump trade slump may yet happy. how a trouchl trade war could slow down the global economy. and trump's trade war would be bad for many americans and that's just a smattering. you know, headlines.
11:53 pm
>> one thing ale say. people looking at this stuff should understand that when president trump says something, they should believe it. because heee going to follow-through on it. so look, i don't want to see a world trade war, tariff war, we don't have anything remotely like that. from day one, we've gone after china, they deserve it. they're unfair and illegal trading practicesises have to be dealt with. and they're stealing our technology. >> laura: what about our allies, canada and the eu. >> the president has talked to them. in the announcementes yesterday we spent a line or two saying we are still in discussion and particularly singling out canada and europe. we are still in that discussion. but look, weever asked them to help us on the steel production and overcapacity and asked them to what the president calls resi
11:54 pm
prosity. we sell a american car in germany we pay ten percent tariff and they system it is 2.5. why doesn't the rest of europe that we have to have a level playinglying field? i am not a big tariff guy and i am known as a free-trader>> laura: trump said he's a free-trader. >> that's our conversations. free-trade will help economic growth. but you can't have free-trade if all of these countries most particularly china are engaging in unfair and illegal trading. >> laura: they are subsiding the country. canada dumped 200 million in toyota production in canada. they are subsideizing not to the tune of what chin's's done. i want to put up something on the scene. so the president believes they
11:55 pm
need to rye. china 375 billion in goods and stefshss. canada, 18 billion. mexico 71 billion. and japan 69 billion. and germany 65 billion in devstits. now the wall street journal and free-trader friends, that doesn't meter. but then they wonder why people turned out to vote for trump. manufacturing jobs, blue collar jobs used to 18 of the top 20 steel manufacturers in the world and now we have two and none of our steel companies are in the tom ten today, larry. >> we actually run a surplus all in with canada. >> you are doing the timber thing. >> the stefshss thing. >> laura: goods and service. it's 18 billion. >> bullpen the issue here i don't think it is trade deficit. the issue here is tar riff and nontariff barriers.
11:56 pm
they will nochlt let us sell to them and export to them. we are the most competitive economy in the world. a rooenl poll just said we bolted back in first place and the fastest growing economy. >> laura: but the tariffs are going to ruin it all. that's what they are saying. >> i would like to see a level playing field. president trump in his heart is a lovely playing field and flee trade guy. let's clear away. the whole world trading system by the way has been broken for years and the presidents that have gone down the road and never done anything. >> in 1990 china's economy is small as the side of italy. and now it is ten times the size of japan. >> fair trading and free market capitalism will beat the chinese. i give the president a lot of high marks.
11:57 pm
listen to him and come, we are in a family skwabl with our allies in europe. >> japan couldn't keep going. >> we'll have plenty of deals and talks but they have to do their part otherwise the president laid out sanctions and he do it. >> thank you larry kudlow, >> appreciate it. >> we'll be right back. for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. ..
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>> laura: this has been a great week. soaring economy. the north korean summit back >> this is been a great week, soaring economy, the north korea
12:00 am
summit back on track in the left-wing media covering for their own hate speech further exposed, remember to tell us how you think we are doing on facebook, twitter, have a wonderful weekend with your family, fly your flag, time for shannon bream. >> fox news alert. major developments on north korea and china. breaking news from jim mattis and the singapore summit is back on. also monitoring berkeley, california, of violent protest taking aim at franklin graham. the event just getting started, we are tracking it. joy read breaking her silence after controversial blog posts surface claimed she


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