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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 2, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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and have a great night and weekend, see you soon. >> sean: welcome to hannity. we have incredible and amazing news, buckle up tonight. the june 12th summit with north korea is officially back o. a huge development. the top deputy from the hermit kingdom hand delivered awe letter. and bad news for democrats, because the economy is booming. and the job numbers are breaking more readers.
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3.8 un. . and a jobs market so robust even the new york times is saying, they are running out of words to describe how good the economy is. and we'll contrast this economy to form perpresident obama's pathetic economy. and major news from john solomon a brand new report of how the obama administration may have pressured the f.b.i. to monitor the trump campaign. and there is possible misconduct. and sarah carter blowing the whistle on more spying abuse against the trump campaign including a coordinated effort to monitor trump associate by our closest allies abroad. this is beginning to get so much bigger than we ever thought. both solomon and sarah carter
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will be here. and john brennan is calling president trump parinoid. and we'll respond to brennan's latest ridiculous meltdown and highlight the growing calls for deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to recuse himself from the muler investigation. and lindsay graham will join us. stay with us. >> tonight, major, major progress on three big fronts, eville with the president and north korea and the noeshgdzs. the june 12th summit is back. and only hours ago, a top lieutenant from north korea hand delivered a note to president trump. it was basic but reportedly expressed kim jong-un's interest in holding the nuclear summit
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and this is how the president reacted. we'll take a look. >> we'll meet on june 12th and things look well and a get to know you kind of situation. mike spent two days doing this and we are getting to know their people well. and you people will have to travel because you will be in singapore on june 12th. i think it will be a process. i never said it will go in one meeting. it is a process and the relationships are building and that is a process. there is years of problems and years was hatred between so many different nations and i think you will have a positive result in the end, not from one meeting. we'll not go sign something on june 12th. we'll start a process and i told them today, take your time and we'll go fast or slowly.
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i think they would hike to see something happen and if we can work that out, that would be good. >> do you believe kim is committed to denuclearization. >> i think he wants to be careful and not run and do things. and the president is scheduled to hold a summit. and they plan to negotiate the complete and unlateral denuclearization of north korean and the promise there is hope and by the way, your media said would never happen. we'll have more later in the show tonight. but first, huge massive news on the economic front. the economy in the united states is booming and we are breaking records month after month. in may 200000 jobs were added
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and unemployment is at an 18 year low. and we have only seen a number that low since 1969. the mets won the world series and get this. african-american unemployment at an all- time low for the first time, 5.9 percent. consumer confidence at a 17 year high. look at that headline from the new york times. we ran out of the words to describe how good the employment numbers are. and this country in a so much better place with president trump at the helm. and numbers do not like. take a trip down memory lane and contrast with president obama's economic. no growth and record high of distribution of food stamps and 8 million more americans were in
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poverty and the lowest laborer participation rate since the '70s and he doubled the national debt. yeah, that was barak obama's record. we'll get back to the major news later on in the show and we'll turn to other breaking news. this is huge from john solomon. the f.b.i.'s efforts to monitor the trump campaign actually originated before the f.b.i. authorized the counter intelligence organization in russian interference. after foreign figures contacted trump campaign advisors and provided the f.b.i. with information on the collusion. and some of the trusted intelligence sources and hillary clinton supporter and in other words. what happen this means, members
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of the deep state. clinton psychophants, were flooded the f.b.i. with lies and unverified and anti- trump material and there's more. remember the love bird page and strzok, john solmoan uncovered more new text that show the obama administration was likely victim offed -- involved in steering of the investigation. including as the f.b.i. was opening the investigation in so- called russian meddling. page rights we'll not withstand the pressure soon. and page expressed fears that obama would hijack or leak details to the press. and peter strzok wrote the white
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house, the obama white house is running this. what can they know? it is time to put the former president and his entire team under oath. sarah carter, detailing the possible connection between a international spying alliiance called the five i's. and the reference to the trump campaign is bigger. solomon and carter reported, the investigation originated abroad in london. and now the united kingdom is a key member of the five eyes alliance. and then you have a former communist and former cia director john brennan calling trump parinoid for expressing concern over deep state spying.
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>> he has a parnoia and security about the investigation. his tweets do not seem like they are coming from a person much innocence and confidence. mr. trump is going to try to discredit the f.b.i. and cia and others. but no mistake about it, the american justice system is going to prevail in this endeavor to get to the bottom of who might have been collaborating and working with foreign actors to undermine the integrity of the election. >> sean: this is the same john brennan who told the world that donald trump should be very, very worried. sounds like a deep state threat. >> i think he is afraid. >> why? >> one can speculate maybe the russians have something on him personally and roll out and make
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life difficult. it is important to improve relations with russian. but the fawning attitude to mr. putin and not said negative things about him continues to say to me he does have something to fear. >> sean: putting john brennan's blind hatred of trump aside. we show that the deep state is starting to crack. the wall street journal kim strossel. there are serious issues with the papadopoulos and the alleged infornlant publicly contradicted the f.b.i.'s own claims that the low level trump advisor discussed the hacked democratic emails. the infamous meeting between donald trump junior and a russian lobbyer and we have new information, a transcript from a senate hearing that the
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russian american lobbyist to personally knowing hillary clinton and some of the people worked in her campaign. what was someone who knew hillary clinton doing in that meeting? it is unbelievable and gets more insane every day. we'll have more later in the show. and turn to the deputy attorney general. rod rosenstein and said comey should be fired and signed the last fisa warrant that clinton bought and paid for and used funneled money from the law firm and russian government lies to manipulate you the american people. last night we show you how rosenstein's clear conflicts was interest on the russia probe. he is witness a in the whole investigation. and he's the one that appoint
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mueller and there are calls for rod rosenstein to recuse himself. that includes senator lindsay graham. do you consider yourself a potential witness in the mueller investigation regarding the firing of director comey by president trump? if not, why not? he recommended it, yeah, he is a witness. and if so, you should recuse yourself with oversociety of the mueller investigation. thankfully finally someone saping what we are saying and calling for over and over for months. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, it's time for you to answer those questions. we know the answers and then recuse yourself and get out of the way. you are the most conflicted person in all of this. not the attorney general jeff sessions and great news for me tonight. pay close attention.
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remember when chuck schumer said don't mess with the intelligence committee because they will get. there is a book on amazon point comcalled "killing the deep state." remember the group against john kerry, vets for truths. that i sean hannity is the next target of the deep state. wow, it is great to know that corrupt officials with the backs against the wall and desperate people who desperate things and are powerful tools of intelligence are now going after me? okay. really? so sadly after all we have learned, now we have jerome's rediction. it doesn't surprise me. we the united states of america, are we the former soviet union or venezuela. i will never stop ever.
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here to brake down the damming new report. john solomon. good to see you, sir. quick question, you think that corzy could be right? >> i hope not. i hope that people stay within the law at all times. >> sean: having been told that certain things happened to you. >> there are times people have raised questions about reporters like myself surveiled and the fbi intercepted my mail ten years ago and there is a public record after the f.b.i. taking my meal before 9/11. >> sean: if that is the case, then people who are trying to get to the truth and exposing corruption are targets of the deep state and having the tools of the intelligence. you can say good bye to the constitution.
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it doesn't exist. you might have been unmarvinged? >> i don't know. i don't have evidence. >> sean:ure were told. >> yeah, i got a report. >> sean: london bridge is falling down, curious origins of f.b.i.'s trump russia probe. this is it huge including the new strzok page memos. >> that is a great question. when people say there is no political pressure, i just don't believe it. there is it always political pressure in washington. a hot football like the russian investigation. these text messages are the first to get at the idea that f.b.i. agents felt political pressure and they were worrying about using the brother at the justice department might be leaking and the single most important text message that raised concern to the peoplein talked to. a declaration of the meeting,
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the obama white house is running this thing. we don't know what that means except that you can interpret that the f.b.i. agents had fear that the obama white house would be involve would in the russian case. and that's the first word of that. >> sean: john, what you are saying here and if we look at the face of the strzok- page text. they are penening it on the obama white house. >> they certainly had that fear. >> sean: what is that? >> they had that fear at this moment it was about to be politically i highjacked. >> someone said the white house is now running this and that's what they said in the text message. >> sean: i guess to this particular point we go back to
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the problem. the department of the justice. rod rosenstein and others are obstructing and stone walling and separation of power and co-equal branches of government and a constitutional role for congress, which is oversight. and guess what, they are preventing them from doing their job. how devastating is it for them. >> an important person former head of intelligence under robert mueller who said from what he had seen on his own. that congress has legitimate serious questions to asked by the justice department. college professors, and ambassadors and opposition researchers for hillary clinton, were making contacts with the trump administration long before a predicated investigation.
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no source activity until you have a investigation. and these e-mails suggest that there were source activity and targeting going on. and if bob mueller's former intelligence team said it raises questions. we should talk to him. >> sean: we'll stay on the store sfoer and follow the bouncing ball here, something that the media can't do. we are a brand new column and investigative report. sarsacarter. we'll get into yours and it is it very clear. it is it a big story also. and you are confirm ache lost john's story. >> absolutely. i think what we see before the f.b.i. opened its official investigation. it was a counter intelligence investigation and that means they other than gathering information from everywhere and they could. they actually and i am not talking about just the bureau, i am talking about other agencies
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and foreign. and britain, estoppia and poll land. >> we are a member of the five i's. >> sean: what you mean. >> australia, new wre land and canada and united states and great britain. and we share information with one another. if we have information perinent to the united states we share it. remember the ambassador who shares the information with the united states on the conversation of papadopoulos. >> sean: he donated 25 million to the clinton administration. >> absolutely. >> sean: that means john kerry knows about it, too. and it goes to the white house and to the statistic secretary's office. >> we have to ask ourselves. what information are we trading back and forth? brennan who was head of the cia and clapper, director of
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national intelligence would be well aware of this. this is a investigation victim offing something specific and involving the trump campaign members. that doesn't mean we areality a lower level. it is it a principle and did the british share information with us first on the players? or did we ask for specific information. and how was the ex're exchange. >> the time lean is weigh off in the narrative people are staying and then we have ane g reports coming out and am as many as 5878 f.b.i. people want to be subpoenas so they can talk about the corruption in the bureau they life.
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>> reporter: there is a lot of them want to come out and speak and a lot of them are current agents and that makes it difficult. these are things that congress to act on. >> unbelievable story. and we'll stay on this. it is get entering. this is it a big braining news night and the korean summit is on in economic news.
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>> sean: joining us now more reaction to the opening monologue. we have attorney david limb bauchlt if you mean disclosure. david has done all of my contracts with radio and tv and
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author of the russian hoax, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. fox news anal sift greg jarret. when i hear john solomon what he said and sarah carter is reporting tonight. the idea that we have new text message and you are aware of it. and you had it last night as i did. and we were not able to go full and that in fact to the obama white house that they are and what should happen? >> it is obvious that the white house and president obama and brennan and clapper were all in on this. brennan grabbed the hold of the anti- trump dossier and he ran with it and propagated it on
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capitol hill and trying to damage candidate trump and trying to destroy his presidency. and as he shows up on television bashing trump, he reenforcing the notion of being the guy who is most to gain. >> sean: he did he become a cia and he is a communist? yeah, to the whole issue. the whole narrative david, was about papadopoulos and downer getting drunk today of the gregg said first it is hearsay and we know downer, they had to thread a needle. and the kerry state department involved and the time line is off. and the whole story is crumbling and downer is also a goo guy who donated 25 million to the clinton foundation. we have huge conflicts here.
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>> yes, there is a suspicious amount of clinton involvement in the supposedly neutral f.b.i. investigation. not only was downer, ha he donated 25 million to the investigation. but the russian lobbyist had clinton ties x. back to your point about the obama involvement, you know, why is it so hard to believe about obama, who was willing to weaponize the and the politicize? strzok and page, we know from the text feared obama wanted to high jack the campaign or the investigation. and we know from previous text he wanted to know everything. they were worried about him being soft on russia. and we have february feb according whoment to come
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forward and tell the record the improprity. if trey goud i were right about this, and i have a lot of respect him, there would not be so much effort to protect hillary clinton. if it was neutral spying they would have briefed donald trump. >> sean: the time line is off, greg. they changed the rules in the obama administration. remember they shared intel, with agencies 16 or 17 of them which they never had done before. and the whole papadopoulos issue is just blown out of the water? >> yeah, the f.b.i. with the help of new york times perpetiated a myth that was
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papadopoulos. >> and why. >> why did they lie about papadopoulos having e-mails when all he said he had heard they had dirt on him. why the suspicious lies. >> and great news on the economy and deep state crumbling and all of the people on the left, samantha bee about ivanka trump and we have breaks out, i will
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braining in. i upon trace gallinger. back to sean hannity. >> sean: samantha bee launched a vile disgusting attack against ivanka trump. watch this. >> ivanka trump who workings at the white house posted the second most oblivous tweet. that is a beauty photo of you
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and your child. let me say one mother to another, do something about your dad's immigration practice you feckless [bleep]. he listens to you. put something on something tight and low caught and tell your [bleep] and tell him it was an obama thing. see how it goes. >> sean: samantha bee aologyized but she is facing it is back lash and they feel there is a double standard and even the president weighed in and tweeted why are they not firing no talent samanth mabee for horrible language used on the show. it is a total double standard and that's okay we are winning. some on the left are trying to stick up and protect her. the television academy blocked the media from attending an event where she was honored and
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speaking of double standards cnn grand stander jim acosta proves his anti- trump bias. listen to what he said about kim kardashian on prison reform. >> forget about the fact that kim kardashian is here from the white house and what planet is that anything resembling normam. she shouldn't be here talking about prison reform. it is it nice that she is here, but nopt a serious thing to happen in the white house. >> sean: actually if you read the case it is a different manner. acosta singing a different tune with the ledge end when obama was president. >> i will push the president to get more victim offed in the criminal justice reform and suggest ideas that we think could help improvement situation. >> if you change your mind about running for office, give cnn the
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scoop. >> i will. >> thank you and great talking with you. >> thank you. >> sean: sean spicer author of the geraldo she. geraldo rivera and south carolina governor henry mcmaster is with us. and let me start with you. this is interesting, if you look in the case in particular, it was a first offense, and lifetime sentence for a woman who had a lot of permanent problem and needed money and got involved in drugs and i think that the case that kim kardashian pushed is a powerful one and we need to pay attention to. >> i think there is it no doubt that kim kardashian's appearance was appropriate. sure sean spicer could answer that better. she was bringing attention to a necessary issue and one that the white house is grappling
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with thanks to the new legislation on sentencing reform. and a lifetime sentence and no parole, she didn't murder anybody and i think that kim kardashian's visit to the white house was absolutely appropriate. samantha bee, you know the i hypocrisy. what we should do is have the the victims of the insult tell us what to do. valerie jarret re71eded graciously to roseanne barr and ivanka was beyond gracious. when they beg forgiveness. maybe we give it. that is a christian view. >> sean: what is your take. >> my shock fake. there is nothing in both of these circumstances there is
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nothing to shock me. jim acosta to decide what is important issue to hear what is discussed at white house? and but it is not up to the media never mind jim acosta to decide what is a valid issue or not. it is up to the president of the united states and other elected government officials to decide what is sdraeszed. and every american has the right to advocate government to support them one way or the other. on the other one samantha bee, i believe, i made a lot of mistakes in the white house that i asked for forgiveness for and people were very gracious to me. >> you did not make that many mistakes. >> thank you, but my point is this. when people screw up and apologize give them forgiveness. bullpen the double standard that exists whether samantha bee or
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joy reed. and when they make a mistake, the left absolves them and excuses and explains they are not that bad and no consequences. ivanka is so graceful about this. this is it not the first time. remember the former politico reporter in the atlantic said a similar thing. what was the thing? she didn't mean? ? the attacks by the journalist and people on the left get excused and washed away every time. >> sean: good luck for your run for governor in south carolina. it is a beautiful state and i have a lot of friends down there. and i look at this. i am like this is now an environment. i read everybody's apologiys. and roseanne apologized again and again and i sense that there is real sincerity.
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2:45 a.m. tweet and not a good thing and i have my suspicions what happens. geraldo knows a thing about that. >>in know very well. no tweeting after midnight. >> sean: everybody wants to silence voices they never agree with. i never called for cancelling of a show and firing of a host and bill mar want and sean hannity and rush limbaugh. we said don't fire them. >> these people are just gone crazy. president trump is it enommously pop prospect here. if he run today he would get more votes and had his tweet was right. he is saying what everybody in south carolina is thinking. he's 100 percent right. i don't know what happened to the people on the left. i don't know if it is hatred of the president or what he stands
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for. they are making fooms of themselves. they are so deep in the tank they don't realize it and shoot. they will apologize until the next time and then the next time and i think people have just had enough of it. >> sean: geraldo, as much as i would like to make everybody to watchment show,in have to have them invit me in this home and that's how you gain the audience. and the american people are smart. we feel we have to silence. >> in that regard, referencing something in the beginning. program this evening about the deep state coming for you. they will have to come through me. i will be there fighting off these people. >> sean: i have geraldo in my bunker, i am safe. >> i wonder what happened to the level of civility?
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it is low down and dirty now. and the candidate for governor in the great state of south carolina alluded to it. there is really, the country is so dwielded and the people who hate the president hate him with such ve heminence. and where do they get this>> sean: you want him succeed. if he's successful with the economy. look at north korea and keeping his promise and becoming energy independent and that dacks cut. that is bad news for democrats for them to win he has to fall. >> that is melancollie that they root against their own country for partisan person. hawn>> sean: last word. >> one thing about the samantha bee is it was pretaped and they scripted it and still went ahead of it.
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that is vastly making a stepping in it without thinking about it. and i really think the case is different than a lot of the other ones. >> sean: good to see you. and henry mcmaster welcome to the program and good luck on your run down there. when we come back, we'll talk about history in the making. the summit is back on. and great newless for the world. the president said it may take 2 or 3 meetings and we'll get the latest from the white house when we come back. you won't see these folks at the post office
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it will be a beginning. i've never said it happens in one meeting, you're talking about years of hostility, years of problems.
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years of really hatred between so many different nations. but i think you're going to have a good result in the end. not from one meeting. i think it will be a process that we serdeserve to have. they want it. we think it's important. and i think we would be making a big mistake if ke didn't have it. i think we'll have a relationship and it will start on june 12th. >>. >> sean: june the 12th, back on in singapore. the president's remarks came after a two-hour meeting in the oval office, with the number two most powerful man in north korea. joining us now with reaction to all of this, former deputy assistant to the president dr. sebastien gorker, senior intelligence officer, daniel hoffman. it's amazing to me that the president pulls out seconds -- within 24 hours, oh, no, no, we
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didn't mean what we said. we got a missile-launching site being dismantled, first time in 18 years the high ranking officials in the united states, we got the hostages released and no missiles being fired over japan or no threats to the world at this moment, dr. gorka, and he didn't pay a dime. it's remarkable. >> yes. let alone billions of dollars. imagine if this had happened anytime in the last 25 years, whether it was republican administration, or democrat one, if a summit had been canceled, the normal diplomatic protocols would have meant that it maybe would have happened a year from now. or 18 months from now. >> sean: good point. >> the president cancels it. te has a very hard letter, he plays hard ball, but he leaves the last paragraph open saying this is so important to both of
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our countries. if you want to go ahead with it, send me a letter, give me a call. what happens, within hours, a couple of days later, that letter is hand delivered to the oval office. it's a different way of doing politics. it's a different way of doing diplomacy, and it gets results. >> sean: i'm very impressed with secretary of state pompeo, i really am. i think he's been an amazing addition to the president. i think the president, daniel, you were concerned going back a few weeks this you wanted to make sure the president didn't overpromise, underdeliver, although we've already gotten a lot out of north korea in a good way. and the president was very clear, this is a process, nothing will be signed on june the 12th, that it may take, it would be great if it was one meeting, it would be great if this happens, but it may not, and may take one, two, three, four meetings, they can go as fast or slow as they want. >> right. i was a little concerned at the
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beginning. i think our citizens might have expected immediate results. this is an extraordinary difficult challenge for us. but what i would really highlight is today's meeting, which was just so valuable for us, secretary of state pompeo had met twice with kim yong chol, the former chief of military intelligence in north korea, and the man responsible for their nuclear negotiations. you're right -- >> sean: what do you know about him? >> he was a four-star general, a former bodyguard to kim jong-un's family, extraordinarily well trusted. what secretary pompeo did today was a warm turnover to the president. these relationships matter. this is what we base our productive negotiations on, these sorts of high-level relationships on which we can build for -- >> sean: as you're speaking, i was watching this live today, if we can keep that up on the screen what we were just showing, the president literally walking him out to his car.
1:54 am
you could read how friendly this all was. you could see, you know, it was supposed to be handled with a letter and leave the president said, but it ended up being a two-hour meeting, a lot like what the meetings that were scheduled with the president of china started out as ten minutes, 15 minutes, half hour, they go on for four hours. >> right. >> sean: clearly there's something going on here. >> tactically, it makes so much sense. we relied in the past on six-party talks, russia and china do not have our best interests at heart. what we're seeing right now is the president expertly mounting an effective diplomatic charge at north korea, with showing our strength, and at the same time being open to negotiation. we saw it playing out today in full force. >> sean: yeah, as you were watching this unfold today, doctor, i'm curious, because you know this president so well, and so many americans, especially those in the left and in the media do not understand he is the negotiator.
1:55 am
>> he is. he is a people person. read the book "the art of the deal." the first chapter is the day in the life of donald trump. in it he's constantly meeting people. he makes 40 phone calls in that day, as he's building his empire. it's always about results. then it was about building trump international. now it's about getting america back on track. and in the last year and a half, he's been crushing it. >> sean: guys, appreciate it. amazing, economy's great, north korea's back on. oh, and the deep state is crumbling. good news. we'll continue right after this.
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>> sean: that's all the time we have left. think about it, great news on the economy, north korean summit is back on, and huge stories, this deep state now getting to the obama white house. a lot more on monday.
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in the meantime, we hope you have a great weekend. let not your heart be troubled. your news continues. laura ingraham is next. see you monday.trtrtrtrtrtrtrtr. >> welcome. if you've been paying attention to the news recently, many of the big stories revolve around questions of race. increasingly in this country race is the headline. just this week roseanne barr and her show canceled on abc after tweeting an attack on valerie jarrett that many described as racist. starbucks, the coffee retailer, closed more than 8,000 retail stores in order to educate white employees about their unconscious racism. meanwhile a bar in portland, hosted a reparation hour, where nonwhite


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