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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 2, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> fox news alert, president trump declaring his june 12th summit in singapore with kim jong un is officially back on with just days to go before scheduled meeting, announcement following historic visit from north korean official and spy master, welcome and hello and welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm mike emmanuel. >> i'm laura ingle, president trump expressing optimism with future negotiations after yesterday's historic meeting. here is what the president had to say. >> i think it'll be a process. i'd never says it goes in one meeting. i think it's going to be a process but the relationships are building and that's a great positive. >> and we have fox team coverage on this one. garrett tenney standing by in
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washington but we begin with ellison barber live at the white house. >> hi, laura, so much of yesterday centered around the letter that was being delivered to president trump from north korean leader kim jong un, senior white house official telling fox news that president trump read the letter before he departed for marine one yesterday. he is spending the weekend at camp david. the president boarded marine one with some family members, daughter and son-in-law/senior aides ivanka and jared, donald, jr. and tiffany, first lady is staying in dc this weekend. vice president hand-delivered a letter and then eight days after capg ealing the june 12th summit, president trump announced the summit is back on. >> what's your stance on what the north koreans are willing to do on the issue of denuclearization? are they -- >> i think they want to do. i know they want to do that.
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they want other things along the line. they want to develop as a country. that's going to happen. i have no doubt. japan is involved as you know and south korea is very much involved. we will see where it leads. june 12th, we will be in singapore. i never said it happens in one meeting. you're talking about years of hostility, years of problems. >> vice chairman is most senior north korean official to visit the white house in about 18 years. back in 2000 military leader delivered a letter president clinton. president trump met with kim jung for more than an hour and talked about sanctions and including denuclearization. >> he would like to see it happen. he wants to be careful. he wants to be -- he's not going to run and do things. but i told him to be honest with you, look, we have sanctionings on, they are very powerful
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sanctions. we would not take sanctions off. we have sanctions on and at a certain point, i look forward to the day where i can take the sanctions off of north korea. >> last month north korean invidoreign journalists to see what they say was dismantling of key nuclear test sites, in satellite images before the destruction of the site you can see materials being removed from the site by people and also trucks, the u.s. wants to see complete and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. at this point, it is still unclear, laura, if north korea would actually agree to that. >> ellison barber live at the white house. great assignment especially any day. >> secretary james mattis reiterating that the white house will not accept anything less than nuclear-free north korea.
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>> we still stand for the verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the peninsula and the diplomats are engaged right now in new york. advanced teams are engaged here in singapore and i think the hopes of all of us lie with them. >> garrett tenney in washington with more. >> well, mike, that statement highlights the biggest challenges going into the negotiations which is reaching an agreement on what denuclearization looks like because in the past, the two sides have had very different understandings of that issue. for instance, north korea has previously interpreted denuclearization to mean that the u.s. will remove all of its troops from the korean peninsula. u.s. negotiators are hoping the north has eased up on that demand, though, because today in singapore, secretary mattis said the u.s. military's presence in south korea will not be on the agenda for the june 12th summit. however, he did say if they can restore peace and they are
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certain that it will remain on the peninsula then they are open to discussing the issue down the road. president trump suggested that he could be open to that as well last month when he ordered pentagon to come up with options for reducing u.s. forces in south korea. that's one of the whole host of issues the two sides are trying to work ahead of summit, teams in singapore and dmz meeting with north korean officials to do that. now, the washington post reports that one issue the u.s. is facing is finding a way to pay for kim jong un's accommodations. the paper reports hotel of choice luxurious fullerton where a presidential tweet costs $6,000 a night because the north claims it's too poor for foreign travel. state department spokesperson tells fox news the u.s. is not paying accommodation costs for north korean delegation in singapore. instead the washington post reports the u.s. is considering
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asking the host country of singapore to foot the bill. this is just one small example of the many issues facing the u.s. delegation ahead of the summit and precarious nature of negotiations, mike. >> garrett tenney live in washington, garrett, many thanks. >> preparations for june 12th summit have been moving forward. we also want to talk about what's going to happen in the summit, right, retired u.s. marine corps lieutenant colonel dakota wood, senior research for defense programs at the heritage foundation. thanks for being here. great to have perspective. i was going over bio before air, all with what you have done on your career, t important and thank you for being here and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> first, what are your thoughts on what we saw unfold tat white house which can only be described a dramatic turn of events after all the back and forth whether this meeting was going to happen or not and it
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was supposed to be quick talk in oval office and turned into 70-minute meeting, what was your initial thoughts? >> all the right things are being said especially from the president. there's no expectation that there's a final agreement at this summit that occurs on the 12th of june. it's an opening dialogue. you'll have further meetings after that, but the fact that they spent such a long time talking with each other, you know, it's like a dating game, they are trying to get to know each other. this has been a ding -- kingdom or country isolated back since korean war. there's a lot of relationship building that has to occur, president trump, you know, clearly used that as a strong suit of his, these types of negotiations and establishing relationships, and so if it ended on positive note, then they will go back to north korea with good report and that will set up the stage for talks on the 12th. >> not just the meeting yesterday in the oval office but the summit itself is being
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categorized as get to go know each other, dealing back expectations, back in april president trump said the success of any summit would be defined by the latter. how can the president turned this into a success of the united states with all of that mind? >> i think it already is. if any other president had opened up north korea, kind of like nixon going to china, held nobel material. the president is kind of battling against critics. it's an extraordinary opportunity, so that in and of itself i think is a win and, you know, he said even on the campaign trail that if things aren't going well, you have to be able to walk away and there was criticism on that. you saw the scrambling afterwards of everybody trying to getting involved trying to get the summit back to the table and that was a good tactic. i think this merging together of very hard push, keeping
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sanctions in place, full core prez. >> we have been talking about who was in the meeting yesterday showing the pictures, what do you make of the people who weren't there, we are talking about that today, john bolton, vice president mike pence, what does that tell you? >> well, it tells me busy people and the president probably has them doing other things and the discussions that are going on in the dmz, mostly secured related in singapore, you don't have to have whole team there, they talk on a regular basis. this is one-on-one discussion essentially between the president and kim jong un's representative there so i think it's completely appropriate and, again, expectations management, we are not looking for a huge win in terms of final agreement, it sticks to cold war, there's always lead-ups to those negotiations. >> any chance that this could
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backfire, the meeting yesterday, images of shaking hands with the white house, very powerful, could this meeting be used as propaganda in north korea to our disadvantage? >> well, i mean, what is our interest, what's the objective? if the objective to get everybody into one place, to bring the korean war to formal close, denuclearizing north korea, you know, pay for a hotel room, engage in back-slapping and handshaking and drinking tea, i'm all for this. what would we rather see? stern faces, rhetoric, that hasn't gotten us anywhere for 50 or 60 years. >> we were talking about who was going to be pay forking hotel rooms for kim jong un. we heard from spokesperson, we will not be paying, many are wondering who will be paying for it because they don't pay for that. so what are your thoughts on that?
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who might be paying for this? >> i think the singapore government will eventually pick that up, whether it's compensated somewhere down the line, it's a detail. there are certain legal restrictions when you have a country under sanctions, whether federal funds can be used for that. i think it's a distracter to the summit where north korea and the united states finally getting together and that's what we need to keep focus. >> absolutely, we will continue to follow on fox news, we want to thank you so much, lieutenant colonel wood, always great to have you on. thank you. mike. >> fox news alert, thousands are taking to the streets today in marching against gun violence, rallies now underway in chicago, new york city and to draw attention to gun violence in communities of color which marchers say are overlooked in the wake of florida high school shooting. new york lawmaker also joining in. >> we keep waiting for congress to act to make this country safer, after sandy hook, after
11:12 am
gabby gifford, after slaughter in las vegas, one right after the other, we know what to do, believe me, if guns would make us safer, america would be the safest country on earth. >> bryan llenas from new york city's news room. >> students are trying to keep momentum going, high school walkouts across the country, you'll remember in april. today activists in new york city are marching across the brooklyn bridge to raise awareness about gun violence in minority communities. this is the live look right now. the rally is organized by the youth over guns which partnered with parkland school shooting survivor alia eastman to bring attention to gun violence that continues to plague urban communities every day. this is particularly true in chicago where they are planting
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a peace tree today. there have been 189 murderers in chicago so far this year, that's down 20% from last year, but chicago has had more homicides in 2016 and 2017 than any other u.s. city. >> we cannot stop until we accomplish the goal of our children being safe whether they go in school, parks, they are playing around our homes, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to make that happen. >> meantime a bitter-sweet moment at santa fe high school in texas, 328 seniors graduating two weeks after 17-year-old student opened fire killing two substitute teachers and 8 students, students and teachers holding a moment of silence and playing video montage honoring their lives. >> tonight all of our graduates and staff members are wearing white stoles in memory of our
11:14 am
fallen students. >> yet even and after trials this year, we were faced with a greater trial. the events transpired on may 18th of this year have deeply affected many of us in the small community. >> the 17-year-old shooter is being held on capital murder charges, mike. >> bryan llenas, thanks very much. laura. >> the russia investigation costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars so far and that cokeep going up. attorney harry give us his take. president trump continuing to call for better border security. house republicans will hash out a plan next week but could the senate get in the way, more on the immigration battle unfolding in congress coming up next. >> we need about 700 miles of wall, we are getting it, we have a lot of natural barriers that are better than any wall you could build but we are getting it.
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>> unsettling report from department of homeland security. officials saying they have detected potential surveillance activity near what's considered sensitive facilities in washington, d.c. including the white house. spying technology known as stingray mimics legitimate cell phone towers, capable of intercepting cellular
11:19 am
communications to ease drop private conversations, such devices known to be used by foreign spy agencies. >> immigration is down, but we need border wall, we need -- we have a change in our laws. our laws are the worst laws of any country anywhere in the world. >> president trump not backing down on immigration reform. house republicans joining in scheduling meeting, this as central republicans come closer to forcing a vote of immigration bills in the house. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is telling wall street journal that he won't take up debate unless it'll be something the president will sign. joining me now jake mcgee, speech writer for eric holder and loretta lynch and phillips and former digital director for marco rubio's presidential campaign, gentlemen, welcome,
11:20 am
nice to see you. how concerned should republicans be opening up this controversial issues 5 months before midterm elections? >> they need to have something they can point to to voting base republican party. 73% of donald trump voters say immigration was one, if not the most important factor for them when it came to voting for president trump and it's going to get hard to people to the polls if they said, we did our job, we got you in senate and white house, what have you done to reward us. i don't know if this plan right now is going to be too ambitious, the republican planned has been kicked around, not liberal enough to get votes in the senate to move and not conservative to get president trump's signature, kind of a stalemate right now. interesting position of president trump still pushing for border, we will get the border wall and méxico will pay for it, keeping keeping the rhes it seems unrealistic. >> how does this play in your view, do they get something in the house? >> depends on the petition. the truth is, you know, for democrats this is all about
11:21 am
reinforcing protections for the dreamers, members of communities, members of military u you know, members of our businesses who haven't done anything wrong and are american but anything by name and that's been the goal since president trump try today end daca protections last year. so that's what democrats are focused on and in fact, democrats offered a deal to president trump back in september that exchanged daca protections for funding for this wall which he keeps saying méxico is going to pay for. this shouldn't be a controversial position. 83% of americans in fox news poll favored path to citizenship for dreamers. >> and if they get something through the house, there's no guaranty that it will get through senate. >> an important point, whatever immigration form is passed, you still have millions of people, you will have a same exact debate about what to do with people who were here illegally.
11:22 am
you saw this in 1986, sweeping amnesty and years later another 5 million people illegally because he did nothing to secure the border. this is just a stopgap, if you don't do anything to address in a realistic way stopping the flow of people illegally, it should be a bipartisan to secure the border and decide who is coming in and out of our country. it's not antiimmigrant to secure the border. i don't know if that looks like building a giant border but being strategic is important. >> also grumbling in senate side about cutting recess short in august, is that alarming to democrats in some of the state that is president trump won? >> democrats would like to go home and see constituents and talk about goals for the next term. but i think democrats are interested in getting something done on immigration too and they have been focused done again since president trump ended daca over a year ago. so i think democrats are ready to work on this but democrats want to work on immigration, they want to work on health
11:23 am
care, they want to work on opportunities for americans to do well and republicans are getting stocked in a log jam. >> plenty of blaming going around. what's your take? >> i think to try to pull the blame on the republicans is being dishonest and i think on both sides there is obstructionism going on and i think for a lot of democrats they're unwilling to come to compromising table on immigration because the way it'll appear to constituency. many cis of death to look that you have done anything to coordinate or cooperate with president trump. >> democrats have come to the table, brought a couple of bipartisan proposals to president trump including one that he accepted back in september until he want back on it. it's not true that democrats haven't come to the table. donald trump can't find a deal that he likes. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> debate will go on all june, get ready. laura. >> murder mystery going on in sin city.
11:24 am
>> we are investigating a double homicide in a hotel room here at the hotel. we have a confirmed male victim and a female victim who were both found deceased with multiple stab wounds. >> what police are now saying about the murdered couple. amid backlash from canada, méxico and eu over steep tariffs on steel and aluminum import, the u.s. is now putting the pressure on another ally china, the latest effort to get beijing to stick to its promise to boost import, that's coming up next. >> we deal with an oversupply, glut of supply from china through unfair trade practices so the president's actions are about protecting moarn steel and aluminum and critical for national security. come here, babe.
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11:30 am
that's stupid trade. >> commerce secretary wilbur ross in beijing to change trade relationship between united states and china. reportedly scheduled to have dinner with vice prime ire -- premier tonight and tomorrow, dramatically reduce 375 million dollars. greater to economy, earlier this week, the white house said it's moving forward, implementing tariffs later this month onto $50 billion on chinese import and restricting certain chinese investments in the united states. china responded it does not want a trade war, though it is prepared to fight one. the u.s. this week also imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum and canada, méxico and the european union. beyond economic and trade
11:31 am
differences the u.s. and chain are also at odds over military construction on disputed area on south china sea. speaking in singapore james mattis urged china to change its behavior. >> there are consequences that will continue to come home roost so to speak if they do not find way to work collaboratively with all of the nation that is have interest. >> last week the pentagon rescinded an invitation to china to participate in multilateral naval exercise. >> for more on this we want to bring john bossie, fox news contributor. always great to have you onset talking about the issues, of course, this is a big one, big weekend. as we take a look at what china and the u.s. wants out of this, right, so we've got the u.s. wanting china to buy more u.s. products, china challenging, retaliating against u.s. agriculture products, china
11:32 am
wants to u.s. to help save tale communication giant zte, we talked about last week you and i, reel in the terror threat, how do you this this playing out, tit for tat that may or may not be happening? >> you described it well. it may or may not be happening and this may be rope dope on china's part. at the end to have sides want what both sides have wanted for years which is the u.s. side more access to china's actors and protections against everybody from cyber-attacks to them being protectionists in their own market and essentially forcing u.s. to transfer technology. and china just want to do business as usual. it's doing just fine from its standpoint. for the u.s. to think that it's tariffs have leverage over china and that china can't do anything about that is kind of wrong, china is going to respond in kind and if the u.s. enacts the tariffs, china will attack a sect of the u.s. market like
11:33 am
food, enact its own tariffs. i'm not sure where that goes. these negotiations are trying to preclude that, they have a long way to go on issues that have been front and center for about a decade and a half. >> u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross expected to meet with beijing negotiators over trade dispute over the weekend, so as we take a look at what's going to happen in these meetings, a couple of days, right, hopefully longer if it goes well, what can you tell us about personalities that we know of that can help predict the outcome of the meetings? >> at the end of the day this is an instance where the two negotiators are the personally of the negotiators don't really matter, huge machinery behind both of them that are determining what's going to happen. the chinese are counting continued fractions within the trump camp, those hard liner, mnuchin versus light-hizer
11:34 am
causing disarray in the u.s. side. the chinese are good at waiting problems out and maybe playing the long game. they may be thinking, we are going to drag this along, wait for midterm elections, perhaps even wait for 2020 elections. the incentive for them to radically open their market, i'm just not sure what the incentive is. >> chinese exports have shot up since it joined the world trade organization since 2001 making it the second largest economy. with that in mind, where does the united states really need to dig in? other area that we are not talking about that will be discussed that would really matter. >> look, at the end of the day, there's probably virtue in having sort of raised the issues and starting to get a little harder line with china. i think that you see beth republican and democratic camps in washington. but the language across the board now is more hawkish. at the end of the day, it's going to be structural. tpp was attempting to address many of these imbalances between
11:35 am
trading partners and the united states, china wasn't part of that but it was all with china in mind in address enterprises and address intellectual property rights and protection, and so i think that it kind of comes around to that solution at the end of the day. it'll be a tpp-like solution or an enhancement of the world trade organization that says to china, if you are going to be part of the world trade operation and have normal trade with other nations, you're going to have to play by international rules. you cannot continue to play by china's rules which are restrictive of investors in china. >> there's been so much discussed this way about aluminum and steel. such an important part of this conversation and so trade analysts have been reading, ross' hand may have been weakened by the trump's administration to go ahead on tariffs with aluminum on import from europe, canada and méxico.
11:36 am
what do you make part of that? >> the business community is kind of up in arms, sectors of it. the steel industry loves it. they will get more business and higher prices. chamber of commerce said this is going to hurt job growth in the united states, china is looking at this and saying, this is terrific because the united states is an to go -- long-term allies, canada, european union and we can move in the void and offer special access to chinese access to these trading partners with the united states while they're in this fight to try to split the international pressure on china and its market. so it sees advantage in this. >> john bussey, thank you so much. we will probably have you back next week to digest what we learned from the talks. mike: las vegas police are searching for answers after vietnamese couple was stab today
11:37 am
death in hotel room. casino was performing welfare check when they found the man and women in the afternoon. guest told officers there was an argument coming from the hotel room the previous night but the incident was not reported. investigators looking into if this was a murder suicide or a double murder. >> both victims are vietnamese tourists that are here part of tour group and they came in from los angeles, it's a incident in one room and no threat to anybody in the hotel. >> investigators going to surveillance system to gather more clues. >> update in the largest fire in california's history, officials out with a major announcement about the wild fire months after it started. plus, president trump keeping up the drum beat against special counsel robert mueller after the justice department released the cost so far for the russian probe.
11:38 am
have you heard the amount? we break down the numbers with our next guest, former u.s. attorney as republican lawmakers speak out. >> this has been a really enormous cost, $17 million, direct cost, maybe the smallest cost long-term to this whole thing but it's going to provide reverse incentive no doubt.
11:39 am
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>> well, nearly six months after it began the biggest wild fire in california's history is finally out. national forest officials giving the all-clear after detect nothing hot spots for more than 2 months. the wild fire which began near thomas college burning more than 440 square miles also killing 2 people and destroying over a thousand homes. it also contributed to a landslide back in january that left at least 21 people dead.
11:43 am
>> we are getting closer look at the price tag for robert mueller's investigation into russian election meddling and it's costing taxpayers $17 million so far according to new report from the jus department. president trump continues to hammer the special counsel tweeting this in the last hour. there was no collusion with russia except by the democrats, when will this very expensive witch hunt hoax ever end, so bad for the country, is the special counsel justice department leaking my lawyers' letters to media, should be looking at dems corruption instead? mueller said spend asking approved budget but as we enter into second year, the bills are adding up. here is congressman andy biggs. >> don't forget the indirect costs of everything that the president and his staff is having to redirect resources of the federal government to try to respond to this and then different individuals. so this is a very expensive investigation.
11:44 am
micheal: harry litman, former united states attorney and deputy assistant attorney general. >> thanks for having me, mike. mike: justice department spent more than $17 million according to report this week, is that reasonable for this kind of probe at this stage? >> yeah, it's more than reasonable. most sensible way to think about it is compare to other comparable probes so on the one hand it's much cheaper, water -- whitewater was $100 million, much, much longer and the results here have been strong. that's point one. but point two is, look, it's a really important thing for this country to get to the bottom of whether there was meddling by russians in the election, any crimes committed by associates of the president, we would spend that money in any event, but what we've spent is a lot less than incomparable probes to date. >> how much pressure does spending millions of taxpayer dollars put on the mueller team to find something?
11:45 am
>> you know, i don't think -- i see, no, i don't think any, the mueller team there's no reason at all to think that the so-called price tag will give them a feeling they've got to come up with something, plenty of independent counsels have finished probes saying nothing has happened here and for them they are just doing their day-to-day work. i don't think they'll feel pressure and if they do, the price tag would be the least of it. this is fairly standard stuff within a doj budget. mike: the president in his tweet made reference to a letter that "the new york times" and fox news have obtained which is from the president's lawyers to robert mueller essentially making the case against sitting down with robert mueller, trying to narrow the scope of things, any surprise in that? >> i'm not surprised. i've been sating for months that i thought it was unlikely he would really want to sit down but even if he does, it makes a lot of sense that he'll try narrow the scope, try to have it be interview and not under oath, try to have it be the least
11:46 am
possible. now when push comes to shove and looking at a court battle, one that could extend things past midterms, will he take the same stance, i don't know, but the idea that he would try to negotiate a sweeter arrangement i think should not surprise anyone. >> does the approaching 2018 election now about 5 months away put pressure on mueller and his team to wrap things up? >> so this is one point i really wanted to make because trump and his team say certain things and one of the things they've said lately is that the -- mueller and his team are going to meddle, actually do political partisan influence on the 2018 midterms, not evidence about that, completely wrong and problematic because it gives people less confidence not only in mueller but in our elections and here i want to say, mike, fox news is perfectly positioned to really debunk this claim. i'm sometimes on cnn or msnbc
11:47 am
but the people who are really receptive to it watch you, watch you all of the time, it's a wrong-headed claim that i think can be easily debunk and you guyed are perspectly positioned to do that. >> i'm sure you can feel the anxiety candidates up this year with this probe still underway, right? >> yes, i think so. not just the probe but everything. if i'm a republican candidate i'm not sure i want things out quickly because that's going to be a pretty hard-hitting report, but as long as it's hovering, you're right, that it exerts pressure, it's an anxious situation all around but especially for republican candidates. it's mueller's job to try to, you know, investigate without fear or favor and not have that sway things but, sure, that's an understandable concern. >> harry, finally, what about the doj, inspector general's report due out soon, how embarrassing might that be for justice department and some at the fbi? >> so, you know, i've tried to
11:48 am
say this before, herawitz is a straight-shooter, 500-page report. basically enough hate to go around that i think they'll be embarrassment for the current doj, also embarrassment about how the clinton probe was handled in the fall. there's going to be a lot there, i think, for everybody to -- to jump on. >> harry litman, grateful for your time and expertise. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> you too. >> cbc releasing new numbers following a nationwide e coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce, sickened people in 35 states. the big island taking a big hit from ongoing volcanic activity, a look at how it is impacting hawaii's tourism this summer. >> looks like the flows have
11:49 am
slowed down but we are still encourage people to get out of the area because, you know, seems to be very active. ♪ what is it? the next big thing in food was once a little paper box. now we can easily take out food from a restaurant. let's stay in and binge-watch the snow. genius. now, the next big thing is the capital one savor card.
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mike: four more people have died from e coli have died due to
11:53 am
romaine lettuce, the center for disease control saying 25 additional since may. hitting 35 states according to cdc, unlikely any tainted romaine lettuce from that outbreak is still on the market. >> we can only hope, right? fox news alert hawaii tourism industry taking hit from erupting volcano, you have been watching it. businesses are losing $3 million in may alone as ongoing volcanic activity causes people to vacation elsewhere. jeff paul is in hawaii for us now on what's happening there. >> yeah, while the tourism industry is taking a big hit, we should note that the volcano is only impacting a mall percentage of island. those affected by the volcano are facing devastating reality
11:54 am
that volcano show nos signs of stopping, it is still taking over residential neighborhoods inch by inch, 10 additional homes destroyed in the span of 24 hours, total 87. lava is only a quarter about a mile away on wiping intersection that connects two major highways, will likely trap entire neighborhoods isolating anyone who would need to get out. >> people need to gather their things and really accept this is a reality and we may be able to come back and live here again, but until this really stops, until this is -- until she's done, we need to really respect that. >> while we are not seeing as much ash from the volcano below here in lower zone, toxic gas emissions remain elevated. they are estimating 2500 people have left homes but they are now
11:55 am
issuing mandatory evacuation, while they won't force anyone out of houses, those people who do stay behind risk the warning that no one might come and save them if the dangers get any higher out here. laura. >> jeff, thank you so much for the live report. >> the june 12th summit between president trump and kim jong un is officially back on following a historic white house visit from a north korean official, more on the ongoing effort to denuclearize the korean peninsula coming up. so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance.
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>> looking for a change of scenery, you may want to consider great state of vermont. >> new laws that will pay people to move there and work remotely. how do you like that? workers can earn up to $10,000 a year. to be eligible you must be full-time from out of state business and working from home and become a full-time resident on or after january 1st, 2019 but you better, hurry, funds will be handed on first-come, first-basis. i wish they would do this in lake tahoe. great plan, though. >> monday night right here on the fox news channel. >> and that does it for us, we
12:00 pm
will be back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern for more news. >> and then i will see you at the fox report at 7. the journal editorial report is up next. >> see you soon. ♪ ♪ paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. house oversight committee chair tray gowdy causing a stir when he told martha that he believes fbi acted properly when used informant to investigate trump amp cane aides. >> it was president trump himself who said number one, i didn't collude with russia but if anyone connected with my campaign did, i want the fbi to find that out, it looks to me that the fbi was doing what president trump wanted him to do, the fbi acted exactly what my fellow citizens wanted to do and


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